Storm of the Century

The snow danced and swirled like thousands of little ghostly white dervishes in the glare of the headlights as the truck made its way down the darkened highway.

‘Storm of the Century’ some were calling it.

‘Polar Vortex’

‘Bomb Cyclone’

‘The Downeaster Noreaster’

All these monikers this winter storm had picked up earned a scoff from the truck’s sole occupant.

This is not her handiwork the driver said to himself for what must’ve been the thousandth time tonight. A massive winter storm system of ice, snow and gale force winds was stretching from Cape Breton to Michigan’s upper peninsula- and here he was in the thick of it, trying to keep one of the state’s highways open with metal on asphalt and thousands of pounds of silica and salt slowly draining from the dump body behind him.

Meteorologists were still debating whether it was officially one massive storm or three or four smaller storms combining. The man in the truck thought the practice of naming winter storms in a similar manner as hurricanes was dumb and sensationalistic at best.

Still, tonight’s storm had an especially harsher and far more unforgiving edge to it. Her handiwork had a seemingly more personal and almost warmer touch to them.
It was basically the difference between a snow day from school and the snows that trapped the Donner Party.

He had the roads to himself tonight, which was just as well. As his grandpa once put it, “It’s not fit for neither man nor beast out there“. Still- somebody had to keep the roads open, and that’s what the state was paying him to do.

The truck approached a railroad crossing- these were always a little tricky. He used a joystick to ever-so-slightly raise the plow. Raise it too high and that patch of highway would be even more slick and hazardous than usual. Yet he didn’t want to have the blade too low and either risk damaging the blade- or even worse, the rails…..especially since most of the salt the county was stockpiling was being brought in by the trainload.

He quickly appraised the results of his work- it looked as though a passing train could knock some of the snowbank back onto the highway, but it was far more likely the snowfall would accumulate once again before that crossing was used by a train.
Picking up speed once again, the truck’s sole occupant absently reached for the radio. Perusing through the dial, he quickly realized his choices were static or some sort of winter storm advisory in French. He had already ventured out three times in the brutal winter storm to knock accumulated snow from the gap between the plow and the truck’s grill. If he could prevent it, he’d rather not venture out a fourth time before the end of his shift.

Finally, he dared to look at the clock on the console. It didn’t quite feel like it, but he was in the home stretch now. Time to double back and meet up with one of his colleagues at that coffee shop off route 11. No doubt the owner would offer them free coffee and pastries- it was one of the few businesses folks could count on being open in this inclement weather. Although it was tempting to take him up on it, he was pretty sure she’d have something waiting for him when he got back.
Sure enough, there was a set of flashing amber lights as he rounded the bend- his colleague was waiting. Pulling up alongside, he rolled down the truck’s window- pleased at not having to shout over the noise of two idling trucks.

Letting him know he encountered nothing out of the ordinary, the man declined his colleague’s offer to join him for coffee and a donut.

She was no doubt waiting for him.

In record time, he headed back to the motor pool, dropped off the truck’s keys, filled out his required paperwork, punched out and began the long, snowy trek home.
Thank God for four wheel drive- although even that was no guarantee against some sort of wintry calamity.

He found it ironic that he had spent all night plowing the state highway north and south of town, yet his route home remained noticeably unplowed. Still, his old truck was up to the task as long as he refrained from driving anything like Steve McQueen in Bullitt.

Before he knew it, he was staring through the swirling snowflakes at the front door of his modest little cabin. Although he couldn’t see anything, he caught the acrid smell of smoke and wood burning. This earned a hearty smile from him as he braced himself for a final, quick lashing from the winter storm before shutting the door behind him.

As soon as he crossed the threshold, something warm and sweet filled his nostrils.
Oh wow- it was better than he could’ve anticipated.

“Hey Meg! I’m back…” he called out as he stamped his boots by the front door, shaking some snow free.

Her proper name was Megumi, but she had embraced the shorter, westernized version of her given name.

“What smells so good?” he asked, not getting an answer right away.

“Oh! You’re just in time…” a welcoming, feminine voice spoke up. “I couldn’t sleep, so I made some coffee cake for us.”

The sweet, cloying fragrance was more than he could’ve hoped for after a hard night behind the wheel in driving snow.

“Aw Meg- you didn’t have to wait up for me.” he replied as he hung up his coat on a little rack by the door.

“Since I was having a hard time sleeping, I figured I’d get caught up on some reading, start a little fire and make a little something for the two of us.”

Coffee cake and a toasty fire? he thought. Oh wow- how can this morning get any better?

He soon had his answer as he ventured further into the house. Looking through the doorway into the tiny dining area/living room, he saw a pair of flawless legs in a chair. Perhaps the only thing out of the ordinary was the legs’ light blue tint.

Oh nice! Meg must be wearing those sexy little volleyball shorts he realized. However, when she stood up, he could see that wasn’t the case.

The statuesque, voluptuous Yuki Onna got to her feet, stretching her arms over her head and giving him an exquisite view of her pale blue body. He could now see that it wasn’t volleyball shorts that Meg was wearing, but a pair of Daisy Dukes. The simple act of stretching caused her voluminous powder-blue breasts to strain against a bikini top and jiggle a little as her arms returned to her side.

“See anything you like?” she teased.

“Yeah- something I’ve been thinking about and wanted all night.” he said, doing little to conceal the hunger in his eyes as he closed the distance.

Megumi anticipated this and was ready to give him what he wanted.

“Say ‘Aaaah’…” she said.

He obliged and was rewarded with the beautiful Yuki Onna playfully shoving a little slice of coffee cake into his open mouth.

“Oh wow!” he marveled, taking care not to spit out the crumbs. “This is sooo good, Meg.”

“You like it?” she asked eagerly.

“Yeah….this is just the thing to come home to after one of my shifts.”

“Tough day at the office?” she asked.

“Not too bad….just long.” His mouth now free of crumbs, he gave Megumi a chaste kiss on her cheek before chuckling. “I missed you even before I knew you’d be waiting for me in that sexy little getup.”

“I missed you too.” she replied, giving him a slightly longer kiss on the lips.

“I’m sorry- it can’t be much fun for you, cooped up here like this.” he sighed.

“Well- I was doing some tidying up earlier today and came across these.” she gestured towards her skimpy clothes.

“You look amazing.” he said as he went in for the kill, giving the statuesque yuki onna a soft kiss on her neck.

“Ah….” she let out a moan while trying to maintain her composure before pouting “Why can’t I come with you?”.

“I’d love to have you with me on the roads on nights like these, but there’s no way I can do it while we’re working.” he sighed. “They’d be worried about all kinds of liability at work if there was an accident, and the way they have some of the controls they set up, there’s barely enough room for two people in there as it is. Besides…..”

She arched her eyebrow quizzically. Megumi may have been the embodiment of winter, but that expression of hers never failed to warm his heart.

“Seems kind of silly to have a Yuki Onna ride along with someone clearing highways during a snowstorm.”

“I have nothing to do with this….” she said defensively as she swept her arm to indicate the snowstorm outside.

“I know….just doesn’t feel like your handiwork.” he chuckled.

“You can tell?”

“It sounds silly, but the snow you conjure up seems to have this warmth to it, Meg.”

She didn’t say anything right away. Wait….is she blushing? he pondered. He couldn’t believe his good fortune to come home to warm coffee cake and a beautiful 5 foot 9 Yuki Onna dressed in tiny denim cutoffs and an almost too small bikini top for her DD cups.

The beautiful ice maiden’s blushing was just the cherry on top. She was speechless.

“Hey Meg?” he asked after a moment.


“Are you sure your warm enough dressed like that?”. Although Megumi had a higher tolerance for cold, he got the occasional reminder that even a yuki onna wasn’t completely immune to the effects of a harsh winter that was beyond her control, which is why her and other Yuki Onna’s learned to enjoy the warmth of another body.

“I am now that you’re here.” she said as she clasped his hand.

Now it was his turn to blush.

“H..hey- you don’t have to go anywhere today?” he asked.

She shook her head ‘no’.

“I have an idea!” he said as he positioned one of the chairs closer to the tiny fireplace before heading out to the kitchen. “I’m going to get some coffee- do you want any?”

“I already have a glass of tea working.” she replied.

It was actually a Keurig machine they had in the kitchen, so it wasn’t long at all before his coffee was ready.

“Now- I know I’ve been sitting all night….” he started to say as he set the coffee down on the little table and seated himself in the armchair facing the fireplace. “But I wouldn’t mind some company.” he patted his lap.

Megumi didn’t need much persuasion as she cautiously got onto the chair and sidled onto his lap while gracefully hooking her left arm around his shoulder.

“Mmm….this is nice.” she sighed as she shifted her weight a little, grinding ample backside against his nether region and smooshing her breast against his face after picking up a trashy romance novel from the same table his cup of Java and the coffee cake were on.

“You feel so nice and warm.” he mused as he shifted a little so that his ear was on on her right breast. “And your heart’s going a mile a minute.”

“Must be because I’m getting to the good part of this book.” she teased, sticking out her tongue while subtly shifting her weight in a manner that still got his attention.

“Are you sure it isn’t because you’re happy to see me?” He asked with an exaggerated pout.

“Well….maybe.” Megumi said nothing further as she leaned over and pulled another slice of coffee cake from the little table, playfully stuffing it into his mouth, although her fingers stayed a few moments longer than necessary.

He let out a quiet, abrupt moan of approval. Her right breast was once again mashed up against his face now that she had settled back into position.

“Meg?” he asked as he softly wrapped both arms around her slender and surprisingly warm waist.


“I’m so glad I have you in my life.” He gave her a gentle squeeze.

“Jeez- you dum dum. Don’t say stuff like that out of the blue…” Megumi said as she made a dramatic showing out of turning a page on her trashy paperback romance novel. “But….”


She tented the book and hugged him closer to her bosom.

“I love you too.”

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