The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 1

The Covet Corner Hotel
By: Coyo18

“If one wishes to do no harm to any, but has nowhere else to go, all that is needed is that they ask so that they may enter through these doors.  But be warned, once we have tended to your every need, you may never want to leave.”

-Crystal Coyote, Founder of the CC Hotel

Section 1
The Entrance

He had to keep walking. He had to if he wanted to make it out of here.

In the dying forest far from civilization, we see a man wandering through the cursed woodlands seeking for a way to escape this nightmare. Daniel was a simple man, with simple needs. When he was offered a job transporting goods between the city he called home and the neighboring one, he thought it was a stroke of good luck.

He had wished he had stayed with his old job…

He had been lost in these woods for days now, ever since a a group of bandits ambushed him on the road. He was certain they would’ve killed him, so he did what anyone else would’ve done in his situation. He took what he could and ran as fast as he could. He wished he had stayed now, maybe if he had begged them they would’ve let him go.

His stomach growled loudly, making him clench it tightly. He hadn’t been able to eat much, since he was forced to use the little supplies he had in order to escape the horde of Beelzebubs that had begun to swarm around him on the first night. Now he was afraid of going to sleep, worried that those giant bugs would get him if he stayed in one spot too long.

He had run out of water this morning, and had eaten the last bit of fruit he had managed to keep with him yesterday. There were no fruits in this forest, no creeks, no ponds, no game, no bugs, there weren’t even leaves in this goddamn place. What in the world were those monsters eating? The bark on the trees?!

It didn’t matter. He was starving, he was certain he had lost some weight since the time he left his home. He didn’t consider himself skinny before, but he was sure that he was now.

’Is this it?’ he asked himself, pushing the short black hair out of his eyes before looking up at the gray clouded skies. ‘Is this where I die?’

The damned skies. They had been blocking the sun here for months now, it was no wonder this forest was dying. He wished he could find somewhere he could rest, even if just for a moment. The sleepless nights and exhaustion were too much for him, he just wanted to sleep without the worrying about the dangers of the forest, someplace that made him feel… safe.

“Isn’t there anywhere I can stay?” He sighed, “At least until I can get out of this place?”

His gaze returned to look forward, and in his eyes hope had formed. On the far side of the hill, he could see something that didn’t belong in this wretched place. A chimney, a white stone chimney was peeking just barely above the hilltop, almost blending with the grey ash colored trees before him. Finally, something good was happening! He thanked the Chief God, he thanked his dead parents, he even thanked the Fallen God and the Demon Lord if they were responsible for it, he didn’t care who it was from he was just happy to see he would live to see another day.

He ran up the hill as fast as his fatigued body could take him, stumbling on the roots and fallen branches that littered the forest floor. When he made it to the top, he wished he had never seen the damned thing. The cottage, his only hope for surviving another night and make it home, was in ruins. The ceiling had fallen in on the tiny home while two of the walls had broken down into the abandoned home, reducing it to rubble. The only thing left standing was the wall that held up the chimney and half of the connecting wall that still held the door. At the bottom of the hill was a broken down workshop with a giant wheel in the dried up riverbed. Whoever lived here must have left ages ago when they couldn’t run the mill anymore.

He dragged himself to the door of the probably once cheery home, and banged his head against it with a light thud. If he wasn’t so tired and dehydrated, he probably would’ve cried.

“Isn’t there anywhere I can stay?” he repeated to himself almost under his breath.

He raised his head, and took a step back when he saw something that was not there before. Just above where his head was resting on the door, a copper plaque was nailed to the wood. ’That wasn’t there before.’ he thought as his eyes fixed on to what was written on it.

“All one has to do is ask…”


He lifted his hand, stretching out his index finger towards the new item, tapping it once, and then a few more times to verify its existence.

It was metal, definitely not wood, and unlike the rest of the building it looked brand new, as if though it was put up just the other day.

He took another step back, not believing that something had just appeared before him, only to notice that another change had occurred. His eyes shifted to the door handle, for just above it there was a small sign made of copper as well that was also nailed to the door. On it was written ‘PUSH TO OPEN’.

He blinked several times and rubbed his eyes until the world was blurry just to make sure he hadn’t fallen into delirium, but the sign was still there.

Turning where he stood, he looked at his surroundings, certain that there must have been a pixie involved in this unusual prank of theirs. But there was not a soul to be found. He let out a tired sigh, turning around once more to face the mysterious door.

’What do I got to lose?’ he thought, ‘I’m as good as dead anyways…’

With those final thoughts in mind, he reached out his hand to grip onto the cold door handle. He closed his eyes and pushed the door open. Stepping through the doorway before closing the door behind him.

’It would be funny… if I did find something…’ he thought, as his eyes slowly opened.

Section 2
The Lobby

The sight that awaited Daniel would have surprised just about anyone, especially a lone weary wanderer who had been lost in a forest for days. The vast scarlet rugged floors, the high hanging crystal chandeliers, the variety of artworks that were mounted onto the walls, the decorative low tables with their own arrangements of seats and sofas to match. At the very end of the extravagant room was counter with a service bell on the right.

There was no conceivable way this could be real, it wasn’t possible, he simply had to be hallucinating at this point, or maybe he had fallen asleep on a tree stump and this was all just an incredibly vivid dream. Daniel raised his hand up to pinch his cheek, wincing slightly from the pain he caused himself. Never in his twenty years did he ever feel pain from pinching himself in a dream… so much to his disbelief, this was indeed real.

A million questions went through his tired mind. How did he get here? Where is here? Am I dead? Am I still in the woods? Is this an illusion? Is this a pixie’s doing? What was going on?! Even with these questions racing through his mind, he could not help but marvel at the spectacle that lay before him. The calm and welcoming atmosphere, the craftsmanship of the furniture, the lighting without the use of candles, there was so much to take in that he failed to see someone walk up to him, until-


He turned in place, looking towards the direction of the voice but saw no one was there. He must be going mad, first hallucinations and now he’s hearing voices too.

“Down here…” stated the tender voice.

He shifted his gaze downward until his eyes were met with a sea of blue. A young girl with eyes as blue as the clear skies was looking up at the confused man. She looked no older than ten, wearing an impeccably clean blue dress with ribbons in her long blonde hair to match her eyes. A white pinafore with a small pocket in front was worn above the dress, that seemed to be as clean as she was innocent. What caught his attention was her pointed ears. An elf perhaps? But here?

“Pleasure to meet you, I’m Lilly.” she said as she gave a curtsey with a smile so sweet that it could melt anyone’s heart.

“Umm… Hi, I’m Daniel.”

“You must be checking in, follow me.”

The young girl grabbed Daniel’s hand and led him across the room towards the counter.

‘Where am I? How did I get here? Was it the door?’

Once again, questions raced through his mind, even if he was exhausted he was still maintaining his rationality. It wasn’t until he felt something slide past his foot that he stopped asking questions and looked down.

‘What the…’


The tail quickly recoiled back to its owner, her wings fluttered a bit before she quickly turned around.

“What is it?! Is it a mouse?! EEEEEK!!!”

Lilly jumped onto Daniel’s left arm and held onto it as if it were a matter of life or death, her face buried into his shoulder as she screamed for someone to kill the mouse. But Daniel was not able to process any of it, for the world had suddenly turned black for him.

Daniel had fainted.



“Gramps! He’s waking up!” yelled a girl’s voice.

“Is he?!” a gruff voice said in the distance.

Daniel’s head was spinning, and he felt like he was going to be sick, along with the fatigue and exhaustion he could easily say that this was the worst he had ever felt in his life. Whatever he was on was incredibly comfortable, and he probably would’ve fallen asleep if it weren’t for the rough hands that were lightly slapping his face.

“Kid, you alive?” said the deep voice.

“Ugh…I wish I wasn’t.”

“Oh thank goodness.” the sweet girl’s voice stated.

He wasn’t sure what happened, nor was he sure why the forest was so bright suddenly, but he began to open his eyes to be greeted by an old man who could’ve been his father.

Once he had opened his eyes, the gray-haired man let out a sigh of relief, leaning back and out of Daniel’s view. He turned his head towards where the old man had disappeared to, only to be greeted by a familiar pair of blue eyes that were filled with worry.

That alone would’ve surprised him, but what made him jump were the pair of short horns that were previously hidden under her ribbons. He sat up and pushed himself against the far edge of the sofa he was on so quickly that he almost flipped over it.

“Lilly! What did I say! Don’t sit so close to him, you already scared him half to death with that screaming earlier, the kid needs some room to breathe.” said the bearded man who was seated on the low table across Daniel to the young Alice who was previously only a few inches away from Daniel’s face.

“I didn’t mean to Gramps! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you! I was just scared when you screamed, so I screamed because I thought you saw a mouse and then- then- you just fell down!” the young demon told him, her hands held against her chest, obviously agonizing over what had happened moments ago.

But that was all she did, she didn’t tackle him to the ground, she did not ravage his body like many would say demons did to men, she simply sat there on the floor by the sofa feeling guilty for what she believed she had caused.

“Of course,” sighed the supposed Gramps, “please try to explain it to me. Your best friend is a Large Mouse, but somehow you’ve managed to retain your fear of mice…how?”

“That’s not the point!” she lightly yelled at the old man, “He screamed first!”

Gramps simply sighed again while he shook his head, knowing this would lead him nowhere before returning his gaze onto Daniel.

Daniel took in a deep breathe, eventually relaxing himself down onto the couch, but still keeping his distance from the overly young looking succubus.

“Take it slow,” Gramps told him.

He was wearing an old white shirt that seemed as aged as the wearer under an equally faded jacket. On his jacket was a name tag that was sewn onto it with a word that was smudged on it. If Daniel squinted he could read that it said ‘Gramps’. He also wore a pair of blue pants that seemed to have been made of some odd material. The man seemed to be in his mid-forties, a full beard, and was somewhat built for a man his age, at least compared to Daniel, especially now.

“Here.” said the man, reaching behind him to grab what seemed to be a small mostly cylindrical bottle of milk. He uncorked the bottle and handed it to Daniel who simply stared at it for a few seconds.

“Go ahead, drink it. You look like you need it.”

It was probably because he hadn’t had anything to drink all day, but with little thought Daniel raised the bottle up to his lips and gulped it down in one swing. A few trails of milk ran down his beardless chin as he swallowed the blissfully cold liquid. He wasn’t sure if it was because he was dying of thirst, or if it was because he liked milk to begin with, but this bottle was possibly the best milk he had in his entire life.

“Woah! I said take it slow!” Gramps said, but Daniel had already finished the bottle with a satisfied sigh.

“Sheesh… I guess you really did need that. Here, but this one, actually drink it slowly.” Gramps took the empty bottle from Daniel and placed it in the box located behind him, only to replace it with a taller bottle filled with what seemed to be water.

“What was in that milk?” Daniel asked, sipping the water while gripping the bottle in both hands.

“Nothing. It’s Holsty milk. Both a tasty and nutritious drink guaranteed to extend life, restore stamina, reduce fatigue, and build strong bones. Or at least, that’s what the guy who sold me the box said.”

’Holsty milk?’

At this point, Daniel didn’t care. Whatever it was, the salesman didn’t lie about its effects. Daniel already felt much better than before, his body didn’t feel as heavy as it did when he walked in and his mind was much more awake than it was. His body was still sore and tired, but it felt more like a hard day’s worth of  work rather than the hell he had gone through.

“So!” Gramps clasped his hands together causing the keys he carried on his side to jingle, “Now that my nap has been interrupted and you’re not dead. Welcome to the Covet Corner Hotel, where we will tend to your every need! Are you planning to stay just a night, or do you plan on staying a bit longer?”

“Wait. What?!” this was probably the only sane response Daniel could come up with. “What the hell is going on!? A few minutes ago I was going to die, now I’m in a hotel being asked how long I’m staying? I don’t even know how I got here!”

Gramps chuckled at the young man’s remark, obviously used to this type of reaction.

“Let me guess,” Gramps began with a raised hand towards Daniel, “You were probably lost in the woods or something for a few days, and you were looking for some kind of shelter. Right?”

Daniel was surprised that the old man knew this much, but nonetheless nodded at his question.

“And then, you found a door. But you didn’t just walk through it, you said something. What was it?”

Daniel was still a bit shocked at how this man had guessed what had happened so far, how could he have known? Daniel tried to remember, it was just a short while ago, what did he say…

“Isn’t there anywhere I can stay…”

Gramps chuckled before finally responding.

“All you had to do was ask, so we responded.”

“Wait, how is that even possible?”

“Well, that a story best left for another day considering how late it is. So, would you like to stay the night?”

Daniel was still confused, how did end up here, who in world are these people, why did Gramps know so much, but one thing was certain…he was tired. He didn’t have much of a choice; if he went back he’d probably die…or get raped and then die. Not only that, but they are offering him a room, so it would be rude to turn it down.

“Sure, I’ll stay a night”

Section 3
The Hotel

“Perfect.” replied Gramps as he reached into his back pocket.

He frowned, switching hands in order to check his other back pocket, but whatever it was he was looking for, it was not in either.

“Must’ve taken them out when I took a nap…” he grumbled, standing up and heading towards the counter.

From where Daniel was sitting, he could hear Gramps murmur to himself as he began to search the counter for what he wanted, and probably making a mess in the process of shifting everything around. But Daniel wasn’t really concerned with what the old man with the odd nickname was doing, for he was concentrating on the young Alice named Lilly who was now standing near him. He was still cautious of the demon, even if she seemed harmless enough, for this was the closest he had ever been to a mamono.

“I’m sorry…” she finally said in a somber tone, looking down onto the floor.

“Um… for what?”

“For scaring you when you woke up. I was worried since you fell when I got scared and wanted to be sure you were okay.”

“Oh… hehe… don’t worry about it. I was just surprised to see someone that close to me.”

He wasn’t lying, but he didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was because of her horns, wings, and tail.

“That’s why I’m sorry… BUT!” she said, raising one of her small fingers to him, “Why did you scream? Was it the mouse?”

For a ten year old, this girl was sharp. But then again, most children were if you paid attention to them.

“Ugghhyeeesssss…. Yeah, I thought a mouse ran by my foot and I yelled. I’m really scared of them.”

“You too!?!” Lilly gasped, her face in awe as she leaned towards Daniel, her hands pressing against the empty side of the sofa to keep her from falling. Daniel instinctively leaned back a little, but seeing as she wasn’t doing anything else, returned to his original position.

“Yeah, I pass out whenever I see one that close.” That was a complete lie, but he was too far in to say otherwise, “But don’t tell anyone, it’s embarrassing.” he told her, raising a finger to his mouth.

She stood up straight, both of her hands clenched up to her chest, as she nodded to him. Her face seemed determined to keep this fact a secret, as if though it was the most important secret in the world.

Gramps was finally returning to the sofa with something in hand. It a clear card, that looked like it was made of glass.

“Here you go.” Gramps said, holding out the card towards him.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“It’s your room key.” Lilly responded.

’Room key?’

Daniel took the supposed ‘room key’ and held it between his fingers. Although it looked like glass, it certainly didn’t feel like it. Daniel eyed the card, and put some pressure on it between his fingers to see if it would break so easily, but nothing happened. How in the world was this thing a key? It had no holes, no markings, nothing, it was just a clear card. He brought the card up to his face, maybe he had missed something.

‘What do I do with this?’

As if though on cue, the card began to rapidly change colors, first blue, then red, later orange, and just about every color that Daniel knew, even a few Daniel didn’t know. He almost dropped it, being surprised by its sudden change, but somehow managed to keep it in his hands. After a few seconds of watching this, the changing of colors began to slow down until it finally turned brown, and stayed brown.

‘What in the world just happened? This must have been magic? But why is it brown?’

While these thoughts were going through his mind, he noticed that the card was still changing. Something began to form on the top of the card, what began as a few dots eventually began to take form into something else. When enough of them had formed, he could read a number at the top of the card.

“641? What’s that?”

“That’s your room number silly.”

“There’s six hundred rooms in this place?” Daniel asked in astonishment.

This place must be huge to have over six hundred rooms. This place must be the size of a castle to have that many rooms with people living in it.

Lilly was about to say something, but Gramps simply waved his hand to her and shook his head. He would eventually figure it out. Daniel hadn’t really noticed there silent exchange as he was trying to guess the size of the hotel.

“By the looks of it, you got floor B1.” Gramps stated.

“B1? What floor is that?”

“I’ll explain in the elevator. Lilly, man the counter until I come back, alright?”

Lilly looked up and pouted at the middle aged man who just gave her the order.

“No fair, I wanted to show him to his room, why do you get to do it?”

“You know I’m in charge of all B levels during the night, and who else is going to manage the customers if I’m not here…”

“Fine” crossing her arms and looking away, she said goodbye to Daniel before flapping her tiny wings and flying towards the counter.

Gramps stood up and held his hand out to Daniel, offering to help him up. Daniel placed the bottle of water he had onto the table before taking a hold of his hand to stand up. He was surprised by how firm of a grip the old man still had.

“Alright, follow me to the elevator.”

The elevator? They had one in here? Daniel had heard of an elevator, there had been one built in his city just before he left and it had been the talk of the city for a while. One of the local lords had funded its construction onto the city wall, in order to easily transport heavy equipment up to the top. The lord was an oddly generous man, for after they built it he had allowed the locals to get on it and ride up to the top of the city walls with it. They weren’t allowed to walk around on the wall, but the view from the moving platform once it reached the top was one that would be hard to forget for many. Daniel wasn’t able to get on it, but he did see the wooden contraption being powered by oxen.

But even with those images in mind, he was almost shocked when he entered this hotel’s version of the same device. Although this elevator was much smaller than the one built in the city, it was significantly more refined and elegant than the other. The hotel’s elevator seemed to have been designed with people in mind, although it seemed a bit tall if it was just for people. The smooth floor and walls that seemed to be made of tile blocked any sort of view, but it was definitely safer than having one that was open. It even had flameless lights inside, just like in the lobby. This thing must have cost a fortune to build, considering it took a lord to fund such a shabby looking one in comparison.

While Daniel was admiring the insides of the elevator, Gramps pressed one of the several buttons labeled B1 on his side of the elevator, with the doors soon closing on their own. The elevator began to slowly move downward.

“We’re going down?” Danny asked.

“Yeah, we’re going to B1.”

Daniel simply gave a confused face to Gramps, since he didn’t really understand what B1 stood for.

“Oh that’s right. B1 stands for Basement Level 1.”

“You let people live in the basement?”

“Well… yes. But mostly because they prefer to live underground and whatnot. Otherwise they’d be upstairs instead.”

“Who in the world would want to live underground?”

“A lot of people actually. But, most of the people here aren’t exactly… human.”

Daniel raised an eyebrow, but already had an idea where this was going.

“In fact,” Gramps continued, “most of the residents are different types of mamono. The floor we’re going to are used in particular for those that prefer to stay underground or live in caves. But don’t worry, as long as you’re with me then no one will try to take you.”

He had to be joking.

He had to…

He wasn’t.

Great… now not only was Daniel tired and worn out, but he was now going to sleep next door to a bunch of sex-crazed monsters that could easily overpower him within a matter of seconds. He could’ve understood if it were a few monster, and even then maybe if they were like Lilly, since she didn’t seem to act very much like a succubi. But to have this place be full of mamono, he might as well have been caught by the swarm of Beelzebubs if he wanted to get snatched. The worst part was that the only line of defense he had against these monsters was a middle aged man that believed he could take them.

“By the way, in case you didn’t catch on, the name’s Gramps. Or at least that’s what people call me.”

“I’m Daniel…,” he responded, still wondering if he should just go back, “but everyone calls me Danny.”

“Alright Danny-boy, prepare yourself.”

“For what?”


They had reached their floor. The doors slid open by themselves to reveal the floor Danny would be staying at. But he could not see anything. There was only darkness to greet them.

“Great… someone must have turned off the lights again.” Gramps said while leaving the safety of the elevator and dragging Danny with him. “Just give me a second to turn them back on. Stay close.”

Gramps turned left, and began to run his hand against the walls, searching for whatever it was that would turn on the lights in these halls. The doors of the elevator closed, taking what little light it offered with it, while Danny just stood there. He knew Gramps was nearby, he could still hear him mutter under his breath while hugging the wall, but he couldn’t see him, even if he was only a few feet away. How anything was able to live in complete darkness was beyond him, but hopefully he wouldn’t have to meet any of them anytime soon…

“Found it!”


Danny was blinded by the sudden burst of light that hit his eyes, closing his eyes shut until they could adjust by the sudden change. It wasn’t that the lights were incredibly bright, but he had the luck of standing directly next to the light source. When he finally opened his eyes, it seemed that both he and Gramps had left the hotel and ended up in a mineshaft of some sort. The ground seemed to have been made of various plates of bedrock that had been levelled to make it easier to walk through. While the walls looked like varying layers of dirt and stone that reached up to the ceiling.

The tunnel was lined with heavy looking wooden doors, with a wooden support beam every three or so doors. And just at head head height, on both sides of the hall were the miner lights that seemed to have been lodged into the walls. Miner lights were usually a type of crystal that were capable of glowing and required very little mana so even a child could use it. It was also known for being fairly inexpensive; although they weren’t very bright, they were much safer than bringing an open flame underground and a lot more difficult to put out, or so Danny had heard.

Danny took in the surroundings, not entirely sure how they had appeared here.

“How in the world did we end up in a tunnel?”

“Easy,” replied Gramps “we’re not in a tunnel. The walls here were specially made to look like any environment of the owner’s choosing. This entire floor is made to look like a giant tunnel system.”

“Why would you make an entire floor look like tunnel?”

“Residential requests, mostly.” Gramps shrugged.

At this point, Danny was about ready to believe anything the old man told him.

“So, which room was it that you got?”

“Oh… let me check” Danny looked down at his hand that still held the odd card Gramps had given him, “641.”

“Let’s see, and we’re by room…27…this may take a while”

Section 4
The Ant and the Grass…err, human

This floor had more than six hundred rooms…


Danny couldn’t help but wonder how large this place was. Both he and Gramps had been walking down the halls of this floor for a while now. This place must have been able to hold enough people to make a small city if they wanted do.

Curiously enough, and possibly luckily enough, they had yet to bump into any other mamono whilst wandering through the expansive tunnel system.

‘Everyone must be asleep, lucky me…’

Eventually Gramps stopped in his tracks and turned towards the door to his left.

It looked like every other door in this hall, a large wooden door with nothing too interesting about it. If it were just slightly darker, Danny might not have even noticed the doors, save for the reflective silver colored plaques on each door that had the room numbers written on them. On this particular door though, the numbers ‘641’ were engraved into the plaque, showing that this was his room.

“Alright, this is your room.” Gramps said, before pointing at a small slit above the large iron door loop handle, “To open the door all you need do is put the card in this slot here. You’ll hear the door unlock and you can push the door open after that. If you need anything else, just ask.”

“I will, Gramps.”

’Like hell I will…’

Gramps nodded with a smile before walking down the hall from the direction the came. Just as he was about to turn the corner, he turned his head to Danny.

“Oh! Almost forgot, say hi to your roommate for me when you see her.”

‘Yeah, yeah, say hi to the…wait, did he say…’


Danny spun to face Gramps and confirm what he heard, but Gramps was already out of view.

‘GREAT, now not only am I sleeping next door to a bunch of sex-crazed monsters, but I’m sharing my room with one, how could this get any worse?

“WHO THE HELL IS MAKING ALL THAT NOISE!” boomed a feminine voice coming from one of the rooms down the hall.


“If I find out who the hell is made that infernal noise…I swear I’ll make you regret it!”

Danny knew he’d be in deep trouble if someone found him, especially a mamono after waking them up. He frantically tried to open his door, but it remained locked no matter how many times he jammed the card into slot. He could hear his neighbor beginning to unlock her door, making him panic even more. He didn’t know why the door wouldn’t open, was it broken? When he heard his neighbor unlock the door, he was sure he’d be a goner. He took his card out of the slot.


He quickly flipped the key and rammed it into the slot, and to his great relief he heard his door unlock. With little time to lose, he pushed himself into his room and slammed the door just in time to evade the possible encounter.

Out in the hallway, an Echidna’s head can be seen peering out of her room in search of the possible source of the noise. Seeing that no one was around, she gave a triumphant smile at being able to scare away the troublemaker.

“Well honey, since we’re both awake now, how about we get started on round 6?” She asked as she closed the door.


Danny was sitting on the floor, breathing heavily whilst gripping his chest as his heart was still racing from the ordeal.

‘Phew, that was a close one.’

As he began to calm down, he listened to the silence of the room, seeing if his roommate would reveal herself after his noisy entrance.

‘No sign of the roommate, she must be out…or hiding…’

With that in mind, he began to quietly sneak around the dimly lit room, looking for his hopefully missing roommate. As he searched, he noted how the room seemed to follow with this floor’s theme.

Just like the hallways, the ceiling and walls were made of stone and earth, while only a section of the floor was made of bedrock. Only the kitchen had a stone floor, while the rest of the room seemed to have some soft dirt instead. Upon stepping on it, he realized it was a dirt brown carpet, and not actual soil. At least something made sense in this place…

’This place has a personal kitchen? Man this is too fancy…’

In what seemed to be the living area, there was a table looked as if they had been carved from a boulder along with a pair of wooden stools by it that appeared as if though they were ready to break due to their grayish color.

Seeing that there was indeed no one here, there was only one room left to check… the bedroom.

Danny tiptoed up to the door, cracking it open to peek inside.

The miner lights were also already on in this room, so to his great relief he could see that there was no one inside.

‘Maybe Gramps was lying, trying to scare me a bit.’

He let out a sigh of relief with that thought in mind, fully opening the door and walking into the bedroom.

Much like the rest of this place, this room was equally odd in design, the bed in particular. It seemed as if though a small crater had impacted the center of the room, the rim just reaching below his knees, and someone decided to fill in the giant hole with a large circular bed that could comfortably fit four people. He was almost surprised that the bed wasn’t made of dirt or stone. The nightstand and the drawer that were in the corners of the room were made of a similar ashy grey wood like the stools.

He wasn’t sure who decided to make a bed like this, or if mamono actually liked sleeping in these odd arrangements, but at this point he didn’t really care. He was tired, and just wanted to sleep so that he could leave once morning came. Closing the door behind him, he took a few steps forward until letting himself fall onto the surprisingly comfortable mattress. Maybe it was just because he hadn’t slept on anything soft or cozy for the past two nights, but this bed felt like a cloud to him. He hadn’t even taken off his clothes, it would probably feel even better without them on… but he was already lying down and could feel himself drifting blissfully into… a nice, calm… safe… sleep…





‘What was that?’

Danny instantly opened his eyes and turned to his side at the sudden sound. He wasn’t sure what the sound was, but he had a creeping suspicion that it was…


…the door.

He froze.

There wasn’t anything else he could do. He could not hide, not under the bed since there was no under to hide in, and not behind the furniture since they were against the wall. Leaving the room? Impossible with whoever it was walking in from the only exit.

Not knowing what else to do, he just laid there, waiting as he heard the door shut along with the scurrying of feet. He could hear his roommate slowly getting closer and closer to the bedroom where he waited. He could scarcely see the shadows moving from under the door. The only thing safely separating him from his roommate was an inch thick slab a wood he considered a door. He stared as the door slowly, and noisily, opened to reveal whoever stood on the other side.

A woman.

She stood there, staring at Danny, who just laid there, staring at her in both amazement and horror. Before him stood a beautiful young woman, short black hair that could barely reach her shoulder, a nice slender body, and clear blue eyes that could even mesmerize the blind. Of course, even these ideal looks could not prevent him from being appalled from the rest of her features. The two antennas prodding from her head weren’t too odd, but the lower half of her body from the waist down did leave him a bit stunned. There was a large thorax protruding from where her bottom should be as well as six long thin legs coming from said thorax.

“Hi, you must be my new roommate,” greeted the Giant Ant as she approached the bed and sat next to the still lying Daniel, “I’m Melissa.”

She spoke in such a soft sweet voice, it seemed to have belonged to an angel; such was the voice that he felt obliged to reply.

“Hi, I’m Danny…”

“Yes, Gramps told me when I passed him in the hallway. He said you going to stay the night, is that true?” she leaned in, her eyes almost glistening in the low light of the room.

“Yeah…that’s right, I’m gonna stay just for the night.” he gulped.

If it were any brighter, she might have seen his face turn a slight shade of red. Even if she had some disturbing features about her, she was still incredibly beautiful to him, and it was making him nervous.

“Well then,” giving him a sly look while licking her lips, “we’ll have to make this a night to remember.”

Before he knew it, Melissa had grabbed Danny and pulled him towards her with such strength that he thought he would fly across the room. Instead, he was met with a soft pair of lips being planted forcefully onto his. Her tongue crept into his mouth, slowly rubbing against anything within its reach until began to wrap itself around his. Danny was overwhelmed with a mixture of both fear and pleasure, but what frightened him even more was that he was starting to kiss her back, wrapping his arms around her in hope of bringing her even closer.

At that moment, Melissa seemed to be the uttermost form of perfection to Danny; the way she looked, the way she spoke, even the smell of sweat and dirt on her was simply…intoxicating.

Feeling this, Melissa loosened her grip on him so that she may too entwine him within her arms, all while slowly bringing her left hand further down.  Upon feeling something slowly rubbing against his groin, Danny broke the kiss to release a groan of pleasure.

“So you noticed?” replied the Ant with a sultry smile

Pushing him back down to the bed, Melissa began to remove his clothes to reveal his stiffening member.

“Still not there yet…I’ll fix that.”

Without a moment to spare, she began pumping his cock, slowly at first but quickening as it grew harder. When it had reached its peak, she stopped, bringing her head closer as she stared at the stiffened member as if wondering what to do. She stuck out her tongue and steadily began licking it from its base to its tip, enveloping it in her saliva. Danny could not keep himself from moaning as her tongue moved wildly about his stimulated member. Just as he was about to reach his climax, it was cutoff when Melissa stopped and sat up. Danny sat up as well, confused by the sudden change.

“What happened?” asked Danny, whining from his denied climax

“Nothing…I just want to try something…”

She gradually began to remove her shirt, revealing her curvaceously ample bosom. With a mischievous look in her eyes, Melissa gently nudged him to lie on the bed once more. She edged herself towards his now well lubricated cock, courtesy of Melissa’s saliva, and enveloped it between her breasts. She then began to massage his cock with her breasts. They were so warm and soft…Danny had never felt such-


He let out a sudden moan when Melissa unexpectedly began to suck the tip of his member, all while still massaging his cock. Correction, NOW he had never felt such pleasure before that was anywhere near as good as the one he was enjoying right now. Every now and then she would playfully flick her tongue the tip of his cock, making him moan. Soon enough, he could feel himself nearing his climax, his member began to twitch, and finally he unleashed his load into her mouth. She hungrily swallowed his seed, continuously sucking on his cock as if to milk him for all he’s worth. The Giant Ant sat up once more, licking her lips as if though trying to savor what she had just finished consuming.

“Delicious,” she said with the same sultry smile from before “now it’s time for the main course.”

She climbed on top of him, revealing her womanhood that was dripping with anticipation. She took hold of his member, and positioned herself on top of it, occasionally teasing it with the lips of her nether regions. Once she was ready, she gave Danny one last lustful stare before impaling herself with his cock. She arched her back and let out a moan of pure ecstasy as she reached the base of his throbbing member. She then carefully began to ride him, starting off very slowly as if trying to enjoy every tiny moment of it, then picking up the pace little by little.

Both of them were giving off moans and gasps of euphoria, just screams of sheer absolute enjoyment could be heard within the room. It wasn’t long until they began nearing their climax, Danny gripping onto the bed sheets as Melissa pushed against his chest for support. He couldn’t take it any longer; when she thrusted herself one final time against Danny, he shot up, wrapped his arms around Melissa, and planted a deep passionate kiss onto her. At that point, she climaxed and let out a groan of sheer pleasure, never breaking the kiss as she grabbed onto Danny. He had climaxed along with her, tightening their embrace. Both collapsed onto the bed, neither of the letting go of the other.

After a few moments of silence was shared, until Melissa looked up at Danny, a look of sorrow evident in her eyes.

“Is it true?” tightening her embrace around him “Is it true that you’re leaving tomorrow?”

Danny had almost forgotten about that, was he really going to leave? He had nowhere to go…and no one really cared about him, at least not like her. What should he do?

“I guess…I could stay…just a bit longer.”

Her face radiated with obvious joy, she closed her eyes and rubbed her head against his bare chest.

“You can stay as long as you like, as long as you’re with me.”

Danny simply smiled.

‘I just may take you up on that offer.’

Both lovers now just laid there, waiting to enter a blissful sleep in each other’s sweet, sweaty embrace.



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  2. I’ve read this chapter like three times here and there, intending to continue. This time I WILL read this rest.

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    1. I wouldn’t recommend doing it all in one go. You’ll be able to breeze through the first few chapters, but the later ones are a fair bit longer.

  3. Oh my. This was a rather enjoyable read if I do say so myself.

    It doesn’t make much sense, but it doesn’t have to as all common sense would be thrown out of the window if you know you’re offered a place to stay.

    I’m rather curious about the nature of the hotel itself as no form of payment has been recieved. And based on the dialouge provided, there’s not real limit to how long you’re permitted to stay. But either that’ll be explained in later chapters or never, either would be fine really.

    Anyways it’s a really nice read. Will definitely read more in the future.

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