The Nurse Will See You Now

Art by Plasmid

Pro tip: Don’t get t-boned by an old lady doing seventy in her SUV while on her cellphone. I’m not sure what my car looks like, but if it’s any worse off than I am they probably needed to sweep it up with a broom, not call in a wrecker. I’d been unconscious in the ICU for a week and a half when I finally snapped out of the coma I’d been in. Thankfully most of it was induced by magic and modern medicine, the combination of which had me way healthier than I had any right to be at this point. Trust me, the doctor described the state I’d been in when they brought me in. Reading off what hadn’t gotten fucked up would have been a lot shorter of a list.

On the plus side though, magic. I was already getting to eat again. If you could call whatever paste passed for the “soft” diet at the hospital food, but it was clearly nutrient dense so I slurped it down with false enthusiasm, looking for a chance to get a hold of a friend to smuggle me pizza or something now that I was in a normal ward of the hospital. 

I’d still be in the hospital for a couple of weeks magic or no magic. They wanted to put fresh spells on daily and do a number of regular checks and tests ranging from nerves to blood. Throw in some in patient rehab and still more magic, but I’d be walking out the picture of good health according to my doctors. Not just as good as before the accident, but even better. The modern combination of medical science and healing magic never ceases to amaze.

Still, this quiet room was a nice change from the bustling ICU. Intensive Care Units are arranged for maximum speed, access and efficiency, which didn’t do much for privacy. Not that the mostly unconscious folks really notice one way or another and the drug induced haze most other patients are in on that type of ward keep you from caring too much.

For the few days I was on the ICU and not in a coma, the staff came and went with the kind of military efficiency that made me wonder if most of the staff were former combat medics or something. On a normal ward the nurse to patient ratio was slimmer, but you got to know your nurses and got more personable attention than the brisk life saving efficiency of the ICU.

By the time the room transfer was done, more nutrient paste had been shoved down my throat and a few relieved looking family members had departed it was dark. The windows didn’t open, but the view was nice and I could almost imagine the breeze as the moon hung low in the sky, courtesy of the chill the industrial grade air conditioning wafted through the room. 

That’s when she first strode in. She was striking. Tall for a human woman, though firmly in the “short” category for the average monster girl, bronze skin providing an eye catching contrast to her long flowing mane of red hair, spilling down her back and shoulders like a river of flames. All topped off with a white nurse’s outfit. A traditional selection in the age of scrubs, though the look had been making a comeback, especially after mamono integration had become the standard, but I certainly wasn’t going to complain even if it had been out of place. The outfit managed to be professional and obscene, showing off well toned muscles like coiled steel and curves that would make a succubus self-conscious. Just one of her features could be a crowning point of charm for a normal woman, but I couldn’t see any of them after I met her simmering eyes for the first time.

They were red like gemstones and seemed to glow with an inner light, sweeping the room with the confidence of a predator surveying her domain. Her hypnotic gaze gathered me up with ease as if her eyes were singing a silent siren’s song. She was holding eye contact with me with an air of command and authority that was almost at odds with her uniform. She was clearly a nurse, as opposed to nobility, where this aura of authority would be as normal as breathing to my mind. The chart in her hand and the small cart of equipment coming behind her indicated she was indeed here on business however; and shortly after, her velvety voice shook me from my reverie.

“Good evening, I am Head Nurse Artemis, I shall be monitoring your health and well-being during the night as part of Dr. Helsing and Dr. Goodnight’s nursing team. If you have any problems, you will inform me yes?”

Her accent was rich, and rolled vowels and stressed consonants in a manner that suggested Eastern Europe by way of whatever world the monster girls had emerged from a decade or so back. Her flashing white teeth behind red-painted lips were shining brightly in the low light of the room as she stalked closer.

“As you might have surmised… I am a vampire, but I assure you, no one in this hospital is under any threat from me… least of all you my dear… patient. I abide by a strict code of professionalism, and it would be most rude to invite one of my patients for a… shall we say, bite to drink?”

She laughed at her own joke, dropping the arm of my hospital bed and seating herself with her back to me, her toned backside pressing against the side of my hip through the thin hospital sheets. Her being close was enough to make my pulse race, for a host of reasons ranging from a sudden awareness of self as a male, and the type of instinctual fear that animals must feel when facing down a predator that had been stalking them for a violent end and leisurely meal. Not that vampires did that in this day and age… or so they said, but the aura of a huntress still surrounded her like mist.

“Now then… we’ll be drawing your blood nightly for processing as I believe has been explained to you, we’ve used some new magi-tech on you, and we wish to be sure there are no complications or side effects. This will continue until you are removed from care of the hospital… I hope you aren’t squeamish about needles or blood.”

Her hand traces up my chest to my neck lightly, and my pulse was beating away like a fast roll on a snare drum. She could probably hear my heart rate from across the room.

“Oh my… such a high pulse, I wonder what might be causing that…”

She takes my left arm into her lap, and begins to prep me for a blood draw. The tiny port she puts in tonight will allow her to continue to draw without having to make my arm look like a pincushion. Her bountiful bosom brushes against me as she leans to fetch a tourniquet and sampling vials. This does absolutely nothing to calm my pulse as I silently willed myself to calm down.

With the needle in the draw goes quite briskly, three vials of blood filling up and getting placed on the cart with ease.

“You know….”

She broke the silence with a husky tone to her voice as if just the sight of the red liquid had gotten her a bit worked up.

“Isn’t blood amazing?”

One of the sample vials finds it’s way back between her fingers, gingerly being spun as she holds it up to the dim light streaming in from outside.

“Such a rich, lovely color, and so… special. Few things are so chock full of raw energy, the very stuff of life… of course the other fluid is a favorite for many monster girls… but I think the red stuff is just as special. Perhaps it’s just what I am…” her head tilting back as she mimes putting the vial to her lips, tongue snaking out as if to catch the drops of my blood as she poured it into her mouth made for a painfully erotic scene. The light of the moon’s back lighting giving her something of a glow, a highlight that made every curve, every tangle of hair, stand out.

“You know, I knew you’d be a special patient when I first got your samples down in the lab… I’m glad to see I was right. I’ll be back tomorrow night… try to be a good patient for the other nurses now…”

I can only nod, still desperately trying to conceal my pulse, and the rise between my legs, thankful for the sheets and blankets bunched up around my waist. All for nothing, a flash of those red eyes, a hint of a smile as she rises and looks back at me before heading out the door… told me that she knew all about my “issue”, and that every second of stimulation was oh so very intentional.

It became something of a routine from then on. After lights out on the ward, Nurse Artemis would appear from nowhere, heels clicking their way down the hallway with her cart trailing behind her. She’d come in, sit with me awhile and take her sample, usually leaving me shamelessly aroused and out of breath.

As the days went on she only got more aggressive, buttons on her top “mysteriously” coming undone to show off her breathtaking cleavage, bending over at the waist to get a dropped item, in perfect position to show off muscular, long legs and a heart-shaped ass, to actually straddling me at a few times to adjust my IV or replace a saline bag. While this behavior was… unique… enough compared to other hospital stays I’d had, pre and post integration alike. I started to notice other odd details about Nurse Artemis.

The other nurses on Dr. Helsing and Dr. Goodnight’s teams didn’t mention her at all, and when she came through, she didn’t make any other stops on what I’d initially assumed were her rounds. I also noticed she started stopping for a few moments before coming into the room, as if getting her outfit ready to try to give me another raging hard on. That idea pleased me to be perfectly honest. That she only looked that scandalous for me, that she specifically preened herself to get a reaction out of me.

It became something of a game really, with me even trying to “fight back” to one end or another. Even if she wasn’t a vampire, an Amazonian beauty like that probably could have controlled me easily, but I did what I could. “Accidentally” touching or brushing her, or stretching as an excuse to thrust my hips upward a bit when she was straddling me. All the while acting as if everything was perfectly normal.

Every day, even during rehab or visits from friends and family, I was looking forward to the coming night. She had me well and truly enthralled, her slave perhaps if she’d wanted one. Whether this magic some power native to vampires, or a power endemic to her gender I’m still not sure, but she made my recovery fly by, and I was almost sad when my final evening as a patient came.

I was actually worried I might not see Nurse Artemis that night, the Nurses had told me they didn’t need any more blood work on me when they’d congratulated me on my full recovery. Still even though I wasn’t scheduled for any more bloods, she came, sure as clockwork, clicking up the hallway.

When she came into the room this time her shirt was undone, revealing tasteful, very expensive looking lingerie. A bra that was doing very little to contain her heaving breasts, and even less to disguise them, her dark nipples peering out at me for the first time behind delicate white lace.

I found a finger on my lips before I could say anything, shushing me as she pulled the usual blood draw kit. Taking one decent sized sample slowly, gingerly, as her hand stroked my chest and stomach lightly.

My eyes locked on that sample tube when she’d finished drawing, and pulled the cap off, exposing the warm red liquid to the chilly room. I could only watch as she raised the vial of my essence to her lips, tongue sliding out like a red carpet being rolled out for a celebrity guest. She tilted the vial and let crimson spill on her lips and tongue, a shuddering sigh rolling out of her in a manner that was nearly pornographic.

Then she drank me, long and slow, savoring every drop except for what she let dribble down her chin and throat, straining her breasts and bra with the dark red of drying blood as she took me into her, as if wanting to mark herself with my essence. It was over in seconds, but felt like it had been hours. I wasn’t inexperienced. It was hard to be a virgin with lusty monster women on the prowl, but it was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

I wanted to say something, tried, but my voice caught in my throat even as a finger brushed against my lips, shushing me again. Artemis leaning in and kissing me lightly, almost teasingly, stealing my breath away as she drew back and did up her top. Leaving with only a wink, a mischievous smile, and a trace of her perfume in the air. I wasn’t entirely convinced it wasn’t a dream, but if it was, I could have stood more dreams like that.

The very night I got out of the hospital I went out with my friends to celebrate and finally eat some food that didn’t have to be smuggled past the nurses. I just about wept when the food came out, so we passed the night happily, enjoying the shared company, leaving me walking home in high spirits, determined to seek out contact information for Nurse Artemis tomorrow, to at least confirm she wasn’t some delusion of my medication addled mind.

I hoped, against all odds perhaps, that it really had been “special” and that her special treatment program wasn’t something she regularly handed out to male patients she took an interest in. Lucky me that my hopes were answered, and I didn’t have to seek the fair lady vampire out on my own. She was waiting for me.

My door opened on her in my main room wearing very little but moonlight as she sipped gingerly from a glass of red liquid. My mind raced as I took in a view that artists would weep to try to capture, Artemis clad in the rest of the lingerie set I’d seen part of her in the other night. The lace bra still stained with my blood, the skimpy thong, garter and thigh high stockings invited my hungry eyes to race across her beautiful form.

“Good evening acushla… I hope you’ll forgive me for letting myself in, I wanted to prepare a meal for you, that we might feast upon each other.”

She sips her drink with a wicked smile, almost a smirk, following me eyes to the red liquid within the delicate glass with a wave. She had heard the question, the insecurity in me before I could even consider it consciously, nevermind voice it… the culmination of the fear that had been with me from the first night when I realized how much I wanted to see her again.

“Worry not acushla, this is but wine, yours is the only vintage of blood I crave, but pinot noir will suffice to entertain my palate. Until you slake my thirst as only you can that is.”

Her laughter is almost lyrical as she rises from her seat, steel like muscles shifting under her skin even as the subtle shake of her curves worked their magic to keep my eyes on her femininity as opposed to her shining white fangs or burning red eyes, the tools of a queen of the huntresses of the night. 

“I apologize for skipping the uniform tonight… I know you liked it, just like I hoped you would, but I don’t want to wait any longer than I need to.”

She’s on me in a flash, crossing the room in a blink of motion. I can feel the strength in her arms as she caresses me, her rose perfume strong in my nose as she kissed her way up my chest. My hand rose to rest on to her taut waist almost automatically, stroking the muscles throughout her strong core, consciously resisting running my fingers along her washboard abs. Her skin is oddly cool, no warmth to be found within her silken skin. I’d only felt her through her uniform, felt the touch of her gloved hands. This was well worth the wait, but I managed one thought. One question. One thing I had to know before walking into her web. 


She stops. Inches from my neck as she moves back ever so slightly, a guilty look clouding her face.

“I… was a bit of a naughty girl. If that wasn’t obvious… I am a head nurse, but in the blood bank and lab not on the wards, it’s my specialty you see. And one night in the lab I was processing your samples, and one of the vials smashed… I wish I could tell you how you smell, how your blood smells. It was indescribable. I have never abused my position and always followed bloods protocol… until that night, alone in my lab, when I licked every ounce of your spilled blood up like I’d been starving to death.”

She had me by the hand now, leading me back into my bedroom, stripping my shirt from me without a word as she explains herself, crawling on top of me as she pushes me into the firm, cool embrace of my sheets.

“I decided I must meet you, to see if I was being some hundred year old little girl with a blood crush or if you were… well. You. I even put on that silly little outfit. Came up with all manner of contrivance to come and visit you every night and “see to your care”… I wanted to remain professional, but I wanted to drink you so badly…” Her voice purrs like a leopard inspecting her meal, her eyes practically dissecting me.

”Professional… it was getting harder and harder with every passing minute to resist claiming you, to having my way with you and taking the reprimand on the chin… I was beyond the pale even for the most lusty monster girls even before last night, but now… now you are no longer my patient.”

She leans into me, heavy breasts resting on my chest as she nuzzles into my neck, tongue working over the side of my neck, tracing the edge of my jaw and the lines of my ear, panting softly. If she had a pulse it was clear her heart would be racing. I took up the slack for both of us, my pulse racing so fast, it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. We gasp together as her hips grind against me, more than capable of feeling how hard I was through my shorts.

“Join me in the night… claim me body and soul. Stain me with your blood and your seed until there is no doubt who I am bound to… and I shall make you desire me above all others… such gifts in the night I shall share with you… from the moment your blood touched my lips I belonged to you… now claim me… or cast me aside, my heart no longer beats but break it or claim it… don’t draw out this any longer than we have to now that I am no longer bound to thoughts of work and professionalism…”

Her red eyes made it clear she wasn’t joking or toying with her meal. She was all too serious. but… even without her pushing me into bed, how she looked in her skimpy excuse for lingerie. She deserved a true answer. Not just the one that would expedite our mutual lust. She had taken the first step. She had come for me. In the hospital and now. Pursued me. Confessed to me. Her desire might be a hunter’s ruse, but there were far easier ways to seek a meal than such a charade. No, I knew, deep down that Artemis’s words were true. 

I lifted her chin and kissed her, surrendering to her and to my own desires. I had desired her since I first saw her stride into the room, and to actually claim my fantasy? To be able to stand with her and be with her… what sacrifice was mortal life in the age of monsters living next to humans? 

Her tongue was quick and aggressive, pressing into my mouth as we kissed, exploring me, tasting me, as if she was inhaling my essence just from my lips before she sat back and slid out of her bra, giggling as I buried my face in that bountiful chest. Hands groping her big mounds even as my tongue and lips sought out her dark sensitive nipples and kissed across her sensitive flesh.

Her hips ground against me even more roughly, as if she was going to try to have me penetrate her right through our clothes. Her soft sounds filled the cool night air, my cock rigid enough to fuck concrete as she finally pushes back off me, her face flushed as she rips my shorts off my body, releasing my throbbing shaft to hungry red eyes as her thong joins the remains of my shorts on the ground by my bed. She coos over my shaft, nuzzling it and taking a few gentle licks before sliding on top of me.

“Forgive me for skipping the foreplay acushla machree… but we shall have an eternity to sate every desire, and tonight, tonight I need this… I need…’

I stop her with a kiss, pulling her into position, arms exploring her body as I lay back and take in the view of her beautiful body on top of mine, baring my neck without a word, inviting the special kiss only she can give me. Her lips find my neck as her other lips gently grinding against the head of my shaft until those gleaming white fangs find the spot she’s looking for, and as she begins to take my cock into her waiting, eager depths, her body quivering to receive me, her fangs sink into my neck, and she begins to feast, both on my blood and on our shared pleasure.

The contrast between heated and cooled flesh as I push inside her threatens to push me to my limit in an instant, the unfamiliar sensation practically addicting me to her as her wet insides welcome me to her deepest parts. Driving deep into her body coaxed shamefully erotic groans out of her, only partially muffled by my neck, and the blood leaking into her mouth.

She’s engrossed in feeding both mouths, my hips moving in concert with hers to probe her depths, her movement changing as the head of my shaft begins to kiss her cervix, locking me in place as she rides me almost frantically, instinct driving her to pleasure me with the cool sensation of her tight, milking pussy as her tight, strong walls begin to grip and massage me, not coaxing me so much as throwing me off the cliff of my limits, her body demanding my orgasm in sensation, and then by word as she came free from my neck. My blood was flowing down her lips and neck, staining her breasts and throat with strands of crimson as she begs for me to cum inside her.

“Now! Do it! Stain me! Please, fill me with your warmth!”

Her cries echoed through the room as I grabbed her hips and pulled her down with a wet smack as our hips joined, and I erupted inside her. My hot cum pouring straight into her womb as her body coaxed every possible ounce of warmth into her cold core. Greedily suckling at me like her other mouth had just been suckling at my neck, leaving her moaning wordlessly atop me before collapsing to my chest. Her orgasms are still rocking her body as she nuzzles into my chest and neck, murmuring sweet nothings as she keeps me firmly lodged within her depths. It was almost as if she was worried I might disappear if she let me loose. In a lucid moment I wondered just how lonely my lovely vampire had been before she found me. Before she chose me. 

“Oh mo chroi… my insides are so warm… I haven’t felt like this since I was still alive.”

Her eyes burned with a brighter red as she looks into my eyes, her eyelids drooping as if she was drugged. She nipped my lower lip before kissing me deeply, fingers lazily stroking through my hair, nails scratching against my scalp with a gentle sensation. 

“I think you might have helped me start a new unlife tonight mo chroi… my body feels so energized… I haven’t felt like this for centuries. Perhaps it is just that it has been so long since someone shared my bed… but I think you have made me a mother in a single shot my sweet acushla… perhaps evidence of how my body is yours, and your body is mine. This first night though, I think we should make sure, and if it is not to be yet… there will be an eternity of other nights for us to share.”

She curls into me, dragging me onto my side as she wraps herself around me, only the position of our hips locked against each other not changing as we embraced in the streams of moonlight. It was a night that would never end, as the sun set on my final day of normal life, and my life with the vampire began.

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13 thoughts on “The Nurse Will See You Now

  1. For the curious, the terms of endearment Artemis is using are Irish Gaelic.

    Mo chroi is “Love of my heart” or more literally “My darling”. My personal favorite however is Acushla. Which is generally translated as “darling”, but is literally translated as “pulse of my heart” in it’s full reading. Appropriate for a vampire isn’t it?

    Have a lovely night when it finds you.

  2. Typos:
    > as he hand
    > all on it’s own
    > my pallet
    > regularly handed out regularly
    > my heard was
    > put the starts on (?)

    > “Her accent […] suggested Eastern Europe”
    > Uses Irish pet names

    I suppose it’s possible she got her accent in mamono transylvania and spent the last decade since monster girls came to this world in Ireland, but I thought that was a bit strange

    “The other nurses on Dr. Helsing and Dr. Goodnight’s teams didn’t mention her at all”

    Given the antics monster girls are known to get up to I thought she was only pretending to be a nurse, I’d at least confirm she works in the hospital were I him

    “the tools of a queen of the huntresses of the night”

    I am not a fan of the repetition here, it just seems clunky to me

    I liked this, but I found the prose a little too purple at times.

    This is likely just a me thing, but I’m not a fan of monster girls’ temperaments diverting strongly from their MGE entries without at least an acknowledgement that such temperament is different. In the MGE vampires are haughty and egotistical and would think of sex with a human the way we think of bestiality, the concept of one debasing herself to serve a human is preposterous (I kinda went overboard with that last part but you get it), not to mention they avoid sex with humans to prevent creating dhampirs.

    1. I don’t write MGE for my setting so that’s some of the problem I suppose. I find the MGE is good for inspiration, but I wouldn’t want to live there, or write there for that matter. You’ll also notice they have neither hospitals, nurses or cars in the MGE, but the story wouldn’t happen without the latter, and the former are somewhat central to the plot. In the end even if I was writing the MGE I wouldn’t care about the temperament descriptions much. If you can boil an entire species/race down to “haughty”or a handful of temperament or character traits you’ve drastically limited your depth.

      The accent thing is the difference between what it sounds like to a Terra born human’s ear and where it’s actually from. The Irish explanation is convenience and for the hell of it. If I had to explain in story, it would be based off how in our real world lore Ireland itself is deeply connected to all matters arcane and magical. If any of our languages had made it across the barrier between worlds Gaelic would certainly be one of them.

      Thanks for the spell check. Always appreciated.

  3. Excellent. Very enjoyable. The deviation of Artemis’ disposition from other Vampires could easily be explained by the laws of attraction. She tasted his blood. She knew he was her match. That kind of feeling can drive anyone crazy and completely change him or her.

    Only a few random typos detracted from this. The only other problem I had was the tense shifting. Easy to do. Took me years of proofreaders clubbing me in the back of the head with various blunt objects to get me stop.

    Still, none of this detracted from the story. Loved every minute.

    1. I never got around to getting back to this. Apologies. It could be explained like that if I wanted to muddle my way through the MGE. But then, she’s also working as a nurse in a city. She’s not exactly an aristocrat, so how would we explain that away? In reality her back story is coming through the portals to the UMT from an area with a large number of Irish and Slavic humans. Like most people, she took a job, and during the war with humanity, medicae of any specialty were in high demand. Specializing already in blood magic, she decided to try blood science too.

      But that really doesn’t work with the all haughty aristos MGE variant.

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