Trucker Manticore CYOA

–Due to how long this is getting, I’m going to add some markers. —

–Currently the sections are labeled [S1] through [S44], [CSS], [SSS]–
–S23, 29, 33, and 44 contain the smut, CSS is Clare side-story, SSS is Savannah side-story–

-I’ll probably add stories for these two every now and then. I think I like them too much to stop.-

At home over semester break from Monster U in Monstergirl City, you wound up telling your parents that you wanted to take a break from school and figure out what you want to do. Who you want to be. Several arguments later, your success-oriented father and mother wind up disowning you, telling you that they have no son. Unfortunately they were also the ones who picked you up from college for the break. Thus, you find yourself having to manage your own way back to Monstergirl City with virtually no money. You still have things in the dorm that you hope to be able to pawn for a bit of cash.

With what little bit of money you have, you manage to take a bus about half-way there, but you’re unable to proceed further if you still wish to have a few dollars to eat with. It’s time to thumb it the rest of the way.

Sometime later you find yourself on the side of a highway in a howling blizzard with terribly inadequate protection. Freezing to death is a real possibility at this point.

A glimmer of hope appears on the horizon, however. A set of headlights has appeared and are heading your way. Immediately you throw up your thumb, praying that they’ll stop. As the vehicle draws closer you make out that it’s an 18-wheeler. Then it begins to slow, and move over towards the shoulder of the road. As it approaches and stops, you run over to the passenger door, eager to escape the storm.

Popping the door open, you pause briefly, slightly terrified by the driver. It’s a monstergirl.

She’s wearing a trucker’s cap with small slots cut into the sides for her large, fluffy ears. You see “It’s not rape if he cums” written on the front of it. She has her auburn hair tied up in a braid that flows down her back, and longish bangs. Her face is just beginning to show the signs of age, small crow’s feet at the sides of her still-bright eyes and slight lines adorning her cheeks around the mouth.

She’s wearing a sleeveless white shirt that’s struggling to cover up her ample breast. Based on her erect nipples from the rush of cold air, you surmise she’s not wearing a bra. The shirt doesn’t extend all the way down, revealing a slight pudge on her mid-section. Rather than make her look fat, it seems to simply make her look… soft. Like something you could really sink your hands into for a hold if you were to do her on all fours.

Though her hips and thighs are covered by old, faded jeans that terminate just above her fluffy paw feet, you can see they have a bit of extra meat on them as well. Her arms and hands are similar – human from the shoulder to about the elbow, then they become covered in fur and end in large paws. She has wings extending from her back, though they’re neither feathery or scaly. They appear to be bat wings.

Then, coiled on the floor next to her is a tail with a plump end that looks moist and… appealing.

She smiles at you, and you see a toothpick in the side of her lips.

“Howdy there.”

Since you’ve come this far, may as well hop on. Not like you’re going to stand much of a chance in the blizzard. You attempt to give her a smile in return, but the recent events rob any depth from it. Slumping into the passenger seat, you stretch out a bit and enjoy the warmth.

“Whatcha doin’ out here with that skimpy jacket? Wind an’ the snow will be the death of ya. You lost ‘er somethin, darlin?”

>>What do you do/say? [S1]

You mention that yes, you are lost because some… friends decided to prank you by kicking you out of their car and leaving you to walk.

The manticore gives you a look that indicates she doesn’t entirely believe your story. She doesn’t press further on the topic.

“Where ya headin’, darlin’?”

You respond that you’re going to Monstergirl City, specifically the university there. She nods.

“That’s where I’m headin’ m’self – to the city that is.” She smiles at you again.

“Lucky fer ya.”

Sinking further into the seat, you shed your flimsy jacket. While you don’t particularly want to make small-talk with a stranger, you figure it’s the least you can do in an attempt to repay the manticore’s kindness.

>>What do you talk about?

You ask her what she does for a living as kind of a generic question, without really realizing what’s happened in the past few minutes. The moment the words leave your lips you realize that was probably the dumbest question you could have asked.

The manticore lets out a guffaw and snorts, “Yer a real kidder ain’t ya? I’m a trucker o’ course, can’t ya tell?”

Haha, yeah, of course. Haha.

Moving on, you ask her about her family. Probably due to thinking of your own. Once again you realize that probably wasn’t a great thing to ask.

“Eh? That’s kinda personal thing to ask o’ someone ya just met, ain’t it?”

The manticore gives you a sidelong glance, her ears twitching slightly. Despite her apparent age they look fluffy as ever. She narrows her right eye and cocks the eyebrow on her left. A moment later her expression returns to normal.

“Well I have a daughter, though she found herself a man at a young age an’ moved out. Took after me, she did.” The manticore chuckles a bit.

“Had a husband, but some damn harpy stole him away from me.”

She says the last few words with a bit of venom in her voice, but nothing to make you worry about your safety.

“So I sold m’house and took to the road with m’best friend. She’s sleepin’ in the back.”

She jerks her paw…thumb back in the direction of a curtain that’s behind your seat. You just respond with ‘oh,’ and don’t say much else. Eventually the manticore asks a question of her own.

“What’s eatin’ ya darlin’? And don’t give me no cock n’ bull story. Ain’t no one get all mopey as you fer no reason.”

Seeing as how she divulged some personal tidbits, you decide to tell her about your parents giving you the boot.

“Aw fuck ’em,” the manticore replies. “Ya don’t need people like that in yer life. Do yer own shit and be happy ’bout it. Yer young enough still to go out n’ make mistakes.”

You smile a little at her southern trucker wisdom. So far she seems like a pretty decent person. You were worried she was going to rape you on the spot as a ‘fee.’

>>What else would you like to talk to or ask her about? Don’t be shy now

Realizing you haven’t introduced yourself yet, you sit up a bit straighter and do so.

The manticore gives a half-smirk while still looking ahead at the road.

“Took ya long ’nuff. Least ya found some manners.”

“M’name’s Savannah. Pleased ta meet ya.”

Responding that you’re pleased to make her acquaintance as well, you also ask about her friend.

“Ah, her?”

Savannah lifts her tail up and reaches through the curtain with it. From the motion you can see she’s poking something.

“Hey you! Get up, we’ve got company!”

She continues poking with her tail, then finally you hear another voice.

“Fine, fine, who did you pick up?”

A woman with violet-colored fluffy ears and long hair tied up in a pony tail pokes her head out. She reaches through the curtain and opens it, revealing her equally violet fluffy paws. Her yellow eyes turn to you. Then, with a smile that turns your guts to ice, she says “Hey there stranger~”

Your worry about bad things happening has returned.

Extending a paw to you, she introduces herself.

“I’m Clare.”

You hesitantly shake her paw, and give her your name.

“What brings you to our lovely home this evening?”

You explain your story while Savannah keeps on truckin’.

“Mmhmhmmhmm,” Clare laughs through her nose.

“A wandering, lost, young man?”

Savannah rolls her eyes.

“I don’t think he needs none o’ yer ‘help’ right now,” she says, but looks at you to confirm or deny her words.

>>What do you do/say [S2]

You have a good idea of what kind of ‘help’ Clare is offering. You politely decline. She frowns, perplexed that you’d turn down her offer. Saying something about how sex should involve love, you elicit laughs from both of the women. Clare gives a dainty laugh while covering her mouth with a paw, whereas Savannah just gives a rolling laugh from the gut that makes you blanch at its audacity.

Her laughter subsiding, Savannah speaks up

“Darlin’, sure love can make it better, but ain’t nothing wrong with enjoyin’ the company of another. Stress relief an’ all that.”

You look up at her hat again. Savannah looks at you quizzically, then follows your gaze. She flashes you a smile that rival’s Clare’s.

Clare is still sitting on something on the other side of the curtain with just her head and paws poking out. Or at least you think she’s just sitting. You wonder why she won’t come out further or open the curtains the entire way.

Sensing things may be taking a turn towards rape, you try and shift the conversation. You ask them what their hobbies or interests are, trying to spark some further discussion. Clare speaks up first.

“Well we have a laptop and a set of TVs in the sleeper. So when one of us isn’t driving we’re usually sleeping, watching movies, or something like that…”

Savannah nods her head

“When yer on the road most o’ the time, ya ain’t got time fer much else in a truck.”

“But,” she says, both of them now looking at you, “Sometimes ya find other… things ta do if they’re willin’.”

They’re both giving you a shit eating grin now. You are starting to want off this ride. A fearful few seconds later, Savannah’s face softens into the more… friendly one you saw earlier.

“Though I understand ya’ve got a lot on yer mind. Just’ relax darlin’, we’re not but a few hours out now.”

Clare sighs, then retreats back into the sleeper. Savannah looks back at the curtains, then at you.

“Ya can go in the back if ya want,” she gives you a smile.

>>What do you say/do [S3]

Shaking your head, you say you’d rather not tempt fate. Besides, she has all the stuff she mentioned earlier back there. Clare will be fine. Savannah smiles at you.

“A wise choice, I reckon.”

Besides, you say, you think you’d rather stay up here and chat with her some more. She responds with a curious glance. You notice her tail is starting to wave about slightly. Was this the right choice? You then ask her how long she’s been driving.

“Only ’bout three years. Used the money I got from sellin’ m’house to buy this truck.”

Oh, you say. You ask her what she does when she has time off. Surely she doesn’t drive every day of every week?

“Ah, well ya know. This and that.”

She looks over at you, smirking.

“I do love to hunt young guys like you though,” she says with a wink.

“The look on some young harlot’s face when I snatch away her man is priceless!”

She starts laughing again in her rather… coarse manner.

“Clare back there just loves to toy with folks, we usually work together.”

Hearing her name, Clare pokes her head out again.

“What are you two talking about?”

“Oh, just how we can take over a guy’s dorm in a weekend,” Savannah replies

Clare grins again, then looks at you.

“It’s true, you know.”

Predators. These two are fierce predators, and here you are, sitting in their nest.

Savannah pokes your shoulder with her tail.

“Aw don’t go getting’ all worked up, we’re just havin’ a spot o’ fun.”

With her tail so close you can see all the bumps and moisture inside it. She has to be doing this on purpose.

Clare scuttles back, leaving the image of her shit-eating grin in your mind. Savannah doesn’t say anything else for a while, and you feel yourself starting to drift off to sleep. You think it might be a good idea to catch some rest, but you do kind of worry about these two.

>>What do you do/say? [S4]

Well, your heavy eyes and the lack of conversation are taking their toll on you. Thus far they haven’t done anything to you, so you figure there’s no reason to stay alert. As you roll about in the seat trying to get comfy, you see something covered with a blanket to your side. It’s Savannah’s tail.

“Thought you could use somethin’ to rest your head on; I know it’s not very comfortable to try and sleep in these seats.”

She smiles at you. You poke at her tail bulb, surprised at the feeling. It’s firm yet soft and pliable.

You thank her for her kindness, and you rest your head against it. It’s rather comfortable, and the thick blanket masks the little nubs on the outside. Reclining the seat as far back as it goes, you settle in and drift off to sleep.

You awake a few hours later as the truck rolls into a rest stop and Savannah has to get out.

“Sorry to wake you up darlin,’ but I’ve got to gas up and get a little rest myself.”

She reaches into the back to grab her jacket, then hops out of the cab. This is the first time you’ve seen her stand up. Your suspicions about her thighs and ass have proven to be correct. If you were a lesser man you might have given in to temptation, but so far your resolute nature has prevented anything… unbecoming from happening. Though as you stand up and look out the driver’s window at her swaying hips you wonder about your choices.

Snapping you from your thoughts, Clare appears once again, her head peeping out from the curtains.

“Oh? She’s gone? Then it’s just you and me, kiddo~”

The smile of the damned returns.

The light pouring in from the petrol station cascades over her face, revealing her to be in her late 20s or early 30s, versus the mid-30s appearance of Savannah.

>>What do you do/say?

Well, chatting with Clare couldn’t be all that bad, could it? You ask her how long she’s been with Savannah, doing this whole trucking thing, and how long she’s known Savannah. Her smile never really disappears, even when speaking. It’s creepy and alluring at the same time.

“Well~ We’ve been doing on-the-road for about three years… though I’ve known her for almost twenty. I came along with her because I had nothing better to do, really. I never married or had kids. Too much of a free spirit, I suppose? People never really got very close to me.”

One end of her grin creeps so far up her face it causes her eye to form into a half-moon shape. She shifts about, disappearing into the back.

“Come back here, it’ll be easier to talk~ I promise I won’t bite~”

>>What do you do/say [S5]

Nothing ventured nothing gained. She hasn’t assaulted you yet, but you’ll keep your guard up all the same. You stand from the curtain and peek in. Clare is sitting on the bed, wrapped up in a blanket, off to one side. She pats on the bed.

“Come on in, don’t be shy~”

You’re fine where you are, you say. She gives you an appraising look. It makes you feel a little unnerved. You wonder if maybe you’re offending her by acting so stand-offish when she may just trying to be friendly. Still, you must stand your ground. You’ve been in Monstergirl City long enough to know rape is around every corner, no matter how innocent that corner may appear.

You ask her what she meant with “people never getting very close to her.” Her ears droop a bit. Suddenly you realize you’re being rather distant with her even now, proving her statement. You take a deep sigh. You explain that you’re a bit gun shy at the moment and kind of upset.

“Well~ I guess that’s understandable,” she says, her ears perking up and her shit-eating grin returning.

She pops open a mini fridge and asks if you’d like anything to drink. You say sure, and she hands you a Dr. Pepper. When her fluffy paw touches your hands, you’re zapped by static electricity due to the dry, cold air. Being wrapped up in that blanket probably contributed to it as well. She winks and says there must be a spark between you two.

>>What do you say/do? [S6]

You thank her for the drink, then say it must be because you’re such an electric person. Clare cracks a toothy grin. Mustering your courage, you take a seat next to her. You ask her about what she thinks of life on the road.

“Oh, well, it has its ups and downs. I get to see a ton of places, but the downside is that I never really get to… know people. Sure I can meet them, but what fun is that when I have to leave the next day, if not the next few hours?”

She gives a little sigh.

You nod your head, and explain that while you have friends and such, the rape-tastic nature of the city means your relationships tended to be on the short side, but the hectic nature of your life meant you didn’t care much. Hell, the quick lays you often got were great, if unexpected.

Suddenly Clare runs a paw down your chest.

“Oh, I know all about -that-, I was usually on the… giving end.”

Ha ha, oh you rapists, you say.

Clare shrugs.

“Like you said, most guys usually don’t mind it. Some even really enjoy it. For others it’s become the only way they can get off. Though a lot of them seem to not be terribly keen on what I had to offer.”

From what she’s said, you’re quite surprised she hasn’t tried to force herself on you.

As you two continue to make idle chit-chat, you hear a door on the truck open. Savannah pokes her head inside the sleeper cab. She smiles at you and Clare then sits down to the other side of you; now you’re between the two of them. From this angle you can see down Savannah’s shirt quite easily. She’s aware of your stare, but doesn’t seem to mind.

You then notice she has a bag with her. With a rustle she opens it, and hands you a chili dog.

“Thought you might be hungry, so I got you somethin’ to eat,” she says with a soft, almost motherly smile.

You accept the chili dog and wolf it down; guess you were hungrier than you thought. Savannah laughs and says that if you were so hungry you should have said something earlier.

“Anythin’ else I could get for you?”

You’re kind of surprised by her offer.

>>What do you say/do?

You’re fine, you say. They’ve already given you a ride, gave you something to eat, and have been enjoyable company.

“Ain’t nothin’ to worry ’bout,” Savannah says, laughing lightly.

Clare pats your back lightly, smiling.

“Least we could do.”

Feeling a bit emboldened, you ask them if this isn’t some kind of routine they do to lure in men. Warm bed, food, good company…

They look at each other, grinning maliciously. Clare strokes your chest with a paw, and Savannah’s tail wiggles about you menacingly. Shit. You laugh nervously. Ha ha. It was all a joke. Ha ha ha.

Savannah leans in towards you.

“Well now you gone and found out our plan,”

Clare finishes Savannah’s sentence

“So we’ll just have to… take care of you…”

Oh god are they going to rape you or kill you?

Seeing you becoming increasingly agitated seems to fuel their crazed smiles. You begin backing up, but realize there is nowhere for you to go. Clare has moved to block you from escaping forward or her side, and Savannah is covering your other side.

Savannah runs a fluffy-paw-finger under your chin, and brings her face near yours

“Now that I get a good look at ya, you’re kinda cute darlin’, it’s a shame we gotta do this now…”

Looking towards Clare, she appears to be kind of sad. Kind of like a child that just had their favorite toy broken.

“If only you hadn’t figured out our plan so soon…”

Ha ha ha. Oh god why.

Suddenly Savannah starts laughing, but she’s trying to contain it

“Aw, you’re gonna ruin it,” Clare pouts

Unable to fully contain it, Savannah lets loose with her extremely raucous laughter.

You’re suddenly very confused.

“Sorry darlin’, just havin’ a spot of fun.”

Her normal smile has returned. Clare seems to be acting normal again as well. So, they were just teasing you. Based on your rapid heartbeat, you guess it worked. Good joke, you say. The whole crazy rapist-murderer trucker thing. Once you get a hold of your body, you then say that if possible, you’d like to repay them back for their kindness. Savannah looks at you and cocks an eyebrow while grinning.

“Well, there is something you could do for us right now if you’d be willin'”

>>What do you say/do? [S7]

Fine you say, it’s the least you can do, right?

Savannah gives you a lecherous grin, and lays down on the bed. Less than a minute later, you’re working her pretty good.

“Ah, yes, just like that!”

Savannah has her eyes closed and is clearly enjoying it. Clare is watching over your shoulders, a slight blush on her cheek.

“Just remember, I’m next, so save some of your energy,” she whispers into your ear.

No big deal, you think. You’re young, you can handle them both. Though you’re having some difficulty with Savannah due to how much she’s squirming about. Her tail has wrapped itself around your waist, holding you near.

“MmmMMM Oh yeah!”, she gasps.

You wish she’d calm down. It’s hard to focus when she does that. You’re trying to be firm yet gentle at the same time, but you’ve never really done it before with someone like Savannah.

You’re working your thumbs into her soft, squishy paw pads while your fingers massage the top of each large digit. Switching between each one makes her laugh and squirm with delight, and she seems to especially like it when you massage the large pad in the center.

“Yer pretty good at this darlin.”

“I can’t wait for my turn,” says the grinning cat.

Her fluffy feet are interesting, to say the least. You even find the experience enjoyable yourself. The majority of the fur around the tops of the paws and up the ankle is a little course, but the fur that’s growing on the underside between her pads is surprisingly silky and pleasant to the touch. The pads themselves are quite soft and smooth as well. You figured they’d be more callused or rough.

After giving them both paw rubs, they seem to be quite happy.

“Well, it’s only ’bout ‘nother three hours or so ’till we get to Monstercity, darlin,’ Savannah says.

“For yer performance, I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go.”

>>What do you do/say [S8]

You thank her for the offer, but the current destination of Monstergirl U in the city is fine.

“Tell ya what darlin’, we’ll make a little detour and take you straight to the campus,” she says with a smile.

Expecting Savannah to get up and head to the driver’s seat, you’re kind of surprised when Clare stands instead. She’s still wearing a blanket, almost like a dress. You wonder if she’s naked underneath or something since you don’t see any kind of straps over her shoulders. Rather than inquiring about it, you decide to keep silent. Clare smiles at you as she heads into the cab, then disappears through the curtain. Well, they are a driving team, so it only makes sense that they alternate.

“Well I think I’m gonna try to catch a few winks,” Savannah says while stretching. You stand to maybe move to the cab or something, but she looks at you expectantly.

“Ya can sleep here if you want, I don’t mind.”

You are still pretty tired, so why not?

Savannah snatches another blanket out of a bin to make up for the one Clare absconded with, then lays down on her side. You lay down as well, pressing against her back, sharing the blanket. It feels kind of weird, since her tail is now draped over you and her wings are poking you, but whatever. How often do you get to do something like this?

Awakening sometime later, you find yourself in the clutches of the manticore. She’s sound asleep and your pants appear to still be on and zipped up. That’s good. Though she is squeezing you kind of tight. You also feel that the truck is no longer moving. As if knowing your thoughts, Clare appears.

“We’re here kiddo~”

With a bit of effort you manage to free yourself from Savannah’s grasp. She appears to be drooling a little.

Looking out the window, you see that you’re at the university. Now you can get your stuff, but… you don’t really have anywhere to go. Hesitating and fidgeting, you blurt out your question. You ask Clare if… if it would be okay to stay with her and Savannah a little bit longer. Clare looks like she was expecting that question.

“I don’t see why not~ Do you still want to grab your things? If it’s not too much we can probably find room for it somewhere.”

You nod, saying you only have a few things; clothes, laptop, a couple odds and ends that will fit in a bag or two.

“Okay then~ I’ll wait for you.”

Stowing all your things away, you now find yourself once again with the duo. You ask Clare where they’re going tonight.

“Just to an electronics firm to drop off our cargo, then we have a day off before we need to pick up another load.”

Oh, you respond. Clare smiles.

“Feel free to go back to sleep,” she says with a wink and a grin.

You nod, saying that’s probably a good idea. Heading into the back, you cuddle up against Savannah again, and drift off to sleep.

The following morning you awaken to find that both of them are holding you in their fluffy paws. Clare seems like she’s barely able to stay on the bed, and Savannah is pressed against the far side. You consider yourself the luckiest man in the world right now. Eventually you wake them as well with your movements. After some morning greetings, you explain your decision to Savannah. She seems rather pleased. A little bit of conversation later, she checks the trailer to verify the cargo has been unloaded. Back in the cab, she asks you if there’s anything you’d like to do today; they don’t have any plans. Clare still has that damn blanket on.

>>What do you say/do [S8]

That blanket Clare has been wearing ever since you saw her is kind of bugging you for some reason. It’s like an itch you just need to scratch. You ask her why she’s wearing it.

“Oh~ Why do you ask? Want to see what’s underneath?”, Clare says while giving you a sultry smile.

“Well, I guess I don’t mind letting you see~”

She begins to very slowly lower the blanket. Starting from her shoulders, it creeps down her chest, revealing her large, shapely breasts. You gulp. You must fight temptation. Savannah sighs next to you.

“She’s a bit of an exhibitionist, ya see.”

From her demeanor it doesn’t seem like she’s going to become complicit in whatever is going on here. A small relief.

As you continue to watch Clare, enjoying the show, you realize she’s kind of the same as Savannah in that she’s got a little bit of extra softness around her midsection. As the covering continues its descent, her shapely, wide hips reveal themselves, followed by the gentle inward curve of her shaven mons pubis. However, Clare stops the strip-tease mere inches above where her vagina would begin. Despite your best efforts, you’re intensely focused on the final frontier. Holding the blanket up with one paw, Clare taps on her cheek with the other.

“You’re just too cute~”

Suddenly she lets the blanket fall, but she also goes… invisible at the same moment. Suddenly you feel paws on your shoulders, and a warm breath blows into your ear.

“Nyahaha,” Clare laughs from behind you.

Savannah rolls her eyes and gets up.

“Well tell ya what, let’s get somethin’ to eat, I’m a bit hungry.”

Still behind you, Clare responds to Savannah.

“Ohh~ good idea. I’m kinda hungry myself.”

You can feel her breasts pressing against your back. She seems to enjoy it and wiggles her body side to side to tease you. Savannah laughs as your start to blush.

Taking her place in the driver’s seat, Savannah asks you a question.

“So what were ya studyin’ at college anyways, darlin’?”

>>What do you say/do [S9]

You attempt to think of something intelligent to say, but wind up admitting the truth instead. You were undeclared and had been taking various general education classes that were universal to most of the majors. As it came time that you would have to pick a major to focus on, you got cold feet because nothing seemed particularly interesting. Maybe Journalism or English, but it seemed like everyone who didn’t know what to do picked those. As a joke you mention that you were pursuing a Bachelor’s in being a bachelor.

Savannah listens, nodding here and there, smiling at your last bit.

“College ain’t fer everybody. Ya ever think about, I dunno, trades or somethin?”

Hm, you never thought about that.

Clare, still behind you, drops her paws across your chest, placing her head on your shoulder.

“A Bachelor’s in being a bachelor? So you’re… single?”

She blows a puff of air behind your ear, then gives a little throaty laugh.

Attempting to skirt around her obvious come-on, you mention that yes, aside from being raped by various monster girls you were never in a committed relationship. While you had friends, none of them really became best bros. That’s why you couldn’t find anyone that was willing to drive out and get you.

Savannah pats your shoulder with her tail.

“Well yer welcome to stay with us fer as long as ya like, darlin’. Maybe getting’ out and seein’ the world will do ya good.”

You thank her again for her kindness.

Arriving at a trucker stop, Savannah gathers up a bag and hops out. You think a shower would be nice, and grab some of your clothes as well. Clare didn’t immediately follow the two of you, but she appears next to you wearing some fairly baggy clothing, including jeans that look several sizes too large for her.

While eating you notice there’s only other monster girls around here; you’ve yet to see another guy. You ask Savannah what’s up.

“Oh, I guess I fergot to mention this is usually a ‘girl’s only’ stop,” she says with a laugh.


After the meal Savannah and Clare ask if you’re going to hit the showers with them.

>>What do you say/do [S10]

Well, if you don’t shower you’ll probably have to go back to the truck to avoid all these leering stares while you wait for Savannah and Clare. You feel kind of scuzzy, and you’re likely not the best smelling at the moment. You ask if they at least have stalls here. They look at you with pity.

Oh no.

“They just have locker room type showers here. Sorry kiddo~”

“Aw don’t worry ’bout it. You’ll be fine.”

After Savannah pays the tab, you again apologize for being kind of a bum. She smiles at you, again repeating that it’s no problem.

The showers are indeed a locker room setup. Savannah and Clare strip and stuff their things into a locker; you look away while they do so. Thankfully, by some miracle, there’s no one else in the showers right now. You quickly change out of your clothes and walk into the showers holding a towel around your waist. The other two are facing the wall in the shower, away from you. You can’t help but stare at their marshmellowy asses as they jiggle and shake slightly while they scrub themselves. The way their child-bearing hips shift side to side.

Easy now.

Picking the opposite side so you don’t have to look at or be near them, you start to clean yourself. The hot water feels nice, and you can feel the tension draining from your body. That is, until they call for you.

“Hey kiddo~ come wash our backs~”

Turning, you see they’re both looking at you over their shoulders. Savannah winks at you. Your heart beat quickens. Perhaps this is one of their ideas of repayment, like with the paw rubs. You comply, and wash Savannah’s back first. As you reach her posterior, your fingers sink slightly into the soft, warm flesh. She lets out a little mock gasp of surprise.

Aw hell.

Her tail starts to swing around your head and she giggles a bit. You close your eyes and start thinking about Von Braun and all he contributed to science. Like big, hard rockets blasting off, piercing, parting those soft clouds as they ascend into the heavens.

Oh god.

Finally finished with Savannah, she sighs, looking at you with longing desire. You bite your lip and move to Clare. She’s being careful to not show you any part of her front side. You hurriedly wash her back, but then she sticks out her ass a little bit as if to tempt you.

“This part of me is realllly dirty, so make sure to wash it realllly well,” she says, practically moaning out the words.

Lord give you strength to fight these demons.

Blindly finishing with the cat, you manage to retreat quickly back to your side of the room and finish washing in a blaze of speed. With equal furor you redress and run to the truck before they’ve even turned the water off. After a few minutes they approach, laughing, grinning at you.

“Aw, you’re a real cutie darlin’.

Clare just ‘Nyahaha’s.

“So darlin’, where do you wanna go now?”

>>What do you say/do

You’re not really sure. You have barely any money in your bank account, and if you stay with them you’re probably not going to be able to get a job.

“That ain’t no problem darlin’,” Savannah says.

Sighing, you say that you don’t really have anything you want to do. In fact, you’d like to do whatever it is that Savannah and Clare like to do on their time off.

“Well, if ya insist, I won’t argue none.”

Clare walks up behind you and blows in your ear again, wrapping her paws around your neck.

“You’re so sweet, letting us do whatever we want,” she says with a laugh.

You hate to admit it, but damn if you don’t love the sensation of her rack on your back. These two are kind of pushing you to your limit, and you’re not going to be able to do anything while in their midst. You’ll need to think of something later.

Clare is in the driver’s seat now; guess you guys are going where she wants. A short drive later, she pulls up near the college. You wonder why. Savannah grins as you all get out, then three of you walk into the guys’ dorms. What is she up to?

Suddenly Clare vanishes. A moment later there’s a commotion. You faintly hear things like ‘stop, thief! and ‘it’s a raid!’ After a few minutes, Clare reappears near you, completely covered in boxers and underwear.

Oh god, she did some kind of reverse panty raid. Large groups of male students are assembling, and Clare runs off while laughing ‘Nyahahahaha.’

Their ire is drawn to you and Savannah since you’re the outliers here. You and Savannah both turn to run for the truck, attempting to keep up with Clare.

Clare dashes into the passenger side, Savannah taking up the driver’s seat now. With speed and precision you didn’t think was possible in such a large vehicle, she maneuvers the truck out of the college parking lot and onto the main roads. Clare is enjoying herself on the pile of men’s underwear in the back.

“Nyahahaha~ That never gets old!”

Now you assume that Savannah is going where she wants. You think of something, and ask if you guys can hit a pawn shop.

“Naw, don’t worry ’bout it darlin’, you don’t need to pawn off yer stuff.”

You insist, but she’s not having any of it. You really wonder if the two of them enjoy your company that much. Certainly it’s not hard for them to find someone to hang out with? You’re also surprised that you haven’t really felt like a third wheel. It’s… nice.

A few minutes later, the truck pulls into a large strip mall and parks near the back. Savannah hops out, and motions for you to follow. You’re not sure what’s going on, but then you notice a large arcade. You completely forgot there was something like that here. Once you’re inside, Savannah pokes you with her tail. Clare is following behind, but she doesn’t seem terribly interested.

“Ya good at anythin’ in here?”

There’s quite the assortment of games in here. Probably anything you could think of to play.

>>What do you say/do [S11]

You say that yeah, you’re pretty good at racing games and not too shabby at DDR.

“Racin’ eh? We’ll see ’bout that,” Savannah says with a smile.

“I think you’re gonna be sorry about that one, kiddo~”, Clare says, as she comes up from behind and drapes herself on you. She seems to love rubbing her breasts up against you.

As Savannah leads you to where the racing cabinets are located, you notice the three of you are getting a lot of stares from the largely male population. Some look at you like you’re a slave, others burn with jealously.

“Take your pick, darlin’,” Savannah says, motioning to the wide range of cabinets.

You choose Need for D. You’re pretty decent at this game, and entering your player code shows you’re still in the top thousand nationally. Savannah seems to be fumbling with the number pad owing to her large paws, but manages to enter her code in as well. You purse your lips and clench your jaw as you see she’s in the top ten.

She looks over at your screen and times, then at you with one hell of a smug-ass grin.

“Aw, that all darlin’?”

She reaches across and pats you pityingly.

The game is off, and no matter what you do you cannot catch the manticore. You want to say it’s because her wild motions on the wheel and shifter cause her breasts to jiggle about, distracting you, but deep down you know you would never stand a chance. You hang your head in shame as she beats you by several seconds.

“Ya can do better than that darlin’, can’t ya?”

You work your way around all the various cabs, but she beats you soundly at all of them. You feel somehow emasculated.

“Maybe next time…”, Savannah says.

You want to cry.

Shuffling towards the DDR area, you vow you’ll beat her this time. Given her… softness, you think you’ll be able to snatch easy victories.

You load up a difficult track on DDR, giving a little ‘heh’ followed by a cocksure look at Savannah. She meets your stare with her own. Where does that confidence come from?

As it begins, you’re impressed by yourself – your focus is greater than ever and you’re not missing anything. A quick glance over at Savannah reveals she’s not either, much to your horror. Your vision is almost immediately drawn to her supple form as she moves. Distracted by her softness jiggling and swaying about, you begin to lose your rhythm.

She’s no manticore; she’s a succubus.

The rage in your heart overpowers the lecherousness, and you renew your focus, concentrating like your life depended on it.

The song over, you feel like a star. You nervously look over at Savannah’s screen, and see that you have indeed beaten her. Just barely, though. She’s panting, and you can see sweat is forming under her breasts. She’s still not wearing a bra under the white shirt.

You want to continue, but this is going to get dangerous. You ask her if she wants a rematch.

“Long as yer willin’,” Savannah says.

Your pride as a man won’t allow you to back down from this challenge.

A dozen songs later, you’ve eked out a victory in all but two of them. Savannah’s breath is labored, and her shirt is almost entirely transparent now. Your face and thoughts aren’t the only things flushed with victory at the moment. Unable to avert your eyes, you can’t help but think those are some near-perfect tits. Savannah catches you staring, but merely grins, making no effort to cover herself.

“Enjoy yer prize,” she says.

Stumbling over to a bench against a wall to take a breather, you notice Clare is nowhere to be found. Then, as if summoned by your thoughts, you see her walk over, a new, dry shirt in hand. She gives it to Savannah, who then turns to you. Clare stands off to the side, as if attempting to shield her from prying eyes. Savannah removes her wet shirt, freeing her breasts from their restraint. She shakes her torso side to side, sticking out her tongue at you. They sway gently side to side, as if urging you to palm them.

She’s somehow more and less bold than Clare at the same time. After teasing you for a few seconds, she dons her new shirt.

“Maybe ya can see more later, darlin’,” she says with a wry smile.

Lord have mercy on your soul.

The three of you walk over and play some other games, including some shooters, beat ’em ups, fighters, and so on. Clare is surprisingly decent at Blazblue; she kicks the shit out of you with Tao and nothing you attempt can stop her. How can she work the stick and buttons with those paws anyways?

Finally, after your defeat in so many things at their hands, you all begin to leave.

“Arcades are common in truck stops, ya know?”, Savannah says while patting you on the back.

It’s dusk out now.

“You sure there ain’t anythin’ you wanna do?” Savannah asks.

Thinking, you suggest a drive-in movie to relax or something. Savannah and Clare agree it’s a good idea, then ask what kind of movie you want to see. Pulling out a phone, Clare looks up some listings at various drive-ins, showing that there’s quite a bit available right now.

>>What do you do/say [S12]

Scrolling through the options, you see one of the drive-ins is having a ‘horror night.’ It looks like they’re opening with a movie called ‘Paranormal Activity.’

You suggest that it could be entertaining. Savannah seems indifferent, but Clare seems a little apprehensive. You tell her to quit being such a scaredy cat. She glares at you in response.

“Sure, might be fun,” Savannah says.

The three of you hop up into the truck and head out for the drive-in. You wonder about using the truck as kind of a daily-driver like this. They get horrifyingly bad fuel economy when doing city driving. You feel a little guilty about all the money they’ve spent on you so far, but they insist on it. At least you know they enjoy your company.

At the drive-in, you’re unfortunately relegated near the back due to the size of the vehicle, but it’s not too bad.

“I’ll go get some snacks, anything specific you two want?”, Clare asks.

You and Savannah both respond that whatever she thinks will be good is fine. Then, for some reason, Clare starts taking off her clothes, though she’s careful not to let you see too much. She gives you a nice view of the bountiful rack that she’s been pressing against you all day, along with her ass and thighs. She doesn’t even try to act coy about it; guess she really is an exhibitionist. Donning a large jacket that goes down to her fluffy feet, she heads out towards the concessions.

Savannah gives a laugh as the door closes.

“That girl loves to show off. Surprised she hasn’t given you the full view yet though.”

You wonder what she means by the full view, and why would it matter? Not like it would be the first time you’ve seen a snatch. That’s a bit worrying in a way.

After a few minutes of idle conversation with Savannah, Clare returns with a giant tub of popcorn and some other things. Looks like Dots and something with chocolate. She didn’t buy anything to drink due to the various things in the fridge. You’re kind of surprised there isn’t any alcohol, but Savannah mentions that if she got pulled over and they found drinks in the cab, she’d be in deep shit.

Clare dumps the jacket and sits on the bunk, looking through the middle while you and Savannah occupy the two forward seats. After a few minutes Clare starts looking restless.

“I can’t see all that well from back here… can I sit on your lap?”, she says while looking at you.

Savannah is looking at you out of the corner of her eye as well.

>>What do you say/do [S13]

Yes, she can come sit on your lap.


Savannah looks a little disappointed. You ask her if she’d like to join.

“Three’s a crowd, ya know.”

You get the feeling she’s a bit jealous.

Clare saunters up to you, though she’s wrapped in a blanket again. She doubles it up on your lap before sitting down, leaning slightly so you can see over her shoulder. All you can feel is her plump, soft, warm ass grinding against your dick with every movement. You began thinking this was a bad idea. You almost impulsively wrap your arms around her, but stop yourself at the last minute. It also dawns on you that she’s got the blanket up around her head now as well.

Is she really scared?

As the movie rolls on, you can feel Clare tremble every now and then, occasionally pulling down the front of the blanket to cover her eyes. If she wasn’t wiggling on your crotch, it’d be cute, really. Unfortunately you haven’t been able to focus too much on the movie as you pray to every deity willing to lend an ear to keep your steadily hardening dick from being known to the cat.

Savannah has been kind of a popcorn hog so far, and every time you try to grab some she holds it out of your reach while giving you her usual smug-ass grin. This must be payback for allowing Clare to take a seat on you.

Eventually you manage to control yourself enough where you can pay attention to the movie; unfortunately since you’re kind of coming into it so late you don’t really know what’s going on. Looking back over at Savannah, you notice she’s really into it now. Now’s a good time to snatch some popcorn, you think. As you go for a handful, apparently

something happened on screen that caused Clare to jump and yell, and you hear Savannah jump as well. Then you hear something whistle past your head and hit the seat. The fuck was that?

Examining the seat, it looks like some kind of dart. You also see another dart has hit Clare. Savannah is the first to speak.

“Oh fuck me,” she says.

You look at her tail and notice it’s missing some of its retractable barbs. There’s several other scattered around the cab as well. Did they fire off when she was startled?

Savannah pushes the suddenly limp cat off of you and grabs your arm. Before you can even ask what the fuck is going on, she opens the door and jumps out with you, then crawls under the truck, dragging you with her. As you ask why she shoved Clare and why you’re under the truck, you hear a very loud, lewd, laugh.



What the fuck is going on

“Ah, well, I got startled… and these here tail barbs…” Savannah points at her tail.

Wait, don’t manticore tail barbs contain some kind of… lewd venom or something?

Savannah nods. So now an already lecherous cat has been injected with a potent liquid that sharply increases libido and enhances physical pleasure.

“Ain’t the first time it’s happened, sugar.”

So she already has experience with this, super.

You see a naked cat bolt out of the truck, heading straight for the nearest car. Soon you will no longer be welcome here, you think.

You say a prayer for the group inside. Clare throws open the door, then leaps in. Through the light of the screen you can make out the silhouettes inside the vehicle. It’s like a starving, horny tiger got lose inside a tiny room full of men. It’s hard to watch. In almost no time at all, she leaps out in a diving roll, hitting the next vehicle. You can hear some sort of wild, panting laugh as it fills the night like a tenebrous dirge; a harbinger of the lewd to come.

Within minutes she’s claimed ten vehicles. Others around them have realized what’s going on. Some attempt to drive off, others run by foot. The ones on foot are finished off in a hurry by the prowling cat. There is no escape.

By the time the movie is finished, the drive-in looks like a graveyard. There are bodies everywhere, and standing in the middle is a fluffy silhouette. Wavering for a moment, she slumps, then collapses. Savannah takes that as her cue to run out and snatch Clare. You can hear her voice even from this distance.

“Oh what the fu– fucking covered in it!”

With a bit of quick thinking, you grab a blanket from the cab and run over. It’s worse than you thought. Clare is face down, and it looks like she was involved in some kind of incident at the Elmer’s Glue factory.

Savannah bundles her up, then the two of you carry the comatose cat into the cab and throw her on the bunk in the back. Flustered, Savannah asks you if you know of any good places to lay low for a while.

>>What do you say/do? [S14]

You think as best as you can. You wonder why she doesn’t know somewhere to go, but maybe she’s just not familiar with this area. Or she’s just too panicked to think at the moment.

Struggling to think, you remember there’s a mall near the freeway here. You also recall there’s a park nearby you could maybe wash Clare off in once the heat is off. When you mention it to Savannah, she slaps her forehead.

“Right! I forgot ’bout that place. Lots of truckers rest there,” she says.

Then you two are off, Savannah driving as fast as she can while avoiding attracting attention. Fortunately nothing appears to be following you. Unfortunately the musky stench wafting off the cat is overpowering – it makes your eyes water. So, despite the cold air, Savannah opens both side windows to do something about it. It’s chilly, but better than that horrific stench.

At least, it’s horrific to you.

Savannah appears to be… enjoying it. Her face is red, and she keeps glancing at you; her tail is cavorting about behind her. You attempt to make yourself as small as possible in the hopes you’ll stay out of her sight.

Soon you reach the parking lot. Savannah parks between some other trucks and kills the lights.

Feeling a little safer, you attempt to say something to Savannah, who is looking quite distressed. She’s squirming in her seat, her hips rocking back and forth, legs crossing and uncrossing. She’s holding herself with her paws and keeps looking at you. Her pants are causing her ample chest to rise and fall.

Looking back, Clare is still out cold.

“I hate… hate ta ask ya, but… but could ya step out for a spell?”, Savannah says with great difficulty. She keeps eying your crotch, her tail flicking back and forth.

>>What do you say/do [S15]

It would be wise to obey her wishes. You’re kind of surprised that tail hasn’t latched onto your dick by now as it is. It’s kind of a mystery why Savannah is trying to restrain herself considering all the stories she’s told.

However, you have the idea to take Clare with you. While she’s a little heftier than some other girls, it’s nothing you can’t handle. As Savannah’s eyes track you through the cab, she gives you a weak smile as you leave with Clare bundled in your arms.

“Th-thanks,” she says.

You nod.

You were sorely tempted to just give in and let her have her way with you. That tailpussy probably would’ve felt fucking amazing with all those bumps and ridges and its ability to squeeze down like a vice. With all the teasing you’ve endured, the thoughts of that lewd tail gives you a half-stalk. Not the time for that. Shaking your head to clear your mind, you focus on the task at hand: What to do with this odorous cat?

Setting her down and propping her up against the side of the truck, you look around for… something. You could maybe dump her in the fountain or creek at the park, but you have no soap to wash all the semen out of her fur.

While considering your options, you suddenly hear noises from the truck. Muffled moans and the like; sounds like Savannah – probably masturbating. You need to get away from here immediately or you’re gonna lose what’s left of your willpower.

You are surrounded by other trucks, you realize. Maybe their occupants can help you? You really hate to just walk up and knock, but it’s not too late in the evening yet. Approaching one of the vehicles, you can see some light coming from inside. Perhaps they’re still awake? You rap on the door, and after a moment a confused looking man appears. You explain you’re in dire need of some soap. You point to the cat hesitantly, underlining your need. The man purses his lips and raises his eyebrows, then gives you a look like he assumes you did all of that. Still not saying another word however, he goes inside and returns with an entire bottle of shampoo, placing it into your hands.

You offer to give him money, but he just shakes his head.

“Try to keep it inside of her next time.”

Slightly embarrassed, you gather up the cat, soap in hand, and head into the park across the street. You find a fountain, and fortunately the water isn’t terribly deep. There shouldn’t be much risk of her drowning, you hope. As you set the cat down in the water, trying to position her on her knees, the shock of the cold wakes up her with a start. She looks around blankly, then realizes what’s going on.

“You couldn’t have found warmer water?”

She’s surprisingly calm and level-headed about this. She looks down at herself, realizing why you’ve placed her in the fountain.

“Oh, thanks for helping me get cleaned up. I appreciate it, kiddo~”

And she appears to be back to normal. You turn away as she removes the semen and water soaked blanket. You don’t really think about too much as you listen to the sounds of splashing water. Though after a few minutes you remember there is one problem though. You forgot a towel. This dawns on you as Clare gets out of the fountain, standing behind you. You can hear the water dripping off of her.

“This… this won’t do,” Clare says, holding up the sticky, stinky, moist blanket.

>>What do you do/say? [S16]

You think briefly about asking one of the truckers for a towel, but can’t bring yourself to ask them for something else. Besides, it looked like that one dude was the only one still awake.

Suddenly you feel a light spray of water from behind; turning your head you see Clare facing away from you shaking her body more like a dog than a cat. It’s kind of undignified, but it gets most of the water out. She’s still pretty damp though, and it is chilly out.

You take off your shirt and jacket, handing them to the cat while she’s turned the other way. She accepts your clothes, using them to towel herself off some. Slightly drier and fluffier, she mentions the two of you should probably find some clothing. She’s cold, you’re cold, something needs to be done.

Shivering as you get near the truck, you still hear the sounds of passion from within it. Not good. Clare drifts in front of you, peeking up into the truck. Her eyes light up. You know that look.

“Oh wow, she’s really going at it~”

You try not to think about it, and mention how it was her fault.

“I seem to recall it was she who hit me with that dart. Have you ever been nailed by one of those?”

You shake your head no.

“Well~ It’s p-pretty strong, as y-you saw.”

Your teeth are starting to chatter, and it looks like Clare isn’t much better off. Though you can’t see much of her due to the darkness, the light from inside the truck highlights her face and upper body. Her nipples look hard enough to scratch the paint on the truck.

“H-hey,” she says.

“D-did you k-know t-that manticores c-can orgasm f-from their t-tails?”

You chatter in response. You wonder where she’s going with this. How can she possibly be talking about this while you’re both freezing?

“Y-yes, it f-feels just as g-good as their v-vagina.” Her chattering smile spreads.

“S-so, s-she’s g-g-got her d-double-ender out r-right now. W-wanna s-see?”

You need to get out of this cold as soon as you can. Maybe you could enter the cab without really looking at her? That thought is cut short by a loud moan that was clear even from outside. Well at least one part of you is warm. You probably couldn’t help but look.

The mall is still open, and should have a clothing store. You’ve got enough in your bank account to buy a pack of white shirts and maybe a towel or two. You’d walk in wet and cold and walk out with even less money, but at least you wouldn’t intrude. Or maybe there’s something else you could do, like swallow your pride and ask for help again?

>>What do you say/do [S17]

Upon realizing Clare could simply go invisible and nab things from inside the truck, you smack your forehead. You ask her if she could grab some clothes and maybe a blanket or something so you can pass the time until Savannah is finished with her… activities. A moan from inside the truck punctuates the end of your sentence.

Clare gives you an incredulous look.

“You mean… you don’t want to see what she’s up to?”

You shake your head. She asked you to leave, so obviously she doesn’t want you to see her right now. You’re not really sure why, but since they’ve been so kind to you it would be rather rude to refuse or break her trust.

With a reluctant sigh, Clare agrees, and she carefully pops open the door and vanishes. Holding yourself tightly, you shiver for what seems like hours. Finally, the door opens again and clothing seems to float out. Then Clare reappears. She tosses you a shirt and a jacket, and she begins to dress herself as a well. You almost catch a glimpse of her crotch, but she pulls up her pants just a moment too soon. As you dress, you discover a problem.

“Haha, that looks pretty good on you~” Clare snickers

Unfortunately she didn’t grab your clothes, just two sets of her own. The pink t-shirt you have on exposes your midriff and is a little snug around the bottom, yet the chest area is rather loose. You can only suspect her large breasts stretched it out.

Well, whatever, not like you’re going anywhere. Sitting on the ground next to the truck, Clare huddles next to you and covers the both of you with the blanket. She’s rather warm and soft. Especially her paws and fur that runs up her legs and arms. Resting her head on your shoulder, you notice she still smells faintly. But, you can deal with that for now. What’s kind of cute yet annoying at the same time is the way her ears are flicking against your cheek.

With Clare clinging to you, you can see down her shirt into her ample bosom easily. Like Savannah, she doesn’t seem to wear a bra at all. Then there’s the chorus of moans coming from the truck. Just how long does that manticore go, anyways? All the… excitement from the day has left you at a high level to begin with, and now you have to deal with this. There’s no way you can possibly contain yourself. You shift about trying to hide your hard-on from Clare, but either through dumb luck or perhaps a bit of intentional exploration on her part she discovers your secret rather soon.

“Need a… ‘paw’ with that?” Clare whispers in your ear, then licks at your earlobe.

>>What do you say/do [S18]

As much as you want to feel those soft paw pads around your throbbing cock, you also know that here and now is not a good place. It’s cold, so she’d probably jerk you off under the blanket. Then you’d wind up making a mess all over it and her paws.

Turning away from Clare, you tell her no, not now. But you appreciate the offer.

Her mouth hangs open slightly, her eyes hooded.

“Are…you really turning me down?”

You nod.

Clare sighs, then resumes just laying her head on your shoulder. You figured she’d be upset or angry or something. Instead she just seems… disappointed. You can’t really get a good read on her. She’s free and unconstrained, but somehow aloof at the same time.

Your erection throbs with every moan from inside the truck, but thankfully, mercifully, it’s only a few more minutes until things go quiet. You can start relaxing now, or so you thought. After a few moments you hear the window on the door roll down. Savannah pokes her head out, her face reddened yet looking very satisfied. And slightly embarrassed.

“Ah, can I ask ya a favor?”

You nod your head. Clare seems to be interested in what she has to say.

“We’re gonna need a few… towels… and maybe some cleaner and a bucket.”

God, what did she do in there? Thinking about it makes your cock fly at full staff once again.

You awkwardly walk towards the door trying to conceal yourself. Clare follows closely behind, grinning all the while. As you approach Savannah, she raises an eyebrow.

“I didn’t know ya were into.. that…”

Oh, right. You’re wearing Clare’s shirt. You ask Savannah if she can grab one of yours. Still giving you an unsure look, she digs around in the cab and returns with your clothing. Changing into it, you then accept some money from Savannah and head into the mall.

Various supplies acquired, you fill a bucket with water from the fountain and bring it back to the truck. Savannah tells you to stay outside while she and Clare clean things up. You wonder what exactly happened in there. Your cock tells you what happened, but you won’t hear any of it.

“Ya can come back, sugar,” Savannah says.

The truck now smells lemony fresh. You wonder how often they have to do this. You also notice the only clothing Savannah is wearing are panties and a t-shirt. Not just any panties, either. On the front is the ‘falling man’ emblem you see on those janitor signs, along with the words ‘Caution: Slippery When Wet.”

You’re not quite sure how to take that. Savannah catches you reading her underwear and playfully turns her hips away from you.

Collapsing into the rear bunk, you finally ask a question that’s been on your mind for a while. Why are they so nice to you? They’re been absolute sweethearts to you, and it makes you feel guilty and sad and glad all at the same time.

Savannah thinks for a while, making a ‘Hmm’ sound while stroking her chin with her paw. Clare mimics the gesture.

“Why not? Ya’ve been nice to us as well,” she finally says


“Ya’ve put up with our antics an’ our teasin’, and you even listened when I told ya to get out just a bit ago.”

You suppose that’s true. Clare is nodding with Savannah’s words, then adds her own.

“It’s true, most other guys would’ve just asked to fuck us by now or left. You’ve been pretty nice,” she says with a wink.

“Even helped to get me cleaned up after that lewd little incident.”

Well, it may be a bit true. Still, wouldn’t they expect to be fucked with the way they act? What an odd pair.

You just want to sleep now though. You’re cold, tired, and this erection is not going away anytime soon. Sleep it off, you think.

The other two seem to have picked up on your idea, and Savannah shuts off the interior lights and lays down next to you, much like she did the first night. Though it doesn’t do anything to calm your erection, her warmth makes you feel a bit… safe.

Clare seems to be on the second, upper bunk by the noise you just heard. Guess it won’t be a dogpile on one bed again.

Morning comes with an alarm, and you stretch and yawn as Savannah rolls off of you. With her gone you feel a sudden chill on your back. You kind of wish she’d come back.

“Well darlin’, we’re gonna be leavin’ town soon. You still want to come with?”

>>What do you say/do [S19]

Does she even need to ask? You say yes enthusiastically and without any hesitation. She asks if you’re sure, and you remind her that you have nowhere to go in this city, nor do you have a home to return to. She seems happy to hear you’re so set on staying with them. Clare seems a little more ambivalent, but is otherwise content with your decision.

The morning proceeds mostly like it did yesterday, though thankfully the girls go to a truck stop that has separate male showers. You don’t know how much more of their torment you could take. Though, since you have the showers to yourself…

You begin to stroke yourself to the mental images of those tits and asses that have been all over you for an entire day. You can instantly recall their warmth and their silky softness. How your hands sunk into Savannah’s ass like it was a firm marshmallow. Clare’s tits with her pert nipples constantly rubbing on your back. The softness of their waists – how fantastic it would feel to get big handfuls of those asses and mid-sections as you rode them hard doggy-style. Or their tits smothering your face as they ground your pelvis into dust riding you cow-girl. Even that tailpussy pumping you for every drop you’re worth.

In scarcely two minutes you uncork the bottle and let loose a torrent of relief, followed by a deep, relaxed sigh.

Now, while doing some actual scrubbing, you have some time to yourself to think. You’re tired of being a freeloader, and would like to at least pay for your own food, clothing, and other assorted things. But, how would you go about it?

>>How are you gonna make some dosh? [S20]

You think maybe they could teach you how to drive? Though you wonder about the legalities of it all. Or you could maybe try writing or blogging, making a website that you can pull in a little money through ad revenue or something. Lost in thought, you clothe yourself and wait for the two outside their truck.

After a few minutes, they appear, and it’s time for adventure. Through discussion with them, you find out you’ll be driving cross-country, then making several regional trips. Pretty much no extended down-time for over a week. Trapped in the cab for hours on end with these two. Tantalizing yet terrifying.

As you head out of town, you mention about how you’d like to earn a bit of money. Before Savannah can respond, you tell her that it’s a matter of pride. You appreciate her kindness, but you can’t just keep mooching off them forever. It makes you feel like some kind of leech.

“Well, if ya put it like that…”, Savannah says.

She seems a bit disappointed, but you also think you can see a little grin as well. Perhaps she’s secretly proud of you.

“So, what were ya thinkin’ of doin?”

You mention your trucker idea first; obtaining your CDL. Savannah and Clare look at each other, considering the idea. While they’re thinking about it, you mention your blog/writing idea. Maybe you could write erotica or something. You’re not too bad at creating stories.

They stop thinking to snicker at your last idea. You suddenly regret bringing it up.

“Well, darlin’, If ya like, we could always give ya some first-hand experience with whatever ya wanna write,” Savannah says with a wink and a smile.

Oh boy.

“Otherwise,” she says with a laugh, “Yeah we could teach ya to pass yer test. It’ll take some time though – a few weeks.”

“Yeah, so we’d have to charge you some room and board until you started earning your way,” Clare says with a grin.

>>What do you do/say? [S21]

Well, you say, why not both? At the very least poking around on the web will keep you busy. Fortunately the truck is equipped with satellite internet, and you set yourself to work.

Things are fairly quiet. Though you guess you were just used the hectic day off. You took to the top bunk to do your research. Clare is on the bottom watching something, and Savannah is driving while listening to the radio. It’s surprisingly nice and peaceful. Just being in their company makes you feel a bit better, somehow.

While browsing the internet and checking various things, somehow you settle on a page about knitting. Apparently hand-knit stuff can sell for a decent bit of coin, and the materials aren’t too expensive. Scarves and such are pretty easy to start with as well. You bookmark the page for later browsing and move on.

As dusk begins to settle, Savannah pulls into a truck stop, then gets up to stretch and yawn. You’re kind of surprised she can tolerate sitting for so long. You were starting to get restless even with the freedom to move around.

“Hey, c’mere,” Savannah says as she looks up at you, then opens the door.

Curious as to what she wants, you follow her outside. Clare watches the two of you leave with faint interest.

Savannah walks slowly towards the oasis, occasionally glancing at you.

“Hey,” she says, “I know ya asked ‘bout why we were so kind to you ‘n all, but why are ya so nice to us?”

You’re kind of surprised You thought you answered this before. Going into more detail, you mention all they’ve done for you; they’ve basically taken a stray animal in. Savannah laughs at your comparison, her tail flicking side to side.

“Well, most guys woulda taken all the… offers we’ve been given ya.”

She stops walking and looks at you.

“I kinda appreciate it in a way, but it makes me think ya just ain’t interested in us older girls.”

Is she really being sullen about this? Though considering all that happens on a daily basis in Monstergirl City and the whole country, maybe it is kind of surprising.

No, they’re quite interesting and… appealing, you say, but you feel like you’d just be taking further advantage of them.

Without saying a word, Savannah begins walking again. As you break into a semi-sprint to catch up, she suddenly moves in closer to you, leaning up against you. Her tail wraps around you as well.

“That’s an interestin’ way of lookin’ at things. Wouldn’t we be the ones takin’ advantage of ya?”

A shrug aiding your response, you say you don’t know why you feel the way you do.

Savannah doesn’t laugh, but she does look at you again, a little twinkle in her eye.

“Ya ain’t too bad sugar, might have ta keep ya fer m’self.”

She breaks away from you as the two of you enter the oasis, then she heads for the restroom. Now that you think about it, that’s a good idea.

On the way back to the truck Savannah doesn’t say much. She’s still kind of silent when you enter the cab as well. Clare stretches and stands, then heads for the driver’s seat once you two get in. However, Savannah stops Clare and whispers something into her ear. You see Clare’s yellow eyes fix on you, a taut grin spreading across her face. Once Savannah is done speaking, Clare plops down in the driver’s seat, and the three of you head off again. Savannah sits down on the lower bunk. As you move to climb up to the top bunk, you see Savannah pat on the bunk next to her.

“Feel like spendin’ a little… quality time with me?”

>>What do you say/do [S22]

Nodding your head, you say sure, you’d enjoy spending some time with her. A warm smile is her response. You wonder how a manticore, known for their sadistic nature, could be so amiable and pleasant. Maybe it’s because she’s older?

Sitting down next to her, she bumps against you lightly with her shoulder, then lays back facing the television. Smiling, she again pats next to her. Scooting up, you lay down next to her. She wraps one of her paws around you from behind, squeezing you tightly against her. She’s as warm and soft as ever, though her wing does poke you a bit.

She asks if there’s anything you want to watch. You shrug, saying nothing in particular. She thinks for a bit, then picks up the remote from a storage bin and turns the TV on. After flipping through some saved shows on the DVR, she settles on something.

Ice Road Truckers.

You should have known.

It’s not your most favorite thing to watch, but Savannah seems to be into it. Though she doesn’t seem to be paying too much attention to you, she still holds you close to her. In a slight change of roles, you lay your head on her shoulder. Without taking her eyes off the screen, she follows your lead and rests her cheek on the top of your head.

Laying like this, it’s impossible to not look down her body. The great swell of her breast, the softness of her midriff peaking out from a slightly too-short shirt, the way her pants hug her hips and thighs, accentuating their thickness.

A reaction is impossible to avoid, no matter how much you try. While sex with her would probably feel great, and you do want to, you honestly would rather just enjoy this atmosphere for a while longer. Despite your efforts, your hard-on makes itself known as it pokes into the manticore’s side.

“…Took ya long enough, darlin,’ Savannah says seductively, though she’s still watching the show.

“Mind unbuttoning my pants fer me?”

You gulp, then move your hands over to her waist. Though it’s a bit difficult from this angle, you manage to undo the clasp. Using her free paw, Savannah then begins to wiggle her hips while pulling her pants off; said hips and ass are in the perfect position to grind against your dick as she works the leggings free.

The pants hit the floor in a heap, and now you’ve got a full view of her lower parts, save for those covered by her panties. The slightest hints of moisture are beginning to show on them. Taking your right hand in her free paw, she places it on the inside of her left thigh. You run your hand up and down her warm flesh, your fingers sinking in slightly as you caress her. Based on her now slightly shallower breathing, you figure she’s enjoying it as well.

Several minutes later, Savannah suddenly pulls away from you. You’re wondering what’s going on, but then you see the show has ended.

“Have anythin’ on the bunk above us?”

You shake your head no.

She then reaches up, and pushes hard on the low ceiling above you. To your surprise it swings up, then locks into place.

“Now we’ve got the room we need, sugar.”

In one swift motion, she pulls off her shirt, freeing her large breasts. They sway slightly, still managing to be shapely despite their mass and her age. Truly god has worked his miracles here.

You figure the panties are next, but for some reason she’s stopped, looking at you expectantly.

>>What do you say/do? [S23]

Tilting your head in wonder, you think about what’s going on. Then you realize that all of your clothes are still on. Now would be a good time to correct that mistake. Undoing your belt and clasp, you begin to remove your pants. Dissatisfied by your slowness, Savannah manages to yank them off you in one firm tug, sending them whirling out past the curtain.

“Hey! I’m drivin’ here!”

Apparently your pants had found their way to Clare; she throws them back through the curtain.

Next comes the shirt while Savannah works your boxers off, finally freeing your cock for her to see. Leaning over you, her nipples rub lightly against your stomach, her breath blowing across your trembling shaft. Every puff of air causes your member to twitch with excitement. With your shirt thrown to the end of the bunk, you’re now entirely nude. Every fiber of your being aches for Savannah’s touch, but she doesn’t appear to be proceeding any further. Looking at you with an expression of desire and longer, she begins to lean back, her ears twitching.

Perhaps that’s it.

You catch her by the ears, in a manner of speaking. Massaging and rubbing along their length intensely, Savannah shudders. In very little time her breath begins to come in short, ragged bursts. Pressing against your chest, she pushes you down with her so that your ear massage does not stop, while still allowing herself to lay completely down. Lifting her legs up, she begins to slide her panties off, revealing her shaven, glistening mound. The musky scent and sight of her reddened labia manages to make you harder still.

Her chest is rising and falling in short bursts with each breath as you relentlessly assault her ears. But no, that’s not good enough. Taking the tip of an ear into your mouth, you begin to nibble and tickle it with your tongue. The furry texture isn’t the most appealing thing to have in your mouth, but the response from Savannah is more than worth it.

A moan builds in her throat, then becomes a long growl that escapes with every quick breath. Fumbling with her paw, she captures one of your hands, pulling it down from her ear to her increasingly wet crotch. Your fingers and palm glide over her mons pubis, but you stop just short of going all the way down. Instead you tease her a bit, massaging and rubbing the areas just above her most sensitive part. She squirms and writhes, trying to encourage you give her release.

“Ju…just do… it… already…”, she pants out

Well, it’d be rude to turn down a lady.

Tracing the edges of her soppy lips to apply lubricant to your fingers and hand, you glide your hand back up over her clit, catching it with your entire palm and middle finger.

She growls again, arching her back, almost breaking free of your grasp on her ears.

Reversing the motion, you dip your fingers into her as your hand descends. Curling your fingers up against her vaginal wall, you rest your palm on her love-button. After a brief pause, you start to shake your hand up and down, stimulating her everything. With the combined assault against her ears, g-spot, and clit, Savannah is shaking and gasping non-stop. Her paws are reaching out to grab at whatever is nearby to hold onto for dear life as her orgasm builds, then rips through her like a bolt of lightning. Her hips bucking wildly, she nearly succeeds in breaking your iron grip on her snatch. Her teeth are clenched tight, but they fail to mute her throaty moan. Just as she seems to relax, the cycle repeats itself, though this time you’re doubly sure of her orgasm as she sprays out her climax. The sticky fluids splatter against the sheets and even going so far as to hit the wall.

Finally, you relinquish your grip on her. Savannah collapses on the bed, breathing heavily. Her moistened ear twitches repeatedly.

“That…. that was.. great… where… did ya.. learn.. ta do that?”

You shrug, saying you’ve been living in Monstergirl City long enough to figure things out.

“Well.. fer that.. performance…I’ll… do whatever you.. want…”

She gives you a rather content smile, then looks down at your raging, trembling erection.

“Poor fella looks like… he could use some love too.”

>>What do you say/do [S24]

You’ve been eying that tail of hers for a while now. That’s one thing you haven’t experienced during your time in Monstergirl City. You ask her if she can pump you with that tailpussy of hers. Curling it up and around her, she looks at it, then you.

“Well, if that’s what ya want, I’d be happy ta oblige.”

She smirks as the end of it moves closer and closer to your dick. Pulsing and flaring, it drips a thick, warm fluid onto your crotch. Savannah is simply looking at you, not bringing it closer. Even now she teases you.

Please, you ask, don’t do this – you gave her release, after all. She sighs, her expression softening.

“Fine, fine.”

Even before she finishes speaking, her tail engulfs your dick in a single, swift stroke. It’s warm, almost hot, and you were entirely correct about all the bumps and ridges. The sensation is nothing short of divine; the initial stroke was nearly enough to make you orgasm. A gasp catches in your throat before slipping out in a soft moan.

Savannah rubs a paw on your chest, looking at you fondly. Your eyes meeting hers, you can’t help but think this is the first time you’ve really noticed her crimson eyes. Rather than malicious or intimidating, they look… beautiful and gentle. What a strange thought. Though your thoughts are soon eradicated once her tail begins pumping up and down with slow, deliberate purpose.

Each ridge and bump catches and massages every part of your shaft and glans. The warm, sticky fluid allows the lascivious orifice to glide up and down effortlessly. Occasionally it makes a sucking or popping noise as air and your relentlessly hard dick is pushed through the viscous liquid, in and out of the fleshy fuckhole.

Unable to stand the slow pace any longer, you grab her tail and forcefully pump it up and down.

“Was that so… hard?” Savannah coos.

Apparently she wanted you to do that from the beginning. Rather than assume all control, it would seem she wants you to have some initiative.

The surging warmth that’s building inside of you is desperate for release. With one final, forceful shove you press the tail as hard against yourself as you can while simultaneously raising your hips. Your eyes close in bliss as several thick bursts of cum work their way through your turgid cock and into Savannah’s tailpussy. Every new pulse through your dick feels better than the last.

As each jet of semen splashes and sprays inside the orifice, Savannah lets out a little gasp as she drinks and sucks everything you have to offer to her. She lays her head on your chest, running her paws in circles on your chest as her tail tugs and squeezes on your member to wring out every last drop.

You’ve noticed she’s started gasping as well. What was it that Clare said? That manticore can cum from their tails as well? From Savannah’s face, it looks like she enjoyed that almost as much as you did.

Still, it’s not enough – not nearly enough. There’s no way your erection is going away so quickly. Well, if it’s initiative she wants…

With her head on your chest, you’re easily able to take one of her ears into your mouth again. The manticore instantly gasps, then looks up at you with her eyes, smiling. Much like before, you reach down to her soppy cunt and begin to tease her clit while your other hand alternates between her ears.

She closes her eyes, biting her lower lip gently as she moans in short breaths. Still mindful of you, however, she commands the tail into action. Rather than pumping it up and down as before, she makes it vibrate. The sudden feeling gives you pause, but you’re determined not to lose to her in this race. Enough with the toying – you begin to work her cunt with a maddened frenzy, determined to make her the first to orgasm.

Not to be outdone, she ups the ante as well. The inside of the tailpussy begin to undulate and stroke your cock as it vibrates. Despite the bulb remaining absolutely still, it feels like it’s pumping you faster than you could ever think possible. Your hips tremble and buck as the muscles focus on your glans and the area just under the ridge. The amount of control she has with that tail is nothing short of amazing.

As if its pulsating undulations weren’t enough, now she’s increased its tightness to the point where it feels like a pair of hands gripping your cock as hard they can. Though due to the copious amounts of fluids drooling out of it, along with the soft walls, it’s not painful in the least.

Two fingers isn’t going to be enough for her hungry, wet cunt so you slip a third in. You work your hand up and down with as much intensity as you can muster while rubbing her clit with your palm. Her hips and waist are beginning to buck. She’s lost this race, in a manner of speaking.

Her snatch clamps down around your fingers, nearly preventing you from being able to slide them out as you feel a gush of liquid splash out around your hand. Though unlike before, rather than a single stream, she fires off multiple jets, each one timed with a moan and a buck of her hips. Her pussy itself shakes and trembles with every arc of liquid the sprays out.

No wonder she needed all those cleaning supplies earlier.

Despite Savannah’s wild ride, she maintains masterful control of the tail. Watching the spectacle of her hips rising nearly two feet in the air, the musky fluids emanating from her crotch, the bouncing and swaying of her breasts with every bucking motion combined with the tailpussy clamped to your dick is enough to coax another orgasm from you despite the relatively short time since your last one.

This time it’s Savannah who drives the tailpussy down into you; she’s hungry to soak up whatever you can provide. Gritting your teeth, your muscles contract with explosive force to expel all the semen the manticore demands. Every tendril of cum that bursts forth from your cock into the bulb is greedily consumed and absorbed. Savannah licks her lips as if she can taste it. Despite the second orgasm coming so soon after the first, you still manage to fire off five thick strands into her living onahole. Each spurt causes the tail to contract tighter still, increasing the suction you feel on the head of your cock.

Gasping, your close your eyes in bliss. As the seconds tick by, your throbbing cock pulses with each heartbeat. You’ve still not had enough. You look longingly at Savannah; she nods in response.

“That’s what I like ‘bout you youngins. Full of energy an’ cum.” She sits up, and motions for you to sit in front of her. Intertwining her legs with yours, pressing her breasts to your back, she again lowers the tailpussy onto your aching member. Holding your hands in her paws, she guides your hands onto it.

“Pump it,” she whispers into your ear, clicking and nibbling on the lobe.

Commanded by her words, you begin to thrust the drooling hole. Her paws still on your hands, she presses down more firmly. You can feel the pressure distort the inside of her fuckhole. Every bump and ridge inside of it nearly drives you mad as it glides along your shaft and glans due your increased post-orgasm sensitivity.

“Pump it!” she whispers harshly.

The pace increasing ever faster with her aid, fluids are being to squirt and spit of it as it constantly expands and contracts to meet the needs of your rampaging cock.

“Oh, you amateur. This is how you pump it!”

Taking complete control from you, Savannah works the tail into a frenzy. Closing your eyes and leaning back into her beasts, you allow Savannah to work her magic as it feels like you could melt. The rapid pace quickly brings you to an edge. You have no idea how you can cum so much in such a short period of time, especially considering Savannah hasn’t injected you with her venom yet.

The hot, wet hole is mercilessly in its own desire to vacuum out your semen. Just as you’re about to orgasm yet again, everything inside of her tail feels like it’s trying to draw out your thick, sticky love-fluid. There’s no reason to resist any longer, you think. Just let yourself go and enjoy Savannah’s love. Relaxing into her further, your balls tense up and contract slightly as you fire off another round of sticky streamers into her waiting flesh. God, you think, does every contraction, every pulse, feel good. It was never like this when you were raped. You wish it would never end. Chewing on your bottom lip as the last jet of semen works its way free, you give a content sigh. Despite all you’ve unloaded into her tailpussy, not a single drop of semen has leaked out. Savannah has taken it all with her hungry desire.

Savannah releases your cock from its hot, wet prison, letting her tail droop to the floor. She’s still breathing heavily, but her face is one of pure bliss. She’s clearly enjoyed this as much, if not more, than you have.

The whole ordeal has certainly tuckered the two of you out. Flopping down onto the bed, Savannah remains under you as your head is nestled between her brasts. She wraps you up with her fluffy paws and sighs into your hair. Despite the soaked sheets and bedding, you manage to doze off in her arms.

Sometime later the two of you are awakened by Clare. She’s leering at you, new sheets in hand. You also see a bucket at her feet.

“Come on kiddo~ time to clean up from your little romp in the hay.”

At some point you and Savannah wound up cuddling side-by-side. Attempting to get up, you push Savannah off you a little too hard. You wind up rolling her completely off the bed, much to her surprise. With a cross between a yelp and a scream, she thuds against the floor.

“What the fuck was that?”


She sits up, glaring at you.

“After all I did fer ya, this is how ya treat me? I see how it is…”

You apologize, attempting to blame the rather narrow bed. Clare can no longer stifle her laughter, and winds up doubling over in laughter. Savannah scowls and shifts her glare to the cat.

Sometime later, you’re both dressed and cleaning up the mess left by your love. Once that’s finished, Savannah drops the top bunk down so there’s two beds.

“Well, before we hit the sack how about somethin’ to eat?”, Savannah asks.

You and Clare both agree, and the three of you head into the truck stop for a meal.

Back in the truck, Clare claims the top bunk and Savannah the lower. Clare peeks down at you from the edge.

“Come on up here~” she whispers to you.

Savannah is starting to lay down, though she’s looking at you intently.

>>What do you do/say [S25]

Looking up at Clare, only the top of her face is visible, giving her a kind of playful charm. But, you shake your head no while looking at her. You expected she’d just shrug or simply go back to whatever she was doing. Instead, she looks remarkably crestfallen. She slowly slinks back without saying another word.


You’re not really sure how to respond to that as you lay down next to Savannah.

“What was that about?” She asks, cocking an eyebrow.

You tell her what Clare whispered to you, then what her response was when you shook your head.

“I see…” Savannah says with a sigh.

She looks up at the bunk, as if peering through it at the cat on the other side.

You ask her if there’s something wrong or that she knows about, but Savannah just shakes her head.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it,” is all she says.

Before you can protest further, she places a fuzzy finger against your lips to silence you.

Shutting off the light, she then motions for you to come closer. Obliging her, she then wraps you up in her arms and paws, hugging you close. As your eyes adjust to the dark, you can make out her vermillion eyes staring intently into yours. Giving a soft smile, she closes her eyes and nuzzles her face against your shoulder and neck.

Softly stroking her ears, more to relax than bring her pleasure, you soon drift off to sleep yourself.

The following morning Clare appears to be the same as usual. Perhaps last night was just some kind of odd fluke. During breakfast Savannah mentions that they’ll reach their unload point in the early afternoon, then after that you’re all free until tomorrow.

“If ya want, I can start teachin’ ya some about how to drive a rig. Otherwise we could just spend the rest of the day relaxin’ or what not.”

>>What do you say/do

The thought of goofing off most of the day is appealing, but you ought to start learning as soon as you can. You tell Savannah that you’ll learn whatever she has to teach you.

“Sounds good darlin’,” she responds.

“Guess you’ll finally start learning the ropes kiddo~”

Now that you think about, they both have been calling you by kind of a pet name since you met them. Though you prefer ‘darlin’ to ‘kiddo,’ the latter being almost annoying. Still, Clare seems to use it in an endearing way.

The day proceeds in a fairly routine way, though you no longer have the desire to jerk off in the shower. Savannah did a fine job of scratching that itch, though remembering it causes a slight raise.

Clare drives first this morning, ostensibly so Savannah is still legally allowed to be driving when she’s going to show you a few things. Once the cargo has been delivered and the trailer unhitched, Savannah drives around until she finds a large, unused parking lot. Stopping in the middle of it, she turns to you.

“All right darlin’, tell me, what do ya know about manual transmissions?”

You explain that you know how to drive stick, and have a reasonable understanding of how the whole system works. Savannah raises an eyebrow; perhaps she wasn’t expecting you to know anything.

“Do ya know how to double clutch?”

Well, you say, you know what it is, but you’ve never bothered with it.

“Right. Cars can be shifted without rev matchin’ due to synchronizers in the transmission. Trucks like this one don’t have ‘em though, so you gotta double clutch. Here, watch,” she says.

Using slow, exaggerated movements, she demonstrates how she has to go to neutral between every shift, matching the engine speed to the road speed. You think you can handle it, though the ten-speed transmission is certainly a new experience.

“Ah, I fergot, the shiftin’ pattern on this is dog-leg, so it’s backwards from what you think it is. Oh, and first gear is really only a crawler, so you can skip it when startin’ out.”

She taps a finger against her chin, thinking.

“Aaand when you get to sixth gear, ya gotta hit this switch to get through the upper gears,” she says, pointing to a button on the shifter.

This is already more complex than you thought it could possibly be.

As you practice, Savannah is beside you the entire time. Clare is in the back; you can hear the TV. You figure you might as well ask Savannah again about Clare since she probably won’t hear you.

Savannah sighs.

“What’re you so concerned ‘bout anywho?”

You say that well, you think of her as a friend. Why wouldn’t you be concerned with how she acted, especially since it was rather unlike her.

Running a paw through her hair, she gives a little groan.

“Ya really think of her as a friend?”

You nod.

“All right, listen. She’s a dear friend to me an’ I love her. I think yer trustworthy enough, so I’m countin’ on you to not repeat a word of this.”

Again you nod, saying that you really are worried.

“That wild act o’ hers is just kind of a front. Truth is it’s the only way she knows how to get people to like her.”

That’s… strange. So what’s she normally like? And that means then, that Clare wants you to like her? Why the front?

“She’s usually more… calm. Still a big tease, but she ain’t usually that crazy at least. I’m kinda used to it, so it don’t bother me much. But…”

She pauses, clearly not wanting to say the next part.

“Ya, she wants ya to like her. I’m ‘bout the only friend she has. As fer why she’s like that… well…”

Looking up at the ceiling, Savannah sighs.

“I can’t tell ya that much. Ya’ll have to find it out from her personally. I’ve said all I can. Let’s get back to it.”

You agree to drop the subject, resuming your training session with Savannah.

As evening comes, you’ve more or less got shifting down. Though, according to Savannah, it becomes much, much more difficult to start with a full load. Or when you’re on a hill. Clare hasn’t really spoken to you much throughout the day. You wonder if she’s mad at you or something? Or, based on what Savannah has told you, perhaps she thinks you don’t like her?

You’re parked for the night, so Savannah and Clare are just kind of idling about. Clare’s up in the top bunk, Savannah the bottom. Business as usual.

>>What do you do/say [S26]

Well, maybe now is a good time to talk to Clare? As you enter the back, Savannah looks in your direction. The two of you briefly make eye contact, but she doesn’t say anything and turns back to her show. Tacit approval.

As you approach the bunks, you rap lightly on the side of Clare’s bed. She looks down at you curiously. You ask her if there’s room for two up there.

“Oh, sure,” she says. She seems to be a bit nonplussed by your sudden question.

As you hop up, she quickly throws a sheet over herself. Naked again, it seems.

Though her back, ass, and some sideboob are still visible. Easy now, you think to yourself. Now that you’re up here, you find yourself at a loss for words. The best you can come up with is ‘hey.’

“Hey…” she responds.

Awkward. It was never like this before.

You ask her what she’s up to. She motions towards her TV up here; looks like she’s been watching a hockey game. Interesting. Clare seems to be impossible to pin down.

While not an expert on the sport, you throw out some knowledge to strike up a conversation. Talking about the two teams playing, various players on each one, and so on.

“Oh, I didn’t know you watched hockey. Who’s your favorite team?”

You mention the Monstergirl City Wolves. She thinks for a moment, then smiles.

“Funny they’re called that when they don’t have any wolves on the team.”

Well it’s a start to some kind of conversation, so you nod along. Maybe Savannah was actually telling the truth. The Clare you’re talking with now seems to be rather calm.

“So,” Clare begins as the game enters an intermission, “What did you think of driving the truck today?”

Eh, you shrug. It was challenging, but you think you’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

“Good,” she says with a smile, “It would be nice to have you around for a while.”

Ah, you can sense the Clare you know starting to surface some, though she’s still being rather reserved. Unlike Savannah, she’s actually keeping a bit of distance. How strange considering she offered you a pawjob just the other day.

Yeah, you say, you’d like to stay around. Clare just nods in response. You attempt to keep up small talk, but the atmosphere is starting to chill again. Unfortunately you’re having a hard time thinking of something to talk about.

>>What do you do/say [S27]

Thinking about it, you decide to ask a question that’s been on your mind for a while. Perhaps it’ll help break the ice here. You ask her why she likes to be nude all the time.

“Because it’s more relaxing that way, and it’s kind of… fun and naughty,” she says, her voice dropping an octave as she said the last three words.

There’s the Clare you know and maybe love. You ask her to maybe explain a bit since you don’t ‘get.’ it. Plus, when did she start, and why is she covering herself up now?

Smirking, she rests her cheek on a paw.

“Since I was younger, I guess. I felt like I had to show off to get any attention. Eventually I started getting a thrill from it, so hey, why not right? As for your second question, maybe because I don’t want you to see…”

Why not, you ask. She seems to have had no problems before when you could have seen everything.

She seems to suddenly get shy, fidgeting a bit.

You move in a little closer to her, though you don’t say anything.

“Well, you never got to see me down there, right? I know how to hide myself. And I don’t want you to see… because, well…”

She nervously starts to tap the ends of her paws together. As she looks away, you rip your shirt off and work your pants off, much to her surprise.

“W-what are you doing?”

Well, maybe you’ll try this nudist thing, you say. Clare is still in shock, but then starts laughing. She pushes you down, then throws a pillow at you. Before you can remove it, she lays down on it. You’re tempted at first to roll her off, but you decide to instead drop a hand on her shoulder. It’s kind of awkward since she’s laying on you at an angle that allows her to continue watching the television, but all you can do is look at the ceiling and walls.

Okay, after a few minutes you can’t deal with this anymore. You pull yourself up, dragging the cat along with you.

“Took you long enough,” she says with a giggle.

You shrug, and prop yourself against the wall to watch the remainder of the game. The pillow is now in your lap, and she’s still laying on it. For better or worse the sheets have slipped, revealing her shapely hips and ass. You try not to think too much about it. Instead, you scratch her behind the ears.

It’s not quite as strong of a reaction as with Savannah, but she seems to be enjoying it nonetheless.

“Thanks,” she says after a while, her voice quiet.

Things continue on wordlessly until the game ends. As you begin to get up, you hear a voice almost like a whisper.

“Could… we please stay like this a while longer?”

Sure, you say. You figure she means through the night, so you flick off the light that’s up here. With the light off, she still doesn’t say anything, but does turn the TV off. Sitting in the dark, stroking her ears, you eventually fade into sleep.

You’re awoken sometime to discover Clare sitting in your lap, legs hooked around your back and her arms around your neck. Her golden eyes are almost glowing in the darkness. The pillow is still separating the two of you, so that gives you a measure of relief. Seeing you attempting to speak, Clare moves in to kiss you. It’s not a deep kiss, but she does hold it for a while.

Pulling away, she bites her lip and looks down, but raises her eyes. She attempts to speak, but the words catch in her throat. After several tries, she finally manages to ask her question.

“Do.. you like me?”

This is one hell of a dangerous question. Considering your answer, she adds in a burst,

“And… could I show you my everything?”

>>What do you do/say [S28]

Words are meaningless in this situation. Moving in return Clare’s kiss, you’re surprised when she presses a paw against your chin to stop you. She shakes her head. Taking hold of your hands with her paws, she places one of your hands against her chest. You can feel her heartbeat even through her large breast. The thumps are heavy and fast.

With her other paw, she places your other hand just under her breasts. Then, very, very slowly she begins to lower your hand down her body. With every inch downward you can feel her heartbeat grow faster and stronger. Her breaths become increasingly shallow and rapid, though not due to any pleasure.

In the dark of the night you can barely make out her face. Her only strongly visible feature is her golden eyes, glowing softly in the dark. They seem pained and panicked as they search and study your face for something.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she drops your hand further and further down. Over her firm abs, down her soft belly, eventually reaching her mons pubis. The first thing you can feel is that she’s not totally shaven, but it’s trimmed short. Compared to other pubic hair you’ve felt, Clare’s is much softer and finer; rather pleasing to the touch.

By now her heart feels like it’s going to explode out of her chest. Her breaths are coming nearly as fast. Through the dusky shadows, you can just make out her quivering bottom lip. What could possibly make this otherwise energetic, bold woman so afraid?

Inches above where you would expect her sex to be present, she stops her paw and your hand. Biting her lip and looking away and back towards you again several time, she asks a question again.

“Can…I show you.. my everything?” She asks after great difficulty.

Yes, you say, there’s nothing about her that could change your mind.

Recalling what Savannah said, you can’t figure out Clare would have had such a hard time with intimacy. She’s been such a sweetheart, despite hardly knowing you. Though you may not love her, you’d like to at least return her kindness. Fairly certain she can easily see you despite the dark, you give her the warmest smile you can manage to accompany your words.

Clare gulps, then screws her eyes shut for several seconds. Opening them again, she continues to stare intently into yours. Her paw on your hand down by her crotch is trembling. Again, she starts to lower your hand down her body. Your fingers slowly run through the downy-soft pubic hair, and just when you expect to feel her slit begin, something apparently has gotten in the way. Her paw stops moving your hand, letting the very tip of your finger press against her flesh.

It couldn’t be. Could it? Gazing into Clare’s eyes, you can tell she desperately wants to abort this, to run away.

Thump, thump, thump, her heart beats, like a hammer pounding in her chest.

Once more she pulls your hand downward.

It splits your pointer and middle finger apart. Yes, your previous suspicion was now more than confirmed. Due to her fear it’s not erect, but you’re absolutely positive it’s a dick. On this shapely woman. A first time for everything, it would seem. Though unnerved, you summon your courage. If Clare can bring herself to show you this, the absolute least you can do is not act frightened or disgusted.

Still, she continues to lower your hand; there’s more to reveal, apparently.

While part of your hand is still on her shaft, you begin to feel what one would expect to be present along with a penis. Though perhaps due to the chill in the air or her anxiety, they’re pulled in kind of taut. Still, you muster your resolve to not show a hint of weakness.

As her paw drags your hand across her, a gasp mixes in with her short, rapid breaths. Her eyes dart about rapidly, examining every facet of your countenance, straining to find evidence of your disgust with her.

You expect that to be… everything, but no, she brings your hand down further. Under her sack you feel the familiar touch of a labia, your middle finger running lightly down the slit without pushing aside her lips. Clare gives another light gasp at your touch.

So she has both. You wonder how that’s possible, but given everything else you’ve experienced and seen thus far in Montergirl City, is it really that outlandish?

Now that she’s shown you her everything, she lets go of your hands.

“Do… do you still… like me,” she asks, trembling.

>>What do you say/do [S29]

How could you tell her that you don’t like her? Well, in this situation there’s something better than simply telling her ‘yes.’ Leaning in to kiss her, she doesn’t attempt to stop you this time. As your lips meet hers, all the tension and weight she had been carrying melts away. Her anxiety, desperation, and fear vanish within seconds of your reply.

Throwing her paws around your neck, she squeezes you tight and turns the kiss into a much deeper one. Her tongue explores your mouth, finding your own and attempting to wrap around it, tugging and sucking all the while.

With your hands now freed, you decide you may as well be adventurous. You’re not entirely comfortable with things yet, but something about Clare gives you the courage to continue forward. While her tongue searches out yours, you run a hand down her stomach and crotch to her dick. It’s already becoming rigid from the kiss alone. Or perhaps a side-effect of her sudden relief. Running a finger across its length, over the tip, then along the underside you feel it further hardening. Bringing all your fingers into play, you start to lightly stroke and tease Clare’s cock. Your fingers exploring along her shaft, you discover there’s a series of soft, flexible nubs that run up and down its length. Another curious feature of her anatomy. It doesn’t take long until she’s flying at full staff.

Finally breaking the kiss to take a deep breath, Clare looks down at your hand around her shaft.

“I’m… so happy you’ve accepted me…” her voice trails off. She smiles broadly, but it’s lacking in that smug quality her smiles usually have.

“So… how about it?” she asks. You nod.

Clare raises herself slightly off your lap, then you remove the pillow separating the two of you. Your steadily engorging erection splits the fly on your underwear, ready to show Clare your affection. Slipping your hand from her cock to her plump ass, you bring both of your hands down on her cheeks to guide her onto your member. She gives a little gasp as she lowers herself onto you, your cock splitting her lips and entering the soft, warm, wet flesh within.

With her legs still wrapped around you, she begins to rock her hips back and forth. Not one to leave a lady to do all the work, you shift your hands so they’re on her hips, helping her move to and fro. Rather than working herself into a frenzied pace, Clare seems content to remain slow and sensual.

Most of her vocalizations are soft, infrequent gasps. Compared to Savannah, Clare is rather quiet. She seems perfectly happy to embrace you, staring into your eyes. It’s difficult to tell if she loves you, or is simply glad to have met someone who accepts her. Is it possible for her to love you after knowing you such a short time?

Then there’s the ‘other’ issue. Savannah obviously has to know about Clare’s cock… and it makes you wonder if they’ve fucked as well. That thought is rather alluring.

“Mmm were you thinking about something else just now?” Clare asks in a low voice, smirking. Is she psychic, or are you just that easy to read?

You mumble out how you were thinking of her and Savannah together. The shit-eating grin returns. Well, at least you know she’s feeling herself now.

“Maaaybe,” she says with a wink. “But for now, just focus on me…”

To punctuate her words, Clare thrusts her hips and pelvis further than before, causing the tip of her dick to touch your stomach. You can feel the warm, sticky sensation of the pre-cum she’s left behind. For some reason it doesn’t bother you as much as you thought it would. You can just imagine the little splotch of fluid it left behind, a thin, sticky trail running from it to her cock. Every time she rocks forward, her glans touches you, leaving another dribble of her pre-emptive mirth on you.

Though her motions don’t allow for much distance of penetration, her pussy twists and turns around your shaft, giving it sort of a unique sensation. While it’s a nice feeling, it doesn’t really incite you to cum. You need something with a little more depth.

Shifting your grip so your hands are now underneath her ass, you begin to lift her up, then drop her onto you. Her soft, ample behind slaps down onto your thighs, adding a bit of impact and noise to your fucking. Clare begins to let out tiny moans with every long thrust into her. Though you couldn’t tell at first due to the shallow penetration from her hip rocking, you now feel a series of flexible ridges inside her cunt.

They’re slightly firmer than the surrounding folds, and they leave the impression that they’re searching for something to grab onto. You remember the little nubs on Clare’s dick. The two are likely related.

Though you may not have a cock quite like hers, the ridges perform admirably in enhancing the experience. They catch on the edge around your glans, tugging on it slightly every time you extract yourself from her snatch. It’s just enough of a sensation to give you a little tingle and twitch. And god damn does it feel great – there’s at least seven or eight of the ridges inside her entire entrance. It’s as if her cunt was designed to make you want to takes long, deep, hard strokes in and out of it. Yearning for more of the sensation, you stretch out your legs and start bucking your hips up into Clare to thrust her up. Your hands move to just above her ass near the small of her back to slam her down onto your cock.

The new movements cause Clare to arch her back in surprise and pleasure.

“So you want more intensity?” Clare asks in a seductive tone. Like you, perhaps she wants something a bit more passionate and carnal.

Before you can respond, she uncurls her legs from behind you and shifts to a more kneeling position, resting her chin on your shoulder.

“Well, here you go~” She whispers into your ear.

She begins to rock her ass and hips up and down in a way you did not think was possible. It’s not so much that she’s raising and lowering herself, but that she’s pivoting her pelvis so far she’s able to very nearly pull you out entirely from her cunt, then draw your entire length into her on the reverse movement. Then there’s the additional sensation of her cock rubbing on your stomach, leaving a trail of slick precum as the tip grinds against you.

Her arms move to hold you around the chest, her breasts pressing firmly against you as she works your dick. She’s moaning softly, constantly, inches from your ear. There’s a slow, steady accumulation of her vaginal fluids around the base of your cock, occasionally trickling down the insides of your thighs. Not to mention the ever-thickening trail of pre-cum that Clare’s member is leaving behind.

Each ridge, bump, and fold inside her snatch feels like it’s desperate to wring every ounce of semen you have out of you. Her gyrations seem like they’ll never end, and in no time at all your entire lower body is practically spasming with every outward stroke. Fuck, you’ve never felt anything like this before. In just two short days you’ve had the chance to experience two women who can do things to your cock you never thought possible in your wildest dreams.

Clare is almost laughing with every pant and gasp, timed to your wild thrusts. She has to be loving this as much as you are.

The scents of her secretions are beginning to accumulate, filling your nostrils with a… pleasant muskiness. The sounds of her thick thighs slapping against your own, the scent of Clare’s love, the feeling of her cunt, the moans into your ear – they all come together to push you over the edge. In a rush of pleasure you dig your hands into her ass and slam her down to halt her movements while at the same time thrust your hips up, burying your cock into her as far as you can possibly manage.

“Mmm that’s right, give it to me…” she coos into your ear as your cum lances through your cock and explodes out into her cunt, filling up her hungry womb. Every wad that erupts forth makes you clamp down on her ass harder, makes you raise your hips further as your instincts drive you to try and impregnate the grinning cat. Your entire body tenses and stiffens as your mind is overcome by the singular, intense desire to fill her to the brim with your seed.

As your final drop of cum works free, your powerful orgasm subsides and you’re able to relax. Though seconds later you realized Clare hasn’t reached her climax yet. She doesn’t look terribly disappointed, but it would be rather rude to not return the favor. Loosening your hold on her ass, you tell her to keep going. She gives you a smirk, rocking her hips with the same intensity as before. There’s no risk of going soft in her with the stroking embrace of her warm, wet folds and those ridges.

Reaching around in front of her, you take hold of her precum-covered cock and begin to stroke it, working your thumb around the tip while keeping your fingers around the shaft. A little move you’ve learned from personal experience. Through the dark you can see her eyes close and feel her whole body shiver slightly.

“Oh, fuck yes,” she moans, “Just like that…”

Working her cock in time with the rhythm of her hips, you can feel her cunt start to tighten and convulse around you. Her cock is beginning to twitch in your grasp. Suddenly she lets out a loud gasp, and her hip movements cease. You switch up your hand movements to start stroking her shaft as fast as you can, your thumb and fingers wrapped around her tightly.

Her dick jumps and bulges, letting loose jets of hot, sticky catspunk that splatter against you. Every time she shoots a thick load onto your stomach and chest, her cunt clamps down hard. With every spurt she lets out a sharp, short moan. Her paws dig into your back; her entire body shuddering.

Collapsing against you, head on your shoulder once again, Clare pants and heaves for a short while. You figure this is a good opportunity to take a breather yourself.

However, she’s not letting you go that easily. The night isn’t over yet.

“Can… I turn on a light?” She asks. You figure she wants you to be able to see her now, rather than simply feeling it. Yes, you say, you’d love to have a little mood lighting.

Releasing her grip on you, she pushes herself off and flops onto her back. Fumbling a bit, she hits a switch that turns on a dim night light. While not very bright, it’s more than enough for you to get a good look at her and yourself.

Your chest and stomach are absolutely coated with her sticky cockmilk. You’re pretty sure you couldn’t put out that kind of volume even your best day. It’s impressive, really. Then, looking to her, you can see a generous quantity of her fluids and your semen leaking from her cunt. Right above her entrance, partially obstructing her slit are her balls, then her cock. You’d expect it to have gone soft from that massive orgasm, but no, like you she’s still painfully hard. While you were stroking her cock, you estimated it to be rather average in size. Now that you have a good look at her throbbing erection, you see that indeed it is a nice, average length and thickness.

From her position on her back, she’s looking at you intently, slightly worried again. She’s certainly the anxious sort, though perhaps she’ll need less reassurance now that you’re around. Easing her worries, you remove your underwear and lean forward onto your knees, positioning your ready erection inches from her.

However, as you reach closer and closer to her snatch, she shakes her head slightly, then flashes you dat smile.

“No, I want it in my ass this time…”

This is one kinky cat.

She looks around, and grabs some pillows to place them under her ass to make penetration easier. A thoughtful gesture indeed. Your own cock is still wet from her vagina, and her fluids are slicked all down her cheeks, coating her asshole as well. Looks like there’s no need to worry about lube.

Moving closer, you grab her legs in each hand, lifting them up and pushing them closer to her head. She stares at you the entire time, grinning all the while. With her pelvis tilted due to the pillow and you pinning her legs down, everything she has to offer is presented to the world. Her asshole, cunt, and cock are entirely exposed, though her dick is resting against her stomach. She’s positively shaking with excitement.

Leaning against her legs now, your glans touches her tight ring. She’s already closing her eyes and throwing her head back.

“Yesss, do it…”

Gradually applying more and more pressure, her ass begins to yield to your forceful entry. Soon your glans is enveloped within her, then your shaft, all the way down to its base. Clare is biting her lower lip, turning her moans into sort of a vocalized hiss. Pulling yourself out, her asshole is desperate to keep you inside, clinging for all its worth. The result is a slight distention, adding a visual aspect to the tight ring around you. At the height of your withdrawal, you quickly slam down into the lewd cat. She clenches her jaw hard, gasping through her teeth.

Her paws claw frantically at the sheets, grabbing big pawfuls of the linens. Working into a steady rhythm, drawing out slowly then thrusting fast and hard into her, she’s probably enjoying this far more than you. You think her vagina is superior to her ass, but the heat and clamping force from her sphincter is more than enough to make it highly pleasurable. With every deep impact her ass and thighs shake and jiggle. With every clap of your pelvis against her ass, you can feel your glans strike against something inside of her, something that she seems to absolutely love.

“Fuck,” she hisses out, “You’re so goooood,” her eyes still clamped shut.

Her cock is steadily drooling out copious quantities of pre-cum, coating her belly. Each of your thrusts causes her dick to smear the viscous liquid around, giving her stomach a glistening coating. The sight is… appealing, something you never thought you’d admit to. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that for her to be dripping like that means she’s extremely turned on and into things. A bit of personal insight regarding these matters, you suppose. You’re well aware of what your mental and emotional state need to be in order to achieve what she’s experiencing.

Still, you can make her feel better yet.

Letting go of one of her legs, you use the hand to start stroking her twitching, rigid shaft. Curling your fingers around her shaft, you let your thumb stick out so it presses directly on the underside of her glans. Starting slow and building up your pace, Clare responds most favorably. Her glutes and asshole tense up even further, almost making you wince from the intense pressure of her pucker clamping around your shaft.

It’s time to wick up the pace. Rather than slowly extracting, pausing, and slamming into her ass, you replace it with a fast, non-stop pace. Jerking her off at an equal pace, Clare begins to moan and gasp loudly. While she was quiet during vaginal, apparently she’s quite the buttslut. You kind of worry that Savannah is awake and listening, but she did approve of this.

Her asshole is struggling to allow passage of your inches as you saw relentlessly in and out of it. Every inward stroke seems to push her asshole deep inside of her; every outward stroke seems to pull it out of her.

Working with methodical, machine-like precision you hammer in and out of Clare, determined to make her experience the best orgasm she’s ever had. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, you don’t have to wait long. With a howling moan, her hips buck up, her anus clenching down with a fury that eclipsed anything from before. While you had intended for her to be the first to cum, you realize it’s going to be a tie.

Clenching your own teeth, your sudden orgasm struggles to make its way past her cock-ring tight asshole. Letting out your own growling moan, your inner muscles finally manage to overcome Clare’s, spraying multiple streams of glistening alabaster inside her guts. With every pulse you shake your hips forward, desperately releasing everything you have to offer.

At the very same moment, Clare’s balls shiver and contract, then her cock follows suit a split second later. Your own intense orgasm causes you to lift her cock away from her belly just as she reaches hers. Every one of her incredibly thick spurts of pearly catspunk arc through the air, splattering across her face, neck, and breasts. During one of her long, open-mouthed moans she even winds up getting a mouthful of her sticky lovejuice.

You’re rather envious of her seemingly endless orgasm. While you were good for a mere three heavy contractions, she’s released six… seven… eight jets, each one packed with as much semen as the last. You know how fucking amazing that must feel to each of those work its way through your cock, finally freeing itself. With the last burst of semen finally free, Clare collapses, breathing heavily. Every breath causes her chest and tits to rise and fall, her spunk causing them to glisten in the dim light.

Finally opening her eyes, she gazes into yours. Her face is one of utter contentment and joy, likely a mirror of your own.

“You’re amazing,” is all she says, smiling.

You nod and tell her that it was fantastic for you as well.

With a laugh, she sits up slightly, looking down at the mess covering her entire body.

“What a mess you’ve caused,” she says while grinning, “Such a naughty boy to do this to me.”

You worry that she’s going to ask you to clean it off of her, but fortunately she has other plans. Reaching to the side, she pops open a small storage container that’s built into the wall. Inside you see a few towels and some kind of spray bottle. She motions to you, and you grab the contents. Sniffing the bottle, it appears to be a cleaner of some sorts. These two certainly are prepared.

Spritzing her and yourself with the contents, you toss her a towel. Several wipes, sprays, and more wipes later, the two of you are mostly cleaned up.

“Come, let’s cuddle,” she says, taking shelter underneath the sheets.

You’re more than happy to oblige her. Facing her, you wrap your arms around her, and she reciprocates the gesture. She nuzzles her face into your chest, letting out a long, content sigh.

You mention how you’ve never seen anyone else with her… unique genitallia before.

“Neither have I… guess that makes me unique?”

Guess so, you say.

“Thank you,” she says, her voice muffled by your chest. You ask her what for.

“For… accepting me.”

You give her a squeeze in response. After a few seconds she says thank you again, though this time much softer. Moving one of your arms to her head, you begin to stroke her hair and ears. Eventually the two of you drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Savannah stared up at the bunk from below, her paw a sticky mess.

“Damn kids, even got me worked up,” she mutters to herself with a laugh. Still, she thought, it’d been many years since someone was willing to accept Clare for who she was. Perhaps the new kid wouldn’t be so bad to have around for a while after all. Smiling to herself, she thought about the various fun group activities in the future she could plan.


The following morning, you and Clare wake up to see Savannah grinning at the two of you. Normally you’d feel a bit nervous about being ‘caught,’ like this, but you suspect Savannah is happy for you and Clare.

Tossing the messy linens and towels into an already packed laundry day, you figure the three of you will need to take care of that today. The rest of the morning continues as you’ve come to expect; a breakfast at a rest stop followed by a shower, then continuing the journey. In the evening, Clare is the one to show you a few things on truck operation while Savannah is waiting at a laundromat. When that’s done, you resume updating your blog about the various daily happenings of being a trucker.

Night comes and goes, though it passes quietly due to fatigue. The three of you wind up cuddling together in a large heap.


The next day is another exercise in routine, though unfortunately the cargo needs to be unloaded by the three of you. Savannah talks about how much she hates having to do this shit, but she didn’t have much choice in her pick of contracts at the time. It takes hours to unload everything, leaving you with no time to learn anything about trucking. And, sadly, little energy for fucking.

You expect another group cuddle session, but Clare is unusually insistent on having you to herself. Savannah complains some, but agrees on the condition that she gets you the next night. You kind of feel like you’re being treated as some kind of asset or bargaining chip. Well whatever, you’ve yet to give them a cent for anything; they can use you how they please.


(Seventh day)

The morning today is a little different. Savanna received a call early this morning after breakfast telling her that the haul she was supposed to pick up today has been cancelled. Since it’s fucked up the rest of her plans, she’s had to cancel her previously scheduled routes and pick up something else that’s local. Now the three of you have two days of downtime. You kind of want to to learn more about trucking, but Savannah is absolutely livid right now, to the point where you and Clare are kind of cowering in the back.

Clare mentions she has her own stash of money, and the three of you are currently in a large city similar to home sweet home, Monstergirl City.

Clare asks you if there’s something you can think of doing that might calm Savannah down some. You start to ask about maybe sex, but Clare is quick to cut you off.

“Not when Savannah’s in that mood,” she says.

>>What do you say/do? [S30]

Thinking about it, you suggest maybe an arcade again? Or perhaps something like ice-skating or an amusement park? Since this part of the country is warm year-round, there should still be something open.

Clare ponders your suggestions for a moment, then nods.

“Those should be fine, though she’s never skated before.” An all-too familiar grin spreads across her face. “Should be interesting… if she’s willing to try, anyways.”

Oh really? While you’re not very good, you can manage to skate around without falling on your ass, you say.

“Well, I suppose I could try to teach you both. It’s been a while since I last laced up, but I was pretty decent.”

That’s good, but first you should perhaps look to see if there’s anything around. Checking out things around the area on the internet, you discover there is indeed an amusement park about 30 minutes away. They have a waterpark, but nothing for ice skating. Fortunately there’s a rink rather close by that has rentals and open skating during the day. Unfortunately they’re not open for another hour.

Until then, maybe the two of you should try to mollify Savannah, you say.

Clare nods her head. You’re a little worried about confronting an angry manticore, but Clare gives you a reassuring pat. Peeking through the curtain, you spy Savannah sitting in the driver’s seat. Her arms crossed and her legs up on the dash, she’s sporting a scowl to match. Though she looks less angry and maybe more broody.

While thinking of what to say, you notice her ears are twitching. Then she takes a deep breath and exhales sharply through her nose.

“I guess I got a bit carried away if I got the two of ya cowerin’ and makin’ plans,” Savannah says, turning her head to look at you.

Oh. She heard you and Clare?

“Most of it,” she says, giving a little self-deprecating smile.

That problem is solved then. As you begin walking out, Clare suddenly appears in Savannah’s lap, taking the manticore by surprise. You’re kind of envious of that ability.

“Oh good, you’re not mad anymore? So how about going out and having some fun?” Clare asks Savannah, attempting to act cute on her lap.

“Yeah, sure. Just get offa’ me. Ain’t ya getting’ a bit old to be actin’ like that?” Savannah raises, raising an eyebrow at the mischievous cat.

“Never too old to bother you~” she says, standing up.Savannah simply sighs in response.

Now that the manticore has been placated, without you really having to do anything, you’ve got time to kill. Savannah raises out of the seat walks past you, then kind of just flops down on her bed.

“Guess I’ll have a nap,” she says.

That sounds like… a pretty decent idea. Setting the alarm on your phone, you then sit down next to her. She opens her eyes and blinks at you a few times, then smiles, reaching out with her paws. Didn’t even have to say anything. Letting yourself fall into her arms, she squeezes you like a pillow and closes her eyes again.

“Hey, no fair!” Clare complains, watching you and Savannah. You pat on the bed behind you.


You can feel Clare crawl onto the bed behind you. Wrapping her paws around your waist, she pulls herself close against you, nuzzling her face into your back. How lucky of you to be able to experience this on a near-daily basis, you think, as you drift off to sleep.

Sadly the alarm comes too soon. You briefly consider ignoring it to enjoy being the center of this cuddle sandwich. But, it’ll also be nice to get out and do something else with them. The combination of your alarm and attempting to slip from their grasps winds up waking the pair. Stretching and yawning, they look pretty cute. Savannah soon dispels the illusion by groaning and scratching her belly in a rather unflattering way.

Several minutes later, Clare takes to the driver’s seat and the three of you are off to the rink. Savannah seems a bit apprehensive the entire way there, complaining about how she’s going to fall on her ass and/or face. Your attempts to console her are met with suspicion. Once you arrive, Clare reminds you all to bring your jackets as it’s rather cool once you’re on the ice.

Inside, she pays for the three of you, and you all head to the skate rental counter. You’re a bit curious about how they intend to wear anything on their feet. After all, shoes and such for humans work since the foot isn’t much wider than the ankle, allowing for a one-piece solution. Looking at their paws as they walk, you wonder how they would pull anything over them and still have it snug against their ankles. Their feet may be fluffy and fun to touch, but they’re rather wide and large.

“Like my paws?” Savannah says, grinning.

Apparently she’s caught you looking at her feet. Figuring she’s trying to embarrass you, you decide to try turning the tables on her.

You respond that yes, you think they’re quite lovely – just like the rest of her.

Her cheeks turning very slightly red, she mumbles out a thanks and turns away. Success. Clare watches your exchange silently, looking at you jealously. Complementing her fluffy feet as well, her frown turns into a wry smile.

At the counter, you give your shoe size and receive a pair of normal looking skates. Walking over and sitting down on a bench, you watch intently as Savannah and Clare come over. You recognize the blade and sole, but the tops are rather unique looking. It looks like a boot that’s been completely unsewn and left open, but there’s eyelets all along each flap of leather. Clare places her paw down on top of the sole of the skate, then brings up the flaps. Producing several heavy laces, she begins to lace the parts together.

Savannah is watching Clare as well, attempting to follow along.

Once you’re all set, you and Savannah clomp awkwardly towards the rink’s door to actually get onto the ice. Somehow Clare is able to walk in the skates almost like they’re normal footwear. You wonder how much experience she actually has over you and the manticore. Gliding out onto the ice, she turns to watch you and Savannah enter.

You manage to awkwardly transition from concrete to ice, sliding beside Clare. Savannah is having… difficulty. She puts one leg onto the ice, it slips, and then she draws it back.

“You know, I was never able to get her to agree to trying this before,” Clare says, still looking at Savannah. Before you can respond, she approaches the struggling manticore and helps her onto the ice.

Every time Savannah loses her balance, her wings flap out to their full width, and her tail sticks out. You’re kind of worried about those spikes; the memory of the drive-in theatre is fresh in your mind. Voicing your concern, Savannah turns to look at you while clinging onto Clare for support.

“I’ll be fine, don’t ya worry none.”

You wonder about that, especially considering her feet slip and shift while she’s talking. Despite Clare being shorter than Savannah, she still manages to look like she’s trying to take care of a child.

Well, leaving those two to their fates, you manage to awkwardly shuffle forward a bit until you hit a decent stride, running slow and steady laps around the outside of the rink. The entire time you watch Savannah and Clare, amazed at what you see. Once Savannah managed to steady her feet, Clare took her paws with her own and started skating backwards, dragging the manticore along.

After a while Savannah begins to shuffle her feet, attempting to propel herself along. Suddenly Clare vanishes, re-appearing next to you. Taking two long strides, she zooms in front of you, then begins to skate backwards, easily keeping up with your pace. What a show off. Unfortunately her sudden departure from Savannah has left the manticore to flail about.

“You should come help too,” Clare says with a smile, then takes your hand. Pulling you along far faster than you could skate on your own, the two of you are soon reunited with the stricken manticore.

“How the hell do ya do this shit anyway?” Savannah says, her voice tinged with frustration.

“Try it like this,” Clare says as she backs off. Then, taking greatly exaggerated strides, she demonstrates a basic forward motion.

Savannah attempts to follow along, but unfortunately topples over, dragging you along with her. Expecting her to curse or yell, you’re surprised when she starts laughing instead.

“What the hell? Why is this so hard? It’s jus’ movin’ yer feet back n forth!”

Clare has her paws on her hips, looking at the two of you pityingly.
“I can see this is going to take some work,” she says exasperatedly, reaching down to help the both of you off the ice.

Two hours later, Savannah has graduated to careful shuffling near the boards in case she has to grab onto them. You can nearly skate backwards without falling on your ass, and you’ve discovered there’s a distance limit on Clare’s teleportation. She can only cover about a quarter of the length of ice at a time.

“Once you two get a little better we should try a game sometime~,” Clare says cheerfully.

Game, you ask?

“Hockey, of course.”

Maybe, it could be fun. You look over at Savannah who apparently nearly fell and is clinging to the boards for dear life. She shakes her head frantically. Maybe not.

As the three of you walk to the truck, Savannah is looking a bit unsteady on her feet. Lending her your shoulder, she readily accepts it and leans on you. Clare seems to give you a sullen glance, then looks away and continues on, opening the door for you and Savannah.

“Damn my feet hurt,” Savannah says, rolling into the bunk.

You ask her if she still wants to go the amusement park.

“Well… maybe jus’ the waterpark. Been a while since I was able to go swimmin’.”

Good, that’s settled then. It’s not even one in the afternoon yet, so there’s still plenty of time. At the mention of the waterpark, Clare doesn’t seem terribly enthused, however. You want to say something about cats and water, but decide to hold your tongue.

While thinking about that joke, it dawns on you don’t have anything to wear for swimming; you tell them as such.

“No problem~ We’ll just stop at a store along the way and pick you up something to wear. I don’t think I have one packed either. Savannah?” Clare says.

“Ah, I probably could pick one up too. I think I got one, but I dunno if it’ll fit.”

So now you’re swimsuit shopping with two attractive women that you’ve known only a week. Despite all that’s happened, you can’t help but think your life is on the upswing now. Sadly, there are no antics or shenanigans while at the store, just some quick purchases. Neither of them seem to really care what they wear so long as it fits, though Clare wound up purchasing trunks as well. Savannah bought a rather modest one-piece, and you acquired the cheapest set of shorts you could find.

Driving to the waterpark, Savannah naps in the back again. You’re tempted to go cuddle with her, but decide to keep Clare company up front instead. Though not a whole lot is said, you get the feeling she appreciates your presence.

In the waterpark, the three of you split up to head to the changing rooms. Or at least, you attempt to split from them to go to the men’s rooms. Savannah and Clare wind up dragging you into the women’s rooms. You can never figure out what makes them behave so lasciviously at times. Once in a stall, they begin to change, making sure you’re watching. Every movement in removing their clothing and putting on their swimwear is purposefully slow and exaggerated, and neither of them take their eyes off you the entire time.

It’s… a nice show, but you’d rather not be fired up in public. You also realize why Clare bought trunks rather than a standard bottom. You wonder if she would have been so modest if you weren’t around. She’s also no longer making any attempt to conceal herself from you.

Acceptance, huh?

Well, looking at Savannah, she looks fantastic in her red one-piece. Despite her attempting to buy something a bit on the concealing side, it winds up instead highlighting all her best parts. It winds up revealing some of the sides of her breasts, and nicely accentuates her wide hips and thick ass and thighs.

Clare looks almost…plain in comparison with her black trunks and top. Though you admit the black goes well with her fur and hair color, and you can still make out her shapely figure under the shorts.

Exiting the changing rooms, Savannah makes a bee-line straight for the wave pool, whereas Clare seems to be heading to the hot tubs.

>>What do you do/say? [S31]

You’re kind of surprised to see them split up like this, especially after how they worked in concert barely minutes before. Perhaps it simply means that everyone needs a little time to do their own thing, even if you all came here together. With that in mind, rather than chasing either of them, it’s time to strike out on your own. For a little while, anyways.

Those waterslides are looking mighty attractive. There’s quite a few here; some where you’re on a tube or raft, others that you shoot down on your back. How many years has it been since you last did this? Fortunately the park isn’t too crowded, so there aren’t really many lines on each. Being able to jump out of the landing pool and immediately scamper back up to the top and go down again brings with it an odd joy that makes you feel young…er. You feel a bit silly being by yourself, but it’s a small relief not having to worry about what others are thinking or having to wait around.

On some of the open slides, you’re able to spot the wave pool on your way down, though you’re never really able to pick out Savannah. You’d hoped she’d look a bit more unique, but at this distance everyone looks kind of the same. Well, the humanoids anyways. Due to how things are positioned you can never quite see the whirlpools and hot tubs though.

After running about and doing every slide like, five times each, hitting the lazy river to relax for a bit seems like a good idea. Working your way towards one of the staircases that lead into the sedate river, you cross by the wave pool. Curious, you decide to see if Savannah is still around. You quickly spot that indeed she is.

Sitting as close to the wave generators as possible, Savannah is perched atop an inflatable shark. Watching her for a bit, it turns out that every time the waves start, she throws one of her arms into the air and holds onto the shark with the other. Though you can’t hear her over all the commotion of the waterpark, you’re fairly positive she’s yelling the sort of stereotypical phrases you’d expect of her.

Leaning against some railing, you can’t help but smile at the spectacle – especially when she inevitably winds up rolling over. Based on how her legs and paws still cling to the shark, she hangs on even underwater. She’s not one to give up easily. Sadly, eventually she has to let go when her need for air overrides her desire to ride the shark, even when upside-down. You wonder if she’s been at this for as long as you were on the waterslides.

With a laugh, you continue on to the lazy river, picking up a tube along the way. Once you find a way into it, you sprawl out on your back in the tube, relaxing and closing your eyes. The feeling of slowly drifting about in the warm water with the sun shining on your face seems to melt your troubles away, letting your mind go nearly blank.

Eventually, after maybe the tenth or eleventh time around, you start to feel a bit bored by the river. Perhaps you can attempt to emulate Savannah in the wave pool. Looking around, you spot an exit and head over. Unfortunately Savannah seems to have left, but you see the shark raft going unused. Well, if she’s not around, that means you can sneak in some water rodeo practice.

Swimming out to the shark and acquiring its use, you then head over to where you saw Savannah stationed. On your first attempt, you roll over nearly immediately. And the second attempt. And the third. And many thereafter. How the hell did she stay upright as long as she did? Clinging to the shark like a drowning man, waiting out the latest series of waves, you hear a familiar voice behind you.

“Darlin’, you ain’t none too good at that, are ya?”

Turning around, there’s Savannah, floating right behind you. She has a massive smug grin, but the twinkle in her eye bleeds some of the malice from it. You shrug as best as you can while holding onto the shark. Where was she watching you from anyways?

“Here, lemme show ya how it’s done,” she says, grabbing onto the raft as well. Have at it, you say.

Soon as she’s able, she climbs on, looking down at you. She has a rather… wild and excited look about her. You wonder if she’s ever done any actual rodeo riding.

The waves soon come again. Savannah actually manages to hang on during the entire thing, keeping herself upright through all the crests and troughs, no matter how deep they are. And, confirming your earlier suspicions, she does in fact yell ‘yee-haw!’ You’re not sure whether to laugh or be embarrassed.

Laughing as the waves die down, Savannah lets herself slide off.

“C’mon, let’s go to the hot tubs or somethin’,” she says. “This is fun n’ all, but relaxin’ sounds good right ‘bout now.”

You’d hoped to spend a little more time here, but Savannah seems to want you to come with. Sure, why not you say. Lounging in some nice, hot water might be nice. Savannah beams when you agree to go with her.

Arriving at the various whirlpools, you notice Clare isn’t anywhere to be found. Well, staying in a hot tub for that long would probably be rather unhealthy. You wonder where she’s gone off to. Well, no matter, she’ll show up soon or later. Savannah picks out a small tub that’s unoccupied and waves you over, then dips into the water.

“Ahh, that’s the stuff…” she says in a relaxed, hushed voice.

Before you can even respond, her eyes are already closed and she’s leaning back against the side. Smiling and shaking your head, you enter the water next to her. The hot water does indeed feel nice. After a few minutes you’re struck with the acute realization of being hungry. You figure the girls must be as well. Maybe it’ll be time to leave soon and obtain some dinner.

Savannah appears to be asleep, or very nearly. You poke her a few times and get no response. Hmm. Looking around the area, you see that you’re relatively alone. It’s probably a trap, so you decide to wait things out.

You close your own eyes and sink into the water, letting yourself go mostly limp. After some time has passed, you feel something close to your face. Opening your eyes, you see Savannah’s face inches from yours to the side, sporting a small scowl.

“I give ya a chance like that and ya don’t do anythin’,” she says, shaking her head.

A trap indeed. Smiling, you tell her that you’re on to her tricks.

“Aw, that ain’t no fun then,” she says, leaning against you. You tell her that there’s tonight and tomorrow, and besides, there’s people around right now. It’d be risky.

“It’s more fun when there’s danger…” she says, trailing off. After a few moments pass, she speaks up again. “Hey… I had a lot of fun today. Thanks for thinkin’ of me.”

Anytime, you say, throwing an arm around her shoulder and turning to to look at her. She looks at your hand, then at you. Then, before you can react, she gives you a quick kiss on the lips then darts back.

“Yer a real sweetie, darlin’,” she says with a warm smile.

With that, she stands up, exiting the hot tub.

“C’mon, we should find Clare and split. I’m kinda hungry, ain’t you?”

Yeah, you say. Let’s go find her. But, speaking of Clare, this was largely her idea.

“Ya, I know, but ya went along with it didn’t ya?,” she says, a sly grin spreading on her space.
“Don’t worry, I plan on doin’ somethin’ for the both of ya.”

Searching around the park, you find Clare asleep on a sun chair. At least you know she didn’t miss you two too much. Waking her up, she yawns and stretches, then smiles at you.

“Ah, what time is it?” she says, talking through another yawn. You shrug, saying you don’t know the exact time, but it’ll be dusk soon. Clare looks around the sky briefly. “Guess I was asleep for a while, huh.”

You mention that you all should probably get something to eat considering the day’s events have left you and Savannah kind of famished. Clare nods her agreement.

Back in your normal clothes and exiting the water park, the three of you start talking about where you’d like to eat. Savannah and Clare can’t seem to come to an agreement, so they look at you to be their answer.

“Let’s go to a steakhouse,” Savannah says. “Why not a seafood place instead?” Clare counters.

You opt for the third option, casual diner. It might have both, you say. Neither of them seem particularly pleased that you’ve dodged them, but they reluctantly agree to your idea. Searching for a place on your phone, you find one that’s not too far away.

At the restaurant, you’re all directed to a booth, and you’re the first to sit down. Looking back at Savannah and Clare, they seem to glance at each other before turning back to you. A long pause later, they elect to sit together opposite of you. That was kind of weird, you think. Otherwise, it’s a nice, uneventful meal. Savannah pays, then you’re all piled into the truck again.

It’s not quite evening yet, but the moon and stars are already visible.

“How about we jus’ turn in fer the night?,” Savannah says, lounging back on her bed.

Clare frowns, then looks at you.

“It’s still so early though. Let’s go do something.”

You ask her what, and she pouts a little.

“I don’t know – something.”

You wish she would be a little more helpful.

>>What do you say/do [S32]

Hmm, Clare is probably feeling a little neglected from the day’s events. You tell her to hold on a moment, then exit the truck while waving to Savannah to follow you. Clare is giving you one hell of a suspicious look.

Outside the truck, you keep an eye on the cat to make sure she doesn’t pull any bullshit like going invisible and teleporting to you to eavesdrop. Whispering to Savannah, just in case, you ask if the top of her truck is… sturdy enough for the three of you, and if she has some thick blankets.

“What’re you plan-…oh, I see,” she whispers back, a lewd smirk curling one side of her face. “Yeah, it’ll be fine.”

Then you ask her if she can drive the three of you somewhere away from the city, to get away from the light pollution.

“Star viewin’ huh? Didn’t think ya to be a romantic like that,” she says, giving your shoulder a playful shove. She’s sharp. You can’t help but smile in response. Savannah looks over at Clare; she’s looking at the two of you curiously.

“I guess it’s fair considerin’ all ya did for me today.” Savannah turns back to you. “Did ya just want to be with her up there?”

The thought had crossed your mind, but for tonight… You shake your head, saying that no, it should be a group activity for once.

Savannah’s smirk spreads across her entire face. “Sounds like a plan,” she says, shaking your shoulder as she hops back into the truck and makes straight for the driver’s seat. Clare has her paws on her hips now, looking at you through a squinted eye.

“What are you two up to?”

You shrug your shoulders, then tell her it’s a mystery. Taking a seat in the back, you invite Clare over. She approaches you cautiously, then sits down next to you. Giving the fluffy cat a big hug, you tell her thanks for the day; you had a lot of fun and Savannah appreciates it too.

“W-well you know…”

Seems like she’s weak to direct attacks. Or at least, she is after her little confessional. You talk with Clare about this and that; trucking, things you’ve done together, and so on until you sense that the truck is parked. Looking out one of the side windows, you see that you’re surrounded by grass. Time sure seemed to have passed by quickly.

“We’re here kids,” Savannah says with a smile as she pokes into the back. Clare raises an eyebrow as Savannah rummages around for a few blankets then walks out. Following after her, you tell Clare to come on.

Outside, Savannah simply flies on top of the truck. Huh, guess those wings weren’t for show after all. You’re stuck climbing up the hard way. Once on top, you see Savannah has already laid everything out. Clare is standing at the bottom looking at you two, then she vanishes and reappears next to you.

You attempt to not appear too envious of them as you sit down on the blankets. It’s not quite as plush as you had hoped, but it’ll do. Besides, the warm breeze feels nice. This was a great plan, no, the greatest of plans. Savannah plops down next to you, then the two of you stare at Clare.

“What’s all this about then?” she says as she sits to the other side of you. Throwing each of your arms around the both of them, you flop back and drag them with you. “…What are you doing?” Clare asks, though you just point up at the sky. She follows your finger, looking up at the stars, then falls silent.

Out here, away from the lights of the cities, you gaze out into the night sky. Hmm, have you ever done this before? Just gone out to look at the stars?

Glancing to either side of you, both the girls are also looking straight out. They haven’t said anything since Clare sat down. For some reason, staring at those little balls of plasma and fire thousands, millions of light years away makes you feel a little introspective. It’s been only a week since you got removed from your former home, since you were essentially disowned, and yet… you don’t really feel as down about as you think you ought to be. You really have forgotten your problems when you’re with these two.

You also realize just how quiet it is here. With the truck off, all you can hear is the sound of the wind rustling the grass and trees. There haven’t been any other vehicles driving past in several minutes now. Though looking down towards the ground you realize you’re not exactly near any roads. Looks like Savannah drove quite a ways through some grass… how’d you not notice?

Blinking several times, you resume your introspective star-starring. For the first time in your life you feel… free? It’s hard to describe. It’s like being unshackled from your family and their expectations has lifted a burden from your shoulders – one you never wanted to bear anyways.

Lost in your thoughts, you almost don’t notice Clare scooting over to press herself against you. She’s still looking up though, but you take her hint and wrap your arm around her shoulders. Smiling, she reciprocates the gesture.

Looking over at Savannah, her paws are behind her head now, one leg resting atop the other. She glances at you and Clare out of the corner of her eye, but doesn’t say anything. You can see her mouth is bent down into a slight frown though. You don’t really want Savannah to be left out, but she appears to be allowing Clare to do as she wants… for now. Speaking of which, Clare keeps inching her face closer to yours. It’s kind of obvious what she wants to do.

Though you’re sure Savannah would probably feel jealous.

>>What do you say/do? [S33]

You had kind of hoped to enjoy the sky a little more, but you think you can put that aside to enjoy the woman that’s cuddling up against you. Clare’s face is so close you can feel her breath on your cheek and neck; not the most subtle of advances. Turning your head, she instantly takes that as her cue and kisses you. The first few kisses are light, almost chaste, but soon she holds them longer, and begins to slip her tongue into your mouth.

Her arms and paws wrap around you, searching out your hands. Though it’s a little awkward to hold hands… paws with her, as soon as your fingers intertwine with her fuzzy digits she seems to reach a new level of arousal. Pulling herself on top of you, she begins to smother you in kisses, alternating between deep ones, shallow ones, and even occasionally nibbling on your lips.

The intensity of her passion is quick to make you hard, especially when her crotch is grinding against yours. As your dick stiffens and begins to rub against Clare, you can feel her own member rubbing against you as well.

Suddenly she breaks her handhold, and begins to strip her clothing off, then yours. First her shirt comes off, freeing her soft, malleable tits. Then, with a little bit of help from you, she removes your shirt. Before the next article of clothing is discarded however, she presses against you to deliver several more deep, long kisses. By now she’s almost gasping with desire.

Next she shimmies out of her pants, doing her best to remain close to you as she works them off. Lending her a hand, she smiles broadly at your assistance, then helps you remove your own.

“Wanna help me remove the last… obstruction?” Clare says, smiling down at you.

Nodding and reaching to slide her panties off, you see she’s already got the process started – her throbbing erection has managed to work them down partway. Reaching up to slide them down her thick hips, you see a little bit of pre-cum begins to dribble from Clare’s tip. Her snatch has already flooded her panties and started to trickle juices down the inside of her thighs. Once you’ve removed her soaked undergarments, she pins you down with one paw and strips off your underwear with the other, gasping with joy as your cock is exposed.

“It looks like we’re both happy to see each other,” Clare says, looking at your cock then her own; a lewd smile adorning her flushed face.

With her kneeling over you, you’re a little worried about things going places you don’t really want them to go. Fortunately Clare simply drops back down top of you, resuming her passionate kissing. Though now without any clothing in the way, you can feel her large breasts mash against your chest, her mid-section rub against yours, and, her pre-cum slathered cock sliding against yours. The sensations summon forth ample quantities of your own lubricating fluids to grease the proceedings.

After a time, once Clare has decided that there’s enough of the slippery love covering the both of you, she begins to rock her hips up and down gently. The soft nubs that cover her dick grab and massage at your member slightly, giving it a rather unique feeling. One you want more of.

Wrapping your arms around Clare, you draw her tight against you and begin to lift your own hips up in time with her movements. The entire time your tongues wrestle and dart, with the occasional moan from Clare filling your mouth. Continuing for a while, you begin to hunger for something a little better than simply rubbing against her cock with your own.

“Looks like ya two are havin’ a good time, mind if I join in?”

Sounds like Savannah has the same idea.

Breaking your kissing with Clare, you let her go as you look to your side. There’s Savannah, standing above the both of you entirely nude. From this position you can look nearly straight up at her glistening labia, then notice the ends of one of her paws is damp. How long had she been watching you two, masturbating to the spectacle? One thing you don’t see, however, is her tail.

As that thought crosses your mind, the tail makes itself known to you. And from the moan Clare let out, it’s apparently ensnared both of you at the same time. Looking down between Clare’s body and your own, there’s Savannah’s tail, firmly clamped around your cocks. Glancing back at Savannah, you see she’s trembling now, then she slowly drops herself down, resting on her ass with her legs splayed. Her positioning has been very purposeful; her sex is rather close to your head.

Though you’re not able to think about it too much as the tail begins to suck and squeeze, pulling a small moan from your own throat as it begins working on your sensitive, pre-cum covered cock. With Clare’s cock in the same hole, it doesn’t feel quite the same as it did before. In fact, you’d say it was even better. Suddenly the cat drops down on you again, her face to the side of yours. Searching out your hands, she again interlocks her paws with your fingers, almost pinning you against the ground. Gasping, panting, and moaning into your ear, you can feel her hips bucking in random spasms with every sensation from the manticore’s tail.

Despite the pressure being exerted on your dick and Clare’s from Savannah’s vice-like tailpussy, Clare’s cock is still able to glide across yours, though the nubs almost feel like they’re digging in as they scrape down the bottom of your glans and shaft.

With less room in the orifice than before, it’s tighter than ever. Every undulation, every ripple, every contraction of the flesh inside Savannah’s lewd tail squeezes, sucks, and massages your cock. With your shaft being mashed against Clare’s so tightly, you can feel every twitch and jump of her raging hard-on. Soon you’re bucking your hips unsteadily into the orifice, alternating in time with Clare to provide the greatest amount of movement as you slide against one another.

With your focus entirely on your cock, you don’t even notice Savannah masturbating furiously, working her cunt like a demon. Her sudden cry of pleasure snaps your attention to her briefly, just in time for her climax to spray out in a trickling arc, splashing across Clare’s cheeks, back of her head, and your face. Some of her tart, sticky fluids get into your mouth. Initially you don’t care much for the flavor, but within seconds your feel a warmth; a primordial desire welling up within you.

The contractions of Savannah’s orgasm seem to be mirrored in the tailpussy – it clamps and squirms in tight, random bursts that elicit a long moan from Clare. You feel at your edge as well, the pressure of a rising orgasm filling your groin. Moments after her moan, Clare’s grasp on your hands tightens.

“Fuuuck you two are so gooood,” she howls, biting her lip to quiet her own voice. As she speaks, you feel a long tendril of pressure work its way across the bottom of your cock. Clare’s own orgasm. As soon as the cat spunk breeches the tip of her cock and spews free, she lets out another howl, then goes stiff against you.

The sensation and knowledge that Clare has reached her peak finally brings you over the edge, your own thick semen erupting in forceful spurts into Savannah’s tail. Every one of your powerful jets seems to be mirrored by Clare, the two of you working in concert to fill up the fuckhole with all you have to give. Having Clare atop you, moaning in pleasure as you both orgasm and shiver into the same fleshy orifice gives a mental edge to the physical bliss, causing even you to give small groans and moans of carnal joy.

Long after you’ve blown the biggest load you’ve ever had inside the manticore’s tail, you can feel Clare still spasming and bucking, her urethra still distending and pressing against your dick as she continues to pump out load after load of hot, ropey cum. Finally, mercifully, the cat’s cock seems to cease its endless eruptions, and Clare goes limp against you.

Looking at Savannah, she appears to have thoroughly enjoyed lovefluids the two of you have given her. She licks her lips in satisfaction, staring you in the eye. Her tail continues to suck and tug on you and Clare in what might be considered a gentle fashion, before it releases and she withdraws it.. You expect volumes of semen to dump out, but the only traces lleft behind are the thick, clear fluids that her tail produces for lubrication. She’s managed to drink all of your and Clare’s love.

In the relative calm afterglow of your sexual escapade, you can feel Clare’s cunt is still drooling, coating your thighs in a warm stickiness. She’s probably going to be ready to go again soon, but you’re feeling rather spent after that massive orgasm.

Eventually Clare rolls herself off of you, smiling and gazing into your eyes.

“All set for round 2?”

You knew it. You explain that you don’t think you’ll be able to do anything for a little while. You expect Clare to look disappointed. Instead, her eyes narrow and an almost nefarious grin appears. Oh no.

“I can help ya with that little… problem, darlin’,” Savannah says, holding her tail.

The spines.

After seeing what happened to Clare, you’re a bit… hesitant, and explain as such to Savannah. She shrugs.

“It’ll be fine, don’t ya worry none. I’ll just give ya a little prick so ya don’t get a whole dose.”

Well… you think about it. Going some more rounds with these two would be heaven, in exchange for probably being tired as hell tomorrow. It’s worth it, you conclude. Nodding your head, Savannah smiles and plucks one of the thorns from her tail, then the rest of them retract. Reaching over, she lightly sticks the tip of the needle into your arm, then withdraws it quickly. It hurts, like getting stuck by a needle, but almost instantly the pain transforms into a kind of hot pleasure. It’s still painful, but it feels… good.

Savannah begins to grin, flashing and rubbing her cunt at you. Almost instantly your cock begins to twitch and perk up, reaching a rock-hard zenith in moments.

“Yay~ He’s ready to go again,” Clare says enthusiastically, running a circle against your chest with her paw. The fluffy, soft sensation has taken on a new level of pleasure. It hasn’t even been a minute and you’re already worried about becoming addicted to Savannah’s potent brew.

Bring her face closer to whisper into your ear, Clare whispers. “How about we thank her for what she’s done?”

Looking at the lewd cat, you wonder what she’s talking about. She points to her rising erection, your diamond-hard cock, and then to Savannah’s nether regions. Suddenly you have achieved enlightenment, and agree with her plan.

Moving with alacrity and speed that you didn’t know you had, the two of you pounce on Savannah, holding her in place. “W-what are ya two doin’?!” she says, panic seeping into her voice. She must be used to being the more dominant one in sex.

“Do you want the front or the back?” Clare says while the two of hold down the struggling manticore. At the cat’s words, Savannah goes silent and motionless.

“I… I’ve never had it both ways at once…” she mutters, looking curious now, a little sparkle in her eye.

Front or back, huh? You haven’t fucked either of her orifices yet, so it’s hard to decide. After a few seconds, Clare seems to have decided for you. “I’ll take her pussy then~”

Well, at least you’ll be able to fuck Savannah’s glorious ass now. There was no real losing with this choice. But now, how to proceed? Again, Clare seems to have the answer. Letting go of Savannah, she lays down, slapping her thighs.

“Let’s get started~,” she says with a wink, looking at Savannah. After a little hesitation, Savannah moves over the cat on all fours, then lets her hips drop down, impaling herself on Clare’s cock. Both of them let out a little gasp. Your cock trembles in excitement. Once Savannah’s pelvis reaches Clare’s, she looks back at you, swinging her tail out of the way. Then, spreading her ass cheeks with her paws, you can see her tight ring quaking, as if inviting you forward. She then issues you a command.

“Get over here and fuck me!”

Nodding and gulping, you drop to your knees and position yourself behind the manticore. As she lets go of her cheeks, you take over, massaging and rubbing her ass with your hands, squeezing here and there as you enjoy the marshmallowy softness.

“What did I say? Fuck me!”

She’s rather impatient, but it seems Clare is as well. The cat has begun thrusting her hips up into the manticore, her paws massaging and groping at Savannah’s swaying breasts. Not wanting to waste any more time, you press your still-wet cock against her asshole, rocking slightly in time with Savannah’s hips as she and Clare work together.

Then, pressing forward, you’re pleasantly surprised by the resistance of the manticore’s asshole. It takes considerable effort to slip your glans in; she must not take it up the ass as often as Clare. Savannah’s asshole becomes almost impenetrably tight every time Clare buries herself in the manticore’s cunt. Then as Clare withdraws, her ass relaxes enough to allow you to continue. As your inches gradually slip in, you can feel the heat of her guts envelope your glans and shaft. After what feels like hours, you finally bottom out in her, relishing the sensation of her asshole gripping and twisting on your shaft in time with every one of Clare’s thrusts.

“Oooh fuck,” Savannah moans in ecstasy, already lost in the sensation of having both her tender holes filled with dick. With every thrust from Clare, Savannah’s pussy squelches noisily as more fluids squirt out from small gaps between her labia and Clare’s cock. She’s one hell of a wet and wild ride.

Pulling your hips back to extract yourself from Savannah, she lets out another moan from having her ass turned inside-out, furiously clinging to Clare. Looking to the side, you can see their tits are mashed tightly together now, jiggling ever so slightly with every motion. Savannah’s ass and thighs, however, are not quite as impeded. You give her a swat on the ass as you push back in, causing her to gasp and her asshole suddenly contracts tightly. Clare lets out a hiss as well; likely both her holes clenched down..

You had wanted to maybe tease Savannah a little, but you can’t take this. Trying to tease her is only tormenting yourself. With both of them moaning and howling, fluids everywhere, and the tight, wet, heat of her asshole, you can only think of your own orgasm.

Bending over and wrapping your arms around Savannah’s midsection, you ready yourself with a deep breath. Then you unleash everything you’ve got, slamming in and out of her asshole at the most breakneck pace you can think of. With your position, you can look down at Clare, and see her eyes and jaw are both clenched tight. She’s probably already near her climax.

Savannah lets loose a scream as your inches slam in and out of her poor orifice, each thrust taking a fraction of a second. Pulling yourself back just enough to almost completely remove your dick from her ass, you plunge right back in without stopping; without mercy. Every time you bury completely inside her, a small thundercrack of flesh echos into the night. The constant, unending slapping sends her supple ass and hips into a rhythmic ripple. The lewd slapping is apparently appealing to Clare as well, as she opens an eye to look up at you and smile through clenched teeth.

“Yeah,” she pants out, “fuckin’ give it to her! Fill her ass up!”

Panting and gasping into Savannah’s hair, she’s finally the first to cum, though you and Clare tie yet again. Burying her face into the blanket next to Clare’s head, she screams and moans as a powerful orgasm tears through her, causing every muscle in her body to tense and relax in rapid succession. Her wet orgasm impeded by Clare’s cock builds up in pressure, then finally works its way around the tight seal between cunt and cock, spraying out with significant force. The fluids douse your legs, even spraying up to your wet your balls as they slap mercilessly against the bottom of her labia.

Gritting your teeth as your own orgasm wells up, you squeeze the manticore tightly as your cum jets out into her guts, spraying her insides with a pearly coating. Your hips buck up uncontrollably with every lance of semen you let out, every drop of semen you loose into her ass. Clare hits her peak at nearly the same time, moaning and gasping in time with every thick rope of catspunk she unleashes. Her pawns reach up to press Savannah’s hips down into her own as she bucks up wildly, lifting all three of you partially into the air. Her moans almost turn into cries as she frantically, desperately shoots her creamy seed into the manticore’s cunt, struggling to impregnate her friend.

You stumble backwards, slumping down onto your ass. From this vantage you can see Clare’s testicles twitch and pulse with every thick load she unleashes. How many has it been now? What you wouldn’t give to be able to cum that much.

Finally, Clare’s fury spent, the two of them along with yourself collapse, panting for air. Savannah’s ass is still facing you; you can see ribbons of cum leaking out of her asshole, whereas thick blobs randomly eject themselves out of her cunt. Clare must’ve unleashed a fuck ton into her.

As the minutes pass, your erection is still ready as ever, pleading with you to shove it in another moist hole. Well, you just fucked Savannah, so how about Clare? Crawling over to Clare, she’s rolled onto her side, leaving her ass completely defenseless. Her vagina is tempting, but her asshole greater still. Giving Savannah the assfucking of a lifetime makes you want to give Clare the same treatment.

Moving in behind her, you hoist her top leg up.

“What are you doing?” she asks, slightly confused. She looks down at her leg, eyeing your cock as it approaches her ass.

With both of you on your sides, you slam yourself into the cat’s ass in one smooth motion, her tight ring was surprisingly accepting. Clare lets out a long, cat-like ‘Nyaaa’ as you hilt her. Her semi-flacid cock twitches, releasing a few more sticky tendrils. That won’t do at all.

Much like your first night with her, you reach over her front and begin to stroke and her cock, rubbing and massaging it back to life. Her whole body shivers as you work around her glans, and soon she’s ready to go another round. Satisfied, move your hand from her dick to her leg, hoisting it up again as you begin to plunge in and out of her tight asshole.

Turning her head, she grabs the back of your head with a paw, forcing you into a deep kiss as you piston in and out of her. Your free hand works around from under her head to massage and caress one of her large breasts, flicking and toying with her nipple.

By now Savannah has roused again, and sets to work immediately. Apparently your assfucking has left her hungry for more, as she backs up into the cat. Setting herself up, she guides Clare’s cock against her asshole. Slamming hard into Clare’s asshole, she times her own hips and pelvis to work her cock into Savannah in time with your own. Clare thrusts forward as you pull out, then extracts herself from the manticore as you plunge deep inside.

Savannah lets out a gasp almost instantly, and the combined feeling of penetrating and being penetrated forces Clare to break off her kiss with you. She’s moaning wildly, chanting ‘Fuck’ over and over under each short, ragged breath. Savannah seems to be enjoying Clare’s dick even more than yours. It makes you curious about those nubs that run along her shaft. It’s almost… tempting.
Savannah’s tail is thrashing about wildly as she toys with her cunt as Clare slams into her ass. From this angle, every time your cock bottoms out you can feel your glans hit something that’s hard, pliable. And every time your strike it, Clare’s asshole constricts and Savannah gasps. Though Clare just came not long ago, your constant probing of her ass has accelerated her orgasm. With a hissing moan, her movements slow to a halt as she once again unleashes a flood of semen into Savannah, though this time into her ass rather than her snatch.

Sawing in and out of her delicate flesh while she’s emptying her bottomless balls into her friend is an exhilarating experience. It feels like not just her asshole, but the walls of her colon are clamping down around you. Still, you already filled up one ass with cum. You want to deposit your load somewhere else.

With one sharp movement you free yourself completely from Clare, causing her to look at you in wonder, then in the same movement you plunge deep into her cunt, striking against her cervix in a vicious thrust. The final plunge is just what you needed, and you let loose into her cunt, filling up her greedy womb with your seed. Sadly you don’t have much to give, as your previous orgasms have left you mostly spent.

The two of the moaning softly in unison as they’re cumming and being filled with cum is music to your ears. You honestly want to try for round four, but you are utterly spent, mentally and physically. It’s only thanks to Savannah’s barb that you were able to go as long as you did.

Your eyes growing heavy, far too heavy, you nod off to sleep, Clare still in your arms, and Savannah in hers.

The following morning is spent cleaning up, mostly. Most of the sticky love fluids dried, leaving an unpleasant… crust wherever they were, including all over your bodies. Using a few bottles of water to wash some of it off, the three of you head to grab something to eat and shower. Bellies full and bodies free of semen and vaginal secretions, you all elect to lounge for the day.

“Last night was something else~” Clare says, a happy chime to her voice.

“Yeah, somethin’ else all right.” Savannah rubs her posterior with a paw. “I still can’t walk quite right. You two fucked me too hard,” she says with a pained voice and expression.

“Well,” Clare begins, looking at you then back at Savannah,” We can’t help it that your ass is so good.”

You agree, but then quickly add they’re both great. If only you had more stamina…

Savannah sighs, rolling around on her bed.
“If ya had more stamina I probably couldn’t walk at all…” she says, cut off by her own yawn. “But, I think today is best for relaxin’.”

She’s probably right. You feel like taking a nap yourself, and you recall that Savannah had earned the right to cuddle with you next time… and you suppose this is next time. Clare seems a little envious, but she elects to leave the two of you alone while she heads to the top bed.

The day turned into night, and back to day once again. The short break over, a life of routine took hold again. Working on your webpage/blog, learning how to drive a truck, and alternating sleeping with either of them. Compared to the group sex earlier, they were fairly low-key events, though Clare seemed to be more into it than Savannah.

After another two weeks of time, you’ve mostly learned the basics of truck driving, though you still need to take the test to earn your CDL. You’ve also started to feel like Clare and Savannah are possibly more than just friends, but you can’t really decide.

At the end of the most recent non-stop spree of driving, Savannah announces that you all have a solid week off. You ask why, but she just responds she can do as she pleases.

You also realize you’re somewhat near your parent’s house. Savannah and Clare might not have any problem with taking the short drive over there. But, it depends on if you want to say something to them, or simply accept their decision and pretend they don’t exist. Savannah and Clare have made mention of staying at a resort the entire week to unwind, so you could just say fuck your parents and head straight there.

Or suggest something else to them.

>>What do you say/do? [S34]

On one hand you want to just forget about your parents, and on the other they had been part of your life for all those years. Can you really just forget them and move on? You wonder why they’ve never attempted to call you, but then again you’ve never tried to call them. However, your phone still works. Did they simply forget to remove you from their plan, or is it their way of telling you to call them?

Heavily conflicted, you think about asking Savannah and Clare for advice. You’d rather not involve them in your personal issues, but then again, don’t friends help each other out? And, in a manner of speaking, they’ve already become deeply ingrained in your life. So, may as well ask, right? You’d rather not talk about it in the truck though, so you wait until the three of you go somewhere to eat.

At the table, you decide now is the time, and ask them what they think you should do regarding your parents.

“Why would ya want controllin’ people like that back in yer life,” Savannah asks, raising an eyebrow.

You explain that they are still your parents, and family should be important… you think.

“Hmm, I don’t know. I guess, yeah. But…” Clare trails off, tilting her head in thought.

Well, what about their relationships with their parents, you ask, thinking that hearing their stories might help you decide.

Savannah looks over at Clare, then to you.

“Ain’t much to say, really. I wound up leavin’ home of my own will at a young age…” Savannah looks down at her drink, absentmindedly stirring it with her straw. “I was young n’ hardheaded, so ‘course I was never wrong. Decided I’d had enough of their rules and shit. Went out on my own, lived with a guy, and jus’… carried on. I regret it sometimes… but ya gotta believe what ya did was the right choice, else you’ll always be regrettin’ this or that.” She returns her gaze to you, but the tone of her voice is soft.

“I’d be willin’ ta drive ya out to yer family’s house if ya want,” she says with a weak smile.

You thank Savannah for the offer, then ask Clare. The cat shrugs lightly at you.

“Not much to say, outside of my… physical differences, I had a normal life. Though my mother and father were always busy to provide for us, so I had to raise myself and my sisters through much of it.”


“Nyaa haha, yeah, I have two younger sisters that are in college right now. They’re good kids, really.” Her smile suddenly turns into a lewd one as she focuses more intently on you. “Perhaps we could visit them sometime,” she says in a low tone, adding a wink at the end.

Huh. You ask jokingly if they’d actually be into that… or if they share Clare’s unique parts.

“Oh, no, they’re all woman. And, yes, they would~”

You wonder if you could survive a night with three cheshire cats. Maybe in the future you’ll have to take her up on that offer…

“And,” Clare continues, “That’s kind of how I met Savannah. We lived in the same neighborhood, and so when the three of us kittens would be running around she’d sometimes watch over us when our parents weren’t around.”

Glancing over at Savannah, Clare gives her a little shove with her shoulder. “So, in some ways we’re kind of like sisters, too.” Savannah looks over at Clare, smiling and scratching at her cheek.

“Ah, it was the least I could do,” Savannah says with a chuckle. “Ya’ll were cute kids.”

“So,” Clare continues, turning back to you, “I don’t really know what to say about your situation. I guess just do whatever you think is correct… I’ll support you either way~”

Well, you really haven’t received anything conclusive from them, but you know they’ll support you. That in itself means quite a bit. You can’t ever really remember the last time someone say that. And after all they’ve done for you… it makes you wonder what you’ve done to deserve such kindness.

While drifting about in your thoughts about parents, you remember something; isn’t Savannah a mother? You recall her saying that her daughter had run off when you first met, but she hasn’t mentioned her since – not even her name. While you have the two of them like this, perhaps you could ask more about their pasts. They seem more than willing to talk.

>>What do you say/do? [S35]

You’re kind of curious about Savannah’s daughter. After a little hesitation, you finally manage to ask about her, though you don’t make mention of her leaving and what not.

Savannah gives you a long, hard stare, but she doesn’t seem upset. More like she’s deciding if it’s something she wants to think about.

“Why do ya want to know?”

You answer that it’s because you think of her as a friend, and would like to know more about who she is; where she came from. That sort of thing.

She looks down at the table, holding her drink in one paw and propping her head up with the other. A waitress comes by to take your food order however, giving pause to your discussion. Savannah’s face lights up in a false smile as she talks with the waitress, then returns to her pensive expression when the waitress leaves.

Nothing is said for a long, awkward while. You attempt to speak something, but notice Clare shakes her head slightly while looking at you. She’d know best how to handle this situation, you figure.

Finally, Savannah leans back and tussles her hair.

“My daughter’s name is Andrea, though everyone jus’ calls her Andy. She was one helluva spitfire; took a bit too much after me,” a little wistful smile appearing. “We fought endlessly about everything – even when she was a tot.” Pausing briefly, she leans forward and rests her chin on a paw. “Too smart fer her own good, too. Did far better n’ school than I did, that’s fer sure. But I didn’t know how ta handle her…”

Savannah lets out a sigh, then closes her eyes and scratches the back of her head.

“So I wound up doin’ nothin’. I was too young and stupid m’self, so I let her run free. And run free she did. After one bad fight about some tomfool thing or other, she said she was leaving for good. ‘Course I didn’t believe her; since she said that many times before…” Savannah said, growing quiet towards the end. She stops speaking, but you know the rest of what she wanted to say.

“Yeah, I miss her. She sends an e-mail every now ‘n then to let me know she’s still alive somewhere. Never responds to anything I send though. That’s how I know she’s with some fella. No matter how… how many times I say I’m sorry she never responds.”

Savannah is looking rather somber now, her head sagging; her eyes fixed on the table.

Clare is looking rather uneasy; you’ve figured out by now she doesn’t deal well with this sort of atmosphere. Attempting to change the topic, you ask Clare about becoming a trucker and if she left anything behind.

“Hmmm, I think I told you when we first met, but I elected to go along with Savannah because I had nothing.” Her voice takes on an odd lilting tone. “Once I graduated from college myself, I didn’t really have anything lined up. Kind of like you, I just went because I had nothing better to do. So when Savannah told me her plan and wanted me to join up, I was thrilled!” Clare looks up, smiling happily. “I got my license pretty quick so we could share driving duties. Technically Savannah here is paid everything, then she gives me my cut.”

Hearing her name spoken so many times, Savannah pulls herself out of her gloomy mood and glances at the cat.

“Took ya forever to learn the practical aspects of drivin’ though,” she says, then turns to you. “Unlike you; you’re pickin’ it up mighty quick.

“Details, details,” Clare complains, waving her paw in the air. “I still talk with my folks every now and – my sisters too. Though… until you came along I’d never found a man who was willing to be with me, so that’s why I’ve been unattached.”

You’re kind of surprised, really. You’d assumed Clare would be the one with baggage. Well, she did seem distraught when she revealed herself to you, so who knows. Perhaps you’ve helped her move past that.

Well, you ask her what she has a degree in.

“Ehh… one of those things people who have no real plan get. You know, English, Journalism, that sort of thing.”

For some reason that stings a little.

“You know, rather than visiting your parents… why don’t you just call them?

How did you never think of that until now? Dumbfounded, you tell Clare that’s a good idea. Her response is a laugh; even Savannah smirks and tries to hide her face.

A bit of a red warmth rising to your cheeks, you phone your parents. After several rings, you’re kind of glad it goes to voicemail. You leave a short message saying you’re still alive, and that you have a good job lead, but don’t want to go into detail. You also say you’ve found two people who have been very nice to you, and that maybe you hope to introduce them one day. Then you hang up, your short message over.

“Ho ho, introduce us huh? Aren’t we bold?” Clare gives a haughty tone, but her amused expression belies her true feelings. You expect Savannah to say something as well, but she’s just looking at you wordlessly. Her expression clouded, you can’t really gauge what she’s thinking about.

The following day, the three of you arrive at the resort Savannah booked. It’s an all-inclusive, according to the manticore.

“I do not want to be inside this truck, at all, for the entire time we’re here,” Savannah declares, her tail and wings spreading to their full length as you all stand outside the truck. Loaded up with bags, you’ve nearly emptied the vehicle of everything inside.

Walking towards the entrance, you begin to develop an uneasy feeling about this place. Clare seems to be absolutely thrilled, going on about how it’s going to be the best time ever. Savannah, too, seems to be in high spirits. You never asked them what exactly this place was. You figured a resort was a resort, right?

Looking the place over, you realize there aren’t many windows. In addition, even the area you figure to have the pools and such is indoors. There’s not a single ‘outdoor’ or visible feature here.

>>What could possibly be going on here? [S36]

>>What could possibly be going on here?

As the three of you approach the entrance, you notice it’s flanked on either side by a rather buff looking dude and a tall oni in suits. They allow Savannah and Clare entrance, but stop you, asking for ID. You’re rather curious as to why you need to present it to them, but you go along with it. Satisfied by whatever it is they’re looking for, the oni hands you back your ID and allows you entrance, though notice a faint smile.

“Have fun,” she says.

Savannah and Clare are waiting just inside, looking at you.

“Oh, I forgot how young you are,” the cat says. Age? So they were looking to see how old you are?

“Yea, need ta be 21 ta come in here.”

Interesting. As you begin to speculate on why, following the pair, you soon realize. The lobby splits off into three directions; east, north, and west. The eastern path leads to a casino. You can make out slot machines from here. The other two paths aren’t quite so obviously as to what they contain, but you receive another shock as you approach the front desk.

There’s a kitsune behind the counter. She’s entirely nude. You rub at your eyes to confirm that you’re not going crazy; Clare seems to catch on to you. Leaning in close and dropping her voice to a whisper, “This is a clothing optional resort~”

You ask her if she’ll be going… optional, considering her… extra parts. She nods, a slight blush rising to her cheeks.

“Just the thought of everyone staring at me… mhmhmhm…” And it looks like she’s already off in her own little world.

Savannah looks back at the two of you, curious as to why you’ve fallen so far behind. Walking up to the counter, you try not to ogle the kitsune too much, but her toned, lithe body is mighty tempting. She seems to catch your furtive glances, and smiles at you seductively.

“Well hello cutie, like what you see?” she laughs lightly while striking a bit of a pose, winking. Savannah and Clare glare at you. You feel like this is not going to be a relaxing week for you.

Up in your room, you discover that there’s a single large bed. Not relaxing at all, indeed. Clare immediately strips her clothing off, but halts at her underwear, looking at you. She seems to be suddenly mindful of something.

“Are… would you… Do you want me to keep something on… if I’m with you?” She asks.

Perhaps not hearing the cat’s question, Savannah talks to you as well from the other end of the room.

“Where do ya wanna go first, darlin’?”

Other than the casino, you’re not sure what all is here. You could go there, or explore, and then there’s Clare’s question. Savannah seems to be leaving on her jeans and loose t-shirt.

>>What do you say/do [S37]

You tell Clare you’re fine with her showing off everything. You suspect that she was probably thinking of you, since she’ll be hanging around you.

“R-really? You don’t mind? Okay then~” Clare says, removing the last of her clothing. She then darts over and gives you a hug, planting a kiss on your cheek.

Savannah sighs. You hear her mutter something but can’t make out what it was.

Well, you say, you’d like to check the place out before you head to the casino. You ask them what all is here.

“There’s the casino as you know ‘bout, the spa, a pool, and the… challenge room.”

Challenge room?

They both grin at you. “It’d take away from the surprise if we told you, so you’ll just have to check it out in person~” Clare says, still holding onto you.

W-well let’s check out the other stuff first, you say. They look slightly disappointed with your decision.

As you head through the guest rooms back down to the lobby, Clare receives a lot of stares. Much as you suspected, all their eyes are focused on her crotch. She seems to revel in it, enjoying all the attention that’s being lavished upon her. That she’d give up that pleasure for you makes you feel a little bit special. Plus, in a manner of speaking, you’re a little proud that the busty cat receiving all these looks seems to adore you.

Crossing the lobby towards the north hallway, you eventually reach the spa. Fairly typical resort facility, you think. But for the briefest of moments you forgot where you were – a resort specialized in taking care of the needs of their monstergirl clients. There appear to be a lot of… semen related services. You cringe and attempt to back away, but Savannah isn’t having any of it. She blocks the exit. Why is she doing this?

“Now now, they got things for ya too, see?” She says as she points towards another board that contains a listing of more typical spa fair. Still, you’re not too concerned with your nails or hair, and you don’t want to have anything to do with ‘facials’ here.

Besides, this must all cost a lot, you say. And Savannah is footing the entire bill?

“Not just her~ We’re splitting your costs~” Clare chimes in, waving a paw at you. Well, either way, it still costs a lot. And they’ve already given you much…

Savannah rolls her eyes and smacks you with her tail. “Ya keep sayin’ that, but we’re doin this ‘cause we want to. Jus’ accept it already.” Well, you do remember hearing it’s rude to turn down kindness… perhaps you should quit tryin’ to act so humble.

At any rate, now that you’re here they seem intent on sticking around, so you begrudgingly accept. Looking over the board, you tell the nude Oni at the counter you’ll just have whatever she recommends for men.

“Hmm, I know exactly what you need” she says. You’re kind of worried about her tone, looking back towards Savannah and Clare as the oni literally picks you up and carries you off. They don’t seem too concerned, so perhaps it won’t be too lewd.

And, to your horror, it’s actually not lewd at all. Well, kind of anyways. You have naked monstergirls giving you a massage, manicure, pedicure, applying things to your skin that makes it tingle but leaves it silky smooth afterwards. You even have a mud bath. This isn’t so bad, you begin to think. Maybe a little girly, but it does make you feel better about yourself in some fashion…

Though the constant erection you’ve had is making you a little embarrassed. The staff seem to think it’s cute you like them, though.

Surprisingly, all the treatments you receive wind up taking hours and by the time you get out it’s already evening out. Savannah and Clare aren’t anywhere to be found, so you give them a ring. Turns out they got done ahead of you and went to a restaurant inside. They haven’t been there too long, so there’s still time for you come by and place an order yourself.

At the restaurant they compliment your new appearance, and you notice they look better as well. Maybe this spa thing isn’t as pointlessly girly as you thought.

Finished eating, they ask you where you wanna head now. Casino, the.. challenge room, the pool, or back to the room and relax or watch a movie or something. It’s accommodated with a large jacuzzi you can all fit in as well. You’re gonna be here a week, so it’s not like you constantly have to do things.

>>What do you say/do [S38]

You suggest heading back to the room to kick back and relax, maybe watch a movie and soak in the jacuzzi.

“Yea, I jus’ wanna kick back and take it easy fer a while,” Savannah says.

“Mmhmm, Jacuzzi huh? That sounds pretty nice~” You worry about what plans the cat might have.

Leaving the restaurant and heading back up to the room, your new-found feeling of confidence results in you removing your shirt, eliciting smiles from the girls. You beckon them to your sides, and surprisingly they agree. Throwing an arm around the waist of each one, the three of you strut off to your room. You draw envious looks from other men, even though one of your fine ladies has that special extra something. The other monstergirls around seem to look at you like you must have something… great to have these two draped on you.

The kitsune from earlier even approaches you, asking if she can join in on your… fun. Though the sudden advance did take you a little by surprise, you decline her offer, saying you’ve already got the two finest women here at your side. Clare and Savannah both laugh, but they also lean their heads on your shoulder and rub your crotch for added emphasis.

The kitsune walks away, looking dejected. It makes you feel a tiny bit bad, but what you said was truthful – to you anyways. While the kitsune was attractive, she was a bit on the thin side. Reaching down with your hands and giving the asses of the manticore and cheshire cat a squeeze, you know what you prefer.

“Well I do declare, where did ya get all that confidence from?” Savannah coos in your ear. Clare simply… purrs? She’s also blushing and looking quite happy. Now that you think about it, you’ve never really complimented them before.

Once in the room, you begin filling the jacuzzi while Savannah and Clare decide on a movie. They’re flipping through the channels, talking about what to watch. After several minutes they both come to you, asking what you want to watch.

Savannah seems to want to watch what you’d call a typically summer action movie, whereas Clare wants to watch a romantic comedy. Savannah’s choice is about what you expected of her, but Clare’s is a little surprising. You almost thought she’d just want to watch porn or something. Then again you have been seeing kind of a ‘shy young girl’ aspect of her every now and then, even if it’s hiding somewhere behind her wild, exhibitionist persona.

Listening to them banter on about why they want to watch their particular choices, you also realize they are deferring to you an awful lot in choices as of late. It makes you wonder if it’s some kind of sign.

>>What do you say/do? [S39]

Why not both, you say. Looking through the guide, you find something that has both action and romantic elements; something you’ve heard is decent. Neither Savannah or Clare seem terribly thrilled by your suggestion, but decide to go along with it anyways. You wonder why they seem to argue with each other, but agree to your recommendation.

Now that the jacuzzi is full, you shed your clothing and hop in, enjoying the hot water and jets that message your muscles. Once the movie is going, both girls enter as well, flanking you on either side to enjoy the show.

You’ve never really watched anything while in a hot tub like this; it’s an interesting experience. Not to mention you’ve got an attractive woman in each arm, more or less. How many others can claim to have experienced this?

The noise from the jets kind of makes listening to the movie a bit difficult, but you find there are actually a few speakers surrounding the jacuzzi. Turning them on, they’re apparently wired into the television. A handy feature indeed.

Watching the movie, Savannah becomes a little rambunctious during particularly intense action, making little motions with her arms and such. It’s childishly adorable, and you can’t help but smile. Meanwhile Clare seems to hardly pay attention during most of it, but then during one heavy romantic segment she suddenly becomes very interested. You can’t tell if it’s because of the love or the fact that it’s a stone’s throw away from becoming porn.

After an hour or so in the hot water, you’re starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, so you move to get out. Clare isn’t having any of it though, and grabs onto you as you leave.

“Where do you think you’re going? You gotta stay until the end, you know!”

You ask her where she came up with that rule, and explain that you’re starting to feel a little warmer than is probably healthy, and a touch light-headed to boot. You need to cool off.

“Well… how about if I give you some incentive to stay?” She says with a smile.

“Hey, down in front!” Savannah yells; you’re apparently obstructing her view. She ducks and moves her head around to try and see past you, glaring up at you when you don’t move. Her tail is twitching back and forth, revealing her irritation.

Still attempting to leave, Clare clings onto you. You tell her to get off, attempting to shake her off like a petulant child. “Cooome oooon, stay with meee,” she bemoans.

Finally Savannah snaps when she misses something exciting happening. She leaps up, and drags you both back into the tub. With the two of you off the seats and splashing in the center, she moves over to where you were sitting for a better view.

“Now sit down and behave yourselves!”

Unable to resist her motherly, commanding tone, you and Clare hang your heads and obey, flanking the angry manticore.

Slightly sulky, you’re then surprised when you feel a paw on your crotch. Looking up, you see Savannah isn’t looking at you or Clare, but is focused on the television. Her other paw is buried in Clare’s lap, and from the look on the cat’s face you suspect she’s attempting to pacify the both of you.

Rubbing and stroking with her soft pads, she gets you hard in no time, then proceeds to stroke you gently. Her ability to work you both while still watching the movie is kind of impressive in a way. She constantly changes her tempo and technique to keep things… interesting. Then as the movie enters its climax she switches up to a straight, fast maneuver that brings you and the cat to a head.

Feeling your release, Savannah simply gives a ‘Hmph.’ Looking over, she’s still working the cat – though it doesn’t take long before you see her twitch, then look mildly pleased.

“If ya two want somethin’ better in the future, learn ta behave yerselves,” Savannah says, still focused on the movie.

So she was planning on something else for tonight? Or is this some kind of empty threat? You’re not sure, but either way you slink out of the water and dry yourself off. Clare follows soon after, leaving Savannah to finish the show. Guess Clare didn’t care much for it.

Flopping down onto the bed on your back, Clare lands next to you seconds after and cuddles up against you. You start to stroke her hair and ears. She looks up at you and smiles, then resumes nuzzling her face against your body. Soon she’s still, and you figure she’s asleep.

You kind of watch the rest of the movie, though it’s not but a few minutes until it ends and the credits roll. Stretching and standing up, Savannah turns off the TV and dries herself off, then joins you and Clare on the bed. She’s still fairly warm from the hot water; it makes her feel softer than normal.

Though it’s still relatively early, the three of you soon drift off to sleep in one big cuddle pile.

>>What should the day’s event(s) be? [S40]

Yawning and stretching as the three of you break apart and roll off the bed, you attempt to sneak into the bathroom before the other two have the chance. This is the first time in nearly a month you’ve had a private bathroom; you’d like to enjoy a hot shower by yourself for once in private. But, despite your clandestine efforts, Clare and Savannah quickly spot you.

“Jus’ where do ya think yer goin’?”

So much for a peaceful shower.

Fortunately they don’t seem to be in the mood for anything excessively lewd. Just some standard you-scrub-my-back-I’ll-scrub-yours action. Though it’s difficult to maintain your composure with soapy tits being rubbed against you. Fortunately you manage to prevent any problems from arising.

Tomorrow you’ll have to think of a new plan to escape their clutches.

Once out of the bath, dried, and clothed – surprisingly Clare has opted for clothing for today – you ask them what they have planned for the day.

Savannah and Clare look at each other, than you.

“Casino time, of course!” Clare exclaims. Stroking at her chin, Savannah nods, “We’ll prolly lose money, but ya know, it’s still fun n’ all.”

Seems Savannah doesn’t harbor any delusions of becoming rich. Clare on the other hand… “Nyaahahaha, we’re going to make it big!” She says, walking over to you and slapping your shoulders with her paws. You ask her what’s going on.

“Why, you and I are going to work together to fleece this place, of course.” What? Looking over to Savannah, you see she’s shaking her head. “Don’t listen to her or her fool plan.” You suspect Clare’s attempted this plan before with Savannah, and ask them about it.

“Yea she’s asked me, and no I never tried it,” Savannah says. Clare looks back at her, but her paws are still holding onto your shoulders. “That’s because you’re too afraid~” What is the ‘plan’ anyways, you ask. Clare’s head snaps back to look at you with frightening speed, a malicious grin adorning her face. “Why, I go invisible and ‘coach’ you!”

So, cheating then. But, aren’t most games chance? Not like looking over the dealer’s shoulder in blackjack is going to help anything. So, really, the only thing that would work in is something like poker.

“That’s fine, isn’t it? Either way we tilt the odds in our favor~”

You sigh, and explain that you’re cheating other people out of their money then, rather than ‘the house.’ While you probably wouldn’t be too averse to getting an edge on some faceless institution, you’re kind of uncomfortable when it comes to other people. You’d be little more than some con-man, really. Clare’s chipper attitude deflates at your words.

“I… guess…I didn’t really think about it like that,” she says, hanging her head. Well, it’s good to know she’s not completely amoral. Savannah seems to be pleased with your answer as well.

“Let’s get a move on,” Savannah yells from the door. You yell your response, then head out into the hallway with Clare shuffling along behind you and the manticore.

Once inside the casino, Clare’s mood seems to have picked up some. Since you have no money to gamble with, you simply follow the pair around while they do their thing.

Rather than heading to any specific table or game, however, you’re surprised to see them head straight for something far more dangerous. The bar. In the time you’ve known the two, you haven’t seen them touch alcohol once. You’re slightly worried, yet curious.

“Rum n’ Coke,” Savannah asks the bartender. “White Russian, please~” Clare says immediately after. Hm, kind of what you expected from them.

“You want anythin’ darlin’?” No, you shake your head, you’re fine. “What? Aw yer jus’ bein’ shy ‘cause of the money ain’t ya?” Before you can say anything, Savannah hollers to the bartender. “And two fingers of whiskey for the man here!”

Well, shit.

Savannah practically chugs her drink, then orders a second before the bartender can even move. He gives you a pitying look. A slight nod from you to show thanks for his empathy, you then swirl the whiskey in the tumbler.

“What’s wrong? Drink up!” Savannah seems oddly insistent on this. Looking at Clare, she appears to be sipping her drink lightly while fixated on you. Welp, may as well. A deep breath to prepare yourself, you up-end the glass in one go, imbibing the mouthful of burning liquid. Whiskey was never your favorite liquor, and it requires some significant willpower to avoid looking like too much of a pussy as you struggle to swallow it.

Savannah seems to have enjoyed the spectacle, smiling at you the entire time. Though now you see two empty tumblers in front of her, and a third in her paw. She’s fast. You give her a weak smile while doing your best to avoid coughing.

After a few hours and several drinks later, you’ve managed to dodge most of Savannah’s attempts to get you to drink more. Thus, the worst you’ve been is a little tipsy with a warm face. The manticore has been slamming down drinks non-stop, yet as far as you can tell she’s mostly fine. A slight stumble to her steps and a little bit of an extra drawl on her words, but fine. Clare on the other hand… she’s apparently the lightest of lightweights. Much to your misfortune.

“Nyaa hahahahaha!” She continues to laugh while holding onto you. “Yur shuuuch a gud guy, ya know that?” she slurs, then licks your face. “Aaand you taste gud too!” Pursing your lips, you attempt to calm the cat, but she’s having none of it. “Don’t you tellll meEEee what to doo!”

Security keeps giving you ‘the look.’ You nod to them, motioning that you’re doing your best to get her to be quiet. It probably doesn’t help that the cheshire cat keeps trying to grind against your leg when you’re not paying attention.

Then, as you attempt to follow Savannah through the crowds, your feet get tangled up in Clare’s. the two of you tumble to the ground in a heap.

“Nya hahaha! You wannnaaa take me right here?! Well if you inshisht…”

Thankfully due to her stupor, you’re able to avoid her clumsy advances and roll away. She looks up at you looking mildly annoyed.

“Whatcha change your mind for?” She says, hiccupping at the end. Rolling your eyes, you manage to pick up the drunken cat onto your shoulder, then you realize you can no longer see Savannah anywhere.

Attempting to find her with this drunken chesire all over you is proving to be more difficult than you had hoped. Fortunately, after only ten or fifteen minutes, you manage to find the manticore at a poker table.

Finding some free chairs nearby, you drop Clare into one, then sit down next to her.

“Oooh it’s Safannah, heeeey Safannah!” Savannah gives the two of you a chilling look. At least, you think it was supposed to be chilling. Her red cheeks and nose made it look more like she was just kind of squinting at you.

Finally, mercifully, after only a few moments Clare seems to have fallen asleep now that she’s sat down. She slumps over, snoring and drooling on your shoulder. It’s still an improvement.

Now that you can focus on what Savannah’s doing, you look at the other people at the table with her. There’s the dealer, two random guys that are wearing sunglasses and hoodies, a cyclops, centaur, and a danuki – she especially catches your attention.

She appears older, maybe mid-40s, and is wearing an ornate blue cheongsam with a pair of black dragons that run the length of the dress, appearing as if they’re coiling around the woman’s lithe figure. There’s a regal-looking arachnee dressed in a French maid outfit standing behind and to the side of her, holding almost statue-still. Occasionally you see the danuki glance at you, smiling.

From this distance you can’t really make out what’s being said at the table. The body language, however, seem to indicate that Savannah and the danuki are winning the most often. They seem to have become fierce opponents as well; whenever one wins the other seems to be more upset than usual, though that danuki carries herself well. This continues for a long, dull while.

The two men eventually trickle off… then the cyclops… then the centaur, until just Savannah and the well-heeled woman are left. Looking at your phone, it’s been over two hours now, and you’re starting to become unbearably bored.

Clare is still slumbering, but you manage to kind of prop her up so you can stand. Walking over to the table, you catch the attention of both the remaining women.

“Well hello there, handsome. How nice of you to finally join us,” the danuki says, speaking before Savannah is able, drawing a glare from the manticore.

You hesitate slightly, then introduce yourself, asking the danuki her name. “Pleased to meet you. I am Rachel Hasworth,” she says with a nod. “It’s nice to see some people here have manners…” Rachel says, trailing off as she adjusts her eyes from you Savannah. No wonder Savannah doesn’t like her.

Wait, what did she mean by ‘finally join us?’ Plus you remember that she’s been looking your way every now and then since you sat down. What’s going on here?

“Well, you’re about to become mine for the night,” Rachel says. What?

You look from Rachel to Savannah. She still hasn’t said anything.

“Well I…” Savannah starts, then quiets down to an inaudible murmur. ‘You what,’ you ask.

“I… may have… used you as a… wager…” she says meekly, her ears folded across her head.

Awesome. But it’s kind of invalid right, since you had no say in it, you ask. Savannah doesn’t respond.

It’s invalid, right?

Rachel cocks an eyebrow at you. “You mean you weren’t a party to this?”

Savannah suddenly stands up, then throws a paw around your neck and leads you away from the table. This close to her, you can see she’s mostly sober now. You think. She must’ve arranged this bet at the beginning of the game.

“I… kinda lost big at the start, but then ya showed up. I kinda used ya as… collateral,” she whispers to you. “I know I know… but that danuki seemed to like ya. If I win this hand I’ll break even then we can get outta here.”

You massage your forehead. And what if she loses, you ask.

Savannah grimaces. “Ya… spend a night with her.” You let out a sigh. It could be worse, you say. It’s only a night. Savannah continues to look pained. “I… guess, but I…”

If that’s the case then why did she use you to begin with? Savannah doesn’t say anything for a while. “…I don’t know…” Well, you two can talk about it later. For now, does she think she can win? Savannah nods her head. “Odds of her winnin’ this hand are near impossible.”

Fine, let’s go with it.

Walking back to the table, the dealer is looking annoyed at the interruption. Rachel has been gazing at you and Savannah curiously. You say that yes, you agree to their bet, causing the danuki to smile. As you hang behind Savannah, you see Clare approach to the side, rubbing her eyes. Well, that she can walk is a boon.

“What’s going on here?” she asks as the hand progresses.

Savannah has a pair of kings, and there’s another on the table along with an ace. You can see why she was confident about this. The manticore pushes all-in. Rachel calls nonchalantly. While this goes on you give Clare the brief on what’s happened. She’s gone from looking sleepy to quite awake and sober in an instant, spitting Savannah with a glare. “How could you?!” she hisses out in a whisper.

Savannah doesn’t respond, instant waiting for the final card to be revealed. It’s another ace. Savannah has a king-high fullhouse. You let out a deep breath of relief, patting her on the shoulder. Rachel is giving you one hell of a smug grin though.

Rachel reveals her cards. Your guts turn to ice.

She has an ace and a king – an Ace-high fullhouse. You’re hers now. Savannah jumps up in an angry rush, but security moves in, ready to tackle the enraged manticore. She’s fuming, but remains mostly still. Clare is still agape in shock. Savannah attempts to stare down the security while looking stoic about this turn of events.

Unfortunately her composure goes to pieces when she turns to look at you. Is she crying? She’s trying her best to conceal it, but you can see the tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. Wrapping her arms around you, she just apologizes over and over. Perhaps she’s not entirely sober yet?

“Savannah!” Clare yells

Rachel walks up behind Savannah, giving you a look you can’t quite place. “Ready, handsome?” You ask her when she’ll let you go. “Tomorrow morning, of course. It’s just one night.” The expression she’s sporting has changed to a… gentle smile. She glances to the duo every now and then. It’s almost like she can’t figure out why they’re so upset.

You peel the manticore off of you, but she won’t look at you. “Let’s just get outta here,” Clare whispers into your ear.

As you consider that option, you ask Rachel how much she effectively bought you for.

The danuki smiles, but rather than telling you the amount she walks back to the table and gathers up an equivalent pile of chips. That’s… quite a lot of money. Clare spots the pile, looking rather horrified. Her smoldering countenance is redoubled when she looks back at the manticore.

There are so, so many things you want to ask right now, but there is one of importance that bubbles up.

You ask Savannah if she can afford to lose that money. She shakes her head side to side.

You ask Clare the same question. “I… can probably cover our expenses… But if something happens…” she bites her lip.

It’s only one night, you think, looking up at the smiling danuki. She looks like the nice, gentle type as well. As you think that, suddenly Savannah runs off, away from you and out of the casino. Clare gives you an uncomfortable stare, chewing on her lip. “Do what you think is right,” she says, turning to chase after the manticore.

Rachel strolls up to the side of you, looking rather amused by everything that’s happened. “Well, shall we?” She says, hooking her arm around yours.

>>What do you say/do? [S41]

Do what you think is right, huh?

You ask Rachel if you can check the cards once again – not that you’re trying to accuse her of anything… but, you know…

She rolls her eyes. “If you must. I’ll have you know that I am a bit offended you think someone such as myself would stoop to such trickery.” Despite your boldfaced accusation, she seems to be rather calm about it.

As you approach the table, you see the arachnee is busily gathering up all the chips and placing them into a bag. She smiles at your approach, then backs off. Must be a maid habit or something. There, on the surface of the table, are the cards. Nothing seems off about them at all. Both hands are completely face up and still undisturbed. You poke at the cards and move them around, but nothing about them changes.

“I know what you’re thinking,” the dealer says softly. “I can assure you there has been no duplicity here. Especially from someone like Rachel.” Frowning, you have no choice but to accept his word. You thank him and walk back towards the danuki.


You nod, but ask her why she’s spent so much on you. Certainly for that amount of money she could’ve had several men that were much more attractive than you.

“Yes, but they wouldn’t be you,” Rachel says, emphasizing the last word.

Again, why did she want you so badly?

Rachel smirks. “I suppose it couldn’t hurt to tell you. Almost immediately after that manticore sat down, someone had mentioned some relationship trouble or other. She quickly joined their conversation, speaking rather highly of you.” Rachel stops to laugh lightly when you blush. “Yes, it was rather unfair of me to offer her that wager when she was down on her luck, but I just had to try. I was delighted when she agreed.”

You say she seemed sure of winning; that’s a lot of money to just casually gamble away.

“I felt it was worth it. It is so rare for someone to praise a lover so highly these days.”

You wonder how wealthy she is… and ask about the ‘lover’ bit. Was Savannah just talking about your sexual prowess or something? Not that you think you’re anything special in that regard. Rachel raises an eyebrow, then both.

“Oh, no. I suppose ‘lover’ may have been misleading there. While she never referred to you as being her boyfriend or husband, it seemed obvious that she thought of you as such,” Rachel says, her face relaxing again into a light smile.

Well that’s… news. But if that’s the case, then why did she gamble using you as a wager? Was she just that sure of herself? Or was she not aware of what she was saying? You frown, trying to see if you can spot her or Clare anywhere, but they’re long gone.

So, you ask Rachel, if you leave now Savannah will have to eat her losses, but if you go with her she’ll give you the chips in the morning?

Rachel nods. “That’s correct. On both accounts.”

You then ask her why she would try to steal you away from Savannah, if only for a night. Doesn’t she realize what fucking you is going to do to the manticore?

“Ho? Is that so?” she says with a cocked eyebrow.

What? You don’t even know anymore. Still, you explain, you can’t go with her. Yes, it is a lot of money – maybe not to her, but to you and the two you were with it is. Even then it’s… it’s not something you can simply buy and sell, despite what Savannah may have done. Right now you need to go after them. You apologize for breaking the bet, but there’s something more important at stake here.

Rachel sighs, tapping her cheek with her finger. “Looks like you’re exactly as she said you were.” She narrows an eye at you, tilting her head side to side. You’re tempted to run off, but it looks like she has more to say.

“Tell you what, handsome. While I did want you in private, I’ll allow you to bring any two people with you of your choosing.”

What? Really?

“Yes, really. I will give you an hour to decide. I am in room 400,” she says, smiling. Then, looking back towards the arachnee, she beckons her over. “I hope to see you soon.”

With that, the danuki and her arachnee maid walk out of the casino. Though to your surprise the staff seem to acknowledge her as she walks past them. Makes you wonder who she is.

Well, you’re free now. Kind of. Dashing out of the casino yourself, you haul straight for your room. Fumbling with the keycard, you burst in. And there laying on the bed is Savannah, face down. Clare is attempting to comfort her, but she looks like she could use some comfort herself. The cheshire cat’s head snaps up at the noise, then a happy, almost tearful smile spreads across her face when she realizes it’s you.

As you walk into the room, you can hear faint sobs.

Sitting down on the bed, Savannah looks up with a start. Her face is a little red and it does indeed appear she’s had a few tears at the very least. She seems genuinely surprised to see you here.

“….I’m…. sorry…” she manages to blurt out amidst a few hics, then she reaches out to hug you.
“I…knew I shouldn’t…have…but I…didn’t… realize…” You wrap your arms around the sobbing manticore, and tell her it’s okay. Clare slumps down next to you, one arm around you and one arm around Savannah.

At what point did they go from helping you, to being helped by you?

“We’ll be fine… somehow…” Clare whispers. You wonder how true it is.

Telling them about Rachel’s newest offer might be a good idea.

>>What do you say/do? [S42]

You don’t really know what to say in this situation. It’s kind of a new experience – having a woman clinging to you in tears. Despite being upset with her over this recent turn of events, you realize she’s being rather hard on herself. There’s probably nothing you could admonish her for that she already hasn’t several times over.

So you just hug Savannah as she works through her feelings. The hour time limit ticks by in your mind, but it’s likely best to keep quiet about it for now. As you hold her to your chest, you stroke her soft hair and fur, nuzzling your own face into the top of her head. After a few minutes her sobs quiet and her breathing steadies. You want to say something, but decide it’d probably be best to let her be the first to speak. Gradually she pulls her face away from your chest.

Crying certainly doesn’t do much for one’s appearance. Her eyes are red and puffy, her nose is running, her hair is ruffled from your touch. She looks kind of a hot mess. Turning up to you, she dabs a few tears away from her eyes with a fluffy paw, then looks down again. “…I’m sorry,” she murmurs, her tail flopping weakly against the bed.

Taking in a deep breath, you ask her why she made that foolish bet in the first place.

“I… didn’t think you’d mind…at the time… I dunno why…”

Okay, well, you certainly do mind being used as currency in a game without your knowledge. If she’d have just asked first, you say, doing your best to keep your voice level and calm. The emotional charge in the room is making it difficult, though.

“Guess I got caught up in the moment… I dunno, I wasn’t thinkin’…” She starts to choke up again as she finishes. You’ve never really seen someone react this emotionally before to a situation like this. It’s even more surprising considering it’s Savannah; someone you’ve come to consider a kind of island of stability. Being upset or apologetic would’ve been expected, but this?

Sighing, you give her a little scratch behind her ears. They twitch a bit and you can see her smile a little even though she’s looking down. So, you ask, why did she have this… breakdown when she lost – it’s rather unlike the Savannah you’ve come to know.

Now she looks up, staring you in the eye. It’s like she still doesn’t quite believe it herself. “Like I said… I didn’t think you’d mind. Thought you might’ve even liked the chance to be with a rich girl like her. But… when I lost… and I really realized you’d be spendin’ the night with someone else…” Savannah pauses, looking down and away again. You let her take her time, continuing to give her light rubs on her ears. They’re cute when they twitch.

“Hey, cut that out for a minute,” she says with a tearful half-laugh, facing you again. “Can’t think when yer touchin’ my ears…”

Taking a deep breath, she considers her words for a moment before continuing. “When I realized you’d be with that danuki, it… scared me. I started thinkin’ that you wouldn’t want to be with us…me… anymore after bein’ with her. Sure, losin’ the money sucks, but I’ll live. You, on the other hand… it’s like that sayin’, you don’t realize what you got ‘till it’s gone,” Savannah says , tearing up and hiding her face again.

Did she just confess her feelings for you? You kind of figured based on what Rachel said, but it’s still a bit of a surprise to hear it from her directly. It makes you happy to hear it, but also a little bit… sad. Looking at Clare, you realize why. No doubt she’s angry as hell at Savannah over what she did, but also scared and relieved that you’re here right now. She’s most likely harboring the same emotions, and has had to listen to her friend admit her love to the same man.

Still holding Savannah with one arm, you pull Clare in tight with the other. There’s no easy answer to this problem, but it’s one you’re going to have to give soon. To your surprise Clare doesn’t say a word, but rubs her face into your shoulder, her eyes closed.

Letting them go after a few minutes, you roll off the bed. Looking at the pair, you still don’t quite feel this is the ideal time, but the offer deadline is half over. You tell them how Rachel extended the offer to include the two of them as well. Normally you wouldn’t have even considered mentioning money under these circumstances, but there’s only 30 minutes left.

“You still wanna help me, even after what I did?” Savannah says, her voice a quiet, disbelieving whisper. Clare too, seems surprised.

Yes, you say. You’re angry with her right now, but no relationship is always smooth. Trying to think of some words of wisdom, you mention a relationship isn’t defined by how you live with the good times, but rather how you deal with the bad times. Or something like that – you can’t quite remember. They’re worth working for, you say, so long as she doesn’t try to gamble you away again.

Savannah smiles at you weakly, then nods her head, moving towards the edge of the bed. “Thank you,” she says, hopping up and walking over to you. She doesn’t hug you again, but pauses a short distance away, holding her arms together in front of her. Clare is a little more like her usual self as she rubs up against you from behind.

“So what do you think she wants to do?” Says Clare.

You shrug, saying nothing about her felt malicious.

“But danuki are known for being deceptive…”

And you aren’t, you say, causing Clare to look away awkwardly.

“Well, we ain’t got much ta lose,” Savannah says, moving her paws to her hips. Looks like some of her fire is starting to return already. “So let’s get on with it.”

You nod, but mention the two of them might want to make themselves look a little more presentable first. Savannah fidgets for a second, then heads to the bathroom. “Good idea.”

Looking down at your shirt, you see it’s rather tear-soaked. Perhaps it’d be best if you changed.

Up on the fourth floor, the three of you head down the corridor towards room 400. Apparently all the luxury suites are up here, considering the wide spacing between doors and ornate entries. At the very end of the hall are a set of double doors that you suspect belong to your destination. Sure enough, as you draw near you spot a golden plaque on the wall bearing an inscribed ‘400’ beside the doors. With more than a bit of trepidation, you knock on the door. Then you notice there’s a knocker on the door, and switch to that instead. Oops.

A moment passes, and you hear shuffling behind the door. Then one of them swings open, revealing the arachnee maid. She smiles pleasantly at the three of you. “Madam Hasworth has been expecting you. Please, come in,” she says, stepping to the side and gesturing in.

As you enter, the first thing you notice is how massive it is compared to what you’d expect from a hotel room. The second are all the adornments. There’s scrolled columns, a chandelier, a piano… is the floor marble?

“Welcome,” you hear a voice say. Suddenly you feel a little foolish for gawking around the place. From the embarrassed reactions of Savannah and Clare, you have some solace in knowing you weren’t the only one.

Turning to the voice, you see Rachel walking up to you, a smile on her face. Though you quickly notice that instead of the dress and heels she was wearing earlier this evening, she’s now sporting what appears to be a very fluffy bathrobe and slippers. Are those… bunny slippers? Yes, yes they are.

“Ah, pardon my attire if you would, please. I wanted to slip out of that dress and into something a bit more comfortable,” she says with an easy laugh, smiling all the while. “While I know you two,” pointing with her eyes to you and Savannah, “I’m afraid I didn’t catch more than a glimpse of you, young lady,” she finishes with Clare. “I am Rachel Hasworth, if these other two have not informed you yet,” she said, extending her hand out to the cat.

“Oh, uh, I’m Clare Kulzer. Pleased to meet you,“ she said, tail swishing nervously and returning the gesture to shake the danuki’s hand.

“The pleasure is mine. Now then, let us go somewhere a bit more cozy,” Rachel said, turning and walking off, down a hallway. By now the arachnee had closed the door, and was heading in a different direction.

As you, Clare, and Savannah followed Rachel, you soon realized that most of the decoration in here seemed to also serve some kind of utilitarian purpose. It was spartan, yet didn’t appear empty. Passing a few rooms, including a bathroom that contained a tub you thought was large enough to swim in, Rachel entered one of the rooms off the main hallway.

Inside were a few small windows, a fire place, and a surprisingly modest table, couches, and an overstuffed chair. The only other major detail was a large painting hanging over the fireplace; a painting of a smartly dressed man. Oddly enough there were no electric lights – only the reddish glow of the fireplace. Rachel coiled up on the chair, motioning for you three to sit on the couches. “Do not be shy now,” she said in a chipper tone.

With the three of you now sitting, facing the danuki, you wondered what was going through her mind. She seemed delighted to have you all here. Despite not saying a word, she smiled all the while, paying particular attention to you. Rachel didn’t seem in any rush to speak, leaving the crackling of the fire as the only sound in the room. A short while of near-silence later, you soon hear the tapping of something on the flooring, followed by the appearance of the maid. She has a small tray with cups, and a larger pot in the center. Must be tea?

“Oh! I forgot to introduce her earlier. This is my maid, Asala.” The maid curtsied after setting the serving tray down. “She’s great help. Couldn’t live without her,” Rachel beamed. “You give me too much credit, madam,” Asala said, suppressing a smile. After pouring a cup for everyone, she bowed and walked out of the room. Rachel leaned forward to take hold of a cup and saucer, bringing it to her nose for a moment. Reaching for your own cup, you notice the tea has a flowery aroma to it.

“Jasmine tea,” Rachel said.

Taking a taste, you find it very… unappealing. Glancing at Clare and Savannah, you see they have a similar reaction. Fortunately there appears to be honey and cream on the platter. Despite attempts at mixing in various quantities of each, you’re unable to make something palatable. Attempting to appear the well-mannered guest, you resign yourself to downing the foul concoction you’ve created. Savannah seems to be able to endure it, but Clare is grimacing with every sip.

Once the three of you are done, Rachel sets her cup down as well. After a few silent moments she speaks, letting her gaze wander across all of you.

“My, but you’re all much more quiet than before,” she says, letting her gaze flick to Clare. “Cat got your tongue?”

Despite how dumb that was, you have to bite your lip to stifle a laugh. The Cheshire cat appears to be less enthused about the joke than you. Savannah, sitting on the other side of you and the cat, is looking away from you for some reason. You think you hear her snort. “Well, why don’t you explain why we’re here then,” Clare snaps, her ears laying down on her head.

“Very well. I was most interested in the young man there, but I suppose it can’t hurt to have the others here,” Rachel said, leaning back and slumping down into the chair. “As I said earlier, it’s rare to hear someone talk about their lover like that. It made me most curious.” Savannah’s head snapped around when Rachel said ‘lover,’ her braid fluttering in the air, then just as quickly she looked away.

So, you ask, what did Savannah say. Rachel smiles. Clare seems interested as well, judging by her twitching ears, though you think her interest stems from a different source than idle curiosity.

“The exact wording escapes me, but it was certainly different than what I usually hear. Young couples often come here, and sometimes, like last night, I happen to be around them. They go on about how handsome or beautiful the other is and how much they love each other. It’s all so… trite,” Rachel said, pausing to take a breath.

“This comely young manticore, however, had a different tune. In a few short moments she spoke of someone who had lost everything, yet didn’t let it get him down. Someone who never took kindness for granted, and sought to repay those kindnesses. Someone who was considerate despite his circumstances. Not once did she use that pesky “L” word, but the twinkle in her eye belied her heart,” Rachel ended her words with a giggle, looking at you and Savannah.

You never imagined Savannah thought that highly of you. Looking over at Savannah, you see her face is still turned away from you. She won’t say a word and turns herself whenever you shift to try and look at her. You wonder how embarrassed she is. Clare seems to be less than enthused, looking down at her paws, frowning slightly. And wait, Rachel thinks Savannah is young?

“So, I wanted to speak with you. Though when that manticore there ran from the casino, I realized she thought I was going to bed you,” Rachel says with an unflattering, snorting laugh. “No, the time for me to do that has long since passed. Yes, I’m a bit… older, but I won’t reveal my age. Fortunately my abilities are enough to conceal my true appearance. I will say, though, that my husband,” she said as she motioned to the painting,” has been dead for almost 20 years now.

Studying the painting more closely, you’d figure the man depicted was at least in his 50s.

“So, consider this the whims of a capricious old woman,” she said with a half-smile. “I considered telling you that you were mistaken when you said that I was, ahem, ‘going to fuck you,’ but I thought this would be more revealing of your character. And, I must say, you have impressed me.”

Savannah’s head whips around so fast her braid flies up into your face yet again. “Ya really mean ya weren’t plannin’ to do him?” she says, then cups her face in her paw. “Oh what a fool I made o’ m’self fer nothin’…”

You give her a pitying pat on the back. The danuki snorts again at Savannah’s remarks. Looking at Clare, you expected her to be happier, but she’s still rather morose. You wonder just how badly Savannah’s admissions are eating at her.

“Now then,” Rachel said, leaning forward and clapping her hands, “Would you grace me with the tale of how you all met?”

You nod, then lean back. Where to begin, you say aloud to no one in particular. After thinking a moment, you start from right around the time you became disillusioned with the college life…

After several hours, anecdotes, and various comments from Savannah, you finish your story as you arrived at the resort. Rachel seemed to be hooked on every word, and often interrupted to ask questions about this or that. Though you tried to skip around the sex, the old danuki seemed unusually insistent on having all the lurid details. As you or Savannah described things, she’d smile and sigh the entire time.

Clare, however, kept quiet for the most part, unless a question was directed at her. Even then her answers were unusually terse. The only time she became animated was when you got to the point where she revealed herself to you in a night of passion.

“I must say, being in a confined environment like that certain seems to have accelerated your relationships. Makes me wonder if I should try to pick up some strapping young men on the highway,” Rachel says with a laugh.

She then stands up, and stretches, looking at a watch on her wrist. “It certainly has become late. I completely forgot to eat dinner! Would you three care to join me? We can eat in the restaurant down stairs.”

You and Savannah look at each other, and you realize that you are rather hungry. But, you say, isn’t it closed for serving at this time?

“The chefs will still be there. If they wish to stay employed, they’ll prepare a few more meals,” Rachel says with all-too-familiar smug grin. You had kind of suspected she was the owner of this resort, but that last remark confirms it.

You and Savannah laugh nervously at her joke, then stand up. Clare still seems to be in a faraway place with her thoughts. You tug on her paw lightly, and tell her you’re all going to get some dinner – would she like to come?

“Oh, sure. I could eat,” she says.

“Excellent,” Rachel says. “Let me change into something a bit more appropriate and we’ll be off.”

As the three of you wait around in front of the door, Rachel re-appears wearing the same dress she had on earlier. You want to hazard a guess that she’s in her 70s, possibly 80s, from what she’s said, but she doesn’t look more than 40 or so. Powerful magic indeed.

Departing, Savannah seems to have become rather fond of Rachel; the two lead the way down the hall, leaving you and Clare together. Holding her paw to sort of guide her along, she smiles weakly at you, giving your hand a squeeze. After a few steps she takes hold of your entire arm, letting herself rest against you as you walk, but she doesn’t say anything.

Dinner passed with little fanfare… relatively speaking. Sure enough, the kitchen was supposedly closed, but Rachel had it opened again. The three of you had one of the finer meals you can recall in recent memory. Idle chitchat about this and that filled the air, and Clare seemed to come out of her shell a bit to join in. Rachel said she’d let you go this evening, even having her maid deliver the chips after the meal was over. But, she’d like to talk with you – and you alone – again tomorrow. You and Savannah kind of hesitated on the matter, but she was rather insistent. After a few minutes you broke down and agreed.

And now, returning to the room, the three of you stop in front of the door. As you enter though, Clare taps on Savannah’s shoulder and whispers something to her. You ask them what’s going on.

“Go on in, we have… girl talk,” Clare says with a smile. Savannah seems to have an odd smile as well. Hmm. Well, okay then, you say, then enter the room. Turning on a light, you flop down onto the bed, sighing deeply. A few minutes passed, you hear the door open. Expecting both of them, you’re a bit concerned when it’s only Clare. You ask where Savannah is.

“She’ll be back in a little while,” Clare says. She sits down on the bed with you, letting her paw rest atop your hand. “So, you know about Savannah now… she told me a few days ago. She probably knew about me, too, even if she didn’t say anything. Well, I just told her now… “ She licks her lips slightly, her smile dampened by her nervous eyes.

She gives your hand a squeeze.

“Although I probably don’t need to say it… I ought to. So here goes,” she says, taking a deep breath, turning to face you. Her tail twitches back and forth nervously; her eyes are deadly serious, not unlike your first night with her.

“This is the first time I’ve ever felt this way about someone. I… love you.”

She bites her lip nervously, waiting for your response.

>>What do you say/do [S43]

In a way, you had been expecting those words from Savannah or Clare tonight. Still, there is little that could have prepared you for the impact of hearing them from Clare’s lips. Savannah’s admission and the ensuing discussion were a little different from being told so directly. Not only that, but you weren’t really alone with her at any point tonight.

Now here you are with Clare, the woman who’s openly professed her love for you. Rather than having a mind full of racing thoughts, everything is… empty. You feel happy, almost to the point of tears to have heard those words, but there are other forces gripping your heart. Your hesitation is apparently some concern to her; she leans in close to you, her face inches from yours.

From this angle you can make out the little heart-shaped marking under her eye clearly. A fitting mark for her, you think. The blush adorning her face as she yearns for your response. Her golden eyes. Her long, straight hair. Her soft, fluffy paws, ears, and tail. Her brash, affectionate personality. What is this girl to you?

Though she’s not naked in your lap, this feels somehow far more intimate. You swallow. She’s had the courage to do this twice now, and here you are, avoiding looking her in the eye. As she drifts closer to you, you figure now is the time to seize opportunity. You look up at her, into her eyes. She’s fraught with fear.

I love you too, you say with as much confidence as you can.

Clare simply smiles; her eyes relaxed, her fear dispelled with those magic words. Throwing her paws around you, she tackles you to the bed, resting her face next to yours. You kind of expected her to do… more, but she seems content to squeeze you tight, laying on top of you. Reciprocating her embrace, the two of you lay still. Then you feel a warm bloom of moisture spreading across your shoulder, followed by the sounds of sniffles and sobs.

You can’t handle two crying girls in the same day. Freeing a hand, you gently cup her chin, and turn her face to yours. She seems a bit embarrassed by her tears, but your smile seems to alleviate her doubts. Fortunately Clare understands your intentions, and shifts so her head is directly above yours. Slowly and surely she drops her face to yours, engaging you with a passionate kiss.

Her soft, full lips pressing against yours. Her tongue searching out yours. Her little gasps that fill your mouth.

Pulling away from you for the briefest of moments, “I love you so much,” she whispers before sealing your mouth with her own again for what must be several minutes, only pausing to repeat her love for you and taking a breath.

You never want this moment to end, but it must. Giving Clare a gentle push against her shoulders, she breaks off, tilting her head curiously at you. At your troubled expression, her once-pert ears fold down slightly. A tinge of fear is once again apparent in her eyes.

Yes, you say, you love her dearly. She’s made you so terribly happy. But…

“But…? But what?” She says in a panicked voice.

But you… love Savannah too.

Clare’s face instantly blanks. Her body freezes atop yours, then goes limp. Something in your heart screams that you’ve just done a terrible, terrible thing to her.

She slowly rolls off you onto the bed, staring vacantly at the ceiling. Tears begin to well up in the corners of her eyes. “I guess I should have known,” she whispers.

Not letting her go, you pull her back to you, but she doesn’t do or say anything.

You feverishly attempt to explain that you love them both dearly, so dearly. And oh god please don’t do this, you yell as you start to cry onto her, tears soaking her chest. She just lays there wordlessly, transfixed by the ceiling.

You love how affectionate and passionate Clare is. You love how caring and tender Savannah can be.

So please, please don’t do this. Don’t force you to chose between them. They both mean the world to you; they are the world to you. Without them, you might not even be here today. They picked you up some stray dog and turned you into a man. Well, maybe not a full man yet, but you’re on the path, damn it. They can’t do this to you now. Not after you’ve been through so much. You love them too much to just throw it all away now.

They’re both your hope, your home. And you know what they say, laughing between sobs, home is where the heart is. Your heart. God just say something, anything, please, anything.





“~Just what keeps us so alive, just what makes us realize~” she sings out in a croaking voice.

You look up at her face; she’s returning your gaze. What was that, you ask. She gives a little shrug, then falls quiet for another moment.

“Why do you do this to me,” she struggles to say.

Because you love her, you say. You love both of them. Clare’s unsteady eyes search your face. She reaches up and brushes a few tears from your cheeks with her paw.

“I… don’t know if I can share you like that.”

You don’t know if your heart is big enough for the both of them. But you’re willing to try. You don’t don’t want Clare to ever feel lonely or isolated ever again and you’re amazed that you’re her first love and…

Clare silences you with a paw to your lips.

“What a fucking rollercoaster this is.” Yeah, it is, you say. She rubs her face with her other paw, then takes a deep breath, causing your head to rise.

“I guess I love you too much to let you slip away like this. I… guess I can try. If Savannah is willing anyways.”

You respond by giving her a light kiss. She gives you a familiar, semi-confident half-grin.

“Savannah is probably waiting outside the door. You should go let her in.”

What? You wonder if she heard anything you said.

Standing up, you walk to the door and then out into the hallway. Sure there, there’s Savannah, leaning against the wall with her eyes closed. You look up at her ears. Then you remember how she heard you and Clare talking in the truck that while ago.

Asking her to come in, she follows you wordlessly.

Clare is sitting up now, wiping the remaining tears from her face. Sitting down next to her, Savannah walks up to you two slowly. Looking at her more closely, it seems like she’s on the verge of tears herself. She stops in front of you, still standing, looking down at you.

“Did ya mean all that?” Her voice cracks once or twice. “‘Bout lovin’ us both that much?”

More than you’ve ever cared for another person ever before, you say. There is no way you could choose, and not just because you love them both – but also because you don’t want to risk fracturing their friendship. Both or none, you say.

Savannah closes her eyes and breathes deep, sitting down next to you.

“Thanks,” she says, leaning to give you a kiss. “I love ya too, darlin”

Despite her relatively calm voice, a few tears work their way free and trail down her rosy cheeks.

“So, Savannah, what do you think?” Clare asks

“…I don’t rightfully know. I’ve… never had this happen. Or seen it,” Savannah says with an exasperated sigh.

“Can I share…?” Her vermillion eyes search yours, then Clare’s. “Say it for me,” she whispers.

You love her, you say. You love Clare. You love them both. You’ll say it as many times as you need, damn it.

Savannah closes her eyes, taking another long breath. “Yeah, I guess I could try.”

“So… it’s settled, then?” Clare asks. “It feels… wrong… or like it’s not really a romance…”

You mention that not all love has to be like in some sappy story that only involves two people. They love each other, right? Just maybe not in quite the same way.

“I…suppose…” Clare says. Savannah seems to mull over the question. “Maybe,” she says.

You wonder yourself if you’re ready for this.

“So ya think I’m caring and tender, huh?” Savannah asks.

If she wasn’t, would she have stopped for you? She laughs at your response.

“True ‘nuff, I suppose.”

“And I’m passionate?”

Certainly. No offense to Savannah, you say, but Clare has the edge there. Savannah gives you a mock pout, but then her face softens.

They’re both smiling at you now.

“While I would like to show you some passion… I am just too exhausted, physically and mentally,” Clare says. You agree; today has been a hell of a day. Savannah adds her agreement.

Curled up under the covers, they seem to already be vying for your attention. Though rather than being one the embrace of one, the three of you wind up in kind of an awkward mismash, but whatever. With a few strategically placed pillows you manage to make the most of it and get comfy. Though the fur that adorns Savannah’s neck is currently tickling your face, and Clare’s fluffy paws occasionally rubs the bottom of your foot.

As you drift off to sleep, you think about Rachel. Her actions almost seem… intended. It’s hard to describe, but she was definitely the catalyst for all that happened today. And she walks to speak to you alone tomorrow. Perhaps about the results? You’re most curious to find out.

And with that, you finally fall asleep, despite Savannah’s wings poking you in the gut.

The following day is another late one, with the three of you waking up in the early afternoon. Though you’re able to sneak off into the shower before either of them are able to catch you. You all go for lunch – surprisingly Clare is wearing clothing again. Should that be surprising?

Either way, you ask her why.

“Because… well, I don’t really want to seem like I’m… advertising.”

You explain that you’re comfortable with whatever she wants to do.

“No, no. It’s okay. I… prefer it like this anyways. That only you can see who I am really am,” she says, again pressing her breasts into your back. Just like old times, you think.

After lunch, Savannah goes to cash out her chips at the casino, depositing the money into her bank account.

“Never again,” she says, looking determined. You have a feeling she’ll hold herself to that one after what happened.

Though without the casino, you three are kind of bored. You’ve got time to burn before you meet with Rachel.

Hey, you say, you haven’t checked out the challenge room yet. The duo give you a sly grin.

“You’ll probably like it, “ Clare says.


As you enter the ‘Challenge Room,” you see there’s a counter with a few girls working it. Of course, they’re all naked. You managed to avoid ogling the ladies this time, however.

You ask one of the women what the challenge room is.

“Well, you and a partner…” she pauses to look at both Clare and Savannah, “or partners, can compete for a daily prize. Rummaging behind the counter, she produces a very large, stuffed letter ‘D’. It’s black.

Savannah seems to be eying it intently. What the hell kind of prize is that?

Well, what do you compete in?

“Why, sex, of course! You’re judged on performance by the audience. The current block ends soon, so enroll soon.”

Huh. Before an audience, you say.

“Yes, you’ll be in a room with a large bed. The glass is one way, so you don’t have to worry about people looking. Or, if you’d like, for a small fee you can be in the audience to spectate and judge others.”

“But, if you’re going to participate, who will be joining you?”

You look back at Clare and Savannah.

>>What do you say/do [S44]

Savannah and Clare flash you lewd smiles. After all that’s happened, there’s really no other choice than a threesome. Not that you’re complaining. It’s been a while since a truly passionate night with either of them. Nothing has really matched the intensity of the three-way from weeks ago. Now there will be that emotional charge to heighten the experience further.

You can’t wait. And judging from how the manticore and cheshire cat are staring at you, they’re excited as well.

You tell the woman working the counter that it’ll be the three of you. Then, glancing back at Savannah again, you ask if her venom is allowed. “Of course. We even offer doses to other participants so they’re not so… disadvantaged. Just try not to over-do it,” the bubbly woman says with a wink.

“Great! When do we start,” Clare says, walking up beside you.

“Hmmm…” the receptionist hummed as she looked through a few things. “Looks like one room opened, but our staff is currently cleaning up. So, we’ll call you in about ten minutes.”

Nodding, you say thanks then step back towards Savannah, and ask her about the venom. Though you remember even just a slight prick was enough to seriously escalate your… performance. Then there was the effect of a full dose on Clare.

“Don’t ya worry none, darlin’. I’ll make sure we can keep on goin’ fer a long, long while,” she says luridly, stroking your chest with a paw. That sounds amazing yet a little terrifying at the same time. Turning around, you ask the bubbly woman if there’s a time limit or something.

“Well, not really, but if you’re in there for more than a few hours we may have to ask that you hurry and finish~”

A few hours, huh?

Then you feel a cat rubbing against you. Your heart rate quickens a little when Clare grinds her crotch against your leg, nibbling your earlobe slightly. “I can’t wait~” she whispers. Savannah seems content to watch you two as her tail flicks back and forth. Though now that you look, her gaze is rather predatory.

Terrifying indeed.

As you’re lead into the room and you look around, it appears to be rather sparse. A very large bed covered in soft-looking red blankets and some diffuse lighting appear to be the only things here. Looking up towards the ceiling, it’s rather high. All around the top of the walls are mirrored windows.Makes you wonder how many people are watching. Then you remember Clare and her love of showing off. If simply exposing herself is enough to get her going, then how about fucking in front of others…?

Clare saunters past you, swaying her hips as she walks. Looking down, you can see her pants are pulled taut in front of her crotch. Guess that answers that. Savannah gives you a little shove from behind, urging you towards the bed.

Clare hits the sheets first, stretching herself out in a lazy flop. She pats next to her, licking her lips hungrily.

Well, what are you waiting for?

You take a running dive into her, sending the two of you rolling over as she greets you with outstretched paws.

Laying atop her, you begin smothering the cat in greedy, hungry kisses, pausing only to pull her shirt over her head. Her large breasts swaying free, you focus your mouth on her increasingly hard nipples, sucking and teasing them; flicking them with your tongue, causing Clare to shiver in delight.

Clare then pulls your shirt free, the soft fluff of her paws tickling your sides as she works the garment off. Breaking from her breasts as she pulls the shirt over your head, you realize you don’t see Savannah anywhere. Then you feel a tug on your pants. Looking behind you, there she is. She’s keen on not being left out for so long this time around. As you undo the buttons on your and Clare’s pants, she pulls the clothing off you two with a mighty tug.

Free from its denim prison, Clare’s erection springs up hard as granite. Apparently she skipped any sort of underwear today. Your own dick has already split your fly, ready for action. Though apparently it’s not good enough for Savannah – hooking her paws around the waistband, she yanks the last bit of clothing off of you in one fluid motion. Surprising considering the obstruction that was in the way.

Dispensing of her own clothing, Savannah crawls into the bed, staring hungrily at the two hard cocks in front of her. Moving slowly on all fours, Savannah halts inches away from your member while you’re still kneeling over Clare. Slowly her face approaches your dick, her mouth opening, her tongue hanging out. The tip of her powerful, wet muscle licks against the bottom of your glans, pressing firm against it and then the shaft as she takes you into her mouth.

“Ah! That’s not fair,” Clare shouts, looking rather peeved that Savannah has had the first taste of you.

You almost don’t hear her, focused instead of Savannah’s tongue and mouth wrapped around your cock. Her tongue swirls and wraps around your shaft and glans from every which way, then she begins to rock her head back and forth. Her tongue is just slightly rough, causing it to barely catch and drag along your skin rather than smoothly gliding over.

Then, locking her lips tightly around your shaft to form a seal, she sucks in as she bobs her head back, causing her cheeks to pull inward from the vacuum. At full stroke, her tongue darts along the tip of your glans, just barely parting the urethra to taste the precum collected inside. She repeats the motion several times over, each one delving a little deeper than the next. How she’s able to do that you don’t know, but every flick sends a shiver down your spine.

By now Clare has wiggled her way out from beneath you, moving behind Savannah. She’s eyeing her ass with lusty intent; her cock twitching with excitement.

Savannah begins to take you deeper into her mouth now, her tongue resuming its slithering motion around your shaft and glans as she slowly takes more and more of you. Her eyes are focused on yours, and though her mouth is full of cock, you can tell she’s smiling. Further and further she goes, to the point where you’re worried she’s going to choke. Finally her lips press against your crotch; your cock entirely in her mouth. From the slight tightness on your glans, you suspect you’re in her throat. Not to leave your testicles too lonely, she reaches up with a paw and begins to massage and knead your sack. The soft but slightly rough texture of her paw pads makes her touch superior to anything you’ve experience from more human-like hands.

Being in her throat and having her tumble your testicles seems to send another rush of blood to your already throbbing dick, and you uncontrollably reach up to hold her head with your hands. She doesn’t seem to mind though, letting you slide her mouth back off your cock, then pull it back on. With your fingers wrapped around her head, you’re able to at least flick her ears with your thumbs, causing her to giggle a little – at least you think it’s giggle.

You try not to be too rough with her, attempting to let Savannah control the tempo. But, Clare has other plans. Savannah’s mouth vibrates around your cock, a deep moan stifled by your shaft. Looking up from her eyes, you see Clare has penetrated the manticore. Wasting no time, the cat begins to thrust wildly, rocking Savannah back and forth on your cock without either of you having to do anything.

Her moaning is nearly ceaseless, and she only breaks her lip-seal around you to take in breaths of air. In only moments you can begin to hear squelching and slapping noises matched in time with every one of Clare’s bestial thrusts. Rather than a continuous, steady movement, Clare seems to be thrusting forward with as much strength as she can muster, then slowly pulls herself out. Savannah’s tail has wrapped around the cat, aiding her movements.

Releasing Savannah’s head, you reach down underneath to take hold of her free-swinging breasts, palming and grasping the massive tits. Your fingers and thumbs sink deep into her flesh, kneading and massaging them like fresh dough, occasionally tweaking and thumbing her firm nipples.

Her moans are coming faster and louder, her hot breath teasing your glans every time you push into her throat. Clare is leaning forward onto the manticore’s back now, attempting to support herself without pressing down on Savannah’s wings. She’s so close now… you wonder. Bending at the waist, you lean forward as well. To your and Clare’s delight, you’re able to kiss her while you facefuck Savannah and she works her friend’s dripping cunt, slamming into her over and over.

From this position the kiss is a little awkward, but it’s still a heavenly experience. You feel a little bad about treating Savannah like a lowly fuckhole, but she seems to be just as delighted from all the moaning she’s doing. As one long, deep kiss with Clare ends, she suddenly gasps and closes her eyes. You know what’s coming – Clare. Dropping herself completely on top of Savannah, she wraps her paws tightly around her, grinding her pelvis into the manticore’s ass as far as possible. Then she moans – practically yelling – her hips bucking with every stream of seed she releases.

Watching Clare orgasm, her body twitching with every spurt, serves as the catalyst to your own rising climax. With a groan you take hold of Savannah’s head, forcefully pushing your cock down her throat as far as you can just prior to releasing your own pent up desire. Thick ropes of semen snake through your groin, your cock, and then jet out into her throat without mercy. Savannah begins to shudder and shiver, closing her eyes and moaning, her entire body going rigid.

With the last drop of semen you can muster released into the manticore’s mouth, you begin to draw out of her. Despite it all, she still sucks and teases at you, squeezing the last few lingering drops out of your cock. Letting yourself fall from kneeling to sitting, you see that Clare is still buried deep inside, panting and gasping atop her friend.

You still wish you could cum as much as she could.

Finally, Clare raises, drawing herself completely out of the manticore, then slumps sideways onto the bed. Savannah laughs lightly, shifting from all fours to kneeling. Now you can see that her legs and crotch are utterly soaked in her own juices, with significant trails of semen bubbling out of her cunt and down the inside of her thighs. You’ve never seen a woman release so much girlcum from an orgasm as Savannah.

While you and Clare are a bit winded, Savannah is grinning at you, entirely unphased by her spitroasting. “Hope yer ready for the next few rounds, ‘cause you ain’t getting a breather,” she says, grabbing hold of her tail. Here comes the fun part.

Plucking a pair of darts from her tail, she motions for you to come near. You lick your lips, then shuffle over. Rather than your arm as before, however, she sticks you on the inside of your thigh. You yelp with surprise, but as before the pain soon becomes pleasurable. Much, much more so than before. Savannah held the barb in longer, allowing more of the venom to enter your blood. Discarding the used spike, she turns herself around and stabs the cat in the ass with the second one.

“What the fuck was tha…” Clare yells, her angry expression quickly changing to one of bliss as the venom begins to spread.

Savannah’s predatory grin spreads further. She hugs her tail close to her, the tip of it twitching back and forth. The end opens and closes in pulses, revealing the bumpy, velvety insides. The venom alone has made you harder than you ever thought possible. But having that lewd orifice being pointed at you elevates your erection further.

“Sorry, but this ain’t for you,” Savannah says apologetically, looking from you to the tail and back again. You feel a bit crestfallen, but wonder what she has in mind.

“Kneel if you would, please, and lean back just slightly” she coos. And like an obedient dog you do so, sitting on your knees, tilted back just a bit. From this position your erection is on proud, shameless display. Every powerful heartbeat causes it to jump as it longs, like you, to fill some lewd hole. Savannah then moves out from between you and Clare, revealing the cat to you – her ass is pointed in your direction.

Walking on her knees so the cat is now between the two of you, Savannah points at you, then pushes on Clare’s shoulders. Looking over at you, Clare smiles hungrily, then rolls from her side onto her back. Sort of dragging herself towards you with her legs and a little help from Savannah, soon her slicked, drooling labia is very near your turgid cock. It’s obvious what to do now.

Picking Clare up by her hips, you guide her onto your cock. Your glans pierces and spreads her lips, working its way into her tight, silken folds. With every inch of cock you slide into her, all her ridges and swirls massage, squeeze, and tease you. Savannah may be better at blowjobs, but Clare’s cunt is the best you’ve ever had.

Looking down at her face, Clare is staring back at you, her tongue hanging out of her mouth with a lewd little grin to match. Since she’s slightly inverted now, her breasts roll back gently, giving you the spectacle of her impressive underboob. Your vision wandering further down, you get an eyeful of her throbbing, rigid cock; it looks so hard you think it must be painful. As you think about giving her a hand with it, a flash of flesh like lightning beats you to it. Savannah’s tailpussy engulfs Clare’s dick in an instant.

Clare moans loudly, biting her lip, arching her back, and grabbing whatever her paws can get ahold of. Glancing at Savannah, she’s beginning to finger herself while she stares at her tailpussy clamped firmly around the catcock. Moving your eyes from her to the tailbulb not far from you, you can see it’s pulsing and twitching. You’re well aware of what’s going on inside of it. Even a little envious.

Clare is writhing about in heightened pleasure from the venom, her cunt squeezing and tugging on you in random, sporadic bursts. Still holding firmly onto her hips, you begin to rock Clare back and forth , working her on your dick like a warm, tight, moaning cocksleeve.

Your sense of touch enhanced by the venom, you can feel every minute caress of Clare’s vagina as you slide out of her; most notably those ridges she has. They catch and hang onto the edge of your glans, causing you to shudder as you pass each one. You want to take the time to fully enjoy this – to enjoy her, but raw, carnal desire quickly overrides the more rational parts of your mind.

Pushing and shoving her hips as fast as you can, it’s still not enough. You start to rock your hips back and forth in time, quickening the pace and deepening the penetration. Every time you pull the cat firmly and completely onto your cock, she clamps down hard, as if her instincts have taken over and are commanding her muscles to milk you for all you’re worth.

Working her in long, deep, fast strides, your second orgasm is rising with alarming speed. Not yet, your rational mind cries out, but it’s quickly overridden by the lustful desire to sow your seed in Clare’s fertile fields. You can just imagine her hungry womb, longing to be filled by you, and you alone. Fuck, you just want to impregnate this cat, consequences be damned. You want to fill her with your cum, to make her yours. You wish you could match her volume – imagining that after a few powerful jets it’d start to squirt out of her tight cunt once her womb reached capacity.

Perhaps fueled by the venom, you can feel an incredible pressure deep within your loins. Clare’s loud, rapturous moans. Her tight, drooling cunt. Her large breasts, rocking every time you thrust her back and forth. Her testicles contracting and flopping with every motion as Savannah’s tailpussy tries to drain the cat of everything she could possibly give. It’s all just too much.

Throwing your head back, you feel the largest orgasm of your life build up, then erupt out into Clare’s womanhood. Every powerful contraction causes your balls to squeeze together and pull up; causes your dick to jump and thrash inside her. Your cock distends and swells with every viscous load of spunk that passes through; your hips buck up uncontrollably with every spurt.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Clare pauses her moaning long enough to gasp out a few words. “Nya haha! You came so much… you really do love me don’t you?” she gasps, her words somehow summoning forth one last, final tendril of semen out of you.

And then you get to watch Savannah’s plan unfold. Still inside of Clare, you can feel her rushing orgasm as she clenches and squirms around your cock. You expect her to unload everything into the tailpussy, but Savannah withdraws it quickly.

“Huh? Wha-,” Clare gasps as the tail quickly releases her cock, moments before her orgasm comes to a head. Savannah shifts quickly to pin her arms down, and with your hold on her hips she’s unable to do anything but accept what is to cum.

Clare’s back arching up to a point you would have not thought possible, she lets loose another torrent of catspunk. Though due to her pelvis being above her head, and pivoted so that her cock is pointing straight at her own face…

Long pearlescent streams arc through the air, splattering on the cat’s face. She gasps and writhes, all the muscles in her body contracting seemingly at random, but she at least manages to hold her mouth open. From this close vantage, you can watch her testicles pulse, followed by a distention that rises through her cock before the tip goes white, the liquid within free from its confines.

Each salty stream splatters messily on the cat’s face, neck, hair, and chest, though she does her best to catch as much of her own seed in her mouth as possible. You had almost started to go flaccid, but being inside the wild cat while all this is going on, along with watching her give herself the sloppiest facial you’ve ever seen, has kept you hard as stone. However, things aren’t over for poor Clare just yet.

Focused on the cheshire cat, you didn’t notice Savannah was quickly building up to her own release. In an impressive display of flexibility, she leans backwards while still kneeling, her shoulder blades and wings touching the bed. She’s gasping and panting while she probes herself with a juice-slicked furry digit.

Her orgasm sprays out as she clenches her teeth, vocalizing a feral, guttural growl, adding her musky fluids to Clare’s own on the cat’s face. You never thought it was possible for a woman to facial someone like this, but Savannah has corrected that misconception. Surprisingly, Savannah only lets off one thick stream of fluids before she stops. You don’t recall her sticking herself with her own venom; perhaps there’s a limit to her after all. Clare however, is soldiering on. You think you’ve counted seven or eight jets erupt from her cock by now.

Finally, the cat’s ejaculations cease, and her body relaxes. Though much like yours, her erection is still hard as ever. Letting her hips drop down, she slides off your cock, dragging it down with her for a short distance. Your dick snaps up as it clears her entrance, causing some of her fluids and your semen to flick off onto her stomach. Backing off from her so you can get a better look, you watch as your voluminous load of semen begins to trickle out of her, no longer corked by your cock.

Her chest is heaving, her skin is flushed, and she’s sweating a fair bit. Clare is probably going to require a bit to recuperate. And some sort of towel or something.

As if reading your mind, Savannah gets up and walks to a corner of the room that’s hidden from your view. As she returns, she has a bunch of rags in one paw and a bucket full of soapy water in the other. These folks sure do think of everything.

Setting the items down on the floor near Clare, she continues to strut towards you, touching and fondling herself as she approaches. Occasionally her eyes glance down to your cock, then back up to your face.

“Tell me darlin’, how do ya wanna fuck me? Or, should I say… how do ya wanna get fucked by me?” She corrects herself, now crawling on the bed towards you.

With a grin, you tell her that anything she wants to do is fine by you.

Her face pulls within inches of yours. “That’s one of the things I love about ya,” she says, closing the remaining distance to kiss you. Her tongue thrusting its way into your mouth, she allows you to struggle against her assault for a moment, then gives your chest a shove as she moves from crawling to kneeling. Allowing yourself to fall backwards away from her lips, she stares down at you. Rather than a smug grin you’re used to seeing, she looks rather… honest and happy.

Swinging a leg around so that she’s now straddling you, she scoots up slightly so her groin is directly above yours. She takes hold of your cock with a paw, then allows herself to drop slightly until your tip presses against her. Rubbing your glans against the bottom of her labia, then down to her asshole, she then uses you to circle her tight, fleshy ring. Biting her lip, she centers you against herself, dropping further and further.

Her resistance is rather significant, though not quite as stout as the first time you fucked her ass. The hole begins to spread, reluctantly taking your trembling cock inside. Once she feels you beginning to penetrate, she removes her paw, then places both against your chest, gazing into your eyes as more and more of your inches slide into her tight, hot asshole.

Looking down, you can see her asshole is being pushed into itself as it fights against your intrusion. She randomly contracts tightly around you, pausing to force herself to accept the rigid shaft. Finally, she’s taken you completely into her, settling down on your pelvis. Moving her paws from your chest, she searches out your hands, taking hold of them. Savannah smiles when you squeeze her paws in response.

Shaking her hips, she then begins to raise herself off you, causing her asshole to pull out slightly. The sight of her pucker struggling to accept and release you is rather erotic. Any worries about her continuing this slow pace are quickly dispelled when she reaches the top of her stride, your glans completely dropping out of her. Then, just before her ring can completely close, she lets all of her weight fall, impaling herself on your cock.

As soon as flesh strikes and slaps, she’s up again, building up a fast, hard rhythm that causes her magnificent breasts to bounce in front of your face. Unfortunately she doesn’t hold onto your hands for long, instead breaking loose to lean back. With her arms behind her and leaning back, she’s able to pick up the pace even further, forcing you in and out of her taut, trembling asshole in a fury that leaves you nearly breathless.

Savannah herself is moaning long and loud, yelling your name and how great you feel in her tight asshole and how she never wants it to end and how you’re turning her inside out with your thick cock and oh fuck she’s coming.

Her eyes are clamped shut, her wings spread wide as you make out her body beginning to quake and tremble. You can see her cunt tremble, then release a few sprays of thick, musky manticore lovejuice. While still ample compared to what you’ve seen in the past, it’s nothing compared to what Savannah usually unleashes.

Still, she keeps herself going at a torrid pace; your cock’s length sliding in and out of her hot, tight hole. The sight of her asshole pulling out so far as she lifts off you is mesmerizing. Every tug caused your cock on the straining orifice only serves to increase the tightness. Savannah seems to love every second of it, something that rouses your own curiosity.

Unable to bear her assault any longer, you consign yourself to release. Unfortunately her asshole is so tight, it works almost like a cockring in preventing your surging cum from releasing itself. You grunt and strain, bucking your hips against hers as you try to force your release.

‘Oh ho, I can feel yer release pressin’ against me…” Savannah moans out. With a final yell and contracting yourself as hard as you can, you finally break through her defenses. “Yea, fill me up, love,” she coos, licking her chops. Her movements gradually slow to a halt so can she focus on your jumping, spasming cock as it explodes within her. Closing your eyes in gentle relief, you relax and slump down into the bed, groaning as you pump the manticore’s guts full of your hot, thick, love. Savannah reaches to massage your testicles with her paw, giving them a gentle squeeze in time when every sticky jet you release.

“You’re great,” she says with a smile, staying atop you long after your orgasm fades.

Now that you have your senses back, mostly anyways – the manticore’s potent venom is keeping you erect inside Savannah’s ass – you see that at some point Clare sat up, watching the two of you, stroking herself.

“How rude,” she says, “leaving me behind like that.”

You give a half-hearted apology, then mention the towels and bucket on the floor. Savannah twists to look as the cat hops off the bed; the motion causes you to tremble due to your recent orgasm. You can’t believe you’re still hard after orgasming three times in such rapid succession.

Savannah eventually lifts herself off of you. The cold air rushing against your dick is welcome relief from the heat and tightness of the manticore’s colon.

Sitting up, you watch Clare clean herself up some. You notice every little jiggle and ripple of her flesh as she scrubs and moves. You badly want to fuck her tight snatch again. Not that Savannah is bad; far some from it… but her tail is her best aspect.

Once Clare is done, you tell her to come over to you. She smiles, and crawls back onto the bed.

“What do you want, lover?”

Her, you say. You want to fuck her again, specifically you want to do her from behind.

“Mmhmmhmm, getting specific are we?”

Savannah looks at you two curiously.

“What about me?”

Hmm, you think. Oh, that’s it. You tell her to get on all fours and stick her ass in the air. She cocks and eyebrow and a grin, but listens, presenting herself to you and Clare.

Clare gives you a kiss, “You’re so thoughtful,” she says as she sidles over to Savannah on her knees, then slides into the manticore. Bending over so her tits are mashed against her friend’s back, she does her best to expose her holes to you. “Pick whichever you want,” she gasps.

With pleasure.

Approaching Clare, you slide your raging erection into her tight cunt once more, relishing those heavenly ridges and folds, taking no time in building up a steady, pumping rhythm. Then, deciding she might like it, you start to swat her behind in between grabbing big handfulls of her soft ass. With every slap on her rump she clenches around you and gasps, looking back at you.

Rather than try to match her timing to yours, she simply uses your momentum to thrust her into Savannah’s cunt, then pulls herself back with you. It starts out as kind of an odd, bumpy tempo but soon works itself out, the three of you fucking as one well-lubricated machine. Clare has her paws wrapped firmly around Savannah’s tits, groping and caressing them much as you did.

The manticore’s face is buried in the bed, her paws grabbing onto the covers as Clare’s slightly-barbed cock tears into her depths.

Their choir of moans and Clare’s snatch are already working another orgasm from you. Far, far too early you think. With great hesitation you pull yourself from Clare, nearly gasping as her ridges clamp down around you, desperate to hold you in until you release into her already full womb.

Without missing a beat you change your angle and smoothly plunge into her ass, drawing a pleasant, happy growl from Clare. Just before you completely bottom out into her, you feel your glans press against something firm on the bottom. As you glide across it, Clare lets out another similar noise. Well, time to let her have what she loves most.

Going from kneeling to sort of standing but crouching to give you more angle to push down into her, you grab her waist and start hammering into her ass, focusing your cock on her most pleasurable area. Clare starts to howl like a cat in heat, her own cock being slammed into Savannah with each of your heavy thrusts, a double impact of flesh reverberating throughout the room.

It doesn’t take long for Clare to cum hard and heavy from your merciless thrusting. Her asshole clamps down hard, never once relenting or loosening its grip on your shaft. Her moan is nearly a scream as you continue to hammer down into her, striking her prostate over and over. Reaching down to grab her testicles, they shake and shiver in your grip as they work to release themselves into Savannah.

The poor manticore is already filled to the brim from Clare’s earlier fountain of mirth, and after only a few ropes burst free into her cunt does the rest begin to spurt out, pressurized from the tight seal between Savannah’s cunt and Clare’s cock.

Now with Clare well underway, you completely extract yourself from her ass, slipping once more into her warm, inviting cunt, smiling with pleasure as it welcomes you home. Working yourself to a frenzy, you rail your inches in and out of her ribbed pussy, desperate to top of her off from your earlier cum explosion into her hungry womanhood.

It doesn’t take long.

Groaning softly, you buck up hard against her one last time as you spill yet another bountiful load into her. You close your eyes and focus on her cunt as it practically sucks and massages on you, begging you to release all you have. You happily oblige. With every tendril of mirth you release, you sink a bit, your legs growing weary.

Once the cat is topped off, you let yourself slide out and away. Watching Clare’s cunt drool copious quantities of cum, you can’t help but admire your handiwork. Alas, the cat has outdone you yet again. She’s still orgasming as you sit down. That’s at least a minute of straight cum pumping, you think. And the mess spraying out of Savannah’s swollen snatch seems to agree with that time frame.

Finally extracting herself from the manticore, Savannah’s cunt practically gushes out the catspunk. Just how much was in her?

And, with that, your erection is subsiding. Only took four intense orgasms that leave you feeling weak and tired. You wonder if you’ll even be able to meet with Rachel later. Savannah and Clare are both sighing and breathing contentedly. No doubt they’ve had just as much fun today.

They both look at you, though they’re still laying down. They’re sporting some of the happiest smiles you’ve ever seen them give. Approaching them, you whisper that you love them both so very much. Now they’re even happier, beaming brightly. They each mumble out an “I love you too.”

After resting for a few minutes, the three of you get up, doing your best to clean yourselves up before you put your clothing back on.

“We ought do that again,” Savannah says, her tail cavorting happily. You agree. Clare simply smiles, but still seems to have a little difficulty walking. You wonder if you overdid it on her ass.

Approaching the counter, the woman working it seems to give you a very… lustful look.

“Oh I watched the whole thing,” she stammers out. “How I wish I could find someone who’d do me like that…” she trails off, pouting. You laugh, then scratch the back of your head.

“There’s still some time left, so we can’t announce winners yet… but I’m pretty sure you guys’ll win,” the receptionist says.

“We better,” Clare says, rubbing her ass. “I’m not going to be able to do that for a while, I think.”

“Aw you’ll be fine,” Savannah says.

Back in the room, you phone Rachel to ask if you can meet with her later. You are so tired right now, you say.

“I imagine. I saw… everything,” she chuckles. What? Oh god. The thought of an old woman watching kind of creeps you out. “Ah, to be young again…” she trails off. “No matter, tomorrow is fine. Rest well,” she says, then hangs up after you say goodbye.

Savannah and Clare are already slumbering on the bed. They fell asleep almost as soon as they hit the sheets. Snuggling in between them, you wrap an arm around each of them, sighing happily.

As fatigue carries you off to sleep, your last few thoughts are of happiness and joy; an inner warmth you’ve never known until now.

Things are going to be all right, you think.

(And yes, later that evening the plushie black D arrived. Savannah loved it.)



Watching the vast and endless farm fields roll by, you find it hard to believe Clare was born and raised in such a sleepy, rural town. For the past half hour you’ve had nothing to look at other than alternating barren fields, corn, and cows. And flat. Endless flat. Then some more corn.

Glancing back at Clare, she’s still dozing happily; even drooling a little. At least she doesn’t snore. The cabbie has been quiet too, not even listening to the radio. Perhaps a little peace isn’t so bad. Some kind of scenery would be nice, though. Sighing, you look back out of the window. Oh, more corn.

It was a bit unexpected when Clare had asked you if you wanted to go with her to meet her family. She’d been talking with her parents one evening, making plans to visit them at the same time as her sisters were on break. While you were sitting next to her on her bunk, working on your trucking blog, she suddenly asked if you’d like to come. You hadn’t really been paying attention to her conversation, so the question took you by surprise.

After a moment of hesitation, you agreed. Savannah probably wouldn’t mind you being alone with her. Too much.

“Yeah, he’ll be coming. I can’t wait for you to meet him!” she had exclaimed happily to whoever she was on the phone with. It’d been a while since she’d looked so radiant. Her delight had even managed to infect you a little. When she had got off the phone, you asked her what exactly was going on. You’d be going to her parent’s house for a few days, probably two or three, to visit with them and her sisters.

What would her family be like? You were… looking forward to it.

Savannah had dropped the two of you off at a bus station. From there you rode overnight to near her hometown, then hired a cab for the remaining distance.

Now you’re looking at some more cows. Holsteins sure are common.

Another twenty minutes or so later, you’re delighted to see a collection of buildings that could be considered a town.

You ask the driver how much further.

“Just a few minutes,” he says with a chuckle. “Not much to look at around here, is there?”

You nod your head and say yeah, you’d always been in some city or other.

“Sometimes the slow pace out in these areas is nice for a new couple…” he says, glancing at you, then Clare, in the rearview mirror.

Laughing a bit to yourself, you almost say that you’re not a couple – it’s more like a trio, but you decide to not mention that part. Yeah, you say, maybe it is. The driver smiles at you, then looks back towards the road.

Smirking and looking back out towards the town, you watch a few little businesses and town homes drift by. Stuck on what you were going to say to the driver, you wonder if this trio thing can last. Their jealousy towards each other over you still seemed to exist, though it was fairly mild. Despite all the emotion of that one night, despite all the confessions and words of love, things didn’t feel different. Group sex was a common occurrence now, but otherwise not much had changed.

Was that a bad or good thing?

You certainly loved both of them, but you were starting to realize the love you felt for Savannah wasn’t the same as the love for Clare. Do you want to be with Clare more, or Savannah? You still can’t answer that. Is it because you’re afraid picking one would possible damage their friendship? The more you think about it, the more you worry and fret.

Snapped from your thoughts as the cab rolls to a halt in front of a small house, you’re thankful for the reprieve. “We’re here kids,” the driver says. You shake Clare to wake her up, though it takes a few moments. Finally her eyes open. She looks at you with a yawn; you tell her that you’re here.

“Ah, here?… oh, right,” she says sleepily, stretching and pulling out her wallet.

Hopping out of the car while Clare pays the driver, you fish your bags from the trunk. As you close the back of the cab, Clare exits the vehicle and approaches you, taking her bag from your shoulder, then giving another wide stretch.

“Ah, it’s good to be home,” she says in a cheery tone. Shrugging, you say you wouldn’t really know, causing Clare to frown. “Well, this can be your home now, too. I’m sure my family will love you as much as I do.” Punctuating her words with a kiss on your cheek, she starts to walk towards the front door.

Following behind her, you give the house an appraising look. It’s a small two-story house with a large, detached garage. Looking at it more closely, you think the garage would have more floor space than the house, if the house didn’t have two floors. Behind the house is a massive field, and you can see a dirt path leading from what you think is the backyard into the tall, wild grasses. The front lawn isn’t particularly well cared for; looks like it’s mowed and that’s about it. Well, the natural look appeals to you a bit more than the overly manicured plots you’d find city in the suburbs.

Approaching the door, Clare begins to look around in the bushes to the side of the walkway. Wondering what she’s doing, she then reaches down into a shrub and pulls out a small metal container. Inside is a key. How… quaint.

“Some things never change,” Clare says with a laugh and a smile. “Though I guess if they did we’d be sitting out here until tomorrow.”

Huh? You ask what she means. “Well,” she begins, throwing you a lewd grin, “My folks have gone to pick up my sisters. They won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. I decided to have us come a bit early so we’d have a day alone together.”

Smiling in response, you tell her that sounds good. She gives you a wink while looking at you sideways, her tail twitching about. Then she clicks the lock and opens the door, motioning for you to come in.

Inside you’re surprised by the décor. In a way you had expected a lot of homey wooden furniture and the like. Instead everything appears to be very modern. The kitchen is just off the entry to the house and filled with stainless appliances and granite countertops. To the other side you can see what appears to be the living room, complete with a rather large flat-screen TV hanging on the wall.

Removing your shoes, Clare motions for you to follow her. Walking further in, you get a better glimpse of the living room and see it’s filled with modern lighting and plush leather couches. Though the hallway is hardwood flooring, the living room has a cream-colored carpet.

Didn’t Clare at one point say her parents had difficulty providing for her?

Approaching the stairs, you pass by a room that appears to be a bedroom of some sort. There’s a pair of twin-sized beds in it, along with two small dressers. “That’ll be my sisters’ room,” Clare says. “Fortunately we get a room to ourselves~ Age has its privilege, I suppose~”

That’s a relief. When you saw the small house you were afraid you would all be cramped into one room. Still, do parents normally keep bedrooms open for their kids?

Upstairs you pass by a large bedroom that you assume to be her parent’s. Then a luxurious bathroom that even has a Jacuzzi-style bathtub and separate shower stall. This is quite a nice little house. You had always imagined a well-furnished house had to be large, for some reason. Makes you wonder what’s in the garage.

“And here’s our room,” Clare announces, clicking open a door. A single large bed is in the center of the carpeted room, with a few bits and pieces of furniture about. Clare sets her bag down on a dresser, so you do the same. You also now spot a mirror on the ceiling. And one that’s against the wall, facing the foot of the bed. Since the bed is relatively large compared to the room, the mirror on the wall is fairly close to it.

You have little wonder about their purpose, but you are rather surprised that her parents would keep them around. Looking down at the bed spread, you then wonder if they’ve ever… made use of them. The thought causes you to recoil slightly.

Watching your gaze around the room, Clare approaches you from behind. Throwing her paws around your neck, she brings her lips to your ear. “Just think of all the things you could see with those,” she whispers. “Like if I rode you reverse-cowgirl, you could still see yourself thrusting in and out of me.” Clare pauses to blow gently against the back of your ear, grinding her breasts into your back. “…and you could see my hard cock swinging up and down with every thrust…” she trails off quietly, switching from her lusty whisper to licking your ear with her rough tongue.

Giggling softly, she suddenly releases you, taking a few steps back. You whip around to see what she’s up to.

“But, that’ll have to wait until later.” How like a cat to toy with her prey.

“For now… I’m kind of hungry. How about you?” Sighing, you agree and say you could eat as well. “All right. I’m sure there’s something we could make downstairs. Let’s check it out.”

Leaning against one of the counters as Clare rummages through the cabinets, you wonder if the rest of her family is as lurid as she is. If her sisters looked as good as Clare… then add in being at that college age… you may not survive this ordeal.

After she’s gone through a few cabinets, you see things beginning to accumulate on the counter top. A box of pasta, a jar of some kind of white sauce, spices, a pot, strainer… and now after she’s gone to the refrigerator, a bag of chicken breasts. She looks up at you.

“Nothing too fancy, but this is fine with you, right?” You say sure, you’re not too picky. Besides, this will be the first time you’ve had something she’s cooked. “Is it really?,” she says, cocking her head to the side, placing a furry digit against her chin. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Living out of a truck will do that, I suppose,” she says, pausing to tilt her head back and forth. Then her eyes narrow and a sly grin appears, though she doesn’t say anything.

Donning an apron, she darts about the kitchen, preparing the simple dish. You ask if you can help with anything. “No thanks~ I’ll take care of it all. In fact, why don’t you go check out place some more? Make yourself at home~” Well, you say, if she needs anything just yell. “Sure thing~”

With that you take leave of the kitchen, moving over to the living room. You’re hesitant about just… doing things in someone else’s house, but there’s no worry of anyone but Clare being here tonight. Looking about the room, you search for a way to turn the sizeable television on. There’s a large couch centered in front of the television with a coffee table in front of it and two end tables on each side. Then there’s one large, overstuffed leather chair near the wall, also facing the television. Looks like it has an ottoman as well.

Exploring around and glancing through the drawers on the tables, you find a remote. Hitting the power button, you’re a little confused when nothing happens. Oh, wait, something below the television turned on. Appears to be a receiver or something. Looking around, you discover there are mesh screens at various places in the walls and ceiling. Well, in this situation, the best thing to do is press buttons at random until it works.

Unfortunately it was not the best thing to do, as you now have the television on, but you’ve also now got a movie playing. But there’s no sound. And there are foreign language subtitles. After some more fiddling you manage to get things in order, but you’re not particularly interested in watching this movie. Not like you’d be able to watch much of it anyways. Flicking through the sources, you come across a frozen still of some woman’s ass. Huh.

Hitting the play button, the frozen still comes to life. Instantly the sound of orgasmic moans begins to play, and the camera starts to zoom out from the ass that’s shaking up and down. There’s a tail… and another… and that’s a lot of tails. Must be a kitsune. That’s riding a guy cowgirl style. As the scene continues and the camera pans, you notice she looks awfully young. She’s also kind of tiny compared to the guy.

This is something her parents were watching? You begin to wonder if maybe Clare is the tame one. The scene on the screen changes; the tiny kitsune is no longer riding cowgirl, instead she’s getting it up the ass while her face is pressed down into the couch they’re on. Your eyes drift to the couch in the room. Maybe the chair is safe.

After watching for a while, feeling slightly guilty all the while, you hear Clare’s voice.

“Dinner is ready~”

Shifting your pants to try and hide your erection, you fiddle with the remote to try and reset the porn flick to back when it was focused on the kitsune’s ass. Missioned accomplished, you head into the kitchen.

The first thing you notice is Clare’s bare ass. Then her back and legs, and the slight protrusion of her large breasts that you can make out from behind. She still has the apron on though. And when exactly did she do this? Hearing you come in, she turns her head to you, feigning surprise.

“Oh, my love! You startled me~”

You blink in response.

“Dinner is ready… but would you rather have me instead?” she says coyly, fluttering her eyelashes.

Maybe after dinner, you say.

Rolling her eyes and grinning, she turns completely towards you. Her apron is tented over her crotch. “I know I said to make yourself at home, but going straight for porn is a bit forward, don’t you think? I could hear everything, by the way.” She wiggles her hips to emphasize her problem, causing the tent to shake back and forth.

You take a deep breath, eyes moving from Clare to the plates she was obscuring. Dinner looks good, you say. Clare narrows her eyes at you.

“Ah, you’ve become immune to my wiles, whatever shall I do?” she says, shaking her head and putting her paws on her hips. You shrug; how about she eats dinner with you?

“I suppose I could do that… but first, let me put my clothes back on,” she says with a laugh.

Despite how trying she can be at times, you do adore all the little things she does. Makes you wonder how someone who acts so childish can be several years your senior.

Clare’s cooking is kind of… bland. Though you can’t tell if it’s due to the simple dish or her inability. It’s not bad, but you were secretly hoping for something better from the first meal she cooked for you. Perhaps she’ll cook some more while you’re here. It’d be a good opportunity to see what she’s capable of. Then, for some reason, you think of Savannah, and wonder how well can cook. You’d like to try something of hers at some point.

Changing into her clothes that she had heaped and hidden in a cabinet, she then brings the plates to the table and sets them down.

“Well, let’s eat,” she says, smiling and sitting down. Sitting opposite of her, the two of you begin to eat. There are few words spoken during the meal, though Clare keeps looking at you and smiling. You kind of want to say something, but simply eating a home-made meal alone with Clare, in peace, has its own appeal. A sort of atmosphere where words aren’t really needed. Not quite happy, but more like a feeling of being content.

“That wasn’t too bad,” Clare says, letting her fork clatter onto the now empty plate. As you’re done as well, she stands up, scooping up both plates. You offer to wash the dishes, but she just laughs and tosses them into the dishwasher. “No need, but thanks anyways.” She also had already cleaned up the various pots and such before you ate, so you feel a little bit useless.

“So what now,” she says, looking at you. You can think of a few things, but it’s still a bit early for that. So instead you shrug, asking her if there’s something she’d like to do here.

There’s that grin again. “Well, I have a feeling we’re thinking the same thing, so…” she trails off, walking around you as she thinks. Then she looks outside through a window, then at the time. “I have something I’d like to do, if you’ll indulge me.” Sure – anything is fine with you, you say. Her lewd grin morphs into more of an honest smile.

“Wait here a second,” she says, then bounds upstairs. A few moments later she returns with two thick blankets. Raising an eyebrow, you ask her what she’s planning on. “It’s a secret~” she giggles, brushing against you as she walks past, heading towards the front door. “C’mon, follow me.”

Following her outside, she follows a concrete path towards the garage, holding both blankets in front of her. The sun is just beginning to set; the wind blowing cool. You imagine that’s what the blankets are for. Though fucking outside in a field has a certain animalistic appeal to it, you’d rather not in the dark of a cool night in grass. Who knows what critters may be lurking, ready to strike.

Clare pauses at the door to the garage, looking expectantly at you. Once you catch up, she offloads the blankets to you, then produces another key that was in a thin container under a rock. Opening the door and placing the key back in its hiding spot, she reclaims the blankets from you with a smile. Inside the garage are two classic cars, a pair of motocross bikes, and a two-seater ATV. She heads straight for the ATV, placing the blankets in the back.

“Big garage huh?” she says, watching you look everything over. It’s typical garage stuff; lawn equipment, shovels, cords and cables, a tool bench.

“Dad’s always been the do-it-yourself type, for better or worse,” Clare sighs as she talks, crossing her paws in front of her chest. “His projects sometimes didn’t work out quite as he hoped, but at least he started learning eventually.” Yeah, you mention, but at least it kind of showed he cared, right? Your father was never really the ‘hands on’ type. Whenever something would break or need repair he’d just have someone else do it.

“Hmm, I guess, in a way. When I got older he did make me help him all the time. Oh how I hated it back then, but thinking about it, maybe you’re right,” she says, chuckling to herself. “Anyways, let’s get a move on.”

Clare hops into the ATV, starting it up. Sliding into the passenger seat, she opens one of the garage doors and heads out. You ask where the two of you are going, but she just smiles at you. “Like I said, it’s a secret. Don’t worry, it won’t take long to get there.” Zipping between the house and garage, she follows a path through the backyard and into the tall grasses.

You kind of wish she’d slow down over the rough terrain; you have to cling onto the seat with your hands to avoid being tossed out. Clare seems to be enjoying herself though, so you decide to just deal with it. Clearing a hill and getting a bit of air, she lets out a holler when the ATV hits the ground. You can’t help but laugh; you wonder if she picked that up from Savannah at some point.

Your laughter suddenly causes Clare to become self-conscious of her outburst. She looks at you, blushing slightly. “Sometimes I get carried away, okay?” Sometimes? Try all the time, you say, drawing a scowl from the cat that quickly changes into her trademark smug grin. “So you’re saying you’d prefer I be less… passionate?” You’re not sure how she reached that conclusion, but it is Clare. Leave it to her lewd mind to make everything about sex. But, there’s no real way to win this battle. No, you say, you love her just the way she is.

“Nya haha, how sweet of you~,” she says, her tail swishing happily.

Soon she slows down, stopping at the foot of a hill, atop which is a large willow tree. By now the sun has begun to sink partway down the sky, changing from yellow to a crimson red. Clare collects the blankets from the back – you’re not sure how they managed to stay in, and starts up the hill. Walking beside her, you decide to wrest both the blankets from her arms, carrying them for her. She gives a little smirk, then folds her arms behind her.

At the top of the hill, Clare looks around briefly, then snatches one of the blankets from you and approaches the tree. Unfurling it partially and setting it on the ground, she sits down on it, motioning for you to join. Sitting next to her, you realize she’s facing the sun. Scooching over so she’s pressed tightly against you, you take it as a signal to wrap the other blanket around the two of you. She glances at you, smiling, then leans her head against your shoulder. You wrap an arm around her shoulder, causing her to sigh slightly.

So she just wanted to watch a sunset from here?

A cool breeze rustles the grasses and hanging willow branches every now and then. Crickets chirp somewhere nearby. Clare’s ear twitches every now and then, tickling your cheek. Otherwise all is still, save for the red sun as it descends closer to the horizon, then begins to disappear behind it. She remains quiet the entire time, save for a sigh here and there as she leans against you. Occasionally you steal a glance at her face, but she’s always focused on the sunset, looking deep in thought. You never thought her to be the sort that’d enjoy this sort of thing.

Once the sun as completed its trek, vanishing from sight, Clare begins to stir.

“Thank you,” she says, still focused on where the sun once was. For what, you ask.

“For doing this – for being here with me.” Well, you say, it was a fantastic sunset. Trying to think of something a little more clever to say, you mention how the warm, dusky tones reflecting off the clouds matched the color of her skin, hair, and eyes. It sounded better in your head, at least.

Clare is trembling, though not from being overwhelmed with emotion from your poignant comparison. Finally she’s no longer able to contain herself, letting out her cat-like laughter.
“Nyaa hahaha, I’m so sorry, but that was… romantic lines aren’t your speciality,” she says, calming herself after another few rounds of laughter. You sigh, pursing your lips and scratching your forehead.

“Anyways, yes, thank you – very much. This is probably going to sound stupid to you, but I’ve always wanted to watch the sunset here, with the one I love, ever since I was a little girl…” she says, her voice growing quiet.

After a brief pause, she continues again. “Until now I never had someone to share this with… so, thank you…” pausing again, her words begin to stick in her throat, “…even someone like me can be loved,” she whispers out.

Looking down at her, she appears to be on the verge of tears. Such an emotional girl at times. Using your arm to roll her into your chest, you give her a tight squeeze. Who wouldn’t love such a cute, thoughtful, and passionate woman like her, you say, they’d have to be crazy not to. A happy little smile adorning her face, she leans in, giving you a kiss, then squeezes you with her paws.

Standing after a lengthy, warm embrace, Clare looks down at you, her eyes sparkling in the twilight. “Well let’s get back to the house, huh? I know from experience we’ll get swarmed by bugs soon,” she says, reaching down to give you a paw. Accepting her aid, the two of you fold up the blankets and head back to the ATV.

Back in the house, you notice Clare seems to have an extra spring in her step. It makes you happy to have been able to help her realize a girlish dream. You wonder what other hopes and dreams she’s hiding. Makes you briefly consider if she wants to be a mother.

She wanders into the living room, dropping one of the blankets onto the chair. Sitting on the couch, she peers at you, wordlessly suggesting you sit down as well. You remember your previous thoughts regarding the couch, but there’s nothing you can do about it now. Slumping down next to her, Clare smiles and begins fiddling with the remote. Perhaps she’s luckier, or just more practiced, but she hits on what she wants almost immediately. A hockey game. Well, you know you’re going to be here a while; may as well get comfortable.

Lay down on the couch behind her, Clare takes up the hint and spoons up against you, covering the two of you with the blanket. Draping an arm around her, she takes hold of it with her paws, turning to smile at you for a moment before focusing on the game. Like always, she makes comments and tells you what’s going on, and, like always, you follow along with her. At first you simply feigned interest to make her happy, but lately you’ve found yourself becoming engaged.
During the intermissions the two of you get up for drinks and other things, but she always seems to be in a hurry to cuddle up against you. Not that you’re complaining, but you’d have thought that by now she’d have moved on from her ‘cuddling phase.’ Rather, it seems have become more pronounced.

The game over, Clare stretches and stands up. “You’re so nice to indulge me all the time,” she says, stretching in ways you’re sure are intended to be provocative.

Then, reaching for your hand with her paw and a wink, “So how about we both have some fun?”
Ah, you say, it’s always fun when you’re with her. Clare blushes a little, fumbling with your hand. “Well, this will be extra fun, then,” she says, tugging on your arm as she looks towards the stairs, then back at you in a flirtatious glance.

Entering her room, she immediately begins to strip off her clothing, tossing it on the floor in a trail leading to the bed. Not wanting to disappoint, you mirror her actions, adding your garments to hers. Once you reach the bed, she takes your hand with her paw. Then, easing onto the bed, she drags you down on top of her.

Wasting no time, you begin to kiss her passionately, starting at her breast, working your way up her chest and neck to her lips. Slipping your tongue into her mouth, searching out hers, you begin to run your hands up and down her body and thighs. Circling across her breasts, running down her flanks and along the inside of her legs, you’re tempted to penetrate her now, but you pause, thinking of doing something special for her.

She moans and gasps softly despite your intrusion into her mouth at the caress of your fingers along her supple skin. Breaking your kiss with her, she looks slightly disappointed, then curious. You shift off of her slightly, giving her your own sly grin. Reaching to touch her bottom lip, you let your fingers trail down her chin slowly, then her neck and chest; between her breasts and across her soft tummy, dancing towards her groin, stroking and tickling as you go.

Finally your fingers arrive at their destination, encircling and teasing her rapidly firming erection. She gasps a little at your touch, her eyes fixated on your hand. Stealing her focus away with another kiss, you break it quickly, then run your tongue down the side of her neck. She stiffens slightly as you continue to tease and stroke her shaft and glans, occasionally slipping down to massage her silken testicles. The bumpy nubs around the base of her shaft are particularly sensitive, so you pay them extra attention.

“Mmmm you know just what to do,” Clare moans out, her eyes closed and brows furrowed in bliss. Her cock fully erect in your hand, you feel a warm, sticky fluid cling to your fingers when you pass them over the tip of her glans.

Circling and teasing each of her breasts and nipples with your tongue and other hand, you reach down past her shaft, rolling her balls in your palm. By now you’ve devised a technique to massage and palm them with your thumb and last two fingers while you insert your pointer and middle finger into her cunt. Curling your fingers against her inner walls, you begin rocking your hand back and forth, tugging and stretching her smooth, plush sack while her snatch’s secretions trail down your fingers and the back of your hand.

She keeps attempting to reach down with her paws to stroke her cock, but you bat away her arms, refusing to let her pleasure herself. “P-please…” she mewls softly.

She must already be desperate for release. Pausing from trailing your tongue across her body, you tell her that good things come to those who wait.

“J-just hurry… please,” she stammers between gasps, her eyes full of anticipation. You smile wordlessly, resuming your teasing of her plump breast, toying with her pert nipples for a time, thoroughly coating them in your saliva.

Trailing down further, reaching her smooth, soft tummy you focus around her navel for a moment, then continue further towards her crotch. Spreading her legs with your free hand, you begin to kiss, lick, and suck down her inner thigh, alternating between her cock and cunt with your other hand. Every little movement seems to cause her to giggle, moan, or gasp in pleasure, and by now she’s working to restrain herself so that she can feel your touch alone.

“Ahn, you’re so go-” she says before being caught by a soft moan when you finally reach her most sensitive areas with both of your hands.

Working her pussy with one hand and stroking her cock with the other, her back arches ever so slightly in time with your touch on her. You’re still a bit ambivalent about what you’re about to do. While it is Clare, and you’ve given oral on her snatch, this is still… a dick. But, it’s Clare. She’d do anything for you. She’d certainly appreciate the gesture, even if it wasn’t the best performance.

Bringing your face closer to her throbbing, aching erection, she suddenly looks down at you. She must’ve felt your breath.

“Y-you don’t have to do that,” she says, a tinge of desire betraying her words. With the hand that was stroking her shaft, you press a finger to her lips to silence her. Her eyes look at your finger, then her cock, and finally you. She wants it, even if she says no; a thoughtful woman to the end.

Running your tongue across her pre-cum soaked shaft, the slightest flick sends her head against the bed as she lets out a cute gasp. It’s salty and somewhat bitter, but bearable. Running up to her glans, then wrapping your tongue around it, you attempt to mimic what you’ve had done to you. Strangely your own cock throbs slightly. Perhaps it’s because you know how good oral can feel when it’s done on you, so you’re aware of how good Clare must be feeling.

Breaking the last of your reluctance, you take her into your mouth, closing your lips around her rigid shaft. Her snatch clamps around your fingers; her cock trembles in excitement while she lets out another panting moan. Looking up with your eyes towards her face, you see she’s staring back down at you between her breasts, pure joy covering her countenance.

Working your tongue around her glans and shaft, you take her deeper into your mouth until you can lick and tickle her sensitive nubs. Her back arches up higher now, her hips bucking slightly. Massaging her cunt and balls with both your hands, sucking on her cock with your mouth, Clare is quickly losing herself. It’s only been seconds and you can already feel her cock begin to pulse with her rising climax.

Staying focused, you relentlessly assault her nubs with your tongue, sucking lightly to stimulate the rest of her cock. Then you can feel a quickly rising bulge at the base of her cock that rises along its length.

Letting out one last, loud cry, Clare’s hips buck up harshly in time with her orgasm, releasing jets of thick, feral catspunk into your mouth. With every spurt her cock jumps and her hips shudder. It tastes little different than her pre, but it’s much, much thicker and there’s so much of it. Despite your best efforts, you’re not able to swallow all she can produce. Letting her slip from your mouth, you stroke her quickly and firmly in time with every thick rope that she looses into the air, splattering a mess across her stomach.

Finally spent, Clare lays mostly still, breathing heavily. After a moment she turns to you,smiling. “Haa… and here we were supposed to have fun together. Instead I got all the fun… what made you want to do that?” You shrug, but you decide to get a little revenge on her. Rather than replying, you move in quickly and kiss her deeply, forcing a large quantity of her own semen into her mouth. Surprised at first, she giggles and willingly accepts her own seed.

Breaking the kiss, she pushes you aside gently, looking at your hard cock. “I think I should repay the favor,” she says, grinning at you. “Get all the way up here, then…” she tails off, pointing towards the mirrors. Sounds good, you say. Orienting yourself so that your feet face the mirror on the wall and you’re on your back, Clare quickly scrambles over you. Then, turning around so her back is facing you, she lowers her pelvis on your cock.

The heat and tightness of her cunt will never get old, you think to yourself. Settling down on top of you, Clare’s wiggling causes her intricate folds and ridges to massage and caress your entire length, glans to base. She’s so tight your cock can barely rotate inside of her, instead twisting her insides about as they grip onto you.

Leaning back on her arms so that her back hovers close above yours, she shifts to the side slightly. “Take a look,” she says, looking from you to the mirror with her eyes. Following her gaze, you can see yourself and her reflected back. Her cunt is spread and strained, her labia bunched up around your cock. Her testicles get in the way of the image a bit, but from how far she’s leaning back you can see almost everything.

Then she begins rocking her hips up and down. Even when she’s rode you cowgirl, you’ve never been able to quite see everything like this. Her tight, girlish cunt pulls out slightly as she raises, then they tuck in as she lowers herself. Clare’s own cock is beginning to harden again as she rides you, swaying in time with her movements. She was rather correct about what you’d be able to see.

Entering a fast, short rhythm, you can feel her ridges work the same areas, and one in particular seems in the perfect place to toy with your glans, slipping under its edge to touch and squeeze just underneath, then pulling back over and squeezing your cockhead all the way to its tip. With your earlier arousal of blowing Clare, your excitement is already coming to its boiling point. Clare hasn’t even been riding you a minute, and already you’re going to cum like a virgin.

Then Clare looks over at her shoulder at you, a sweet smile and lips that part slightly with every little gasp and moan. “I love you so much, you know,” she whispers. “So go ahead, just let it go and give me your everything.”

You wonder how she can tell. No matter. Grabbing her hips, you hoist her bottom up until you’re almost free, then slam her ass down against you for that last bit of stimulation. Grunting into her back as she’s pulled tight against you, your own mirth springs forth, exploding out into her eager snatch. No longer able to see your penetration of her, instead you imagine what it must look like as her womb fills with your seed. How every thick streamer bubbles up into her tight, hot, womanhood.

Clare coos and moans, reaching to massage your balls with her soft paws. “Mmmhmhm, yes, give me everything~”

Spent into her snatch, you let yourself relax, holding Clare across her chest as she lays upon you. “You’re such a good lover, you know,” she says, smiling and closing her eyes. “I love how I don’t have to worry about anything around you.”

She’s not bad either, you say, poking her nose with a finger. You love her too, and are more than happy to let her know that. She sighs happily, then rolls off of you so that she’s by your side. You take it as a sign that she wants to sleep, and embrace her. Smiling, she closes her eyes and relaxes.

The following morning the two of you change out the messy sheets, have a shower together, and generally laze about until early afternoon.

Cuddling together on the couch watching TV, you hear the door open followed by a burst of voices. Clare shoots to her feet, beaming. “Oh good they’re here,” she says. Heart racing, you stand up and follow her out into the hall.

“Clare! So good to see you,” an older cheshire cat says. Must be her mother. Clare dashes to her mother, the two of them giving each other a big fluffy hug. Passion must run in the family, you think. Then you notice her father looking at you. He’s… big. You can see his muscled physique through his flannel shirt, and he towers over the assembly of cheshire cats. He’s also sporting a fairly impressive beard.You gulp. His gaze is hard, like he’s trying to see into your thoughts. Just when you think he couldn’t scowl any harder, he suddenly smiles at you. Huh.

Just behind him you can see two sets of pointed ears. Must be Clare’s sisters.They appear to be the same height. It couldn’t be, could it?

It could.

They appear in front of the imposing father. Twins. They smile when they see Clare, then look at you at the same time. Their smile shifts into something you know well from your time with Clare. Though you can’t see much, they appear to be much more lithe than their older sister, and just slightly taller than Clare and her mother. Their hair and fur is much lighter as well, almost pink.

Clare breaks from the hug with her mother, letting you get a look at her. She’s slimmer than her daughter, and about the same height. Though her hair is a deeper royal purple to Clare’s violet coloring. She looks visibly older, but still has that youthful sparkle in her eyes. It makes you imagine that should you be with Clare another 20 years, she’ll still be very attractive.

Pulling back towards you, Clare motions at you, giving your name to her family. You smile as easily as you can, hoping to appear confident.. She then introduces them.

“That’s my mother, Sara, my sisters Jennifer and Michelle, and my father Paul,” she says as she motions to each person in turn. They say their hellos, smiling at you. Paul. She can’t be serious, can she?

You walk up to her mother first, intending to shake her hand or something. Instead she pulls you into a strong hug that takes you by surprise. “So you’re the boy my daughter has taken a liking to? I’m surprised someone as young as you wanted an old cat like her,” she says, sighing and resting a cheek on a paw.

“Mother!” Clare shouts, “I’m not that old!”

Sara laughs, “You are almost 30 my dear, and he’s…” she says, giving you an appraising look, “Young 20s?” You nod, causing her to smile again.

“Well she may be a bit old and flabby, but take care of her, okay?” With a nervous laugh, you say that yeah, you will. She makes it sound like you two are engaged.

Glancing at Clare, she’s slumping and looking exasperated. Makes you think her mother has probably given her grief about her romances for a while, though she’s got to know about Clare’s… differences. Still looking at you with a curious little face, Sara draws near you as if reading your mind.

“So you really don’t mind about her… you know…” she whispers, flicking her head a bit in Clare’s direction. Ha ha, of course not, you say, it was a bit… surprising, but by then you’d already bonded with her.

“Is that so…” Sara gives you another hug, then pats you on the shoulder. “Well it’s good to meet you, my boy.”

Once she’s done, her sisters saunter over and introduce themselves. They’re both attractive as well. Guess the mother did a good job there… though unlike Clare, they appear to have inherited some of the strong facial features of Paul, making them a little more handsome. And, like Sara, they both hug you, though at the same time.

“So you’re the cutie who’s taken with our big sister huh?” one of them says. Is she Jennifer or Michelle? You already forgot. The other one licks your cheek. That’s kind of forward. “Maybe you’ll treat us as nicely as Clare?” That’s really forward. Speaking of Clare, she seems to have overheard and stomps over, pushing her sisters off of you.

“Please don’t mind them…” she says, raising her eyebrows as she speaks to you. Yeah, sure, you say. You’re used it from her antics already. She smiles at you before turning against to her sisters to admonish them.

Surprisingly Paul hasn’t said a word yet, despite his wife and daughters practically throwing themselves on you. You walk over to him, sticking out your hand. He smiles easily and accepts it, pumping your arm up and down a few times. You introduce yourself again, saying it’s a pleasure to meet him.

“Nice to meet a young man with some manners,” he says, his voice a deep rumble. “Don’t mind the girls too much, that’s just how they are.” You laugh a little, saying it must be hard.

He slaps you on the back, letting a rolling laughter spill from his gut. “Ain’t it though? You learn to live with it after a while. Just remember that when you have to deal with Clare’s kids.”

Kids huh? That’s still way too early. And why is he talking about that already? You’ve never seen a family so casual about the topic of sex before. Though you guess you’ve never really been around a family like this before. Laughing and patting you on the back a few more times, he walks past you, parting his daughters and heading into the kitchen, talking about how hungry he is. Sara follows after him, leaving Clare and her sisters with you in the hallway.

So uh, you say, looking at the two of them. How can you tell them apart?

“I’m Jennifer,” the one says, “and I’m Michelle,” the other says. Looking at them both, you can’t tell a difference. How does that help? Clare sighs, then points at their ears.

“Jennifer has a black right ear, and Michelle has a black left ear,” she says. Oh, you missed that, you say. Wait, if they’re identical why do they have different colorings?

“Dye,” Jennifer says. “Yeah, mom and dad couldn’t tell either so they decided to dye our ears. Wound up sticking,” Michelle finishes. They both smile at you.

This is gonna be rough, you think.

The sisters leave towards the kitchen as well, smirking at you as they walk past. Then it’s just you and Clare in the hallway.

“So, what did you think?”

Well they’re certainly… friendly, you say. She smirks, letting a single laugh escape.

“Mom and dad aren’t anything you have to worry about, but don’t let my sisters get the better of you,” Clare says, pressing against you slightly, then giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Just remember you have me.”

You’ll do your best to avoid their wiles, you say. Smiling, Clare heads off to follow her family. Odd she won’t let her sisters join in any fun, but she’s fine with Savannah, you think. Perhaps sisters are too strange even for her. Following after her, you join them in the crowded kitchen.

After lunch, all of you drifted into the living room. Though Paul had to bring in a chair from the kitchen for himself. You, Clare, and her sisters packed onto the couch, her mother on the stuffed chair, and Paul set himself up to the side. They asked all sorts of questions, far more than you would have expected. Either they were rather interested in you, curious, or simply nosy.

When you told them how you, Savannah, and Clare had met, they all seemed very surprised, concerned even, that your parents had kicked you out like that. You shrugged, saying that you had called them and they returned it after a few days, apologizing. They offered to take you back in, but you argued against it, saying you were enjoying yourself now. It was time for you to leave anyways.

Sara and Paul weren’t having any of it, though. “It’s not right to tell your child they’re not yours anymore, then try to apologize for it later. How selfish,” Sara says, shaking her head. “What kind of parent could do that?”

“To disown your kid because they didn’t live up to your expectations? What a load of shit,” Paul says in a grunt. “Not like you ran off and started killin’ people.” Stroking his beard, he sighs.

Smiling inwardly, you feel a little comforted by their words.

The topics then drift around towards other events and things that happened, though you didn’t tell them about Clare’s little… incident at the drive-in. She gave you a little squeeze with her paw when you skipped over that point in the timeline. While her parents seem more interested in how you two came to care for each other, her sisters needle you constantly about the sex. Even her parents are becoming interested in your exact relationship.

A bit too open of a family here, you think.

Then the unavoidable question finally arrives.

“So…,” Sara begins, a little more easily than you would have thought possible for a delicate subject, “When did you find out Clare had… both?”

Turning red, you glance from Sara to Paul, expecting him to show something. Instead he’s curious as well. What is wrong with this family? No wonder Clare is so… outgoing. Turning to Clare, pleading with your eyes, she starts the explanation.

“Well one night when I was feeling… down after something that happened earlier, he came to visit me. I thought he was just doing it to make me feel better… but…” she says, turning to you. You take that as your turn to add on. Saying how you were concerned for her since she hadn’t been quite herself, you really did want to cheer her up. You were also kind of surprised she never… tried anything with you given how forceful she was otherwise.

“She was naked all the time, wasn’t she?” Jennifer speaks up, laughing. You expect Clare to blush, but instead she just sighs. You say that yes, she was often without clothes.

“Haha! That’s so like Clare,” Paul bursts out. “Even when she was a little scamp she’d run around here naked as the day she was born. Some habits die hard, huh?” Seeing a father so open about his daughter is… disconcerting. Sara is just laughing to herself. The twins seem to be giving you a knowing smile.

“Anyways,” Clare interjects, “Yes I was naked, and I had started to like him, and I figured I may as well give it a go. Later that night I made myself known to him, and asked what he thought…” she trails off, looking down then glancing at you.

“So? What then?” Sara asked in a rush. “Out with it, boy!”

You cough, then say quickly and quietly that after she guided your hand around her and let you in on her secret, you just kissed her.

“Oh ho!” Sara shouts, smiling radiantly. “And they say romance is dead!”

This is so awkward.

“Really, it didn’t gross you out or anything?” Michelle asked.

You shake your head. Yes it was… strange, and odd, but it was still Clare. You didn’t mind that much.

You have no idea what to do with yourself. You keep looking around at… something, anything, rubbing your hands together, shaking your legs, crossing and uncrossing them, shifting in your seat. You just want to get away from these people and their endless questions.

Thankfully they finally pick up on how uncomfortable you are and veer away from sexual topics. You kind of want to turn the tables on them as a revenge, but you worry you might upset them. Or even worse, that they wouldn’t give a shit and tell you every lurid detail. Thinking of Paul and Sara going at it makes you cringe a little. Then you remember the couch and porn. Oh how you wished you could forget.

The conversation wanders on, eventually reaching the point where Clare confessed to you, and how you accepted her love. They all thought it was charming, but were understandably a bit concerned about how Savannah was involved in all of this. At least, Sara and Paul were. Michelle and Jennifer took it as an indication that you were into ‘open relationships.’ You’d need to be on your guard tonight.

“You think you can handle both their hearts?” Paul asks, his tone level and serious. “I know Savannah just as well as my own daughters. She’s not one to say it, but…” he takes a deep breath in, looking at Clare, as if asking for permission to continue.

“I think he knows a little,” Clare says, giving her tacit approval.

“Savannah is the biggest softy I know, but she won’t show it. I’m surprised she cried like that, if what you said is true. Must’ve been a breaking point for her,” Paul continues.

You agree, saying she’d always seemed like a calm, collected sort. Not indifferent, but just in control of herself. You’ve kind of wondered how she really feels about you being here.

“She’s probably not happy, but she won’t tell you. Just give her some extra affection when you return, all right? Hell I love her just like one of my own.”

Now Paul is telling you to bang someone other than his daughter – someone he treats as his daughter. Are there cameras somewhere?

“Yes, that girl is so sweet! Have you had her cook for you yet? She’s absolutely brilliant in a kitchen,” Sara chimes in.

No, you say. You’ve always been on the road or at a hotel or something. This is actually the first time in a long while you’ve been at a normal house. Sara looks a little downcast. “Well make sure you try it as soon as you can,” she finishes. You nod.

Then the conversation meanders towards the present. Finished with yourself, you ask them about themselves. You can’t recall any families dumping their entire lives in a single night. Perhaps they’re just that interested in you. It’s still rather awkward and a tiny bit creepy.

They talk about themselves at length in turns. You learn that Sara had raped Paul several times when they were teenagers, and then Paul turned the tables on her one day and raped Sara instead. Love blossomed shortly thereafter. You can’t believe what you’re hearing.

Clare was the first fruit borne of that union, and they talked a little about how they weren’t sure what to do with her. Doctors recommended surgery, but they insisted against it, saying how Clare deserved to be who she was born as. Later on they asked Clare if she wanted to stay the way she was, once she understood the implications.

“And… I agreed, though sometimes it was really, really difficult,” Clare adds to their conversation.

Based on her emotional confessions, and that you were the first love of her life, you wonder how she had the strength to avoid surgery for so long. Perhaps it really was the support of her family. Or maybe insistence? You’re not really sure.

Then they got to her sisters and all the ruckus they caused. It was also close to this point that Savannah came into their life. She had moved in not long after the twins were born, and she had her own daughter with her. They youngsters often played together, and since Savannah was a stay-at-home mom, she often took care of Clare, Jennifer, and Michelle while Sara and Paul were at work.

Now that you think about it, they’ve never really mentioned what they did for jobs. Given how many other details they’re willingly revealing, it makes you wonder if it’s something they’re ashamed of. Or maybe they just think it’s not interesting enough to mention. Playing it safe, you decide to avoid asking about it.

They talk about Andrea a little, a topic most interesting to you since Savannah won’t talk to you about her much. Apparently she was a bit on the sadistic side, and one hell of a tom boy as she got older. She was also rather smart, managing to ace her way through school even though she often skipped and never studied. Andrea and Savannah often fought – probably because they were so much alike even though they never admitted it, according to Paul and Sara. Finally they had a huge shouting and yelling match, so loud they could hear them from next door.

Impressive, you think, since the houses are quite a distance apart here.

Then she left and never came back. It broke Savannah’s heart to the point she was never really the same. She used to show her emotions openly, but after her husband left her she became increasingly hardened, then her daughter leaving too was the final straw. She was still gentle and caring, but never really the same. She used to be able to yell and swear at someone, then be the most gentle and forgiving person to the very same seconds later. Very emotional.

Interesting, you say. You knew Savannah could be motherly, but she also seemed a bit distant at times.

“Yeah, she’d treat us all like her sisters,” Michelle says. “I haven’t seen her in ages,” Jennifer adds. You notice they tend to speak one after the other. Kind of odd.

The twins have been in college for a while now, both of them are involved in engineering. You’re kind of surprised, feeling a bit self-conscious for assuming things about them. Despite their aspirations, they don’t look down on Clare at all. In fact they seem to like that she’s kind of a free spirit that goes where she pleases. Makes you wonder about what success means in life.

Your hours of talking have left you with a sore throat, and the chiming of a clock lets you know that it’s nearly midnight. You’ve been talking with her family for ages and didn’t even really realize it. Despite how awkward you felt, you were kind of… comfortable for a long while. Is this what family life is like?

Getting up and stretching, everyone talks about food. Not wanting to cook this late, they decide to order instead. Even towns like this have places that’ll deliver this late, huh?

After placing the order, Clare, her sisters, and Paul go outside to have a chat amongst themselves, leaving you and Sara in the living room. She turns on the television, and there’s the kitsune ass again. Rather than being embarrassed or attempting to change the channel, she just hums to herself, speaking to no one in particular.

“Oh, I forgot this was on. That little kitsune sure took it well,” she muses, then turns to you.

You know that grin.

So she was the one that had it going? You figured Paul… She wouldn’t do anything, right? You glance towards the doorway.

Rather than walking towards you, she instead vanishes and appears behind you, quickly wrapping her paws around you. She read your intentions perfectly. But she wouldn’t do anything, right?

She gives a sultry laugh from behind you. “Don’t worry, boy, I just want to have a little chat.” Her personality seems to have changed now that she has you alone. “What exactly does my dear Clare mean to you?”

Without hesitation you say that you love her. She’s quite important to you.

“Oh, I know that. But it doesn’t answer my question. What does she mean to you?”

Now you hesitate. You don’t quite understand the question. Sara sighs from behind you.

“I was afraid as much. That is a question you will soon need to answer. You also love Savannah, do you not?”

You’re starting to understand a little of what she’s getting at. You say that yes, you love them both. They both represent different things to you. It’s difficult to explain. Suddenly Sara spins you around to face her. Her eyes are narrowed to slits, her lips pressed in thin frown.

“Understand this. Things will work, for now. As time progresses, there will be increasingly difficult challenges. When, not if, they want children with you, what will you say? I also know Clare, she is the jealous sort. She puts up with sharing you out of her closeness with Savannah. Surely you’ve seen how she can get when you put Savannah before her, yes?”

Her voice is even, but you can feel a… heat, behind her words.

“So, you need to decide what they mean to you. And know that if you break Clare’s heart, I will find you,” she says, capping her last few words with a vicious smile.

Thinking Paul was the protective one of the family was a gross misunderstanding on your part. Nodding your head quickly, you say that yes, you’ll figure things out soon.

“Good,” she says, releasing you, her face returning to… what you assume is normal. The juxtaposition of her warning with the kitsune being hammered is rather disconcerting. Smiling, she picks up the remote and pauses the recording, then flips to something else. A few awkward, silent minutes later, the rest of them filter back into the living room.
Every now and then Sara glances at you, sending a chill down your spine.

The next two days are lively, to say the least, though without any major incidents. The twins tease you, but never really attempt to seduce you. Sara appears to be jovial and upbeat most of the time, but every so often she sends an icy stare your way. Paul is a very amiable fellow, though he constantly drags you around the property to show you this or that. At least being away from all the women allows you to unwind a bit.

He talks to you about this or that, though he’s a bit saddened when you express no real desire for ‘The Great Outdoors,’ or other such things. The way he talks to you makes you feel almost like you’ve become a surrogate son in this short time span. It’s easy to imagine Clare got her personality from him rather than her mother. It’s kind of nice talking with him.

As night descends, he finally decides to bring the two of you back. Walking into the house, you discover Sara and the twins in the living room, but Clare is no where to be found.

“She said she was a bit tired, but that she’d like you to come up when you got back,” Sara says, her eyes twinkling mischievously. Jennifer and Michelle give you a knowing smile, but remain silent.

Paul, still behind you, gives you a pat on the shoulder. When you turn around, he surprises you by giving you a hug.

“You’re a good kid, I can see why Clare likes you so much,” he says, giving you sort of a fatherly smile. “See you in the morning.”

You nod, then head upstairs. Expecting to find Clare maybe sleeping or something, you instead discover her laying naked, playing with herself. You should’ve known.She hasn’t seen or heard you enter, so perhaps you can give her a little surprise. Quietly closing the door and disrobing, you sneak up to the bed.

When her family is around, Clare is surprisingly silent during sex as you found out. This is no different; though gasping and biting her lip, she’s otherwise quiet. Watching her enjoy herself is quickly getting you hard, and from the looks of things she’ll be finishing up soon. Sneaking onto the bed so that you’re by her feet, she finally takes notice of you.

“Oh! Took you long enough,” she says, halting her movements, looking a little peevish.

Paul kept you a while, you say, smiling. Though, how rude of her to start without you.

“You can’t keep a girl waiting forever, you know.”

Before you can respond, she opens her arms to you, inviting you in. “So how about we get things started?” Moving forward, you spread her legs and begin to position yourself to enter her. Creeping closer to her slit, Clare shakes her head. “I know you like my pussy more, but tonight fuck my ass… please.” You know she loves anal, but you wonder about her ability to keep quiet, you say. “It’ll be fine~” she says with a happy, lewd smile. Raising her legs up, she then grabs them with her arms and pulls them close to her chest, presenting herself to you. “What’re ya waitin for, handsome?”

Flashing her a smug grin, you move forward further, supporting yourself on her legs, freeing her paws to do as they wish. One of which is already snaking its way towards her cock. Pressing your glans against her backdoor, Clare giggles at the pressure, then smiles and leans her head back as you slowly part her entrance and slide in.

You prefer how her cunt squeezes your entire length, but having her incredibly tight ring constricting you is pleasurable in its own way. Slipping in slowly to allow her to become accustomed to you, she’s already struggling to suppress her moans. Her vow of silence is already fraying, you think.

Completely within her, you hold for a moment. Perhaps you can end this quickly. It may be hell on her… but maybe. With a deep breath, you quickly pull up and completely out of her ass, causing her eyes to open in surprise. Before she can say anything, you slam back down into her already-closing asshole, spreading it wide once again. Her eyes fly open in shock, then close again as you work into a fast, hard pace.

“Oh fuck yes…” she moans, struggling to keep quiet. With every stroke in and out, her ass clenches and constricts around your cock, loosening slightly to invite you back inside her depths, then tightening in an attempt to prevent your exit. Rolling her back farther, you position yourself so that you plunge straight down into her eager hole, hammering away at her for all you’re worth.

She’s stroking herself in time with your movements, her stomach already glazed with her precum. Every time you strike down onto her thick ass and thighs, the flesh ripples and she squeezes your shaft tight. Grunting and panting as you attempt to keep up your frenzied pace, you feel yourself reaching orgasm soon. Clare looks like she might still have a ways to go.

Shifting your angle, you hold her ass and legs where they were, but drop down slightly so you slide into her ass at an angle. The perfect angle, as you’ve found. Still sawing in and out of the poor cat, your inches tearing her tender asshole apart, your glans finds its mark within moments.

Mashing hard against a somewhat soft and large protrusion, Clare suddenly halts pleasuring herself, instead covering her mouth with her paws, stifling her howling moan. Your glans striking her prostrate hard and fast, her cock practically spurts precum. Starting clear, it spews forth a little more with every impact, gradually becoming more white.

Then her hips lurch, her paws fly from her mouth to find purchase on the sheets, and she ass, legs, and every muscle in her body contracts hard as her orgasm is unleashed, coating her chest and stomach in almost unending streams and spurts of catspunk. “Fuck my ass fuck my ass fuck my ass fuck don’t stop,” she moans with every thrust, each time you strike her tender organ another pulse of cum bursts forth from the cat. Watching her relief and climax, you finally allow yourself to succumb, settling down and giving a soft groan as you unload into her ass, your hips bucking and striking against her with every thick jet.

Even as you’re spent, her ass still wrings you, milking you for every drop. As you extract yourself from her ass, Clare allows herself to unwind, laying flat on the bed. Some of your semen starts to ooze from her tortured orifice, pooling onto the sheets. Her stomach is absolutely coated with her own spunk, and occasionally she trails a furry digit through the mess and takes a taste.

“It’s been a while. I’d almost forgotten how good it is when you fuck me like that,” she says, smiling at you. You shrug, sitting besides her. Does she want to ah, clean that up?

“Probably a good idea…” she says, standing up. Checking to ensure no one is out in the hallway, she gathers up her clothings and motions for you to do the same. Guess she wants you in the shower with her. Obliging, the two of you then dash into the bathroom for a little cleaning session.

The following day there’s a quiet breakfast, Sara cooking for everyone once again. They were surprisingly enjoyable’ you’d missed the taste of home cooked meals. Thinking about it, maybe it was more the atmosphere you missed. A curious thought.

Unfortunately there was time for little else as the taxi had arrived almost immediately after you and Clare had finished eating. As Clare said her goodbyes, you said your own as well. The twins each give you an almost-too-long hug, licking your cheeks at the same time as well.

“See you again sometime, cutie,” Jennifer said. “Yea, maybe next time we can have a little fun… if Clare will let us,” Michelle added.

Hearing her name, Clare turned from Sara to glare at the two. “Most certainly not,” she said in a huff. Laughing, the twins backed off from you, not wanting to raise Clare’s ire.

Paul gave you a big bear hug that felt like it’d pop your spine out of alignment. “Don’t forget what I said. I’ll miss you. Maybe the next time we see each other I’ll be able to call you son, eh?”

Ha ha, yeah, sure, you say; it was a pleasure to meet you as well.

Then came Sara, the one you had become most afraid of. And your fear proved to be correct. Giving you a hug, she dropped her voice to a whisper in your ear. “…And don’t forget what I said, either, boy…” she said as you felt her claws poke into your back. They say there’s little more fierce than a tiger protecting her cubs. Perhaps they meant this woman.

The taxi honking incessantly now, you and Clare grab your bags and exit, waving and shouting goodbye as you go. Tossing them in the trunk and then entering the back, you wave a few more times before the taxi heads off, leaving the house in the distance.

“Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Clare says, smiling.

Though you weren’t really sure what you were expecting of her family, you had never imagined it would be quite like that. It felt like they extracted all the pertinent information about you in that short amount of time. Maybe they actually work as spies or something, you think.

Yeah, not bad at all you finally say, trying your best to back it up with a smile.

“They can be a bit of a handful at times,” she says. Before she can finish her sentence, your interrupt with saying just like her. She rolls her eyes. “Yes, just like me. But since you can handle me, I think you can handle them as well…” she finishes by kissing you on the cheek.

It was certainly an… experience. One you’re not too eager to repeat so soon; you never thought you’d want to see that truck so much as you do now.


“Hey… can I talk ta ya about somethin’?”

Looking from your laptop screen to Savannah, you say sure, whatever she wants. Lying next to her on the bed as Clare drove, it was something you had been expecting for a while, actually. Ever since last night, out of the blue, Savannah had become incredibly anxious about something.

“I… was contacted by Andrea – my daughter – last night.”

That’s not unusual is it, you say. You remember her saying she’d receive something every now and then that basically said her daughter was okay.

Sighing and looking down, then back at you, Savannah pauses for a while before speaking. “It was… more than that this time. She said she wants ta talk with me. Face-ta-face.”

Isn’t that a good thing? Scheduling and work aside, anyways, you say.

She fidgets, struggling to find the words. “I don’t know. I’m excited and scared, all at the same time. It’s been three years… well more n’ that now, I suppose. And I already talked ta Clare ‘bout it… she’s fine takin’ over fer a few days. What I want ta ask is if ya’d come with me?”

That’s kind of sudden. You also think that a family matter like this should stay within the family; makes you wonder why she wants you to come along and not say, Clare. Considering it for a few moments, you sigh, and tell her that sure, if that’s what she wants. Still, you’re kind of curious as to why she’s asked you.

Savannah gives you a morose smile, then looks down at her paws. Though she doesn’t speak for a while, you get the feeling she’s simply mulling over her words and thoughts. As a bit of comfort, you lean against her, resting your head on her shoulder. Glancing at your face, her little smile becomes a bit more genuine.

“Because of that,” she finally says, her voice still quiet. She remains focused on her paws, though you think she’s looking through them rather than at them.

“Ya can still love some old, used manticore like me…”

Huh. That’s the first time you’ve heard her act self-deprecating, really. You remain silent as she takes another deep breath.

“Clare is dear ta me, but her touch and words jus’ ain’t the same as yers.”

Shifting an arm, you set a hand atop one of her fluffy paws and do your best to interlock your fingers over the top of it, giving a squeeze. Savannah smiles, then flips her paw around to squeeze your hand in return.

“Andy’s in Monstergirl City these days, I guess. So, I planned on takin’ a bus tomorrow since we’ll be kinda close. Clare’ll meet us in a few days once she’s done with this route and the next one.”

Sounds fine, you say. Your schedule is a little hectic but you think you can squeeze her in.

“Oh, good. Glad ya can make time fer me,” she says, a little twinkle returning to her eye. “Guess I’ll tell her yer comin’ too.”

Savannah remains quiet for a short while, then begins again with a small laugh. “It’s funny… yer not all that much older than she is, yet I’ll be introducing you as my lover.” How old is she, you ask.


So that means she ran away when she was 14, you ask. You avoid mentioning how young Savannah would’ve been when she gave birth.

“Yeah,” Savannah sighs, “A bit too much like me. ‘Course as you know we mature a bit faster than humans. Physically maybe, but sure as hell not mentally. Hell jus’ look at me and Clare to see what a couple a idiots we still are,” she says with a laugh, taking a breath before continuing. “When she didn’t come back after a day I called the police and said she’d run away, but they never found her. Smart enough to lay low, stupid enough ta run off. That’s Andy in a nutshell.”

It’s difficult to imagine Savannah as anything other than what you’ve known. She’s a bit on the wild side at times, but reserved, in a way. Though you think you caught a glimpse of her impulsive behavior when she gambled you off. Now you’ll be meeting her daughter, who according to everyone that knows the pair, is a clone of Savannah – only half her age. It’s exciting yet a bit worrying at the same time. And maybe a little sad. Hopefully Savannah will finally be able to forgive herself.

Wanting to dig a little deeper, you ask Savannah what she thinks her daughter wants to talk about.

“I don’t know. Maybe she jus’ wants to finally talk?” she says, tilting her head and looking a bit vexed. “I sure as hell hope she ain’t pregnant,” Savannah groans, covering her face with her other paw, “I ain’t ready ta be a grannie.” A moment later, she drops the paw, looking at you, an odd little smile on her face. “Guess that’d make you a grandmother fucker though, wouldn’t it?”

Pursing your lips, you wonder how she can say shit like that when she’s been anxious and emotional all day. Unfortunately, her words had the intended effect. It was a little disturbing to think of yourself as loving a woman that’s a grandmother, even if she’s still in her 30s.

Savannah laughs a bit at your expression, then sighs again. “I sure hope she ain’t that much like me… oh fuck,” she says, a look of shock on her face that comes with a dawning realization. “If she is… and gives birth soon… then if we have a kid… it’d be an aunt or uncle despite bein‘ younger. That’s kinda…” she trails off, her shock being replaced by some kind of horrified expression.

Yeah, that’s kind of gross, you say.

Wait, if you and her have a kid?

“Oh… ya wouldn’t want ta, with someone like me?”

Normally you’d have played it off like she was joking, but you’re not so sure that’s a smart idea right now. Thinking quickly, you say that you think you’re just still too young. It’s something you’d never even considered before.

Still, she seems a little saddened by your words. Looks like she was serious. It has been a while since she confessed her love for you, and yours for her, but don’t couples normally wait a longer time before deciding to have kids? Not to mention there’s Clare to think about. More difficulties you’d never really considered in this open relationship with the two of them.

“Well, I guess it makes sense you ain’t thought ‘bout it much yet. Yer still pretty young, after all.”

“Anywho,” she begins with a burst of enthusiasm, “she didn’t really say what she wanted ta talk about. Jus’ that she wanted to, so I don’t know what ta expect.”

Leaning back and breaking her handhold with you, she crosses her arms behind her head. “I like ta think she wants ta make up. But maybe she’s got bad news and jus’ wants to tell it to my face rather than a screen or phone.”

Not knowing what to say, you elect to remain quiet. Though Savannah’s exposed tummy is… tempting. Unable to resist, you let yourself fall over so that your head is resting on her soft stomach, rising and falling with her breath. She rests a paw on your head, then ruffles your hair a bit.

Well, you say, you’ll do what you can for her when the time comes.

“Thanks, darlin’,” she says, shifting her paw to your flank.

Resting against her like this, you can’t help but start to feel tired, and soon slowly drift off, lulled to sleep atop her warm stomach.

Looking out the window at the city, it feels like nothing has changed. Everything is as you remember it, though maybe that’s because it’s only been a few months since you dropped out of college. The tall structures of glass and steel in the heart of the city, the copy-and-pasted feel of the suburbs that dotted the outskirts. The traffic, hustle and bustle, and throngs of people everywhere. It’s as if you never left.

Well, maybe one thing is different you think, looking towards the manticore in the driver seat of the rental car. Feeling your eyes on her, Savannah glances at you, her vermillion eyes gleaming in the bright daylight.

“Somethin’ the matter?”

Nah, you say, turning back towards the cityscape, watching the blur of buildings and people. Just thinking about what’s changed, what hasn’t changed. The last time you were here was just after you dropped out, with the two of them.

“That was a wild night, wasn’t it? Surprised ya didn’t run off right then n’ there.”

Laughing a bit, you agree that it was a wild night. But, you didn’t really have anywhere to run off to. Besides, despite it all they didn’t rape you. That was kind of unexpected.

“Well ya know… wouldn’tve been right ta do that ta someone down on their luck.”

Looking over at her, you smile a bit. An odd sense of morals, you say. Savannah shrugs.

“Call it rape all ya want, y’all like it and ya know it. Sure at the start they’re ‘Oh no please stop,’ ” she says, shifting her voice to a faux-masculine tone, intending to mimic her previous victims, “but it doesn’t take long until they’re beggin’ for more once this,” wiggling her tailbulb back and forth, “is clamped down on ‘em.”

Hearing about her previous encounters isn’t exactly what you like to hear, but unfortunately it’s part and parcel of loving a monster girl, you’ve come to realize. Now that you think about it like that, maybe that’s why there are so many single monster girls around, despite their habits. Or maybe, because of their habits? Eyeing Savannah, she’s dressed more conservative than usual today, wearing a normal t-shirt with a plaid-pattern overshirt and looser fitting jeans. Even still, you can’t help but think she’s still a bit provocative.

“Oh, sorry darlin’,” she says, suddenly mindful of you. With a sigh you say it’s fine, you know what she meant.

“I was still kinda surprised it took ya as long as it did. Made it a bit more special, I suppose.”

More special, you say, raising an eyebrow.

“Not every day a manticore finds a healthy young guy like ya that’d rather cuddle than fuck, ya know.”

She does have a point. Listening to her tone though, it makes you think that’s what piqued her interest in you.

Starting with a laugh, you say that had you known how good she was, you might not have waited so long.

“What? Ya thought someone like me wouldn’t be able ta show all those young things what fer? Why, I’m almost offended,” she says, a small smirk twisting a corner of her mouth the entire time.

Age does have its benefits, you admit.

“That night at the theatre was somethin’ else though. Even fer me.”

Well, it was more terrifying than anything you’d experienced in recent memory. Knowing what you do now, you can’t help but wonder if the semen Clare was coated in belonged to the cat herself or her victims. You decide to ask Savannah about it.

“Do ya really wanna know?”

So she does know that bit of information. Grimacing a bit, but curious, you consider the benefits and downsides of that knowledge. You also vaguely recall a bit of it got on you while you were carrying her out of the truck and to the fountain. You tried to forget about it, but some memories never die. Unfortunately. If it was hers, it’d make you feel a bit better. Probably. You nod your head.

“Ya, it was mostly hers. And, if ya must know, I can tell by the smell,” she says, narrowing an eye as her memories probably dreg up some of the more visceral feelings.

It’s… a relief, you guess. That also probably means she never put it in anyone that night. Guess she’s a considerate rapist? An odd combination.

Allowing that particular conversation path to die out, you begin to wonder how Savannah has managed to remain so calm. The past two nights she’s been a bundle of nerves. Now, only scant minutes from meeting her daughter after all this time, she seems rather relaxed.

So, you ask her how she’s feeling. You’re getting pretty close to her apartment, after all. Savannah answers after a short pause.

“Fine, I guess. I dunno, really. So fine works. I guess.”

For some reason, you get the feeling she’s not quite so fine, but it doesn’t appear like she wants to talk about it at the moment, so you leave it be, looking between the manticore and the city every so often.

The remainder of the drive is in silence, or almost silence, if it wasn’t for Savannah occasionally complaining about traffic, stop lights, and pedestrians. So not really silent at all.

After a winding series of turns and twists, she slows and pulls into an apartment complex. It’s not too shabby, you think, looking at the well-cared for lawn and near-pristine red brick buildings. Judging from the cars in the parking lots it’s not the highest-class place, but it appears to be fairly nice. How is a young girl able to live here?

As Savannah drives about, searching for a particular building, she says nary a word. Only when she pulls into a parking spot and the car comes to a halt do you see her paws trembling slightly. Turning off the ignition, Savannah folds up her paws on the wheel, resting her chin atop them. Her eyes are focused on the building just in front of her. Reaching over to rub her back and shoulder, she turns her head to you.

“Do you think she hates me?”

She’s still thinking about that?

If Andrea hated you, why would she want to meet you, you say. Why would she have even bothered to let you know she’s still alive over the years? No, she doesn’t hate you.

“…I guess yer right, maybe? But lookin’ at this place, maybe she jus’ wants ta show off or somethin’?”

Show off, here? It’s not bad, but it’s hardly something you’d want to boast about. She probably just wants to talk.

“Heh… maybe… maybe yer right.”

Rolling her forehead back and forth on her paws, it seems the anxiety she’d be bottling up is boiling up all at once.

“Gah! Why does this have ta be so hard? I jus’ gotta walk up and say hello or some shit, right?”

Well, you say, attempting to find some words of comfort, it has been a while, and Andy didn’t exactly leave on the best of terms. So it’s natural that she’s nervous about talking with her daughter after so long. Probably.

“Probably? Thanks.”

No problem. You’re here to help.

“Smart ass…”

Would she prefer you were a dumb ass?

Savannah shoots you a dry look, then rolls her eyes.

Pondering what to say, you realize you don’t know the exact argument that caused Andy to run off. You ask Savannah what it was.

“I don’t rightfully remember. Somethin’ bout’ responsibility. And yes, I know what yer thinkin’ now. I’ve thought ‘bout it too. Maybe she jus’ wants ta show me she can make it on her own.”

Then what the hell is she so worked up over? Hell, that’s probably the most logical reason, you say.

Savannah looks down, then back up at the building.

“A feelin’, dunno. Can’t explain it. That might be part of it, but I think there’s more.”

More, huh? Guess you’ll find out soon.

Closing the car door with a thud, you trail behind Savannah as she slowly makes her way up the sidewalk towards the apartment. You’re starting to feel a little nervous yourself, though you wonder if it’s due to your own concerns or empathy for Savannah. Her tail is twitching nervously, hanging lower than she usually carries it; her ears slightly laid back and her wings drooping a bit. Laying a hand on her shoulder seems to perk her up a bit, though she remains focused ahead.

At the doorway, she looks toward the intercom system, scanning through the names. Then, her eyes stop and fixate on one in particular: Stahl. Savannah stares at it for a long while, until you say that you’re going to push the button for her if she won’t.

“Ah fine,” she says in a huff. Extending one of her fuzzy digits and popping out a claw, she pokes the button, then withdraws her finger like she touched a flame. Seconds roll by, the manticore gazing intently at the panel.

“Hello?” A young, female voice crackles through the intercom speaker.

“It’s ah, me. Savannah. Mom,” the manticore says, stumbling through her words.

“Oh! You’re a bit early! Come on up, I’ll buzz you in, just a sec.”

Savannah gives you an odd, confused look. Clearly she was expecting something else. You tell her that see, there was nothing to be afraid of. Her eyebrow remains raised as the lock buzzes and she opens the door. Following her inside, she makes for the second floor, then down a hall. And there, near the end of the hall, a young manticore steps out.

Fit and lithe, she’s the opposite of Savannah’s heavier and much curvier build. Her hair is cut boyish short and is kind of a dusty brown. Even from this distance you can see she still has the same crimson eyes, though. They look almost nothing alike otherwise. Well, the loose shirt that exposes her midriff and hot pants strike you as very Savannah-like.

The elder manticore nearly freezes in place, hesitating.

“What’re you standing there for?” Andrea says, smiling brightly all the while.

Suddenly Savannah begins taking heavy, deliberate steps forward. Her shoulder slightly raised, you get the impression she’s… angry, though you can’t see her face. Based on Andy’s smile fading into a frown then a scowl of her own, you suspect you’re correct.

“Ya run off out of nowhere, ignore me fer over three years, then act like nothin’ happened?! What the hell is that ‘bout?!”

“And as you can see, I’m doing fine for myself! Teach me for trying to be nice to my mother that I haven’t seen in forever!”

“Nice?! The way ya act is like we haven’t seen each other but fer three days! Do ya know how worried I’ve been?”

“Yes, nice! And why have been you been worried? I let you know I was fine, didn’t I?”

“Sendin’ me a message every month or two with ‘I’m fine’ don’t really cut it!”

“Why not? You never change, always so fucking nosy and bossy!”

“And yer still a hardheaded little shit as ever! I ought tan your hide right here!”

“I’d like to see you try it,” Andrea snarls, looking Savannah up and down, then focusing on her breasts. “Good luck with all that extra fat you’re carrying around.”

“Hah! Yer all skin and bones, no meat at all. Wouldn’t last a minute in a tussle.”

Still kind of hiding back, you listen and watch them from relative safety. The spectacle is actually fairly amusing. Like two peas in a pod, they are. Despite their words, it seemed like the anger had drained from them almost immediately. Almost as if they were performing some kind of act. Savannah and Andy stand and stare at each other, their bodies still taut and tensed.

“…Wanna come in?” Andy says, relaxing her posture .

“…Yeah, sure. I’m glad to see you again.”

“Same… mom.”

And just like that, the tension from the two bled out to nothing, and now they’re hugging. Stepping out into the open away from the corner you were partially hiding behind, Andrea takes notice of you as she embraces Savannah. A devilish glint flashes across her eyes and face.

“And this must be your boyfriend you spoke of,” she says as she pulls back from Savannah, eyes fixated on you. Savannah turns to face you as well, standing beside her daughter.

“You old predator! Look how young he is!”

Feeling somewhat self-conscious, a slight blush raises to your face as you approach the pair.

Savannah sighs, giving you an apologetic smile.

“Not gonna say anything huh? Well whatever, come on in,” Andy says, glancing at the two of you before heading back inside.

Entering the apartment after Savannah, Andy stands to the side and closes the door once you’re inside. Looking around, it appears to be a typical modest living space. A small living room, small but clean kitchen. There’s a loft that overlooks the living room that appears to be the bedroom. A short hallway continues just past the living room and kitchen, flanked by two doors.

“Do ya live here by yerself?” Savannah asks, glancing around as she meanders further down the hallway.

“Ah, no, my roommate – she’s currently at work.”

“Roommate huh? I thought ya were with some guy?”

Walking towards the couch in the living room, Andy looks back at the two of you expectantly before she sits down.

“That was a long time ago, mom. We broke up pretty soon after, and I wound up living with various folks. It was kinda rough, but yeah. Then one friend and I decided to move here.”

Savannah takes a seat next to Andy on the couch, and you settle down on a chair that’s off to the side. It’s still kind of awkward for you to be here, you think, so you try your best to keep out of sight and out of mind. Savannah doesn’t reply immediately, instead looking over her daughter. Not really examining her, but more like she’s taking her in. You figured she would’ve done that when they first met, but who knows.

“Ya’ve… really grown,” she says after a spell, looking a bit forlorn.

“And you… you’re a bit…you said you’re a trucker now?”

“Yeah… what were you gonna say there? Ya I’ve probably put on a bit of… weight, but it comes with the job.”

So Savannah was slimmer at one point? Maybe you’ve just become used to her healthy proportions, but you can’t really imagine her any other way. It’d be a shame if she lost her large bust or those thighs and ass. Or stomach. Or any part of her, really.

“Yer nothin’ but a twig though! Not eatin’ very well or somethin’?”

“You know as well as I do that I was always a skinny kid. That never really changed…”

“Was? Ya still are! Skinny and a kid. Don’t think I‘ve forgotten how old ya are. I’d haul ya back… but ya seem to be doin’ pretty good here,” Savannah says, her voice starting loud and gradually becoming quiet.

“Yeah, it’s not bad. Some months are a little harder than others, but I get by.”

“What’s yer job anyways? And shouldn’t ya be in school at this time of the day?”

“Oh, I found a job as a waitress. As for school… well, I’m confident I’ll pass the equivalency test.”

“Dropped out when ya ran off huh?” Savannah says, sighing deeply. “Not plannin’ on college I take it?”

Andy shrugs, then leans back a bit further on the couch. “Who knows?”

“What’d ya do fer money before comin’ here?”

“Lived with my boyfriend’s family for a while… then things kind of fell apart there. Wound up, ah, livin’ with dad for a while.”

“What?! Ya’d rather have gone ta that asshole than me?!” Savannah nearly shouted, glaring at her daughter.

“Well, that asshole, as you call him, didn’t constantly argue with me! Just took me in and so long as I didn’t cause a ruckus neither he nor his girlfriend cared.”

“No shit he didn’t care, otherwise he’d have called me. Bet he didn’t care ya weren’t in school neither.”

“Oh yea? Of course he cared! Otherwise he wouldn’t have taken me in. He wanted me to go to school, yes, but respected my decision not to.”

“I know that man,” Savannah hissed out, her eyes narrowed to slits. “He didn’t give a shit ‘bout neither of us towards the end. If he took ya in he had somethin’ to gain from it.”

“Maybe he did… but at least he didn’t fucking argue with me on every point non-stop! I did the few things he asked and that was that!”

Both of them are practically yelling now, and you’re feeling rather… uncomfortable. Pressed against the chair, you hope you’re invisible to them. MonsterLord help you if they somehow drag you into this argument. You’ve been here hardly any time at all and already their conversation has escalated twice. Savannah has never acted this way with anyone else before, at least as long as you’ve known her. Having Clare here would be a great boon, you think, but there will be no rescue for you anytime soon.

“And what did he have ya do?” Savannah said, her voice dropping to something like a menacing growl that you’d never heard before.

“He… Well he would have me pay for my room and board in a way you’d expect from a manticore like me,” she says, an odd tone to her voice. Like she regrets what happened, but has some measure of pride in being able to pay her own way.

“Kill him. I’m gonna kill him!” Savannah says almost calmly, a crazed laughter tinting her voice. In a rush she stands up, her wings spread out to their full length and height. “Jus’ tell me where he is and I’ll kill him! Whore my daughter out will he? Hahaha I’ll kill him!”

Shifting your terrified gaze from the bloodlust-filled manticore to the younger, more dainty one still seated on the couch, she appears to be more annoyed at Savannah’s reaction than anything. You’d figure a confession like that would be tear-filled or something, but she seems more annoyed with her mother’s reaction than being a prostitute. Maybe it’s just some kind of monstergirl thing.

“Mom! Just calm the fuck down,” Andy stands and places her paws on her mother’s shoulders. “He didn’t force me or anything. I chose it on my own.”

“What? Why would ya choose somethin’ like that? And who the hell is gonna pay fer it when they could get it just strollin’ around town at night anyways?” Savannah says, a bit of sanity and reason returning to her.

“Not every day you can get a young manticore, so there’s a demand.”

Though her wings are folded up again, Savannah is still staring harshly at her daughter, an edge to her voice.

“It’s one thing to ambush some boys in the hallway at school. It’s another to have yer father take money so some asshole can get his rocks off with a young girl.”

The thought of monstergirl prostitution had never crossed your mind before. Hell, you were so well taken care of, whether you wanted it or not, you’d have paid them to not fuck you sometimes. Though you suppose there are those looking for a specific kind of girl that ordinarily wouldn’t target them, so they have to pay for it. But to have her father set up her appointments…

Neither of them say anything for a while, instead staring each other down.

“So ya really don’t care what he did?”

“Not really. In fact, it was thanks to him… well, I’ll tell you later.”

“Fine. I’ll jus’ have to kill him later then,” Savannah says, most of her anger evaporated as she deflates back down into the couch.

“Your temper is still quick as ever, mom,” Andy says, suddenly smiling.

“Only with you, sugar.”

“Oh! I haven’t offered you anything to drink,” the young manticore says, standing up and heading towards the kitchen. “Do either of you want something?”

Looks like she’s still conscious of you being there. Waiting for Savannah to answer first, you reply after her once you learn what she has stocked.

The rest of the afternoon is filled with the same rapid anger cycles, though as they talk things seem to be smoothing out. They talked mostly about their lives and what’s happening, leaving you to sit silently and absorb everything. You discover her roommate is a slightly older, compared to Andy anyways, holstaurus named Christine, though she prefers to be called Chris. Fortunately they don’t really discuss you much, but that’ll probably come later.

Eventually the conversation came to a close as Andy had to leave for work. Chris won’t be home until later tonight, so you’ll have some time to kill. Andy’s already told her about you two, so there shouldn’t be any surprises if her roommate arrives home first. Just before she left, you saw the two of them whispering something to one another, glancing at you the entire time. Living with Clare and Savannah, you’ve kind of become used to that sort of thing and don’t really pay it much mind.

Shortly after she left, Savannah went to the kitchen to make dinner for the two of you – Andy said it was fine to use whatever she had. Curious about Savannah’s cooking, you couldn’t wait to sample whatever she made. Based on what you’d heard from others, she was supposed to be a fairly decent cook. Waiting in the living room, you can hear the sounds and smell the scents of cooking. Finally, Savannah calls you over – food’s done.

“How’s it?” Savannah asks, waiting until you had swallowed.

She’d made baked salmon on top of fried rice. Despite being baked, the salmon was still remarkably flaky and tender, and she’d flavored it quite well. You thought the fried rice side was an odd choice, but maybe she was limited on things. Compared to the salmon it wasn’t nearly as bold, but you think she had intended it to be a compliment to the fish rather than something that would stand alone. Something it did well.

Delicious, you say. The couple times you’d tried to make salmon in the past never turned out well.

Savannah smiles broadly and laughs a little. “Yeah, it can be a peach ta get right. I learnt a few things over the years that I had to cook fer Andy, Clare, and her sisters. Seems like I haven’t lost my touch,” she says, taking a bite of her own cooking; she’d waited for you to have the first taste.

Eating with her like this, you wonder why she seems to always show you her gentle, caring side whereas she was rather confrontational with her daughter. Thinking a bit more, you realize she’s kind of in-between with Clare. She obviously cares for her, but her attitude around her isn’t nearly as sweet. You seem to be something special to her.

“Whatcha smilin’ for?”

Without really thinking, you mention that it’s because of how good her cooking and her company is. It’s rare to be alone with her.

“Aw shucks, wasn’t nothin’,” she says, the barest hints of red rising on her face. A little girlish grin adorns her face as she looks at you across the table.

You kind of want to ask her about various things you heard today, but figure there will be plenty of that tomorrow. Though there is one thing.

Are the two of you staying here tonight?

“Yeah. One of the things Andy told me before she left was their couch folds out, so she and Chris are gonna sleep there.”

Oh, so they don’t mind sleeping together?

“Guess not. Though I wonder,” Savannah says, trailing off as she looks between the couch and loft. Looking at up at the loft as well, you think it’s a bit small for two beds. Maybe one of them sleeps on the couch full time or something?

Finished eating, you offer to clean up for Savannah. She agrees, but kind of mills about the kitchen, helping here and there. Thanks again for cooking, you say. Smiling wordlessly in response, she continues aiding you, though nearly taking over everything.

Wandering out of the kitchen and into the living room, you ask Savannah what she wants to do now.

“I was wondering when ya’d ask that,” she says, approaching you. Then, wrapping her arms around your waist and pulling you close, she whispers “You.”

Here, in her daughters apartment, you ask.

“It’s been two days since we last did it, and I’m all… achy n’ horny,” Savannah complains, her eyebrows furrowed in annoyance. Oh fine, you say. You’re in kind of an amorous mood anyways.

Her face switching from annoyance to joy, Savannah takes hold of your hand, then heads up to the loft. Sure enough, there’s a just a single, queen-sized bed up here. Taking a bit of initiative you approach her from behind, throwing your arms around her in a hug and kissing along the side of her neck. You feel her relax a bit in your embrace, tilting her head to expose more of her neck.

Continuing to kiss and lick along her neck, you start to undo her overshirt, but run into a snag when trying to get it off her wings. Laughing, Savannah breaks free from you, then turns around and removes it herself.

“Ya still havin’ trouble with it darlin’? What am I ta do with ya?” she says with a wink, then removes her undershirt as well. Her impressive breasts rise up with the shirt, straining against the fabric as she lifts it off, then they drop and swing free once her top is off.

“Think ya can handle the rest?” she coos, massaging and fondling her tits while staring into your eyes.

Certainly, you say.

She smiles and turns her back to you, glancing over her shoulder. Wrapping your arms around her again, she then curls her tail around one of your legs affectionately. Kissing the other side of her neck this time, you reach up with one hand to massage and caress her breasts, sinking your fingers deep into her supple flesh. Snaking the other hand downward, you undo the button on her pants one-handed after a bit of effort. Then, slipping inside her pants and panties, your fingers slide their way down her shaved mound, reaching her already-moistened slit.

Dipping two fingers inside of her and gently stirring her up, Savanna moans softly, relishing your touch wherever it lands. The two of you wander a lazy, staggered path towards the bed, eventually dropping down onto it.

Savannah drops down onto her back, her legs overhanging the edge of the bed. Almost immediately you begin to work her pants and underwear off, admiring her naked splendor. Her eyes, burning with desire, stare hungrily towards your crotch.

“That’s lookin’ painful. Don’t you wanna do somethin’ about it?”

Smiling, you begin disrobing, though taking a bit of slower pace to give her something of a little show. She grins all the while, massaging herself while taking in all your flesh as you slowly expose yourself. As your erection finally springs free once you drop your underwear, her lewd grin turns into one of delightful anticipation.

She brings her tailpussy towards your cock, but you shake your head and say that you just want her tonight. Savannah blinks a few times, somewhat surprised, then smirks.

“If that’s what ya want lover, I’ll be more ‘n happy to oblige.”

Taking hold of her hips, you push her forward onto the bed, climbing up after her. Crawling up her body between her legs, you begin kissing the insides of her thighs, her stomach, breasts, collar bones, and finally reach her lips. Lightly nibbling and sucking on her lips, she’s had enough of your teasing and pulls your head down against hers, forcing your mouth to hers. With a passion you haven’t experienced from her in a rather long time, her tongue hungrily and greedily pushes into your mouth, wrapping itself around your own. She gasps and sucks, moaning and panting, never letting go for even the barest of seconds.

Trapped in her deep kisses, you’re forced to feel your way down her body with your hands until you reach her legs. Parting and lifting them slightly, you adjust yourself until you feel your glans pressing against her wet labia, then push in. Your cock parts her delicate flesh, intruding into her soft, warm, silken folds, drawing a lewd moan from the manticore that frees you from her ravenous kisses. Her paws shifting from your head to your back to hold you close to her, she binds you tightly, holding you firm against her plush, warm breasts.

You start a slow, steady pace at first, pushing in one hard inch at a time, pushing through her warm flesh as it clings to your cock, stroking and massaging you. Bottomed out in the manticore, your glans kissing her cervix, you start to withdraw from her tight snatch with similar, purposeful slowness. Relishing every sensual stroke, you close your eyes and concentrate on the sensations of her cunt. Every soft and supple bit of her as it struggles to accommodate your throbbing cock, then how it seems to tease and suck at you, desperate to keep you inside her hot confines.

Savannah, however, has other ideas. Wrapping her legs around your waist, she growls in your ear. “Yer a man, ain’t ya? Ya call this a fuck? Show me what ya really got.”

So much for a sensual session. Fine, but first… you say, pulling her paws off you.

Pressing her paws against the bed, your hands atop hers, you do your best to interlock your fingers with hers. Hoisting your upper body up with your arms and hands for increased leverage, you give her one last deep kiss.

Like a switch, you go from a slow, romantic pace to one that’ll satisfy the horny manticore. No longer can you feel her every crevice and bump within her cunt, it’s more like a tight, hot, sucking blur. Every hard thrust in is met with considerable resistance as her inner depths struggle to part before you, then pull down and suck hard as you exit. You remember hearing that the more of a single person’s semen a manticore takes in with their tail, the better their vagina becomes suited for that person. As Savannah hasn’t used her tail on Clare lately, you can certainly feel the truth to that.

At this pace, her snatch is almost unbearably tight. Looking down at yourself as you plunge in and out of her like a machine, you can see her inner lips pull out, desperately clinging to you even as you withdraw several inches. No wonder you never felt a cool air at all. It doesn’t matter how hard or fast you slam into the manticore and withdraw, her flesh never lets go – her constricting, bumpy, rippled flesh. Not that you could escape from her confines anyways, her legs are locked tight and limit how far back you can pull.

Grunting to maintain your pace, Savannah’s back is arched and she’s moaning nearly non-stop, calling your name over and over in time with every reckless thrust into her aching, thirsty cunt. Every impact against her crotch sends her tits jiggling and rolling, her nipples gyrating just below your face. Not one to waste an opportunity, you take one of her large, pert nipples into your mouth, teasing and sucking on it. The change in the pitch of her moans seems to indicate her approval.

Railing your inches in and out of her, you begin to feel a building tension in her body. Her cunt starts squeezing a little harder, her breaths are a little more ragged, her fluids are spurting out a little more with every thrust. The manticore’s orgasm rises quick and hard, clenching her jaw tight to as her whole body tenses. Her back and hips arch up hard, a long moan, nearly a scream, escaping from her throat. A rush of sticky fluids, temporarily blocked from exiting by her tight snatch wrapped firmly and snuggly around your cock, finally spray free as the pressure builds, dousing your crotch and legs in her musky girlcum.

Still pinning her paws down, you do your best to keep up your fast pace against her spasming and bucking hips, but the incredible tightness as all her muscles contract is overwhelming.

Her legs lock you down into her, sealing any movement, but her cunt still squirms and writhes around you, her cervix sucking at your glans. Unable to bear her pressure any longer, you allow yourself sweet release, grinding your hips against the manticore to push yourself deeper still. Your boiling orgasm finally set free, you let loose long, hot spurts of cum, distending your already pulsing and turgid shaft before bursting forth into Savannah’s womb.

Savannah gives one last content moan as her own orgasm subsides, now staring intently at you as you concentrate blowing everything you have as deep into her womanhood as you can. With every spurt she licks her lips and makes a little gasp. With one last groan and final, mind-numbing jet of semen unleashed into her, you let yourself collapse onto her pillowy breasts, letting your head hang near hers. She looks into your eyes, smiling happily.

With the weight off her paws, she brings up one and strokes your face and hair. “Yer such a sweetie. I love ya so much.”

Returning her smile, you tell her that you love her too. She lifts her head to give you a kiss, though it’s more emotionally intimate and less carnal than her previous one. Rather than hungry and wanting, it’s more sensual and tender. After a time she breaks the kiss, trailing a thread of saliva from your lips to hers. You attempt to back out of her some, but her legs are holding you fast. Her snatch is still wrapped tightly around you, gently massaging and pulsing around you, preventing you from going limp.

“And jus’ where do ya think yer goin’ darlin’?”

Nowhere you guess, you reply dryly.

Savannah snorts, a half-smug-half-lewd grin plastered on her face.

While trapped in her grasp, you notice her tail twitch closer and closer. Sure, why not.

Grabbing the end of it, you bring it to you and circle the rim of the fleshy organ with your tongue. Instantly the manticore shudders, her leg lock on you weakening.

“Ah.. don’t do that…” she says weakly, gasping as you tease her tailpussy, sucking and nibbling along its outer rim. You grin at her, not saying anything, then start running a finger along it as well, coating your digit in its thick secretions. Finally her leghold breaks, and you’re able to pull free, her tail still firmly in your grasp.

Backing off farther, you stand up just to the side of the bed, your plan already in motion. Coiling her tail around your arm, you then grab her waist and drag her over towards the edge of the bed so that her snatch is just nearly over the floor. Perfect position.

You ask her if she wants both her pussies stuffed at once. She looks towards her tail coiled on your arm, then down to her crotch, your erection throbbing and hovering just above her vagina. Pausing for a moment, she turns her gaze back to you, then nods her head, smiling lewdly.

Bending slightly and pushing forward, you slide into her warm, inviting snatch. Still sensitive after you last orgasm, you groan slightly as you slide forward until you pelvis meets hers. Bottomed out, you turn your attention to her lewd tail. Inserting two fingers into it like you would her vagina, you grip and massage along its circumference, tickling and prodding at all the bumps and ridges within. The viscous fluids within begin to drool out, covering your hand and arm.

Savannah is already gasping with pleasure, her cunt contracting in time with her tailpussy. Inserting a third finger into her tight tail, you begin rocking your hips back and forth to match the motion of your hand, sliding in and out of both of her holes in rhythm. Slowly building up your tempo, the manticore is letting out short, gasping moans like you’ve never heard before – they’re almost like cries. Her paws are clinging to whatever she can take hold of, her back arched as high as it can go.

Hammering into her cunt now, slapping against her thighs and cheeks , she suddenly lets out a quiet scream, a torrent of her sticky love spraying out, utterly coating you in her release. Even her tailpussy is practically gushing its lubricant as it spasms along with her pussy. Still, you’re not nearly satisfied, increase your intensity further, wrecking her all you’re worth. No matter how fast or hard you plunge in and out of her, her snatch hangs on for the ride, never letting you go despite all the sexual fluids that have flooded from her depths. And, based on how Savannah is looking at you, she wants more.

Sliding your last finger and thumb into the tail, it grips your hand with enough force to cause some pain – to you anyways. Holding her fuckhole with one hand, you form a fist with your hand and begin pumping in and out of the organ. Savannah’s eyes roll up into her head, her tongue hanging out of her mouth as an endless, rapturous moan bubbles from her throat.

Then another orgasm rips through her body, her vagina and tail clamping down even harder. Steadying yourself, you manage to last through it without reaching your own climax, still pumping away into her with reckless abandon. Every part of her hot lovebox wringing, sucking, and caressing you no matter your speed. Your entire hand up your forearm is now inside her lewd orifice as well; it’s stretched out so much you can make the faint outline of your fist along its outer walls. And still, Savannah is absolutely loving it, crying out in pleasure.

A third orgasm tears through her, this time you completely pull yourself out as her hips churn and buck in the air, hosing you with yet more of her raunchy love. You’re constantly flexing and shifting your fist to provide a sensation for her inside the tail in addition to pumping your fist in and out. Pushing in as far as you can, you can feel a tiny opening at the very end of it against a knuckle, sort of like a cervix. At least now you know for sure where all your semen goes when she uses this hole on you.

As her orgasm fades, you plunge back into her depths, groaning as you quickly slam your glans into her womb. Her tail is sucking and tugging on your arm, its attempts to milk your fist in vain. Her cunt is mirroring that action on something a little more productive, however. Before you can even think about drawing out after you rapid insertion, her sex clamps down tight and hard, nearly preventing you from pulling out. Her flesh clings to you like a second skin, pulling out of her as before, only now you’re not even able to remove yourself completely before you give in and allow your bubbling orgasm to burst free, pouring your seed into Savannah. Grunting and groaning, you slam into her one last time, topping her off from your prior ejaculation.

Another wave of cum erupts forth from your cock into her eager womb, your legs and hips bucking as your balls twitch and spasm, releasing everything they’ve left to give. Leaning your head back, you savor the bliss of every white-hot wad of semen as it works its way through you, then plasters the manticore’s insides with an alabaster sheen.

Now more in control of herself, she releases your arm from her tail, pulling you in tight against her as your tremble with your release.

“That was somethin’ else love,” she pants into your ear as her cunt sucks and strokes at you, milking the last few drops of semen you have left to give.

“When did ya become such a beast?”

Recovering from your own orgasm, you tell her that it seemed like she might enjoy it. Savannah smiles, pulling you down even more tightly into her breasts.

“Always thinkin’ of me. That’s why I love ya so much.”

Resting for a while after fucking Savannah, the two of you eventually get up and set about cleaning up the mess. A good deal of your semen flowed out of Savannah’s stuffed cunt and onto the sheets, along with her own vast quantities of fluids that managed to even douse a nightstand and reached an impressive distance on the floor.

Fortunately there’s a change of bedding in a closet. At first you were surprised to find that most monstergirls had two or three changes of linens in their households, but now you realize why. Especially with wet girls like Savannah. An odd thought crosses your mind regarding Andy in that aspect, but you quickly dismiss it.

Idling about and watching TV, the first bit of something interesting finally happens just before midnight. Savannah and you hear a lock being undone, and turn towards the door. Expecting Andy, you’re surprised when you see a holstaurus instead – it’s Christine.

She’s rather on the tall side, and slim with rather smallish breasts. Weren’t holstauruses supposed to be well-endowed? The bits of her fur have a typical white and black spotted pattern, including her cow-like ears, and she has two small, almost dainty, up-turned horns that protrude from the sides of her head.

She looks at the two of you for a moment, frozen in place with an odd smile on her face. You’re not sure what to say. Andy was supposed to have told her, right?

“Uh, Hi? You must be Chris?” Savannah says, attempting to break the awkward stand off.

“Oh! You must be… Savannah? Andy’s mom? That’s right. Sorry, it’s been a long day. And you must be her boyfriend?” Christine says, turning from the manticore to you. You wave your hand and say hello, introducing yourself. Savannah does the same after you.

Maybe it’s just her surprise at you two, but Christine seems to talk… quickly. Weren’t holstauruses supposed to be laid back?

“Oh, pleased to meet you. As you already know I’m Christine, but please call me Chris. Did Andy tell you what time she’d get home?”

“She said she’d be back ‘bout the same time as you, I think.”

“Right, right. Well ah…” she trails off, clearly unsure of what to say. Without Savannah’s daughter here, this certainly is kind of awkward.

She’s still in the doorway, and the door is still open. You mention if she’s going to come inside.

“Oh!” Chris gasps, then closes the door behind her, then sets her bag down on a table. As she walks in, she stops to wipe her hooves off with a towel that was tucked underneath the table.

Clomping into the kitchen, she reappears with a drink. “So ah, what did Andy tell you about me?”

“That yer her roomie and where and when ya met. Not much else, honestly. Jus’ kinda talked ‘bout us ‘till she had to leave.”

“I see… okay then,” she says, looking down for a moment. “Well ah, I don’t know if you’d like, but is there anything you’d like to ask me before Andy gets back?”

“Hmm. Andy didn’t tell us where ya worked.”

“Ah, I work at a daycare.”

Savannah raises an eyebrow. “At this hour?”

“Yes, it’s a 24-hour daycare. There are quite a few parents in the city that have kids and work second or third shift, so we provide care at all hours and such. As you can see, I’ve got second shift.”

Neat, you say. That’s pretty helpful.

“Thanks, I really like it, too!” Chris beams.

“If ya don’t mind me askin’, how old are ya?”

“Oh, me? Ah, I’m 21, almost 22.”

Huh, she’s nearly the same age as you. Chris is also a fair bit older than Andy, relatively speaking. You heard they met while Andy was with her father, then they moved here. Seems kind of odd.

Savannah seems to mull over her answer as well.

Then there’s an awkward silence again. Christine seems to be fretting nervously, looking towards the door every few seconds. You and Savannah are sitting together on the couch, unable to come up with any conversation topics either.

With a clack, sweet relief comes. Chris jumps up and heads over to the door, giving Andy a hug as she appears. That’s… friendly.

“Oh, so you got here first?” Andy says.

“Yeah, yeah I did. We’ve already talked a bit, I guess? Yeah, I guess.”

“That’s good, then. Saves me some time,” Andy says, walking into the living room with Christine in tow. Feels like their ages are reversed, in a way. Though perhaps she’s still just nervous.

There’s little conversation afterwards, as they both seem eager to get to sleep. You and Savannah are fairly tired as well, no doubt spurred along exhaustion by your aggressive sex.

Andy and Chris pull out the couch bed, and settle in as you and Savannah head up into the loft to the proper bed. You feel kind of bad to force the owners of the apartment to sleep on one of those rickety things together, but they insisted. The curvy manticore curled up next to you, clutching you in her paws didn’t seem to complain much either. Well, perhaps it’d be best to enjoy your time alone with Savannah on a real bed as much as you can.

Rolling about in bed, you soon realize Savannah is no longer present. With a yawn and a stretch, looking around the room, it’s apparent that morning has long since past. Then you smell it – the delightful scents of something cooking. Eagerly exiting the bed and heading down the stairs, you see that the girls have folded up the couch bed and are waiting in the kitchen.

Saying good morning to them, they laugh and mention that it’s afternoon now. You look at a clock on the wall. So it is. Further in the kitchen, Savannah seems to be busy preparing something. Smells good. Taking a seat at the table with Andy and Chris, you listen in on their small talk, though they seem to quickly change the topic to you.

“So, how long have you been with mom?” The youthful manticore asks. You’re pretty sure she already knows this.

You mention that it hasn’t been too long, not more than a few months. Looking across the table into the kitchen, you see Savannah’s ears twitching, but she appears to pay you three no mind.

“Hmmm, and here I thought she was downplaying your time together.”

You ask Andy what she means.

“Oh, she just talked about you like you’d been lovers for years or something. Including how great the sex is,” she says with a little grin.

Savannah glances at you, quickly averting her eyes again. Just what were they talking about while you were asleep? So, Savannah thinks you’re great in bed huh?

“Ah hah! Look at him smile,” Andy says, throwing you a sly look.

“Now Andy, it’s not nice to tease someone like him so much,” Chris says, “he’s the sensitive type, remember.”

Sensitive type, you ask.

“Oh! Ah, yes. That kind of came up… about how you were reluctant and avoiding Savannah’s advances. She told us she had to win over your heart before she could have you, otherwise you kept resisting her!”

You stare at the manticore in the kitchen, narrowing your eyes. Her ears are twitching, so she’s certainly hearing what’s going on, but won’t look at you. Chris smiles at you earnestly while Andy has the same shit-eating grin her mother often sports.

“I think it’s very sweet of you! Especially how she wound up admitting her love for you, and how you told her you love her too!” Christ exclaims, placing her hands on her cheeks and shaking her head back and forth. “Such love!”

Hmm, it seems like there’s been no mention of Clare? You suppose you should keep it that way. Before you can think of something say in response, Savannah interrupts the conversation.

“Food’s ready!” she yells, walking over to the table with two plates. Looks like french toast, eggs, and hashbrowns. So you’ll be able to eat her cooking the entire time you’re here? Almost makes you want to never leave. She sets down two plates in front of Andy and Chris, then gives you a smile that begs for forgiveness. You say nothing, instead simply cocking an eyebrow. After a return trip to the kitchen, Savannah brings out two more plates and sets one down for you and the last for her, sitting next to you at table.

Sighing through your nose, you throw Savannah a mildly annoyed glance.

Then you take a bite of the french toast.

Damned if she can’t cook. A few more bites confirms what you already knew; everything is excellent. Well, you’ll gladly let her say as she pleases if it means being able to eat more of this. That haughty look on her face as her eyes meet yours is a bit troubling, however. It’s like she’s aware of the power she now wields over you now.

“I’m glad y’all enjoy it so much,” she says, watching the three of you eating. Andy grunts a response with a mouthful of something. Christine at least has the courtesy to swallow before attempting a reply.

The remainder of the morning melts away into afternoon remarkably fast. After breakfast, the four of you showered and otherwise loitered about, talking about various things going on in life, as well as plans for the evening. Neither Chris or Andy had work tonight, so they wanted to go somewhere with you and Savannah. Eventually the four of you decide on a new place called “Big D’s,” a steakhouse with a ‘western’ theme that sparked Savannah’s interest.

For the most part the rest of the day was quiet. Usually. You and Christine had retreated up into the loft to watch TV on the bed while Andy and Savannah continued catching up and chatting. Occasionally they’d start yelling at each other as they did last night, causing you some concern. But, at some point you got used to it though, and simply wished they’d quiet down so you wouldn’t miss any of the drama going in the soaps. Groaning and bitching at first, Chris insisted they were good. Her house her rules, you decided, and settled in next to her. Before you knew it, you were captivated by those awful shows, asking the holstaurus questions about the characters that she happy to answer.

Despite some small part of you pleading and compelling you to turn away, you just couldn’t. How could Chad cheat on Miranda, his loving shirohebi wife with that hussy Janet, his succubus boss at work? It just wasn’t right. You had to see how this played out. And then see how the next one turned out. And the one after that.

Eventually evening settles in, and you head down from the loft to use the restroom. Walking past the manticore duo, you can tell they’re arguing, but don’t really pay attention to their words. Until you hear your name. You turn to face them, wondering what they’re talking about.

“You’re perfect. Come here a second,” Andy beckons.

Savannah glares at her. “No way. I ain’t givin’ you him.”

“But then how will we find out?”

Walking towards them, little has been done to solve the mystery of what they’re going on about. Find out what, you ask.

“Mom here says she’s got the best tail. I think a young guy like you would much prefer what I have to offer,” Andy says with a seductive smile.

“The hell ya do, I got more years of experience than you got years of life.”

“And it’s made yours all worn out and baggy,” Andy snaps, raising her tail up and flexing the end of it in your direction.

“No, ya ain’t gettin’ him n’ that’s final,” Savannah says, scowling at her daughter. Then she looks at you, her scowl turning to a pleasant, yet frightening smile. “Ya wouldn’t want any other tail but mine, right darlin’?”

What a loaded question. Tensing and backing up slightly, you say that yeah, Savannah’s is the only one for you.

Andrea’s tail snaps in your direction, opening and closing to reveal its interior. “Are you suuuure?”

Yes, you’re very sure.

“Hmph,” she snorts, returning her tail to its normal resting position. Savannah continues to smile at you, though the pressure you felt from before is gone. You breathe a silent sigh of relief. She’s acting awfully possessive despite sharing you with Clare. Turning to head towards the bathroom, you spot Christine peeking over the edge of the bed, glaring at Andy. What’s she mad about?

“Western” theme may have been a bit of an understatement. The inside of Big D’s is certainly… something. Wooden barrels, wooden booths, wooden floors. Wooden everything, really. Then there’s ropes, bull horns, old tyme sepia photos, replica Colt Navies, and other assorted knickknacks strewn about. All the servers are wearing some kind of western outfits as well, and many of them are centaur. Despite the kitsch appearance, the food is supposed to be top-notch from what Andy and Chris have said.

Once the hostess seats the four of you at a booth and leaves after handing out the menus, Savannah seems to be looking askance at Andy.

“Do ya think I’m like this? I’m almost hurt, really.”

“Oh mom, I assure you I didn’t know it was this… bad in here. And no, I don’t think you’re some redneck,” says Andrea, looking around the place, then focusing on her mother.

“Yea Ms. Stahl, this is the first time we’ve been here as well. It just opened not long ago. And I think your drawl is absolutely charming!”

Savannah visibly winced at ‘Ms. Stahl.’ “Please don’t call me that. Savannah is more than fine – thank ya.

“Sure thing Ms. S… Savannah!”

Savannah rolled her eyes.

“But,” Andy began after Chris’ exchange, “I do know what you like.”

“What’s that supposed ta mean?”

“You’ll see,” she said with a toothy grin, glancing at you.

What’s she up to?

About then the server arrived, a rugged-looking centaur that looked like he hadn’t shaved in years. Despite his appearance, he was rather soft spoken and polite. An odd combination for sure. Taking a drink order and returning in short time, Andy decided to unfurl her plot as Savannah took a swig from her frosty mug of beer.

“They have a mechanical bull here. If ya can hold on for a certain amount of time you get dinner for free.”

Neat, you think. But surely Savannah isn’t going to play into her hands so eas-

“Hold my beer,” is all she says as she immediately stands and power-walks away, stopping to ask one of the staff where it is before continuing on.

Welp. Andy is laughing, and Chris looks rather mystified by what just happened. The youthful manticore shares a knowing nod with you, then stands and follows after her mother. You and Christine follow soon after, though you wonder about the poor server when he returns to take your food order.

Heading towards the back of the building, the booths end and a large, open area begins. In the middle is the bull, and there’s Savannah, talking to someone. Presumably one of the folks that operates it.

“So we really eat fer free if I can hang on fer two minutes?”

“Correct, though it only covers yourself and three other people.”

“Well that’s jus’ perfect, then,” Savannah says, noticing you all gather behind her, “ ‘cause these three are with me.”

The minotaur woman standing by the gate smiles. “That’s fine. Now then, you wish to go now?”

Savannah nods.

“All right then,” she says as she opens a gate to allow Savannah near the bull. Closing it, she walks over to a small table and picks up a microphone, then begins to speak in her best announcer voice.

“Ladies and gentlemen of Big D’s! We have a contestant tonight for ‘The Ride Never Ends’ challenge!” Her voice is loud and clear through several speakers throughout the restaurant. Several people look over towards you, and some others seem to come out from their tables for a closer look.

Hoisting herself up atop the mechanical bull, Savannah realizes she’s being broadcast. And, in true fashion for her, she flaps her wings out and flexes her arms defiantly. How like her, indeed. Andy gives a holler, causing Christine to fidget nervously and blush. You look at her and shrug your shoulders, and she simply sighs.

Andy and you lean forward against the small wooden fencing that serves as a barricade, watching the machine start up. Savannah holds on with one paw, keeping her other in the air. Already it’s bucking and kicking like one pissed off bull, and she’s doing one hell of a job hanging on. Though you think it’s gotta be painful. And she’s giving one hell of a show. For whatever reason she doesn’t like wearing a bra.

“Ah, she’s just like I remember her. For better or worse,” Andy says quietly.

So Savannah is kind of the same as always, you ask.

“Hmm… well I guess she’s a lot more gentle now. I wonder if has something to do with you.”

Is.. that so?

“She’s still the same old mom, just maybe a bit less… hum, fighty?”

What? You two have been arguing non-stop, you say.

“Haha, yeah, but she’s quick to calm down. Before she’d be all riled up for hours. I don’t know what’s made her change, but I like to think it’s you. Or age, I’m not sure.”


Andy flashes you a smile, but her countenance turns sombre rather quickly. Chris has been listening to the conversation off the side, but joins you two against the railing.

Savannah is still holding tight, though she’s looking strained. Two minutes is coming up quick. Seems like she’s able to use her tail and wings to help her keep her balance. Interesting.

“Have you figured out why I wanted to meet with mom yet?”

Thinking for a moment, you shake your head. No, you don’t really know. Wasn’t it to just make up or something?

“Hah, yeah. That’s part of it I guess. But…’ she trails off, turning to Chris, giving the holstaurus’ hand a squeeze. “I… wanted her to be the first person I told.”

Told what?

“Well if I said it to you, then she’d be the second, wouldn’t she?”

Fair enough.

“Aaand we have a winner! Savannah has managed to hang on for the entire duration!” the minotaur proclaims, drawing a small cheer from the audience. The manticore, panting and sweating, hops down from the mechanical beast, standing proud.

“Pretend like I’ve never said anything,” Andy whispers, then walks off to congratulate the triumphant mother. Christine gives you a wink, then follows behind the young manticore.

Hmm, you’ve got a hunch as to what’s going on. If you do, then Savannah probably does as well.

After dinner, Andy and Chris insist on heading to a nice little vista that overlooks part of the city. Hopping out of the car, the youthful duo head over to a fence, waving you and Savannah over.

“So whatcha want to come here fer?”

Andrea turns to face her mother as she approaches the fence, supporting her weight with her arms as she leans back. Christine leans against the manticore slightly, the two of them looking at Savannah.

The elder manticore halts a short distance away, placing a paw on a hip and shifting her weight. “You two are up ta somethin’.

“Yeah…One of the reasons I wanted to talk to you… well I wanted to make up as well. Chris kind of pushed me to do that,” she says, glancing towards the holstaurus, smiling slightly. Then she covers Chris’ hand with her paw. “It was probably time anyways, but I was actually kind of scared for a long time.”

“Scared of what?” Savannah says, furrowing her brow.

“I… well now I know it was stupid, but I thought you’d not love me anymore or something.”
Savannah snorts out a laugh, “How could I ever not love my daughter? Yer dear to me as anythin’.”

“Good to know…I just wanted you to be the first to know… to know that Chris and I are… well…”

“Lovers?” Savannah says, finishing her sentence.

“Eh? How…” Andy stumbles out, clearly surprised. Chris seems surprisingly nonchalant. Maybe she knew that Savannah knew? Or something odd like that.

“See, now I’m pissed that ya think I’m stupid. Who the hell lives in a single bedroom apartment with someone who’s just a roommate? Not to mention I see the way ya two look n’ talk to each other.”

“Why didn’t you say anything then?”

“Was I supposed to? Yer my flesh n blood. I ain’t gonna judge ya based on who ya love. Well, unless ya were keen on some asshole who’d leave ya for some feathered bitch.”

You’re pretty sure that was supposed to be a kindly remark, but there was perhaps a bit too much venom in her words at the end there. At least Andy picked up on the first parts.

“…Thanks,” the young manticore says, looking down for a moment.

You were kind of expecting something more… dramatic. Or touching. Instead, neither of them really displayed much emotion, like they just had a discussion about the weather.

“Oh see Andy? I told you Savannah wouldn’t care. Ah, if only you had fixed all of this sooner,” Christine goes on, scolding her girlfriend.

“Fine fine, you were right…” she responds sheepishly, her ears drooping.

Savannah walks forward a few more steps, throwing her paws around Andy, mashing the young girl’s face into her breasts. “Damn straight she’s right. Yer a stubborn, fool girl, n’ I guess ya got that from me. I’m glad ya finally decided to talk me.”

Releasing her daughter, Savannah then approaches Christine and does the same thing, despite her attempts to avoid the suffocating hug. “Thanks fer takin’ care of her. I may not know ya much yet, but I think I like ya already.”

The holstaurus mumbles out a response that you can’t quite make out, but grants her freedom from the manticore’s clutches.

So, you say, what now?

Andrea shrugs at you. “I guess we just go back home? Though it’s not really late.”

“It’s late enough,” Savanna says, approaching you and hooking her arm around yours, though her large paw makes the action a little less than fluid.

“Oh, I see, I see… but we only have one room, and to be honest I don’t really feel comfortable being that close to the action when it’s involving my mother…”

Well shit, you say, guess there’s no lovin’ tonight.

“What makes ya think that, darlin’? Hey Andy, do ya have any spare blankets at yer house we could use?”

“Sure. I think we have an old quilt or two.”

“Great, let’s stop by n’ pick ‘em up,” Savannah says, looking towards you with a glint in her eye.

Laid out on your back in a grass field with Savannah at your side, shoulders touching, the two of you gaze out into the night sky.

This is the same spot as last time, isn’t it, you ask.

“The very same.”

Seems like not many people know about this little hide away, even though it’s so close to the city.

“Heh, yea, Clare and I discovered it a while back the first time we came to this city. Got a bit lost.”

A bit? How could anyone accidentally get here?

“Ya know… Hey why does it matter anyways?” Savannah shifts to look at you, her brow knitted in annoyance.

Just making a bit of conversation, you say. She continues to glower at you.

Coughing lightly and letting that subject die off, you let your gaze and mind wander the sky, searching for nothing in particular. The manticore to your side occasionally shifts a bit closer, until she’s entirely pressed against you. Her paw shifts about, searching for your hand. Finding purchase, she squeezes tightly, smiling all the while – though never looking directly at you.

The warmth flowing off of her creeps into your core, filling you with an odd sort of contentment. A sort of tranquil peace that makes you forget your worries. So close to her like this, the large tufts of fur on her arms and legs tickle at your own limbs, and her fluffy, lion-like mane around her neck brushes ever so lightly against your face.

Glancing to her face, she’s still focused on the sky above – a perfect opportunity. Nuzzling your face into her mane, its texture is soft and airy all through its length. Inhaling deeply through your nose, the downy fur is full of her scent, though mingled slightly with whatever shampoo she uses. It’s a comforting scent – Savannah’s scent.

She strokes the back of your head with her other paw, saying nothing for a time.

“Last time we did this, it made me happy, even though ya focused on Clare so much,” she says, a slight melancholy to her tone. “I was a bit jealous…”

You ask how come she didn’t say anything at the time, then.

“ ‘Cause it made that cat happy too, somethin’ she ain’t had in a long while. But now I got ya to m’self tonight darlin’.”

Before you can say anything else, she manages to roll herself atop you with remarkable speed, stradling you to prevent your escape.

“And I mean to take advantage of it.”

Oh no, whatever will you do, you say, slipping mock fear into your voice. Savannah grins before moving to pin your arms in place, then silences you with a kiss.

“This is great mom, it’s a shame you’re leaving today,” Andrea says, able to somehow talk clearly despite her cheeks being stuffed like a chipmonk’s. “I forgot how well you cooked!”

The holstaurus near the young manticore sighs, glaring at her. “Andy, you’re spraying bits everywhere, please just… just swallow before you talk.”

Indeed it is a shame, you think. Soon you’ll be leaving to drop off the car and then meet Clare at a truck stop. Won’t even be time for lunch.

“I’m glad ya like it. And it ain’t gonna be like y’all never have it again, assumin’ ya manage to keep in touch.”

Mindful of Chris’ scolding, Andy swallows the food packed into her mouth before speaking this time. “Yeah, don’t worry. I’ll send you e-mails and call every now and then. When’s the next time you’ll be able to stop by?”

“Mmm, not sure. Depends on routes. I could try to arrange ta swing by every month fer at least a day or two.”

“Really? That’d be great!”

It’s nice to see them getting along. Last night when the two of you returned, they talked some more while you attempted to sleep. What kept you awake wasn’t that they argued about something, rather that they never fought once. A rather odd experience, though even more odd to become acclimated to it inside two days.

The rest of the early day speeds past in a blur, interrupted by Clare’s call that she’s waiting for the two of you. Everyone saying their goodbyes, things are kept rather terse. Perhaps it’s Savannah and Andy’s way to make sure they talk again in the future? Chris and Andrea seem to be fond of you as well, referring to you as Savannah’s “prey” most of the time through the morning, much to her annoyance.

Inside the car, Andy and Chris stand just outside the building door, waving to the two of you one last time. Waving back to the young pair, you ask Savannah what she was so afraid of again.

“Are ya gonna keep bringin’ that up? I had my reasons…”

And everything turned out better than expected, right?

“Seems that way… I ought listen ta ya more often, I think. And wipe that smug grin off yer face.”

So only she’s allowed to be smug?

Savannah rolls her eyes. “Ass.”

At least she learned from the last exchange.

“Well, time to get back ta Clare before she gets all pissed at havin’ to sit there alone,” Savannah says, starting up the car. “If only I didn’t have ta share ya…”

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13 thoughts on “Trucker Manticore CYOA

    1. Oh wow. I thought it was the entire thing – the admin uploaded it for me back when the site was brand new. I added the last chunk of the story/smut in a separate entry.

  1. This is seriously perfect. Ever since I read it on your Pastebin (again, without commenting since a year or two), I’ve seen pretty much all your smutty stuff. Laska and Me is probably the only one I’m still procrastinating on reading ever since an MGE Wiki user said it doesn’t have smut. But otherwise, awesome CYOA.

  2. hay bob sorry to keep bothering you so much but could not help but notice that the house of the cat girl in this stoy is decribed jest like the one in laska and me sor did this take place years after or befor or posable the mothe of ther 3 girls is laskas daughter? jest wondring

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