Teacher’s Pet

The sun shone lazily through the classroom window, the cool midday spring light reflecting off of her glasses as she walked between the desks of her students; her hooves muffled slightly by the hard carpeting that every school seems to have. She didn’t even need to look at the kitsune to know her reaction when she got the results of the most recent test back: a perfect 100. The young fox was one of her best students, if not the best student she’s had. A soft smile plays across the teacher’s face as she gives another student back their test. The hellhound wasn’t the brightest, but the hakutaku was told that the hellhound’s boyfriend had helped her study, giving her the motivation she needed to do well in a class she’s always struggled with. She made a mental note to give him an excused absence for the next day or two in one of her other classes, considering the hellhound would probably want a reward from her mate, if the soft pinging of her bushy tail smacking against the metal supports of her chair’s backrest as it wags to and fro rapidly was any indication. The hakutaku’s expression darkened slightly though as she got to the back corner of the room, a big fat red 60 percent mark at the top of the paper.

The student it belonged to wasn’t dumb, considering he could easily be one of the top students in her class if he just put his mind to it. He just seemed to be barely motivated, always daydreaming about something or doing something with his phone when he thought she wasn’t looking. She sighed wistfully as she handed him his paper, noticing that he barely even glanced at the bold symbols at the top before turning his attention to something else in the room.

The last few minutes of the lesson go by uneventfully, the taste of summer vacation on the student’s lips as they fawn over prospective college choices or plans for the weekend as Friday finally ends for them. Almost immediately after the final bell of the day rings, hooves, claws, feet, serpentine bodies, wings, and other forms of locomotion filling the room with a dull buzz as everyone makes a mad dash out the door to freedom, at least for the weekend. The student in the back with barely passing grade on his test slowly gets up from his desk before the hakutaku speaks up.

“Could you wait for a moment Scott? I need to talk to you for a moment.” she says.

“What is it Ms. Feng?”

“It’s about your performance on the most recent test, or rather the lack of. You’re smarter than that. You know you’re smarter than that. I know it, and so do your parents.” she starts. “You never seem to be motivated to actually try and do the work. It’s like you don’t care if you graduate and get into a good college or get a good job, but your parents do, Scott.”

Scott leans up against the table next to him, crossing his arms and looking at her cautiously. “I don’t really see how my grades matter to them, considering they only really seem to care about is screwing each other thanks to my mom getting turned into a succubus.”

“Well they do care, which is why after the parent/teacher conference a few months ago they decided you needed some extra help. I’m going to be your tutor starting next Saturday.” she says, making Scott sigh in frustration.

“Can I go now?” Scott asks impatiently.

“Yes, you may leave. Oh, and Scott?” Ms. Feng calls out as he leaves the room. “At least try to improve your behavior in class.”

“Yeah, whatever. At least I can pretend that my parents aren’t doing it again while you’re helping me against my will.” Scott grumbles as he adjusts the strap of his backpack on his shoulder and leaves the room.


“Which one did she say it was again?” the sybaritic demon calls out as she scans the houses that are slowly passing by through the car windshield.

“The one with the bonsai garden in the front, next to the driveway with the car that looks like a hybrid.” the succubus’ son responds.

“Ah, here we are.” Scott’s mother says as she turns into the smooth driveway of Scott’s homeroom teacher, and now most recently tutor, Ms. Feng. “Odd how there’s only one car in the driveway.”

“That would imply she’s ‘Mrs. Feng’, not ‘Ms. Feng’. And as far as I know, she doesn’t have a husband.”

“Well that’s a shame. She’s a nice woman.” Scott’s mother responds, giving him a kiss on the cheek as he exits the car. “I’m off to go pick up your father for our little date night. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be careful going home!” she says, leaning out the driver’s side window as she backs out of the driveway of the hakutaku’s home before turning back the way she came.

“Thanks mom.” Scott mumbles as he looks at the daunting façade of his teacher’s house. “Might as well get this over with.” he declares to no one in particular, feet crunching on the gravel path leading from the driveway to the front porch as he makes his way to the front door.

A few smaller plants and flowers sit in ceramic pots on the railing separating the front porch from the yard, a few stalks of bamboo on either side of the steps. The front door is made of a simple dark oak wood, and Scott runs his thumb over the faint patina of the brass Chinese dragon head ordaining the doorbell before pressing the button. Several seconds pass before he hears the home’s owner walking towards the door, soft clopping noises reverberating off the hardwood floor before his new tutor, Ms. Feng, opens the door.

Scott’s only seen her wear komon kimonos, typically colored in a flat, earthy green from the ankle up before blending into a dark teal around the waist area with golden yellow trim along the entire edge. This time is no different, except her dress is more of a burnt orange with off-white trim. He also notes that she’s not wearing her mortarboard, allowing her knee-length cream-colored hair free to move about as her small ivory horns and floppy cow ears stick out of the side of her head. The single thick black highlight of her hair is draped over her bosom, and as Scott stares at her chest he notices that it’s large enough to make succubi and even a few holstaur jealous. The shaggy fur on her legs and equally unkempt fluffy tail rustle slightly as a breeze passes by.

“Well hello Scott, I’m glad you showed up today.” the hakutaku says.

“Not like I had much of a choice Ms. Feng.” Scott grumbles.

“Please, call me Mei. Since we’re going to be spending more time together, we might as well be on a first name basis. Oh, where are my manners? Come in Scott, come in!” Mei urges before turning around to walk back into her home.

Scott can’t help but stare at her hips as they sway back and forth ever so slightly under her orange robe, and he shakes his head to clear his thoughts before stepping over the threshold of Mei’s home. Being mindful not to make a mess and track in dirt, he wipes his shoes off on the doormat before taking them off and looking around the foyer. There’s little art or photos on the white walls, and the few pictures that are up are almost entirely all about nature; cherry trees on a river bank with cherry blossom petals on the water, a village of simple two-story pagodas with Mt. Fuji in the distance, a traditional fishing scene. Noticing the tea set on the short, stubby table in what he presumes to be the living room, Scott walks in just as Mei appears from around the corner with a kettle of hot water.

“Please, sit.” Mei says as she sits down on the cushion situated on the floor opposite Scott. “Tea?”

“No thanks.” he responds, following the hakutaku’s lead, sitting down cross-legged on the padding. “So when are we going to start the whole ‘tutoring’ thing?”

“I thought we could simply get to know each other a little bit more for the first session. Ease into things if you will.” Mei says, blowing on her tea before sipping lightly and sighing contently as the beverage slips past her lips. “Everyone has their own learning style, and it wouldn’t do you or I much good if I taught you the wrong way.”

“I suppose.” Scott muses, looking around the room. “I thought the hakutaku was part of Chinese lore, not Japanese.” he says as Mei takes another sip of tea.

“Well that is true Scott, but my parents moved to Japan shortly before I was born, and I grew up there.”

“Before moving to the U.S. and becoming a teacher.” Scott finishes.

“Precisely. Even with only a few facts, you can figure out the bigger picture Scott.” Mei smiles. “You just need to learn to apply that to your schoolwork.”

“Whatever.” he sighs. “I assume your parents still live in Japan?”

“Correct. My mother’s a retired geisha and my father owns a small company that makes traditional kimonos. He used to do almost all the work himself, but now he just manages the company while a few Arachne girls do all the sewing and textile work.”

“My father’s always been a boring office peon.” Scott chuckles. “I don’t think my mom’s worked a day in her life outside of when she was in high school. She’s always been that stay-at-home-wife kind of girl.”

“How did they meet?” Mei asks.

“I dunno, I just assumed the usual dating in high school or college before getting married and having a kid.”

“And your mother?” Mei inquires.

“What about her?” Scott responds.

“How she turned.” Mei says, pouring herself some more tea.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Scott grunts.

“That’s alright, it’s a sensitive topic for you. I apologize.” Mei says. “I was thinking if I knew about your past a little bit more, I could help you learn more.”

“Well I’m fine.” Scott retorts.

A few hours later after talking about various topics, Scott gets up from his seat on the floor, rubbing his calf as his legs regain feeling after being crossed over each other for a while. The sky outside has turned to a rich mixture of orange, yellow, pink, and purple as the sun slowly coasts below the horizon, and Scott nearly bumps into Mei as he finishes tying his shoes.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry Scott!” Mei exclaims, brushing off invisible dirt from his pants as she looks him over for injuries.

“I’m fine Ms. Feng.” he says, looking up at her golden yellow eyes in an attempt to not stare at the small amount of her cleavage that got exposed.

“Are you sure?” she pleads. “Do you need me to drive you home?”

“Yes, I’m sure and no, I can find my way back.” Scott says.

A look of worry crosses Mei’s face before she sighs. “Well alright. But be careful Scott.”

“Don’t worry Ms. Feng, I will.” he calls back as he walks down her driveway before heading down the street.


Scott looked up the driveway at his tutor’s modest home, the slightly fading paint reminding him of why he was there again for a third time. The first two times he was at his hakutaku homeroom teacher’s house, they simply talked about everyday things and their interests. But at the end of the second session Mei told him that she’d actually start teaching him from now on, something he wasn’t really looking forward to doing.

“It can’t be too bad I suppose.” he contemplates as he walks to the front door. “It’s not like she’s going to give me a college entrance exam and tell me I have two hours to finish it.”

After ringing the doorbell, Scott leans against the porch railing, waiting for Mei to answer the door. Several seconds later, he tries it again before waiting some more. Just as he’s about to reach for the doorbell a third time, Mei opens the door in nothing but a fluffy pink bathrobe. Her long, flowing hair is hidden by the soft towel currently wrapped around her head, and the front of her bathrobe is mostly open, revealing a fair amount of her creamy skin and breasts.

“Oh my, sorry about that Scott. I must’ve lost track of time after finishing up in the garden.” the hakutaku says meekly.

“Uh, th-that’s alright Mei.” Scott stutters, trying to look at anything other than his teacher.

“Why don’t you go sit down in our usual spot, and I’ll finish up in a few minutes.” Mei responds before letting Scott inside.

In their “usual spot”, Scott notices that Mei left out a kettle of tea, two ceramic teacups complete with individual saucers, and a full chess set of all things. The tea things he could understand, since Mei seemed to judge their time together based on how much tea was left in the kettle, but the chessboard confuses him. Why would she leave it out on the table? Was she planning on using it in her lesson with him, or did she have company over earlier but forgot to put it away? Shrugging to himself, Scott sits down at the table and pours himself some tea before pouring some for his monstergirl tutor. A short while later, Mei comes back out into the room wearing a light green kimono with flowers on it, and she sits down opposite Scott.

“Thank you for pouring me some tea Scott.” Mei says before taking a sip. “Are you ready for today’s lesson?”

“Yeah, but I don’t really understand. What’s the chess set for?” he asks.

“I thought we could start off with a little game or two. You do know the rules, correct?”

“Yes.” Scott says, looking at the chess board.

“Good.” Mei states, taking another sip of tea before starting the first move.

Time seems to fly by for Scott as he and his tutor play chess, occasionally taking a drink of tea or refilling their cup. The only sound in the room is the ticking of the clock on the wall or the occasional slurp of tea, and Scott starts fidgeting in his seat as he grows more and more impatient as the game goes on. Eventually, his restlessness gets the better of him and Mei calls out her victory.

“Checkmate Scott.” Mei says, a smug grin on her face.

“Yeah, whatever.” he grumbles back as they reset the board.

The second game is more or less like the first. In the beginning, Scott does decently against his hakutaku opponent, but as the game drags on he gets frustrated before eventually losing. Mei chides him again for losing so easily before they start a new game. This time however, Scott loses almost immediately, throwing his hands up in the air in frustration.

“God, this is such bullshit!” he exclaims, almost knocking the near-empty tea kettle over onto the floor.

“Calm down Scott. You need to think. Each move you make influences the entire rest of the game. On top of that, what you do before picking up the piece matters.” Mei says.

“And what does that have to do with anything?”

“Your actions have consequences, just as much as how you carry out said actions. You don’t do well in high school, you don’t graduate. You don’t graduate, you either get held back a year, or drop out and get a G.E.D.” Mei says, counting off on her fingers. “If one of those two things happen, then your parents would be disappointed, you wouldn’t be able to get into a good college, and you’d struggle to live on your own, if it were even possible. On top of that, it would be difficult to support a family if you chose to have one.”

“You’re teaching me through metaphors?” Scott asks with a heavy sigh, wiping his face with one hand.

“Precisely. You need to think about how the action you’re about to do is going to affect not only you, but everyone around you. Not only that, but your actions will influence their future, and their actions will influence yours.”

“Ripples in a pond…”

“Exactly.” Mei smiles. “Ready to play again?”

Scott nods, and the two work to set up the board again. This time however, Scott pauses for longer than he previously did, thinking about his next move and how the monstergirl sitting across from him might react. Mei smiles softly as her lesson finally seems to take hold, and she intently watches as Scott makes his first move. The clock ticks on, the minutes rolling by as Scott and Mei battle it out on the prefabricated board. A few hours later, Scott finally sees the opening he’s been waiting for, and he moves his soldier into position before repeating the same smug expression his opponent gave him before.

“Checkmate, Ms. Feng.” Scott says.

Mei smiles widely, getting up from her position on the floor before closing the short distance between her and Scott. Reaching forward, she pulls him in for a tight hug, her immense bosom pressing up against his face as she embraces him. Her luscious hair spills over both of them, and Scott struggles to pull away as the hakutaku hugging him unintentionally suffocates him with her breasts, which only causes her voluminous chest to jiggle about as she holds him even closer. Eventually Mei relents, and she lets go of Scott, who immediately sucks in fresh air before coughing a bit.

“O-oh my, I-I don’t know what came over me.” Mei says, putting a little bit of distance between herself and Scott. “A-are you alright Scott? I didn’t hurt you or anything, did I?”

“No – ach – no, I’m fine.” he coughs, banging his fist against his chest a few times before looking at the sheepish monstergirl with a warm smile. “Thank you, though. I-I think I understand now. Or at least I’m starting to. My actions have consequences, and if I don’t improve my act now it’s going to bite me in the ass later on. As for when, I have no idea.” Scott says.

“Well that’s good Scott. You understand that even though it might not seem like much, how well you do in school affects your future career options.” Mei responds, reaching over to the tea kettle to pour herself another cup, only to find the pot empty. “Oh, it’s empty.”

“I suppose that means the end of this lesson then?” Scott asks, getting up from his seat at the table before starting to clean the table up.

“I suppose so, yes. Same time as usual?” the hakutaku inquires, gathering up the tea set and bringing it to her kitchen.

“Yeah, sure.” Scott calls out as he finishes tying his shoes. “Oh, and Ms. Feng?” he asks.

“Yes Scott?”

“You’re welcome.” he states before giving her a caring hug, causing her to blush slightly and her huge bust to press against him before walking out the door and heading home.


For once, Scott actually looked forward to his tutoring session with Mei. At first he felt like his parents were forcing him to go, but now he enjoys his time talking with his homeroom teacher. They’ve become good friends and if she wasn’t a decade and a half his senior, not to mention his teacher, he’d probably ask her out. Smiling softly, Scott walks up the gravel path to Mei’s house for what seems like the umpteenth time, her gift in his left hand. Shortly after ringing the doorbell Mei answers it, smiling warmly while surprising Scott a little with her choice of attire. She’s wearing yet another kimono, this one with lily and cherry blossom petals on the soft pink fabric, and her hair’s done up in a tight braid. What catches Scott off guard, however, is the fact that she’s practically spilling out of her silk robe. The obi is almost acting like a corset or push-up bra, amplifying Mei’s already considerable bust and deepening her cleavage to obscene levels. With every slight movement from the hakutaku, her breasts subtly wobble about and if she tried any harder, they’d fall out of the robe completely.

“Is something wrong Scott?” Mei asks, breaking him out of his reverie.

“Oh, uh, n-no. No, I’m fine.” he stutters. “You, uh, you look nice Ms. Feng. I, uh, got you some flowers.” he says again, holding out the small bouquet for her. “I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for helping me.”

“Oh, why thank you Scott. And you’re welcome, but please, call me Mei when we’re together. I think we’ve gotten past the formalities a few weeks ago.” she says, taking the bouquet from Scott’s hand and lightly sniffing the flowers. “Mmm, I just love a good japhet orchid.” Mei hums, her eyes fluttering slightly. “I was just about to have lunch. Care to join me Scott?”

“Of course Ms. Fe-. Of course Mei.” he responds, taking her soft hand in his and allowing her to guide him to the part of her home that he’s become intimately familiar with over the course of the past several weeks.

Shortly after sitting down at the table, Mei joins Scott, setting down a tray holding a couple of different food dishes in pairs of two: some miso soup, some rice, and a kettle of green tea. Scott also notices that she put the flowers he got for her in a vase as he helps himself to one of each of the rice and miso bowls. While a little salty for his taste, he still likes how the potatoes, onion, fish, seaweed, and winter radish accent each other.

After lunch, Mei and Scott go over a few more topics for his classes, especially since he needs to do incredibly well on a test in one of them. He doesn’t have to get a perfect 100%, but he can’t afford to do poorly on it, otherwise his overall grade in the class would fall below the “pass” threshold. A few hours later, the emptiness of the tea kettle signals the end of Scott’s visit with his hakutaku tutor. As he helps Mei clean up the table, Scott can’t help but stare at Mei’s shapely bosom as her kimono barely maintains its hold on the two heavy globes, or how her curvaceous legs flare out to the side at the hip, flowing down into a meaty derriere and deliciously thick thighs. Of course staring at her body meant that he wasn’t paying attention while carrying the platter and used dishes, and he accidentally runs into the back of Mei, causing the two of them to fall to the floor with a loud clatter as dirty soup bowls and used teacups scatter about.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry! Are you alr-” Scott starts, but his breath catches in his throat when he notices the position he and Mei are in.

Mei is lying on her back, with Scott straddling her in a rather risqué position. What’s worse, her kimono’s come undone slightly causing her breasts to fall out and thanks to sticking his hand out to catch himself, Scott’s hand is squeezing one of the watermelon-sized orbs as they flow to either side of her torso. His face immediately flushes a deep crimson, as does Mei’s, and his mouth starts working like a fish out of water. Just as he starts to try to take his hand away from her massive chest she grabs his wrist, preventing him from pulling away while forcing him to look her in the eye. Her soft, golden yellow eyes seem to sparkle under his gaze and he starts to speak again when she lunges forward, her plump lips crashing against his. Scott’s eyes go wide as Mei continues to hold the kiss, the hand not keeping his clutching her doughy boob reaching up to bring the rest of his body closer to hers as she moans softly into his mouth. Several seconds later, Scott manages to break the kiss, sucking in a few precious lungfuls of oxygen.

“Wh-what the hell was that Ms. Feng?!” Scott pants, stuttering under the shock of the fact that not only did he grab a handful of his teacher’s boob, but she kissed him.

“Oh, don’t be coy with me Scott. I know you’ve been staring at me all day.” she says.

“But-” Scott starts, but his voice is silenced as the monstergirl under him puts a dainty finger to his lips.

“And don’t lie either. I know you’ve been thinking about what it would be like to be with me.” Mei says again, taking her hand away from his face before reaching up to passionately kiss him again for a few moments. “Lucky for you, I’ve been thinking the same thing.” she whispers into his ear lecherously after pulling away. “But not here.”


Mei didn’t really give Scott a chance to look at her room as she shoved him through the doorway, causing him to stumble forward and fall onto the fleece throw blanket face first. Straining slightly, Scott manages to catch the faint sound of silk fabric rustling before tense footsteps, or rather hoofsteps, come closer to the bed while he becomes intimately familiar with the bedsheets against his face. Soft yet strong feminine hands grab his waist and roll him over as Mei scrambles onto the bed after him in a lust-induced haze. Straddling his lap, the lascivious hakutaku peers down at him hungrily, her naked chest heaving with barely-contained lust as she chews on her lower lip.

Bending forward, Mei presses her lips against Scott’s again incredibly hard, pressing her body against his as much as possible as she eagerly grinds her panty-clad hips into his crotch. While his mind is apprehensive about the current situation, his body edges forward on autopilot, and Scott accepts Mei’s kiss as their tongues start to dance while he reaches forward with his hands to play with her swaying breasts. Her spongy flesh yields immediately to his grasp, the warm orbs seemingly pulsating in his hands as he rolls and squeezes them in his fingers. Satisfied with the fact that his attention is occupied by her chest, Mei grinds her hips into Scott even harder, almost but not quite humping him as she struggles to remove his shirt.

Several laborious seconds later, Mei finally manages to remove Scott’s garment, and she’s about to continue to passionately kiss him when he reaches forward and latches onto one of her melon-like breasts. She shudders hard and moans out in bliss as Scott flicks his tongue across her stiff nipple, gently kneading her boobs with his hands as he pleasures her chest as much as humanly possible. The hakutaku presses her crotch against Scott’s even harder, trying but unable to get the sweet release she craves just as Scott starts to feel the slight trickle of milk across his tongue flowing from her breast. Sucking a bit harder, he’s rewarded with a stronger flow of sugary ambrosia causing Mei to gasp before moaning hard, nearly collapsing onto him as her hands fall onto his shoulders.

Both of them manage to stop for a moment and look each other in the eye, their expressions telling the other person exactly what they’re both thinking. Without saying a word, Mei lifts her body up off of Scott’s lap and she tears off the damp pair of panties she was wearing while at the same time Scott manages to remove his pants and underwear as well, freeing his cock. Reaching down, Mei grabs his member by the base and aligns it with her dripping pussy before engulfing the entire length in her warm tunnel in a single plunge. Gasping in shock, Scott’s mouth hangs open before Mei shoves her tit back into his face, and he eagerly starts to suckle from her ample bosom while she grips his shoulders and raises herself up off his manhood.

Stopping just before the tip leaves her sopping wet entrance, Mei looks down at the man currently nursing from her, and she feels her heart flutter for a moment before her instincts take over and she forces herself back down on his fat shaft, creating a loud, wet slap as their bodies meet. She immediately lifts her body back up again before slamming back down, bouncing hard on Scott’s cock as he drinks from her chest. Reaching around her waist, Scott grabs a hold of her fat, jiggling ass, grabbing each cheek in one hand and holding on for dear life as she rides him into the bedframe.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god Scott! H-harder!” Mei gasps as the two of them rut like animals.

Shifting his grip from her hefty rear end to her motherly hips, Scott gives her exactly what she asked for, bucking his hips wildly and battering the inside of her pussy with his cock. Mei’s breast pops free from Scott’s mouth with a loud smack, causing it to spray milk all over Scoot as it bounces in time with its twin as he finds himself coming closer to the point of no return. Grabbing Mei by the torso, he pulls her down and holds her against him, their lips automatically finding each other as he pumps his twitching rod faster and faster in and out of her snatch. With a final jump, his cock spurts out a long, hot rope of sticky jizz into the deepest part of the hakutaku’s sex, sending her over the brink with him.

Going on his most basic animalistic instincts, Scott does exactly that, pumping her so full of pearly white semen that the poor hakutaku he’s mating with just can’t hold it all in anymore. Rope after rope of baby batter splashes against the entrance to her womb, leaking out onto the bed as a fresh wave comes after it. Reaching up again, Scott grabs onto Mei’s quivering chest and starts sucking on her nipple, wolfing down even more sweet, energizing cream. Almost immediately, his cock grows painfully erect again after spending all of his body’s reserves, and he grabs Mei’s hips, slamming his groin into hers as the syrupy fluids gushing from her breast and down his throat give him a much-needed second wind.

“Oh shit! Oo-ooh fffuuuck! Yeah, right there Scott! Yeah! Yeah! Ah! Ah! Ahhh, fuck me harder stud! Ah, I-I’m cu-ah-ah-ming!”

The flow from the hakutaku’s boob starts to slow as Scott continues to pound her, and with a wet pop he detaches from her bosom before grabbing her broodmother hips, spinning her around and pushing her forward, causing her to fall onto her hands and knees. Leaning forward, Scott presses his chest flush against Mei’s back, forcing her body to dip even lower as he continues to hump her from behind like mad. Crude, wet slaps echo out in the monstergirls bedroom as Scott fucks her from behind harder and harder, lightly biting down on her bovine ear while grunting with each powerful thrust just as she moans in time with his pelvis crashing into the abundance of her heifer-like ass.

Scott starts thrusting faster and faster, coming closer to the edge when suddenly Mei’s pussy clamps down on his sawing prick, a high pitched cry coming from her lips as she orgasms for the third time. Her pussy undulates around his cock, squeezing it in rhythmic contractions as the hakutaku cums, causing Scott to cum with her. Pressing himself as far in as he can go, Scott’s cock presses up against the entrance to her womb. Heavy, wet globs of jizz squirt from his cock to drench Mei’s inner walls and completely fill her up with his seed, causing her to cry out in complete, unbridled ecstasy.

Several heavy thrusts later, Scott finally slows down and gives Mei a few final pumps before falling off her and collapsing into the pillows, breathing heavily. Still riding her orgasmic high, Mei falls on top of him and lies against his chest for several minutes before crawling off, lying down next to him under the covers. She smiles when Scott reaches over to hug her, and they share a deep smooch before Scott gently starts nursing from Mei’s breasts again, drifting off to sleep in her arms as she holds him close, her legs intertwining with his as her eyes too flutter closed.


For pretty much all of the day afterward, Scott felt a weird sense of satisfaction mixed in with restlessness or nervousness. He couldn’t help but let his mind wander back to his tutoring session with Mei, where at the end she kissed him and then had sex with him, both of them acting like a nymphomaniac who hadn’t fucked something for a few weeks. It felt strange to him, losing his virginity to his homeroom teacher, especially since he always thought she was one of the more chaste monstergirls. But at the same time, it felt good. Great, even; fucking the hot teacher every male student secretly wanted to share the same bed with.

This feeling stayed with Scott through the entire week, all the way up to the point where he had to take the test that would make or break his chance of graduating on time. In a way, Scott was lucky that Mei wasn’t in on Thursday, or any other day of the week for that matter, otherwise the only thing he’d accomplish would be undressing her with his eyes. Instead, he kept on thinking about her throughout the week as the substitute teacher reviewed material for the test. On Monday, Scott just assumed Mei ate some bad food on Sunday or something and wasn’t feeling well, but when she wasn’t in on Wednesday he started to worry, and on Thursday he knew something was up.

On Friday, Scott planned on stopping by Mei’s house after school to see if she was alright, and after he got back his test he wanted to show her the result as well. A perfect one hundred. Heart soaring, he all but jumped out of his seat as the last bell of the day rang, giving the quiet, bookish oomukade that always acted nervous around him a quick wave and leaving her to tear up in her seat before dashing out the door.

Several minutes later, Scott finally turns onto the street where Mei lives, struggling to breathe due to running almost the entire way there as his sweaty palm grips the crumpled test in his hand. After catching his breath, he looks up at the familiar façade of the monstergirl’s home, its quaint front garden evidently the pride of the hakutaku as its immaculateness is exactly the same as it was a week ago. Walking up to the porch, Scott rings the doorbell before stepping back and waiting. A minute or so later, he tries again, waiting again before trying a third time. Brow furrowing, he tries the doorknob, finding it unlocked as the door slowly creaks inward.

“Ms. Feng? Mei? Hello?” Scott calls out to the seemingly empty home as he steps into the foyer, closing the door behind him and taking his shoes off before setting his backpack down next to them. “Anyone home?”

Still not getting an answer, Scott wanders through Mei’s house, checking the rooms to see if the hakutaku’s in any of them.

“Mei? It’s me, Scott. Are you alright?” he asks, walking down the hall to her bedroom.

“I’m in here Scott.” she calls out, her voice coming from the one room Scott hadn’t checked yet.

Reaching for the door handle, he cautiously turns it and opens the door to Mei’s bedroom. The first thing that catches his attention is the fact that Mei’s sitting up in her bed. Now that wouldn’t be terribly important, but the bags under her eyes and the frizzled state of her long hair suggests that she hasn’t gotten much sleep in the past week, if any at all. Her kimono is also in a sorry state, most of it wrinkled or bunched up around her as she shifts in her spot on the bedsheets.

“Hello Scott.” Mei says as she watches him walk over to the bed before sitting down on it next to her.

“You okay Ms. Feng?” he asks.

“Y-yes, I’m alright. Just feeling a little ill is all.”

“Well you certainly look worse than ‘a little’. You look absolutely dreadful right now. Is something bothering you?”

“Not really, no.” she whispers.

“Something’s wrong Mei. Something’s bothering you.” Scott says, reaching up to try and drape his arm around her shoulders, but she grabs his wrist and stops him.

“Please Scott, not now.” Mei whispers.

“Mei, what’s the matter with you?” Scott asks, looking at her intently.

Several seconds of silence pass before Mei finally speaks up again.

“Us.” she murmurs.

“Us?” Scott says, cocking his head to the side slightly.

“Y-yes. U-us. At the time I wasn’t really thinking, but when my head finally cleared I realized how wrong it was.”

“How wrong what was?”

“Sleeping with one of my students.” Mei says.

“O-oh. Mei, I think we shou-” Scott starts, but Mei cuts him off as she starts rambling on hysterically.

“Oh god, what am I going to do? I could lose my job or my license. I’d have to go back to my parents.”

“Mei, I-” Scott tries speaking up again, but the hakutaku interrupts him again.

“Oh god, what would my parents think of me for having sex with a student?!”

“Mei!” Scott says, but she talks over him again.

“And what about my feelings too? How could I live with myself?”

“MEI!” Scott shouts, startling the monstergirl. “Slow down, okay? It’s not the end of the world. You can get through this, you’ll figure something out. I know that.” he says, reaching over to hug the trembling hakutaku.

“B-b-but what about what people will think of me? M-my parents?”

“What about them? You live on your own, you have a career. Why should they think differently of you?” he says.

“I had sex with you! One of my own students! I’m lucky your eighteenth birthday was a few weeks before, otherwise I’d be in even more trouble!” Mei wails, curling up into a ball and weeping heavily.

Reaching over, Scott pulls Mei in for an even tighter hug, holding her against him as she shakes uncontrollably. Several minutes pass as Scott continues to hold Mei as she cries in a ball before eventually reciprocating his hug and soaking his shirt with her tears. As she sobs some more, Scott can hear her saying something, but it’s muffled by her face being buried in his chest and the fact that she’s a blubbering mess. Eventually though he pulls her away so he can look her in the eye.

“You were saying something Mei, but I couldn’t really hear or understand you.” he says, wiping away a few tears from her face with his thumb.

“I love you Scott.” Mei finally whispers.


“I-I love you. I-I love you, Scott.” Mei stutters, fresh tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts to cry again.

Without really thinking, Scott leans forward and kisses Mei while pulling her into a comforting embrace. He holds the kiss for a while in an effort to calm the troubled hakutaku down, and she sighs heavily as her arms wrap around his shoulders and she rocks against him. Eventually though, Mei breaks the kiss and looks at Scott with teary eyes.

“I love you Scott.” she whispers again.

Scott simply smiles before moving in to give her another quick kiss, causing her to blush heavily and start crying some more.

“Scott?” Mei asks as they pull away again.

“Yes Mei?” he responds, smiling back at her.

“Make love to me.” she murmurs.

Leaning forward yet again, Scott presses his lips against Mei’s, climbing into her lap while she eagerly returns his kiss, hugging him tightly against her while falling onto her back and bringing him with her. Eyes closed, the two continue to make out with each other, their hands exploring each other’s bodies as much as possible, although Scott mostly focuses on Mei’s massive chest and wide hips. Meanwhile Mei caresses him all over, not content with any one part of him as she paws at his body hungrily. Panting heavily, Mei grabs the back of Scott’s head as if she could bring him any closer than he already is, and parts her lips before snaking her tongue past them. As if reading her mind, Scott does the same thing, and their heavy make-out session turns into a wet slobberfest as they French kiss each other harder and harder and struggle to take their clothing off. As soon as they finally denude themselves, Scott stops to look down at Mei’s sparkling yellow eyes.

“He Mei?” Scott whispers.

“Yes Scott?” she asks timidly.

“I love you too.” he says, leaning down to lock lips with the blushing monstergirl.

“Scott?” Mei asks after Scott pulls away again.

“Yes, love?” he smiles, making her cheeks turn even redder.

“Hold me…” she whispers as she gently grasps his hands with hers, her legs intertwining with his.

Easing himself forward, Scott prods the space between Mei’s thick thighs with his stiff manhood, too busy to align himself with his hand as their mouths meet again. Scott finally manages to find the entrance to her pussy, looking at her for approval as the tip of his cock kisses her outer lips. With a flushed face she nods in agreement, and Scott gingerly pushes himself forward, his cock parting Mei’s slit slowly as she sighs in bliss before Scott silences her with a loving smooch. With a wet squelch, their pelvises meet and Scott holds himself there for a moment, enjoying the feeling of being inside Mei in the most intimate of ways before his lust overtakes him, and he slowly pulls out of her snatch.

“Oh god, Scott. P-please, d-don’t stop. Oh god, I love you Scott…” Mei whispers as he slowly thrusts his cock in and out of her quivering pussy.

Completely taken over by her body’s hunger to be impregnated, Mei thrusts back against Scott, their bodies meeting each other with a wet slap and a small squirt of Mei’s sexual juices. Unable to take it any longer, the hakutaku stops kissing Scott so she can moan out as his thick manhood fills her up over and over again. Losing control himself as well, Scott starts fucking Mei harder, letting go of her hands to wrap his arms around her, causing her to do the same as they moan and cry out in each other’s ear.

“Oh god! Oh god! H-harder, Scott! P-please, I-I need more! G-give me more! Ah! Ah! Ah god! It’s so big! Fill me up more Scott! I want you to fill me up more!” she cries out in bliss.

“Oh god Mei! It’s so tight! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god Mei, I’m gonna cum soon!” Scott moans in her hear in return.

Reaching up, Mei violently kisses Scott, bringing about his orgasm as his cock twitches violently inside her pussy, squirting absurd amounts of his semen all over her inner walls and causing them to clamp down even harder on his shaft as she orgasms with him. Wanting to make the most of it, Scott pushes himself as far into the hakutaku’s pussy as he can manage, the tip of his cock pressing up against her cervix over and over again, making her cry out even louder as his body works on autopilot to breed the monstergirl and fill her womb up with his children.

“Yes! Give me your seed! Fill me up with your cum and make me pregnant!” Mei shouts as she breaks the kiss between the two of them.

Several wet, sloppy token thrusts later, he runs out of steam and collapses onto Mei’s squishy chest, panting with exertion. Meanwhile, she continues to hug him close as if she didn’t want him to ever leave her again, her nether region still abuzz with tingling pleasure as Scott’s seed slowly leaks out of her.

“I love you Scott.” Mei whispers, cupping his cheeks before kissing him deeply.

“I love you too Mei. I love you too.” he responds, returning her display of affection with one of his own as they hug each other and fall asleep together again.


The few clouds that are in the sky are painted bright, vivid colors as the sun sets on yet another warm, early summer evening. The school football bleachers are packed with an almost equal number of humans and all kinds of monstergirls, as are the somewhat stiff and uncomfortable plastic folding chairs right on the edge of the artificial turf of the football field and the polyurethane track. Scott adjusts the tassel on his hat slightly before rubbing the spot where his mother kissed him on the cheek earlier before sending him off so he could take his place among the other students on the field while she joined his father in the bleachers.

The first several minutes of the graduation ceremony seem to drag on forever for Scott as a bunch of higher ups from the school district talk about things none of the students really care about. Eventually though, the time comes for him and the rest of the excited, nervous, and otherwise emotional students around him to walk across the stage to receive their high school diploma from their homeroom teacher. One by one, the students slowly file across the stage to shake hands with the principal of the school and the district superintendent before their teacher finally gives them their hard-earned piece of paper, all the while their mother and father embarrass them in front of everyone by shouting their name or using an air horn for far longer than is necessary. Several students ahead of Scott, an orc girl and her boyfriend get their diploma one after the other, and after they both get off the stage the orc girl pulls her boyfriend in for a hard kiss, earning several cat-calls and loud hoots from everyone, the loudest of them all being the orc girl’s father.

As their lich homeroom teacher takes her seat, Mei steps up to the podium before talking about her own students. Being at the very end of the list, due to Mei’s insistence with Scott, it takes several minutes after Mei finishes her speech for the hakutaku to call out Scott’s name. They smile widely at each other as Scott walks across the stage, and Mei gives him a hug after handing him his diploma.

“I’m so proud of you Scott.” Mei says, hugging him again.

“Well I couldn’t have done it without you Mei. Thank you.” Scott replies, hugging her back.

After pulling away, Scott looks up at his now old homeroom teacher, tearing up slightly as his emotions get the better of him. The look on her face tells Scott everything he needs to know about what she is thinking right now.

“Are you sure about this Mei?” he whispers.

“I’ve never been more sure in my life Scott.” Mei responds before sweeping Scott up into her arms, her massive, melon-like breasts compressing between the two of them as she kisses him hard.


“Daddy!” the young hakutaku yells as it runs up and jumps into the man’s arms, causing him to almost drop the bag full of work materials he was carrying.

“Hey Ami, how was school today?” he asks, giving her a quick peck on the cheek before carrying her into the house.

“Well my teacher said I was really smart and that I should tell mommy and you about something called ‘Advanced Placement’ or something. I don’t really know what ‘Advanced Placement’ is though.”

“Advanced Placement, huh?”

“What is it daddy?” the young monstergirl asks.

“It’s a special kind of school for special kids like you!” he chuckles, ruffling his daughter’s snow white hair. “We can talk about it over dinner, okay?”

“Okay daddy! Love you!” the hakutaku says, giving her father a kiss on the cheek before he puts her down, allowing her to run off to some other part of the house.


“So what do you think of putting her in that school?” Scott says as he joins Mei in bed after reading Ami a bedtime story.

“I don’t know. Eventually regular school is going to be too easy for her, and she’s going to want more.” Mei says, scooching closer to her husband and snuggling up against him.

“But you don’t want her to have to switch schools at such an early age.”

“Exactly. For the next few years I think she’ll be fine, but sooner or later she’s going to have to have more challenging work.” Mei sighs.

“For now, let’s just see what she does and ask her if she wants something a little harder later.” Scott says, reaching over to kiss his monstergirl wife.

“Yeah…” Mei sighs, snuggling up ever so slightly more with Scott. “I talked about it a little bit with your mother when she stopped by earlier.”

“What did she say about it?” Scott asks.

“She wasn’t entirely sure. She offered to look at different schools for Ami though.” Mei says. “Ami was certainly happy that her grandmother was visiting when she got home from school.”

“I’m sure she was.” Scott chuckles, putting an arm around his wife’s shoulders as she rests her head against his arm.

“I know it must’ve been hard, but I’m proud you sorted out your issues with her.” Mei whispers, looking up at Scott.

Staring at the wall for a bit, he thinks about his parents for a few moments. It was only a month or two after he graduated high school that he shared with Mei how his mother initially monsterized after unintentionally eating a Prisoner Fruit. At first he and his dad thought she was having an adverse allergic reaction to the fruit, but when the spade tail and bat-like wings started coming in they knew it was something else. Not wanting to make a big show of it, Scott’s father accepted the settlement from the place where the fruit came from, and from that point on they had to learn to live with a woman who was now a sex-crazed demon.

At first things were pretty much normal, but eventually Scott’s mother and father started spending a lot more time with each other, seemingly neglecting their son to do something lewd together. Scott grew more distant from his parents for a few years until he and Mei started talking about his relationship with his parents. Mei suggested he should go and simply talk to his parents and express his feelings, and after essentially pushing him into the center of their attention, Scott started to patch his relationship up with his parents. Every now and then they come over to visit their granddaughter, and occasionally Mei takes Ami out to do something while Scott and his parents go do something else together.

“Yeah, I suppose so.” Scott sighs, gently squeezing Mei.

Mei looks up at her husband again, and he smiles back at her before giving her a kiss and snuggling up with her, enjoying her company for a little longer before they both fall asleep.

“Hey Scott.” she says after a few minutes, running her soft hand up and down his thigh.

“Yes Mei?” he asks, looking over at her smiling face, and his grin widens considerably when he notices her partially exposed breasts.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” he responds, kissing her deeply before crawling onto her lap while helping her undress.

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6 thoughts on “Teacher’s Pet

  1. Nicely done, man. I do think you could’ve done more to foreshadow Mei’s feelings for not-Anon. Yeah, you addressed the physicality of her desire somewhat with the kimono, but not the emotional aspect. Also, why Scott? Is she acting on some preexisting loneliness, feeding a desire to nurture, just that turned on by teaching, or what?

    The kinda sorta side story with the boy’s mom turning into a succuslut was interesting, but you didn’t really integrate it into the overall thread of the story very well. I think a little more detail of Scott’s background and home life would’ve made his school problems and acceptance of and reliance on Mei even more poignant.

    Still, good job. I enjoyed it immensely.

  2. What did we do to deserve Beardicus? Your stories are seriously cozy and lovable. Nothing like scratching the monstergirl itch and getting a dose of warm, fuzzy feels at the same time!

  3. Even when it’s not holstaur your love and dedication to thickness is still evident! Good story, maybe just a bit too fast paced? Not sure though.

    Any chance you’ll ever do a longer piece about the mother/daughter pair from the train-game thing?

    1. Not sure if or when I’d do a longer bit of the mother/daughter pair. I could probably get away with doing something like a crew member on a cruise ship or something and bullshit the story in such a way that he ends up in their cabin.

      As for liking thickness, I blame my headcanon on holstaurs.

  4. good, but goes on for too long. the first smut was the climax of the story, it’s what the whole thing prior was building up to. the falling action was Mei regretting her decisions pursing one of her students, and the conclusion should have been both of them embracing each other saying they love each other, or something to that effect. instead, they immediately have sex again, and then it fast forwards to graduation, and then it fast forwards to them having a kid, and THEN it ends with them saying they love each other. but other than that, i enjoyed it.

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