The Witch’s Cauldron

Calliach Bar

There is a place, a lewd and magical place wrapped in an enigmatic fog of secrecy and only whispered about behind closed doors that exists in the world. Many regard it as a mere myth, or perhaps a rumor used to humor and entertain the gullible. Some would claim to have gone there when they’ve never have, and others who have, sometimes simply regard it as a bad dream.

Many would be in shock to learn that this wondrous place did in fact exist; and many more would be surprised to learn how close they have been to it without having entered.

This place, run by its equally enchanting if not outright salacious owner, is The Witch’s Cauldron.

A bar that only caters to one specific group of costumers.

The Monster Girls.

Every night, somewhere throughout the city, behind any possible closed door, the impossible happens. If one were to open said door, they wouldn’t find what was originally behind it, but the entrance to the bar itself; as if by magic two worlds suddenly connected. On one night, the utility closet in a library could suddenly become the entrance and on another, the door of a street side shop. It’s anyone guess as to where the entrance might be.

As to how patrons find their way there, it’s quite simple really. The Witch’s Cauldron employs a cadre of Cheshires as its advertisers, who appear and extend invitations to the random or perhaps lucky monster girl found throughout the city.

“Nyaa, care for a good time? A chance to relax and unwind? A place where you can indulge your inhibitions? Then have I got the place for you…”

The rare dedicated customer can already expect to find their invitation waiting for them, while the lucky few often invite their friends or close associates and make a mad dash to the bar before it closes. It’s not uncommon to find the door closed and locked if the bar becomes filled. For the few that do make it in, the first thing that greets them after passing through those doors is the mistress of The Witch’s Cauldron herself.


A master drink mixer and floppy eared seductress of a bunny girl, who is never seen without her odd, if not characteristic witch hat that adorns her head. Her charming smile, and warming “Welcome!” are more than enough to entice any curious or wary monster girl who poke their heads in through the door inside. In it, you’d find a long bar complete with stools, a variety of tables and booths for those with company, and even a stage for the occasional performance. The dim purple light that illuminates the bar casts an eerie but lively glow, so as one needn’t worry about stumbling over their own feet or on tails or wings.

Now for the skeptical, one might probably ask, ‘Is that it? A magic door and a bar that only caters to monster girls? Doesn’t sound like much.’

Well there is a particular reasoning for that.

For The Witch’s Cauldron specialty is not in its locale or ambiance, and not even its alcohol.

The Witch’s Cauldron serves a unique and unusual sort of drink.



The ‘Essence of Man’, so to speak.

The bar is legendary in this aspect, because it harkens back to the good ol’ days when a Monster Girl could be a Monster Girl; only now with a modern twist.

Which brings us to the second thing a newcomer might notice after entering the bar.

Behind Calliach, just behind the bar itself, lies a peculiar sight. An oak paneled wall with holes spaced out evenly and just big enough to fit a phallus through. Ten to fifteen erect dicks jutted out, of all shapes and sizes with their drink names written in an engraved plaque just above them. From here, Calliach served drinks fresh from the source. With a few quick tugs and gentle wringing, the floppy eared bar mistress could serve a wide array of ‘drinks’ in anything from martini glasses to rock glasses, and even doggy bowls for the adventurous.

Every monster girl had their favorite, of course.

‘Morning Glory’ is always popular, along with the ‘Barely Legal.’

For those wanting a bit more, the ‘Family Vacation’ was always a treat, along with the ‘Fruit Punch’ and the ‘Single Father’, for those wanting a more mature taste.

Meticulously, every night Calliach worked the bar, making sure everyone who payed got the drinks they ordered. Mixing drinks wasn’t entirely unheard of as well, and monster girls could always expect a new ‘drink’ to rotate in every month or so. Though as the night dragged on, one could expect the bunny witch to become more and more ‘dirty’ as the drinks tended to spill. Milking cocks is a messy business you know, though Calliach never minded; an occupational hazard, she would say. That’s one of the reasons why siting at the bar was considered prime real estate, as monster girls sitting there could sometimes get a free taste, especially from a very powerful ‘release’. Of course, body shots were more than welcome as well, with patrons and even employee’s participating.

As to the question of how the precious supply was kept up, the cadre of Cheshires once again played their roles, not only acting as advertisers but also recruiters for the potential ‘drinks’, extending more than generous offers to men who best fit the description for the drinks being served. In addition to their duties, the Cheshires also acted as security, enforcing the rules of the bar. And in general there were only two rules for the bar.

No drinking directly from the tap and no outside humans.

As for the help, besides the cheshires, Calliach employs only a few under her charge. The first of which is a strange pale bluish girl with long silver braided hair, who is often seen carrying a staff. Rumor has it that Calliach pulled her out of an alleyway and immediately employed the girl as a server, taking orders from the tables and booths and ferrying them over to Calliach. Strangely, she wears bunny leotard, hugging tightly against her body and digging noticeably up her butt, complete with bunny ears as well. Perhaps no one told her that she wasn’t required to wear such a lewd outfit, but then again, perhaps she has a certain fondness for it.

The second server could be considered a bit more normal, if her breasts weren’t constantly on display. With a skirt that was just a bit too short and a corset that only enhanced her ample breasts, the griffon girl’s cheery infectious attitude could brighten any monster girl’s day, and it’s no wonder she garners a large amount of tips. To the knowledgeable or well-informed costumer, she’s also an important ingredient for a number of drinks as well. Simply ask for a “Strawberry Ice Cream Cone” and watch the sandy-blonde headed griffon suddenly blush and stammer before rushing off to complete the order. She’d return with an ice cube and a small dish filled with cum, and after a deep breath to steady herself, briskly ice her nipple. Once sufficiently stiffened, she’d take her now hardened nipple and generously dip it in the cum dish before presenting her breasts to the costumer to lick and suckle clean, usually with those present giggling and snapping pictures with their phones. Of course, snow balling is also a specialty of hers as well, although perhaps Calliach’s snow balling was much more popular with patrons.

For those seeking more traditional entertainment, the bar was complete with a stage as well, one that hosted weekly special shows besides the live kikimora band that performed every night. It was these weekly special shows that usually drew in the larger crowds, especially on the nights that Lailah performed. Although not employed by the bar, Lailah is routinely featured as a special guest, and whenever she would perform, a chrome pole is embedded on the stage which allows Lailah to show off her deft pole dancing skills, which is even more amazing coupled with the fact that she was an angel.

Wearing nothing but a cheongsam tied simply at the waist and fully exposing her breasts, Lailah is a sight to behold when she takes the stage, effortlessly twirling herself around and performing a variety of complex tricks and seductive movements. It’s easy to tell that she’s quite the exhibitionist as she routinely wiggles out of her already sparse clothes and often finishes her performance in the nude. But her most well-known performance involves a partner, a demon. Perhaps one of the few non-monster girls allowed in the bar, Lailah and her partner take the stage hand in hand and as the spotlight shifts to the two of them, and Calliach would announce a special show for the night’s guests.

The two would bow briefly, face one another, and then to the shock and bashful awe of the odd newcomer, a carnal fuck show would begin,
with Lailah and her partner engaging in raunchy unashamed sex, much to the enjoyment of the whooping and hollering from the crowd. It’s a great spectacle indeed as the two go at it, going from one position to the next, leaving nothing to the patrons’ imagination. Spread eagle and lift fucking brings the greatest response from the crowd, as cell phone are constantly out and snapping pictures as quickly as possible. And for every time the demon came inside the angel, the crowd would cheer and clap, shouting words of encouragement to the two of them to keep going. But eventually, as Lailah’s pussy is filled to the brim, and her eyes threaten to roll over and her tongue hanged out, the show proceeds to its next phase. Carefully, the demon carried his ahegao-ed state of a partner to the center of the bar and gently placed her on a table, where Calliach announced that the rarest, if not the most lewdest drink of The Witch’s Cauldron, has just opened for bidding.

The Angel’s Sin.

Bidding is fierce, and although the price tends to fluctuate, there can only be one winner. That winner has the privilege of eating out the recently filled angel’s pussy, a concoction of angel juices mixed with demonic essence; it’s a delicacy if there ever was one. The lucky monster girl would take her position between her legs, and to the cheering of her friends and of the crowd, would greedily begin to lap and eat out the angel, sending poor Lialah to an even higher euphoric state.

Lewd tends to attract lewd, and this bar was of no exception.

But eventually all things must come to an end. And as the night dwindled down and as monster girls took their fill and made their way out, sometimes being supported on the shoulders of their companions, the frivolities would cease, and the long clean-up process would begin. But a monster girl needn’t wait long for the next night’s doors to open, and once again imbibe on the sweetest of nectars that all monster girls crave, for it is in their nature.

And it is the nature of the monster girl to be lewd.

And The Witch’s Cauldron was the best place a monster girl could be lewd.

Part 1: Calliach’s routine
Part 2: Laska’s Initiation
Part 3: ???

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7 thoughts on “The Witch’s Cauldron

  1. Soooo naughty.

    We just need an experimental bar where men affected by monster girl pheromones get an itch to drink pussy juice right from the tap. Mmmmmm.

  2. And maybe a place where monster-girls can look through some pictures and choose to send a “wink” or an actual invitation to meet after sending a picture of themselves… Something like that…

  3. Lewd. But rushed.

    “There is a place, a lewd and magical place wrapped in an enigmatic fog of secrecy and only whispered about behind closed doors that exists in the world.”

    Clunkyyyyy. Is the place whispered about behind closed doors that exist, as opposed to the ones that don’t?

    “A bar that only caters to one specific group of costumers.”

    I hope to the Demon Lord they aren’t furries.

    “But her most well-known performance involves a partner, a demon.”

    You mean an incubus?

    Criticism aside, I like the concept and there’s a lot of places you can go with it, like how exactly Cheshires “recruit” men, or what happened when someone tried to sneak a human girl in (someone has to have tried).

    I’m concerned about all you motherfuckers putting Laska in your stories though, she’s had a terrible childhood, there’s no need to make her join the mob or jerk dudes off for tips.

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