The Mob goes Wild 1

Oh god.
Oh… fuck
It hurts
Everything hurts.
Why is everything black?
Why does my hurt hurt?
What is going on?
Voices came out in a hushed mumble, darkness still clouded your vision along with a massive throbbing headache coming through at mach 17.
“Where…what? Hun? Where… Whats going on?”
A new sensation of a warm liquid tickled from your temple.
Something bad has happened
The muffled voices started to become clearer and clearer.
“And… He… Jawnov-…Husband.”
Husband? Did that voice mean you?
Just make this pain go away.
Oh hey, there was pain, alot of pain. Everywhere.
One eye was able to open now for you to see a bright light focused on you and a a few silhouettes surrounding you, one of the silhouettes was much more animated than another.
Flailing and yelling into a TV.
The voices were no longer muffled, loud even, but still hard to make out. But two constant words came through.
“Your… Husband…”
Were they talking to your wife? Using possessive words like that they must.
“Karen? Is that you? Love, are you there?”
Fingers slowly entwined themselves in your hair.
Grabbing your scalp and pulling your gaze up, a shot of adrenaline cleared your vision.
A woman unknown to you was grabbing your hair and forcing you to look at her.
She was a minotauros with a crazy gleam in her eyes.
“LOOK WHOSE AWAKE!!” She damn near screamed.
You were surrounded by a random set of women, two Oni, an Ushi, a mantis, even a suit clad Mousegirl complete with a pistol and shades. Infront of you, looking directly at you.
A T.V. with your dragon wife on the screen staring at you and the minos with the most killing stares, enough to punch a hole through a hyper-dense neutron star. To your left, your daughter, tied to a chair, and that showed you that you were tied to a chair as well.
“You let my family go! You let my husband and daughter go! Unless you want a fucking war on your hands and you know Amelia doesn’t want a fucking war!” Your wife was screaming through the TV. “You let my fucking family go!”
“Sweetie.” You called out to your little girl. She was bruised and bloodied like yourself, your little thing is only 4 years old and these people were torturing you and her like they didn’t care. “Sweetie?”
“Daddy?” She was just waking up too when a sharp pain came to your stomach.
“Noooooooooo!” Another excruciating scream came through the TV.
“Baby bear, its gonna be ok.”
“Daddy? I’m scared.”
“Its gonna be ok sweetie.”
Another strike came across your head this time. This time it was the little mouse with a pistol whip. The Oni, Ushi, and even a usually cold Mantis are looking distraught like they didn’t want to be there.
They were torturing a mafia Godmother’s husband and daughter.
“Please… do whatever you want to me, just don’t hurt my little girl.” It was hard for you to even rasp that out.
“Oh look Karen, your husband is making such a good sacrifice. Hes even willing to do anything… I… want.” With one deft hand she removes the belt from her waist. If your wife wasn’t fuming, Superman would be afraid to take her on right now. The Minotauros slipped out of her pants, climbing into your lap and grinding her crotch into yours. Obviously you couldn’t resist getting hard. “Oh look at that, hes even harder for me than for you.” She got off your lap to whip a backhand across your face. “Take his pants off…”
Reluctantly, the Mantis and Oni do so, the Minos taking your wallet out of your pants to flip through it.
“What a beautiful happy family~. If only this was the truth. Anon… You know shes been cheating on you right? Almost weekly as a matter of fact.”
“I know thats a lie.” You were cut off by the Minos shoving pictures in your face of your beautiful wife on the arm of another man, some pictures shes kissing them, some of them walking into a hotel, every picture a different guy.
“When she says shes going out on work huh? Yeah, working other guy’s dicks. A mob boss that has everything, a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, money able to retire on, and yet she’s sleeping with a different guy a week, I guess you weren’t good enough Anon.” The minos had a hearty laugh before taking out whatever cash you had and throwing it to the Ushi.
“Thats a damn lie! Those photos are fake! I love you Anon! I only love you! I’d never cheat on you!” Your eyes could only wander from picture to picture, the pain of which was worse than any of these scars and wounds across your body. Tears puddled forth until you were brought back by another loud crack, this time at your daughter. “No! Stop, Leave my little girl alone!” You screamed this time. The minos paying no head as she pulled something off the table, pliers. “Fuck you! Fuck you! Get away from my little girl!”//”Get the fuck away from our little girl you fucking shit. Stop!”
Gruesome sloshing and crunching and the squealing of a little dragon girl was the loudest thing you’ve ever heard, even louder than a flashbang, and you actually got hit with one of those before, on accident at the time.
“Stop hurting her!” The Mino had torn out one of your baby girl’s canines. Leaving her sobbing there.
“I’m here sweetie, I’m so sorry. Daddy loves you sweetie, daddy loves you so much. Hes so sorry.”
The Minos couldn’t help but release a maddening cackle. Everyone in the room except the Oni and Minos were turned away from the scene. And proceeded to beat your daughter more and more, her without any weapons or gizmos, just backhanding the little girl time and time again, punching her in the stomach and clawing her legs. The cries of your daughter became too much to bare. Ripping out a tooth wasn’t good enough.
“Please! Please stop!”
“Oh god, please save my baby.”
Helen pulled out the pliers again to rip out a another tooth behind the aforementioned canine. The shrill cries of your daughter only made you wish you could do anything at all, instead of watching her writhe in pain that was worse than hell.
“This… this isn’t right, for anyone. We’ve already beat them near death, ok, thats business. But… This much torture isn’t even right for our enemies. We’re torturing a little fuckin’ girl” The Mouse tried to keep hushed between her and the Ushi.
“What was that?!” Screamed out the Minos.
“N-Nothing Miss Helen.
“Of course, fucking pussies. Only… Only Melissa here has any guts to do anything around here!” Helen yelled pointing to the Oni. “Help me, here. Start with the girl, I know you like them young.”
“My pleasure.” The Oni grinned licking her lips as she walked to your daughter, slipping off her little panties and proceed to go to town on your daughter, the Oni’s own hand sliding to her own crotch.
“Daddy!” She struggles to get out between the new lisp, bleeding profusely from the mouth and sobs.
“You fucking stop! Right the fuck now. I”ll fucking kill you!” Struggling against the rope did nothing but tip the chair and make you fall over, two more strikes from the Minos came from her hoofs, one at your stomach and the other in your cheek.
“Daddy loves you sweetheart, and hes very sorry.” Helen pulled you to your feet, pulling your chair closer to the TV and grabbing up your dick in one hand.
“So this is the dick of a Mob-bosses husband? Karen, are you sure this wasn’t good enough dick for you? Looks absolutely delicious. Seeing how you have so many guys on the side, you wouldn’t mind if I had a taste hmm?”
“I will murder you and everyone around you! I will kill your entire family, your associates, everyone you care about. I will fuck you very soul!” You ‘wife’ finally began to pitch in.
Helen lowered herself to her knees, raising up to reposition the webcam to point at herself and your nethers. The feeling of Minos tongue was vastly different from your wife’s, Helen’s tongue was alot slicker, even so much to say it felt better than Karen’s. So Warm and wet, long enough that the Minos wrapped your length around a few times as well.
“Oh God… Karen, this dick… is amazing, how could you go for anyone else? So good.”
The Minos kept lapping at you, coming you in her saliva, eagerly licking every inch of you, leaving no aprt of you untouched. Your balls were tended to by the odd lick and one of Helen’s hands, soft and furry as well, alot more comfortable than scales, not saying your wife didn’t know what she was doing. Even if Karen had cheated on you, this still felt so wrong to be licked and touched by another woman. As long as the focus was on you and not your daughter, being molested by a rat is better alternative than your little jelly bean being hit with a baseball bat. This Mino was sending your head spinning, the conflict of pain and her mouth was difficult to process, now she was taking your full length into her mouth as well. Deftly planting her face into your crotch, the feeling of her throat was phenomenal. Your breaths became pants, rolling your head back and even drooling a little. The Minos kept at it until you were ready to burst and that didn’t stop her. She accepted your seed into her mouth willingly, even after you were done she kept at it.
It was like a work she took pride in, carefully gliding those silk lips and lavender mouth along your cock. She stood up to face the camera pointing at her chin.
“You see this Karen? This…this was your seed. This, was where your babies come from… And its on the face of another woman. Mmmmm and its delicious.” Her tongue lapping up your seed to swallow.
Your wife on the screen was absolutely losing her shit at this point, her own subordinates surrounding her now to see what was happening, and to control her. At least ten women trying to hold and control your wife. This whole fiasco explained why your wife had many strong-type looking Mamono always with her, and why you always had a bodyguard, although they never called them bodyguards. You married into the fucking Mafia? What’re the odds?
“I will fucking kill you!”
“We’re not done here yet Karen. I still have another hole that needs to be filled~.”
Karen was screaming incoherently through the TV, even getting louder as the Minos climbed into your lap and dug you cock into her hole.
So soft, not as hot or intense as Karen’s, but thats comparing a Minotaur to a Dragon. Still was just as snug. She rode you and rode you for what felt like hour, crushing your pelvis with all her might, losing herself in her our waves of ecstasy.
“I’d pop my tits into your mouth Anon, but I’d know you’d just bite the shit outta me, and I’m not too into sexual pain.”
“You should try it anyway.”
“Why the fuck not?”
Helen threw off her top revealing two large bulbous breast which were rammed into your face, the grind of her hips into yours and the two large DD cups were hard to resist. The walls of her vagina milking you for all you were worth and right now as if you had a few hundred million dollars stuffed up your dickhole. Her cervix prodded you gently, like knocking on a door, it wanted in and was going to be the lead role for the next Taken movie.
I don’t know who you are, but I will find you… and I will fuck you.
Her skills brought you to the edge and threw you off valiantly. Releasing your seed into her hungry snatch, she pumped you a few more times before she got off to reveal her cunt to the TV.
“And look, I may be pregnant soon! How would it feel to know your husband gave a child to a rival family?”
“I will murder you and everything you are Helen…”
The Minos rose off of you, retrieved her pants and top, cleaned out her crotch.
“Ya know Karen. I’d take him for myself if I didn’t already know you were finding a way here right now. Hell I’d even have seconds and thirds on that dick, thats a good dick there. As a matter of fact one of the best I’ve ever had. I’m actually quite sad that you cheat on it with other guys. Cheating on such a loving husband. I mean heh, I know I’m messed up, but damn even I wouldn’t cheat on my lover and husband, that fucking low Karen.”
[Incoherent RAAAAAAAAAAGE through the TV]
“No doubt your on your way Karen.” After a brief pause. “Let this be a lessen for you not to fuck with our businesses.” Wiping your cum off her chin with her shirt, she’d get dressed and snap twice, signaling her henchwomen to follow her. And on her way out, Helen came back one more time to punch you in the face. The Oni gets up, wipes her mouth, pulls her hand from her pants and follows the others out.
It was just left with you, your distraught crying daughter, and a TV that held your wife and her own henchwomen you’ve seen regularly.
Not once in all your years of marriage or dating.
Had you ever heard Karen so infuriated.


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4 thoughts on “The Mob goes Wild 1

  1. I just wanted to say this is one of the first MG stories I ever read nearly a year ago, and it remains one of my favorites. You have done a stellar job of showing just how massively self contradicting emotions in a relationship can be, and presented them with feels delivered with force of sledgehammer and the precision of surgical knife right throughout this series and I love it. The way you’ve juggled the ultraviolence and vengeance worthy of Tarantino flick and the ultrasex is what makes these stories some of my favorite in this little genre, and I can’t wait for more.

    Also, when I went to vote for this I accidentally downvoted it instead of upvoting, and I don’t know how to retract that. My apologies about that.

  2. Yeah I’m with Karen on this one… the reprisal for what happened to that little girl… it would make the cartel look like Disneyland by comparison.

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