The Flower With No Name

    Hunger forces me my knees. My stomach spasms painfully as it attempts to throw up its empty contents. My fingers dig into the muddy forest floor searching for relief that they’ll never find. The world spins in my mind as each painful heave brings up another spray of bile. This must be my body’s revenge for not eating for 3 days.

    I’m not sure how long I laid there on my hands knees, but it probably took even longer for me to muster the strength to stand again. Dizziness hinders my feeble steps. I teeter back and forth, completely unable to walk in a straight line. It’s only by propping myself up against the trees I pass by that I’m able to stay upright. Eventually, I regain my balance.

    A blanket of mist covers the forest floor. It hides the small dips and gnarl roots that litter the ground. It wouldn’t be unthinkable that I might trip and sprain an ankle on one. That’s the last thing I need.

    I look up at the black clouds that peek through the forest canopy. I sigh as the cold, early spring rain tip taps across my face. My breath turns into a white haze as it floats into the sky.

    I’m going to die here.

    It wasn’t suppose to be like this. We only wanted to get away for a couple of days, drink the liquor our parents would never let us have, and celebrate graduating from grammar school. When we got back, Simon would start studying natural sciences with Mr. Crane. Charles would join the militia. Adam would start his apprenticeship under his father and learn the family business. And me… I would start my apprenticeship at the publishing house.

    Tears leak from my eyes and mix with the rain on my face. I know this isn’t the time to be crying, but Heavenly Queen of Light, please, save me. I don’t want to die. I want to go home to my parents, my books, and my writing.

    No, not now. This isn’t the time. I continue walking forward. I don’t know if this is the right direction or not, but I have to keep moving. Everything has become a blur over the last 3 days. I can’t tell any longer if I’m treading new ground or walking in circles. The trees, rocks, and underbrush all look the same.

    My wanders as I force one foot in front of the other. I love books. It doesn’t matter what the genre is, fiction, nonfiction, academic, whatever. Inside of a book, I get a glimpse at another world or another way of thinking. It allows me to expand my horizons beyond the corner of the world I was born in.

    I’ve spent so much time reading that a desire to write grew inside of me. I tried to get some articles published in the newspaper, but they wouldn’t take anything written by a grammar school student, but I didn’t give up. I tried against but this time, I went with the name “Mrs. Silence Dogood”. It was kinda fun to pretend that I was a woman wise in her years and lecture all of the adults about how they were behaving like children. It was even better to overhear them debate my points in pubs and city corners.

    However, I may never write… My thoughts are interrupted by a flock of black dots that appear in my vision. Each one flickers in and out like a candle close its death. Dizziness returns and I’m forced to sit against a tree while it passes.

    Please, Holy Mother, help me. What have I done to deserve this? Is it because my friends snuck off into the mountains to party? Is that why you brought that storm upon on while we were too drunk to notice? Is that why you made the earth slide beneath my feet and robbed my jacket and pack from me?

    Even though I can barely tell what any direction is, I curl into a ball and cry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to lash out and pin everything on Her. She’s not to blame. Mountains are fickle. Storms come and go abruptly and we were unlucky.

    I phase in and out as I feel my body devour itself. It’s like thousands of pins jabbing into my stomach, ribs, and chest all at the same time. My nausea worsens and I suppress the urge to throw up again. Before this, I never imagined it would be worse vomit nothing instead of something.

    When my consciousness stabilizes, I press on to an unfamiliar looking animal trail that cuts through the underbrush. If it were a few months later, those bushes would be covered in wild berries. They wouldn’t get me home but I could at least have something to eat.

    As I walk down the trail, I start shivering again. I’m not sure if that’s a bad sign. I already know that I’m cold. Did I lose my warmth or am I trying to warm myself in whatever way that’s possible? I don’t know and in the end, it won’t matter.

    Step after shaky step, I make my way to the end of the animal trail. The forest opens up at its end. The underbrush thins, bringing the stereotypical image of a forest to mind. The one where it’s just trees and dirt and without much in between them. However, it’s there that the similarities end.

    The evergreen’s pines are a strange hue of bluish green. The sprouting leaves from other trees are fantastical shades of blue and pink. The bark of both is as black as richest, most fertile soil. The vines and moss that grow up the bark is painted in every color of the rainbow.

    Where am… my thought is interrupted by a sweet fragrance. Sweet like the honey the neighborhood baker glazes his dessert breads with. In my mind’s eye, I’m instantly transported to Mr. Thomas’s bakery.

    An assortment of breads fill the baskets that line the bakery window: wheat, rye, and barley. Some are glazed with honey or stuffed with jam made from last harvest’s fruits. Even more are plain, meant to be dressed with butter and served at the dinner table. Others are meant as meals themselves and have beef, mutton, or chicken baked into them.

    My mouth waters like my dog’s before dinner. Another sniff of that intoxicating scent and my pain disappears. There’s food somewhere around here. Maybe it’s a hermit who lives out in these woods by himself or maybe I finally lucked out and stumbled into a different town. It doesn’t matter. I need to find where it’s coming from.

    Like I a bloodhound, I pursue the scent with an unknown reserve of energy. I chase after it as quickly as I can. Mud splash up with every step, adding another layer of filth to the several that I’ve already accumulated. This oddly colored forest blurs into an assortment of blues, pinks, greens, and blacks. They’re not food.

    That syrupy aroma beckons me toward it like a hand that motions come hither. My stomach roars in desperation in answer to its call and my focus sharpens on this singular goal. There has to be food at the end of this. There’s nothing else besides food that can make a smell that delicious.

    The wood suddenly opens up into a grove with a single, pink flower as large as a bathtub in the center. A girl with green skin and long, pastel pink hair dotted with flowers hums to herself as she extends her slender arms into the sky like she’s greeting the day. The hair that reaches down to her lower back sways as she enjoys the cold rain. The wind carries her slightly out of tune melody and more importantly, the candied perfume she wears.

    I know something isn’t right about her, that she’s a monster, but I’m too hungry to care. She has to have food, right? There’s no way she can smell like honey and not have any with her, right? I can just approach her, ask for a little bit of food, and then get away before she kidnaps me. I can do that. I know I can do that.

Oh?” She says to herself as I approach her from behind, “Is someone here to see me?” She glances at me over her shoulder.

    Her voice is clear, girly, and carries the ring of an older sister. When she turns to turns to see me more fully her eyes widen in shock.

My! What happened to you!?”

    I watch her eyes trace over my form from head to toe. My boots are caked in mud. My pants are soaked with rain, sweat, mud and ripped in a few places from my fall and twigs from the underbrush. My formerly white shirt has taken on a new color, a disgusting mix of yellow and brown from grime and dirt. I breathe hard, like I had just run several miles even though my pace couldn’t have been faster than a brisk walk. Leaves and branches are mixed into knots in my hair. I know she can see the desperation in my eyes.

I fell.” My voice cracks and the words come out harshly. When she cocks her head as if to ask where, I lethargically point to one of the mountains that looms over us.

You poor little boy. Does it hurt?”

I don’t know.” I swallow my spit hoping it’ll lubricate my strain vocal chords, “I can’t really feel my arms or legs anymore.”

    I let out a pathetic chuckle as my stomach rumbles.

Except my stomach. It’s never numb. Not matter how much I wish it were.”

    She reveals two rows of white, human like teeth with her smile. As my eyes leave her strange smile, I realize that this girl is completely naked. A couple vines adorned with white flowers wrap around her toned shoulders and arms like a fashionable noblewoman’s accessory. Her full breasts subtly sway with each one of her breaths. A viscous, amber liquid leaks from each orchid colored nipple and trickles down her body.

    I fixate on each drop that flows down her chest and follows a path from her flat stomach. They bend a corner at her hips and snake along the base a strange white lily that blooms between her legs.

    When I tear myself away to look at her face, she smiles even larger and her cheeks have taken on a red tint.

I’m really hungry and I haven’t eaten for a long time. So, I wanted to ask if you had any food.” I manage to choke out.

Hmmm…” She trails off with a single finger on her chin as if she were deep in thought. After a few seconds she continues, “Can’t say that I do. I’m an alraune, you know? We don’t need to eat. My roots sip up all the water I could ever want and my leaves absorb all the energy I could ever need from the sun. So, I can’t say that I have any food.”

    My heart sinks deep into my chest and my legs immediately lose any strength that they had. I feel warm tears mix with the cold rain on my face. My one hope for survival is gone. It was all for nothing. I really am going to starve to death.

Ah! I know!” She chimes as if sensing my despair, “It might not be food for me, but I think I might have something that might be food for you.”

Really!?” I perk up, looking at her with my best puppy dog eyes.

Mhm. How about my nectar?” She collects a dab from her breast with a single, slender finger and leans over the edge of her flower. “The birds and bees love it.”

    Not a second later, I have her finger in my mouth. Her nectar is sweeter, more luscious than any honey or candy that I’ve had. Greedily, I suck on her finger trying to get every bit of it.

Such a hungry little thing.” She says when I’m satisfied there’s nothing left.

May I please have some more if you would be so kind, miss.” It’s important to add the miss at the end,. Very important.

My!” She coos, “For a sweetie like you, of course.”

    My eyes light up with her approval.

But… it kind of hurts my back to be hunched over like this, you know?” She rubs her lower back to emphasize the pain, “So, could you come up here and help me out ,little boy?”

    A voice inside wants to warn me that it’s dangerous, that I’ll never be seen again if I go in there with her, but an even louder voice silences it. This one says that if I don’t go, I’ll never see tomorrow.

It’s okay.”

    I muster the strength to stand up once more and with a little help, climb in. I slide down the side of a large pink petal and splash into a pool of nectar that fills the basin of flower. Amber droplets scatter in the air, intensifying candied aroma around us.

Thank you, miss.”

    I cup my hands to drink from the basin of nectar that reaches up to my knees, but she interrupts me.

Ah! Don’t drink that!” She panics.

Why” I meet her violet eyes, confused.

It’s dirty mow. You don’t want to drink the mud off your boots, do you?”

No, but…”

Why not drink it fresh?” She squeezes one of her nipples ever so slightly and a spurt of nectar falls into the basin, “It’ll taste even better and warm those soaked bones of yours.”

    I swallow hard.

I, I can’t do that. That wouldn’t be…”

Ssssh…” She quiets me with a single finger on my lips, “You look so pitiful. I couldn’t bear to watch a poor little boy drink cold, dirty nectar when I have hot, clean nectar right here. It’d break my heart to watch him shiver as he chills himself to the bone just to survive.”

    She nudges her chest forward. I can’t help but notice that the amber streams that escape the crowns of her breasts are a little larger now. The sugary fragrance hangs heavy in the air and is more intoxicating than any of the alcohol my friends and I drank.

There’s no reason to be shy, help yourself. It might be embarrassing to you, but I’m the only who will ever know and I’d never tease a cute boy like you about it. That would be so cruel.”

    She gingerly places her hands on the back of my head and runs each finger delicately through my hair. A chill, far more pleasant than any I’ve felt since this ordeal began, runs down my spine. I can’t help but swallow again, even harder.

Because, how could I mock a little boy who’s fighting so desperately to survive? That’s just… ah!”

    Before she can finish what she’s saying, I latch onto her right nipple like a snake striking its prey. A torrent of nectar floods my mouth. The taste of food, a sweetness so divine, I can’t help but cry.

Ah… aaah…” Her moans fill the air as I barely let up off her breast to breathe. I barely have the desire to do so when I can have another taste of the best food I’ve ever had in my life. Each mouthful warms me more than any soup or stew my mother made. So much so, I can feel the faintest bit of feeling again in my fingers and toes.

Aaah, you’re so cold little boy, ah, why don’t I get us out of the .. ah! Rain?”

    It’s raining? I can barely tell because I gulp down another mouthful of nectar that’s sweeter than any syrup I’ve had with morning pancakes. In the corner of my eye, I can see the pink petals rise around us and it becomes a bit darker when they form a roof over our heads.

    With each drink, my hands squeeze her waist and back and bring her even closer to me. She’s so warm. I want to bring her even closer, to return the heat to my frigid body, but after taking a big gulp, she nudges my face from her chest.

    My stomach roars and I looked up at her moist, violet eyes pleading for more.

I promise that you can have more.“

    I beam at her,

But, I don’t want you to freeze to death in those clothes. Why don’t we get you out of them so I can warm you up?”

    She’s right. They’re soaked through and sap what little heat I have left. Even now, I can feel them robbing me of the warmth I’ve accumulated from her.

There’s even more in here” She runs her hand along her left breast which is now noticeably larger, fuller than her right. “You can enjoy this one afterwards.”

    I pull my shirt over my head and expose my chest to her. It’s nothing impressive or worth paying attention to. I’m a little shorter and thinner than other boys my age. My Grandma likes to say that I could hide behind a beanpole. As if sensing my feelings, she speaks to me.

I think you look charming.”


Mhm”, She coos as she cups my cheek with her hand, “You’re like a flower that’s just begun to bloom.”

    When she withdraws her hand, the feeling of her touch lingers on my face afterwards.

I’ll hold onto your clothes for you.”

    It’s hard to take my boots off because they’ve been submerged in golden sap that seems to have glued them to me. She smiles at me without a hint of impatience as I struggle to pull them off my feet. After some effort, they pop off. Thankfully, my socks are much easier. When I hand them to her, a chord of nectar extends between my clothes and the pool we stand in.

    I almost slip when I’m taking off my pants. As I stand on 1 leg, my foot slides underneath me and I lose my balance. As I’m about to topple over, she catches me in her arms. Her breasts acting like a pillow.

Do be careful. My home can be a little slippery.”

    After I hand her my pants, I hesitate on taking off my undershorts. I look up once more at her, to confirm that I need to.

We need to get all of your clothes dry.” She reminds me.

    After a few more seconds of hesitation, I slip them off under her attentive gaze. As I hand them to her, I see how much gentler her smile has become.

You’re such a good boy, drink up.”

    My stomach roars as to answer her offer and my lips lock around her left breast. She’s so warm. Each mouthful of the sweet nectar warms me more than before. I pull her into me and feel the heat from her beautiful form seep into me. A feeling I haven’t felt in days.

Aaaah…” She sighs as I coax another stream of nectar with my tongue.

    For a moment, I feel a gust of cold air and hear the the thump of something landing into the earth, but that doesn’t matter right now. I’m so hungry and all I want is another drink. I’m like a starving dog that’s wolfing down a meal as quickly as it can.

    It’s not enough. I suck even harder and pull her even closer to me. A thicker spurt flows into my mouth, but I barely have time to taste it. I swallow as quickly as I can and demand even more. It’s not enough. I want more.

Aaaah! Aaaah!”

    She wraps her arms around my head and strokes my hair and back. Delicately encouraging me to take another sip and indulge myself. I don’t need the encouragement. With every taste, its flavor becomes even stronger and the more I grow to love it. It’s sweeter, more delicious than any fruit, cake, or pudding I’ve had. No, it’s better than anything I’ve had in my life.

    My stomach roars in hunger again. Time loses its meaning as I suckle from her. There’s only the warmth of her nectar, the warmth of her body, and the satisfaction of filling my stomach. Every now and then, she switches me to her other breast. And just the same, I greedily drink from it.

    Finally, I pull away. A golden thread connects my lips to her nipple and I collapse into her chest.

My, let’s rest those weary legs of yours.”

    She sits me down between her legs with my back facing her. I feel her soft breasts against my back and her breath against my neck. She wraps her arms around my chest, pulling me close to her as we recline against the petal walls.

    We stretch our legs out, submerged in the thick amber pool of nectar that fills the bottom of her home. Interestingly, her feet transform into a thick, coil rope of roots that connect to the bottom. I don’t know what to make of her more plant like body parts.

That’s quite the appetite you had.” She coos as her she caresses my distended stomach with her green fingers. “It’s like your adorable tummy has become a ball.”

    My eyelids become heavy. For the first time in days, I’m warm, content, and relatively dry. The inside of her flower is like an oasis in this storm.

Thank you, miss…?”

Flowers don’t have names.” She whispers into my ear.

Well, thank you, miss. You saved my life.” I’m barely able to choke down a yawn long enough to finish thanking her.

It was a pleasure.” She squeezes me into her chest, “It feels great to get that weight off my chest.”

It feels great to have it in my belly.”

My!” She giggles before squeezing me even tighter, “Sassy little boys are so adorable.” She says to me as she rubs her soft cheek against mine.

    I try to make a witty comeback, but another yawn, longer the previous, takes any chance I may have had.

Relax and let go of all your worries.” She breathes into my ear, “When you’re with me, the wind and rain won’t chill you to the bone. I’ll never let your tummy starve for food. And, I won’t let you pass another scary night by yourself. This is our time together, so rest your weary little body in my arms. You’re safe now.”

Ok-ay.” I barely manage to squeak out.

    I then enter a strange place between sleep and consciousness. The world around me shrinks to the space inside this flower. I can feel her against my back and her arms across my chest. A few times, I could swear I feel the touch of her moist lips against the nape of my neck and pleasure that spreads from my neck.

    When this storm passes, I’ll try to find a way back to town and start my apprenticeship. I’ll be able to go back home to my books and write about my adventure. It’ll be just like the stories I love to read. A pleasant contentment settles in for a time as I entertain the idea of going home.

    But, it’s only for a time. A strange fire lights inside me. It seizes hold of my hips and from there I burn hotter and hotter. This new feeling melts away my torpor as it smolders inside of me. As if fanning the flames, my breathing becomes harder. When I open my eyes, I see her looking down at me with me as sultry eyes.

Oh? Is there something the matter little boy?”

    She’s gorgeous. I never appreciated how beautiful she is until now. A perfectly proportioned, feminine face is accented by high cheek bones. Large, moist eyes watch my every movement. Inside of them, I can see a growing affection. She smiles at me with lush, pink lips that lure mine to hers. So alluring and supple, so easy to kiss.

    A familiar, but uncomfortable hardness seizes my groin and I watch her take notice.

Do you think I’m beautiful?”

    I nod.

I love honest boys.”

    She reaches down and runs her fingers through my pubic hair. Her fingers graze the base of my shaft, and a jolt of pleasure shoots up my spine. The fire inside me grows larger.

It’s so cute and honest. You’ve made me so happy that I think you deserve a reward.”

    She takes my whole length in her hand and my heart skips a beat. When she slowly strokes me from the base to the head, it beats even faster. It thunders inside my chest as she pumps up and down, once, twice, and then on the third time, my hips tense and I come into the air.

    A wave of pleasure follows each contraction in my hips. The feelings radiate out to my waist and that wonderful tingle sets in while I paint her hand white. After the 5th or 6th thread, my hips relax and I’m left breathless for a few moments.

I’m… I’m sorry…”

My, so eager.” She brings the hand I dirtied to her lips and licks every bit off. I don’t soften at all while I watch her tongue trace up and down her fingers. Her eyes never leave mine as she sucks each drop off her fingers and when she’s satisfied that all of it is gone, she coos.

I could grow to love this taste.”

    Instead, I feel myself swell even more. So much so it hurts, but deep inside, I know that it’s a good for me. That I want what this pain will bring me.

    She cradles my face again and softly kisses my forehead. Her slender fingers caress my chin, jaw, cheeks, and then affectionately make their way through my hair. She plants kiss after kiss on my forehead and temples as she massages my face. I can help but relax in her embrace and soak in the tender pleasure.

    I’ve never felt like this before. Her tender attention makes me feel so loved and desired that I’m not worried about my stamina. This wonderful emotion tugs at me to stay here with her in this flower, but I know that I’ll have to leave when the storm lets up. I can’t pursue my dreams if I stay. That feeling nags at me once more when I see those orchid eyes only have me in them. She sighs sensually at she locks her eyes to mine.

Little boy, am I beautiful?”

You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.” I answer without hesitation.

Every part of me?”

    I tilt my head quizzically. I know part of her is like a plant, but I haven’t thought they were ugly. They’re simply there, but I’m not drawn to them like her lips, breasts, or eyes.

    She leans me against a pink petal that shelters us and swings herself around me. I watch her lift her leg over me. Her roots swing like a giant rope.

    She stands on her knees in front of me. Her hips hovering over my groin.

Let me ask again.”

    Her fingers gingerly trace over the large lily that blossoms between her legs. Each takes the time to touch each of the 6 snow colored petals as sensually as she can. Tracing her fingers around the rim and caressing the underside. A fine trickle of amber flows from its center and drips onto my groin.

    Each drop sends a pleasurable jolt from the head down my shaft and into my spine.

Is every part of me beautiful?”

    I’m unable to answer her as I stare at her enchanting flower. I watch the petals contract ever so so slightly when she inhales and then release when she exhales. My eyes follow every drop of the thick, sticky nectar that drips from its petals. I carefully explore every fold and crease that lead deep inside. Her candied perfume tickles my nose and sweetens the feelings in my heart.

Yes.” I breathe out as trickle escapes me and runs down my shaft.

    She smiles enticingly and casts an alluring glance at me.

This is my most precious flower that I haven’t given to anyone. No matter much the birds or bees begged for it, I never let them have it.”

    She lowers her hips so the tips of the petals brush against the head of my dick. Each stroke sends another chill that tingles for seconds afterward.

But, you’re such a cute and honest little boy that I might let you be the first.”

    Another painful swell of blood rushes into me. I become even more painfully hard. For a second, I feel like I’m about to come, but only a single glob rises from inside me and coats my shaft.

But that’s only if you want it.”

I want it.” I mutter.

Hmmm, so you don’t?”

I want it.” I say louder.

Oh?” She brushes a little more against me. “How much do you want it?”

A lot.”

    She pulls her petals away from me and a small cry leaks from my mouth. I can hear my heart pounding in my chest.

That’s not very specific. I don’t think you really want it.” She smiles wickedly at me.

I do!” I cry, “I can’t take my eyes off of it! It’s beautiful and it smells so good that I just want to bury my face in it and drink every drop inside!”

My! You’ve developed quite the appetite for my nectar, haven’t you?”

It’s the best thing I’ve ever had.”

I can tell you, it’s even sweeter here.” Her fingers work their way inside the lily.

Even more…?” I swallow hard and my stomach grumbles. I need to have this.

    She lowers her hips again so that the petals of her most enchanting flower caress the tip of my dick. A line of thick nectar creeps down my shaft agonizingly slow.

Mhm, even more. Wouldn’t you like a taste?” She dabs a finger in that perfect white lily. A thick, viscous cord connects the two at first, but breaks as her finger comes close.

    As I make a move for it, she pulls away it away.

Hmmm, is that how cute little boys ask for a treat?”

Miss,” I begin, remembering how important that little word is, “May I please have some?”

Of course.”

    I latch onto her finger the moment I can. Like she said, it’s even sweeter. The fire that has been building inside me flashes even brighter after this small taste. I feel my groin twitch happily as I enjoy the thick nectar slide down my throat. I sigh heavily as if that little drop was like a drink of cold water on the hottest summer day.

You are so precious.” She coos as she reaches over to kiss me deeply. Our tongues entwine and explore each other. Her supple lips are like luxurious pillows and the heat inside me reaches a fever pitch.

    When we disconnect she whispers into my ear, “Enjoy.”

    Slowly, she lowers her hips onto mine. The delicate petals nestle against the head of my dick. They’re like velvet against me. I feel how I push out each one as I gradually sink deeper and deeper into her.

    I feel the hot nectar pour itself around my head and shaft and the honey like scent intensifies. I’m starting to love this aroma. So sweet, I can’t help but smile when I smell it. There’s not a cologne or perfume that could I like more than this. There’s nothing else in the world that could smell better.

    Her eyes are gently closed together and she smiles bigger than I’ve ever seen. It’s like she’s enjoying the first taste of a feast fit kings or emperors. Her verdant cheeks are dyed a stunning shade of crimson.

Haaah…” She sighs.

    The petals tickle my shaft, but a new sensation greets the head. Wet walls wrap and squeeze around the glans of my dick. My heart beats faster and faster as each fold embraces me. Every time I twitch inside of her, I’m rewarded with a wet kiss from every crease.

I may have plucked this adorable flower too soon.” She says to herself as she gradually moves her hips up and down, “But, that might be better. I’ll get to watch and feel it blossom under my care.”

    The petals between her leg brush against my groin. Each time my hips contract powerfully and a pleasant tingle grows from where they touch. I feel myself twitch inside of her as she rocks her hips to a slow, steady rhythm. A familiar tension takes hold of me again.

I, I…” I barely manage to cry out between

Why don’t you let it out?” She suggests seductively.


I want it.”

    My body takes that as its cue to fall of the edge. I push up and I release myself into her. The waves of pleasure are stronger this time and wash down into my thighs. My stomach pleasantly contracts a few times as it attempts to join in.

    As I let it out, the those wonderful walls lock me inside. Her eyes and lips become as round as dinner plates. Her breathing becomes tense, labored, and I feel her folds pull my semen deeper into her. The back and forth of hips is rigid as I let it out inside her.

    I wipe the sweat from my brow as I watch her continue to watch her teeter on top of me like a taught rope. A few moments later she relaxes and she smiles so warmly at me.

Did you have one too?” I ask.

No,” She barely sounds louder than a whisper, “But, I felt you dye my flower such a beautiful color. It was wonderful.”

    She kisses me even deeper than before, as if she’s thrusting all of her growing feelings into this one kiss. Our tongues dance in each others’ mouths and I taste the light sweetness of nectar in her saliva. Greedily, I try to suck it down.

    Our heads twist between breathes as we plunge back into each other. It’s as if the connection between our hips is no longer enough and we need to use our lips to close the remaining distance. She cradles my face in her hands and my fingers run through her pastel hair.

How’d it taste?”

Really good.’

    Even though I didn’t taste a single drop of her nectar, she’s delicious. A beautiful girl with a graceful form that’s adorned with gorgeous flowers. Her sweet fragrance, clear voice, moist lips, and charming eyes, they’re all so irresistible. I’ve met as girl who is as intoxicating as her. Just basking in the afterglow like this is whetting my appetite for her.

    However, my stomach has another sort of appetite in mind when it roars

My! Boys can have quite the appetites. Wouldn’t you like to have more?” She pushes her breasts forward, “You might find them a little more filling.”

    Without a second though I bury myself in her chest. I ravenously suck down her nectar like a thirsty man in the desert. Her soft moans encourage to take another drink. Her fingers dance across my back and head. Each gentle touch letting me know that I should have more, but I already know that I want more. I can’t get enough of her taste.

    As I drink, the painful swelling in my dick grows. More and more blood pushes in and I feel myself expand even further than I ever have before. Gradually, I feel the head push deeper inside. It feels like my dick is about to blow itself apart and my stomach still aches for more of her nectar.

    The only relief I find is she gingerly raises and lowers her hips. My hunger drives me to her other breast and wanting relief from the pain drives me to grind against her. Without even thinking about her pleasure I come again. Not once through my orgasm do I take my lips from the nipple that fills my mouth with amber.

    We don’t stop to let me recover either. Each time I pour myself into her, I become ever so harder, ever so bigger. And my stomach howls even louder after each time. It’s like I’m starving again.

    I hate that feeling. Never want to feel like that again. My instincts flare and I suck even harder on the nipple in my mouth. A thick, sweet stream of nectar glides down my throat.

Ah! So rough, ah!”

    Her moans become louder and louder and then, everything changes. Her arms pull me even closer into her chest. The incredible, wet walls that surround and stroke the head and top of my dick change their rhythm. In long, hard waves her folds tighten around me. Her back arcs into my arms and for a moment, out of the corner of my vision, I watch her eyes roll back into head.

    She soon returns to me and tenderly strokes my hair while whispering into my ear.

I just had mine.”

    For a moment, I ignore the demands of my stomach, and answer her with a peck on the lips. I let my flower feel good as I do. A thought that magnifies the happiness she’s given me. I want to drown in love and pleasure with her. The emotions that grip my heart intensify and it feels better than the sensations in my hips.

    I want to make her come again. I want to feel her writhe in my arms and listen to her hot voice as she drowns in the feelings I give her. I want to feel her clamp against me and close every inch of distance that separates us.

    As the feelings in my own heart reach a fever pitch, I let out even more than before. This time pleasure radiates out from my heart and touches every part of me. It feel it travel to the tips of my toes and the ends of my fingers. I’m powerless to stop them from curling in delight. It climbs into my head and dulls of my senses to where my entire world becomes just us. I happily spill myself inside her for what feels like an whole minute. However, the moment I finish, my belly demands more and I clamp my lips to her other nipple.

    I continue to grind against her, indulge in her nectar, and release myself into her for what feels like hours. She reaches her own peak again and again as we drown ourselves in pleasure. That is, until after one seemingly large and messy orgasm, I collapse her into her chest.

    Like the light being blown out of a candle, the light in my eyes and the strength in my body vanish. I become as limp as a puppet that’s had its strings cut.

    As resign myself to darkness in her soft cleavage, I feel her lips touch my forehead and her siren like voice tell me.

Sleep well, my cute little boy.”

* * * * *

    The wind howls and the rain beats against the rose colored walls of our flowery shelter. It reminds me of the times when the rain would rap against the shingles of the roof. I’ve always loved the chaotic melody that it made. The sounds of the rain on the petals are no different. I breathe out my tension and bask in the security of the flower’s protection.

    Even though the storm has picked up in its intensity and I’m completely naked, it’s warm. The nectar that fills the basin we rest in is like a liquid blanket. Despite being thick, wet, and sticky, it’s not the least bit unpleasant. It clings to the skin, but it doesn’t leave an uncomfortable residue in its wake.

    I lean back into her embrace. I sit between her legs as she reclines against the petal wall that shields us from the raging storm. I hear her soft breaths as she sleeps peacefully behind me. If I strain my neck, I can see her full lips curve into a contented smile.

    Yesterday or… earlier, I can’t really tell, was amazing. It may have been the best experience of my life. That way she felt, tasted, and smelled. It’s a shame that I’ll have to leave her once this storm passes. But, looking at how this storm is going, that might not be for a little while. My mood rises with that piece of good news.

    Strange, not even a day before, this storm threatened to take my life. I hated it. I wanted it to pass as quickly as possible so I could return home. But now, somewhere inside of me hopes it’ll continue on for awhile longer.

    My stomach growls at me and that despicable pain confronts me. Even the smallest pang of hunger makes me flash back to hours before when I felt my belly eat me from the inside out. I never want to feel that horrible sensation of my body devouring itself to live for another second longer. That desire drives me cup my hands and drink the nectar we lie in.

    Its taste is mildly different. Not quite as good as the stuff I get directly from her, but still better than any sweet bread or candy I could have in town. She said it was dirty, but I can’t see it.

    I noisily slurp up handful after handful of the nectar in my cupped hands. I feel my flower stir behind me as another mouthful slides down my throat. Her arms tenderly squeeze me as she returns to consciousness.

Mmmm, little boy…?” She mutters half asleep, “Is everything okay?”

    I lean my head back against her full breasts that jiggle with the newest batch inside them. Looking up at her, I watch her sleepy eyes blink once, twice, three times, before I answer her.

I’m just a little hungry.”

You could have woken me up.” She smiles big.

But, I didn’t want to be rude. You saved me afterall.”

I think you might sweeter than my nectar.” She kisses me tenderly on my forehead. The pleasant feeling of her lips lingers on my forehead.

That’d be pretty hard.”

My, with a boy like you, it’s easier than you think.” She brushes my hair with her hand, “But turn around and help yourself. I’m so full it’s uncomfortable.”

Actually… can we stay like this a little longer?”


This stuff tastes good too, but, it feels even better when we’re like this.”

    I could swear she makes a “kyah!” like noise as she giggles like a giddy grammar school girl.

My! You are so adorable!” She hugs me even tighter, “You don’t know how happy you’ve made me.” She snuggles her cheek against mine.

Quite… a lot… I… guess…” It’s hard to speak when when my head is being pushed back and forth by a gorgeous woman.

Mhm!” She chirps back at me, “But what am I doing? You must be starving.”

    She eases up and nudges me to take another drink. Only the pitter-patter of rain drops, the howl of the wind, and my slurping can be heard inside the flower, that is, until my flower asks me.

It must have been hard.”

What was?”

When you were lost. How long was it?”

About 3 or 4 days.” I answer before taking another swig of sweet amber.

3 or 4 days out in all that, alone, cold, and without anything to eat. You didn’t sleep either, did you?”

No, I was too scared. I thought that if I went to sleep, I’d never wake up again.” I drink again after answering her.

I could tell. The bags under your eyes were black.”

I’d zone in and out but I tried to keep my mind busy.”

    She hugs me suddenly and the nectar in my hands spills over my stomach. She trembles behind me as if she feels the pain I experienced before I met her.

You can stay here for as long as you want.” She whispers gently into my ear, “You’ll always be safe with me. You’ll never need to weather the rain, hurt for food, deny yourself rest, or spend another night alone.”

    She tightens around me and nuzzles my neck. So tight, I feel hot nectar escape her breasts and trickle down my back.

Thank you, but you shouldn’t feel sad.”


You saved me.” She withdraws from my neck. “You gave me food, shelter, and warmth. I’m starting to feel like all of that was worth it because I got to meet you.”

My! So precious!” She squeals before her lips peck at my neck. She dots my and shoulder with soft, wet kisses that feel better than I ever thought was possible. As she does, another feeling stirs inside of me.

    I grow harder in response to her attention and my heart yearns for her again. I feel myself grow larger as I close my eyes and bask in her affection. As if she could sense the change in me, she whispers into my ear.

I love honest little boys.”

    I follow her gaze to my groin and my eyes widen in surprise. My dick is bigger than I remember. At least twice as large as it was earlier. When did that…?

It’s become even more charming, hasn’t it?”

How did that happen?” I ask with a giant smile across my face.

It’s the fruit of the love we made. Does it bother you?” She asks even though she knows the answer.

No,” I answer and impossible for me to contain my joy, “This is awesome. Before, always knew that I was small.”


One time, my friends were having a pissing contest about who was bigger. But, it quickly became one of those things where you have to put up or shut up. So, we had a contest…”

And how did that go?”

I… I was smallest.”

Not anymore though.”

No, I probably the biggest now.” My happiness flavors my words.

    She wraps her fingers around the shaft. Earlier, they covered my entire dick, but now, it’s barely half. She slowly strokes my entire length up and down. I lean my head back onto her breasts and enjoy her touch.

When I get back home,” I begin, “I might goad them into having another contest.”

She giggles, “Showing off, cutie?”

Just a little.”

    She doesn’t quicken her pace, but instead lets me laze in the mild pleasure of her touch. I breathe out contently. However, it’s not long before my stomach reminds us that it has needs and neither of us are doing anything to satisfy them.

Would you like some?”

Yeah.” I answer when I turn to face her, but when she offers her chest to me, I decline. “I want it from your flower.”

    Her face lights up and lips transform into a big, toothy smile. Her eyes dart between mine and my lips and bites on her thumb as the corners of her mouth become further apart.

Can I?”

Of course!”

    She stands up to her full height. She’s about 6 feet tall and on my knees my face just reaches the white lily the blooms between her legs. As I draw near, she places her fingers on my head and massages my scalp.

    As I draw closer, I wrap my arms around toned legs and cop of a feel of her firm butt. The supple flesh is soft enough for my fingers to squeeze, but springy enough to push them out if I left off the pressure.

Naughty little boy.” She playfully chides me as her fingers run through my hair.

    I bring my face closer and breath in her fragrance. A sweet, heady feeling that washes away my inhibitions takes over. I breathe again and bask in the mild thrill that circulates throughout my body.

    As I bring my lips to the petals, I carefully bring my tongue to the single petal weighed down by the trickle of nectar that flows from inside her.

Ah1” My flower reacts immediately.

    My tongue follows the trail of nectar up the petal and my flower shudders above me. Her fingers press harder into my scalp. The sweet flavor lingers in my mouth, but it’s no different than the nectar from her breasts. However, I’m not going to protest as my desire to drink from increases for an entirely different reason.

    I softly kiss each petal and my flower’s legs tremble in my grasp. Her moans and gasps become sweeter than her taste and I enjoy myself for another reason.

    I move slowly, being careful to pay each part of this gorgeous lily ample attention. I kiss, lick, and gently suck on each petal meticulously slow. Her fingers continue to roughly massage my head in time with her cries, but the real reward is here.

    The flow of nectar from inside the lily grows larger. As I lap up each luscious drop, my dick grows becomes more and more uncomfortably hard. The same painful swelling settles in, but I’m too distracted by my flower and her taste to give it much more attention.

Ahhhnnn, aaahn…” She whines sweetly as I feel her writhe in my arms.

    I push deeper and my tongue traces the entrance inside of her. It’s curious and unlike anything I’ve seen before. A ring of small nubs no larger than a pea grow from the entrance. I delicately touch one with my tongue.

AH!” She shrieks and her fingers dig into my scalp.

    I love that reaction and it encourages me to pay special attention to her entrance. I trace a circle with my tongue around her entrance. I lick each sensitive nub, counting them as I pass. 1, 2, 3, 4… her knees buckle and her hand move to my shoulders to hold up her weight. 5, 6, her fingers clamp tighter, 7, and 8.


    She spasms in my arms and I’m rewarded with more nectar. I greedily drink up each drop, sucking each drop off a sensitive bud. As I do, she begins to lose control and rocks her hips back and forth ever so slightly.


    She cries louder and louder and I hide my smile inside her flower. She squirms and moans in ecstasy I give her. I love her legs tremble when I kiss each sensitive number and she nearly topples over when slurp up the amber that flow from her.

    That is, until her entire form tenses up suddenly and her voice reaches its sweetest peak.


    The walls just beyond her entrance contract slowly, powerfully, and in a delicate rhythm. Her fingers dig painfully into my shoulders and I catch her as she’s about to topple over completely unable to stand.

    However, the best part is the gush the sweetest nectar that comes with each wave of her orgasm. Each one covers my face anew and with one taste, a jolt runs through my being. It’s much sweeter than before, like candied honey. A nectar so thick and hot that it slowly glides down my throat with turns my inside into a blaze. This is her sweetest nectar, an ambrosia that she’s only shared with me.

    When her orgasm fades, I let her collapse to her knees, and instantly pins me to the wall of her flower home. Her pink lips lock against mine and she pours every bit of love into this kiss. Her arms slide around my neck and she rests her chest against mine. She kisses me deeply again and again, not once opening her eyes until she’s expressed every ounce of happiness she feels.

    When she pulls away, her moist eyes remain half shut in a dreamy trance and the tender expression she shows me is meant only for me. After a second to catch her breath, her lips return to clean off the amber she’s coated my face with.

    She plants small moist kisses and drinks up her own nectar. Kiss after tender kiss she cleans my lips, chin, cheeks, and eyes until I’m as clean as when I started. The only thing distracting me from our intimacy is the growing pain in my dick.

    It hurts more than yesterday. The pressure in the shaft and head is so much worse. It aches like thousands of pins stabbing me from the inside out. That if anymore blood were to rush in, my dick would explode, but what’s worse is that now my balls feel the same way. Tiny pin pricks stab me from the inside and they feel denser, more sensitive than ever. As my flower buries me in her affection, that pain only grows until my face grimaces beyond my control.

Does something hurt?” She asks with a voice filled with worry.

My groin hurts. A lot.”

Oh?” Fingers gently find their way to me and stroke.

    I sigh as her loving attention brings some relief.

Does that feel better?”


Do you want to feel even better?”


Such an eager little cutie.”

Pretty flower.”


    She throws her leg over my hips but continues to lay on top of me. She guides my dick between her legs but not deeper. Instead, she grinds my length along the bottom of her flower. Back and forth, the nectar the spills from her covers me. As it does, her pace quickens and it eases the unrelenting pressure building inside me.

    I’m not content to just lay here and force her to do all the work. I love it when my flower feels good. I love to make her quiver and moan as much as I love reading or writing. To me, they’re incredible pleasures that I could dedicate my life to.

    With that conviction, I pull her chest tighter into mine and peck her neck. I cover neck and collar bone in small kisses, just like the ones she showered me in. Her pace slows as I distract her from her intimate work, but that excites me even more. The growing pain in my deck is nothing compared to the joy of turning my gorgeous flower into a quivering mess.

Ah!” Her back arcs when I gently bite the nape of her neck. For that brief moment, she freezes.. In that brief second where I watch her surrender to the pleasure I give her, more blood fills my dick and the pain doubles.

Ergh!” I’m unable to swallow my voice and my face distorts.

    She breaks my weakened grip and stares at me for a couple seconds like a tragedy had just occurred. Our eyes lock and I see that my cry has put her on the verge of tears. Without every breaking our gaze, she repositions herself to accept take all of me inside.

    Then, without the long, meticulous process like before, she slams her hips down and takes in every inch in a single movement.

AAH!” She moans when my head pushes through her sensitive entrance.

    Relief comes almost instantly. Her wet folds immediately embrace me. They squeeze and stroke me, but before the pain melts away under her care, something latches onto the head. I feel it snap around the glans and a wet, oily cap massages me. Its skin tight and conforms to every curve so that the entire head is pleasured at once.

    She smiles when I sigh in relief.

I’m sorry that I didn’t take your pain away sooner.” She apologizes so sincerely, she’s like a repentant criminal.

It’s okay.” I forgive her of what she considers a sin with a kiss on the lips.

    She slowly rocks her hips against me as we make out. She moves so carefully as to avoid causing me any pain, that it’s almost neurotic. Despite that, it feels incredible. The creases that wrap themselves around my shaft are tight and massage me deeply. The wonderful cap around the head follow suit, caressing, stroking, and rubbing every sensitive spot at the same time.

    I throw my head back and moan as I enjoy the pleasure, but that too is becoming harder and harder to do. The pain that was in my dick, moves to my balls. The pressure increases more and more rapidly and an uncomfortable swelling takes root.

    I need to come. I know instinctively and I buck my hips to push into her.

Oooh? Ah!?” A moan of pleasure interrupts her usual questioning tick.

    As I thrust up, pushing myself to climax, the pain increases. My own excitement and arousal fuels it. I move faster, harder. My flower clings to my neck to not bounce off as I do everything I can to hasten my orgasm. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for the tension in my hips to reach its limit.

    The I come harder than ever. My hips buck with each long, deep contraction that seems to continue on for forever. Each one pouring a thick rope of semen into my lovely flower. My entire body sings in pleasure, and I writhe back and forth, completely unable to control myself. As my orgasm continues for longer that is ever has before, the pain in my balls is replaced by an even greater pleasure, deflation.

    Each jet of come I release, eases the pressure and weight in my sac. I didn’t know how amazing it could feel to completely empty myself before now, but after this, I never want to go without it again.

    I feel the skin tight cap around the head expand around me and a sucking force draws every drop inside her. Between my desperate gasps for air, I steal glances at her face that lights up in ecstasy.

    When I finally return to earth, I lay underneath my flower, gasping for air. My body is still alight in the after flow of that incredible orgasm. However, my hunger returns, roaring like a lion, and causes me to stir. Just like the pain was so much more worse than before, so is my hunger.

    Without thinking I flip her over and bury myself in her breasts. I greedily suck down her candied nectar as quickly as I can. The pangs of starvation assault me even as I fill belly. It’s not enough. I drink as fast as I can, somehow managing to not choke as I give myself almost no time to breathe.

Ah! Hey, not so rough.”

    I pinch her other nipple in protest and a squirt of amber flies into the air. All of it is mine. It belongs to me.


    Her breast grows smaller as I drink down every drop inside of it. A strange joy wells up in my heart as her breast shrinks in my hands. It makes me just as happy to empty her as it does to empty myself. Her sweet moans that leave her lips only confirm that she shares this happiness with me.

    When I’ve had the last drop, I pull away, breathe deep, and admire my handiwork. Her right breast is easily two cup sizes smaller than her left. Her verdant cheeks are dyed a beautiful crimson and her eyes, moist, dreamy, and in a blissful trance look up at me.

    My distended belly presses against her flat stomach. We kiss, sucking on each others’ lips. We explore each others’ mouths, probing to discover each sensitive spot we have. As we do, my stomach slowly returns to its normal size, but as it does, that uncomfortable pressure returns.

    I immediately plunge myself inside her flower..

AHHHN!” She cries when the head presses through her sensitive ring, “Haaah!” She coos when the cap inside latches onto me.

    I thrust myself in and out and pain never intensifies. Instead, she becomes tighter and tighter. The sticky, wet walls give way as I go deeper and deeper into her. We develop a rhythm as we attempt to push ourselves closer and closer together.

    Her fingers dance up and down my back, lightly scratching into me as her feelings peak. Her feverish moans turn are laced with a single word.

Aaah! A, Cutie! Haah, aah, Cutie! Ahhn, aahan, Cutie!” Each call of my pet name comes when I hilt myself.

    After one long thrust, she screams my pet name, and pulls me as closer as she can. I feel her folds wring my dick as hard as they can, and the crown that surrounds the head spasms wildly and sucks powerfully, like it’s trying to draw out everything from deep inside me.

    My gorgeous flower spasms underneath me. She clings to my chest as if it were the only thing keeping her from drowning in the ocean of pleasure she feels. Her head twists to and fro, splaying her pink hair all around us.

    I don’t stop thrusting. I want to make her come again and again. My heart sings with joy at the thought overwhelming this wonderful woman with pleasure. I love her sweet moans. I love the dreamy, blissful looks she casts at me when she’s lost in the feelings I give her. I love how her pussy tries to wring every drop of come out of me when she orgasms. I love this. Once or twice isn’t enough.

Aaah! Aah!”

    My balls ache even more after watching my flower orgasm. I push hard into her, my pubic hair brushes against her white petals. The nubs that circle her entrance enlarge and slide against my shaft.


    I don’t want her to catch her breath. I want to fill while she’s at her most beautiful. And it’s not long before my wish is granted. With one last thrust, I push as deep as I can go, and I flood her once again.

KYAH!” She screams as her eyes become as round as dinner plates.

    Like last time, it feels as if I let out a river inside of her. My each wave is so long, it’s like each clinch is a normal orgasm from before I met her. The feelings that radiate from my heart expand to include all of my being. A content happiness fills me and I become even closer to my flower.

    My arms lose their strength and I collapse onto her lopsided chest. We lay on top of each other, breathing so hard, neither of us can speak. My flower can’t even open her eyes. She barely manages to caress my head as we lay together covered in sweat.

    As the minutes pass, we recover some of of our strength. She looks down at me and her out of proportion chest and whines.

You’ll do something about that, won’t you?”

    My appetite returns, but it’s different the desperate ravings I felt for food. More like a suggestion from my heart telling me I should drink. That things will be even better for me if I do.

Aaaah” She sighs as the first spurt enters my mouth.

    She affectionately traces different shapes along my back with her fingertips as I drink. Shifts her weight in place, as if she were a cat making herself more comfortable.

That feels so much better, Cutie.”

    The rain continues to beat against the walls of the pink flower we take shelter in. Strong gusts of wins occasionally cause the walls to wobble, but they never topple over. The candy sweet flavor and smell of her nectar floods my senses and I leisurely drain this breast too.

This storm doesn’t seem to be letting up at all.” She comments.

Yeah.” I answer then return to my drink.

Her folds gently pulse against me, but strangely, I don’t feel myself getting harder. Instead, it’s like I’m becoming more solid.

I don’t usually like storms.” She says, “They turn my flower into a bathtub and keep me locked in by myself. I’d rather bathe in the sun and greet the little creatures that come visit me, but this might be the first time I’ve wanted one to keep going.”

    I look up at her.

I feel the same way. I want to go home, but I don’t want to. As long as it’s raining, I can’t go home, so I don’t have to make that choice.”

    She giggles that girly laugh that charms my heart.

Such a cutie. You’ve made me so happy that I’ll tell you a secret.”

    The pressure inside my dick fades, but I don’t become softer or smaller.

What’s that?”

Do you know what’s like for my kind when you plant your seed inside us?”

Hmmm… no clue. What’s it like?”

It’s like a flash of lightning through my whole body that burns away whatever I was thinking about. Not even a second later, like clap of thunder, I’m overwhelmed by happiness. Then, my heart soaks up that happiness like my roots drink up rain water. And then, a powerful, all consuming feeling of love blooms from my heart and I fall in love all over again.”

    Even the veins running throughout my dick seem to become more solid as if the entire thing was becoming hard and solid as a tree branch.

But it doesn’t stop there. Those feelings dig their roots deep into my bones and spread to every part of me. I feel love and pleasure radiate from inside me and it grows and grows until it feels as good as when I’m coming. And then all those feelings fertilize the next orgasm you give me.”

    She pauses to let out sultry moan after I take a particularly large drink of hot amber.

And you know what the best part is? Every time I become a little closer to you. I understand you just a little bit more. Like…” She trails off as she thinks, “You love it when I come. It makes you so happy to see me quiver and moan in pleasure. You love it so much that you would rather make me come than have an orgasm yourself.”

    I pause and look up at her again, dumbfounded.

That’s why you’re such an adorable little boy.”

    My heart trembles as it tastes the words even sweeter than her nectar and to hide my embarrassment, I suck hard on her breast.

Aaaah! Not so rough!”

    Even I can feel how hot my cheeks have become and I don’t look up at her until this breast is as flat as the other. When I finish, I ask, “How’s this?”

Aaaah…” She moans like she’s unloaded a heavy pack from her shoulders or yawning, “So much better.”

    I finally withdraw myself from her. A pang of sadness and loneliness touches my heart as I do, but it’s quickly dispersed when I look down at my crotch.

My…” She coos as she stares at it.

    It’s grown again. I’ve grown again. I can’t stop myself from smiling. This is awesome. I’m huge. I’ve had to least double in size again. Is this why it hurt so bad? If it was, I’d gladly put up with that pain again. I have to be over a foot long.

    I wrap my fingers around the shaft and it’s like holding the hilt to a sword. The head is even wider. I stroke it a few times in front of her. I have to extend my arm instead of just using my wrist now.

    What’s more is that my balls have grown. Each one is about the size of a small handball that my friends and I would throw against the school wall during recess. I feel how dense they’ve become as they sway between my legs when I subtlely shift my weight.

This is amazing…” I tell her.

It’s become quite handsome since we last saw it.”

    Her words fill with me with pride.

Yeah… I can’t believe this fit…”

    She giggles to herself.

Sit with me, cutie.”

    I sit between her legs with my back to her. She wraps her arms around me and hugs me close. This seems to have become our usual way of sitting together.

Have you been taught anything about my kind?”

Just a little, but after meeting you, it seems stupid.”

What did they say?”

That you’re evil temptresses that will eat my soul.”

My, how horrible.”

I know. It’s stupid. You’re not evil. You didn’t eat my soul. You saved my life.”

So precious.” She hugs me tight, “My kind were meant to love. Everything about us was made to make cute little boys like you happy and unlock the wellspring of love inside of cute little girls. How could I show you my love if I couldn’t accept everything about you?”

    My dick twitches happily and my heart buzzes when she tells me that she loves me. It’s strange though. I’m not excited but I’m still just as hard as when we made love. I’ve grown so much bigger but that isn’t the only change. The veins that pop up are just as stiff and have changed color to an earthy mix of brown and green.

It’s not going down.” I comment.


Is this because of love too?” I ask with a tinge of nervousness.

Mhm…” She answers gently, “Our love has blessed you so much. You’ll never need to stop loving when you want to keep going or be unable to even though you want to so badly.”

    She caresses my cheek and plants a wet kiss.

You’re a very lucky little boy.”

Really?” My voice swings to a higher pitch.

Mhm, you’re so easy to bless. I’m sure there’ll be many, many more for you in the future.”

    She stretches her legs out like a cat before hugging me close again.

Why don’t we take a little nap together? You made me feel so good that I’m a bit tired.”


    She nestles me closer, laying my head between her deflated breasts. Even without their nectar, they’re still soft and more comfortable than the straw pillow I sleep on at home. Her arms keeps me warmer than any blanket. It’s not long before I fall asleep with her.

* * * * *

    I wake up to a sound that I haven’t heard in days – bird song. The storm had chased them away into their nests and made this forest seem as barren as the desert. Only that the sand had been replaced with trees.

    Sunlight illuminates the one small hole in the petal roof that allowed fresh air to circulate inside of this flower shelter. Even though it had none of the luxuries of my parents’ home: their beds, fireplace, and wooden furniture, I can say with confidence that her home is more lavish. The air is fresh and heavy with an intoxicating fragrance. It’s warm enough that I’m comfortable naked and not once has water leaked from the roof.

    With the storm gone, that means I’ll need to say goodbye, doesn’t it?

    I steal a peek at her pretty, sleeping face over my shoulder. Her thick, pink hair shifts to one side as she rests her head against the petal wall that supports us like a net. If I listen closely, I can hear small, faint breaths from her lips. But most of all, she’s looks happy. That expression plucks my heartstrings as skillfully as any musician plays their instrument.

    I don’t want to leave her. She’s transformed these last few days from the darkest of my life to the brightest, but if I want to write and publish all of the untold stories within me, I’ll need to. I can’t help but sigh.

    But then… an idea. Maybe, just maybe, I can come visit her every weekend. I can return here and we can spend time together when I’m away from the publishing house. Then I can pursue my writing and be with her!

    Momentary joy is simply that. It passes like a gust of wind and leaves me colder from our meeting.

    That’ll never work. I don’t know the way back to the town from here. I’ll wander around the forest for while, crisscrossing my steps again and again until I lose all sense of where I’ve been. Then, if I’m lucky, I’ll get out of this forest and escape into town. How long would it take me to find my way back here after that? It’s not something I could do in a day or a weekend. I probably won’t see her again even if I spent my whole life searching.

    I sigh again. This sucks.

    As if sensing my melancholy, my flower stirs awake.

What’s the matter cutie?”

It’s sunny.”

    A brief pause.

Oh…” Her voice darkens as she shares in my melancholy and what sunlight means for us, but regains its light almost immediately, “That means you have quite the journey ahead of you, doesn’t it?”


Hmmm, I’m full again already.” She comments as she fondles her breasts, “Your hungry tummy has had quite the effect on me. Why don’t you have some before your trip back? ”

Okay…” I appreciate the idea, but it’s hard to be enthusiastic when I know this will be the last time.

    That is, until that candy like sweetness touches my tongue. It blasts away my melancholy and obscures my mind and any negativity I might have. How can I be depressed when she’s still with me?

Aaah… aaah…” She cries quietly as I drink my fill.

    It’s good. So much better than the last time I tasted it. I don’t know how it happens, but every time I come to love this flavor more and more. Now, for me, there’s nothing that’s more delicious than her. There’s no cake, sweet bread, or pudding the best chef in the country could make that would be better than her. Even other food like my mother’s shepherd’s pie seems bland in comparison.

    Unlike before when I would single-mindedly focus on one breast at a time, sucking out everything as fast I could, I use my free hand to give the other breast the attention it craves. I softly kneed the buoyant green flesh with my fingers and feel the nectar inside jostle around. Each time I pinch the nipple, a spurt of nectar covers my hand, and an adorable, sharp cry escapes her lips.

    At first, she turns her head away when I bring my amber covered fingers to her supple lips, but I persist. I caress her sensitive lips and tease her with just a small taste. It amazes me how the lightest, consistent touch can build into an incredible torrent of pleasure. She wiggles underneath me and her moans become filled with sugar.

    I continue my slow tease on her lips until something inside of her snaps. She latches onto my fingers and sucks as hard as she can. Her tongue circles around each digit, trying her best to entwine it with me. It’s a struggle to even get my fingers out of her mouth.

    But I don’t disappoint her. I switch breasts and coat my other hand in even more nectar. This time, she jumps at up my fingers and sucks as if they were my dick.

Mmmhmm… mhmmm…” Her muffle moans fill the air and it becomes hard to tell whether or not she’s getting herself off on my fingers.

    It doesn’t matter to me if it’s my lips, fingers, or a combination between. I just want her to feel good. I want to give her pleasure with everything we do. Those cries and moans of ecstasy are more beautiful than the Church’s choir or the songs of a wandering minstrel.

    When I’ve had enough, I pull away and look at how lovely her face has become. Sweat drips from her forehead. Her eyes are sleepy, distant, and deep in their own world. Her cheeks are flushed as as ever, and a thread of saliva stretches from my fingers to her lips as I pull them from her. This expression is prettier than any stained glass window or sculpture.

    I watch breathe in and out heavily. Her chest rises and falls with each one and a little light returns to those violet eyes. However, that light is only directed at me. I follow the feelings of my heart and meet my lips to hers. I enjoy the lingering flavor of the nectar in her mouth as I tongues entwine. Passionate breaths escape as we tilts out heads to get even a little bit closer.

Say… how about we share one more together?” She asks between heavy breathes, “One last something to remember the first cutie I let taste my most precious flower.”

    First cutie? As in, there’ll be others in the future? That doesn’t sit well with me. The idea that another boy will someday find my flower and taste everything that I have. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

What do you say?” She smiles as I stir in the growing darkness that rises from my stomach.

‘Say?” She starts asks again, but I don’t need words. I plant a deep kiss on the nape of her neck.

    She giggles, but I don’t let up. I suck as hard as I can. I want to mark her as mine. That if anyone else comes by they’ll know that I was here.

Hey, now!” She protests as I sink my teeth in a touch too deep, but the fingers that caress my back up and down only egg me on.

    I barely give myself time to breathe before I plant my lips close to where they were. Bigger, it needs to be so big that everyone know that this is my flower. As I continue to work, she rests a hand on the small of my back and brings me a little closer. She slips her long legs over mine, trapping me close, but I don’t care. I want to be here.

    I feel how giddy she’s becoming as I suck and bite up her neck, leaving a path of purple as I go. Her laughter is so cute, so feminine, and I want it all to myself. She gave all of this to me and I’m discovering that I never learned how to share.

    I stop when I’m satisfied that my mark is big enough for the world to see, but the heat inside burns hotter. I’m on my knees in front of her, lightly panting, and looking directly into her eyes.

    She coyly shifts her face, never breaking eye contact, so that she’s looking up at me from the corner of her eyes. The mark I’ve given to her is on full display and her legs casually open wider. She reveals the white lily between her legs. An amber stream leaks from it and the sweet aroma of my flower fills the air.

    I realign myself to push into her. As my head pushes through her entrance she cries out passionately.


    An idea occurs to me and I come to a stop with only the thick head of my dick inside of her. I’ll give her so much pleasure and love that she’ll never want want anyone else. Their offers will be like flat notes in a song.

    I’ve made love with her enough to at least learn one of her favorite places. I pull out until the head is just in front of her entrance. Each nub that rings her entrance rolls against the ridge of the head of my dick.


    Even slower than before, I push back into her. I feel entrance expand to fit me inside of it once again. Each nub receiving a long, slow stroke as I gradually penetrate her bit by bit.

AAAHN!” She shrieks

    I smile wide as I watch her writhe underneath me. Her walls contract around me tightly, massing me, goading to continue deeper, but no. Not now. Just as slowly as I entered, I pull out.


    Her entrance squeezes painfully hard, trying desperately to keep me inside and for a moment, it feels like I can’t go any further. I don’t let it stop me. I pull back harder and with a barely audible pop, withdraw. I immediately thrust back in to keep the rhythm. Slowly in, slowly out. I use deliberate, shallow strokes to pleasure each of the sensitive nubs at her entrance.

    Her breathing grows hotter as I continue. She desperately gasps for air and claws at my back. She grinds her hips into me, but I don’t allow her to take me any deeper. I keep focused on maintaining the same, slow rhythm that takes her higher and higher.

    That is, until she becomes completely rigid. Every muscle in her body tenses and she lets out the loudest scream I’ve heard.


    It becomes impossible for me to maintain my tempo as her the walls inside her crush down so hard, they lock me inside. Wave after wave I feel her folds ripple around me, begging me to come deeper. I feel her spasm in my arms and dig her nails deep enough into my back to draw blood.

    Joy. I feel the purest joy in watching my flower come. Once isn’t not enough. I want to give her more and watch as she grows more and more beautiful. I can’t hide the wide smile that’s plastered across my face.

    The moment her pussy loosens its grip on me, I restart. I knew she would love this. I knew that she loved it when I penetrated her. I let her relive that experience again and again.

AAH!” She barely manages to cry while gasping for air.

    I won’t let you come down. Higher. I want to take you higher. So high that you’ll never be able to come back down. So high, you’ll never, ever want anyone else, no matter who comes to visit you. And at this height, it doesn’t take her long before she comes again.


    I try to continue my rhythm, but every time she climaxes, it becomes impossible to move. She completely loses control of herself and spasms underneath me. I watch every muscle in her body tense as hard as it can and then relax as each wave of pleasure washes through her. The lights in her eyes lower to a seductive ambiance in their half opened lids.

    My heart falls into a blissful trance as I make my flower come. Each time, she gives me a subtly different expression. She twists around me a little differently. She attempts to pull me closer another way. It’s more exciting to see how she’ll come next than to read the best written novel. Part of me knows that I could do this for the rest of my life.

    As I bring her to her 8th orgasm, the pink petals around us lower, revealing the bright yellow sun and the clear blue sky above. The grass of the clearing is a verdant green. The evergreens that surround it have a brilliant blue hue and I can’t help but wonder what color the buddings leaves will be. Cool crisp air fills my lungs and distracts me long enough for my flower to catch her breath.

Cutie…” She says to me seemingly lost in passion, “I love you. Stay with me.”

    My leaps for joy in my chest. My flower loves me. She wants me to stay with her. If I wanted to, I could be with her.

But, if you want to go, I won’t stop you. I know the home you left is important to you, but hasn’t this short time been better than all of that?”

    She smiles blissfully at me in the afterglow of the pleasure I’ve given her and a long silence settles in while she waits for my answer.

“Yeah… It has. I’ve been happier here with you than I ever was with my family.”

Then… why not say goodbye to all that and build a new home and a new family, here, with me?”

    My heart beats hard and everything slows down. I’m being asked to choose.

    Do I want a life of ink and paper laboring all day in front of a printing press and then return home at night to sit alone in my room and scribble ink on paper? Or would I rather spend my time here with my flower, making love under the sun without any worries? Is the life that I worked so hard for even worth it?

    How do the books I read compare to the time I spent with my flower? How does the time I spent with my family and friends compare to the time I spent with her? Was it all that great? Was it really worth fighting so hard for?

    My heart knows the answer. I thrust myself in until I’ve reached the hilt. The crown inside her latches on tight to the head and lovingly massages every contour. I bring my lips close to her ear and whisper.

I’d rather have you.”

My!” She squeals as I thrust into her and pour my heart out.

I want to be with you always. When I started thinking about that you might be with some other boy, I couldn’t stand it. It made me so mad that I wanted to chisel pleasure so deep into you that you’d never even want to look at someone else. I want to mark you as mine.”

You still can.”


Marry me.”

But I don’t have a ring.”

Silly cutie, only humans need rings. My kind have something even better.”

What’s that?”

Make love with me again, but as you do pour your heart into it. Express how much you love me and how much you want to live with me. My energy inside you will respond and when you come inside me, you’ll bind us together forever.”

    I swallow hard and my heart races.

That way, I’ll belong only to you. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

Yes…” I breathe out.

    Already, before I’ve even begun, I can feel a powerful emotion pulse from my heart. It’s light and as strange as it is to say, it sparkles. That feeling buzzes in my chest and everywhere it touches feel like a kiss. This is how I feel about her, isn’t it?

    I begin to thrust my hips.

I love you,” I confess and that emotion inside me whirls, “I love you so much.” My pace quickens as my feelings take over and she clasps me close.

    I continue to pump myself in and out as I confess everything in my heart.

I use to want to be a writer and a publisher, but now that I’ve met you, that’s all so dull. Why should I waste my time reading when we could be making love. Why do I need words to express how I feel when I can show it with you everyday?”

    As my feelings pour of me, I thrust harder and harder. My beautiful flower’s moans increase in volume. That tender emotion in my chest expands and my whole body begins to be colored in it.

I can’t make love with you if I go back to the city. It’s not my home anymore, because you aren’t there. I don’t care if I can never see my family or friends again. I don’t care if I’ll never read another book or write another article. I’ll trade all of that for you.”

    My breathing becomes too labored to continue confessing to my love how I feel, but a single thought lights the fuse to the most powerful climax I’ve ever had.

  I want to be with you forever.

    All at once, my body erupts into orgasm. Spiderwebs of pleasure appear throughout my body setting everything from the skin to my bones alight. I lose control. I tremble and quiver in my love’s arms.

    As each wave travels through me, smaller orgasms begin. My heart, my mind, my hand, my stomach, every part of me becomes as sensitive and receptive to love as my groin. The feelings stack into top of each other, amplifying each other, and from that creating new more powerful orgasms.

    I release more than I ever have inside of her. My balls pull tight against me and offer everything. I feel thick streams of come leave me in time with the rhythm with its pulse. Each wave only seems to get longer and longer as continue to come inside of her.

    And the most sensitive part of all, the head of my dick, feels the best. The skin tight crown inside of her that latches to me bucks with me and drinks down every bit I give her. As I come it feels like I’m shooting out from more than just the tip, but that it’s seeping out in all directions.

    My love immediately responds when my come reaches her. She screams loud and is instantly brought to the same powerful orgasm as me. Together, we quake, quiver, and moan in each other arms. Barely cognizant of anything but each other and the pleasure we share.

    As we ride the seemingly endless waves of pleasure together, a mysterious force seems to bind us together, like thousands of threads weaving us together. At first, I get a better sense of her feelings, the joy she feels at finally finding the love of her life. Then, I get a greater sense of her, almost as if I could sense which parts of her scream out in pleasure the most. As the weaving binds us closer and closer a powerful sense of oneness comes over us. I know instinctively that she feels it too. That from now on, we’ll be together forever. That she is my mate, in body and soul.

    When the waves of orgasm finally cease, we catch our breathes in each others’ arms. Even though we’re unable to say a word, we know how the other feels. I feel so close to her heart and she’s become the center of mine. I don’t care about anything outside of this flower. It’s irrelevant because my mate isn’t there.

My cutie, let me see your cock.”

    I pull out and stand in front of her. It’s about the same size and permanently erect like it was before, but now, a layer of fine dust covers the head. The grains sparkle in the sunlight as they fall of me like pollen.

My! My!” She coos excitedly as her eyes become fixed on it. “It’s perfect. You’ve become so perfect.”

    Her head follows my dick as I move it back and forth like a string in front of a kitten. I can’t be any happier, the love of my life is spellbound by my dick. Unconsciously she drifts closer and closer until lips brush against the head. A thrill shoots through me, but even better, my mate takes me into her mouth.

    She sucks and licks the head as if she were attempting to get every bit of the pollen that covers it off. As she does, she becomes hotter, more excited, and takes more and more of me into mouth. Her tongue finds my most sensitive spots and a sensation reaches deep inside me to pull out the next wave of semen.

    She doesn’t stop even when my length fills her mouth. She pushes onward and takes me into her throat. Deeper and deeper she takes me, until her face is buried in my pubic hair.

    She pulls out of me, takes a breath, and then all the way back in again. Her lips press hard against me the entire trip in and out while her tongue finds everywhere I”m sensitive. Her muffle moans sound like she’s tasting the most exquisite dessert.

    I come when she returns to licking up every drop of pollen I now seem to emit. Thick jets of seed fill her mouth and the head seems to explode with pollen. She gulps every bit that I give her, eyes closed like she’s drinking the finest wine in the world. She doesn’t release me until she’s satisfied that she had it all.

I’m in love with your taste.” She coos as she licks her lips even a drop that she may have missed.

    Her words stir up blissful feelings of love. I made the right choice. There’s nothing for me outside. I only want her. I love how she smells. I love how she tastes. I love how she feels. I love how she screams out how good she feels.

    I step around and push her chest over the side of the petal walls. Her pastel pink hair hangs inches above the grass surrounding our flower.


    I admire her firm ass. It’s round, tight, but lets my fingers sink in just a touch. My excitement builds as I admire my mate. This is mine now. My blood quickens. She’s mine now. I slide into her from behind.


    Her back arches as I pass through her sensitive entrance and her nails dig into the pink petals that make up on home. When that familiar cap attaches to me, she casts a sultry glance over her shoulder.

    I start slow. I take the time to enjoy how each fold kisses my shaft as I pull out. Every soft, wet touch sends a jolt through me. I savor the feeling of pushing her open and the moment my hips touch her ass when I thrust back in. In and out, again and again, I slowly drink in my mate’s body.

Aaaah… haaaaah….”

    Our feelings gradually build with every movement. I watch a shade of red mix in with my mate’s green skin. I notice how she shakes her hips when I’m the deepest inside of her. I smile when her head bobs up and down in rhythm with our bodies. All the while the nectar inside her thickens and the air becomes even heavir with her sweet scent.

AAaaah!” She calls out when her back arches.

    I push into her harder as my desire becomes hotter. We fill the quiet grove with her hot moans and the slick sound of our love making. I shudder when her walls grip tightly around me and the crown inside her hits every sensitive spot I have. It’s like it’s coaxing me to come as quickly as possible., but I resist the urge. Instead, I thrust in harder while maintaining the same tempo.

    I can feel her spasm unconsciously as the tension in my hips increases. Her arms buckle underneath her and she struggles to right them, but after one too many moments of weakness, they lose all their strength. She hangs off the side of the flower, screaming into the spring air without a care that someone else might hear her. And neither do I.

    Then, her body stiffens at the same moment I reach my limit. We fall off the cliff together. Our bodies tighten and we lose control. The cap surrounding the head of my dick draws deep inside of me and pulls out more than I could have thought possible. Pleasure wracks my body and my knees struggle to keep me standing.

    I pour myself into her. Each wave of orgasm brings with another long stream of seed, however, she still coaxes more out of me and somehow our orgasms lengthen. Her whole body siphons my come and then pleads for more.

    A powerful, wonderful emotion grows from within me. It tells me that this right. That this is how things should be. That this is the most happiness I’ll ever find and it’s my reason for being. I’m meant to make love with her, to come and make her come, to deepen the intimacy between us, and to fill our hearts with love until it spills over into the rest of the world.

Aaah…. more! Aaah…” She moans as another wave of pleasure washes over her.

    If my mate wants more, why would I ever say no? I thrust in even though her orgasm still lingers. I lean over her and grab a nectar filled nipple as I pump myself into her. I only need to pinch a little for her to paint the grass around our flower in amber.


    I love it. I continue my steady rhythm. Sometimes I bite her neck and watch her spasm happily. Other times, I pull her hair just hard enough to get an ecstatic whine to pass through her lips. I fall in love with the way the veins in her neck pop out when she comes. I love it. It feels as good to make her this way.


    Just as her last orgasm comes to an end, the next one I’ve given hits her. Those lovely veins in her neck pop out even further and she writhes underneath me. She arcs her back in time with each wave of her climax. Even her perfect ass spasms in time like it’s trying to pull me in deeper. Her pussy begs for me to come and just from watching her be so beautiful, I come myself.

AAH! More! AAHN!”

    It begins with my heart. The waves of pleasure of radiate from it in time with my quickening heart beat. Each pulse goes further and further. It starts with my chest, but soon reaches my neck and stomach. Soon my arms feel it and not long after my hips shares in the joy of this orgasm When it does, I feel my balls pull close as if they were pulling more semen from the well inside me, and I release.

AAHN! More!”

    I give her more. Even as I’m coming, I don’t have the need to stop. I continue thrusting in as the cap inside her drinks everything I spill.

    Riding on the high of each peak, my love’s orgasms stack on top of each other. I watch how each muscle in her body gains a life of its own as it twitches, spasms, and experiences each climax at its own pace. Her voice becomes more beautifully incoherent with each one, except for 1 word.


    And so, I give more. I come along side of her. I share this moment as I drain everything I have into her.

    With each orgasm we share, her stomach becomes a little fuller. It changes the angle she hangs over the side and I feel a new sensation after every peak. Her stomach distends further and further, but still she begs me for more. I’m happy to oblige.

    We continue to make love as her belly grows larger. The pleasure, love, and orgasms continue, blend, and start a new until it’s impossible for either us to tell where one begins and one ends. We share in a blissful trance that continues until the sky turns orange and the trees darken in the mountain’s shadow.

    We finally reach the end when her belly is as big as a pregnant woman’s and our bodies collapse in exhaustion. We both slide against the nectar covered petal walls of our home. We lay wrapped in each others’ arms as we catch our breaths.

    When I’m calm enough to move again, I place my hand on her swollen stomach. So full, it jiggles with the slightest touch. That brings a proud smile to my lips. To think that I did this. It would’ve been impossible before I met the love of my life, but this is another wonderful fruit of the love we share.

    She giggles as I caress her engorged stomach. It makes me happy that no matter how much I play with it, not a single bit escapes from her inside her. She’s sealed all of my love inside.

Admiring your handiwork, cutie?”

Yeah. I’m loving this look on you.” I say as I giver her stomach a playful squeeze.

My!” She exclaims as her belly wiggles from my tease, “I already love being like this.”


Mhm, I’m filled with my most precious boy. My being is lit up with you. Even though we’re not making love, it’s like you’re loving every part of me. From the bones in this body, to the petals that surround us, to my roots that reach into the soil. I feel you. I feel you loving me, nurturing me, and turning me into the biggest, most beautiful flower in the world.”

    She sighs contently.

It’s wonderful.”

    She kisses me softly.

From today on, I’m your pistil and you’re my stamen.”

Is that flower for husband and wife?”

    She giggles.

So adorable!” She hugs me tight, but it’s hard when her stomach is so big, “It’s more. Flowers usually have stamens and pistils, the boy and girl parts in each one, but this flower only had a pistil, me. However, you came and completed me. Together, we’re a perfect flower.”

    I kiss my pistil as she brings the wall of our home together above our heads When they’re closed, she continues.

It’s from flowers that plants make seeds. My cute stamen, let’s spread our seeds across the world. We’ll make fields of flowers and change this forest into a paradise for others to live like we do.”

I like this idea.”

    We clasp our hands together. Our fingers intertwine as lips hover next each other.

We’ll be together forever.” She tells me.

I don’t want it any other way.”

* * * * *

    More than a year has passed since I married my pistil. Our love continued to bless me as our intimacy grow closer. Green leaves has sprung from my brown hair. And, my pubes, well, they’re entirely leaves now. My feet have turns into roots that connect our home. Just like hers. I can never leave this flower, but I wouldn’t dream of it. She’s my mate and the center of my world. She is everything I could ever want, so why would I want to leave?

    The days pass much the same. We wake up with the sun and make love throughout the day. I drink my fill of her nectar and she drinks in my seed. And then, with the raising of the moon, we retreat into our flower where we cuddle and bask in intimacy before falling asleep together. No matter how much we make love, it’s still as exciting and passionate as the day we married. It’s the reason why we live.

    My pistil shudders and collapses from the powerful, mind shattering orgasm I give her. All this time making love has taught me how to bring her the highest peaks. I catch her and see that the lights have gone completely out in her violet gems. I can’t help but smile. I love her. I love doing this to her.

    I recline against a petal as I hold her in my arms and survey how much this field has changed. We transformed this grove into a field of white and pink lilies. They grow next to each other so closely that not even a single blade of grass is anywhere to be seen. Every few thousand lilies or so, a larger one grows.

    They’re far larger than their sisters and will become even larger with the passage of years. In time, a little girl, one of our daughters, will sprout inside. She’ll grow up to be just as alluring as her mother and find a stamen to love for the rest of her life. Together, they’ll spread their love just as I we have. As a father, that couldn’t make me happier.

    I next turn my attention to the trees as I run my fingers through my mate’s pretty pink hair. Every bit of green has disappeared from the trees of this grove. Now, their leaves paint the forest in a palette of pinks, reds, blues, and purples.

    Even our own flower has changed since we married. It’s larger now, almost the size of a small house. Secondary lowers, the size of the when I first met my love, now adorn our home like a necklace, but there’s no girl inside them. They attract scores of honeybees who bathe in their nectar and further change this forest into a paradise.

    If I focus on our roots, I can sense the extent of this forest’s change. This entire valley has transformed, but there’s still miles and miles of forest left. This is only one small valley after all.

    Still, others like us have already arrived. The honeybees were first, but later came the half-bird, half-woman race known as harpies. They prefer to roost in the mountain rocks with their husbands, but they forage food here, where the fruit grows so plump and ripe, the juice will cover my face after a single bite.

    If I dig our roots even deeper, I can sense the flow of the world and the command of our liege. Love! She orders and with that love transform this world into salacious utopia for all. A sensual heaven where everyone can live like my pistil and I do.

With my beloved, I will.” I say to the air, once again reaffirming my allegiance to the Dark Queen of Hell.

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