The Home Improver Store 2: Improve Harder…

-Authors note: Thank you all for the kind words. I had originally meant The Home Improver Store to be a stand alone – 1 shot. But after, requests a sequel was written. PS- disclaimer- all names, characters, places, situations, etc are fake and for entertainment value only. They do not resemble any real situations, places or people. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. PPS- sorry for the name, I couldn’t really think of anything and then Die Hard 2 came on and well… yeah.

“Why am I going with you again?” Anon asked grumpily as he followed Angel to the office. Her spade tail wrapped around his waist possessively as they walked.

“I told you already, you’re going to sit in on the conference call with me.”

“Why am I carrying this piece of insulation foam then? And you know my shift ends in like 45 minutes, right?”

“So many questions! Anon, my love, when have I ever had you do something naughty here in the store?” Angel asked innocently

“Since Monday? 26 times.”

“26? I can only count 25.” Angel stopped and frowned in thought

“Wednesday night when we closed together, you asked me to go to the electrical room with you because you had to reset a breaker and because you said it was quote unquote dark and scary…”

“Ohhh yes, now I remember,” Angel brightened, “Well we did make some sparks fly in there, didn’t we? Now come on, we don’t want to be late!”


ASM Krystal was having a bad day. Sitting in the managers office as the milking machine did its job she let out a depressed moo. Since Angel became a mamono, it seemed like she was the new golden girl. Everyone loved her and Krystal seemed to be hated more and more. It’s not like it was her fault she had to milk a lot. Her husband still didn’t text her back, none of her supervisors had turned in their paperwork to her, why didn’t anyone respect her around here?



Upon reaching the office, Angel was confronted with a closed door and a sign that read:

Milking- Do not disturb

“That fucking cow!” Angel snarled. Unwrapping Anon from her tail, Angel brought up a leg and kicked the door open revealing a shocked Krystal, pump in one hand and phone in the other.

“Get out cow, I have a conference call.” Angel stated bluntly

“You can’t talk to me like that!” Krystal said angrily as she disengaged the pump and covered herself.

“And why is Anon there behind you anyway? This is a business, you can’t be fucking him all the time, you have to help run the store!”

“Says the cow that spends most of her shift in here while I RUN the store by myself. Anon is here to help me with the call. Unfortunately I still see you here, which is why I’m giving you five seconds to leave before I decide to give all the associates a surprise tri-tip lunch.” Angel threatened holding up her fingernails that were rapidly growing into razor sharp claws.

Letting out a terrified moo, Krystal fled past them to the sales floor.

“Well that takes care of that.” Angel said with a smug grin, “Now my dear, lets start the call.”

Ushering Anon in and closing the door, Angel dialed the number on the conference phone. Entering her passcode she muted the call so no one could hear, a little precaution for what was to cum. Taking the foam pad from Anon, Angel sat down and threw the pad under the desk. As Anon began to sit on a nearby chair, Angel stopped him.

“Not there,” She said huskily, “Here.” She pointed to the pad in front of her as she slipped a sexy green thong down from under her skirt. When she was a human, she would have never dared to wear anything so risque, but now she found it quite freeing, not to mention convenient.

“I knew it…” Anon signed as he ducked under and sat himself down in front of her already moistening womanhood.

“Well, its just these conference calls can be so stressful. This would really help me, Anon, and you DO want to help me, don’t you?” She looked down at him pouting.

Anon sighed again but then smiled, “You know I’ll always be there for you. I never can say no to you anyway.”

With that Anon began to lick her, concentrating on giving long laps up and down her slit, followed by soft sucking on the clit drinking up her now excessive wetness. Angel moaned in appreciation as she ran her fingers through his hair, this was going to be the best conference call ever.

Blah blah blah, percent to plan… Blah blah blah metrics, goal to meet sale pipeline minimum…

10 minutes in and Angel really didn’t give a fuck at this point, well she did but it wasn’t to the call. Anon had given her quite a few orgasms and had finally slipped off his pants. He was pumping his hardness as he continued to service her, doing his best to drink up her copious amount of girl cum . Noticing this Angel let out a intrigued hum as she slipped her tail down and wrapped it around his engorged member. She had never given a tail job before, mostly because she never had a tail, so this was going to be something new for both of them, Angel thought excitedly. Pumping back and forth, Anon moaned loudly into her as he increased the speed of his licks. I guess he really likes that, she happily thought as she, in turn, began pumping faster. She could feel that he was close and it would be a shame if all that delicious spending of his was wasted on the floor. Squeezing her tail around his erection, she forcefully stopped him from cumming.

Pulling his drenched face away from her neither regions, he begged, “Please, Angel!”

“Shhh, it’s time for my other lunch” Angel answered, pulling him up and replacing her tail with soft velvet lips. Almost instantly she was rewarded with squirt after squirt of cum. Swallowing it all, she cleaned his softening member until not a trace of semen remained.

“Holy Maou, that was delicious,” she cooed as she peered up at him adoringly. Anon could only grunt a response as he panted leaning against the desktop drenched in sweat and girl cum.

“I just want to end this call by saying thank you and even though we won’t really be seeing you in the aisles, keep working hard!” Came the end of the call.

“Now, I just want to thank you Anon for your hard work, quite hard actually.” Angel quipped as she pulled up his underwear, pausing to give the head of his penis a quick kiss before covering it.

“Go home and take a nap, Love, I’m off in a couple hours. I’ll pick up your…I mean our daughter from the daycare and we’ll go out for dinner.” Angel finished as she pulled up his pants and buckled his belt.

“Theres a new Zipangese restaurant that opened down the street from us.” Said Anon, finally able to speak.

“Sounds wonderful, we’ll go.” Angel smiled as she stood and pulled up her own underwear. She was still wet, but Anon managed to drink up most of her cum.

“Go, get out of here,” She opened the door of the office and gave him a playful slap on the ass as she shoo’d him out.

The three of them stood in a semi circle in the paint pit. Plum Gathering, they would call it due to the purple work aprons- the managers at any rate. Tommy, he was the main flooring associate- full timer- which was a rare prestige these days. Vic, the hardware associate- his trademark goatee was always a favorite with the ladies both human and mamono. Finally Cody, the only one that actually belonged there, he was one of the rare few that knew how to use the paint mixer. It was a slow day, no managers around either, which made the perfect weather to shoot the shit.

“Hey, you hear what happened to Anon?” Asked Cody, filling the paint mixer with red color tint.

“Which one? There’s like 4 of them in the store,” Tommy laughed as he checked his phone.

“Nah, I mean the one from night crew. I hear June got him last night.”

“June, which one is that?” Vic asked, rag in hand, pretending to clean the spotless counter in front of him.

“Isn’t she the really slutty Kejourou cashier?”

“Yeah,” Cody laughed as he started on the blue tint.

“Dude, I herd she slept with 5 different guys in the same night!”

“Don’t you think its weird?” Tommy asked as he put away his phone.

“What for a Kejourou? Seems kinda normal.” said Vic, squirting some cleaner onto his rag.

“Nah, I mean, like for there to be so many guys named Anon working at the store. It just seems like the parents got all lazy and just said ‘What’s the most common and boring name out there to name a kid?’ and just went with Anon.” Tommy complained.

“SHHHHHHH!!!!!” Vic hushed the group as Anon zoomed by.

“Fuuuuuck, he looks all tore up.” Cody observed as the group watched him pass by.


Anon needed to get clean. He was exhausted and reeked of sex, but the only problem was the bathrooms were on the other end of the building, which meant enduring the teasing, cat calls, the knowing glances, snickers and straight out laughter of every mamono in the store. Yeah, screw that. The outside garden area was close by, he could use a watering hose to splash himself clean, good enough to get home and take a proper shower. Passing by the paint pit he saw a bunch of associates standing around. Forget it, let them plum gather, I need to get clean, Anon thought hurriedly. Peaking outside, he was rewarded with nothing but a vast array of flowers, trees, shrubs and soil, with not a human or mamono in sight. Giving a happy sigh and offering a small prayer of thanks to the retail gods for a slow customer day, Anon made his way over to a nearby watering hose.

“Rough day, Sugar?” Came the voice of a southern belle.

Spinning around in a moment of terror, Anon was relieved to see Regina the Alraune garden department head smiling at him. Of all the mamono working at the store, she was the most laid back and down to earth, pun intended, one there. Some say it was because of years of happy, care free marriage, others say it was because of her nature as a plant girl, but there were a small rebel few that stated it was because she was secretly a closet nerd and the job allowed her to buy all the Rape Wars figurines she wanted.

“Hi, Regina, yeah you could say that.” Anon sighed as he took the hose off the reel and turned it on. Splashing his face with water, he could still feel the eyes of the Alraune on him.

“One sec Sugar, let me give you some privacy,” Raising a hand up, Anon was surrounded on all sides by a wall of vines, effectively blocking would be viewers as he washed.

“Now, why so sad?”

“I-I’m not exactly sad, Reg. I’m confused I guess. My whole life has been turned upside down, I left my wife, took our daughter, left our place, I’ve been having sex on the job, pretty much been slacking off everyday now, and yet I feel happy? I feel like I shouldn’t and I just don’t even understand what exactly am I suppose to be feeling.” Anon sighed, staring down at the base of the vine curtain, lost in thought.

“Sounds like you’re feeling guilty for releasing your burden.”

“Uh, is that some kind of sex joke thing?” He asked as he continued cleaning himself.

“No, Sugar…,” Regina said in an annoyed tone, “Let me go about this in a different way. Before you and our boss lady became a pair, you were pretty miserable right? You worked long hours and your life at home was horrible. Am I right Sugar?”

“How… How do you know all this?”

“Girls talk Sugar. Don’t matter if they’re human girls or mamono, we talk. Most of the girls in the store knew about what you were going though and a good number of them wanted to do what Angel did, they just didn’t have the mangos to do it.”

As Anon finished, the vines lowered and he could see Regina standing close by suggestively holding a pair of mangos in her palm.

“Now comes along boss lady 2.0, she takes that misery away and what’s left? Happiness. You’re guilty for being happy Sugar, because you’ve never known anything else but working yourself silly and being miserable. Be happy for Angel, be happy for your daughter, and most important of all, be happy for yourself. It aient a crime you know.” Regina winked at him, smiling.

“You’re right, I never really thought of it like that… I guess it’s a new feeling. Thanks Reg, your the best” Anon mused, returning the smile.

“Here Sugar,” Regina tossed Anon the mangos in her hand, “These are for her, Maou knows she’s earned them. Oh, and one more thing…” Regina gestured and a vine holding a small burlap sack weaved its way up to Anon. Taking the sack and opening it, Anon saw it was filled small flowers of different colors and shapes.

“Whenever you’re done with your, ah, meetings with her, rub these flowers on you. They will hide her scent from the other girls. That should help with the teasin.”

“Yeah, I know it gets bad.”

“Oh, Sugar you have no idea. You see we can smell better then you humans. After she’s had her way with you, it’s like our girl is giving every mamono in the building a special kind of middle finger salute.”

“Do you think that’s why she does it all the time?” He asked.

“No, she does it because she’s in love with you Sugar. Having you walk around the building with her smell all over you, teasing the rest of the girls is just a big added bonus.”


Angel stretched out on the chair in post orgasmic bliss. Looking down between her legs she was pleased to see a large stain on the once perfect fabric of the seat. Something for the cow to have to sit on, she thought gleefully to herself.

How much has changed? How work is no longer hell, how happy I am, how life just seems so much sweeter now. I’m no longer always sick. I can come home to a delicious home cooked meal, thanks to Anon. I love playing My Little Centaur with his daughter. I can say I love my life now, she reflected. As good things tend to do, however, her musings were ended by a knock on the door.

“What?” she answered grumpily.

The stench of brimstone met her nose as the door opened and her Kitchen and Bath designer walked in. A literal Devil in every sense of the word, Shivie was a million dollar designer in the company, thus considered invaluable and given a free pass to be a 200% bitch 300% of the time.

“We have a problem,” Shivie began, voice thick with what could be considered an Indian accent. She paused and sniffed the air.

“Did you just have sex? That’s disgusting, you need to be more professional,” She complained. Even though she was a mamono, Shivie had a reputation for being a prude except for a very special, certain… thing. She had a well known fetish for putting things up peoples asses. Back when she was a human, the only other man Angel truly pitted besides Anon was Shivie’s husband. The poor man must need reconstructive surgery every year.

“Shivie, get to the point. What the fuck is the problem?”

“There was a mess up on a customers kitchen, its going to cost $5,000 to fix.”

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Angel shot up, “Who fucked up? Us? The customer? Or your side fuck of a contractor?”

“How dare you,” Shivie began, “I’m loyal to my husband.”

“Yeah and I never caught you sucking off the contractor in the back of the store, whatever. Who fucked up, Shivie?”

Shivie hesitated briefly, “He did…”

“Then charge it back to him, I’m not paying for that shit.”

“Wait, maybe we could go 50/50? He is our contractor after all…”

“How about I take it out of your paycheck. I know how much you get paid, you can afford it.” Angel glared.

“Are you just going to insult me this whole time?” Shivie huffed crossing her arms.

“Shivie take care of this, because if you don’t, Maou help me. I’m going to go aisle 69, grab the big Mambo No.5 dildo and shove it so far up your ass, you’ll be singing every one of Lou Bega’s songs on the way home.” Angel threatened.

Shivie began to protest but Angel interrupted with the Cliffs Notes version of their last conversation. “You. Dildo. Ass. Lou Bega. Go.”

Turning wordlessly around the devil stalked off. Well that’s one fire put out, she thought, as the new manager phone rang.

“Fuck what?” She answered rudely.

“Um, hey Angel, there’s a customer here that’s going pretty crazy out here and she’s asking for you by name…” Came a frightened voice on the other end.



“WHERE’S THAT MAN STEALING SLUT?!” Yelled a voice as Angel came round the corner. A ragged human woman stood near the self check out kiosks drawing a crowd of on lookers. She looked familiar, Angel thought as she made her way towards the scene. Holy fucking Maou, she stopped dead, that was Anon’s wi- ex wife! She had only met her once, back at last years company holiday party, but she never forgot that face.

Turning towards her, Angel came face to face with a woman at her wits end. She reeked as if she hadn’t bathed for days. Dirty clothes and un brushed teeth complimented the madness in her eyes.

“You.” She growled as she took a steak knife from under her filthy dress. Letting out a deranged scream she lunged at Angel trying to cut her.

“You stole him!” -Slash- “You stole my daughter!” -Slash- “You took everything from me!”

As Angel dodged her clumsy slashes, a part of her felt pity. She really did lose everything, didn’t she? That pity was soon replaced by anger. How many times had she found Anon an emotional wreck because of her? How many times did he have to chug 2-3 energy drinks just to keep himself upright because his lazy, no good wife couldn’t lift a finger to help at home? Why did that woman deserve him?

“Stole him? You lost him a long time ago! I was just lucky enough to find him!” Using her spade tail, she whipped it around and knocked the knife from the woman’s hand. Grabbing her by a piece of dress, Angel pulled a fist.

“He was never yours.” Angel let loose her fist, finishing the argument. Releasing her hold on the dress, the now unconscious woman fell to the floor in a heap. Staring down at her, Angel snorted in disgust.

“Escort her out when she wakes up,” Angel told the mortified Kobold head cashier.

Walking back to the office, Angel threw the manger phone to Krystal.

“What happened? I heard there was a fight?” Krystal asked, semi concerned but more interested in the end result.

“I’m going to pick up my daughter and go get dinner with my man.” Angel sighed grabbing her purse. “The store is yours.”

Passing by the stunned cow, Angel reflected, maybe she was wrong, it wasn’t a perfect life but, she would still keep fighting, only this time it wasn’t for being head strong or pride. It was for Anon, their daughter, and her new family.


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    1. Thank you very much! I also tried to do a “what if” for gender role reversal in not only American culture/ society but in retail culture/ society as well. I appreciate the comment!

  1. Typos:

    > Now, my dear, lets start
    > what exactly am Iā€™m suppose to be
    > Sounds like your feeling guilty
    > Whenever your done
    > hide her sent from
    > well known fetish putting
    > she wiped it around
    > I herd there was a fight

    > considered an Hindu accent
    There’s the indefinite article mixup, but it should also be Indian instead of Hindu, which is a religion and not nationality

    > Theres a new Zipangu restaurant
    Missing apostrophe aside, and as dumb as I feel about bringing this up, Zipangu is the country and from the most common use Zipangese would be the type of food – you wouldn’t say you were going out for China food.

    > It aient a crime
    I’m willing to chalk this one up to just being southern

    > wear anything so risky
    I think you meant to use risque here, but risky kinda works too so I don’t wanna give you too much shit over it

    > a little precaution for what was to cum
    No problem here, it was just a bit of cheekiness that I liked.

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