The Maker Chapter 1

Hey everyone, this is my first story on this site. I’m pretty new when it comes the this so sorry if there are a few grammatical errors here and there. I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions so if you have any questions or criticism feel free to let me know. This chapter will act as a way to introduce you to the main character and and various things about the world around him.


My name is Tony Seasons, , and I am the maker. I wasn’t always the maker, rather I was some random guy working a dead-end job and living in a shitty apartment. I could not be more generic, I’m 5,9 with brown eyes and brown hair and I usually wear blue jeans and a grey shirt. But that all changed the day they came, the Mamono. These Mamono are an all female race that are committed to getting husbands, and since they don’t have any males of their own they need to kidnap men. They also thrive on something called “Spirit energy”, to put it simply it’s semen, I don’t know why that is but it’s a thing so looks like we’ll have to deal with it. I was in Thunder bay with some friends when it happened, we were in the middle of the woods when suddenly we heard a loud boom that somehow knocked us all unconscious, when I woke up all my friends were gone, to this day I don’t know where they are.

When I came to there was a loud ringing in my ear, I was dizzy and could barely stand up, but something told me I had to get going, some kind of gut feeling that told me if I didn’t get up I wouldn’t get out of the forest. About twenty minutes later I had regained all my senses but something still felt wrong, it felt like I was being followed but I didn’t know who (Or rather what) was following me at the time, so I just kept going. About thirty minutes later I had run into a dead-end and that was the time my pursuer revealed herself, a massively tall, green and deadly looking women with a look of death in her eyes. She was easily 7 feet tall, with massive breasts, long white hair and a few pieces of cloth that could barely even pass as clothes. At the time I didn’t know what she actually had planned for me, but it still scares me nonetheless.

She stared at me for what felt like an eternity when she suddenly charged at me. “^&**%$”, she yelled some language I didn’t recognize as she headed straight for me. Pure adrenaline coursed through me as I frantically looked for someplace to run. I saw a drop off and assumed it lead somewhere, but the drop off was…bigger than I had expected and I ended up falling about 7 meters into a lake (later I found out it was lake Oliver). At first I thought she’d jump in after me but she once again stared at me, maybe she couldn’t swim, maybe she was afraid of heights but whatever the case may have been it saved my ass.

I somehow was able to get out of the lake and find the trail leading back to the parking lot with my car, I felt bad about leaving my friends but I had to leave and get help before it was too late, unfortunately at the time I didn’t know it was already too late. The next six months were chaotic, the monsters or Mamono as they like to say came from another dimension after they had supposedly “exhausted” all the men in their world (they never specified what happened). The first month was the worst, Mamono ran free, taking men and converting women into Mamono, leaders from various governments had gone missing and radical groups sprang up everywhere.

During this time many Humans and Mamono died, many died from “The cure” the ironically named disease that came out of nowhere that was supposedly the result of two pathogens (one from our world and another from their world) merging and created a whole new pathogen. During this time I held out in my uncle’s house who also lived in thunder bay, it was in the middle of the woods, away from civilization in every way, he didn’t even have electricity, all he had was a wood stove to keep the place warm in the winter and some farming equipment to work the land with.

The second month was still bad but not as bad as the first. The cure had exhausted itself due to it’s nature of being a quick acting (and quick declining) disease. After society came back together it was estimated roughly 23% of the then Canadian population was killed. A big problem was that humans and Mamono spoke a different language, while we had many different languages the Mamono had one centralized language, but they brought special crystals and once those crystals were worn (through a necklace or ring or something) the person would hear any other language as their own, the wearer wasn’t actually speaking another language but rather the meaning of the words were transferred telepathically and  you would hear their words as if they were speaking your language.

Various Government’s around the world had started to try to come back, the only successful one’s were in the west such as the United States, Canada, Britain and so on. But most of Africa, Asia and south america were still in disarray and wouldn’t gain control until the fourth month. One thing I’ll give the Mamono is that they didn’t destroy much. While the caused widespread chaos they wanted to destroy or harm, probably because they wanted to “integrate” into our society. Although I’m surprised that some governments bounced back as quickly as they did, there has been many theories that the Mamono took control and that’s what made it so quick.

The third month was the month I returned to my shitty apartment in Toronto and at this time the Canadian government had pretty much gained complete control again apart for some groups up in Nunavut that were occupying large parts of the territory. The government (for some reason) scrambled to get a bunch of new laws in place to give Mamono rights and freedoms, because when monsters come from another world and lay waste, take men and convert women and cause a new deadly disease we should clearly give them rights, right?

For some reason many countries took after Canada’s example and began giving Mamono rights as well (for some reason) and before the third month was over Mamono had full rights and freedom, some even got citizenship. This caused a lot of outrage, since the Mamono coming here caused many to die, caused the economy to collapse even though it someone bounced back as strong as ever in the end (suspiciously). There were many “rallies” protesting these rights the Mamono were getting, I would have gone to these but while some rallies were legit many were traps to get them husbands and as there were more rallies there ended up being fewer people protesting.

The fourth month was okay(more or less), I got back to my dead-end job, had to pay a massive amount of debt I had accumulated while I was gone. Even with all the things changing one thing that doesn’t change is rent and expenses, not to mention someone looted my place and the only thing that was left behind were some clothes. But the worst thing that happened is that when the Government was giving Mamono their rights they forgot something, the fact that Mamono “Proactively date” to find mates, so every day was spent trying not to get raped while the government once again scrambled to “fix” it.

Now I say “Fix” because it became worse, since Mamono nature was to rape and their main source of nutrients was from semen the government said it was “Inhumane” (Yes inhumane) to not allow Mamono to rape men, think of it as not letting a dog bark. But it wasn’t all bad, they could no longer convert females and since Mamono were much stronger than most humans the government allowed people to carry non lethal weapons to defend ourselves with. But you had to be careful when defending yourself, if you hurt a Mamono to a point where she would seriously hurt then even though she did attack first they could still sue you and claim you as her husband through the legal system, I’m not to sure how that is works from a legal standpoint but it’s the law for some reason.

The fifth month is where it got good for me. You see since Mamono were bigger, faster, stronger, more agile and had powers to boot, it became hard to escape day in and basic defensive items were expensive I got some money together and began making countermeasures for Mamono. I have always been good with various science’s and construction, particularly chemistry, metalworking and a few other things (I went to college and got a few diplomas) so I began making things like anti(Insert Mamono here) spray, special whistles for Mamono like Hell hounds and other tools.

One day I was able to fend off an ogre with a strong spray I used and I was also using a cologne that masked my scent, I also had myself covered up so no one could see my face and unknown to me people filmed it. They put it on the internet and it went viral and before I knew it people wanted to buy the spray. Seeing the opportunity I quickly made a website ( filled it with everything I had made thus far, made it public, made a separate PayPal that I hooked up to it, got some licences and I was set. I never could have imagined the success I would get.

The sixth month (Last month) was great, I got hundreds of orders from across the country, I could barely keep up with the orders but I quickly found a rhythm that could get orders done quickly and without sacrificing quality. Of course other companies that copied me sprung up but because I was the first and my products were proven I was at the top of this new industry. I got so much money I was able to afford a nice new apartment that even had it’s own work space that I could move into next month. I never gave a name, mainly out of fear that some Mamono would look for me so people started calling me “The Maker”. Also out of fear I made sure to encrypt everything of mine and I put up countless firewalls, among other things. I also make sure to clean any products of my scent and fingerprints before being sent off. In all honesty I don’t know how I got so popular so quick, everything happened so fast I just figured it would be best to go with the flow.

Now I’m sitting in my new apartment, with a successful business, a massive amount of money in the bank and a huge grin on my face while looking through news about me-oh wait about “The Maker”. It’s then out of the corner of my eye I see something I didn’t expect to see, a headline that spelled “Help us get The Maker”, out of curiosity I click on it and read the text.

Fellow Mamono, this man or woman “The Maker” is helping men escape our love and affection, the nerve right?! This site “” will be dedicated to getting men like him, who don’t yet understand our intentions, caught and brought to our side to see the light. Anyone who makes an account can post a man they want or a man they think they should get caught to this site (Please no politicians, celebrities or anyone within any range of the public eye or of importance). Here you can make profiles about these men, their status, job etc. But not private information like credit cards, addresses or immediate family. Please join and help our fellow sisters have an easier time getting husbands. Oh and also the home page will include our “Most wanted” the first being this maker man. Please join the fight.
-The catcher”

I crack a smirk, slightly amused that Mamono even know how to use the internet. I almost laugh at the fact they think they can find me, I click on my “Profile” and see that the only thing that have on me is “Probably lives in Canada because that’s the only place he ships to”

“Hahahahaha” I burst out laughing, these girls think they can catch me oh that’s rich, oh look they even have a counter that shows how many Mamono are part of the site, let’s take a look and see the three people trying to catch me. But when I do click on it I lose my smirk

“What the hell” I say aloud

It says there’s over 75,000 members and when I look at the forums it’s full of men’s profiles with various amounts of information. It’s then I start to panic, if there are over 75,000 rape happy monsters that could all possibly be trying to find me, well to say the least the stakes have been raised. There’s no way that I could do this alone, but asking for help would mean revealing myself…wait a minute. I remember that I have social media with thousands of followers, followers that could help. I grab my phone and make a post, I also make sure to link that website.

“Fellow men, look at this, Mamono are now making targets of us, they are trying to hunt us down, stalk and rape us. They are trying to get me and stop the flow of pelvis saving items, we need to put a stop to this. So I suggest we have a hunt of our own, Help me get this “Catcher”, not just for me but for all men. Help me get her and put a stop to their hunt, help me show them we are more than prey.”

I look down at my phone with a heavy sigh, sure I figured that Mamono would go after me but I didn’t think they would mobilize to this extent, although I’m sure not every member is in Canada, they’re probably spread throughout the world. It seems me and this “Catcher” are now taking part in a race, a race to expose the other before the other is exposed, I only hope I have the resolve to move forward in what could be the hardest point in my career. But If I can overcome this, there’s nothing that would be able to stop me and my flow of products.

But I have to wonder, how did this site get too much traction without me noticing, I usually keep up on the various Mamono movements that pop us, so how did this one fly under the radar? If there were only a couple thousand people on this site then I wouldn’t be worried but with this many Mamono I can’t help but wonder how this’ll play out.


“Fufufu, it seems our adversary has responded”

“Indeed it has, now we wait for him to slip up, if we can catch him we can use him. We can use him and men like him to bring this society to its knees and claim it for our mother”




Well that was my first chapter hope you enjoyed, like I said before feel free to leave any criticism/feedback. 
Also I know there wasn’t many MG’s around, next chapter there will be.

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