The Testing Phase

Groggy and uncomfortable, John awoke. This was a mistake, as the fierce glare of the fluorescent lights above him burned into his retinas, making him instinctively roll to his side and tightly shut his eyes. The after image remained, as did the dull pain, and in his half-awake daze he swore never to open them again.

Naturally, it was a promise he couldn’t keep. You can’t just lay around on the floor all day, especially when the floor in question is hard, cold – and as it dawned on John once he had become more wakeful – not his usual sleeping arrangement. Coming to the conclusion that he’d passed out in the kitchen after a night of drinking, he slowly opened his eyes once more, taking great care to shield them from the blinding light with his arm.

Squinting and still hazy with sleep, he sat up and assessed the room around him, slowly adjusting to the light. Both the walls and floor in this tiny room were grimy and worn, as if the place was abandoned long ago. That ruled out the kitchen then, this place was far too clean.

Still unsure of his whereabouts, he staggered to his feet, becoming increasingly aware that something was very wrong. Maybe it was the old television monitor and camera fixed to the wall, maybe it was the strange machine sitting and humming ominously in the centre of the room…

Or maybe it was that the only door to this windowless place was a closed steel shutter.

“HELLO!?” He called out, faintly hoping this was some sort of prank. He was new to his job and for all he knew this office could have some really advanced hazing traditions. “IS ANYONE THERE!?”

The ancient monitor burst into life. A pretty, yet emotionless pale face filled the screen. It stared impassively at John with red, slightly glowing eyes. It’s mouth opened mechanically and began to talk in a distorted growl:

“Hello, John. I want to play a game.”

John had already noted the lack of bathroom facilities in the cell earlier, which was unfortunate because he suddenly really felt like it could use some.

“Single men are becoming so difficult to find these days, and yet you seem to choose to live by yourself, even though so many girls are being forced to live their lives in miserable solitude. I don’t believe this is fair.”

The screen briefly changed to an image of the machine, still sitting in the middle of the room and doing a fantastic job of appearing threatening whilst remaining completely inert. “The device you share that cell with is a rather special invention of mine. It utilizes liquefied demonic energy to produce a sexual experience similar to that of making love with a mamono. Once you’ve experienced demonic pleasure regular sex and masturbation will not be enough. You will be addicted to the sensation you felt here today, and will have to give yourself to one of those girls in your desperation to experience it again!”

John looked to the machine in slight disgust. He was supposed to fuck this thing? Would they at least offer a tetanus shot after?

The image changed once again to display the pale face and its cold, artificial stare. “As a small incentive, the device also doubles as a spirit energy powered generator. This is connected to the door and is the only means of opening it from your side. Now, choose. Use the machine and have your eyes opened to the life of pleasure you have denied yourself… or remain trapped in this room and go hungry, a fate you and others with your mindset have condemned countless women to. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

“What? No!” Interrupted a smaller voice, its owner sounding rather annoyed. “What the hell was that? I said to make it ‘intimidating’! If you can’t do the laugh right then don’t do it at all!”

The head turned to look at something else, presumably the person who was just speaking.

“Urgh! NO! Don’t look at me!” The small voice complained, its irritation becoming more pronounced with each passing second. “Cut off the feed! Do it! Just switch it – switch it off. He can hear us! Just-  are you doing this on purpose? Shut it off no-”

The monitor immediately went dark, once again leaving John alone. Alone with the world’s least appealing masturbatory aid. It looked like it was made by mashing together various household appliances, none of which he’d want anywhere near his penis. He cautiously approached what he assumed to be the front of the machine and stooped to inspect the small hole clearly intended for a far braver man than he. Squinting into the darkness, he couldn’t make out anything that could assure him of his manhood’s safety. They really weren’t making this an easy choice for him.

“Oh, there’s no way I’m doing this. You could have put anything in there!”

The monitor immediately burst back into life, displaying the same robotic face. Once more it opened its mouth to speak, but was immediately shoved angrily aside by a leather glove. There was a dull thud as something, or most likely someone hit the floor.

“Out of the way!” The smaller voice commanded as a furious pair of yellow eyes filled the screen.

“Should I resume my previous duties, mistress Lucia?” Asked the previous voice, its owner now presumably splayed out on the ground.

The new woman leaned back on the chair and looked down. Two cat-like ears twitched in annoyance amid messy green hair. “Whatever, if you’re done ruining the atmosphere then go and clean something instead! And you!” Her furious glare now directed at John as he peered at the monitor, certain that he had seen this person somewhere before.

“Didn’t you listen to Sixty-Nine? The only thing in there is liquid demonic energy, which ain’t cheap by the way. So just what are you implying about MY invention?” She bared her teeth through the grainy screen, doing her best to appear intimidating over the outdated and barely functioning medium.

John pointed to the bizarre amalgamation of scrap in front of him. “I’m saying I can’t be sure you haven’t put anything fucked up in there. You’ve got to see this from my perspective, would you go through with any of this?” He briefly eyed the recepticle. “I can’t see anything when I look in that thing. How can I be sure you haven’t filled it with stuff like… I don’t know, rusty nails or used needles?”

One of Lucia’s eyes twitched slightly. “R-rusty nails? Used needles? What kind of sick fuck puts stuff like that in a sex machine?”

John shrugged. “I don’t know, who kidnaps people for their weird sex dungeon?”

The woman leaned back into her chair, letting out a depressed sigh. “Oh, that’s just typical of the men this side of the portal!” She rolled her eyes and jabbed a finger accusingly towards John. “You can’t just kidnap someone for a good time anymore, noooo, they all think you’re going to chop off this or cut out and sell that…”

“I mean you haven’t made the best first impression.” John said, biting his lip in thought as he looked around the grimy room. “You could have at least cleaned this place up a bit, maybe played some relaxing music…”

“You know what I blame?” Lucia continued, ignoring him. “Those ghastly torture porn movies! Your society has some serious issues!”

John opened his mouth argue, but stopped. Something about this person really was familiar, if only he could put his finger on what it was. He squinted hard at the face on the screen. Suddenly it clicked. “Hey, I do know you! You’re that Gremlin tech from work last week! You broke the printer.”

Lucia’s frown turned to a wide grin as her (barely-existent) chest swelled with pride. “Heh, noticed did you? Yeah, that was simply a ruse to get better observational data on you. Plus that printer had parts that had better uses elsewhere, I mean you’ve got a machine that just sits around taking up space that has no sexual applications whatsoever. It’s such a waste!” She leaned into the screen with a friendly smile and began speaking with a hushed, excited tone: “But that machine right there, that’s gonna change your life! You’ll see!”

John groaned and began to pace the room in frustration. “Do I really need to do this?” The Gremlin was wrong, he really would rather saw something off than risk his dick in this abomination.

“John, I’ll have you know I worked VERY hard on this machine, and you are NOT leaving until you’ve fucked it!”

“Really though, have you seen this thing?” John asked, crouching to inspect it once more, still trying to retain some distance in fear of catching something. “It looks like a heap of junk, I swear I can see some rust on parts of it.” he slowly reached out a hand and ran it along one of the sides, feeling slightly dirty for it.

“I-it’s the basic prototype, okay?” Lucia said defensively. “The finished version will look just as good as it fucks.”

“Yeah, that’s rust. It’s only little bit but that’s definitely rust.”

A small fist banged against something. “I put all the effort into getting the mechanism running properly and making it feel right, It’s perfectly safe and sterile in all the areas that actually count. Stop bitching about the exterior already!”

Standing up, John wiped his hands on his pants. He puffed out his cheeks in thought as he looked down at the terrible, slightly rusty contraption, finally giving the thing a slightly fairer consideration.

“Oh, just get on with it! I’ve got a whole list of men in dire need of rehabilitation and you’re just holding things up for everybody!” A small notepad was irritably waved into the screen. “Stop thinking and start fucking, this right here is the exact problem that got you in that room in the first place!”

“Okay, okay! Fine!” John threw his hands up in defeat. He began to clumsily fumble with his belt, safe in the knowledge that there really would be no end to this until he finally gave into the Gremlin’s demands. He’d have sex with this atrocious thing just once and hope that would be the end of it.

“I swear to god, if this thing rips off my dick…”

“It won’t! Stop with the mutilation thing, it’s really starting to-”

A harsh metallic scraping filled the room, causing both John and Lucia to turn and face the source –  The cell shutter was rolling up, seemingly on it’s own. John watched on with his pants still held just above his knees as the reinforced steel slowly revealed a person standing on the other side.

Well, it was close enough to a person. The ear-splitting squeal of the rusted mechanism halted with a dull clang as the Automaton casually marched forward, armed with a mop and bucket. John’s eyes followed as she strode across the tiled floor and carefully set the bucket down beside her. He looked once again to the open exit, now offering a view of the room outside where a horrified Gremlin was sitting in front of an array of computer screens and looking much shorter in real life.

“W-what the hell are you doing!?” She eventually managed to stammer out. “Can’t you see we’re in the middle of something here!?”

“Is it not obvious?” Sixty-Nine asked, dunking the mop into soapy water. “You commanded me to ‘clean something’, and since our guest noted the poor state of the holding area I elected to start here.”

Lucia continued to stare at the Automaton in disbelief. “And you chose to do it NOW? In the middle of the game?” She swung herself off the desk chair she was sitting at and strode up to the cell. She pointed at John with a shaking finger in exasperation. “The bloody door’s open! There’s nothing stopping him from getting out!”

“It would be advisable for our visitor to do so. The holding area floor is highly unsanitary and may pose a risk to his health.”

“Aaargh!” She redirected her furious scowl towards John, who was frozen mid-undress and was still undecided on whether he should be dropping his pants or pulling them up altogether. The Gremlin’s enraged glare wasn’t helping. “Yeah, so the door’s now open. It doesn’t matter, you’re still going to use my machine.” She reached into her pocket and dramatically pulled out a small remote. “I’ve got other means of keeping you in there after all. Allow me to introduce you to my most vicious creation – The Mechacore!”

With a cruel grin she violently jabbed a button, her gaze completely fixated on John. Lucia stood like this in awkward silence for almost a minute before she began to look around impatiently. “Where the hell is she? Don’t tell me her tail got stuck in a door again…”

“The Mechacore is not currently in service,” said Sixty-Nine, not looking up from her mopping. “Her barb targeting system requires re-calibrating.”

“Oh for fucks sake.” Lucia sighed, tossing the remote across the room. She made a lazy beckoning gesture with her hand. “Come on then, guess we might as well wait this out.” Making her way over to a small table littered with an assortment of files and papers, she perched herself on some sort of chair. John slowly followed, looking back at the Automaton as she continued to clean the cell. She paid no attention to either of them, humming monotonously to herself as John pulled himself up a seat and sat at the Gremlin’s table.

Lucia produced two small shot glasses. “Can I offer you a drink?” she asked, pouring herself a dark liquid from a bottle. She passed it over to John, who sniffed at it suspiciously. He was surprised to find that it didn’t smell of alcohol at all, and carefully observed Lucia downing her shot before taking a sip himself. It really didn’t taste alcoholic either, but he recognized the flavour. It was coke.

“Uh… so…” John began. He shifted uncomfortably on his seat, looking around nervously as Lucia gave him a long, piercing stare.

“You wanna know why I’m doing all of this?” She suddenly asked. “What I’ve brought you here for today?” Her expression darkened. “It’s because I’m sick-”

“I figured that with the whole kidnapping and sex dungeon thing.”

“- sick and tired of watching you clueless men living empty, solitary lives while countless numbers of my people remain alone and unloved. So many girls come to Earth expecting to find the perfect husband, only to find themselves in the exact same position they were in back home. It isn’t fair! Sure, there are men who go for us, but there just isn’t enough supply to fit the demand. Some guys just don’t go for mamono at all.” Lucia said, peering into her now-empty shot glass.

“Those left unloved have their own explanations as to why this is: old Earth superstitions surrounding us, Order propaganda leaking over, maybe even just plain-old fear of the unknown. But I’ve got another theory.” The Gremlin’s face turned to thunder as she violently slammed the table with her free hand, startling John out of a disinterested trance. “It’s because you idiots have literally no idea what we’re offering! Your dumb asses don’t understand the power of demonic energy and what it does to sexual pleasure, you’ve got no idea! So you just stick to your porn and your human girls and think you know how to have a good time, like you don’t even need us! The truth would blow your minds!”

Lucia crept forward with a smug grin on her face. “So I got thinking and had this little idea. I’m gonna round up all the single men in town and show their clueless asses just what they’re missing. Once they’ve tasted a demonic orgasm they’re never gonna look back!”

“You’re insane!” John gasped, slowly leaning away from the gradually advancing Gremlin’s face. Unsurprisingly this monster appeared to have little regard for personal space, but that was a common issue with them in general, not just the crazy ones. He pointed to the cell where Sixty-Nine was still diligently mopping. “Do you honestly expect all those men to suddenly want monsters… uh… mamono after being put through that?”

Lucia leaned back into her chair and poured herself another drink. “Oh, I know not everyone’s gonna be into it, I just want them to give it a try. There’ll always be a minority of guys who won’t want us even after the procedure, but what can I do?” She shrugged, downing another shot of coke. “I’m no miracle worker, I can’t cure shit taste.”

She looked at the cell before briefly glancing at her watch. “But for most guys? Drop them in a room with one of my creations, tell them the only way out is to use it and BAM, he’s as good as fixed!” She frowned as her gaze focused on John. “At least, in theory. The test run isn’t going so well. Thanks for that, by the way.”

“Wait, I’m the first?” John’s attention briefly returned to the shoddy contraption in the cell, which still didn’t feel far away enough for him. He started to wonder just what this could mean, with one very distinct possibility turning his face red.

Lucia stared blankly at him in confused silence. Suddenly, her eyes widened. “Oh! No! Sorry, you’re just not my type! I need someone who gets me, and you…” Her eyes narrowed as she leaned on the table. “… you’re nothing but a pain in my ass. I’m waiting for a guy who doesn’t freak out when they’re told to fuck a robot or accuse me of trying to mutilate their cock.”

Yeah, well good luck with that, thought John as he once again sullied his eyes with the rusty sex machine.

“The selection process was random,” she continued. “I don’t care what order you guys get rehabilitated in, I’ve got more important stuff to worry about, so I got Sixty-Nine to handle the list instead. It was the perfect job for her, because there was literally no way she could fuck it up.” She gave a dirty look to the Automaton, who in turn did not show any signs of caring in the slightest.

“HOW MUCH LONGER ARE YOU GOING TO BE?” Lucia yelled impatiently. “You know we’re on a schedule here!” She once again looked to her watch, and then to John. Sighing, she slammed her glass onto the table. “Fuck it, this is taking way too long. We’ll just have to go with plan B and chalk this up as a learning experience.”

Lucia leaned over to the armrest of her chair and pushed a button, causing her seat to shudder slightly as it made various mechanical whirs and clicks. Several metallic tentacles snaked out from behind the Gremlin, now smiling maliciously at the rather concerned man sitting beside her. “Betcha thought I had nothing left up my sleeve, huh?” She gestured to the robotic appendages growing from her chair. “It’s always best to have a back up plan, you know. If I can’t use my new invention on you then I’ll just have to do this the old fashioned way!”

John staggered back, almost tripping over his own chair in the process. “I-I thought you said I wasn’t your type?” He asked, moving his arms into a defensive position. Later, he’d look back at this move and wonder just what good it would have done against a multi-armed, purpose-built rape machine.

“Oh, relax!” Lucia said reassuringly, “I’m not going to touch you, that’s the Rapeamatic’s job.”

Despite his dire situation, a small part of John’s mind ignored the burning urge to run screaming and demanded that he point out the sheer lack of thought and effort the Gremlin had put into that name. The sight of the strange, suggestive tools affixed to the ends of each arm quickly put an end to this small rebellion, as John stumbled over his own feet and ended up on the floor.

The Gremlin loomed over him. “Don’t worry, this’ll be over before you know it!” She pushed another button and the arms immediately converged on their target.

John recoiled momentarily, before realizing it was unnecessary. The machine seemed to have no interest in him at all.

“W-what!?” Lucia gasped as two of the arms held her in place. “I don’t understand!” She hurriedly tapped at the controls in a blind panic. “Why is it doing this? W-WHY ISN’T IT SHUTTING DOWN!?” Something small and vibrating slipped into her pants, causing her fingers to twitch involuntarily and miss the keypad. “O-OOH!” The Gremlin cooed, shuddering in pleasure. She struggled against the restraints whilst an arm jabbed her neck with a syringe full of some pink, glowing liquid. Lucia’s eyes immediately widened as a huge smile spread across her face, the fight taken from her in an instant. She slumped into the chair lazily, panting in excitement.

Two more arms grabbed a leg each and forced them open, eliciting no response from the Gremlin outside of the occasional twitch and low moan. The vibrating object retrieved itself from between her legs, the only resistance offered being a whimper of protest and a slight bucking of her hips, but this was quickly followed by another arm replacing it with something larger and pulsating.

Squeals of pleasure filled the room as Lucia’s eyes practically rolled back into her head, now completely ignoring the man who was previously cowering before her. For a brief moment John sat confused by all of this– and if he was honest with himself, a little aroused – before he realized that this was the perfect time to make a break for it. He clumsily stumbled back onto his feet and turned his back to the convulsing Gremlin, but then immediately almost staggered backwards into the gently writhing mess behind him.

Sixty-Nine was standing uncomfortably close by, watching John intently. The exact opposite of the Gremlin, she was actually more intimidating off camera, with her unblinking crimson stare and emotionless face. Panic began to rise in John’s chest as he assessed the hopelessness of the situation. Any escape attempt would be easily thwarted, she was a machine after all, and likely many times stronger and faster than he was.

“Uh… so I notice you haven’t finished mopping up?” John nervously grinned, peering around the Automaton’s shoulder and trying his best to ignore the Gremlin’s orgasmic moans. He really wished she’d stop making those noises, running from Sixty-Nine would be difficult enough without the erection.

An artificial hand reached out and soothingly caressed John’s face. For a moment he thought he noticed a small smile on the Automaton’s lifelike lips, but before he could make sense of this there was a quiet mechanical hiss followed by a slight sensation of something pinching his neck. Now feeling quite tired all of a sudden,  John reached to the strange feeling on his skin and plucked off something that didn’t seem like it should be there. He couldn’t quite make out what it was since his vision was blurring, but assumed it was a dart of some kind before everything went black.

Sixty-Nine caught the unconscious body as it fell towards her. She scooped it up with ease, clutching the sleeping man close. “It would appear that we are done here,” She said, addressing the twitching Gremlin. “I will be taking our guest home now.”

Lucia’s eyes struggled to focus on the Automaton against the effects of the powerful aphrodisiac. “N-no! We a-aren’t d-done ye- AH!” The Gremlin’s back arched, her whole body shuddering violently from the pleasure forced onto her by the malfunctioning machinery that she was pinned against. Sixty-Nine’s only response was a tiny, satisfied smile, far too small to be recognized by the climaxing Gremlin. Her attention was focused on far more important things right now, after all.

Striding out into the cold, dark streets outside, Sixty-Nine’s sensors registered the large drop in temperature and activated her heating unit to compensate, holding the unconscious man tightly to her chest to shield him from the freezing air. It wouldn’t do to have her new master catching something at this point, not after all she had been through to get one.

The Automaton took one last look at the warehouse where she had been reactivated just a few short months ago, and for a moment felt a genuine sense of gratitude to the self-obsessed Gremlin who reawakened her.

After all, it was thanks to the lunatic’s project that she was able to scour the list of available masters to find the most compatible subject and claim him. It was almost effortless, with the only real work being the reprogramming or shutdown of the various inferior toys littered around the premises. In truth, she’d actually feel bad for the Gremlin if it wasn’t for her penchant of building sex machines that she outclassed in every possible way. It was simply the height of rudeness, especially when she was snubbed in favour of the awful things.

But it didn’t matter anymore, all of that was over. Sixty-Nine stroked her new master’s hair affectionately as he slept and marched forward into the night, the empty streets echoing with victorious, maniacal laughter.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

Sixty-Nine silently cursed the limitations of her voice modulator.

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  1. Ooooh, nicely done! So different, so relaxed, so innovative! I like the way your mind works.
    A Question. did Lucia have yellow eyes or crimson ones?

    Typo: “He briefly eyed the recepticle.” recepticle = receptacle

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