The Boss of Broken-Bottle Lane

“B-boss!” the urgent shout came, startling the Red Oni out of her day dream.

“What is it?” she replied, more than a little upset at being disturbed.

The lupine woman was bent over double, catching her breath after a swift jog to arrive at her boss’ quarters. She heaved thrice more before gathering the air in her lungs to convey her message.

“T-there’s some human, sir,” She began frantically stumbling over her words, “Just a kid, but, h-he’s taken out a bunch of our crew!”
The Oni’s attention finally came into focus as a bulging vein appeared on her temple.
“Are you fucking kidding me, a human?” The wolf-like girl cowered instinctively from her boss’ anger, squeezing herself into the corner as the Oni roughly shouldered past.

“Got to be fuckin’ with me, some shitty human…” the Oni grumbled to herself as she marched out of her tent.
Her crew had a lot of nerve, she thought, being beaten by some human. She was Clarissa Rockfist, Queen of Broken-bottle Lane, though she preferred to go by “Boss”. The people who were under her, those in her crew, they knew better than to ask her for help in a fight. Out here on these mean streets, running to your boss after you got your ass kicked was a serious embarrassment. She’d have to crack some skulls after she dealt with this intruder.

She followed the sounds of shouting until she came across a densely packed circle of her crewmates near the entrance of her territory. She grunted impatiently and dug her way into the crowd shoulder-first. A few of the girls turned around with sneers, ready to start a fight with whatever asshole was shoving them from the back, only for their expressions to pale as soon as they saw who exactly that asshole was. Clarissa chuckled grimly to herself.

That’s right you little bitches, she thought to herself. Move aside, the Boss is here.
When she finally broke into the center of the circle, she was greeted with quite a strange sight. Standing among easily half a dozen beaten a bruised monster girls littering the ground was a lone man. Not even a man, she corrected herself, barely a boy. He stood small in stature but tall in attitude, glaring up at her as she entered the circle with a piercing glare. The boy had to be half her height, with the trench coat he was wearing nearly reaching his feet.

Clarissa noted there was but the slightly hint of sweat adorning his brow, and his breathing seemed to be only affected slightly. Her crewmembers decorating the pavement around the boy were another story. Their flesh was marked with bruises, bloody noses, cuts, even a few broken bones; it was clear they weren’t going to be getting up for a while, even if they wanted to.
Still, she had a hard time believing the short angry looking little boy in front of her had done this.
She sneered slightly and turned away from the human intruder, turning instead to the crowd of monster girls that she was currently very disappointed with.

“This is what the commotion is all about?” She said with a dismissive wave towards the boy behind her. “You cowardly little whores can’t take one human boy?”

She expected their faces to twist into anger, embarrassment, or even shame. Instead, all she got in return was fear. Not fear of her, she was used to that. This was a different kind of fear, more primal. The kind of fear that could override her attempts at shaming her underlings. The fact made the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

“Are you the boss here?” the arrogant words reached Clarissa’s ears from behind her.

She whipped around, facing the source of the words. Of course, it was the boy who had said them. His stance wasn’t any different than when she first set eyes on him. He was still lowered into a half crouch with his fists clenched in some sort of fighting stance. Still wearing that goddamn scowl.

“I am,” Clarissa answered, “And who might you be?”

“Jack,” the boy said simply, never tearing that steely gaze from hers, “I’ve come to challenge you.”

“Challenge me, you?” She said the words unintentionally out of shock.

“Yes,” Jack continued without pause, “As you can see, I’ve already beaten a number of your underlings. If you wish to salvage your pride you will face me.”

Clarissa could stop the snarl from appearing on her face. Well fuck it, she thought, forget appearing to be calm and collected. She was the boss, and yet this puny human runt was talking to her like an equal. Very well, she’d take care of this pest.

“Alright,” she said, making a show of rolling her shoulders to loosen up, “You gonna fight in that faggy trench coat of yours, though?”
Jack smiled, “Very well, I guess you’ve earned the honor,” with that, he began taking off his over-sized coat.

Clarissa almost asked him what the hell he was talking about until the words died in her throat the moment his coat came off. His body, while still small in stature, was layered with thick ropey muscle. Proportionate to his body, he was ripped. The way his abs rolled in time with his short breaths, the way a few drops of sweat slid down his chest…She shook her head wildly to clear herself of those unbecoming thoughts. There would be time to indulge herself later, after her win, she decided with a grin.

Jack finally changed his expression to one of amusement. Had he seen Clarissa’s gaze? Did he guess what she had been thinking about as she looked at him? He held the trench coat aloft in one hand, making a flourish of holding it above the ground. Jack made a show of letting it fall from his open hand, and finally allowing it to touch the ground. The coat landed with a loud *thud*, stirring up a considerable amount of dust in the process.

“The coat isn’t just for show, you see,” Jack saw through his shit-eating grin, “I’ve got a bunch of weight attached to the inside of it. It’ll be a lot easier for me to fight now.”

Clarissa just snorted, trying not to let her thoughts linger on the coat for too long.

“Play whatever cheap tricks you want, it won’t help your scrawny ass in the end,” she said confidently as she began taking off her leather jacket.

She tossed the leather jacket aside, noting with satisfaction that one of her underlings made sure to catch it before it hit the ground. She stood before the boy in front of her confidently, with her hands on her hips. She wore only a schoolboy cap, a pair of denim short shorts, and bandages around her upper torso to bind her breasts. Her red skin glistened in the air confidently as she stared down the human intruder. She hoped her appearance was having an effect on the boy and that he was appreciating her brawn and beauty. She made sure to flex her biceps and abs a bit, just to make sure.

Then, the two fighters began to slowly circle each other, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Clarissa didn’t move her hands from her hips, walking slowly with her gaze locked onto the muscular boy in front of her. Jack kept his low fighting stance, his fists raised with a boxer.

He seems to be trained like a boxer, she thought to herself and smiled. She knew how to handle boxers.

In a flash, she darted towards Jack and aimed a low kick at him with one of her powerful legs. Boxers aren’t trained to handle street fights, she thought to herself, so most of them can’t handle kicks like this. But to her shock, her powerful strike was blocked cleanly with Jack’s raised shin. He barely had to break his stance.

Clarissa felt her powerful quads tense in irritation. She withdrew her leg and went back to her neutral pose.

“I’m impressed, you have some good training after all,” She said with a confident smile. Jack didn’t reply.

Clarissa felt a tinge of anger run through her. Whatever, she was done playing the waiting game. She dashed in, circumventing Jack’s defenses, and began raining blows upon him. Her jabs flew so fast she could hear them cut the wind. She smiled to herself; Jack wasn’t the only one with a background in boxing.

A few seconds went by, and Clarissa didn’t let up on her rain of jabs, but she quickly realized that none of them were getting solid hits. Some of them would strike a glancing blow, but the majority of them seemed to whizz right by him.
After a few more seconds she felt her stamina begin to dwindle. She slowed down her jabs.

“Wha-“ whatever she was about to say was cut off as a swift right straight from Jack hit her squarely in the face as soon as she opened her mouth.

Instinctively, she backed away, bringing one hand up to cup her face. She was dumbfounded; surprised she had taken a hit so easily. Had he merely been enduring her onslaught to tire her out?

Before she could think about it any longer, Jack began moving. He was on her in fractions of a second, ready to return fire for the all the blows he had to endure. Clarissa gritted her teeth in anger and began to will her limbs to move as fast as possible. She was able to completely dodge most of jabs, with the few that got through hitting her block harmlessly. However, unlike her, his jabs weren’t slowing down. If anything, it seemed like they were speeding up! How could this be? Did this puny human think he could outlast her in a battle of stamina? Fuck that.

In a fit of rage and exasperation, she shot out her leg in a quick sweep, intending to unbalance Jack from below. Instead, Jack’s hand shot out to meet her leg, catching her by the ankle. Before she had time to process the speed of the counter, Jack grunted and heaved upward. Clarissa felt and saw the world spin before eventually ending up on the ground on her back.

Her vision swam but she saw an object approach her vision from the corner of her eye and instinctively rolled out of the way as Jack’s curb stomp nearly missed her head. Huffing with exertion, Clarissa stood up and glared at Jack.

And he…smiled.

“You motherfucker!” She charged in, driven by anger and shame.

Jack calmly caught her wild punch with an open palm, his smile only growing. Desperately, Clarissa threw out her other fist, but Jack only caught it with his other palm. She snarled and pushed with her arms with all her might, willing her fists to move just an inch closer to Jack’s face. But her arms wouldn’t move. Her arms began shaking in place under the stress, but they would not move forward. It was like her fists were pushing up against rock walls.

Jack’s smile grew even wider. He bent his palms downward, twisting her wrists painfully. She was forced to kneel to due to the pain. Jack kept bending. Now she was on her knees, and their faces were level with each other. Imagine that, she thought grimly to herself, this human has brought me down to his level.

Jack smirked a little bit.

Then he head –butted her.

Clarissa felt a jolt of pain smash through her brain and black spots appeared in her vision. Jack let go of her fists as her limbs lost strength and she struggled to stay conscious. He grabbed a fist full of her hair to hold her up as her body began to slump. Her eyes watered as she did her best not to puke, cry, or scream. Any many who would head-butt an Oni, and WIN is not human, she thought.
“Do you admit defeat?” Jack said calmly as her mouth began to foam.

Clarissa considered refusing but the pain in her forehead destroyed all resistance.

“Yesh…” she managed to gargle out.

“Very good.” He said.

With a swift motion, he unzipped his jeans and removed his penis from its denim prison. He draped the semi-flaccid length of it across her face.

“Now, suck.” He commanded.

“W-what?!” She forced herself to moan, despite the ringing in her head. He couldn’t be serious?

Jack’s only response was to take his penis in his hand and rub the tip against her lips. He tugged on his fist full of her hair, causing her to hiss in pain. She got the message.

She reluctantly parted her lips, and allowed the human boy’s cock to invade her mouth. She felt her tongue involuntarily slide lazily across the glans and underside of the member, savoring the taste of his dick. Her eyes watered and her cheeks burned with shame but she couldn’t help the smell and taste of his cock permeating through her brain, slowly replacing the pain.

She felt the tip of his cock reach the back of her throat and opened her eyes in surprise. She expected to reach the end of his length by now. She saw that there were still a few inches left to go. She felt Jack tugging her onto his cock further and grunted pitifully in response. He only tugged harder.

She steeled herself as his cock slid into her throat. She did her best not to gag but was ultimately unsuccessful. She gagged and coughed around his cock but he only laughed and cooed in response. He forced his cock further into her tight throat.
Eventually, Clarissa felt her lips make contact with the base of Jack’s cock, kissing his pubic region. Heat radiated from his cock all throughout her mouth and throat, causing her brain to throb with a perverted kind of pleasure. Her cheeks flushed even more as she felt droplets of moisture begin to stain her denim shorts.

“Hey,” Jack said softening the grip on her hair, “Look at me.”

As per his command, Clarissa’s gaze flitted upwards to lock eyes with the man that had defeated and humiliated her.

Jack put rested both of his hand on the back of her head softly, “Good girl,” he said seductively.

Clarissa felt her face burn even hotter and her throat tightened in response. Even more shamefully, she felt her womb ache reflexively as he said those words.

Without any preamble, Jack gripped her head with both hands and began to roughly face-fuck her.

He sawed his entire girthy member in and out of her throat. Despite the discomfort, Clarissa found herself involuntarily suckling on his cock, unwilling to let it escape the confines of her mouth. As his member pulled out as far as it could, she increased the suction so that the tip could never quite break the seal with her mouth.

Jack shoved his entire length into her waiting throat and pressed her face into his groin, grunting slightly at the pressure. He did this several times, bobbing her head along his shaft, making sure to bury his length completely in her throat each time. Eventually his breath came ragged and he knew he was close.

“What a good whore,” he said with a grunt, “Time for your reward.”

With that, he slammed his cock all the way to the base and held Clarissa’s face in position, not that she minded. As soon as he felt his dick begin to pulse, her hand limply begin worming its way into her shorts to find her own release. As jet after jet of semen was pumped into her stomach, the only coherent thought that found its way through Clarissa’s mind was how much she wished she could taste the seed being poured into her.

After a few seconds of a prolonged orgasm, Jack began pulling his length out of Clarissa’s mouth with a satisfied sigh. She increased the suction as she felt the member leave her mouth until only the tip remained inside. Jack tugged lightly and broke the seal between his cock and her lips with a loud pop. Clarissa stared longingly at the cock in front of her face, seemingly disappointed as she licked her lips idly.


“So what happens now?” Clarissa asked in a muted grumble, her shame written on her face with an obvious blush.

She knew her crew would no longer follow her. She had lost to an intruder, a human no less. On top of that, she was defiled and humiliated in front of the entire crowd. A few of the members had already left, but she noticed a few of them seemed to be milling about, not sure of what was going to happen next.

“What happens now?” Jack repeated in mock ignorance. “Well now I guess I’m the new boss of Broken-bottle Lane.”

Jack leaned over and gave her ample bottom a loud smack, causing her to squeal in surprise and then glare at him in return.

“And ‘the Boss’ says to get on all fours, so let’s go.”

Clarissa would have liked to say she hesitated, but the truth is she complied with the order as quick as she could, presenting her rear to the young man as her breath came ragged and labored. Jack only smiled and smacked her ass again. She tried to ignore the drop of wetness that dripped down her thighs in response, but no avail.

She was completely, utterly defeated.

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