The mazoku chapter 2

Run faster!

That had been his only stream of thought ever since he woke up on that bed.

After waking up, he had been badly disoriented. It took him a few moments to collect his thoughts and memories.

My name is Bolt. I am a mazoku. I escaped the cataclysm. I must find a safe place.

Of course,waking up in a place practically overflowing with demonic energy wasn’t right. This place wasn’t safe.

During his fast run out of that building, he was struck by several thoughts.

Since when do monsters live with humans? In a monstropolis? With succubi in charge?

But the oddest thought was more of an observation-


He ran fast, like he had lost his mind; given the circumstances, he probably had. Monsters weren’t supposed to be like this. Monsters weren’t supposed to be all-female. Monsters didn’t build organised cities with stable buildings and glass windows!

And yet,here they were.

He stopped near a big fountain, almost completely surrounded by monsters. He mentally crossed their kinds off his list-Dragon, werewolf, minotaur, hellhound, ogre, orc, succubus. All wearing scanty clothes and an odd gem that looked eerily like an additional eye.

All female.

“Wh-where am I?”

The dragon spoke in a calm, authoritative tone. “Relax. We won’t hurt you. We just want to talk.”

The minotaur looked at the dragon. “Can I rape him now?”

The hellhound looked unusually agitated. “He gave us a real workout. I’m so horny, I wanna screw my hubby’s brains out! I gotta go home! Can we please just bind him up and leave?!”

Bolt observed the exchange the monsters were having, completely flabbergasted. “That’s wh-wait, you can talk?!”

The orc looked at him like he had asked the world’s most stupid question. “Of course we can talk! What’s the matter with you?”

His head was spinning. Surely a dream, right? Right?!

Bolt felt his spirit energy accumulate, in response to his panic. Suddenly, a huge amount of it was stocked up in a phenomenally small space. With a guttural scream, he released the excess explosively, like as if he had become bomb, knocking down the monster girls.

Bolt bolted.

He ran faster than he should have, which probably wasn’t a good idea. Sprinting at huge speed, he barreled through the gap between the orc and the succubus and made a beeline for the outskirts.A forest was clearly visible, from his location.He needed to get there.He needed to get away from all of this. This place was nuts. All of this was nuts. He needed to sit down, calm himself over some nice, hot stew, then figure out what was going on, and why everything was so topsy-turvy.

But first, he needed to get out of there.

He didn’t care how dangerous the forest was, he needed to get out of the city before the overload drove him insane. Too late did he realize, he was running on a main road, with people and monsters everywhere.

Not crashing was gonna be harder than he thought. Thanks to the speed at which he was sprinting, he couldn’t see his surroundings clearly. His tunnel of clear vision was constricting, proportional to his increasing speed,and everything else was becoming a hazy blur. At this rate, he’d soon be running blind!

“Why aren’t you tired yet?”

A quick peek over his shoulder revealed a harpy with bright yellow-feathers, with electric currents rolling off them. Thunderbird, Bolt guessed. She looked about his age, with yellow eyes, blue hair and  highlights, a nearly flat chest, a VERY sexy figure, and an expression of pure excitement.

“Come on, slow down! At this rate, your heart will give out!”

Bolt answered, against his better judgement. “I’m not human-I don’t tire so fast! So don’t worry about me!”

Definitely a wrong answer.

Suddenly, the harpy’s face took on a completely different look. The electric currents were no longer rolling off her feathers now. Suddenly, Bolt’s arm hairs stood on end.

She’s gonna zap me to bits!

Bolt ran towards the left side, just in time to see a huge lightning bolt tear past him, uncomfortably close, followed by a huge BOOM! It hit a succubus and the poor thing crashed immediately, spasming out of control.

The forest now looked very inviting, no matter how dangerous it was. The thunderbird was locking her sights on him again,and another look over his shoulder showed her charging up again.

“Run steady! I gotta have you!”

Suddenly Bolt’s instincts screamed at him, run right!

Just in time, too. Another lightning bolt streaked passed him, followed by an earsplitting crack. This bolt hit and demolished a cart of fruit.

The forest is only a few seconds away!

Bolt checked over his shoulder, as the thunderbird fell behind, his speed overwhelming her. A few more seconds, and he’d be in the forest! He’d be safe! Well,comparatively, at least.

That’s when it happened.

His instincts yelled Alert!, just as another bolt was fired. This one hit him perfectly.

His vision instantly went white. His body was thrown forward by the blast hitting him. He felt all control leave his limbs as every nerve felt an odd sensory overload. It was as if he was free-falling, while being tied up. It was, in it’s own freakish and scary way, thrilling.

He felt his limp body tear through the thick forest canopy as the momentum of both his sprinting and the blast propelled him forward. He probably broke several speed and flight regulations, and probably shocked the world by surviving a thunderbird attack. He finally stopped moving and dangled upside-down from a huge tree. The tree branch bent over the ground precariously, and a telltale cracking sound came from it, as it struggled to hold his bodyweight. Having been paralyzed by the lightning bolt, there was nothing he could do about it, except wait for his long, head-first drop.

Great. After the tree branch breaks, I’ll break my neck. What a way to go!

After breaking out of a monster city, outrunning dragons and whatnot, and surviving a thunderbird’s lightning, this is how he was gonna die?

Disappointing and anticlimactic!

Just as he fell,a pair of huge talons grabbed his torso, and laid him out on the forest floor, as a face hovered over him with a triumphant smile.

“Third time’s the charm! Oh, I’m gonna have so much fun raping you!”

Am I gonna get shagged by an overgrown canary with lightning and a human face?This can’t be happening!


“Bad news, mistress. He escaped. We believe that a thunderbird managed to paralyze him, but both of them are still yet to return from the forest. The searching party hasn’t found anything yet. I’m afraid we lost him.”

Who knew that a lilim, regal, refined and elegant as her, could scream and throw such a vicious tantrum like a child?

“Mistress? I have some interesting information for you…”


“Reports are coming in from almost every single human settlement sir! Almost all of them have had a mazoku fall in from the sky! And not just human settlements-forests, swamps, wastelands, deserts, everywhere! Even the sea! Some crashed into demon realms as well. Eyewitness reports claim that one even landed in Lescatie!”

This was definitely information of value. So the boy wasn’t alone-this entire clan had decided to show their faces after millennia of hiding. All of them with unique, incredible powers, that no human could ever hope to have. All of them capable of taking on monsters on even ground. And winning. They just needed some training….

Lieutenant knew exactly what had to be done.

“We need to know their real powers. Send for the priest and the boy who is under his care-you know, the boy who crashed a couple of nights ago? Get him. And send for the left-arm battalion. Have them comb the forests surrounding the settlement and capture any mazoku they encounter. I have a good idea of what the priest is thinking,and I know just how to pull it off.”

The soldier bowed and left with his new orders.

“We’re definitely not the only ones taking steps. Surely Druella must’ve recognized the threat. They will be on the hunt as well. By the grace of the gods, hopefully we will win this race. No,for the survival of humankind, we MUST win this race!”

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