The chick and the egg

I wake up from a pleasant, fuzzy dream, doing my best to remain asleep so that it won’t slip away. My efforts where futile however as I am soon drawn into the waking reality by, I quickly realize, something far better then (and probably the source of) the dream.

The slight weight I feel on my chest is the body of Megan as she busies herself with gently licking my nipples. I smile and raise a hand to pat her yellow head. Her amber eyes open and look into mine as she raises her head slightly.
“Oh, you’re finally up! It was starting to get hard to wait any longer you know.”
I smile as I realize that my dick is standing at attention while being caressed by the white slime part of Megan’s body, and that it’s not the only part of me that said slime is gently massaging.

Megan is actually strangely good at controlling herself for a humpty egg.
She often caresses me as I sleep, but doesn’t do anything more until I wake up. She wasn’t always like that, mind you. There have been times where I woke up buried in her to the hilt.
When I asked her why she changed, she blushed (which turns her cheeks orange), poked her fingertips together in a cute manner and said that it didn’t feel fair unless I got to have fun as well.

So whenever I wake up like this, I know exactly what must be done. I grab her slim sholders and pull her face towards mine. She eagerly opens her mouth to meet my own and we join in a slow, deep kiss.
I can feel her feeding me her jelly through her mouth and readily accept it. She has managed to perfect the taste I like, a nice creamy texture just between hard and soft boiled. I lightly chew on the tasty goodness and let it’s warmth spread in my mouth before swallowing it, quickly starting to feel it’s effects since I’m already at full mast.
As Megan feels my light shuddering her smile broadens and she leans close to my ear. “Please darling, I really can’t wait any longer”.

At those words I grab her smal hips, lift her up and forcefully bring her down onto my raging boner. The yellow part that makes up her humanoid body is a lot more solid then a typical slime, she feels sort of like a slightly squishy little girl, which makes her tiny pussy feel both tight and yielding. Add in the slippery juices it secretes (that feels like warm, soft boiled egg yolk), as well as the knowledge that I reach quite far into her stomach when I pierce her this deep, and it creates a heavenly feeling.
A feeling Megan seems to share since her head falls back and her eyes shine in a dreamy expression while her whole body (including the viscous white slime part of her that is caressing me all over) tremble.

I smile and lean a little closer to her. “You’re hopeless aren’t you? Cumming from just that.”
She looks at me bashfully. “I-it’s not something so simple as ‘just that’ to recieve your dick you know.”
She presses her chest against me and wrap her tiny arms around my torso. “Because, this is the best feeling in the world to me.”
She moves her white slime around my back and under my butt and legs, solidifying the outer part of it. She is quite good at controlling this part of her body as well, so once the solidified part has taken the form of a chair, the inner layer becomes semi-solid, making it feel like I’m sitting in a chair with gel packs in the seat and back rest with Megan in my lap, dick still buried deep in her.

I put a hand behind her head and pull it towards my chest. She nuzzles her face against me and extends her tiny tongue towards my nipples again. Deciding that we have had enough foreplay, I grab her hips once again and start to rougly move her up and down.
Since Megan has a slime body, she enjoys hard and rough sex quite a lot. I used to have reservations about doing her to hard due to her small size, but I’ve long since realized the folly of such thoughts. I hold on to her hard enough for my fingers to slightly sink into her springy buttcheeks and thrust my dick in far enough to hit the back of her womb and stretch it.
The result is immediate, she starts to scream and moan with her tongue hanging out. While she is in this state, every word she speaks has an absolutely adorably cute little lisp and her voice becomes light and soft. And of course since she knows that listening to it in it’s current state riles me up even more, she doesn’t stop speaking.
“Ahh, yesh! I chan feel id so schtrongly!”
“You’re mangly penish ish reachinb sho far inbo me!”
“I’llg squiibe it weally goob for you witf my tiny puffy, so pleashe shoot a lod of white creeamy stubb into it!”

Feeling the effects of her slime jelly work it’s magic, my balls feel way to heavy. I need to lighten the load, and what better place to do that then straight into the tight, wriggly, dripping wet pussy that thirsts for my cum like a flower thirsting for rain on a hot summer day.
Grinning, I give one extra big thrust as the dam breaks and my thick, creamy semen starts to flood into her.
Megan starts trembling uncontrollably (which heightens the pleasure of getting caressed by her white slime parts) and screams even louder.
I resume my thrusting as cum keeps shooting out like a fountain. The more of it she absorbs the more sensitive she gets, so it’s endlessly fun to let one hand’s fingers wander all over her body and poke at her weak points (her ass, along her back and neck, the back of her ears and her cheeks).
I keep flooding her insides and touching her, reveling in the effect I have on her and how cute it’s making her behave.
Both her tiny arms and her white slime tentacles are holding on to me as if her life denepded on it, so I wrap her up in a hug and hold her tight as my dick keeps pulsing inside her hot innards.

After what feels like an eternity our long mutual orgasm finally subsides and I collapse back onto the bed with Megan on my chest. Her body lies limp in my arms but the white slime parts are still holding onto me, gently caressing my body as she humms a tiny tune to herself and snuggles her head under my chin.
I absentmindedly pat her head while trying to get my breathing under control, the gentle buzzing noise in my ears making it slightly hard at first to hear anything, but I soon realize we are no logner alone.

Raising my head upon noticing the slight scratching noise coming from my bedroom doorway, I see Valentina.
She is holding her large, pink, fluffy wings in front of her in a bashful pose, covering her mouth. One of her talons is scraping the floor repeatedly.
I know that body language. She must have walked in on us in the act and now she is so horny she can barely stand it.
I smile and nudge Megan to call her attention towards the room doorway. When she sees Valentina she grins, slowly unwraps her white smile parts from me and slides down onto the bed, exposing my still hard boner.
We both smile, extend our fingers and make slow beckoning gestures towards her as Megan says in a low, sensual voice, “Come and get it”.

Like a cork flying out of a shaken champain bottle, a ball of pink fluff rockets across the room and hits me squarely in the chest. It doesn’t really hurt though since her whole body is incredibly soft.
Before I know it she has somehow managed to work my full length into her pussy, locked her legs around my waist and wrapped me up in her large, soft wings that feels like a warm, fluffy blanket.
Her face is initially nuzzled against my chest, but she soon looks up with the cutest pleading eyes ever while slowly rubbing her giant marshmallow boobs against me.

Despite being a jubjub, Valentina doesn’t actually enjoy riding my dick herself all that much. She wastly preffers it when I’m on the offensive, so to speak. So of course, she has learned how to best rile me up.
Not that I disapprove, mind you. Quite the opposite in fact. I love what an honest girl she is.

I smile at her, cup her cheek in my hand and lean down to kiss her. She tastes like raspberries.
I can feel her already drenched pussy start leaking more juices, soaking my crotch and dripping down by balls. Balls that, incidentally, still feel heavy from the effects of Megan’s slime jelly.
I know what must be done, so I grab a hold of her slim hips with both hands, stand up and push her up against the wall. I then start to rapidly drill her cunt, making an obscene splashing noise every time I plunge into her.
I can feel her legs and wings tighten their grip on me just like her inner folds tighten around my manhood. She is already lightly orgasming, and I have no intention of going easy on her.

The tip of my dick erupts, spraying another huge load of semen. I don’t slow down my thrusting for a second as her womb quickly fills up and long ropes of cum start to drip down from her overflowing pussy.
She screams and gasps as her entire body convulses, her orgasm forcibly pushed further and further.
She can’t stop cumming while I’m still flling her up, and I got cum to spare thanks to the jelly.
Still, even in that state of overwhelming pleasure, she still manages to massage my dick with her wet folds in such a way that it’s easy to keep cumming, she’s still holding on to me with her legs, and she somehow manages to keep rubbing her boobs against me while looking me in the eye, even when her face is a picture of  ecstatic happiness.
Touched by her sheer dedication to making me feel good, even in her current state, I lean down and kiss her as my final burst of cum shoots out. Her cute muffled moans make my head swim on pink clouds.

After our morning escapades we spend a lot of time cuddling in the large living room sofa. My left arm is around Megan, who’s white slime is wrapped around my legs and waist, while my right arm is around Valentina’s waist as she covers the rest of me with her wings.
I chuckle a little. “Even though you two look so different, there is no misstaking your relation to each other.”
Megan smiles. “You know, I was so sure my little Valentina was going to hatch into a humpty egg, especially with the way we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves when she was still an egg.”
I return my slime wife’s smile and turn towards my cute jubjub daughter. “Did you have to hold youself back from hatching? If so I hope we didn’t make it to hard for you.”
She smiles shyly. “Oh daddy, when I felt you and mommy’s love so close I wanted to jump out and join you soooooo badly. Buuut, it was worth the wait in the end, because now I can do this.”

She shifts her pose a bit and pushes her large boobs in my face, the tips of her nipples already turning a little white.
I smile and close my mouth around one of them, sucking the soft flesh gently until a stream of warm milk starts pouring into my mouth.
Valentina’s breasts are her pride and joy, she once said that the only thing better then having me drink her milk was getting filled by my cum.
I glance up at her while I suckle and my eyes meet an expression of pure bliss. I move my hand up and gently rub her neck, she responds by doing the same to me with her wing.

While this is going on Megan has slid down into my lap and grabbed my rapidly hardening dick. She opens her small mouth and wraps her lips around my tip, then stops moving and pokes my inner thigh lightly. Knowing what she wants, I move both my hands to down to grab her head, then forcefully push my dick down her throat.
Being a slime, she doesn’t actually breath through her nose or mouth and is perfetly fine with taking me balls deep into her mouth, but she still plays a game of pretend and make sounds of troubled breathing (all while wrapping her arms and white parts around my waist to prevent me from slipping out of her mouth).

Fucking her like this gives a different sort of pleasure then fucking her pussy, and it makes my cute daughter really kinky as well.
She leans back a bit, looks at me and lifts her untouched tit up to her face, taking her own nipple into her mouth and sucking on it. I grin and continue to drink from her other breast while throating her mother.
After about a minute, she releases her nipple with a ‘plop’ and leans forward, her lips meeting mine. While drinking the milk she is now mouth feeding me, I erupt into megans throat. I keep her head pressed tightly against my crotch (while she is doing the same from her end) as my dick keeps pulsing and dumping another big load straight into her. She makes pretend gagging and struggling noises while happily drinking all of it down.

After valentina and me finally run out of fluids to feed our respective partner, the tree of us collapse in what we call a snuggle heap. We all lie down and just keep hugging and caressing each other at a slow pace.
You might think that this is our after-play, but it is just a little downtime before the next round gets started.
When my fingers find their way into Valentina’s pussy I can feel that it has finished absorbing all my cum, and that means it will start getting thirsty soon. Grinning, I know what will come next.
And so begins another day of fun madness with my loving family.

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