Spirit Energy Clinic

Based on a commission from JAWF http://pastebin.com/3FKy5grk

A man approaches a white building, looking down at his phone he checks the map one more time.


“156 Spirit Energy St, this is the place…” Approaching the door, he noticed the lettering on the glass doors. Spirit Energy Center. This was definitely the place. Placing his hand on the door, he pauses.


“Alright Frank, you can do this.” The doors open as he casually walks up to the white-haired spider behind the receptionist’s desk.


“Hi, I’m Frank Thompson. I’m here to uh, donate.”


“Oh.”  She says, looking up from her magazine.


“Would you like to donate manually, use one of our special extractors, or perhaps help out a poor, backed-up mamono?” She says, uncrossing her pedipalps as she motions to a small rack of pamphlets with a pen. Frank briefly glanced at the brochures as the spider shakes the mouse with her other chitinous hand, the dusty fan spinning up as the computer comes back to life leaving a strange sound to the silence.


“I want the highest paying option” he said without hesitation.


“I already know the risks, so just give me whatever paperwork I need so we can get started.”


Frank saw the spider look him up and down, her eyes scanning him, probably making sure he’s not insane or suicidal.


“Alright, that would be an Ushi-Oni…” She sighs as she adjusts her glasses as she began opening drawers, pulling out various papers and documents.


“I assume you already know the risks then.” Smiling, she hands him a thick stack of paperwork on a clipboard.


“The first three sections are health documents, please read and provide the necessary information, the next five are how to treat the girls, sign when you read them all.” She took another deep breath.


“The last two are safety waivers to keep you and your family from suing the clinic for rape, injury, death, etc, etc…” She smiled as she held out a pen.


“Please tell me when you are ready.” Frank took the paperwork and quickly walked to the red chairs, trying not to squeal like a girl. Frank quickly takes a seat, quickly filling out the required sections and scanning over the rest. His heart starts beating harder and faster as beads of sweat forms on his forehead.This was really happening, soon he would get to see and touch an Ushi-Oni and do much, much, more. Frank snaps out of his daydream and stands up, feeling  a tightness in his pants. He subtly covers the tent with the clipboard and approaches the counter, not moving it until his crotch was hidden by the desk.


“Okay, all done and ready to start.”


The spider begins to look over the paperwork. “Please have a seat, a member of the staff will come and escort you to a room. Payment will come after your donation has been accepted” she says, looking over the files, her six eyes scanning them at a blistering pace.


Frank returns to his seat, still rock hard but too deep in thought to care. All he could think of was what was about to happen, how he was going to get to feel an Ushi’s hot breath on his neck, her ample, furry breasts in his hands, and of course the feeling of her tight, hot, puss-




Frank nearly jumps out of his chair as the large red woman with horns towers over him.


“I’ve been tryin’ to get your attention for like, 5 minutes now. Now move it, I ain’t got all day to sit around watching you pitch a tent and drool all over yourself.” The Oni nurse quickly walks away, Frank jumping up and following her. They walk down the halls, passing by the numbered doors until they reach a big red one.


“In here, Lover boy.” the Oni says as she unlocks it, pushing Frank in. Light dimly reflects off the steel walls, Frank looks around spotting a bathroom, a unmarked door, some chairs and a heavy-duty king sized bed. On the wall was a shelf with various lotions, lubes, and dirty magazines.


“Alright, take a seat and your partner will be in shortly. If you need me I’ll be waitin’ outside, don’t bug me unless it’s a real emergency or I’ll make you regret it. Have fun now~” She says as she closes the door behind her. His hand reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small black capsule. Quickly, he searches for some kind of cup. There’s one right next to the sink wrapped in plastic. Tearing off the plastic, he brings it to the sink and quickly fills it up, popping the horrible tasting pill into his mouth and swallowing it down. Cringing, he drops the cup as chills run down his spine. As he moves to the bed and sits on the edge, the door bursts open and a brown Ushi enters the room, completely naked.

Her yellow eyes locking with his, one claw rubbing her stomach as the other strokes her ample, furry chest. She’s stacked, at least a H cup, and her pink lips look so soft and inviting, both on her face and between her pedipalps. “Y-You’re the man?” she says, eagerly awaiting a response as her pussy drools on the floor. Her musky scent rapidly filling the room.

Oh man, oh man, oh man. Frank’s brain completely shuts down, he thought he was ready for this, but the sight and smell of this beautiful creature has him completely overwhelmed. While his mind desperately tries to recover, his body knows exactly what to do. A warm sensation fills his groin as his cock becomes painfully erect, jumping with his pulse as it leaks a steady stream of precum. “I, uhhh… Yes?”


The ushi squeals with joy as she skitters over. “S-Strip for me” she says, a claw stroking her soft, puffy lips. “I want to take you all in.” Frank watches her hard, erect nipples protrude from the fluff. Soon she was right next to him, her pussy just inches from his face. The Ushi looks down between her breasts at him expectantly, a claw slowly opens and closes her succulent entrance.


Frank couldn’t take it anymore, he had to have her. Now. Forgetting any plans he had coming in, he bends down and tears at his shoelaces, discarding his shoes in the corner. He pulls his pants and underwear down, freeing his hard rod. It springs up and out, slinging precum across her stomach, breasts, and face before slapping against his stomach, splattering his shirt. With his pants and underwear around his ankles, he kicks them across the room as well.  Last was the shirt, which he quickly pulls over his head and adds to the pile.


The Ushi places her claws on his head, pulling him into her face first. Her smooth, puffy lips press against his, she can feel his hot breath tickle her womanhood. “What do you think of my smell? She says, stroking his head. Her pedipalps get to work, stroking his sensitive tip as they get smeared with his pre. The wonderful, musky, smell of her honeypot had his cock twitching like crazy and about to blow. That Manticore venom capsule he took earlier must be starting to kick in. Accepting her invitation, he begins lapping away at her slit, savoring the tangy taste. After a few licks, he begins alternating between nibbling her lips and tickling her clit with the tip of his tongue. The Ushi shudders as he’s rewarded with a flood of her hot juices. Spurred on, he buries his tongue deep inside and massages her walls, searching for her g-spot.


Her walls suck and writhe on his tongue as she pulls him in tighter, her pedipalps stroking his cock as he licks. Probing with his tongue, he finds slightly rough patch, this causes her to buck her hips and convulse. With a devious look in his eyes, he focuses his attack on her newly found weak point. “MORE!” She shouts, pinning him on the bed. Frank’s head is forced deep into the mattress as the Ushi rides his face. Frank can barely breathe, he needs to finish this now before it turns into autoerotic asphyxiation. Reaching up, he grabs two handfuls of soft, ample breast. He intensifies the attack on her g-spot as he massages her breasts, making sure to tease her exposed nipples. “AHHHH” The ushi moans as she shudders, a waterfall of cum spilling out and washing over his face. “Good boy~” the Ushi moans out. “Would you like a reward?”


Frank gasped for breath as she unsealed her muff from his mouth, strands of saliva and cum stretching and drooping as she pulls away. A hot sensation hit his balls, causing him to groan as they began to swell. Maybe taking Manticore venom wasn’t such a good idea… A pressure was building inside him and he couldn’t wait anymore, he NEEDS release NOW. Looking up at the Ushi-Oni he pleads with desperate eyes. “P-please”

Giggling, the Ushi lifts him up on the bed, positioning her drooling lips above his twitching cock. “For being such a good boy, you get a very special prize.” She drops down, taking him all in one fast motion. With a loud smack she hilts Frank, the sudden sensation proved too much, he shuddered, his balls emptying deep inside her. She stops and looks at the man. “Oh, was I that good?” she said petting him. “Don’t get too comfortable, we’re just getting started.” She continues pounding him without pause, the bed creaks as his cock is battered by her warm, bumpy walls. She pulls his head into her sweaty, toned stomach as she rides one orgasm after another.


Frank couldn’t believe it, he just had the biggest orgasm in his life and was still harder than tempered steel. On top of that she didn’t leak a single drop, like her womb just sucked it all in. Thomas knew he probably couldn’t fuck an Ushi into a drooling mess, even with the venom that fantasy would never happen. But he was determined to al least leave her completely satisfied. There was very little he could do trapped under her, aside from listen to her cute moans breaking the background of  wet sucking and slapping. The smell and pleasure created a wonderful haze in his mind, it urges him to just stop thinking and let her wring him dry while he drowns in pleasure. Fighting the urge to be her fucktoy, he takes a handful of breast in each hand, massaging one and putting his mouth on the other as he softly bites down on the hard nub.


Her claws grab the back of his head. “You can play AAHHhhh, with me harder, I won’t break.” Frank bites down harder on the perky pink flesh, rolling the nub around with his tongue; his hand squeezes and pulls hard on the other tit. He soon starts to feel the tight walls shudder. She was going to cum. Hard. He thrusts into the Ushi with all the strength he can muster, wet slaps and moans fill the air. “C-CUMMMMMMMIINNGHHHAAAAAA!” the Ushi screams, coating frank’s dick in her hot, sticky, cum. The feeling of her walls vibrating and throbbing, mixed the wetness of her cum send him over the edge, his jets of cum mixing with hers as he bites down, hard, the Ushi moans harder as his teeth nearly broke the skin. Then as if nothing had happened, she keeps riding him with the same tempo as before. She was nowhere near close to satisfied.


The nipple comes out of his mouth with an audible pop, his body is ready and willing to go countless more rounds but his mind is reaching it’s limit. The haze in his head making it impossible to think clearly. With his last bit of resistance gone, he gives in to the venom. His consciousness gone, eyes glazed over. Only the venom and a desire to fuck were in control now. He reaches for her horns, only to miss and grab her sensitive ears. He pulls her head down into a savage kiss while thrusting as hard and fast into her with inhuman speed and power.


Outside the room is a chair with a sleeping Oni in a nurses uniform. Suddenly the intercom beeps as the receptionist’s voice is heard, “The time is now seven-thirty P.M. and we will be closing in thirty minutes. At this time we need staff to clear the rooms and donors to finish up and come to the front desk for payment.” The Oni’s eyes fluttered open as she yawned and stretched. Looking at the clock her eyes shot open. She’d been asleep for over four hours. “Oh shit, I fell asleep!” She shot up and put her ear to the door. Silence. “Oh fuck, I hope she didn’t kill him.” Taking the door handle in her sweaty hand, she slowly cracked the door open and peered inside.


On the destroyed bed where Frank and the Ushi, they both were sleeping soundly as the she had him in a six-legged cuddle. The Oni approached the bed, the man looked scrawnier than when he came in, but okay. The Ushi had a content look on her face as she rubbed hers against the man’s. She must be having a dream because she keeps saying “husband” in a hushed voice. “This is the worst part of the job” she sighed, taking a syringe out of her pocket and injecting the Ushi-Oni. The Ushi barely reacted to it, lazily swatting at the injection site after the Oni had already taken it out and tossed it in a container. A moment later she pulls the sedated girl out of the room.


Frank is shaken awake. “Alright sleeping beauty; clean up, get dressed, get your money, and go. You’ve got thirty minutes and I’m not staying late on a Friday.” He stares groggily at the Oni for a moment before crawling out of bed and dragging his battered and bruised body into the shower. Clean and dressed, he makes his way to the front desk where a Kobold girl is waiting.


“Hiya! my name’s Roxxi, how can I help you today?”


“My name’s Frank Thompson, I’m here for my payment.”


Roxxi carefully pecked at the keyboard with 2 claw tips, sticking her tongue out with effort. “Sorry, Rachel accidently misplaced my keyboard… And mouse… And pens. She’s so silly!” That’s what she was saying, but the hair standing up on the back of her neck was betraying her true thoughts. “Oh! Here you are, it says you’ve been with miss… Oh! sorry, I can’t give names. Confidentiality agreement and all that. Oh Wow! I guess it’s a good thing we don’t pay by the hour, how did you manage to go for 5 hours with an Ushi-Oni anyway?” Her tail was wagging and her eyes were open wide, like a child about to hear a bedtime story. Frank scratched the back of his head and looked away, “I uhh…”  A radio behind the desk crackles. “You get him the hell out of there yet? The sedative is about to wear off and there’s no way in hell I’m getting between an Ushi and a man, especially a pissed off one!” Roxxi’s ears droop and she hands Frank an envelope. “Here you go, your payment.” She leaned over the desk and whispers out of the corner of her mouth with a conspiring grin, “plus a very special thank you for your generosity.”


Afterwards he was quickly shooed out of the building as they locked up for the weekend. As he was walking to the bus stop, he opened the envelope and started counting the money. As he thumbed the tenth and last hundred-dollar bill, he found a folded up piece of paper.  “What’s this? That ‘special thank you’ Roxxi was talking about? Frank pulled it out and opened it.



Applicant name: Anne Ushita

DOB:  7/12/1992

Race: Ushi-Oni

Address: 696 Oak St.

Phone: 123-444-5555

Program: At-Risk Mamono Assistance

Status: Approved


It was a copy of the Ushi’s profile, complete with a picture. At the bottom was a beautiful handwritten message, ‘This a special service for men we find to meet certain standards and are highly compatible with their partners. Your information will not be given to her and you are under no obligation to contact her in any way if you don’t want to. If you liked your partner and want to make her happy, please let her know. Thank you.’


“That couldn’t have been written by the Kobold, the Spider maybe?” He pulls out his phone and dials the number from the paper,  his finger hovers over SEND for a moment before he saves the number and puts the letter and phone away. Still exhausted, he collapses on the bench at the bus stop. Closing his eyes he leans back and waits for the bus. A few minutes later, he hears the approaching noise of clicking on concrete. “Husband!” Sweating bullets, he slowly turns to face the noise. It’s a green-skinned Ushi in a yellow sundress picking a man up and hugging him.


Breathing a sigh of relief, he watches the couple as he waits for the bus. Watching the couple makes Frank wonder what the Anne’s doing now. Is she full and content, sad, angry? Did she like him or was he just a meal to her? He thumbed his phone staring at the number, finally he summoned the courage to hit send and brought the phone to his ear. “*Sniff* whoever this is, can you *hic* call back? I want to be left alone fight now.” Is she crying? “It’s Frank, the guy from the clinic.” He hears a happy gasp “HUSB- *cough* I mean, hello Frank, what c-can I do for you today? Wait, how did you get this number?”


“It’s a long story, would you like to talk about it, maybe over dinner or something?”

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9 thoughts on “Spirit Energy Clinic

  1. Was this deleted? I could’ve sworn we’ve had this story for a while, it was even one of the top rated ones.

    Nevertheless, I like when ushis find love; they can be more than mindless rape machines.

    156 Spirit Energy St. though…a bit too on-the-nose, maybe if they were some multinational conglomerate with the clout to get a street named after them.

    1. No, the guy who wrote it just took it down.
      Something along the lines of:
      “I don’t think it’s good enough to be the most rated story”

      Or so I heard.

  2. If only the person who wrote this would write a sequel. The Ushi-Oni doesn’t get much love even though in my personal opinion she is one of the best girls.

  3. Cute story! Could do with some technical sweeps. Start new paragraphs when someone new is speaking. Avoid tense changes. Stay in past or present tense.

    Regardless of the slightly-jarring issues, this has inspired me to get cracking on finishing my ushi story. Poor ushis. So maligned. So underused.

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