The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 6

Section 1
The Windy Woods

In the bustling city of Newind, where its people enjoy the safety from the outside within its walls, we watch as its guards search high and low for the recent jail break that happened no less than a week ago. No one could understand how a commoner could escape without leaving a single clue, and a large reward was being given out to whoever found him or whoever let him out. Some believed that he simply bribed a guard and escaped into the forest until things calmed down, making several hunters go out to find him. But enough of the city life, our story begins not in the settlement of Newind, but deep in the forest it stands by.

Past the river and into the woods, our story takes place in clearing occupied by a towering golden obstruction accompanied by the sound of buzzing that could be heard within a mile of its range. No creature dared stand too near it in fear of facing its inhabitants, as well as the constant annoying buzzing sound filling their ears would surely drive them mad. We near the entrance of this architectural marvel until a sudden noise echoed above the constant sound of this structure and throughout the entirety of the forest.



The forest stood still at the sudden outbreak, nothing could be heard within miles of the construct. Only the faint humming sound getting louder as it neared the entrance. Within a few minutes, a sniffling brunette honey bee can be seen, her antennae drooping, tears falling from her reddened cheek, as she flew away from her home. She travelled across the forest just below the branches, mumbling as the tears continued to form.

Several mamono saw the bee, watching in curiosity in the safety of the bushes as she continued through the air above them. Finally, after flying more than a mile away where the noises of the hive could no longer be heard, she sat on the branch of a great oak tree, the tears slowing down as she began to calm herself.

“I-It’s n-n-not my f-fault the stup-pid grizzly got to th-the Royal Hon-n-ney…I did-id-idn’t know I was on d-d-duty today…” before more tears ran across her face.

The Honeybee bit her lip to keep herself from crying…it didn’t work.

She sobbed and cried, the one place she knew as home had abandoned her. The Queen she once worshipped so dearly had cast her aside and yelled at her for her failure. She had nowhere to go, and she was forbidden to ever go back. She cried her lungs out for several minutes, making several mamono and human hunters alike think it was some sort of beast in heat and steered clear from the noise.

When the tears came to an end, she leaned against the old tree, thinking of what she’ll do now without the hive. She gave out a sorrowful sigh and leaned against the tree before looking across the forest floor from atop the branch of her tree. Directly below her, a pack of werewolves could be spotted crawling ever so quietly into a large bush nearby. One of the werewolves looked up and spotted the bee that looked down at them curiously. She simply lifted her paw to her mouth, putting one finger to her mouth and gestured that the bee stay quiet. Apparently her sobbing may have attracted either a brave or stupid group of humans, and the werewolves were getting ready to ambush them. The Honeybee nodded as the werewolf followed the pack into the bush.

The bee sighed once more, muttering a few words to herself.

“I have to find a better place to stay…I hope I don’t have to stay on this old tree forever…”

“GGAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” screeched the voices of men, followed by a series of hits.

The noise of the werewolves surprising and capturing the hunters shocked the Honeybee, making her fall off of the branch and into the bushes below with a loud thud.

The werewolf that had noticed the bee returned to the tree, dragging her unconscious prize by the leg, to see that the honey bee was no longer on its branch. She shuffled through the bushes under the tree to see that no one was there. Perhaps the sound he had heard came from elsewhere, she thought, but it didn’t matter…she had found a new member to add to the pack.


The Honeybee sat up, rubbing her bum after having landing on it.


“Miss, why are you here in the bushes?” said a young voice.

The Honeybee finally opened her eyes to look at the speaker, seeing that is was a small human boy, probably 5 years old at best, staring at the Honeybee.

“Umm…” she wasn’t all too sure how to respond.

“Kyle, come along! We’re going to be late!”

“Okay mommy!” he yelled back, “Bye lady.” he said before running towards the Inari standing by entrance of a building.

The Honeybee stood up and looked at her surroundings in confusion, just a few moments ago she was in the forest…but now she was near the side of a path. She looked as people and mamono alike walked in and out of a nearby building. She stepped out from the bushes and looked at the structure…it was much taller than the hive.

‘How did this end up so close to the hive?’

But with nowhere to go and nothing to lose anymore, she thought she might as well check it out.

Section 2
The Peaceful Plains

She stepped through one of the large double door entrances to be greeted by the view of the lobby. The scarlet rugged floors, the crystal chandeliers that hung high above her, and the crowds of mamono circulating throughout the area left her amazed.

What really surprised her was the number of males walking freely among them, and not a single mamono was fighting to keep them. If a lone male was seen in the forest with this many mamono around him, a battle would have broken loose in a matter of seconds to claim him as their own.

‘Should I…take one of these males while they’re distracted?’

This thought swirled within her head before it finally struck her.

‘NO! I don’t work for the Queen…I don’t need to get her candidates anymore…’

“Excuse me miss, are you okay?” asked a tender voice as the Honeybee felt a tug on her elbow.

“Huh?” she looked down to see a young succubus looking up at her.

“Are you alright?” the Alice asked.

“Umm…” our Bee didn’t know what to say, let alone where she was, “yes?”

“Okay.” Lilly replied with a smile, “Welcome to the Covet Corner Hotel. Would you like to stay a night here?”

“Uhh…” she didn’t know what to say.

The Honeybee hadn’t put much thought on that, after being kicked out of the hive she had nowhere to go to, and right in front of her a little girl was asking her if she was going to stay. She didn’t know if this was an act of kindness or some type of trap…but what else could she do.

“Yes” she said with an affirmed look on her face.

“Good,” Lilly clasped her hands together and smiled before walking towards the end of the room, “follow me Miss…?”

“Mellifera, April Mellifera”

“Miss Mellifera…wow that sounds so nice…I’m Lilly, follow me please” she announced as she headed to the other end of the room.

Within a moment, they were standing behind a giant mass of mamono all surrounding a single point, the counter. Lilly let out a heavy sigh as she stood with April, waiting for the mamono to leave so they could reach the counter.

“There’s gotta be a better wa- ooooh. Miss Mellifera, wait here for one second please.”

April nodded and within seconds Lilly had flown up into the air, glided above the passing guests, and landed in front of what seemed to be a confused man. After the two shared a few words, Lilly could be seen taking a hold of the man’s hand and leading him to the counter. The crowd that was there all turned around and parted to allow the man in and to the front of the counter. A sudden hush went throughout the crowd as if something amazing had just begun. April was confused with this whole thing, for she didn’t have the slightest idea what was happening.

Lilly popped out from above the crowd and flew to Lilly with a mischievous smile on her face.

“I knew this would work, follow me before they notice.”

April nodded as Lilly led her to the side of the crowd and to the empty section of the counter. Behind it could be seen a middle-aged man picking at his nails as the other mamono stared at an oddly colorful card the man from before was holding.

“Gramps.” Lilly whispered to the one behind the counter.

“Hmm?” the supposed Gramps turned to see Lilly gesturing him over with a confused Honeybee at her side.

He walked towards the two before leaning in towards Lilly.


“We have another guest checking into the hotel, can you give her a room before the others notice we’re skipping?”

Gramps raised an eyebrow and looked at April before smiling

“Sure,” he stood back up and put out his hand to the bee, “I’m Gramps, nice to meet you”

“Umm, hello” she responded, shaking his hand, “I’m April.”

Gramps then reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small pack of clear cards, handing one to April before placing them back into the safety of his pants.

The sound of disappointed moans and groans suddenly filled the area as several of the mamono dispersed and returned to wherever they left off.

“Looks like you’ll have to take care of this one Lilly while I man the counter. Can you do it?”

“Of course I can!” she pronounced sticking out her tongue at him before they both shared a giggle.

“Alright, and welcome to the CC Hotel.”

Lilly grabbed April’s hand and quickly lead her away from the other mamono and in front of the elevator.

“What room did you get?” she asked while pressing the button for the elevator.

April casted another confused look at Lilly before looking down to her card, but something was wrong. She could’ve sworn that the man behind the counter had given her a clear card, and she was certain that she hadn’t let go of it ever since she got it. But the card in her hand was a sunny yellow with what seemed to be a picture flower-patch on the top. What in the world happened to her card?

“I’m…not sure…” She finally replied, showing her card to Lilly.

Lilly proceeded to grabbing a hold of the card and looked at the flower patch design on the top.

“You have room 350 on the third floor silly.” before handing her back her room card.

The Honeybee was amazed, how could she tell her what her room and floor was so easily. So she took another look at the card. The number 350 was written by the design of the flowers, but the reason why our bee couldn’t see it was because she didn’t know how to read. Only the Messenger Bees in the hive knew how to read. She simply shrugged and passed it off as some sort of trickery.

Lilly had already gotten into the elevator and was waiting for April to enter. After noticing where Lilly had gone, April quickly entered into the elevator with her and waited.

“WWOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!” echoed a booming voice that startled everyone.

Both the girls curiously poked their heads out to see that the sound came from in front of the counter. All that could be seen was an overjoyed minotaur hugging the man from before, his face squished between her breasts as he tried pull away to breathe. The minotaur pointed at nearby red-headed succubus while she hugged the man in one arm with a look of accomplishment on her face.

“IN YOUR FACE SUCCUBI!” she yelled, ending with a smirk at the stunned succubus.

The elevator door closed and began to move up to the third floor, cutting the girls off from the scene. Lilly and April shared an odd moment of silence due to what had just happened, not really sure what to say about it.

“What was all that about?” asked April.

“I’m not really sure. I think some people just really like their roommates…”


The elevator doors slid open as they were both blinded by a sudden change in brightness from the third floor. Once their eyes had adjusted, April was surprised to see where they had ended up. In front of her was what seemed to be an endless field of grass, with the rare trees and boulders scattered within the sea of green. The two stepped out of the elevator, April feeling the blades of grass go between her toes, to be greeted by a gentle breeze as the sun shone brightly down to them up in the clear blue skies. The aroma of wild flowers was evident in the breeze, making Lilly smile; Lilly loved the smell of the flowers on this floor.

The scenery was beautiful, but April saw something odd with the floor. A small white picket fence seemed to have been placed to make a rather large path for everyone to walk through. The path still had the rich grass from the fields, but why keeps people within it? Her wings moving with such speed that only a blur can be seen, producing a whirring sound that all bees were famous for, before lifting herself a few feet from the ground. April began to move towards the field to pass the picket fencing.

“Miss, what are you doing?” Lilly asked as she looked up at April.

“I want to look at fields a little more, want to join me?”

“Miss, we can’t do that.”

“What do you mean we can-” a sudden pressure formed against her forehead, making her quickly move back.

April didn’t know what happened, so she moved her hand closer to where she felt the pressure as if trying to reach out to something. Again, she felt the same pressure as she did on her forehead, it was as if someone had placed a wall right behind the picket fence and made it invisible.

She landed back on the ground, tapping the wall that she could not see before heading to the other side of the path and doing the same.

“The walls here are made to look like any place in the world to make guests feel more at home.” Lilly explained to curious Honeybee.

“So, this isn’t real?”

“Yep,” Lilly nodded, “everything out over there is fake, except the grass we’re on is real.”

“But, how did you get the wind here? How is it that the grass out there moves? How is it not real?”

Lilly pouted for a moment before looking up and pondered at the questions.

“I don’t know…Gramps probably knows.” Lilly responded, shrugging before grabbing April’s hand “Come on! Let’s get to your room!”

After several minutes of walking the halls, Lily and April managed to find their way to room 350 where a large door made from similar fencing stood. Beside the door stood a small green mailbox that hung on the fence with the numbers 350 on them. April had never seen a mailbox before, since messages were spread out through the hive vocally by other bees.

“May I see your room key Miss Mellifera?”

“Okay…” she replied as she handed her the room key.

The small Alice takes a hold onto the room key before ramming into the small entry of the mail box. She quickly pulled the card back out and handed back to a confused April. The door clicked to reveal that it was unlocked; Lilly grabbed the door handle and opened it slightly before it locked itself again.

“I hope you enjoy your stay here in the CC hotel.” Lilly said with a smile as she opened the door for April.

“Thank you Lilly” she replied, smiling back at her, grabbing the door and finally entering the room.

Chapter 6 Section 3
Meeting The Baker

April entered her room, closing the door behind her before deciding to take notice to her room. It seemed as if she had entered a log cabin that had been in hiding within the woods. The stone floors, the rich oak wood walls, the open windows allowing a view of the ‘outside’ fields, and a hint of fresh bread in the air decorated the insides of the cabin. It truly seemed wonderful to a bee like April, today was her first day inside of a building other than the hive and this was all a new experience to her.

She quickly began looking around the place, flying to touch the ceilings and vents, and sitting on the odd bits of furniture that were scattered in the small living room. She flew around for several minutes until arriving into the kitchen where the smell of the bread seem to have been concentrated. Landing on the cold floors she began to walk through the kitchen, opening its several cabinets and drawers to dig through its contents. She was baffled by the odd tools she found, the odd smelling herbs and spices, the mysterious jars of what seemed to be sleeping slimes, and an assortment of powders.

‘A wizard or a witch must live here’ she thought as she opened another cabinet and locking her eyes to a container of what seemed to be white shiny sand.

April couldn’t contain her curiosity; she picked up the cylindrical container and sniffed it. This item didn’t have much of a smell, but that didn’t stop her. Without thinking much of it, she dipped her fingers into the container and managed to grab a pinch of the white sand. She examined it, looking at it closely until finally deciding to taste it. A familiar sweet sensation ran throughout her tongue. Whatever this was, it certainly had a pleasant taste; not quite as tasty as the honey she had made in her jar, but just as enjoyable.

She continued to taste the sugar, pouring tiny portions onto her hand and licking it off before continuing her way around the kitchen. In the back of the counter, something else caught her eye, a small basket filled with several different types of breads and a clear jug of water right by it. Her stomach grumbled, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten in hours as she stared at the bread. She remembered seeing this food once before, when she and a group of other bees caught a man and took his supplies. He had several of these, and was eating one just before her sisters grabbed a hold of him.

‘Well…it can’t hurt to try one…’ she thought to herself, grabbing a soft croissant that stood on top of pile. She squeezed it a bit, ‘It’s very fluffy’, before finally bringing it into her mouth and taking a bite of the golden brown bread. An explosion of new flavors filled her taste buds, the buttery soft interior of the bread made her almost squeal in delight. In mere seconds she stuffed the entire croissant into her mouth, munching it in bliss and swallowing the deliciously baked good. She picked up the jug and drank a gulp of water straight from it before setting it back down.

Her eyes were now set to lighter colored bread that stuck out by the side, picking it up she saw that it was a thick stick-shaped bread that was lightly browned and almost small enough to fit in the palm of her hand. This one had a rougher texture than the other, and was much crispier. She raised it to her open jaw and bit down to hear the sound of crunching. The crust of the bread broke to reveal the soft but compact insides of the still warm bread. She continued to eat the small ciabatta, taking her time to eat this one unlike the last before washing it down with another gulp of water.

She sat there for several minutes, savoring each one of the baked delights ranging from the buttered baguette to the ever addicting cinnamon roll. She devoured the entire basket of all its goods until nothing but crumbs were left, and the jug of water being left at one-fourths filled compared to how it was originally. She stood up with a full stomach and quickly lied down on the couch in the living room nearby. She was so tired after eating all of that, all she wanted to do was take a nice long nap…



“Hmm?” said April, lifting her head to look around and see nothing had changed.

She could have sworn that she heard something… she must have been imagining things.


April froze up when she heard the sound echo through the room. She knew that the all too familiar sound was that of the door being opened, meaning that the click from before was the sound of it being unlocked. Was it Lilly, was it Gramps, who was in the room with her?!

A sigh and a groan could be heard as the sound of shoes being taken off was heard from what April could guess was a man. The slow but heavy footsteps neared the living room where April laid motionless upon the couch. And like that, right in front of her passed a tall lean but well-figured man, his tired eyes were only half-opened and he dragged himself across the living room. He stood in front of the other couch on the opposite side of where April was and fell onto it, causing the flour from the apron he wore to create a small cloud around him. The goateed man looked straight at April for a moment, but seemed too tired to take notice and fell asleep on the spot.

April stared at the man, not knowing what to do as he slept a mere few feet from her. ‘He must live here too.’ She thought, What should I do?’

She stood up, quietly walking around the male, wondering what in the world she was supposed to do. Something inside her was bugging her… usually if she saw a male like this, she would test him and then see if he was qualified for the Queen… but she was no longer part of the hive… and this male was helpless, she couldn’t just test him in this condition.

She decided to take it on herself and help out this being, even if he was in no actual danger or distress. With a single heave, she picked up the man over her shoulder, taking him to towards the bedroom she flew into earlier today. She had done this before, picking up the exhausted males and putting them to bed after the hive decided to have an orgy was a regular task of a Worker Bee.

She knew the room well after flying around for so long and managed her way to the bedroom with ease. Dropping the man onto his old wooden framed bed caused more of the mysterious dust to fly off his apron, causing April to sneeze on his tiny nightstand. The bedroom was very small; the only things inside of it were the bed, the nightstand, and the small wardrobe at the end by the door. The Bee looked around the room and sighed as she began to remove the dirty apron and clothes from the unconscious male, throwing them on the floor since she didn’t know where to put them.

While she pulled off the man’s clothed, she could smell a faint odor from him. It was a familiar one that she smelled recently, but she wasn’t sure what it was, so she leaned in to take on another whiff. As she neared his bare chest, she could feel herself coming to realization of what that scent was…it was…the smell of fresh bread, just like from the ones she had eaten before.

She almost melted on the spot as the smell of the delicious food filled her nose once more, her legs feeling like jelly, before finally falling down on top of the man. She laid on top of him, her head resting on his chest as she took in the intoxicating scent of the man, her drowsy state shifting her off into the dream world beside the stranger. She could barely… yawn… stay awake…


Morning arose at the hotel just like any other day, the harpies were chirping, the werewolves were barking, and husbands were getting the cuffs and chains off of their jorou-gumo wives.

Yep, everything seemed just about right…well…mostly everything at least.



*Thud, thud, thud!*

In the bedroom of the apartment labeled 350 within the third floor were two surprised and confused individuals lying on the floor across from each other. The man named Adrian had woken up in his room to be surprised that he was in the arms of an unknown woman. His first thought was that he had been kidnapped and would be turned into a sex slave, as the rumors of those kidnapped by dark elves goes. So he screamed and jumped right out of bed, only to clumsily land on the floor as his left leg stayed tangled to the blanket on top of the bed.

April on the other hand was having the most pleasant dream until a loud disturbing sound woke her up, causing her to fly into the ceiling, land on the bed, until finally bouncing onto the floor on the opposite side of Adrian. April rubbed her butt after landing on it before standing up to look at the struggling Adrian trying to free his leg from the grip of his blanket. The sight of the man battling against an inanimate object that was made for comfort made her giggle as she went up and helped the man.

Upon seeing the bee aiding him rather than taking advantage of his situation with a smile across her face (and the fact that she didn’t look like a dark elf), Adrian quickly calmed down and managed to free his leg.


Both walked into the living room, sitting on the couches across from each other, sharing an awkward silence as they stared into the eyes of the other, waiting until one would finally break the silence.

“I’m Adrian. Adrian T. Durum.”

“And I am April Mellifera. It’s nice to meet you Adrian.” She responded in her polite tone.

“Likewise, Miss Mellifera.”

“Call me April.”

“Alright, April.”

The tense air that had filled the room before had finally been lifted as the two began to converse.

“I can’t remember anything that happened after I left work, what exactly did I do last night?”

‘He has a job here? I guess this place is like the hive after all…’

“Well, when you came in here, you walked to that really big chair thing,” she told him as she pointed to the sofa he was on, “fell down, and fell asleep. After that I picked you up and put you to bed.”

Letting out a sigh of relief, Adrian no longer felt worried that he might have potentially embarrassed himself or had been captured. But, of course, something still bothered him.

“Okay then, now why were you sleeping on me?”

“Well…you see…” April began, blushing as she answered the question, “…while I was putting you to bed…you smelled really nice and…I sort of fell asleep on you.”

At hearing this statement Adrian reddened as well, he quickly looked out the window and tried to change the subject.

“Ummm…ahem…well…uh, why exactly are you in my apartment?”

“Oh! I didn’t know this was your apartment. When I came into this place, they gave me this thing and brought me here, saying this is where I’ll be staying.” She responded, pulling out her room card to show it to Adrian.

Upon seeing the room card, Adrian stood up from where he was seated and walked up to April.

“May I see that?” he asked her politely, opening his hand towards her so as to receive the card. April simply nodded and handed her card to him.

Gripping the room card between two fingers, Adrian began to inspect it, flipping it from one side to the other every few seconds. With his free hand he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his own room card and begun to compare the two identical cards. After looking at both cards for a few more seconds, he handed April her card back and slipped his into his back pocket.

“I guess you’re my roommate from now on.”

“Huh?” April gestured her head sideways in confusion to what he said, “What do you mean?”

“Hmm?” Adrian replied, raising an eyebrow, “Don’t you know how this place works?”

April shook her head to the question. Adrian sat back down across from her and gave out a sigh as he thought of how he was going to explain this.

“Well, I’m not entirely sure why exactly they do this…but almost everyone in this place stays with a roommate. Basically, you share your apartment with someone else that either walks in or is already in the hotel. Most of the time, you get one roommate, but a few people tell me how some stay with a lot more than just one. For the most part, whoever you’re sharing your place with is pretty good, usually people who live similar lifestyles or something like that. And apparently, you are now going to live with me.”

April stared intently at Adrian as he continued to explain what he knew of the hotel, nodding occasionally whenever he paused and looked at her to make sure she understood.

“After staying here a while, you have to get a job if you want to keep staying here. They still pay you, not much, but since you don’t have to pay for staying in, it’s a decent amount.”

“So, this is just like the hive?” April finally asked.

“I guess.”

“Perfect!” she yelled out, a smile visible on her face.

The sudden reaction from the previously silent Honeybee surprised Adrian, not entirely sure how to respond to her outburst.

“I just thought of something…what exactly is your job?” April asked curiously to Adrian.

“Oh, that’s easy!” Adrian said, “I’m a baker.”

“What’s a baker?”

“Umm…well…a baker is someone who generally bakes breads, cakes, pies, and other baked goods.”

“Ahh…what’s baking?”

Chapter 6 Section 4
The Bakery

It was about 9 am and the hotel was bustling once more, guests were arriving as couples and families were leaving in the lobby. But rather than to pay attention to the usual, let us go up a few floors to look at the ones who are already staying here.

Stepping out of the elevator and onto the sandy floors of the eighth floor was the baker Adrian and his honeybee roommate April. Adrian was walking beside April as she tried to repeat the basics of making bread so that she’d understand what a baker does.

“So, you put this ball of goop called dough into a thing called a stove, which then gets really hot for a while. And after that you take out the dough and it turns into bread?”

“That’s the idea.” Adrian responded, feeling somewhat happy in successfully explaining it.

“…baking is weird…”

Adrian sighed and simply continued to lead the way to his job as the honeybee followed.

“So, how exactly does this ‘kitchen’ look?”

“You’ll see soon enough” he replied with a smile.

After a few more minutes of walking through the desert-like halls and passing a sphinx who asked Adrian if he’d like to try to answer her riddles, the two ended up in a hall filled with double doors on one wall and nothing on the other wall.

“Is this it?” April asked

“No, but we’re close.” Adrian replied, opening one of the double doors and letting April in before stepping in.

The room they stepped in still looked as if they were in the desert, but it was shaded due to the high walls and the mass of tarps everywhere.

“Since you’re new, I’d like to welcome you to the CC Hotel’s Bazaar. Almost anything can be found here, anything ranging from food to clothing to jewelry and…”

Both April and Adrian were distracted from the sight of a succubus carrying a rather large shopping bag filled with dildos, anal beads, and rope walking right past them while her fiancé followed her, trying out a mouth gag.

“…and even the kinky stuff….practically anything can be found here.”

April was overcome by the sight of all the odd things before her, along with the odd smells most of these things were giving off. But before she could take it all in, Adrian grabbed her hand and began to drag her through the crowd.

“Come on, we gotta head to my spot. We’re late as it is.”

The two pushed their way through the crowd, past the several stands and shopkeepers. Eventually as the two got out of the tarp filled area, they reached a small shop permanently set up within the wall as a small crowd of people can be seen waiting outside.

The two stepped inside into the small bakery where a small crowd of customers are waiting while two of the employees, a human male and female, behind the counter were trying to find out what to do.

“What about Sally the salamander? Can she make it today?”

“No, she’s on vacation with her boyfriend. I think they’re visiting her family that lives by a volcano.”

“And what about…what’s the other ignis’ name?” The first one asked, snapping his fingers as he tried to remember.

“Vesta? She’s still sick from the cold she got the other day.”

Right there, a man and an ignis came running through the entrance, both panting like crazy as the man began to take off his clothes and headed to the backroom.

“NURI! YOU MADE IT!” yelled both of the employees as the ignis followed the man to the back.

Soon after hearing few moans, the stone stove that was in the wall behind the counter was lit ablaze. The flames quickly receded back inside stove into a stable fire with a constant heat coming from it as the couple inside began their lovemaking.

Without a second to spare, the two began to put in the freshly made dough into the stove and taking orders from the waiting customers. Adrian told April to sit down for a while until the morning rush left before heading behind the counter where the two other employees greeted him and all began to do their routine.

Within the hour, the crowd had left and the bakery was quiet once more. The couple that were inside the stove were now fully clothed out in front, having a small snack as the two coworkers were discussing how many supplies they would need to order this week. Adrian stepped out from behind the counter, carrying a glass of milk and a something wrapped in a napkin. He laid the two on the table in front of April who simply stared at the two things wondering if it was for her or him before realizing that he went back to the counter and got his own glass of milk and napkin wrapped item.

“Go on, eat it. It’s our breakfast since we didn’t anything at my place.” He told her as he began unwrapping the napkin covered item to show it was a pastry.

She followed his example and took out the wrapping from hers before taking a small bite out of it. It was still warm from being made recently, soft on the inside, but also flakey on the outside. Other than that, it tasted just like the bread she had eaten yesterday, until she took another bite from it. When she took a second bite out of the pastry, a rush of flavor entered her mouth. It was as if a sweetened fruit had been hidden inside of this bread thing, giving it a completely different but wonderful flavor to it.

“Mmmm!” She let out, licking her lips before taking another bite out of the pastry.

“You like it?”

“Mhmm.” April managed to respond, smiling and nodding to Adrian who had sat down in front of her.

“I thought you would. This thing has been hitting it big ever since Freddy brought it over here. Hey Freddy, what are these things called again!?”

The two that were behind the counter stopped for a moment to look at Adrian and see what he was asking the name of.

“Pastellitos.” he said with a bit of an accent as if to make it sound foreign.


“No prob, but who is this if you don’t mind me asking?” Freddy asked, gesturing to April who was still munching on her pastellito.

“This is my roommate, her name’s April.”

Upon hearing her name, April looked up at the coworkers with the pastellito still in her mouth before shyly waving at the two with her free hand.

The two behind the counter giggled before smiling at their friend’s roommate.

“Hi there April and welcome to our bakery,” said the woman in a friendly tone, “I’m Jennifer, and this is my brother Fredrick.”

“But you can call us Jenny and Freddy for short.” said the supposed Freddy.

“And those two lovebirds over there are Nuri and Victor.” Pointed Jenny out, indicating to the man and the Ignis sitting in the table across from them.

The two hardly even noticed their names being said as they shared a single small pastellito, each taking a bite from opposite ends. They continued to do this until only a small bite was left, to which the Victor placed at the end of his mouth and held it up to his Ignis. Nuri smirked and went right in, biting the end of the pastry and taking it into her mouth before kissing Victor. She sat herself back down and enjoyed the last of what remained of her snack.

April watched the two lovers as they stood back up and went to the back once more…she knew she had seen that way those two looked together before…somewhere. It reminded her of the Queen and the way she acted when she was with her husband, the two had this look in them that seemed like they were sinking as they stared into each other’s eyes. The Queen didn’t like it when someone interrupted her when she was with him, so under no circumstance was anyone allowed to intrude…but…


“Huh?” April was taken out of the trance that she was in and looked back at Adrian, who had somehow managed to get behind the counter.

“Wanna help me make something?”

“Sure” she smiled as she got up and went behind the counter.


After several hours at the bakery, the two can be seen walking back through the desert sand back towards the elevator. The moon shone down above them, lighting their way until the flour covered two finally stepped into the elevator.

“See, baking isn’t as easy as you think.” Adrian started, pressing the button labeled FL 3 once the two were inside.

The doors closed and the whir of the elevator began, gradually bringing the two down to their designated floor.


Once it arrived to the third floor, the elevator doors creaked open, allowing the two to continue their walk in the moonlight with the sound of chirping crickets.

“Do you have to do this every day?” asked April.

“Nah, in fact tomorrow the bakery isn’t even open. So I get to lounge around at home and do whatever I want.”

“That’s nice.”

The two continued to stroll down the grass filled hall until April asked another question.

“Where can I bathe to get all this stuff off me?”

“You mean the flour?” Adrian clarified

“Yes, that stuff.”

“Well, we have a bathtub in the apartment, so you can use that.”

“What’s a bathtub?”

“…I’ll just show you once we get there…”


Adrian shuffled through the cabinets and cupboards as he took a mental inventory of what he had left so that he’d know what to make for tomorrow. After finally getting April to understand the concept of the knobs that control the hot and cold water, Adrian was getting tired.

“Half a bag of flour, about 4 cups of sugar, 2 cups of salt, some baking powder, and…what the heck is this?”

Adrian had spotted a small jar on the counter that he had never seen before. He went to it, picking it up to take a closer look at it to note that it was filled with something inside. Curiosity getting the best of him, he opened the jar up to see that it was filled to the top with a golden slime-like liquid.

“Honey? When did I buy honey?” he asked himself.

Upon hearing the bathroom doors open and close, he knew that April must’ve finished her bath and placed the jar back where he found it.

April walked out of the bedroom, wearing an overly large button down shirt that reached her thighs with sleeves that covered past her hands. The only thing that seemed to fit properly was the light grey sweatpants she was wearing. As she stepped out into the living room, she stretched out her arms and let out a nice tired yawn, wiping her eyes with the sleeve on her wrist.

“We really need to get you some clothes.” Adrian announced.

“Yeah…” she yawned

“So, where exactly do you want me to sleep?” she asked, giving out yet another yawn

“You’ll be sleeping on the bed, I’ll be sleeping right here on the couch.”

“Huh? No, I don’t want to kick you out of your spot. I’ll sleep on this couch thing.”

“No,” Adrian sighed, pushing April back to the bedroom and onto his bed, “you’ll sleep here, and I’ll sleep over there. Okay?”

April looked down as Adrian pulled the blanket over her, feeling slightly guilty that she was taking his bed before looking back up at him.

“Okay…” she said aloud, pulling the blanket just below her eyes “…but you can sleep here with me if you want…” she said under her breath so that Adrian only heard mumbles.


“Nothing!” she quickly replied, looking to the sides shyly.

Adrian smiled down at her, ruffling her hair before kissing her forehead, making April blush beneath the blanket.



Adrian walked out of the room, turning off the lights and quietly closing the door behind him before heading towards the light switches in the room to then walk to the couch.

He took off his shoes, his shirt, and even his pants until he was in nothing more than his undergarments before finally laying down and staring at the ceiling. There he was, alone with his thoughts.

‘What should I do tomorrow?’ he thought, trying to come up with the best way to spend his day. ‘Maybe I should make April feel more welcomed here…I mean we are roommates…but what?’

Adrian stared at the ceiling, never changing the expression on his face as the ideas flowed through his mind, each a different suggestion of what to do. As with any good idea, nothing but garbage were the first few thoughts that entered his mind until one finally hit him.

‘I’ll make her something! Something delicious! Something no girl can resist! I’ll make her a cake!’

He was certain that this would be the perfect thing he could do for her to make her feel more welcomed… that, and he already had all the ingredients to make it.

Knowing what he was going to do tomorrow, Adrian’s worry-free mind drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later…

The night was quiet, not a single sound could be heard in the apartment, save the whir of the refrigerator. Adrian was happily dreaming on the couch, his right leg hanging off the edge of the couch as his foot touched the ground.

The door of the bedroom creaked open as a cautious Honeybee quietly tiptoed her way out of the room and towards the couch. She peeked over the back frame of the furniture to see the sleeping Adrian scratch his chest before hanging it off the side of the couch.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this…but she couldn’t resist it either. She walked around the couch, trying her best to not make a single noise, until finally she gently placed herself on top of him. Her feet hung on the armrest as her head lay on his chest. Even though he had taken a bath before her, he still smelled like fresh bread, making her nuzzle closer to him.

Without warning, Adrian’s right arm went over April and hugged her close to him. The shocked April tried to pull away without waking him up, but it seemed as though Adrian’s arm was locked in place. Fearing that if she continued she would wake him up in this awkward situation, April had no choice but to wait until he would move his arm off of her so that she could escape…but until then…

April decided to enjoy the warmth he was sharing with her along with his rousing scent until she could leave.

So there she waited for what seemed to be hours and hours that were in fact actually just minutes up till when he finally removed his arm…but by then she had already fallen asleep.


A new day had started, and the guests were walking through the lobby as usual while Gramps did his routine check behind the counter.

“Jennifer…check, Harold…check, Christine…check, April…blank…room 350.” Gramps sighed; he picked up the desk phone, and dialed for room 350 to check up on the guest.

Meanwhile in room 350, Adrian was just beginning to wake up, still not wanting to open his eyes just yet. It was odd, he had dreamed as if he was being held down by some mysterious force…maybe his dream was trying to tell him something…or the nightmare’s daughter next door was playing a prank on him again…either way, it felt as if it were still there.

He lifted his hand up and went down to scratch his morning wood when his hand landed on something unfamiliar. It was rather large, round, and firm…there was no way that this could be his crotch. Adrian opened one of his eyes as to see the obstruction between him in his itch, until realizing that he had a sleeping honeybee on him.

He opened both his eyes in surprise, his hand accidentally squeezing whatever it was gripping making the sleeping honeybee smile and lick her lips. Adrian shifted his head to the side to see that his hand was placed exactly on one of April’s butt cheeks…and she was enjoying it!

Blushing as this came to his realization, Adrian attempted to slide April off of him but froze up as she said something.

“It’s so hot…” she murmured as her hips moved against Adrian.

Adrian nearly panicked when she did that, his morning wood was rubbing against her, just below her navel region. The only thing between them was a few thin layers of fabric that their clothes were luckily providing.

Adrian had to come up with a way to get out of this without waking her up, he didn’t want her to wake up with him rubbing his member against her, they had just met!

He was breathing heavier as he looked around the room trying to find something he could do so to avoid this.

‘I’ll just have to keep trying to slide her off. If she wakes up the only thing I can do is push her off me, grab my pants and run to the bathroom…if she ask I’ll say it was an emergency. I mean…I really do need to go…’


The telephone on the counter was sounding wildly, breaking the silence that was previously in the room that Adrian tried so hard to preserve.

The sudden noise caused April to open her eyes in an alert matter and sit up almost instantly, it was as if though an alarm had went off to her.

Seeing that this was his only opportunity, Adrian pushed the honeybee off of him, leaving her on the couch before grabbing his pants, running behind the counter to put on his pants and lastly answering the phone.

“Yes!” gasping for a moment, “Hello?”

“Hey Adrian! It’s Gramps, what’s up?” replied a voice on the other end.

“Oh, hi Gramps. So far so good. What about you?” Adrian said, beginning to calm down at last.

“That’s good to hear. I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything, but I was wondering how your roommate April was doing. Is she alright?”

Adrian turned around to look back at the couch to see that April was both dazed and sitting upside-down on the couch after having thrown her off.

“Yeah, she’s fine…just a bit tired.”

“That’s good to hear. Well, if you could, remind her to get a job here or something by the end of the week. You know the policy; we can only let her stay here free for a few days unless she works here or actually pays to stay here.”

“Actually, she’s been helping me at the bakery. So if anything, I guess you can consider that as her job.”

“Really, she’s working at the bakery? That’s great! Alright then, I’ll be up sometime this week to check up on her and get one of those pastellito things everyone down here is talking about…”

From the background Adrian could hear a girl’s voice yelling “Get me one too!”

“Don’t worry Gramps, I’ll tell Freddy to save you and Lilly one each.”

“Thanks Adrian. Have a nice day.”

“You too Gramps.” he ended, placing the phone down back on the counter.

Adrian gave out a relieved sigh before stepping out from behind the counter, his morning wood having already gone down, and sitting down on the couch beside April. By this time, April had already sat back up normally and was picking at her nails.

“Good morning Adrian.” she said with a smile

“Good morning. Well, that was Gramps on the phone, and from now on you’ll be working in the bakery with us.”

“REALLY?!” April nearly jumped with joy like a child receiving a puppy.

“Yep, but we first gotta take care of some things before we continue.”

April quickly began to worry, but she did her best at hiding it. She was worried if he’d ask her why she had fallen asleep on her, mostly because she didn’t want to tell him the truth and hadn’t thought of a good excuse.

“First of all, we have to get you some clothes.” Adrian announced.

It hadn’t even occurred to Adrian that the honeybee had left his room to sleep along with him, he was more concerned with the idea that she might have noticed his morning wood or felt it when he had gotten up.

“Luckily,” he continued, “Jenny and her brother are going shopping today to stock up on supplies for the bakery. Jenny can help you get some clothes as well as your uniform for the bakery.”

“Great! But what are you going to do?”

“Oh, I have a few loose ends to tie up, but I should be done with those before you finish. So, all I have to do right now is call up the siblings and tell them you’ll be joining them today.”


Adrian stood back up and went to the phone on the counter to call up Freddy and tell him that April was going to join them today. April went to the bathroom to get herself ready, luckily Adrian explained to her how the toilet worked yesterday as well.

After a few minutes, April returned to the living room in her regular honeybee attire that she had washed yesterday while in the bath tub.

Adrian was already starting to make breakfast for the two, making pancakes in one pan, while another was frying eggs, and the last pan took care of the bacon. The fourth burner left on the stove was reserved to the kettle that was making Adrian’s coffee as he did his morning routine.

April, not all too sure on what to do, sat down on one of the oak wood stools that were on the other side of the counter.

“Do you want some coffee?” Adrian asked her.

“What’s coffee?”

Seeing that she had no idea what it was, Adrian grabbed the handle of the kettle with a cloth and poured the coffee into a nearby mug that he had set on the side. He carefully placed the mug onto the counter and then grabbed the container of sugar from pantry along with a pewter spoon from one of the drawers. He poured two spoonfuls of sugar into the mug, stirring it with the spoon until finally pushing it towards April.

“Be careful, it’s hot.”

April nodded, reaching out towards the mug to grip the handle so that she could lift it up to her face. She gently blew onto the surface of the dark liquid until at last bringing the rim of the cup to her lips and taking her first sip of the coffee.


“So I take it that you don’t like it.”

April shook her head and set the mug back down, pushing it away from her, pouting as she turned her head to the side.

“Hehe…I guess you have to develop a taste for it.” He said before picking up the mug and taking a few sips himself.

Just as he set the mug down, he spun in place to face the stove, grabbing a plate to set two pancakes, two fried eggs, and two slices of crispy bacon onto it. Turning around once more, he set the plate down in front of the Honeybee, and then grabbing the utensils in the drawers to set them by the plate. To finish it off, he went to the fridge to grab a pitcher of milk and served a glass to April.

Within a few minutes, he made himself a plate of exactly what he had served to April and sat himself down beside her. She hadn’t even touched her food yet.

“You didn’t have to wait for me you know.”

“It’s not that…” she replied to him, picking up the fork by the wrong end, “I don’t know how to use this.”

“…this is going to be an interesting day…”

Chapter 6 Section 5
The Honey Cake

“Bye April, have fun.” Adrian said as April was leaving with the siblings to do the shopping.

“Bye Adrian!” She yelled back before running back to him and hugging him tightly.

Adrian slightly blushed as Freddy smirked and Jenny giggled at the sight.

“So, I have to get her a uniform as well?” Jenny asked.

“Yep, she’ll be working with us from now on.”

“Well, you better teach your girlfriend how to bake Adrian, because I’m not paying someone to stand around and look pretty. For that I’d hire one of the demons.”

“Of course!”

“Alright, see you in a few hours then.”

They waved each other goodbye and began to walk down the hall. It was until they had reached the corner that Adrian had realized what Jenny had told him.


Soon after he said that, he could almost hear April ask something along the lines ‘What’s a girlfriend?’

He closed the doors and pondered for a moment… ‘Poor girl, she must have been from the forest. No wonder she’s so lost in this place’ … he let out a sigh before remembering what he had to do. He had to get that cake ready!

Adrian stormed his way into the kitchen, took out his mixing bowl, eggs, flour, cinnamon, butter, margarine, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, applesauce, chocolate, milk, and every fruit he had onto the counter.

“Now…what type of cake am I making?” Adrian asked himself as he looked down the line of ingredients.

‘I can make a regular cake…chocolate, fruit, banana cake, cinnamon cake, pound cake…what el- is that the honey from yesterday?’

Adrian had almost forgotten about the honey, which had not moved an inch from where he last left it. Once again he reached out towards the jar, bringing it up to him and removing its lid to look onto its golden sweet liquid. Adrian dipped the tip of his finger into the honey, bringing it to his mouth to taste it. The sweet flavor invaded his mouth, drowning him in a feeling of euphoria and delight; making him almost regret having to swallow it as it oozed down into his stomach.


With that, he knew just the type of cake that he’d be making for April; he was going to make her a Honey Cake. He grabbed the mixing bowl, cracked a few eggs in it to then pour the batch of honey into the bowl and mix.

‘Come to think of it…this could be April’s…well, too late now. What harm could it do?’


“Sign here, here, and here.” Instructed an anubis.

Down by the bakery Jenny is signing away at a clipboard as a uniformed Anubis of about her height helped her get the paperwork done. Once she finished, Jenny handed the clipboard back to its owner who began to read this week’s order.

“So, it’s ten sacks of flour, twenty dozen eggs, fifteen bags of sugar, and…what’s this number?” questioned the Anubis, pointing at a scribble that was by the word ‘yeast’.

“Oh, that’s a two.”

“Two?! Why so little this week?”

“Inpu, do you remember that treat my brother made you try last week?”

“Of course, it was delicious.” Inpu replied, licking her lips as she was reminded of the flavor.

“Well, we started selling it and it’s been hitting big so far, and since it doesn’t use that much yeast in it, we have a bunch still leftover.”

“Ahh, that makes sense.” Inpu said, looking back down onto the clipboard, “I also see that you want a new woman’s uniform. Size medium and cup size C, may I ask who the new worker is?”

“That would be April, the one socializing with your workers.” Jenny pointed out.

Off to the side, April was rearranging the bandages to one of the mummies who were on their break. The mummy was murmuring something through her bandages that no one except April could somehow understand.

“Mmph mmm hmmm mmhmmmph.”

“Yes, I get it that you’re a bit scared to show your skin, but your boyfriend will like it. Trust me; I’ve seen this in the hive hundreds of times.”

Finishing her work with a small bow from the bandages on the mummy’s back, many of the people who were simply passing by stopped to see April’s handiwork. Several of the bandages were rearranged, showing a considerable amount of skin for the average mummy. By clumping several of the straps together, a large scarf was made to cover the lower-half of the mummy’s face as well as her neck. Many of the bandages were moved to the forearms to make thick fingerless arm gloves that thinned out as it approached the elbows, giving it a detached sleeve like design. The bow on her back held up the single strap that was holding up the mummy’s breasts, just managing to cover the nipple area to show off its size and considerable cleavage. As you continued down, a crisscross pattern covered her abdominal region, allowing her naval to show between the bandages. Upon reaching her hips, we see a small loincloth barely managing to her region, but her region was covered by a few of the bandages in case of a breeze. Once reaching her legs, we see a similar style as to the forearms where the bandages lightly cover part of the mummy’s thighs and then thicken as they reach down to her feet.

Several of the onlookers could not keep themselves from staring, as some of their wives began to fume. The mummy blushed behind the safety of her scarf, before deciding to give a provocative pose with one arm reaching out to the crowd and giving them a wink. The crowd quickly scattered, the majority of males blushing as their wives or girlfriends were red with rage.

One Harpy nudged her boyfriend to look at the mummy.

“If you buy me that, I’ll wear it for tonight.”

The boyfriend blushed and quickly dragged the Harpy into the crowd of stores in search of the outfit.

“Screw the bakery,” Inpu commented, “she should be working with the Arachnids in the clothing and design team.”

The other mummies were giving approving nods to their coworker who hugged April. April hugged her back, but was left stunned when the mummy fell down to her knees almost shaking uncontrollably.

“What happened?!” April panicked as the other mummies went down to see what occurred.

Inpu ran up to the mummy to check up on her worker, noticing a small puddle under the soaked loincloth.

“False alarm everyone! She just suffered an orgasm.”

The Anubis carefully helped the mummy back up, grabbing only the bandaged parts of her body as she told the other workers to start on the delivery.

“I should’ve seen this one coming…but I’ll admit it, you look sexy in this Omo.”

“Hmm mhmm.”

The Anubis set her worker down onto a bench that was just outside the entrance of the bakery as the other mummies brought in the merchandise.

“Look here Omo. I can’t have you working like that; if anything touches you you’ll fall down to your knees and damage the equipment, the merchandise, or even yourself.”

“Mmm hmmm mmph.”

“Yeah yeah, I know. So I’m giving you two options. One, you put yourself back the way you usually are and get back to work…or…Two, you take the day off and surprise Michael.”

The mummy’s face lit up as she heard her boss say that, jumping up and giving her a hug.

“Mhmm mhmm mhmm!”

Inpu, remembering the incident, had both her arms outstretched to the sides to keep Omo from falling back to the ground with another orgasm.

“Okay, I get it, you’re happy. Now go before I change my mind.”

Omo bowed to her boss and quickly went running through the crowd so she could get to her room and wait for her boyfriend Michael.

“Try not to touch anyone along the way!”

Inpu walked back towards Jenny who was supervising the mummies as they brought in the cargo into the bakery.

“Everything good?” asked Jenny.

“Yep, gave her the day off to go please herself and her boyfriend.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“Hmm…where’d that honeybee go?” Inpu asked.

“There.” Jenny stated, pointing to the only non-mummy carrying a sack of flour into the bakery as if she were one of them.

“That girl is an odd one… she’s perfect for Adrian.”

“You thought so too? Freddy and I were saying the same thing yesterday when she tried to make a cupcake. It was a mess, but she managed with some of Adrian’s help.”

“Wow… speaking of Freddy,” Inpu pronounced, “Does he have a roommate yet?” raising an eyebrow as she finished.

“Unfortunately no, he’s thinking about going down too and asking Gramps to check his card.”

“Well… me and a few of the girls were wondering if he’d join us to the Nile River Festival next week. Since everyone else is bringing their roommates…I was wondering…since neither of us has a roommate…” Inpu looked to the side, blushing at the sight of Freddy checking everything as it went into the bakery before turning back.

“I don’t know. You’re the one with the crush. Ask him.” Jenny told her rather bluntly.

“I can’t just say it like that!”

“So you do have a crush on him.” Jenny replied, smirking a bit as she looked at Inpu.

A now embarrassed Anubis reddened even further, her tail pointing straight up, until both her face and tail drooped down.


“Ask him then! Don’t think he’s been giving you free pastries for so long because he wants you to tell him how it tastes. He knows their delicious and always tries to make a new one just for you.”

Inpu was frozen in shock, but quickly kneeled to Jenny.

“Thank you so much!” she got back up and walked into the bakery, trying her best to look composed.

April and the others had finished unloading the merchandise and returned to Jenny who thanked them for their help. The mummies chatted with April for a few minutes, making Jenny feel left out since she had no idea what they were saying.

Once Inpu returned to the group, she told everyone to get ready to head off to the next stop and waited until her workers left to speak to Jenny.

“He said yes!” she blurted out like an excited school girl.


“What should I wear? Should I dress casual or should I show some fur? No wait, I don’t want him to think I’m like a succubi, what should I do?”

“First of all…CALM DOWN.”

The two bickered for several minutes, Inpu panicking about a date that hasn’t even occurred yet while Jenny tried her best to calm her down. April, who had never left, watched the two for a few moments before deciding to join Freddy who was inside the bakery.

Freddy was happily cleaning the countertop, thinking what would be the best thing to impress Inpu during the festival. Seeing that he was in his own fantasy, April sat down and waited for either side to finish.

“People are so weird sometimes…”


Several hours later

In the apartment labeled 350 on third floor, a man can be seen intently staring into the oven, watching the mixture rise in its pan. He let out a sigh, standing back up to see the mess he had made throughout his kitchen.

“Great…worst part of baking…cleaning up…”

Showing little effort, Adrian began to pick up the bowls, mixers, and other utensils to drop them into the sink so he could wash. He absent mindedly grabbed the sponge, soaking some soap on it and began to scrub.

‘I wonder how long till they get back. Hopefully I’ll be done by then.’

He set down one of the mixing utensils onto the drying rack beside him.

‘I can’t just hand her a cake like that though…we have to eat something before that…dammit why do I always complicate things!?’

He let out a sigh as he came close to finishing the dirty dishes, trying to think up of something for him and April to eat before surprising her…but what?


The timer had gone off, telling Adrian that the cake had just finished and was ready to be taken out. He turned off the oven, grabbed the oven mitts that he had left by the stove, and placed them onto his hands to open up the windowed door and then blasted by a wave of hot air.

Adrian stepped away from the heat for a few seconds so that the wave could leave until leaning back down to grab the two burning hot steel bread pans and dropping the two cakes onto the cooling rack while the pans were placed into the sink. He closed the door on the oven along the way, taking off his mitts as he looked onto the two cakes he had made.

The dark golden brown colored assured Adrian that it was baked to perfection, all that was needed was a light shower of powdered sugar and it would be ready.

Walking to the cupboard, Adrian picked up the oversized shaker and brought it over the two cakes. Flipping the shaker over and sprinkling the powdered sugar onto the two cakes, making it seem as though snow had fallen onto the two.

“There, perfect.” He stated with a satisfactory smile, “Now what are we gonna eat before I take this out?”

Adrian used the little he had left in the fridge to make the two honey cakes, all that was left were enough ingredients to make…bread, cake, and donuts…that wasn’t going to make a good dinner.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have used up everything I had for lunch today…”

Adrian grabbed the Hotel’s Weekly Newspaper, scrolling through its pages for inspiration on what they could eat until his eyes spotted the perfect ad for them. He reached out towards the phone and called the number on the advertisement. A young woman answered the phone and greeted him in a polite tone.

“Hello, this is The Matango’s Pizzeria, how can I help you?”

“Yes, hello, I was wondering if I could order a pizza to be delivered here to the third floor?”

“Absolutely sir.”



“Thanks for everything Jenny.” April said, standing by the door of her apartment.

“No problem, we should actually go shopping more often. You have an eye for good clothing.”

“Yeah, but next time don’t bring me along for the ride.” Freddy told the two.

“But Freddy,” Jenny whined, “we need you to keep track of what the two of us are buying to keep us from overspending.”

“Yeah, like you listen to me…” he stated, pointing to the four large bags Jenny was holding filled with clothes.

April, seeing where this was headed, dropped the two bags she had and hugged Freddy.

“Thanks for putting up with us.”

Freddy couldn’t stay annoyed by this, and hugged the honeybee back.

“Of course, not a problem.”

“Good!” she smiled at him, before letting him go and retrieving her bags.

“Again, thanks for everything you two.”

“Of course, take care.”

The siblings walked down the hall and parted ways with each other, leaving April alone in the hallway. April placed one of the bags she had onto the floor and knocked on the door. She had left her room key on the nightstand this morning since her outfit didn’t have any pockets.

“I’m coming” said Adrian’s voice from the other side of the door.

Upon opening the door, Adrian was almost surprised to see April again.

“April! Welcome back.” He greeted.

“Thanks.” She walked in with the two oversized bags in hand, dropping them by one of the sofas before falling onto it.

“Busy day?”

“Yeah…we walked all over the place. My feet hurt from walking so much.” April complained.

“Ouch, couldn’t you fly?”

“No, the ceiling thing those shops put up were too low for me to fly under. And since Jenny and Freddy were leading, I wouldn’t know where to go.”

“That’s too bad”

“Yeah, but I’m happy to be back here.”

*Knock, Knock*

“Oh, its here.”


Adrian got up, walking towards the door and opened it to reveal a small uniformed Harpy with a box in her wings.

“Adrian Durum?”

“Yes that’s me.” He stated.

The harpy handed Adrian the box who then took a few steps back to place it on the counter before returning to the door.

“So, how much is it?”

“It’ll be eleven pence…or a fun night with you if you’re short cutie.” The Harpy winked.

“No thanks, I have enough.” Adrian replied, handing her a small silver colored coin along with a copper colored one.

“Aww, maybe next time then. Enjoy the pizza!” announced the Harpy before jumping up and flying down the hall.

Closing the door, Adrian returned the silence of his apartment, picking up the pizza box and setting it down on the coffee table beside the sofa April was on. The design on the box was one of a busty mushroom woman winking with the words ‘Matango’s Pizza! So Good You’ll Be Coming Back For More!’

Adrian sat down by April, who was busy trying to find out what the odd text was saying, but had no idea. Adrian opened the lid to reveal a still steaming warm medium sized regular pizza inside along with a few napkins and garlic sauce beside it. The room gradually filled with the aroma of seasoning along with melted cheese.

“What’s this?” asked April.

“It’s pizza. It’s really good, and since we have nothing else to eat, I wanted you to try it.”

At that moment, April’s stomach grumbled loudly, making her blush at the embarrassing sound. Adrian simply smiled, grabbing one of the napkins to pick up the nearest slice and handing it to April. He then grabbed himself a slice and took a bite, burning the tip of his tongue in the process.

“Ahh! It’s hot!”

Luckily, April waited to see how this food was eaten since she didn’t want to make the same mistake she did with the salad earlier today.

With the warning from Adrian, she softly blew onto her slice before taking a small bite on its tip, but when she tried to tear away, a long string of cheese managed to stay connected to the rest of the pizza. She began to slurp up the cheese until it finally broke off from the slice and began to savor the pizza.

The taste was odd but amazing to April, a mixture of warm melted cheese with the juicy sauce along with the explosion of seasoning almost made April melt on the spot.

“It tastes great!” she commented, taking another bite from the slice and chewing on it happily.

“That’s good to hear.”

The two silently ate their pizza slices within the stillness of the room, the only thing that could be heard was their chewing and the occasional whir of the refrigerator. Adrian had finished his pizza slice first, grabbing a second one so that he could continue as April reached the crust.

“Adrian?” April called out.


“Thanks…for everything.”

Adrian blushed at the remark, before turning to the side and taking another bite from his pizza.

“Of course.”

The two shared yet another awkward silence, taking their time eating the pizza until only two slices were left.

“April, I have to ask you something.”


“How did you end up at the hotel?”

April almost instantly became depressed when she heard his question, thinking back at why she had been kicked out.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to!” Adrian told her, seeing that it was a touchy subject.

“No, no. It’s alright.”

April took in a deep breath and began her story.

“I used to be part of the hive, where I had a pretty good life working under the Queen. Most of the time, we would go out and get nectar, and whenever we found a male we would take them to her if we thought he was good enough. I never brought a male to the hive…they were weak…”

Adrian wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by this…but he didn’t want to interrupt.

“One day I was put in charge of guarding the Royal Honey that’s used by the Queen…and I forgot. Since the entrance to it is out in the open, a guard needs to stand watch to make sure no one gets to it. The guard before had been there all night and fell asleep waiting for me to arrive…very late… Since I forgot, I never came to my post.”


“And then a Grizzly had picked up the scent of pure nectar and the finest honey that I was supposed to be guarding. She managed to sneak into the Royal Honey Supply, but while she was eating it… she fell into it.”

“What happened to her?”

“You see, the thing outsiders don’t know is that the Royal Honey Supply is connected to the Queen’s private quarters. And at that time…the Queen was with her husband…and the Grizzly sort of…interrupted them…” April looked down to her knees.

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“It’s not. She was so mad when she saw the Grizzly in her personal supply that she threw her past the walls and sent her flying into the forest. Once she found out that it was my shift to guard the honey…she kicked me out of the hive without a second thought…” Tears began to flow down April’s cheeks.

“Oh my Lord, I’m so sorry.”

“But,” she looked up at him, smiling as the tears kept flowing down her cheeks, “I’m happy, because if she hadn’t, I would’ve never ended up here and met you or Jenny, Freddy, and Omo.”

April threw herself onto Adrian and continued to cry, hugging him close to her as his clothes sucked up her tears. Adrian held her close to him, rubbing her back as she let it all out.

The two sat there in the comfort each other’s embrace until April finally began to calm down. She sat herself back up, wiping the tears off her face.

“Thank you Adrian…I really mean it…” she smiled at him.

“Of course,” he assured her, “but before I forget.”

Adrian stood up, heading to the kitchen while leaving a confused April wondering what he was getting. He walked back out with what seemed to be a very dark loaf of bread with white dust sprinkled on top of it.

“This is for you.” He announced, bringing it to April’s face so that she could take in its aroma.

Adrian placed the Honey Cake down beside the pizza box, closing it in the progress, before cutting out a slice with a knife that had been beside the cake and handing it to April with one of the pizza napkins.

“What’s this?”

“This is a welcoming treat I made for you…to make feel more at home here with me.”

Adrian cut himself a slice of about the same size and placed it onto a napkin as well, before bringing it up to face.

“Welcome home April.” He announced before finally taking a bite from his cake.

April beamed, taking a bite from her slice and chewing it slowly to savor its sweet taste. The soft spongy interior mixed with the sweet honey flavoring along with the hint of sugar on its crust melted in her mouth.

“It’s delicious, thank you Adrian.”

Adrian grinned happily as he saw her enjoying her small treat as he continued to eat his.

“What did you put in this?” April asked, taking another slice of the cake.

“The basics…eggs, flour, milk, honey, sugar, cin-”

“Honey!?” April looked down to her hip to see that her jar wasn’t there.

“Yes? Is something wrong?”

“Did you use the honey in a small jar about this big!?” April interrogated, lifting both her hands up with about five inches of space between them.

“Yes. The jar is still there…” Adrian responded almost hesitantly as he pointed to the jar on the counter.

April jumped from her spot, dropping the half of her cake slice that she hadn’t eaten, and flew to counter. She grabbed the jar, pulling off the lid to peer inside.

The jar was nearly empty, only a small spoonful of it was left residing at the bottom of its depths. April began to breathe heavily, realizing what they had both ingested and what it would do to Adrian.

“What’s wrong? Was it your honey?” Asked a worried Adrian

“Yes…Adrian…can you lie down for a second?” she asked him, walking towards him with the jar as she looked down to the floor.

“Okay?” Adrian complied; worried that maybe he shouldn’t have used that honey.

She kneeled beside him and looked into his eyes.

“Adrian…this honey of mine…makes people really, really…REALLY horny …and we both just ate some of it…”

Adrian couldn’t believe what he had done; he had put in an aphrodisiac into his cake mixture and just ate it with his roommate.

“I’m already used to it, but I don’t think you are…so I want you to stay calm, and I’ll take care of you, okay?”

He could feel the honey finally starting to take effect; his loins were stirring as his mind began to grow fuzzy.


April smiled sweetly before leaning in and planting a light kiss onto Adrian.

“I want you to remember that when you wake up.”

Adrian could feel his member pressing against his pants, causing a large bump to appear on his groin.

April’s sweet expression slowly began to turn seductive as she eyed the bump, sliding her hand down Adrian’s stomach to rub the bump in his pants. She smirked when she heard Adrian gasp as she rubbed her fingers against his groin.

She moved to the side, unzipping his pants to pull them down along with his boxers to reveal his naked member standing proudly. Holding up the jar over his member, April slowly poured the little honey that remained onto the head of his manhood. The honey slowly ran down the length of his shaft, causing his member to throb in response.

“I think you’re ready.” pronounced the excited April.

She raised her head to his tip, licking the honey off of his head before plunging herself all the way in. Adrian let a gasp of ecstasy as she her head began to bob up and down, her tongue wrapping around his honey soaked cock. April’s right hand cradled his balls, rubbing them between her fingers as she suckled onto his head.

“Adrian, sit up.” April commanded

Even though Adrian’s mind was dazed, he followed her order and sat up on the couch.

“Good boy.” She said in her cute tone, opening his legs so she could get the full view.

She leaned in towards his pelvis and tucked Adrian’s pulsing member under her bee patterned bikini top and between her breasts. She squeezed her two small breasts together and began to massage the length of Adrian’s shaft. She licked the tip of his member while her mammaries took care of his base.

April gripped her breasts tightly; the stench of Adrian’s member was turning her on so much that her pussy was wetting her bikini. She began to massage his member in an oscillating motion before pumping his cock and sucking the head of his member.

At that moment, Adrian couldn’t bear it anymore and released him cum into April’s awaiting mouth. His seed shot onto the roof of her mouth and slowly began to fill it up. April continued to massage the base of his cock until she had gotten the last drop before sitting up straight and swallowing his semen, licking her lips shortly afterwards.

“Tasty.” She cooed

April turned around, setting the pizza box and cake aside before bending over the coffee table. Her hand grabbed the ends of her bikini and pulled them down to reveal her drooling nether regions.

“Do you want it?” she asked him in an enticing tone, her fingers spreading her pussy open to reveal the pink oozing walls inside.

“Mhmm.” Adrian managed to reply.

“Then fuck me!” She told him, the honey inside her was making her urges a pain to ignore.

Adrian slid off of the couch and gripped onto her tiny but firm cheeks to position his still hardened member against her opening. He slowly slid the head of his shaft into the tightness of the bee’s folds, but slipped out of the entrance. He pulled himself back to try again, pushing harder, only causing his member to slide up against her ass instead of into her pussy. Until finally, he pulled back one last time and jammed the entire length of his shack into the tight walls of April’s pink pussy.

“Aaagh! Yes! Fuck me!” she screamed in ravishment.

Adrian’s hip began to slide his member back and forth into April, slowly at first but gradually gaining momentum with each deep thrust into her. April clenched the ends of the shaking coffee table as she gave out soft moans of pleasure while her petite body was mercilessly pounded from behind.

April right hand let go of the coffee table to grab Adrian’s hand that was still clenching her ass cheek, and brought it up to her breast, sliding it under her top so he could grip it. Adrian almost instinctively pinched her nipple, rolling it between his fingers before grasping the entirety of her right bosom.

April bit her bottom lip; the vigorous tempo of Adrian’s rasping member against her tight walls was driving her to insanity. She had been craving him ever since she saw him, and now that he was in her she couldn’t get enough of it. He was pushing himself deep into her, farther than she could reach with her fingers, slowly driving her mad with these sensations.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!” she screamed as Adrian rammed his member in as deep as he could into her and climaxed along with her.

Her vaginal walls contracted as she released her juices onto Adrian’s pulsating member; all the while he shot his own fluids into her hungrily awaiting uterus.

Adrian fell back onto the floor, his back against the sofa facing the small honeybee that had collapsed on the coffee table. The two of them were breathing heavily after their quick but intensive ordeal in which they both thoroughly enjoyed.

April turned her head to the side to see Adrian almost dead tired leaning against the sofa, but what surprised her most was that his manhood, after two orgasms, was still standing strong. She smiled at the site, overjoyed to finally be with someone who could satisfy her. Even though he seemed almost exhausted, she knew other ways for her to still have fun with him.

She got up from the table, lifting her top up to reveal her luscious C-cup beasts and her perky stiffened nipples pointing outwards. She turned towards Adrian, who upon seeing the two began to stare into her bosom.

“You like?” she asked him, licking her index finger and rubbing it against her nipple.

Adrian was still breathing heavily, but nodded, never releasing his gaze from her. She giggled, sitting herself just over the base of his member so that her breasts were mere inches away from his face. April smiled while her hand slipped behind his head, pushing his face into her so that he could better appreciate her breast.

The long and almost forgotten instinct kicked in as Adrian began to suckle on her on her nipple as he did when he was a newborn. April hugged his head into her chest, ruffling through his hair lovingly, never wanting to let him go. She pushed him away from her chest to look into his dazed eyes, leaning in to kiss him once more as their tongues danced with each other. She broke the kiss, leaving a string of saliva that soon gave in to its own weight.

She lifted herself above Adrian’s pulsating member, holding onto his shoulder for support until taking in its entirety into her in a single drop, making her wings shake with an audible hum.

“Aaaagghhhh….” She moaned, still not used to its size.

Slowly, she began to ride his shaft, lifting herself up until the head of his cock before gradually sliding down to its base.

Adrian’s hands gripped the sides of April’s thighs, helping her rise and fall onto his pulsating rod.

The two continued their lovemaking for several minutes, the Honeybee ever so often hugging her lover to her chest whenever the two grinded against the each other. As the two began to near their climax, April nibbled on the tip of Adrian’s left ear as his grip around her thighs tightened the closer he got to his.

And just like that, the two experienced an orgasm in tandem, one after the other.

Once the two released their juices, April fell onto the now unconscious baker, hugging him close to her as she joined him to the dream realm. She kissed him one last time, resting her head on his shoulder, and let the smell of flour that was still in his hair drift her to sleep.


One week later

On the eighth floor of the CC Hotel, a middle-aged man wearing a tattered pair of pants and a plain white shirt with an old jacket can be seen walking through the desert floor. Why this man walked around the hottest and driest floor in the entire building with more clothing than necessary remained a complete mystery.

Everyone made way for Gramps as he walked through the Bazaar, a few girls even winked his way and giggled when he winked back.

He continued to walk through the Bazaar until finally reaching his destination…which was blocked by a large line of people and mamono alike that waited to enter the small bakery. Gramps smiled, walking past the line and into the bakery, Gramps saw what he came here to check up on.

“I’ll take two of the new cakes! No, three!” an imp told Freddy who was taking orders behind the counter.

“Got it. Jenny, we need four more in the stove! Tell those two to eat one while they’re in there so they can keep it up!”

“Already on it! April, Adrian! Get another fifty of those cakes ready!”

April walked out from the back room carrying a tray with about ten bread pans filled halfway with raw dough. She placed the tray on the table near the stove, removing the bread pans off the tray to have them ready for Jenny. When she picked up the tray and turned to return to the backroom, she spotted Gramps smiling right at her.

“Gramps!” she exclaimed, setting down the tray and flying over the counter to properly hug him.

“Good to see you again April. How’s Adrian?” he asked her.

“April! We need more honey!” Adrian yelled from the back.

“I’m on it!” she yelled back.

“Sorry, but I have to get more nectar to make some honey Gramps. But before I go,” she told him, reaching behind the counter to pull out a small bag, “here’s the order of the two pastellitos you made… along with a small sample of our new Honey Cake. Make sure you eat it with someone you’re going to sleep with.”

“Don’t worry…I still got a few girls interested in me.” he winked to April.

“If you say so…bye Gramps!” she hugged him one last time before stepping outside and flying over the moving crowds.

“Hehe…I guess everything is alright.” Gramps said to himself as he walked out of the bakery.

He looked back at the bakery, reading the new ad they had up against its wall.

“Try our new Honey Cake! If this doesn’t turn you on, nothing will! *CC

*CC – Certified Consumable reserved to the J&F Bakery Co. and verified to attain its desired function in accordance to the standards set by the Mamonos Incorporating Lascivious Fabrications (MILF) Inc.

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  2. A longer chapter than the others I’ve noticed so far. But anyways, this was cute.

    A little bee gal that made an honest mistake that cost her the only home she ever knew, then fate brought her to an even better abode than she could ever ask for.

    It’s sweet how Adrian gave her time to adjust and patiently taught her the ways of the world beyond her honeycomb abode, and it resulted in her having a new home that she’d never keace for anything in the world.

    Her shift of becoming more lewd and provocative was a surprise, though I suppose the Honey is to blame for that.

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