The Thing about Science…(PART ONE)

Researcher’s Log: Entry 1

Greetings, this is [REDACTED]. My superiors suggested creating this log of our escapades in the [REDACTED]. Supposedly these logs are hard-locked with a series of advanced security codes to prevent the classified information from falling into the wrong hands should these logs be stolen. As a further precaution, some information may be redacted as a fail safe. This project is quite…world changing. Enough rambling, I should move forward with what exactly our “Project” hopes to accomplish. First, however, allow me explain how why [REDACTED] was formed in the first place. In recent years, strange creatures known as “Mamono” have appeared en mass. Apparently all the world’s monsters have turned into these beings. Many creatures from both ancient and modern mythology now have appearance of alluring women, and a few prepubescent girls as well. As you may be able to infer, all of these Mamono are female. In addition, they are heavily invested in…sex with humans. It is as if the fetish of Monster Girls has be given physical form. A pervert’s dream and mortal guardian’s nightmare. These creatures have come out the wood work, appearing en mass around the world and interacting with humans. It was all too sudden, too random, too unexpected. Imagine our surprise when humanity’s reaction was not as violent as we anticipated. It came as extreme shock to me, watching as we sort of awkwardly dealt with these creatures. Of course, not every trusted them in the slightest. I theorize that some psychic influence that subtly condition the mind to react in ways not becoming of its usual processes.
We been tasked with the exclusive orders of studying and understanding the Mamono. We have to answer the myriad of questions surrounding them: How do they operate? Where did they come from? Why, why, why. Naturally, we have to preform this in secret. Already, shameless perverts and self-proclaimed ‘social justice workers’ have risen to defend them, either drawn in by the opportunity to sate sexual deviancy or by having a bleeding heart that runs far too fast and often. Myself? I prefer to run the err of caution. While I can understand the allure these creatures have, I have no trust for their intentions. Simply wanting to have copious amounts of sex with humans cannot be what drives them. I refuse to believe something so shallow and primal could be reasoning for this! What true sentient being would only want discover HOW MANY WAY IT FUCK SOMETHING SIDEWAYS!?


I digress. At the time of this recording, we already have specimens in transit. They will be contain at [REDACTED] and studied. We have been informed to treat them as humanely as possible to prevent the more emotional of our ranks from becoming whistle blowers. However, some of these specimens have shown the propensity to be rather…kinky. If they consent to more extreme procedures, then we have the go ahead to precede. I must go now, for the final preparations must be prepared…


Researcher’s Log: Entry 2

Preface: This recording has serve damage to its memory. Words and entire sections of video are corrupted beyond recognition. The footage shown is what as been successfully recovered.

Video begins with static. Garbled noises..

-amn Mach-

W-k will-

Ah! There we go! I apologize, this recorder been on fritz lately. It has been exactly one week sense our specimens arrived at [REDACTED]. I must say, my expectations for these creature have been exceeded. I still hold my breath against them, but their…physical forms are quite attractive. Eh… I guess I am still a based human no matter how much asceticism I practice. Nonetheless, science must carry on. This first week as consisted of settling our subjects into their new home. They seem cooperative for now, except for two specific individuals: Subject-04CC and Subject-06M. Subject-04CC is noted for being quite the trickster and perverted sex maniac. Already, she has brazenly hit on pretty much all the handlers and researchers, me included. Her poorly veiled and constructed sex jokes grate on my psyche.  It doesn’t help that she already tried give one of the handlers a handjob through his pants…


Subject-06M is makes me awfully uneasy. For one, she is disturbingly pale, almost white in skin tone. Those piercing yellow eyes and predatory grin give her no favors. While she hasn’t given an grief to us, I have sinking feeling that she’s biding her time. In addition, she has no sense of personal space and has coped feels on handler and researcher alike. While not as brazen in her actions and Subject-04CC, Subject-06M actions are similar to cat toying with its prey. Its probably because the feline nature of her being a [REDACTED]. I do wonder why she seems place such clout in her her stinger tail. Maybe her venom has aphrodisiac qualities to it.


This part of the video is heavily corrupted. All attempts reconstruct the evidence have been met with failure. For times sake, we’ve skip to the point were it picks up again.

-For all our sakes, our research better lead to concrete reasoning into the biology and psychology of the Mamono. Now, I have been ordered to record the the profiles of the subjects. Their names, origins, and species are to classified. Let us begin…

Video turns to static here as well. Fast forwarding…

-been informed that I shall be conducting interviews with the subjects on an individual basis. God help me when I get to Subject-04CC…

Anyhow, I have had the chance to observe the specimens as well. Out of all them, Subject-02J seems to be the most chaste. I greatly surprised and pleased that not all Mamono are slaves to their pleasure. She appears to be some sort of martial artist. I have high hopes for our research into her species. Subject-08JW is seems to be the relatively silent one…key word [b]relatively[/b]. I shall admit, I fear her the most. The ways she just seems to stare into you soul is quite horrifying, and those…things…that grow from her back can piss off. By God, they are like hyenas! Laughing at her forced sex jokes and getting uncomfortably close to my person every time I’ve interacted with her. It doesn’t help that their laughing sounds like metal grinding against metal…[i]shudder[/i]… Subject-08JW also seems to go on and on about how she is the greatest lay around, and that all other our children with knowledge, rhyme or reason to their sexual prowess. It is at these moments when I become extra cautious. I just simply agree with her for the sake of my safety. Subject-08JW’s visage becomes especially predatory during her rants…


Sounds of electrical malfunction

For the lo-


Video abruptly ends here.

Side Story 1

Initiating Sequence…



Running Diagnostic Test…

Checking Life Support Systems…

Checking IVs…

Checking Electrodes…

Checking Nutrient Pool…

All life support systems functioning at maximum efficiency…

Loading report on the ‘Omega Synthesis Project’.

Warning: All information is extremely Classified. Any caught divulging this information will be charged with high level treason and systematically executed.

“The Omega Synthesis Project is the direct response to the emergence of Mamono to world’s populace. Originally, it was hoped that The Omega Synthesis Project would achieve its goals before the Mamono existence became widespread. In reaction, The Omega Synthesis Project enacted the ‘Alpharius Protocol”. The supposed scientific rapport with the Mamono is only the cover for The Omega Synthesis Project…

Ending Background Sequence…

Loading Information on Project Leviathan…


Information is locked out.

Three Attempts given to for Password….



Containment Breached

Beginning Security Lockdown…

Target breaching Levels 1-3…

Activating Attack Drones…


Systems Compromised.

Reports indicate that Sector Epsilon has been compromised. All Containment Units shall be activated secure the target. Extra care must be taken in order to ensure all other Sectors ARE NOT compromise. The last thing we need is this information getting out to the masses. Be warned, the target is highly dangerous with extreme regenerative capabilities. Lethal force is authorized, but only if it’s unavoidable. Scanners indicate the Target was last seen headed due Southwest, probably headed toward Sector Delta. Intercept the target at the Mountain pass. Failure is not an Option… Good Luck and Godspeed.


“Alright, here we fucking go…”

“Do not worry doctor, we will ensure no bodily harm comes too you.”

“I’m not afraid of them trying to kill me, you know…”


“Save it. The faster I’m done with these interviews, the better… and this new recorder better fucking work!”

Researcher’s Log: Entry 3-Interview 1

PREFACE: The next set of recordings here are focused on the subjects that were under containment at the facility.

Alright, let’s begin here. This is Dr. [REDACTED]. Beginning interview with Subject-01W.

“I have a name, you know…”

Yes I do, but its just protocol. Now, Let’s begin with a physical description of yourself.

“Fine. My name is [REDACTED]. I am 179 centimeters talk and weigh 99.7 kilograms. My legs are covered in thick, lime green scales beginning from the knee. I have short, dirty blond hair that doesn’t extend pass my shoulders. My arms are covered also covered in scales and serve primarily as my wings. I also have a long, green tail that’s serves as balance for when I’m walking. You humans and other Mamono refer to me as Wyvern.”

Good, good…

“Why are writing this down, too? I thought these “cameras” of yours allowed you to capture images.”

Just a precaution in case the video is lost or corrupted. Now, I’m going to ask you a series of questions about your race and capabilities. Sound good?



Alright, so what is your genus?

“My what?”

Genus. You known, what family of ani…Mamono you belong too.

“Dragon Family, Reptile Type”

Wait, you don’t use Latin?


Uh…never mind. What is your main method of sustaining yourself?

“We Wyverns are carnivores. I could eat any meat, but I prefer cows and lambs. They taste quite good to me.”

I had expected that to be the case…

“There’s more though. While I don’t need it live, the…milky secretions of men can sustain me.”


“Semen. I can also consume the liquids located in a female’s cum, but it’s not as nutritious or powerful.”

I’m sorry, but are you saying that…Wyverns eat semen!?

“Not exactly…more so as a snack when we acquire a mate. However, certain Mamono like Succubi and Slimes need it to survive. For me, it’s something I’d like to have on the side when I finally acquire a mate…”


“I believe you want me to go on about my capabilities now, yes”


“Well, with these talons, I can easily cut through most metals. In addition, I am incredibly resilient. Bullets and swords will simply bounce off of my scales. As you may have guessed, I am quite capable of flight, usually for long periods as well.

Flight? Aren’t you kind of heavy for that?

“Are you saying I’m overweight?”

No, its just that humanoid organisms aren’t capable of flight naturally.

“Well I guess we Mamono would be an exception to that.”

Further Information beyond this point is heavily classified for the safety of the individual. Skipping to next point…

Well, I’d say these Mamono are more interesting than I originally thought. They are quite capable creatures in that regard. Subject-01W is very amiable, if slightly arrogant and blunt. Hopefully I shall gather greater insights from our other subjects. Unfortunately for my sanity, Subject-04CC and Subject-06M are becoming bolder and more aggressive. According to security, they were caught molesting one the younger handlers. Gave a good screaming to them for it afterwards. Apparently they don’t take us seriously enough. The damned smile of Subject-04CC is getting on my nerves. They been place under closer watch with more guards trained in resisting their advances. Let’s hope they stay quiet until I get to their interviews.

Something else has come up though. Security for our sector has been increased lately. It was completely unannounced too. I’ve heard gossip that something has happened at [REDACTED]. Personally I think some of those UFO idiots have been running about here causing some shooting star. Still though, I can’t help but feel uneasy about these security upgrade. One just doesn’t increase security on a whim. Well, there’s no way to help it. Dr. [REDACTED] signing off.

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