*knock knock knock*
Damn it…..again?
It’s Halloween- so you have some idea of what you’re in for. Still, it’s pushing 9:00 at night….a little late for trick-or-treaters you figure.
Better get up from the man-cave and answer the door before the house gets egged and TP-ed overnight. You begrudgingly tear yourself away from a pretty entertaining college football game.
It’s not as though its your house, though. One of your overachieving friends has a nice place of about 5000 square feet in the hills outside of town, and he needed someone to housesit for him while he went to a weeklong conference in Singapore on semiconductor development. The fact that he’s been in an online relationship with a Youko in that neck of the woods is a nice little bonus for him.
So naturally, your buddy assumed (correctly) that you had nothing else going on and asked you to watch his place while he was going to be gone for a minimum of 10 days. And given all the amenities he has available, you found it hard to say no. He didn’t come right out and say it, but it was strongly implied that you could have ‘company’ if the opportunity presented itself.
Unfortunately that was pretty unlikely.
This Halloween eve, however, one of the downsides of such spacious accommodation is the lengthy trek from man-cave to front door. Still, it’s a small price to pay you figure as you grab a small handful of fun-sized peanut butter cups, licorice and M&Ms on your way to the front door.
In the spirit of Halloween, you decide to play along and slowly open the front door, concealing yourself behind the frame as the door provides a dry creaking that adds to the spooky ambiance.
“Ha ha! You can’t fool me! I smelled you from behind the door the whole time.” a high pitch voice called out.
It was a cute little hellpup, her eyes sparking with mischief as she holds out a pretty full bag of candy.
The little hellpup is dressed as some Pokémon thing with what has to be a flame-retardant costume. As you open the door a little wider, you can see a little dragon girl dressed up in a Godzilla costume. Accompanying the two of them is what you assume is the boisterous little hellpup’s mom- a curvaceous Hellhound wearing a fireman’s helmet and pants with suspenders. You try not to stare as the suspenders are pressed snugly up against a white midriff-baring shirt that is showing a considerable amount of underboob.
Most mamono are too pushy and assertive for your tastes, but you got to admit that little Hell-wan’s mom has got it going on.
She gently nudges the young one, prompting both her and her dragon friend to call out “Trick of treat!” as the two of them hold out their bags.
You can’t help but chuckle- you’re no good around kids and consider most mamono pretty iffy, but the little display is undeniably cute.
Chuckling, you give the girls some of the candy you scooped up on your way to the door.
“Happy Halloween.” you say to the two of them.
Almost as soon as the candy lands in their bags, they turn and begin to run off- the two of them calling out “Thank you!” in unison as they start running down the driveway.
Hellmama is looking at you with a coy grin before turning to look behind her.
“Girls, wait up!” she scolds them. Almost immediately, the distant pitter patter of clawed and scaled feet on the driveway comes to a halt.
With nothing more than an unshy and slightly exaggerated wave, the sexy firefighter Hellmom takes her leave, catching up to the two tykes. You don’t want to admit it, but she was the kind of ‘company’ you were hoping to get when your friend gave his tacit approval to have guests in his abode in his absence. But you’re pretty sure she’s married and being a dutiful (and sexy) mom by taking the daughter and her friend out trick-or-treating.
Shit- looks like it’s back to college football while nursing a beer and a semi well into the night.
The rest of the evening seems to fly past as the Pitt vs BYU contest is entertaining enough where you wonder how much you would’ve made if you had the cajones to put some cash on the game with that Danuki sports book.
Time for another beer.
As you head to the kitchen, you hear a rapping on the front door. The little clock on the kitchen’s oven reads 10:57. Way too late for trick-or-treaters.
Still, you don’t want to clean up any messes made by pranksters tonight. Better go see what’s going on.
Again you trudge to the door, but you’re not quite ready for the sight that greets you. Opting to skip the theatrics, you quickly open the door and find before you someone in costume.
But it’s no kid, that’s for damn sure.
Standing before you spilling out of a blouse and tiny skirt is a striking monstergirl with pale hair, fuzzy ears and arms that taper off into paws with dark fur.
It’s a Ren Xiongmao in a naughty schoolgirl outfit. Way too old to be a trick or treater. One look at her is enough to figure that out.
She’s blushing and seems to be fidgeting- like many of her kind, she’s gorgeous.
“H….hello….” she begins sheepishly in a manner that makes it pretty clear English isn’t her first language. “You give candy now, yes?”
Your first hint that something is amiss is that she doesn’t have a bag to put any candy in. However, she’s so disarming that you don’t pay it any mind right away.
She’s certainly an adult, but she still looks a bit young to be a mom chaperoning her kids around on Halloween. And she certainly looks too old to be out trick or treating herself.
You can’t help but think how much this is starting to play out like one of those Succu-Tube videos you’ll sometimes fap to before going to bed when you notice another figure approaching the front door from the walkway.
“Oh….hey!” she calls out. It’s another mamono- as she draws closer you can see that she’s wearing a pirate wench costume and carrying a bag similar in size as the trick-or-treaters from earlier had. Her lilting voice is quite alluring, although you still find yourself more drawn to the exotic young ursine woman barely dressed as a Zipangu schoolgirl.
“I apologize for my friend.” the pirate says sheepishly. “She’s a bit new here and doesn’t really know the language…”
“Don’t worry.” you reassure her absently. She’s now standing next to the Ren Xiongmao and you can see that it’s a well-endowed auburn haired succubus. She’s quite curvy, maybe even a little chubby, and her short hair gives her a sort of playful tomboyish vibe without being butch.
Still genuinely curious you ask her “What brings you two out here at this late hour, anyway?”
“Oh- me and my friend were just passing through on our way to a party when we were had a bit of car trouble….” she begins to explain.
Wait a second. Your friend’s house is on a dead-end street- there is no ‘just passing through’. Already her story isn’t adding up.
“Do you have a cellphone?” you ask.
“Yeah.” the busty succubus pirate admits. “But we don’t get a very good signal out here.”
Again, this strikes you as kind of odd since your friend is able to do so much work and financial-related stuff from his smartphone- it would be impossible to do a lot of that with no signal at home.
Ah well- maybe she has a different carrier.
As you take a few steps away from the front door and closer to the two of them, something…scratch that- make that someone lands behind you, blocking you from returning inside.
Before you can even ask what’s going on, you feel something warm and almost leathery pressing up against your mouth. Your vision is partially obscured by a sizeable furry paw. Simultaneously, you’re aware of something snared around your leg as well as two soft, fleshy globes pressing into your back through a few thin layers of fabric. You’re about to struggle when you feel some warm air spilling down the nape of your neck.
“Why don’t we continue this discussion inside?” a voice like venom-laced honey growls just millimeters away from your ear.
Suddenly you get it in your head that it’s a bad idea to struggle. With a paw still clamped over your mouth, you are roughly pulled inside as your unseen assailant beckons the other two to follow and shut the door behind you.
You catch a glimpse of your reflection in a full-length mirror and your blood freezes. Before being redirected down to your nether-region.
With her paw still clamped over your mouth, you can see that you are now in the clutches of a manticore. You look down a little and see that her tail is wrapped around your left leg with the venomous barbs on her bulbous tail hovering dangerously close to your crotch.
Damn it- your crotch.
Stupid fear boner.
Thankfully, your leonine captor doesn’t seem to notice immediately, although she’s now looking at you through the reflection in the hallway’s full-length mirror.
“I’m going to let go- if you make so much as a peep, I will pump you full of enough venom to fill a kiddie pool.”
You nod. Anything to draw attention away from the fear boner.
Maybe it’s not fear as she releases her grip. Shitty introductions aside, she’s pretty easy on the eyes. You can see in the mirror that the Manticore is in a tight, form-fitting naughty nurse outfit, complete with a mock nurse’s cap resting on her head between two feline ears.
“Who are you? What do you want?” you ask, your eyes darting from the manticore nurse to the pirate succubus to the Ren Xiongmao schoolgirl. Unlike the other two, the white haired ursine mamono looks a little frightened and unsure.
“Uh uh uh! We’ll be asking the questions here.” the nurse scolded. To remind you of her leverage, she pressed her tail a little tighter around your leg.
“Think anyone saw us?” the succubus pirate asks nervously.
“Nah- we’re all the way out here in the sticks. Everyone’s either gone home for the night or went to some swingers’ party where they swap car keys.” the nurse reassures her.
The manticore turns her attention to you, roughly cupping your chin with her paw.
“Now, handsome, you’re going to give us the combination to the wall-safe and we’ll be on our merry way.” she says, making sure you’re looking right at both of your reflections. She’s a little bit taller than you with faded strawberry-hued hair.
That’s going to be a problem, you point out.
The manticore is displeased upon hearing this, although at long last you can feel her tail unfurl itself from around your leg. Unsurprisingly, she demands an explanation.
You try to explain that this isn’t your house. Not only that, you helped your friend move in a few years back and you know for a fact that there isn’t a wall safe.
Manticore nurse and succubus pirate aren’t buying it while slutty Mist Continent schoolgirl looks at you almost apologetically. You didn’t expect them to buy it.
“Take care of this smartass.” she orders the succubus.
The saucy pirate wench spills the contents of her bag onto the table. A coil of rope, some bottles of scented oils, a feather duster and….oh shit- is that a bit gag?
The succubus is slightly shorter than you, but deceptively strong. Before you realize it, she’s managed to pin your wrists together behind your back and begun looping the rope around them before tying it off. You could struggle, but even if the manticore nurse’s tail-bulb still lingering around your crotch wasn’t enough, the succubus probably could’ve subdued you pretty quickly on her own if you started acting up.
Finally, the mist continent schoolgirl speaks up again.
“We no hurt him…..yes?”
The nurse scoffs. “That’s up to him. If he decides to cooperate, we can go easy on
him. If not, well then….”
Both the nurse and the succubus are eyeing you with a predatory glare in the mirror’s reflection as your arms are now securely bound together behind your back.
You shudder involuntarily for a moment before the manticore none-too-gently shoves you down the hallway and towards the kitchen with the other two following.
Oh shit.
Kitchen chair interrogation time.
This is the stuff you’ve seen in gangster movies. Plus those cheesy adult videos on Succu-Tube.
You silently chide your fear boner for making things worse before realizing that you’re probably past the point where you can blame your excited state on reflexive fear and have moved into the genuinely aroused phase.
Maybe you can hide it for-
A sultry little “My my…” from the pirate wench dashes any hopes of that.
“Looks like someone’s happier to see us than they’ve been letting on.” she teases as you are pushed into one of the chairs. Miss pirate wench seems to be taking her time binding your arms to the back of the chair, offering you an up close view of her sizeable and all-natural bust as she almost leisurely applies the ropes.
The winged leonine ‘nurse’ still in unsatisfied with your answers. You try explaining that yes, while your friend has some money to his name, there is no wall safe or money bin a-la Scrooge McDuck on site.
The pirate wench seems to begrudgingly believe you while the more obstinate nurse doesn’t even think you’re really who you say you are.
“So if your friend is so rich, how come he doesn’t have some cash laying around?” she asks with her heaving bosom still centimeters away from your face.
You know the answer to this because you’ve gone to your friend with some financial advice a couple of times. He invested in some real-estate in Arizona and California shortly after the housing bubble burst and property was dirt cheap. There’s also easily a few thousand dollars worth of sports memorabilia in the man-cave, although you imagine they would have a difficult time pawning that. He also owns a late model Cadillac Escalade, which is will be parked at the airport for the foreseeable future.
In addition to the real-estate, sports memorabilia, luxury SUV and the house itself your friend has been spending pretty lavishly to fly halfway around the world to meet his Youko girlfriend. These aren’t exactly items you could haul away and get top dollar for at your friendly neighborhood disreputable pawn shop.
The other two are starting to understand what you’re trying to tell them, but the ‘nurse’ remains a defiant skeptic. Now while there’s some choice electronic goods that they could help themselves to, the increasingly apparent amateurish nature of this robbery makes you think these girls would have tremendous difficulty pawning the loot without getting caught.
A regular gang that couldn’t shoot straight, from the looks of it. You’re hoping that’s especially true of the manticore and her tail quills.
The nurse ponders for a moment before ordering the slutty schoolgirl to help her search for any possible space or cubbyhole that could accommodate a safe. You’re a bit sorry to see the bashful ursine mamono leave, but the buxom succubus pirate wench watching over you might end up being a decent consolation prize.
At least that’s what you thought until you heard Nurse Ratched call out to the pirate wench while leaving.
“Don’t forget that thing we talked about!”
“Oh, right.” the succubus pirate says in a tone that indicates she had indeed forgotten whatever it was until just now.
She spilled a few more contents of her bag onto the counter. More rope, some girly stuff like a makeup bag and wallet. Plus….what’s this? It’s a blank square of cardboard about the size of a tabloid newspaper’s front page with a length of string attached.
Without saying a word, she immediately takes some lipstick from her bag and goes to work writing something on the cardboard.
With a satisfied smirk, she holds the finished product up for you to see.
That can’t be right. Isn’t the plural of succubus ‘succubi’?.
Wait a minute.
“Can you read this for me?” she asks, her voice both sweet and taunting.
You don’t want to, but what good is being defiant going to do you at this point?
You read her sign in an unenthusiastic and monotone voice. Too late you realize she’s videotaping you with her cellphone.
Wait- that string is long enough to…..
Shit- what is she doing?
You thrash angrily in the chair as the succubus moves in and hangs the handmade sign around your neck. Relishing in your helplessness, she plants a wet kiss on your cheek before pressing her massive bust into your face as she unbuttons the top three buttons of your shirt. Any attempt at protesting is muffled as one of her arms snakes around your head and presses your head into your her udders and the other is holding her phone out at arm’s length, taking a selfie of her mashing your face into her sizeable bosom.
But through the haze of warm flesh and succubus wench’s perfume, you realize the sign is a little more accurate then you care to admit.
The thing is, you are usually fantasizing about the succubus and other mamono being on the receiving end of the ropes.
Under different circumstances, this could be kind of fun.
Who the hell are you kidding? Your no-longer-a-fear-boner seems to indicate that these circumstances are more than adequate.
Succubus Pirate Wench then steps back and resumes taking a few more pictures of you with her camera phone, smirking all the while. Apparently she finds your angry scowl somewhat endearing as she gently traces her hand across your chest. Her hand finds your smartphone in your breast pocket. Buxom pirate wench manages to daintily pluck it from your pocket and is able to figure out how to bring up the camera function pretty quickly. In no time, your face is once again buried in her soft, heaving melons as she takes a few more pictures of you and her- plus you with the sign hanging around your neck.
“Insurance.” she says almost bashfully.
At first you think the idea of her taking pictures of her bound victim is some form of self-indulgent (and self-incriminating) fun on her part until you realize that without any context or explanation, someone could assume those pictures were of some naughty fun between two consenting adults.
Reasonable doubt.
Fuck- this may be the only aspect of this home-invasion robbery that’s relatively well thought out.
The thing is, the longer your succubus captor spends apart from the manticore nurse, the less confident she appears to be.
A few moments after she’s done taking more pictures of you with your phone, she begins nervously pacing the kitchen, intermittently helping herself to the leftover trick or treat candy. She looks indecisive and initially seems to be going out of her way to not notice you, despite being assigned to keep watch over you.
After wondering out loud what could be taking her accomplices so long, she unwraps another candy and makes a quiet, self-deprecating remark about her weight and how snacking on Halloween candy isn’t helping matters.
Unsure of the wisdom of speaking out, you reassure her that a voluptuous and curvy body type is much more appealing than scrawny and underdeveloped.
She blushes a little and looks away shyly, murmuring an endearingly awkward
“Thanks….I guess…” before she remembers her duties and her tone changes.
“You’re not thinking of doing anything funny, are you?” she says in between nibbles of a chocolate wafer bar.
She giggles after you throw out a quip about your career as a stand-up comic being over before it started. That seems to lighten the mood considerably- and not at your expense for a change.
Quickly pointing out that you don’t mean any offense, you ask your succubus captor if she’s new at this.
“Y-yeah…kind of. I mean…I was thinking about going to cosmetology school….but I’m not sure that’s the right path for me.”
Not that you’re the best judge of character, but she sounds pretty sincere. You hasten to point out that poorly executed home invasions don’t exactly seem to be paying dividends for her. Struggling a little more against the ropes binding you, you jokingly ask the pirate wench if she learned to tie these knots while she was at sea.
She sheepishly admits that she sometimes practices breast bondage and kissing
with her twin sister, but doesn’t like it that much because of the way her sister makes fun of her smaller breasts.
You have to let that sink in for a moment- the succubus pirate intruder is easily a DDD cup. If only you could use your hands for a truly accurate measurement. Oh- and there’s also the part about making out with and taking turns getting tied up by her twin sister,
Hooray twincest and lesbian bondage.
Sounds like a fun family.
While she doesn’t seem as openly unsure as the Ren Xiongmao schoolgirl, the succubus does seem a little apologetic and increasingly uncertain about the wisdom of her involvement in this particular heist.
But not apologetic enough to cut you loose.
Speaking of the ursine schoolgirl.
Your rapprochement with succubus pirate wench was interrupted when a voice speaks up from the other end of the kitchen.
“She want ask to see you now.” the Ren Xiongmao said.
“What? Why?” the clearly disappointed succubus almost pouts.
“She no say why.” the ursine schoolgirl shrugged indifferently.
Taking the hint, the frustrated pirate wench reluctantly headed out of the kitchen, leaving you alone with the ursine beauty for now. While not quite as buxom and curvaceous as the mischievous, grabby succubus pirate wench, she is quite pretty and slender while maintaining this exotic and almost playful allure to her.
And she’s eyeing you like an indecisive customer at a restaurant eyeing the menu, not sure what to choose first. Her finger/claw rests on her chin in silent contemplation for a moment.
There’s a little scowl on her face as she seems to notice the sign her succubus cohort hung around your neck.
Looks like she’s figured out what she wants as she moves towards you and gently places her claws/fingers on your neck. You can’t help but feel a little apprehensive. Those things look kinda dangerous. Although you want to look away, your eyes are drawn towards the underboob prominently displayed by her scandalous Halloween costume. Nothing happens right away until you feel her lift the sign up around your neck.
Right now, she’s close enough and the angle she’s providing for her underboob is now mostly boob. To your disappointment, she backs away a little. She’s still looking at the succubus’ handmade sign as though she just figured out what the sign said before unceremoniously dropping it on the floor.
She apparently doesn’t approve of the succubus’ shenanigans.
“I no hurt you, yes?” she tries reassuring you.
You halfheartedly suggest that she could cut you loose.
“You not can go now. I make sure you no leave.” the ursine schoolgirl says almost apologetically.
Now it’s your turn to pout. Sensing your unease, the sexy, slender ursine schoolgirl continues to trying to convince you that she means you no harm.
“No worry- I take good care of you, yes?”
It’s kind of adorable, really. You’d hug her if you weren’t tied to a chair.
Actually, it looks like she wants to hug you, only she’s hesitating.
“Can…..can I touch it?” she asks nervously.
It? She doesn’t mean…?
“I never see hair this color up close…” she explains awkwardly. “I want feel it- may I?”
For a minute, you give her request some thought. Not that you minded the attention from the ursine schoolgirl, but you’re a little surprised that she’s asking for permission to touch your hair even though you are presently tied up. Really- she could do that any time she felt like it, but despite your circumstances she felt the need to ask your permission.
You begrudgingly give her permission to do so, even though you won’t admit that you’re relishing receiving all this attention from her.
She cautiously moves in and gently begins running her claws through your hair as though she’s dealing with a trapped and frightened animal- which technically you are.
Holy shit- it feels so nice and she’s so damn cute. You’ve almost completely forgotten the circumstances you’re in thanks to her and her cohorts.
Your ursine captor continues almost tenderly stroking your hair as her soft and repetitive touch leaves you in a warm haze. There’s no denying how incredibly pleasant this feels.
“So soft…” she marvels
Continuing with one hand-paw, she leans in and inhales, sniffing your hair. Since you’ve been staying at your friend’s place, you’ve been using his shampoo whenever you shower- some sort of fruity mango infused citrus blend. You were half seriously thinking of asking him what kind of homo purchases a fruity mango infused citrus blend shampoo once he got back, but the sexy ursine schoolgirl seems to adore the scent.
“Mmm…..smell nice.” she sighs contentedly, gently pressing your face into her considerable underboob as she continues sniffing your hair.
OK- too early to tell, but this could be the best home-invasion ever.
No Stockholm syndrome, honest.
Suddenly she backs away as though she just thought of something. A playful little grin plies the corner of her lips as she’s blushing lightly- it’s pretty clear that even though she backed off, she is by no means finished with you.
Naughty werepanda schoolgirl heads to the counter to inventory the trick-or-treat candy. She seems to be looking for something specific. Her face lights up a little before she grabs some strawberry licorice sticks from the leftover trick or treat candy.
You’re not sure what she has in mind until she slowly and deliberately walks back to where you’re sitting.
“I give you something sweet now, yes?”
Her blush intensifies as she is now straddling you with her fearsome-looking-bet-dexterous claws on your shoulder. You are quite excited and there’s no hiding it as her weight presses down on your visibly excited member.
As you nod silently, she starts unwrapping the licorice sticks.
With a flirtatious little smile, she takes one end of the strawberry licorice and clamps down on it gently with her teeth- stopping just shy of biting down on it. The other end she begins guiding towards your mouth. You like where this is going.
Lady and the Tramp.
Only the Disney movie wasn’t set during an ineptly executed home invasion robbery, was it?
Almost hesitantly, you nibble down on the end of the licorice she’s offering you. That flirtatious grin of hers gets a little bigger as you cautiously take another bite of licorice. You can now feel her warm breath spilling down your neck and your partially unbuttoned shirt.
A little closer.
This is almost too much for you as you squirm a little. All you succeed in doing is grinding your excited member up against your alluring captor who’s now leaning a little closer with a the sweet licorice clenched between her alluring, smiling lips.
Another bite. A little closer.
God damn she’s good. You want nothing more than to break free of these ropes, pin her down and kiss, caress and fondle every square in of her luscious body before giving her something a little more robust than a bamboo stalk, but she’s applying the slow burn….with a sweet little smile on her face the whole time.
This is the sort of thing you’ve fantasized about doing long before tonight. And now, in a bizarre set of circumstances, it looks like she’s making your dreams come true.
Another nibble from you. Now your noses are almost touching.
Hottest eskimo kisses ever.
Just when you’ve arrived at the end of your licorice rope, the pretty Ren Xiongmao takes the initiative and gives you a quick peck on the lips. This is followed by a deeper and more passionate kiss. She lets out a little moan as her tongue is exploring your mouth before breaking the kiss.
Lo and behold- that little nub of licorice she was clenching in her teeth a moment ago is now in your mouth.
“You like?” she asks as she’s panting softly.
Your only response is to nod absently as she leans in for another kiss. It’s your turn to moan as you feel her dangerous looking but gentle claws on your cheek along with her paw-pads. Her tongue snakes around inside your mouth for a bit, sending shivers up your spine as she manages to tickle the roof of your mouth.
Using the back of her hand-paw, she wipes a little trickle of saliva from the corner of her mouth as she breaks the kiss with you and tries catching her breath. As she lifts up her arm, that raises the already scant fabric on her naughty schoolgirl outfit up enough to give you a view of the promised land.
With both hands still bound behind your back you aggressively lean in and start to lick and kiss the ursine girl’s now-exposed breasts. In your frenzied thrashing, you can hear her let out a surprised gasp but she makes no effort to move away from you while you lick, kiss and suckle her ample bosom just shy of her areola.
In fact, you feel her hand on the back of your head as she somehow manages to scoot even closer to you. Unfortunately, this seems as though it sends her scandalous faux schoolgirl top sliding back down, but its progress is somewhat
impeded by the bridge of your nose.
“Naughty boy….” she playfully chastises you.
You can’t really talk, since your mouth is full at the moment. You can feel her claws gently slide up and down your back- not sure if she’s trying to caress you or keep her considerable strength in check- or a little of both.
This is nice. The alluring ursine girl is letting out a series of quiet moans as her breasts are receiving considerable attention from your tongue, lips and even teeth as you giver her right nipple a gentle bite, eliciting a quick yelp from her.
Your access is cut off as her top manages to slip back into its original position. You can still see her considerable underboob, some of it now slickened by your saliva, and even some teeth marks.
God- you’d love to do nothing more than spell out your name on her tits with teeth marks and tiny hickeys.
Wait a sec- her name. You’re not sure how willing she is to incriminate herself, but for some reason you MUST know her name.
She hesitates when you work up the nerve to ask her name. She seems a little reluctant to answer, so you lean forward as much as your bindings will allow and resume your tongue’s energetic exploration of her partially exposed bosom. It’s clear she wasn’t expecting that as she let out a delightful little squeal of shock and surprise.
“Yu Ren! I Yu Ren!”  she gasps as she reluctantly pulls away from you.
You comment on how pretty her name sounds and notice that the fair-skinned ursine girl’s blush seems to intensify.
“Th-thank you…” she says meekly.
Well- if you’re going to be on the receiving end of a home invasion, you could do a lot worse as far as captor goes. She hesitantly scooches back closer towards you. Her breasts are indeed magnificent, but you find yourself increasingly drawn to her face and how expressive it is.
She’s biting her lower lip. It’s so adorable that you want to give her a bear hug- at least if you weren’t still tied to the chair. Yu Ren seems to sense this and resumes softly running her finger-claws through your hair.
“I….I no do this before…..I…” she nervously trails off. After a moment’s though, you realize she isn’t talking about her life of crime, which is off to a less than illustrious beginning.
You’re actually happy to hear that. The fact that she seems to be more of a shy, blushing virgin than a hardened criminal only adds to her appeal.
You really would like to be able to hold her and tell her that. She sadly shakes her head ‘no’.
“I really want, but no can let you free.” she says forlornly. A moment later, her face lights up as though inspiration has just hit her.
“But….” she smiles warmly. “I hold you! As much as you want.”
You sigh. It’s not quite what you want, but a pretty reasonable accommodation on her part given the circumstances.
Looking up into her flushed and pretty face, you tell her that you would like that very much.
She needs no further prompting from you as her arms slip around your shoulders and she mashes her considerable bosom into your face. Her touch and the sound of her voice is very calm and soothing.
You could stay like this for hours as she gently strokes your hair with your claws. However, her pace seems to be slowing down and she seems to be getting a little drowsy.
Normally a sleepy captor would present an ideal opportunity for you to escape. However, she is literally sitting on top of you, so even if she’s out cold, there is still the matter of getting out from under her without waking her up.
And not to sound too much like a sentimental dope, but she’s really cute.
As you’re weighing your options, you can hear someone walking into the kitchen. Probably the manticore leader of this laughable shit-show of a burglary ring, judging from the claws you hear clacking on the tile of the kitchen floor.
“Looks like someone’s made a new friend….” Nurse manticore chuckled.
“I….I make sure he not go anywhere….” the cute Ren Xiongmao protests.
“Make sure he doesn’t go or doesn’t come?” the manticore nurse chuckles lewdly at her own wordplay. You notice that her speech is slurred.
“I no do anything like that….I….” it takes a little longer for the ursine schoolgirl to sense something is amiss, but you can feel that she knows too by the time she finishes her sentence fragment.
It’s pretty clear the Manticore is drunk. She must’ve found your friend’s cabinet stocked with top shelf liquor.
“Kidding….kidding….” she says, swaying a bit before leaning against the counter.
“But I’ll need you to help you-know-who out with something.” the manticore nurse jerks her thumb over her shoulder.
Very reluctantly, the ursine schoolgirl gets up off of you, giving you a gentle headpat on her way out of the room. At the threshold of the hallway, she turns and gives you a shy little wave.
The manticore nurse waits a little bit before speaking up, perhaps waiting until the ursine schoolgirl was out of earshot.
“Looks like you were telling the truth….” she begrudgingly slurs, making her way over to you with a caution some people reserve for scaling Mt Everest.
If she’s willing to concede that, you argue that’s all the more reason for her to get her ass on out of here. Granted you don’t use those exact words, but your urge to be polite has vanished with the departure of the Ren Xiongmao girl watching over you.
“Ah- but I can’t do that. At least not yet….”
What does she mean not yet?
Oh shit.
It’s starting to sink in as she continues speaking.
“You see- if would be a damn shame if I left here empty-handed….”
How is her lack of planning now your problem, you ask her.
She lets out an angry snarl and raises her tail menacingly. The quills were retracted at first, but what looked like dozens of them were now protruding from the nurse’s bulbous tail, making it look like a medieval mace.
Nervously, you ask her what she’s doing. She says nothing, but swings her tail dangerously close to your face- close enough for you to feel the breeze. The fierce looking tail makes another pass and you think you’ve dodged a bullet when you feel something on your right thigh.
It’s a cool breeze.
Her quill ripped your trousers.
No- your leg is quickly filled with a burning sensation blended with a tingling numbness like it’s starting to fall asleep.
Bitch drew first blood.
“Well now….” the manticore nurse taunts you. She seems a little less tipsy now.
“Looks like you have some problems of your own.”
Struggling to form words, you groggily ask her what she did- even though you know full well what she did.
“I told you…” she growled. “I’m not leaving here empty-handed.”
You feel her claws upon you and hear the tearing of fabric. Even though your burning up, you can still feel the cool air against your skin as your nurse manticore captor is tearing off your clothes with her meaty mangrabbers.
“I’m not leaving here empty-handed….” she repeats herself as she cuts some of the ropes while still leaving your arms bound. She rather forcefully pulls you off of the table, lifting you up like a ragdoll before none-too-gently setting you down on the counter.
You struggle a little, but it does no good. Nurse Ratched now has you laying on your back on the kitchen’s marble countertop after ripping off the rest of your clothes. Despite all that’s going on, you’re acutely aware of the cool sensation of marble against your exposed flesh.
“Show me what you’ve got, sport.” she taunts.
Before you can even ask what she’s up to, you notice through the accumulating haze in your head that her tail looks like it’s coiled up like a cobra ready to strike.
And your raging hardon is the mongoose.
That’s going to be the last thing in the same area code as a coherent thought for you tonight.
Oh, and the leonine Nurse Ratched is unbuttoning her starched white blouse. The top, while snug, is nowhere near as revealing as the Ren Xiongmao’s faux schoolgirl top or the one on the busty succubus pirate wench’s costume.
As you watch in admiration as a pair of soft, alabaster breasts tumble free from her top, your manticore captor’s tail clamps down on the length your excited member.
Too tight at first, although after a moment she eases up on the pressure a bit. As soon as she does, you feel what must be hundreds of tiny tongues or membranes going to work up and down the entire length of your shaft.
This bitch….why does it have to feel so good?
Oh god- all of them are working in unison….every last one of them moving in a semicircular patterns.
Don’t lose it just yet, you tell yourself. You’re pretty close to losing it, though and begin to feebly struggle by raising your hips.
The tongues, the folds, the membranes….the whatever…all change direction simultaneously and begin attending to your cock in a counterclockwise pattern now.
And the damndest part is that in your futile thrashing, you haven’t managed to budge her tailbulb at all.
Not one inch.
Her mouth half-open in a drunken, ecstatic grin, your leonine captor seems to notice you for the first time since she had her tail do it’s thing.
“Hey- if you be nice and quiet, I’ll go easy on you.” she almost whispers in a hoarse voice.
She doesn’t bother waiting for an answer as one of her mangrabbers seizes the back of your head and shoves it into her exposed bosom. So warm. So soft- and with just a hint of perfume and manti-sweat. Burglary must be hard work, you reason.
Or attempt to reason as her right nipple finds her way into your mouth. As soon as you latch on, her tail intensifies it ministrations on your manhood. And the exterior has barely moved.
“Don’t be shy about shooting it off early…” she taunts as you thrust yourself upwards. “I won’t tell anyone.”
Your scathing, witty rejoinder is to mumble and groan incoherently into the leonine nurse’s titflesh. Damn- you really could use some of those little syrup packets McDonalds gives out at breakfast right about now. Well- at least if you weren’t tied up and pinned by some mighty manticore paws.
Suddenly a jolt of pleasure courses through your body as you arch your back, pressing your face further into your captor’s breasts. You realize she started moving her tail back and forth in a short jerking motion as the little tongues or membranes are still lavishing attention on you.
Your response is to bite her nipple almost playfully. This elicits a soft moan from her, but after a moment the pressure from her tail intensifies. It lets up the moment you release her nipple from your teeth.
“Be gentle.” you hear her chide as she slips her other leonine paw beneath the small of your back and almost gently lifting your hips up from the countertop. She’s no longer content just to tease and edge you- her tail is now milking you in earnest while her hand has slid down your upraised ass and the claw on her thumb is gently rubbing back and forth on your right cheek.
It felt so good, yet you hated it because you realized that you were at the mercy of a creature infamous for its cruelty.
Best give the winged chimera lioness what she wants you reason. It’s not like you could hold out much longer anyw-
You came.
It seemed even more intense than usual as you shudder and thrash feebly while shooting your sticky, warm white load into nature’s perfect milking device.
Oh God or Demon Lord or whoever… felt so good as you hear your topless nurse captor speak up from seemingly thousands of miles away from you.
“Hey, look at you. you’re just sucking my nipple kinda like a baby while spurting so much into my tail….” she coos happily as you shoot the last of your load into her magical tail.
That was kind of exhausting, yet you don’t go limp. That must be her venom working its magic.
“Hey….hey…” she says, her paw-pad gently tapping your cheek. “Don’t you pass out on me. I’m going to need a little more, OK?”
The venom-laced honey in her voice from earlier is gone and replaced with honey-laced honey. She almost makes it sound as though you have a choice in the matter.
Without any further prompting you begin to gyrate and buck your hips, trying to time it with the motion of her tail. Your captor chuckles and thinks its cute. As she pulls her breasts- slicked in copious amounts of your saliva- away, you can see that she’s actually smiling a little. In no time at all, her grin widens and her eyes flutter a little as you get ready to fire off another load into her tailpuss.
She knows you’re ready, too. She can sense it.
The dam breaks and you fire what feels like a river of seed into your captors oh-so attentive tail snatch. Your arms and legs, still bound, are starting to turn to jelly. In fact, every part of you seems to be going limp except for the one that part that the bat-winged, leonine-eared nurse is lavishing her attention on.
Between the heat, suction, pressure, movement and little tendrils within your captor’s tailpussy, you’re firing another load of seed into her- or is it the same prolonged orgasm? You don’t know and you’re starting not to care as Nurse Manticore changes it up by having her tail gently twist in a spiral while nursing your member.
“Mmm….that’s it.” She coos before suddenly releasing her tail. Your almost disappointed by this point.
“I think….maybe….one for the road.” she giggles as you try and catch your breath. Still a little tipsy, she wobbles and moves to reattach herself to you, you feel one of her tail barbs scrape up against your thigh, breaking the skin.
She hesitates, looking down thoughtfully at where her barb pricked you.
You feel as though you’re on fire now. That tail NEEDS to reattach itself to you and take care of that renewed pressure that’s once again building up down below.
“Oops…” you hear her mumble as your head is now swimming. “Oh well- waste not, want not.”
You can feel her tail clamp back on to you as the second dose of venom starts to overwhelm you. Your vision starts to blur and go black as her tail seems to be wagging back and forth slightly while still clutching your eager member. Darkness washes over you like a tsunami and you are dead to the world around you.
Or so it would seem.
The next thing you’re aware of is something warm gently tapping your cheek over and over.
Almost like a paw pad.
With considerable effort, you manage to pry open your eyes.
Immediately you slam them shut after looking right into a blinding white light.
After a moment, you realize it’s the sun.
You’re laid out on your friend’s bed in his master bedroom and your first instinct is to shield your eyes, You go to raise your hand to block the offending sunlight and realize something- you’re no longer tied.
A familiar voice speaks up next to you.
“Ah. Good- you awake now.”
It’s the lovely Ren Xiongmao from the other night. The one who had the courtesy to ask your permission before she did stuff with you.
Groggily, you ask her what’s going on.
“Looks like our friend ransacked the place and then gave you a tail-cooter two-fer before doing the old dine and dash.” another voice speaks up. You turn and see that it’s the busty succubus pirate wench sitting in a plush chair across the room.
You also notice at some point while you were blacked out, someone put a terrycloth bathrobe on you.
“Bitch move, if you ask me.” the voluptuous succubus chuckles bitterly.
If the Manticore took off then what are the two of them still doing here you ask.
“We want see that you OK.” the Ren Xingmao said, looking at you with almost pleading eyes.
“Yeah- you were in rough shape for awhile, but you took those three quills like a champ.”
Three quills?
Well damn- that WOULD explain the Washington Monument-sized erection you’re currently sporting.
Wait- the succubus said something about the place being ransacked, but nothing looks out of the ordinary from where you are. You ask the succubus wench what the deal with that is.
“We brought in a cleaner to help straighten things out.”
A cleaner?
No sooner do you ponder that then you hear a knock on the bedroom door. Your heart sinks, assuming the cruel and seemingly insatiable manticore is back to pick up where she left off. Instead, a pleasant looking and slightly bashful young woman with dark hair and a maid headdress sticks her head through the doorway.
“I’m nearly finished here…” she says quietly to the other two before acknowledging you with a shy, knowing wave.
What the fuck happened last night?
Your increasingly casual succubus captor explained that after ransacking a couple of rooms, her manticore partner in crime got good and drunk on your friend’s top shelf liquor, and apparently manticores have a harder time controlling their venom while intoxicated. That’s when she helped herself to a midnight snack- namely you- and apparently flew off and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. However, instead of following her lead, the ursine schoolgirl and succubus pirate stayed behind to cut you free and do what they could to……relieve the pressure, as the succubus rather diplomatically puts it.
“The place was a mess, too. So we called our friend here to help tidy things up….” the pirate nods to the girl in the doorway. Your eyes have adjusted well enough to the light so that you can see the cleaner is a kikimora.
Makes sense.
“Only thing is she doesn’t exactly work for free, and you were sporting some sequoia-sized wood there, so we worked out a deal…”
Taking advantage of a helpless and unresponsive man?
“Oh- you were VERY responsive, trust us. Just a little incoherent.” she corrects.
You glare at her. Although now you seem to be more upset that you don’t remember them taking advantage of you instead of the fact that they took advantage of you.
“Little Miss Ren here spent half the night sucking-“
You loudly tell the succubus you don’t want to hear it as you gaze at the irresistible form of the squirming and mildly embarrassed ursine schoolgirl.
“Sucking the venom out of your wounds….” the succubus continued impatiently. “She was by your side the whole time.”
The Ren Xiongmao looks away, still fidgeting.
“I…I no do anything….” she stammers nervously before continuing in what you assume in Mandarin and then falling silent.
A few more moments of awkward silence.
“Well handsome…” the succubus wench says as she gets out of the chair. “You had a rough night last night, so we’ll let you get your rest.”
The two of them make their way to the door. Despite the circumstances under which you met, you’re a little sad to see them go.
You awkwardly tell them goodbye as the kikimora cleaner gives you a coy, knowing little wave.
Your speculation on how freaky the feathery lupine maid is exactly is interrupted by the Ren Xiongmao, who quickly curtsies and then bows her head as she hesitates by the door.
She then leaves without saying a word. Out of all the monster girls who broke into your house, tied you up, molested you and ransacked the place, you’re pretty sure you’re going miss her the most of all.
The minutes tick by after you hear the door slam shut. You lay there wondering if you should call the cops. Would they even believe you? As you get up and tentatively explore the home for any signs of being ransacked, it looks almost spotless. All that’s really out of place are some empty bottles of Hennessey, Captain Morgan and Hornitos.
However, you are moving about pretty gingerly. It seems as though the tipsy manticore was anything but gentle with you after you passed out. Still, the venom seems to be wearing off and…..shit….what day is it? You check your phone- it’s been about 18 hours since the start of your ordeal. Under normal circumstances, you’d probably rub one out while thinking of the gentle, apologetic Ren Xiongmao who was sitting in your lap and tenderly caressing you last night, but you’re just too weary right now.
As the afternoon drags on, you hate to admit but you miss her. You wonder what she would be like if you spent time with her under much more pleasant circumstances. The more the hours tick past, the more reluctant you are to call the cops. The whole thing just seems so unbelievable.
There’s some football on, but it doesn’t quite seem to hold your attention after the events of last night. Plus the games are absolute crap this afternoon.
The following morning, you get an e-mail from your friend. He and his Youko sweetheart are going to be spending an extra week in Bali. You’re wondering if you should bother telling him about this weekend’s series of events in your reply when you hear a knock on the door.
Shit. Are they back already?
You cautiously make your way to the front door and take a look through the eyehole. Your tormentors from the other night can’t be back so soon now, can they?
Peering through the lens, you see a stoic-looking woman with pink wings and light colored hair clad in a tight, midriff-baring blouse and beret with a bow and quiver slung on her back.
Against your better judgement, you open the door for the smartly dressed cupid.
Straightening up a bit, she asks for you by name. You nod and tell her she has the right place, but your eyes are immediately drawn to a pair of figures sheepishly standing behind her.
“Good morning- I’m Officer Rómánsúil with the Department of Probation and Parole, Mamono Division.”
You almost don’t hear her introducing herself, since standing behind her in high heels and barely dressed as naughty maids is the Ren Xiongmao and curvaceous succubus. The succubus gives you a timid little wave before looking away and trying to cover herself up. It’s kind of cute, actually- but you’re still unsure of the circumstances that brought them out here.
“These two confessed to breaking and entering the other night and burglarizing the domicile while they kept you tied up in another room. Is this true?”
Almost reluctantly you tell her ‘yes’. The ursine monster girl and succubus are looking down at the pavement- the Ren Xiongmao seems a bit wobbly, as though she hasn’t worn high heels very often.
“Their accomplice the other night was captured and faces several counts of drunken disorderly on top of the burglary charges.” the cupid continues.
“Dumbass got drunk and flew into some power lines and got herself tangled up. Fire department had to come out and unwrap her.” the succubus snorts churlishly, although her anger seems mostly directed at her winged accomplice.
Undaunted, the cupid continues.
“Under a pilot program initiated by the Department of Probation and Parole, instead of jail time, these two have offered to pay restitution directly to you, the victim, by volunteering to work as your servants. We would still provide some oversight to make sure they were showing up at the designated times and performing various duties as requested by the signatory….”
You arch your eyebrow.
“Because of overcrowded conditions jail and the fact that this is their first offense, they seemed like ideal candidates for this particular restitution program. However, we would need to obtain your consent first.” the cupid officer continues as she holds up a clipboard.
Oh sweet Jesus- the panda girl is making eyes at you while bashfully trying to cover herself up.
“Please?” she quietly implores.
It’s all too much.
You ask the cupid probation officer about the other one- the manticore.
“She’s has too many charges pending to be eligible for this program.” the cupid explains. In a way, that comes as a relief for you.
“We’ll do anything….” the succubus pleads, although her follow up offer is surprisingly non-lewd. “Rennie is a great cook.” she jerks her thumb to indicate the now beet-red ursine meido trying futilely to cover herself up. “And I’m a pretty good seamstress, believe it or not.”
You have the pen in your hand but are hesitating.
“Pretty please?” the busty succubus pleads, clasping her hands together in front of her. This small act presses her sizeable breasts together making them look even bigger somehow.
After another moment’s hesitation, you sign and initial the forms on the cupid policewoman’s clipboard.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
The two naughty maids jubilantly clasp each others hands as they see you sign the forms that are basically remanding them into your custody.
“Very well, then.” the cupid hands you a business card. “Should any problems arise, I can be reached at this number….”
“There won’t be any problems, we swear!” the succubus says, looking to both you and the cupid probation officer. “Right Rennie?”
The Ren Xiongmao nods enthusiastically. You had your doubts about signing the paper, but those are vaporized when you take in the sight of the giddy ursine girl shimmying back and forth, forgetting all about her modesty.
“Right! I treat you good- cook stir fry, give you shoulder massage!” she offers. “You like?”
In all honesty, you could just sit there admiring the view of her thumbing through the phone book for hours on end, but you simply nod in response to her.
“Very well then- everything here seems to be in order.” she turns to the duo. “Girls, I’ll be back to give you a lift back to the office to fill out some more forms at 4:00. Until then, I want you on your best behavior.”
“Of course!” the succubus replies with the ursine girl nodding.
Instead of flying off, the cupid merely walks down the driveway and climbs into Ford Crown Victoria before starting it up and backing down the driveway. Seems kind of counterintuitive, but then again flying here would mean that she had to carry the succubus and Ren Xiongmao here.
Even with their probation officer gone, the two still seem eager.
“Can….can we come in?” the succubus asks hesitantly.
You actually apologize and quickly invite them in, since it looks a little chilly out there and (to your delight) they aren’t wearing much. The last time they were here, they didn’t seem too concerned about being invited in.
The Ren Xiongmao is the first to speak once she’s inside, and her first question sets your mind and imagination to all the possibilities this arrangement has opened up for you.
“What would you like us to do, master…?”
You can’t help but smile as you hear that. The possibilities seem limitless.
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