The Knotty Hellhound 3

The first day at a new job. Things’d gone well enough, and you almost liked it. Sybil used her connections and did some convincing to land you a spot as an assistant to a floor manager at a local machine shop. A bit of office administration work and helping out with this and that out on the shop. Not what you’d call an ideal job, but it sure beat the usual factory line work from job programs offered by the county. The boss was skeptical of you at first and was rather impatient when you didn’t know something, but all in all he gave you a fair shot and seemed satisfied at the end of the day.

So you assumed, considering he said he’d see you tomorrow. Maybe you’d last more than a week at a job for once.

Pulling into the driveway at home you start thinking about what to cook for dinner, only to discover Sybil’s already there. Unusual, considering her job often keeps her late. Feeling the drain of the first day, you hope she’s decided to cook for once – or at least brought something home with her.

But, there’s no sign of her in the kitchen or living room. Her work bag is sitting next to the coffee table, so she’s home, though she could’ve gone out with some friends. Saddened by the fact that you’ll be preparing your own dinner, you trudge to the bedroom to change out of your work clothes.

Only to be snatched up by big meaty paws and given a big wet kiss as you walk through the door, terrifying you more than anything. Was Sybil really lying in wait like that?

“Welcome home. Have a good day at work?” She asks with a big grin on her face.

After you’ve caught your breath and heartbeat, you answer that yeah, it was all right, followed by the question of what she’s doing lurking around. It’s then you notice she’s wearing one of her red satin robes – and little else, from what you can tell.

“Lurking?” She repeats, still grinning. “I just wanted to give you a little welcome home surprise for your first day. Your boss called a little before you got home and said you did well.”

Ah, you see, and then mention it was nothing. Wasn’t much to the job. Though you find it odd your boss contacted Sybil after the first day; must’ve been because it’s a work program and you’re not technically employed there. Or something.

“Well, I’m proud of you anyways. You’ve been making solid progress,” Sybil says, hooking her paws together with her arms draped around your neck. She pulls you close and gives you another kiss, though this one is softer and far more revealing of her intentions. “And I think your good behavior merits a reward…”

You try to protest that you’re tired and hungry, but she’s not having any of it. Silencing you with another kiss, Sybil pushes you down on your back onto the bed. She falls on top of you, one paw rubbing your crotch through your pants as she smothers you in a flurry of little kisses, from your lips to your neck and little nibbles in between. Every so often she presses her lips to yours and her long, broad tongue slips into your mouth, practically licking the roof of your mouth and ensnaring your own tongue before she retreats.

Bit by bit she eases off your shirt, licking and kissing your stomach up to your chest and collarbones before, with one final tug, your shirt is gone and left hanging half-off the footboard.

You reach for her robe, not wanting to be the only one left bare-chested around here – besides, setting those puppies free will make both of you feel better. However, she swats your hand around and gives a little chortle. “Not so fast,” Sybil says, wagging a furry finger at you as she shifts to straddle you on her knees. “This is my little present to you, after all…”

Half-joking and half-serious, you mention that it’s normally the recipient who tears open their gift. Sybil smirks. “If you were a little more patient…”

Oh, that’s rich, coming from her you say, putting on your best serious face. How often has she simply decided she’s in the mood and is on top of you in seconds?

“Hey now, this is about you, not me,” she says, touching a paw pad to your nose. “Just sit back and enjoy…”

Fine, you sigh, and let yourself sink into the bed.

Happy with your acceptance, Sybil begins to shake off her robe one tiny motion at a time. First her right shoulder slips free, then the left. She droops forward, only to stop just before her tits smoosh into your face – instead she holds and shakes the twins inches in front of your face before she pulls back up.

Smiling at your reaction, she lets the robe slip off further and further, revealing more of her ashen skin. It’s a struggle not to reach up and grab her magnificent pillowy mounds, but there’s something appealing about the anticipation.

Just as those big, suckable pink nipples of hers are about to greet the world she pauses and again leans forward. This time you can tell she’s getting into it as something hard and hot presses against your stomach.

This time she leans into you enough to smother you with her bust, her paws pushing and kneading her hot flesh against your face. Searching out with your tongue you find one of her nipples and guide it toward your mouth; Sybil is more than happy to follow along. A soft coo escapes her lips when you begin to suck on her, bite done gently, and swirl the hardened bud in your mouth. To your dismay Sybil pulls her tit from your mouth, but it’s only to replace it with her other.

For a good long while she lets you suck and nibble to your heart’s content and delighting in how you relish being smothered by her more-than-ample flesh.

It’s heart breaking when she sits back up, but the ache doesn’t last for long as she shimmies off you and onto the floor – still on her knees. Out of sight, she drops her robe and flashes you a lewd smile – the only thing she’s still wearing. Sybil eyes your crotch, then licks her lips. Far slower than needed she undoes your button and slips the zipper down one notch at a time, her eyes flicking up yours.

The pressure mounts until finally your cock springs free, tenting your underwear from the gap in your jeans.

“Oh my~” Sybil says as if your raging erection was the last thing she expected to pop out. She rests her cheek against your rod and huffs deeply of the scent left by the large patch of wet sexual desire on your boxers. “Someone’s sure excited,” she says, letting your clothed dick slip into her mouth where she bites gently and hums for a moment until she resumes her work.

Inch by inch she tugs your pants off, followed by your boxers. Her thumbs hook around the band and pull slow until, with a snap, you’re standing tall and free.

Compared to earlier she wastes no time and spreads your legs, shifting forward to take your cock into her mouth. Sybil’s long tongue does a full circle around your crown and slathers you from top to bottom, covering you with her hot saliva. She doesn’t take you deep into her throat, instead seeing fit to lick across your length and suck on your glans, humming happily all the while.

After only a minute or two she stops, but not after giving your tip a kiss. “Now that you’re good and wet,” Sybil says as she begins to stand in all her naked glory. Her big tits, stomach, wide hips – and her steel-hard erection, dripping with precum. “It’s time for the main course…”

She crawls up you, straddling you as before, only farther back. One paw guiding your cock between her full cheeks she aims you straight at her back door while the other paw splays out across your chest. You gulp in anticipation, then again when you feel your tip press against her entrance.

Pressure builds as she drops her weight atop your flagpole-hard erection until she begins to spread and accept you inside. Sybil makes a cute gasp as she’s stretched open and closes her eyes. Inch by slow inch her ass engulfs you. You can’t help but moan from the heat and tightness inside her, the way her sphincter clamps down over and over and her guts conform around you.

As your cock presses home, you glide over a taut bud of flesh inside her. Accompanying her quiet moan Sybil’s pointed red dick surges and points skyward as a fresh dollop of fluid drools from her slit and onto your stomach.

Settling atop you, she wiggles her hips and opens her eyes; she looks positively lost in bliss as she gazes at you. “It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a cock in my ass,” she says, her voice a husky whisper. “I’d almost forgotten how good it feels…”

Lifting up she drags you through her pucker, bringing you entirely out of her hot depths and into the frigid air before she bears down, taking you to the hilt in one smooth motion. She gasps alongside the clap of flesh, and another spurt of pre fires from her puppy pecker.

“Hmmhmm, you’re in for a show,” she says, though you get the feeling she’s enjoying herself more than you are. An impressive feat, really.

Leaning back onto her arms and arching her back, both her breasts and cock are put on display. Sybil rocks her hips up and back before burying you fully within her. Her painfully hard cock slaps wetly against your stomach, leaving a long clear trail from her tip to your skin. Her ashen breasts bounce in time with her cock, and it’s hard to keep your eyes on any one part of her.

In a hurry she builds into a fast, hard tempo, panting and gasping every time your length fills her completely and you squeeze her prostate. Tits bouncing, cock whipping up and down and her big balls jostling about, Sybil loses herself in pleasure.

An endless stream of pre burbles from her cock, whipping this way and that in long, stringy strands. Over and over she slams into you, wrapping your dick in her scorching ass. She’s hotter than anything you’ve experienced before, and her ass is perfect – every time she lifts up it’s like her asshole tries its best to keep you inside, sucking and tugging and straining with all its might. But then when she plunges back down, her lewd orifice greedily takes you back in to her searing, comfortable depths.

Hands roaming her body, grasping her tits, holding her hips, you feel every part of her while she rides you, the both of you vocalizing your pleasures in moans and gasps and cries of bliss. Your limit is fast approaching, and based on the increasingly cloudy appearance of her precum, Sybil is close herself.

With that big flopping dick pointed right at you, there’s little doubt about what’s going to happen – but you don’t care. In fact, you want her to hose you down as she rides you to fulfillment.

“I can’t, I can’t–!” Sybil whines before she knees go weak and her legs shake. A thick white stream burbles from her cock, heralding her impending explosive release. Collapsing down onto you she lets loose a long, languid howl of pleasure and her ass clamps down around you. “Oh fuck I’m cummmmming!”

Her tumescent cock stiffens further and throbs as she fires off a long rope of wolf cream, splattering across your face. The hot, sticky liquid smells feral and musky and the taste is salty across your lips – the taste of Sybil. She groans again in time with her ass spasming around you, clamping in time with every virile jet sprayed from her bright red cock.

The hellhound’s entire body quakes from her orgasm and even her normally big, soft balls have pulled taut and tight to ensure every last drop is squeezed from within. As she hoses your stomach, chest, and face with her thick, tangy spunk, her knot begins to swell until it’s almost twice its normal size. Seizing the opportunity you grab her big knot and give it a firm squeeze, making Sybil yelp and cry out – the effect in her ass is fantastic, almost like it’s trying to milk out an equal amount of cum from you.

Her next shot lances completely above your head and splatters with a wet plop against the far wall, but even as you stroke and squeeze her tender knot the next rounds are reduced to little more than dribbles from the quivering and spent hellhound.

You’re so close yourself to blowing, but that feeling is fading in a hurry as Sybil pants and gasps from her orgasm.

Her eyes roll down and she smirks a sweaty smile seeing your glazed face. Flopping forward she licks you clean, taking care to share her spunk with you every few long licks, her semen mixing with her saliva and yours. Still buried in her ass you buck and throb with need, even more so every time you kiss and savor her particular flavor.

“Poor thing, you didn’t cum?” Sybil asks with a face of honest pity, shaking her ass up and down in short motions that bring you to the edge but no further. “How about this,” she adds, spinning herself round into a reverse cowgirl style – but then she bends over and shifts forward onto her knees.

Your cock springs from her ass with a pop and her anus gapes for a long moment before it shrinks back down. “Take me,” she commands in a whisper.

Face down, ass up. Her tight asshole is on display, and her shaven balls hang down – heavy despite having unloaded all their seedy cargo. Sybil’s knot is still inflated to full size as her cocks points down, remnants of her semen trickling out.

Not wanting to waste such an opportunity, you plan to give yourself time to back down from the brink. With one hand you plunge a finger and then two into her ass, making her jolt forward even as your other hand wraps around her hot prick and guide it backwards into your mouth.

Sybil’s eyes cross as your tongue slathers across her red organ and your lips lock around her shaft, pulling more and more of her in. Your fingers stir up her ass, roaming for her prostate – and you find it in a hurry. One firm press on the organ and a rush of fresh cream flows into your mouth, depositing a salty load right onto the back of your tongue.

Swallowing it all down you suck her down into your throat until your lips lock around her shaft just before the knot and your fingers force more and more from her poor prostate. Her whole body shivers and bucks as you tease her oversensitive knot. Then with a pop you pull her from your throat and mouth, but continue to milk her – collecting her drooling semen with one hand as your other squeezes and tugs on her knotty cock. Once you’ve got a decent amount collected you lube your cock with her semen and maneuver behind her.

With one mighty thrust you slam home, burying yourself within her ass and let out a satisfied moan, taking the time to savor the rare treat of her depths. Her big bushy tail flails, fwapping against your face, but you pay the fluffy appendage no mind. Taking hold of her hips you push her forward as you draw back, only to reverse the motion and haul her onto you as you throw your weight into her, filling the room with the crack of flesh and the jiggle of her ass cheeks. Her sphincter bites around you as she lets out a cry into a pillow, and for a moment you wonder if you were too harsh – but she’s not telling you to stop.

You hammer her a few more times, and every time she grunts and moans and squirms, and then you hear it – a little voice that says “Keep fucking going.”

If that’s what she wants! Sawing in and out of her abused and battered hole without regard for her pleasure you rut and fuck her like the savage wolf she is. Her balls and dick swing pendulously, trailing a never-ending stream of her bliss.

You continue to spear her on your inches, gritting your teeth and struggling with all your might to keep from blowing. The heat of her ass and the very way it milks and sucks and draws you in makes any attempt to keep on edge for long impossible. With a mighty roar you hilt her fully one last night, so hard you lift her ass and legs up as your first boiling hot load unleashes in her ass.

From the pillow you hear another howl and Sybil has a second orgasm, triggered by the sensation of your seed splattering her colon and against her prostate. You keep humping her weakly in time with your spurts and reach underneath to grab her fat, knotty prick and tug it in time with its throbbing loads to wring every drop out of her, covering the sheets and bedding beneath her.

The both of you cum and cum until you’re certain she can taste your jizz in the back of the throat. Finally, exhausted and spent, you collapse on top of her and drive the two of you against the bed. Your cock slips free from her ass, almost making you wish you had a knot of your own to hold it in place. A thin stream of cum trails out of her abused hole before it pinches shut, trapping the remainder inside.

She turns to look at you atop her, and despite her breathlessness she manages a wicked grin. “I didn’t know you had it in you…”

Well, you know. It’s rare she lets you take the lead, or even put it in her ass. That just makes her chortle. “I hope you can take it as well as give it…”

Ha ha, of course… Well, yeah. Though you hadn’t planned to spend the evening this way, a night of fucking and being fucked sounds like a good idea. Giving her a little kiss on the cheek that gets her tail wagging – or at least, it would wag if it wasn’t pinned under you – you tell her that you’re ready to go again when she is.

You’d expected it to be at least half an hour, maybe an hour. Instead, she summons some reservoir of strength and flips the two of you over, so that you’re pinned and spread eagle beneath her. Your eyes glance down, and her red rocket is ready for action once more and poised to strike. Smirking, you wrap your arms around her neck and guide her down and in for another few rounds of fun.

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  1. I mean I came to it but I think the human being dominate over the hell hound is way hotter instead of the human being sub the one where the human got fucked in the previous one started off great until I read forward about him being the sub xD

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