The Home Improver Store


 Authors Note: Hello and thank you for reading. This is my first attempt at writing MGE stories as well as smut. I've edited enough to where I feel comfortable presenting this to the community and I hope you enjoy. Any comments and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please note that the characters, places, names, and situations are entirely fictional and used for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Angel sighed as she pulled up into the parking lot of her work.  The Home Improver Store, probably one of the most unimaginative names for a big box hardware store there is, she thought grumpily. But then again it was owned by a Lilim so if it didn’t involve sex then it wasn’t worth putting too much thought into it anyway.

 It was once a more recognizable orange colored big box hardware store but rumor had it during a business party, the Lilim Druella because intrigued about the concept of a bunch of sweaty, muscular construction worker types all heading to the same store. Meeting with the owner of the company she managed to ‘convince’ him to sell 10 stores for her to put a personal touch to. After the party it was said he was dazedly mumbling something about the best blow job of his entire life. It was also said the next day his wife filed for a divorce…

The now purple hardware store loomed before her… Purple beams, purple work aprons, purple everything… God she hated purple. 

 Being a human working at a hardware store that now catered more towards mamono was rough, being the only human woman that was also a manager that worked at a hardware store that now catered towards mamono was a stone cold bitch. She was constantly challenged by monster girls who thought they knew better than her or looked down at her just because she was a human woman. 

Her fellow assistant managers and even store manager were all mamono. The merchandise manager was a Minotaur, Mikaela - a decent hardworking girl that Angel actually liked and considered her a friend. The operations manager was a lazy, dumb as shit Holstarus named Krystal that Angel despised with all her being. Angel usually had to clean up her messes along having to deal with the fact that the cow spent 8 of her 12 hour shift in the office milking herself. The store manager was a Tanuki named Rayla who didn’t really give a shit about anything as long as the store made money.  

Despite all this Angel still pushed on, she was head strong, refusing to believe that she couldn’t make it in a Mamono world. 

Walking into the store on her way to the manager’s office she was greeted by many of the stores employees; Alexia the Amazon department head for Tool Rental, Stephanie the Kobold Head Cashier, even the usually grumpy Hellhound lumber associate, Girlie, offered her a smile. 

Dropping her purse into the office she found Ralya biting her fingernails in terror.
“Angel!!!" She screamed. “Druella is on her way to walk our store!”

At times like that, in situations such as that, Angel learned the only appropriate response to that kind of news.


Cutting a path through the store, walking at a gait that would make a centaur proud, Angel screamed orders at the associates. 

“Pick up that trash! Get that pallet of shit back up in the over head! Why is that bathtub in the middle of the god damn fucking aisle?!” 

 Walking by the plumbing department she noticed Danny, a fellow human and department head for Plumbing, juggling PVC fittings in the aisle. Due to Danny being a clown, an actual god damn professional circus clown, she would have normally ignored it, except today.

“Clown! Stop that shit and get the department cleaned up! Druella is on her way.”  Dropping the fittings, she had a semi satisfied feeling as he turned pale without the benefit of his clown make up.  

“Who the hell is yelling at my husband?!” Called out Danny’s wife, Susan who ran Milworks and who, also, just happened to be a Salamander.

“Druella’s on her way to walk the store, Flamethrower. If your department's not perfect when she comes, I promise you’ll be stuck in the outside garden section every time the local Ryu decides to have it rain…” Angel threatened. 

Turning a similar shade as her husband, the Salamander made an about face and bee lined it back towards her department. Shaking her head, Angel thought; How could a god damn clown somehow defeat a Salamander warrior in order for her to fall in love him? Maybe he just hit her with a pie or his balls? Wait, no bad image, never mind...

“Where’s the nails?”

“Aisle 17 sir.”

“Help! I broke my faucet while having sex with my husband in the tub!”

“Aisle 9 has the faucets ma’am”

“My favorite vibrator burned out! What can I do?!”

“Aisle 69, I’ll send Jenny the Golem over there she can help you replace the motor on that ma’am”

Angel continued her path through the store, both yelling orders and helping customers, until she reached her destination- Appliances. 

Anon was the Department Head there and also a human. He would always help her out no matter what, bring her home cooked food because she couldn’t cook for shit, bring her medicine when she was sick, take the dreaded manager phone from her so she could take breaks, lunches and just over all be a rock in the chaotic storm of retail hell. 

It was no secret that he was her favorite and perhaps if she were drunk enough she would admit she had feelings for him but two major things stood in her way. The first, being that although not against company policy, she thought it was wrong to date a co-worker, especially a subordinate. The second, and probably most important, was he was already married. Anon’s wife was a human as well but in Angel’s eyes that was where the similarity ended. The bitch was lazy as shit and sat around all day while Anon worked sometimes 12 hour shifts. She barely took care of their daughter, and when Anon went home, he would have to cook and clean because she was too ‘tired’. Angel secretly hated her just for the fact she had a husband that was kind and hardworking while Angel herself had nothing but an empty, cold apartment to come home to every night. 

“Why hello ma’am.” he teased giving her a warm smile.

“Hello sir.” she replied returning the smile. You’re the only one in this damn place that makes me feel better, why are you fucking married? Why can’t I have you? She thought to herself for the millionth time.

“Druella's coming right now to walk us.” 

“Shit...” Anon replied nervously “Ok, I’ll get on things here, make sure everything looks good…”


“… and that’s why our Krakkenpool  dishwasher is our best seller.” Anon finished presenting, as everyone crowded in the showroom. All the department heads, managers, store manager and most importantly Druella circled to watch Anon present his best selling appliances. Angel was proud of him, he knew his numbers, his best sellers, and he didn’t flounder despite having an all powerful daughter of the Demon Lord just feet away. 

“My my my Anon, you certainly know your business, and...” Druella paused to lick her lips, “You have quite a way with words.” She finished as her eyes narrowed on him.
No no no! Angel thought frantically. He’s married; she’s not allowed to do anything to him, right? That has to count for something, right?! Even Angel could sense the power emanating towards him from the Lilim as she leaned over towards the now frightened department head. Squeezing her eyes shut in despair Angel felt her heart break. Druella was going to take him, the very person that kept her sane, that makes her smile and cared for her. A single tear traced a path down her cheek as she thought over and over, please don’t take him, please don’t take him... 

Surprisingly, Druella stopped and glanced over at Angel. Appearing to think for a moment, she straightened and cleared her throat.

“Well thank you Anon, in recognition for your hard work, I’d like to present you with a corporate Lilim award.” Taking out a small badge in the shape of a penis, she pinned it to his chest. “Wear it with pride!”

“Uh, thanks…” Anon replied lamely as he peered down at the badge. The surrounding managers and department heads all clapped, unsure of what just happened, but it was the CEO so better safe then sorry.

“Now then,” The Lilim continued, “I would like to meet with all the managers but, if I may, could I see you in private Angel?” 

Shit! What just happened? Angel thought franticly as she trailed Druella to the office. Could she read my mind? Do Lilim's even have that ability? 

“Now then,” She began as she closed the door behind Angel in the office. “Tell me Angel, how long have you worked for me and my company?”

“9 years ma’am” she replied calmly as she thought of every single profanity she could think of in terror.

“9 years? That’s quite a while for humans, and in these 9 years Angel, have you ever felt a certain desire for any of your co workers?” She purred

“Absolutely not! Ma’am! That would be unprofessional!” Holy fuck she knows! Is she reading my thoughts right now? Should I even be thinking this? Wait, shut up, stop thinking!

“Don’t worry Angel,” The Lilim laughed “You’re not in trouble, in fact I’m concerned about you. And no, I can’t read thoughts, but I can sense emotions…” She trailed as Angel gave her an astonished look. 

“You like Anon… you desire him…”

“No ma’am I don’t…”

“Don’t lie to me child… the last human that did, I had fucked by a Ushi Oni until their pelvis shattered.” Druella threatened 

“ I... I…” Angel stumbled, looking down, then in a very small voice said “I do…”

“Well then, why haven’t you done anything about it?” Druella said triumphantly 

“I’m his boss… and he’s married…”  She replied softly still looking down at the floor, wishing she could disappear, or just be anywhere but there. 

“Oh my, well that is a problem isn’t it…” She trailed off in thought. 

They both sat in silence as the Lilim pondered. Angel had never been so embarrassed in her life, here was the very daughter of the Demon Lord herself pondering Angel's relationship or rather non relationship problem. Why does shit like this always seem to happen to her? It was like she was cursed… Wait, maybe that witch she threw out of the store for trying to solicit for the Black Sabbath those years ago decided to give her the proverbial middle finger and curse her?

“I have it!" Druella exclaimed as she interrupted Angel’s musings. “Now I wouldn’t be the amazing CEO I am if I let one of my valued associates continue to suffer like you are…” 

“No really, ma’am, I’m really not suffering, I swear,” Angel began.

“Shush” Druella said as she put a taloned finger over Angel’s lips.

“Now this might be against company SOP,” the Lilim began. “But as the CEO, I think I can overlook it just this once…” 

 With that Druella kissed Angel firmly on the lips, filling her with demonic energy, beginning the change. Tendrils of dark energy sprouted and enveloped her forming a cocoon of darkness. 

“Well, my dear as far as kisses goes, I’d say that was one of the worst. But I can forgive you, oh and if ever you need anything, here’s my card.” Druella quipped as she put her business card down on the desk next to the cocoon. “Now if you’ll excuse me I need to interrogate that damn Tanuki and cow as to why they are over this month’s markdown dollars.”  


Anon was still staring down at the badge. Should he take it off? It was a freaking penis badge for crying out loud, but it came from the CEO who happens to be a Lilim, could he get in trouble for taking it off? 

“Anon, report to the managers office at once!" came Angel's voice on the store overhead.  

Did Angel's voice sound different? He didn’t care, he was just happy she was ok. Any kind of long term attention from a Lilim was bad news as far as he was concerned. He was pretty sure he dodged a sex crazed bullet earlier and hoped Angel has the same luck.  In this crazy world, in this insane, stressful job, she always made him smile. Her personality matched his well, her passion for the job yet her kindness always made him want to protect her and help her any way he could. For a depressing moment he wished things were different that they could have met a long time ago, outside work. Maybe they would have hit it off, fell in love without the confines of work. She was as beautiful as any mamono as far as he was concerned and he was always happy to see her when he clocked in. 

Entering the empty office, he looked around. Maybe she needed to go take care of a customer issue? But then the door closed  and a pair of hands covered his eyes from behind.

“Thank you for coming so quickly Anon, it’s time for your yearly review…” a familiar voice whispered in his ear.

 Anon tried to pull away but was held firmly by the hands. He struggled for a moment until the hands let go and he spun around to see Angel, yet it wasn’t the Angel he was familiar with. Two horns adorned her head, one on either side, wings sprouted from her back and a spade tail completed the transformation. A succubus, Anon thought, in shock. Druella had transformed her into a succubus… 

“I’m sorry,” he said sadly tears forming in his eyes “I know you didn’t want to be like this, you wanted to stay human, be yourself…” 

“Ohhh Anon…” Angel said gently as she took his hands in hers and sat him down.

“You know this job was killing me right? The long hours, the stress? Dealing with angry customers, idiot employees, getting sick all the time because of my crappy immune system or just the demonic energy hanging around… It wouldn’t be long before I’d have to quit or end up dead from a heart attack or worse. I’m happy Anon, for the first time since I can really remember I’m happy, I’m strong, I can be true to my feelings and I have plans to tear this fucking place a new asshole, with you by my side. So, please, don’t be sad for me ok? Be happy, ok?” She asked as she tipped his chin up with a finger so that he could see her smile.

“Ok…” He sniffed smiling in return.

“Now then,” She said, turning serious “Your review, how do you think you’ve done for the year?”

“Uh… ok I guess?” he asked unsure. 

“Really? Ok? That’s it?” She looked at Anon flatly. Not knowing the proper answer Anon simply tilted his head to the side and shrugged in his seat. Hell, he didn’t know, what did she want him to say? 

“Let's review what you’ve done for the past year shall we?” 

Angel leaned over towards him, giving a perfect view of her cleavage. Wait, when did that top button of her blouse come undone and… Was it always that full? Anon thought absently.
“In the past year you’ve worked harder then any other department head in this store, on top of that took care of me when I was sick, brought me medicine, cooked for me, supported me, gave me a shoulder to cry on, a friend to bitch to and moments of happiness in this shit storm of a job, you know what that all adds up to?” She asked feverishly.

Anon could only dumbly shake his head no.

 “Being one giant fucking CLIT TEASE!” She exclaimed  “Do you how many times I’ve wanted to kiss you, for you to kiss me? When you smile at me how wet I get?” Angel raved as she started to edge closer to Anon.

 “For you to throw me down and make love to me on top of the insulation rolls? For us to just plain FUCK?" She panted as she grabbed him by the shoulders and kissed him deeply. 

For a moment all that either of them could see were sparks. But then a jolting  sensation overtook the feeling of euphoria Angel was experiencing. Anon was wearing an enchanted wedding ring- standard issue to human men married to human women as Mamono wouldn’t have the benefit from detecting demonic energy. If a Mamono ever tried to assault a man wearing such ring they would feel an over whelming electrical jolt through their bodies deterring such things as rape. 

“Angel, we can’t… I’m married” Anon said sadly

The pent of sexual frustration of a newly made succubus was a powerful  thing however, steeling herself Angel reached to Anon's ring finger, and grabbed the ring. The pain was almost unbearable, and she resisted screaming out in agony as she pulled the wedding ring off him. The ring crackled and smoked in her palm as she called upon all her strength to crush it, turning the once sacred band into a chunk of useless metal. Tossing the ring aside she turned her attention back to her prize.

“I don’t see any wedding ring on your finger, Anon… I guess that means you’re not married…” She panted. Grabbing him, Angel threw Anon to the floor of the office and mounted him.

“Now lets get all these pesky clothes out of our way…”

“Please Angel, I’m still married! Even… even if I wanted this… what will happen after? My wife will kick me out, what about my daughter?” Anon pleaded as Angel tore off his clothes. 

“Well silly, you’ll move in with me for one, and you know how much I love kids, in fact I plan on you giving me quite a few. I’ll adopt your daughter and love her as my own. Don't worry, I'll be a much better mommy then that useless bitch ever was."

Looking over to the business card Druella left on the desk, Angel grinned, “Let’s just say someone very rich and powerful owes me a favor which means I’ll make sure you and your daughter are free and clear… and all mine” She cooed into his ear as she removed her own clothes. 

“All this time Anon, you’ve been doing all those nice things for me... caring for me. You’ve been offering yourself to me…" She began as she raised herself to meet his rapidly hardening member. Everything she was saying, everything was beginning to make sense and excite Anon. It’s true he had been offering himself to her, wanting her to, in a weird way; rescue him from his wife as he would rescue her from the pitfalls of being a manager. 

"Now I take what's been offered..." 

As Angel lowered herself onto his erection, Anon couldn’t help but moan out in pleasure. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced in his life. Her tightness was exquisite, he could feel it squeezing and milking him wanting his release. He could feel her passion, a raging fire spread throughout him, making him harder and more aroused. He shot his hips up to meet her moaning lustfully. 

As she bottomed out on him, they kissed. Dreams really do come true, well sexual fantasies at any rate, Angel thought ruefully.  Another wave of lust consumed her as she raised her hips and slammed back down on him again and again. He was finally hers! No more empty apartment, she would have someone to come home to, someone to fuck senseless every night, a daughter to love and, eventually, even more daughters as time went by. But for right now she was going to milk him for all he was worth today! Her erotic musings were cut short as the manager’s phone rang. 

With a snarl she shot her hand out to grab the cursed device, it would always ring at the worst possible moment. Crushing it, she threw the remains of the phone in the corner with the mangled wedding ring. Another fantasy fulfilled. She could feel Anon getting harder and harder, it wouldn’t be long… quickening her pace she was rewarded by his loud moan as  shot after shot of cum filled her. Now he was hers, and she felt more complete then she had in a long long time.

“Oh my god that was…” Anon moaned.

“Amazing?” Angel finished as she rolled off to his side snuggling against him. 

“Yeah” He panted heavily. 

“Well round one is over... ready for round two?” She asked lustfully grabbing his member and pumping it back to hardness.  

At a time like that, in a situation such as that, Anon learned the only appropriate response to that kind of question.



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  1. When I saw the tag “Smut”, I immediately thought of Tom Lehrer’s comedy song by that name. This is a good read, and, I didn’t notice any errors. More, please!

  2. Bunch of typos:

    > welcomed by the sight of Ralya
    > Duella’s on her way
    > Druellas coming right now
    > Angel thought franticly
    > pondering Angels relationship
    > came Angels voice
    > Did Angels voice
    > help her anyway he
    > Lets review
    > reached to Anons ring finger

    “the last human that did, I had fucked by a Ushi Oni until their pelvis shattered”
    what’s with the singular they there? It had to be a man, unless the Ushi had a strap-on, right?

    How does Angel know how bad Anon’s wife is? I guess he could’ve talked about it among the other employees, but he doesn’t really seem like the type.

    1. Made the edits, thanks again Volcano. For the Ushi Oni part, mamono are able to rape both men and women – men through their natural talents, etc. For women there’s fingers, oral, and yes as you say a strap on. I think without a doubt they are the most feared in the MGE universe for violent rapes, so Durella just used that as a basic threat of rape to Angel. As far as how Angel knows about Anon’s life- there’s 2 aspects. 1: Anon has worked for Angel for quite a while, they are friends and over time Anon had confided with Angel. 2: As Regina told a mortified Anon in the part 2 story- girls talk- doesn’t matter if they are human or manono. Anon could have let 1 or 2 things slip about his life over time and, well, there you go. I say this with a smile because in real life I had 2 female employee’s come to me gossiping about this one person who was married sleeping with another person at work. Girls talk, gentlemen… Girls talk.

  3. Well of course Girls Talk. They’ve always communicated better than us dudes.

    Let’s see here. Purple motif- check. Krakkenpool dishwasher- check. Cater to Mamono- check. Ten stores- check. Probably all 10 in California or thereabouts?
    At least one in Merced, I reckon.

    1. Pretty much, Druella bought a chain from the orange guys CEO for a sum of cash and the best blow job of his life. As far as why she did it… well we’ll just have to see…

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