The Knotty Hellhound 5

Nothing could quite beat a Saturday after a long week. Sybil had been stuck working 14 hours a day owing to a presentation she had to prepare for the higher ups in the courts, and my job was as physical and grueling as ever. Just another few weeks and I could satisfy the work requirement and look for something else.

Friday plans faded into nothingness as we both fell asleep on the couch, only to wake up at some point before dawn and shuffle off to bed where we slept until well after noon.

A lazy Saturday, one where neither of us had to do anything. Though the long week meant we were too tired to do each other. And that was looking like a worthwhile idea – apparently Sybil had the same thought, considering she’d come over to me while I was going over to her. Met halfway in the hallway.

“Say, remember Fiona and Alex?”

“Uh, not really, why?”

“Well, they were at the New Year party – the tall gal with the horse ears and hooves? The cat with her?”

I paused to scratched at my chin, that always helped with recalling. Horse woman at the party? A vague outline formed from the murkiness of my mind. “The really tan one with the chestnut hair?”

“That’d be her, and her boyfriend was the small werecat.”

Something about what she said didn’t mesh with my recollection. “Boyfriend? She, he, isn’t a girl?”

Sybil snickered and shook her head, sending her raven hair and ears swishing back and forth. “He’s just really… effeminate. She likes to encourage him to wear dresses and the like.”

“Uh-huh,” I said, eying Sybil warily, “Don’t you get any ideas.”

To which I got a roll of the eyes. “You’d look terrible in a sundress anyways.”

“Yeah, I haven’t got the legs for it,” I said with false melancholy, “What’s a guy to do?”

“Pity that… Anyways, they want to have some fun later on today.”

Considering Sybil, there was no mistaking what kind of fun she was getting at. “Sure, why not, I was about to ask you if you wanted to fool around anyways. How much later?”

“Two or three hours… long enough for both of us to get cleaned up. We’ll head over to their place.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said with a smile, already eager to get to it.

But, before I could scamper into the bathroom ahead of her, Sybil had something else to add. “Oh, and she’s got a giant dick.”


“She is a horse, after all. It’s at least this big,” she said, making an approximation of its length with her paws. The gap between them was nearly the size of my forearm. 

“What? No way.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I know you’re good for it – just be ready for an intense ride,” she said with a sly grin, seizing on my surprise to slip into the bathroom.

Hmph. I’d believe it when I saw it.

Greeting us at the door was the werecat. Still couldn’t believe he wasn’t just a flat-chested woman. He wore a single over-sized shirt, the kind that went down maybe halfway the thigh. His paws and fur had a calico pattern, but his shoulder-length hair was a ruddy orange. Two bells adorned him, one around his neck, and the other his tail.

“Nice to see you Sybil,” said Alex, his voice sounding more like it belonged to a young teenager than a grown adult. “And you must be her newest conquest?”

“That’d be me,” I said, returning his knowing smirk.

A far larger woman appeared behind him, giving him a firm slap on the rear – the kind that made him jump an inch in the air. “Fiona!”

“Hah! You know you like it,” the horse woman said, flashing her boyfriend a wicked grin.

She was well over six foot, and her appearance was much as I remembered. Wearing boy shorts and a loose, mid-riff bearing top, she reminded me of something I hadn’t remembered – her heaving bosom and slight paunch to her otherwise muscular frame. Strong jawed, but otherwise delicate-faced.

My sight trailed down to her shorts, but they were too loose to reveal any outlines.

“Well, come on in – let’s get this party started, shall we? I’m about ready to bust my pants!”

Interesting word choice. “Good to see you guys too,” Sybil said, giving each of them a hug in turn. “Been a while.”

“Far too long…” Fiona said, shifting to me, sizing me up with her eyes. “Well look at you; Sybil’s got good taste. I’ll have to have a nibble…”

“Go ahead,” Sybil said, eying Alex with a predatory stare, “So long as I get mittens here.”

Ah. Alex and I shared sympathies through our eyes. We didn’t have any say in the matter, but then, that wasn’t really a problem.

We were ushered in, and after a cursory offering of drinks, we headed to the bedroom and began to disrobe. Alex and Sybil went to the bed in a hurry, or more like Sybil shoved him onto it and leapt after, tearing off clothes in a rush. First went the nightshirt, then some cute pink panties with a little paw print on them. Those didn’t take long to find themselves on the floor, revealing his half-erect, bristled cat penis.

Sybil tore her clothes off in an equal rush, lavishing his small body with licks and kisses and nibbles. More than a few pangs of jealousy and envy shot through my heart. But, I didn’t have long to dwell on it before Fiona stripped my shirt off. “Don’t mind them,” she said, “I’ll give you something to focus on.”

In kind, she stripped her own top off, freeing her soft mounds. Each was well over a handful, capped by a thick nipple and dark areola. Guided mostly by instinct my hands reached for her breasts and my fingers sank into her soft flesh. I tweaked her nipples between my fingers, roamed my fingertips across the pebbly surface surrounding each. Just as I was about to try sucking on one, Fiona gave me a gentle push away.

“Glad you like my tits, but I need your attention elsewhere,” she said, rubbing the front of her shorts. I gulped. Nothing happened for a short time, then she added “Need me to take your pants off for you, too?”

Right. In a flash my belt and button were undone and my jeans found themselves in the vicinity of the other shirts and panties. In my anticipation I’d grown a half-stalk, much to her amusement – but through her quiet snickers she pushed down on my shoulders, guiding me to my knees.

Shimmying her shorts down a bit at a time, she revealed the crease of her thighs, then her shaven mound – and just as Sybil had said, in place of a vagina there was a bit of flesh, changing from her tanned skin color to jet black. Nestled inside was her – and my – prize. A heavy, swinging sack rested underneath. Her shorts fell down the rest of the way of her toned, chestnut-furred legs. Hadn’t noticed until now, but she’d gone for some stylish horseshoes on her cloven feet.

Kneeling before the mare, eye level with her package, I could scarcely wait; I could already tell she was going to be a monster. We hadn’t even really started yet and already I’d become fully erect.

“Go on, it’s not gonna suck itself you know,” said Fiona with a smirk, running a hand through my hair.

I shot a glance towards Sybil, but she was already foisting herself upon Alex. He was on all fours with Sybil hunched over him, nibbling at one of his fluffy ears as she lined herself up. In one fluid stroke she pushed forward, plunging herself into the cat’s dainty body. He yowled out in pleasure and his bristled cock jumped and let out a spurt of clear liquid.

The hand on my head turned me about with a bit of force. “Now now, you need to pay attention to what’s in front of you…”

“Ah, sorry,” I said sheepishly.

Not wanting to keep her waiting further, I caressed her crown with one hand and cupped one of her massive, peach-sized balls in the other. She continued tousling my hair and even started to stroke my cheek. “That’s it,” said Fiona in a soft coo.

In seconds her body began to react, her dick swelling and pushing out from the folds of skin on her crotch. As more and more appeared I was able to get a hand around her shaft, then both hands. If I had a third and fourth hand, I’d be able to get them on her with room to spare. Sybil was dead serious.

Leaning in, I began with a kiss to her black, squishy glans, then trailed a line of kisses down the underside of her girthy dick. At the base I finished my kisses and stuck my tongue out, swirling and bobbing all the way back to her tip to give her a nice sheen of saliva – paying special attention to the ring halfway across her length, a spot she seemed to particularly enjoy.

Fiona let out a soft moan of pleasure, in contrast to the caterwauling from behind. Rubbing the magnificent cock against my cheek, I used the opportunity to steal another look. Sybil was pounding the cat for all he was worth, mashing his face against the bed with his arms pinned up and behind his back. The bell on his neck and tail jingled with every thrust and muffled nyaas escaped from the sheets.

Opening wide, it was all I could do to fit Fiona’s tip in my mouth, and it was all I could manage. Maybe another inch or two, but any more and I simply wouldn’t be able to avoid my teeth touching. But, I did what I could – sucking and stroking her flattened head with my tongue, dipping into her urethral opening to make her winny and send her horse tail swishing.

I was rewarded with the beginnings of her precum, slightly salty and tangy. Her fingers kneaded my scalp impatiently, hurriedly. With a small pop I pulled her from my mouth and sought another prize: her balls. Stroking her cock with both hands I suckled on her testicles, taking each orb in turn into my mouth and rolling it about and humming. Fiona’s hips bucked and quaked, telling me all I needed to know.

Her fingers scratched through my hair with urgency and her other hand had roamed to one of her breasts, cupping and pinching a nipple.

The steady outpouring of pre gave me all the lubrication I needed to glide my hands up and down. Didn’t take long until I could feel her throb in my grip. I left her sack alone and returned to her bucking pony, covering her urethral opening with my lips and sucking, eager for the result. Thoughts raced of how much cum she could shoot, how hard, and what it tasted like – but before she could explode in my mouth, she pushed me away with a gasp.

“Oh damn you’re good,” Fiona said with a gasp, “But I don’t want to cum just yet…”

I frowned, unhappy I’d been turned away. Though at least with my hands unoccupied, I was free to give myself a few strokes. She hadn’t been the only one drooling precum.

“C’mon, get up on here,” she said, patting a raised table with some holds and straps on it. Almost like one of those examination tables.

I was all too eager and promptly took a seat.

Back over on the bed, Sybil gave a loud growling grunt of exertion and thrust forward one last time – and really had the cat howling. Must’ve just slipped in her fat knot.

“Oh gods, it’s so hot…” he mewled, half his face visible from against the sheets, letting out a gasp every time Sybil twitched and shot another wad of her boiling hellhound cum up his ass.

Fiona pushed me down onto my back, snapping me back attention. “Don’t you worry, there’ll be plenty of everyone to go around.”

Oh, the anticipation. She wrapped one wide strap across my stomach and cinched it snug. “Not too tight?”

“No, but what do I need this for?”

I already knew, but I wanted to hear her say it.

“To keep you in place while I’m fucking you, of course. I do get a little rowdy…”

My dick twitched; I couldn’t wait.  

First my left leg, then my right were slid into the stirrups and tied down, spreading my knees apart and bringing them close to my chest. I was left completely exposed. There were also some hand holds, though I was so secure I wondered if I would need them. I hoped I would.

Fiona paused, taking a moment to admire the sight before her. Then, taking a step closer and bringing herself into alignment, she said “I want to hear you say you want my big horse cock in your ass.”

Any sense of shame or shyness was long gone. “Please, give it to me, I need your cock,” I said with strained patience.  

“Not good enough. You can do better, can’t you?”

“I want your thick horse cock in my ass, I want you to fuck me until I can’t talk and I want you to pump me load after load in me until your balls are drained!”

She pressed her spit-and-pre-slicked cock against my backdoor, applying just enough pressure to tease me. “Tall order, but I suppose I could do that…”

Working her glans in circles and bearing down, she was able to slowly start expanding me for her entry. “My, still so tight for a slut – we’re both going to enjoy this.”

Letting my head rest against the table I relaxed as best I could to ease her entry, and sure enough, my anus yielded even more. Pleasure and thrill built until I kept stretching far beyond what Sybil had ever done outside of knotting. Small tendrils of pain shot through me, but they only made my dick all the harder and renewed the outflow of liquid anticipation.

Just when I thought she was going to tear me in two, I felt her hot pole slide into my depths. Massive beyond imagination; I stared down at her meat as inch after inch disappeared inside me, filling me with both comforting fullness and arcs of pain as my ass adjusted to such a thick intruder forcing its way deeper than anything had ever been.

Fiona let out a small moan and closed her eyes, then a happy grunt when she finally buried herself balls deep. I’d never been so full in my life – I could even make out a bulge in my stomach. The pressure on my prostate had caused a small lake to form on my belly as she squeezed out everything inside, and then the bump in my stomach made it all run off.

“Mmm, such a fantastic ass, first time filled with so much cock… Bet you love it, don’t you?”

All I could do was gurgle in appreciation and squirm in my restraints.

She laughed, then leaned down and rested her hands on my stomach, spreading my precum around yet never quite touching my cock.

With a roll of her hips backwards, she was practically pulling my asshole out along with her shaft. Just as her medial ring pulled free with a pop, she slammed in again, drawing a gasp from my throat along with a sharp clap of flesh. “Yeah, that’s it, moan for me you slut!”

That was her signal to launch and she wasted no time pistoning her big, jet-black cock in and out of my ass, wrapping her hands around my stomach for leverage. She rut me like a wild, feral animal in brutal thrust after thrust. Her medial ring stretched me with agonizing yet amazing pops in every motion, ensuring I’d never quite get used to her – and my poor prostate, whenever she pulled out enough so her fat cockhead was just about to emerge, it’d mash the organ flat when she shoved all of her seemingly endless inches back in. My dick oozed whitish fluid without end, my ass screamed in protest from the savage fucking, but that only made me love it even more.

I couldn’t stop moaning, and my ever-increasing volume only encouraged her further. For at least a minute or maybe even longer I was riding the edge of orgasm, writhing in the straps holding me secure to endure her assault on my ass. Every time I saw her glistening pole emerge, I sucked in a breath just so I could moan all the more when she charged back in.

“Ya, you like it? You like getting fucked with my big horsecock?”

It was all I could do to even nod.

“Then cum for me, blow all over your stomach so I know how much you love it! Cum from getting fucked up your ass!”

A shiver rocked my body and my muscles all went tense – her words were the final push. “Yes, that’s it!” She cried out in joy when my asshole clenched down hard.

My mind went blank and my eyes crossed as the first spasm hit, blasting a rope of cum so hard I hit myself in the chin. Fiona kept thrusting with a fury, ensuring she’d fuck every drop out of me. Again and again I came, hosing myself down with half a dozen streamers of semen, each bringing with it more bliss than the last.

“I can’t… hold back…”

Fiona’s heavy, hard thrusts fell weak and pitiful, but her thick tool swelled even more inside me. The head of her mighty cock flared in accompaniment to her orgasm. “Fuck yeah, take my load!”

The first of her hot explosions poured into my bowels, flooding me with her warmth. She kept humping at me weakly, working out every wad from within her. Eyes and teeth clenched, she focused all she had to seed the hole she’d fucked so thoroughly. I had no idea how many times she blasted my guts with her horse jizz, but she kept going until my guts were so swollen and rounded I could no longer make out the shape of her twitching cock on my stomach.

Finally, on shaky legs, she gave a content exhale and pulled herself free. Her flared head took some effort to remove and spread me even wider, but it finally pulled free with a wet pop. A flood of her spunk flowed out, covering my backside, the table, and the floor.

“Phew, what a great ass,” said Fiona as she undid the straps holding me in. Extending a hand, she helped me stand, which was difficult for several reasons.

Sybil had pulled her knot free of Alex’ ass, though it was still inflated and she was still hard, pawing herself in slow, languid strokes – Alex himself was boneless on the bed, no doubt recuperating.

“Hell of a show,” said Sybil, licking her chops. “Takes it like a champ, doesn’t he?”

“Best piece of ass I’ve ever had… after Alex, of course,” Fiona said, adding a wink when she saw her boyfriend was looking at her. He grinned and closed his eyes.

“How about a breather? Give the boys time, wouldn’t want them to be at less than their best, would we?”

Sybil’s fiery eyes fell onto me, accompanied by a warm smile. “Sounds good – come here, you.”

I gladly stumbled over to the bed and fell into her ebon-furred, fluffy paws. She cuddled me close, keeping me warm in the cool air of the room. The closeness of the moment was spoiled somewhat by the horse spunk still dribbling out of my ass, but it was still nice nonetheless.



After a short nap, I was ready to go again. And so was Sybil, considering I woke up to her lips around my dick.  

“Guh, yuwehwah.”

“Please don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Snickering, she sat up, leaving me with a spit-covered hard-on. “Good, you’re awake.”

“Thanks for getting me up,” I said with a small measure of sarcasm.


Apparently I was the last to be roused, considering Alex and Fiona were sharing intense, deep kisses. That and Alex on top of her, weakly humping himself against Fiona’s shaft.

Seeing that we were up, they disengaged from one another and rolled over to us. Shifted past Sybil to get at me, and the hellhound in turn made her way over to Alex.

“Look who came back for more,” I said teasingly, only to have Fiona drag me up to my knees on the bed.

“It’s only fitting I get a taste of what else you have to offer, isn’t it?” She said, eyeing my pulsing erection. Now it was my turn to run my hands through her hair as she crept closer.

Fiona coiled her broad tongue around my cock, then pulled me into her mouth and down her throat all in the same movement. A short moan escaped my throat, but I caught myself and gave her ear an affection scratch.

Not content with just sucking me off, she slid two fingers into my ass stirring me up and pressing on my g-spot to really get my dick jumping to attention. I nearly toppled over, but she managed to steady me.

I wasn’t the only one getting some affection; Sybil had forced Alex down and leapt upon him, practically inhaling his penis. Her paws teased at his nipples, ensuring the sensitive cat would be unable to form any words.

The mare worked me over with the sort of practiced experience I’d come to expect from Sybil and her cohorts. Just enough to bring me to the edge, leave me hanging, and gradually put me back down. Deep-throating, humming, sucking on my balls and some caressing licks around the rim of my glans – I wanted to bust down her throat, but though I was the one being serviced, she was still setting the tempo.

After ten or fifteen long, torturous and blissful minutes of mouth magic, Fiona and Sybil decided to move onto the next part.

Sybil scoot about and then flipped onto her back with her butt near the edge of the bed – head facing away from me. Then, spreading her legs invitingly, she lifted her heavy sack to reveal her pucker. “Time for the main course, lover~”

Even curled a fuzzy paw-finger to really drive home the invitation.

Never one to refuse, I sidled up to her and took each of her plump thighs in hand. Pressing the head of my cock to her rear, I licked my lips and slid in. Her overwhelming heat washed over my glans from the first millimeter as I speared her open, sinking in to her scorching confines until my crotch came to a rest against her plush, ashen-colored butt.

Alex and Fiona moved into place, Alex crawling over the top of Sybil, nuzzling his face against her bright red pointed wolf dick. Her face covered, I couldn’t make out what Sybil was up to, but based on the sudden mewl from Alex, she was likely returning the favor. Steadying the pulsing red organ in hand, he gobbled down her length to the deflated knot, bobbing his head in a slow, languid pace with his sandpapery tongue trailing out.

Fiona crawled up on her knees, and though her height made it a little awkward, set herself up to give her boyfriend some anal loving.

Just as I pulled myself out of Sybil’s searing ass, Fiona shoved herself into Alex. The cat yowled with a mouth full of cock, briefly pausing with his eyes rolled back in his head until Fiona buried herself deep within.

A sixty-nine with an ass-fucking for the six and nine; I was a little envious. Redoubling my grip on Sybil’s thighs I slammed in, finally drawing a happy vocalization from the hellhound – and setting the toes on her footpaws curling and wiggling on either side of me. Even her bushy, fluffy tail fwapped about, swishing side to side even under her weight.

Sybil had the kind of ass I didn’t want to just fuck with reckless abandon, I liked a nice, relaxed pace where I could feel her muscles squirming around my shaft and the heat of her guts warming me through my core. But if she was on her back here, she wanted to be fucked good and proper.

So I would be happy to oblige.

Hammering away at her tight hole, I changed my angle with every thrust, making sure to nail her prostate on every other stroke. For my efforts she would twitch and clench, sometimes so tightly her bud would distend on the outstroke.

I could just fuck her ass for days, then have her fuck mine for another few.

Alex and Sybil were in a race to make the other cum first, and both were fueled on by an anal savaging, though I had to admit Fiona had me beat squarely in that department. Every time she hilted the cat, he’d rock forward so far it was all he could do to keep her dick in his mouth.

Sounds of wet flesh filled the air, along with an increasing amount of sex. The room positively reeked of cum from four species.

Cheating a little, I helped Alex out by grabbing hold of the base of her knotty cock and gave it a good squeeze. Immediately, Sybil’s hips lurched and her balls pulled in – to say nothing of how tight she became. Thrusting into her ass felt like it’d take a herculean effort on my part, but fighting her for entry made it even more enticing. With every backstroke I’d give her red bulb a squeeze, making her fight me for every inch out, only to let go and sail into her welcoming recesses.

Even with my help, it was not meant to be. Alex built up into a crescendo of mewls and chitters before he went rigid, his hips rocking with every spurt down Sybil’s throat, every eruption coaxed out by Fiona’s pounding. To my surprise he flopped off Sybil and off Fiona’s cock, laying on his side. A bit of semen dripped from his still-hard cock, along with a pearly trail on Sybil’s chin. With no cat to block the way, she was free to grasp at the sheets and moan every time I thrust and squeezed, sweat glistening off her bouncing, swaying breasts.

Fiona grinned and changed her position, shifting her legs to the side until her balls touched the bed – and then she grabbed Sybil’s head with both hands. As if by instinct, Sybil rolled her head back and opened her mouth. Fiona’s massive cock slid home, stretching the limits of the hellhound’s jaws and plunged straight down her throat. Sybil’s neck bulged from the filling of horseflesh.

Switching out the cat for Sybil’s throat, Fiona resumed her thrusting, fucking Sybil’s face. The spectacle of Sybil filled with dick at both ends was too much and I felt myself rushing towards climax. Sybil’s tits and pointed cock were swinging back and forth, Fiona and I timing our thrusts to really rock the wolf around and send all her chubby flesh jiggling – though Fiona’s tits were doing a good job of providing a mesmerizing jostling of their own.

Unable to hold back but not wanting to pull out completely, I let myself go. A few more thrusts and I exploded in Sybil’s ass, painting her guts white with my cum. My cock twitched and bucked with every virile rope.

“Yeah fill her ass,” Fiona encouraged, sweat dripping from her brow, “I’m about to blow down her neck!”

My second load wasn’t quite as big as my first, and twice as tiring. Slipping out of her ass, a small trickle of semen followed, but her tight bud clammed up to hold as much inside as possible.

“Fuck, gonna cum!”

Fiona roared, slamming her hips down and practically pushing the end of her cock into Sybil’s stomach. Her whole body quaked and I could see Sybil’s stomach expand as mine had – only her meal was going to be staying with her.

In my haze I realized Sybil had yet to cum, and set to rectify that issue. Stooping down I took her prick in my mouth and slid two fingers into her ass. Working in tandem as Fiona had done to me, I coaxed out her climax just as Fiona extracted herself.

With one good squeeze of her knot, the bulbous bit of flesh ballooned wide in my grip and her hole bit down on my fingers like a cigar clipper. She howled in delight and the first wave of hot, sticky spunk splashed against the back of my throat. Her feral flavor washed through my mouth, three, five, seven times she spurt like a geyser – pour pup was still all pent-up!

Finally, her orgasm and hips subsided and she fell into a relaxed, post-orgasmic stupor. She smiled wearily at Fiona and Alex, then at me. “Fuck, I haven’t had it all three ways in forever. That was fantastic… Your turn next, Fiona.”

“Hah, not now,” said Fiona, waving a hand through the air, “I’m totally spent. Look at my balls, they’re like half the size they were!”

True enough, they did appear to have shrunk.

Alex, however, was having none of it. “Aw, but I’m ready to go now,” he said, stroking his still-hard kitty cock.

Fiona rolled her eyes and fell to a side, lifting one of her legs. “Fine, fine, have it.”

With a happy mew Alex skittered over and slid into Fiona’s puffy horse asshole, the soft-looking hole gulping down the bristled cock easily. She tried to play it off like she was just doing him a favor, but her flaccid cock was already beginning to peek out of its sheath again.

I laughed and collapsed atop Sybil, nuzzling into her warm neck ruff. Smelled like campfires and… love.


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