Stacy’s Mom (Has got it goin’ on)

Stacy’s Mom (Has got it goin’ on)

Desirae sighed, straightening the blue ribbons wrapped around her rounded, fluffy ears. She was preening and she knew it. She then used a brush to manage the ends of her shoulder length hair to get it in some semblance of order. She’d stayed up far too late last night watching a documentary on the metallurgy involved in making a viking sword.

Her late husband would have been right there with her, bless his heart. Her daughter had ridiculed her for it this morning. She felt there was a loss between her generation and this one: the urge to learn, to discover, to engage.

With an even heavier sigh Desirae tossed the brush down onto the vanity and lifted her large clawed paws to begin the process of straightening her breasts. At nearly forty, she’d only just started wearing a bra—and even it was only as a preventative measure to keep her breasts from sagging prematurely. She thought that with proper care they may not sag until her sixties.

Desirae straightened her silk Chinese dress while admiring the beautiful patterns in the mirror. It clung to her every curve, leaving just enough to the imagination to add the allure. A man was visiting, after all.

The circular thinking which brought to bear the root of her irritation.

Her step-daughter Stacy was leading some sweet young man on. And for nothing more than his tutelage at that! Desirae was aghast at the idea of leading any man on—you were either interested, or not. In her own college years she thought she may have slept with him already—not for the tutelage, mind you, she wasn’t a prostitute. But more as appreciation for taking the time to show he really cared and reciprocating.

Shrugging in exasperation as she turned and bent slightly over to check her derriere, she supposed it was merely the difference between species. Humans had some strange ideas, after all.

But Desirae was a Ren Xiangmao—a literal panda girl. With Jessica Rabbit curves trimmed in soft silky black and white fur. Further, she was a Mamono—a literal monster girl. Sex incarnate, liberally sprinkled with lust, and several dashes of desire.

Preening. She knew she was doing it once again. Though she judged she still had the posterior of an adult film star, making her smile. It wasn’t like the young man was coming to see her, but her step-daughter.

Though Stacy was no slouch. Gaining from her father’s Scotch-Irish ancestry the fiery hair and temper, she had her own racetrack curves that turned heads even in the company of Mamono. Stacy’s greatest flaw was her selfish petulance.

Me. Me. Me.

With a roll of the eyes so deep she thought she could almost see her own brain, Desirae set to hunting through the massive amount of Stacy’s cosmetics on the vanity. Perhaps the greatest benefit of being a Mamono was that she’d never have to spend a dime on the cosmetic every human woman seemed to spend thousands of dollars per year on. Finding the lip gloss—cherry flavored—she applied a light coat.

Not because she was worried about chapped lips—Demon Lord, no! Not in Savannah, Georgia—but because she absolutely loved the slight taste whenever her tongue made contact with her lips. Whether in thought, biting a lip, or just for kicks. It was always a pleasant surprise to have a sweet taste just an involuntary tick away. When upset, it makes the world just a little better.

Desirae leaned out the restroom door and looked down the stairs into the dining room, where her daughter was chewing the end of her pencil trying to will the Trigonometry answers onto the paper as if by magic.

Turning back to the mirror, Desirae pulled her top to show off just a touch more cleavage. Stacy could do much worse than a fairly handsome engineering student who got a free ride and would probably finish up his last year at MIT.

Desirae had cookies in the oven and really needed to attend to them. It pleased her to no end to have a man around regularly who ate with real gusto, not nitpicked over food like her constantly dieting daughter. As she came down the stairs she heard Ezra speaking, his slow southern accent absolutely charming, all in a soothing baritone.

“A man is staring at a tower exactly fifty feet tall. From where he is standing can tell the angle of elevation from the ground to the building’s peak is forty-one degrees. So, now determine how far away he is standing.”

Desirae smiled when she saw Ezra briefly look down Stacy’s blouse—just for a moment—then he was all business in explaining the equation to her. She shook her head as she made her way into the kitchen to check on the cookies, opening the oven and bending over with a toothpick to check them. Her daughter had moderate, but well-shaped breasts.

Desirae nodded approvingly, over both Ezra and the cookies. She was sure that had he been her handsome tutor during university they’d have made a fine couple. Stacy should really learn to emulate her.


Ezra sighed, just before checking out Stacy’s blouse again. The girl had some very nice curves, though with a moderate bust line she did boast an impressive set of hips with a behind to match. He checked to ensure she was still engrossed in the math before looking ahead into the kitchen.

Stacy’s mother was bent over, the fur of her legs highlighting the silk of her asian dress, even as her plump ass pushed up against it. It was an amazing sight, causing an uncomfortable stir in his loins. He looked for as long as he dared until glancing back at Stacy’s math.

It was wrong. In the most profound sense of the word. He began to correct her. “Listen. The angle listed is your tangent, right? So…” He continued on in a friendly rote.

Ezra knew Stacy was leading him on with all the flirtation. He was a third-year student and knew how things worked. He just rather enjoyed all the beautiful company and the great food. He lived alone in a studio apartment off-campus and spent most of his time studying, hoping to limit his insane student debt by filling up his time with classes and getting ahead. He had all the coursework done for five years in going for his masters, a school that was accredited with MIT so he could finish up his degree there. At a significantly lower cost. Stacy provided a scenic environment. Her mother did the same, but sat an excellent table.

It also didn’t help that he looked like a linebacker gone soft after retirement. All his academic hard-work didn’t help his physique any. He’d put on a few pounds despite spending at least four hours at the gym every week. Perhaps he should look into going on a diet.

Alas, his plans of dieting were dispelled—DRAT!—when Desirae sat a tray of cookies on the table before him. “Help yourself,” she told him with a flirty wink.

Ezra gave her a reserved smile, that was partially in awe. He’d always liked pandas. Never expected to see a Ren Xiangmao on this side of the big water. “Yes, Ma’am.” He said burning his fingers on one of the hot cookies but barely noticing.

Blowing on the cookie he turned back to a visibly upset Stacy. Though she was stewing over the equation and not his ogling of her step-mother. “Now, there’s no need to worry. Trig has been around since the third century. Back then they thought it was some kind of magic and not just difficult math. Here, I’ll give you the answer. Try and work it out backwards. Fifty-eight feet.” He told her his mouth partially full of delicious chewy chocolate chip cookie-sex. Well, as close as he’d gotten to sex in the past three years, but a lot of that was by design. No one to blame but himself.

Stupid self, he thought.

Though he could think of worse ways to spend a Thursday afternoon in Savannah than being given cookies at a dining room table with two extremely pretty women. Well, his penis didn’t like it was trapped to the confines of his pants, citing cruel and unusual punishment.


Desirae told herself she wasn’t spying. She was just peeping around the corner at the two of them from the kitchen when they weren’t paying attention. Totally not spying.

She admitted to herself that she may be spying a little. Sort of. Though to most humans, rooting for the attractive young tutor to throw her daughter over the table and fuck her brains out might come off as a little strange.

Mamono. Sex incarnate and all.

The young man was in fairly nice shape, Desirae noted with pleasure. Sure, he had gone somewhat soft around the middle, but men with love handles were sexy. It gives you something to hold onto and help them fuck you harder.

She could also tell he tried to maintain his weight, though went about it all wrong. His arms and shoulders were heavily laden with muscle, and he had a fine turn of calf from what she could see of his legs. Just not enough cardio to burn off the carbs and sweets he must be munching on while studying.

From her position earlier—looking from under her skirt between her legs in front of the stove, just a casual look—she had seen him check her out as well, making her feel rather well-pleased. And it had given her the perfect vantage of the tent in his pants so well-hidden under her dining room table.

With the additional information about his package, she thought Stacy could do MUCH worse. Women who concentrated on length were a waste of space—thick boys were where it’s at.

Desirae found every excuse to walk all around the house—the dining room had no less than three entrances—just trying to find some sign of life in her daughter. A little bit of hope that her pride and joy wasn’t just a tease.

But Ezra wasn’t doing his part. He was very friendly, though he was very careful not to touch Stacy. Never anything more than absolutely necessary. At least he was smiling a lot.

A man with a pretty smile can go far with a woman on that alone. And Ezra had one of those rare genuine smiles that makes him look a lot more handsome than he is. The kind that lights up the room and has caused dozens of unplanned Mamono pregnancies.

Standing in the living room, just peeking around the corner down the hall, Desirae was holding onto her skirt and fidgeting. Rooting for Ezra in a fierce whisper. “Just grab her by the hair and kiss her—she’ll melt. Worked on her dad.”

Desirae rubbed her face in exasperation while smiling after Ezra popped a rather intelligent joke.

Stacy had given him a blank stare, missing it completely.

“Oh, Maou. You did this on purpose, didn’t you….”


Ezra gave Stacy a blank stare as she set the next textbook on the table. “Wait. You’re taking Algebra 101 along with Trig? Wait. You don’t know Algebra?”

Stacy puffed her cheeks indignantly. “I just figured I’d take all my math classes in one year!” She protested. “That way I can do all the math at one time, then concentrate on the important stuff later.”

Ezra dropped his face onto the table with a loud thunk. He then lifted a few inches and let gravity take over. Then did it about five more times. “You need to get a copy of your schedule and take it to the counselor.” He repeated the maneuver. “Ask her to optimize your schedule. Do not tell them what you just told me. Just say your schedule is really messed up—they’ll get something that colossally screwed up straightened out. You shouldn’t be in Trig when you struggle with Algebra.” He thought he could see a mirror image of his face in the wooden table and stopped pounding his skull into it. He didn’t think Stacy’s mom would appreciate a perfect indentation of his face in her Maple.

“But…WHY?” Stacy mewled.

Ezra briefly wondered if he could convince her that anal sex with a smart person would increase her intelligence overnight, but discarded the notion. Well, he sat it back a few pegs, anyhow. It wasn’t entirely out the question as of yet. “The processes and formulas that you use and learn in algebra—” He snatched her bag and looked into it for a moment. “-and Geometry are all used in Trig. It’s equivalent to trying to bake a cookie before you have the eggs and sugar in the dough.”

“R-right.” Stacy said uncertainly as she nodded.

Box of fuckin’ rocks… Ezra thought as the anal-intelligence thing moved up a peg. He picked up a scrap of paper and a pencil and wrote out some Algebra equations, beginning with basic and each becoming more advanced.

“Here you go, sweetie.” Came the lyrical voice of Stacy’s mother as she sat down a cup of steaming black coffee. It was accompanied by a look of exasperated pity.

“Thank you, Mrs. Everdine.” Ezra said as he sipped his coffee.

She smiled at him, making his day brighter and setting any idea of taking advantage of her daughter back a peg. “Aw, call me Desirae.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Ezra nodded looking back at Stacy’s paper completely missing the put off look she gave him.

Evidently Stacy had either never learned or order of operations and failed Algebra utterly, or she’d found someone much like himself and talked them into doing all her course work.

Ezra was seriously considering making a polite excuse and just never returning when Stacy dropped her mechanical pencil and bent over in front of him to pick it up—her skirt riding up and showing the yellow, lacy panties covering her plump pussy lips. As he was engrossed in her ass, Stacy’s mother called from the kitchen, though if he was caught checking her out he was too enraptured to notice.

“Oysters for dinner!”

As his mouth began to water—whether from Stacy’s juicy looking pussy or the thought of oysters—Ezra wondered which would get him into more trouble: His cock or his stomach. Hungry and horny at the same time. Does a word even exist for that. Horngry? He shook his head as Stacy began to straighten.

As she sat down Ezra caught her attention and held her gaze. “Repeat after me: Please, my dear Aunt Sally.”

“Why?” Stacy replied with a puzzled look.

Ezra could feel the table calling to his face. A long lost lover’s embrace. The anal sex giving intelligence idea was now well into the plan stages, having jumped ahead four pegs.


Desirae smiled as she saw Ezra working on some graph paper with a compass, ruler, and some other items she couldn’t readily identify. One actually looked more like a sextant than anything else. She finished sprinkling some bay leaves over the oysters on the shell. They were roasted in cajun-style sauce and had the sides of Cornbread, sweet-potato fries, and collard greens.

Stacy was busy watching an online professor go through basic algebra problems on Ezra’s laptop. Ezra had written the problems down for Stacy to work through along with the professor, rather than teach her the most basic forms of Algebra. If she had a particular question, he’d told her, she could pause the video and ask.

“Soup’s on!” Desirae called out cheerily, setting the platters of food on the table along with the plates.

“Mom! You know I’m on a diet!” Stacy chided with a longing look at the sweet-potato fries.

“What’s that, dear? I’ve never done that.” She winked at Ezra conspiratorially. The poor boy looked like he wanted to indent her good maple table with his face. He looked like he could use a laugh, but he’d only managed to smile tiredly.

Stacy was heaping her plate with only the fries as Desirae returned to the kitchen to bring utensils and glasses. She grabbed a good bottle of brandy and a couple tumblers for herself and Ezra. If anyone looked like he could use drink, it was that poor boy.

She sat the glasses down, pouring two tumblers fairly full of brandy. One for herself and placed the other in front of Ezra, who was carefully putting away his books and work, whereas Stacy had shoved hers off into the floor.

“No brandy for me?” Stacy asked with a pout, her plump lips making her look like she was about to quack.

Desirae rolled her eyes at her daughter. “You’re not twenty-one…yet.” Though her feelings gave the lie to her words, if she thought getting her daughter drunk would bring these two together.

Stacy merely huffed and pulled out her phone, munching on fries as she scrolled through facebook.

Ezra, on the other hand, had put away his laptop and things neatly, setting his ware carefully on his napkins and exercising wonderful table-manner. He took a sip of his brandy and nodded his thanks.

Smiling, Desirae liberally applied a white plate with Oysters and collards, raising her eyebrows over the sweet-potato fries to which Ezra shook his head sadly.

Ezra took the plate with a grateful smile that lit up her day and murmured his thanks.

Desirae began to fix her own plate and used the opportunity to dig into Ezra with questions—since her daughter was too ignorant to be interested. “So, Ezra, we know you’re studying to be an engineer. How do you parents feel about it?”

Ezra swallowed a mouthful of oysters with a pleased expression. “Well, I lost my parents when I was fourteen. Uncle Jonah took me in, but he works on the dock. I mean, he provided what he could, but he was always sowing his wild oats and had never settled down. He just didn’t know what to do with a kid like me. But he did the best he could. Though he isn’t too happy I didn’t go for a skilled trade—especially with his connections.”

Desirae had sat down with her own food and ate daintily. “His connections?”

Ezra nodded. “The union. It’s basically a big front for organized crime. But down south it’s on a small scale. Couple containers go missing once every few ships. Which doesn’t amount to much to the big companies importing, but it’s pretty big business. Mostly computer parts, televisions, things being shipped from overseas. It’s cheaper for the Chinese to ship it overland than we can. So they ship it down to the Mediterranean and it ships to the east coast out here. Uncle Jonah is the paperwork guy. When he saw me taking an interest in computers he started taking partial payments in parts. I started building computers and selling them online. It’s how I paid for college.”

Desirae blinked, mostly in surprise. “Wow. So you’re going for an engineering degree in computer science?”

Ezra took a sip of his brandy. “Somewhat. My minor is in computer science, though my major is engineering. During high school I took vocational classes on computer repair and science.”

Desirae nodded. “I’m sorry to hear you lost your parents so young. It’s difficult to lose one, let alone both of them at such a young age. Good thing your Uncle was around.”

Ezra nodded. “Well, he wasn’t around much. He works down in Brunswick. He didn’t think the city was a good environment for me, especially with the people he deals with. I stayed mostly up here at his place. Most of the time I shared it with his girlfriend of the week. But even before my parents died I tended to look after myself. Though I haven’t heard from my sister since they died.”

Desirae chomped down a fry. “Your sister? Did she go elsewhere…”

Ezra had finished cleaning his plate, making Desirae grin despite herself. It was nice to have a man who appreciated good food around. “Well, my Dad was with a Youko for a while. They broke up and he wound up with custody of Trace. She’s ten years older than I am, so she was an adult when he died. Just sort of disappeared and I haven’t seen her since my thirteenth birthday. She and dad were close, so maybe she just ran away from the loss.”

Desirae nodded her understanding, though she still seethed at the Youko’s tendency to run off after having children with a man. Or men. Though it wasn’t common, she still saw it in a poor light. “So, you still live with your uncle?” she looked to make sure Stacy was paying attention.

Stacy was tapping away with her thumbs, obviously posting on Facebook and oblivious.

Ezra shook his head. “No, I was able to get my own place. I’ve got a studio apartment down the road a bit. Nothing spectacular, but it makes a good workshop for a bachelor like me.”

Smiling at Ezra to keep from glowering at her daughter, Desirae gave him a half-flirty wink. “Well maybe you can fix my computer next time you come over.”

Ezra must have missed the flirtatiousness, because he nodded sagely. “Sure. I’ll get the product number off of it before I leave. If it’s not a software problem I should be able to have it running in a few minutes. Just need to make sure I have parts.”

Desirae wanted to be upset with Ezra, but he was smiling.

She couldn’t really put words to his smile. It was a lot of devil-may-care brashness in the sparkle of his eyes, an honest helping of sincerity mired with genuine respect in the set of his brows, but it was the heartwarming feeling you could see in the set of his mouth that pulled it off. Say women what they will about six-pack abs, nice asses, and big dicks. You can be mad at a man with all three of those things. But no one can stay mad long at a man whose very smiles makes your panties wet.

Desirae excused herself offering to make dessert. Not because she felt anyone needed it, but because she realized that his smile had indeed made her wet. Though she was widowed, she was far from abstinent, but it had been a long time. And the man who she thought was pursuing her daughter was not a proper candidate. At least not ethically.


Stacy was ecstatic. Not only had classes been called—on a Friday—from some safe-space thing, but Devaun had texted her. She was going on a date with the hottest guy in school.

She felt a little bad about skipping out on Ezra’s tutelage—the counselor looking at her class schedule said it looked like a second-grader had picked them—but surely he would understand. I mean, she was obviously too hot for him. Though he did have a pretty smile. Some of the Mamono girls she hung out with said HE was the hottest guy in school, but she was they just didn’t share her refined taste of men.

Devaun was an ebony-skinned Adonis, his body looked like it had been sculpted in… Stacy was at a loss. Wherever they sculpted things. Probably Canada or something.

Looking at the time—she was running late—she began to throw on cosmetic products and clothing. Her sluttiest red lipstick, pink eyeshadow, and lots of rouge.

In her haste to rush to her pretty boy, she forgot to text Ezra and her mother she would be gone.

Sitting her phone down on the table next to the door and adjusting her hair in the mirror, she turned and left.


Desirae had just sat down the first load of groceries when the bell rang. “Ah!” She cried in frustration. Her day hadn’t been pleasant. The market had been packed and so had the roads. Add insult to injury a young man running a sampling display at the story had spilled sticky pineapple juice all over her dress on the way out.

“Who could that be,” she wondered aloud as she opened the door.

Ezra was standing, wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt under a flannel work shirt, a large toolbox in one hand, the other loaded with her rest of the groceries that had been in the car. “Uh…I’m supposed to fix your computer and tutor your daughter.” He smiled.

Desirae found herself patting her hair and smiling back at him before her thoughts snapped back into order. “Oh, right! She’s not here yet. Did classes end so early today?” She held the door open for him.

Ezra waited for her to close the door then followed her into the kitchen, setting down his toolbox and the groceries. “Yeah. I was supposed to meet her here after classes. They gave us the rest of the day off. Something about safe-spaces and politics or something. It was the professor of an ancillary class I took so I’d have some time to do work at school. It’s some kind of free-thinking class or something. I turned in some pictures done in crayon and got an “A” last semester.”

Desirae rolled her eyes. She’d done her share of protesting in college, but it had been done after classes and work. “Well, I don’t know why Stacy hasn’t gotten here yet. I’ll call her and see.” She took out her cell phone and called Stacy’s contact.

A Gwen Stefani ringtone began to play by the front door.

Desirae ended the call, sat down her phone, and looked Ezra in the eye. “Please. Please, don’t stop tutoring my idiot daughter.”

Ezra lifted a brow. “I’d count on her living with you until she’s well into her thirties. Her new major is: ‘Gender Studies’, believe it or not. The only job I’ve ever heard of anyone having with this degree is a college professor. Absolutely zilch on job market.”

Desirae wanted to weep. But she merely resolved to toss her daughter out of the house when she finished school, unless she found a job and maintained it. “Well, can I get you anything?”

Ezra shook his head and picked up his toolbox. “Not unless you can turn the weather down about ten degrees?” He smiled at her.

Desirae was an equal measure of happy and sad to see him disappear up the stairs. Which was a lie: He had muscular legs but a plump ass. A bit of a joy to watch him walk away as well.

Though as she began to separate and put away the groceries she noted he was right. Even with the house’s central air conditioning it was absurdly warm. Or she just hadn’t become accustomed to the temperature just yet. She finished her chore, going upstairs and grabbing a towel out of the linen closet.

She stuck her head into her room to see Ezra with her desktop taken into many pieces. “I’m gonna grab a shower real quick, hun. Sure you don’t need anything. And just let me know how much I owe you.”

Ezra looked over at her. “Nah, I’m good. Don’t worry over the price: these parts are all stolen anyway.” He grinned at her.

Okay. His smiles were bad enough. The shit eating grin that Ezra had given her made her glad she was going to the shower straight away.

Vibrating shower head and all.

If ever Ezra spent any time amongst Mamono, he’d have them all scratching and fighting over him. That fucking smile…


Ezra sighed as the hard drive finished copying over to the SSD drive, which had been just one of the problems the older desktop had been facing. It had needed a new processor, which meant an upgrade to the motherboard as well, not to mention that the power supply had to be upgraded. And he threw in a graphics card, nothing super powerful, just enough to upgrade it substantially.

The only thing that the computer hadn’t needed was DDR memory. It had four sticks of 8gig ram, actually nicer than the ones he used in his laptop. And the Hard drive had been stuck on read only, so he was able to copy everything over seamlessly.

The computer had received a full upgrade, though from the amount he had ogled Desirae and her daughter he only thought it fair.

Installing a regular 2 TB hard drive in to replace the one she’d lost was fine. He also wrote out a note next to the computer citing instructions on what to save to which drive for faster processing and booting of programs.

Though the sheer amount of pornography on the hard drive had been impressive. It had nearly been filled up.

Ezra packed up his tools and headed downstairs sweating profusely. He was a met by a freshly showered Desirae wearing a tank-top and a pair of Daisy-Dukes.

Damn, Ezra thought.

“Can I get ya’ something to drink?” She asked, pointing to two pitchers, one ice tea and the other lemonade.

“Arnold Palmer,” Ezra managed to croak. It was ridiculously hot, now. He had the feeling it wasn’t just him, as the temperature seemed to be rising significantly.

Taking his mix of iced-tea and lemonade and gulping it down, he stepped over to a vent and held his hand up to the air blowing through. It was blowing warm air.

“Mrs. Everdine, I think your AC is busted.” He motioned at the vent.

Stacy’s mother held her paw up to another vent in the kitchen and yanked it away. “Damn! This is going to cost a fortune.” She reached for her phone.

Ezra spoke up. “Let me go take a look at the unit. If we’re lucky it will be something simple to fix. Might be a disconnected thermostat, if we’re lucky. Software malfunction, even. Though if you have some tools, I’d appreciate it. I don’t think my little set of precision screwdrivers are going to help.”

Ezra watched as she opened the cabinet beneath the sink, pulling out a Snap-on toolbox. Upon inspecting the contents he noted they were all snap-on tools, a rather excellent set. “They were my late-husband’s,” she told him.

Ezra nodded. “This’ll work just fine.” He picked up the box and left via the patio to attend to the Central-air unit.

It was different than going from his air-conditioned truck on the relatively short walk to the house. The heat outside was downright oppressive today, easily topping one-hundred degrees.

Desirae watched him go with an appreciative nod. Not only did he have a fine form, but his southern accent grew under duress. Hailing originally from China as a child she’d always had an affinity for the long slow southern accent, especially in men. That southern twang was a favorite amongst Mamono. Which is how she’d found herself married to a southerner, and living in Savannah. Learning English at a very young age had enabled her to speak without a broken accent, especially since she hadn’t used Chinese since Kindergarten.

Desirae decided to go upstairs and take a look at her PC, setting out a few things to make some cool drinks for them, once Ezra had seen to the AC unit. She wasn’t exactly sure, but she felt he’d get it straightened out right away.

She pondered this as she made her way upstairs to her office, wondering why she felt that way. Yes, the young man exuded a quiet confidence, but it was more than that. Whenever she looked at him he just seemed capable. The guy you call when something breaks, or when you just need a hand.

Shaking these thoughts out of her head, she realized that her daughter’s suitor was very much like her husband had been as a man. They looked very different, but she imagined that they would have made very good friends.

Desirae pressed the power button on her desktop tower, thinking it would take a few minutes to boot up, enough for her to towel some of the sweat off her body. But by the time she returned from the linen closet her computer was on its home screen with all the apps running.

Being just tech savvy enough to be dangerous, she looked at the new specs and noted all the upgrades. The note about the differently named drives was written in a tight angular script that reminded her of the dwarven calligraphy they adorned their wares with. Each letter being symmetrical in size with the one previous, save for capitalization which EXACTLY twice the size of lower-cased script.

Secretly, Desirae was excited. She’d been longing to play some games—since her daughter tended to hog the downstairs television—but her computer didn’t have the power to run the newer games.

She had another brief thought of doing something naughty with her daughter’s suitor before snapping her thoughts back in order.

It had been too long since she’d gotten laid. Despite what people thought about them, Mamono had a hard time finding suitable lovers. Most of them were really into the furry lifestyle or bestiality, making it difficult to find a lover who genuinely wanted you and not just focus on parts of you.

Though it was fun to find a young man with a furry foot fetish. Rens rather liked using their paws to get a man off, but when it was the only thing they wanted it quickly became tiresome.

Moreover, many human males would refuse to sleep with a human woman simply because she had shaved her hair. Most Mamono had tails, feathers, claws, paws, horns, fur, scales, or any other number of things that made men incapable of having a relationship with a Mamono a rather niche market.

With a sigh, Desirae made her way back down to the kitchen and set to the task of making Daiquiris. Ice, raspberries, some lemon zest, raspberry syrup, and a liberal application of rum. She was in the process of pulsing the blender the last few times when she felt a pleasant chill roll from her shoulders to her lower back.

Stepping back and holding her hand up to the vent she felt the waft of a deliciously cool breeze. “Oh thank, Maou!” She smiled walking out onto the patio to tell Ezra he’d fixed it. Opening her mouth as she turned she only managed a strangled croak.

Desirae was treated to the sight of a shirtless Ezra, shoulders glistening with perspiration as he squatted away from her as he worked to put the cover back the on AC unit. His was broadly built, with a smooth back, trimmed in love handles she thought could be just a touch larger. Though it was the Kung-Fu-Panda tattoo in full action-awesomeness pose on his shoulder that intrigued her.

Many Mamono have odd fetishes: A Holstaur loving to see her husband eating a steak, an Orc who gets giddy and blushes when she prepares her husband bacon for breakfast, Cockatrices who surprise their boyfriends naked holding a bucket of KFC, or a Lamia who blushes when she looks at her beloved’s pet snake.

Desirae just happened to have a serious soft-spot for Po. One of her fantasies was to have herself a time with a big and burly panda-man. This soft-spoken and hefty-sized Ezra fit her bill well.

Biting her lip, Desirae squirmed slightly and found herself unconsciously rubbing at her nipples before she mastered herself. “You fixed it!” She called out, her voice only slightly unsteady.

Ezra finished putting the cover back on and turned, much to her delight. He had a fine chest with just a light dusting of hair that she found manly, and his stomach was a slight paunch that she found adorable. “Yes, ma’am. God, it’s hot.” He wiped sweat from his brow.

Fighting to keep herself from becoming a spectacle in front of Ezra—her daughter’s suitor, she reminded herself—she smiled. “I made some Daiquiris. Come on in for a drink. I’ll get you something to towel off with.” She turned and walked back into the house. And she most certainly did not work to sway her hips.

Though she didn’t work to do it, it seemed involuntary. She really hoped he was looking.

Ezra entered behind her and took the proffered towel, with his shirts over his arm. It was a lovely sight watching this young man run Egyptian cotton over skin she’d much rather rub her fur over.

Taking the towel back, she managed not to hold it to her face and inhale his scent as he put on his button-up work shirt. His t-shirt was soaked with sweat. And much to her pleasure he left the top two buttons open to better cool himself, leaving his muscular and perfectly haired chest exposed.

Remembering that she was supposed to be pouring drink, she hastily turned to set upon the task. Though she covertly inhaled the musky scent of the sweaty towel with a barely suppressed shiver.


Ezra rather liked the way that Stacy’s mother shivered, especially when he saw it from behind. He attributed it to the chill air now blowing through the vents, though working outside had roasted him and he’d left a couple of shirt buttons open to help himself cool off. He took a seat at the barstool by the kitchen island as Desirae poured two tall glasses of fruity drink.

When Desirae handed him his glass, he thought her face looked a touch flush. It must have become unbearably hot with heat blowing in the house while he worked outside. Though her fur looked so soft and silky he could only imagine how warm it must be.

“So…” Desirae said taking a hefty drink from her glass. “You tutor my daughter. Is there anyone else you’re tutoring?”

Ezra took a sip—raspberries—and sat his glass back down. “Not individually, no. I do a group study-session on Tuesdays, down at the library. Though the only guys we get are there to meet the Mamono that show up. I had to stop tutoring Mamono, though.”

Ezra saw her blanch and the look she gave him. “Oh, I didn’t mean anything by that. It’s just that in high school every time I tutored a Mamono things would become…physical. And then they stopped caring about the tutelage and their grades would slip. I don’t have a problem with anyone, but I’ve always just attracted Mamono for some reason. So it’s just simpler to do group studies. Not to mention I’d be devastated if they ruined their education because of me.”

Desirae bit her lip, like she was conflicted over something. “Listen…there’s something I should tell you about my daughter…”

Ezra blinked, confused for a moment. “Oh, you mean the flirting? She’s hardly the first pretty girl to flirt for tutoring. I don’t mind. Really, it’s just nice to be around pretty girls. And you’re an excellent cook, by the way. But it’s not like it’s a chore to be around two very lovely ladies. But I know the score. Well, it’s not a chore to be around you, anyway. Your daughter tries my patience at every turn.”

Desirae was giving him a perplexed look, like she understood but was still confused.

“Is Stacy attractive? Yes. But that’s about where it ends. She’s not really stupid, just do-less or lazy—which is worse. She seems to think looks are where attraction ends. She’s in no way concentrated or attracted to engaging someone academically. It would be more accurate to say she’s shallow. Maybe she’ll grow out of that, but personally, I have no interest in your daughter. I’d rather be with someone who can appreciate me for who I am, and my growth as a person as I age. My Uncle is the guy who dates women with nothing between their ears to offer.” Ezra took a gulp of his drink.

Desirae drained her glass, before filling it back up. “Well…that’s actually quite a relief to hear. I didn’t exactly approve of her leading you on. I was once a young Mamono, and I understand why they were after you. Mamono aren’t exactly overwhelmed by suitors—too many similarities to fetishes or underground pornography. They prefer a person who is genuinely attracted to them—which is why Mamono tend to gather ’round you.

“You engage them, as you said. And the getting physical thing was more their way of showing you they appreciated you—we’re a highly sexual species, after all. We’re seldom prostitutes, but we tend to show our affection or appreciation in physical ways, after all. And I suppose you did well by them…physically.” Ezra noted her look him up and down. “I can see the appeal, though…”

Ezra took a small sip of his drink to hide his bashful look. He was fairly sure she hadn’t meant to say that last part aloud. She’d also drained her drink again, and the flush look in her cheeks was growing. “Uh…well…I never really looked at it that way. But I see your point.” He was trying really hard not to look at the hardened nipples poking out the white fabric of her t-shirt. He tried to take a drink from his glass, but found it empty.

Desirae refilled his as well as her own. “Let me get that for you. I can see you frequent the gym. You need to do more cardio if you’re trying to slim down, sweetheart. I think you look just…scrumptious, so don’t mind me.”

Ezra drank with her, deeply this time, though his glass was still three-quarters full, while hers was empty. He noted he was beginning to feel a touch tipsy and wondered just how much alcohol was in them. “Uh, yeah. Um… I don’t know. I guess it’s just easier to lift something heavy than it is to run for twenty minutes. Thanks?” Involuntarily he giggled after he drained some more of his glass, but it was still three-quarters full.

Ezra shook his head. “Well…how do you stay in such wonderful shape?” Through steely resolve and masculine will he managed to keep his eyes from dropping up and down her truly wonderful body…for about three seconds.

Though she seemed to enjoy the attention, so he wasn’t overly embarrassed.

“Pole-dancing,” she answered with sly wink, adding more ingredients to the blender.

Unconsciously, Ezra licked his lips. Those daiquiris were awfully tasty. But he still had a full glass. Wait… He looked at his glass suspiciously before looking at the rather buxom woman facing away from him.

Was she refilling his glass when he wasn’t looking? Must just be very polite or something. Ezra was attempting to puzzle through what was going on, but the alcohol was clouding his mind. He chuckled over the thought that this could be how Stacy felt all the time.

Placing an aghast hand over his mouth, Ezra chastised himself. He wasn’t a mean person—he didn’t belittle others. He’d gotten enough of that in his childhood to last him a lifetime.

“Sweetheart,” came the lilting southern accent of Desirae. You could easily hear the remnant of immigrant accent in her voice, though she had control over it. “Do you think you could use your laptop to put on some music.” She was refilling her glass.

Ezra nodded, taking a drink of the raspberry daiquiri. He bent over to get his laptop, feeling as if something was brushing up against his buttocks, though he shook it off. Must have just bumped the stool. “Uh…what do you wanna listen to?” He opened spotify with a double-click and music started playing. It was ‘Red and Black’ by Romeo+Juliet—a slow and bluesy song.

Desirae had slid one of the shorter chairs behind him and pushed him down into it from his previous position of leaning down over the counter. “That’ll work,” she said with a smile.

Ezra was at a loss, until she sat facing him on his lap, clasping her paws behind his neck and began to gently sway and rock her hips to the tune. Leaning back from him, but holding herself by her arms, she gently ground herself to his groin to the music while wearing a wicked smile.

Ezra was enraptured by her performance, the edge of her Daisy-Dukes providing stark contract again the black and white fur of her thighs, the sleeveless shirt contracting with the fur on her arms. He could see she had a firm stomach, her breasts bouncing and swaying rhythmically in front of him.

She smiled at him, leaning back and letting go, her paws going to the floor behind her. Her legs rose up until her footpads were resting on his shoulders and she just lifted herself up to rub her crotch gently across his face.

“Oh, wow…” Ezra said, his cock seemingly screaming in protest at the confines of his Wranglers. His mind was numbed from the alcohol, and it never occurred to him that taking hold of her hips and rubbing his face into her denim-clad pussy might be a bad idea.

Though from her gasp of pleasant surprise the idea hadn’t occurred to Desirae either. She was now grinding herself against his face rather happily.

Through a feat of agility he might have been able to comprehend had he not been inebriated, Desirae flipped herself so that she was squatting on the floor and using her paws to spread his legs and nuzzle her face against his erection, causing him to groan in pleasant surprise. His eyes were glued to the scene before him, the curve of her buttocks sticking out behind her in the most pleasant of ways. His hands instinctively going to her head to gently rub her ears for a moment.

Desirae shuddered, her blush deepening as she cried out. It appeared that someone was sensitive to her ears, causing Ezra to smile down at her cockily. His hands moved down gently caress the back of her neck.

Her paws moved to his wrists and pushed them to the sides of his thighs, though she was slightly drooling with a delighted expression. Running her fuzzily clawed paws ever slowly up his thighs as she nuzzled his groin. She continued moving her hands slowly upward until they were on each side of his stomach.

His shirt flew open with the pops of buttons flying loose and the clatter of their report as they landed all about the kitchen. Her tongue slid out just over his encased erection and she licked from his groin, up his stomach, over his chest, until she reached his neck. She began to gently gnaw upon him for a moment before making the trip back down.

And she immediately stood, gyrating her hips around in circles as she turned and bent over, until she was looking at him over her shoulder, and hooked her claws into the waistband of her jean-shorts.

As that thick ass was revealed, Ezra began to lose control, leaning forward and slipping aside the white thong in his way and dipping his tongue into her ass.

“Oh!” Desirae cried out happily. “I do like dirty boys!” She began to grind her ass back into his face.

Each of Ezra’s hands found purchase in the firm yet plush cheeks of her ass and he began to knead them. Then pull and spread them causing her to moan in delight as she backed her ass into his face harder than before.

Smiling, Ezra stuck his tongue deeply into her ass causing her to cry out and shudder in ecstasy. She was having an orgasm, apparently as excited as he was. So he kept his tongue fully extended and began to ram his face to and fro into in her ass, making her cries reach new peaks as she brought her higher and higher. His hands slipped over her hips and down to her thighs so he could take a firmer hold of her.

She screamed when he slid his tongue out of her ass and latched onto her clit with his lips, sucking for all he was worth.

“FUCK!” Desirae screamed in delight, her body shuddering.

Ezra felt her knees give out and pulled her back as he removed her face from her sex, causing her to land on his lap in a heap. She was panting, her eyes partially rolled back into her head. Though she was still able to turn her head and kiss him full on the lips.

Ezra groaned against her as he felt her tongue slip into his mouth, rolling against his. Pushing, shoving, enveloping his own. He’d never been kissed quite like this or so well before, causing him to thrust his confined cock up against her.

Ezra could feel her paws fiddling with his pants as they kissed. Perhaps they weren’t that dexterous, or perhaps she was still on a high from her orgasms, but it took her several minutes to open his button and fly.

Groaning and leaning into the kiss as his erection sprang free. When he soft fuzzy paw found his cock and began to stroke it, he had to break the kiss just to take in the air needed for a gasp, throwing his head back over the back of the chair. He’d never felt something quite like that. She was stroking him in reverse, rolling the padded fingers of her paws upward, the fur at the edge of her hand tickling his cock deliciously.

In his haze, Ezra heard her speak. “Thick boys are simply the best.”

As the song changed to Corey Taylor’s “I’m not Jesus”, Ezra ran his hands over her hips as she spun on his lap, now facing him. She held his hard cock against her wet pussy and began to roll her hips to the tune of the song, smiling at him lasciviously. He felt her shudder in a small aftershock of her previous orgasm each time his cock rubbed over her clit, causing her breasts to shudder breasts to shake in the most hypnotic way beneath her white shirt.

Biting his lips, just as Desirae was doing, he slid his hands up her sides beneath her shirt, taking hold of her breasts just as she slipped his cock inside her.

Both threw their heads back in rapture, which quickly turned to her shuddering and him kneading her breasts as she slowly sank down on him.

Desirae recovered first and began to gently gyrate her hips, her hands on his shoulders for purchase. Teasing him so slowly.

Ezra, held out as long as he could. Though it wasn’t the warm feel of her slippery silk pussy that drove him, but her teasing. She’d tease him and bring him forward, only to slow to such a degree he fell back into her rhythm, bringing him closer the next time before repeating.

He’d also not cum in more than month, and this was pushing him over the edge, albeit a different one.

With a growl, Ezra took hold of her shirt and ripped it in to between her breasts as he thrust upward savagely.

“Oh! Maaaou! Fuck!” Desirae cried as her head rolled back.

Grabbing her by the hips Ezra stood, his cock slipping deep withing her. Two steps brought him to the kitchen island where he sat her down and began to thrust into her, as if he was trying to go through her.

Her paws clasping the back of Ezra’s neck, Desirae grinned devilishly and clung to him as she enjoyed the beastly fuck she was getting.

Leaning forward, Ezra took one of her nipples between his teeth as he fucked her. His gentle nips were causing her to squeal in delight and urge him to fuck her harder. Switching breasts made her begin to scream.

They must have bumped the laptop, because the station changed from slow bluesy music to rock, “Mars Needs Women” by Rob Zombie began to play while Ezra roughly fucked her to the tune.

Desirae wrapped her legs around Ezra’s hips and began to reciprocate, her hips slamming to meet his in tune to the music. “Oh, Maou! Fuck me like that! Make it yours,” she screamed out the last in orgasm.

Ezra felt her legs lock around him, keeping him from pulling out as he came, so mashed his lips against hers in a desperate kiss as he came inside this lovely creature.


Despite the climax running from her pussy to her brain in an electrical overload, Desirae managed to count Ezra’s spurts inside her. At six, his cum began to spill out from around his cock and run down her ass. At ten, it began to squirt out onto his stomach.

She broke the kiss, pulling back and smiling. “Backed up, are we?” She felt her twitching pussy, milking him thoroughly.

At fifteen, his cock finally slowed and gave out a last couple weak spurts, causing her to shiver in delight. She was full, a feeling she relished.

She felt Ezra quiver for a moment and tightened her legs and gripped the counter to hold him up.

“Aw, poor boy,” she cooed to him maneuvering him onto a stool. A man so backed up really shouldn’t cum standing up—they have a tendency to lose their legs in the process.

Jumping down to the floor, she wiped some of the excess from his stomach and licked her hand as she moved over to the refrigerator then filling a glass from a small pitcher of milky fluid.

Desirae went to Ezra and held the glass to his lips. “Here, sweetheart, drink this.”

Still riding an orgasmic high, she noted he obeyed immediately, guzzling down the Holstaur milk. He’d be ready for another round in a few minutes.

Desirae hit her knees, making her the perfect height to run her tongue over her semen covered stomach and groin, slurping noisily as she enjoyed the taste. The boost it gave her, not only in confidence but in mana, was nearly intoxicating. Already she could feel that deposited inside her nourishing her.

Taking his balls in her mouth—both at once—Desirae ran her tongue over them making sure all was squeaky-clean. She also noticed that his groin was delightfully clean-shaven. She let go of his cock and nuzzled it with her face, while sucking on his balls.

With a chortle around her full mouth, Desirae felt his balls growing heavier by the moment and let them pop out of her mouth to begin licking from the base of his cock to its head, swirling her tongue around the head for several long moments.

Ezra managed not to drop the glass still in his hand, so she took it in her own, just as she swallowed the entirety of his cock into her throat.

“God damn!” Ezra shouted, the new sensations overwhelming him in the afterglow of his orgasm. Desirae felt his cock give out one last strong twitch, spurting cum down her throat which she swallowed hungrily.

At the base of his cock, Desirae began to suck, slowly pulling herself up to the head, audibly popping it out of her mouth and noting that it was entirely cleaned as she swallowed.

Though his cock was still hard, Desirae led Ezra into the living room by his erection. She coaxed him to lay down on the couch on his side and snuggled her ass up against his groin enjoying the spooning.

Desirae knew that he’d fall asleep for a few moments—the holstaur milk often did that right after coitus—but he’d be ready as soon as he woke up to go for hours more. Human women tended to get irate at men who needed a moment of rest—she took it as a compliment.

And though his breathing was now even in the sleep of recovery, his cock remained hard between her ass cheeks. Just as soon as he woke up she’d…

Desirae opened the storage of the armrest of the couch, taking out a bottle of lube and applying it liberally to Ezra’s cock and one of her smooth claws.


Ezra had no more than opened his eyes when something unbelievably tight and hot enveloped his cock, causing him to wrap his arms around the beautiful woman in front of him. His arms had crossed in front of Desirae, his left hand taking hold of her right breast and vice verse.

Once they’d both stopped shuddering, he planted a few soft kisses on the tender flesh of her neck. The alcohol had worn a bit and he could think a little more plainly. “Am…am I in your ass?”

Desirae twitched her ass back, causing them both to moan in tandem. “I think so,” she told him shakily. “You’d better fuck it for a while just to make sure.”

Ezra kneaded her breasts in his hands and gently nipped one of the sensitive ears atop her head. They were sensitive, apparently, as she thrust her hips back into him hard making them both forget where they were for a moment.

Ezra smiled and held her tight as he rolled his hips forward, eliciting moans of delight from them both. She was relaxing now, making them both able to function when they moved. “You mean like this?” He gently rolled hips hips again causing her to mewl. “This ass I can’t take my eyes off of?” Another rolling thrust. “The one I slipped my tongue into that tastes just divine?”

Ezra felt her shudder against him, though just a bit in a short anal climax. “Good girl,” he whispered in her ear.

Desirae came again causing Ezra to smile. He had an idea. “You cum on my cock so well. Again.”

At his command she shook in another minor orgasm, though they were slowly becoming more intense from her reactions. Ezra had slept with more than few Mamono, and knew how to push their buttons. He dropped one of his hands to her stomach. “You know…you’re probably pregnant with my child.”

As she came, Ezra slid his hand down to her pussy and noted she was squirting. Her ass clenched, causing him to let out a low moan into her ear as he gently rocked in and out of her wonderful ass, his finger rubbing gently and slowly around her clit.

Ezra was in heaven, though he couldn’t puzzle it out. Stacy was lovely, but just that. Since he’d met them, his dreams had been of Desirae and not her daughter.

Thrusting faster, Ezra felt Desirae’s ass twitching and clenching against him constantly now. She was having a continuous orgasm. His face was flushed, as he fucked her. He wasn’t exerted, but he’d been wearing that flush since he’d teased her about getting pregnant.

When Ezra realized he really did want to get Desirae pregnant he wrapped his arms around her and came into her ass.


Desirae smiled up at the big brawny man as she jerked his cock towards her face. Her soft fluffy paw was working wonders on him. The diet of Holstaur milk and home cooking she’d fed him—oysters again—was keeping him ready for sex anytime they liked.

Though it was now Saturday morning, the two lovers had hardly slept, electing to spend their time divided between sex and time in each others arms. Desirae was glad that her daughter had elected to spend the night out—perhaps she’d found a young man—so that she could have some MUCH needed time with her new lover.

Desirae knew she was smitten with the young man and was confident in his growing feelings for her. It wasn’t just the ‘new’ phase in relationship—they were both drawn toward one-another. They’d been sharing something far deeper than words or just casual sex.

Jerking his cock towards her face, Desirae smiled as she looked into Ezra’s eyes. “Come on my face, love.”


Looking into those brilliant green eyes, Ezra felt himself coming with a grunt.

Out of the corner of his eye he watched in abject horror as the door flew open and Stacy came running across the living room of the house, throwing herself on the floor and wrapping her arms around her mother.

“Oh, mommy! The things I saw. They made me watch,” She cried out her face against her mother’s.

Ezra willed himself to stop, but Desirae—in her shock—had continued to stroke his cock.

He watched—feeling as if he was watching through a slow-motion camera—as his ejaculate flew out of the head of his cock and covered the faces of the lovely ladies in front of him. He had to admit, a small, mean part of him enjoyed it.

Stacy turned to stare at him in disbelief.

“Uh…welcome home, honey.” Desirae told her daughter lamely.

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  2. I like how legitimately stupid Stacy is. She’s exactly the kind of person that I’d have the same issues Ezra had with. Those issues being the desire for self harm and the harm of the idiot.

  3. A Well written story, that actually made a Mamono- believable. Who’d have guessed that Mamono would be just like human females- to desire to be treated like they’re people instead of a sex object? Imagine that.

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