‘Submissive’ Hellhound

>Be Anon.
>Be married to a hellhound.
>A ‘submissive’ Hellhound.
>At least, that’s what the public sees her as.
>Boy are they wrong.

>On one particular day, go outside.
>Taking your wife out for a walk as you do.
>Yes, a walk. She’s your dog, isn’t she?
>Collared, naked, panting and with no sign of flames around her eyes.
>Sure looks like a dog to you.
>Walk through the neighborhood with a swagger in your stride. Your neighbors’ heads keep turning, looking at you, then at your dog and then at you again in shock.
>Stop paying mind to the road, just basking in their amazed stares. You could get used to this.
>Being the center of attention feels good, man.
>As your dear spouse pulls you forward by the leash, the pavement reminds you that walking normally is a good idea. You decide to do that.
>You learn that hitting the ground while sporting a raging boner is quite painful.

>During your walk, come across a dog park.
>Go in and once again draw attention to yourself.
>Couples and their dogs.
>Guys and their dogs.
>Dogs and their dogs.
>All stop and stare as you sit down on a bench, throwing balls, frisbees and stick for her to catch.
>Once in a while, pet her head and call her a good girl. Some other hellhounds start burning holes in the back of your head as her tail start wagging at your praises.
>This only serves to make you harder.
>As your erection reaches the level where sitting down does nothing to hide it, you get up and heads towards a more secluded area of the park, taking your cute coal-black fluffy puppy along with you.

>Standing behind a row of trees and shrubbery, you are now quickly unbuttoning your pants, much to the delight of your bitch.
>With your pants and underwear now discarded and your dear wife’s tongue out and panting, her eyes full of desire and puffy mound glisteningly wet, you do what nature has prepared you to do since time immemorial.
>You grab your Hellhound by ears and plunge your dick down her throat.
>The second you do so, her mouth turns into a smirk around your cock, her eyes taking on a glint you know all too well.
>You should’ve waited until you got home to vent your lust. You are now going to get bullied.
>Once her plump lips touch the base of your shaft, you feel her head reeling back, your hands no longer guiding it, instead, being pulled by it along for a ride.
>With a mouth akin to a cozy fireplace, you can feel your limit fast approaching, however, just before the moment you blow…

>She pulls her head back and your tool leaves the comfy confines of her mouth with a wet pop.
>You take a sharp breath as the cold air touches your sensitive member before exhaling it and pushing your lover over.
>Spreading her legs and grabbing your dick with one hand one of her paws with the other, you quickly hilt yourself in her moist pussy, beginning to breed her in the dreaded missionary position.
>Looking up at you from the cold morning grass, the corners of her eyes are set ablaze.
>Not a moment passes before she starts egging you on, telling you how she’s not even feeling it at the speed you’re going, a smug grin growing on her face as you begin to register her sharp remarks. Doubling your efforts to dominate her.

>Yet, it all seems in vain, as your wife grows silent, that smug smile still etched onto her face, the only sound around you being the slapping of flesh on flesh, a lewd chorus of pops and smacks.
>As your limit approaches, you start panting in exhaustion, lust and other states of being that you can not even manage to articulate into words. At once, like if she felt you quickly approaching your climax, her paws leave your hands, grabbing the sides of your head and pulling you into a deep kiss.
>With a final thrust, you hilt yourself into her depths, painting her womb white with your seed, feeling the drowsiness of sleep as you breathe softly in the fluffy tuft of her chest.

>However, not even a moment after, you feel something slamming into your hips. Your softening member once again stands up to attention as you hear a whisper filled with smugness from above.
>”You are not done yet, are you, Masteeeer~?”
>With her legs now around your waist and her hips pistoning into your pelvis like a jackhammer, you are once again reminded why your wife loves to be on the bottom.
>She finds it way more fun to take control of you from a position of submission.
>And as you erupt inside her depths for the fifth time since she started, you also remember how much you love that too

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