The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 2

Section 1
Friends don’t let you do stupid things…alone

Today started just like any other day at The Covet Corner Hotel. The guests were waking up, wives and girlfriends were helping their man up after last night’s ordeal, men trying to remember what in the world was last night’s ordeal, and singles complaining about not having a roommate.

Everything was the way it should be… well, mostly everything.

As Gramps continued with the regular guests who had complaints about their rooms, or lack thereof a roommate in these rooms, he noticed that something today was indeed different from the others.

No one had checked in yet.

Certainly, there were those who were leaving and checking out with their newfound lovers or families, but by this time of day at least one person would have checked in. It was just past lunch time, and neither human nor mamono had come in to stay. It seemed like today would be a slow day for the lobby. Not for him though, he had to push those thoughts to the back of his mind in order to handle the complaints of the current guests in front of him.

Lilly had also noticed this.

As the hotel greeter for newcomers, she was left with absolutely nothing to do for the time being. She watched as people continued on with their day doing their everyday tasks as if though nothing odd had happened in their lives.

It bored her.

She sat down in her comfy little chair near the entrance that seemed to have been made for children her size and began to stare at the several doors, hoping for something to happen.

While she watched current guests return and former guests leave for their respective regions, something did eventually catch her eye. In the bustling movement that was the several doorways of the hotel, was something that stood still causing others to go around it… better yet, it was someone.

A young rough-looking man stood still for a moment, astounded by the scenery and various mamono that lay before him. A smile that stretched from ear to ear formed on his face, quickly followed by a light chuckle as he turned to face the door he came through. But he did not move from where he stood, he simply waited as he faced the door. Soon, another one came in through one of the doors, a smaller thinner man walked up to the first one. Much like his friend, he too was caught off by the sight of such a scene. They both eventually looked at each other for a moment before sharing a laugh from their discovery.

Lilly watched in disbelief as the two friends continued to laugh while they patted each other’s back. It was odd to see a human react so well when they stepped into the hotel, let alone two of them. Nonetheless, it was time to get to work.

Lilly quickly stood up, lightly brushed her dress with her hands, and with a little hop took flight above the crowd as she headed towards the newcomers.

The fresh arrivals were still taking in the sights the hotel had to offer, taking note of a group of succubi seated across the lobby. One of them, a red-headed beauty, noticed the boys staring and winked in their direction. Their faces quickly reddened before both of them looked in opposite directions as if though they hadn’t noticed her. The Succubus simply giggled at their reaction as she returned to her conversation.

Lilly had managed to catch a glimpse of the scene, but she didn’t quite understand what had happened as she landed right behind them. Clearing her throat in order to grab their attention, she began her usual greeting.

“Hello and welcome to The Covet Corner Hotel,” she announced as she gave them a curtsy, “I’m Lilly.”

Both of the men stared at the Alice for a moment, a hint of disbelief still visible in their eyes after she had greeted them. Did she say something wrong? Was their something on her dress? Lilly wasn’t sure what had happened.

“Is everything alright?” She asked, tilting her head to the side with a slightly worried look on her face.

“No, no.” said the slender one as he waved his hands defensively, “We’re just surprised that this old place is a hotel is all. Sorry about that,” extending his hand towards her, “I’m Joe.”

“And I’m Luis.” said the other, as he too extended his hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both” still slightly confused at their statement as she shook their hands, “Are you checking in?”

Both men looked at each other in bewilderment, neither sure of how to answer the small demon. They had not considered staying a night here. In fact, they didn’t know this place was a hotel until the young Alice had told them it was. Neither broke eye contact with the other, as if though having a mental conversation as they considered whether or not they should take the risk. In the end, Joe simply shrugged as his friend smiled contently.

“Yes, we’re checking in.”

“Perfect, follow me.” Lilly gestured as she began to walk through the crowd.

The bustling crowd made sure not to get in Lilly’s way as she led the guests to the end of the lobby, most of the residents already knowing that they were new since they were following Lilly, but only the single mamono followed them to the counter.

“Does this happen often.” Joe asked, looking over his shoulder and seeing the small group they were forming.

“Don’t worry, they’ll leave as soon as they find out what room you have.”

“Why do they want know which room we have?” interrogated Luis, eying the Succubus from before who had entered the crowd that followed the group.

“They want to know whether or not you’re their roommate.”

Both Joe and Luis looked at each other in confusion before replying in unison.


“Yeah.” Lilly replied with a smile, “We’re here.”

The herd of people that were originally at the counter had already left, allowing Gramps to casually lounge around in his seat behind the counter.

“Gramps, we have two guests who want to check in.” she said in her sweet-tempered voice.

Gramps looked up at the two newcomers and gave them a friendly smile.

“Hi there, I’m Gramps. So, you two are checking in?”

“Yeah,” replied Luis as he looked over the crowd behind them once more, “I didn’t think this old place was a hotel though.”

“Hmm?” Gramps asked, raising an eyebrow at the comment.

Joe scratched his head before responding to Gramps.

“You see, there had been several rumors around our town that this abandoned estate had been housing mamono for quite some time now. The townsfolk have been getting all kinds of worried about it seeing if anyone would check it out, so me and Luis here decided to volunteer. Of course, neither of us expected to actually find anything, let alone something as grand as this.”

“Hmm…is there anything else to those rumors?” Gramps inquired while searching for the clear room keys.

“There is!” Luis excitedly responded, “They say the door is charmed with some sort of magic. It won’t open unless you ask to stay a night or something like that.”

Gramps chuckled when he heard this. It seemed the rumor of one of the hotel’s portals was mixed in with one of the town’s rumors. Well, that’s one of the problems with rumors, you couldn’t control what people added or took away from them. He straightened himself up, holding two clear cards in one hand before handing them over to both of the guests. They held up their keys, having no idea that they were keys to begin with.

“What is this?” Joe questioned.

“IT’S YOUR ROOM KEY!” a deceivingly small pixie yelled from the crowd behind them.

They turned to see who it was that had answered, but they were instead greeted by the eager stares of mamono. Each pair of eyes were fixed on the two room cards, hoping that their room would show up, as if though this were some sort of lottery.

Neither Luis nor Joe had noticed that their cards had already begun to change colors, quickly at first but gradually slowing down to a steady and visible pace. Both friends stared at their room cards, then at each other, down at the other’s room card, until finally looking again at the crowd of mamono. Luis eventually followed the examples of the others by simply staring at his card, but Joe’s gaze constantly shifted between his card and the crowd.

Many of the mamono had their room keys out as well, some being white or brown, while most were green. Of course, there were a few unique colors that stood alone in the crowd. A hulking creature known as a Minotarus was the only one who held a golden key card, while the sultry Succubus with hair as red as fire held the only purple card.

Joe’s card was the first to stop, suddenly shifting from a forest green to a dull gray. A disappointed groan could be heard as nearly half the crowd left, it seemed that no one in the entire crowd came from that floor.

Luis’ card on the other hand, seemed to have been toying with the crowd, removing only one color at a time before showing the available colors. It had long since stopped procuring green, but slowly it whittled the crowd down until there were only two ladies left. The Minotaur and the Succubus. The card was jumping back and forth between gold and purple, decreasing in speed with each passing moment. The two mamono were staring intently on Luis’ card, the Minotaur was practically shaking in anticipation, whilst the Succubus stood their with a calm certainty in her eyes.

Finally, the card shifted to purple, making no indication that it would return to its occasional golden color. The Succubus smirked at the outcome, glancing over at the Minotaur who clenched her free hand into a fist at her side as a response. But the smirk disappeared in a few mere seconds, as the card seemed to have been engulfed into the void, leaving no trace of the radiant purple color it once had with that of pitch black.

Everyone was left speechless at what had just happened, even Gramps gawked at the unexpected change. The darkness the card held subsided only slightly, closer to a charcoal black, as if though to show it had finalized its results. The Minotaur gritted her teeth, muttering something to herself just before marching away from the scene. The Succubus stood still for a moment, still stunned by the scene. In a single smooth motion, she put her card away behind her, somewhere in her skimpy outfit. She took a few steps towards Luis, latching onto his shoulder, and drew him towards her so she could whisper something into his ear.

“My room is always open, especially for you. Room 616, Basement Level 5… I’ll be waiting…”

She released herself from his shoulder and walked back to the arrangement of chairs where the other succubi were waiting for her, swaying her hips with each step to ensure Luis was watching. Just as she was about to about to reach her chair, she turned her head and winked at him one last time before rejoining the other demons.

“Don’t listen to her.” a gruff voice interjected.

Snapping back into reality, Luis turned to the source of the voice, Gramps, who wore a stern expression across his face.


“Don’t listen to her. She’s just being impatient because she hasn’t found anyone… ‘suitable’ for her ever since she moved in. Whichever roommate you got is the best you’re going to get. So don’t get mixed up with others. Got it?”

Luis was still confused by what just happened, but nodded at Gramps. The old man turned to Joe with an unchanging face.

“That goes for you too.”

“Don’t worry, I got it.”

“Alright then,” his grim expression was replaced by his usual casualness, “well… at least not until you know you’ve got your own room. Then it’s fair game… but I still wouldn’t recommend it.” Gramps lightly hit his hands against the counter, “So, what rooms did you two get?”


Luis and Joe hadn’t realized it, but their room keys had already given them their room numbers across the top half of the card. Joe’s card was written in a brownish sludge color, while Luis had his form in an elegant but ghostly white. Both took a look at their respective cards in order to find out where it was they were staying tonight.

“I have 135, what about you Luis?”

Luis squinted a bit as he tried to read his card, but it was not because he could not see it.

“Four… hundred…eeiiighty…seven?” He turned the card to his friend, who gave him a quick nod after confirming what he had read. Luis smiled in response.

Gramps raised an eyebrow… but something else was on his mind. He turned to Lilly, who was too busy playing with her hair to have noticed which floor either of the guests had gotten.


“Huh?!” Lilly gave a small jolt and blinked before looking up at Gramps who had managed to get here attention.

“Could you be a dear and fetch one of the Golems in the back to handle the counter? I’ll be showing Joe here to his room, and you’ll have to show Luis how to get to his. Alright?”

“Okay.” She said with a smile, hopping off the chair she was sitting on and heading through a door behind the counter.

Gramps jumped over the counter, surprising both Joe and Luis at the sprightly senior, before he grabbed onto Joe’s arm with a mischievous grin across his face.

“Hurry, before she notices.” He whispered, dragging Joe away from the counter and towards a lone elevator.

Lilly came back out of the room, followed by a taller tanned woman who bore little to no expression on her face. The stone-faced woman walked up to the counter, turned her head to Luis and nodded, before returning to face forward without ever blinking once. She was quite the looker, at least better than most of the women in the town, but before Luis could question her about the odd markings she bore, he felt a tug on his arm.

“C’mon. One of the elevators are free. Let’s get it before someone else does.” Lilly told him, continuing to tug at his arm in the direction of what to him seemed to be an oddly well-lit and empty closet.

As the two entered the elevator, Lilly faced the series of buttons that were on the side looking slightly confused before looking up at Luis.

“By the way, which floor did you get? I stopped paying attention when half the crowd left.”

“I’m… not really sure…” Luis stated, showing her his blackened room card.

Her eyes instantly widened when she saw the room key. She blinked several times, hoping she was seeing things. She quickly jumped out of the elevator and faced the counter, only seeing Petra the Golem standing there. She scanned the room, until she spotted Gramps on the other side. He was already inside the elevator, waving goodbye to her with wide grin on his face just as the doors closed in front of him.

Lilly stood there for a moment, still staring at the now closed doors of the elevator. Her head dropped, facing the floor to hide the obvious anger in her eyes. She clenched her small hands into fists, trying to hold herself back.

“You…you… POOPY-FACE!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, making several guests turn their heads in concern.

She quickly re-entered the elevator with a confused Luis waiting inside, and proceeded to press a button that was barely within her reach.

It was labeled FL 9.

Section 2
The Sewers

Gramps could be seen snickering on the way down to Joe’s room, while Joe was let completely oblivious to what he had done to the poor Alice.

“What’s so funny?” Joe inquired, hoping to understand what had occurred.

“Oh nothing,” Gramps answered, wiping a tear from his eye, “it’s just that she really hates that floor I just sent her to.”


‘What was that?’, Joe thought, looking towards Gramps for an answer.

Gramps, seeing the obvious confusion in his face, was about to answer him, but the doors to the elevator had begun to open, revealing two young women holding a shovel each who were waiting to enter.

“You guys going down?” asked one of the Giant Ants, pointing towards the ground.

“Yep.” answered Gramps, moving to the side in order to make room for the two to fit with them.

Both of the Giant Ants barely managed to make it within the elevator, mostly due to their thorax taking up half the space. The Ant besides Gramps leaned towards the buttons in front of him, pressing the button labelled BL2.

“Something happen at Level 2?” He asked, eying the shovels the two women were carrying.

“Yeah.” the Ant near Joe answered, “Some Minotaur got pissed that one of the new guests didn’t turn out to be her roommate. When she was trying to get into her room, she overheard one of the other residents bragging about how great their roommate was. She ended up punching a hole in the wall.”

Joe slightly twitched as he heard this, wondering if it was that giant bull-woman they had seen earlier. He turned to face Gramps, who just stood there, completely unfazed by the information that was just given to him.

“Then what are the shovels for?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh,” the Ant by Gramps answered this time, “well the resident that lives in the room the room that the Minotaur punched through is an Echidna. Since we’re going to be there anyways, she wanted us to make a secret compartment under her bed to hide some of her treasures.”


“Well, off to work! See you later Gramps.”

The doors slid open, allowing the Giant Ants to walk out into the stone corridor lined with jars. Just as the doors were beginning to close, Gramps stuck out his hand, causing them to open again.

“Before I forget… Melissa!”

The giant ant that was by Joe turned her head to Gramps.


“Say hi to Danny for me.”

She smiled, giving him a thumbs up.

“Will do.” she said, before continuing down the hall.

The doors closed, and the elevator continued on its downward descent. Joe couldn’t help but wonder, as his mind usually did…

“So… who’s Danny?”

“He’s a new resident that moved in not too long ago… A little over a week I think. He got lost in some forest and got lucky when he found one of the doors to this place. Swear, that boy he looked like was gonna die when I saw him passed out in the lobby.” Gramps told him, as he rubbed the back of his neck, “Either way, that Giant Ant, Melissa, is his roommate. And he seems to be liking it… probably going to be with us for a while…”

“Wait…” something Gramps said threw him off, “He found ONE of the doors to this place? There’s more than one?”

“Oh yeah, you still think we’re outside of your town, don’t you? Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re not. That door at that house, mansion, or whatever it was that you opened, was actually one of our portals. And that portal, brought you here to us. Whether or not there actually are mamono hiding wherever it was you were looking was just some rumor that got mixed in with one of ours. Or maybe there are mamono hiding there, which would be one heck of a coincidence.”

“Wait… what?!”


“I’ll explain it on the way to your room. What was it by the way?”

“135, but…” Joe was cut short as soon as the elevator doors slid open.

There were many things that could make someone lose their train of thought when they reached this floor. Like many before him, it was not the poor lighting, the sound of flowing and dripping water, nor was it the drastic change in scenery, rather it was the stench. The smell of trash, dung, and rotting food flew past the doors, onto his face, and into the inner recesses of his nose. He choked on the odor, coughing as the putrid smell filled his lungs with its horrible aroma. He covered his nose, hoping to get rid of the stench, or at the very least filter it out.

“Always happens when we get to Level 3.” Gramps hadn’t even moved in the slightest when the foul odor invaded the elevator, while Joe was barely managing to keep himself from falling. Gramps had apparently gotten used to odors of this floor long ago.

“Well,” grabbing a hold of Joe to keep him from falling, “let’s get to your room.”

Several minutes later…

Joe can be seen walking perfectly by Gramps, he had also gotten used to the rotten smells of floor. The stone walls and ceiling, mixed with the poor lighting, along with a stench that could raise the dead, this floor had rightfully earned the nickname ‘The Sewers’. There were even areas where streams of filthy water was flowing beside them. Although Gramps guaranteed that it wasn’t really there… it seemed and sounded too real to believe otherwise.

“So let me get this straight. This hotel has hundreds…maybe thousands of doors around the world, all of them leading here.” Joe interrogated

“That’s right.”

“And the only way to get here through those doors is to ask if you can stay a night.”

“As long as you ask and don’t plan to cause any trouble, you’re welcomed to stay a night.”

“Okay…and the room keys pair you up with the best roommate possible.”


Joe had finally gotten the idea of how things worked here, courtesy of Gramps. Luis probably thought that they were inside the mansion, near their town; but in reality, they were hundreds of miles away from where they originally thought they were. Hopefully none of the townsfolk will overreact when they don’t return by nightfall; the townsfolk would probably make a story out of it to warn the kids to never go to the mansion… or burn it down.

“By the way,” Gramps stated, “you’ve been asking me all these questions, do you mind if I ask you a few about you and your friend?”

“Oh! Sure, I don’t mind.”

Joe had been voicing his questions ever since he left the elevator, starting with the elevator. It was only fair that Gramps to ask of his own.

“Well, this has been bugging me ever since I spotted you two walk into the place, but I wanted to know, how you’ve been managing to stay calm after seeing all these mamono all in one place?”

Joe was a little surprised, he wasn’t exactly expecting that as a question.

“Why do you ask?”

“Hmm… you see, I’ve been in this hotel business for quite some time now, and I’ve seen more people walk through those doors than I can count. In fact, I’ve seen more than a handful of battle-hardened warriors give out a shriek when they somehow end up here. And from what little I know about you, it seems that you two come from a town that is probably afraid of mamono. I mean, why else have people volunteer to check if there were any at mansion you mentioned? What was going to happen if there were any there, give them a pie and welcome them to the town?”

Joe could tell that the final line was said in a joking manner… but it held some fairly serious undertones.

“So… you can see why I was a little surprised to see how you two showed up and managed to laugh it off.”

Joe scratched the back of his, wondering how he was going to word his response.

“Well… if we had decided to show up a few months ago, at the very least I probably would’ve shrieked and passed out.” Joe told him.

Gramps raised one of his brows, but stayed quiet.

“But… a few months ago, something interesting happened. Luis decided to visit his cousin to check up on him, and when he got back… he had to tell me everything that happened.”

Joe let out a sigh as he tried to remember the details before continuing.

“You can probably tell that Luis is a farmer, and so is just about everyone in his family, including his cousin. Problem with his cousin was that his farm wasn’t doing all that well the last time Joe saw it, and he just wanted to see if he could help out. You know how it is with family. Either way, Luis finally sees him, and his cousin is just overjoyed, practically breaks him in half with a hug. He told me that he took a quick look around, and saw that the farm was doing great, better than ever in fact. But the real surprise was when his cousin told him that he had gotten married with some woman that had saved his farm.”

Gramps could already where this story was headed, but it was rude to interrupt a story halfway, so he let Joe continue.

“He said she was in the barn, and that he wanted to introduce Luis to her since he would be the first in the family to meet her. At this point in the story, I joked with Luis saying that he probably married a cow and… well… I wasn’t completely wrong…”

Gramps couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

“Yeah… she was half cow… I think he said it was a Holst- something. A Holestory? A Holstar? Cow. She was half cow. I don’t know how she looked, but Luis said she was better looking than any of the girls in town, and the sweetest person he had ever met. Apparently, ever since she showed up, his cousin has been having trouble keeping up with demand, and needed some help making more cheese and butter. Not exactly what Luis was expecting, but he was glad to see his cousin doing well and helped him out where he could.”

“And?” Gramps asked with a smile on his face.

“And? Well… after that story, I wasn’t sure about monsters anymore.”

“So, is that why you volunteered? You wanted to be sure if mamono were monsters? Or if they were like your friend Luis said?”

Joe looked up at the stone ceiling as he walked with Gramps before letting out a sigh.

“Yeah, probably. Luis on the other hand, I think he just wanted to find himself a girl like his cousin’s. He’s probably into girls with horns now.”

Gramps lightly laughed, patting Joe on the back.

“If he is, this is definitely the place to find one.” he said as he slowed down his pace to a stop.

“Oh, look at that, we’re here.” he told Joe, pointing at the wooden door.

Section 3
Joe’s Apartment

The light-hearted atmosphere that had previously surrounded the two quickly dissipated as Joe inspected the door to his room. It was an old wooden door that seemed as if though it should’ve been torn down and replaced ages ago. Sections of the door were warped and made uneven due to the moisture in the air, along with what seemed to be mold forming at bottom near the hinge. Not only that, but the door was decorated in a series of smudges and claw marks that made it seem as if though it had been used to keep out wolves. The only area that seemed decent was the door number, which had been carved into the top area of the door frame.

When compared to the neighboring doors, it seemed that his was the only one in such a horrid state.

“Key.” Gramps demanded, his hand was laid open as it waited for Joe to hand him the key.

Joe was having second thoughts about staying here… but he was hopeful. Placing the key in Gramps open hand, he couldn’t help but wonder what had caused these marks or how long they had been there. Gramps slid the card into a hole between the bricks in the wall, causing the door to unlock with an audible click.

Gramps handed the key back to its owner and began to open the door.


The room was filled with darkness, all that could be seen was a clear stone that was barely hanging on a frayed string from the ceiling. Joe was stunned, this seemed more like a prison cell in a dungeon than a living space.

“Sorry about the lights, some of the residents on this floor prefer to stay in the dark. But I guess they won’t mind if you turn on the lights for a few minutes.” gesturing him to enter the room. “All you have to do for the light is to tap on that hanging rock there.”

Joe walked into the room, the light from the hallway being his only guide in as he headed towards the odd stone. Once he was within reach, he extended his arm towards it, extending his index finger, ready to illuminate the room.

“By the way, you’ll be sharing this room with more than just one person.”

Joe spun around to face Gramps.

“What! How many roommates do I have?”



“teen. Sixteen”


“Remember, I didn’t choose the room, you did.” He indicated as he shut the door, leaving Joe in complete darkness.

Joe couldn’t believe it. He had to share his room with not one, not two, but sixteen other people that he had no idea about. He swung his hand a few times in the until he managed to lightly hit the hanging crystal, finally filling the room with much needed light. The walls were a dull gray, filled with cracks and holes, mold growing in the corner, a sink and chamber pot at the other corner.

‘My god…I have to stay the night here with sixteen people…maybe I can find my way back to the elevator.’

Just when he began to turn towards the door, he heard something. It sounded like something was scurrying around the room, maybe a mouse, maybe… a roach. He decided not to find out and began to head towards the door- only to bump into something. As he looked to see what had appeared in his way, it felt like something flew into his face.

By reflex, he took a step back and lightly swatted at whatever it was that got to him, but whatever it was, it was incredibly persistent. When he felt that he had swatted away the fly, he could feel it return to his face just where his eyes were a second later. Eventually, he had taken so many steps backwards that he ended up with his back against the wall, and the fly still in his face. It was starting to get annoying, and even though he doubted that he would succeed, he attempted to catch this pest in his hand with his eyes closed.

Much to his surprise, Joe did in fact manage to grab something, but immediately realized that it was not a fly that was obstructing his vision. He opened his eye to see saw what it was that he held in his hand, and he was surprised, to say the least. In his hands he held two long antennas, both of which drooped downwards just above where he grabbed. The antennas were attached to the head of a small girl who was struggling to get herself free.

Joe instantly let her go, he couldn’t bear the thought that he might have hurt her, but where did she come from? She looked no older than her late teens, she wore short brown hair and had dirt brown eyes, but something about her kept bugging him. It was her forearms, they were covered in some sort of sort of odd plating. Her hands seemed to have been replaced by claws, and her legs looked as if had been fused with a cockroach.

What in the world was she, Joe could tell that she was a mamono, but it was none that he had ever even heard of before. The Devil Bug tended to her sensitive feelers, gently caressing them after the rough encounter with Joe. He didn’t know what to do, this was probably one of his roommates, and he was already hurting them…maybe he should-

“Are you okay?” asked Joe, guilt seizing control over him.

The Devil Bug looked up, a blank expression on her face that seemed that she had already forgotten about the pain. She tilted her head to the side, as if though she had no idea in what he was telling her, no idea at all.

“Are you okay?” he repeated, only to have her tilt her head to the other side, the same blank expression still visible on her face.

‘She must be toying with me,’ he thought ‘either way, I’m leaving’ as he went around the Devil and towards the door.

He began to walk around her and head towards the door, only to have the young girl sidestep in front of him. Joe tried to go the other way, but she got in his way yet again; her blank expression changing into a mixture between hunger and determination.

“Let me leave.” Joe demanded to no avail, she simply responded by beginning to breathe heavily.

Within a few mere moments, she grabbed him by the arms and pinned him against the wall. Joe was surprised by the unexpected strength of the young girl, she was only up to chest height with him, and she was managing to keep him in place with almost no visible effort.

While he struggled to get out of her iron grip, she seemed distracted, as if though concentrating on something else other than her catch. With little to no warning, she pulled him towards her and onto the floor while maintaining her grip on one of his arms so that he would land on his back. Luckily, she let go of his arm a second too late, making him land on his shoulder instead of letting his head hit the ground.


Distracted by pain, Joe missed his one opportunity for escape, as his captor immediately jumped onto him and pushed his shoulders against the floor.

Soon after perching herself atop of Joe, the Devil Bug drew in a deep breath, arched her back, and let out a high pitched screech. Joe winced in pain, wishing he could cover his ears with the hands that were being held down as the screams bounced around the tiny room. And just as quickly as it started, the scream died out, with Joe’s ears still ringing from the sheer volume of the sound.

When he finally opened his eyes, he couldn’t believe them, he watched as he slowly became surrounded by Devil Bugs. He struggled to set himself free, but his captor easily overpowered him; how was this even possible, Joe knew he wasn’t very strong to begin with…but to be taken down so easily by such a young girl…impossible. He watched as they began to circle them, all of them shared the similar appearances; the long drooping antennas, the plated forearms and claws, the set of wings on their back, with the seemingly mutated legs… and the eerie stare of lust and hunger.

There were some minor differences between them, some had darker skin or longer hair while others seemed older and more developed than the others. The oldest seeming to be a much more full-figured woman in her early thirties had the longest antennas amongst them, dangling all the way to her hips, while the others had varying lengths to match their age. By the looks of it, the one sitting atop of Joe was the youngest amongst the group.

He counted each one as they passed in front of him…there were fifteen, and with the one sitting on top of him, that would make it sixteen…


Joe tried again, struggling to set himself free, and seeing that it was futile, he began to panic. Sweat began to flow down his forehead, making several of the Devil Bugs lick their lips in anticipation.

‘They’re going to eat me… I was wrong! Mamono are monsters! That bastard Gramps knew it too!…what do I –’

“Aggghhhh….” A tingling sensation went through his spine

Apparently, one of the Devil Bugs couldn’t wait any longer…she kneeled beside Joe and began to lick the sweat off his forehead.

‘Great…she’s tasting me…what do I do…’

Soon several others began to do the same, ripping his clothes off and licking the sweat off his body. The bugs that weren’t licking him began to curiously look through the remains of his clothing, sniffing it as they searched them. One managed to find a few coins he had, nibbled on them, and proceeded to throw them over her shoulder as it was not edible.

“Hey! That’s m-” he was cut off as the Devil Bug sitting atop of him forcefully planted a kiss upon him.

His attempts to scream for help were muffled as the Devil Bug continued to kiss him, her tongue moving wildly around his mouth, tasting everything she could as his tongue laid submissively. Suddenly, he felt a new sensation crawling up against his arm, he watched in horror as he saw what his captors were doing to him from the corner of his eye. One of them had grabbed a hold of his arm, and began to gradually grind herself against his arm. He tried to shout in protest, but could only muffle in protest due to the Devil Bug. Soon several others began to follow her example, using his arms and legs to pleasure themselves as they saw fit. The eldest began to use one of his hands, licking and suckling on it first before nearing it to her nether regions. She let his fingers wander along her lips for a moment, before jamming them into her, using his hand as a makeshift sex toy.

Soon enough, the Devil Bug on top of him broke the kiss between them, standing up for just a few moments; still trapped under the weight of the others.  Joe looked around, no longer limited by the forceful kiss; as he scanned the room, he noticed that not everyone was using him to satisfy themselves. Those that had been searching his clothes were off in the other section of the room pleasuring each other…he couldn’t help but stare. The very same Devil Bugs that were circling him before were now having an orgy of their own right next to him. He watched as they licked at each others nether regions, rubbing up against each other in all manner of positions… he could feel his loins beginning to stir.

He wasn’t the only one to notice this.

The Devil Bug that was standing over him saw as his limp member slowly began to rise…many of the others noticed as well. She turned towards his member, kneeling above Joe to be at about head height with it. Her womanhood was now within Joe’s view, just mere inches away from his face…he could almost lick it if he tried…


Joe tried his best to suppress his thoughts…with little success. He was literally surrounded by sex; an orgy taking place right next to him, several women were using him as a group sex toy, and now one of them had their pussy hovering just within reach.

She paid no attention to his stares, she was much more captivated by what she was about to do. She watched as his limp member gradually began to harden, and began to lick it experimentally. Joe gritted his teeth to keep himself from moaning as she suckled at his tip, unlike the ones beside him. Many of the Devil Bugs on him had already climaxed, smearing him in their juices, but showed little sign of stopping since they continued to grind up against his limbs, moaning even louder than before. He couldn’t help it; the smell was clouding his mind, the sensation that was enveloping his entire body, his sexual desires now running loose within his own mind…he was losing himself to his captors.

’Maybe… if I prove I’m good enough… they won’t eat me…’

Joe was trying to reason with himself why he should give in to his desires; as much as he didn’t want to admit it, he was enjoying this.

After preparing herself, the Devil Bug on top of him pushed herself onto his cock, taking it entirely into her mouth in a single push. She quickly began bobbing her head up and down his shaft, making Joe let out an audible moan. He steeled his resolve, deciding he would prove himself worth keeping rather than be made food, and that in no way was influenced by his lust… or so he told himself.

With absolutely no warning, he plunged his face into the pink folds of the Devil Bug, causing her to arch her back and let go of his cock so that she could let out a moan of her own. As if though to repay him for his sudden change of heart, she plunged herself down onto his member, reaching his base in a single push, and massaging his rod with her mouth even faster than she had been before.

Joe was licking her so vigorously that she began to dribble from excitement, quickening her motions the more he pushed his tongue against her. Soon enough, he could feel himself nearing his climax as she too was nearing her own. She could feel his member beginning to twitch within her mouth, as he felt her contract with his tongue. Both climaxed into each other; the Devil Bug released her juices into his mouth, causing much of it to spill onto his face, but nonetheless he swallowed the most he could. Meanwhile, Joe released his seed into her, causing her to create many slurping noises as she tried to hungrily swallow it all down…and failing to do so. The two Devil Bugs on his legs saw the spilled seed and quickly lied down to lick up any of the excess that was spilling out. She suckled at his tip to make sure she had gotten the last of it before rising above Joe.

She stood over him over him for a moment before gradually beginning to descend onto his still throbbing member. Lining herself up with him, she teased him by letting his head touch the lips of her folds that was waiting with anticipation. He tried to enter her by lifting up his groin as high as he could, being futile with the weight of everyone on him holding him down. Without warning, she slammed herself onto him, taking in the entire length of his shaft into her wet folds. Both arched their backs and moaned in sheer pleasure at the sudden move. She began pounding against him, slowly rising after each fall in order to slam herself onto him once more.

The oldest looking Devil bug, which had been using his hand as a toy, leaned down on his arm with her comparably larger breasts rubbing against his shoulder and began to lick the juices of her roommate mixed with his sweat off the side of his face. Joe didn’t realize it, but he hands kept moving without her, rubbing his fingers along the insides of her moist pussy as she did so. She reached her hand around the other side of his face, turning his head to her before she planted a deep kiss just like the one the Devil Bug riding him had done so earlier. Her tongue moving wildly around his mouth, tasting his saliva, but this time he reciprocated, letting their tongues dance around each other. After a few moments, she broke the kiss, only to start licking the other side of his face that still had the mix of sweat and vaginal fluid on it.

It seemed that the Devil Bug on his other arm grew jealous at the display, as she too soon followed in the example of the eldest amongst them, leaning down to lick Joe’s neck and proceeding to kiss him so as to properly savor him. She did so while continuously rubbing the lips of her folds against Joe’s forearm, occasionally letting out a moan as she rubbed against her clit.

After being senselessly pounded upon for what seemed to be hours, Joe could feel himself reaching his second climax; he knew he wouldn’t be able to last this for much longer. In the moment that followed, the Devil atop of him climaxed, contracting the inner walls of her folds, pushing him over the edge and making Joe climax with her. Both moaned in their state of pure ecstasy, the others watching with mixed faces between longing and jealousy as the two began to quiet down.

Joe’s head cleared once he had alleviated his pent up desires, he was now in control of his thoughts once more. He watched as the Devil Bug sat on his shaft as her pussy tried to attain every last drop of semen that he released into her before rising.  She got off of him and headed towards the orgy as one of the others headed towards him.

The Devil Bug on his leg began to lick his limp member until it rose up before getting off his leg to align herself with him. Joe’s eyes widened in terror as he realized what was happening; each one of them was going to have a turn with him until they were all satisfied. And if he didn’t succeed… who knows what would happen to him.

He attempted to escape once more, only managing wave his free leg around wildly until the Devil Bug from the orgy latched herself onto it.

“HELP Mmmmppphhh-” cut off as another Devil Bug forced a kiss on him

He knew there was no chance of escape, as the Devil Bug began to ride him.



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    1. Yeah, I was particularly worried about this one considering that people don’t tend to be big fans of the devil bug. But it seems that I was getting worried over nothing.

      More soon to come.

  1. 16? Those are rookie numbers.

    I’m not here for smut, but the hotel is mysterious and Alice and Gramps are the most interesting characters.

  2. Boy those two men will have the time of their lives.

    Sixteen of them horny bugs though. Ah well i’m sure he’ll be fine. Afterall the rooms are selected based on the clients interest.

    Wonder what’s in store for the other lad.

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