The Alpocalypse

Welcome to Doc’s Spooktober Shitpost Extravaganza where I am to write as many greentexts and other dumb things all with fun themes like the Zombie style Alpocalypse, Serial Killer Bogeys, Haunting of ghost girls, and of course, the Christmas invasion. Obviously this isn’t going to be like the rest of my writing but all the same, enjoy what you can. It’s meant to be silly, dumb and kind of nonsensical.

>Be me
>Last straight man on earth
>No that’s not to be taken lightly
>Let me back up 24 hours

>Was hanging out with my bros at the local dive
>Bartender’s name was Mark, lets us use the backroom for DnD and the likes
>We were in the middle of a sci-fi adventure when the disaster began
>Jerome was laughing when Mark burst into the game room and told us to get home or hole up with him
>Some Mamono had fucked up big time at the Sorcery Institute and created a mana cascade
>Since humans in general were pretty empty of mana, they began to soak it up in heaps
>Cities nearby the institute were on lockdown and ours was next in the fallout zone
>Hal asked what was so bad about mana
>Mark turned on the TV where in the place of the usual two news anchors, previously baseline humans Tom Pratwich and Gillain Corivan, now sat an Alp and a Lamia talking about where all the prime husbands were and how long they had to find them before the mana wave hit
>”If any of y’all were in the closet, now’s the time to come out.” joked Jerome.
>We all laughed at that joke except for Eric, the quiet accountant that had been attending our games recently
>He just coughed and looked at the TV while the countdown till the mana wave struck ticked down
>”Eric?” Asked Mark
>”It’s been fun guys…” Eric said as the mana wave washed over the city in a pink burst of light
>Before our very eyes, Eric began to change in front of us, his clothes tightened and his hair grew slightly
>It was like he had used the gender-swap filter on snapchat as he became a girlish facsimile of his former self
>”Heh… now brojobs are possible right guys?” said the Alped-Eric
>Jerome looked between me and Mark
>”It’s not gay now that he’s a girl right?” Asked Jerome as Eric touched him
>Jerome’s body shifted and changed all the same as Eric as his visage shifted from masculine to feminine
>”Fuck! Get back!” Yelled Mark as we began to run out of the back room
>We ran into the bar proper to see patrons fleeing from the patron who had Alped in the bathroom
>They menaced us as we ran, tempting us back with dirty bar bathroom sex
>Put on my best Leon Kennedy impression as I mouth to myself ‘no way fag’
>Me and Mark burst out on to the streets in chaos as freshly transformed humans tried to pick off those of us unaffected
>A jogger turned into a hellhound mid sprint only to tackle a man on a park bench
>A freshly formed alp plucked someone fleeing into the sky as they flew away
>”Anon, quick, we need to arm ourselves!” Mark yelled as he began to run down the city sidewalk
>”What the hell are we going to do to survive this?! You know that normal guns won’t work on Mamono!” I yell, chasing him
>”Idiot, the answer was always in front of you!” He said stopping in front of a children’s toy store, “It’s nerf or nothing”
>I stand in awe as he jumps through the window and beelines for the NERF section
>”Anon, you look like a nerf elite kind of guy” He says, throwing me a CS-10 dart gun with tactical rails and removable magazine
>”Mark what the fuck, foam ain’t going to stop an Alp!” I yell, holding the boxed nerf gun in hand
>An Alp jumps out from behind the register with promises of vigorous oral sex
>Mark, following true to his Nerf-bound defense, throws a Minecraft nerf foam sword at the Alp
>It falls over and yells “oh no… you got me!” and laughs playfully as it plays dead
>”It’ll stay like that for at least an hour, hurry up and load up if you want to stay alive” He says, throwing on the tactical Nerf vest with the motorized nerf ball launcher in hand
>I load my nerf rifle and give him a confused look, “Staying alive is a bit of a strong statement.. they’re just Mamono now” I say
>Mark gives me a dirty look, “When a man looses his dick, he might as well die.”
>Fuck he’s not wrong
>I sling my nerf rifle over my back, grab a backup nerf halo pistol and make sure I have both a nerf football and a nerf sword at my back
>Mark, as equally loaded up as me, nods for us to leave
>”Where the hell are we going to hold up? It’s not like we can just wait it out in your bar.” I ask as we approach the broken window
>”To the one place that will give us store-exclusive nerf chain guns and enough food to outlast this thing!” Mark says triumphantly as he held up his ball launcher
>”The Walmart across town!” Mark points out across the busy streets in the direction of the mega-Walmart that resided in town

>So yeah, things went south real fast
>I’ve been looking across the internet for any sign of normal humans left while I munch on a microwave warmed can of bush’s baked beans inside the giant warehouse of mega-Walmart
>It’s fun when you can just put the can in and watch it spark since you’ve got like sixty more microwaves on hand
>Mark would have loved this…
>I shake off my sorrows with my third Modelo of the morning to try to remember where I was in my recollection
>Oh yeah, Mark and I were running like hell on the streets when the first wave Mamono attacked us

>A fox girl tried to fluff Mark to death when he hit her over the head with the foam nerf hammer
>”Noo! my ears! You’re going to mess them up!” She yelled as she cowered on the sidewalk
>”Anon behind you!”
>I looked back to see an alp throw itself at me and snuggle up to my chest, “You know, mister, if you set down the nerf guns I can show you how playful we are…”
>I expect to turn in that moment when a foam dart hits the Alp’s head and it falls back on to the street, “Oh nooooo! I’ve been hit!”
>Mark looks at me with wide eyes as I inspect my unchanged form
>”Anon… I think you’re immune to this thing!” He says while looking me over, “No homo of course”
>”Does that mean I am the straightest man alive?” I ask while reloading my nerf rifle
>”They say sexuality is on a spectrum… it makes sense that there would be one person to be the straightest…”
>We both hear the Alp behind me start to get back up, “You guys sound like you could prove how striaght-”
>”You got hit! Getting up before the hour is over is against the rules!” Mark yelled
>”Oh… sorry… wait, what rules?” The alp asked confused
>I bonk the alp over the head with my foam sword, “The rules we made up, now play dead!”
>The alp lays down on it’s side and pouts
>”Hurry up, let’s get going before more come” I tell Mark
>We’re just a few blocks from the mega-Walmart when we pass a Toys R us
>”Mark, do you think they have those toy cars in there? we could hook up a nerf gun to one of ’em like the hajis!”
>He laughs as we make the detour, “Damn anon, that’s the kind of thinking that’s going to get us through this”
>We step through the automatic doors to the empty store
>”Damn no wonder these things are going out of business…” Mark says under his breath
>Beeline to the bike area and we both see it at the same time…
>The lone nerf Battle racer peddle cart
>”Awesome, Mark all we need to do is throw a wagon on the back for you and-”
>Mark looked at me in a blank expression of horror as feminine hands groped at his pants
>An Alp stood behind him with a sultry look
>Mark just said “I’m sorry Anon, good luck” before the change afflicted him
>I yelled at the top of my lungs in anguish as I watched my friend shift from the tired visage of a blonde barkeep to a buxom blonde bimbo
>”Oh anon, it’s not all that bad. Let’s just hang out at the bar with the rest of the guys!” Said the Alped Mark
>A tear streamed down my cheek as I drew my nerf pistol and planted the barrel firmly on FemMark’s forehead
>”I’m sorry too, Mark”
>I pulled the trigger as the foam dart bounced lightly off the Alp’s forehead and they fell limply to the ground
>”ouchie! you got me!” The blonde laughed with a ditzy chuckle on the ground
>The sultry Alp that had surprised Mark stood with a smug grin, “Your turn, big guy”
>I lower the Nerf pistol as they begin to approach me
>Once they get within arm’s reach I draw my nerf sword and begin to wildly swing it with fury
>The low density foam bounces off the Alp several times, as they fall on top of Alp Mark
>”Dang! too slow!” The alp cursed as they began to play dead on top of Alp Mark’s enormous tits
>I take in a deep breath and shed another tear for my lost friend
>Mega-Walmart would only be a dream for one of us
>With Mark’s nerf guns in hand, I put them on to the built-in nerf gun holsters across the peddle cart and hop in the seat
>The leg space is meant for a twelve year old, so my legs are cramped against myself like a clown on a too-small bike
>slowly peddle my way out of the store and never look back at the place my friend had died
>Just across the street was the blue haven we had strode for
>My lone trike slowly rode across the empty parking lot, across a small intersection and into the abandoned parking lot of Mega-Walmart
>Life will never be the same without the homies
>I pull up to the automatic doors and pull out my nerf rifle one-handed
>Slowly ride into the entryway
>Don’t see anyone
>Slowly ride in to the main store
>There’s discarded Walmart vests and it looks like people ran out of here in a hurry
>Shopping carts full of stuff were just left at checkout
>Cool time to fortify this position
>With Nerf sword slung over my back, I walk over to the pile of vests
>There’s a key for the security stuff on one of them
>Approach the security gate control when I hear something behind me
>Turn around with nerf sword drawn to see a manticore choking out an Alp who was reaching for me
>She drops the limp alp
>”Jesus Christ lady, did you just kill it?” I yell, startled
>”What the hell kind of a wuss are you with that foam stick? Damned things are everywhere and keep turning men into monsters!” The manticore spits back
>”You can just hit them with the foam and they stop fighting” I say, poking at the manticore’s exposed midriff with the foam
>”Are you fucking kidding me? Here I was getting groceries.. and a husband… and I thought it was a damned invasion!” The manticore curses
>I turn my attention back to the security gate and begin closing it only to draw the manticore’s ire, “Hey, not even a thank you?!”
>Could barely hear her whisper “by being my husband..” under her breath
>”Well, kick the Alp under the gate and then I can say thanks… but why aren’t you going crazy like the other Mamono?”
>The manticore plants a firm kick on the unconscious alp and it slides cleanly underneath the closing security gate, “Born Mamono, not one of those half human ones that just sprung up everywhere. Chased all those other ones out to try and save that guy but he Alped before I got to him.”
>Good to know, normal mamono aren’t wild like the transformed humans
>The security gate closes and I begin to walk over to the other entrance when a firm paw grips at my shoulder
>”I’ll stay with you. I don’t care if you won’t be my husband, I can’t risk letting a lone man be out here by himself…”
>I laugh at the notion, “Look, lady, I’m immune to those Alps. I’m just going to stay put until someone figures it out or there’s a safe haven for normal humans.”
>As I activate the other security gate, the manticore looks at me with some frustration, “I’m still staying with you!”
>”Never said you couldn’t. If you want to help me out, go lock the back doors while I go check on the loading bays. I still gotta be careful, if one of those alps gets on my dick, it’s game over.”
>The manticore strides off as her tail sways behind her
>Cool, friendly Mamono, she might come in handy later
>Let’s get this place secure

>The remainder of the day was spent turning the WalMart into a home with the help of the manticore
>Turns out her name’s Eris
>We used shelving units as walls and formed up an inner perimeter where we had cordoned off the bathrooms and break rooms
>Stuffed a few mattresses in the breakroom to make one giant bed
>Left most of the food stuff where it is but brought over some of the wardrobe section for what I could wear
>The manticore thought I was dumb to bring over all the nerf guns and set up firing lines with pre-loaded nerf weapons throughout the store
>And so, I finished the day with my microwave bean can and using one of the many laptops to search the internet for survivors or news of what’s happened in the comfort of the bean-bag pile
>Most major news outlets are saying that the mana wave swept the entire globe and that there may only be around a thousand men left in the world
>The Succubus Queen issued a statement asking for all men left in the world to hide until they could be rescued
>and that they would have the most important job of repopulating the earth with men
>She audibly licked her lips at that part
>The manticore suggested several times that we start now, but I told her that watching my friend turn into a bimbo did nothing for my libido
>I could see her tail spines flick outward as if she was about to spike me then and there but seemed to think better of it
>Suggest that we go to sleep in the mattress room and hope that at least one of the smarter Mamono figure out how to reverse the mana wave or stop it from spreading Alps
>Eris thinks it’s a good idea and we throw ourselves on the mis-matched bedding
>The day’s events weigh heavy on both my mind and soul
>I lost most of my friends today to the Alpocalypse or so the news is calling it
>I hardly noticed Eris slowly moving closer to my side until she was practically on top of me
>”We can’t let the demon queen’s orders go unfollowed, Anon” She said while pinning me
>I felt a spike in my upper thigh as her tail brushed against me

>I awoke to the smell of sweat and lovemaking juices soaking the mattress below me
>Eris was at my side with her arm draped over me
>Given the venom-addled haze I had just experienced, I was unsure of how long it had been since I had attempted to go to sleep
>I seem to recall us performing the act several times…. no… tens of times..
>Eris had been serious when she meant to repopulate
>I draw upon my phone that was haphazardly tossed into a corner along with several articles of our clothing to see Alpocalypse 2025: Survivor Estimate headlining most major news sources
>Estimates now sat in the hundreds rather than the thousands
>Expert Mamono say that the human race will cease to exist soon
>I could already be the last man on earth
>Forced manticore gf stirs as I am faced with my own species extinction
>she smiles and tells me that I did my duty well
>I just sit there worried about the end of humanity
>A notification pops up on my phone
>’To all remaining male humans, make your way to Charlotte North Carolina. This is a safe haven for men. We are set up in the NASCAR hall of fame. Make your way here. Do not trust any Mamono’
>Cool, a safe haven, but they just broadcast it to the whole world
>They better have a nerf arsenal to hold off the alps
>”Eris, I need to go to North Carolina-”
>”Of course, husband. I will come with you, only to ensure that the repopulation effort goes well.” She smiles
>”Oh, I’m your husband now?” I ask coyly
>”I laid claim to you, but I know it won’t last if we are to follow the Demon Queen’s orders” Eris says disappointedly
>”Well that makes you a step below a hellhound in terms of possessiveness.. I hope this North Carolina thing isn’t a trap”
>She smiles as she releases me from her bed-bound cuddling “Oh Anon, let’s enjoy the adventure, we have been given a quest to save humanity.”
>Her bare chest is made apparent as we both get up from the ruined mattress
>”I’ll see if we can pull up a semi truck to the back and we can load it up with everything we need for the trip. I’m sure they’ll be forgiving of your presence if we have enough supplies.”
>She smiles as she retrieves the top she had tossed aside, “Then I will be ready to load up what you desire”
>Maybe manticore wife won’t be so bad after all
>With foam sword placed on my back, I go to the loading bays
>Start to open the bays one by one until I find a bay with a truck already parked at one
>Thank god, I don’t think I could have backed one up
>It’s got like one pallet of children’s clothes left inside
>Grab the nearby pallet jack and drag it out
>Cool now how the fuck am I going to get hundreds of cans of beans in here
>Lo and behold the answer was behind me
>I saw OSHA have nightmares about this exact scenario
>Safety managers everywhere felt a disturbance as my actions set in
>An untrained man glimpsed a forklift and knew that he had to drive it
>I could have sworn I saw a safety first sign fall off the wall as I approached the forklift
>The operator left the keys on the seat, time to get working
>Turn on the forklift and begin to practice driving it around
>Not much of an issue, it’s actually pretty intuitive once you get the hang of it
>All we have to do now is take the veritable load of supplies and pack it for a road trip up the coast
>It’ll be roughly 1800 miles by my guess
>Call me trucker Anon since I’ll be haulin’ my ass to safety
>Time to find Eris and fill up the truck

>Eris had demanded another night of venom driven lovemaking after we had loaded up the truck with a variety of canned food, medical supplies, drinks, and pretty much anything that wouldn’t spoil on the two or three day drive
>I awoke that morning extremely dehydrated and again, atop a bed soiled with sweat the fluids from me and Eris
>Manticore venom is quite the experience…
>It’s high time I set out for sanctuary
>As we leave our little love nest behind I pull up my phone to find the number to the NASCAR hall of fame
>Surprisingly, power, water and internet have all stayed stable so someone’s still keeping the world alive
>I pull up the latest social media site, MonsterBook, and get to sleuthing
>Briefly, I let myself get distracted by various posts from what look like normal humans only to read about how unfair it is that they have to go to work still without husbands
>See some ‘run to area 51’ style posts about Charolette but nothing more than shitposting new mamono being shitposters
>Eventually I find the phone number I was looking for and call
>The dial tone sat heavy in the air as I waited for someone to pick up
>I hear a click and silence, but the call isn’t disconnected according to my phone
>”Hello?” I ask
>A male voice breathes relief, “Oh thank god, I thought it was another one of those freaks asking us to come out. You a survivor?”
>”Yeah… I’m prepping to drive up north to you guys… I’m immune to the Alp’s touch so I hope someone up there is smart enough to put that to use”
>The voice seems to choke back surprise and briefly calls out to another person
>”Alright then, What’s your name, son?”
>I can hear someone snatch the phone from the guy I was talking to
>A commanding female voice takes the place of the other guy, “Listen here Anon, if you are immune, get here as quickly as possible. If we’re going to undo this, I need you here.”
>I stay quiet for a moment before asking, “Are you a Mamono?”
>The female voice lets out a sigh, “No shit Anon, the warning was to stay away from all of us because there’s no way to tell between the crazier new screw-you-silly-on-the-streets mamono and us older ones at a first glance. Just get here as fast as you can. The longer we wait, the less likely it is to undo this.”
>I glance to Eris, who has a knowing look draped over her otherwise beautiful face
>”Alright, It’s a two or three day drive, but I’ll try to get there. I have supplies I’ll be bringing with me. Say… who actually set up this whole sanctuary thing anyways?”
>The female voice seems to grow frustrated with my questions but answers it regardless, “The demon queen herself established it. She’s already leading the repopulation effort to cultivate men, but we might not have to do that anymore if we can reverse the Alps.”
>”And what about the human girls that turned Mamono?”
>”That’s a secondary objective, less important. We can bring humans back in a few generations if we can save enough men.”
>I’m left feeling a little unsettled at her dry and clinical assessment of temporary extinction, but shrug it off for now, “Alright then… See you in a day or two… Ma’am”
>”It’s Orphilla”
>The call ends and I am left with Eris’s waiting eyes
>”You look like you know something about the call, what’s up Eris?”
>She furrows her brow, “Bitch is a Kitsune… could hear it in her voice.”
>”What’s wrong with fox girls?” I ask, unknowing to the spite that Eris unloads
>”Can’t trust those stuck up assholes, always trying to be in charge and control men with their tails and-”
>I let out a laugh that stops Eris in her tracks
>”What?” She scowls
>”I didn’t know there was so much bad blood between you and kitsunes”
>”Manticores in general don’t get along with them… they like to hoard men.”
>I enter into the loading bays with Eris at my heels, “Good to know”
>I’m about to pull the truck keys off the keyring next to the bay doors when I hear a voice from outside
>It’s clearly the tone of those alps
>I freeze and Eris tilts her head to listen closer
>”I’m telling you, it’s coming from over here… it’s boysmell!”
>The dim voice of the alp is clear to both me and Eris as we realize our hiding spot was compromised
>Not that it mattered anyways, we were about to leave, but still…
>”I smell it too! Boysmell! Boysmell!”
>God damned alps
>I draw on my nerf sword and draw close to the rear exit door
>Eris rolls her eyes and walks over to the door
>I whisper a countdown, “Three.. two… one…”
>We burst out the back of the door and surprise the three alps that were sniffing around the back
>One of them looks to be in absolute glee and yells “BOYSMELL!”
>The other two yell in terror at the enraged manticore that is pouncing at them
>Since the alp’s touch doesn’t do anything to me, I simply walk up to the alp and bonk it over the head with the sword
>Eris is chasing the other two around like scared children escaping a Pitbull named ‘flowers’ or some shit
>While the yells of terrorized alps fills the air nearby, I unlock the large white semi truck and start to look around inside
>Whoever used this truck last kept it mighty clean
>It’s got that fake leather interior with a decorative wood strip across the dash, relatively clean seats, a decently sized bed behind it, a microwave and a minifridge.
>Fuck’n sweet
>There’s a corporate card chilling on the dash, will come in handy for filling up
>Always wondered how it’d be to live in one of these things
>”Eris just chase the fuckers off and let’s get going!” I yell
>As I’m figuring out how to turn on the truck, the yelling ceases and Eris hops in the passenger side, letting her tail drape across her thighs
>We shut our doors in unison as I let the engine roar to life
>”Well… Eris, you ready?”
>”Of course, Anon.”
>The engine spurs with activity as I begin to pull us out of the loading bay to the main street
>That’s when I notice something off…
>There’s cars on the road
>”What in the…”
>Eris reaches her paw across to my hand to tell me to stop
>”They’re still living like everything is fine…” Eris says under her breath
>”If they see me, it’s going to be hard to keep Alps off of us…”
>Me and Eris exchange looks and I unbuckle my seatbelt, “Why don’t you take the wheel?”
>”Me?! What makes you think I’d be a good driver?”
>”Look, if an Alp sees me and we pull in to a gas station and they subdue me… that could be the end of it! No more cure! No more husband!”
>She sighs and slides over to take the wheel, but brushes her tail across my chest, “Only because you are my husband… but you will owe me” She says, extending her spines just for a secondary
>oh no… what ever shall I do….
>”Wait, have you ever driven one of these before?” I ask, sliding in to the rear bed
>”No… but I at least have as much experience as you do..”
>”You mean none?”
>I sigh as she puts on the trucker hat that sat on her headrest that read ‘I like my trucks like I like my gals, BIG’ and pulled up to the intersection
>”It’s just a big car, right?” She asks as we pull out into the road

>Eris got us the first couple hundred miles unscathed but for a few close calls with lane changes and some unsafe drivers
>We pulled off in a truck stop for the night when I had offered to drive, at least at night so it would be harder to see me in the drivers seat
>Eris thought this was a great idea and planted a firm kiss on my forehead as I climbed up to the seat
>She lays in the bed and I’m tempted to climb back there, only the sense of not wanting to ruin another mattress kept me from doing so
>And thus I drove for the next four hours along the I-75 in the dead of night
>The GPS told me I had at least another two hours along before the home stretch to Charlotte, which should take another five to eight hours
>That’s when I heard the clattering on the top of the truck’s roof
>Check mirrors and don’t see much until I use the trailer cam
>There’s three alps that just jumped off a motorbike on to the back of the trailer
>Roll down the window and I can hear them calling to each other about sensing guy mana outside the zone
>”Eris, I got an Alp problem!” I yell back to the beautifully sleeping manticore
>She stirs from her sleep and drags herself up to the passenger seat
>”Fucking hell, how’d they figure us out?” She says, rubbing the sleep from her eyes
>”Don’t know, but one of us should get up there and get rid of them”
>She looks at me like I’m stupid
>”Anon, just swerve a bit, that’ll dump ’em off”
>I gesture to the trailer cam, “We’re fully loaded, if I do it too hard, we lose the trailer or we roll and die.”
>”I’ll do it, I’ve got the wings” Eris says, rolling down the passenger side window
>”Take the sword, you’ll need it!” I call, handing over the foam sword
>She again looks at me like I’m stupid, but takes it anyways
>In the darkness of the unlit and unpopulated interstate, the lone markers of the road flash by as Eris pulls herself up on to the roof of the truck
>I can see some of it from the side mirror, but my view is limited to upper torsos
>One of the alps calls out, “We can smell him on you, Manti! We need boys… boysss!”
>Eris holds up the foam sword as if unsure to it’s effect as the alps close in
>”You fucking alps just don’t know when you’re outmatched” Eris screams over the rushing wind atop the semi-truck
>One of the alps clumsily lunges but didn’t expect the wind shear to drag him to the back of the trailer
>The others try and rush Eris
>She firmly kicks one off the side of the trailer and they tumble off in to the night
>Alps are durable enough… hope that one didn’t die
>Eris tries to swipe at the other one with the foam sword but the wind shear is too much for it to stay upright
>The alp weakly hugs her leg and starts laughing, “Got you!”
>She just jabs the alp with the foam sword and they let go, pretending to go limp
>Watch as the alp slowly slides down the back of the trailer
>”Are they going to get up?” I call back
>Eris shrugs
>The alps slides off the back of the trailer and I watch them roll into the road on the trailer cam
>Okay, that might have hurt a little
>The last alp picks itself up from the back of the trailer and begins to approach
>I look ahead and see an incoming overpass
>”Eris! Bridge!”
>She throws herself against the trailer and the overpass sweeps overhead
>Hear a smack as the last alp is swept off the roof of the truck like a bug against windshield wipers
>Okay, that one probably got a little hurt
>They’ll be fine though.. right?
>Hear Eris laugh as she climbs back into the cabin of the truck, “Oh shit… that noise..”
>She closes the window and we’re back to the silence of the cab
>”Nice moves… but I hope you didn’t kill any of them, in case we fix this whole thing”
>Eris leans back in the passenger seat, “They really don’t put up much of a fight… it’s a shame. At least it felt cool.”
>”Good to know you enjoy that kind of thing… Hopefully we won’t have to do it again”
>”Yeah, well, we’ve still got a decent amount of time before we hit Charlotte. Might have to do it a few more times” Eris chuckled cutely
>”We’ll see”

>The GPS indicated that we were 10 mins from the outside of the city when I spotted the first indication of trouble
>A massive dome of magic shone brightly in the distance
>But that wasn’t what was concerning
>The small black shapes that surrounded the road in was what set off alarms for me
>We drove closer and closer and it was easy to see that it was a mass of alps
>thousands upon thousands brayed and climbed over one another to try and press themselves against the barrier as if getting inches closer brought them some amount of pleasure
>No doubt that some of the alps already saw us as the crowd began to shift as we grew ever closer
>”Fucking hell, Anon, what are we going to do?” Eris asked, sitting forward in disbelief
>”Uh… I got an idea… but it’s kind of dumb”
>”Fuck it, I’ll take anything at this point”
>I slow down as we approach the tide of alps
>We’re a hundred yards from the barrier when they completely surround us
>Each alp magnetizes to our truck and I bring the semi from a slow crawl to a stop
>”I hope you know what you’re doing anon…”
>”Me too”
>I grab the megaphone that was sitting on the floor of the truck and roll down the window just enough to fit it outside the cab
>Eager alp arms reach in with lecherous motions enacted on their hands
>Begin to speak through the megaphone
>”Attention alps, we have a Nerf football. Rules made up by me and my friend Mark, goddess rest his alp’d soul, say that when the ball hits the ground, it’s a nuke! Back away or else I will be forced to use it!”
>Eris smacks her head as if I just said the most stupid thing alive
>”good god anon, that’s never going to work”
>As if on cue the alps begin to back away from the truck in mock fear
>I begin to start driving forward slowly as they retreat
>”You’re fucking kidding me” Eris says as we reach the barrier
>The truck passes through the magic barrier and we enter the city limits as first light begins to dawn on the horizon
>Police cars flashing their lights begin to approach our truck as we slowly move further into town
>Slow the truck to a stop as I hear the voices of men yell for us to get out of the truck from the police intercoms
>That’s the sound of relief baby
>Step out of the truck with Eris and a few police march up to us with weapons handy
>One of them speaks, “Are you the survivor we talked to? The guy that’s immune?”
>”Yeah, I’m Anon”
>The officer reaches out his hand, “I’m Sheriff Jack, Spoke to you over the phone before Orphilla took it. We better get you to her and the demon queen quick”
>Eris stays quiet as I shake Sheriff Jack’s hand, “Sheriff, I’ve got supplies of all kinds loaded in my truck, just get us somewhere you guys can start unloading it and then I’ll speak to whoever”
>He nods, “Then I’ll escort you in, Nice to finally see you in person, Anon.”
>We each make for our own vehicles and I get into the truck cabin
>Eris looks to me and smiles, “If they fix it.. will you still stay my husband, Anon?”
>I am caught a little off guard by the question but I nod, “Of course, Eris”
>”Thank you, Anon” Eris says as the engine roars to life
>I follow the cop cars into town and we park in front of the NASCAR building, a large silvery circular building with quite the large set of windows out front
>There’s tents and campers spattered along the normally open concrete out front
>It’s all guys, mostly single, some with Mamono nearby
>Notice that it’s disproportionately succubi
>I stop the truck and see a bunch of guys start to approach the truck
>Exit the truck to see most of them staring at me, the newest addition to their manly shanty town
>”Gentlemen, I bring beans, beer and bandages!”
>They all cheer as Sheriff Jack approaches my perch from the cab
>”They’ll handle it, son. Orphilla and the queen are waiting inside” He says, rolling his hand to tell me to get a move on
>Me and Eris hop down and make our way through the tent city
>Most of the side streets and street-level areas are occupied by clusters of tents and campers like the ones out front
>I would say it’s like the streets of California, but these streets seemed cleaner
>I enter in to the large glass doors and follow the Sheriff in to the large circular hall
>A large, pink-skinned succubus sits suspended in the air surrounded by succubi in the center of the race car filled room
>Some of the girls have taken up poses as if they were waiting for someone special to tempt
>A tired looking kitsune with orange tinted hair and tails stands upright with a lab coat draped over her traditional clothing
>The large succubus’s voice echoes throughout the hall with a seductive quality that made me want to worship her body right then and there
>”Sheriff… you have found him?”
>The Sheriff drops to his knees to look upon the beauty that was the demon queen, “Yes my queen, this is Anon. The immune one.”
>”Orphilla, take him and his mate to begin your tests. For my daughters to survive, they will need more men”
>The tired kitsune looks up to the queen slowly as if unaffected by the radiant field she emitted and influenced only by her fatigue
>”Sure…” She says, striding over to me and firmly taking my hand
>The kitsune says in a monotone voice, “this way” while leading me quickly down a back hallway further into the hall of fame
>Eris follow suit and we enter into the older exhibits where a makeshift lab had been set up
>Race cars were covered in tarps as mobile surgery theaters took shape and scientific equipment replaced central exhibits
>”So, Orphilla… how long have you been working on a cure?” I ask as she releases me next to a medical examination bed
>”Since this whole thing started… nonstop” She says in the same monotone voice
>”Take off your clothes… and you, Manticore, I need to borrow a few spines” Orphilla says, pointing at Eris
>Eris holds her tail close before timidly approaching and exposing her spines
>The kitsune plucks two of the spines as Eris winces and approaches me
>She rolls the spines around in her hand before saying, “Don’t interfere please, I need to examine him”
>Orphilla stabs one of the spines in to my thigh and the other into herself
>My mind is instantly clouded and before I know it, my clothes are off and I’m inside the kitsune
>She is on top of me and begins to ride me aggressively
>My mind gets all fuzzy as round after round starts to blur together

>I awake in the arms of Eris on a cot across the makeshift lab
>The kitsune is working diligently, bereft of all clothing and parts of her plastered in cum
>She bends over as if to show off her rear at a terminal
>”Thank you, Anon. The samples you provided have given me quite the insight into a cure…”
>Eris begins to awaken and Orphilla lazily drapes the lab coat over her naked form
>I ask, “What did you figure out… and why did I have to fuck you for it?”
>She gives a tired smile, “I like to have a personal touch to my research”
>After a second of silence, she continues, “You are in fact the straightest man alive. Your seed is potent with what I’m just going to call ‘straight energy’ for ease of explanation. You need to insert that ‘straight energy’ into the alps to fix them.”
>Orphilla can see my expression and sighs, “You need to fuck the alps and they’ll return to normal”
>I stutter in disbelief, “Wha, whu, what do you mean? That’s gay, I’ll alp!”
>”Exactly, you are so straight that you won’t even touch anything remotely related to a guy… hence why exposing alps to your energy internally will cure them.” She continues
>Eris finally pipes up, “No way, you’re not exposing anon to alps like that!”
>Orphilla sighs and pulls out a test tube of white fluid, “One of the many samples that Anon provided… watch”
>She pulls back a curtain to show us an alp that’s restrained in an isolated chamber
>The kitsune types in a code to release the door and pulls out an injection gun
>She lazily loads the sample and places the injector just inside the entrance of the alp’s pussy
>I hear a quick hiss as the fluid gets shot inside and the alp lets out a pleasurable moan
>Slowly, the alp begins to shift back to an older guy and his original clothing
>I say the only thing on my mind, “Fuck, you’re not joking”
>Orphilla nods
>I get out of the cot and leave Eris to pace around the lab, “I need to think about this… I can’t ever go back to saying I’m straight again…”
>The kitsune lets her barely covered body show a bit more from the lab coat’s opening, “Ask the queen herself, I think she will have a proposal amenable to you…”
>I stubbornly pace my way back to the large circular hall
>The demon queen sits in the air with a smile as gentle as a kitten on her face, “Welcome back Anon, do you think you will be able to provide our salvation?”
>I sigh as my hands rest on my hips, “I’m not sure… It’s something I won’t be able to come back from… ever”
>She tilts her head with the intoxicating smile plastered on her unbothered face, “Then I have a proposition for you.”
>I look up expectantly, “what?”
>”Two nights with me, to save as many men as you can. One before, one after you cure one million men” She says, placing her arms underneath her ample chest to plump up her breasts
>Her aura is beyond seductive, it’s intoxicating
>”yes.. my queen” I say, drunk on her beauty
>”Then my minion, start your hero on his quest” She says looking over my shoulder
>I look confused at her for a second before I turn around
>Eris is standing behind me and jabs me with a spine as I face her
>A lewd grin falls across her face, “I get to be with the savior of humanity…”
>The fog of the venom begins to grip at me with a strength I’ve never felt before
>I catch glimpses of the queen giving me pleasure beyond imagination
>My world becomes a sin-fed fest of lewd glimpses as I fade away

>> Anon, sustained by the energy of the demon queen’s blessing and manticore venom, would go on to cure thousands in his first year.
>> During the time he spent outside the barrier, Anon fathered three children, One to Eris, One to Orphilla, and one to the demon queen herself.
>> To this day, seventeen years after the alp apocalypse, Anon is still spreading his cure, fed by the unwavering supply of mana from the demon queen.
>> Some estimates say that he will never survive the withdrawal or will ascend to be a demon king given the amount of mana that he’s absorbed.
>> No one knows for certain, but his sacrifice restored the males of the human race.
>> It is likely that through selective breeding, females can be cultivated and reintroduced with mamono closer to humans such as elves.
>> Efforts are ongoing but the world has slowly began to return to normal.


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