Three Brothers in the Age of Monster Girls: Solomon(Chapter 4)

“Commander!”, Agatha shouted as she entered the command tent. 

“What?”, the Knight-Commander groaned as he looked up from his battle plans. 

“Solomon the Hero has returned”, she stated, catching her breath. 

“Ah”, the Knight replied, perking up. “He was successful then? Well then congratulations are in order!”.

The knight walked out of the tent, Agatha stepping out-of-the-way and nearly tripping over her own feet in the process. However, instead of seeing a triumphant hero, he saw a wounded middle-aged man being carried off by the healers. Dumbfounded, the Knight looked around for the Hero, but he was long gone. Agatha had returned to see what had happened as well, but she too saw nothing but the old man and the healers. 

Solomon had left, seeing as how his mission was not yet done. Still, he had kept his promise to the wounded man, delivering him to the camp after burying his murdered niece. 


“Ah! Welcome weary traveler! Care to sample the finest that Zipangu has to offer?”, a chestnut haired woman asked Solomon as he walked up to their stand. 

“I’m afraid I have no time for a proper meal, as wondrous as that sounds”, Solomon replied, glancing at the patrons seated before him. “But a cup of cold water sounds heavenly”

“Of course”, the woman said, giving a polite bow before slipping behind the counter. 

“You know, you look familiar”, a man said, appearing from behind the counter with several skewers of what appeared to be chicken. 

“Oh?”, Solomon asked. 

“It’s a vague resemblance, but not too long ago there was a man here dressed much the same way as you”, he said, handing the customers the skewers. 

“Was it by chance another Hero?”, Solomon asked. “I’m told that we all start to look the same after a while”, he said with a slight chuckle. 

“No, you’re actually the first one I’ve seen in this country”, the man replied. “But you are the most polite I’ve met”

“Well thank you for that”, Solomon said, smiling graciously. 

“Here you are! ♥”, The chestnut haired woman chimed, handing Solomon a small clay cup. 

“Thank you very much”, Solomon said, handing her two copper pieces. 

“So what are you doing in these parts, Hero?”, the man asked, taking a moment to stretch out this tired arms. 

“The work of the Chief God”, Solomon replied casually before taking a sip of water. “You mentioned you that I look familiar”, he added. “Care to elaborate?”

“Ah, yes”, the man said. “Well there’s a man my wife, Miyuki, and I know. He’s a mercenary that wears a green cloak. Seems a bit cold, but he’s been good to us for the most part. Anyhow, aside from the eyes and hair, you look a lot like him”

“Perhaps it’s just a coincidence”, Solomon said, taking another sip. 

“Eh… maybe. After all, a lot of people here say us Zipangu men look alike”, the man said with a slight chuckle. 

“Oh Kota… I could pick you out of a crowd of a million men!”, Miyuki chimed in, takin a seat next to her husband and wrapping her arms around him. Solomon chuckled at the sight. 

“It’s always nice to see couples getting along”, he said, setting down his cup. 

“We just get along easily”, Kota said, truing to get his arm free. 

“Mmm, a far cry from Izzy-san”, Miyuki said. “He usually looks like he’s about to get sick when he sees us together”

“Izzy?”, Solomon asked, his whole body tensing up at that old nickname. 

“Yes. That’s the man I was talking about. The one that looks like you”, Kota said. 

“Where did he go?”, Solomon asked, his tone quiet, as if the breath in his lungs had just left him. 

“Oh uh….. just down the road. Not more than a few hours ago”, Kota said, pointing in the general direction. “Not sure if he knows where he’s going, but I’ve heard that there are a lot of Monsters hanging around that area”

Solomon took off like a bat out of hell, practically sprinting at full speed down the road. 

“By Heaven’s grace”, He thought.

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