Three Brothers in the Age of Monster Girls: Isaac

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Chapter 1

A man has to take initiative if he wants to be happy, be it with a woman or by himself”

As true as those words were, it requires at least a little common sense to make full use of them. The Incubus known as Isaac had yet to learn this. Restraint and discipline are invaluable traits that so many people seem to do everything within their power to ignore. Naturally, this can lead to some unfavorable consequences. 

“Kyaaa! After him!”

“Don’t let him get away!”

“Ara! Ara!”

The streets of Demon Real Lescatie were always crowded with Mamono and their husbands, the markets always thriving under Monster rule. While the leaders of the Demon Realm loved to make claims of these areas being paradise, they had their share of problems. Certain Incubi seeing the whole world as their harem were certainly one of them. 

Even a black cloak will stand out under the dark skies of the Demon Realm, and a man running through the crowds wearing such an outfit with a group of disgruntled women chasing after him absolutely stood out. Isaac darted through the crowds while the women behind him more or less just bum-rushed their way through. Chasing the green-eyed young man was Monica the Werecat, Erica the Werewolf, Rita the Jurougumo, Sandra the Ghoul, Mary the Holstaurus, and Jessica the Lich. In their pursuit of the fleeing man, several merchant stands were knocked down, at least ten people were left unconscious in the streets, and one Demon Realm Bore had been scared enough to cause it to panic and cause it to knock over the cart full of fruit it had been carrying along with its owner. 

How did all of this happen you wonder? Well it all began when Isaac’s father and mother returned home heavily intoxicated one night and…… Oops! Sorry! Wrong script!

Now then, over the course of his travels though the Demon Realm, Isaac had numerous encounters with various Mamono. Whether it was intentional or not(personally I’m inclined to believe the latter), he charmed them, courted them, and generally made them swoon.  Of course, a lot of them don’t appreciate being led along, since Mamono are very loving and loyal and pretty much obsess about being a wife every waking moment of the day. Of course, men don’t usually think like that. Even Incubi. 

This isn’t the first time this group of women has tracked our rambunctious fellow down and chased after him. But it is the first time they’ve caused a disturbance in a major city. Eventually Isaac was cornered by the luscious mob, his back against a wall. 

“Girls! Please, let me explain!”, Isaac pleaded nervously, sweat forming on his brow as he tried to put on a confident smile. 

“Oh no you don’t!”, Erica said as she stepped forward, her brown eyes glinting with sultry intent. 

“You’re not gonna leave us all high and dry this time!”, Sandra stated, strutting  towards the front of the group. 

“We still have so many experiments to run”, Jessica breathed calmly. 

Isaac gulped audibly as the girls closed in, several of them practically drooling. Then, in an instant, all of the girls were bound by strong silky webs. This being the Demon Realm they were bound in very lewd ways, Mary’s generous proportions making her the most unfortunate in my opinion. 

Isaac looked upon the restrained group of women, a perverted smile almost forming on his lips, but the scowling face of the Captain of the Guard, a Lizardman, shocked him out of his reverie. 

“Oh… H-.. Good morning”, Isaac stammered. 

“Save it, boy!”, she snapped, pointing a clawed finger in his face. “You and those girls have caused enough damage to cost a small fortune! I don’t expect a layabout like you to have the money to pay off such a debt, so where does this leave you?”

Isaac looked at the Captain, and then back at the harem that had been chasing him, an Arachne guard securing the strands binding them. He imagined some kind of actual work would be involved in order to repay such a debt, and he certainly wished to avoid that. Thinking quickly, he got down on one knee and grabbed the Captain’s hand, looking up at her. 

“Finally! After so long, I’ve finally found you!”, Isaac exclaimed. 

“What? Hey! Leto go of me!”, the Captain protested, trying to get her hand free. 

“Can’t you see, this is destiny! A woman who can tie me down! A woman who speaks to me with such authority! Truly you are the one worthy of being the mother of my children!”, Isaac exalted, his voice full of enthusiasm. 

The Captain’s face grew hot as she stared into the man’s brilliant green eyes. Her heart began to flutter ass he spoke to her, the warmth of his hands making her head spin. She had never expected such a thing to happen. Her mind began filling with all sorts of thoughts. 

“How can this be? He’s not a warrior! He’s just groveling at my feet! And yet…..”

“Captain!”, the Arachne guard exclaimed, still holding onto the the struggling harem. The Captain’s head became very clear very quickly as she saw that the man was gone.


“Keh heh heh heh heh!!”, Isaac laughed as he sprinted through the streets, fluidly moving through the crowds, swiping a honey cake from a merchant stand in the process. Figuring he was clear of his pursuers, he found a nice quiet spot in an alleyway with a good view of a courtyard that was popular with couples. 

The area itself was like a scene out of a romance novel, a large fountain with a perfectly carted statue of a very intimate scene between a man and a woman, lantern that emitted a low light under the perpetual night that the Demon Realm’s sky, and the faintest sound of harp music could be heard, though nobody knew where it came from. Dozens of couples kissed and groped each other in their own little corners of the red, purple and pink colored cobblestone street. Isaac found it fascinating to watch the different types of Monsters with their men, the way they moved, how they made each other feel good. It was an art form to him. 

He took a bite of the honey cake and chewed it slowly, the decadent flavor washing over his tongue as he enjoyed his voyeurism.

Chapter 2

“He’s doing it all wrong”, Isaac thought to himself, as he wiped the crumbs of the honey cake from his mouth. “With Lamias you start at with her underbelly and then work your way to the tip of her tail. Honestly with how popular the Lamia family is people would know these things”. The couple Isaac was spying on eventually decided to retire to their homes, the both of them breathing heavily. 

The day had ended, though aside from the blood-red moon, there wasn’t much of a way to tell. Well, the moon and the denser demonic energy in the air. Obviously this had an effect on the young man, and being an Incubus, he had to act on it, or rather he wasn’t smart enough to do anything else with his energy.

Most monsters were at home with their husbands if they had them, others were alone “practicing” for when they found a man or something else to that effect. Isaac blended in with the shadows as he moved about, his eyes scanning for any sign of life. 


“YOU LET HIM GO?”, a Witch shouted at a seated Minotaurus with silvery hair and purple eyes. The Minotaurus wore thick, but in no way modest black leather in the form of a short skirt and top, as well as wielded the quintessential axe of her species. The Witch wore s simple red dress and pointed hat, a much more modest and innocent look compared to most other Monsters, though a slight breeze would send any of those notions out the window. She was blonde and had fiery red eyes, though her current expression was very authoritative, which would explain why such a small little girl had the gall to chastise such a monster. 

“Well… he made me swear not to go after him”, the Minotaurus said sheepishly, rocking her axe back and forth between her legs as the Witch floated around her head. 

“Since when do Minotauruses respect the will of humans?”, the Witch asked condescendingly. 

“Well… he was just that type of guy, you know?”, the Minotaurus replied, shrugging her muscly shoulders. 

The Witch pinned the bridge of her nose and shut her eyes in frustration. “Did you at least take some notes?”, she asked, not looking at her. 

“Yeah…. but….”, the Minotaurus said hesitantly. 

“What?”, the Witch sighed.

“When the man beat me… I think he threw them away”, the Minotaurus replied. The Witch’s eye twitched before she very quickly waved her wand across her face, a large washpan landing squarely on top of the Minotaurus’s head. 

“Honestly, Enyo, I don’t know why we took you on. Then again, your species has never been that good at doing much of anything”, the Witch said coldly. “I’ll deal with you later. Right now, I need to go fill out the paperwork for this mess”, she said, floating away. 

Isaac, who had been watching from around the corner, waited for the Witch to disappear from sight before walking over toward’s the recuperating, and somewhat depressed, Enyo. 

Enyo rubbed her head between her horns and sighed. Normally she would be angry, and rightfully so, but what had happened so recently had thrown her off her game. All she could think about was that man. She wanted to see him again, but he went off where she couldn’t follow. He was first and foremost in her thoughts. 

Isaac smiled inwardly and put on his most sympathetic face as he stooped down and grabbed her hand. Enyo’s body stiffened as she looked up. The shape of his face, the color of his hair, her heart was quickly excited. She blinked once more and sniffed, a strange sour smell clouded the faint smell of the man who held her life in his hands and gave it back. 

One thing about Minotauruses is that they don’t like to be tricked. Isaac found this out, and many other things before, the hard way. Enyo slammed him into a nearby brick wall, causing the young man to gasp for air as it was violently forced from his lungs. 

“You’re not him!”, Enyo growled through gritted teeth. 

“Well that’s certainly a new one”, Isaac gasped, genuinely surprised. 

“Why do I smell him on you!”, Enyo demanded, tightening her grip on Isaac’s arms. 

“Smell who?”, Isaac asked, starting to panic. “I’m sorry! I don’t know what in the world you’re talking about!”

“A man. He looked kinda like you, but smelled different. Smelled better. And had hair on his face”, Enyo said, loosening her grip a little as she tried to think of the green cloaked man. 

Isaac sensed the opportunity and slipped out of his own black cloak, leaving him in just his loose-fitting white shirt and tan trousers. He started springing on order to get away from the crazed Minotaurus, but the sight of a familiar group of women around the corner made him freeze. He quietly turned around to look for another way past, but instead he saw the the angry purple eyes of Enyo staring down at him. Isaac whimpered in fear. 

“Tell me why you look like the man I saw”, she demanded, crossing her arms and inadvertently accentuating her hefty breasts. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”, Isaac pleaded in a hushed voice, fearing that one of his harem would discover his presence. Enyo lowered her large frame down towards the terrified boy, her anger heating the very air around them.

“I want answers, now!”, Enyo said, her hot breath hitting Isaac’s face like an inferno. 

“I swear I don’t know! The only other person who could look like me is one of my brothers, but I haven’t seen them in years”, Isaac pleaded quietly.

“Brothers?”, Enyo asked, her tone losing much of its anger. 

“Ye…. yeah”, Isaac said, his thoughts becoming filled with memories. “My… brothers”

“Well then you’ll help me find him”, Enyo said, grabbing Isaac by the collar, hefting him up with ease. 

“What!?”, Isaac gasped. 

“Hey, I think I heard him!”, Monica said from across the street.

“Ara are! Let’s go see then!”, Rita chimed in. 

“Let’s go”, Isaac said quickly.

Chapter 3

“So you know who I’m looking for?”, Enyo asked as she and Isaac walked down the road, the young man constantly trying to steal glances of Enyo’s form. 

“Well, I used to someone like him”, Isaac replied. “I grew up in an other city, though I forget the name. It was me, my two brothers, my mother and my father”

“No sisters?”, Enyo asked, intrigued by such an alien concept like brothers.

“No. Just three boys. I was the youngest”, Isaac replied, memories coming back to him. 

“You don’t sound too happy about that”, Enyo observed. 

“It’s…. been a long time since I’ve thought about my family”, Isaac admitted, his head hanging a little low. 

“So what’s the big deal? Tell me about it!”, Enyo demanded. 

Isaac breathed in deeply as he gathered his thoughts, since there was no way he could convince the Minotaurus otherwise. 

“Well… There was my father, Tevye. My mother, Sabine. My oldest brother, Solomon. My other brother, Isidore. And me. Father was a fighter, mother stayed at home to take care of us”

“Get to the part about your brother”, Enyo interrupted. 

“Uh.. Which one?”, Isaac asked, caught off guard. 

“The one that I met”, she replied. 

“I think you mean Isidore, if you’re talking about the one with two different colored eyes”, Isaac said. 

“Yep, that’s him!”, Enyo said with a grin.

“When we were growing up, he’d spend a lot of time with father, training. He got in trouble a lot, usually for disrespecting priests or other important people. I also remember he and Solomon liked to pick on me because I was the youngest. It was fun to watch mother scold them”, Isaac replied, chuckling a bit. 

“What’s so funny?”, Enyo asked. 

“Just a memory. Isidore always said he wasn’t afraid of anyone. But to see the look on his face when mother scowled at him!”, Isaac said, breaking out into a small fit of laughter. “It was an indescribable pleasure”

“Any idea where to find him?”, Enyo asked. 

“I haven’t seen him in years!”, Isaac stammered. “After the Order killed my mother and father, we were separated!”, Isaac shouted, looking up at Enyo with tears in his eyes. Enyo blinked as she looked down at him, caught off guard by the young man’s sudden change in mood. 

“All these years I’ve never known! And now I’ve learned that one of them might still be alive!”, he sobbed. “I never… I never thought I’d see them again”

Isaac suddenly grabbed Enyo around the middle, the powerful Monster freezing up in surprise. Enyo hesitantly looked down to see Isaac rubbing his face into her toned belly, tears staining her skin. 

“I don’t know how to deal with all of this”, he said softly. 

Enyo was about to say something, but then she felt something pinch her butt. 


“So much for sympathy…”, Isaac groaned as he rubbed his head in pain. 

“Just help me find your brother and I won’t have to keep hitting you”, Enyo said with a shrug. 

“Sounds like something Isidore used to say. You must be fated to be together”, Isaac grumbled.

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