Such is Life for a Shrine Handyman

            If you had known then what you know now, would you still have chosen this path?


            Even after six years, you aren’t sure you’d give it up. Every job has its pros and cons, right?


            Your crimson paintbrush drags absently across the faded wooden wall as you get lost in thought.


            There are definitely things you love about this job and wouldn’t want to just throw away. Manual labor has always been very therapeutic for you, and six years of all sorts of tasks as well as a strict workout regimen during your free time have given you a powerful, fit physique. You are still fairly thin, but all of your muscles have become very strong and very well defined. You even have height going for you; some men would be jealous of your body but in your situation, it’s really just a curse.


            Your official job title is ‘Handyman’ but you’re really more of a groundskeeper. Supposedly, ‘Handyman’ had sounded better to your employers.


            You are in charge of keeping the several acres of land inside the borders of the shrine that employs you looking nice and healthy; that includes mowing, weeding, raking, and some minor security monitoring. Sure the place has a fantastically calm, soothing aura, but it is right next to downtown MGC. Security and safety aren’t massive issues, but you often find yourself having to shoo away drunk Onis or Succubi who wander through the front gate and pass out on the lawn, or that one homeless Cheshire who likes to hang about in the cherry trees and flash anyone who happens to walk by. You also have to fix anything inside the shrine buildings that might need fixing.


            This place is like an oasis in the middle of the city; it is thickly veiled by tall, beautiful trees and warding enchantments on all sides, but those are really just to keep the shrine feeling authentic and separate from the city. The second you first stepped through the gate bordered by a rectangular, shingled arch, you felt as though you had been transported through time several hundred years to ancient Japan. Everything inside the grounds is built in the stereotypical style that one would envision when thinking of old Japanese shrines; square tiered towers, big open courtyards, and incredibly beautiful landscaping. Even though you’ve lived on the grounds since you started working, the sudden transition between the serene, incredibly picturesque shrine and the mundane, bustling city right outside is still a little jarring sometimes.


            The actual work you do is good too, it is so easy to lose yourself in a task and usually come out feeling relaxed and refreshed when you’re done.


            As slow and peaceful as your life is when you’re busy and working, the times when you’re not doing anything have gotten a bit annoying.

            It’s like they know.

            The Shirohebi, every single one, seems to know the second you stop working for the day. A little more than two dozen of the white snakes live and work here as you do; the ones without husbands work solely as priestesses while the married ones have cooking or cleaning or management duties as well. You aren’t quite sure what the husbands do, but sometimes they’ll help you out if you’re especially busy. Almost all of the Snakegirls are from the same family too; only a select few outsiders are allowed to become priestesses here. The shrine proudly boasts of its five generations of related Shirohebi currently serving it.


            All of the snake priestesses and their husbands and children live in the small complex of apartments at the far back of the shrine, but your living quarters are almost at the front of the shrine to allow you to monitor and patrol the single entrance more easily. This is completely fine with you, there’s no telling what would happen if you lived and slept right in the middle of to a bunch of sheltered, single monstergirls, all with the high likelihood of going yandere for you. Even living so far away from them, you are woken up by one of them tapping on your windows or knocking at your door or calling out your name in the night far too often.

            It’s gotten really old.


            You’ve learned how to deal with somewhat though, if you manage to ignore them for long enough they’ll get bored and frustrated before just giving up. Even early on, you knew that any recognition could instantly land you with a new wife. The single priestesses aren’t the only ones to watch out for either, even the married ones will try to hook you up with one of her sisters or cousins. The head priestess had told you as much, and you are still thankful for the heads-up today. The married ones are always much sneakier and hard to catch.


            From the first time you met and were interviewed by that extremely old, grandmotherly Shirohebi who heads the shrine, you could tell she had her head on straight. Despite her hunched back, dull white scales and eyes that were almost wrinkled shut, she had emanated a powerful aura of wisdom and experience. You don’t exactly know how old she is, but from what you can tell from the single time you saw her and the musings around the shrine, it’s at least a few hundred years. There are rumors that she once worked at a shrine in whatever place that monstergirls originally came from.


            Whatever her history, the old, mysterious Shirohebi has an uncanny sense of what it takes to keep her shrine running smoothly. You haven’t seen her since that first time you met her though, but you know she is still around. You sort of understand why that is; not ever seeing her makes her seem like a supernatural, maybe even a godlike presence both to the shrine’s patrons and to its employees. Her rules are absolute and any transgressions will not be tolerated, but the aura she invokes is ultimately happy and focused on bringing people closer to inner peace. You thought you had gotten off easy with the single rule she assigned for you on your first day, but as time progressed you realized how difficult it could be to follow.

            Don’t get married, or you lose your job.


            You aren’t ready to get married yet for sure, but men don’t have very much say in the matter all too often. Lately, you’ve even taken to cooking your own food to avoid any slip-ups. You just can’t take the chance of eating something that was made with one of a Shirohebi’s many ‘secret ingredients’. Usually, the unnatural smell or odd, pink hue to a dish are a massive tip off, but you just want to be sure. You try not to think about how your paranoia has increased over time too much.


            Like a lot of other things, tasting one of the snakes’ ‘secret ingredients’ automatically makes you their husband in their eyes. It’s a constant battle for you of remaining as distant as possible from the Shirohebi and hoping to hell that you don’t forget or get lazy. So far so good, but being so closed off and emotionless and uncomfortably alert all the time has really taken its toll on you. You have become much lonelier lately as well, maybe that’s why you keep getting lost in thought all the time.

            Fuck, you’re doing it again, right now.


            You blink several times to bring your focus back to the task in front of you again. This wall isn’t going to paint itself. A quick glance at your watch makes you much more lucid. You really have to hurry; tonight is the seasonal banquet for shrine residents only and you only have a little less than an hour till it starts.


            The four seasonal banquets are your least favorite times of the year by far; the shrine is closed all day to make preparations, and all the priestesses, single or married like to let loose on their precious day off. You don’t really care about it as much as they do, the shrine gives you one day off a week so you can keep your strength and sanity. In all honesty, this day isn’t really a day off for you at all.


            You can’t even hang out with the small group of husbands anymore, even they have begun to tease you about still being single. They’ve even started to think your ‘no marriage’ rule is just you making things up in order to avoid it. That part is really aggravating, so you just stay away from them too now.


            Before you know it, you are out of paint on your brush and the wall is basically done. After a few finishing touches, you descend your ladder and take it and the can of paint back to the tool shed connected to your tiny house. A tall Shirohebi priestess slithers quickly past you in the courtyard of the main shrine and drags the tip of her tail across your ass as you pass each other. You ignore her as usual; lately this one has been after you more than the rest, she is one of the oldest girls still without a husband. You can almost see her look of frustration and disappointment at the fact that she failed to get a reaction out of you yet again in your mind.


            Once you are home, you quickly wash your face and hands, then throw on your only formal uniform and turn right back around for the main building. You really hate these formal robes, they look far too much like the red and white priestess uniforms that all the Shirohebi wear. Traditional customs are damn annoying, not to mention the fact that every single fucking snake feels the need to comment on how nice you look, and how similar you are today, and how perfect you’d look in her bed with those robes hanging off your otherwise naked body.

            Just a big damn pain in the ass, that’s what this is.


— — — — —


            You make sure to stand on the end of the long, uncomfortably tall table you had set up this morning. Usually the Shirohebi priestesses will sit down to eat, but with so many of them in the same room there isn’t nearly enough space to accommodate their long white tails if they all sat down. At least you can move around and escape a situation quicker if you’re standing. Being as close to the exit as possible means you can get away fast once the meal is over too. With your strength, you could easily overcome one or two or even three of the priestesses, but you still haven’t overcome the nervous, unconfident mentality of your youth. You know it doesn’t suit your muscled, slightly intimidating adult form, but it is what it is.


            The old Shirohebi at the head of the table, one of the head priestess’s two daughters, calls for the ceremonial pre-meal meditation. As you close your eyes, you can just feel the sneaky glances of a few of the snakes on you as they squint or even open a single red eye to watch you. The silence seems to drag on forever and you grow more and more uncomfortable standing there with your eyes closed. It’s a good thing they can’t tell that you aren’t actually meditating.


            The instant silent meditation is over, the priestesses start to chatter loudly in excitement for the food that is soon to come. You can’t hear any of the myriad conversations over each other, but you don’t really care to. Only a few moments later, the five Shirohebi chefs burst through the kitchen doors carrying tray after tray of delicious smelling food. If you counted yourself as the fifth generation under the head priestess, four of the chefs would be your mothers or your aunts, and the last one would be your grandmother.


            Once the food is all on the table, the Shirohebi eagerly dig in to their feast without any care for proper decorum or elegance or manners. Since there are no visitors around, most of the serene attitudes, faraway smiles, and calm, kind facial expressions that the priestesses usually exhibit have gone out the window. No, it’s more like they broke right through the window without even waiting for it to open. They greedily grab at the food and make no effort to stop talking animatedly to each other as they gorge themselves. Food is snatched off trays and swallowed whole, rice wine is gulped down in quarts, and the loud babble of conversation nearly deafens you. You do your best to take no notice of a teenaged Shirohebi proudly deepthroating the leg of a turkey while staring at you lustily and trying to grin.

            Yep, this is why you hate these banquets.

            Without any visitors to act as a buffer, the snakes are a little too expressive and exuberant.


            Even though it is mostly meat, you refuse any food that is offered to you. There’s no telling if one of the snakes has some little vial of something hidden in the folds of her robes or under her napkin, and you can’t possibly watch all of them at once. Better to eat nothing and wait till you get home than to suddenly find yourself wrapped tightly in a Shirohebi’s pure white coils as she carts you off to go consummate your marriage.


            All of a sudden, you feel a tug at your side.

            That’s weird, there shouldn’t be anyone on your left side, you’re at the end of the table.

            You look down to see a very young Shirohebi, one that you haven’t seen before. Her snow colored hair is shoulder length, and her barely-too-big robes are draped neatly over her small, petite body. You try really hard not to think about how cute she is; you don’t often see priestesses this young.

            “Mister? Why aren’t you eating? Is my mama’s food not good?”

            Her mother must be one of the chefs then.


            You don’t mind replying to a girl so young, there’s no way she’ll have any ulterior motives.

            “It’s ok, I… just don’t want anything to get messed with.”

            “Hmmm?” The little snake cocks her head to the side and her bright red slit-pupiled eyes lose focus as she ponders your words. From what you can tell, she’s probably around seven years old. Actually, that’s probably exactly right; now that you think about it, age seven is when all the new daughters of the shrine start their priestess training. Until then, they usually just stay around the apartments so it’s no wonder you’ve never seen her.


            “Do you want some of my food Mister? I promise I haven’t messed with it!” The incredibly innocent look on her round, pure white face is a little too hard to say no to, even for you.

            “Sure…” She grins and offers you a chicken leg with a tiny white hand. You make sure to smell it thoroughly just to be sure, but nothing raises suspicion so you take a bite.

            Fuck, you’ve missed the Shirohebis’ cooking.

            It’s probably been a few months now that you’ve been cooking for yourself.


            The little white snake stands happily beside you; her head barely reaches the top of the table unless she stretches up high. She looks a little uncomfortable when she does that, but she is still smiling sweetly at you and doesn’t seem to care. From the way she is acting, this must be one of her first times outside of the apartments. The way her eyes shine with wonder and curiosity at every little thing is evidence of that. You’ve already noticed how different she is from any of the other Snakegirls, but you’re trying hard not to let your thoughts run away with that. You hurriedly shift your focus, choosing instead to think about how it seems perfectly customary to introduce a mew priestess-in-training to shrine life at a banquet like this. Hopefully you can ignore the great inner conflict slowly brewing and taking root in your mind.


            With the young Shirohebi unintentionally inspecting your food for you, you are able to eat your fill of the delicious autumn celebration meal. With her there, you completely forget the rest of the rowdy priestesses and things don’t seem quite as bad as before. Even though the two of you don’t exchange words, it feels as though you two are the only ones eating together. You are actually sharing your meal with each other, you hadn’t expected how happy that fact would make you.

            This is the first time in a long time where you haven’t felt lonely.

            As much as you fight it, you can’t keep you eyes off the tiny snake; she is so young and pure and free of all the annoying, aggravating traits her sisters exhibit.

            She’s actually really cute.


            Once the meal is over, you are still more than ready to leave though. In some ways, social interaction is even more tiring than a lot of your manual labor.

            “Hey… I need to go now.” The little Shirohebi looks up at you, her happy smile finally fading.

            “You do? …But I want you to stay!”


            As many times as you’ve been told that, this time actually makes you feel like an asshole. She seems to genuinely enjoy your presence, without having any hidden desires or weird thoughts.

            “Sorry. I’m sure you’ll see me again though… I don’t know if you know this, but I live here too.”

            “You do?” Her face brightens a little and her pupils widen.

            “Yeah, I work here. I’ll see you soon, ok?” You are already turning to leave.


            She grins happily up at you, and you feel compelled to pat her on the head before turning fully and hurrying off.


            You had really just been saying and doing those things to get her to let you leave. You just wanted to get the hell out of there, to get out quickly and go home. Seeing you, such a tall, chiseled young man show any sort of strong emotion or tenderness in front of such an innocent little snake would have been the end; you couldn’t possibly have dropped your calm, collected appearance.

            You’d never, ever hear the end of it.

            As you walk briskly out of the main shrine building, you can’t help but feel a hint of excitement though.


            Just maybe…

            Maybe you’ve made a friend.


— — — — —


            After another hard day of work, a hearty meal, and a nice shower, you are content to just lay in bed and think for a bit. The final red rays of sunlight dimly illuminate your otherwise unlit bedroom; it got dark faster than usual today, both due to the approach of winter and because of the large gray clouds slowly gathering at the horizon. Even though you had called off work a little early today, it had been no less tiring both mentally and physically.


            To your surprise, you have actually been feeling a little bit better in the days since the banquet. Sure the daily teasing and taunting from the Shirohebi hasn’t changed really at all, but your mood still feels lighter somehow. You catch yourself smiling a lot more often when you work, and it’s a lot easier to ignore the priestesses and not get frustrated by their advances. The thought of running in to your new little acquaintance on the grounds is a happy one; you never would have imagined you’d ever be excited by the thought of seeing or interacting with a Shirohebi. Well, you had been excited in the past, but that was a long, long time ago.


            In order to keep yourself in line and avoid falling to temptation, you’d initially forced yourself to think of the priestesses at your new job as annoying rather than arousing. It had become natural all too fast; the arousal and excitement you used to feel in those first few weeks of your job were quickly replaced by anger and bitterness. After years and years of what can only really be described as torture, encountering a Shirohebi who acts different from all of her sisters and relatives at the shrine is incredibly refreshing.

            There are still the rules though.

            You can’t get too close to her or you’re screwed.


            You know yourself far too well; impulsive, spontaneous, and cripplingly lonely. A terrible combination considering your conditions for continued employment. You’re still fighting hard to deny your deepest, most secret wants.

            If only there was some way you could change things.

            You feel your heart fall as you realize you’re just as stuck as you were before you met the little Shirohebi. Fighting off impending depression, you turn over and force your mind clear so that sleep has even a chance of taking you.

            It comes eventually, and you drift off into the empty abyss.


— — — — —


            A loud, shattering crash jerks you awake. Your heartbeat spikes almost painfully; blood pounds in your ears and you feel your face go cold as you sit bolt upright, twisting your head from side to side, frantically trying to figure out what woke you. You don’t see anything though, it’s still pitch black in your room. You don’t hear anything either, the eerie, ringing silence that seems to smother you now makes you feel as though you had only imagined the sound.

            Was it a dream?

            No, you definitely heard something. Definitely.

            It was too loud to be a dream.


            “H-hello?” Your voice sounds awkward and croaky due to your fright, but you don’t really have time to ruminate over it right now. As many times as you have been forced awake in the middle of the night by lusty priestesses, none of them had ever had the gall to actually break in to your home.

            Idiot, you should have been prepared for anything.

            You fumble around with your lamp on your nightstand and it’s sudden, bright light makes you blink and close one eye before you have a chance to look around.


            Someone broke your window.

            Jagged shards of glass glimmer in the light from your nightstand; they litter your bedroom floor around a large gray rock.

            Really? A rock?

            Usually they just tap with a finger or a tail, this seems far too extreme.

            “Hello?” You call out again, louder and more confident this time. Now that you’re a little more lucid, you remember the decorative katana hanging above your bed. Sure it’s just decorative and doesn’t even have a blade, but it’s there for intimidation purposes if worst comes to worst. You still get no answer though, save for the faintest whimpering sound.



            Your curiosity is easily getting the better of you; you just have to know who (or what) had the guts to wake you like this. You get up off your bed and carefully tiptoe around the glass to your single window. The dark blur of… something is darting to and fro a little ways in front of you. It’s too big to be a wild animal, but also far too small to be one of your usual assailants.


            The faint sound of a frantic, nervous ‘awawawawa’ reaches your ears. The sound is accentuated by a doppler effect as the small whatever-it-is runs toward your house for several feet, then back to where the main shrine is for just as many. It’s like it can’t make up its mind whether to flee or to stay. As soon as it catches sight of your shadow in the window though, it dives out of sight.

            What a weird creature.

            You hadn’t been able to get a good look at it at all; it was too far away to see in the light from your single desk lamp, and it disappeared as soon as it saw you. Its actions have thoroughly confused you as well.



            You’re a little angry about the whole situation, now you have a window to fix tomorrow in addition to your usual duties.


            You yawn and go to your closet for a tarp and some tape to cover the gaping hole in your house.

            A good handyman is always prepared.

            That’s not really true for you though, you were just too lazy to put it away after whatever you were using it for. At least you don’t have to go next door to your shed for one, going outside at a time like this when an unknown creature is probably prowling around seems like a bad idea.


            Thunder booms softly as you finish securely taping the tarp to the window frame and go to the kitchen for a broom to clean up the glass. The haze of grogginess and sleepiness from your sudden, early awakening have set in, you mindlessly sweep up the glass and throw it away before picking up the rock and giving it a closer look. It’s a sizable thing; round, smooth, dark gray and almost as big as your whole palm. You immediately recognize it as a decorative river rock from the landscaping around the shrine. That landscaping is everywhere, it’s highly likely that the whatever-it-was got it from your front garden. A flash of lightning illuminates your room and makes the microscopic crystals in the rock glimmer brightly for a split second. Tiny drops of rain start to fall, making loud tapping, splashing noises as they strike the plastic tarp over the window hole. You sigh and go back to the closet for a bucket to put under the tarp, just in case.

            Of all the fucking days to have a broken window, god damn.


            The rain picks up outside as you finally sit down on your bed and move to turn off your lamp. Suddenly, a faint knock comes at your front door.


            Knock, knock, knock.


            It’s one thing after another, isn’t it?


            The knock comes again, but this time it gives you a different feeling than the usual knocks at your door do. It’s faint and sporadic, almost as if whoever it is is too weak to knock properly. Realization hits you like a ton of bricks and you hurry to the door as fast as you can. If it’s a Shirohebi, you’ve been a fucking moron. The Snakegirls are cold blooded; being out in the cool night air of autumn slows them down enough, adding the rain to that is a recipe for disaster. As much as they frustrate you, you aren’t so petty as to let one die on your front doorstep.


            Your hand is clenched on the fully turned doorknob, you are just a moment away from throwing it open. You’ll just set them up on the couch in your kitchen and lock the door to your bedroom, you’ll be fine if they suddenly get a burst of energy or lust and comes to rape you.

            It’ll be fine.

            You open the door.


            Your heart does a flip as you see the little white snake sprawled out pathetically across the painted red wood of your front porch like a fish out of water.

            It’s her.

            The young priestess you’d met at the banquet.

            For a moment, you are far too stunned to speak, or to help her inside, or to do anything really.

            “M-mister…” Her high, childish voice is so weak and her gaze so pathetic that you are shaken you into action. You scoop the sopping wet, dangerously weak Shirohebi into your arms and effortlessly carry her inside. Her red and white robe-like nightgown is completely soaked and slightly transparent; she just lies limply in your arms, not moving at all.

            Fuck, she feels so cold.

            You know that Snakegirls feel cool to the touch most of the time, but at a time like this it’s just a little too unnerving.


            Without thinking, you are in your bedroom rather than the kitchen.

            Fuck, it’d be weird of you turned around.

            The couch will be okay for you though, especially if she’s the one sharing your house. A seven year old won’t rape you, that’s just silly.


            You try not to think too much about what has to be done as you sit down on your bed, but it has to be done.

            She won’t be able to get warm otherwise.

            “I’m going to undress you. Don’t be afraid, it’s just to get you warmer, ok? I’ll get you a blanket as soon as I’m done.” You had never expected to have to use this part of your training, and it is no less awkward than you had imagined. She makes no effort to answer you or resist your actions as you grit your teeth, sit her in your lap, and peel her soaked pajamas up and off of her shivering alabaster body. You don’t think she could resist in her current state if she had wanted to, but that’s beside the point.


            It’s incredibly hard to ignore her smooth, damp, perfectly white skin; her small, barely budding breasts heave slowly as she breathes raggedly, and her tiny pink nipples are fully erect. Her nude little body rests helplessly against your chest as she sits sideways in your lap; her eyes are blank and half lidded, her mouth hangs open very slightly and you can feel her shivering through your thin gray t-shirt. The damp spot created in the middle of your shirt by her soaked white hair is slowly growing. You ache to just scoop this little girl up in your arms and warm her directly with your body heat, but that’s probably going too far.


            The plain white loincloth that all the priestesses use for underwear is skewed across her loins and just as soaked as her nightgown.

            Looks like it’s going to have to come off too.

            She flops backwards weakly onto the bed as your chest shifts and you stop supporting her little shoulders to redirect your focus.

            Shit, she’s weaker than you expected.

            At least your bed is soft and fully cushioned her fall.

            You untie the top band of her underwear from around her petite, infinitesimally curvy hips before moving to the lower band near the top of her tail, just below her small, plump buttocks. It’s hard to not stare at her tiny white pussy as she lays motionless on your lap with her eyes squeezed shut and a faint, rosy blush on her porcelain cheeks.


            Before things get too out of hand, you toss a fluffy blond Weresheep-wool blanket over her and breathe out in relief. You wish you had a Yeti-wool blanket to give her, but they’re a lot more expensive and rare than the Weresheep ones.

            This one will do.

            You gently slide your hand under the little Shirohebi’s back and lift her up in order to wrap the blanket around her back, bottom and tail. She finally takes a deep breath, one that sounds and feels calmer and less deathlike. After sitting her up in your lap and resting her shoulder against your chest again, you take a deep breath too. This whole night has been a massive ordeal for you.

            For both of you.

            Several minutes pass, in which the young, weak priestess sitting limply your lap slowly starts to warm up and recover.


            “…M-mister? I-I-I’m s-sorry I broke y-your window… A-are you angry at m-me?” The way her teeth chatter and obscure her speech a little combined with the honest apologetic look in her big, round red eyes are surprisingly adorable.

            “Well, sort of? I mean, I was at first, but now I guess I’m not. What were you doing out there anyway?”

            “M-mama told me I should tap on your w-window t-t-to get your attention…”

            “With a rock? Usually your sisters just use their fingers.”

            “I-I know… t-that’s why I wanted to be s-s-special…” She stops talking and blushes profusely at her own words.

            You can’t help but blush too.

            “I mean, you certainly left an impression. I probably wouldn’t have noticed you if you hadn’t thrown it, to be honest.”


            The little Shirohebi’s face darkens with fear as she realizes how her rash action probably saved her.

            “Hey, I didn’t mean to scare you. You’re safe now, right?” She nods, still looking a little shaken.

            “Right. Is it okay if I lay down? I’ll have to move you for a second.”

            “O-okay…” Her voice is nervous and her blush has returned, but she seems perfectly agreeable to lay down with you.

            You surmise that’s probably what she came here for anyway.


            As you easily lift her off your lap and set her next to the place you usually sleep, you can’t help but marvel how at ease you are around her. Your heart leaps as you look at her before laying down; the little Shirohebi is completely wrapped in the fluffy off-white blanket with only her head and the tip of her tail peeking out at either end. She blushes profusely as you join her. Your hand slides between her back and the covers almost automatically as you pull her small, blanket-covered body in close. You awkwardly reach behind you to turn off the light, returning your arm and hand to the tiny, blanketed priestess immediately after darkness engulfs your bedroom.


            It’s just cuddling.

            Just getting her warm, just following procedure.

            It’s what anyone would do, really.

            No reason to freak out, no reason to get scared of losing your job.

            Hell, this IS your job, caring for cold Shirohebi in emergencies was part of your job training.

            You’re going to be fine, a little cuddling never married anybody.


            “M-mister… I-Im still cold… I can’t feel you…”

            “Oh. Okay…” Now that you think about it, she has no body heat to actually make the blanket useful.

            “Got it. If you take the blanket off you’ll be able to feel my warmth better.” The little snake struggles sluggishly to extricate herself; you have to toss the covers off and help her untangle herself before dropping the Weresheep blanket off the side of the bed and pulling the covers back over the two of you. You wonder if you should take your shirt off too, but it’s probably thin enough that she’ll be fine, and the only other thing you’re wearing is your boxers. The feeling of her cool, bare back against your forearms and the barely noticeable stiffness of her still-erect nipples on your ribcage are fairly distracting. You’re very glad that she doesn’t mind being fully nude in such an intimate situation with you.


            “Hey…” you say as you slowly pull the naked little Shirohebi closer to your broad, muscular chest, “…do you know my name?”

            “Y-yes… Mama and my sisters say just to call you ‘Mister’ or ‘Mister Handyman’ though…”

            “If that’s what you want, that’s fine. I know your family can be a bit… jealous at times.”

            “…It’s okay.”

            “Okay then. Do you want to tell me your name? I mean, I feel a little weird not knowing yours if you know mine.”

            “It’s S-Saki, Mister. Saki.”

            “You’ve got a pretty name, Saki. You just go to sleep, okay? I promise I’ll keep you warm until you feel better.”

            “Okay. Thank you, Mister.”



            You pat Saki on the head softly and run your hand through her short, bobbed hair. It’s cool and still a little damp. You can already feel her breathing start to deepen as she quickly dozes off in your arms. Her smooth, scaly white tail coils tightly around your left thigh and her face nuzzles into your chest as she tries to absorb more warmth in her half-asleep state. Again, you can’t help but marvel at how easy it is to be around the little priestess-in-training. Because she’s so young, she’s still much more… normal than her sisters; she hasn’t been exposed to their sexual influences yet. You know it’s probably only a matter of time, but having another normal person to interact with is something you’ve longed for to ages. She obviously seems to like you too, so you’re especially glad you’ve been able to appear normal to her. Sure you’ve gone over ‘normal people interaction’ scenarios in your head all the time, but you’d been worried about actually translating that into reality if an opportunity ever presented itself. Now that you can actually interact like a normal person for the first time in six years, it feels like all your pent up desires and wants are about to explode out of you.


            Speaking of pent up desires and wants, you are finding it increasingly harder to distract yourself from the nude Shirohebi child you are cuddling with.

            She seems to be sleeping soundly enough, maybe just a touch.

            Gotta make sure everywhere is warm… or something, right?

            Whatever, you realize you’d fallen to your impulses the second you had this idea.

            You gently cup Saki’s tiny white butt cheeks in your large hands.

            Oooh yes, that feels fantastic.

            Your heart thumps forcefully as you give her little globes of soft, squishy alabaster flesh a small squeeze.

            …They definitely feel colder than they should; better warm them up some more.


            Your hands wander up and down her back and tail as you molest her and try to get bigger and bigger handfuls of her butt; you feel where her smooth white scales start just below her cheeks, and where they come up almost to her waist on the sides of her hips. Her tail constricts around your leg and her arms tighten around your ribcage as she unconsciously pushes her flat little chest into you and squirms as you lustily tease her. You continue to gently pinch and grope at the sleeping Shirohebi’s cool, silky cheeks for several more minutes.

            Oh, the things you want to do to her beautiful little butt.


            Fuck, you better stop.


            You’re going to marry yourself soon, please.

            Okay, you’ve taken your hands off of her and she’s still asleep.



            Saki relaxes again and her breathing returns to normal as she continues to snooze happily with her arms and tail still wrapped tightly around you. She seems especially happy about the great warmth that is pressing into her smooth, flat belly; every time she squeezes or moves against it is agony for you though.


            Tomorrow is going to suck, there’s no way you’ll be able to sleep like this. She’s like a living chastity belt but worse, anchored to your body with all sorts of things there to tantalize and tease you with no hope of release. You want so badly to pull her off of you and take her right here and now, but your will and the love of your actual work at the shrine are stopping you.

            For the time being at least.

            You’ll figure something out though, you have to.

            There’s got to be some way to ‘further your relationship’ with Saki without marrying her, right?


— — — — —


            Sure enough, you don’t get much sleep at all. After about three hours, you are awake again, still cuddling the young, naked Shirohebi to your chest as you watch the sun slowly start to rise under the blue tarp blocking the top of your window. She definitely feels warmer now, her head is nestled in the crook of your shoulder and her small, scaly tail is still wrapped firmly around your thigh.

            Fuck, maybe looking at her right now isn’t the best thing to do.


            Now that you can actually see her in the dim gray light of the sunrise, temptation hits you with its full force. Those two little round orbs that are her butt cheeks fit so perfectly into your hands; you long to completely envelop them again as you grope and squeeze to your hearts content. The way her arms are still holding your ribcage fully exposes her petite white sides. You can barely see her tiny pink nipple between your chests, and can only imagine how cute her flat little alabaster breasts would look if they were pinched firmly between your thumbs and forefingers. With the way she is still sleeping now, you could probably even get away with flipping her onto her back and giving her smooth, soft tummy a delicate, loving massage. Seeing her squirm and smile and giggle in her sleep as your greedy hands have their way with any part of her body they wanted to just seems fantastic.


            Alright genius, time to get it together.

            No touching, no groping, no molesting.

            You leave the snake alone, you hear? Your job is too important to just toss away like this.

            Actually, you probably have to get up and start working soon if you want to get your window fixed today. If the older Shirohebi see a hole in it they’ll probably get ideas.

            That won’t be good at all, will it?

            No, it’s time t get started. Time to get up.


            “Saki… Saki! Hey, it’s time for me to get up.” The little priestess wakes slowly as you call out to her. Her tail shudders a bit around your leg as she removes her slender white arms from your torso, stretches them, and yawns.

            “G-good morning, Mister…” She yawns again.

            “Morning. Are you feeling better now? Warmer?” Saki takes a moment to take stock of herself.

            “Yes! Thank you for keeping me warm, Mister.”

            “Don’t mention it.” You refuse to meet her gaze out of embarrassment for what you did to her while she was sleeping.

            “Do you mind if I get up now? I should probably start working soon.”

            “Oh… Yes.”


            The little Shirohebi looks a little sad that the two of you can’t cuddle anymore, but she uncoils her tail from your leg and lets you get up all the same.

            “Don’t you have work too? I mean, you should probably get back before your parents wake up, right?” Saki jumps a little as she realizes that she spent her first whole night away from home. Her nervousness and embarrassment only increase as she notices the cool morning air against her completely bare body; her blush deepens and her eyes get watery as she faintly starts to ‘awawawa’.


            You are one step ahead of her though, you quickly toss her still barely damp nightgown to her while doing your best to avert your eyes from her naked form. She stares at you with a faint look of awe, your reaction was so quick that it probably seemed like you read her mind. You can’t help but grin as she blushes deeply and struggles into her clothes. In reality, you just wanted to get her covered up so you could maybe stop thinking about her so much.


            Once dressed, Saki quickly drops her tail off your bed and follows it with her human torso. You hadn’t ever seen it before or even really thought about it, but the way she slid off the bed was very fluid and graceful.

            Do all Lamias do that?


            “Um… thank you again, Mister. …I don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t-“

            “Hey.” You cut her off. “Don’t worry about it, okay? You’re fine, and that’s what matters. Now go back home and… try not to think about this too much, okay?” The young priestess-in-training nods happily and hurries out of your room. You hear your front door open and close a few seconds later, and you can’t help but peek around the side of the window-tarp at Saki’s back as she hurries back home to the shrine. The way her small, petite hips sway and the way the tip of her tail flicks back and forth across the grass as she earnestly run-slithers away is really adorable.


            Even though you have a lot to do today, you find yourself standing by the window long after your little acquaintance disappears. If only they didn’t force you to go to those damn seasonal banquets, then none of this would have happened.

            Well, it’s over now anyway.

            She’ll probably be too embarrassed to acknowledge you from now on, let alone come back to your house.

            That’s fine, you guess.

            Sure it’ll be awkward whenever you run into her, but awkwardness has plagued you your whole life. It’ll be more of the same, really, nothing new. As disappointing as that is to you, at least you know you can handle it, and that your job is still safe.

            Yep, normal as always.


            …You don’t really believe any of that though.

            It just doesn’t sit right.

            You are only just realizing that you don’t want things to go back to what they were.

            No, you don’t want that at all.

            You… you want to be with Saki.

            You aren’t quite sure if she wants to be with you yet, but signs definitely point to yes. Before any of that happens though, you have to figure out how to not end up married. That thought sticks in your head as you get ready and go about your day. How do you pursue a relationship with Saki without jeopardizing either of your jobs?


            Your thoughts continue to whirl around like a storm in your head as you sit atop a ladder in the large pagoda in the main shrine courtyard to replace a rotting board in the roof. It is already late afternoon; you have lost track of time all to often today, you thoughts are so consuming that you’ve basically been on autopilot.



            What is marriage?

            What actually constitutes as grounds for marriage?

            Well, a proposal, definitely.

            You don’t have worries about that though. Saki is probably far too young and shy to propose to you, and you have no intentions of doing it yourself for the foreseeable future. That’s not the real issue here, the real issue is sex. In your mind and in the mind of all the priestesses here, sex is akin to marriage. Sure that view is a little old-fashioned, but everything else here is old-fashioned. Still, you’d like to be able to do SOMETHING to alleviate your loneliness and despair. If only there was some way to do that without sticking your penis in her vagina.




            Oh… there it is!

            There’s the answer!

            No penis in vagina.

            That’s it.

            If marriage is decided on by penis in vagina, then the only thing you can’t do is that. There’s a whole host of other things you CAN do that don’t technically count as ‘legitimate’ sex. This is some valuable defense you have right here; as long as you don’t take Saki’s virginity, you can do anything you’d like together without becoming married in the eyes of your employers.

            What a lovely day!

            You feel as though a great weight has been lifted now that you finally have some clarity. Sure you’re going to have to take it slow with her and present things in a way she can understand and react to, but now you can actually DO something about your feelings. You don’t have too many doubts about Saki’s willingness, but your mind still finds things to worry about as always.


            What will you do if she refuses you?

            There’s no way you could force her to do anything, you’d feel far too awful if you did. Yes, she threw a rock through your window to get your attention, and she seemed genuinely sad to have to stop snuggling with you and leave, but it still feels too soon to really know for sure.

            And what if the priestesses found out? Sure you have some deniability, but the fallout form that will probably be an incredible hassle; not something you want to deal with in the slightest. The other priestesses’ disappointment that you didn’t marry them and eventual teasing because you’re doing things with such a young girl seems pretty brutal. Fuck, all of this also hinges on whether or not Saki will ever get over her embarrassment enough to even talk to you again.


            You realize now how quick you’ve been to jump to conclusions and how much you’ve overthought things. Hell, you’ve probably really overthought things, just as you always do. You guess this is what happens when you’re so closed off from other people without any outlet for your feelings. You can’t do anything about the situation now anyway, so just focus on your work and worry about things when the time comes. At least you have a plan if a situation does present itself, right?


            It’s not like you’ll never see her again.


— — — — —


            Your newfound resolve has greatly changed your whole attitude. You are able to think much more clearly now that you’ve figured out a way to put your desires into action if a situation ever presents itself, and you aren’t nearly as worried or anxious or frustrated as you had been. Even though your mood and emotions have been all over the place since you first met Saki only a few days ago, you’re finally feeling that things have stabilized. You’ve been able to attack your work with renewed vigor once more, and once more you are able to ignore the usual advances of the relentless priestesses.


            Today is your day off. You only get one day off every week, so you intend to relish every sweet, relaxing second of it. As much as you enjoy your manual labor, you have to have some time away from it so you can stay fresh both mentally and physically. No hard work for you today, just lazing around your little house, watching TV and playing video games. Nothing to worry about either; no surprise gropings, or possible injuries, or stiff muscles, or that knocking at your door…

            Son of a bitch.

            Usually you don’t even bother with checking to see who is there, often whoever it is gives up after a few minutes or hours just as they all do. Still, having an immediate threat at your door or window still makes you nervous and annoyed no matter how many times it happens. However, since Saki has been on your mind you can’t help but hope that it’s her there and not one of her sisters or aunts. As low as you feel the possibility is, your curiosity is getting the better of you.


            You drag yourself off your sofa in the room that doubles as your kitchen and living room, crouch down, and creep silently to the front door. It’s always best to make it seem as though you aren’t home in these situations, most times you’ll be left alone faster with all of your blinds drawn and your lights off. Slowly, you straighten your legs and peer through the peephole in your front door and your heart skips a beat.

            It’s her.


            Saki is fidgeting around on your front doorstep, wearing her usual red and white priestess robes and obviously pondering whether or not to give up on your seemingly empty home. Her barely pink lips are pursed and the look on her cute, round face displays her intentions perfectly. She keeps anxiously looking around your front porch and up and down your front lawn and even back towards the main shrine for some sign of you. A large pink pastry box tied with a red ribbon rests somewhat precariously in her little white hands; its contents will likely be no surprise to you. A cake or some cupcakes, probably full of some ‘secret ingredient’. Considering Saki’s age, it’s blood most likely. With her innocence you think someone must have put her up to it, a cousin or even her mother.


            You still have to let her in though, you may not have another chance. You had led yourself to believe that something like this would never happen; or rather, you hadn’t wanted let yourself believe it. Either way, you didn’t want to get your hopes up and be disappointed. The little Shirohebi looks dejectedly down at her box and slowly bends down to leave it on your doorstep. You mentally chastise yourself for thinking so long and quickly open the door. Hopefully you’ll be able to avoid eating whatever she brought if it seems suspicious.


            “Uwaaa! Ahh, h-hello, Mister!”

            Saki jumps and straightens up instantly, blushing and panicking slightly at your sudden appearance. The slightly oversized pastry box teeters dangerously in her distracted arms.


            “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

            “Um… uhhh… I b-brought you this cake! And I made it myself, and I wanted you to have it, and I… and I…” She is talking very quickly; the tip of her tail flicks about behind her and she is too nervous to even look at you.

            “How about you come inside?” she quiets down, seeming a bit thankful that you interrupted her babbling.

            “…I’ve got some plates and forks and we can both have some cake, how does that sound?” you continue.


            The shy priestess-in-training nods and follows you into your house without any hesitation or questioning. She seems a little happier and more relaxed now that you accepted her, but she is still flicking her tail occasionally and fidgeting with the ribbon on the cake box. The fact that Saki didn’t freeze up when you offered her some cake is a good sign; usually the priestess who bake for you are initially surprised and revolted by the thought of consuming their own ‘ingredients’. As good as some of them are at concealing it, you have gotten very good at catching their subtle reactions when you make such an offer. Saki didn’t have any reaction to it though. She just took it in stride, as if the thought of eating her own cake would be perfectly acceptable. You still can’t drop your guard all the way though, the distracted, nervous look on her face coupled with the faraway look in her shining red eyes definitely tell you that she’s ruminating over something.


            “You can put it on the table, there.” You gesture towards your kitchen table before going to the cupboard for a pair of plates, forks and a single knife. The little Shirohebi obeys, placing the cake on the table and sitting sideways in one of your chairs.

            “Hey…” you set your utensils down next to the box and pull up a chair next to her, careful to avoid setting it down on her white tail which dangles off her seat and coils around its legs and those of the table. You decide not to continue with whatever you were about to say or confront her about whatever is worrying her though; instead you just give her a gentle headpat and the softest little playful pinch on the tip of her stubby, pointed ear before busying yourself with the cake.


            The ribbon falls easily away when you pull it and you hold your breath as you finally open the box, still expecting the worst. Everything seems normal to you at first glance though; although slightly misshapen, the round white cake decorated with pink icing doesn’t look at all like anything you’d been presented with previously. The pink icing isn’t the dull, darkish pink that shows it’s been made with blood, it’s a fresh, pale pink. A blush that nearly matches the color of the icing creeps across Saki’s pure white cheeks as you inspect her present further. There’s a big pink heart in the middle, and you can barely make out ‘Saki’, ‘+’, and ‘Anon’ inside of it. Whether due to her nerves at the time of icing the cake or to some other factor, the letters are very wavy and oddly spaced. The ‘A’ in ‘Anon’ looks more like a ‘P’.


            Before you have time to react, Saki squeezes her eyes shut and slams her fist down in the cake. Icing and small bits of white pastry spray out of the box and go flying all over the table.


            You feel as though you heart has dropped out of your body.

            Why the hell did she do that?

            Was she angry with how it turned out?

            Did you do something to piss her off?

            Fear and shock and panic course through you as the trembling Shirohebi child lakes her fist out of the cake and holds her shaky little cake-covered arm out to you. She mumbles something unintelligible and her red, serpentine eyes well up with tears of anxiety.

            “…W-what?” You barely croak out a reply.

            “I-I p-p-put myself in the cake for you! L-like mama said! N-now you’re supposed to l-like me, right?” She stares at you imploringly as tears begin to roll down her soft white cheeks.


            It takes several awkward moments for you to realize what she means.

            ‘Put herself in the cake’.

            It seems she understands that a lot differently than the rest of her family. The sheer unexpectedness of her actions combined with her incredibly innocent interpretation of such an adult practice makes you start to giggle and snicker uncontrollably.

            “What? Mister, w-why are you laughing? Aah… ah… awawawawa!” Saki starts to babble nervously, unable to comprehend your amusement.

            “S-sorry. Sorry. I-I just-” you stifle another laugh, “I just never had that happen before.” The young priestess calms down just enough to stop her cute noises and look at you with confusion and anger in her eyes.

            “Y-you haven’t? My sister said they do this all the time…”

            “Well, they do, but… well, they do it differently. I think I like your way a lot better though. Here, is it still okay if I have some?” Saki nods and blushes a little.


            Without a second thought, you gently cup her tiny elbow in your hand and bend down over her arm.

            “U-uwaaa!” She cries out in shock as you give her thin white arm a strong, definitive lick.

            “M-mister!” You look up from halfway through your second lick, swallowing the deliciously sweet icing in your mouth.

            “What? This is what you wanted, right?” She looks down out of embarrassment as her blush deepens heavily.

            “Yes, it just… tickles…”

            “I’ll do my best to be careful, okay?” Saki nods in consent, and you scoot closer to her as you lick a glob of icing off the back of her hand.


            From the bits of cake that stuck to her arm and hand, you can tell that the little Shirohebi did a fairly decent job of actually baking it. The spongy vanilla pastry is decadent, moist and delicious and the creamy white icing is probably the sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted. It doesn’t overpower your taste buds or leave a sickly sour aftertaste either. As your rough tongue continues to hungrily ravage Saki’s small white arm, she starts to sigh restlessly and fidget in her seat. She lets out a sharp, surprised moan as you devilishly pull her index finger all the way into your mouth and start to suckle on it. You repeatedly swirl your tongue around her slender, limp, barely trembling digit and playfully look her in the eye as you slowly slide it out of your mouth with a small pop. A thin strand of saliva connects her now cleaned finger to your lips; you grin at her before attacking her middle finger in a similar fashion.


            The incredibly embarrassed and still slightly confused look on her cute little face makes your heart leap, you can tell that she doesn’t understand that this is arousing her. You can feel her smooth, barely warm skin shudder beneath you with each lick. Although her red eyes are squeezed shut and her mouth is hanging open slightly, she makes no effort to withdraw her arm or tell you to stop. Your mind has gone blank; all you can focus on now is cleaning the cake and icing off of Saki’s arm and hand with your tongue. Well, her arm is basically clean by now, but you still can’t bring yourself to stop licking and sucking at her hand with her whole fist in your mouth. There is a hunger within you and an empty feeling at the back of your throat that you just cannot seem to quell.


            “M-mister! Mister Anon? My tummy feels weird…” You raise your head as Saki’s words finally draw your attention and you let her soaked, slippery and shiny hand fall from your mouth.

            “Oh? Where does it feel weird?” You wipe your mouth off with the back of your hand as she points nervously to her belly, just barely above her crotch.

            “Well, I’m not quite sure what’s wrong yet, but I’ll do my best to find out, okay? Can you stand up?” She takes a deep breath and nods; it seems your calm, helpful words have comforted and reassured her a bit. You let her elbow go and once she is up, you stand to join her. She seems a little wobbly on her tail and still fairly nervous, so you gently drape your arm across her petite shoulders and gently lead her to your bedroom.


            Once there, you stop at the foot of your bed. Saki makes an adorable little ‘eep!’ of surprise as you place your hands just above her hips and easily hoist her onto your bed.

            “You okay? I just want to be able to get a good look at things.” She nods.

            “Good!” After sitting on your knees, you smile warmly at her and reach up to give her another headpat.

            Things are working out just perfectly today, aren’t they?


            Redirecting your attention, you gently stroke the little priestess’s belly over her robes with the back of your hand.

            “Still feeling weird?”

            “Y-yes…” Her pale pink blush hasn’t abated since the two of you left the kitchen.

            “Okay, I’m going to need to get under your clothes, is that alright?” She nods again, and you waste no time in untying the thin white ribbon around her waist that she uses as a belt to keep her robes closed. The red, corset-like piece falls open and you slowly part the white folds of her inner robe to reveal her smooth, perfectly pale skin.


            You gulp at the lump in your throat as you survey Saki’s bare stomach; her flat, incredibly smooth and perfect belly rises and falls slowly as she breathes heavily, and you gently place your hand on it once more. Almost immediately, her arms spring to her stomach, covering it as best she can and immobilizing your hand.

            “Everything okay Saki?” She pauses a moment with her eyes shut and her face screwed up before shaking her head a little.


            “It tickles again? I’m sorry but I need to be able to feel if everything is okay.” She opens her red eyes and pouts pitifully, you can tell she want’s to comply but she just can’t help it.


            “Here, I have an idea. If you start feeling too scared though, you just need to tell me, okay?” She looks at you intently, full of innocence and trust as you slide her robes off from around her shoulders and deposit them neatly next to her. Now that she has been stripped down to just her underwear, you take up the ribbon from her robes in one hand and Saki’s left wrist in the other. She makes no effort to resist as you push it around her back, take it in your other hand, and move her right arm back to join it. Once she feels the ribbon wrap firmly around her wrists though, she struggles a little and you stop.


            “Hmmm? I know you’re nervous Saki, but it’s just to make it so I can help you feel better okay? And the second you tell me to I’ll untie them.”


            After a moment, she nods shakily; you give her a headpat and a warm smile before returning to your work. It doesn’t take you more than a few seconds to dexterously wrap the long white ribbon firmly around the little Shirohebi’s tiny wrists a few more times, loop it between them twice, and tie it off in a tight knot.


            Now that her arms are out of the way, you return your focus to her stomach. You know exactly what is making her feel all weird and tickly, but you fully intend to draw things out for a while and have your fun.

            This is far too good of a chance to pass up.

            Your hand caresses her belly again; her soft, smooth skin feels delightfully cool and silky. The little Shirohebi whines pitifully and struggles a little, but all she succeeds in doing is losing her balance and falling backwards onto the bed. You hastily get up off your knees to see if she’s all right.

            Aside from the surprised, embarrassed look on her face and the tears welling in her frightened eyes, she looks fine.

            “Whoops! Are you okay Saki? That was my fault. Here, let me get you a pillow.”

            “T-thank you, Mister…” Her reply is soft and she looks up at you innocently as you stand above her on all fours and hastily pull your pillow over to the two of you. Her blush deepens once more as you slide your arm under her back, easily picking her up and cradling her under you with your left arm while positioning the pillow with your right.


            “There we go! Are you comfortable enough Saki? Do you need another pillow?”

            “N-no, I’m alright Mister.”

            “Good! Now let’s see about that tummy, hmmm?” You return to the floor on your knees, pressing your stomach and pelvis up against Saki’s tail and sandwiching it firmly between your legs. Her crotch is right there beneath you, still fully covered by her loincloth. Looking at her all blushing and naked and helpless on your bed with her wrists tied behind her back makes it very hard to restrain your animalistic urges. As much as you would just love to rip her underwear off her and bury your face in those tiny, most likely dripping little lips, you don’t. All in good time, as of now you still want to keep your job.


            Instead, you direct your attention to her belly again. You trace a circle around her adorable bellybutton with your index finger and she whines and bites her lip. The way she exposes one of her tiny, developing fangs when she does that makes you smile and your heart flutter. You bend down and plant a kiss on her bellybutton next, eliciting another confused, aroused moan from the bound priestess-in-training.


            All pretense suddenly flies out the window, the faintest salty taste of Saki’s pure white skin has flipped your switch. Your hands drift up to her tiny breasts as you give her bellybutton another passionate kiss. The way her firm, budding boobs squish between your fingers as you pinch them and the way her sensitive, ticklish belly shudders and tremors as you kiss it are too much; you can feel yourself growing erect in your pants.


            You continue to tease her like this for several minutes, groping and massaging her little boobies, pinching and pulling at her stiff, pink nipples and lustily making out with her bellybutton. By now, you are fairly certain that Saki has discovered why her tummy has been feeling weird, even if she doesn’t fully understand sex yet. You can only imagine how your devilish ministrations on her most sensitive areas must heighten her pleasure and make her feel all sorts of fantastic new feelings. Even though she’s only seven years old, you can tell that her monstergirl instincts are fully at work.


            You force yourself to pull away after a few more squeezes and licks; you still have plans for today.

            It wouldn’t do to get too carried away.

            “I’ll be gone for just a minute Saki, okay? Are you still doing alright?”

            “I-I think so… M-Mister…”

            “Good girl!” You give her a headpat and go to your closet for some supplies.


            Over the years, you have accumulated quite the collection of unwanted gifts from the priestesses at the shrine. They’re usually always sex toys, given to you under the implication that you’ll use them on the giver. You never do though, obviously, but you couldn’t bear to throw them all out.

            You’re a bit of a pack rat.

            You’d made sure to go through everything while making your plans for Saki, so the things you need are right on top.


            You return to your bed and the bound Shirohebi upon it with two objects in hand, setting them down beside her in a place where she can get a good look.

            “Hey, Saki? Do you mind if I take my clothes off? I’ve gotten a little sweaty.”

            “Uwaaa! Uh, n-n-no, Mister.” Her gaze instantly snaps away from your chosen toys and to you as you pull your shirt up and over your head. She blushes with unknown lust and embarrassment as your pants and underwear follow; you smile knowingly at her as she ogles your toned, muscular form.

            “That’s better! Now, do you see those?”

            “Yes…” You sit on the bed next to her and crane around to look her in the eye.

            “This is all up to you of course, but I want to give you some training. Usually this isn’t training you’d get till you’re older, but I think you’re ready for it. It should help with your belly a lot too.” She is staring up at you from the pillow with wide red eyes in rapt attention.


            “…You see, I really like you Saki, and I know you like me to.”


            “Yes, I figured it out.” You smile and give her a headpat, “…Here’s the thing though. There are some things that we’re not allowed to do, because they’ll make me lose my job. In all honesty, we shouldn’t be doing anything like this together, but since we both like each other a lot I thought of some ways where we can do some things. I know this is probably all new and very scary to you, but I like you, and I want to make you feel good.”

            “Y-you like me?”

            “Yes, Saki, I like you. I want to be together with you, and do fun things with you, and be there when you need me. It’s really a stupid rule to say that I can’t get married, but I have to follow it. I still want us to be together though. What do you think? Is all of this okay?”

            “Yes, Mister. It’s okay… b-because… because I don’t understand the rules either, and I l-like you too!” She blushes profusely and turns her head to the side, trying to bury her face in the pillow to hide from her confession.


            It feels as though a great wave of relief and happiness has washed over you. You grin and lay back, propped up on your right arm and hand next to the nude, bound Shirohebi child as you calmly slip your hand under her cheek on the other side of the pillow and gently pull her adorable little face around to mirror yours.

            “Well that’s all there is to it then. You like me, and I like you, so there’s nothing wrong with making each other feel good if we want to and we’re careful about it, right?”

            “R-right!” Your heart flutters wildly as Saki finally smiles at you. You smile back, tenderly stroking her pure white cheek with your thumb and all is quiet for a few moments.


            After some hesitation, you kiss her. She moans out something like an ‘uwaaa!’ as your lips meet hers, but her cry of surprise is muffled. As you begin to nibble gently at her small, firm, silky lips, Saki starts to relax a little. Your hand hasn’t left her head; you feel her tremble a little before moving her head a little closer to you. Her lips start to open and interlock with yours too and you gulp in anticipation as you get the first taste of her infinitesimally sour saliva. It isn’t hard to tell that she has no idea how to kiss, her thin, forked tongue slides out into your mouth almost instantly and just sort of sits there. You don’t mind that though, you carefully curl your own around it and gently start to swirl it around and suckle on it as your lips continue to dance with hers. Saliva coats your mouths as you gently make out, Saki seems more than content to just lay there as your slippery lips and rough, slick tongue dart in and out of her mouth and enjoy the contours of her tongue. Soon enough though, you break from her. You don’t want to get too carried away, so you just lay there for a while, staring into the little Shirohebi’s beautiful red, slit-pupiled eyes and running your hand through her hair as you give her headpat after headpat.


            “You make me think of my daddy a lot Mister.” Saki’s sudden words surprise you a little.

            “…I do? How’s that?”

            “Well… He was big, and strong, and he liked to protect me and make me feel safe, like you do.”

            “I…- wow Saki, that means a lot to me… I’m glad I can make you feel good like that.” She nods in agreement, but her eyes lose focus. Her expression looks a little sad and faraway.

            “I miss him…” Her voice is so small and quiet that you barely hear it.

            “Do you want to tell me about it?” She looks at you again and nods. You return to stroking her face and hair as she starts to speak again.

            “I don’t know much, but one day daddy got sick, and then later mommy said he wouldn’t get better.”


            Realization dawns on you.

            “…He got sicker and sicker, and he slept a lot.”

            It was only two tears after you had started working here.

            “…one day…” Saki sniffles a little, holding back tears, “one day he didn’t wake up.”

            You hardly remembered the single funeral you experienced at the shrine; you hadn’t played much of a role in it at all. You just did the digging.

            “…I don’t remember him much, but when I’m with you, I don’t feel as alone, Mister.”

            “W-well, I’m always happy to be here with you, Saki. Anytime you need me, I’m here.” She snuggles up to you as best she can, but she can’t really do anything with her hands still tied behind her back.


            “M-Mister… can we make spoons?”

            “What?” Her abrupt, seemingly nonsensical request thoroughly confuses you.

            “Make spoons Mister, where you lay down and then I lay down with my back near your belly.”

            So that’s what she means.

            “Like spooning? Sure, we can do that! I’d love to.” Saki smiles at you. She blushes faintly as you get up from the middle of your bed and lift her with you once more as you put your pillow back in its place. You set the toys you picked out on your nightstand; after the emotional turn things just took you can’t bring yourself to spoil the moment.


            “Are your hands okay? Do you want me to untie them?” Saki thinks for a moment and then nods, so you plop her down in your lap. You can’t help but notice how nice her cool, naked scales and fleshy white butt feel against your bare legs. Her loincloth has shifted in her struggles and is now lodged firmly in-between her cheeks. She isn’t complaining about it at all and she doesn’t seem too uncomfortable because of it, so you leave her wedgie be. It doesn’t take you too long to pick apart your knot and let the ribbon fall away from the young priestess’s tiny wrists. Once free, she holds her pale wrists up in front of her and looks curiously at the pink indentations that the ribbon left on them.


            Finally, you are able to get down to business.

            You move the little priestess off your lap so you can lay down on your side in your usual sleeping position before sticking your arm up in the air in invitation. Saki happily lies down with you, diving into your arms and scooting her bare, petite back closer and closer until she is squished up against you as far as she can go. Her tail extends only a little way past your toes, and you can’t help but smile as she wraps the tip of it around your ankles to try to pull herself even closer. She doesn’t seem to care at all that your semi-erect member is now resting atop her butt, sandwiched perfectly in the valley between her delicious alabaster orbs. Once she seems fully adjusted, you cross your arms over her flat little chest, cover her little breasts completely with your hands, and rest your chin gently on her head.


            “Yes, Mister.”


            You remove your chin from her for the sole purpose of planting a tender kiss on the top of her head before resuming your original position again.


            “Hey, Saki? You don’t have anywhere to be today, do you? I don’t want you to miss anything you’re supposed to do.”

            “No Mister, I have a day off today. Mommy says I don’t need to work every day until I’m done with training.”

            “That’s good to hear! That means we can have this day be our day to be together, how does that sound?”

            “That sounds nice, Mister!” You can’t see it, but you know she is smiling from the happy, higher pitch of her reply.


            It finally feels like things outside of your actual work have gone right for you at this place. Everything seems just perfect as you lay here, spooning with little Saki, feeling her silky, perfect skin against your chest and her smooth, cool scales against your legs. The sweet, vaguely musky scent of her hair combined with the steady, content beating of her heart right up against your right hand as it rests on her little breast are the most calming things in the world to you. You can only imagine how nice your warmth and the pounding of your own heart against her back must feel for her; being wrapped so firmly in your tender, protective embrace with you touching such vulnerable, sensitive places must only add to that.

            You don’t often take naps, but now seems like a fantastic time for one.


— — — — —


            You haven’t yet decided whether or not it’s a good thing that you have trouble sleeping when you cuddle with Saki. You only napped for about an hour, but the little Shirohebi is still snoozing peacefully as you spoon her.

            She’s just so… distracting.

            It’s not your fault you can’t keep yourself from groping at her tiny breasts as she sleeps, your hands are already there anyway and any large readjustments might wake her. No, you’ll just stick to small movements; just some light squeezing and gentle massaging of her deliciously soft little lumps and the occasional pinch or pull of one of her stiff pink nipples. The pure white priestess-in-training squirms and moans softly in her sleep as you continue to molest her developing chest with your arms crossed over it, locking her into your strong embrace.

            You’re addicted.

            Even though you force yourself to stop every few minutes or so, you can’t keep yourself from resuming almost instantly.

            Just one more squeeze, one more pinch, one more sweet, unknowing whine.

            Just one more.


            No, it’s time to stop now.

            Your cock has been erect for so long that it’s starting to feel painful; you’re sure you’ll wake your little captive if you keep moving and readjusting your hot girth against her petite white butt. Time to think about something else, think about… what you’ll do when she wakes up! Yeah, that’s what you’ll think about, you got that toy out especially for her and you can’t wait to use it.


            That’s not helping at all.


            “Mister? W-why did you stop?” The sudden appearance of Saki’s high, melodic voice makes you freeze. You feel the heat drain instantly from your face as you realize she was awake for that.

            How much of it was she awake for?

            How long was she pretending?

            Well, it isn’t like she minds, right?


            “…You want me to keep going?”

            “Yes, please.” she pauses for a moment, “…I like it when you make me feel like I’m yours.” Those words send an almighty chill through you.

            ‘Like I’m yours’.

            It’s like she knew the exact thing you’d like to hear the most, even when you hadn’t fully realized it yourself yet.


            Wordlessly, you go back to massaging Saki’s flat breasts as you wrap your legs and thighs tightly around her tail; now that you have no fear of waking her you can unleash a little more of your desire. With your hands still cupped tightly over most of her chest, you take her nipples firmly between your thumbs and index fingers and roll them around lightly.

            “Hyyaaaahhhnnnn~” You pay no heed to the immobilized little Shirohebi’s desperate whine, continuing to pull and pinch at her nipples while kneading and groping at her budding boobs with your palms. Thinking about how vulnerable and helpless she is against you as you inflict all sorts of new, pleasurable sensations upon her sensitive, immature body only elevates your lust and fervor.


            It’s like you’re milking her now; sure she’s far too small to even start thinking about that, you can’t help but let your instincts guide you as your devilish ministrations slowly turn her pure white breasts a faint shade of pink. You just ache to slurp up her thin, serpentine tongue again as it hangs out of her mouth and slowly advance your lips up it until it’s all the way inside your mouth and the two of you are joined in a passionate kiss. Unfortunately, your current position doesn’t allow you to do that. You grope her harder to try and make up for it, her whole naked body slides up and down against yours and her back trembles as she squirms around while you hungrily pull at her poor little boobs. The way she is panting and sighing and blushing so heavily as you tease her makes you want to see how far you can go though, you can’t help but wonder what other lewd, erotic reactions you might be able to coax out of her.


            Soon, you get to a point where Saki’s moans and whines seem more out of pain than out of pleasure.

            “You doing okay Saki? Do you want me to stop now?”

            “I-if you w-want, Mister… I-I’ll be okay, I think… if you still want to use me.” Her voice is low and unsteady, hampered by her heavy breathing and arousal. Despite her invitation, you can definitely tell she is ready to stop. You finally release her from your clutches and scoot backwards on the bed so she can flop over on her back. Now that you’re looking at her, you fell like you may have gone a little too far. Her usually pure white chest is pink and almost glowing, and her nipples are all red and inflamed.

            “I’m sorry, Saki. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

            “N-No, Mister, I’m okay! I promise! They hurt a little bit, but they make you happy, right? Saki doesn’t mind if you make her breasts hurt a little if they make you happy, Mister. That part makes it feel good to me…” Her fervent reply catches you off guard; it seems very odd that she is willing to endure pain for your pleasure at such a young age. You also almost missed the weird glint in her bright red eyes before it vanished.

            “No Saki, I was wrong to do that. I got carried away. Let’s move on though, hmmm? I’m sure you’re curious about this…” Still lying on your side, you reach behind you and retrieve the two items you got from the closet, hopeful that they’ll distract Saki even just a little. You’d like to distract yourself as well, though it seems like it’ll be hard to forget the little Shirohebi’s sudden confession.


            She looks at the things in your hand and blushes profusely, seemingly fully back to her old self.


            “I-I don’t know, Mister… What are those for?”

            “Well, they’re for your training of course. I’d like to be able to get even closer to you, but I want to make sure I don’t hurt you.” She smiles at you and her eyes shine again, though this time you can tell it’s more with genuine adoration and happiness.

            “Mister cares about me so much…”

            “I do, Saki. I feel like you’re the only one here I can talk to.” Even though her words seemed like they were more for herself, you couldn’t help replying to them. The little white snake jumps a little, but gives no more indication as to why she spoke.


            Wordlessly, you move your hands to her waist and start to untie her loincloth. She shivers with anticipation as she feels your arms brush against her petite hips, but she doesn’t try to stop you at all. She whines softly as the silky white cloth slides agonizingly out from between her little butt cheeks, and you try not to think too much about the small wet stain on it just around where her pussy had been as you toss it away.

            Time to focus on other things.


            “Okay, how about you lay on your tummy for me? …There, that’s it. Now spread your cheeks a little.” Saki obediently flips over onto her stomach, looks back down at you, and gives you a confused, almost comically wide smile. You stifle a giggle; her innocence is just too adorable.

            “Not those cheeks Saki, your other ones. I’m going to put this in your butt.” You hold up the thin pink butt plug for her to see; the tear-shaped toy is only about as wide as your thumb and a little longer than your middle finger.

            “Uwaaah! M-m-my butt!?” Her face turns almost as red as her slit-pupiled eyes, which start to widen and well up with tears.


            You reach out to the young Shirohebi and pat her tenderly on the head, stroking her short, bobbed white hair gently to help her calm down.

            “Yes Saki, in your butt. That way, you and I can get as close as we want without getting in any trouble. I promise it won’t hurt at all. I’ll still stop the second you tell me to, but I bet you’ll find that it feels really good, okay?”

            “O-okay…” Your words and headpats seem to have calmed her down, and the instant you mentioned it might feel good you saw some curiosity creep into her expression.

            “That’s a good girl. Now, Can you lift your butt up for me? It’ll go in easier if you’re up a little bit.”

            “Like this?” Saki pulls her tail up underneath her, coiling it around to support herself as she raises her cute little haunches high into the air.

            “That’s perfect Saki! Good job.” You give her another headpat and she nuzzles you back with her cheek before you pull away.


            Finally, you get up and move yourself around to behind the little Shirohebi with the butt plug and the small bottle of lube that you chose to accompany it in your hand. You grin as you catch sight of her round, adorable face; she is blushing profusely and watching your still erect member bounce as you stand behind her on your knees. The way her stubby little pointed ears droop slightly with anticipation and embarrassment is far too cute. As she hears you pop the lid of the lube bottle open, she squeezes her serpentine red eyes closed and grips the sheets in her tiny white hands.

            “It’s okay, Saki… don’t be nervous. I’m going to be as gentle as possible.” You smile warmly down at her and lightly caress her soft white butt with your free hand. The little Snakegirl shivers a little under your touch, but doesn’t draw away.


            Wanting to get on with things as soon as possible, you waste no time in squeezing a generous dollop of the clear, viscous lube onto the thin pink plug and spreading it around evenly with your index finger.

            “Saki? Can you spread your cheeks?” She jumps again as she remembers your request; her little hands fly to her butt and you gulp as she parts her round, squishy alabaster orbs for you. Her tiny white pucker winks at you, the way it stretches and twitches, just seconds form barely opening as Saki grips her butt cheeks and presents herself to you makes your heart flutter.

            “That’s a good girl. Don’t be nervous, I’m going to put it in now.” Without further hesitation, you line the tip of the shiny, lubed butt plug up with the very center of the little Shirohebi’s tight, nervous hole.


            “Uwaaaahhh~ C-cold…” Saki bites her lip, exposing a tiny, pearly fang as the plug sits atop her opening. You just let it sit there, letting the naked snake get used to the feel of something against her anus.

            After a few seconds, you start to push.

            Her fingers tighten on her butt and sink into her perfect white flesh as the plug finally penetrates her; you hastily wipe the excess lube off of your free hand before reaching up to stroke her head again.

            “That’s a good girl Saki. Is it feeling okay?” You feel her nod shakily under your hand.


            By now the plug is almost halfway inside her, and you haven’t stopped your slow, steady pushing. Even though you know you won’t encounter any ‘resistance’ due to the nature of Lamia anuses, you are still being as careful as possible. Lamia anuses are really beautiful things to you; since all waste goes to the cloaca in a Lamia’s snake half, the human anus they still have is always clean and free for endless stimulation. You aren’t quite sure of the specific biology though, just what you remember from your single biology class that you took at the start of high school. Their anuses still must be connected to their insides somehow though, you know for sure that a lot of the priestesses keep asking you to put your spirit energy there. None of them will ever get it though, you have realized now that all your spirit energy belongs to Saki.


            Speaking of Saki, you feel her moan and quiver beneath you as the agonizingly slow butt plug finally slides all the way inside her. Once she finally accepts the widest part, the rest of the plug gets sucked in rather fast and comes to rest perfectly; the flared, flat, oval shaped base of the pink toy nestled in between her beautiful little butt cheeks makes that familiar lump return to your throat.

            “H-how does it feel Saki? It’s in.”

            “It is, M-Mister?”

            “Well, yeah, it is. can you feel it?”

            “Y-yes, it feels a little weird. But it’s good… I think. I didn’t know it would be so easy…”

            “I’m glad you feel okay. You can let go and sit up of you want.”


            Saki takes a deep breath before gingerly uncoiling and stretching her tail out, lowering her butt at the same time. You can only imagine the odd new pleasurable feelings that the plug buried deep inside her anus gives her with each little movement. Eventually, the little Shirohebi stretches all the way out against the bed and rolls up onto her side. She smiles back at you and you crawl up to where your pillow is, trying to ignore her obvious entrancement with your erect penis as you sit down with your back against the wall and your legs stretched out in front of you. Once you are comfortable, Saki wriggles her way up to you and eagerly plops her head down on your left thigh with her adorable little nose mere centimeters from your half erect cock.


            “What are you thinking about, Saki?”

            She’s just been laying there for the past few moments, breathing deeply and not moving at all as if she’s hypnotized by you.

            “It smells, Mister.”

            “Smells? …Is it a good smell or a bad one?” You blush a little, starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.

            “A good one, Mister. I think. It’s hard to tell…” You jump and shiver as you feel the tiniest flick of a flat little forked tongue brush the side of your member. Even though you know snakes and Lamias smell with their tongues, you can’t stop but your thoughts from running away of you.

            “A-any better?” you ask. Saki takes a moment to think, but looks no less perplexed as time passes.


            “Here, I have an idea. You know how your other senses heighten when one is taken away?” The young snake in your lap nods carefully, still unable to break her gaze.

            “…Well, maybe we could do something like that to help you smell better. It’ll probably take care of any distractions too.” Saki slowly nods again.


            Taking that as a yes, you cautiously open the drawer to your nightstand and take out your black satin sleep mask. The only reason you have it is because of the week or so when one of the priestesses kept trying to communicate with you via Morse code and a flashlight; you haven’t used it since she gave that up. You try to keep all of your movements as slow an controlled as possible as not to disturb the little Shirohebi still taking long, deep, almost drunken whiffs of your scent.

            “Okay Saki. Let’s put this on you and see if you can smell me better.”


            She finally breaks her focus to look up at you, blinking her round red eyes at you innocently. She makes no effort to resist as you gently place the shiny black mask over her eyes and pull the elastic strap up and over her head, letting it rest behind her pointed ears. You hear her breathing slow and deepen even more as you tie the straps off to make them tighter so the mask fits her better.

            “There we go. Hopefully that’ll help.”


            Settling back down, you give the blindfolded Shirohebi a long, gentle headpat and marvel at how your snug sleep mask now completely covering her eyes seems to have only added to her innocence. As you gently rub and fondle the tip of her pointed ear, Saki carefully rolls up onto your legs, pinning them down with her stomach and propping herself up with her hands on either side of you to get a better angle. Her tail wraps firmly around your ankles once more as she steadies herself. Even though she’s only seven years old, she is heavier than a human girl of her age; your legs are basically immobilized unless you decided to make a concerted effort to throw her off. You’d never dream of hurting her though. She’s so delicate and innocent that you can’t stifle the intense need to protect and care for her as best you can.


            Now that she is blindfolded, the little Shirohebi’s tongue is a lot more active. It flicks up and down across your hardening length as she tries to figure out why your smell entices and intoxicates her so much. You just relax and let things happen as her tongue gets bolder and bolder. Faint jolts of pleasure course through you whenever the forked tips of Saki’s thin tongue brush against your rod and her hot, warm breath feels fantastic on your crotch. A gasp nearly escapes your lips as she firmly wraps her tongue all the way around your base. She cranes her head to the side, pulling you closer and closer to her mouth with her wet, slippery digit.

            “Mithhter… I need to tathhte you…” You smile, stifling a giggle at Saki’s lisp. She doesn’t seem to want to release you, even to speak.

            “Go ahead.”


            You caress the top of the blindfolded snake’s head as her long tongue finally loosens. When her thin, white lips finally close around your tip, every thought except the need for pleasure is driven from your mind. Her smooth, skinny tongue coils and swirls around your tip like it’s a lollipop; even though she only has your tip in her hot, wet mouth you feel like you aren’t too far from cumming at all. Saki makes all sorts of lewd, greedy slurping noises as she suckles devilishly at you, finally realizing that your taste is one that she is desperately hungry for. She starts to moan softly, ravenously as she takes you deeper and deeper, slowly starting to bob her masked head up and down in your lap. You can tell he is slowly getting more and more aroused as she tries to satisfy the weird, empty feeling in her throat and the equally as odd bubbly feeling in her tummy.


            Unable to control yourself any longer, you reach for her butt. You take each of her round little cheeks in your hands and squeeze them; the little Shirohebi whines desperately into your cock as your firm, frantic groping jostles the plug occupying her tight anus. As unskilled and awkward as her sucking is, you can’t deny that it is incredibly effective. Even though you’re sure she’s gagged on you a couple times, her dedication is truly admirable. You do your best not to encourage it for her sake, but her gags and the way they make her tight little mouth and throat spasm and clench around you feel fantastic. The way her tongue squeezes you and swirls around your length as it dangles out of her mouth coupled with the feel of her firm, round butt squishing and rippling beneath your hands has you in a frantic trance of intense pleasure.


            You know you are about to cum, but you are fully unable to focus on words enough to tell her. In effort to distract yourself and hold out for just a little longer, you pop the plug out of Saki’s anus and start to gently fuck her with it. However, the sight of the thin pink plug repeatedly getting buried in her adorable butt achieves the opposite of what you had wanted. Your hands go limp as your orgasm hits, but you manage to thrust her plug all the way back in before falling back as blissful pleasure envelops you.


            The little Shirohebi squeals in surprise as your seed erupts in her mouth. You had expected her to spit you out in disgust and start gagging and retching, but she only seems greedier now. She eagerly gulps down your hot, creamy load, moaning hungrily with each swallow as she does her best to suck out every last drop. You are far too tired to stop her; you just sit back and try to relax but the uncomfortable electric sensation whenever her tongue brushes against your tip is too much.

            “Saki stop.”

            “Mmmhhmmphm, Mhhister? …Are you okay?” She finally surfaces, letting your spent, sensitive cock fall from her small, white, saliva and cum-covered mouth. You breathe out in relief.

            “I’m okay, it just gets really sensitive after I… well. After it comes out.”



            Saki pushes the black satin sleep mask off of her eyes and looks at you innocently.

            “Did that stuff coming out mean I did good?” You grin and give her a slightly sluggish headpat.

            “You did do good, Saki. You did really good. I assume you decided you liked the taste?”

            “Yes, Mister. I like it a lot. Can we do it again?” Saki licks her lips, fluttering her eyelids as she cleans the remains of your cum from her face.

            “We can definitely do it again, though it’s probably time for you to head home.” You point to the window to where the sun is almost fully done setting.

            “Uwaaa! It’s so late! aaawawawawa~”

            “Saki, calm down. Everything is going to be okay, okay? You still probably have a few minutes to get back for dinner before anyone notices. Here, let me help you get dressed.”

            “But Mister… w-what about the…” She gestures nervously to her butt.

            “Oh, the butt plug? You’re going to wear it until our next day off together, and then I’ll get you a bigger one. Okay?” The little Shirohebi blushes deeply, too embarrassed and nervous to make a complaint.


            It doesn’t take long to help her get back into her underwear and robes, but you can definitely tell she is still adjusting to the new intruder in her anus. Her hips sway a little more as she slithers and she is still blushing a bit, but other than that you can hardly tell any difference. You hastily throw on some sweatpants and a shirt before leading your little partner to the front door, but you put a hand gently on her head before she has a chance to open it and leave.


            “Hey, Saki? I just wanted to say how glad I am to have you. Talking with you and playing with you makes me happy, which I realized is something I haven’t felt in a long time.” She turns to you with tiny beads of water sparkling in the corners of her eyes.

            “Me too, Mister… I was so lonely until I met you, there are no other girls my age… and everyone seems to have a daddy but me. I like being your friend, Mister.” You blink quickly to hold back your own tears and pull Saki into a tight embrace.


            After awhile, you are forced to release her and open the door.

            “Until next time, Saki?” You wink, and the little snake priestess smiles back.

            “Until next time, Mister.”


— — — — —


            Knock. Knock. Knock.

            Your heart leaps in your chest.

            Even though you hear that same familiar knock every week now, it hasn’t gotten any less exciting. You spring to your feet and hurry to the door, eager to finally begin the morning activities of your day off.


            “G-good morning, M-M-Mister…”

            “Good morning Saki!” You grin warmly and give the little Snakegirl a headpat as she enters your room, pretending to ignore the deep crimson blush on her cheeks and the restless, distracted way in which she is slithering across your floor.

            “How did it go? Were you able to sleep much?”

            “A little.”

            “And what about work, did that go okay?”

            “Yes. I d-don’t think anybody saw…”

            “Good girl!” You casually drape your arm across her petite shoulders and gently lead her to the bedroom, smiling to yourself as you feel her trembling slightly with anticipation.


            “Alright, first thing’s first.” you take a seat on your bed, “…Let’s see how you did.” Knowing exactly what you mean, Saki starts to undress herself in the middle of the room, slowly untying her robes with her scaly white tail swishing nervously all the while. The way her cheeks turn rosy and her eyes embarrassedly avoid yours as she undresses never fails to amuse you. As her red and white miniature priestess outfit finally falls away, you feel that telltale stirring start up in your pants.


            “Oh, Saki. They still make you look really beautiful, you know?”

            “M-M-Mister…” She stutters and looks down with intense embarrassment, away from you as you ogle the tight, restrictive rope harness covering her pure, white, naked body like a web. The way the plain brown ropes barely cut in to her perfect white flesh from her slender neck to her tail-thigh, crisscrossing and making interlaced diamond and triangle shapes on her body already has your heart racing. Her flat little breasts are squeezed and constricted from all angles; they poke out like soft little cones topped with the tiniest pale pink cherries on her chest.



            “I didn’t tie them too tight did I?”

            “No.” She nervously clenches and unclenches her tiny hands down around her crotch as if she just aches to start fondling it. Here, your mind wanders back to the knot you can barely see between her anxious fingers as they move; the knot that rests in between her delicate white pussy lips, barely parting them as it digs into her rose-colored folds. Since Shirohebi don’t have legs to thread a crotch rope in between, that knot had taken ages to position and tighten correctly.

            “…And they didn’t come loose at all?”


            “Excellent. You’ve been such a good girl, Saki. Are you ready to get on with things?” Here she looks you straight in the eye, not stuttering or wavering at all in her reply.



            You brush off that sudden, intense gleam in her eye as something brought on by a full day of teasing. It’s only natural for her to want to get a move on after having that rope rubbing up on her pussy for so long, not to mention the plug she now always wears in her anus. This has been the first time you subjected her to such all-encompassing torments; the added excitement form her having to sneak over to your house early yesterday morning so you could tie her up without her getting caught must only add to that.


            “Right then. Let me get my clothes off, and we’ll get started.” Saki’s aura and expression instantly go back to their usual state; small, nervous, and submissive. Even though she’s seen it and been cuddled against it many a time during your weekend escapades, you can still hear the young white snake sigh softly in anticipation as you bare your muscular, perfectly toned body for her. Once your clothes are safely dumped in a haphazard pile next to the bed, you turn your attention to the top of your dresser where you have your supplies all aid out. Taking up a coil of rope, you turn back to Saki.


            You take your time in walking over to her, grinning and slowly swinging the rope in your hand, making sure she has all the time in the world to have her anticipation build up.

            “Here, move over just a little? Perfect.” You put your hands on Saki’s shoulders and gently direct her a few inches to the left. Now, she stands right between two hooks positioned a few feet from each other in the ceiling. You had installed them last night when your thoughts and excitement for today wouldn’t let you sleep. Wordlessly, you un-coil the rope, stand on your tiptoes beneath the first hook, and reach the rope up, threading it through its eye. You’re thankful you’re tall enough that you can just barely reach the ceiling without a step stool. Sure a step stool would make this bit easier, but you’re lazy and otherwise distracted.


            Once the first rope is hanging from the first hook with almost equal lengths in each side, you go to your dresser for another rope and repeat the process with it and the second hook. Saki has been waiting patiently for you all the while; she is still fidgeting in her rope harness and her blush deepens whenever the two of you make eye contact, but she is definitely curious as to what you are planning.


            Finally satisfied with your ceiling ropes, you procure a few more coils along with a different item from your dresser, and walk around behind the priestess-in-training.

            “Let’s get this harness off you, okay? I’m sure it’s gotten …itchy.”

            “It has, Mister.”

            “Well, I’m afraid we aren’t done with tying you up for today, but a new position should help a little, hmmm?” She gives a slow, solemn nod, pouting infinitesimally when you aren’t looking. You kneel down and deposit your mass of ropes next to you.


            After fumbling with the knots and loops on her back for a few minutes, the rope finally falls away from Saki’s petite, immature frame. As sad as you are to see her beautiful skindentation go, you try to gulp down the lump in your throat again as you survey the angry pink marks all over her body where the rope had cut into her.

            These are beautiful in a whole different way.

            “Are you sure they weren’t too tight Saki?” You tenderly run a finger diagonally across her back along one of the sensitive, almost glowing pink rope lines.

            “Ah-uwaaaa! N-no, Mister, I already said they were okay…”

            “Sorry. Silly me, I guess I’m being too worried. Make sure you tell me if something feels bad though, I really don’t want you to get hurt.”

            “I will, Mister.”

            “Good girl!” You give her a headpat and a warm smile. You are definitely aware that the little Shirohebi enjoys a little bit of discomfort. She’ll probably have no issue with this next item.


            A thick, black bit gag perforated with three small holes.

            You take it in both hands and bring it down over her head, coming to rest with the hard plastic tube inches from her face.

            “Uwaaaa! M-Mister!”

            “Sorry if that surprised you, Saki. Could you open for me?”

            “…aaaahh” The little Snakegirl makes the cutest noise as she obediently opens her mouth for the bit gag. Grinning, you guide it into her mouth and let her bite down on it before pulling it tighter and buckling it behind her head.


            “Sorry, Saki. Too tight?” A slight pause, and she slowly shakes her head.

            “Alright then! Good girl!” You give her a headpat.


            “Now then! Show me your arms.” Saki starts to turn around and stretch her arms out to you.

            “Ah-ah! I didn’t tell you to turn around.” She blushes, turns back around, and puts her arms behind her back so you can still see them.

            “Good girl!” You gently pull her arms together and start to coil the first rope from your pile around her tiny wrists. The way that thick black bit is lodged firmly behind her fangs, forcing her little jaws apart and her cheeks back makes your heart flutter. Just knowing that she’d happily remain gagged for you even if you weren’t about to tie her up gets you in your soft spot.


            After wrapping the rope several times, you loop the remaining length between her wrists and tie it off securely. The second rope gets tied much like the first; this time around her arms just above her elbows.

            “Okay, Saki. NOW you can turn around.” She struggles a bit as she twists to face you; with her arms tightly tied like that her balance is a little off.

            “Doing okay?” She nods and looks down out of embarrassment as the color creeps back into her cheeks.


            Yet another rope is crafted into a chest harness; you loop it around her chest a few times just below her breasts, and then again just above them. Once that part is done, you crisscross it over her shoulders, around the back of her neck, and between her little chest lumps in an X shape. You make that circuit just twice. Even though it may be a little unnecessary, you can’t help but keep a hand, or at least a finger on one of her teats at all times.

            …to steady yourself. Yeah.

            The way she blushes and looks up at you when you do it makes it even better; her embarrassed, confused, yet barely understanding expression on her adorable gagged face is almost too much. It’s like she knows exactly what you’re doing, but she’s either too naive to fully understand or she’s a fantastic actor.


            Picking up a fourth rope, you pull Saki in close with your free hand in order to loop the rope around her back and upper arms. Your bare chest barely grazes hers and you feel her tiny, erect nipples drag against your pectorals.

            “…aahhwhawaaa…” she mumbles through her gag. Before her adorable little embarrassed babble has the chance to start up, you pull away and even the length of the rope on each side. You do your best to ignore it, but the way her muffled ‘awawa’s increase in volume whenever you lean closer to loop the rope around her torso and then decrease as you pull away again is making you giggle.

            Eventually though, you have almost the full length of the rope tied neatly around Saki’s lower chest and upper stomach, binding her already trussed arms firmly down against her back.


            Finally, you lean back to admire your handiwork.

            There she is, all tied up.

            Her wrists and elbows are drawn tightly together, her chest harness is squeezing her little white boobs into flat, adorable cones again, and the whole package is neatly wrapped up with the last rope around her arms, back, and belly. Saki makes an adorable slurping noise as she sucks at the drool that has collected in the hollow, hard tube of her bit gag.


            “MMMM! Mmmwwwhhhh!”

            “What? Oh, you discovered the surprise?” You grin devilishly at her.

            “MMMmpphHH!” The little Shirohebi splutters and grunts through the tight black gag, desperate to spit out whatever she had just swallowed.

            “Oh, relax. It’s just a little slice of lemon in there. It’s sour though, right?”

            “MMMMHhMM!” It’s a little hard to take her anger and surprise seriously when she’s all gagged and blushing and drooling like that, but you do your best to not let it show.


            “Are you going to be okay, Saki?”

            You are being completely serious now.

            “…mmmhhmm.” Even though tears are welling in her red eyes and her expression is incredibly pitiful, she is willing to bear it.

            “That’s my good girl!” You switch immediately back to your usual happy, carefree attitude and give the little, tied-up snake a headpat.

            “I think it’s really cute when you drool. You’re going to think hard about whether you want me to watch you do something so embarrassing or if you want to taste that sour lemon all the time. I’m sure you can handle it though, right?” She nods, but gives you a disapproving look all the same. Sure it might have been mean to trick her like that, but you wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t think she could deal with it.


            “I hope you like swings, Saki, because this next part might be a little scary at first.”

            “mmmm?” She looks at you curiously and mumbles through her gag. You ignore her for now; instead you choose to pick up one end of the longer rope hanging from the second ceiling hook and start to wrap it around the young Shirohebi’s hips. Once the coil is your desired thickness, you loop the end of the rope around the coil and tie it off. Now, if you wanted, you could hoist Saki into the air by her hips if you pulled on the other end of the rope. That would be a little too mean though, you have to make sure the rest of her is adequately supported.


            Scooting around to the priestess-in-training’s other side, you fasten the other hook-rope to her chest harness in several places.

            “There we go! Finally ready! Are you ready for me to pull you up, Saki?”

            “…mmmmhhm.” She is looking a little more nervous now, but she’s still agreeable.

            “Good girl! Here we go…”


            Taking the end of each rope in a different hand, you stand up and slowly start to pull.

            “mmhawhhawhawhha…” Saki tries to ‘awawa’ through her bit gag again, but the result is still severely muffled. Long, silvery strands of drool hang from her mouth, and she thrashes a bit as you pull her higher and higher off the ground. Soon, she is laying in the air at around the height of your hips; her scaly white tail dangles down and trails on the floor for a few inches and her short, bobbed hair slightly obscures her round, cute face.


            You put one rope in between your teeth, now able to tie off the other one on Saki’s chest harness. Once it’s secure, you tie the other one off on itself, right next to the first loop you made with it on her hip coils.

            “Now then, let’s see what you’ve got going on back here?” You direct your attention to that small, deliciously firm white butt with a grin on your face and a gleam in your eye.


            Before you know it, you are standing right behind Saki, staring down at her little white orbs of flesh as they glisten softly with the faintest hint of sweat. The long, pink, oval-shaped bead nestled between them, right over her anus calls out to you. It is exactly like the one you admired the first time you put a plug in her butt, but this plug is not that plug.

            This plug is a good deal bigger.


            “Let’s see here…” Saki cranes her head around to watch you, still unable to control her drooling. You grasp the base of her butt plug firmly and pull.

            “mmmmmhhhmmm…” Saki moans throatily through her bit gag as the fat plug slides out of her tight little pucker with a quiet pop. This plug is an inch wide at its widest and two and a half inches long.

            “Feeling good already? If not, you’re definitely about to…” Her eyes flutter as she lets out a deep sigh; over these past few days off she has gotten very used to pleasure and to your teasing,

            You can tell she craves it.


            “Oh shit, I almost forgot!” You set the plug down carefully on Saki’s alabaster back before hastily jogging to your dresser for your bottle of lube.

            “Can’t forget this now, can we?” Saki shakes her head slightly in agreement and you pause in front of her, bending down to kiss her lovingly on the forehead and give her a headpat.


            Now back behind your little Shirohebi captive, you carefully line yourself up and pop open the lube. Saki can’t see what you are doing very well at all; she squirms around in frustration and cranes her head anxiously to try and catch some sight of you. You hear her slurp at her drool and then whine pitifully as she forgets that there’s still a lemon hidden in her tight, restrictive bit gag.

            “Oh no, did you get the sour again? I’m sorry…”

            No you’re not.


            Finally, you direct your attention to your throbbing erection. It hovers millimeters from Saki’s beautiful little ass, just waiting for you to bury it inside. You squirt out a very generous line of lube all the way down your rod, wincing a little at how cold the clear, slippery stuff is. Before it has a chance to drip around or slide off, you grab yourself and start working the lube around with your right hand, quickly coating your member in the viscous liquid.


            Once you are ready to begin, you cap the lube again and toss it gently to the floor; thankfully it doesn’t burst open. Your heart falls as you realize there’s nothing around to wipe your hand off on, but you are too impatient to delay this any longer. With your clean hand, you firmly grip Saki’s left butt cheek and touch your glistening tip to her pucker. You can feel it winking erratically beneath you as Saki trembles with desperation and anticipation, there is no doubt in your mind that she is ready for you.

            “Here I go Saki. I hope you enjoy the first time with me in your butt.”

            With that, you thrust.


            “HHHHhhhmmmm!” Saki groans through her lemon gag as your tip enters her tight, dark depths. Without thinking, you instinctively grasp her right butt cheek with your lube-covered hand.

            Wait a second.

            You’ve just had the most brilliant idea!

            With your tip still buried in the little Shirohebi’s anus, you rub your hands together, equalizing the amount of lube on them.

            Sure it’s not oil, but it’s close enough.


            You massage both hands into her small, firm globes of perfect white, roughly coating them with a shiny film of lube.


            You start to push deeper into the bound little Shirohebi, but you only slide in a little further. The rest of your momentum is diverted into making Saki swing forward.

            “MMMMM!” She flails around in surprise as she lurches forward.


            “Sorry, Saki. Let me think here for a bit…”

            Like she could do anything but wait when she’s gagged and tied up and hanging like this.


            You try to think fast before the situation gets too awkward, and an idea finally comes to you. You put your hands on her hips for a little more stability, but you keep your slippery thumbs firmly planted in the middle of each of her butt cheeks.

            Good thing you have large hands.


            Now that you have more control, you gently pull the bound, hanging little Snakegirl all the way onto your throbbing girth. As you pull, you firmly knead your thumbs into her soft, delicious white ass.


            “You liked that, didn’t you Saki? I’m all the way inside you now. How does it feel?”

            “Mmmph, Mmmphrr.”

            “Good? Good. Your little butt is all mine like this, you know?”


            “Here, how does it feel when I slide out?”


            “Yeah. And what about when I start thrusting?”

            “Mmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmm!” Saki bites down hard on her bit gag, stretching her slender little neck and lifting her head up in desperation as you start to fuck her tight, pulsating anus.


            “It feels hot, doesn’t it Saki? Having me in you like this doesn’t feel like the plugs did at all, hmmm?” As your pace quickens it gets harder and harder to maintain your calm, brutally teasing tone.

            “…It feels hot for me too. Your insides are squeezing me so hard, it feels really good!”

            “Mmmrmmpphhhrrr…” The helpless Shirohebi tries to call out to you through her restrictive black gag; her tail thrashes around like a severed tentacle beneath her as your hips smack into her shiny white, lube-covered butt again and again.

            “You’re going to be filled up back here soon, Saki. I… can feel it coming, you’re being such a good girl!”


            Your thoughts keep running away from you and it gets harder and harder to think of coherent ways to tease the little white snake, so you stop talking and focus everything on your movements. The way your thick girth slides so easily into such a tight-feeling hole is incredibly hypnotizing. You can feel every curve, every contour of her insides; they clench and squeeze at you as if they’re desperate to have your reward. Saki grunts and moans deeply as beautiful, intense pleasure completely overwhelms her; although her erotic noises are muffled by her gag they are still very loud. It doesn’t take much longer for your burning, boiling seed to shoot forth, steadily expanding and swelling inside Saki’s belly as jet after jet of creamy cum explodes out of you.

            This is it.

            It feels like all six years of tension and anger and frustration are being forcefully expelled from your body as sweet blissful pleasure takes its place.


            For a while you just stand there, fully embedded inside the little Shirohebi, feeling her anus pulse at you occasionally as your load sloshes in her belly. Saki herself has gone limp; you aren’t sure if she has orgasmed from this, but her eyes are half lidded and you are sure she is smiling behind her gag. Drool completely covers her mouth, chin and neck and her hair is a mess, but she looks completely relaxed.

            Maybe she fainted?

            Maybe she’s just overloaded and went into a trance or something.

            Whatever, she’s alive, and you’re sure she’d like to find herself in your arms when she wakes up.


            Squeezing your eyes shut, you slowly slide yourself out of her. The prickly jolts of sensitivity in your still semi-erect cock recede almost instantly; once you’ve recovered you bend down to inspect your work. Her little pucker gapes open a little, and you can see a bead of cum start to trickle out and down her tail. Before any more has a chance to leak out, you grab her plug from where it fell to the wooden floor and slowly re-insert it.


            Now her belly will stay all nice and full and warm.


            You carefully let her down from the ceiling, but you are far too tired to untie her further. You do make sure to take her bit gag out though, she was a good sport with the lemon and you don’t want to push her too far on her first time with it. Stifling a yawn, you gently pick the naked, still-tied priestess-in-training up off the floor and tenderly carry her over to your bed. It’s almost noon, but you feel a nap is definitely in order.

            Saki doesn’t seem to be waking up soon anyway.

            You’d rather have her wake up when she’s ‘making spoons’ with you too, you know how much she enjoys that. If you can bring yourself to stop giving her headpats, maybe you’ll be able to sleep as well.

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13 thoughts on “Such is Life for a Shrine Handyman

  1. >7 years old.
    >7 years old.
    >7 years old.

    Somewhere, a ren xiongmao was made sad by this story. Because sodomising 7 year old snake-girls makes her a sad ren xiongmao.

    Plus. I dunno… A secular workman? Hrmmmmm… I guess that kinda works… He’d seem to me to be the Shinto equivalent of a (lay) Brother in a Catholic context. I don’t know the division between the japanese laity and shinto priesthood that well admittedly.
    But by the same token, miko are generally just paid part time workers, and often very secular.
    That said I’m not sure if they have to take any level of vow on top of following the shrine duties.

    I must assume that the headpriestess must be considered some living divinity. Or at least the mortal rep of the actual enshrined divinity…
    That leaves the husbands of the miko… One would assume that they’d be priests, but with the order of sexual power reversed.

    I also wouldn’t necessarily consider “square tiered towers” indicative of shinto shrines.
    Since those buildings are pagodas.
    And pagodas are Buddhist, rather than Shinto, structures.
    That said.
    The fact is there are a lot of buddhist devotionary structures on Shinto grounds, because of basically a millennia and a half’s worth of cultural conversation between the two religions.
    But one is one thing, and the other is the other.
    Plus landscaping is often a buddhist pursuit too, but Shrine grounds are often beautiful but usually inasmuch as they take advantage of the pre-existing natural beauty.
    That said, some are often extensively landscaped.

    That’s all quibbling before a serious issue though.
    If there was a story about anally fucking a 17 year old snake-girl in a Shinto shrine, then I’d probably cum buckets. Regardless of cultural verisimilitude.
    Shit even if she was flat chested and lithe, it’d still be okay.
    >7 years old.

    Not that perverts who enjoy stories about sodomising 7 year olds can’t enjoy stories about sodomising 7 year olds, or that you can’t write stories about sodomising 7 year olds if you so wish. I’ll even defend your right to writing stories about sodomising 7 year olds.
    But said subject isn’t even close to being listed in my interests.
    Also: I’m judging you so bad right now.

    1. Well, thanks for the cultural lesson, I appreciate you taking the time to write it out. I sort of got stuck on the setting (which is why there isn’t a proper ending) but I’m still thinking about it. I’d like to figure it out more and explain it sometime in the future.

      Judge me how you like, I’m most interested in the mindset and psychology of people like the MC, but I’m not sure I portrayed it accurately. I definitely like lolis though, I just wanted to approach them from the point of view of someone who is mentally unstable and explore it in a monstergirl setting. I’m glad you gave it a try at least.

  2. Nice. Loli sneks are best sneks. I think, though, that you could’ve done more to explore the relationship between his personal isolation and sexual depravity. Is bondage a thing he’s always been into, or was he just driven to taint the loli-hebei’s innocence? And how does Saki really feel about all this? Does she enjoy the bdsm and sexual simulation for itself or is she just trying to please her new friend?

    Please continue this. I think you have much more to say and I’d very much like to hear it.

  3. Oh, I’ve got a good one.

    A shrine handyman says to the shirohebi he’s fucking: oi, bend over, I want to put in your arse.
    And she says: Isn’t that a bit perverted?
    The handyman looks shocked: That’s a big word for a 7 year old!

  4. Omagah, this snek loli…..s-so lewd. When I saw that she went limp, I thought she had died from pleasure (heh, get it?), or like she actually died but I forget that MG’s are really durable so. Please continue this! This is so good. You should bring out her yan-yan tendencies as well….without killing MC of course…though that’d probably be difficult considering how they are. I also you had one on hellhounds…what can I expect from those? (I love me some hellhounds stuff)

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