The Mob goes Wild 7





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Even the car itself was quiet against the silent rage that swelled your brain. The world parted before you in some vain effort to avoid your quiet riot. Concern from Elizabeth drolled at the edge of your conscious was nothing more than dribble against the ambient noise of the road. Your mind felt numb. Painful in a way. Strick throbbing kept your consciousness from wandering off with the passing horns dipping in and out of traffic helped too.


You cut traffic like a mad cunt cutting through lines of cocaine. Some had to swerve off the road  to avoid your madness. The tires screeching under the bite of the pavement. Fuck red-lights man, run that shit. Elizabeth was thoroughly panicked. Only Karen and as of recently, yourself, able to strike fear into the girl’s heart.


”Anon… Please calm down. I’d rather not die tonight. Anon Please. PLEASE!” Her words tried to appeal to a broken spirit. “Liz want down, Liz want out.” Third person panic. Elizabeth was having a PTSD moment from your driving with the Hummer. Preparing herself for you to slam head on into anything that just so vaguely looked like an enemy family member


You couldn’t have given a shit less what Elizabeth had to say. Words in one ear and out the other. No soliciting.


You even managed to cause at least one wreck to the best of your knowledge. Sending a Garbage truck off into oncoming traffic for a slight collision. The value of life was certainly not on your list of cares tonight. A few more lights had to to be run before the sound of sirens awoke you with a shot of adrenaline. Goddammit, the last thing you needed at the moment.


While a thirty car police chase would be fun to go on, you pulled over into a gas station on your right. Karen would then have a much easier time of finding your position. You did want to stay incognegro. Hahaha… incognegro. Just take the ticket, worry about the consequences later. Stay calm. Don’t shoot the cop.


The officer took his joyous time getting to you. Motioning for you to roll the window down. You comply without even taking your eyes from the general area in front of the car.


”I hope you have some idea why I pulled you over son.” The cop was actually a man. A many with surprisingly hairy features. Wonder what he was.  It was surprisingly refreshing to see a male in such a female dominated field.


The haze lifted when you turned to look at him. Almost like waking up from a lumbering dream.


”I haven’t the faintest fucking idea, Officer.” The officer looked to be a middle aged man with sharp eyes and a sharper mustache line. To his side looked to be a younger Lizard girl. Trainee officer?


“Please step out of the car, smart-ass.”


Comply or drive?


Comply or drive…


The closing of your door reminded you that you too were just an average civilian. Not no super powered hulk monster or the overpowered main character from that game you play, Stealy Wheely Automobiley: Lust City.


”Been drinking?”


”I wish I had.” Neither you nor the officer were ready to take the other’s shit.


”License, registration, insurance.” Short, quick, and to the point. At least you’ll be able to leave with a fast ticket. Maybe spending a night in jail was for the best.


You did so. Drawing out your wallet and slipping out your license. He took it with a quick swipe. You go back to the window having Liz look around the car for the insurance and registration.


”Mister Anon?” His voice changed to something less jagged and more – not a good word but – neutral. “Could you please tell me your wife’s name?”


”Uhh… Leblanc Jawfnovese.”


He looked back down onto your license again. Giving it one last look over before handing it back to you.


”Alright, sir. Have a good night. Drive safe.”


The fuck?


The Officer handed you back your license. Reining back his Lizard trainee to the squad car.


The Fuck?!


”Sir. Are we just going to let him go? After what he did?”


”That! Is the husband of Leblanc… Karen… Jawfnovese.”




”The head of the Jawfnovese Crime family. We pull him in and we’ll get our shit reamed in.”


That couldn’t have gone more confusingly. That scene could’ve gone a lot worse. Obviously that Officer was in the know. Luckily, you were gonna get off scot-free for causing an entire block’s worth of damage. Hooray! The system fails again! The best perk of being married to a murderous mob boss. Civil immunities.


A throbbing in your pants brought your attention down. Ya know, thinking about it, now would be a good time to rub one out. Why not? Add public indecency to the list of multiple reckless endangerment charges. Wait, that wasn’t your penis. That was your phone.




No, decline the call and turn that phone off.


Elizabeth’s eyes focused on you intensely. Such care and sadness were visible. A drive to clasp your head to her chest, pet you, and whisper that everything was going to be right.


Not now Liz, not now.


The car starts with a low rumble. Elizabeth slumps back into the passenger seat. No longer afraid with your new found calmness hammered in by the cop. An edginess lingered on the air stifling the car in a cloud of animosity. Words danced through the cloud trying to find any penchant of freedom to move.


How could Karen do this to you? Mentally slapping yourself multiple times in the realization that you actually asked yourself that. This was a matter of being surprised that she did and surprised that she tried to be faithful again. Then again, should you be surprised at all that she was fucking another guy right there? Maybe she had been cheating behind your back the entire time. That fucking whore. Throwing years together down the drain.


You pull off the road into a small lot that sat on the Hudson river.


“Anon…” Elizabeth was always a golden soul. At least to you and Hildegarde. You knew Liz was a hard bitch around anyone else. Ready to give anyone a colombian necktie at a moment’s notice. Around you she becomes the most caring woman in the world. Love is a hell of a drug.


You stepped out the car. Meandering your way to the edge of the water, resting against the handrail. Elizabeth slowly exited the car just as you had. Approaching you just as slowly. Her hand reached out to you but was lost as you paced down the pier away from her. Moving, staying constant in fear of collapse. Giving motion to your legs so that they wouldn’t fall from under you.


“Where did I go wrong? I was a good husband… wasn’t I? I was a good father. I w-woulda been a good provider-r.” Elizabeth followed your anxious pacing down the pier. Unknowing if she should confront you, grab you, lend a hand, leave you alone or anything really. She followed as a slower pace. With one hand outstretched to you. Reaching out for a soul she knew not how to heal.


“Anon, you were the best thing in her life. You are an amazing person.” You turned to pace back the other side. Struggling to maintain the last fragments of your being in some semblance of human shape. Elizabeth took some courageous steps. Reaching out to grab your arm.


“Anon… I’m so sorry. I don’t know what you’re going through but..” She pulled your chin to meet a gaze you had all but forgotten. Taken back by the wells of tears pooling in your eyes. The pain you felt reverberated within Elizabeth. It was not the pain you knew that she was feeling. But solely the fact that a man she loved was in pain.


“Whats wrong with me Liz? Was I not good enough for her?”


“No nonono. Shhh… Anon. You are perfect.” She pulled your head down to her chest. Locking you in a tight embrace, squeezing the pain away. She caressed you like you were her own husband. Locking you away from the terrors of the world. Where she was such a perfect wife that only had eyes for you. The weight of the world brought you to your knees. Elizabeth, followed you to the ground. Cradling your head the entire way down. Whispering sweet encouragements or whatever she could do to pick up your broken shards of self.


“Where did I go wrong? Tell me Liz. What did I do?” You wrapped up Elizabeth as tightly as you could. Clinging to your last safe haven. Your shelter in the storm. The light at the end of your tunnel. The light in a dark place. Take your pick.


She clutched you just as tightly. Running lovely fingers through your hair.


“You married a whore Anon. A simple as that.”


“Y-you’re right. I married a fucking skank. Oh god why did I do this?”


“Anon… you… you didn’t know. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault.”


“I’m fucking stupid.”


“You’re not stupid Anon.”


“How could I assume she’d even love me? I loved her and I got shit on. I’ve never felt so alone.”


“You aren’t alone Anon… I love you.”


Your rolled your head in her grasp to peek up at doughy blue eyes. In that moment those were the sweetest words you’ve ever heard. Eyes holding such a feeling of concern and longing. Blue eyes swimming in your own. The heart yearns for its own. Something it can call it’s own. You pressed forward for a kiss.


She was happy to meet your lips with her own. Wrapping your head tightly with her arms. It never felt so right to be in her arms. A warm sensation with a hint of a smell your mind can only register as… sunshine? Love? It was an unfamiliar smell, but one you could certainly get used to. A peace that settled the rhythm of your pounding heart. Somewhere to belong.


You held lips locked for an eternity. Breaking the lock to reapply it in a better position or to come up for air. Your kisses before were a sense of loss. Kisses of a relationship that could never be. Here on the bank of the river, they were kisses of newfound awakened love. Your loyal sheep was the bearer of your heart.


“I love you Anon.”


“I… I love you Elizabeth.” Her lips clasped to yours before you could even finish. Furiously kissing your lips repeatedly. An awakened flame erupted in her heart. The warmth of which was a welcome safety from this evening mist. The thunder cracked. Breaking the moment and casting both of your gazes up to a turbulent sky. Your eyes met again only able to get a slight chuckle. Grasping each other tightly.


You walked in soaking wet into the lobby of some run down shitty lobby in the bumfuck of New York. No money, no credit, you had nowhere to go and a pocket full of lead and at this moment a crotch full of steel for a little sheepie. You arrived at some rundown motel with the hopes of being able to use a credit card and not have Karen up your ass in twenty minutes from a bank alert. The woman behind the counter was Kitsune, strange how some kind’ve pristine and strong breed is here putting leverage down at some piece of shit motel. Even by all standards and your ruined suit and Elizabeth’s as well, both of you looked leagues above her.


“Oh you two sweeties looking for a room for the night?”


“Just one room, one night please.”


“Anything for you Sweetheart~ Just need a credit card~” You whipped yours out faster than anything she’d ever seen. Faster than the Football Jock could get her pants off in high school. She walked off, taking down the cards information, giving it a swipe through some machine and bringing it back to you with a key.


“Down the main corridor, third on the left hun~”


Leave her to her crack pipe.


Elizabeth was sitting in a chair near the front door. Wringing out the exposed wool on her body. wrist, wrist, hair, rubbing water out of her ears, her tie, leg wool. You motion for her to follow while she’s still preening herself.She gave you a slightly glance returning to her wooll as she followed you. You lead her down a hall, stopping right outside the room.


You stopped just short of the door, letting her take a few steps ahead. Your eyes gazed up and back down the hall for any sign of spirits. Seemed like no one wanted to be here.


“This it-?!” You took the girl by the arm and threw her into the wall. Offering up a small peep to be silenced with the pressure of your lips. Little did she resist the warmth of your lips. Not did she resist your hand through her blonde hair. Her leg rose to wrap at your waist. Such a cute little mafia hitwoman. She melted under your hands and feverish lips. She was mounting her own assault on your lips. Riposting your attack with her own. Her hands slipped away to your south. One hand grabbing your firm tush. The other caressed your junk. A smirk crawled across her face when you pressure your crotch further into her hand. Happy, relieved, that you were giving into her. That you belonged to her.


Such a coothe sigh of relief echoed from the Sheep as she fondled your junk. Biting that bottom lip with such anticipation to draw blood. Your lis worked that silky neck of hers while those fingers tried to wrap your shaft. Constant puffs of hot breath in your ear giving the green light on a drag-strip. You struggled with the door handle. Never before had been a one handed key turn been so hard. Couldn’t get IN THE FUCKING HOLE.


This foreplay was becoming unbearable. Your dick was rock hard in her fingers and nothing but this tiny little keyhole stood in your way to the promised land. You pull away for but a brief second, which gave her an opening to attack your own neck, to slide the key into the door.


You lifted the sheep by her butt. Grabbing two glorious handfuls of that well-toned ass. Tough muscle giving strong resistance to your grip. Your grip gave her cause to attack your face-hole more vigorously. Now that you were properly inside the room you could finally plant that flag that she’d been waiting for for years.


Now I could go on and describe more useless details f how the room smelled of stale ass and how the carpet was matting and the wallpaper turning to shit. But you came to read Anon rail the sheep. You fucking pervert.


You dropped the girl on bed without hesitation. Fighting at her belt buckle while she continued to toy with your crotch. Drawing little circles of temptation across your pants with the shittiest grin as you fought at her belt. Having to say fuck it. You ripped the pants right off the girl. Belt still tied and all. She gave off a slight yelp at the pain but even she was happy to have that nuisance off. You threw the slacks aside and were greeted by a beautiful sight. White panties with smiling cute suns and sheep on them. Her hoof pressed against your chest in as much a cute manner as possible. Raising that leg up over your shoulder. Your lips pressed into the wool of her leg. Running fingers through such soft wool. Liz reached down to thumb the lining of her panties. Sliding them off as titillating as possible. Of course with her leg the way it was, the other leg came up on your opposite shoulder as well. Allowing her to take off the white panties showing glorious cunt right in your face.


Here was the point of no return.


Glorious Sheepie vagina starting your right down the face.


Once you did this, there was no going back.


With both of Liz’s legs on your shoulders it gave an easy access to lower yourself down to her. She had a soft scent around her. Something between the natural feminine smell and a cross of flowers from her wool. She had a small amount of pubic hair in curly-Q fashion. She was already pulling out of her dress shirt and bra. Perky B-cup breasts topped with such bright peach colored nipples.


One last pang of guilt through the system at what you stared at the delicious viel.


Fuck it


And fuck her.


Your mouth lowered to that glistening cunt. Licking and lapping at that labia. She gave off a noise you’ve never heard from her before. A more sustained bahhh’ing. She probably took a few hairs off your head with those grasping hands. She was sweet. A sweeter tinge than Karen. Then again, you had been so used to Karen’s taste that someone different might’ve just been a different flavor altogether.


You gave the girl a ride of her life. She loved the magic you worked with your tongue. No one probably ever giving her such a wild ride. Rolling those hips into your mouth as hard as she could. While she loved it, this was more of a spit in Karen’s eye for you. Return the retribution.


“Oh god Anon… Yes yessssssss. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd YES!” She contorted in unison with your tongue. Writhing to the left with left circles, contorting to the right with each right circle. Elizabeth pushed your head away. Forcing some distance between you. She jumped forward to your own crotch.


“I’ve waited for this for two fucking years. Get your goddamn dick out right now!” You let her fight with your belt this time. She was a little more vicious than you were. You had to help her in fear that she’d rip your dick off as well. She took your length in hand with hungry eyes. Plunging her wet mouth and succulent lips around your dick. A deep hearty moan from a starved woman. Rthymically suckling your length with a slight finesse. Making dual note caressing your balls. Edging her way to the end of the bed to give her an easier time to work you over.


You rocked your hips back and forth in her mouth. Helping achieve her bliss. Brushing her hair off to the side being greeted by a warm gaze and a smile. She took your length out of her mouth. Giving you a quick stroke or two while catching her breath. She was quiet, no words shared between you. Leaning back on the bed to offer herself more to you. Legs played off to the side only widening as you climbed onto the bed between them. Sitting with yourself between her legs that heart of hers could be heard. Hyperventilating with the smile of a girl on christmas morning. You held a gaze with a woman whom you never knew anymore loving.One that knew not the body, mind, or soul of any other man.


The squeakiest of moans echoed with the warmth of her insides. Such an untouched flower wishing to be destroyed. She won’t be able to walk for days.


You pounded into her with such sexual fury to make Beary White proud. Crying out your name with every thrust. She shuddered under every thrust. Reaching down to grab your waist in some attempt to pull you deeper into her. She was damn tight as well. Not having been touched in years turned her Russian.


That was an Berlin Wall joke. Whatever, I’ll stop. Back with the smut.


Red lined marked claws across your chest. Must’ve been doing some damn good work.


“Oh god Anon. Oh God yes yeeeeeEEEEEEeesss. Fuck me! FUCK ME!” Finger dug into the headboard. Damn good job. She rose from the bed to meet you lips again. Staring intently into your eyes with smitten gaze. She bit at your chin, nipped your nose, anything she could get her teeth on. Aching for more, for whatever else you had to give.


“Oh god Baby. You’re so fucking tight.”


“I’m your…. baby…. now huh?


“From now on… And my fuck toy.”


“You know how-hnng… put a smile on a girls face ya’ asshole.” She teased, giggling all the same. “I love you Anon…”


“And I love you… Elizabeth Marshall.”


“Now don’t stop fucking me. We still have hours of night left. Now that you’re mine, I’m going to have to break you in properly after making me wait for two years.”


“I won’t be able to walk for weeks then.”


“I’m not going to let you walk for the rest of your life boy.”


True to her word. Elizabeth rode you until the break of dawn. Changing things up to let her be on top and slam that dick at her own rhythm. Taking it slow as you laid beside each other. Softly rolling your hips into the other’s. Despite being out of the game for many years. Elizabeth had this touch that drove you wild. She knew exactly what you liked and how you wanted it. That or it was just her being so damn tight that anything felt amazing. That vagina of her was going to wring every last drop of cum out of you.


“Baby. I’m gonna cum.”


“Fill me. Fill me up with your seed baby.” The first climax of the night had you blowing a load unlike anything you had ever had before. Even like that first time you lost your virginity to your first girlfriend. THAT Lizard-girl, the captain of the football team. Wonder whatever happened to her…


Elizabeth wrapped those fluffy arms around you pinning you down deep into her. Forcing you to release your seed deep into her belly. What you thought laid in front of you as a sheep, really seemed to turn into a horse with how strong those legs crushed your waist. She was thoroughly enjoying it. If the crushing of your waist wasn’t enough of an indicator, her back gave an arc to make St. Louis jealous. She reached up to your chest pressing her palm into your chest. Grabbing a good handful of your shirt and pulled you down onto of her. That was a tad uncomfortable to be half on the bed. With your shaft still roasting the mutton there was some repositioning needed. Pushing her further into the bed. She pulled you atop her. Wrapping her arms under yours and over your shoulders.




That was going to stick around with you for a while. Kisses peppered your cheek and neck. Resting her head against your shoulder as you did the same. A peace settled in between the soundless void in the gaps between your lips. Nails scratching at your scalp.


“What’re we going to do now?”


“I don’t want to think about it.” You pulled back only a tad to ream your dick back into her. A pleasured moan breaking the silence.


“Anon, you can’t run from this.”


“Drop it Liz, I don’t want to think about it.” Her hands played more with your head. In some attempt to caress you with more love in a vain attempt to calm you.


“I don’t want to ruin the mood, but it scares me to think about Anon.” Oh God, shut the fuck up about it. You pulled your hips back once more to thrust back and stuff her mouth with another moan. Every word she spoke reminded you about Karen. The last fucking face that anyone would want to picture at the moment. It brought you back to the current situations and generally just making you think about what she’s done. Fuck her, fuck the family. You set yourself back up, pulling one of Liz’s legs over your shoulder. Creating a new rhythm, slow and hard. This wasn’t making love as you were before. This was just a hate fuck.


Elizabeth held the happiest face possible. Completely overwhelmed in orgasmic sensation. Every thrust you gave her caused a loving moan. She was losing herself more and more by the moment. Unable to even so much as retain composure. Unable to form coherent words, reduced to a baby’s babbling. That vagina was beginning to tremble. Giving her orgasm after orgasm. Your dick was inside Elizabeth, but in your mind. It was in spite of Karen. Kicking Karen down with every thrust. You reached your tipping point again. Creaming her velvet walls once again.


You remained motionless above her. A vulture above its prey. After two hours of ramming this cunt it was still tugging and squeezing you for more. This bitch really was starved. You let her leg down. Even after an hour and a half, your little guy was still raring to go. Unconsciously Liz curled up into the fetal position. Compressing herself into the smallest form possible. Oh no, you weren’t getting away my little Sheep. She resisted your attempts to pull her legs down, which you did. Rolling her onto her stomach. Grabbing yourself, you guided yourself back into her sopping wet cavern. No longer bound to loud moaning. You tamed a savage beast that was reduced to a slight meep. You gave her more another harsh railing from behind. Sounding off with loud slapping at each slam into that ass. She was unresponsive. No noises, or meeps, or moans. You fucked her stupid.


You kept at it. Draining out the last of your anger onto the poor girl’s cunt. Taking up to another hour before you had blown your final load into her stomach. Finally the raging dragon had been satisfied. Elizabeth was completely unresponsive.


Exhaustion set in. Gravity becoming heaving with each passing second. You collapse on top her. Placing one kiss on her neck before sliding off to the side. Eyelids starting to fall. A slight stir caught your attention. Elizabeth jolted to, turning herself to face yourself. Prying at the buttons on your shirt to expose your chest. Pressing herself to your bare skin before finally conking out.


With eyes still closed, a slight shaking woke you.


Elizabeth’s was back at it again. Side riding you.


“Was I not enough last night?”


“I waited three years for this. I’m taking all I can. I also was able to get one out of you with my mouth while you slept. It was cute, you couldn’t even get hard. At least now you got a lil’ wood.”


“Am I going to have to expect this every night?”


“Maaaaaaaybe~ I’ll admit that was sooooooooooo damn good. That might keep me satisfied for a few hours~”


“I’m not sure I have enough energy to satisfy you babe.”


“Hehehehe. Don’t worry. You sit back and I’ll do most of the work then.”


There was a brief pause. Comfort enveloped your being. After so long being lied to and cheated, you had come to some self-fulfilling peace. For once in what felt like ages was there a feeling of safety. Some form of rightfulness in how your life was actually supposed to be. So content your throat acted on its own for a subtle rumbling. Elizabeth noticed it so much so she stopped humping you.


“Anon… are y-… are you purring?”


“Whu? Uuuuuh-yeah…I guess I was.”


“What are you exactly, if you don’t mind me asking.”


“My mother was a Jinko. Did you never notice how my eyes glew at night sometimes?” Yeah I prefer a little more realism to my creations. So what,  big whoop, wanna fight about it? Join me for some chardonnay as other Purists can’t accept anything out of their hugbox.


“I wondered why your eyes sometimes showed up like that in pictures. But I never thought of it any more than that. You feel good dont’cha~? My little kitty~”


“You do feel rather good.”


“Only good?”


“It was fantastic.”


She smiled with your heartwarming answer. Somehow proud in herself for being able to make you cum.


“Men are all so different I stopped looking for the details. I can’t tell what humans have in common.”


“True humans died out long ago. It’s theorized that humans died off due to too much interbreeding with monsters. Everyone just takes after their mothers. Calling a male a human is kinda just a habit now I guess. We’re all Mamono.”


“I wonder what True Human dick was like… I guuuuuuueeeeeessssss I’ll just have to settle for you.” Ending with a jovial eye roll.


“Fuck you.”


“That’s what’cha been doin, stupid~.” That brought out a smirk on your face. Which made her smile in return. “I love you.”


“I love you.”


You met her for a quick kiss. Returning to her humping that vag on your dick.


“What’s the plan today?”


“Take a shower and decide from there.”


“Showers sex! Yes, ok, Up. Go. I want shower sex.” Little kisses traced a line along your chest and arm as she crossed over you. You had thoroughly awoken a sleeping beast. Even such a shitty bed felt more comfortable than the feeling of getting up. Luckily, for you, Elizabeth had you already mostly undressed. Already having the hot water running beckoning you over with a wave. The fuckfest resumed under the waves of more comfortable hot water. Reaming the girl into the wall, on the ground. Pulling her out the shower to prop that ass up on the sink. Taking a second to catch your breath to get some heavy petting in with the soap in all the hard to reach places. She got you to blow your load at least twice more.


She found you as a cushion. Trying to find some comfort in your chest in the small confines of this ninety-nine cent tub. No words could come to mind. There wasn’t much secrecy between you. Even before this moment you’d seen her naked however much accidents those times were. In a way it was somewhat awkward to try and ask anything personal. Even small talk escaped you. Ya’know, despite the whole sex and cuddling naked at the moment. You certainly had more than enough time to get to know each other.


The Anger couldn’t boil down. The heat from the passion and water only stoked your fire more. The pain fueled your Anger boner. What pushed you forward. Did you really love Elizabeth? Or was it some sense of spitting in Karen’s eye to have your dick in another woman.


After a sensual rubdown from your now girlfriend and returning the favor. You returned to the bed for round thirty-seven.  Like all men your sheep had made you take the reigns from one to thirty-six. That combined with the shit mattress and shit sleep gave a little weakness to the knees. Liz took notice of your exasperation. The pride was abound that she brought a prince to his knees.


“Take a seat boy. I’ll take it from here.” Hey, this time you got to play dead fish. No complaints here.


She took the reigns from your hands. Setting you down slowly on the mattress. Drawing one agonizing finger down your chest. Those lips working away at your length once more. Her movements were soft. The rollercoaster had slowed back down to its perigee. Back to love. Swirling tongue showing careful use as protection from subtly grazing teeth. In and out. Softly rocking you in and out. This was for your enjoyment. Not to get you off. It was soothing to the body. The spirit was still roiling.


She pulled off for a moment to stroke you gently. Giggling at the sight of a spit dribble from your cock to her mouth. Eagerly drawing a line from your base to tip to recover that spittle. Hungry eyes rose across your while she gained a position over you. Reaching back to grab your base and guide you back in. It was time to return to apogee. No longer a sheep, she was a cowgirl, eight seconds would be an understatement. She rode and rode. Seeing shapes of the humanoid form you had no idea were possible. How the hell did she get her leg like that?


You had awakened hours later huddled under Sheepies arm. Awakening to your head on Liz’s belly and one tit covering an eye. Used and abused. Rode hard and put away wet.


“What time is it.”


“Uuuhh. Sssssssssssix forty-five. You’ve been conked out for a while now.”


“I’m still tired. I feel like shit.” You’d nuzzle your face into her side. Her fingers tickled your back once more. It had taken damn near twelve hours of sex of soothe a savage beast, but the problem had only just begun. You sent the beast to sleep but it had to awaken at some time. It was phenomenal sex so it wasn’t an undesired fate. You could continue to see this picture the rest of your life. No matter how much serotonin or Dopamine traveled yoru system. It didn’t take the edge off the anger.


“Anon. I don’t mean to be a bitch and fuck and fly.”


“Ooooh baby. Don’t tell me you’re going to leave me already? You only want me for my dick.” You coo’d. This brought a hurt Elizabeth to wrap both arms around you for a quick squeeze.


“Of course not babe. I could ride you for days. Buuuuuuuuut. I’m starving and you have the credit card. So get off your ass and lets get food.”


“Mmmmmm five more minutes.”




“I’ll fuck you again.”


“My vagina is well satisfied for the moment. My stomach is not. Up-up-up.” Slow down Earnhardt. She was damn near pushing you out the bed. You couldn’t tell if it was the bed or the fact that she probably worked you over in your sleep that contributed to your sluggishness. Sheepie had a bit more of a pep in her step. Rotating your head far enough to each side to produce a pop. Gah! Everything ached.


Elizabeth was ready long before you had even put on your tie. She looked as beautiful without makeup as with. Strangely she her attire was as clean and pristine. How the hell did she do it, you would’ve asked yourself had you not remembered that she’s been in this life long before you even knew it existed. A lifetimes experience on how to look good with a worn out outfit. Your slow pace got under her nerves. She’d never pass up an opportunity for a tease though. She crossed the distance throwing that ass in as much of a circle as much as the law of thermodynamics allowed. She straddled your lap. Moving your hands out away so she could fix you up herself. Straightening your shirt, buttoning it up the rest of the way, brushing out the arms, refixing your tie.


The sheer affection she displayed. That genuine smile. The anger slowly slipped away.


No way anything existed in her heart besides love. That was your answer. You did indeed love her.


You slowly arched your head in a good position to offer a kiss. Which she lowered herself to grant you one. She back away with such an endearing smile that it brought a pang of guilt as you did so much as dare question what you had between each there.




“Finish. Finish.” That smile could destroy nations. Helen aint got shit on Elizabeth. She finished redressing you quickly. Not wanting to be viewed in public with her man in anything less than perfection. You stood to make way for the door before the weight of your phone reminded you that it even existed. No, boy! Don’t touch it! Don’t touch that power button! Don’t wait for it to boot up! Don’t hesitantly tap your home screen! Thirty-eight missed calls. It was easier to turn it off than back on.


Elizabeth was on cloud nine. Fingers snaking their way between yours. Resting her head on your shoulder as you walked down the hall together. You set the keys down with a little wave from the Kitsune. Damn, she was a little creepy. Elizabeth didn’t let go of your hand.


“What the FUCK?!”


“Language Elizabeth!”


“No Anon! What the fuck?! Our first technical… “Date”… AND YOU TAKE ME TO A FUCKING BURGER KING?!”


“I can’t treat you right, right now Liz. We can’t allow Karen to know where we are.” Your voice came as a loud whisper. “What do you think will happen when… I mean, “if” she finds us.”


“I…Mmm… I’m sorry.”


“Just get some food and let’s think about what to do.” Elizabeth didn’t look too happy about the arrangement. But tough shit, she had to deal with a happy meal if it meant keeping Karen off your ass. Of course you weren’t going to force Liz to get a kid’s meal, being factitious and all. Getting to eat steaks and homemade sushi every night was quite the spoiled treatment. But eventually your “ex”-wife would wise up and noticed one of her credit cards gone, or check the online statement, or somehow get an invoice a month later.


Liz sat aside of you. Munching on a burger with one hand and rubbing her hand along your tight with the other. It wasn’t the best food but it got her to shut the hell up. And what was this fucking pain that you had deep in your gut? You hadn’t eaten in awhile so it wasn’t poop. Liz took notice of your agitation. Grasping your thigh in two quick pulses as a notification of, “Hey, I’m here.” You flashed her your weakest smile.


“I’m ok. I’m ok.” The food was bland at best. The condiments had gone sour or that deep seated pit ate at you harder than you thought. Destroying your appetite and sense of taste. Yous et the food back into its wrapper/box/whatever. Eyes meandering about for any indication of mental espace. Families were here enjoying what their kids pestered the hell out of them for. For some 99 cent knick-knack that wouldn’t have costed a nickel out of China. A manager in the back was silently yelling at a young highschool fuckup and the regional manager might’ve been taking advantage of a young teenager in the freezer because you actually heard of that on the news once.


Your keen nose gathered the fragrance of flat sodas and burnt fries. That nose also picked up the smell from the nearby shit-room. Why the fuck did you have to be born Jinko?


Kids lost their way in the realms of imagination and the last ball-it of one of the few remaining unicorns of play-places left in the world. In your childhood they were everywhere. Lawsuits thinned the herd’s numbers. Bringing them onto the endangered species list. These kids were lucky enough to spend a childhood lost in imagination without a reminder that a world outside these plastic dodecahedrons.


A truck hit you. Your brain at least.


“Liz… I know what I want to do.”




The sobbing and crying didn’t stop, couldn’t stop. She watched you leave on her knees. Taking a suitcase of dreams with you. Karen remained heartbroken on the pavement where she fell. Tears lost in the coming rain. The other girls in employe watched Karen silently from under the dryness of the room. That was a 130lb box of nope they weren’t going to fuck with. They were surely content on leaving Karen there in her own self-destruction.


“please. come back” How rare was it to hear a dragon peep out sullen words. One of the girls finally got the courage to walk back in to grab a blanket for Karen. Wrapping the Dragon in it’s warmth and bring the woman inside. Karen made no attempt to resist. All fight had left her bones. The Wolf-girl set Karen down on the couch, giving her a few pillows for comfort. Karen sat in a complete void. Finally had the last straw broke your back. You were gone for good. The Jewel that she treasured the most had left the horde. The realization setting in ceased the sobbing, but continued the tears. Glued to the sofa for over an hour. Mentally distraught, she rose from the sofa, disappeared into the hallway, reappearing with a full bottle of scotch and disappearing into another hallway.


She sat all cuddled up with a pillow on an oversized Lazy-Girl love seat. Wrapped up in the softest down and already through a fourth of the scotch. Drowning sorrows to thirteen year old juice and home movies in the theater room of the house. Meeping and moaning as she watched you spoon feed your daughter with the both of you having the widest of smiles. Hildegarde burping up a large portion of some greengoop over herself. Karen reached out to the screen to try and pull that moment back to her. Watching you guide baby Hildegarde by holding her hands above her head as she trotted along. Karen’s ovaries twisted more. Cute little videos of a time before Hilde was born taking Karen on a drive to a beach and playfully nipping at her fingers that teased your bangs while you drove. She pulled her phone up again. Trying your number and hanging on the dialtone.


“Hiiiiiiiii~ this is Anon. I probably lost my phone at the moment. Leave a message at the beep. If this is Karen, love you babe. If not, how the hell did you get my number?” Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.


Then the killing blow on the screen. Pulling baby Hildegarde up to your cheek. A bundle of gurgling and burping bundle of scales, reaching out for momma’s camera. You both smiled as bright as a O-type sequence star.


“I love you… We love you.”


Ovaries reaching critical mass. Meltdown imminent.


She stayed there. Crying herself to sleep.


The worst part was this wasn’t even her fault.


“Miss Karen… Miss Karen?”


“WHOSA-WHAT?! ANON?!” Karen was brought to life by the subtle hands of the assistant Erika. Karen thoroughly looked like shit from a night of binge drinking, crying, then waking up through the night long enough to take a piss and down another fifth.


“No, Miss Karen. It’s Erika. Do you want… eeehhhh a moment?” Dragons were, after all, very emotional creatures. Godly retainers far above the realm of psychological restraints of us mere mortals. Erika had seen it all across Karen’s spectrum. Unabated happiness like the time of Hildegarde’s birth. Tumultuous anger, like how she viewed you tied to that chair those weeks ago. Profane sadness like now.


Karen was still wrapped up in the blanket. Stiff as all hell. Unable to find any comfortable position yet to distraught to return to your bed. Stretching an impressive 10 foot wing-span that drooped over the large seat. Scaled hands kneaded at mascara stained eyes.


“I’m just gonna take that” Erika snuck the liquor from Karen’s unwatched grasp. The Dragon whimpered for the bottle back. The Cyclops held the  drink from reach. “No Miss Karen. You already drowned your sorrows. I really need to hide the rest of the alcohol.”


“Gib back. I needs it. It fills the space he left.”


“Miss Karen. Perhaps rather than lugging about at home you could find him in the City.”


“But hes smurt. He knows… things. I won’t be able to find ‘im.” She cried.


“Then perhaps give up. Maybe he won’t come back. You could always find a new man. You’re free now after all. I’m sure he’ll find a new woman to be with~”


“FUCK YOU SAY!?” Karen rolled out of the chair, stumbling to her feet as best as a little alcoholic could. “MY MAN WILL NEVER BE WITH ANOTHER WOMAN! We said ‘till death does my ass part. I’m getting my man back.” Surely emotional creatures. The crashing of a vase resounded on Karen’s exit and had blacked out on the floor.


“We’re gonna need guns.”


“Wait wait, we’re going after someone else on your little hit list? Anon, your life with Karen is over. Lets just drop it. Lets just leave.”


“Give me a damn address where we can we get some guns.” Any other moment you would see a smile on her face as she looked back at you. Here it was a slow turning frown.


“Alright, uhhmmm. Turn left at that light. Then go down 48th and…”


Elizabeth pied for your attention in the car. Trying soft little tells to get your gaze. The most she could get was one hands fingers while the other hand drove. You gave her no mind. Your brain was locked elsewhere on what exactly you wanted to do. Elizabeth was concerned but she could trust you. Laying her head on your arm while pawing at your forearm. It was time to start again.


Elizabeth lead you to a building that was quite familiar. A high-rise condominium building that overlooked much of the cityscape. It was a nice place for sure. Costing in the upward single-digit millions. Somewhere in midtown near the park. Karen had always said she was wanted more of a view of central park but was always concerned with the I.R.S. and spending too much unregulated income. She was pacified through your words in how much you simply liked the feeling of being able to get away with her. Always being tailed by a private entourage, but it was the thought that counts.


What you were heading to was one of the many safe houses for the family. You rarely found yourself there, usually only when Karen wanted to treat you to something nice. And by treating you that meant herself through you. Operas, Cirque du Soleil, Broadway’s, Theatres, then followed by an expensive lavishing dinner. It was still nice to experience those things even if they were chick stuff. Finally rounding out the night with an extensive romp in this high-rise condo.


The sight of black suited women in the parking garage was an unsettling sight. Many were hanging around a set of cars, chatting, smoking weed or something. You knew Karen had a strict anti-drug policy mong her girls but that wouldn’t stop anyone that wanted it bad enough. Withdrawals were perhaps a lesser evil than Karen’s punishments. You had hoped to slink through unnoticed by the group. Tough luck that was as they sprang to. Straightening their clothes and hair, putting out any cigarettes and joints. They approached the vehicle as you parked. The car you drove was different than anything else drove by the family. More upscale, they must’ve picked that queue thinking it was Karen.


Surprised that it was actually you and not Karen when they opened your door. Nonetheless humble in your presence. They respected you purely out of your marriage. You held no real power within the family but with one quick word to Karen you could make anyone disappear.


“Oh! Good evening, Mr. Anon. Can I help you with anything?”

“Can I get you anything?”

“Do you need anything sir?”

“Are you alone?”

“Is Ms. Karen with you?”


So many belligerent questions.


“No, Ladies. Thank you though.” You had to be quick. One quick word to Karen and she’d be down to get you and you’d have a small contingency of killers against you. You went to the elevator with Elizabeth. Keeping an eye on the women to make sure none reached for their phones. The door closed but the surrounding aluminum elevator shell gave no sense of respite. You were in the lair of a bunch of tigers. Both figuratively and literally.


“Son of a bitch. Where the fuck did he go?” Karen was at her desk, head in her hands. Checking her phone again, forty-two declined calls. Guh. “I’ve exhausted all my resources. I have girls out looking for him, a trace on his phone, and an APB on his car. I don’t know what the hell else I can do…” Karen reached for a glass of whiskey, downing it in one gulp.


“I’m sure there’s something else you can do Ms. Karen. We couldn’t have exhausted alllllll out options.” Erika reached over to take the bottle of whiskey from Karen’s side. Erika was on damage control to keep Miss Alcoholic from losing her shit.


Karen had already pulled out another bottle of liquor from her cabinet filing a glass to down in one fell swoop. “I just don’t know. I can’t think of anything. Elizabeth won’t pick up her phone either, so they have to be together.”


“I understand Anon not picking up his phone, but Elizabeth?” Erika swiped that bottle away before another glass could be filled.


“He doesn’t have anywhere to go. His parents house would be too obvious of a place. Rotary doesn’t allow him over after the last time they got drunk together. Still haven’t paid him back for that wall…” Karen stood from her desk with a near empty glass. Rubbing at her temples to alleviate a headache. Pacing the room up the wall. Grabbing a wine bottle out of a rack got another glass. Erika rushed over to take the Wine.


“Couldn’t you call his parents? I understand you’re not on good terms with his mother but with no other options.”


“No, his mother loves me, I think. She’s just very over-protective of Anon. If I called her it would raise some flags. I’ve been with him for more than six years, I know him better than that. Oh god, where could he have gone?” Karen continued pacing the room. Opening a fake globe that had a few bottles for her to refill on. Erika rushed to take those away as well.


“It’s not like he could get that far. He has one car that has a half tank of gas. It’s not like they have money for gas or anything. You think he’s had a job on the side?”


“No no, he and Elizabeth only have my credit cards. They ca-HOLY SHIT!” Erika was startled into dropping a few of the bottles. “If Anon has my credit cards then that means if he has used use them, I can track him!” Karen dropped her glass in sprint to the computer.


Bank account.




Anon’s card.


Recent Transactions.


“Ah-Ha! Here we go! Last night he went to… burger king? Of all places. Then some shitty motel in the bad part of town! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! I have to get him before he gets mugged or something. Oh God! GIRLS! WE’RE LEAVING!”


Elizabeth held no words to you. Silence permeated the Elevator only overcome by the mechanicals and gizmos that pulled the Elevator up. Ding! The Elevator had stopped. The door slowly opened to a nice hallway and an elderly couple standing in front of the door. They were to step on only stopped short by your angered glare and slowly shaking head. The elevator soon closed and resumed upward travel.


Ding! The elevator opened again to a penthouse populated by black suited women. Everyone doing their own thing in the large living room. You nodded your head out into the room for Liz to lead the way. Reluctantly, she did. Some of the girls in the penthouse that finally noticed you rose to their feet to try and greet you with a proper welcoming.


“Ladies please, I’m not even with the family. Relax, don’t stand just for lil’ ol’ me.” You hastened your way through the rooms as fast as Elizabeth’s pace allowed. Liz lead you to a dead end of small study. Inside were three girls. Two playing cards and another watching the news.


“Out.” Immediately stopping to follow your orders. You closed the door on their way out.


Elizabeth went over to a painting above a fireplace. Looking back to you for one last confirmation. You nodded. She rose the painting up to showcase a large assortment of guns. Nowhere near as prominent as the armory back at home, but it’ll do. Liz spoke in hushed tone.


“Ok, so… We’re gonna need a lot more than what we did last time we did ths. I mean, we shoulda had more the last time we did this but… whatever, here.” She handed you an Uzi before taking one for herself. Next a handgun, one that had a large front end that reminded you of an old school Metah Geuh USP .45. She took a snub-nosed .44. How much of a fetish did she have for Revolvers?


She packed a few more things into a duffle bag, additional guns and ammo for the future. Slinging it over her shoulder you both made your way out to the confused stares and silence of the rest of the girls. Mission accomplish Fisher, get in and out without raising alarms.


The drive was agonizing. Anxiety overwhelmed Karen on the drive to some shitty hotel across town. Karen had a retinue of her best girls with her. The larger the better. Passersbys might think the government would be planning something with that cavalcade of black vehicles. The procession pulled into a parking lot of a shady section of town. The girls getting out first and forming something of a perimeter. The Kitsune inside must’ve been in one huge panic to see a death squad out on patrol. Scrambling to hide whatever drugs she had.


“What a shithole.” One of Karen’s girl’s snarked upon entry to the lobby.


“You’re telling me Anon stayed here?” Came a second woman. Karen entered with her rear guard soon after. Karen approached the counter to find the doped Kitsune at wide-eyed attention. Karen herself was a tad flush in the cheeks marking a still lingering inebriation.


“Ahem, Yes. Hello. I’m *cough* looking for a man that stayed here recently. He wore a black suit, had ______ hair and ______ eyes. Did you perhaps see him recently?”


“Uhhh. No ma’am. I am not allowed to disclose anyone’s information.”


Karen was unamused.


She rose a hand to snap two fingers. The girls accompanying Karen started off straight down the hall. Going between each individual room, blasting the doors off their hinges with strong kicks or silenced handgun rounds for the more resilient door. Starling residents and the Kitsune who held a face of fear mixed with confusion. After about twenty minutes all the girls had returned.


“No sign of him Ms. Karen.”


Karen let out one exasperated laugh. Turning back to the Kitsune with a more volatile smile.


“Ok. Perhaps… I didn’t clarify myself. I’m looking for a man who stayed here last night. That I KNOW stayed here last night. And you are going to tell me what you know.”


“I’m sorry Miss, I don’t know. Even if I did, I still can’t tell you anything abo-.” At the first syllable of “sorry”, Karen went straight to one of her girls. Forcefully taking one of their handguns and moving back to the counter. Firing off a round above the Kitsune’s head before she could finish the sentence.




“JESUS FUCK! I’M SORRY I DON’T KNOW! HE CAME IN HERE WITH A SHEEP AND THEY LEFT HOLDING HANDS! I WAS SO FUCKING DOPED UP! I’M SORRY I DON’T REMEMBER ANYTHING ELSE!” The gun focused on the Kitsune trembled. Karen gripped the gun with such fury she couldn’t maintain any sort of bead. She lowered the gun content with the answer. The Kitsune had nothing to do with you running away or any presence in your life whatsoever. That didn’t stop Karen from letting out a primordial scream and reach for the nearest piece of furniture to throw out a window.


The tiniest chirp forced Karen to recollect herself in some modicum. She dug into her pocket for her phone.


“WHAT?! I’m sorry, what? ……Where was he? …….What was he doing there? ………So he has a duffel bag full of guns? And you didn’t stop him? ……… Oh my god….. Find him! Stop him! Don’t let him leave! Don’t let him do anything stupid! I’m on my way!”


The elevator was tense yet again. A proper analogy would be the exiting of a successful bank robbery but with a little higher stakes. Elizabeth stared at you. Stayed staring at you. Trying to silently and annoyingly get your attention. The intensity of a star was beside you.


“Don’t… just don’t.”


Another ding and you were at the bottom of the complex. The group of girls had noticed you but weren’t not as receptive as your entrance. They did give a courteous smile and wave, still fearful of your power over them. You made your beeline to the car before any of the girls could ask what was wrong. You pulled at the door handle to find it locked. Fucking force of habit. Where were the damn keys? Fiddling around your attention was brought to one of the girls from before who was now on a phone. Watching her she cast a glance at you a few times, nodding and hanging up. Oh shit. The group of girls turned to you. Oh Shit! They started sprinted after you. OH SHIT!


They were just informed of your misbehaving. Get in the car. GET IN THE CAR! You struggled with the complexity of the keys until you found the ‘unlock’ button. Scrambling into the seats to make way with a hasty getaway. One of the girls couldn’t get away fast enough, having her roll off the hood spectacularly.


Ten minutes later. The motorcade entered the basement garage. Filling out into each parking space. The girls here in the garage tended to their wounded friend. Karen hovered above them like a staunch vulture.


“Where is my husband?”


“He got out, drove off out the exit. You missed him by about ten minutes. Ran over Sarah here.” The woman in question didn’t look too beat one. A little bloody nose and busted lip, nothing too serious. Karen visibly held a mental pain. She left the group on their own, taking the elevator up to the penthouse floor.


“Call Cammy. Get me on a date with Minnie.” You’d hand your phone to Elizabeth.


“Why your phone?”


“She’d recognize your number. She’d probably just ignore your phone”


“She’d know what I’d do to her if she did that.” Elizabeth brought the phone to her ear. Wondering if the druggie picking up or not picking up the call would be a good or bad thing. “Cammy! Cammy Don’t hang up the phone! It’s Elizabeth. I need you to get Minnie on a buy. … No, tomorrow.. Yes, right you now shit!” Elizabeth hung up the line, tossing the device into your lap. “She’ll do it. She’ll call when it done.”


“So now we wait.”


The anxiety was starting its rise again. Judging by the way the girls responded. Karen was on your tail. Escaping off into the city once more had your trail run cold. You stopped to get some icecream for the both of you, but you’d be long gone before she could even think of showing up.  The park was dimly light and people were all bundled up from the cold. Elizabeth clutched your arm perfectly content between the patches of wool on her body as well as the suit she wore. Cold nipped at your ears, necks, hands, and nose. Ice cream may not have been the best food of the occasion but it was the perfect distraction. Anxiety ridden nerves clashed upon the mind. Thoughts raced against the coming tides of hell that were to wash over you drowning out any sensation of the cold. Barely able to touch the ice cream in your hand. Elizabeth cheekily took a bit of yours before gazing up at you with a sly smile. It was reassuring to know that you had someone who always looked at you in the way an astronomer gazed into the stars.


You stole a kiss away from Liz’s sweetened lips which brought a smile to her face and a little more warmth in your heart.


What was worse?


The anxiety of your heart that was beating out in your chest waiting for a call from Elizabeth’s druggie friend?


Or the handgun you felt burning in your side?


Because I’m happpyyyyyy~! Clap along if you feel like a girl whose got her man~! Because I’m happy~! Clap along if you feel like a dog whos-bip.


Liz changed her ringtone? Thats too damn cute.


“Hello? Cammy? You got her? Where? Ok? Of all the fucking places you brought her there?! ……..Fuck no, we’re not even! You fucked up.” Liz would’ve slammed her phone down on the ringer had it been one of those older cord ones that were indestructible. You know the ones I mean. If only she didn’t have a fragile little razor flip phone. Liz turned back to you, squeezing your fingers in her’s. “Cammy got Minnie to agree to a meet-up.”




“Bad. She set them up in Carbone for midnight.  Which just so happens to be owned by the Marcotti family that Minnie belongs to.”


“So she set us up in a trap.”


“Less a trap. More… Cammys just fucking stupid.”


“How do you know?”


“Because Cammy said that Minnie would only have a few girls with her.”


“If it’s not a trap then it won’t matter who owns it. We’d be in and out in a manner of seconds. Lets go.” Finally time to take out another one of those fucking sluts that started this. That started all this fucking pain. That broke the peaceful illusion of a loving husband, wife, and daughter. Those that-something held you back. While you tried to walk back to the car, Elizabeth stayed her feet, anchoring herself against a railing over the pond.


“Anon. We don’t have to do this. We can run. Just run. Please.”


“No. I want this… I will make all of them pay. Either help me or don’t. But I’m leaving.”


Reluctantly Elizabeth followed.


The car stopped outside a restaurant with an entrance you’ve been accustomed to. Very fanciful with many eccentric accents. You can’t say you’ve ever been here. Karen probably kept the family away from restaurants owned by other families for safety reasons. Many times in the past she rejected your suggestions for certain restaurants you wanted to try. Realizing now that it may have been for this reason she didn’t eat fish at times and steaks another but then ate that the next day. Karen was always apologetic afterwards. Showing you in gifts as an apology for not being able to take you out where you wanted. How much more simpler times those were.


Steakouts were a rough endeavor. Not anything like you had seen on television. It’s been an hour since you started this steakdown since midnight and there was no show from her. Why the fuck would Minnie be late to her own meetup for drugs. Must’ve been so drugged up she couldn’t walk straight. The silence gave some time to think. What was there to do? You did get a degree after all so it wouldn’t be too hard to get some employment. Get a lawyer and some professional legal advice on a divorce. What of Hildegarde then? Did you need custody at that time? No house, no food, no anything, how were you supposed to be able to provide for that? What would Hildegarde feel?


Mommy and Daddy separating at a young age, then having to have a second mother figure in her life. Elizabeth was asleep in your lap. Succumbed to the petting and head scratchers that accompany lap-naps. Soft little meeps with each exhale. She slept in the downtime. You offered sex to pass the time only to be rebuttled on the probability of exhaustion on the act. Liz seemed to like the scratches most around the base of her horns.


So quaint and dainty. Late night on a weekday and a dimming restaurant. Two couples remained in the restaurant. Coming to life within each other’s eyes over a dying candle between them. Oh the ironic history remembering your first dates with Karen. She really knew how to party back then, still does, but with a child in the house there’s no time for anything other than Hermione Potter Movies and Super Dragon Rangers. Few dates in the early days actually involved restaurants. Back in your early twenties Karen most just followed you around like a groupie. More of a puppy than a dragon she was. Concerts, movies, coney island to with Karen in a sundress, accidentally smacking Karen in the face in the darkness of a laser-tag building.


Elizabeth was the new flavor. The one you had hoped that would fill the void as well as be your next love. That is to say that she isn’t a rebound, No, Elizabeth was the real deal. How ‘asleep’ was she really with a single honk of her boob. Yep, out like a light. This girl was a brick.


Guess it was time to start something new.


I’m sorry my baby Hilde, but you’re going to have to be without daddy for some time.


Time slipped away in the immeasurable ticks of your watch. Silence settled with the snow on these dead streets. Slowly drifting off but reigned back in quickly. Liz was cuddled up against car door. Grown irate with the same patch of head scratched for thirty minutes. What the hell time was it anyway? What was taking Minnie so long? Your phone said twelve-thirty and twelve missed calls.


Minnie was thirty minutes late for her own blow party. How common was it for gangsters to abuse their own stashes? You were going to stay here right here in this car unti-


“Liz. Liz! LIZ! Wake up! Minnie’s here!” You shook her vigorously.








“What was that about?”


“Uhhh, nightmare.”


“You wanna talk about it?”


“Karen scares me ok..”


“Okaaaaaaaay. Minnie’s here.” Making her away with a simple flick towards the restaurant. It was humorous to see a mafia lieutenant of a mouse being surrounded by four larger species of women. The Mouse had the slightest stutter in her step. Elizabeth was right, Minnie was eight ways of fucked up. “Give her a few minutes to settle in. Spook her now and she runs out the door.”


“Check your gun. Make sure its not broken or anything.”


No point in arguing. Why the hell would a gun not work if it’s kept in a ready-to-use armory. Kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it? The gun had a deceiving weight. Sliding out of the holster as smooth as can be. Falling into your hand like a rock. This thing was pretty damn heavy for only two pounds. Slide worked, magazine ejected properly, trigger gave to just the right weight, it was ready. Reloading and reholstering, you were ready. Elizabeth did the same. Checking her handgun and Uzi. How could a beautiful girl like that be ever so calm about this?


These walks never got easy. Elizabeth at your heels held a steady pace. Not the first and not the last rodeo for the Sheep.


>Well you made me weep.


No people dare face your wrath. The falling snow parted before you, bowing out before the reigning berserker.


>And you made me moan


Crossing the street. Everything was quiet. Still.


>When you caused me to leave child… my happy home.


The door was unlocked. One, two hostesses, one waiter, probably a few cooks to appease their mafia overlords.


“Sir, the restaurant is closed. I’m afraid you’ll have to come back anoth-” Cut short with a jab of a fifty dollar bill into his mouth. Quick thinking. Errr… Why are you wearing shades Liz?


>But someday baby…


You made your way straight to Minnie. How many possible ways were there to make a dead little rat. She sat center in a half circular table of four, two bodyguards on both sides of her..


>You ain’t worry my life anymore.


“Good evening Miss Minnie. May I call you that? Or Wilhelmina? Ya’know, whatever. Doesn’t matter I guess.” Minnie’s guards looked upon you rather confused but unmoved.


“Ok, who the fuck are you and why should I care?” The rat even had a little squeaky voice to go with the stereotyping. God she looked fucking burnt too. Saggy eyes with varicose veins visible against pale skin. Had to be more than just coke. You wouldn’t even have to pull the trigger and this girl would be dead in a year. But where the revenge in that?


“Oh right. Well… I just came by to give you my regards? You see, I’m not too surprised you don’t remember me.” A brow of her’s perked. “Being fucking fried Twenty-four-seven, I guess its not easy to remember.”


“Ok, hurry the fuck up asslord. You’re not my type if you want some mouse poon.” God… and the most obnoxious laugh as well. Everytime you’ve thought of mice girls only the cute and fluffy came to mind. Really setting a species back here.

“Oh ok then. Ummm lets see! One warehouse, me and my daughter, and six of you Marcotti fucks raping my daughter. Ring any bells?” Oh how the Mice’s eyes went wide. “Yes, I’m here to murder you.” The Uzi came out quick with Elizabeth mimicking your motions.


“Jawfnovese!” The Mouse screamed, flipping the table for whatever cover it could provide. Bullets tore from the guns into the group of women. The bodyguards had no idea why you were there or even who you were. Making them quite less prepared for what was in store than the hastily reacting Minnie. You trailed from right to left. Liz brought her gun left to right. Minnie saw the hand you were dealing on the mere uttering of the previous predicament and had already taken off. The table had offered enough protection that she’d get enough cover to bolt off to the kitchen.




The chase was on.


She scrambled through to the back with hellenistic haste. You gave chase as best you could. She had the advantage of size and speed, but you had… uhh… not being on ripped on cocaine? You tried to get at her with anything you could. Trying to empty the Uzi in bursts. Throwing a chair at the bitch. She curt tail around a corner giving you a moment to catch up.


Blam! Blam!


Bullets forced you against the wall while Minnie blind fired around the corner. Another spray of the Uzi forced her to drop her own gun. She gave chase again through the restaurant. Panic arose from the other lives in the restaurant not centered around such a fleeting lifestyle. The few remaining employees dropped into a panic. Not one here accustomed to the sounds of bullets tearing up their joint. They panicked.. Trying to find any method of escape. Very little of the crew remained, but the enough employees running from the back covered the floor enough to disrupt your aim. Every time you were to try and pull the trigger someone just had to fuck things up and block your bead.  One of the Chefs happened to clothesline himself off the end of your gun. What came first? The Chef hitting his ass on the ground or him pissing his pants?


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Vamanos! Vamanos!


Minnie scuttled off down some hallway. At the least she was off the main floor and out of the populace. You gave chase, rounding another corner to see a door swinging into the women’s room. Panic drove people to do stupid things, but could she really be that stupid? You stood before the door ready to unleash hell before your entrance. Your Jinko senses were tingling however. Two women were down the hall you came from with guns drawn. Diving in with Minnie would’ve been suicide. Men’s room it was. Bullets tore into the hallway almost giving you quite the knick. Minnie peaked from behind the women’s room. Taking the moment of your suppression to jolt out to her saviors and beyond.


“Kill’im! Kill him!” She didn’t stop with her protectors, opting to continue to run. She must’ve been running form you as well as that level 88 Emperor Silver Dragon Elite she was seeing. You gave a spray down the hall to call off their attack. It worked, having retreated to the nearest object or suffer nine-millimeter. The pause gave you a moment to analyse the situation.  One Lion-girl and a Monkey-girl. Good odds, could be worse. Like… two lion girls. Bullet fire reported back at you. Instinctively returning more fire until you accidentally emptied the mag. Why did the clicking of the gun have to be so loud?


They knew you ran on empty. They had let out another volley to test your resolve in firing back. You did have a second magazine on you but you couldn’t just fire all willy-nilly. You were at a severe disadvantage being so limited on ammo without Elizabeth here with the bag. You brought your hand up to inspect your nails. Your nails weren’t as sharp as your mother’s or any other more feminine Jinko, but they could rend flesh with the appropriate application of force. Karen had a strong opinion of your nails growing out. Just a little tip was starting to poke off the tip. That would have to do.


The ladies hesitated after firing. Waiting for you to make a move. Confused that you have nothing back. Maybe he was out of ammo. They approached cautiously. Guns trained on that open men’s room door.


You told everybody


In the neighborhood


What I done to mistreat her


That I was no good


But someday, baby


You ain’t worry my life anymore.


Your warcry echoed through the building. Lashing out from behind cover with claws drawn. Catching the Lion-girl across the face with three searing lines. The Monkey stumbled back, confused, firing off two shots into the ceiling. The Lion girl went down with anymore fuss. Not dead or dying, confusion tripping her feet. You attacked at the monkey next. Able to react more properly, you couldn’t get a finger on her. She brought a quick jab up to your face. Connecting with only minimal effect. You tried combinations between claws and fist. She had deftly avoided most. Catching a jab here. A hard right stumbled her for a few feet. The Lion at the time was recovering her bearings. Until you brought a righteous field-goal kick right to the face that sent her tumbling again. Adrenaline coursing had her to her feet in no time. You were back at the Monkey who threw a good gut punch wombo. The Lion braining you over the head with a vase for the combo. That would’ve been enough to knock out any creature that did not have your resolve. Stomping on the Lion’s knee, forcing her to a stoop following up with a superman punch at the monkey who slipped under you. The Monkey went to the Lion’s side. Helping the woman to her feet. The element of surprise was lost. Brought down to a rather unfair two-on-one. As Elizabeth always said when she taught you. The only unfair fight is the fight you lose.


The Girl’s rose their hands to fighting posture as did you. Hands up to cover the face. Liz always hazed you for not keeping your hands up; Protect the shin, always the chin. No chin, no, fight, no life, how she’d say. Mind back in the game homeboy.


The girl’s feinted, shuffling back. Then you fainted, they shuffled back. Afraid of kitty’s claws. You reached off to the side to grab another vase. Chucking that at the Monkey who saved it with fine dexterity. Caught the Lion with a Left jab.Little Lion gritting her teeth, must hurt the pride to be hit by a guy. She came at you with renewed vigor only to land on the floor. Overcommitting herself on a whiffed attacked gave her just the right angle to grab that arm and throw her into the floor. You next sent a kick up through the vase into the Monkey’s face. Heel right to chin. She stumbled off. With careful maneuvering you were able to turn this into a more proper one-on-one.


The Lion was back in the scene. Giving a rocking left hook which turned into pummeling. All you could do was raise your hands to cover the face and core. She kept going, left, right, left right, left, stomach, nut-check. She kept pummeling you into the wall, following you down onto the ground. The punches couldn’t break your impressive turtle style. The Lion kept going at it unendingly. Furiously wailing on you with no thought or reason. Her posture was unrefined. She just hovered over you trying to find anyway to put you in submission. She didn’t think of her posture or anyway to actually break you. She had her ankles open.


Grab a full handful of them ankles, you’re gonna need it. The punches were always the same, left, right, left, right. There you found an opening with a foot into her chest. Good thing you caught them ankles for she had no ability to shimmy backwards to stabilize herself. Her downfall changed momentum that brought you right up to your feet. Well within capacity of stomping the bitch in the face. That was enough to put her under. Only thing left now was a much hairier ancestor.


Monkey had her own tricks. Boxing at the house had only ever resulted in other trained Boxing/Kick-boxing opponents that were affiliated with the Family. Someone capable of more acrobatics was new and unusual. Oh shit, you’re gonna have to have Elizabeth learn that move this monkey just-Oww. She got some good hits in through your defenses. Just like you were able to sneak some in as well. Getting one impressive hit through a stutter-step, throwing out a punch to stop abruptly, giving the woman a knee-jerk reaction to a fist that wasn’t coming, then completing the attack once the confusion sets in.


Adrenal glands burned with overproduction. Surging the body through intense reactionary speeds. Perhaps why the only reason you were even able to stand against such unfair odds or take a vase to the back of the face. Being of Feline descent helped as well no need not to knock ancestry. With all that combined, and not to any of your knowledge. That fist she just threw seemed a bit slowed. Of course, its not any any frame of perspective of time. However from your eyes it certainly felt like you could count every individual moment. Countering was just a matter of grabbing that wrist and throwing her into the wall. You’d be impressed by the fact that you caught a random as fuck punch even managing to counter it, if she didn’t do that run up and backflip off the wall shit. As impressive as that was it didn’t make her any less vulnerable to being decked in the face and flatlining out on the ground.


Elizabeth entered the hallway from the main floor to see you standing triumphant over two  wrecked women.


“Where the fuck were you Liz?”


“Ya know, I had… problems.” Flames licked at the hallway from the main floor. Elizabeth is a big girl who can take care of herself, lets leave it at that.


Minnie couldn’t have gotten far. Cocaine binges wouldn’t let her think well enough to make a plan to go anywhere. She’d be too muddled down to be able to process any ideas. The only path she could’ve taken from here lead as a roundabout back to the main floor or the kitchen. Seeing how there was SOOOOOOOMEHOW a fire on the main floor… Eliiiiiizzzaaaabeeeeeeeeeth. The only place to go was the kitchen. She’d be too concerned with fire demons popping up to head other there.


You put the kitchen doors on blast with a swift kick, raising the uzi over the lengths of the kitchen for anyone ready to fight. It was empty. Taking steps into the kitchen you heard a muffled whisper. You followed the noises slowly and silently, to the back door out of the kitchen.


“Send … I need … everyone, just help.” You flattened yourself against the wall next to the door as did ELizabeth on the other side. “It’s Anon Jawfnovese. Send everybody!” The voice was high pitched and manic. That was Minnie alright. Rightfully so, she didn’t leave. You gave Elizabeth a nod before approaching the door, trying your best to avoid the window. You got the door only an inch before wide eyed green orbs peeped through. She screeched meeting eyes with her killer. Off she bolted again.


You gave chase with no more credence to stealth.


“Come here you little shit!”


You chased her through the streets. Mainly through decrepit back alleys harboring other lowlives that quickly got the fuck up out your way. Elizabeth resorted to throwing bottles or anything she could find in the alleyways, hitting nothing but air. You tried your best to have as much of a controlled burst of the Uzi. As shit as you could with all the running. You might’ve even clipped a homeless person.


“Sorry!” as you ran by them.


Minnie stopped dead in the alley, pulling at the knob of a door and running in.


“Help me!” She screeched. You were able to catch the door in the knick of time. Throwing it wide open to continue the chase.




Elizabeth stopped however. She stopped in the doorway. For you had sprinted straight through a large group of suited women sitting down at a poker table. Jolting to their feet at your running through. Their attention turned to Elizabeth at the door.


“Ha haaaaaaa. THis isn’t where I parked my car… How’re you all doing? Long time no see.” Nervously chuckling. “Hey Anna, Got uhhh…Got that itch fixed?”


Your chase of the mouse led you through a few more enemy controlled rooms and buildings. You had run out of Uzi ammo long into the chase and tossed it aside. You had grown a tail, not literally but a large following of women at your tail. Minnie got through the streets unscathed. An SUV crossed right in front of you with you going over it’s hood. That couldn’t stop you tho. You get up and keep moving with another Marcotti woman getting out of that SUV to join the chase.


Minnie stayed ever so much out of reach. Every time you got within arms distance she was able to pull out the most minimal burst of energy to stay ahead of you. Minnie pulled at an unstable crate trying to block your path. Lot of shit that did to stop you as you blasted through it.


The chase continued on for a few minutes throughout the city. Left and right and left, you couldn’t even mentally gain your bearings within the city. She turned the corner once more. Turning into an alley that had a loose chainlink fence at the end. Her diminutive form was able to wiggle its way through the fence’s gap with ease. You however were only able to fit your head and a single arm.


The chase had stopped. Minnie fell upon the ground gasping for breath. You tore at the fence, trying with every fiber of being to rip and tear your way through the fence. Minnie began laughing which fueled the fire more.


“Hahahahah. Hehehe hahahahah. Look at you talking all that good shit, gettin’ caught in a fence. Looks like the mousetrap caught a cat.” Holy shit, no puns please. Minnie approached with a switchblade in hand. Staying out of the reach of your rasping claws. She teased, swiping the switchblade at your clawing hand. Catching you with a small scratch here and there. “Ya know. I’m a bit jealous… of Helen. I wish I coulda got that big ole’ dick of yours as well. I bet it would’ve felt big in my small body. Shame. Well, good news is that I might be able to get some of that dick. Should you, ya’know, survive… from the other girls.”


Oh shit.


Reality reprimanded you of that lapse in memory that you were about to be surrounded. No amount of Karen’s threats could probably save you now. Better make a gameplay guy, you need it. Being up a creek without a paddle the only place to go is to keep going.


You clawed harder at the Mouse. Using both hands to try and pry the fence apart. You managed to get a finger on Minnie’s coat. Reigniting the fear of god you put into her in the first place. She stumbled back out of your grip but caught that giggling again. There was now enough room to fit another arm. The group of women finally turned the corner and death stared you in the face. Panic.


A little more room was all you needed. Fuck, those girls were getting closer. That cackling shit rat gave you all the a push needed to perform an acrobatic feat. Turning your torso sideways to thin the room and you were able to ‘cartwheel’, more like a vertical roll, through the fence gap. Hell was upon the Rat again. Starting off the chase again. The chasers would be eternally locked out.


“Find a way around! Get that mother fucker!” The chasers would pose no problem. Leaving that side of the fence to try and find a way across. You could be long gone before they did.


Minnie blasted off again with you in pursuit. The chase couldn’t last much longer. You were getting to be spent and even cocaine mouse wouldn’t be able to maintain. Minnie ran into a building closing the door behind her. Trying to handle, it was locked. It had a glass door though. Looking up and down the street for any sign of life yet seeing nothing. You pulled out the USP from it’s holster and put two rounds through the glass. Unlocking the door and letting yourself in. You caught the mouse trying to get up some stairs in the back. A few rounds up at her. Looks like you missed all of them. You sprinted to the stairs, stopped by the strange smell of copper. Old musty smells, 70’s wallpaper, this building was old, probably exposed wiring. Is what you would’ve thought had the smell not come from below you.


Blood. You had hit the mouse. Getting some of that sweet hemoglobin on your fingers for a quick sniff. Things became clear. Almost a mental image of your prey now visible.Why would she trap herself in this building though?


You could pick up the rat’s trail. You followed the scent up the stairs to the next floor. It looked to be a storage floor. Mannequin, bolts of cloth, and looms, an old tapestry or tailor warehouse? You pace through the warehouse with gun drawn. Turning each corner with hesitation. You had all the advantages in the world. You had size over her, her scent, your vision was phenomenally better than a mouse’s, and a gun. The only thing she perhaps had better was hearing.


You had to pace yourself. Move slowly and not give her the only advantage she had. Running the risk of letting her get away, but it was that or death from knife-rat. Skittering came from the floor above. You rushed to the next floor to see her rushing up another flight of stairs. How many fucking floors did this building have? THis third floor however was lacking in storage or mannequins or boxes. It was tables. This was a coke den.


Fourth floor now, more boxes and storage. Minnie was jumping up and down in front of a window, frantically waving her arms. Three rounds off at her. Missing every one. She’d scramble behind cover in the room. Back to the stalking phase only this time if she got past you she’d be free to run out the building. Her scent was tart in the room. Unable to get a specific location. You could, but that’d require sniffing from the window, but that would leave the door open for escape. You had to be in the center of the room.


Gun toting around each corner. This room was heavily cluttered with boxes and mannequins. So many hidey-holes for her. You paused. Hoping to get some noise. Just silence. Boxes fell across the room. Bang! Bang! Two more shots at it. Nothing.


Skittering here and there. It was a game of outmaneuvering. Both of you looking for a kill.


You huddled down nearby the door. Taking cover behind some boxes waiting for a mistake. You grasped the rat in fear. She wasn’t going to go anywhere. Skittering, she was moving again. She had no pattern to her movements. She seemed to just be moving in some way to find a glimpse of escape. There was her pattern. You could maneuver her into a corner. You smacked the floor to get her attention. Moving one, two steps to the last bit of her presence. Good. She’s skittering off and away from the door. You did it again. More skittering away. Now you had her by the tits. A little more and you could make something out of it.


You still had one problem to deal with. She had an advantage of size amongst such clutter. You jump her, one miss, and she’d be gone.


Minnie huddled underneath a box. Trembling in terror. She only had a small little switchblade against a man at least one-hundred pounds greater than her as well having a gun. This encounter was a shitshow. Eyes darting from corner to corner, unable to find you. No longer making any noises she had no point of reference to find you. Leaving this box was certain death. Wait, her eyes locked down on you. She found you first. Standing in the middle of the room with your back turned to her. This was it. She had the ambush ready. Slithering closer, hope was now seen as she foresaw your death. Closing closer, fifteen feet, ten, five.


How fierce the little screech was. Launching out from behind her cover onto your back. Bringing that knife to bear against your heart. Stabbing, stabbing stabbing. Thuk! Thuk! Thuk! Thuk!


Thuk? Minnie clutched your back confused. Pulling the jacket off. She had been stabbing a mannequin.


“Hey~” You poked out from the darkness. That shit eating grin was ear-to-ear. You grabbed her, throwing her across the room. Tumbling through clutter. Pouncing on her to give no respite. You throw more punches from a broken fist into her face. She surprised with clawing feet and hands, but still were punches able to connect. You threw her again this time into the windows. A quick shoulder check into the window. Stepping back and a fierce boot to the face. Cracking and the window giving way. Blasting the mouse out into the air out of a fourth floor window.


Screaming, thud, silence. Peering out the window, the mouse laid motionless down on the concrete below.


“Hey… I know I’m handsome, but don’t go falling for me…  Oh god, I’m turning into my father.”


She was dead. No twitching, no breathing, dead. One more off the list of those that had wronged you. Three down, three to go. Recapping, you nailed the Oni to the front of your hummer. You strangled a Mantis with a leather rope. Kicked the mouse out the window of a four story building. All that remained was another Oni specifically the one that raped Hildegarde, an Ushi, and Helen the Minotaur. So far a good track record.


Liz came around the corner a second later. Approaching the Mouse. Checking for a pulse, and looking up to you. She then entered the building, no doubt to retrieve you. You stayed in the sill of the window. Basking in another victory.




Phone was ringing. Goddammit, sear to god if it was Karen agai-Unknown number.


“Hello?” That was even hard to mumble out with a haggard voice.


“Mr. Anon?” A voice you couldn’t recognize.


“Who is this?”


“It doesn’t matter who I am, bu-.”


“You tell me who the hell you are right now.”


“I can’t give you my name. Only that I work for the Marcotti family.” That was worth a laugh. You’re hunting them own and yet they have the chutzpah to call you. Also why you were using a Jewish word to describe them was up to you. I mean, I’m not a jew, but hey man, whatever you want. This is a self-insertion story. Not that I have anything against jews. I’m not a racist, you’re racist.


“Hehehe. I just killed your girl Minnie. Wanna know anything else?”


“She deserved it.” Wait, what? “I called you about her… and whats going on.”


“What’re you talking about? What do you mean?”


“Many girl’s these days don’t follow our age old rules. They dont have a sense of honor anymore. They dont follow the old ways and Minnie deserved what you gave her.”


“S-Slow down. What’re you fucking on about?” Queenswoman was an awesome movie.


“Honor. The old rule… No Husbands. No Children. Old rules that made the mafia as upstanding people and not a stupid fucking street gang rife with shit.”


“Uhhh ok?”


“I’m calling you to tell you that you were set up. I can abide by putting spies in other families, but when other girls targeted you and your girl. Thats when they crossed the line.”




“That man who you found on top of Karen when you showed up at home… We sent him there.”




“We set it up to make it look like she was cheating on you. Erica is our informant in your family. Karen’s assistant.”


Oh god, thats how they knew everything. Thats how Karen’s always having a headache of businesses. Thats how they knew you’d be alone at that restaurant when Helen kidnapped you. Fucking god, Karen wasn’t cheating on you. Karen was being faithful all along. You couldn’t maintain, vomiting off the fourth story. oH you were gonna be wrung through the shitter for days to come.


“The idea was to put a wedge in your relationship with Karen. Hoping to destabilize the Jawfnovese family. I’m sorry this happened to you. If I had to power to stop it I would’ve.”

“Th… Thank you.”


“Anytime Mr. Anon. I’m sorry this happened to you in the first place.”


“I’m just happy it wasn’t real. Tch-Uhhhh…. I’m… sorry about…uhhh-Minnie.”


“Don’t apologize. She deserved what she got.”

“Thanks again.” There was no response, just an empty dial-tone.


Now you had to make the most destructive decision of your life. Continue to run away with your Sheep or return to the homestead to your beloved. Emotions were like night and day, not three minutes ago you wanted to kill Karen yourself. Now the heart flipped and it was back to loving the woman.


You dialed in Karen’s number.


“HELLO?! HELLO!? ANON?! ANON ARE YOU THERE?!” Didn’t even manage to make it halfway through the first dialtone. That beautiful voice was so panicked.


“……..Yeah. Yeah I’m here.”


“OH MY GOD! Oh my god! Are you ok? Are you hurt? Where are you?”


“I’m fine, I’m fine. Listen. We have a problem.”




“Theres a mole in the family.”


“What’re you talking about?”

“A mole. Thats how they knew everything thats been going on. Thats how they knew to kidnap me and Hildegarde. Thats how the other families are giving you problems and staying one step ahead of you.”




“Erica! Erica is a mole for the Bobanno family!” The devil would’ve ran for the hills with Karen’s turn of sour expression.


“Anon… are you sure?”


“Yeah. Someone in the Bobanno family called me and told me that they set everything up. Even that guy that was on you. It was set up to drive a wedge between us. I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you.”


“Where are you?”


“I… I don’t know. Some kind of coke-den in Chelsea.”


A pause.


“…You get the fuck out of there! YOU GET OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW!”



“You are in a Marcotti coke-den right next to their headquarters!” Was that why Minnie was spazzing the fuck out? What was she looooooookkkkiiiiiiiing aaaaaat? Above you. A floor higher than you across the alley was a disheveled woman in a beautiful dress looking down at you. She looked familiar, oh shit, Laska. Head of the Bobanno family. Karen’s mortal enemy and sponsor of the Marcotti family. Time to run again. Wait, was that a man beside her?  “I’m on my way. Head south! I’m coming baby.”


“Why south?”


“I’ll call you back. Just go south from where you are now. I’ll call you in a bit.” And in a  trailing volume. “Oooooh Ericaaaaaaa~” You hung up right before Liz got on the floor. Making a bee-line straight to you to cradle your head for a kiss.


“Thank god you’re ok Anon.”


“How did you find me? And why are you so fucked up?” She was. Completely destroyed. Bloody nose, matted hair and torn shirt. “Tch, whelp. Ran into some old friends. Had a little fun. But first we need to get the FUCK out of here before more come.” A glance back up to the across building, Laska was gone.


“I got fucked up? Anon you got shot.” What? You had two bullet holes in the stomach. ”Lets get the fuck out right now.” Liz pulled you closer to support your weight. All of the pain finally hitting you at once with the recession of adrenaline. Ahhh-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Not vocally, but yeah you’d need help. Liz tried to make a speedy exit for the both of you. No idea where Laska and her girls were. You make it down to the first floor lickity-split. Elizabeth propped you against a counter. Leaving you there as we went to the windows to look up and down the street for approaching carnage.


“No ones outside. Lets go.” It was a struggle to cross even that distance to the door. She took your arm over the shoulder again and led you outside. She tried to go left from the door but you pulled straight ahead.


“No nono. South.”


“South? The closest safehouse is east!”


“No, we need to go south.”


“What the fuck Anon. South is back towards Marcotti territory.”


“Just… Cmon.” Bitterly she followed. Bitterly she did as commanded. A loud metal pang came back from across the street. Laska was standing in a door brandishing a… what was that…. An old M60 Machine gun. Ha Haaaaaaaaa~ time to run. The M60 was a little more prejudice than another other weapon you’ve had the pleasure to make acquaintance.. No cover, just run. You slinked through the alleyways trying to get away as best you could, from Laska and her retinue guards. They seemed content to walk their prey down.


Elizabeth turned to fire off some of her Uzi.


“Anon, wheres your Uzi?”


“Uhhh. Somewhere.”


“Goddammit Anon!” She fired off some more. Sending the coming killers to cover. You attributed a few rounds of your handgun before it ran empty. “If we fucking die from this, I’m going to run your ass down in the afterlife.” The woman was a marvel. Taught you everything you knew about combat and guns and still had eons to teach. Elizabeth tried to make ya’ll a path through the back alleys as best she could. She was a miracle but even that could only carry you so far. She handed you another magazine to offer any amount of help. Relegated to merely firing blindly down the alleys, clutching your side in pain. Every now and then she’d hand you the Uzi and another magazine to fend off the attackers while she tried a seldom door, or put something in their path behind you. You were fighting a losing battle. You needed time.


Elizabeth dragged you out to a street once more. Trying to get across as fast as possible. A sharp pain in the leg brought you down. One of the M60 rounds tore up your calf. Now on the ground. Laska’s girls slowly surrounded you. Elizabeth cradled you in her arms.


“You’ve become a thorn in my side Anon. More So than Karen. I never agreed with what Helen and the Marcotti did. I even turned a blind eye when you killed Matilda. But putting Minnie down… you’ve gone too far. I’ll put you down like a dog before you can put anyone else down. And you Elizabeth. I took you in, fed you, clothed you and you betray me because you fell in love with my enemies husband. I loved you like a sister, Elizabeth.”


Elizabeth clutched you dearly, fearing the end.


Lights grew. Sounds of engines grew.


Lights grew brighter and brighter from down the street. Cars multiples of them. All of them stopping in a line formation blocking the street. Out from behind the lights came more people forming a line in front of the headlights. The sounds of hundreds of guns cockign and loading pierced the silence. Followed the the clop of heels on the pavement. Large wings form silhouette against the lights.


“Anon. Don’t tell me that’s who i think it is.”




“Get away from him Laska.”


Elizabeth was fuming.


“Your husband has killed three of my lieutenants Karen. Hes not getting away unpunished.”

“Thats for me to decide. You step the fuck away from him right now.” Laska wasn’t in any position to argue. She was outgunned two-to-one. Slowly Laska lowered her gun and stepped away.


“Get him and Elizabeth.” With a snap of her fingers sent two of Karen’s girl to retrieve you. They were rough in all the wrong ways. Activating the pain in your side again. Elizabeth also rose up to follow. The girls let you go before karen. Who placed tender hands upon your face. Motioning your head back and forth. Examining your features carefully.


“Are you ok baby?”


“Karen, I’m so sorry.”


“Its ok Anon. Your with me now and thats all that matters.”


“I’m sorry.”


“Its ok.”


“I love you.”


“I love you.” How Elizabeth’s heart burned at those words.


“Get in the car Anon. I’ll take you home.” You couldn’t agree more. Karen helped you into the back seat of one of the Hummers before joining you. Elizabeth couldn’t bear to look upon your face or Karen’s. She opted to ride in a different vehicle. No doubt you were gonna have your ass bitten off for your actions, but now was a time of reconciliation.


“I’ll take you to see a doctor.” Karen stroked your hair whilst you rested on her chest.


“No… I want to see Erica first.”






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  1. “We said ‘till death does my ass part. I’m getting my man back.”
    Goddamnit, woman, put a leash on your hypocrisy. I mean, *today* wasn’t your fault, but…


    At first I thought Karen was just cheating–and at one point, maybe she was. But I don’t think anyone is so vulnerable that, while in the process of trying to reel their “love” back in, that seeing a recent boytoy would push them to cheat again like in chapter 3 (especially considering that she clearly places no real value on them), nor that she’d do so again so quickly in #4 even when she obviously hates what she’s doing. And even if she isn’t personally a fighter, there’s no way a normal mostly-human male could ever overpower a dragon at close range. Further, the whole situation culminating in the end of chapter 6 was suspicious as all hell.

    Spells to make married Mamono attracted to people who aren’t their husbands usually get twisted around to harmlessness… but I’d bet there are ways a clever and cruel enough individual with motivation could do that (or possibly a shapeshifting monster of some sort?). Being in the mafia makes a lot of enemies. If someone–possibly Helen, her allies, or her superiors–wanted to ruin Karen, destroying her marriage would be a good start. No mamono could easily return to normal operating so soon after something that traumatic. She’d be personally messed up, and that would affect the whole mafia. Her policies would change, possibly to the point of sparking discontent within the ranks. Especially if word of her infidelity became more widely spread amongst the mamono.

    Does Karen have some sort of mental disorder? Once a mamono takes a husband, nothing else gives them any appreciable sexual pleasure (even the Tentacle Forest!). They aren’t even particularly attracted to other guys at that point (how many times do the words “eyes only for their beloved man” come up in the encylopedia, anyways?) If there exists a sin common to all monster girls, it’s female infidelity. Even gangbang-loving Charybdises use magic stuff to make copies of their mate.

    And if she started getting bored from the sex with Anon… isn’t the natural monster response to that to rape him until he can’t move, then feed him manticore venom capsules and keep going until she passes out? And it’s kind of hard for a guy to take that sort of absolute beauty and sexuality for granted.

    I suspect foul play is at work here, and not on Karen’s side. I still can’t help but blame her a bit–I find infidelity and NTR to be abhorrent, and this is still just a theory. Really, the only times I read stories about cheating is when it regards the _fallout_ of it, rather than the act itself. Characters falling apart and coming back together–and the deserving getting what’s coming to them–are most enjoyable to read.

    To provide a bit of constructive criticism, rather than to simply voice my thoughts aloud (sorry, not so great at writing reviews, so I mostly just hurl opinions at authors to make up for it)–Hilde has recently went through torture and molestation. She’s bounced back way, way too quickly from that, with no appreciable sign of any sort of mental scarring. It just sort of disappeared other than as a plot device to push Anon to seek vengeance.

    1. >Magic
      Who said there was even magic in this world?
      There is no magic. There are no spells. There are no demon races. I don’t even like the idea of there being an Oni race in my story, but just because they have the name Oni doesn’t mean they are demons to begin with.

      This is not a magical world. This is supposed to be a real world where people have real problems. Karen was a slut before she met Anon and those tendencies somewhat came out within the marriage. It created a rift in their relationship. She had a breakdown due to the alcohol bringing that out.

      >Chapter 3 Boytoy
      People do stupid things.
      Karen was hurt and vulnerable that her husband was beign so distant and uncaring for her that she slipped back into “her ways”

      >Dragons are stronk
      This is not a magical world. A normal human man would be very much stronger than a 130lb Dragon woman. You bring too many ideas of what you think Monster girls are into this story. This story was not meant to follow everyones preconceived notions of the more ‘magical’ form of Monster girl.

      >New Mafia Rules
      You don’t simply restructure a company overnight. That would devastate income and command at all levels until it becomes more accustomed to. Which is why Anon went on a Rampage in the first place because Karen wouldn’t do anything.

      Karen had an ace up her sleeve with her husband raped and child beaten. She could’ve use that against the other families to her advantage to gain more power and work her way into murdering them in the dark. Anon fucked that up by killing them himself. Karen was playing the long game of murder and political maneuvering. She was devastated, but she saw two birds with one stone.

      You have to think that in the real world, a lot of mafioso had girlfriends on the side and mistresses along with their wives. It wouldn’t be seen as Karen having an infidelity issue. It would be seen as something normal in this world where women have a greater sense of power and responsibility. For that matter it would be weirder if Karen didn’t cheat. It would show the other mafia families that she would have a man at home and still have the power to run around with other guys. Its the equivalent of the mafia bosses throwing their dicks around to show how big they are. If I went further in depth with the other mafia bosses in my story, they too, would have guys on the side.

      >I find Infidelity and NTR is abhorrent
      You and me both brother

      >Hilde not being fucked up mentally
      You’re right, you’re absolutely right. I noticed a chapter or few after I wrote that torture scene. I realized I fucked up and when I realized it, it was too far gone to retrace my steps and start rewriting everything, so I went with it.

      This story was always more about Anon and Karen.
      Anon’s lust for revenge and Karen’s lust for her husband and fractured marriage. Elizabeth and Hildegarde have only really ever been supporting characters, which is what I told myself as I continued to glaze over Hildegarde’s mental fracturing after the torture.

      I fucked up. Yes, that is my fault. I wish I could go back and rewrite it, but that would require a lot of work that would divert me from my current responsibilities in life. I may go back at a later time and restructure everything to fit a more properly devastated and wrecked Hildegarde

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