The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 5

Section 1
A Fisherman’s Tale

It’s a sunny day outside, the wind is blowing, the birds are chirping, and the Order was out on their weekly hunt once again. On such a wonderful day in a city near the eastern coast of the western world, something interesting was about to happen. Here in this city, we follow a man as he is dragged through the bustling port by a large armored being. Behind him are two other armored characters, each holding up their spears to scare off anyone who would dare try to help the captive as they escort him across the field of bewildered eyes.

“I didn’t do anything! You should be arresting them!” yelled the man, as he struggled to free himself from the guard’s grip.

“SHUT UP!” responded a gruff voice from one of the suits of armor behind him before walking up to the man and punching his gut.

The man gasped as he lost his breath, losing the strength in his body and nearly falling if not for the guard holding him up. The armored being sighed before grabbing the man’s free arm and helping his comrade drag him to the port jail.

Upon arrival to the jail, the man was thrown into an empty cell, the bar door slamming shut and locking from the other side. He picked himself up, crawling up to lean against the wall of his tiny confines, lightly rubbing his hand over where the guard had punched him.

Within a few minutes, another armored man appeared before the cell with something in his hand, he removed his helmet before unrolling a paper and read it out loud to the prisoner.

“At the port of the city of Newind, the alleged perpetrator, identified as Shaun J. Lowe, was spotted by several eyewitnesses vandalizing the boat of Captain Jacob Fischer after its return from the sea at midday. After said vandalism, it was noted that the perpetrator had release some of the ship’s cargo and equipment into the waters. When the guards had gone to apprehend the perpetrator, they reported that he refused to cooperate and attempted to escape. After a lengthy search, he was found and apprehended. Damages to the ship thus far include a burnt sail, broken rudder, and the missing helm. Do you agree with the accounts told to you?”

“No.” Shaun responded coldly.

“Are you certain?” The guard stated, looking away from his paper and to Shaun, “If you agree, you are much more likely to receive a lighter sentence.”



“Very well, in the name of the Order and in accordance to the laws that bind these lands you shall remain here until further action can be taken.” Said the guard as he rolled up the paper once more and placed it within one of pouches he wore at his side.

The guard sighed as he took one last look at the prisoner. He was not required to verify the choice prisoners made after he read their charges, but this one did not seem like the mongrels that infested the alleyways of this city. If he was lucky, the man would be sentenced to a quick death; if he wasn’t, he would be tortured until he confessed, then either be put to a slow death or die in the process. The guard truly believed that if he admitted to his crimes there and then, he could be sentenced to servitude until damages had been paid for. Although not a marvelous lifestyle, you would be allowed to live. It was a shame to see good men die for their pride… but it was their choice to throw away their lives…

The guard put on his helmet and disappeared out the door, returning from where he came to report Shaun’s response as he sat there alone in his cell.

He sighed as he thought of the events that had occurred, replaying them in his head.


A few hours ago.

Shaun can be sitting in front of a crate, eating his lunch during the break as several more ships began to arrive with fresh cargo. The smell of fish and other goods filled the air as Shaun took another bite of his meal, not that he noticed since he had gotten used to the smells. Just another day unloading cargo as far as Shaun was concerned…

“Yep, that’s right, we caught one.” Shaun overheard from behind him.

“How’d you catch her?” said the other voice.

“She got caught in our net with all the other fish; surprised me and the rest of the crew too.”

“Wow, that’s amazing…what are you gonna do with her?”

At this point, Shaun was interested in what they had caught…it sounded valuable…maybe a rare fish or delicacy. It didn’t matter what it was at this point, they had gotten his attention.

“I’m not really sure yet, but we can’t just give up a catch like that.”

“You know…” the man looked both directions before looking at the crate Shaun was behind to see if anyone was paying attention before continuing in a whisper, “I hear that mermaid’s blood fairs a high price in the black market. You could always try selling her there.”

Shaun was stunned at what he was hearing.

‘Are these two actually thinking about selling such a loving creature for its blood?’

“Or…” the man continued, “If you want a more… stable income, I can bleed her for what she’s worth, and keep her from spoiling… for a small cut of course.”

This had turned from bad to worse in just a few seconds. The thought alone made him sick, but he couldn’t do anything without revealing that he was there.

“That’s a good idea. They’d probably pay a higher price if it’s fresh…and even if she doesn’t last, we could always use her as seafood.”

Both of the men laughed and headed off to their respective boats. Shaun couldn’t believe what he heard, he himself was never too fond of mamono but mermaids were never like the ones you’d find in the forest. A mermaid was always gentle and caring towards others, at least according to his brother they were, and are always helpful to a kind fisherman. But after hearing what these men were planning, he knew that he couldn’t just let that happen. But what could he do? The city was run by the Order, so he couldn’t just tell the authorities, they’d probably handsomely reward them for their capture before taking her themselves. Even if he was just a newcomer to the city, he knew that he had to do something.

“Hey, we’ll talk later about the merchandise!” yelled the man from before as he re-entered his vessel.

That was it.

Shaun was going to free her.

After about an hour of moving crates around and reorganizing cargo in order to seem busy as he kept watch of the vessel, Shaun seized an opportunity and quickly snuck aboard when no one was watching. The man from before, probably the captain, had gone out with his friend from the other ship to speak about the transporting of his merchandise as the rest of his crew went to the local brothel for some quality time with the locals. Even if the mamono was going to be eventually killed, bringing one in, especially a live one, to anyone other than an Order official was considered the highest form of contraband.

Shaun checked the deck of the ship to ensure he was the only one aboard before he walked down the steps and into the hull of the ship, the smell of fish and booze almost seemed to be concentrated in the air. Off at the other end, a soft arrhythmic thumping sound could be barely heard along with the rattling of chains. Shaun, stumbling with the slight rocking of the ship, walked towards the noise, while trying his best not to step on any stray bottles on the ground.

Once he reached to end of the hull, there she was.

Mouth gagged, her hands were chained, and her pink tail was hitting the leg of the table ever so frequently as she tried to pull herself free with tears running down her face. His brother had told them that mermaids were beautiful creatures, but his description had done them no justice. This one was stunning, not only that, but combined with her ample curves, she could easily put the whole brothel to shame. When she noticed Shaun staring at her, she froze up in terror, her eyes wide-open as they stared at him, fearing what it was he would do to her.

Luckily, it seemed that the crew hadn’t done anything to her after her capture, for she only had a few light bruises on her wrists from her constant tugging. It put him at ease to see she was fine, but she probably thought he was just another crew member who do as he pleased to her.

“Sshhh, don’t worry,” Shaun whispered, trying his best to seem non-threatening, “I’m here to get you out.”

She stared at Shaun with disbelief, her eyes constantly on him as he searched for the keys to unlock the chains. He searched the table, but they weren’t there; he searched the wall above the table, but it wasn’t there either…

“Mmm mmm hmmm!”


Shaun turned to see that the woman was trying to tell him something. Her pink-haired head was shifting to a spot opposite of her, where something hung on the wall.

“The keys!”

“Mhmm!” She nodded happily, finally trusting Shaun after seeing him struggle to find the keys.

Shaun got the keys that were too far for her to reach and quickly unlocked the chains off of her until finally deciding to remove her gag.

“…thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it. Now let’s get you out of here.”

Without a moment’s notice, Shaun picked her up, having her wrap her arms around his neck, and began to carry her out of the hull. Even with the drying trails of tears across her face, Shaun could not help but note the beauty of her well-sculpted face.

But now was not the time to admire the mermaid!

He continued to carry her up the steps until they were on the deck, that was when Shaun took her to the edge of the boat and tossed her into the water. The merrow swam up above the surface of the water to look at her savior once more. She winked and blew him a kiss before swimming back down below the surface of the water and away from the city.

Shaun was happy that he saved the mermaid, but he couldn’t just leave the boat as is…what would stop them from doing it again? With that thought in mind, Shaun grabbed a nearby lamp and began tossing its oil onto the sail.

“This should teach them a lesson”


The noise of a crashing crate brought Shaun out of his memory loop and back to his cell. He sighed as he stood up and leaned against the cell door.

“Justice is a cruel bitch…”

If he could go back to before this happen, he would do it all again in a heartbeat… although he would probably have set the sails on fire at the end rather than at the beginning like he had done. Maybe then he would’ve saved the girl and kept himself from getting caught… probably stay away from the port for a few days just to be sure… or just leave the city for another…

’Stupid’ he thought as he tapped his forehead with his open palm.

But there was nothing else he could do, not as long as he was locked in here. He let out another sigh as he peered around his cell.

“I wish I could’ve stayed somewhere a little bet- WOAH!”

Section 2
The Watery Wakes



“Owww…” mumbled Shaun as he rubbed the back of his head, it felt as if the door behind him slid open and let him fall on the ground.

When he opened his eyes, he couldn’t believe it. A brightly lit chandelier hung just above him, the ceiling seemed clean, and the floor beneath him felt soft. There was no way he was still in the port jail that he was in a few seconds ago. He sat up and looked around at the room he was in, several mamono were staring at him already wondering if he was okay.

“How hard did I hit my head?” he mumbled to himself.

“Hello.” responded a tender voice.

“Huh?” Shaun answered as he turned towards the voice.

“You okay mister?” Lilly asked with a worried look on her face.

In front of the bewildered man was young blonde girl that seemed old enough to be his niece if he had one. She wore an impeccably clean blue dress that matched her eyes and ribbons. Her appearance made her seem like the adorable doll of a noble’s daughter… well almost, if not for the horns, tail, and wings.

“Yeah, I’m okay…” he replied somewhat absentmindedly as he stared at her horns along the ribbons that were tied to them.

“Good, welcome to the Covet Corner Hotel, I’m Lilly.” Giving him a small curtsy as the worried look disappeared from her face.

“Am I dreaming?” Shaun questioned, doubting that everything he saw was real.

“Nope, this is real,” she said with a smile, “follow me please.” she added as she turned around, her tail lightly tapping Shaun across the face, shocking him a bit.

‘If this is a dream, might as well enjoy it’ Shaun thought, getting up to his feet and following Lilly.

Along the way, he saw mamono of all shapes and sizes walking around the place, as if though it were normal. While following the demon child known as Lilly to the counter at the end of the room, he felt a slight pinch on his rear end, but when he turned around to see who did it, he couldn’t tell who was responsible with everyone walking around. Slowly, he was becoming more and more aware that he wasn’t dreaming, or that it was a really vivid one if he was.

“Young man,” said an elder from behind the counter, holding his hand out to greet him, “welcome to the CC Hotel.”

Shaun walked up to the counter and quickly shaking the man’s hand.

“The name’s Gramps.”

“I’m Shaun”, he responded.

“So, I take it that you want to stay a night here?” asked Gramps.

“I’d love to, but I don’t have any money on me…” Shaun replied as if though apologizing.

“Who needs money?” shrugged Gramps, “First night’s free.”

This didn’t exactly seem like a sound business practice to Shaun, but Gramps brushed off the topic as he bent down and began to shuffle around in one of his drawers. Within a minute, he pulled out a blank card and handed it to Shaun.

Shaun took a hold of the card and looked at it with curiosity, in a few seconds it began to rapidly change colors. Normally, he would have been shocked that something like this would be possible, but under the circumstances that he just magically appeared in a hotel filled with beautiful, if beastly, women after being locked in a cell, he wasn’t going to question it.

As the card began its roulette, several mamono went up to peek at the card, some even resting their heads on Shaun’s shoulders as they gazed upon the card. Shaun was getting a bit nervous by the sudden attention, especially after the woman on his right shoulder began to purr.

It was then that he noticed that the women around him all had a card very similar to his, although none of theirs were changing colors like his. The werecat to his right was holding her card far enough away from her to see that it bore a green color with numbers written across the top half of the card.

Although the woman to his left also had her card out, her card was yellow in color unlike the one to his right. There was also a light tapping on the back of his left leg from the woman on that side; he wasn’t entirely sure what it was, since he was certain it wasn’t her hand. Every time his card was yellow, the tapping from the kobold’s tail quickened in pace.

Even though Shaun wasn’t sure what species the two women were, by the appearance of their furred hands holding their room cards, he could tell they were of some sort of beast variety. And he dared not turn his head to face them, he didn’t enjoy this much attention, and they were too close to him as it was.

Seconds that seemed like minutes passed until the card stopped on a shade of blue, and a sigh of disappointment could be heard from several of the girls as they went on their way. The woman to his left let out a small whine, and if he was looking at her he would have seen her ears and tail droop in a dreary fashion whilst departing with the crowd. Meanwhile the one to his right clicked her tongue, pretended to not have been interested in Shaun from the beginning before making her exit. Luckily, Shaun didn’t turn around, for he would’ve felt heartbroken after seeing the two.

It was after the crowd had dispersed that his key began to form what seemed like seashells on the top half of the card. They were incredibly tiny, but many began to appear and take shape into a pattern.

“247?” he asked as the numbers appeared on his card, “That’s my room?”


“Can I take him? Can I take him?” begged Lilly.

Gramps simply nodded, making her jump with joy before she grabbed onto Shaun’s arm and began leading him into the elevator.

“You got the fun floor.” smiled Lilly as she walked into the elevator, “Oh!”

She let go of Shaun to reach into the pocket of her pinafore, pulling out two pairs of some sort of white sponge material about the size of an almond each.

“Put one of these in both your ears.” she told him, reaching her open hand out to him so that he could grab them.

He wasn’t entirely sure why he had to, but he did take a pair and watched as Lilly proceeded to place the remaining two in her hand into her ears. After seeing that she had done so, he followed in suit.

While he put in the earplugs, Lilly went to the side and pressed the button labelled F2. Just as the elevator doors were about to close, a large hand came between them, causing the doors to reopen for the one-eyed mamono. Shaun looked at the cyclops as she peered down at Lilly and pointed upwards, to which Lilly smiled and nodded. The cyclops entered the elevator with them and pressed the button FL6 before standing between Lilly and Shaun. Shaun looked upon this mamono, unable to tell what was in her mind; her expressionless face gave no hints as her eye stared at a single blank spot on the elevator doors. The cyclops’ looked at Shaun from the corner of her eye as he continued to stare at her.

He knew it was rude to stare… but it was difficult to do otherwise when it’s your first time seeing someone with only one giant eye.


The elevator had reached their floor, but Shaun didn’t realize it for he was still concentrated on the cyclops. Lilly tugged his arm until both were finally out of the elevator, but Shaun was still fixated on the cyclops. What surprised him was that as the elevator doors close, he could’ve sworn he saw her wave goodbye.

“Hey, you okay?” Lilly asked.


When Shaun turned to respond to Lilly, he was shocked to see that somehow they had both managed to get underwater. He looked around in amazement as he saw several mermaids, kappas and the like gliding past him with great ease. He couldn’t understand how this was even possible, how was he not drowning by now, and how in the world did a hotel fill an entire floor filled with water.

‘For a dream…this is turning out really weird’

Rather than worrying about it too much about it, Shaun pushed himself off the floor and began swimming with Lilly as she led him to his room. Shaun watched as several aquatic mamono swam through the halls, many going up and meeting by the giant lily pads that floated just above the water’s surface. There were even some men who seemed to have grown gills, webbed appendages, or fins on their bodies… sometimes all three. Shaun couldn’t believe his eyes see all of th-

“MY HERO!” screamed a voice before suddenly tackling Shaun, causing him to spin several times.

Shaun was quickly barraged by a series of kisses to the cheek as several other mamono stared at them with confusion. When Shaun finally managed to pull away from the onslaught that caught him by surprise, he was met with a familiar face he never expected to see again.

“It’s you!” he said to the pink-haired merrow.

She smiled and quickly hugged him, squishing his face between her breasts

“Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!” she yelled with joy.

The mamono who had stopped to see what was going on for a moment continued on their way upon seeing that a merrow was the one causing the commotion. When she finally let go of him, she continued to express her gratitude to Shaun.

“Thank you for saving me back there, you don’t understand how grateful we are that you got me out of there. I thought that was going to be the end of the line for me until you came along. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.” She told him. If they were on dry land, Shaun would’ve noticed her eyes start to tear up, but they were underwater. “Of course, I had no idea that you were staying here as well.”

“Hehe, well I kind of just got here…wait, why do you keep saying we?”

“Me and my husband of course!”  She responded as she pointed to the top of her head.

Shaun simply raised an eyebrow as she pointed to the emptiness above her head.

“What’s she pointing at?” He asked, leaning in towards Lily.

“She’s saying that she’s married, silly.”

“Yeah, I understood that much, but what is she pointing at? Is this a mermaid thing? To point at the top of her head?”

“Oh, you don’t know?” Lily asked, almost surprised. “First of all, she’s not just a mermaid, she’s a merrow; merrows wear hats to show that they’re single.” She explained, pointing to a group of other merrows that were waiting for their friend to finish her conversation with them, most of which were wearing similar hats.

The merrow nodded at Lilly’s explanation, confirming what she told him.

“Oh, I had no idea.”

“Yeah,” the merrow responded, “which reminds me, we haven’t properly introduced ourselves. I’m Layla.”

“And I’m Shaun.”

“Well Shaun, me and my honeybunch truly appreciate what you did and we simply must repay the favor.”

“Oh no, I can’t.”

“No no no! WE INSIST! You must simply come over, we’ll simply have to do something for you…maybe an orgy or something to compensate.”

Several of the other merrows overheard this and began to giggle, some making approving glances over to Shaun, causing him to blush.

“Uh, umm…I don’t know…”

“Ah don’t worry, when you come over we’ll get it all that settled out. Either way, my room is 246, we’ll be waiting cutie.” she said, winking at him as she returned to her group.

“That was interesting… I didn’t know you already knew someone in here.” Lilly told Shaun as she turned towards him.

“Neither did I…”

“By the way, what’s your room number Shaun?” she asked.

“Oh, I forgot.” Shaun quickly pulled out his card, and almost couldn’t believe it as he smacked his hand onto his forehead, “247…I’m that merrow’s neighbor…”

Section 3
The Cozy Coves

Upon arriving to Shaun’s room, he was a bit skeptical about whether it really was his room or just a decoration in this odd place. The entrance to his room seemed like the mouth of a deep sea cave, with a flimsy wooden door and rusted hinges right where a pitch black of darkness would normally be seen. On the right, there seemed to be an old rusted lock with a thin slit no bigger than a few papers thick, it seemed to have come straight from a pirate’s fairy tale.

“May I have your room key?” Lily asked; extending her hand waiting for Shaun’s key.

Shaun obediently gave her his room card, to which Lily shoved into the slit on the lock and pulled back out, handing it back to Shaun. The lock opened, and the door slowly creaked open waiting whoever dared to enter.

“I hope you enjoy your stay here at the CC Hotel” Lily said with a bright smile on her face before swimming her way down the hall to return to the elevator.

Shaun smiled as Lily left and entered his room, seeing that it was decorated by coral lined walls along with a series of seashells. The floors were covered with a layer of sand, as the room was lit by a series of lamps that seemed identical to jellyfish. He wasn’t entirely sure how a hotel room would work underwater, but then again most people couldn’t breathe underwater either.

After exploring the area, Shaun finally found his way to the bedroom. The bed was decorated so to seem as if though it were a giant clam, housing a large king sized bed inside its shell. Shaun swam over to his bed in joy, gently floating down onto his mattress. He rolled around onto his back, enjoying the soft surface of his bed, until he looked up onto the ceiling to see another set of eyes looking into his.

“Hello. Are you my roommate?” the nereid questioned in a peaceful tone.

Shaun had never seen a nereid before, her blue toned skin and separate legs that made a total of three tails amazed him. Her purple hair that floated in all directions behind her; but what amazed Shaun the most was her stunning beauty along with well-rounded body.

“I didn’t know I had a roommate,” Shaun replied cautiously, thinking that perhaps he was in the wrong room.

“Gramps called me on the shell just a minute ago telling me I’d be getting someone special here.” she told him, pointing to the conch shell lying on the desk nearby as she slowly sank down onto his body.

“I’m Shaun-,” he said before she planted her heavenly lips onto his, her tongue exploring around his.

Although slightly surprised by the forwardness of his stunning roommate, he wasn’t going to pull away from it. He pressed his lips against hers and returned her greeting, letting their tongues dance with each other until finally she broke the kiss.

“And my name is Elise,” she said a sultry tone.

Elise’s hand slowly crept up Shaun’s shirt, her smooth scales rubbing up against him the entire time. With a single violent tug, Shaun’s shirt was ripped off his body and now Elise’s warm body could rub against his, causing his member to gradually rise against his pants. Elise’s tail gradually began to sneak into Shaun’s pants, sliding by his erect member.

Shaun relaxed as he felt pleasure from Elise’s tail before pulling her head forward and delivering her a passionate kiss like before. Their tongues sliding in and out of each other’s mouths, exploring every crevice until they had a taste for each other. And with one fiery tug, the Nereid’s tail ripped through Shaun’s pants, revealing his member that was standing at attention in the water filled room.

They continued their passionate greeting of the lips as Elise’s tail began to surround Shaun’s cock and started to casually pump it. Her oddly silky scales slid up and down his shaft, causing him to break their kiss for a moment to let out a gasp of felicity. Elise giggled before leaning in to continue their kiss.

Shaun’s arms wrapped around Elise, pulling her closer to him so they can enjoy each other’s warmth as they kissed; all the while she continued to pump his cock ever so slowly. They continued in that position for several minutes until Elise pushed away, her carnal instincts overtaking her were obvious in her eyes. She began to crawl backwards, the tip of Shaun’s penis grazing her body until finally reaching her chest.

Elise had a smirk on her face, seeing that Shaun’s throbbing member was mere inches away from her chin. She moved her hand to the sides of her breasts, pushing them together to then massage the length of Shaun’s shaft.

Shaun let out a groan of bliss as Elise pumped his cock between her soft ample bosoms, occasionally licking its tip as it neared her mouth. She pinched her nipples as she began to increase her pace, having no problem moving quickly even in this environment. Shaun couldn’t hold it for much longer, he knew that if things went on he’d climax in a few moments.

“I-I’m gonna cum-” he said, to which Elise replied by only moving faster.

“Gaaahhh!” was the last thing to escape his mouth before firing his seed into the waters above.

The Nereid watched as the sperm flew in front of her face, slowly beginning to disperse into the water around it. She raised her hand towards the milky substance, and slightly closed her hand into a fist. The sperm suddenly regrouped into a small bubble, mere inches away from her face. Elise gave out another smirk as she licked the bubble and slowly began to drink it. The bubble shrunk and shrunk until it finally disappeared, Elise licked her lips as if though finishing a meal and smiled at Shaun who watched, amazed by the entire scene.

“Did you like it?” She asked, breaking the brief silence.

“That was amazing,” he managed to say, “but now, it’s your turn.”

Shaun sat up and leaned in towards Elise, surprising her a bit, before pushing her down so that she would lie on her back. She looked down in confusion, wondering what her lover was about to do before suddenly arching her back at the suddenly tingling sensation. Shaun had begun to lick the entrance of her pink folds; suckling on her clitoris, occasionally rolling it between his teeth. Elise gritted her teeth, giving out a few gasps every few moments. Her right hand rubbed up against her body until reaching and grabbing her breast, squeezing it tightly. She placed her left hand on the back of Shaun’s head, scratching it for a moment before pushing his head closer to her excited pussy.

Shaun’s tongue was forced into Elise, causing her to arch her back once more in ecstasy. She pinched her erect nipple as she rubbed the back of Shaun’s head, his tongue rubbing against the walls of Elise’s tight folds. But suddenly, Shaun was pulled away from the Elise’s entrance.

“I can’t take it anymore! Fuck me!” she pleaded.

Surprised by the sudden begging, Shaun went forward on top of her and began to position his throbbing manhood to the opening of her awaiting slit. Shaun slowly began to slide his dick into Elise’s well-lubricated folds; whether it be from her juices or the water, he wasn’t sure…but it felt amazing!

Shaun pushed his manhood into Elise as she quietly moaned to herself until finally reaching the base. He then started to move his hip back and forward into Elise’s warm tight folds. Elise winced in pleasure as her hand clenched the end of her bed. Shaun gradually began to increase his speed, leaning to kiss Elise’s neck and then nibble on her left ear.

Elise gave out a cry of satisfaction, biting her lip to keep herself from moaning as her legs tied around Shaun to pull him closer. Her tail began beating against the top of her bed with each thrust that was pushed into her.

After only a few minutes of this, Shaun was exhausted from the movements, the extra effort to move quicker in the water finally taking its toll on him. Slowly but surely, Shaun was forced to lessen his pace, breathing heavily to catch his breath. Elise’s face had grown worried when he began to slow down, but when she saw that he was having trouble moving around underwater a smile had formed across her face, making her giggle.

“You’re not used to the waters yet, well don’t worry.” she said, holding Shaun close to and rolling around so that she’d be on top, “I can take of both of us.”

She began to ride Shaun’s cock, unhurriedly at first, grinding against him occasionally to look at the face he made from pleasure. Gradually she increased her tempo; eventually going even faster than what Shaun could manage before. One hand went down onto Shaun’s chest for support as she gained momentum while the other went down her body to massage and finger her engorged clitoris.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” She yelled, barely able to contain herself.

Shaun was ready to climax as well, but was too busy drowning in a sea of pleasure to say anything, just a few gasps every time he opened his mouth.

In a matter of seconds, Elise arched her back once more, her tail pressed against her mattress as she let out a scream of ecstasy. Shaun had released his warm thick seed once more, this time inside of her, allowing her to enjoy the full length of her orgasm before falling atop of him.

Both lay together in each other’s embrace on the giant clam bed, panting as they smiled at each other. Elise snuggled against Shaun’s chest before lifting her hand up once more and waving it down.  Within a moment’s notice, the clam shell slowly began to close the two in.

‘Well, if this was a dream, at least I got the most out of it…if not, then this wasn’t a bad first impression…’ was the last thought that ran through his mind before the shell closed and both entered a deep loving sleep.


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  2. At first, I was under the impression that his savior would end up being his roommate, but I liked what actually happened too.

    It’s a common stereotype to have the rescued damsel be the one to end up with the guy, but seeing her grateful reaction and need to repay him while having a lover of her own already was sweet to see.

    Raunchy Nereid though didnt surprise me. And given that he’s under the impression that the situation he was at was something he thought of as a dream, his reaction and responses were accurately carnal as he just went with the “flow”

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