The Scorpion’s Sting

“Hey, yo, Jerry! You got a call!”

The sun was high overhead, beating down on all it touched. Deep in the heart of Texas, in sweltering 100 degree heat, the railroad was hard at work. Among them was a short man with a bushy mustache, bald head and very well-built physique. That particular man, Jerry, looked up from his work and towards his friend, Davy, a tall fat black man with a pencil-thin mustache of his own.

“Why ain’t they calling me on my phone?”

“Hey man, I don’t know. All’s I know is that the office got a call for ya.”

Jerry gave a shrug, not at all upset at getting to spend a few minutes indoors. He handed his clipboard to Davy and let him know what he’d been working on before heading off to the office. The railroad was a heat trap of unbearable design. Mazes of metal and cement reflected so much heat that his shoes almost melted. He didn’t particularly like his job, but he was getting up there and it was good enough to keep him from looking for another job.

In truth, Jerry would have preferred remaining in the Navy. It was good work, great benefits… but they’d forced him to retire after 20 years. He hadn’t made it high enough to warrant keeping him on. Now he was almost 50 and he only had the ability to do one thing. And he didn’t even particularly like doing it.

But his youth had passed him by a while ago, and he wasn’t too upset at it. As he entered the office he said hello to Gina, the secretary, and took his call.


“Jerry? We need to talk.”

“Karen? What are you doing calling me on the office phone? You have my number.”

“You weren’t answering. I left a voicemail, but I needed to make sure you didn’t ignore it.”

“What’s this all about? Is it an emergency?”

“No. Yes. Sort of. It’s about Lloyd.”

“What’d you do now?”

“Me? This is about Lloyd, Jerry, don’t make it about your petty grudges.”

“It ain’t petty. You’re always doing something. Like stealing money, fucking around behind my back, smoking meth.”

“I did not smoke meth! Stop being selfish. Look I just need you to ask Lloyd about it this weekend alright? He’s not listening to me and I’m worried.”

“Fine, fine. What am I asking him about?”

“You know those monster things that have been on the news?”

“Yeah, what about ‘em?”

“Lloyd’s dating one of them! Its disgusting too! But he won’t listen to me. He locks himself up in his room and talks to her on the video chat all the time. He’s obsessed! He doesn’t do anything else! He talks about her all the time. I’m concerned.”

Jerry couldn’t hold back his laughter.

“The boy’s finally got a girlfriend? Damn, took ‘em long enough. I was getting worried.”

“Jerry, this is serious! She’s… not right. I think he’s just grabbing on to the first girl that’s shown interest in him.”

“Well, we both know how dangerous that can be.”

“Oh fuck off, Jerry.”

“Nah, you fuck off.”

Jerry hung up on his ex-wife, both happy at getting the last word in, and unhappy at the reminder that the only woman he loved, he now hated. Someone had once said that life was a bitch. Jerry thought that was unfair. Bitches were just dogs, and dogs were cute and loyal and friendly. These were the things that life was not. Life was ugly, rife with betrayal, and enemies. He enjoyed a few more minutes in the air conditioning before he had to get back to work.

When his shift was finally over he got into his 20 year-old ford pickup and headed out to the small home out in the boonies that he’d been able to afford after the divorce. Karen wasn’t his favorite person in the world, she had been once… but that had fallen apart. Still, he was somewhat happy. He worried about his son, having to spend his weeks with his mother. Of course, he was also a scrawny nerdy kid with few friends.

That had worried Jerry the most really. He had been a very active sports enthusiast in his youth, been very popular with the ladies, and had tons of friends. He hadn’t thought anything of the preppy girl he’d met in college who latched on to him. She had been beautiful, full of promises, loved to come to parties and seemed to like his friends.

Boy had that changed. In hindsight, he should have seen the divorce coming. She had changed right after the wedding. Even when he had dropped out of college and joined the Navy to provide for them, she seemed angry. She was always angry about something. It only subsided when Lloyd was born. He had thought they’d return to what they had before, but soon the truth was evident. She was still angry with him. It was only Lloyd she held any affection for anymore.

God had worked a miracle on that kid turning out as well as he did. Jerry helped too of course, but it was a challenge trying to raise a son so unlike himself. Lloyd hated getting dirty, didn’t like playing outside, and generally liked to read. Jerry encouraged him in his academic pursuits since he’d never really been too good at any of it. Even if he hadn’t gotten married, he probably would have dropped out of college anyway.

Lloyd was turning 19 next month, and as far as Jerry knew, never had a girlfriend. He was more excited to hear he finally found someone than concerned over her being a Mamono. Hell, the few Mamono he had seen were downright gorgeous. If his mother didn’t like her, well, that was just a bonus.

He got to his run-down neck of the woods in about an hour. The commute was awful, as always, but he had had plenty to think about. He set his alarm early, looking forward to picking up Lloyd and having some time with his son.

He woke up at the crack of dawn, as he normally did, had a pop-tart, and enjoyed a few hours of peace and quiet. When he arrived to pick up Lloyd at his mother’s place, it was just barely 8 in the morning. There waiting for him was his son, smile on his face.

Lloyd was a tall boy, unlike his father, and thin. He had his mother’s blue eyes and blonde hair, but you could see the family resemblance in their faces. Jerry was glad for that, because otherwise, he would have some serious doubts about Lloyd’s parentage.

“Hey, Dad! Man I got some news to tell you!”

“Oh yeah?” Jerry smiled, deciding to act ignorant. “What’s that?”

Lloyd hopped into the Ford pickup and got his phone out, happily swiping through Instagram. Jerry didn’t blame his kid like some other parents. Truth be told he was as addicted to his smart phone as his son. Loved playing that clash of clans game. He drove off towards home away from the suburban nightmare his ex-wife lived at.

“I got a girlfriend!”

Jerry smiled broadly.

“Well way to go! What’s she like?”

“She’s really great! And gorgeous too! She likes fantasy novels, same as me. She’s a big fan of Jim Butcher. Also a lot of authors from the FUK I’ve never heard of before. Says she’ll let me borrow some pretty soon. But the really cool thing is she writes her own stories! Hasn’t let me see any of them though…”

“Well that’s good! Glad you found someone you get along with. I’m happy to hear you finally got yourself a girlfriend. Good kid like you, shoulda happened sooner.”

Lloyd’s face reddened, he never could take compliments well.

“Uh, yeah, thanks, Dad. Oh! By the way, I kiiinda promised to eat lunch with Laura and her mom. That okay?”

Jerry thought it was little strange to be eating lunch with your girlfriend and inviting your Dad along. But he shrugged, a smile on his face. If Lloyd wanted him to tag along he was fine with that. Besides, he’d get to see what she looked like.

“Sounds fine. I’ll get to meet her. Curious what kind of girl caught your interest, honestly.”

Lloyd didn’t respond, instead he just kept his nose in his phone. Jerry decided to let the matter drop. It didn’t go unnoticed by him that his son had omitted what the girl in question looked like. And considering just how weird all these monster girls were, he suspected she was one of the weirder ones. Maybe the ones that looked like talking dogs and cats? Or maybe the ones that looked like a puddle of goo? Or, and knowing his ex-wife, this would explain her reaction, the ones that looked like giant spiders.

He shivered himself at the thought of his son dating one of those. His meek, worrisome Lloyd, going out with a spider-woman? It seemed ludicrous, but a lonely boy would often latch on to the first thing to show him a hint of affection.

Two hours later, after some TV and conversation about Lloyd’s week, Jerry was driving to a small hole in the wall restaurant that looked a lot like a 50’s diner, with bright red cushions, steel counters, and black and white checkered floor. But that wasn’t the weirdest part. The staff was made up entirely of those monster girls, with horns on their heads, and wings on their back. They looked like models in devil costumes to Jerry, really really good costumes.

Lloyd had apparently been here a few times, and already knew a few of the staff by name. Jerry had to keep his eyes from roaming over their low-cut uniforms, reminding himself constantly that they were young enough to be his daughters. But that only seemed to make his unbidden thoughts worse. Were all monster girls so pretty? Looking into their eyes made him blush like a little kid again, but he daren’t look anywhere else.

He quickly ordered a milkshake and a cheeseburger and sat down, letting Lloyd get the napkins and ketchup. When his son sat down with him he grunted, to get his attention.

“So how often you go to this place?”

“Oh, this is my first time.”

“You knew the waitress and the cashier by name, though.”

“Oh! Well they go to my school, Dad. Not all of ‘em go to that Monster’s only place. Er, Mamono only place.”

“Does your girlfriend work here too?”

Lloyd scratched at his chin, and avoided his father’s gaze.

“Ah, no. She uh, hmm. Well, Mom called you yesterday right? You haven’t said anything, but you already knew I found someone, right?”

Jerry shook his head. He was trying to be there for his son. He didn’t want Karen to get in the way of that.

“Listen, I’m just happy you’re happy. I don’t care if she’s… a little out there. Which apparently, seems to be the case. She one of them spider people?”

Lloyd blushed and smiled
“Not exactly, but you are pretty close.”
From behind him, Jerry heard the bell to the entrance of the diner ring, seeing his son wave to the door, he turned, to get a good look at Laura, his son’s girlfriend.

Jerry’s eyes opened wide and the color drained from his face as he got a good look at just what freaked out his ex-wife so badly.

While Laura was quite the stunner from above the hips, Blonde hair, tanned skin, high-cheekbones, a cute button nose and rather sizable tits, the rest of her….was very much like an overgrown scorpion.

It wasn’t exact. The anatomy was slightly off, and she didn’t have any hairs on her chitinous lower-half. In fact it looked pretty smooth. But the fact she trailed another six feet, with a six foot stinger attached at the back end of her, well, Jerry was starting to sympathize with his ex-wife. Laura was darn-right terrifying past her waist. Of course, the fact that she was so pretty above the waist was what his son was probably looking at.

Then, coming in the diner right behind her was a taller woman with even bigger breasts and longer hair, but otherwise, seemed almost identical. She wore a simple spaghetti strap dress over her body, so loose that it did nothing to hide her massive mammaries.

“Hey Laura! Hey Ms. Brown!”


“Oh, she’s not married. They didn’t go into detail about that, so I don’t really know the situation.”

Jerry packed away that bit of information for later. Laura skittered right over to Lloyd and practically jumped him, holding him very close in a tight hug, rubbing her body against him. Her mother smiled behind her, coming to the table a bit more slowly. Jerry wasn’t sure how they were going to sit down in the booth, but their scorpion-like bottom halves were more agile than he thought, and tucked under the table and spilled out into the side. Jerry was stuffed by the wall with Laura’s mother close to him.

With the lower halves under the booth, it was easier to focus on the more human-like beauty of the two.

“Hello there, you must be Lloyd’s father. My name is Sarah, I’m Laura’s mother, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise. Name’s Jerry.”

Jerry shook her hand and returned her smile, before looking over at his son, who was still nuzzling the scorpion girl. She had let go of him, mostly, and now was just leaning heavily into him burying her head into his chest, her hands in… his son’s lap.

He really hoped she wasn’t doing what he thought she was doing.


With the sound of her mother’s voice, her eyes snapped open and her hands went on to the table, holding Lloyd’s hands. Jerry let out a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding. He really didn’t know how he would have reacted if she were doing what he had thought she was doing.

“Laura, did you take your pill today?”

“Yeah, Mom. Stop asking!”

“You just seem rather frisky today, sweetheart.”

Jerry raised an eyebrow at that. What kind of pill? They weren’t talking about that were they? Sarah must have read his mind, or more likely his confused look on his face, and answered.

“We Mamono need to take a special pill every day to calm our nerves. We’re pretty high strung.”

“What for? Y’all seem able to take care of yourselves pretty well.”

“Its just something we didn’t need to worry about before, our natural instincts. But it could get us in trouble here in America.”

“Dangerous instincts?” Jerry asked, concerned for his son.

“Oh no! Nothing like that. Its more like… hmm. Well, its nothing dangerous. I’m sorry, I’m not really allowed to talk about it.”

Jerry found that strange. Who was stopping her? But before he could pry further, his burger arrived. Sarah and Laura made their orders too, and while his son and girlfriend chatted away, he got to know Sarah. Apparently, she and her daughter had arrived in America only 3 months ago. She had tried getting her daughter in an all-Mamono school, but Laura had asked to spend her time in an American high school. Jerry wasn’t sure why anyone would want to go to an American Highschool, they were complete garbage, the public ones anyway. Or course, seeing his son share a milkshake with his scorpion girlfriend like in an old movie, he had a suspicion why.

That bothered him more than he cared to admit, how open his son was being in front of him. He certainly wouldn’t have been. And Lloyd had always been the shy type. How was he so comfortable being to flirty right in front of not only his Dad, but his girlfriend’s mother too?

He found himself the unintended chaperone on his son’s date, and eventually turned his conversation entirely to Sarah. She was easy enough on the eyes, and her voice was rather pleasant too. No vocal fry, no uptalk, no warbly voice that sounds like its about to break into tears. Jerry was honestly surprised he even noticed such a thing. It was just so common, he’d never paid attention to it, until his conversation with Sarah.

She was interested in history, culture, asking about things like football, why it was popular, why there were so many states, and where the hamburger was invented. A bunch of neat little things that Jerry had no answers to. He switched the topic to her and her daughter, and she was happy enough to oblige. She had lived in the kingdom of Aegyptos in the FUK all her life, until she moved here 3 months ago. She declined answering who Laura’s father was by asking who Lloyd’s mother was.

That led to an awkward conversation about Karen where Jerry did his best not to sound bitter and failing. About how he had been called by a random number who had let him know his wife was cheating on him, only to later find out the random number was Karen’s boss who had been feeling guilty. Sarah seemed absolutely aghast, as if she’d never heard of such a thing. But Jerry explained it seemed to be getting more common all the time.

He’d actually confronted Karen wanting to know the details, but she’d surprised him with a lawyer and before he knew it he was divorced and could only see his son on the weekends.

“…and that was… goodness, six years ago now?” Jerry finished his soda.

“That’s terrible! I’m so sorry. I heard it was bad outside the FUK, but that sounds… By Eros, that sounds horrific.”

Jerry nodded, noticing Lloyd had stopped flirting with Laura enough to catch wind of the conversation.

Jerry decided to change the topic again, for his son’s sake.

“Well, it was a pleasure meeting you Sarah, Laura.”

Sarah beamed at him, and Laura ignored him.

“Oh likewise. I’m so happy we got to meet up like this. You know, I was going to suggest we meet next weekend too, but tomorrow we were going to a paintball place. I’m a good friend of the owner. That might be pretty fun. I can get us in for free if you and Lloyd want to come along.”

Lloyd piped up at that suggestion.

“Hey, that sounds like fun, right Dad.”

Jerry had kind of hoped to spend some quality time with Lloyd, but he figured it wouldn’t hurt. Besides, he only had the weekends to see his new girl. Jerry nodded and numbers were exchanged before the two groups said their goodbyes and parted ways.

Sarah found it surprisingly difficult to pry her daughter off the young human and back into their specially fitted car. She struggled every step away from him, and it took every bit of concealed strength to wrangle her into place.

Their car, which was rented out to them by their compound, had the front seats ripped out, to make room for their longer than normal bodies. They rented the same cars out to Arachne, Lamia, Soldier Beetles, and other large bodied Mamono. Personally, Sarah hated driving. She much preferred walking or taking a carriage. But in America, they used cars, so she used one too.

She eyed her daughter, whose tail was nervously tapping on the glass in the direction of Lloyd.

She pulled out of the parking lot before her daughter could escape and do something to compromise them.

“Young lady, you lied to me. There is no way you took your pill today. I thought you were going to jump the poor boy the whole time we were in there.”

Laura looked up at her mother with a scowl.

“I hate that stupid pill anyway! Its evil.”

“It isn’t evil Laura. Its necessary. We can’t go raping anyone we please like in the old days. We’d get deported and it would be a huge scandal. The Empress is asking us all to sacrifice just a little bit right now to help her get things going. We won’t have to take it forever.”

“It makes me feel numb, mom. I don’t like it. Its like everything feels dull. Sometimes …even Lloyd feels dull. I don’t want that!”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. but Jerry and I were watching the whole time, and you still nearly jumped the poor boy right there. I caught you trying to sting him at least twice.”

“But I didn’t though! I didn’t. And besides…”

Laura licked her lips as her tail swished back and forth, more like a cat’s than a scorpion’s.

“He’s so cuuute. I just want to… I want to… I want to sting him so bad!!! STING STING STING STING STING!
At this, Laura jammed her stinger against the air in a mock attack each time she said sting. Her face flushed and a lecherous grin adorned her face. Sarah found her daughter’s exuberance rather delightful, but it still worried her.

“You’re really head over heels for this boy, aren’t you? I’ve never seen you act like this. Are you going to be okay, tomorrow? Do I need to call it off?”

Laura’s face turned white.

“What?! No no no no no no! Don’t do that! Please, mom, I’ll take the stupid pill! Geez! Why do you have to be so mean?!”

“I’m not mean, I’m just worried. I mean… I could barely hold myself back, and I take the pill every day.”

“Hold yourself back?” Laura questioned, a puzzled look on her face before realization struck.

“Ooooh. You like Lloyd’s dad huh?”

“Jerry’s mana was delightful, yes. But… I don’t want to get between him and his wife. Even if they’re having-”

Sarah didn’t finish her sentence. She couldn’t quite comprehend what was going on between him and his wife. Ex-wife? She had heard about this, during the debriefing every Mamono goes through when moving to one of the outside countries. But divorce still seemed so alien to her. She had never heard of it in any of the stories. Sometimes the husband was a bad man, and would cheat on his wife, but then she would win him back and he’d realize how foolish he’d been and ask for forgiveness. Or sometimes both women would gang up on him and preform corrective rape before he relented and made both of them his wives, giving them pleasure equally.

But she’d never heard a tale of a girl running off with someone else after being married to man. Not after having a baby with him. And certainly not when he still offered to mend the relationship. It was so cruel, and sad to her. It was like a tale from the before-times, back in the ages of the Monster Lord’s of old.

Jerry was nice, and he loved his son, she could tell. But he was also filled with bitterness and sadness. She could taste it in the air, his mana was so pungent.

“You don’t have to worry about that, Mom. Lloyd explained it to me. They aren’t married anymore.”

“Still, that’s so… awful.”

Laura nodded her head, lazily looking out the window at cars passing by. Sarah didn’t know that her daughter was scheming up a plan. After all, how could she? Up until this week she had been so quiet and reserved. But Lloyd had stirred her basest instincts and desires up to the surface. She could never bottle herself up again. That night she got to work as her mother slept.

The next morning, Laura and Sarah woke up inside their small cottage-like house in their compound and got ready for a day of paintball with Lloyd and Jerry. While Laura showered and got on a nice purple top, Sarah got out their pills for the day.

The pills were developed by the Sabbath, on the wishes of Empress Desdemona. No one was happy about them, not their creators, not their takers, not even the Empress. But they were necessary. The pills would reduce the lust of a Mamono to bearable levels, keeping them from violating the laws of the countries they visit. Of course, it also dulled several of the senses that led a Mamono to swell with lust, and as such there were a few daring individuals who refused to take it. They often got caught with their pants down around a boy or man and had to be deported back to the FUK. Though, in a lot of cases, they were only caught after the fact, meaning they were usually able to convince their victim to move back with them.

Most men found the experience pleasurable. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t a gigantic political mess. So the more responsible of the Mamono, like Sarah, took their pills and learned to live with it.

But today she failed to realize that those were not the little white pills she hated so much. She failed to realize they were actually zinc pills, placed there by a very horny teenage daughter. She didn’t even notice as they were getting into the car and her body seemed to throb more than usual. She didn’t even notice as she began entertaining thoughts of what might happen if she got Jerry all alone, away from his son and her daughter.

And of course she didn’t notice the sly smile on her daughter’s face the whole trip there.

To be perfectly honest, Jerry wasn’t looking forward to paintball. He had overdone his last workout and his legs were still sore. After the lunch with Sarah and her daughter, he had taken Lloyd home and let him convince him to watch the latest Blade Runner. He hadn’t thought much of the first one when it came out back in the 80’s and he didn’t really see what Lloyd saw in this one. Still, his son enjoyed it, so he stuck it out. Then he tried to get his son into the gym. That was always a struggle, but Lloyd thankfully went to pay back Jerry’s patience for sitting down for 3 hours to watch his movie.

Jerry was surprised that it was Lloyd who got out of bed first. He was already done with his shower and brushing his teeth when he knocked on his father’s door to wake him up. Now they were on the freeway looking for “Sally’s Paintball” not the most imaginative of names, but it was easy enough to find.

The front was a simple building with a large parking lot in front of it, and on the side of said building was an anime-looking picture of a minotaur with a paintball shooting at three other monsters, a mummy, a vampire, and a ghost.

Jerry was beginning to wonder when so any businesses opened up with monster owners. First the diner, now this? Why hadn’t he ever noticed them before? As he parked and walked on his tender legs into the building where he was sure the actual events didn’t happen, but where just the equipment was rented, he saw Sarah and Laura pull up.

It was quite a sight seeing the two scorpion-women get out of their car. He noticed it had been modified to allow larger-bodied monsters to use them. Namely the front seats had been removed, allowing them to drive while the back seat supported them.

Sarah seemed a bit more energetic today, much like her daughter as they both waved over to him and his son. Laura, like last time, skittered up to Lloyd and embraced him. For a second, Jerry thought Sarah was going to do the same thing, she came at him so fast, but she stopped just before him and patted him on the back instead.

“Nice to see you again Jerry! I’m glad you decided to go through with this!”

“Of course! I keep my word, and I said I’d be here. So… here I am. ‘Sides, Lloyd’d never forgive me if I took away a chance to hang out with his girl. Honestly, I’m just glad he found someone.”

“I feel the same way about Laura. You wouldn’t believe how she used to be, so mopey and depressed. Lloyd’s really brought her out of her shell. It makes me smile just seeing those two get along so well.”

As the four went into the building, they noticed a number of kids aged 13 to about Lloyd’s age hanging around the few arcade games that were in the small shanty building. They were all human, some boys some girls, but there were some monsters off to the side, sitting down on an old refurbished picnic table in black and grey camo. They were all mouse-like, and looked more like pre-teens to Jerry, but they had a look about them that made him think they were older than their faces made them appear.

Behind the counter was a Minotaur, the same one it looked like that was painted on the side of the building. Jerry. The only thing she wore was a pair of overalls, which Jerry found extremely inappropriate. Especially considering the large size of her breasts. She was covered, but just barely. He spared a glance at his son, and though Lloyd did stare for a moment, eventually went back to whispering to his girlfriend with a smile.

He had more self-control than Jerry did at that age, that was for sure.

“So, Sarah, who’re these two? Laura found herself a beau did she?”

“Hey Jodie! Yeah, she found little Lloyd here. We had a wonderful time yesterday getting to know his father, Jerry,” she pointed to the man in question. Jodie, the Minotaur, sized him up with her eyes. “Nice to meet cha, pal. Any friend of Sarah’s a friend of mine. You here for the twelve o’ clock?”

Jerry eyed the kids and mouse-like monsters while nodding his head.

“Yeah, we are. Are they?”

Jodie looked over to the other patrons of her establishment.

“Them? Well the kids are new, but the Large Mice sisters over there come by every weekend around nine. They’re signed up for the 12 too. If that’s a problem, I can get you to field B, if you just want something for you four. Personally I like a bigger fight. But its your choice. It’s the same price either way.”

“We can play with the sisters I guess. What’s the damage?”

“For Sarah and her friends? 100 dollars for all of you.”

Jerry thought that wasn’t too bad and reached for his wallet, but before he could pay, Sarah gave Jodie the requested amount and stuck her tongue out at him in a playful manner. He smiled, not willing to turn down someone’s generosity. Jodie handed over masks and guns for all four of them and announced to the small crowd that the twelve o’ clock was being set up and to follow her.

The mice girls, 6 in all, followed with smiles on their faces. Jodie led them to a big open field behind the tree line, with a wooden maze set up in the middle, and giant hollow concrete tube. Off to the sides were a hollowed school bus and what looked like the decrepit remains of a house. Jodie lined them all up and Jerry was surprised when she produced a bucket with folded pieces of paper.

“All right, so since there’s 10 people here, but the groups are uneven, we’re going to split you up. Each of these pieces of paper have a color on ‘em. Red and Blue. Ya’ll are gonna come up and get a piece and go to the team it represents, okay? You get blue, you go to blue team and get blue ammo. Same for red. Go ahead and line up, we’ll do this single file.”

Jerry thought that was a bit silly. He’d rather play with his son. But he decided not to complain. He found himself on team red, along with his son and three mice. They were up against Sarah, Laura, and the other three mice. It was a surprisingly even team up for being random.

Jerry and Lloyd hid over on the red side of the field waiting for the horn.


Sarah was already breathing heavy. The smell of the trees was a sharp contrast to the smell of sweat and breath in the air. She could feel every current of wind whipping against her hair, every sound coming from the chittering mice came in crystal clear.

She didn’t know what was going on, but she was feeling amazing. As if everything in the world was singing and every color was popping out at her. Things just seemed cleaner, crisper. She had so much energy just dripping from every pore! Where had it come from?

“Hey, Mom? You okay?”

Sarah looked to her daughter Laura with a wide-eyed expression under her mask.

“Yeah, I’m fine! I’m just… feeling really good today!”

“Oh?” Laura said with a strange tilt to her voice. “Why is that?”

“I don’t know! Just… I feel pumped! Jerry and Lloyd are going down!”

“I’ll take on Lloyd, mom. Why don’t you go find Jerry?”

That sounded like a great idea to Sarah. The man was former military wasn’t he? He probably did this kind of thing all the time! The horn sounded and their mice teammates were off, all in different locations. Before Sarah could call out to her daughter she was out of sight and heading toward the blue side, her sights set on her boyfriend.

Sarah was the last one to move, but after a moment, she caught the Spirit Scent of Jerry, rich and poignant with experience, despair, love, and loss, and love again for his son. She could smell it all. She licked her lips as an old familiar sensation came over her. She could feel it in the depths of her heart. A deep powerful urge to hunt.

And hunt him she would.


Jerry popped off another shot to cover Lloyd as he got into position behind the bus. As soon as he did he duck his head into cover as the hood of the bus was peppered with blue paint.

As soon as the horn had gone off, the blue team’s mice had come out of nowhere and nearly gotten all of them before they retreated. Jerry had never had actual firefights, being in the Navy. But he had gone through training like this every once in a while.

This was nothing like that though, no teamwork, for one. But it was pretty fun ducking and weaving without other people yelling at you telling you what to do.

He and Lloyd set up to fire outside the bus windows, covering two of their mice teammates as they got on. After a few moments, Jerry pointed out where an enemy mouse was and Lloyd popped her good right in the chest. After a few moments of high-pitched cursing, the mouse left the field. Her friend snickered and high-fived his son before gesturing for them to leave the bus.

Jerry followed, but as they were rounding the concrete tube, the sound of fire halted them, and they split up, running for cover. He popped off some more rounds where he thought the enemy was. When they started firing back, he ducked and rolled into the tube.

Jerry looked about wondering where Lloyd went before he saw an enemy mouse pop her head in the tube.

Startled, he let loose a barrage that covered her face in red paint. She raised her arms in defeat and walked off. Jerry smiled, enjoying himself. This was better than he thought it would be. Legs were still sore though. He tried to leave the concrete tube to find Lloyd, but was halted by a barrage of blue paint. Ducking back inside, he saw it was Laura coming for him.

She had a wild look about her, even without being able to see her face under the mask.

He ran to the other end of the tube as blue paint plastered the walls. Exiting the tube he ducked to the side and got ready for a counter-attack. He could hear her skittering legs echoing through the tube, with a quick swivel he let lose another barrage into the pipe… only to find she wasn’t there.

Suddenly he heard shots from ahead and found her bearing on him from on top of the pipe. He saw Laura letting loose and ducked back into the pipe, barely dodging her fire. From outside he saw Lloyd giving him the OK sign as he sprayed fire up above. He didn’t see what happened exactly, but Lloyd ran off, and he could hear Laura’s skittering legs jump off the pipe and onto the ground after him.

Jerry left the pipe and headed into the maze, all the while looking out for enemy combatants.


Sarah popped two of the mice at the same time. They had tried hiding in the maze, but they were no match for her. She walked up above the maze, all six of her spindly legs above the plywood as she stalked for prey. She saw her daughter chasing after Lloyd into the woods. She smiled, getting a whiff of her daughter’s scent. She was planning on doing more than spraying Lloyd with a couple hits of blue paint.

Suddenly Jerry’s spirit scent caught her attention. She shivered with delight, and felt her body heat up. He was sweaty, excited, blood pumping.


She still didn’t know why she felt so bursting to the brim with energy today, so entirely wrapped up in the sensations she was feeling. But she was loving every minute of it. Jerry had been attractive yesterday, just getting to know him and chatting about their children. But she had been able to look at it from a distance, seen the tragedy of divorce and been wrapped up in keeping Laura from doing something to endanger their stay in America.

But right now, all she could concentrate on was Jerry’s mana, powerful and full of need. He hadn’t had a partner in years, the whiff of his ex-wife nearly faded. His pent up lust, his cautious desire to love, his admiration for his son. She could feel it all. His need for release, emotional and physical were overwhelming. She licked her lips.

He was the perfect prey.

She concentrated and quietly passed over the maze, he was here somewhere, looking for one of the mice girls? He wouldn’t find them. Only her. Her tail started to twitch, and she started getting… thoughts. Maybe she would give him more than a few rounds of paint in the face. She knew, deep down that raping her daughter’s boyfriend’s father was a bad idea. It could have horrible consequences. But the thought of engaging in that ancient art, letting loose her primal instincts honed over countless generations and successfully employed by her ancestors to obtain a mate… well it was too great an urge to resist.

Her tail involuntarily began stinging the air in anticipation. Quick jab after quick jab. A small amount of poison leaked from her stinger, ready and willing to finally be put to the use it was made for.

 It was time to hunt.


Jerry was sweating hard in his mask, his bald head burning in the heat. This was getting more intense than fun. Where was Sarah? He hadn’t seen her since they started. He cautiously turned another corner in the plywood maze, making a sweep before moving ahead. He could here paintball fire off in the distance, so it wasn’t just him out here alone.

Suddenly, a shadow moved over him, he thought it was the sun at first, but he noticed it was rather… strangely shaped.

He looked up to find Sarah above him, legs spread out between the tops of the maze, stinger curved, and ready to strike. She had a look on her face that he could see even under the paintball mask, and it caused him to shiver. Some primal part of him panicked at seeing the large creature above him, womanly curves and bosom forgotten.

He brought up his weapon to tag her with red paint, but as he turned, her tail swung and knocked it out of his hand. She brought up her own gun and retuned fire, but thankfully, her gun jammed, and Jerry was able to duck and roll out of the way, grabbing his gun and getting behind another wall, ready to fire as soon as he spotted her.

What was that look in her eye? It hadn’t looked like mere pleasure at getting him with his guard down. He tried to just focus on the game, but those eyes haunted him. He was completely unprepared when his gun was pushed out of his hand from behind by Sarah’s powerful forearm. He turned around and came face to face with Sarah’s paintball gun, her mask off her face as she smirked devilishly with a sweaty reddened face.

“Looks like I win, Jerry. You’re cornered.”

Jerry knocked the gun upward, surprising Sarah, and ducked and rolled after his own. But she recovered quickly and shot after him, luckily he was able to duck behind the corner with his own gun and he began returning fire.

A blue paint ball hit the corner and sprayed his facemask with a fine blue mist, blinding him from the scorpion woman’s attack. He ducked behind his cover and removed his facemask with a grimace. He shot out of cover and fired away…. Only to find her gone.

Jerry was really starting to feel the soreness in his legs. This woman was really giving him a run for his money. Was she a soldier or something? He wasn’t really ever in combat, but she seemed to really know what she was doing. He kept moving, looking up every so often to make sure she wasn’t going to come out of nowhere.

He hit a dead end and cursed. As he turned around, he heard a laugh. He didn’t see her, but he leveled his gun forward. She had to be waiting for him.

“What’s wrong Sarah? Can’t wait to come get me? C’mon!”

“Oh I’m coming, You will too pretty soon.”

Jerry didn’t quite get that. What was she talking about? He couldn’t quite tell where her voice was coming from, but he guessed she was right around the corner.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

She didn’t answer his question.

“Do you know where Lloyd and Laura are right now, Jerry?”

“Not exactly, why?”

“Because I saw them go off into the woods, I think they’re getting to know each other, if you understand my meaning.”

Ah shit.

“Well alright then, let’s go get ‘em.” Jerry put down his gun.

“Why should we do that?”

“Well unless you want to be a grandmother, we need to keep ‘em from ruining their lives.”

“Nothing would make me happier actually. I’d love to be a grandmother.”

“Well… sure, eventually. But not when they’re teenagers!”

Jerry still couldn’t quite place where her voice was coming from. His face was drenched with sweat and his legs were sore, and his kid was going to end up a teenage dad. He needed to get going.

Suddenly he felt a thump in his back. He fell over and while dazed, saw Sarah’s legs around him, holding her above him, out of his view. She ducked her head down, a smile on her face. She threw her gun to the side, right next to his own.

“Don’t worry about the kids, they’ll be fine. But they did give me an idea of my own~”


“You know, I’ve had this… burning sensation in my chest all day, and this weird… clarity. I didn’t know what it was until I got a whiff of you.”

“W-why can’t I move?!”

“My daughter… she’s always been willful, stubborn. I was afraid when we came here that she might not abide by the rules, get into trouble, not make friends. I was partially right. She cant follow the rules. Not when they get in the way of what she wants.”

“Sarah, stop fucking around! Why can’t I move?!”

The scorpion woman propped Jerry up with her claws, bringing him sitting up against the plywood. He saw Sarah fully, and had a miniature heart attack. Her tanned skin was wet with sweat, her monstrous body gleamed in the sun, with her stinger dripping a violet liquid onto the sandy dirt below. Her eyes were crazed and she had a broad smile across her face that made her seem insane.

“I’ve stung you, Jerry. It should be working near instantly. Paralysis is the first step. I’m…sorry, but your scent… its driving me crazy. I could taste your mana yesterday, but it was dulled. But its so clear to me now, I imagine that’s my daughter’s fault.”

Jerry’s jaw dropped open as Sarah removed her shirt, and threw it to the ground, her very impressive tits popping free. Firm round mounds of tantalizing flesh, erect brown nipples with glistening sweat. Jerry began to feel his member stand erect, tightening his pants.

“We Mamono have to go to such lengths to suppress our natural desires… even more so than you humans. But I have to say, I’m looking forward to this. I don’t even care if I get deported.”

Jerry’s eyes were glued to the woman’s torso, drinking in the bronze beauty. His cock stood painfully erect, and he could feel it begin to twitch. How long had it been since he’d been with a woman? He couldn’t remember. It’d been years, though. He remembered that much.

Before he could really understand what was happening, Sarah’s claws yanked off his pants, letting loose his now raging erect cock.

“That looks every bit as delicious as I was hoping it would.”

“What are you-”

Jerry was cut off as Sarah engulfed his member into her mouth with a moan. Jerry was both horrified and delighted, and despite the heat, felt a chill run down his spine. Sarah’s velvet lips slid up and down his shaft with a vigor he hadn’t experienced since long before his son had been born.

He wanted to stop her, throw her off and look after his son, but it felt amazing. He couldn’t move thanks to whatever she had done, and his cock was twitching uncontrollably, leaking pre down his shaft as she licked it off and covered his balls in her drool.

“S-sarah-AH. S-Someone might see-EEE”

“You make the cutest noises when someone’s sucking your dick.”

Jerry shuddered as she lifted up her voluptuous breasts, and wrapped them around his cock. They were warm and slick with a light sheen of sweat. She roughly began pumping them around his cock, and Jerry felt another sting in his thigh. He sucked in air through his teeth, his face turning red. He looked upon Sarah with shock and a sudden reminder that she was inhuman to the extreme, her scorpion-like back half in full view as she gave him what was admittedly, a very pleasant tit fuck.

He wanted to buck against her boobs, to grab them and relish in the softness, but the venom coursing through his body paralyzed him. Well, that and also seemed to make his cock twice as sensitive. Just as she licked the tip of his cock, he felt the dam break, and he came. God, he’d never had a more intense orgasm. He was absolutely flabbergasted when shot after shot of huge ropes of semen shot out and drenched Sarah in a one-man Bukkake. He’d neve seen one man cum that much in his life! And he was still going! She smiled through her thoroughly cum-covered face and kept on pumping her breasts, now covered in his man-goo. Her dark skin was white with semen and he looked on both dumb-founded… and extremely turned on.

“W-what did you do to me?! My God, you’re covered in it!”

She was breathing heavily, sniffing the air as she laughed, not bothering to wipe the spunk off of her as she swallowed his cockhead again, that still hadn’t gone flaccid. He felt yet another sting, but this time… it felt different, pleasant almost. And he groaned as he came yet again, this time in her throat. He was afraid she might choke on it, as he let out surge after surge of white hot spunk, but she swallowed the majority of it, before coming up for air, and yet another powerful blast, re-applied her white shimmering coat of cum across her face.

“Sarah, my god…”

“You say that a lot you know. Are you hoping he’ll give you his blessing? Anyway, I’m not done yet. I’ve got a lot more venom, and you have a lot more lust. This is paradise Jerry, wouldn’t you agree!? An endless supply of yummy white stuff, coming out of my daughter’s boyfriend’s dad. You know my little girl could use a dad too… What if we tied the knot you and I? I bet the kids would love it!”

“Are you insane? You’re going to rape me, then propose marriage?! Besides, you want to make Lloyd and Laura step-siblings? As if they didn’t have enough teenage angst without making their dating life weird.”

She smiled at him, the cum slipping into her mouth as she did so. She licked her lips and swallowed any spunk that she could, though a good majority of it was out of reach, and in her hair.

“Jerry, I know for a fact, my daughter would love it. And I don’t think Lloyd would mind at all. If anything it just makes the love even hotter. Brother and Sister…fucking in one room while Mommy and Daddy do it in the other… Now that sounds hot to me.”

Before Jerry could say anything more, Sarah crawled over him, so that the place where her human-half met her scorpion-half was directly above his erect member. He panicked briefly before he saw it, her slick wet folds, dripping with desire.

His cock twitched, aching to feel it, to fuck it. He swallowed hard. Why did he want this so much? He was being raped, but… God it felt good. He bit his tongue, wondering if he should tell her not to continue. He felt he should, he should tell her to stop that he didn’t want this.

But a part of him knew that was a lie.

“God, I must be some kind of freak…”

“What’s wrong. Jerry?” Sarah said with a giggle. “Starting to enjoy yourself?”

He looked away, ashamed.

His face contorted into one of pleasure and ecstasy as his cock plunged the depths of Sarah’s folds, and he let out a moan of his own. She wrapped her arms around him and began bouncing up and down. It was barely two seconds before Sarah gasped and shivered.

Jerry blinked, not believing what just happened.

“Did… did you just come?!”

Sarah, her face still covered in his semen smiled as she was inches apart from him.

“Mhm. Sure did.”

And then she kissed him.

He wanted to move out of the way, not wanting to get his own spunk anywhere near his mouth, but he still couldn’t move, and she was voracious in her lust. She continued bouncing on top of him, shivering and shuddering often. He’d never known a woman to come so easily or so often. Eventually, he forgot about his disgust as his own lust welled up to uncontrollable levels, and he returned her kiss.

Her pussy was like paradise, tight and hot, causing his cock to twitch and shiver as it too finally succumbed, and came. He poured out rope after rope, jet after jet of cum, causing it to actually drip out of her pussy from the cartoonishly large overflow.

When she broke the kiss, Jerry gave a contented sigh. He decided he liked Sarah. And this situation wasn’t… wholly unpleasant.

“How on earth am I cumming so much? This just isn’t physically possible.”

Sarah stroked his hair with a smile on her face.

“My poison causes paralysis and an unending tide of semen. I know the word won’t mean much to you. But I’m a Girtablilu, a type of Mamono with the strongest poison. Er, venom I mean. I get those two confused a lot.”

“You’re being awfully casual after raping me.”

“Technically I’m still not done raping you.”

Sarah licked her lips, and grinded her hips causing Jerry to groan as he was forced to ejaculate again, the pleasure was making it very difficult to be angry.

“Y-you… Ah.”

They continued like that for some while, eventually ceasing when Jerry’s paralysis ended. Sarah explained that Mamono were naturally much more lustful than humans, and that her daughter most likely had swapped her lust-reducing pills with something else. She didn’t seem to be too upset about it but did mention that Laura was going to have to be punished in the future.

Jerry, was not the one night stand kind of guy, never had been. And even with the strange acceleration of their relationship, wanted to proceed. He asked to exchange numbers with her, and after helping Sarah clean up, they found their kids in a very… familiar situation. Lloyd near had a heart attack, but thankfully his father was in an understanding mood. They agreed not to tell his mother, and before the day was over, Jerry and Sarah planned on another double date.

One month later, Jerry was back in the heat, working at the railroad.


“I’m right here, damn it! Don’t shout!”

“Ya got a call.”

Jerry grunted and wiped the sweat off his brow.

“Why ain’t they calling me on my phone?”

“Stop asking me that! How the hell am I supposed to know?”

Jerry gave a shrug, not at all upset at getting to spend a few minutes indoors. He handed his clipboard to Jack and let him know what he’d been working on before heading off to the office.

With a nod to Gina, he took the phone.


“Jerry you slimy, good for nothing son of a bitch!”

Jerry smiled as he recognized the voice of his ex-wife.

“Oh my, well something seems to have fired you up. What is it I wonder?”

“Don’t play dumb! I just got the invitation in the mail. You’re going to marry that freak?! A giant scorpion monster?! Are you insane? If that’s not enough you’re marrying the mother of the one that’s got poor Lloyd wrapped around her claw? What is wrong with you?!”

Jerry laughed, and hung up the phone.

He decided to stay inside a few more minutes before heading back outside.

Thanks for reading everyone.  I got a little lazy near the end, but I think I’ll be revisiting these characters in the future. For now though, the story is over, and it looks like Lloyd is now dating his step-sister, how scandalous.

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16 thoughts on “The Scorpion’s Sting

  1. Well written, but with the exception of the ex-wife’s reaction, the subject matter is way too serious. Why the hell do the “Free” Umbral kingdoms have an Empress who implicitly wants her rule of law regarding sexual assault, given that the suppression pills are “temporary?” That’s horrifying. A comedic, hare-brained scheme belongs here a lot more.

    1. I’m not quite following. I’d find the pills more terrifying if they were permanent.

      I agree with the problems, to be honest this is my least favorite story I’ve written. But I sat on it for a long while and couldn’t really bring myself to work on it anymore.

      I’m working on MGE rules as much as I can, and I figured they’d need something to help suppress the urge to “rape.”

      1. The Japanese word for “rape” that KC used is used ironically. A sexy woman fawns over a man and initiates sex with him.

        “I think the translation of the word “犯す(okasu)” to “rape” caused confusion.

        Actually, it is not used in serious nuance.

        For me and Japanese fans, this part is interpreted like “Such attractive girl nestles and pushes me down! Yes!”

        At least, we don`t consider it creepy or with denial of the dignity of man as you may feel from that word.” -KC


        Everything in this world has a cultural and lingual barrier that needs to be translated, otherwise it turns MGE from a fantasy haven for the lonely into a place of dehumanizing horror.

        Having the F.U.K. close its borders to humanity and invade earth is the opposite of the intention of the universe.

        1. Ah, well that was not my intention either. I assumed they would not “rape” the truly unwilling. But they seem to have a different appreciation of age of consent, and other value dissonances that I thought they might need a way to suppress urges. I guess that came from the natural language barrier. I don’t know if it came through my writing, but Jerry wasn’t exactly unhappy with what happened. The FUK is closed only at this point in time and is seeking to open later in the timeline. I’m not making a grimdark setting, but I’m trying to ground it as much as I dare into our own world, with all the baggage that entails. I apologize, as the blending of a complete utopia with any bit of realism is going to cause these sorts of problems. I’ll try not to repeat the mistake in future stories

  2. This was an okay short story. Next, maybe you should write a story on that spy who almost uncovered FUK’s secrets. You know, show, don’t tell, something I feel you should work on.

  3. Loved the story to be honest, not sure why there was so many low ratings. It’s very understandable and reasonable for the pills if you look at it in a modern day environment. It’s not exactly PC to have immigrants from another country raping the citizens of the country they are in. So the empress would of course have to have those going to America or the UK or wherever to have some kind of suppression against that. It’s a great story Opie and I can’t wait to read your next one- 5 Stars

  4. It’s a fairly good story, and it got me into the situation. But I have a couple of minor criticisms.
    I think that the most glaring problem was the whole- ’20 years in the Navy’ thing. You mention that Lloyd was turning 19 next month, and that Jerry had dropped out of college to join the Navy so as to provide for him and his wife. So- Jerry, approaching 50, minus 20 years, and some change I’m guessing that he must’ve started late into college, probably around 25 or so.

    Now here’s the thing- that means that somewhere along the line Lloyd must’ve been born while Jerry and Karen were still in the Navy. That’s what I find odd. Because Karen could’ve asked for a portion of Jerry’s 20 year retirement pay, since she was part of the Navy household for so long.
    How do I know this? Because my old man griped about it something fierce after Mom divorced him. She got half.

    Now the biggest thing Opie, is that you tell us that Jerry was in the Navy, but you don’t show it. Jerry doesn’t drop a single bomb on us about where he was stationed at, what ships he served aboard, or the climate of the duty stations he was posted at.
    The reason I bring that up, is that every military vet I’ve talked to, all bring that up.
    When it got sweltering hot in Louisiana my Old Man used to compare it to Panama. Having lived in Texas myself, I could make comparisons with its climate, with the other countries I’ve been forced to be at while serving.
    And just for the record, as harsh as a Military School is, it doesn’t hold a candle to real military service.

    1. I don’t think I brought up military school, so I’m not sure where that came from.

      I freely admit many of my characters are amalgams of people I actually know, and I suppose the fellow I based Jerry off of was atypical as he never talks about his service, despite serving far longer than most other vets I know who do talk about it as if they had been in far longer than 2 or 5 years. If the Navy bit is too unbelievable, then I suppose I could take it out. I’ll keep in mind for future stories that if I’m going to have a veteran to make it more central to their character. Personally I get tired of when that becomes so overwhelming in a character’s personality.

      1. No, I don’t recommend you take it out. If it’s part of the character, then it’s part of the character. I didn’t say it was unbelievable, I just thought it was odd to find a Vet who didn’t want to talk about his service, even in passing.
        Being in the military is a lot like being married. The only difference being, is that the Military doesn’t fall in love with you.
        As to the Military School thingy. Military brats often have the opportunity for Private School enrollment.

        1. Honestly I can see it. My dad was navy but he doesn’t talk much about it. Mostly he talks about the times he dicked around with his buddies……and the time he got mad at his superior and kicked a metal ladder and messed up his toe. But he was a nuclear technician on a sub so I guess that’s why he didn’t talk much about it.

          1. Well, you illustrate my point Shadowman. We now know more about your father’s life in the Navy, than we do Jerry’s.

  5. Overall pretty good. Some continuity errors, such as Jerry having his hair get sweaty during paintball, after us being told he’s bald. Could use another editing pass as well, lots of small mistakes here and there.

  6. “Corrective rape” is going straight into my list of “things I want to somehow work into a sentence in a normal conversation” 😛

    Anyway, read this while I was a bit sleepy from working the night, gave me a nice laugh that I needed 🙂

  7. Well done! And yeah it gets pretty hot out here among the rocks, ties, and rail. Air temp around 145 F isnt uncommon. Keep up the great work!

  8. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I know one person near the top gave you a hard time. Honestly his criticisms of what belongs where are just opinion. The idea of a scheming empress planning such an extension of power for the benefit of her peoples is great. Don’t apologize because someone comments “but muh comfybright canon” I say do it. And freely marry your story with reality however you feel. Also. Thank you for writing girts. They need more.

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