The Shirohebi and the Hunter: Chapter 5- Usury and Lust

“She did WHAT!?” I blurted out, my hand belatedly flying out to cover my mouth after I realized how loud I was. Conduct unbecoming of a guest at the Ryu’s temple.

Lady Hisui was genuinely amused, cupping her fingers to her chin as she demurely giggled.

“Shimo congratulated Yuki before she left….” the Ryu said, before sipping her cup of tea. “Granted she scolded Yuki for trying to duck out of the wedding party early, but I heard it with my own ears, young man. I don’t know what you said to Shimo, but I think you managed to make an impression with her.”

It had been a few days since Yuki slipped me that note at the wedding reception, and I hadn’t seen her since, even though the Ryu requested I come over to help chop some firewood. The thing with Lady Hisui is that I wasn’t sure if that was a pretext to get Yuki and I to spend more time together or if she really needed firewood chopped.

It turned out she actually needed firewood to be chopped. According to Lady Hisui, Yuki had been sent to town to try and sell some charms and talismans to raise funds for the temple, and I had just missed her. It was an unseasonably warm afternoon and it wasn’t long before I decided to remove my shirt. Not long after my shirt came off, the buxom ryu decided to emerge from the temple and personally ‘supervise’ me from the shade.

“Lady Hisui……what would a certain cute miko of yours say if she saw you ogling me right now? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to make Miss Yukihebi jealous.”

“I’ll have you know that I’m committed to the eternal memory of my dear, beloved Ken.” she mischievously admonished me. “But there’s nothing that says I can’t have a look once in awhile. Just be glad I didn’t invite Kori and Fuyu over to watch, too…”

It was when she invited me to take a break and join her for a cup of tea in the shade when she told me about Shimo congratulating Yukihebi. Over her sticky and sensual moonlight liaison with me, of all people.

Amused by my reaction, the Ryu continued questioning me about what happened on Shimo’s wedding night.

“So how far did you two get?” she asked slyly.

“Uh…. well……” I stammered. I didn’t think it was very gentlemanly to kiss and tell, but the one who was asking for details was the one who had been nudging us closer together.

The Ryu sensed my reluctance. “It’s OK- I won’t tell anyone else.”

“That’s the thing…” I sighed. “You were there for it- you and Shimo.”


“I-it was great. By the Chief Gods…what she did with me…..I….I could’ve melted in her arms right there.” I looked away wistfully. “I don’t think I can put it into words. She….she just coiled herself around me, kissed me, then poured honey into my mouth and started licking it out. I….the whole time I’m just looking up at her. There was this yearning in her eyes and the moon shone down on her like she was some sort of goddess who came down from the heavens just for me. I never felt anything like it, Lady Hisui.”

I turned back to see that the Ryu’s upper body was now a deep shade of crimson as she was fanning herself.

“Oh…my.” she said absently. “Honey- I wish I had thought of that with my beloved Ken. I didn’t think Yuki had it in her.”

“Oh….she does…” I say, sounding a little more lascivious than I intended.

“You naughty boy…” the Ryu scolded as she got up.

“Wait…are you going somewhere Lady Hisui?”

“Yes- I have some business to tend to in the next prefecture. It seems as though they’re in the midst of a drought. It’s too late to do anything for their harvest this year, but a decent snowpack in the mountains could go a ways in alleviating any drought if it persists into the next growing season.”

“How long do you think you’ll be away?”

“This shouldn’t take very long- I’ll probably be back before sunset.”

“Do you need me to do anything else when I’m done with the wood?” I ask.

“No- although you’re welcome to stay if you’d like. Yukihebi should be back in a little while. It hasn’t taken her very long to sell those talismans since Shimo’s wedding” she mused.

With Yuki’s imminent return as incentive, I finished off the remainder of the firewood in pretty quick order after Lady Hisui had left. With some time to kill, I explored the temple’s grounds for a bit. Outside of the firewood, it looked as though Lady Hisui didn’t have much reason to bring me over and do a lot of work, since the lawn, trees and shrubs all appeared to be meticulously maintained. As I came back to the main temple area, I could see another shirohebi make her way to the shrine maiden’s quarters. It looked like it was Fuyu and she was clutching what looked like some clean laundry that she was dropping off. Aside from what looked like a green leaf that was placed jauntily atop her head, I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary.

As I’m contemplating over whether or not I’m making a big deal out of nothing, I feel a soft pair of hands slip around from behind and place themselves over my eyes.

“Guess who!” a familiar voice calls out sweetly.

“Ah….is that you, Lady Husui?”




“Is it Kori?” I tease.

“No!” the voice calls out in exasperation.

“I know….it’s gotta be Shimo! I didn’t think you’d be back from your honeymoon so quickly, Lady Shimo.”

“Hanta-kun…” she giggles. “Now you’re just being silly.”

“Is it my favorite nurse?”

The hands fall away from my eyes and I turn to see the beautiful shirohebi miko who is now blushing.

“Maybe…” she says sweetly. “Are you here for your follow-up appointment, Hanta-kun?”

I chuckle. “Lady Hisui brought me over here to split some firewood. Paying Nurse Yuki a visit today is a happy little bonus, I’d say.”

“I missed you, Hanta-kun.” she said, giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

“I’m glad to see you too.” I say as I gently hugged the sweet lamia, my hand making its way down to her alluring hips and backside.

“Hmm…did you miss me?” Yukihebi asks, gently guiding my hand away from her rump.

“Of course! I mean….four whole days without one of your delicious bento lunches? It’s been awful, Yuki…”

“Hanta-kun! You’re terrible…” she admonishes me as she playfully smacks my arm.

“Hey Yuki…I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” I begin to say with Burei’s observation from last week fresh in my mind.

“What is it, Hanta-kun?”

“Well….considering I was probably covered in dirt and blood when you found me, it seemed like I was pretty clean after I first woke up here- like somebody had been bathing me.” I started. “W-was that you…?”

She shyly turned her head away and blushed an even deeper shade of crimson. “Y-yes.. although Fuyu and Kori helped out, I’m the one who spent the most time with you- this included giving you sponge baths….Kori and Fuyu teased me and said that I was way too diligent and thorough about it.”

“Th-thank you for that, Yuki….” I said. It was my turn to blush as the beautiful shirohebi confirmed that she had in fact bathed me while I was in her care.

“Hanta-kun…” she said earnestly as she grabbed both of my hands. “It wasn’t easy. There were times when….when..” she hesitated “….I wanted to do naughty things with you so…so badly, but…” Yukihebi inhaled sharply. “But you were hurt and I knew that would be wrong to do something like that while you were in such a state. So instead, I pretended you were a foreign prince and made up fairy tales about some of the adventures you might’ve had, hoping that you’d wake up someday….”

I said nothing, my jaw slack for several moments.

“I-I’m sorry…that probably sounds so silly. I shouldn’t have said anything. Hanta-kun, please don’t-” Yuki said as she let go of my hands and began bowing apologetically.

“Naughty things, you say?”

She stopped speaking abruptly as though my question genuinely puzzled her. After a moment, a coy grin painted the corner of her smooth lips.

“VERY naughty. Instead of telling you, maybe Nurse Yuki can show you.”

“I think I would like that very much” I said as I leaned in and softly kissed her on the lips. The beautiful albino lamia cupped my chin as she enthusiastically returned my kiss, her delectable tongue once again probing the inside of my mouth.

“Mmmhmm…not here.” she admonished as she reluctantly broke the kiss. “Let’s head to my quarters.”

“But that’s all the way down the corridor….” I pouted facetiously at the prospect of having to walk about 30 more feet.

Yuki, however, was halfway down the hallway before she turned and playfully beckoned me to follow her.

“You’re a little warmer than usual today…” Yuki mused as I caught up with her outside the doorway to her quarters. “Did you work up a sweat doing chores for Hisui-sama?” Her hand was on my chest.

“Mmm-hmm” I said as I started fidgeting with the cloth belt of her Kimono top.

“Well maybe Nurse Yuki can help clean you up….” She cooed teasingly, her serpentine lower half began coiling around my legs. “But not before you get really dirty.”

She used her forked tongue to playfully lick my cheek before kissing me again. As the slid open the door to her quarters, the two of us were caught off guard by what awaited us on the other side.

Reclining on Yukihebi’s bed was a statuesque figure with long flowing blonde hair and blue eyes- another foreigner. Except she wasn’t human- the white, feathery wings, shield and flowing garments gave every indication that a Valkyrie was now in Yukihebi’s room. On her head was a lovely and intricately woven crown made from flowers.

“I found you….at long last, my love!” the Valkyrie proclaimed as she saw me in the doorway.

No way….this can’t be happening…. I said to myself. If I had ever been acquainted with a Valkyrie, I surely would’ve remembered that no matter how hard I hit my head or how long I had been unconscious.

“Wh-what……?” I can only stammer in confusion.

“Who is this!?” the cornsilk-tressed battle maiden asked indignantly as she gazed at Yuki. “My love….you don’t mean to tell me that you’re now this serpentine creature’s consort, do you!?”

“Who are you?” I ask in a voice so quiet I’m not even sure I said it out loud.

“Darling….how could you!? Have you forgotten your promise to wed me as soon as you returned from the Eastern kingdoms?” the statuesque blonde on Yuki’s bed lamented melodramatically.

There’s something familiar about her- and it has nothing to do with my presumed homeland or some long-forgotten vow to marry one of Heaven’s warriors. Although she has the look down, she seems to be carrying on more like an actress playing the role of a foreigner rather than an actual foreigner.

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am I’ve met this individual before. Only she wasn’t a Valkyrie. It had to have been someone I met since I found myself in Zipangu. Somebody who most likely thought it would be fun to prey upon my memory loss while breaking into one of the Ryu’s shrine maiden’s living quarters for shits and giggles.

There was only one individual I could think of who fit that description, but I decided to indulge in whatever game they had in mind for a bit longer- at least until my suspicions were confirmed.

“Oh, my beloved and most precious treasure….” I played along as I walked up to Yuki’s bed. “You came all the way to this distant land for me? I have truly misjudged the depth of your love….”

“Of course, darling…..” a sinister glint was now in her eye and seemed to confirm my suspicions about what I was really dealing with. “No obstacle on earth could keep me from you!”. Those were perhaps the only honest words yet spoken by this mystery woman.

I cupped her chin….”And you even wove this beautiful crown of flowers to adorn your head.” I said as I reached above her head. “But one of these seems to be a bit out of place.”

“Hey wait…” she began to protest, but I tore the leaf on her head away from her crown. The voluptuous nordic goddess reclining on Yuki’s bed was gone in a puff of smoke, replaced by a much more diminutive brunette with pointed canine ears sticking out from the top of her head and a bushy tail with a black and brown ringed pattern. Like I thought- the unannounced visitor was a Gyoubu Danuki. Specifically, the one who had hired me to clear a path for her through the woods. On the bed next to her was a rucksack full of some of her wares instead of a shield.

“Ooops….secret’s out, I guess.” the danuki giggled.

“Hello, Korigashi. To what do I owe this displeasure, you ring-tailed cur?”

“Oh Hanta-kun….” she said cheerfully, her tail swishing. “Let me tell you all about the renovations they made to the interior of the Emperor’s Customs House on the road from the capital to Inukawi!”

“Who is this, Hanta-kun?” and understandably bewildered Yukihebi asked. “And what is she talking about?”

“Do you want to know WHY I got to see the interior of the Customs House up close, Hanta-kun?” the Danuki asked, seemingly ignoring Yukihebi.

“Because I was…”

“Because you were supposed to cut a path through the mountains that would bypass the Customs House, Hanta-kun.” she admonished me. “I mean…that’s why I gave you the advance of two gold taels.”

“Listen, Korigashi….I can pay you back if you give me some time to-“

“Oh…Hanta-kun. I don’t want you to think I’m upset over the gold taels. I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash over ten times the amount.”

“Yet here you are….”

“What I AM upset over, Hanta-kun, is the prisoner fruit, Arachne’s silk and kraken’s ink that were all confiscated at the Customs House on the road to Inukawi- all because you shirked your responsibility in creating a bypass for me. By my estimation, that’s approximately 647 gold taels you now owe me, plus interest. And I do intend to collect one way or another”

“Who are you and what are you going on about?” the shirohebi asked Korigashi directly.

“I’m someone who your man entered into a lucrative arrangement with- but he failed to follow through on his obligations. His breach of contract has cost me dearly. Technically, I suppose that makes him MY man….” she taunted Yukihebi. “Bought and paid for.”

“Whoa there….I never signed a contract.”

“We entered into a verbal agreement, Hanta-kun. That’s just as binding as any written contract as far as I’m concerned.”

“Well shit…sorry I couldn’t finish your little path in the woods, I was too busy bleeding to death. While working on your little path in the woods, as I recall.”

“That’s hardly my problem.”

“So cold of you, Korigashi. I’d think you’d have more compassion towards the well-being of those in your employ.”

“The compassion ship sailed the moment that my rather expensive demon realm contraband was taken away from me at the Customs House.” the cheeky raccoon-dog was starting to lose her patience.

“Think of it as a hard-earned lesson about placing all of your eggs in one basket-” I begin to say

DON’T! she barked. Her ears flattened and she bared her fangs at me. “Don’t presume to lecture ME on the best business practices, you perverted deadbeat foreigner!”

There was no way I could conceal the satisfied smirk on my face. By reputation, the Gyoubu Danuki could drive the wealthiest of men into bankruptcy and debt through all sorts of underhanded machinations with a smile on their face the whole time. To see Korigashi snap at me like that meant I was already getting under her skin.

“Hanta-kun? You entered into some sort of business arrangement with this woman? No wonder I could detect such misfortune in your aura.” Yukihebi said quietly, not taking her eyes off the intruder.

“Oh…by the way, this lovely young woman is Yukihebi. Not that you care but she was nice enough to nurse me back to health after I injured myself working as your errand boy. Without her, crows would most likely be picking my bones clean by now, so I’d appreciate a little more goddamn common courtesy and less of this ‘werebatshit crazy stalker’ thing you have going on- if not for my sake then for hers…..”

Ignoring my admonition, Korigashi continued as she got off of Yukihebi’s bed, not bothering to conceal her anger. “Hanta-kun- when I’m done milking you for every last drop, you’ll be whored out to a Joro Gumo who sounded really interested in making your acquaintance after I gave her a description of you- brace yourself, though. She’s only available in the evenings.”

“You can’t get blood from a rock, Korigashi….” I cautioned.

“Oh Hanta-kun. It’s not your blood I’m interested in…There was also a good deal of enthusiasm expressed by an eavesdropping oomukade looking for a husband- even if it’s only for a few days. I told her I might be able to help, although I did warn her I personally would be putting some wear and tear on the merchant’s sample.” she sneered. “Who knows- maybe little Miss Snake Eyes here can nurse you back to health after the three of us finish up squeezing every last drop of spirit energy from you. By the time we’re all through with you, you’ll wish your bones were bleaching somewhere in the mountains.”

“What did you just say?” Yukihebi nearly snarled. This was the first time I had seen her so angry.

“I said-” the danuki began to say before the lamia cut her off.

“You have some nerve- abusing Husui-sama’s hospitality by no doubt letting yourself into the temple under false pretenses, breaking into my living quarters, directing any kind threat against me and promising to rape Hanta-kun.”

“It’s hardly my fault you decided to keep such disreputable company. I wouldn’t be much of a businesswoman if I didn’t somehow recoup my losses. The question is, what are you going to do to stop me, Snake-eyes?” Korigashi taunted.

It was an incredibly dumb move from the otherwise savvy tanuki.

Yukihebi glared at her and then at me.

“Hanta-kun….” she said, her voice tinged with a quiet fury. She had now taken the naginata off of the wall. “Stay down.”

Neither me or Korigashi knew what she had in mind until the normally quiet and timid lamia roughly shoved me to the ground. I looked up in time to see her vertically plant the naginata’s lengthy handle on the floor and then use it for purchase as she whipsawed her lower body around in a nearly 360 degree sweep, her tail connecting solidly with the unwelcome Gyoubu Danuki visitor and sending her flying into the wall just underneath a bookshelf, sending most of its contents tumbling onto her.

Just like that, it was over. By reputation, Danuki usually avoided direct confrontations through magic or trickery. Yet Korigashi unwisely decided to provoke Yuki and had now paid for it dearly.

“Holy shit! You killed her…” I said to Yukihebi as the Tanuki lay motionless in a heap against the wall, one of the books that had fallen down from the shelf now tented on her chest.

Yuki remained speechless, her hand quietly cupped over her own mouth.

“It’s OK, Yuki….I know an out-of-the-way spot in the woods. We can just wait until nightfall, bury her there and never speak of this again….” I say to her.

Hanta-kun….you bastard….” a voice croaked weakly from the other end of the room. “Not even going to give me a proper burial….huh?”

To our mutual surprise, the usurious ring-tailed dog mamono was not only alive, but conscious.

Ow ow ow ow….” Korigashi said as she rubbed her head and gingerly sat up. “Damn it! That hurt!” she said to nobody in particular.

Korigashi’s rucksack full of wares had more or less bore the brunt of Yuki’s vicious tail swipe, and its contents were now spread across the other side of the bed from the trespassing Danuki.

The two of us were looking at Korigashi as she picked up the book that was tented across her chest. She was getting ready to toss it aside when it looked as though something on its pages had grabbed her attention.

Judging from how wide Korigashi’s eyes were and how quickly her face was turning red, I figured it had to something particularly noteworthy to get that reaction.

Slyly looking back at the book and then the shirohebi, the Gyoubu Danuki began to read aloud.

Oh Lady Snowvenom! Please bestow your kisses and your poison on me!

Fu fu fu fu….I love seeing such a strong-willed and foolhardy maiden in such a wretched state. Where was that confident youkai-slayer who said she was going to kill me moments ago? Why did you stay your hand?

Ahhh!” Korigashi melodramatically moaned. “Forgive me, Snowvenom-sama! That was before your sweet poison opened my eyes to the world of pleasure you offered me!!

Foolish girl- perhaps if you beg, I’ll consider it….

Please, Snowvenom-sama! Let me be your slave….I’ll belong to only you

Very well then- I shall give you a collar and have you walk on all fours.

Ah…ah….” the danuki resumed moaning enthusiastically. “Yes….thank you Mistress Snowvenom. Please play with me every day….

It finally sank in that Lady Husui wasn’t kidding about Yukihebi having a collection of illustrated yuri literature. However, as the Gyoubu Danuki continued taunting the serpent maiden by reading aloud from her collection, one line in particular stood out.

Of course my little pet- I’ll bite you and kiss and wrap myself around you as much as you like

AAAAHHH!!” Korigashi moaned in a convincing facsimile of ecstasy as she continued reading.

Fu fu fu fu….do my kisses make you come?

As mortified as Yukihebi was, the lamia practically flew across the room and tried snatching the book out of Korigashi’s hands. Except now the Gyoubu Danuki was playing keep-away with her book.

“Give that back!” Yuki pleaded.

“My my….such intense girl-on-girl action! Has Hanta-kun read this one yet? I bet that’s suited to his ecchi tastes…” Korigashi taunted, keeping the book above her head.

Between the line Yuki whispered in my ear before tongue-fucking the inside of my mouth on her sister’s wedding night and her reaction to that last line when Korigashi read it aloud, it was slowly dawning on me that Yuki didn’t just collect yuri literature- she likely was an authoress herself.

“Here….catch!” the Danuki said, tossing the book my way. I caught it and right away was treated to images of a pale, black haired lamia intimately coiled around a panting, dark-haired human woman in a miko outfit, cupping her chin and looking as though she was getting ready to bite or kiss the captivated human. And the entrapped woman seemed to be enjoying every minute of attention from the lamia.

“No! Hanta-kun! Don’t look….it’s so dirty….” Yukihebi implored.

“So…….hot……” I heard myself murmur. I very reluctantly find myself honoring Yukihebi’s request- closing the book Korigashi tossed me, but discreetly tucking my finger into the highlighted page to help keep my place. As Yukihebi made her way across the room to retrieve the book from me, the Danuki called out.

“Hey…Yukihebi, was it?”

“What?” the lamia replied tersely.

“Did you….write that?”

“No! I didn’t write any of that….I swear!” she said defensively, looking at both me and Korigashi. “I just provided the illustrations.”

“You drew this?” I asked.

“Y-yes…” poor Yukihebi looked like she wanted to crawl in a hole and die. “Don’t hate me for it…”

“Are you kidding? It’s really good! The pictures were the best part!” Korigashi said.

“Seconded. I didn’t know you could draw…” I said before I remembered the cute doodle of the snake in a nurse’s cap on the note she had the Ryu give me on her way out of the wedding.

A thought suddenly occurred to me as my eyes darted between Yukhebi and the drawing of the pale serpent-girl sensually teasing and toying with her female captive.

“Wait a minute! Yukihebi, are you…..?” I trail off, still thinking of the Shirohebi’s erotic artwork featuring haughty lamia ravaging human women and injecting them with venemous aphrodisiac. “Yukihebi….are you poisonous?”

“What? No!” Yuki replied. The three of us stood in a momentary silence as I realized how dumb my question must have sounded in hindsight. “I constrict! Shirohebis constrict!”

Korigashi was now stroking her chin in contemplation before she snapped her fingers.

“Say….I know of some publishers in the capital who might be interested in something of this quality to accompany their work.” Koragashi said as she nonchalantly began picking up scattered items from the pack she carried with her. “If you’re interested, you could provide me some samples that I could show to the different publishing houses in exchange for a percentage from each book or periodical they want you to work on. I’m also willing to overlook Hanta-kun’s debt to me.”

“Wait….you want Miss Yukihebi to do the work in order to pay off a debt that you say that I owe you? Sounds like a bad deal.” I speak up before the flustered shirohebi can even answer.

“Waiving the funds you owe me is my way of sweetening the pot for an artist of Yukihebi’s caliber…” Koragashi said as she wiped her brow. “Ah…my….is it normally this warm in here? Anyway, what do you say, Yukihebi.?”

“I’m not sure I’d want my name attached to such works…” the pale lamia said as she looked away.

“I’m assuming the ones I saw here were submitted anonymously or under a pen name through a local publisher. I can….why is it so hot in here….? I can guarantee your anonymity if you agree to do this.”

Sensing Yuki’s reluctance, Korigashi continued to prod. “I understand if you have some misgivings, but you can use this as a stepping stone to doing more conventional artwork if you really want to…” the Danuki was now looking flushed as she began fanning herself.

“I…I don’t know.” Yuki hesitated as she began to dab sweat from her brow. “It…it usually isn’t so warm in the temple for this time of year.”

The pale lamia wasn’t attempting to change to subject- whatever was starting to bother Korigashi was starting to get to her, too. As far as temperature went, I felt fine, but I was starting to feel a little lightheaded and there was now a steady ringing in my ears.

“What’s going on?” I ask, sensing that something was out of the ordinary- well, even further out of the ordinary.

Turning her attention to the scattered contents of her travel pack, Korigashi began rifling through her remaining goods- whatever hadn’t been confiscated at the Emperor’s Customs House.

Ah! No…” she yelped. “No! Nonononono……the…the nectar! It’s ruined.”

“Nectar?” Yuki asks.

The Danuki holds up the smashed remnants of a small glass jar with a thick, amber liquid dripping off of some of the shards. The Zipanguese script on it read ‘Liliraune Nectar’– apparently not all of Korigashi’s Demon Realm contraband had been confiscated at the Customs House.

“It must’ve gotten broken in the commotion…” Korigashi laments as she begins to pant. “It’s all gone…I can’t salvage any of it….”

I can feel my senses and judgement leaving me as the room starts to spin, but I manage to get a relevant question before being overwhelmed.

“K-Koragashi…? Is that nectar undiluted!?” I wanted to shout at her, but it sounded as though it came out as a murmur.

“Y-yes…it is…” I could hear her pant.

Yuki was surprisingly quiet considering the turn of events that was taking place where she sleeps every night. The beautiful albino serpent said nothing while making her way to the spot on the floor where the jar of nectar had broken. Out of the three of us, Yukihebi appeared as though she was the least affected.

I had to hold out my hand and steady myself on the wall in order to remain standing. As I watched, Yuki looked as though she was carefully examining the broken glass and pool of syrupy liquid on the floor. However, after a moment or so of apparent contemplation she slowly and deliberately dragged her tail through the spilled nectar.

“Oi…Snake Eyes….” Korigashi asked, only vaguely aware that her hands were starting to roam over her own body. “Wh-what are you doing?”

Yukihebi ignored the question and instead made her way over to me as she loosened the obi on her kimono top.

“Ah…Hanta-kun. I seemed to have made a mess.” She almost moaned, her eyes heavy-lidded but still fixing me straight in her almost hypnotic gaze. Her serpentine tail slowly made its way around my shoulders and across the back of my neck before the very tip was used to gently smear some of the nectar onto my left cheek.

“Maybe you could help Nurse Yuki clean it up..?” the shirohebi teased in a voice that was much sweeter than any nectar.

“O-of course….” I stammer, the mere act of speaking those words seemingly sapping what little strength I had left.

Needing little encouragement from Yuki, I began lapping up the remaining nectar that was on her tail.

AHH!!!” she moaned loudly as one hand clutched at her ample chest and the other violently shot out and grabbed the top of her bureau to steady herself. “Y-yes….that’s it, Hanta-kun. More….” she shuddered as she pressed the very tip of her tail closer to my face. Taking the hint, I continued caressing and licking the tip of her tail as Yuki was now doing her best to stifle her sensual moans. I could see her fingernails dig into her bureau as she shut her eyes and violently jerked her head to one side.

“I…I’m com-” was all she could utter as her entire serpentine lower body seemed to briefly shutter and spasm for a moment before she slowly withdrew her tail.

“Th-thank you….Hanta-Kun…” Yuki blushed.

The Danuki had been watching intently this whole time and now seemed determined to be an active participant in the fun. As soon as Yuki’s tail had withdrawn, I was tackled to the ground by Korigashi.

“Hanta-kun….” the raccoon dog panted as she straddled me. “I need my payment from you NOW….”.

To my surprise, instead of pulling the horny dog mamono off of me, Yukihebi simply handed Koragashi the obi from her kimono- the one that I was halfheartedly trying to pull off earlier.

“Bind his wrists with this…” she quietly ordered Koragashi.

The two of them rolled me over onto my back and pinned my wrists together. I felt the silk obi being wrapped around my wrists before tightening. Judging from the soft, excited grunts I was hearing, Koragashi was the one doing the tying. Yukihebi then leaned in close and softly whispered in my ear.

“Don’t worry, dear….you’re in for a treat.”

Koragashi none too gently rolled me over, admiring her handiwork. I tested my bonds for a moment before looking up at the two aggressive mamono. It was simple, but effective. Even if I could escape, there was little doubt either the shirohebi or danuki could quickly overpower me given the state they were in. Both of them were eyeing me the same way a starving man would look at a banquet. I should’ve been nervous, but under the nectar’s influence my body was tingling slightly in anticipation- I was captivated, yet in no hurry to break free.

“I’ve always wondered what a foreigner’s spirit energy tastes like…” Koragashi said as she hastily removed her top.

Yukihebi’s index finger was resting just under her lip as though she was in sinister deliberation. Her eyes were darting back and forth from the spilled contents of Koragashi’s pack and the spectacle immediately in front of her. Before the Danuki could proceed any further, Yukihebi spoke up.

“You won’t find out- not today.”

“What-?” was all Koragashi could utter as the shirohebi quickly coiled her lower body around the surprised danuki. Unlike when she slowly and carefully wrapped her serpentine half around me at her sister’s wedding reception, Yukihebi moved with the speed and power of a predator seeking to immobilize its prey as quickly as possible.

“Ahh…..Hey! C-come on, Snake Eyes!” the raccoon dog yelped.

I had managed to get to my knees and crawl a little closer to the intriguing scene as Koragashi began to thrash around in vain. Although the danuki wasn’t obligingly carrying any honey among her wares, Yuki had managed to find a glass bottle of syrup.

“I think I’ll show you what I had in mind for Hanta-kun before we were so rudely interrupted by a yapping little doggie…” Yuki said as she held up the bottle in front of Koragashi, ignoring the canine’s struggling.

“Hey! Th…that’s three silver taels…” Koragashi said as she saw Yuki with her inventory.

Seeminly ignoring her, Yuki squeezed a little harder.

“AH! AH!!” Koragashi squealed…”I….I can let you have that for one tael, though!”

Yukihebi silently dismissed the danuki’s attempt to bargain as she softly ran a finger through Koragashi’s hair. “I have no intention of hurting you, little doggy. But you WILL learn some manners…” the serpent girl said tenderly to her captive.

“Wh-what about Hanta-kun!?” Koragashi protested.

Yuki shifted her gaze to me before returning her attention to the captivated danuki. “Hanta-kun is welcome to my embrace anytime he so desires- you, on the other hand, seem as though you’re in more immediate need of corrective measures. I don’t want anyone interfering- not even Hanta-kun.”

“HAH! AH!…please!” Koragashi pleaded as she continued struggling against Yukihebi’s grasp. “Let me just collect what he owes me, Yukihebi…”

The thrashing relented as Yuki tightened her grip and the danuki let out an involuntary yelp.

Mistress Yukihebi.” she said sternly.


The shirohebi squeezed tighter, getting her point across to Koragashi.

Nnngh! NYAAH!” the danuki moaned sharply in what sounded like equal measure of pain and ecstacy. “O…of course, Mistress Yukihebi.”

“Good doggie….” she said as she mischievously licked Koragashi’s cheek with the same lengthy forked tongue that nearly drove me to orgasm on her sister’s wedding night.

“Hanta-kun…I haven’t forgotten about you.” She said sweetly. “I know how bad you want to, but don’t come just yet, OK?”. This was followed by a wink from her that seemed to say Enjoy the show!.

Koragashi was thrashing harder while trapped in Yuki’s coils- she was desperately trying not to escape, but to position her fingers so she could better reach between her legs and get herself off.

“Nnngh….PLEASE, Yu….Mistress Yukihebi!” Koragashi whimpered.

“Shh. Shh. Shhh….” Yuki said as she tenderly caressed the helpless Danuki’s cheek. “You remembered your place, little doggie. Such a quick learner, let mistress reward you.”

The shirohebi then firmly grabbed a handful of Koragashi’s hair and pulled it back as the danuki let out a sharp gasp. The helpless Koragashi was now looking straight up into Yuki’s grinning, triumphant face. The busty albino lamia then gave the raccoon-dog a familiar set of instructions.

“Now…I’ll need you to close your eyes and open your mouth, and take care not to swallow.” to emphasize this, Yuki gently wrapped the tip of her tail around Koragashi’s throat. She cupped the danuki’s chin with her free hand before following that up with “I know it will be difficult, but try not to spit any of it out, either.”

Koragashi could only wordlessly nod as Yuki picked up the glass bottle and placed it on the tip on her lips. The Danuki’s tail began thumping the floor in anticipation as her mouth began to slowly fill with a sticky sweet liquid- Yuki was making the most of bottle of imported maple syrup scavenged from the Gyoubu Danuki’s scattered inventory.

Yuki (along with myself) savored the sight of the pushy and usurious gyoubu danuki now on her knees, her arms pinned by the shirohebi’s serpentine body and her eyes half-closed in ecstasy as she was looking up helplessly, quivering with anticipation over what the lamia had in store for her next.

She didn’t have to wait for very long as Yuki softly clasped her hands on the back of Koragashi’s head and gently pressed her lips against the Gyoubu danuki’s. After a few seconds, Koragashi’s eyes shot wide open and she began to moan and struggle in Yuki’s coils. However, her moans became more rhythmic and the struggling tapered off as a tiny bit of syrup spilled from her mouth and dribbled onto her chest. Yuki continued her unrelenting oral assault on the danuki’s mouth as Koragashi’s bushy, ringed tail began to swish back and forth in synch with her moaning. Koragashi had managed to free both of her arms as Yuki relaxed her grip slightly, but instead of using it to push away or reaching between her legs to climax, she instead put both hands on Yuki’s shoulders.

Just as I was wondering when either one of them would come up for air, Yuki broke away. A glistening tendril of of saliva and syrup dangled between their lips before snapping back and dribbling down onto the danuki’s petite, perky breasts.

“Why little doggie….you’re all wet….” Yuki taunted the captivated danuki.

“Ah…ah…..ah….NGGHH…oh…” Koragashi panted as more syrup trickled out of the side of her mouth. If she wasn’t already on her knees, she would’ve collapsed. “By the Demon Lord’s tenth daughter….Th…..that….was amazing.” she gasped.

“You should see yourself…I happen to think you’re actually quite pretty, doggie….” Yuki cooed as she stroked her cheek. “It’s a shame that you feel the need to resort to extortion to get yourself a man…”

“Ah….it’s in my nature… mix business and pleasure…Yuu-Yukihebi…” the Danuki started to say. Yukihebi constricted even tighter, briefly cutting off the air before relaxing. “S-sorry….I mean Mistress Yukihebi…”

“That’s better, doggie…now get on all fours.” Yuki said as she uncoiled herself from Koragashi.

“M-mistress?” she said hesitantly- almost disappointed that the pale lamia had released her from her vice-like grip.

“Get on all fours and I might just let Hanta-kun help clean you up, messy doggie.”

Koragashi said nothing but immediately followed Yuki’s instructions now that I was being used as incentive.

“Take a look at yourself…such a lewd expression on your face.” Yuki said as she leaned in and turned Koragashi’s head so that she was now facing her own reflection in a full-length mirror. The danuki could only blush and turn her head away. She attempted to cover herself up with one arm as she saw herself almost naked, on all fours and her torso smattered with a mixture of syrup and lamia saliva in the polished glass.

“Tell me what you see, little doggy…”

“Koragashi is….” the danuki murmured. “Koragashi is all wet and sticky, mistress.”

“Little doggie is a bitch in more ways than one, isn’t she?”

“Y-yes, mistress…”

To encourage the danuki to get going, Yuki none-too-gently swatted Koragashi’s raised ass and got a satisfying yelp in reply.

“Get moving before I change my mind, doggie….” she admonished.

“H-hai….” Koragashi stammered nervously as she crawled on all fours towards me under Yuki’s close supervision.

“I’m so sorry to keep you waiting, Hanta-kun.” Yuki said. “This little doggie wasn’t quite as good a honey fountain as you were and as a result, she made a bit of a mess. Would you like to help Yuki clean this dirty little beast up?”

She already knew the answer, but I nodded anyway.

“Go ahead and kneel, little doggie.” she sternly instructed Koragashi. “And put your hands on top of your head….”

The Gyoubu Danuki did as she said, her eyes looking away from me as she complied.

“Hanta-kun…..if you will.” Yukihebi said, perversely grinning.

With my hands still bound behind my back, I had to crawl towards the remaining few feet before the kneeling Koragashi. Up close, I could see the streaks and dribbles of syrup mixed in with some lamia saliva smeared across her chest. Under Yukihebi’s watchful eye, I cautiously lean in and begin licking just below her right ribcage.

NNNGHHH….” Koragashi moaned as she flinched. I could see that she brought her hands off the top of her head and appeared as though she was going to press my face up against her chest before thinking better of it. One stern glare from Yuki was enough for her to timidly put her hands back on top of her head.

“I must confess, Hanta-kun. I kind of like seeing you like this…” Yuki whispered as I continued trailing my tongue along Koragashi’s chest. “But Yukihebi likes wrapping her body around you MUCH better….”

Hesitantly separating my tongue from Koragashi’s sensetive torso, I speak up. After asserting herself over the danuki in the most sensual manner possible, I’m not sure if she wants me to call her Mistress or simply stick with ‘Miss Yukihebi’. I decide to take a 3rd option.

“I kinda like it when Nurse Yuki does that to me, too…” I admit- although the raging, rock-hard erection Yuki was stroking with her tail at her sister’s wedding reception should’ve been a giveaway. “I like it a lot…”

Yuki then kissed me on the lips before slowly pulling her upper body away from me. As the teasing lamia broke the kiss, I tried to lunge forward for one more kiss, only to lose my balance. Yukihebi caught me in her arms before steadying me.

“Patience, Hanta-Kun…” she playfully chided me.

As Koragashi whimpered lustfully, Yuki got down in front of her, ready to lavish attention on the Danuki’s lefthand side.

“Mistress please……let me come…” Koragashi pleaded, her hands still obediently interlaced together behind her head.

Yukihebi said nothing as she continued to transfix the mamono raccoon-dog in a predatory glare.

“Please….let me come….I’ll do anything you want, Mistress Yuki! Just let me come…. let me come let me come let mecome letmecome letmecome letmecomeletmecomeletmecome….” the Danuki trailed off, softly wimpering as her heavy-lidded eyes attempted to avert Yukihebi’s gaze.

Yuki said nothing as she teasingly brushed her serpentine tail up against Korigashi’s inner thigh. Although the lithe and petite Danuki was topless, she was still wearing a fundoshi and was desperately trying to buck her hips against Yuki’s lower body while whimpering and doing her best to keep her hands glued to the top of her head.

By the Chief Gods….I can’t take much more my mind shrieked. I was torn between wanting the enticing show between the sensual lamia and her Danuki plaything to never end and Yuki at long last lavishing her attention onto me.

As it turned out, there was a third, much less attractive option for Yuki, Korigashi and myself.

What’s the meaning of this!? Stop it! Right now!!” a seemingly distant but authoratative voice called out.

Through hazy eyes, I could see it was the Ryu. She had a wooden bucket in one of her hands and was using the other sleeve of her kimono to cover her mouth and nose while standing in the doorway to Yuki’s quarters. Lady Hisui quickly located the shattered bottle of Liliraune nectar and began pouring water from the bucket over it to dilute it’s effects. She then splashed Yuki and Korigashi in the face with the remaining water. Korigashi suddenly looked startled and unaware of her surroundings while Yukihebi began rubbing her eyes as though she had just awaken from a long slumber.

Who are you and what are you doing in my temple!? Explain yourself!” Hisui demanded of the increasingly frightened Danuki. The bucket was gone and the Ryu was now threatening Korigashi with Yuki’s parasol. The startled Danuki was frantically looking around for any kind of exit, yet seemed unable to get to her feet.

“Yuki!” she scolded the serpentine miko. “Untie our guest and all three of you get dressed…..NOW….

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