Suction Cups

Suction Cups
By: Sukiru Ikeda

“I am so sick of arguing with my parents, I am just leaving for tonight.” Sukiru said jumping out of his window before walking out of his village. Sukiru walked down to the story and picked up some supplies, soda, and alcohol, and some simple food that didn’t need to be cooked. The only reason he was able to get alcohol is because the girl behind the counter liked him. “I do need to find somewhere to sleep.” he said to himself as he walked out of town and down the path that was a back way out of his village to sit by the sea. The clouds came in real quick, they were pitch black pure thunderstorm. “Shit I need to get out of here right now.” he said standing up and running deeper away from the clouds. “Shit maybe I should have stayed home and slept in my bed.” Sukiru said as the thunder rumbled really loud, so loud it seemed like the ground rumbled. He kept running like something besides the thunderstorm was chasing him. He ran for a short while longer until he saw a cave where the water seemed to flow through. The pool that led into the cave was midsize enough to jump over with a small running start.


“I really don’t want to find out how deep that water is.” Sukiru said to himself as he made it into the cave. The thunder continued to grow louder with small lightning strikes on occasion. The inside of the cave was pretty roomy even with the pool of water that was inside. The water didn’t flow through the whole cave it collected in a medium size pool inside the cave, enough for someone to bathe in. “I’ll just sit here and wait until the storm blows over then go home, I don’t want to stay out in this rain.” Sukiru said opening the bottle of blueberry vodka he bought and taking a sip of it. “Mind sharing some of that with me?” a sexy voice said from behind him. Sukiru turned around to see a beautiful woman sitting up out of the pool of water. She had quite the bust that was in a bikini like top, and pale white skin with wet fiery red hair that had a small container in it that looked like a small gourd.


“Whoa who are you miss?” Sukiru said wondering if it was just the alcohol that was making him see things already. The woman giggled and said “Just call me Mai, come here and share that with me”. Sukiru dropped his backpack down and crawled over to her looking at her large breasts in that small top. “Ha got you cutie.” Mai said as Sukiru approached her. Sukiru suddenly saw eight, large, long dark red tentacles reach out of the water and grabbed him by his arms and legs pulling him into the freezing cold water. Once he landed in the water he realized it wasn’t that deep but it felt like nails hitting him all over his body. “A monster girl oh no please she is going to kill me.” was the only thought going through his mind. “Come back up here darling.” she said as she pulled him back up to the surface before sticking the suction cups all over his body. “P-P-Please let me go Mai.” he said trying to pull away from her but he could’t even move away from her. “Afraid of Monster Girls?” she asked giggling as her tentacles undressed him. “Y-Y-Yes I am.” he said now being able to swim a bit out of her reach in a panicky fashion. “Ah come here you aren’t leaving me.” she said as her tentacles wrapped around his body once more bringing him closer to her. “No one will hear you scream now let’s get to it babe.” she said locking lips with him and inserting her tongue inside massaging it on his. Sukiru moaned in pleasure and started to feel aroused from the slimy cold tentacles wrapped around his body. Mai broke the kiss with a hot line of saliva connecting there mouths before saying “Time to fuck me babe.” Her tentacles grabbed his rock hard cock before slipping it into her tight wet hole.


“F-F-Fuck.” Sukiru moaned deeply as she gently moved up and down on his cock. “Good boy, how does it feel to be violated by a Monster Girl?” she asked as she kissed his neck. Sukiru was too aroused and on the verge of orgasm to answer her he simply laid in the ice cold water as she pleasured him. The inside of Mai felt like there were a million small tentacles that were massaging his cock all at once. “You love it my boy cum now I want those streams of semen inside of me.” she said as she tightened her pussy around him and tentacles stuck tighter to his body constricting him more and more. Sukiru’s eyes rolled in the back of his head as he came deep inside of her filling her womb. “Good my love now before you freeze in this water let’s get you out.” Mai said before pulling him out of the water. “Ah perfect your brought a small blanket.” she said pulling out the blanket and wrapped him and her up in it then sticking all eight of of her tentacles to his body holding him close to her.


“T-T-That was fantastic.” Sukiru said as he laid against her cold wet skin the slimy feeling of her tentacles against his body still felt strange but pleasuring at the same time. “Stay here with me love, we can do that all the time.” she said smiling before kissing his lips softly. “I can’t stay here with you Mai but I can for sure come visit everyday if you want.” Sukiru said laying against her breasts. “Oh how rude of me, what is your name darling?” she asked grabbing the bottle of vodka and drinking some of what was left in it. “Sukiru is my name Mai.” he said taking the bottle from her and taking a sip as well. “I love the name, I might as well tell you I want to fuck you again.” she said sliding her slippery pussy against his still slightly hard cock. Sukiru smiled and looked at his now Monster Girlfriend and said “Come on then I’ll fill you up once more…”


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2 thoughts on “Suction Cups

  1. hmm he must be getting his vodka from unlicensed dealers. Though I find the whole getting dead wasted off a sip of vodka puzzling he must have took a swig of it.

    I love how you described Mari it was very stimulating if I do say so myself I now find Sylica even more charming thanks to your skillful wordplay
    I find the sex scene nice thousands of tiny tentacles wrapping and teasing his cock was nicely put.

    though I find the grammar a little hard to read it didn’t ruin the story’s focus point the sex.

  2. Yeah I re-read it recently. I might go edit it because he did take a large gulp of the vodka not just a sip.

    Scylla has always been a favorite of mine. I also want to take a shot at the Kraken someday and of course I will.

    Yeah I am also still working on my grammar and everything don’t worry I continue to practice

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