The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Section 1
The Somber Educator

The wind blows across the tops of the trees, ruffling its leaves as the dryad within snuggles closer to her husband in her sleep. We follow the wind during its moonlit journey across the forest while it passes above the heads of sleeping mamono and camping hunters alike, occasionally giving out its night-time howls until finally reaching the small schoolhouse at the edge of a small town.

The lights within the schoolhouse were the only thing that shown throughout the small town, since everyone else had already gone to sleep. As we enter the small schoolhouse, we see that inside of it is a single man, cleaning up the remains of what seems to a food fight that went from bad to worse. This was the second time this week that this had happened.

The tall man sweeping this mess into a pile was in his early thirties, a lean figure who was nearly falling asleep from how tired he was. He hated being a teacher in this town. No one in town respected him, the students always disobeyed him, and the pay was incredibly low. Unfortunately, it was also the only thing he could do.

The man let out a sigh as he thought of his miserable life, being forced to live with his sister and her husband since he couldn’t afford a house, being constantly picked at by the drunks in the bar, and having to pick up after the mess of the children from the very townsfolk that look down on him. He truly hated his life.

Finishing up with the mess that was left, the teacher grabbed his coat and headed towards the backdoor to head home. He was certain that the second he arrived home, his sister would wake up and argue with him about why he arrived so late, and blame him on all of the misfortunes she has had.

“I wish….I could stay anywhere else but home…” he said before stepping through the door.


The man was left breathless at the sight, had he gone insane? Was he perhaps seeing things from how tired he was? Did someone sneak something into his lunch again and it was finally taking effect? What in the world was going on?! All this went through his head as he ran his fingers through his short brown hair.

The man was not greeted by the cold emptiness of the town he was so used to, but by the marvelous sight of a luxury hotel. The teacher had never been inside of a hotel before; he couldn’t even afford to stay at the inn let alone such a high class residence. The decorations alone could leave a man such as himself in a state of awe. But what truly surprised him was the various types of mamono all gathered in a single spot. The only time he had ever seen such monsters was when a pack of the town’s hunters brought a single unconscious werewolf and turned it over to the Knights of the Order.

There he stood at the entrance of this magnificent marvel, questioning if what he saw was reality or a figment of his own imagination. It was truly a sight to behold.



In front of the man was a little blonde-haired girl with large radiant blue eyes looking up at him. Her light blue dress and decorated wings complemented the look of innocence that she wore on her face.

“Sir, are you here to stay the night?”

“What? What’s going on?”

“…I’ll take that as a yes. Are you by yourself or with someone?”

“I’m by myself, but what were-” before he could finish, the small girl grabbed his hand and began to walk him through the crowd.

“Don’t worry sir, just follow me.” Lilly told him with a smile.

The small girl had an incredible grip, pulling him with such strength that he would not expect from someone her size. Seeing that he didn’t have much of a choice, he followed her through the hall until reaching a large crowd at the end. Within moments, the crowd made way for the two to reveal a counter that was hidden behind it. Once he was up to the counter, the crowd closed off the opening they made before, forming a sea of eyes all staring onto him as if waiting for something magnificent to occur. The small girl who brought him there had disappeared, leaving him alone in this uncomfortable situation.

“Hello there, you gonna stand there all day?”


The teacher turned towards the voice to be greeted by a much older man than himself wearing a shirt that seemed to be as old as he was.

“Hi there, I’m Gramps. And who are you?” asked the man from which the voice originated from.

“I’m… Thomas. Thomas Garrison. Where am I?”

“You’re at the Covet Corner Hotel, where we’ll tend to your every need! First night here is free to all newcomers. So, you gonna give us a shot?”

Thomas wasn’t entirely sure how to answer this, like many of the other newcomers that have come before him. He was indeed very tired, and didn’t quite have the will to return home.


“That’s right.”

“Really now? Nothing at all?”

“Correct.” Gramps replied with a smile.
Thomas was skeptical about this offer, but he was indeed very tired and didn’t quite have the will to return home.

“I might as well.” He finally responded.

“Good to hear. Here you go.” Gramps told him, holding out a small clear card in his hand.

Thomas took a hold onto the card, raising an eyebrow as he eyed it curiously, wondering what he was suppose to do with it. In a moment’s notice, the card began flashing an array of colors that soon switched between one another. Simply staring at it for too long could make anyone dizzy, but that wasn’t going to keep the mamono around Thomas from breaking their fixed glares.

Slowly but surely, the card began to reveal fewer colors with each passing moment, causing members of the crowd to leave as they no longer saw their colors. Thomas looked around to see that only a handful of these monsters were now surrounding him, each holding out their own set of colored cards. The mamono around him consisted of a few pixies that shared a room, a werewolf, a tall muscled minotaur, and a red-headed succubus.

What caught his attention wasn’t the sight of these voluptuous, well-figured, and somewhat terrifying creatures, but rather the fact that he could swear that he saw the young girl from before leading a yellow and black striped mamono into an elevator. Or at least what he tho-

“WWOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!” echoed a booming voice that startled everyone.

Before Thomas could react to the sudden outburst, he was quickly pulled by an overpowering force and squished between two firm muscles. Thomas tried to pull away, but could not due to what he thought was a hand on the back of his head keeping him from breathing, and an arm around his back that was pushing him against this being.

“IN YOUR FACE SUCCUBI!” yelled the minotaur, removing her hand from Thomas’ head that was squished between her breasts.

He stretched his neck back, gasping for some much needed air before setting his eyes on his captor. Her rough shoulder-length dark hair, the large horns popping out from the sides of her head, and her slightly yellowed eyes was all he was able to see before she stuffed his face back between her breasts.

“Now now Agra, let me take a look at both of your room keys.” Gramps told her.

She triumphantly smirked, handing Gramps her room key before snatching Thomas’ out of his and handing it to Gramps as well.

Sure enough, both shared the color of golden treasure and featured the exact same jewel encrusted numbers on top, ‘786’. Gramps took a few more seconds just to be sure before handing them both back to the overjoyed Agra.

“Your right, he’s yours. Have fun.” He told her, handing her both of the cards.

“Oh trust me, I will!” she said, not taking any effort to hide her grin.

With no time to lose, the minotaur ran past the guests in the lobby and into a vacant elevator, rapidly pressing the BL2 button. Taking his opportunity, Thomas removed his face from Agra’s cleavage to take in another precious breathe of life-giving air while he still could. Oddly enough, she didn’t stuff his face back in between the airtight masses.

The elevator doors closed and began their downward decent to their floor. Agra looked down to her stunned roommate, giving him an overconfident smile before finally speaking to him.

“Well cutie, get ready to have your mind blown.”

“Wait, what are you going to do to me?” he asked in a slightly terrified tone.

“I’m gonna do whatever I goddamn want to do.” She affirmed.

The doors opened and within a second Agra went charging towards her room with a horrified Thomas trying to escape within her grasp.

Chapter 7 Section 2
The Dungeon Labyrinth

Down the hall in the second basement floor of the Covet Corner Hotel, a mimic can be seen stretching her arms just outside of her treasure chest. She rested her elbow on the edge of her chest, letting out a long yawn as she looked around the hall. Jars and treasure chests lined up against the walls with the occasional door between them every now and then.

Across from the mimic, the lid of a jar lifted up with the head of a small girl rubbing her eyes under it.

“Morning Cammy.” the mimic told the jinn of the jar.

“Morning Jackie.” she replied.

“You think anything interesting is going to happen today?”

“It’s Thursday,” she yawned, “something always happens on Thursdays.”

“If you say so-”

Agra suddenly ran between the two with such speed that not only did the ground shake, but a gust of wind soon followed her after she blurred past the two.

The two girls looked at each other as if to confirm that they had just seen something run past them.

“I told you. Something always happens on Thursdays.”

Agra stampeded through the halls, pushing and shoving anyone to the side if they got in her way while Thomas tried his best to slip from her firm grip. He tried everything he could, from pulling to pushing to hitting and biting, Agra didn’t even seem to notice his attempts. The educator continued his vain attempts until without warning, Agra stopped.

“What happened? Where are we?” Thomas asked, too curious to continue his feeble attempts for escape.

“We’re here.”


“My roo- I mean our room.” She replied with a dominant smile as her sultry golden-brown eyes stared down at Thomas.

Agra didn’t wait for him to respond; she jammed her room key into the small slot by the handle and quickly ran inside, slamming the door in the process. Thomas couldn’t get a clear view of the living room as Agra rushed passed it and into the bedroom.

Thomas was thrown across the room, landing on the oversized velvet sheeted bed at the end of the small room. Thomas quickly sat up, noticing that Agra somehow managed to pull his coat off in mid toss before looking around the room to see if there was anything he could do…which was nothing. The room not only was small, but was also very empty save for the bed, the nightstand, and the door which stood behind the grinning minotaur.

In a single leap, the minotaur jumped onto the bed and onto Thomas, leaving just enough space between the two so as not to crush him.

“We’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight.” She said to him, reaching towards the nightstand to grab a hold of a small container.

She opened the small container and reached into her eyes, taking out a small golden colored lens from each eye and placing them into the container. Upon removing her contacts and placing them back onto the nightstand, Thomas saw her true brown eyes looking down on him. But something seemed odd, her gaze shifted from him to the velvet bed sheets and back. Her eyes widened with her pupils as her breathe became heavy with each moment. Thomas didn’t know what was going on, but there was no way of getting past her if she was just a few inches above him.


Grabbing Thomas’ shoulder, Agra ripped off his shirt within a second before doing the same with his pants and undergarments. The little that she had on was taken off almost instantly after having ripped off his. She quickly followed by leaning in and began licking his body, suckling his bare skin as she passed her tongue over him.

Thomas was panicking, pinned down by the sheer force the minotaur was putting on his shoulder as she savored him, slowly moving up to his neck. She moved her face in front of Thomas’, seeing his obvious fear and grinning at her progress before locking her lips with his. Her tongue explored the inside of the teacher’s mouth, raveling her tongue around his as he helplessly allowed her.

With her free hand, Agra grabbed his groin, vigorously rubbing against it with the occasional tight squeeze. Thomas would’ve yelped if his mouth wasn’t preoccupied being used as a toy for Agra’s tongue.

With so much stimulation, Thomas could feel his penis gradually beginning to rise as Agra’s hand began to form a grip around it. She began to intently pump his cock, all the while still ravishing his mouth with her uncontrollable tongue.

Within a few moments, Agra could feel that Thomas’ member had become fully erect between her fingers. She broke her kiss, breathing her warm heavy breath down onto Thomas’ face. She moved herself towards Thomas, positioning her fur-hidden vagina above his engorged member that nearly twitching for her to continue her assault.

Plunging herself onto him, Agra forced each and every inch of his cock into her lust-hungry hole. Thomas let out a moan from the sudden intake of pleasure and pain as Agra clenched both of his arms tightly within her grip.

Without taking Thomas into regard, she quickly began to energetically ride his cock, slamming onto his pelvis with each fall. Agra was mesmerized with the feeling of this man’s cock inside her, rubbing each and every single corner in which it could reach. Slamming herself against him, she looked up at the corner of the wall and ceiling, letting her tongue hang out of her mouth while eyes began to roll back from these sensations.

The minotaur wildly rode Thomas’ cock, slapping her skin against his with each and every plunge she took. Thomas was drowning in a sea of mixed pain and bliss as his pent up desired were satisfied by this ruthless monstrosity of a woman. He could feel himself quickly reaching his climax, but unable to say anything to his overwhelming partner as she was too busy relieving her own pent up desires.

Thomas tried all that he could to hold himself back, driving himself to the brink of insanity until finally, he climaxed. Releasing his hot milky seed into Agra, who let out a moan of pleasure as he did so, Thomas began panting while his member returned to its soft flaccid state.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”


Agra leaned down, rubbing her bare chest against his as their faces stared into each other from just a few inches apart. Reaching down beneath her, she grabbed his member and began to pump it, slapping it against the entrance to her folds as it began to rise once more.

“We’re not done here until I’m satisfied, not you!”

Thomas’ eyes opened up widely as he looked into the stern Minotaur’ face, who grinned mischievously at him. She hastily pushed her hips down to shove his member into herself once more, biting her bottom lip to keep herself from moaning in delight.

Agra leaned forward and grabbing onto the bedpost, smothering Thomas’ face between her large succulent breasts as her hips began to grind against his. Unlike before, she began slowly this time, feeling each and every inch of cock massaging the insides of her folds. Thomas let out a muffled moan from beneath the luscious bosom before his hands somehow reached up and began trying to pull bull woman off of him.

The minotaur blushed at the sudden input of her victim, believing that he was caressing her backside instead of weakly attempting to remove her. To her, it was as if though he was accepting her overpowering nature. If anyone else were to see her flushed face while she was biting her lip as she was at that moment, they would say that she looked rather cute. But the only person who could was blinded beneath her chest.

After riding his rod for so long, Agra pushed harder as she felt herself inching towards her long awaited climax, letting out a small gasp and an occasional yelp with each push. And just as her burning skin felt as if could no longer take the flames of her passionate lovemaking, she peaked along with her boy-toy lover.

She let out a few gasps as her entrance was filled with semen before deciding to turn over with Thomas, making him the one on top this time. He had passed out after his second release, and his head was now using the breast that had smothered him like large warm pillows. She smiled and ruffled the hair on his tired head before drifting off into her own dreamland, with him in her arms.

“C’mon, we have to get ready before she gets up!”

Out in the hallways of the 2nd basement level floor was a red-headed Mimic yelling into one of the several large jars that lined up against the wall. A set of timid eyes looked up at the overly excited teenager.

“B-but do I have t-t-to go Jackie?” replied jinn from within her home.

“Of course, we both have to go! Everyone else is probably already there!”

“I don’t wanna go… she doesn’t even like me…”

“WHAT!?” screamed the mimic into the jar before reaching inside to pull out the dark-toned child from her home.

“We’re going, and that’s that!” announced Jackie, dragging the struggling jinn down the hall.

Down the hall, take a left, and just before reaching the end on the right was door to Agra’s apartment which had a small group of couples and single mamono waiting for the door to open. They shuffled about and conversed with each other as a large mouse with her head to the door listened into the apartment.

“Someone’s coming.” She alerted to the crowd, who quickly hushed and turned their attention to the door.

Everyone stood as quietly as they could, trying their best to not make a hiss, squeak, moan, or anything of that sort that could reveal that they were there. Slowly, the handle of the door rattled before being turned and opening the door.



The party poppers exploded and unleashed the confetti all over a half-naked and confused man in torn clothing who was most certainly surprised to be suddenly surrounded.

“Wait, that’s not Agra.” Yelled out a voice from the back.

“You’re right; this must be her new roommate.”

The tall well-toned man who had stated this truth stepped up and shook Thomas’ hand.

“Nice to meet you neighbor, I’m Jack. What’s your name?”

“I’m… Thomas” he managed to say, trying his best to retain the little composure he had left in him.

“Alright! Everyone heard that? His name is Thomas! Now let’s give him a proper greeting.”

“Hi Thomas!” They all announced in unison.

“Thomas, I’d like to introduce to you my wife here, Elizabeth.” Jack said, pulling Thomas to the side and showing him a rather elegant echidna smiling at him.

“It’s a pleasure to have a new neighbor who can handle Agra.” She stated before reaching out to shake his hand.

“The pleasure is mine. I think…” Thomas stated, nearly left breathless by the beauty of the serpentine lady that stood before him.

“And these,” Jack continued, “are our daughters.”

A small winged girl popped out from hiding in her mother’s hair and flew right onto Thomas’ nose, her face just a few millimeters away from his left eye.

“HHHHHIIIIIIIII! I’m Joanne!” yelled the Pixie with an impressive volume for someone her size.

“Now Joanne, what did I say about getting on people’s faces like that?” Elizabeth said.

Joanne quickly flew off of Thomas’s face and hovered a foot or two away from her mother’s face.

“Don’t do it unless you plan to sleep with them… I know ma.” She replied in an annoyed fashion.

“Sorry about that, Joanne has a bit of an up-close personality, unlike her sisters.” The echidna apologized, as the snakes that were part of her hair pushed out another pair girls that were hiding behind their mother. “These two are Ivanna and Hanna.”

The two being pushed into the air by their mother’s hair were tiny winged creatures, like their sister Joanne, but lacked the small horns that she bore. The younger leanan sidhe instantly flew behind her fairy sister as they approached Thomas.

The fairy flew up to Thomas, saying hello and waving her hand to him, while her sister simply whispered it, barely loud enough for him to hear.

“Our other daughter, Jasmine, is with a few of her friends trying to make a dungeon or something like that. Either way, let me introduce you to everyone.”

At this point, Thomas thought that he was in some sort of coma and this was all some dream he could only hope to wake up from.

Jack continued to show him who everyone was, familiarizing him with the local mimics and jinns, the almost forever fucking demon couple (who are rarely seen outside the bedroom), the large mice that are usually roaming the halls, and the giant ants that usually fix something Agra broke.

After finishing up with everyone, the large mouse returned to the door and began to eavesdrop into the room to see when Agra would arrive.

“It seems like she had her way with you Thomas. We better get you some new clothes. C’mon I’ll take you there.”

Jack went to wife, kissing her cheek before whispering something into her ear. His pixie daughter attempted to hide in his short brown hair, but her mother picked her off Jack’s head as he returned to Thomas, causing her sisters to giggle while she pouted with her wings pinched between their mother’s fingers.

“Follow me, we’re gonna get you some new clothes.”

Chapter 7 Section 3
Back to Teaching

“Oh, so little Agra finally got a roommate. I’m so glad to hear that darling.” Spoke the towering silver-haired Arachne from behind the counter before taking in a few puffs from her cigarette through her jade holder.

“But are you sure that he’s the type to be able to handle little Agra? You know how quick-tempered she is, and he doesn’t seem like someone who’d survive very much of it.” she told Jack before blowing a stream of smoke up into the air.

“I know he doesn’t seem like much, but weirder matches have been ma-“


The screams of laughter could be heard from behind the cloth door of the next room, soon to be followed by a similar but muffled laughter.

“Aaauuunnntiieee!” yelled a small curly-haired Arachne whose head popped out from behind the curtain, “The tall man is too ticklish! We can’t fit the clothes on him if he keeps squirming!”

“Just bind him Nikki. That’ll keep the boy from moving until you and the girls finish.”

“Okay! Amy! Natia! We can tie him up!” the small Arachne told her sisters as she returned to the hidden Thomas.

“I love those girls. They just turned seven and they’re already binding men with gags, I’m so proud of the darlings.”

“Yeah, they’re the spitting image of their Auntie Ann.”

“Aww, darling you’re going to make me blush.”

“It’s true though. Your sister must be proud of them too.”

“Oh trust me darling, she is.” She pauses to take a smoke from her cigarette and blowing it up just above Jack’s head, “She’s thinking about moving out and into a giant hollow tree by the lakes with the silly name. I think it’s called Paradise Lake now…”

“You mean the lake near the cave I met Elizabeth in? Wasn’t it the Lake of No Return before?”

“Yes, it’s that one darling. They changed that silly name once they found out that it was full of kappas and that was why no one ever returned. I think the darling was hired by the spa that was put next to that lake.”

“What about the girls? The place is a bit far for them to come visit you, isn’t it?”

“The girls? The darlings aren’t going to feel a difference when they move. There’s a door in the spa that takes them right back here, so they can come back as much as they want.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“Auntie Ann!” announced one of the short haired Arachne sister as she crawled out of the from behind the curtains with her two sisters following quickly behind.

“What is it Natia?” Ann asked, knowing full well what that smile was about.

“Me, Nikki, and Amy would like to show you…” she turned around to signal Nikki and Amy to open the curtain, “Thomas!”

Amy slid the curtain towards the left as Nikki outstretched her arms as if to present everyone to Thomas. Within the small room was a tall skinny man, both his arms extended towards the top edges of the tiny confines with a thin but tight strip of webbing around each wrist that connected to the wall of the room. His feet on the other hand were webbed straight to the ground while his mouth was closed shut by the band of webbing placed around it.

“Oops. We forgot to untie him.”

Nikki, who was only as tall as Thomas’ hip, quickly crawled up the wall and began to gnaw on the one of the bands between Thomas’ wrist and wall. Ann quickly followed to assist her sister, getting up on the wall to bite the other band on Thomas.

Once freed from the walls, Thomas loosened up a little even though he was still bound to the floor and unable to speak.

He was fitted with a white long-sleeved shirt tucked into dark grey dress pants and a matching blazer over his shirt. The only things that seemed off balance with it all was the strap of webbing over his mouth, and the two over both of his feet.

“One moment, the poor darling can’t appreciate such good work if he doesn’t get to move around in it.”

Ann rose up from behind the counter to reveal her long-legged arachnid body, crawling over the desk towards Thomas. Thomas stared at the Arachne, leaning back as she approached him. Ann simply smirked before taking in one more breath of smoke and blowing it right into his face. She lowered herself to reach down beside his foot and slip one of the claws from her left hand under the strap of webbing keeping him down. With great ease, she ripped through the webbing, freeing Thomas’ foot from ground before doing the same with the other.

She rose up once again, using the hand she had freed his feet with she took out the jade cigarette holder from her mouth and began to lick the tip of her claw from her right hand.

“Now stay still darling, I don’t want to make you bleed.” She told Thomas as her wet claw slipped beneath the edge of the webbing over his mouth.

“Darling, I’m warning you now. This might hurt.” Ann informed.

“Okay darling, at the count of-“



“Now now darling. It wasn’t that horrible now was it?” Ann asked, still holding the strip of webbing which now contained the few whiskers that Thomas still had on him.

“Not that horrible?! You nearly tore my lips off doing that!”

“Dawww,” Ann replied, pinching Thomas’ cheeks between her fingers without cutting him with her claws, “your so cute when your flustered darling. I almost wish you weren’t Agra’s.”

Thomas took a step back upon hearing Agra’s name, still traumatized by the events that had happened only a few hours ago. He composed himself once more, readjusting his new clothes as he reminded himself that this was all probably his imagination… just some students using a nightmare potion on him that they got from a travelling alchemist…again…

“Now, do you want me to take the straps off your wrists and feet darling?”

“NO!” Thomas yelled, shocking the others in the room with him, “I mean no thank you. I’ll do it myself afterwards.”

“Okay darling, no need to scare us like that. If you don’t want to go through the pain again darling, just pour some hot water on it and it should make it slide off.”

“Why didn’t you just do that instead?”

“Because it’s much quicker to just tear it off darling.”

At that point, the three younger arachnids were stepping back into the room holding a tall mirror amongst them back to their aunt Ann.

“Here you go Auntie” stated Amy with a smile.

“Thank you sweetie.” she said to her straight-haired niece before taking ahold of the mirror with one hand and propping it up in front of Thomas.

“Well darling, what do you think of my girls handiwork?”

Thomas adjusted his blazer once again before taking a good look into the mirror; he never wore such well made clothes before from such a comfortable material.

“I rather like it actually.”

“Splendid! Now to cover the costs!”


Ann returned behind the counter, grabbing a piece of paper along with a quill before beginning to scribble away.

“Costs of materials, use of raw silk, making shirt, pants, blazer… did you make him a pair of underpants too Natia?”

The short-haired Arachne giggled before nodding.

“Okay. Underpants, exposing self to nieces, plus needing to strap and gag him, backtalk, screaming like a baby.”

“Ann,” Jack stated a little worried, “don’t you think that’s a bit much?”

Ann looked at Jack for a moment before returning to the paper.

“And distrust from other guests…”


“Plus extra backtalk!”

Jack stared sternly at Ann, it wasn’t like her to abuse a newcomer like that, but didn’t say anything.

“Now, minus the ‘I Owe Agra’ discount, the ‘I’m Sorry About The Pain’ discount, the ‘Being Cute’ discount, the ‘Letting My Nieces Practice On You’ discount, and the ‘Agreeing That It Looks Good’ discount… the grand total is a thank you and kiss on the cheek to each of my nieces.”

“That’s it?” Thomas asked almost unbelievably.

“Yep, what more did you expect darling?” she stated before inhaling once more from her cigarette and blowing the smoke into the air above.

Thomas smiled before heading to the three arachnids, kneeled down onto the floor to where he was almost head height with them before proceeding to thank them and kiss each of their cheeks. Just as he finished with Amy, they all hugged him around his neck.

“You’re welcome Thomas!” they said in unison.

“They really like you Tom-Tom.” Ann giggled, “It usually takes a bit longer for them to get used to new people.”

“Tom-Tom?” Jack stated, raising an eyebrow to Ann.

“Yes darling. Tom-Tom is what I’ll be calling him from now on.”

“Alright, hopefully he doesn’t mind. C’mon Thomas, we still have to take care of a few last things.”

Thomas stood back up after being hugged by the three girls before adjusting his new clothes once more. He thanked Ann one last time, grabbed his coat, the only article of clothing that hadn’t been torn, and shoes before following Jack out the door in his web covered feet. He would’ve put his shoes on, but he was worried that the webbing would keep him from taking them off.

“So what exactly do we have to do?” Thomas asked as he walked beside Jack towards the elevator.

“Well, there are a few requirements you have to fulfill if you want to keep living here with us.”

“Okay, what are they?”

Jack turned to Thomas slightly surprised at his answer.

“You’re taking this oddly well. Most people would react a little differently.”

“Well, this is all probably just a dream that I’m going through. And at the very end of it I’ll wake up back in my bed or in the classroom, have no idea what happened, and the kids will have a good laugh about it in the morning. So forgive me if I don’t act in character.”

Jack had dealt with people like Thomas before, people who couldn’t believe what was going on or just refused to, they simply made an excuse to calm their nerves so that they wouldn’t end up going into a psychological breakdown. There was nothing he would be able to do, just wait for Thomas to slowly begin to accept that this was reality, and keep him from doing anything too stupid.

“Alright, first things first, we have to get you a job.” Jack told Thomas as they entered the elevator. “You said something about a classroom and kids. What exactly was your job before you joined us?”

“I’m actually a teacher back where I’m fro-”

“A teacher! Why didn’t you say so earlier! I won’t even have to take you to that dumb new resident thing.” The doors of the elevator closed whilst Jack began to press the button labeled FL 3.

“Where exactly are you taking me?”

“You said that you were a teacher, right? Well, where else to get a teacher a job than at the school?”

“This place has a school in it?” Thomas asked unbelievingly.

“Well, we just left a tailor that was next door to restaurant inside a hotel that’s filled with beings you’ve never seen before… and a school surprises you?”

“Good point.”


“We’re here.”

The elevator doors opened up to let in a gust of wind filled the aroma of wildflowers into the small space the two shared. Now Thomas was certain that he was dreaming, for before him he saw rolling hills of uncut grass with beds of flowers spread throughout them. There was no way that all of this could be contained in a single building, considering how the roof had somehow managed to disappear to be replaced with the clear blue skies and the shining sun. Thomas almost felt proud of himself; he didn’t think he had such a vivid imagination.

“C’mon, you can continue the sightseeing while we’re moving.” Jack urged as he stepped out of the elevator and onto the third floor.

Thomas stepped out to feel the soft healthy grass under his feet, the webbing only having covered the top of his feet allowed him to feel that the grass beneath him was indeed real. Before being left behind, he quickly caught up with Jack as they headed straight down the hallway.

“And here is where we teach the students ‘Everyday Items 101’. It’s basically to show new residents that came from small towns, forests, caves, and other secluded areas some of the more common use items available here. For example, in here we’re teaching them how to use tableware and when they can use them.” Stated the bespectacled blue oni dressed in business attire as she pointed into a room where a honeybee was seen eating a salad. Next to the honeybee was a werecat attempting to figure out whether to pour herself some water to drink in a cup or a bowl.

Behind the blue oni were both Jack and Thomas, looking into the room as she continued on with the tour of the school. The white marble floor, the masonry walls, the ever calming atmosphere; this school seemed to be a school for nobles.

“Excuse me Thomas,” asked the oni, “but if you don’t mind me asking, what exactly did you used to teach?”

“Well, I taught the basics of math and science. I tend to lean more towards literature though, even though most of my students took no interest in it.”

“Alright, I think we could find a spot for you here. I was actually hoping you’d be more interested in teaching the Items classes since most of the students are adults and they tend to pay more attention to a male teacher than any other.”

“I really wouldn’t mind teaching something like this,” he told her as he peered into a class that attempting to grasp the concept of the telephone, “but I don’t know half of the things you’re teaching here.”

“Oh, you seem like you’d pick it up without a problem. We’ll teach it to you before we send you out to teach others. And once you have that down, the rest will be easy since the students here don’t usually cause problems.”

Upon saying that, a telephone was thrown at chest height across the hall and into the wall just a few feet from the three out of an open door. A werewolf pounced onto the telephone quickly afterwards, gnawing into it before beginning to scratch at it with her claws.


The three stared at the occurrence as the werewolf continued its assault while the rest of the classroom cheered her on. The teacher in question could be seen trying to get through the crowd and stop the werewolf from continuing.

“NILA!” exclaimed the elf.

“MS. MILLS!” cried the werewolf when she saw that her teacher was alright before quickly getting up and hugging her, “I thought you were never going to speak again!”

Ms. Mills let out a sigh as she petted the werewolf’s head before bringing the class back inside.

There was an awkward silence shared by the three left in the hall as they stared at the remains of the mangled telephone.

“So Mrs. Daniels… does this happen often?” asked Thomas.

“Unfortunately, it happens quite often. Which is exactly why we need more teachers to show them that there’s nothing to fear…that and we’re starting to run low on telephones that we can use as examples.” She told him as she adjusted her glasses, “And I told you twice already, call me Heather.”

“Sorry about that. Either way M-… Heather, what exactly would I have to do?”

“It’s simple, really.” She stated as she began to continue walking the group down the hall. “We will have to put you into a class for about a month maybe, you’ll have to attend about 2-4 times a week , and once we get you up to speed we’ll test you to make sure you know your stuff. If all goes well, you’ll have a classroom of your own in no time.”

“See Tom-Tom,” Jack said as he patted Thomas’ back, “I told you that you’d fit right in.”

“Tom-Tom?” Heather questioned as she raised an eyebrow.

“It’s a nickname a giant spider woman gave me…”


“Yep.” Jack replied before Thomas could.

“Alright then, I suppose we’re done with the tour now. Tom-Tom, would you mind coming with me to get your class straightened out?”

“… I’m never going to live this nickname down, am I?”

“Nope.” Both Jack and Heather replied in unison, an obvious smile drawn across their faces.

“Very well,” Thomas sighed, “let’s get this over with.”

Chapter 7 Section 4
Bull Riding

A few hours later

Back on the second basement level of the Covet Corner Hotel in the apartment numbered 785 was a newcomer seated in a chair across from a serpentine woman who was serving him tea.

“Now then Thomas, do tell me how the tour of the hotel with my husband went.” Elizabeth began.

“I think it went pretty well. I had never seen such an amazing place with so much put into it.”

“Well yes, that tends to be the reaction of most people when they first get here. Oh, would you like one lump of sugar, or two?”

“Just one.”

“Alright, Joanne could you be a dear and put a sugar cube into Thomas’ tea?” she asked her daughter.

“Got it mom!” exclaimed the pixie, carrying a single sugar cube from the kitchen to the living room and dropping it into Thomas’ tea.

“Thanks sweetie.” She told her daughter while before stirring the tea and passing it to Thomas.

“Thank you Elly.”

The pixie returned to the kitchen to help her father and her sisters prepare dinner as Elizabeth continued to ask about Thomas’ day.

“So I take it that my little adventurer took you to get those clothes and probably got you a place in the hotel as well. Am I correct?”

“Right on the dot, madam.” He stated, taking a sip from his tea before continuing, “I’ll be working in the school on the third floor once I get the material down. To be frank, I myself am amazed by some of the things that this place has.”

“Really? Such as? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Well, the doors somehow unlock themselves through unique cards even though all the cards start out exactly the same. There’s a small machine called a phone that can send your voice to any other phone as long as the other person picks up. And how in the world does that elevator thing work?”

“I guess you’re right; there are quite a few things that would amaze just about anyone here.” She responded, taking a sip from her tea before looking down at the clock sitting on the table by them. “Where in the world is that girl?”


“My daughter, Jasmine, she said that she would be back by now. It’s odd for her to be late.”

“I’m sure she’s fine. She probably just lost track of ti-”


“I’m home!”

From the doorway was a young Echidna that seemed to be in her teens, slithering into the kitchen to greet her father and sisters before beginning to head towards the living room.

“Jasmine! Come say hi to the new neighbor, he’s Agra’s roommate!”

“Agra got a roommate?!” the young Echidna asked, almost unbelieving until she reached the living room.

“Jasmine, this is our new neighbor Thomas. Thomas, this is my daughter Jasmine.”

“It’s nice to meet you Thomas.”

“Likewise.” Stated Thomas; raising his cup of tea to her before taking a sip.

The young girl was the spitting image of her mother, a bit restless but nonetheless the resemblance was impeccable.

“Jasmine,” Elizabeth said, “dinner’s about ready. Could you start setting the table?”

“Sure. Is Thomas joining us?”

“Yes, he’ll be joining us.”

As the young Echidna left to begin setting the table, Elizabeth placed her hand atop of Thomas before whispering something towards him.

“Look Thomas, I know Agra can be a bit thick-headed at times, but don’t take everything she says too seriously. I’ve been her friend for years now, and she doesn’t always think things through. If she decides to push you around, push back. If anything, it might end well for both of you.”

“I don’t know about that…I kind of want to keep my limbs where they are.”

“Oh, don’t you worry about Agra.” She told him before rising from her chair and heading to help her daughter, “Agra’s all talk anyways, she wouldn’t hurt the only man who’s willing to stand up against her.”

Thomas sat there for a moment, thinking about what Elizabeth told him for a minute before finishing his tea. He stood up and then went towards the table to help them set up as well. Maybe she was right… what’s the worst that could happen?


“Bye Tom-Tom.” Jack said aloud, “Next time, bring Agra to join us for dinner.”

“Sure…” chuckled Thomas nervously, as he left his neighbor’s apartment to head back to his whilst holding his blazer, coat, and shoes in hand.

He took a few steps up the hall and there he was, in front of the door to his apartment and his possible doom. There were still a few bits of confetti on the floor from when they mistook him for Agra along with a note tied to the handle.

’Congrats on your new man-toy. Don’t break him too quickly; I want to try a few rounds with him before you do that 😉
-Belize <3’

Well that wasn’t very comforting. Thomas let out a sigh as he took out his card, unlocked the door, and walked himself inside.


Startled by the sudden commotion, he looked up to see that it was an enraged minotaur who was yelling at him. For a moment, Thomas thought it was his sister causing all the noise… he probably would’ve preferred it as well.

“I wake up horny as fuck and see my toy isn’t sleeping next to me anymore! I check the apartment to see that you’ve gone missing, and when I go outside everyone scares the crap out of me and tell me that you’ve gone to look around this place! When did I say that you could go outside the apartment!? WHEN? I didn’t! You don’t just get to go around anywhere you want to go. YOU’RE MINE! And you have to do what I tell you to! I swear! I’m gonna fuck you so hard your hip will break off! Do you even know what I’m say-”


Sure enough, Agra was stunned by the sudden outburst of this comparatively smaller man. No one in the history of Agra’s life had ever spoken to her like that. Her right eye twitched before finally being able to respond.



Thomas’ right hand was clenched into a fist, his right arm shaking in rage and fear. He had never once raised his voice to anyone in this manner, let alone someone who could easily crush him.

Agra was fuming, her face red and her golden-brown eyes filled with obvious rage; she stomped towards him until she was only about a foot in front of him, lowering her head so that it was only a few mere inches in front of him.

“I dare you to say that one more time.” She told him, staring him straight in the eye.

“Shut. The. Fuck. Up. You gigantic feebleminded brute.” He snorted to her face, “Or is that too hard for your puny mind to understand?”

Agra snarled at him before picking him up from the neck of his shirt up to her height, causing him to drop everything he was holding.

‘Crap… I did it this time. This is where I die…never thought I’d die like t-’

Thomas’ train of thought was distracted by the sudden and forceful kiss planted onto him by his would-be killer. Her tongue wrapping around his just like on the first he arrived here, but something was different. This time, it was backed up with passion rather than by force. Agra finally broke the kiss before leaning her forehead against his to stare into his eyes once more.

“You have no idea how turned on I am right now.” She cooed before kissing him once again.

Agra set Thomas back on the floor gently before bending down to say something to him.

“Look here lover boy; you have three minutes to meet me in the room ready to fuck my brains out. If you’re not there in the room, I’m going to run out, find you, and mount you on the spot. Got it?” she told him before gently tapping his nose and giving out a small giggle.

She stood back up and slowly walked into the bedroom.

“Don’t keep me waiting…” she said aloud before slowly shutting the door.

Thomas stood there at the entrance of the door for a minute, replaying everything that had just occurred in front of him. Did this actually happen? He couldn’t believe it. By the looks of it, he wasn’t being given much of a choice right now, and Thomas knew that he would prefer not to have the same thing from yesterday happen again.

Thomas let out a sigh before taking off his clothes and tossing them onto the couch, he wasn’t going to let her ruin the only good clothes he had. Taking one deep breath, Thomas grabbed the handle of the door and swung it open.

Across the bedroom was the Minotaur lying on her bed facing him. Her fur covered legs were spread wide open to reveal her drooling pussy as she massaged her clitoris. Her head was resting on her hand as she eyed the door, a smile forming as she saw Thomas entering the room. She slid her hand down, opening the lips of her folds with her fingers to reveal her moist walls within, anticipating the entry of her lover. Thomas could feel his loins stirring from the view.

“Well smarty pants? Are you just going to stand there all day?”

Thomas slowly walked up towards Agra, crawling into the bed before working his way up to Agra.

“You dumb horny animal.” He said before leaning in and planting a small kiss onto her.

“You’re damn right I am. Now fuck me hard, as hard as you can.”

He positioned himself between her legs, slapping his dick against her pussy until finally shoving it inside of her. He began slowly, feeling the insides of her well lubricated folds before beginning to gain speed in his thrusts. Agra let out a few moans, not being entirely used to the slow beginnings, her left hand clenching the side of the headboard as her right hand squeezed her right breast.

“Yes, that’s it. Faster! Harder!” she told him as she pinched her nipple.

Thomas began pounding against her harder with each thrust, his balls slapping against Agra’s fur as he grabbed her leg for support. With each push, he could feel himself nearing his climax, but Agra was far from hers and he knew it. Thomas tried his best to push it back for as long as possible, with little success. With one deep plunge Thomas released his seed into her awaiting fold, filling her insides with the semen she crazed for. Agra let out a moan from the sudden intake of the warm thick fluids before looking down to see Thomas pulling himself out of her.

“You’re not finished already, are you?” she asked in an almost pleading manner.

“Of course not, like you said last night ‘we’re not done until you’re satisfied’.” He replied with a lewd smile, making Agra blush.

Agra quickly turned around to hide her reddening face, giving Thomas a perfect view of her firm butt. Thomas positioned himself behind her, and once again began to slowly slide his member into her warm folds. Agra let out a muffled moan as she felt his rod return inside of her, feeling it gain its previous momentum as it pounded her insides. Thomas squeezed her fur covered ass as he continued his assault, using it to help him keep in rhythm.

“Slap me…” mumbled Agra.

“What?” Thomas asked, never slowing down his motions.

“Slap me! Call me names! Insult me! Abuse me already!”

Thomas was slightly shocked at what she was asking of him, the sudden reversal in roles wasn’t something he was used to…but he wasn’t going to give up an opportunity like this. He raised his right hand up from her ass, swinging it down and smacking the side of her right cheek loudly.

“Oh god! Yesss…”

Thomas leaned in against her back, trying to get as close as he could to her head without obstructing his motions.

“You’re nothing but an oversexed cow.”

“Yes, I’m a cow!”

“A concupiscent animal! You’re not even worth turning into a steak!”

“Yes! I’m worthless! Oh Lord please, keep using big words like that!”

“An unintellectual mass of stupidity that doesn’t deserve kindness!” he yelled at her before smacking her ass once again.

Agra bit her bottom lip to keep herself from moaning too loudly; her tail beginning to wrap itself around Thomas as he abused her, helping him push himself in and out of her. Sure enough, Agra was beginning to arrive to her climax as her lover began to reach his.

“I’m- I’m cumm- MOOOOOOO!” yelled Agra before attaining her awaited climax.

Thomas too began to climax as his member felt Agra’s fold pull tightly against it, releasing his second batch of fluids into her. Agra collapsed on the spot, falling down onto the bed face down. She then turned herself over to face her lover, outstretching her arms towards him as he approached her. She pulled the tired Thomas up to her, kissing him once more before setting him between the comforts of her breasts once again so that he could rest on them once more. Within a few moments, he was fast asleep.

Before joining him in slumber, she reached towards the nightstand to grab a small container. She removed her golden contacts and placed them back onto the nightstand.

“Hell, I should fuck with these things on more often…”


A few months later

Thomas could be seen behind the desk in the front of a classroom shuffling through some papers as several mamono entered the room. It was the beginning of another class semester and the students were piling into the classroom as best they could. Thomas got up from behind his desk and walked up to the front so that everyone could see him.

“Good evening class. I will be your instructor for the Basics of Reading, Writing, and Provocative Quotes course.”

A few of the students left the classroom, having walked into the wrong room.

“As I was, my name is Thomas Garrison, but you can all call me Thomas. I am also the instructor for the Everyday Items 101 class to anyone who’s taking that class after this one. Now then, before we start the class, are there any questions?”

One pixie in the back flew up in the air, waving as much as she could.

“Yes, the tiny flying one in the back.”

“Can we call you Tom-Tom!?” Joanne screamed from the back.

A few of the girls giggled at the question as Thomas let out a sigh from realizing his neighbor was now in his class.

“Yes, you can call me Tom-Tom if you’d like to Joanne. Same goes for the rest of you.”

Some of the mamono exchanged interested looks between each other before giggling once more.

“Now then, if there aren’t any more questions,” he stated before smiling at the class, “let’s have a fun semester!”


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