The Knotty Hellhound 1&2

Ushered into the office, you’re both relieved and a little worried. The hellhound seated at the large mahogany desk smiles pleasantly as you walk in. The guard gives you one final, small shove into the room. You glare at her, for all the good it’ll do, and continue to look as dissatisfied as possible until the door shuts with a click.

Turning back to the fiery woman, there’s no mistaking that ashen skin tone and dark grey hair and fur. Or her long, fluffy ears and immensely bushy tail. Though the real give away are the wisps of flame that billow in an invisible wind, acting as extensions of her eyebrows.

The shade of black on her suit jacket and white blouse match her rather well, though the buttons appear to be straining to contain her massive bust. With her glasses and hair that’s been tied up, she looks the part of a professional, even congenial woman. Maybe this won’t be so bad.

She thumbs though the folder in her paws – doubtlessly your file – for a while longer, then snaps it shut and smiles at you. Soon as her red eyes lock onto yours any hope of this being a slap on the wrist vanish.

“Please, sit down,” she says, gesturing to a chair in front of her desk. Her tone makes it clear she’s not asking you.

Taking your seat as commanded, you notice a plaque on the front of the desk that gives her name: Madam Sybil. You’re pretty sure ‘Madam’ isn’t her name proper, leaving you to wonder if Sybil is her first or last name.  

“So,” she begins, tossing the folder onto the desk. “Seems you’ve got quite a history of being a troublemaker.”

Yeah, you say dismissively with a shrug of your shoulders, you’ve had your fair share of run-ins with the law.

She leans back in her chair, steepling her paws together. “Indeed. Which is why you and I are talking now.”

Half-jokingly, you ask if they’ve decided to put you in jail for more than a few days this time. The look on her face is all the answer you need.

“Yes, after being… in and out so many times, they believe you to be a lost cause. Repeat offender legislation and all.”

Her response gives you a slight pause. They? So you ask if she thinks otherwise.  

The corners of her lips tug upwards and her eyes narrow ever so slightly. “Yes, I specifically requested you come to me before they decide anything.”

You cock an eyebrow. Obviously she’s someone who holds a deal of power of your future, but to what extent you haven’t a clue. You ask why she’s requested you and who she is.

“Me?” She says with a wry expression. “I am someone who believes you simply lack… discipline in life.”

This is certainly the most unusual police woman you’ve met in your illustrious career as a petty criminal. When you ask her what she’s talking about, she leans forward onto her elbow and then bridges her paws together as to rest her chin upon them. She levels her red, piercing eyes on you for a spell as if appraising you. You shift uncomfortably under her gaze, but finally she continues.

“I run a program where I take people such as yourself in and help instill a sense of discipline into them.”

You consider her words for a moment, then ask what if you refuse her offer.

“It’s simple really. You can walk out of my office and enjoy your stay at one of fine facilities, or you can take my offer.  I really do think it’s in your best interest. For example, my last case completed his… lessons and was allowed free – no probation.”

You remind her that she still hasn’t told you what it is you would be doing. It’d be kind of dumb to accept an offer when you don’t know the terms. Still resting her chin on her paws, she cracks a smirk that allows her fangs to poke out. The effect is rather unsettling as it gives her the air of a predator staring down her prey.

“Your file there contains more than just your record. It also documents a few, how shall we say, proclivities? Which is why I believe you’re an ideal candidate.”

Candidate for what you ask, growing irritated that she won’t answer the rather important question of what you’d be taking lessons in.  

Her head rolls slightly on its side, and her wicked grin spreads further. “A little one-on-one instruction with me.”

So that’s it. You’ve lived in this town long enough to know what she’s getting at. You ask her how long  her instructional sessions last.

“As long as it takes.”

A sigh escapes you. And the conditions upon agreement? Is it like a work from home or something?

“Oh, you would be living with me for the duration.”

This has to be the most bizarre deal you’ve ever heard of, but it is tempting. No doubt Sybil knows that you don’t exactly have a place to call home, even if you did manage to avoid jail time. You think for a while, and as much as you hate to admit it this is your best option. Fine, you agree, let’s get these lessons in discipline started.

“Excellent,” she says, looking far too pleased with your answer. Maybe it wasn’t the best after all.

Straightening herself up, she closes her eyes for a second and looks down. When she looks back up, you shudder. There’s something very different about her all of a sudden.

“We shall begin immediately.”

Tapping a switch under her desk, you hear a clack behind you. You turn around to see what it was, but Sybil happily lets you know. “Can’t have you running off should you get cold feet.”  

Now you’re really having doubts. Still, it’s not like you’ve signed anything yet, right?

She gives you such a pitying expression. “Verbal agreements are binding with me. But don’t worry; I’ll take *very* good care of you.”

You bolt up from the chair expecting her to make a move, but she just watches you with that hungry, predatory smile. You get the feeling that even if you ran to the door and pounded on it, it wouldn’t do you any good.

Sybil stands slowly, carefully straightening her skirt. You’re actually surprised someone like her is wearing one, and so short – it’s barely halfway down her thigh. She approaches, but takes up a seat on the edge of her desk, staring at you. One of her paws knocks something off her desk and Sybil makes a surprised little gasp, but not without letting her eyes linger on you. “Clumsy me…”

As she bends down to pick it up, the first thing you notice is she’s not wearing any underwear. The second, as she reaches down further, is that she is far more than appeared, and far less in the same stroke.

Squished behind her plump thighs for you to behold are a set of massive balls, each easily the size of a plum or maybe even a tennis ball. She holds her pose for a short while, casting a glance back at you.

You stagger backwards, unable to take your eyes off her ass presented in your direction. How did that ever make it in that file? Sybil then hikes her skirt up and parts her soft ass cheeks, revealing her tight pucker. The bright pink hole stands clear from her ashen skin, giving you an easy target to fixate upon.

“Like what you see?” She asks coyly, leering over her shoulder.

To accentuate her words she wiggles her hips, shaking her thick ass and sending her heavy sack swinging. Her other paw dips behind her and she spreads herself further apart, forcing her tight bud to spread ever so slightly. “I bet your cock would feel so good in here, don’t you agree?”

Staring at her ass, your first thought is that you’ve never fucked a hellhound. Especially not one like her; her kind are so rare, which makes them all the more tempting. Maybe a quick fuck here wouldn’t be so bad. She’s practically begging for it, after all – best lessons ever!

There’s a little voice in your forebrain that’s telling you something is amiss, but it’s nothing compared to your surging libido. She smiles as you stare at her defenseless rear, letting her bushy tail wag slowly to obscure and then reveal herself in a tantalizing display.

“Mmmm, good boy,” she says in a low voice as you scoot forward and pause to undo your pants. They drop quickly around your ankles along with your underwear before you shimmy out of them and kick them away.

The instant your erection springs out her eyes lock onto it. “So hard already? You flatter me,” she says with a chuckle, placing her hands against the wall, doubtlessly to prop herself up in preparation for the anal assault you’ll be commencing. “Come on in~”

Her massive, bushy tail manages to tickle your face with its caress before you can even place your hands on her thick cheeks. But, just as you’re within reach she whirls about with a speed you never would have thought possible.

Her two big, meaty paws snatch your wrists and then spread your arms apart, lifting you into the air in the same motion. Before you can do anything her mouth finds yours in a greedy, hungry kiss. A long, broad tongue forces its way into your mouth, asserting her dominion over you. Almost as quickly as it began she pulls back, leveling her gaze with yours. The flames reaching from her brow are dancing excitedly, even licking against your face. As you suspected they don’t burn, but instead leave a radiant, lingering heat.

“Very good, so eager to do as I say,” she says, revealing her canines.

You can’t quite grasp what she’s talking about, but it’s obvious it was a trap. Hell, you knew it before you dropped your pants. Not every day a woman bends over and invites you to fuck her ass. But damn if it wasn’t tempting, and even now you’re thinking about her having a hard, heavy anal orgasm as you mash her prostate over and over, sending her into a clamping, wringing frenzy that’d wring every drop out of you and fuck now you’re even harder.

“Oh my, did it just get bigger?” She comments, glancing down at your cock pressing up against her stomach. “I think we’re going to get along very well if you’re so taken with me~  But first, if you want my ass, you’ll need to earn it.”

That gets your attention. You ask what she means by ‘earn it.’

“First, help me out of this achingly tight blouse,” she says, dropping your arms. She looks down at you slightly, owing to her substantial height that you never quite realized until she held you aloft.

You fail to see what she’s getting at. Wouldn’t anyone want to release those fantastic tits of hers? Setting about quickly, you undo each button, letting her breasts burst free once you’ve undone the first few top buttons. Unfortunately she does have a bra on; no doubt that’ll be next. Working down the rest of her buttons, you come to a pause just before the last one.

Looking further down, you get a good look at her cock. And gulp. Despite pointing almost straight down and still obviously soft, it’s rather… sizeable, and despite the shadows, has a deep red color to it. First time you’ve seen that. Lewd thoughts race through your mind and set your heartbeat going. She’s even more exotic than anyone else you’d been with. You can just imagine the size of that thing when it’s fully engorged and swinging pendulously between her legs as you take her from behind like the bitch she is.

A paw under your chin brings your eyes back up to hers. “That’ll… come later,” she says with a wink.

Right. Last button undone and her jacket and blouse flutter down to the floor before getting swept away by one of her paws. Her bra comes next, and fortunately for you it has a clasp on the front. Before you can undo it, however, her paws cinch around your shirt and yank it over your head, leaving you almost entirely naked.

You leap to release her constrained puppies, but she pulls back. “Shoes and socks,” she says, pointing at your feet.

Grumbling, you yank them off and throw them into the corner. There, now you’re completely naked. Sybil gives you a satisfied nod, then curls a furry digit. Wasting no time you launch forward and remove the clasp with deft precision, finally letting her generous mounds free.

Finally freed, her mammoth mammaries swing and bounce before settling into a sag from their softness and weight, but her pink, perky nipples and pebbly areola are at the perfect angle. You’d just have to lean forward to take one of those buds into your mouth. Your hands race to grab and knead her flesh, but she swats them away. You glare at her, but she returns the look and stares you down.

You try to challenge her, but her withering glare cows you into submission. Soon as you back off she smiles again.

“Very good. Now, my skirt…”

You want to be annoyed, but at the same time you’re turned on by undressing her like this, even if it does feel a bit like you’re being commanded rather than it just happening. As you reach down for the clasp on the skirt, her paws again grasp your wrists.

“Do it on your knees,” she says sternly, her ruby eyes narrow slivers.

Now you’re irritated. Why?

“My ass, my rules,” she says, then pauses to think. A wry smirk spreads on her features and she leans in close, bringing her mouth to your ear. “I think you’ll come to enjoy my way of doing things,” she says in a seductive whisper, punctuated by her long, wet tongue sliding behind your ear along with a few tender nibbles. The effect instantly makes you very agreeable.  

Plopping on your knees, she rests a paw on your head and gives a little rub. You find it annoying, and expect to find a haughty look on her face but are surprised when you see only desire. That’s not the only thing showing desire you discover as you find her skirt now has a small tent. Undoing the clasp, you’re left awe-struck as the garment drifts to the floor.

You’re eye-to-eye with her massive, red tool. Even half-limp, it’s easily six inches long with thickness to match. Most startlingly of all, however, is the lump of obscene flesh at its base – It’s even thicker than the rest of her shaft.

A musky, heady aroma wafts from her crotch, filling your nostrils. Feral and wild, just like its owner. You shake your head to clear the haze and try to stand up, but the paw on your head prevents you from rising.

“I want to feel your touch,” she says, using her other paw to lift one of her massive breasts and then lets it flop free heavily. “Then you can touch these all you want~”

You’re already too far into this now to back out, and it’s not like you haven’t jerked a girl off before. Just, never in this position. It was usually while you were riding her ass hard and were giving her a reach around.

Bringing your fingers up to dance across her length, you find her flesh hot. All the veins spread across her cock pulse under your touch. Running a digit underneath and across the length of her urethra makes Sybil shudder and her dick jump. You continue to stroke lightly, until her rapidly swelling and hardening flesh stands full and proud. She’s massive, at least ten inches long and even thicker than before.

You’ve had just about enough and look up at her with a pleading look in your eyes. “Good job,” she says soothingly. The praise brings a smile to your face before you quickly shake it off and scowl. Her paw releases you, and like a spring you shoot up and go straight for her tits.

Your fingers sink deep into her supple mounds and your mouth finds one of her nipples. Sybil lets out a cute little moan as your take one of the cherry nubs between your teeth and bite gently. Her skin is hot everywhere, and it only makes you wonder how hot she is inside. Playing with her tits increases the burning desire within you all that much more, making your erection almost painful in hardness.

The two of you slowly stagger backwards until Sybil comes to rest against her desk, leaning back from your advance. Her throbbing wolf cock mashes against your erection as you lean into her, giving you a dirty thrill from the sensation of your member grinding against hers. You’ve never experienced this with any of the other endowed lovers you’ve had, but then again none of them have been nearly as large as Sybil is.

Driven nearly mad with lust you start to hump lightly, savoring the sensation – even more so as you feel something slick and warm spreading between your hard shafts. Sybil moans as your hips pick up the pace and just as you’re really starting to get into it you receive a shock as she suddenly forces you away from her.

Confusion and anger both play across your face and you ask her why the fuck she stopped you.

“I never said you could grind your dick against mine.” Her authoritative voice gives way to a grin that somehow bleeds away your irritation. “Not yet, anyways.”

So what do you have to do to next, you respond immediately.  

Her grin broadens. “You learn quick. First off, get on your knees.”

You glower, but you drop down as told. You just want to feel more of her, all of her. Eye-level again with her crotch, you can see her feral cock is oozing precum and throbs so much it’s practically jumping in time with her heartbeat.

Just as you about to comment it looks painful, she speaks up. “Could you help me with that?”

If it’s like before, then if you help her here she’ll let you do that much more. Your fingers wrap around her knotty shaft, spreading her sticky fluid around, but you don’t get far before she adds “With your mouth.”

Your heart lurches, and you stammer out that you’ve never done such a thing before. A fluffy paw finds its way to your head again, patting you reassuringly. “You’ll do fine. And I guarantee the taste,” she says with a wink.

Sybil takes a seat on the edge of the desk and leans back slightly, letting her cock stand proud. It’s almost mesmerizing, and draws you to it. Even though you’ve never done it before, you suddenly feel compelled to. From what Sybil has done thus far, you’ve learned that she seems to give you a reward for everything she asks. For something like this, the reward must be great indeed.  

Scooting forward, you take a plaintive lick of her tip. To your surprise her pre is nearly flavorless, save for a bit of appealing tanginess. A thin tendril of her thick fluid connects your tongue to her shaft and a shudder runs through her. A second and third lick, this time much longer, running across her from stem to stern.

It’s surprisingly tasty and the way it coats your tongue leaves you wanting more. With vigor you lick her every which way, spreading her premirth and your saliva across every inch of her red, veiny dick. Her paw rests lightly on your head, massaging your scalp as you minister her needs. You pull back and look up into her eyes, then back down. She lets out a needy whine.

Opening your mouth you take the tip of her between your lips and pause for a moment, realizing what you’re about to do. And it makes you harder than ever before and so turned on you can’t believe it. Your cock twitches and you can feel a warmth bubble from within. Glancing down you realize you’re drooling a little; funny, that’s never happened before in foreplay.

Your hands reach down to stroke yourself, but a swift push from a footpaw pushes your hand away. “You’re not allowed to touch yourself,” she commands.

So it’s going to be like that.

Pushing forward, her tip enters your mouth quickly followed by the rest. More and more of her length fills your mouth and you do your best to accommodate her massive size, slurping and pressing your tongue against her fat cumvein. Copious amounts of her tangy delight pours out into your mouth and she groans happily, her big bushy tail swaying happily against the desk like a giant feather duster.

Very quickly you reach your limit, only able to take in a small portion of her length. Still, you do your best to suck on her like you’re trying to pull out every drop of goodness and roll your tongue all over her hot, salty flesh. Your hands find her impressive balls, squeezing and playing with the orbs inside. They’re far softer and squishier than you would’ve thought, giving you something entertaining to play with as you suck the hellhound off.

“Fffuck that feels good,” she pants between heavy breaths, her hips starting to shimmy on the desk.

Mumbling a response with a mouth full of dick wasn’t going to get your message across, but the vibration makes her gasp. Taking the cue you start to hum and rove farther with one of your hands. Gliding along the underside of her sack and taint, your finger finds the sensitive flesh of her backdoor. Pressing up against it you find your digit slips in easily, accompanied by a long moan from Sybil. To enter so easily, she must be rather accustomed to putting things back there.

“Oh fuck yes! That’s the spot!” She howls in pleasure, bucking against your face and finger, plunging her dick deeper in your mouth and your finger up her ass.

By now her tongue is lolling out of her mouth, dripping saliva all over her breasts. “Deeper!” She commands, applying pressure to the back of your head. You try to resist, instead seeking to pleasure her further with your finger. Shoving another inside her ass you go all the way to the second knuckle, pushing against her tight muscles trying to force you out.

Curling your fingers forward you’re surprised to find her prostate so easily, though like the rest of her, it’s massive. A single light press fills your mouth with an even thicker, headier flow that you eagerly drink down.

Just as you think she’s putty in your hands, you get a rude awakening. Her paws take your head and force you down. It’s all you can do to keep your gag reflex in check as she forces you down on her, stuffing your mouth and throat full of cock.

“Your throat is so fucking tight! I can’t get enough!” She gasps, gritting her teeth.

Further and further you’re forced down until your lips meet her knot. Thankfully she doesn’t try to force you to take that; your jaw would probably break if she tried. You don’t have long to get used to her giant doggy dick down your throat before she stands up and takes a position bent over you, forcing your head back and aligning herself up with your throat for a straight shot down.

“Fucking take it!” She bellows, drawing her massive doggy dick out and then slamming it home, grinding her knot up against your lips.

Your hands flail for something to hold onto until they fall weakly to your sides. She continues pump in and out of your throat with your head between her paws, holding you down on your knees as she relentlessly facefucks you.

Inches and inches saw in and out of your throat, aided by her self-lubrication. Being so utterly used has flipped a switch you never knew you had and you find yourself relishing the experience, letting yourself go slack as she pummels your throat.

“G-gonna…” Sybil hisses through clenched teeth, “Cum!”

She bites down hard on her lip and clamps her eyes shut. Her whole body tenses and she buries down your neck one last time, forcing her feral knot snug against your lips.  In a howl of pleasure her fat cock swells and the vein along the bottom of her cock bloats out against your tongue and burns even hotter than before. At the same time, before your eyes, the knot swells even larger, growing to nearly the size of an apple.

Thick, burning wolf spunk pours down your gullet and directly into your stomach in long jets. Sybil’s hips twitch and shudder with every spurt, jerking her cock back and forth as she unloads all she has. She holds you firm against her, groaning and panting in accompaniment to each powerful contraction. You’re forced to swallow every musky drop, even when you think she can’t possibly cum anymore. Her cock quakes and bucks in you for what seems like an eternity, and her outpouring is so great it even gives you a tiny bit of a bloated belly, as if you’ve eaten a full meal.

Letting slip a satisfied sigh, Sybil pulls back, freeing her cock from your mouth a pop. You cough a bit, letting a few dollops of her cum linger on your tongue. It’s salty, but also savory. Not a bad taste by any means.

“Mmm, sorry I got carried away there,” she says with the barest hints of guilt on her face. “Couldn’t help myself.”

You’re still in a bit of a haze from the throat-fucking you just received, but shrug and comment you rather enjoyed it.

Sybil quirks an eyebrow. “Oh?” She studies you for a while, clearly not expecting you to admit something like that so readily. “Normally people put up a bit of fight,” she says, watching for your reaction.

You respond that it was weird at first, but also really enjoyable. You’ve always been one to do whatever felt good. Your remark brings an honest, warm smile to Sybil’s features. “I rather think we’ll get along terrifically. Ah, if only everyone was like you – would make my job much easier.”

You frown a little at simply being a ‘job,’ but accept it as a matter of course. When you ask if that’s all she has planned for today or whatever, she simply shakes her head and boops you on the nose with a paw pad. “Not yet, cutey~”

She hikes her butt up and takes a seat on her desk, then pats her lap. “Come, have a seat.”

Rising from your knees you move to sit down next to her, but she grabs your hips and pulls you square onto her lap. You can feel her semen-slicked shaft rub up against your thigh as her paws settle around you, holding you against her soft breasts. She’s surprisingly warm, though considering she’s a hellhound maybe it’s not all that surprising.

“My, you did enjoy that, didn’t you?”

To highlight her point, she traces one of her furry digits down the length of your shaft, drawing your attention to yourself. You’re utterly soaked in your own pre, leaving rivulets that run down your sack and even your thighs. Damn, you must’ve nearly cum when she blew her spunk down your throat.

She pulls her finger away, letting a long tendril form and then snap. She licks it off, then hums appreciatively. Soon as she gets a taste you feel her cock stiffen beneath you. Which gives you an idea. Wiggling back and forth, you manage to work her knotty shaft into the cleft between your cheeks.

“Oh you naughty thing,” she coos in your ear, rapidly hardening beneath you. “I was planning on giving you a breather, but since you insist…”

You feign innocence all while grinding back against her until her staff is flying at full mast between your cheeks. In retaliation she runs her long tongue across your ear, taking it into her mouth  and biting down with just the right amount of pressure. Your back arches as her tongue dances around, then doubly again when her paw finds your aching erection. Her satiny, squishy pads wrap around and begin to stroke you slowly, leaving you gasping for more.

Instead she drops her pace, going oh-so-very slowly. “This is punishment for acting without orders,” she says in a low, teasing voice. Her legs snake around yours, pinning your lower half in place while one paw is enough to pin you against her. It’s obvious she’s enjoying this, based on how hard her nipples are pressing into your back and how much her shaft is twitching against you.

She continues for what feels like an eternity, caressing and stroking everywhere she can reach with her paws and tongue. Her pads dance around you, tapping up and down your shift from all angles and especially focusing on rimming around the edge of your glans. Your pre is more than enough to provide all the lubrication needed to keep things smooth and pleasurable.

Only when you’re begging her to give you release does she finally cease her torture. “Have you learned your lesson?” She says with a sort of motherly affection.

Yes, you say weakly, only to receive another tap on the nose.

“Yes what?”

Instantly you know what she’s after. Yes, mistress, you respond.

“Very good! Now then, time for some real fun,” she says, finally freeing you.

She pulls some thick towels from one of her drawers and lays them across her desk, then motions for you to get on. As you crawl up, she gives you a playful swat on the ass. “On your knees. I’m going to show you how a hellhound fucks,” she says, licking her lips.  

It doesn’t take long to figure on what she intends to do, but by this point you’ll do anything to get release. With barely a tap from her paws you spread your legs wide and bend over, resting your face on the towel. You tell her you’ve never had anything up your ass before, and you’re a little worried she might break you.

“Don’t worry,” she says soothingly words while gently patting your rump. “You’re going to *love* this!”

Rather than going straight for your exposed rear with her hefty shaft, she brings her face down. Within the same breath you feel something hot and wet prod your backdoor, flicking against it and rubbing up and down.

Your whole body shivers from the never-before-experienced sensation, drawing a gasp from your lips. Seconds later pressure mounts on your tight bud and you feel yourself forcibly spread open as Sybil’s tongue worms its way into your virgin ass. Slowly but surely it delves deeper, the increasing thickness opening you up. You keep clenching around her inadvertently, but it seems to hardly matter. She just hums, sending vibrations through her tongue that send waves of pleasure through you and somehow loosen you up.

Her tongue lashes around inside you, focusing particular attention on one particularly spot. Every time your prostate is pressed your cock leaps to attention and you feel a warm trickle seep from deep within before drooling out your cumslit. With every additional inch of tongueflesh in you, there’s an ever-increasing strain on your sphincter as it’s spread further and further.  

Some points make you gasp from twinges of pain, others moan lowly as she explores your inner depths. Just as you really start getting into it and you feel a heat and tightness well up from within, she pulls out of you completely, leaving you to look back at her with a pained expression.

“Enjoyed it that much?” She asks, licking her lips.

You mutter yes and that you want more, much to her satisfaction.

“More? Like my cock?”

Quietly you say that yes, you want to feel her inside you and give you release.

She chuckles throatily and you prepare yourself, finding your anticipation building more than you ever thought possible. For an agonizingly long time, or maybe just a few seconds, nothing happens and you look back at her. No sooner than you do her pointed pecker slips between your cheeks, adding her pre to the saliva.

The searing hot rod works up and down a few times and you grit your teeth, preparing for her entry.


Yes, mistress!

A tiny cry of pleasure escapes your lips when Sybil’s tip presses against your tight backdoor. The pressure builds as her hips slowly adjust forward until your virgin ass yields, letting her slip past. Your cry turns into a long groan intermingled with yelps as her full girth pierces you, robbing you of your anal virginity.

Inch by agonizing, amazing inch slip in, packing you full of thick, burning hot, throbbing wolf cock. The first thrust grinds along your prostate, making you quiver as a thick, gooey dollop of cockmilk is squeezed from the gland and out onto the towels.

“Oh my, dripping so much from just me putting it in? You *are* a sensitive one, aren’t you?”

You answer with another groan as she finally comes to a halt, letting the hefty orb of her knot rest against your already-strained ass. Mercifully she’s not keen on pushing it into you just yet.

She holds still, allowing you to get used to the incredible sense fullness and pressure. The pain quickly subsides as your guts acclimate to the foreign invader, every part of you clenching futilely against her.

“That’s what I love about virgins,” she says, leaning down just enough to let her nipples glance across your back. “You clamp down so much! I feel like I’m going to blow already…”

Without further ado she lunges back, twisting your lips into an O as it feels like she’s going to turn you inside-out. She halts just before her tip pops free and slams back in, making you grunt in pain as your inside struggle to accept her. Again and against she batters you, every thrust squeezing another stream of prostate milk from the poor gland.

She’s pounding you so hard you’re scooting across the surface of the desk, and she’s not one to miss the opportunity. In an impressive feat she lifts one leg onto the desk and then the other, scarcely missing a beat. Hunched over you like the beast she is, she wraps her paws around your chest and squeezes you tight. With her new found you, she’s able to deliver a series of heavenly blows focused on your prostate.

The endless battering leaves you gasping and squirming and moaning, burying your face deep in the towels. Your bucking, painfully hard erection spurts enough milky fluid to form a veritable your legs.

Her combined assault on your most sensitive spot together with her thickness spreading you apart and stimulating so much at once leaves you so close to that ragged edge. Struggling from her mighty impacts that rock you forward, it’s all you can do to try and reach back to stroke your cock to give you that final bit you need. But just as your fingers are within range to close around your trembling shaft, your wrists are slammed down to the desk by a pair of paws.

“What did I say? No touching!” she commands through ragged breaths, her chest heaving and glistening with exertion.

You feel like you’re being driven mad by her ceaseless pounding, spreading your walls and then leaving you vacant in an endless cycle. Her thrusts are getting firmer, harder, each one seemingly bringing her knot closer to entering you.

Whining you try to thrust your hips back into her, hoping to achieve that one last bit of bliss you need.

“Does my cock sleeve need one final push?

You babble in the affirmative, and instantly one of your wrists is let go. Pulling back, she then delivers a sharp smack to your ass with one of her paws. You grunt and clamp down hard, making her fight for every inch she slides into you. Her motions turn from long, depth-filling thrusts into short jerky motions, her knot constantly pressing up against your backdoor.

Another smack and another, each one striking harder than the last leaves you clenching your teeth and moaning whorishly as she times every thrust with a spank. You can hear Sybil grunting with effort, struggling against your endless clenching.

Finally she quits spanking you, leaving the message home that she’s in control. Forcing yourself to relax as much as possible, she hammers home with increasingly quickness, pushing her knot deeper with each one until there’s a sudden give, stretching you to your absolute limits.

The shock of pain steals your breath away and you quickly forget your lesson, desperately trying back up in order to force her knot deeper or pull it out to relieve the tension on your delicate sphincter. Sybil grabs your hips firmly and holds you still, letting you squirm on her throbbing knot. The sheer stretch imparted on you is making you beg and plead for something, anything, to give you relief.

She begins to rock back and forth ever so slightly, stimulating your taut asshole. Finally, somehow, you start to grow used to the sensation, coming to enjoy the stretch and the feel of her throbbing sphere. However, it’s a far cry from the thrill of her thrusting in and out of you like a beast and you begin to plead.

Her movements gain a little distance and just when you think she’ll resume, she instead she pulls out entirely, letting her cock slap against your thigh.

“Mmmm, I want to hear you say it,” she teases.

Say what, you’re barely able to squeak out.

“That you want my knot,” she says in a low growl, near your ear. “I know you need it inside you, but I want to hear it…”

With a mind full of desperate need, you say yes as many times as needed – you *need* her knot, and you need it now. You’re delirious from not having cum despite being on edge for so long.

“Then get ready~”

Watching with your cheek ground into the desk, Sybil pulls back and positions her cock. Her massive tool slips in easily, and you close your eyes in bliss, only to open them as her knot once again presses against you.

She thrusts in to the knot and pulls out, only to hammer home again and force a little more of her inside you. With each blow she spreads you wider, and at her thickest point you’re left at the peak of agony and bliss all rolled into one. This time she rears back and buries herself entirely in on the next push. With a wet pop her knot sinks entirely inside of you, drawing cries of pleasure from both of you.

Your back arches and your shock can’t find a voice from her massive, throbbing knot and the intense stretching it’s giving your guts. But she’s not done yet.

Humping you in short, quick motions she rides you hard and fast, swatting your ass in time and pressing nearly straight down into you. It’s all over in a few seconds for you and with a cry of pleasure and pain you cum harder than you ever have in your life from her knot squeezing your prostate flat. Your onrushing orgasm makes you clamp and clench tighter than ever, much to Sybil’s delight.

“Fuck yeah! Take it! Take my fucking knot!” Sybil howls, hammering you for all she’s worth, slamming your ass mercilessly.

Your cock trembles and bucks like a wild animal, spewing rope after rope of white-hot cum. You go nearly insensate as the wildfire of your orgasm blanks your mind, even as your balls work double-time to blow their seedy stores.

“F-fuck! Gonna, gonna cuuuum!”

Even as you cum your breath catches as a hot blast unloads deep in your ass, washing your colon in a pearly sheen. Sybil is grunting and panting above you, filling you with her seed. She keeps fucking you with abandon, somehow pounding faster and harder with every spurt. You cry out until well past the aftershocks of your orgasm from the sensation of being bloated and packed full of hellhound cum, but there’s no respite.

Her knot’s thickness swells with every load until you feel like you’ll come apart at the seams, and just when you think it’ll be too much, she goes completely stiff and bears down on you so hard you collapse forward, with Sybil following after. One last massive jet sprays out, topping you off with the final helping of wolf cream.

She breathes heavily atop you, and for the moment it seems she’s passed out. However, when you try to get out from under her you find her knot is keeping you trapped. The pull of her against you in your hyper-sensitive state is too much and you quickly give up.

Sybil’s eyes flutter open a few seconds later and she wraps you up in her paws.

“That was amazing,” she says in a remarkably gentle voice. “You really got into it…”

Blushing, you look away. The post-orgasmic high fades to the realization you’ve been knotted like a bitch by the hellhound. But, being held like this, tied to her, you feel surprisingly safe. There’s a mild sense of shame at what you just did, but damn was it ever worth it. You would’ve done this years ago if you knew how great it was! No wonder women like Sybil were such buttsluts.

“I need a nap after that, how about you?” She says with a chuckle, testing her knot. “Neither of us are going anywhere for a while, anyways. I’ll let you ride me raw when we wake up…”

You sigh, not wanting to let on you’re more than content in her paws. Without much else to do and exhaustion quickly taking you, you let yourself drift off to sleep while Sybil keeps you warm. You have a feeling you’ll soon be questing her training to be a life-long affair.


Part 2 : Sounding is here.


 “I warned you what would happen if didn’t have the house spotless by the time I got home,” Sybil says, though she’s not angry in the least. In fact, she’s rather pleased that she gets to make good on her ‘threat.’

You try to make excuses by saying how you were busy and had a job interview and a harpy stole your phone and wouldn’t let it go because of its shiny backing, but she’s having none of it.

“It’s a good thing I got them in yesterday, isn’t it?” She says, grinning more like a devil than a hellhound.

Somehow you get the impression that even if you had scrubbed every little thing spotless and removed every speck of dust, she still would’ve found something to fail you on. For someone who was supposed to whip you into some kind of shape fit for proper society, she was doing a piss-poor job of it. Then again, you tended to let her get carried away.

Sybil marshals you into the fun room, and she indicates towards the padded chair. “Have a seat and we can get started,” she says, sounding exactly as you’d expect someone who gets to try out their new toys would.

With a sigh you remove your clothes, fold them, and place them in a neat pile on a nearby bench. Didn’t take you long to learn your lesson about leaving your clothes strewn about the floor. Maybe, in a way, her plan was working.

The cold vinyl always makes you jump, but at least it warms quickly. “Do your worst”, you say, crossing your arms in defiance. Sybil chuckles at your display and gives you a wink. “That’s what I like to see; it’s no fun if you don’t put up some kind of fight.”

She says that, but in the next breath she’s rummaging through the bins for a few lengths of rope. Whatever, you assume the position by reaching around the back of the chair and wait. Sybil binds your wrists together and then to the chair with her usual speed, keeping you nice and snug but not so much it hurts.

Naked and bound, you’re feeling a little under-dressed compared to the hellhound, who’s still wearing her office outfit. “I think you’ll like this,” she says, pulling a well-crafted wooden box from a drawer. Sybil sneaks a peek inside, then snaps it shut and sets it on the bench in front of you. You ask her what you’ll be liking, since she doesn’t seem to want to show you. “And where’s the fun in that?” Sybil winks at you, then heads out of the room.

“Let me get changed into something more… comfortable. I’ll be back in a minute.”

She pads off, leaving you to ponder what’s in the long, somewhat thin box for a few minutes, though it doesn’t keep you occupied for long and you begin to grow bored.

“Did you miss me?” Sybil says with a throaty giggle. Turning to look, she’s switched into some lacy white lingerie. Her top is mostly see-through, revealing her ample breasts and puffy, pink areola, each capped by an eraser nub. With every step her chest bounces underneath the thin material.

Her bare, toned midriff gives way to panties and a garter holding up thigh-high stockings. Like her top, her panties strain to contain her thick tool and sack; and she’s not even hard yet. Though watching her sashay her hips and make her butt jiggle just enough, you’re getting to that point in a hurry.

Sybil leans down behind you, squishing her breasts into the back of your head. Licking and nibbling your ear, she whispers “This is going to take your breath away…” Her warm paws rub up down on your chest and stomach while she licks and nibbles your lobe a few seconds longer for good measure. Her earthy, hot scent fills your nostrils, leaving subtle traces of ash and mountains.

Just the slightest touch and scent and your switch is flipped, already half-hard.

Releasing you, she walks towards the bench, giving your face a few fwaps from her tail for good measure. Every motion she makes is purposeful and slow, and though she never looks behind her she knows you’re watching. The perfect, plump heart-shape of her ass as she bends over, her big, suckable balls squeezing out from the bottom of panties that had no hope of containing them. Side to side she sways, holding your vision captive.

So focused are you on her posterior, you fail to notice the objects in her paw until she turns around. She’s coating a long, steel rod of some kind – it’s gently curved near the ends, and the whole thing looks to be fairly long – with lubricant. Nervousness manages to override your lust for a moment and you ask her what that is, and what she intends to do with it.

The way she laughs isn’t comforting in the least. She saunters over then kneels, staring at your cock before her eyes drift up to meet yours. “This is what’s called a sound, my sweet,” she says, then takes a long lick of your shaft with her tongue. Her hot organ slathers you in her spit and your cock jumps to attention.

Taking a deep breath, you ask her what exactly a sound is, but the way she’s holding it – and where she’s looking, you’re starting to figure it out.

“It goes in your friend here,” she giggles, spreading your legs and edging closer. She drums the steel rod against your cock, sliding the cool object against you and showing how long it is compared to you. There’s no way that can go in there!

You object as much as you can, eyes wide, even if there’s a tiny bit of curiosity deep down.

“A little afraid? Aw, and here I was hoping you’d be brave,” Sybil says, making a pitying face.

She’s not going to force it on you, is she? You ask as such with a quiver to your voice.

“This is supposed to be punishment,” she says with an evil glint, stroking your dick with a free paw.

You gulp, but Sybil works to relieve your nervousness. Her tongue wraps around your cock and guides you into her mouth while a paw goes to work on your balls. The soft, supple pads tumble and knead your sack and her hot mouth effortlessly takes most of you in.

Her squirming tongue slathers and presses against the bottom of your cock, catching on the ridge of your glans as she bobs her head back. Sybil’s cheeks indent when she pulls back, then puff out as she leans forward, taking you deep and tickling the back of her throat with your cock.

Warmth begins to bubble up from within you, working up your cock and depositing a clear, salty treat in the hellhound’s mouth. You’re forced to gasp as it signals Sybil your readiness and she redoubles her efforts. Her lips press against your crotch as she rams you all the way down her tight throat, and with a happy little moan that sends vibrations through your shaft, she slowly pulls you from her neck – only to bob forward and take you all in again and again.

If this is punishment, you could certainly get used to it.

More and more precum oozes from your cock, and then, with one final squeeze of your balls, Sybil pulls all the way off. With a pop your cock emerges from her mouth, glistening in her spit and a river of precum that springs forth.

“All ready to go,” she says luridly.

She brings the steel rod up and near, resting one end on your cockhead. “Here we go…”

Before you can plead with her to stop, the tip of the steel instrument flares your opening. Aided by the synthetic lubricant and your natural pre, it begins to slide down by its weight alone. Your breath catches in your throat as you feel parts of you stretching and expanding that had never before.

“Told you it’d take your breath away,” Sybil coos, rubbing the inside of your thigh with one paw while the other holds the rod.

Your pulse quickens and your eyes are locked on the rod, watching as more and more if it disappears inside your cock. There’s a sharp pinch that makes you flinch, but Sybil just shushes you and continues to watch with a grin. A slight burn that reminds you of the first time you tried anal, along with the accompanying stretch.

Waves of sensations flood you; bits of pain, sharpness, along with the satisfying sensation of fullness. It hurts so good.

Time seems to come to a standstill as the glistening thing pierces you, your urethral opening gaping and stretching to accommodate the intruder. Finally your body forces you to let out the breath you’ve been holding and you suck in another, but the rod has ceased is descent.

“Great, isn’t it?” Sybil asks, her paw moving from your inner thigh to your cock and giving it a gentle stroke up your cumvein.

You can’t speak, but somehow, do a very slight nod. It’s almost indescribable, like losing a virginity you never thought you had.

Then, taking a forceful grip on your cock, she forces it straight up. No longer impeded by the curvature of your dick, the rod renews its slide. Deeper and deeper it drops, making you squirm and gasp. It alternates between pain and pleasure so much, so fast, you have no idea what to think. You whine and buck your hips up in reflex, but it only aids in forcing a length of the rod in that much faster until it hits another snag.

You can’t see it, but you can feel it – a stretch and fullness only halfway down your length. It’s felt like it’s been an eternity.

“Oh my, want more do you?” Sybil says with a raspy chuckle, and again she adjusts you.

Your mouth forms a silent scream, but of what, you don’t know. The curved rod dips further and you tremble, feeling the now-warm steel plunge deeper than you would have ever thought possible.

Short, quickened breaths escape you when you remember to breathe, but the longer it lasts, and the more of it is in you, the better it feels.

Bit by bit the pain subsides, replaced by something else. It feels good, but in a different way. A forbidden pleasure; a taboo. That which normally does the penetrating has been itself penetrated, using your precum as lubricant to force its way deep inside.

More and more of the rod disappears, until you feel it bump into something at the base of your cock. There’s still half the length yet of the rod, dangling in the air.

“We’re almost to the good part,” Sybil says, then pats your leg. “You’ve been such a good boy!”

What is she talking abo—

Open-mouthed and staring at yourself, you grunt and groan as she pushes it deeper. The tip decends into your body and the other half of the curved thing forces you apart in new ways. Your legs shiver as more and more of the steel vanishes down your dick, your slit gulping it down greedily. There’s pressure, stretching, fulfillment, deep within you.

And then, a burst of heat. You throw your head back and let out a staggered, incoherent moan.

“Oh ho, there already?” Sybil says happily. “How does your prostate feel?”

She taps the exposed end, driving it into your prostate a second time, crossing your eyes as you feel a desperate need to cum.

Working delicate and fast, Sybil pounds your prostate directly with the rod, and her mouth vanishes from view. Her tongue licks down your balls, pausing to pop each orb into her mouth. She suckles on each one gently, never breaking from bouncing the rod up and down in quick, short strokes.

You writhe in your seat, struggling and bucking and feeling like you’re going mad from pleasure and pain, whirling together to overload your senses.

With each of your testicles good and coated Sybil’s face drops lower and your feel her tongue slither down your sack and across your taint. Mercifully she quits hammering your prostate with the sound, using both paws to spread your legs. Her face buries in your crotch and her tongue circles your backdoor.

Compared to the rod in your cock, her tongue feels like nothing as she pushes it into your ass. In your fogged mind you don’t connect what she’s doing as her tongue delves further, spreading you open as she seeks her target.

It doesn’t take long before her probing organ finds its mark – a bud of firm flesh through your walls.

Your eyes clamp shut and you grunt as her tongue presses against your prostate and her paw forces the rod in.

Massaged and prodded from two directions at once, your prostate overloads you with sensations. Your entire body tenses as it feels like electricity courses through you before you go slack. Sybil just laughs, her tongue deep in your ass, relentless in its assault.

Just when you think it can’t get any better/worse, she draws the sound out in one fast, long motion – taking it to half-mast before ramming it home again.

Stars explode before your eyes and your head swims, utterly overloaded. Precum is flowing forth in quantities you never knew were possible, and it feels like you’ve been on the cusp of orgasming forever. There’s just one little more push needed.

And Sybil is delighted to give it to you. Fucking your cock with the sound, plunging it in and out like your cock is nothing more than a pussy or ass to be abused by a dildo, your mind goes white.

Your whole body pulls taut like a bowstring and explodes. Hips lurching up and back arching, you let out a feral scream as you cum so hard the sound rockets out of your cock, followed by a long stream of thick, hot cum.

You cum and cum, splattering across Sybil’s face as she gasps in surprise and joy, enjoying the one-man bukkake you’re giving her. With every jet your whole body contracts and you lurch, cumming so hard you can’t think or speak or do anything except shoot out more and more.

Finally, you collapse, utterly spent and panting. If your hands weren’t bound you’d probably have fallen off the chair.

“Have fun?” Sybil asks, patting you. “I guess that wasn’t much punishment, was it?”

You can’t even form a response. You just kind of lurch as a response. Sybil licks as much as your spunk off her face as she can, but ultimately has to grab a nearby towel to remove the rest. You have to hand it to yourself – that was quite a lot.

“But watching that, well,” Sybil stands, and you manage to lift your eyes to her crotch. Her massive, red, knotted puppy pecker is half out of her panties, straining against the fabric. A river of her crystal-clear pre drips from the pointed end, forming long tendrils that stretch and snap over and over. “That got me a little turned on…”

She’s quick to untie you, and helps you to the bed. Some of your strength is starting to recover, and somehow, your cock is still hard – though it feels a little vacant now. Already you want something back in it.

“I can’t wait, hurry, get on your knees,” Sybil whines, giving your behind a swat as you take the position. Looking back, you can see her thick tool literally throbbing with need, and as soon as your backdoor is exposed she pushes down the edge of her panties to let it flop free.

Wasting no time, she lines up her pre-soaked dick with your ass and rams it home, shoving you forward as she staggers and her tongue lolls out. Your ass, wet and stretched by her tongue, accepts most of her length with ease, but she stops short with her knot.

Your cock springs to life again as your poor prostate is squished beneath the invader, belting out a rope of whitish pre-cum. The feeling of fullness in your guts isn’t quite the same as what you wanted inyour cock, but it’s a passable alternative.

Sybil humps in earnest, grabbing your waist and pulling you into her as she thrusts forward. Her rough treatment gets your cock drooling even more, and with every heavy impact her thick knot spreads your wringing asshole a little further.

Short yips escape her every time she slams home, but she seems a little frustrated. Pausing for a moment, her cock still nestled within you, she climbs up onto the bed and hunches over you. She’s able to lean down and lick your ear and down your neck before she bites lightly; enough to let you know she’s there but not enough to draw blood.

Holding your neck in her mouth she starts to fuck you in earnest, building into a tempo that has her big, swinging balls slapping into yours with wet slaps from the endless pre she produces.

Then, finally, her knot slams hard, but your tight pucker won’t allow her passage. She growls and presses down on you, forcing you into the bed as her hips press harder and harder, spreading you wide. You gasp and scream – you’ll never get used to that fucking ball of red flesh – and she growls more. Just when you think you can’t take anymore, her thick orb passes the halfway point and disappears inside, your backdoor swallowing her up eagerly as it feels like a melon has been forced up your ass.

Your abused prostate gives one last gasp and you cum, spraying a few weak, yet still thick ropes onto the bed as you fall onto your stomach. But Sybil is not satisfied and humps you in short, hard strokes, until finally she releases your neck and howls in triumph. Her fat cock and knot fatten even more as her virile load floods through her before blasting into your guts.

Immediately you can feel that hot hellhound spunk spray against your walls before pooling and sloshing, but she keeps going. With every spurt she thrusts, timing her rhythm to get her seed as deep into you as possible. Your belly begins to stretch as the productive hellhound released her fountain of mirth until she’s spent and falls on top of you.

With her knot fully buried, there’s no escape from her or her boiling semen. Panting happily, her big fluffy tail wags about in the air. Her paws wrap around you in a cuddle and she gives you an affectionate kiss on the cheek. “You’re such a good fuck. I could do this all day…”

You mention that after what you went through, you’re good for a while. Everything south of the border hurts. Sybil laughs, but then makes a soft gasp as the action draws her knot against your backdoor and makes her shudder. “When I get free, I want you to use that,” she points with hers to the sounding rods, “On me.”

Really? She still wants more?

“You know it,” she says in a dreamy sigh, closing her eyes and resting against you.

With nothing else to do and nowhere to go, you take a nap as well. It’s rare that you get to control things, and you’re sure not about to let it go to waste.


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10 thoughts on “The Knotty Hellhound 1&2

  1. Hellhound? Do want.
    Futa on male? Do want.
    Sub/dom sex from sub POV? Do want.
    Knotting? Do want.
    Steel rod shoved down dick? DO NOT WANT.

    Other than that last bit- which, to be clear, was not necessarily badly written, just not my particular cup of tea- absolutely loved this.

    Bobanon is credit to team.

  2. I really liked it, not the sounding so much, but it was interesting. The knotting was really hot to read, just sad we didn’t get to see the MC take Sybil’s backdoor.

  3. This was extremely hot to read. I do wish for more of this Hellhound, no flaws to be found as far as I could see.

    I would have liked to see MC pound that Hellhound’s sweet hole with all the passion in the world.

    1. Well, she’s not a policewoman exactly – more like she’s in a department that tries to prevent people from becoming criminals in the first place. By giving them the knot.

      Legit as fuck.

      1. @Bobanon Or, in the case of folks like Bob who enjoy a bit of knot from time to time, sentencing them to five years in an all-futa mamono prison.


        It’s a three-year waiting list, and any further offences during that timespan lead to the sentence being dropped >:3

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