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In the year 1969, or 969-1 in a more standard galaxy-wide format, humanity took its first steps into space and landed a spacecraft with two humans on their home world’s singular moon. Over the course of the next several decades, humans furthered their research of the cosmos by sending dozens more to walk across the surface of Luna, along with landing two of what would become many probes on the next planet in the Sol system, Mars, in 976-1. In 015-2 the New Horizons spacecraft became the first to fly past the dwarf planet Pluto, and approximately 100 years later a more efficient way of interstellar travel was developed, allowing humanity to expand past the confines of the Sol system. Dozens upon dozens of more scientific discoveries were made as well including but not limited to: light-based weaponry, plasma-based defensive shielding, autonomous robots, and advancements in the fields of biomedicine.

About five years after these advancements were made, first contact was made between humanity and the rest of the galaxy. Current records are unclear on what exactly happened – and most if not all of the data regarding the exchanges between the ill-fated humans and monstergirls prior to the first death is either unreadable or flat-out doesn’t exist anymore – but it is believed that a cultural misunderstanding took place before one of the two parties fired upon the other. This event triggered a war between the United Terran Syndicate and the rest of the Galactic Federation. Several smaller businesses became the megacorporation they are today as a result of the war, including but not limited to: Northern Communication Services, which specializes in communication technology; Periloux Armaments, a weapons manufacturer; Zadfeld Innovations, a robotics and electronics company; Apex Solutions, now known for their advancements in biochemistry and medicine; and Hicks Media, one of the largest sources of free and not-so free information.

After decades of fighting, the UTS and the Galactic Federation called a truce, effectively ending the bloodshed. Hostilities didn’t immediately end however, but no more than 5 standard years had passed after the treaty was signed before the last human general and monstergirl commander met at a highly publicized peace talk and metaphorically laid down their weapons; the last two combat personnel to do so. The next few decades of reform weren’t entirely without issues however. As a requirement to joining the Federation, the United Terran Syndicate had to adopt galaxy-wide laws regarding the rights of Mamono. Hundreds if not thousands of demonstrations took place either supporting or fighting these new proposals, and a not so insignificant amount of these protests ended in violence. Whether this violence was started by humans or monstergirls, one thing was for certain: every human death at the hands of a monstergirl and every monstergirl death at the hands of a human would slow, or possibly reverse, any progress that had been made.

>[An indeterminate amount of time later.]

You’re awoken from your nap by your crewman Jerry shaking you awake. As the rest of your body slowly wakes up, your mind takes in the scene before you. On the far side of the room is the holo-screen and faux-leather chair you sometimes use to relax. On the end table next to the chair is the half-finished drink from a few nights ago and the digipad that was no doubt left open on the part of the novel you were reading. Halfway between the bed and the chair is a table piled with empty food wrappers or boxes and the sidearm that you were tinkering with. The last part of the floor space in your cabin is taken up by the chest with all your regular clothing and the floor-to-ceiling locker that has the environment suit and gun you always like to use. You rub your eyes of the last dregs of sleep and see Jerry still standing over you, wearing his enviro-suit with the helmet tucked under his arm and a worried look on his face.

“Come on boss, get up. Ash picked something up while doing her usual scans.” The tone in Jerry’s voice and his facial expression, not to mention the fact that he was in full gear, meant that this wasn’t some bit of useless space junk; this was something much more serious.

Rising out of bed rather quickly, you rush over to the locker and yank it open before starting to put on the suit. Satisfied that you’re now up, Jerry leaves the room to no doubt head back up to the bridge. With a final click you finish putting on the drab suit and grab the helmet before dashing out of your cabin, nearly running into another one of your crew, Sledge, as he runs past your door. Following the giant of a man it takes you not even 30 seconds to go through the corridors past the rec area, other cabins, and airlock before bursting into the cockpit. Jerry and Sledge are already there, staring out the front of the ship at what your pilot had “found”.

“Any idea what it is Ash?” you ask her, looking past the lithe human girl sitting in the high back chair and to the slowly rotating object in front of the ship.

“I dunno. The shape suggests a ship that would hold about four to six crew…”

“Like us.” Sledge intervened, his thick voice briefly overpowering Ash’s soft, feminine tone.

“Yes Sledge, like us. The thing is though, I’m not getting any sort of power readings from it. If that’s true, then there’s no way of telling how long it’s been like this.”

“Life support would be disabled.” Jerry adds. “If it’s been more than a week, I don’t think anyone would be alive.”

“Run a scan, just to be safe.” you say.

Ash looks up to you for a brief moment and nods before turning back around, her hands darting around to turn knobs, flip switches, or push buttons. She keeps this up for a minute or so before pausing for a few seconds to rest and to let the ship’s computer process and display the data. A few moments later a short beep resonates through the bridge briefly before the data is displayed on the main screen.

>Class: [Transport]
>Designation: [The Centurion Mk. III]
>Crew Manifest: [5 crew: captain, pilot, engineer, biomedical officer, security officer]
>Status of Crew: [Alive = 5, Incapacitated = 0, Expired = 0]
>Status of Ship Power: [DISABLED]
>Status of Ship Life Support: [OFFLINE]
>Status Update: [Updated one (1) standard day(s) ago.]

The four of you sit there processing the information on the screen, unsure of what to do next.

“Looks like they’ve only been without power for a day.” Sledge finally speaks up after what seems like minutes. “Unless they got hit by something that wiped them all out right after the mainframe was updated, they would be able to live for a few days before the lack of life support killed them.”

“That is true,” Jerry speaks up, “but I don’t thi-.” Just as soon as he starts to speak again, the computer beeps again, interrupting Jerry’s train of thought as two of the lines of data change.

>Status of Crew: [Alive = 4, Incapacitated = 0, Expired = 1]
>Status Update: [Status updated zero (0) standard day(s) ago]

Silence permeates the cockpit, the four of you simply staring at the piece of data saying that one of the crew members on the derelict ship just died. You look at Ash and she nods again, although much more gravely before she reaches forward to the controls and starts to pilot your ship closer to the Centurion.

A few minutes after later your pilot has maneuvered closer to the ship she had found earlier, she initiates the standard docking procedure as you and the other two people on your ship join you in the airlock. Your breath occasionally fogs up the inside of your helmet as you stand in the airlock, and you can see Sledge’s visor being affected in the same way. He nods to you when he sees you looking over at him before he turns his attention back to the shotgun in his hands as Jerry looks over his own weapon. You stumble slightly as the ship shudders a bit, the docking sequence finally completed and with a hiss the atmosphere inside your airlock is equalized with the Centurion’s. Both sets of airlock doors open and as expected of a ship having no power, the lights in the Centurion are completely dark. You step out of your ship’s airlock, past the Centurion’s airlock, and into a corridor that splits off in three different directions before you hear Ash finally join you.

“Find anything yet?” you ask her.

“Standard Transport configuration. Bridge on one end, engine room on the other, everything else jumbled up in the middle with the cargo hold taking up the most space.” she replies, her voice coming in with a hint of static over the helmet microphone.

“Anything else?” Sledge adds.

“Well you can open your visor if you want you big baby.” The three of you snigger as the large man pops off his helmet with a puff of air. Two similar puffs sound out as both you and Jerry remove your helmets and buckle them to your waist.

“Always hated these things.” he gasps before hooking the helmet to his belt.

“Anyways, I did a more thorough scan and it looks like whoever’s left alive is near or in the bridge, somewhere in the cargo hold, hiding in the medbay, and close to a smaller storage bay; my guess is it’s used for smaller bits of cargo, or things you wouldn’t want people to know about.”

“That’s four people in four separate locations. Did you get a layout of this place?” Jerry asks.

“The bridge is obviously at the front of the ship, which is…this way.” Ash points down the left corridor as she looks at the digipad in her hand.

“The cargo bay and medbay are together down this hallway,” she indicates to the middle path, “but the cargo hold is on a lower level than we are now while the medbay is above it. And last but not least there’s the extra storage space down this way.” she turns, facing the right hallway. “This also leads to the engine room and powerplant as well.”

Ash, Sledge, and Jerry turn to look at you as if waiting for an answer.

>[] Left, to the bridge/cockpit.
>[] Straight, towards the medbay and cargo bay.
>[x] Right, to the secondary storage and engine room/powerplant.

>Also what is the MC’s preferred weapon of choice?
>[x] Pistol-type weapon.

“Let’s head to the engine room first. We might be able to restore power to the rest of the ship, or at least some of it.” you say.

The three of them give you a slight nod before Sledge turns on the light attached to the side of his shotgun, illuminating the walls, floor, and ceiling before heading down the corridor leading to the back of the ship. You and Jerry follow suit, and you grab the flashlight from your pocket and hold it in your left hand, bracing it under your right which is holding the revolver you always carry with you. Jerry meanwhile simply does the same thing as Sledge and activates the attachment on his rifle.

Your revolver is kind of a strange little thing. Most people nowadays use weapons that fire laser projectiles rather than solid metal slugs and while one would think a revolver that would be more at home in an old western show than a science fiction one would fire bullets, yours doesn’t. Rather than using individual bullets like a regular revolver would, each ‘bullet’ is actually a battery or power cell of sorts, acting as a one-use source of power for the gun, allowing it to fire the laser equivalent of a standard .44 bullet.

Jerry’s rifle however does fire solid bullets rather than lasers. Built much like the old ArmaLite rifles back in the early years following 000-2, it’s a magazine-fed gas-operated rifle with a buttstock and plenty of places to add on extra bits. Naturally Jerry has made a few modifications and additions to the rifle, the most notable being replacing the original stock with a wireframe one and adding a flashlight/lasersight attachment to the underside of the barrel.

As the four of you walk down the hallway, following the directions Ash is giving you from the rear of the group as you go along, you play your light around trying to look for something. While you hadn’t noticed it at first, the usual hum of the ship’s engines along with the faint hissing of the air scrubbers is absent; makes sense though if the ship in question is adrift, dead in the water. Your footsteps occasionally sound out as you walk across the metal floor, and you see one or two doors with a label, but you’re moving too quickly to read them.

As you get closer and closer to the engine room – thanks to the updates that Ash has been giving the group – you start to hear sort of banging noise, as if someone, or something, is pounding away at the wall or door with their fist.

“I don’t like the sound of that.” Sledge says, tightening his grip on the shotgun in his hands.

“Oh will you be quiet? It’s probably someone stuck in a room or something, since y’know the power’s off.” Ash retorts. “It’ll probably stop once we turn the power…on.”

All four of you stop in your tracks when you finally locate the source of the metallic clanging noises. Trying to break its way into the engine room is what appears to be human girl. She looks to be about the same height as your pilot and about as heavy too, although she does seem to be a bit wirier than Ash. Just as sudden as your entrance to the hallway is, so is how quickly the girl stops her incessant punching of the engine room door. She turns to look at your group, a predatory glint in her eyes and she bares her teeth.

“Did your scans say anything about a person losing their mind Ash?” Jerry whispers, looking over his shoulder.

“No, just that there were four life signs on-board.”

“I guess we found one of them.” Sledge responds.

Not soon after Sledge had finished speaking, the girl leaps towards you with inhuman strength and speed. Thanks to a few years travelling the stars with a healthy dose of paranoia, Sledge and Jerry are quick on the draw. Several shots ring out from Jerry’s rifle as he hoses the girl as she charges down the hallway. She seems to shrug them bullets off or doesn’t notice that she had just been shot, and continues to run towards you. A second, much louder boom reverberates through the corridor as Sledge gives the girl a chest full of shot as she jumps towards you, hitting her in mid-air. The now dead female’s corpse flies past you and crashes into Ash who had been simply standing there, still surprised at finding a human not acting like a human should. A minute or so later after your ears stop ringing, you reach down to help Ash back on her feet.

“You alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, I think so.” she says, wincing slightly as she gets back up. “Banged my shoulder pretty hard though.”

“You’ll be fine.” you reassure her.

“After I take a shower maybe, look at this mess.” she says, exposing her blood-soaked shirt. “What was that though? I don’t recall humans ever being able to do something like that.”

“I have no idea. Never seen anyone act that way either.” Jerry adds, walking over and nudging the body with his foot.

“I agree.” Sledge says. “Any ideas?”

You, Sledge, and Jerry look at Ash, and with a short huff she digs out the scanner she brought along. After a few short button presses the device hums to life, and Ash starts moving it across the corpse of the girl that Jerry and Sledge had just killed. Ash moves the scanner from the girls head down to her torso, pausing over where the heart would be, before moving down to the lower body. After about a minute Ash finishes what she was doing and stands back up, and lets the scanner compile the results.

“That’s not right.” she finally says.

“What, what’s not right?” Sledge ask anxiously.

“It says here that while yes, she’s human, or rather was, there’s monstergirl DNA in her as well. Like it was spliced in.”

The four of you look at each other, a look of mutual understanding on each of your faces. Splicing monstergirl DNA into a human? Who would do such a thing, and why? You’re broken from your reverie however by a light tapping noise coming from the engine room door and a faint voice calling out.

“Hello? Is anyone there? I-I heard shooting.”

You look over to Sledge and Jerry, and motion them to cover the door just in case while Ash works on unlocking the door.

“Can you hear me?” you call out.

“Y-yes, I think so.” the voice on the other side of the door responds.

“Can you stand back from the door a bit? My friend is going to try and open it, and don’t try anything funny either when we do.”

You nod to Ash, and she nods back before turning around to break open the panel next to the door and starts messing with a bunch of wires. After a few seconds a bit of sparks come out, and the door to the engine room opens slowly, allowing you to get a good look at whoever was on the other side.

>What sort of monstergirl is she? Feel free to add a few bits about her appearance or any quirks she might have.
>[x] Wurm girl with a handcanon and a custom anti-material rifle.

Standing on the other side of the bulkhead is a wurm. Well, ‘standing’ isn’t entirely the right word to use considering she has a fifteen foot long serpentine tail. The upper portion is covered in dark green scales that look like they’re made of stone while the lower part that touches the ground looks rather calloused, albeit still somewhat soft. Her human half starts just below the waistline, and she’s chosen to wear a frayed denim skirt of sorts that flares out at the bottom to protect her modesty. She’s wearing a loose fitting, grease-stained white shirt over her torso, and it hugs her chest well, leaving her scale-covered arms exposed. In addition to her inhuman-like arms, she has massive clawed digits coming from an equally-sized paw instead of regular fingers or hands. While still not entirely humanoid, the wurm’s face and head is still rather feminine. There are two large chitinous-looking horns that sprout from her head and curve back a little bit, and her ears resemble the fins one would find on a fish. Her actual face is rather pretty though. Her golden yellow eyes accentuate her nearly blemish-free skin, only a few dozen tiny scales covering her cheeks, and there’s a faint smudge of grease on one cheek. Her silky gray-green hair flows down to just past her waist, and you can see a pair of welder’s goggles hanging from around her neck.

“Uh, hi.” she finally says after a few seconds of silence.

“H-hey.” you respond awkwardly, still a little surprised to find a monstergirl of all things in the engine room. “Any reason for being locked in here? Other than the ship having no power, I mean.”

“I dunno. Most of the time I’m in here since it’s the biggest room other than the place where all the boxes are.”

“You mean the cargo bay.” Ash responds.

“Y-yeah, that. Anyways, it has the most room so I usually stay here. I was working on this rifle I have, mostly the bullets for it since I already changed it so it, uh, fits me. Then everything went dark.” she finishes meekly.

“Think you can restore power?” Jerry asks.

“Probably.” she shrugs. “I’d have to cross-wire the generator with the circuit, then splice in the main junction before activating everything again though.”

You, Jerry, and Sledge look at each other like the monstergirl had just spoken some foreign language. Hell even Ash looks confused, and she’s the one that does all the mechanical work back on your ship. The wurm simply looks at the four of you innocently before turning around to head deeper into the room when she notices Ash shrug. You sigh before you, Jerry, and Ash walk after her, moving past dangling tubes, jumbles of scrambled wires, and a noticeable pool of grease once or twice. After a few seconds of following the monstergirl, you find her opening up a panel in the wall and pulling out a large circuit board still attached by a few wires. After tearing out a few of the wires and twisting them together, a few of the lights come on and you think you can hear the air scrubbers spinning up too.

“Sorry I couldn’t do anything other than turn the lights and vents back on. Best I could do. Why are you here though?” she asks.

“Well my pilot found your ship just floating there without any power, or anything really, and Ash, Jerry, Sledge, and I decided to help when we found out that there were still people on here.” Your three companions nod as each of their respective names is spoken.

“Zöe. Any ideas on where the others are?” the wurm asks.

“Last time I checked scans suggested the bridge, medbay, and cargo bay.” Ash responds. “Might as well come with us. We might run into some locked doors or something, and you know this ship better than I do.”

Zöe nods before moving to an alcove just off to the side of where she pulled the circuit board out, and starts digging through some sort of chest. You take a peak and find that much like the rest of the engine room, the nook is just as messy. The wurm girl finds something she was looking for, and pulls out a weapon holster with a massive handcannon inside of it. After fastening the belt around her waist, she starts shoving a bunch of stuff aside and gasps a little bit when she finds the rifle she was talking about earlier. Even though you were expecting it to be big, you’re still a little surprised at the size of the weapon. It’s rather plain in shape, just a simple oblong cylinder covering the barrel, with a wurm-shaped grip on the underside. From what you can tell, it has a standard rifle grip and trigger guard molded to fit her hand, a solid stock, and the mechanism is fed via bolt-action from an internal magazine.

Zöe straps the rifle to her back before turning around, a determined look in her eye. You’re about to leave the engine room when you hear Sledge shout and firing off a shell from his shotgun. It’s difficult to get to him on account of the cramped confines of the room. You can however hear him struggling with something, the occasional meaty thud followed by a grunt of pain. You’re about to round the corner when Sledge slams into the wall next to you with a loud bang, sliding down to the floor afterwards. Another human female closely follows him, flying through the air and slamming into Sledge’s slump body. She starts wailing on him, punch after punch smashing into his face which occasionally causes his head to hit the wall behind it. Rushing forward, you tackle the girl off of your crewmate, throwing her against the far wall before coming up from a combat roll with your revolver in hand. A few sharp cracks ring out as you fire off a few shots that hit the girl square in the torso. She gets up slowly, large burn holes in her tattered shirt, and she starts to move towards you before a much louder and deeper boom reverberates through the room followed shortly by a rather feminine squeak. The human that had just attacked Sledge and was making her way to you suddenly flies backward into the wall again with a sickening crunch, her head lolling to the side while a sizable chunk of flesh is missing from her shoulder.

“Oh shit, Sledge!” Ash yells out, pushing past you so she can get to him. “Sledge, come on, wake up. Wake up, man. Come on, we gotta go. Sledge…wake up. Please…” she shakes him, her grip on Sledge’s shoulders tightening slightly as his head slowly rolls back and forth.

“Ash…” Jerry says, moving over to put a hand on her shoulder. She gets up slowly and turns to face Jerry before wrapping her arms around him and burying her face into his torso. You can see her shake as she starts to sob uncontrollably, and all Jerry can do is hold her tighter.

“Why? Why did it have to happen…”

“I-I wish I knew, Ash. I really do,” Jerry whispers, “but there’s three other people on here, and I have a bad feeling like there’s going to be more than just two of those things.”

“Y-yeah. Y-you’re right.” Ash sniffs, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. She stoops down to give the big man one last hug before closing his eyes with the palm of her hand. Reaching over she picks up the shotgun he dropped before turning around to face you.

“Well, come on. Let’s go.” she says with a hint of strain in her voice.

>[] Head to the medbay.
>[] Head to the cargo bay.
>[x] Head to the bridge/cockpit.

You sigh heavily before following Ash out of the engine room. Pausing in the doorway, you look back to Sledge’s body slumped against the far wall. You hadn’t noticed it before, perhaps because of the shock of seeing him die, but he almost looks at ease. His expression seems calm, and the usual tension in his muscles doesn’t seem to be there. You look over to Ash, Jerry, and Zöe as they walk past you, and you feel like you can see some of that tension in them as well. Perhaps part of it with Ash and Jerry is because they quite recently lost a friend, but you’re sure you’d still notice something if they hadn’t. Heck, if you took a good look at yourself in a mirror you’d probably see the stress oozing from your body, but you suppose that’s natural for someone who lives and dies by the stars. Sighing again and trying to relax a bit, you glance one more time at your dead crew member before closing the door behind you with a hiss.

Jogging slightly to catch up to the rest of your group, you fall in line with the wurm girl. You can’t help but look at her, watching how her serpentine body moves back and forth in a lazy s-pattern as her human torso sways slightly to counteract the motions of her tail. Now that life support is back on for the most part at least, the slithering sound Zöe makes as she moves is almost invisible. Another thing you observe about the monstergirl is how her breasts seem to be moving far more than they should as she moves along.

“Are there any sort of flight logs or recordings anywhere on the ship?” Jerry asks as three of you walk and one of you slithers down a dimly lit corridor.

“Maybe. I don’t really know how the captain has that stuff set up, but they’d be in the bridge somewhere.”

“Looks like we’re heading there next then. Maybe we can find out what the hell happened here before we showed up.” you say. “Ash’s scans also suggested there was one of your crewmates there as well.”

Zöe glances up at you with a hopeful look in her eye before turning her attention back to the hallway in front of her. The rest of the walk up to the bridge is rather uneventful as you and your group simply continue walking past slightly rusty bulkhead after slightly less rusty bulkhead, and once or twice you can see Jerry or Ash tense up slightly as a low metallic groan reverberates along the length of the ship. Eventually though you do make it to the bridge or rather the door to the bridge after a minute or so of walking.

Ash exhales audibly as she notices the locked door and looks over at you, and you simply shrug. Rolling her eyes, Ash turns away, looking back down the corridor.

“Think you can unlock this Zöe?” you ask the monstergirl.

“Probably. The captain insisted on each door’s lock being slightly different than all the others so an automated hacking tool wouldn’t work. Or at least not as well.” she responds.

“Any idea on what we might find on the other side of this door?” Jerry says.

“Unless there’s one of those things again, and if what you found earlier is accurate enough, then probably only the pilot.”

“Anything about them we should know about?” Ash responds, glancing over her shoulder.

“Other than she’s one of us, no.”

“She? Us?” you ask.

“Uh, like me. Mamono.”

You give Zöe a brief nod and are about to start acting like you’re interested in the pattern of the metal on the wall when you hear another feminine voice on the other side of the wall.

“Zöe? Is that you?” it calls out, slightly muffled from having to pass through solid door.

“Yeah, and I brought some friends!” she responds excitedly.

“Oh man I’m glad to hear your voice. Hang on, let me unlock the door.”

The wurm girl with you simply smiles before backing up a bit, and then waits. You can hear a bunch of fumbling from the other side of the door and once or twice a muffled word that sounds suspiciously like something someone wouldn’t want their mother to hear before there’s a distinct click, and the door slides open. Thanks to your monstergirl companion’s warning, you’re not surprised this time when there’s another one standing on the other side.

>Which monstergirl is this one, other than a wurm? Anything special about this new (monster)girl?
>[x] Dark elf with a sword and pistol.

Even though you noticed that Zöe was acting somewhat lewd, she simply didn’t know she was doing it. The other girl however knew exactly what was going on. Unlike the wurm you were with, she had two legs that seemingly ended in human feet, if the knee-high leather boots were any indication. Most of the rest of her legs she chose to leave bare, her light chocolate brown skin completely smooth and free of any sort of flaw; a large pink heart-shaped tattoo on her left thigh the only marking you can currently see. It also appears her opinion of ‘pants’ is something that is only just long enough to cover one’s self, because that’s exactly what she’s wearing. Her lower garment is also rather tight looking as it seems to flow in the exact same way as her slightly curved hips do. The monstergirl’s stomach is criminally overexposed, her soft skin luring you in with its supple appearance. As for a shirt, she is wearing what basically amounts to a corset. It’s laced across the front of the bodice as one would expect of such a garment, except she has purposefully left a fair amount of it looser than it should be thus exposing a fair bit of her moderately sized breasts. The only real difference between her head and a human’s is that the monstergirl has pointed ears that stick out at a greater angle. Other than that, her long white hair, ruby red eyes, and thin lips could be found on a human female if you looked hard enough.

“Oh my god, Alli!” Zöe shouts before surging forward to wrap the dark elf in a strong hug.

“Oof! Good to see you too.” she responds. “I assume these are your new friends?”

“Yeah! This is Ash, Jerry, and their captain.” Zöe shouts again, smiling in your direction. “Oh, this is Alavara, but I like to call her Alli. She’s the pilot.”

“I assumed as much.” Jerry states bluntly. “Can we access the ship’s logs from here?”

“Oh, right.” Zöe says, slightly embarrassed. “Uh, they’re over there somewhere.” she says, pointing towards the pilot’s chair with one of her talons.

Alli simply rolls her eyes before walking over and sitting down in the chair, moving aside the small sword laying across the controls. You, Ash, and Jerry follow the dark elf and look over her shoulder as her dainty hands fly across the buttons. A few minutes of rapid button-mashing later, she exhales a bit before turning in the chair to face you, her arm outstretched as if to display the logs. There are hundreds, probably thousands of lines of data in the ship’s computer, so you make a few keystrokes to narrow the timeframe down to the last three days. There isn’t anything particularly interesting in the logs though, other than maybe the stop the ship made two galactic standard days ago at a station close by. The last three entries in the log also indicate that the Centurion docked and undocked with something as well, with the very last entry indicating when you boarded.

“Any idea why you stopped at that station?” you ask the dark elf while pointing to the screen.

“Not really. I just push the buttons to make this thing fly in a straight line. We did spend a few hours there though, but the captain let us do our own thing so I didn’t see any of the crew until a little bit before we were going to leave.”

“Zöe?” you say, turning to the wurm.

“No, can’t think of anything.” she says, moving closer so she can stare at the data. “I just went and got some more stuff for things I was working on at the time, mostly my gun. I didn’t see the captain until right before we left. They usually do that kind of thing. They just go off before coming back with another job for us to do.”

“What about those last three bits?” Jerry asks.

“Well that third one is you finding us.” Alli says. “Not entirely sure about the two before it, although that was right around when things started to get a little weird.”

“You mean with the loss of power and those things.” Ash adds.

“Yeah. No idea why though.”

You think for a bit. The Centurion docked with a station no more than three day’s travel from here. The crew were left to do their own thing for a few hours, and when they left the station they had some sort of job. About a day later is when things started to go wrong; the loss of power, the lack of explanation for the rabid humans aboard. Pirates hearing of a ship with brand new cargo and going after it isn’t unheard of, but the problem with that theory lies with the fact that there are no pirates around, just two dead humans that you’ve killed, and they certainly weren’t pirates either. Shaking your head, you simply have Ash download the logs from the ship onto her digipad before figuring out what you’re going to do next.

>[x] Head to the medbay.
>[] Head to the cargo bay.

The only two places you can really go to now that you haven’t been before without leaving the ship is the cargo bay and medbay. You probably wouldn’t find anything in the cargo bay other than a bunch of boxes. The medbay however might have something useful such as some data on whatever it is that is attacking you and the ship. If not, you could always get some samples from one of the dead ones you killed near the engine room, and use the equipment there to run a more thorough scan. With that, you decide on going to the medbay first and then searching the cargo hold for anything useful afterwards.

On the way there Zöe starts talking your ear off about the ship’s doctor, a monstergirl like her and Alli. According to the wurm, the resident medic is a holstaur that the captain had picked up as a passenger going from one system to another. Sometime on the way there Zöe had gotten seriously hurt, and the holstaur had worked on her and helped her recover, and afterwards the captain offered her a position on the ship which she accepted. Ships run entirely by monstergirls weren’t unheard of, but they weren’t commonplace either.

Just shortly after leaving the stairwell to the lower level where the medbay is, a low, tinny sound rolls through the hallway, making everyone suddenly stop and tense up. You slowly pull your revolver out, the hammer making an ominous click as you move it back with your thumb as Jerry and Ash cautiously scan the floors, wall, and ceiling. You can see their grip on their weapons becoming a bit tighter as clanging noises get closer and closer to your group, and Alli slowly draws her sword out as well. Just as the noise gets to you it stops, and Jerry adjusts his grip on his rifle ever so slightly when another one of them bursts through a loose floor panel an immediately charges for the closest person.

You and Ash immediately open up on it, the sharp cracks from your pistol being accompanied by the lower booms from Ash’s shotgun as Jerry manages to pop off only a quick burst before the creature collides with him. Finger still on the trigger, Jerry’s rifle sprays up into the ceiling, several new holes forming in the metal as the thing atop him tries its best to claw Jerry’s face and throat off. Without warning, Ash runs over and kicks the thing off of Jerry and pumps several shots into it, staggering it back towards the opposite wall. Another loud boom sounds out as Zöe blasts it with her handcannon, throwing it back into the wall. It slides down a bit, leaving a sickening trail of blood from all the holes in its torso before its torso gets pierced by a sword, and it stops there. Still running off of adrenaline, you barely register Alli’s outstretched arm when you hear wet coughing coming from behind you. Slowly you look over to the source of the noise and see Jerry lying on his back with a rapidly growing pool of blood under him.

Dropping your gun, you run over to him and crouch down. There’s a weak smile on his face, and looking a little bit lower there’s a significant gash in his neck where bright red blood is currently freely flowing from. Raising a hand up slowly, Jerry coughs a bit more as you slowly grip his shaking hand in your own.

“Sorry…heh…sorry about that boss.” he weakly says.

“Bullshit Jerry.”

“N-no, not that…” he starts before another coughing fit overtakes him. “I made a promise to m-myself back when I joined you that I would protect everyone. B-but I didn’t, and now I can’t.”

“Yes you can, Jerry.”

“With this giant hole in my neck? Hah. V-very funny boss…Just do one more thing for me.”

“O-of course.” you say, knowing what’s about to come next.

“Make sure she gets out of here safe.”

You feel his grip on your hand slowly relax, and his eyes start to gradually lose their shine before you hear one final sigh from Jerry before he finally succumbs to his wound. Closing your eyes for a bit, you exhale heavily before letting go of your crewmate’s hand and standing up, retrieving your revolver as you do so. Ash is looking in the other direction while Zöe is simply ‘standing’ there. Alli meanwhile goes over to retrieve her sword before calling the wurm over so she can carry the body of the thing that attacked Jerry. A few minutes later you finally arrive at the medbay, and looking through the window that’s sitting in the door you can see two operating tables, one of which has a body covered in a white sheet on it. Ash moves over to unlock the door, and when she does you get a better look, and smell, of the room.

It’s what you’d expect of a small medbay on a ship. Along the far wall there’s a bunch of cabinets and drawers, no doubt filled with a bunch of medical supplies and materials. On the right-hand wall there’s a long countertop with a built-in sink and a few more cabinets above it, and in the middle of the room there’s the two tables. On the other side of the room there’s simply a large floor-to-ceiling locker, and there’s a large tuft of fur on the end of a tail sticking out from the other side.

“Hello? Anyone in here? I won’t hurt you.” you call out to the seemingly empty room.

When you do, you spot the tuft of fur move behind the cabinet before you hear soft shuffling. Shortly after there’s some soft clicking as whoever was hiding behind the locker walks out. Like Zöe said, the doctor is a holstaur. Rather than having five toes on each foot, she has cloven hooves on the end of her digitigrade legs. Like all cowgirls, the majority of her shapely legs are covered in thick black and white fur that ends just below her spacious hips. She seems to be wearing plain woolen pants that cut off halfway down her thighs, and while they seem to be a little tight on her it’s probably just because of her leg fur. There is however an obvious reason why her blouse looks too small on her. The monstergirl’s breasts are absolutely massive. They’re at least as big as her head, if not a little bit more, and they’re straining against the fabric of her shirt even when the first third of the shirt is unbuttoned. You try not to stare at the valley of her cleavage as you look at the rest of her body. Her head is rather humanoid in appearance, with the only difference being her slightly floppy bovine ears and stiff-looking horns that stuck out from the sides of her head. Her face is fairly soft in appearance, with her ocean-blue eyes being the most dominant feature. Her black and white striped hair really only goes down to her shoulders, and her bovine tail ends just short of touching the floor.

“Oh, I don’t recall ever seeing you before. Any idea what’s going on? I’ve been hiding in here since I first heard the shooting.” the holstaur says, blushing slightly.

“I was hoping you could tell us. I probably know less than you do, considering I only got here a little bit ago.” you respond.

“I wish I knew, but I don’t – is that you Zöe? And you too Alavara?”

“Yeah, Jess we’re fine.” Alli says.

“And I think there might be something wrong with this one.” Zöe says as she unceremoniously dumps the dead body she was carrying onto the empty table, making the holstaur jump.

“Thank you Zöe, but I don’t see how a dead human has anything to do with what’s going on.”

“Well, there’s the problem.” Ash says. “They’re not entirely human. We ran into a few of them before and did a quick scan on one of them. They weren’t acting like a regular human; they were more feral and rabid, and the scan suggested that Mamono DNA was spliced into them but we don’t know the how or why.”

Jess sighs a bit before walking over to the tall locker and pulling out a surgical apron, struggling slightly to tie it behind her before slipping on some latex gloves. She then walks over to one of the other cabinets and starts digging around before finding the scalpel she was looking for. Moving back over to where Zöe dumped the body she then presses a button on the side of the table, activating the overhead instruments. Jess first starts examining the body by hand, lifting up a limb and eyeing it or bending a joint back and forth to see how far it can go in either direction. Satisfied with that she uses the scalpel she got earlier to cut a piece of flesh from one of the arms and feeds it into the overhead scanner. A minute or so later the device beeps, indicating that it finished the scan, and is now displaying the results on the screen attached to it.

“That’s odd.” Jess says. “Like what you said earlier, it’s human but there’s also monstergirl DNA imbued inside; manticore with this one to be exact. It’s also saying that yes the DNA was spliced into the person. My guess is at some large facility, considering the tools and research needed to do such a thing. Why however, I don’t know.”

“I don’t get it,” Ash adds, “manticores aren’t particularly violent, at least to the degree we saw this one act. Yeah, they might occasionally chase after a man, but they don’t try and rip his throat out. What do you think?” she asks you.

>Anything you want to say or do before finding the last monstergirl in the cargo bay?
>[x] Last monstergirl is an Australian sahuagin.

You’re not entirely sure what you think. There are some more aggressive monster girls: manticores, hellhounds, minotaurs, and sharkgirls to name a few. Like Ash said though, they’re not violent enough to go after a man’s throat; they usually go after something else. The only real explanation is that there is some sort of reaction during the process where the two DNA sets are spliced together, and that reaction causes the subject to become excessively violent. The only questions remaining are why it’s being done, where it’s taking place, who’s doing it, and why those things are on this ship. You can’t wait around and think too long though because there’s one last room you haven’t checked yet.

You motion for Alli and Ash to follow you as Zöe opts to stay behind with Jess in the medbay until you got back. You had also instructed the holstaur to lock the door behind you and continue doing scans while making a copy of the data on the digipad Ash left in the room. You give the two monstergirls a reassuring look as the door to the medbay closes and locks with a hiss before walking down the corridor to the cargo elevator and getting inside. The lift rattles slightly as you descend into the bowels of the Centurion, and you turn to the dark elf next to you.

“Any idea why she might be in the cargo bay Alli?” you ask her.

“Probably because it’s the only real place on this ship where Rachel can play with her toys without disturbing the rest of us.” she responds.


“She can be a bit of a gun nut at times, but she usually sticks to her little machine pistol.”

“What kind of girl is she? Both personality wise and species, I mean.” Ash says.

“She can be a bit cold at times, and she may even come off as rude or cynical, but that’s just how she speaks her mind.” You give Alli a confused look.

“Don’t worry though,” she chuckles, “if she actually cares about you, you’ll know. As for her species, she’s a sahuagin. Interesting little one too, picked up a funny accent from her father.”

You shrug slightly before facing the doors to the lift again. Sahuagin are one of the more rare monstergirls. They’re not totally unheard of, but one doesn’t really see them as much as lamias, hellhounds, manticores, centaurs, elves, or the other common races; sahuagin usually stick to more aquatic worlds.

An average sahuagin is usually on the smaller side, rarely climbing above one-and-a-half meters in height, and they’re usually thin but still fit looking. They have large, webbed claws for both their hands and feet, and some sahuagin also have smaller fins sticking out from their forearms or calves. Their tail is similar to a regular aquatic mammal, but the end splits into three separate ‘spines’ rather than two. Their skin is smooth to the touch, and some sahuagin opt to have a tribal-like tattoo somewhere on their body. Considering sahuagin are one of the more athletic Mamono, their muscles are small but still strong, and as a result of their lifestyle they have a rather petite appearance. Thin arms, thinner legs than the rest of the galaxy, flat stomachs, and small breasts; usually no larger than two human fists put together. They also have fin-like ears, and most sahuagin have long, grey-blue hair and wear some sort of swimsuit-like outfit.

The cargo elevator finally slows to a banging halt, and the doors slide open with a slow metallic squeal. Readying your pistol, you nod to Alli and she moves over to the control panel on the wall near the elevator doors and flips a few switches. A few of the overhead lights come on slowly, and one or two of them flicker occasionally. Looking about, you take in the room before you. There are a few larger crates scattered throughout the cargo bay, all of which are taller than you. A few metal drums are intermingled with everything, and way off in the corner you think you can see one that’s filled with bullet holes. Some smaller boxes are in the room as well, and you walk over to one and pop the lid, finding some regular everyday supplies like preserved food or bits of seemingly useless junk inside.

You’re about to start looking in another crate when several rapid shots ring out from somewhere in the cargo bay, and a feral growl rolls out before another one of the infected humans comes flying from behind one of the larger crates and crashes through a conveniently placed stack of barrels. More shots ring out, and the sahuagin Alli told you about earlier walks from behind another crate, gun held up close to her body.

“Oi, what do you think you’re doin’ mate?” the sahuagin shouts as she walks forward and blasts the creature some more. Rachel moves forward some more and empties the magazine into the creature, which howls out as it dies.

“Fuckin’ cunt…” Rachel mutters before noticing you, Alli, and Ash.

“Rachel!” Alli shouts before running over to give her a hug.

“What’s going on Alli? Everything was fine until it got bloody weird with these things runnin’ about.” Rachel says, prodding the thing she just killed with her foot.

“I have no idea, but we need to get out of here now.”

As if on cue, you hear several feral cries and a lot of banging in the room before at least half a dozen of the rabid humans burst from the vents.

“Oh shit. Boss, we need to go, and go fast!” Ash yells while turning back to run towards the elevator. You nod and grab Allie by the hand and drag her with you towards the lift, and the dark elf shouts back to Rachel to hurry up. She shouts back in response that she knows, finally grabbing a small box from inside one of the crates before following you. Right as the sahuagin is about to jump into the elevator, one of the creatures tackles her from the side. Without warning, Ash leaps from the elevator platform and pushes the thing off Rachel before shoving the sahuagin into the elevator and punching the button.

“Ash! What are you doing?!” you yell at her.

“Making sure you do what Jerry asked!” she shouts back. “He said to make sure they get out of here safe.”

“Goddamnit! Ash!” you yell as the lift starts to move.

“I’ll be fine!” she calls out over her shoulder as she blasts away with Sledge’s shotgun and Jerry’s rifle.

You can still hear the weapon fire as the elevator arrives at the level above. You stand there in shock for a bit before Alli’s shouting brings you back to reality. You shake your head once and run out of the lift and over to the medbay door, which opens without trouble. The look on your face is all Jess and Zöe need to understand that everyone is getting off this boat as soon as possible. You, Zöe, Alli, Jess, and Rachel are all running through the corridors now, and you briefly stop at each of their cabins so they can grab the last of their possessions before you usher everyone back to the airlock.

Not even bothering to wait for the atmosphere to equalize again you mash the emergency open button to your own ship and dash for the cockpit and fly into the pilot’s chair. You activate the quick release mechanism, freeing your ship from the doomed Centurion and go at full burn to get as far away from that nightmare as possible. About twenty seconds after you had disengaged from the ship, you get a message on your personal communicator.


“H-hey boss…” she weakly responds. “Sorry…”

“Hang on Ash, I’m coming back.” you say as you turn your ship around

“N-no. Don’t. If you do, then no one is getting away from this, and I can’t let anyone else find this goddamn thing.”

“Wh-what are you saying Ash?” you start, trying to fight back tears.

“See you space cowboy…”

She cuts off the call before you see a flash of light from the engines on the Centurion through the cockpit window, and several smaller flickers run across the ship before the entire thing goes up in one big explosion. You slump back in the chair in disbelief. You had been with Sledge, Jerry, and Ash for years. Sure, you may have ran into trouble here and there with them, but nothing you couldn’t handle. But this, this just took them away from you suddenly, and you couldn’t do a damn thing about it. You sit in the chair trying to figure out what you want to do right now.

>[x] Contemplate the recent events alone in your cabin.
>[] Go talk to one of the monstergirls that are on the ship, and if so with who and what do you talk about?

You watch the fireball slowly dissipate, the light from the fire gradually growing dimmer before it fades away completely. Reaching forward for the controls, you punch a few buttons and update the crew manifest. The screen displays text you never thought you would see, and you transfer the old data onto your digipad before erasing it from the ship computer. Exhaling heavily you get up from the pilot’s seat and head back to the airlock where the four monstergirls you brought with you are. Zöe looks up at you for a brief moment, a sad look in her eyes before she looks back down at the floor. A weak smile crosses her lips as you put a hand on her shoulder before you motion for all four of them to follow you so you can show them where they’ll be staying from now on, or at least until one of you decides otherwise.

Rachel decides to move into Sledge’s old cabin, a small twinkle in her eyes that fades just as quickly as it came when she notices his old gun collection. You smile inside a little bit when you think about her being with the giant that Sledge was, the two of them trying to outdo each other in some sort of shooting contest.

Alli meanwhile picks Ash’s former room, walking around and occasionally looking in a drawer or two before moving along to the next one. You never really bothered to go into any of your old crewmember’s rooms since you never really saw a reason to. But seeing Ash’s little world makes you think a little bit. On the outside she always seemed to put on a sort of brave or tough façade, but you can’t help but notice the small vanity desk over in the corner or the pile of dirty clothing.

Moving along you arrive at Jerry’s cabin when you realize something. There’s only one room left, and two monstergirls. It might be possible for two smaller monstergirls to share the room, but Zöe is rather large and her little ‘projects’ would no doubt take even more space. Seeing the predicament herself, the wurm offers to take up residence in the engine compartment and you voice your concerns about having to sleep with all the noise. She says she doesn’t mind though, and in fact would actually prefer it since she spent so much time in the Centurion’s engine room that she’s gotten used to it. You shrug and have Jess and Zöe follow you, showing the holstaur where the ship’s sickbay is and the wurm how to get to the engine room.

You head back over to your personal cabin and open the door before taking off your equipment that you were still wearing. Not bothering to put everything back where it belongs, you simply let it clatter onto the floor, and you trudge over to your bed and fall onto it. You stare at the ceiling for several minutes, trying to process all that had just happened when one of the girls knocks on your door.

“Come in.” you call out. With a quiet hiss the door opens and you hear light clopping sounds as Jess walks into the room, carrying a large box of things.

“We thought you might want to keep these.” she says, placing whatever it is she was carrying on the overflowing table in the middle of the room. Getting up from your bed, you walk over so you can look inside, and it seems all four of the girls decided to collect all of your old crewmates’ things and give them to you.

“Thanks.” you say, sighing a bit as you take the stuff and put it somewhere deep in the locker.

“We all lost something today you know.” the holstaur says as you close the locker. “You lost three of your best friends in the span of a few hours or less. Zöe, Alli, Rachel and I lost our home and our captain.”

“I’m not trying to compare the two, but I want you to know that you should be careful. For your sake and for mine, Alli’s, Rachel’s, and Zöe’s. I’m not sure if we could lose another one.” You can see her struggling to fight back tears, so you pull her in for a short hug.

“Thank you. I-I think I needed that.” she says after breaking the quick embrace.

“Go on, I’m sure Zöe’s probably already hurt herself doing something.” you chuckle. A light grin appears on Jess’ face, and she turns to leave your cabin, pausing in the doorway.

“If you need to talk about anything, just let me know.” the holstaur says, leaving your sight when she notices you nod.

>What do you do now?

As the door closes behind Jess, you start to think about what you should do next. While it may be an isolated incident, the Federation still needs to know what happened on the Centurion. You’ll also have to register the four monstergirls with you as your new crew members, and sort out all the stuff with your old crew. It wouldn’t hurt to get to know the girls a little bit either if they’re going to be staying with you for a significant amount of time. Lastly, there’s the order of finding another job so you can put fuel in the tank and food on the table. With all of that plus the lingering effects of your short but violent time on the Centurion, exhaustion quickly takes you and you fall asleep on your bed.

On the way to the nearest station you talk with them while doing simple things around the ship. While slightly different than a Transport-class ship, Alli still managed to figure out the controls relatively quickly. A few times you nearly had a heart attack, gripping the armrests of the other chair in a death grip as the ship occasionally shuddered as the dark elf got the hang of the controls. Rachel seems to be content sitting in her cabin, tinkering away with one of her weapons. For the most part you left her alone, mostly because she didn’t seem like the talkative type, but once or twice you sat down in the room with her and talked to her about random things. Sometimes it felt like you were just having a conversation with yourself, but simply talking about a few of the wacky things you, Jerry, Ash, and Sledge did eased your mind just slightly, even if it was hard to find the words.

The opposite happened with the wurm however. Zöe constantly bombarded you with questions about how your ship worked and what it was capable of, and more than once she went off on some completely unrelated tangent about something she did with some gadget or something. You promised Zöe that you would help her find some more materials so she could continue working on her custom rifle if she would just shut up, which made her give you a back-breaking hug as her unrestrained breasts compressed between the two of you. Jess spent most of her time going over the data she had recovered from the corpse you brought her while she was still on her own ship, comparing it to a regular human’s. She hadn’t found much, other than the actual DNA sequence of the former human turned charred monstergirl hybrid. She also noted that most of the medical supplies she commonly used were aboard the Centurion, so she made a list of what she didn’t find in the sickbay on yours. The holstaur also talked a little about the effects of PTSD, considering you probably have a little bit of it. This was true, considering you woke up once or twice in the middle of the ‘night’ from a nightmare about your old crew, but you also didn’t really pay attention because you were staring at her chest.

A few days later you arrived at the station, and while you really wish you could have done it, Alli would need a little practice docking if she was going to be your pilot for a while. With a loud hiss and a bang, your ship shudders as the docking clamps secure it in place and you let out a long sigh of relief, earning yourself a look from the dark elf. You take over the controls and request a crew transfer from docking authorities, citing what had transpired on the Centurion. Of course they asked you what the hell you were talking about, and you really couldn’t say anything other than what you had found out and sending over the limited data that you had found to corroborate your story. Several minutes after you had sent a copy of the data to them, they granted your crew transfer and noted the passing of your former party members.

You step out onto the main platform in the hangar bay with Zöe and Jess while Alli and Rachel hold down the fort while you’re gone. Over the hiss of venting gasses and groaning hydraulics, you decide where to go first.

>[] Get Zöe some parts for her gun.
>[] Get Jess her medical supplies.
>[] Find a job you and your crew can take.

>Get Zöe her parts first, then get Jess her medical supplies, then find a job.

“We need to get you some more parts for your gun Zöe, so how about we get those first?” you say. The wurm’s face lights up and she pulls you in for another tight hug.

“Oh thankyouthanktyouthankyou!” she says rapidly, squeezing you even tighter. Jess chuckles slightly at your predicament.

“You’re, ugh, welcome.” you grunt, still being held tightly but thankfully Zöe lets go. “You should come along too Jess, I don’t recall seeing you with a weapon.”

“I-I’d rather not.” she says, suddenly acting bashful as she grinds her hoof into the floor a little bit.

“I’m just trying to look after my crew, and if I or any of the other girls aren’t around and you don’t have some sort of weapon, how are you going to defend yourself?”

You can see the gears turning in her head as the holstaur battles against her own mind before she sighs heavily.

“Y-you’re right, I can’t just hide behind people my entire life. People depend on me to save them, but what if I’m too scared to do it?” Jess says.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” you reassure her, giving her a pat on the shoulder.

“Yeah! You might even have fun!” Zöe adds.

It’s your turn to laugh as Jess goes wide-eyed, and you take her hand and pull her along after you, with Zöe following alongside you. The holstaur struggles to keep up with you as you make your way onto the main level of the station. Zöe had evidently never been on a station of this size because she was constantly twisting her torso around looking at all the stores and signs on and in the walls. Jess luckily didn’t have to half run to keep up anymore on account of the crowds and Zöe’s infatuation with everything, and you didn’t have to hold her hand anymore. Due to the size of wurms, you thankfully were given a large berth when walking through the crowds to the metal and gun shops.

When the storefront was finally in sight, Zöe nearly barreled over several humans and monstergirls in her rush to get inside. You let the wurm know that you’re taking Jess into the back so she can try out a few different guns before picking one out, although you have a sneaking suspicion that Zöe wasn’t listening at all as she was digging through several different bins of scrap metal and gun parts.

In the back of the shop, away from all the crowds and most of the noise, you pick out various guns for your holstaur companion to test. You decide to start off with something simple: just a plain semiautomatic laser pistol based on a three hundred year old design. Standing behind Jess, you reach around her to show her how to operate the gun.

“Alright, just hold the gun like this, and slowly squeeze the trigger.” you say, guiding Jess’ hands along with your own. The pistol spits out a laser bolt with a sharp crack, the beam of light missing the target completely, and she would have dropped the gun if you weren’t holding onto it as well.

“Don’t be afraid Jess, you’re doing fine. Just take a deep breath, and try again.”

“I-if you say so.” she says nervously.

You adjust her grip on the pistol again, and walk her through the motions again. This time, she manages to hold onto the gun better, and she nearly hit the paper target as well. Sure, she was nowhere near close to hitting the humanoid silhouette on the target, but she almost hit the side of the object. She also jumped slightly when she fired the pistol, backing into you by accident and unintentionally pushing her soft butt into your crotch, but you didn’t really notice. You repeat the process a few more times before the magazine is expended, where you then show her how to reload it. Afterwards you have Jess practice shooting again, but this time you pull away from her, letting go of her arms and hands so she can do it on her own. You observe her shooting, occasionally correcting her form with a few words before she empties the battery again. She looks confused for a moment before noticing that you’re standing off to the side, and you smile before giving her a hug.

“See? I told you it wasn’t so bad.” you say over her shoulder. You can’t help but feel her rather large chest being squished between you and moving around ever so slightly as she pulls you a bit closer to her, and you swear you can hear her gasp slightly as her breasts press up against you more tightly.

“Th-thanks. I think I might need to practice a little bit more though.” Jess says as she releases you, and you notice a slight blush on her face afterwards.

“Come on, Zöe’s probably almost finished digging through piles of junk. We should get going and find the supplies you need.” you respond, eliciting a short laugh from the cowgirl.

True to your word, you find Zöe still searching a bin full of gun parts, a separate box on the ground next to her already filled with surplus bullets, bits of scrap metal, a few spare gun parts, a bag of primers, and a gunpowder kit. You pay for Zöe’s things and Jess’ new gun, along with registering it with her, before you leave the shop to go find the medical supplies Jess wanted. A few minutes after leaving the gun shop you arrive in a much cleaner store and wait outside as Jess buys the things she needs. Several minutes later you’re sitting down at a table with Zöe and Jess, eating some station vendor food as you look through your digipad for any jobs you might be able to take.

“Any ideas on what we should take?” you ask the two monstergirls, passing them the tablet.

“I dunno, this one looks rather simple. Low risk, simple pay.” Jess says, pointing at the cargo transport entry.

“I want one where I can use my new gun!” Zöe says with a mouth full of noodles. You sigh as bits of food fly across the table from her mouth, and a small look of embarrassment crosses the wurm’s face before she wipes her mouth and sauce-stained talons on a already well-used napkin.

“What do you think?” the holstaur asks you, passing you back your digipad.

>[] Basic cargo transport job.
>[] Military cargo transport job.
>[x] Medical cargo transport job.
>[] (Custom input. Your own idea).

“Transporting those medical supplies seem easy enough.” you say. “It pays the highest amount of money per light-year, plus it shouldn’t be too dangerous. The biggest issue would be pirates, but even then we’re going to be in civilized space for the majority of it.”

“What does it say about the material we’re gonna be moving?” Jess asks.

“Thinking about taking some of it for yourself?” you tease.

“N-no! O-of course not!” she blurts out, a slight blush creeping across her face. “I-I just think I should know, just in case it’s something that, if damaged, could hurt you, Zöe, Alli, or Rachel.”

“Huh?” Zöe suddenly says, looking up from her box of noodles.

“Nothing. So, does it say anything?”

“Uh, yeah. It says the cargo includes your standard gauze, antiseptic, blah blah blah. Regular doctoring stuff.” Jess gives you an annoyed look. “There’s also a crate of dextra-, dextro-.”

Jess groans loudly before taking the table from your hands and starts thumbing through the details of the job. She flicks through the ad for a bit, reading whatever is on the screen before handing the tablet back to you. Taking that as a yes, you arrange for the cargo to be delivered to your ship in a few hours before the three of you finish eating.

On the way back to the hangar you stop by another shop and get Alli and Rachel some fresh food, and you arrive just as an oni sets down a large crate by the docking ramp to your ship. You sign the docket, and the oni nods once before walking down the platform away from your ship. Back inside the airlock, you have Zöe bring the crate to the medbay before giving Alli and Rachel the food you got them. After topping off on fuel, you undock from the station and start the flight towards the planet you’re delivering to a few systems away.

About a day into the trip, you’re reading a novel in your cabin when you hear a knock on the door.

“You may enter.” you call out, and Jess walks into the room. “Hey Jess, what’s up?”

“Nothing much. I had just finished with Alli, Rachel, and Zöe, and I was wondering if I could run some tests on you next.” she asks.

“Tests?” you say, and the holstaur blushes a bit when she realizes the faux pas she had just made.

“N-nothing like that! Just a simple check-up is all so I have a baseline to compare things to. It’s a habit I’ve developed because of my job.”

“Alright,” you chuckle, “no need to get embarrassed.” Jess visibly sighs before she turns around to head to the medbay, and you get up to go follow her, remembering to save the page you were on before turning off the tablet.

In the medbay, the holstaur has you sit on the bed while she runs the tests. She first starts off by measuring your blood pressure with that armband thing before checking your heart rate and breathing rate. Jess blushes again when her hand brushes up against your torso while using her stethoscope, and you inhale sharply though your teeth when the cold metal touches your skin. The next test she runs involves testing your eyesight and reflexes, and the last test she performs is drawing some blood before running it through the ship’s scanner. You can’t help but notice that as she continues working she presses her body up against you more and more, especially with her breasts, and by the time she finishes with the last test she’s almost purposefully dragging her sizable bosom across your body.

Getting down from the bed, you notice that Jess’ face is red again and her breathing is coming in just ever so slightly faster than it usually does.

“You alright Jess?” you inquire.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine…” she says, turning away wash her hands. You think you can see Jess adjusting her shirt when she finishes, and when she turns back around to dry her hands you swear there’s a little more cleavage showing. Her face is rather flushed now too, and her chest is noticeably heaving as her breathing has become more labored.

>[] Throw caution to the wind and kiss her.
>[x] Ask her if she’s sure before leaving the room to do something else or read some more.

“Are you sure?” you ask the holstaur.

“Yes, just…just a little hot is all.” she responds, wiping her brow with her hand.

“Alright, just make sure you don’t overheat or anything; drink lots of water, don’t wear any tight-fitting clothing, that sort of thing.”

“Oh please, I’m a doctor. I know how to prevent heat exhaustion.” Jess says. “I’ll be fine, I just need to rest for a bit.”

You shrug as if to say ‘all right’ before going back to your room and reading more of that book. The rest of the journey is rather uneventful. Rachel seemed to be content with staying in her room most of the time doing whatever it is she does. Zöe had asked you about the technical specifications of the ship so she could improve them. A few times she asked for your help, and her body brushed up against yours while you were helping her but she didn’t seem to realize what she was doing. Alli and Jess meanwhile seemed to take a liking to chess, even if it was more to kill time than anything else.

You arrive at your destination a few days later and get the coordinates for the planet from the observation outpost in the outer edges of the system. You do a quick cross-reference with the data on your ship and find out that you’re delivering to a garden planet. Evidently the atmosphere, while safe for humans and monstergirls to breathe, is still the perfect cocktail of nitrogen, oxygen, and other earth-like atmospheric gasses to allow plant life to thrive. The weather patterns also help a lot, as the jet streams in the upper atmosphere evenly distribute the moisture from the two large oceans covering the planet’s surface. When you get closer to the planet you notice that it looks a lot like Earth, and the coordinates you received are for a small facility on the surface.

As you ease the ship down through the atmosphere the scanners note a rather large looking cloud formation is closing in on the facility, but a footnote suggests that storms like this one are common. Passing through the cloud layer closer to the base you are met with a sight not a lot of people ever get to see. A rainforest that would put the Amazon to shame stretches out in front of you all the way to the horizon, and you call Jess, Zöe, Alli, and Rachel up to the cockpit so they can see it as well. The wurm simply stares out the window as she apparently has never seen trees like this before, and the other three girls simply gasp in shock.

As you arrive within radio range of the facility you’re contacted by it, notifying you of where to land. You acknowledge and let them know a storm is coming just as the first drops of rain start splattering against the glass of the cockpit and they respond in kind, saying that their sensors picked the storm up a while back. They also said that it would be too dangerous for you to fly your ship back out until the storm passes through, so living accommodations would be provided for you.

Setting the ship down on the landing pad and waiting for it to lower down into the underground hangar, you gather everything up and have Zöe drag the crate out into the hangar before handing it over to the facility workers. Looking back up at the closing hangar doors, you sigh before following your guide to the set of rooms where you and your crew will be staying for the night.

Several hours later, you’re lying in your bed watching and listening to the storm rage outside when you hear a knock on your door. Grunting with the strain, you get up and walk across the spartan room and open the door, finding your wurm engineer standing there, wearing her nightgown and clutching her stuffed manticore.

“You okay Zöe?” you ask her.

“I-I’m scared.” she whispers, letting out a short squeak when another flash of lighting illuminates the room for a brief moment. “C-can I stay with you?”

You sigh and chuckle to yourself a little bit.

“Alright, come on.” you say, and Zöe nearly crushes your back again when she gives you a hug.

You struggle to pry her off of you before moving back to get in your bed and Zöe joins you shortly after, her long serpentine tail curling up into a pile at the foot of the bed. As she does that, she wraps her arms around you again, although much more gently this time and she almost immediately falls asleep.

A few hours later after the storm has passed you wake up again, only to find that Zöe has wrapped herself around your legs. She’s nuzzling her face into your torso, and thanks to the moonlight you can see that there’s a slight blush on her cheeks. Her breasts are pressing up against you again as well, and you can’t help but feel that her nipples are starting to stiffen slightly.

“Hey Zöe.” you whisper, freeing one of your arms from under hers and gently shaking her. “Zöe.”

“Mphmf…” she mumbles, nestling her face against you more.


“Mmm, what is it?” she finally says, looking up at you with bleary eyes. The blush on her face has darkened ever so slightly, and you can feel her wrapping her body around your waist. You swallow reflexively, and you notice that your boxers are become a little tighter as well.

>[x] Touch the ~~cow~~ wurm. Do it now.
>[] Make her get off you.

Without thinking, you free your other arm before gently pulling the wurm up further, and you kiss her. Her lips are incredibly soft, and you could feel her hot breath on your face before your mouth met hers. Her deep yellow eyes momentarily go wide with shock from the unexpected physical contact, but they soon flutter closed as a soft moan escapes her lips. You pull away from Zöe ever so slightly only to find that her blush is now covering her face completely. Her breathing is rather ragged now, and her nightshirt is being noticeably tented by her now stiffened nipples. Unwrapping her scaly arms from around your torso, Zöe moves her clawed hands up to hold the sides of your face before pulling you in for a hard smooch. As if they had a mind of their own, your own hands move from around her waist, travelling up her torso and caressing her smooth skin. She shivers a little bit but doesn’t let up her oral assault in the slightest as she kisses you over and over again as her hips start slowly rocking against you.

Right in the middle of another one of her smooches your hands find her breasts. You take one in each hand, admiring their squishiness and how they are just barely too big to fit entirely in your hand. You gently start to knead the soft orbs, rolling them around in your hands, and the first time you tweak one of the dark buds Zöe lightly gasps, her lips parting just enough for your tongue to enter her mouth. Meanwhile, the wurm’s own hands start exploring your own body, tenderly brushing across your own flesh as her moans increase in tempo and volume marginally as her hips grind against your crotch more roughly. Several minutes of heavy petting later, Zöe pulls away from you again.

“Do you think we could, um…” she whispers.

You smirk and chuckle at her shyness before removing her shirt and giving her a tender yet passionate kiss. Zöe practically melts in your arms, and you move your hands lower so you can remove both of your undergarments. Your already stiff member is rubbing up against her firm stomach before the pressure on it is released when you grab her hips and lift her up. Her scales have already receded, and you slowly lower her onto your hard shaft and she inhales sharply when the tip prods her entrance before it slips inside. The wurm shudders occasionally as her sex gradually gets filled up with your manhood, and she lets out a soft moan when her pelvis finally meets yours. She leans forward and hugs you tightly again, resting her head on your shoulder.

“C-can we stay like this f-for a bit? I just want to feel safe.” Zöe says, her voice slightly muffled as her face is pressed into your pillow.

You smile before wrapping your own arms around her torso, and you can hear her sigh as she feels the skin on your arms meeting her bare back. You lie there with her for a few minutes, simply enjoying her warmth as she wraps her entire form around you, giving you a full-body hug as she subconsciously massages your prick with her inner walls. Eventually though Zöe’s desire becomes too much for her, and she raises her torso up before slowly rocking her hips back and forth. Barely audible moans pass her lips at first, but when you reach forward to hold her breasts or hips and encourage her along, she starts to thrust herself up and down on your prick. Before long her feminine juices are coating both of your nether regions, making each thrust of her body into yours sound out with a wet slap. Her scaly tail starts to wrap around your legs tighter and tighter as she loses her self-control and rides you even harder, and you find yourself giving into the pleasure as well as you grab her smooth hips and meet the wurm halfway, pushing yourself into her as deep as you can manage.

Zöe’s gasps and moans are now quite high in pitch, and you can feel her inner walls pulsating and contracting around you as her serpentine tail tightens around your legs even harder. Her movements become even more frenzied before she collapses onto you, unable to hold herself up anymore as she gives into the pleasure. You let go of her twitching hips and pull her closer to you as her body is wracked with an orgasm from head to tail. Her pussy rhythmically strokes your shaft from base to tip and you start thrusting into her again, albeit gently this time. You prolong Zöe’s climax as you slowly bring yourself to your own, and when you feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge you plunge yourself into her as deep as you can. A few short frantic thrusts later you cum inside her, setting her off again as you fill her up with your seed. You groan as your orgasm runs through you before you fall deeper into the mattress, holding Zöe close to you.

Thankfully her tail uncoils from around your legs as the two of you cuddle post-coitus, and a few minutes after your shared orgasms Zöe lifts her head up and she gives you a tired kiss. You look into her golden yellow eyes, knowing exactly what she’s feeling just by the look on her face, and you give her one last amorous smooch before the two of you fall asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning you find yourself wrapped up in twenty feet of naked wurm, and you slowly ease yourself out of her warm embrace and walk across the room, intent on taking a shower to get rid of the grime from last night’s events. A few minutes later you step out of the shower and dry yourself off before putting on some fresh clothes before gently shaking Zöe awake. She weakly tries to bat your arm away with her own, but you simply push it away and drag her out of your bed and into the bathroom. After fighting with her to make her bathe, the two of you meet back with Jess, Alli, and Rachel in the common area to figure out what you want to do next.

>[x] Find a job to do that the facility needs you to do.
>[] Find something to do somewhere else.

There really isn’t much to do around the facility, considering it’s built for research. You call over one of the administrators and see if there isn’t anything you or your crew can do. Surprisingly there actually is, he says; he was looking for someone to transport a few samples and research data on the local flora to another outpost a few systems over. Apparently the plant life here is similar enough to alraunes that it can be used to test the effects of medicines and other chemicals on the plant before shipping it out for galaxy-wide distribution for use on the actual monstergirl. It seems straightforward enough: go from Point A to Point B and deliver the box and data, so you take it.

After getting paid for the other job plus receiving the advance for this one, you, Zöe, Alli, Rachel, and Jess gather the stuff you brought with you into the facility, minus the crate of medical supplies of course, and head back to your ship. The overhead hangar doors slowly open with a long, drawn out groan and hiss of hydraulics and your ship bursts above the canopy of trees as your dark elf pilot takes off, scaring a few dozen of the local birds. Back in the void of space, you have Jess look over the data that was given to you just in case there’s anything interesting in it, but it’s all just a bunch of science words you can’t understand.

As per usual in interstellar travel, it takes you a few days to get there and the only exciting thing to happen was when you were helping Zöe with something and her breasts brushed up against you several times. You finally arrive at your destination, a station that’s in orbit around a binary star system. According to the computer data, the two stars put out an above average amount of energy and light for their size and color, so it was decided that a research station could be built in-system so it can utilize the combined output of both stars without having to rely on other fuel sources as much as other stations.

Approaching the station, you give them a hail to request docking permission, but get no response. You have Alli hold position and you try again, but all you get back is static. You try one more time, waiting a few minutes after sending the transmission before you instruct the dark elf to fly into the hangar bay anyways. Hangar shields keep both air and sound from escaping into space, but when you pass through them you still hear nothing. As the automatic docking clamps attach to your ship, the only sound you can hear is your own vessel powering down while the clanging from docking slowly dissipates throughout the seemingly empty hangar. Hardly any of the lights are on; the walls, ceiling, and walkways are barely lit as the station struggles to keep the power running.

You try the intercom again, but still get nothing back. You run a basic diagnostic on the station from your ship, and there seems to be both power and life support, so why is no one home?

>[] Investigate. (Who do you bring with you, if anyone?)
>[x] Wait for a bit, trying the intercom every so often before leaving.
>[] Leave immediately.

“Do you think you could run a more detailed scan of the station Zöe?” you ask her.

“Maybe. I think I’d need an access panel in-station though, don’t think it would be possible here.” the worm responds.

“Right, I’ll go with you then. Alli, you stay here with Jess and Rachel and see if you can’t pick anything up on the intercom or scanner. Call me if you find anything.”

The dark elf nods to you before turning around in her chair and going over the controls. The airlock doors on your ship slowly open, and you step out onto the quiet metal platform. The hangar is eerily silent, and the only sound you can really hear is the dull throb of the bay’s life support systems along with your and Zöe’s breathing. Your boots clank on the grated walkway, and the wurm slithering next to you subconsciously moves closer to your side. As you walk through the surprisingly clean and spacious hallways, you start to feel a little more uneasy. Even if this is a research outpost, there would be at least someone to invite you in for coffee, but there isn’t. As you and Zöe follow the signs to the flight control office, you feel her clutch your arm slightly.

“I don’t like this.” she says as the two of you round another corner.

“I don’t either, but don’t worry, we’ll be fine.” you reassure her, shaking her hands off of your arm before giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze. A few seconds later your wrist piece beeps and you can hear Alli’s distorted voice come through the small speaker.

“Found something boss. It’s not much, but it’s something.”

“What do you got?” you ask her.

“Like I said, it’s not much, but from what this is telling me, nothing has gone wrong. No critical system failures, no venting of the atmosphere – both the intentional and unintentional kind, nothing. Apart from no one home, everything is perfectly normal.” she says.

“Alright, we’re nearly at the terminal, I’ll have Zöe bridge a link from it to the ship when we do.”

A minute or so later you find yourself in the control room, overlooking the landing pad where your ship is currently docked. You hook up your digipad to the station’s mainframe before having Zöe grant your ship access.  You then start searching through the station logs, starting from the earliest entries before working backwards. Like Alli had done, you find nothing out of the ordinary. There isn’t anything that would indicate anything going wrong, apart from the apparent lack of bodies around, living or dead. You start a data transfer from the station to your ship before opening a voice link to the cockpit.

“You getting all of this Alli?” you call out.

“Yeah, I’m getting it. Not seeing anything stand out though. Nothing showing up that says ‘Hey, shit went south here.’”

“Rachel? Do you see anything?”

“No.” Rachel responds.

“What about you Zöe?”

“Nope.” the wurm next to you says.


“I don’t see anything either. All I can think of is the similarities between here and when you met us, minus the monstergirl hybrid things of course. Everything is normal, something happens, then wherever that something happened is completely deserted.”

“This doesn’t seem right, but unless we get some sort of magical data that tells us what’s going on, there isn’t much we can do.” you say.

“You’re right, but I don’t want to just leave without figuring out something, other than a possible but probably unlikely connection between two unrelated events.” Jess says.

The cowgirl is right. You can’t just leave, but what can you do? There isn’t anything to go on, and you can’t sit around looking for it.

>What do you do and/or where do you go now?

“Maybe we could set up a few scanners and wait to see if we pick anything up before calling the Feds and moving on.” you suggest.

“What about the data we were supposed to deliver?” Rachel asks over the intercom.

“Unless someone asks, I guess we say nothing. Technically it’s still the research station’s property since we never really delivered it. Maybe head back and return it to them.”

“And the money?” Jess adds.

“Same thing. Unless they ask for it back, we carry on as usual.”

With that settled, you finish the data transfer from the station to your ship and head back to the hangar bay. Back on your ship, you have Alli monitor the ship scanner while you go and set up the proximity detectors around the hangar, and have the other three girls monitor them while you search the data you currently have for any kind of clues that may exist. You spend a few hours like this, and you get pretty much nothing. There isn’t any sort of movement, and no one found any sort of life forms aboard the outpost. It’s as if every living thing in the place just, disappeared.

Sighing a bit, you get up from your chair and stretch and look at your crew. Alli is staring at her screen, an incredibly bored look on her face as she rests her chin on her palm. Rachel is more or less the same, looking at the monitor while idly rolling a bullet between her fingers. Zöe meanwhile is sitting in a corner working on her gun again, and Jess is snoozing lightly, resting her head on top of her folded arms as her chest is squished up against the console, amplifying her cleavage to an obscene degree. Chuckling to yourself you gently shake her awake, and she wipes the drool from her mouth with the back of her hand before you go and collect the portable scanners you set up. A few minutes later you’re back in your ship, and you send out an anonymous message to the Federation outlining the details about what happened here, or at least as much as you knew, before you leave the system.

>Where do you go now?
>[x] Sit around and wait for a bit, do some scans, then call the space cops before leaving.

You suppose the best course of action now is to return to the garden planet and let them know you couldn’t deliver the package. You turn the ship around and engage the auto-pilot before figuring out what you’re going to do for next few days. Might as well talk with your crew, get a feel for what kind of person they are. Zöe would probably just go off on some tangent about some device she wants or has. Alli and Jess seem fairly normal; there probably wouldn’t be much to talk about with Alli, and you’d probably miss half of what Jess is saying as you try to keep yourself from staring at her chest. The only person on your crew that you don’t really get is Rachel. She always seems a little cold and distant, so maybe you can talk to her. You tell Jess, Alli, and Zöe to try not have too much fun, you’re going to do your usual check on the ship. The holstaur waves a dismissive hand at you before going back to reading her data slate while Zöe sits in a corner playing with her gun. Alli meanwhile is too busy leaning back in the pilot’s chair trying to get some sleep to notice or really care that you left the room.

You test the ship’s power and shields in the engine room before heading to Rachel’s cabin, catching a glimpse of some rather personal bits of clothing as you pass by the cowgirl’s room. You knock on the ajar door before hearing a mumbled response, and you walk inside. Most of Sledge’s old guns are still hung up on the wall, although the shotgun he brought with him aboard the Centurion is now missing. You suppose Rachel uses the spot to hang her own weapon up now. The rest of the room is rather plain since your old crewmate didn’t care much for decorations, and it seems that the sahuagin doesn’t either. Speaking of, Rachel is currently sitting on her bed, a mess of gun parts splayed out in front of her as she does, something, with her weapon.

“What are ya doin’ Rachel?” you ask her, pulling up a chair to sit by the bed.

“Nothin’ much. Just cleaning my gun.”



You sigh slightly. “So what’s your story Rachel? I always thought that sahuagin weren’t really the traveling mercenary type.” She exhales before setting down the trigger assembly before picking up the magazine.

“It’s because of my father. He brought my mother back to Earth and they had me there. I assume you can tell where based on my accent.”

You nod in affirmance, even though her attention is focused on disassembling the detachable magazine.

“Well my dad was a bush ranger, and sometimes he brought me along. When I was old enough of course. Anyways, every so often he would bring me along on one of his trips, eventually teaching me how to use a gun. I really enjoyed spending time like that with my dad, but naturally I had to find my own way in the universe.”

“What about your parents? Where are they now?” you ask her.

“Back on earth still. I send them a message every so often about things, and when my dad heard that I had gotten my first real ‘job’, he sent me this.” Rachel says, showing you a part of her gun and assuming you know she means the entire thing when it’s put together, not just that one bit.

“Have you said anything about…earlier?”

“No. I-I don’t know if I could. I don’t want to disappoint my dad. I promised him that I would protect whoever it is I was assigned with, and I can’t bring myself to tell him I failed.”

“You’re his daughter, I don’t think he would mind. If anything, he’d probably tell you that he loves you and is proud of you.”

“Yeah…” Rachel sighs, shoulders slumping slightly.

“Don’t worry about it, you’ll be alright.” you say, resting your hand on top of hers for a bit. As you get up to check on other things, you feel Rachel grasp your hand and you unintentionally pull her up with you and into a hug. She wraps her arms around you and holds you there for a bit before letting go.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” you tease, making the sahuagin blush.


You laugh lightly before pulling her in for another hug, making her squirm in your arms.

“Go on, your dad’s probably yelling at you for not cleaning your gun.”

She blushes again before crawling back onto her bed and picking up the multitool, and resumes working on her gun. A few days of boring space travel later you arrive back at the garden planet, and land back at the research station. They’re rather confused as to why you’re back, and they become visibly distressed when you tell them what you found, or lack thereof, at the orbital facility. Back in the administrator’s office, you discuss with the head researcher and administrator what you’re going to do with the data and samples they gave you earlier before you leave again in the morning.

>[x] Hand the data and samples back over, plus half of the advance they gave you. You will have to find a different job somewhere else.
>[] Keep the data, samples, and advance, and deliver the data and samples to another facility.

As appealing as an easy job sounds, you think the best course of action is to simply find a job someplace else. Naturally you’re going to keep some of the advance to cover fuel costs and such, and the administrator sighs as you transfer a portion of the money they gave you back to them. Before you leave the office, the head researcher stops you and hands you an old plant sample they had lying around. He said that they really had no use for it anymore since they need fresher samples for more accurate tests, and perhaps you could take it as an extra bit of payment for at least trying. You accept, even though you really don’t have a use for it either. Jess might though, so maybe you could give it to her.

The next morning you leave the facility and begin yet another long, boredom-filled journey to the next system. You try talking with Rachel some more, but she really doesn’t say much. She does however ask if you could get her a kukri and maybe something new for her gun. She struggles to not give you a bear hug when you say you’ll try, and she gets even more embarrassed when you ruffle her hair before going to check up on Jess and see if she’s found anything interesting on the plant you gave her. You find her in the medbay looking over some data of hers, and she looks up from the tablet she’s holding when she hears you enter.

“Need anything?” Jess asks as she gets up from the chair she was sitting in.

“No, just checking in on things. Find anything interesting on that plant?”

“Nothing too exciting, at least for you.” she teases. “Running another scan on it. Right now all I got is that it has higher counts of nitrogen in the cells compared to things found on your home planet.”

“You mean Earth.”

“Mhm. I’ve also been going over the stuff we found earlier, but haven’t found anything. There were traces of Mamono pheromones in the air back on the station and I did a cross reference with the manifest and there were a few monstergirls in it a few days before we arrived, and there were entries in the logs up to the point where we arrived too. The manifest also said that there was an alraune working on station as well, so that eliminates any of those things we found earlier.”

“Anything else important?” you ask her.

“Other than the logs showing who came or went from the station, no, and of course the last two sets of data that we downloaded before leaving was us docking and undocking.”

“Right. Well, keep on looking for anything that stands out. We’re going to arrive in-system in a few days, so don’t get too engrossed in your science stuff.” Jess gives you a hurtful look as you leave, but it quickly turns into a slight smile as you give her a short wave when you exit the room.

A few days later you finally get to the system you were shooting for. There are ships everywhere as you fly through the inner part of the system, getting closer to the planet you chose to land at. The traffic is even worse as you get closer, and Alli groans as she holds the ship at high anchor above the planet, waiting for the go-ahead from traffic control to head down to the surface. A few hours of sitting there doing nothing, you’re finally given clearance and your dark elf pilot hammers the throttle open, intent on getting as far away from all the bureaucratic shit as possible.

Planet side, Alli weaves between other ships and the buildings that cover the planet’s surface. She’s practically laughing as the windows on the side of skyscrapers and spacecraft fly by, and you nearly have a heart attack when she narrowly avoids crashing into a cargo freighter. Several heart-pounding minutes later the dark elf finally puts the ship down on the landing platform attached to the average looking hotel you booked for a few days as you look for a job and relax. Zöe experiences a rather serious case of Tourist Neck after you walk around with her on the lower street levels, so she stays behind with Jess as you take Alli and Rachel to go shopping and get some half-decent food for dinner.

A few hours later after you managed to calm down a giddy sahuagin after she found a shop that was selling her favorite knife, you’re standing out on the modest balcony, leaning against the railing overlooking the hundreds of thousands of bright neon signs, hundreds of flying ships, and millions of people move about their late night activities when you hear the familiar sound of Jess’ hooves walking across the prefabricated fake wood floor of the balcony.

“You really shouldn’t be out here without a jacket on, it’s cold out.” she says as she stops at your side and joins you in looking at the scene before you.

“Oh gee, thanks mom.” you retort sarcastically.

“I’m being somewhat serious here. I’m a doctor, under your employment no less, and what good would I be if I let you get sick?”

You give her a short smirk before turning your gaze back to the cacophony before you.

“At least have something warm to drink. Here.” Jess says, handing you a mug of tea. You gingerly take a sip, and when you don’t burn your tongue you take a larger drink, sighing as the sweet herbal flavor glides across your taste buds before flowing down into your gullet.

“Where the hell did you get this stuff Jess? I’ve never had tea like this before.” you exclaim, taking another heavy drink.

“Just something fresh I made while sitting around waiting for you, Alli, and Rachel to get back.” she says, grinning. You immediately spit out a mouthful of tea and glare at the holstaur, who’s now chuckling lightly to herself.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t use that. I still had some leftover bits from the last time I bought some tea leaves.”

“I didn’t take you for an herbalist Jess.” you say, taking a much lighter swig of your beverage this time.

“Biologist, really. Something about living things fascinates me.”

“So you take dead, dried plants and put them in boiling water.”

“Something like that.”

The two of you share a laugh before you look out over the balcony railing again. Sometimes the time period you live in still surprises you. Two hundred years ago, none of this would have been possible, but here you are standing on a balcony of a building of thousands, looking out at the city sprawling in front of you.

“Zöe going to be alright?” you ask after a few minutes of somewhat peaceful silence.

“Yeah. I gave her a small dosage of painkillers to stop her whining, and naturally she fell asleep an hour or so later.”

“What made you want to be a doctor?”


“Biologist, whatever.”

“I don’t really know. Runs in the blood I guess. Mom and dad ran a small hole-in-the-wall flower shop, and I was always fascinated by their beauty.”

‘That’s not the only beauty someone’s fascinated by.’ you mutter under your breath, too quiet for the cowgirl next to you to hear.

“What really did it for me though was when this peculiar alraune came in looking for advice on how to deal with a problem she was having.”

“And that was?” you ask.

“From what I remember, she was a stinging nettle alraune, judging by the leaves on her head. As for the ‘problem’, it was with her boyfriend and the fact that she was part stinging nettle. I always thought alraunes were just regular flowers, but I was proven wrong, and for some reason hearing the story from my parents made me want to study biology.”

You carry on talking with Jess for several minutes, and fail to notice her inching closer to you until her hand accidentally brushes up against yours. You glance over at the holstaur, and from the glow of a nearby flickering neon sign you can see a slight reddish tinge on her face.

>[x] Touch the cow. Do it now.
>[] Don’t touch the cow. Don’t do it now.

You look back down at Jess’ hand and you move your own to rest on top of it. Her skin is incredibly soft, and the lingering effects of her tea kept her hand at a delightfully warm temperature compared to the outside air. The cowgirl’s hand flinches slightly as you touch it, and Jess tries to pull it away you gently hold it, making the holstaur squeak. You look back at her face, and it’s as red as a tomato now. Her sparkling blue eyes reflect the light from the nearby neon signs, and a slight smile crosses her blushing face.

“H-hey Jess.” you call out after what seems like several minutes of silence.


“Don’t you think it’s getting a little, uh, late?” you say.

“Maybe we should go to bed then.” Jess responds with a barely contained mischievous glint in her eyes.

You grin right back at her before dumping out the rest of your tea and hers over the edge of the balcony and follow her swaying hips back into the hotel room. You take one last look at her generous rear end before heading to the kitchen to wash out the mugs in your hand before setting them in the sink to be washed later. With that last distraction out of the way, the only thing on your mind now is that holstaur’s oh so sexy body and the things you’re about to do with her. Walking through your hotel room’s living area, you call out to Jess, and get a flirtatious response coming from where her room is.

You head towards the source of her voice and find the door to her room is ajar, light creeping through the crack between the frame and the door itself. You gingerly push on the door, only to find that Jess isn’t in the room. You look around at the small space, the only thing of note being the messy bedsheets and bits of discarded clothing. Only then do you hear the door click shut as the lock engages, and a pair of rather heavy breasts press into your back while two delicate hands cover your eyes.

“Guess who.” a sultry voice whispers in your ear, its owner’s breasts pressing into your back slightly more.

“I would say my resident doctor Jess, but the correct answer is a very horny cowgirl.”

The person covering your eyes giggles before pulling her torso away from your back. She then removes one of her hands from your face, keeping you in the dark while spinning you around to face her. Plump lips press against your mouth, and the hand covering your eyes drifts away to help pull you closer as you detect the faint aftertaste of the tea she made. Jess’ blush is now mostly gone, replaced by confidence as her hands gently caress your body. Returning her affection, you wrap an arm around her, cupping the back of her head as your free hand moves down to grope her fat butt. You subconsciously moan under the holstaur’s ministrations, allowing her wide bovine tongue to enter your mouth to dance with its newfound partner. Both of your breathing becomes more and more ragged as Jess slowly pushes both of you closer and closer to her bed, and when your leg bumps up against it you don’t stop making out with her, and instead you fall onto your back, bringing the cowgirl with you.

Having Jess’ curvaceous body on top of you doesn’t slow you down in the slightest. If anything, it makes the two of you even more turned on as both of your gentle fondling has turned into outright rough groping of each other’s bodies. You dearly wish you had more than two hands, because then you could play with both her massive breasts and hefty ass at the same time, but you have to make do with switching between them. Jess meanwhile seems to focus on your upper torso, constantly petting your chest and shoulders as short gasps or quiet moans escape her lips even as she continues to passionately kiss you over and over again. She is also grinding her pelvis into yours softly, her body trying to get the release it craves but is unable to achieve.

Slowly but surely, you ease each other out of your clothing and toss it to the side, leaving only your undergarments on. You move back to playing with Jess’ tits after kneading the doughy flesh of her rear end in your hands, and you even go as far as to slip your fingers under her bra to flick her stiff nipples, making her gasp every time you do. A few more minutes after you started your assault on the holstaur’s chest, you notice that your hands and the front of her bra are slightly damp, and you pull your hands out from under the soft fabric of her underwear and bring a finger to your mouth. You look at the partially translucent, white liquid on your thumb, and you give an experimental lick. Immediately, gooey sweetness explodes across your tongue, and you eagerly lap up the other drops covering your fingers. While sucking on your hands to get as much of that sweet cream as you can, you fail to notice that Jess had reached around to unclasp her bra.

Now that they are free of their cotton prison, you can finally appreciate the cowgirl’s bosom in its full glory. Unrestrained, her pendulous chest flow out to the sides, sagging under the weight ever so slightly. The vanilla skin is perfectly smooth, and the dark areola cover a generous portion of each breast. Small beads of white fluid form at the tip of each nipple before gravity becomes too much and they drip down, sliding across the creamy flesh, giving it a perfect sheen.

“Like what you see? Because I know I do.” Jess says as her hands slink their way down to pull your boxers down, revealing your rapidly hardening member to the cool air.

She gives it a few experimental tugs, giggling when your shaft twitches when her fingers brush over the tip. She shimmies herself further away from you on her hands and knees, giving you a parting kiss before she does so. Her low-hanging breasts brush against your shaft, making both of you gasp before she moves herself further on the bed. Finally stopping when her pretty face is positioned above your groin, Jess lifts up her heavy breasts in both hands before giving you a seductive look.

“Are you ready?” she asks, but doesn’t bother waiting for an answer as she drops the heavy orbs on your engorged manhood.

Squeezing her tits together with her hands, Jess starts to massage your dick with her generous chest, rolling your length around and around in the warm flesh. You start to squirm under the pleasure, and you can’t help but lay down on the bed and simply let the cowgirl do her thing. She smiles when she notices you giving in, and presses her breasts together even tighter as she starts titfucking you. Some of her milk starts dribbling out, thoroughly coating your crotch in sugary fluids and allowing her boobs to slap wetly against your skin when she pushes them against you. You really start thrashing about when the sweet warmth of her chest is replaced by a feeling of extreme wetness as Jess goes down on you.

She bobs her head up and down on your nether regions, curling and uncurling her bovine tongue around your cock as she sucks on it at the same time. One of her hands starts fondling your balls as the other works to remove her panties before diving in between her legs. Wet, lewd slurping noises fill the room as the holstaur continues to expertly blow you, looking up at you with lust filled eyes. You give her a mischievous grin of your own, and you reach forward to grab her horns and tug her closer to you, and you feel the tip of your dick brush up against the back of her throat before you manage to slip a few inches in. She hums in bliss and starts to redouble her efforts, moving both of her hands to grab at your waist as she works to bring you to completion. You buck your hips in time with her bobbing head, and the combination of her humming, her tongue, and her sheer eagerness to suck on your cock becomes too much for you and you grab her by the horns again and roughly shove her into your crotch as you blow your load directly down her throat. She purrs in delight and starts to reflexively swallow, rubbing the first few inches of your shaft with her throat. A few seconds after you had started cumming, she pulls off of your twitching rod to let you shoot the last few ropes of jizz across her face and tits. She gasps out in mock surprise as each blob impacts her skin.

“Oooh, someone seems satisfied, don’t they?” Jess says huskily as she starts scooping up the jizz on her breasts with her fingers before slowly licking them. “You look a little tired dear, maybe some fresh, warm milk can help you fall asleep.” she says, crawling back over to you before sitting up and pulling you into her lap.

She smiles down at you as she cradles you in her arms, and she takes one of her breasts in her hand and brings it closer to your mouth. You can smell the sweet cream leaking from her tit, and you lick your lips hungrily.

“Go on, I won’t bite.” she coos. “Doctor Jess will take care of yo-oooh.”

You don’t let her finish her sentence as you reach forward and latch onto her leaking tit, grazing your tongue across her nipple and making her shudder and moan in ecstasy. You greedily suck on the teat, drawing out mouthfuls of syrupy ambrosia. You grab onto her breast with one hand, squeezing out even more of her breastmilk as your other arm wraps around her back. Your eyes start to drift close as you suckle on the cowgirl’s overburdened chest, and you soon find yourself falling asleep as she strokes your head and murmurs encouraging words into your ear. However, you notice that the flow from Jess’ breast has slowed considerably now, and you open your eyes again to look up at her blushing face.

She simply gives you a motherly smile as she shifts you in her lap and presents her other breast to you. As if on instinct, you rush forward and lock onto it, making Jess yelp in surprise before her cry turns into a low moo of contentment. You suck on the breast some more, devouring the liquid sugar trapped inside as the cowgirl you’re nursing from starts to slowly rock you back and forth in her arms, softly singing you a song as she struggles to not gasp or moan from the stimulation. Strangely enough though, you don’t feel as tired as you were when you were breastfeeding from the other tit. In fact, you feel more energized than before and you spot Jess’ tail snaking its way into your lap before it starts to caress your hardening shaft.

“Seems like you’re eager for more.” she says, tickling your manhood with the fur on the end of her tail. “Luckily for you, so am I.”

She leans forward and gives you an incredibly deep and passionate smooch, parting your lips with her tongue once more as she begins making out with you in earnest again. Not one to disappoint, you push back, your own appendage brushing up against hers as you rock against her, both of your hands exploring each other’s bodies again. A few minutes later Jess stops your incessant kissing, much to your disappointment, before crawling away from you and turning around, presenting her deliciously thick derriere to you.

“Well, come and get it~” the holstaur declares, and you waste no time in diving forward to lick at her moist pussy.

Jess gasps out when she feels your tongue lapping at her folds before she starts shaking her hips back and forth and subconsciously pushing herself into you. Her flavor isn’t terribly exquisite, but it’s not bad either. You continue licking at her dripping snatch, enjoying the feeling of her inner walls clenching against your tongue as it dives into her eager sex, and you smile to yourself when you feel a small shudder run through the holstaur’s body before pulling away.

“Come on, give it to me~” she mewls, and you do just that.

Removing yourself from Jess’ needy slit, you get up on your knees behind her, holding your rock-hard shaft in your hand as you align it with her puffy vulva. You gently prod the entrance with your tip, and she shifts herself back a little, making the first few inches of your length slip inside.

“Mmm, don’t stop, shove that hard cock of yours all the way in.” Jess begs, and you oblige her carnal desires and push yourself in up to the hilt. “Oooh yess, that feels soo good.” she groans. “Come on big boy, don’t hold back. Fuck me as hard as you want~”

Grabbing onto her wide hips, you ease out of the cowgirl’s snatch before shoving yourself back in all the way with a loud clap, feminine juices squirting out from between your pelvis and her fat ass as the jiggly flesh ripples from the impact. You immediately pull out again and thrust into her eager sex again, making her moan erotically as you fill her up with your dick. You begin pounding Jess from behind vigorously, obscene slapping noises filling the room as your groin crashes into her heifer-like ass and thighs, even as she gasps, moans, cries, and begs you to fuck her harder. You’re not entirely sure if you can, but you try anyways as your hips become a blur and you really start to give it to the holstaur. She struggles to not lose herself in the moment, but is unable to keep her arms from giving out from under her, and she falls flat on her face in the pillows, muffling her cries of euphoria as you abuse her poor but eager snatch.

You lean forward, pressing your chest into her back as your instincts take over, your body trying to breed the monstergirl beneath you as best it can, even as she orgasms under you. Her pussy tightens around your pistoning shaft, and it ripples and undulates around the entire length as you ride her through a mind-blowing climax. Jess’ body becomes too much for you however, and shortly after she cums so do you, shooting a massive load deep into her snatch, bringing her back to a second but milder orgasm. You thrust as deep as you can with each rope of jizz you shoot out before you collapse from the exertion of fucking a monstergirl into her bed. You feel sleep overtaking you quickly as a soft body crawls into your arms and nuzzles her face into your chest.

The next morning, you wake up rather sore and in the arms of your cowgirl doctor, Jess. You slowly open your eyes and see her looking back at you with her own sparkling blue ones.

“Well good morning sleepyhead.” she says, smiling slightly before giving you a tender kiss. “Sleep well?”

“Thanks to you, yes.” you respond, smiling back at her and making her blush.

“None of the others are up yet, do you wanna have some more fun?”

>[x] Touch the cow some more. Find a job after you’ve had some fun.
>[] Decline for now, you need to find a job for everyone because you can’t really waste any time.

“Well we probably reek of sex, and if the others aren’t up yet then maybe we could go somewhere…else.” you say, giving Jess a lewd grin.

Her eyes narrow as she looks at you before she throws the covers off of her and getting out of bed. She bends over right in front of your face, giving you a front row seat to the glorious curves of her ass and naked pussy as she digs through her bag for some fresh clothing to set aside for when the two of you are finished. Biting your lip, you reach forward and grab another handful of the holstaur’s jiggly backside, making her yelp in surprise as you grope her. Standing back up suddenly, the cowgirl gives you a dirty look before slapping you in the face with her tail as she moves just far enough away from the bed so that you can’t touch her as she teases you some more. Sashaying her way back over to the bed and displaying every single contour of her body for you to drink in, Jess pulls you out of bed and into her soft bosom, holding you tightly against her as your face buries itself in her deep cleavage.

Struggling for air, you pull away from the cowgirl’s chest gasping for air only to have her kiss you deeply, cutting off your oxygen supply again. Thankfully she relents, allowing you to gulp down precious lungfuls of air before taking your hand and guiding you towards the rather large bathroom, her every step exaggerated in such a way to make her soft body jiggle enticingly. You enter the bathroom after her, and she lets go of your hand to deal with the lock on the door. Looking around, you notice that the room was specifically designed with monstergirls in mind because it’s absolutely massive. The walk in bath could easily fit two serpent girls of Zöe’s size, and the shower next to it is perfect for centaurs considering how high the showerhead is on the wall, plus it has a detachable one with a long handle so certain species of monstergirls can get to those hard to reach places.

With a click Jess engages the lock on the door and you turn back around just as she shoves you against the wall and presses herself against you, grinding against your body as she caresses you with her hands and starves you of oxygen again as her tongue enters your mouth. You reflexively sigh and allow her long appendage to part your lips as you reach around to grasp both of her squishy buttcheeks, kneading the doughy flesh in your hands. You make out with Jess for a few minutes, the two of you growing increasingly aroused as you touch each other all over. A few minutes later the holstaur pulls away from you again, her eyes heavily lidded with pent up desire.

“Which one do you want hmm? Shower, or bath?” she says huskily.

“Shower. That way I can bend you over and pound you from behind again.” you respond, making her smile obscenely.

She gives you another hard smooch before sensually walking over to the shower and turning it on, steam immediately filling the room. Jess then bends over and puts her hands on the slick shower wall, presenting every last ounce of her fat ass to you.

“Come and get it~” she says, swaying her expansive hips back and forth.

You walk forward and step under the hot stream of water, and grab two great big handfuls of spongy cow butt. You squeeze and roll the pliable flesh in your hands, bringing out low moans from deep within Jess. Your cock stiffens rapidly and it starts to rub against the smooth skin of Jess’ rear end.

“Oooh, someone seems eager. Well, what are you waiting for? Take me, claim my ass as your own and fuck me like a wild animal!”

Wasting no time, you back up and align your rock-hard shaft with Jess’ backdoor before pressing forward, easing yourself into the cowgirl’s darkest recesses. With each inch that you push into her, the two of you moan in delight as she gets filled in a whole new way and you slowly but surely ease your way into her tight hole. Both of you sigh out when your groin finally comes to rest against her squishy butt, your entire length buried up to the hilt inside her. Jess moves her hips back and forth slightly as her bovine tail curls around your torso, and you move your hands forward to hold her lovely waistline.

“Mmm, that feels nice.” Jess says as she makes your cock rub her insides as she sways back and forth. “Come on, fuck my ass like the dirty little cow I am! Don’t hold back, give in and pound me already!” she half begs, half demands.

Tightening your grip on her, you pull back out of her ass until just the tip of your manhood is inside, and you slam back home, jarring your pelvis and making her entire body jiggle. You immediately reverse direction again before thrusting back into her, making her hands slip on the wet shower wall as her pendulous breasts freely swing under her. Just like she had begged you to do, you start pounding her ass brutally, giving in to your most basic animalistic desires as the two of you rut like beasts in heat. With each slam into her constantly jiggling ass you grunt out as you maul her wide hips and gigantic rear end with your hands, and she moans deeply as your crotch slaps wetly against her.

“Oh yes! That’s it! Keep going! Ngh, harder! Fuck me harder! HARDER!” she screams as your body continues to smash against hers.

Your hips become a blur again as you really start to work the cowgirl over, and she nearly loses her balance as you continue to plunge into her. Her moans are a constant thing now, and they start to increase in pitch before you feel her tighten around your prick, and she lets out a long, low moo as you give her an orgasm just by fucking her in the ass. Still not quite finished, you persist in your carnal love-making before you erupt in her ass several seconds later, coating the inside of her in pearly white goo. You give Jess a few more hard thrusts before finally slowing down, and you reach forward to pull her up and off the wall, twisting her head around slightly so you can make out with the voluptuous monstergirl some more.

After giving each other dozens of passionate kisses you pull out of Jess’ ass, and get to work on cleaning the grime from your bodies. You naturally reach around her from behind to lather her heavy breasts, rolling the soft flesh in your hands to coat every inch of their smooth skin in sudsy bubbles. She also ‘helped’ you, pressing her chest into your shoulders as she moved her hands below your belt to wash your junk. You spend the last few minutes in the shower simply groping one another and swapping spit again under the hot water before shutting it off and getting out to dry yourself off. She yelps again as you slap her ass with your towel when you get dressed back in her room and she retaliates by trying to slap you with hers, but you’re too quick for her.

She starts giggling as she chases you around the room, both of you still stark naked, before she finally traps you against the wall, smiling widely. Her expression softens a bit, and she leans forward to give you a long smooch, and while she does so you notice a rather blue fin in the crack of the door before it disappears. Jess shifts your hands to her large butt, and makes you squeeze one last time before she leaves the room to find something to eat in the kitchen.

Getting dressed yourself you join the holstaur in the kitchen a minute or so later, and manage to find enough food to make everyone breakfast. While everyone eats their food, you discuss what kind of job everyone wants to do.

Jess is fine with doing a simple transport job again, Zöe as well although she prefers if it includes being able to buy more parts for her little ‘projects’. Alli and Rachel meanwhile suggest that maybe the five of you find something a little more exciting than being a space trucker, but they’re okay with anything so long as it pays better than what you’ve been paid before.

>Where do you look for a job?
>[x] Military job/guard duty.

You think for a bit as you chew on the processed eggs and faux bacon. Doing cargo jobs over and over is alright. They usually pay well enough for you and your crew to survive, but spending the majority of your life simply flying through space can get dull. There’s only so many novels and holovids on Spaceflix you can read or watch before you get bored. You need something exciting and adventurous for once. You don’t want to do something that’s too dangerous and could get you killed though. Considering the size of this city, you could probably find an easy, low-key security escort job for someone. You tell everyone your plan, and the only two that really react are Rachel and Jess. Rachel gets this weird glint in her eye and Jess has a mild look of worry on her face. Zöe is too busy wolfing down her plate of food, and Alli doesn’t really care.

“Something the matter Jess?” you ask her from across the table.

“N-no, I’m just not one for violence is all.”

“Sure didn’t seem like it last night or this morning.” Rachel mutters, making you choke on your food and Jess turns beet red.

“You alright?” Alli asks, sitting back up in her chair.

“Y-yeah, yeah I’m fine.” the holstaur responds.

“It sure sounded like you were banging against a bunch of stuff earlier. You sure nothing is bruised?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Even your as-ow!” Rachel yells as Jess kicks her in the leg under the table.

“Is there something you want to share with everyone Rachel?” Jess growls, glaring daggers at the sahuagin.

“No. I’m sure everyone heard about it anyways.”

Everyone’s plates and plasticware clatter against the table again as Jess’ hoof impacts the underside of it. You glare at her, before bringing the conversation around to something a little more civil. You weren’t planning on taking anything that would require you or any of them to fight the Federation single-handedly, just something along the lines of standing around and making sure no one gets near whatever it is you’re guarding unless you say so.

A few minutes later you’re walking at street level with Rachel and Alli, heading over to the nearby security office to see if anyone needs a hired gun or two for a job. For some reason the sahuagin is being incredibly clingy with you and constantly putting herself between you and the dark elf. Occasionally you can feel her hand brush up against yours before she suddenly pulls away and puts a little bit of distance between the two of you, but a few minutes later she’s back to all but pressing herself against your body.

You arrive at the security office shortly after leaving the hotel, and Rachel shrinks up against you when you pass by the minotaur and oni door guards decked out in full riot gear and holding two very large and very deadly looking machine guns. As soon as you pass through the doors however Rachel visibly relaxes, sighing lightly as her arms become less tense, and she lets go of your arm too.

The inside of the office is rather plain. There isn’t much to it really; a few benches over on one side coupled with a beat up coffee table piled high with old holomags, some potted plants on the other side, and a simple curved counter near the back where a bored-looking clerk is sitting. Meanwhile monstergirls of every shape, color, size, and species walk, slither, and glide back and forth from one end of the room to the other, passing through doors on either wall. You walk forward and step up to the front counter, and the clerk looks up from his computer screen at you.

“Let me guess, you want someone to hire you?” he says in a dull, monotone voice.

“Pretty much.” you respond.



“Weapons? Do you have your own?” the clerk asks.

“Oh, uh, yeah.”

The clerk turns back to his computer for a moment and hits a few buttons.

“Any preferences on what you want?” he says again in that same, tired voice.

“Preferences… Hmm, not really. I’m fine working with Mamono or human. As for the actual job itself, nothing too serious. Just a little escort detail or something.”

“I see.” the clerk says again, typing away on the ancient relic that is his keyboard. Even in the far future, security personnel are still on a low budget. The guy’s using a physical keyboard of all things.

“Mhm. We just got a job asking for three people to act as guards over at Warehouse 31.” You stare at him blankly, and he sighs. “You’ll get directions to the location and what’s expected of you if you accept. You’ll also be paid after the job is done, no negotiating.”

Sounds easy enough. You tell the clerk you’ll take the job, and he asks for your communicator code so he can send you the details of the job. The device on your wrist beeps a few seconds later and you pull up the information, displaying it on a small holographic screen in front of you. The directions are near the top, and it looks like the warehouse is close enough to where you’re currently staying that you can walk if you need to. The job details are fairly straight forward: stand around and patrol, and make sure no one tries anything funny. You also take note that the job only calls for three people, which leaves you to pick two of your crew members.

>Who do you take with you?
>[x] Alli and Rachel.

Rachel seems to know her way around a gun, and probably has some experience in this type of thing too. Zöe seems proficient enough, but judging by the last time she fired a gun she might lose her cool if anything serious goes down. Alli seems calm enough when things take a turn for the worse, although you haven’t seen her ever use a gun considering a sword might not be the best option for warehouse guard duty. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem though since you could easily go and buy the dark elf a simple pistol or something, or even have her use one of Sledge’s old guns if she really had to.

“So who’re you going to pick boss?” Alli asks as the three of you walk back to the hotel.

“Well you seem like you can hold your own in a firefight.” you respond, making the dark elf chuckle a little bit.

“It’s just a warehouse, I don’t think anything bad is going to happen. But if it does, I’ll at least have my sword and pistol with me.” Well at least you don’t have to spend any extra money on this job for your crew.

“What about the other person?” Rachel says.

“I was actually thinking of you. You seem to know what you’re doing when it comes to something like this, and that is going to be pretty useful for us.” you smile, making the sahuagin blush slightly before she moves a little bit closer to you. “Anyways, I’ll probably let Zöe and Jess know of my plan later. For now I think we should take it easy until tomorrow.”

The walk back to your hotel is rather uneventful after leaving the security office, the only two things of note being some rather Italian sounding guy nearly getting hit by a taxi before yelling at the driver that he’s walkin’ there. Rachel also seems to have a rather happy skip to her step, and you constantly catch her sneaking glances at either you or your hand. Back at your hotel room, you let Zöe and Jess in on your idea, and the wurm seems a little disappointed when she hears you’re not going to bring her along with you since that would be the perfect time for her to test out her giant rifle. Jess meanwhile seems a little worried, but relaxes somewhat when you explain your choices.

The rest of the day goes by at a boring blur, you and your four crew simply lounge around not really doing anything, and the monotony is only broken when you offer to go get pizza for everyone. Rachel almost immediately volunteers to help, and you give her a quizzical look before shrugging, you could use the help carrying the pizza boxes. After a hearty dinner consisting of rather unhealthy and greasy food, everyone retires to their own beds. Just as you fall asleep and start dreaming about having sex with Jess and Zöe at the same time for several hours, you barely register soft footfalls coming down the hallway to you room where they then pause outside your door before disappearing back down the hall again.

The next morning you get up earlier than you would have liked and take a quick shower before the dark elf or sahuagin with you steal all the hot water. Finishing up with your morning routine, you go back to your room and put on your gear, making sure everything is secure and in the correct place. A few minutes later everyone else wakes up, and you sprawl yourself out on the couch waiting for Rachel and Alli to finish getting ready themselves. Before leaving, Zöe asks you for a hug and you comply, nearly earning yourself a broken rib or two. Waving Rachel and Alli on ahead, you then go to Jess’ room so you can give her a hug too and she sneaks in a kiss when you embrace her.

“Stay safe. For me?” the holstaur asks you with puppydog eyes.

“Of course.” you respond. You reach around and give her butt a short squeeze before leaving, earning yourself a slap from her bovine tail as you go.

Catching up with the dark elf and sahuagin, you walk through the quiet early morning streets towards Warehouse 31, occasionally checking the directions that were given to you. About twenty minutes later you arrive at the front gate, a bored-looking shark girl leaning against it. She simply waves you through, muttering about how she wishes she were rather at home watching some wrestling on her television than being at work. You shrug slightly before passing through the open gate, and follow the directions on the signs pointing you towards the main office building. The outside of the buildings look like what one would expect of a warehouse: drab brick, slabs of sheet metal, dirty windows, and lights that don’t really work properly.

You, Rachel, and Alli walk across the rather empty lot up to the door of the office building and head inside. The interior of the building isn’t much better than the outside. The tiles on the floor are dirty, and a few have large scuff marks on them. The ceiling is in about the same shape as the floor. There are a few cracks here and there, and one or two stains make you think how someone managed to do that. There’s hardly anything on the walls other than a few corkboards overflowing with old, yellowing papers, and the kraken receptionist spots the three of you from behind her desk.

“Can I help you?” she asks, a few of her tentacles typing away at her holokeyboard. Man, law enforcement really have it tough. Even a place that looks as run down as this still finds the resources to give their receptionists modern technology.

“Uh, yeah. We’re here for that security guard job.” you respond.

“Mmm. ID please.” You, Alli, and Rachel hold out your wrists so the kraken can scan each of your personal communicators, a short beep coming from the device in her hand as she passes it over each of yours. “Let’s see. Ahh, yes, here we go. Three more temporary guards; human, dark elf, and sahuagin. Looks like you’re good to go. Just head through that door there and follow the signs for the main storage area.” she says, pointing to her left with one of her many appendages.

You thank the receptionist before following her directions, walking through a few more decrepit hallways before you start to hear the sounds of machinery moving around. You pass through a set of double doors and entire the actual building where everything is stored. It’s absolutely massive inside, at least five stories from floor to ceiling. Large stacks of those metal cargo containers dominate the middle of the floor, dozens of works walking in between them as they check on inventory. Off to your right against the wall there’s an old metal staircase leading up to the catwalk that runs along the entire outer perimeter of the room, and you can see a few people lazily walking on it.

Looking to your left, you can see an inattentive hellhound in what looks like simple military gear, with parts of it missing to expose her most attractive features of course. Almost all of her leg is covered by the drab clothing, and there are a few bulges along it, probably because of armor plating or a pocket being filled with ammo. Her tail swishes back and forth slowly, and it looks really fluffy too. Her eyes are a fiery orange, with a little bit of actual fire coming from the sides. She’s a hellhound after all. Her preferred weapon seems to be two rather small-looking submachine guns, and you notice that one of her arms is bionic when she shifts her weight to look at you. You’re startled a bit when you notice that she doesn’t actually have two eyes either; one of them is also bionic like her arm, and it has a rather unsettling red glow to it. The hellhound looks at your party for a moment before moving her attention back to the tanuki standing on a wood crate in front of her. Assuming the other monstergirl is the one in charge, you head over and present yourself.

“Good, good. You made it.” the tanuki says, rubbing her hands together. “I’m assuming you already got the job details, but let me go over them again to make sure you understand. You are to patrol around in groups of two and make sure no one tries anything funny. If you see someone doing anything out of the ordinary, or anyone wanting access inside, scan them with this.” she says, holding up a clunky old-fashioned scanner unit.

“If it makes a happy beep and the light turns green, then they’re good to go. If it buzzes and the light is red, then they’re not. Any questions?”

“What iz the policy on ‘lethal force’?” the hellhound asks. You’re a bit surprised when she spoke. You can’t help but think that her accent sounds rather familiar.

“Unauthorized unless you or someone else is attacked first. Anything else?”

“When are we getting paid, and how much?” Rachel speaks up, making the tanuki sigh and rest her face in one of her hands.

“You will be paid after the day is done. Expect the usual mercenary pay.” the tanuki finishes before hopping off the crate and grabbing the tablet on the one next to her.

You watch her stomp off to somewhere inside the warehouse and you swear you can hear her yelling at someone about lost profits or something. Rachel looks at you and you simply shrug before you decide on where to go first. Surprisingly Rachel wants to be paired up with the hellhound, and the two head off to somewhere inside the warehouse, leaving you with the dark elf.

“Well, we better get to work. Don’t want that tanuki to find us standing around doing nothing.” Alli says, and you nod.

You start to walk around the warehouse, moving in between stacks of crates and barrels, occasionally scanning someone before moving on when the light turns green and the scanner ‘makes a happy beep’. You start to get bored within minutes of walking around, so you try and think of something to pass the time.

“Hey Alli, what’s your story?” you ask her as you pass by a group of monstergirls arguing about the proper use of a forklift.

“Well, there’s not much to tell. I’m not going to bore you with the details about dark elves, but sure. I left my parents when I was old enough-”

“Hang on. Parents? I thought dark elves were kind of a matriarchically-based society.”

“They are, my mother and father weren’t really into that part though so it was just the two of them and me. They were still into the other stuff though.” she says with a shudder.

“Anyways, you left your parents’ home when you were old enough. What then?”

“Well, when I left my mom gave me these,” she says showing you her sword and pistol clasped to her belt, “and I just kinda drifted from one place to another. I think the best way to think about it was that I was a human college student.”

“You mean you drank, did a few drugs, and slept with a few people?” you comment after getting out of earshot of the person you just scanned.

“Something like that. I had a few loves, but things happen so what are you gonna do?” she says with a shrug. “So I drifted around for a few years ‘drinking, doing drugs, and sleeping with people’ as you say before finding a gig on the Centurion. Few years later you came and rescued me, Zöe, Jess, and Rachel.”

“How long did you stay in one place before moving on?”

“The Centurion was probably the longest, but that job’s over. I never stayed at any place for more than five years or so.”

“Hmm.” you think out loud.

“Hey, there’s a guy we haven’t scanned yet.” Alli says, pointing towards someone digging through a crate.

Your eyes narrow a bit as you look at the figure rifling through the box. You haven’t seen him yet, and you’ve been walking around for an hour or two now. He’s also acting rather suspicious, looking through something like that.

>What do you do?
>[x] А ну, чики-брики и в дамки! **Боболи Боболи сука**

“Alright Alli, you go up and talk to him.” you whisper.

“Talk to him?”

“You know, talk to him. Work your magic on him, both figuratively and literally if that’s a thing with dark elves. Have a friendly chat with him, flirt a little if you have to.” She rolls her eyes at you. “Be careful as well, just in case.”

“And what are you going to do, oh fearless leader?” she asks mockingly.

“Me? I’m going to sneak up behind him and do a little scan and go from there.”

Alli shrugs as if to say ‘Alright then…’ before slipping away in the opposite direction. You crouch down in the shadows and wait, watching the mysterious figure dig through the crate. A minute or so later you notice him tense up before Alli slips back into view. You can’t hear what she’s saying from this distance, or over the noise inside the warehouse, so you wait a bit longer. The dark elf’s body language suggests that she’s trying to flirt with the man as she casually leans against the crate, exposing some of her modest cleavage. She glances down into the crate and pulls out a small container of something before putting it back, and you take that as your queue to start sturdy serpent-ing your way over so you can get close enough to use the scanner on him. When you’re about ten feet behind him, Alli gives you a subtle glance with her eyes, and you nod before slowly creeping up behind the guy and activate the device in your hand. The light turns red and it makes a loud buzzing sound, startling the enigmatic human.

“Damn thing.” you say as you pretend to fiddle with the scanner. “Hey Alli, is this thing broken?” you ask her as you move over to stand beside her.

She takes the scanner from your hands and turns it over, rapping it with her knuckles a few times before ‘testing’ it on you. It beeps and the light turns green. The dark elf shrugs before handing it back to you.

“Seems fine to me.” she says.

You give her a nod and try scanning the other guy again. It buzzes again and turns red, so you hit the reset switch and do it again. The same thing happens, and you start to wonder what the hell this guy is doing when he suddenly pushes you out of the way. Stumbling, you nearly fall over before Alli catches you, and you can see your assailant pushing his way past a bunch of other people. Someone shouts for him to stop, but he ignores their cries as he bursts through a side door and into the parking lot outside. You follow him out, and Alli, Rachel, the hellhound from earlier, and a few other guards come after you. You all have to duck for cover however as both lead and laser bullets fly towards you, peppering the side of the warehouse and shattering the windows of the car you dive behind.

You take a quick peak from behind your cover before having to duck back down, but you got somewhat of an idea of what you were facing. There’s the guy from earlier, and he seemed to have three or four human friends with him. One of them is wielding a standard AK-type laser rifle, two others have solid slug PDWs, your ‘friend’ has a regular pistol, and the last human has a sawn-off shotgun. More shots ping off of your rapidly deteriorating cover, and you pop off a few blind shots in return with your revolver as you think of a plan. The odds are about even, but they got the drop on you. It would also help if you knew exactly what the hellhound’s guns could do, and the two other guards just have plain laser rifles so there’s that.

“Any ideas boss?” Alli yells as more bullets whiz past your cover.

“Not really, unless ‘shoot back and hope you don’t get hit’ counts!” you respond.

“Works for me!”

You and Alli pop up from behind the car at the same time and start popping off shots, the crack of your revolver sounding out with the rather quiet hiss of the dark elf’s strange, exotic-looking pistol. Your combined fire causes the other group to duck for cover themselves, and Rachel and the hellhound start moving around to the side to flank them. Meanwhile the other two guards that followed you stand up and spread forward, bunny-hopping from car to car as the combined fire from your revolver, Alli’s pistol, Rachel’s battle rifle, the hellhound’s dual SMGs, and the two laser rifles the two guards keep your attackers heads down. One of them tries to pop up to get another shot off and is immediately slammed by several bullets from the hellhound, small tendrils of smoke trailing from the incendiary rounds she had loaded. His body spins by a considerable margin before he falls out of view. Another one tries to make a break for it, but a quick burst from Rachel makes him fall flat on his face and puts him out of the fight permanently.

You take the last few shots you have available before ducking back behind cover and reload. As you eject the spent cells from the revolver’s cylinder you can hear sirens in the distance and the screeching of tires, and when you pop back up you see a few S.W.A.T. vans parked just inside the main gate, and several Mamono in heavy riot gear are advancing towards where the last three gunmen are. It only takes another minute or two for the police to clean up the mess, but you, Alli, Rachel, the hellhound, and the two other guards are taken in for questioning. Knowing this is going to take several hours, and there’s probably already news reports of the firefight, you send Jess and Zöe a quick message to their personal communicators.

>You: Shit went south. Alli, Rachel, and I are fine, so are the three others that were with us. Gonna be rather late when we get back.

You’re constantly pulled in and out of the interrogation room for several hours, and during one such phase they ask you about what you found on the Centurion and the seemingly abandoned station you were supposed to deliver those plant samples too. You wish you could say something, but you really don’t know much. The only thing you got is the meager amount of data from the quick scans you got, and naturally you comply with their polite but stern order to give them a copy of it. Apparently the guy you found looking through the box in the warehouse was searching for some research data on Mamono and human DNA, if the contents of the crate he was trying to pilfer were any indication. As for his ‘friends’, they seemed to be with him, waiting offsite in case they were needed.

You’re taken in and out of questioning a few more times as your story is corroborated with Alli’s and Rachel’s before you’re finally let go, a suspect no longer. You also finally receive your pay for the job after the police had to deal with a rather upset and not so cooperative tanuki. Not wanting to walk after today’s recent events, the three of you take the street tram back to the hotel, where you immediately head to your room for a long rest after pulling Zöe and Jess off of you. Several hours later, you’re woken up in the middle of the night by someone opening the door and entering your room, before they close it. Your eyes adjust to the darkness a little slow, but you soon make out the shape of the sahuagin on your crew.

“C-can we talk?” Rachel asks meekly.

>What do you say and/or do?
>[x] Agree, and go somewhere private.

“Sure, let me put some clothes on first.” you say.

“O-okay, I-I’ll be out on the balcony.”

You nod to her and she turns around to leave your room. Tossing the covers off of your body, you pull on some pants and a wrinkled shirt, and you hear the door to the balcony slide open as you pull your head through the top of the shirt. Walking out into the main common area you spot the sahuagin sitting on the bench outside, clutching her arms to herself. You head back to your room for a moment to grab a jacket before heading outside.

Rachel looks up at you for a brief moment as you sit down next to her, and she shivers slightly and tries to wrap herself in her arms and tail a bit tighter.

“Hey, it’s cold out. You need a jacket.” you calmly state as you drape your jacket over her shoulders. Rachel looks up at you before shifting her body around a bit. “You wanted to talk?”

“Y-yeah, about earlier if you were wondering.”

“With what happened at the warehouse?”

Rachel nods once. “Mhm. You seem to be close to Jess and Zöe, and Alli seems to be fine where she is right now.” she states.

You sigh a little. You are starting to get closer to the holstaur and wurm. Zöe seems to want you to protect her when she’s afraid, and Jess appears like she has some sort of mild infatuation with you. Doing her from behind and bending her over in the shower the next morning helped a bit too, you admit, but it was kind of nice even if your pelvis was incredibly sore for a day afterwards. Alli doesn’t really have much of an interest in you, sexually at least. Or at least you can’t tell anway. Rachel however seemed to act a little clingier after she caught you kissing Jess after taking a ‘shower’. You exhale through your nose and pinch the bridge of it. Is she getting jealous? You bite your tongue and think of something else to say.

“And you’re starting to get worried that I’m showing favoritism with my crew, and you think it might affect everyone?” you say.

“Yes. You seem to always go with Zöe or Jess, and Alli might start thinking that you don’t care about her.” Rachel states. She looks away for a moment at her feet. “O-or me…” she also says in barely a whisper.

You wrap your arm around her shoulder and pull her closer to you, and the sahuagin visibly relaxes as she leans into you. You sit there with Rachel for a few more minutes simply listening to the late-night sounds of the city before you notice that she’s starting to shiver more.

“You’re cold, Rachel. We should head back inside and go back to sleep.” you say, looking over at her.

You smile to yourself when you notice that she’s fallen asleep already, and she’s wrapped her arm around yours. Gently easing yourself away from her, you pick her up and hold her in your arms and carry her back into the hotel, closing the door to the balcony with your foot. Adjusting your hold on the sahuagin, you make your way back to her room and your jacket falls off of her shoulders. You bend over to pick it back up before entering Rachel’s room, and you gently lower her onto her bed. She opens her eyes for a moment and looks up at you.

“C-can you stay for a bit and cuddle with me some more?” she asks.

“Of course.” you respond before climbing into her bed with her.

She smiles a little bit as she wraps her arms around you and nuzzles her face into your torso as her tail curls around one of your ankles. The two of you simply lay there for a few minutes before Rachel speaks up again.

“Why aren’t we closer?” she mutters.

>[x] Say nothing. Let a kiss do the talking.
>[] Remain silent. Continue to cuddle with her before both of you fall asleep.

You stroke the sahuagin’s head, admiring the texture of her silky hair before your hand moves downward to scratch behind one of her ears. Rachel starts squirming in your arms as you continue to molest the sensitive spot behind her fin. You grin wickedly and start to rub behind Rachel’s other ear as well, and she starts to giggle slightly as your fingers work their magic on the monstergirl. After a minute of non-stop tickling, Rachel’s practically thrashing about under you as she tries to stifle her laughs with one of her webbed hands, and she attempts to push your arms away with her free hand. You amuse her by letting her ‘win’ before you lean forward, and you gently press your lips against hers.

Her eyes go wide as you kiss her before she lets herself melt in your embrace as she pulls you closer with her surprisingly strong arms. Her tail starts caressing your legs, and you shiver slightly at its cool touch as it curls around your lower leg. You gently pull away from Rachel and she slowly opens her eyes when she notices the absence of your mouth on hers. Her eyes sparkle as they fill with small tears of joy, and you move in to embrace her again, not caring or minding where this is going to go. Kissing the sahuagin every few seconds, you start to work her out of her outfit as she tries to take your shirt of for you.

You’re both finally free of your clothing, and you take a moment to admire Rachel’s petite body. Her perky breasts aren’t that big, but they’re the perfect size for your hands: small enough that you can squeeze all of the squishy flesh in just one hand. Her stomach is perfectly toned, much like a professional swimmer’s would be, and you quietly laugh to yourself at the obvious comparison. Rachel’s hips have just enough curve to them to make them appear feminine, but they’re nowhere near the same level of curviness as Jess’, but you keep that thought to yourself. The tattoo on her left leg zigs and zags its way from her mid-calf all the way up to her waist, the swirls and sharp angles almost hypnotizing you. Shaking your head, you look back to Rachel’s face, and for once she takes the initiative and pulls you in for a light smooch.


Looking into the sahuagins eyes you understand what she’s telling you without her ever saying a word, and you adjust yourself before gently pushing your manhood into her. After a few inches you hit a light snag, and you look back to Rachel, and she barely nods, signaling you to go further. You gingerly push forward, making her wince slightly before sighing as she feels your pelvis meet hers. She hugs you with her entire body as best she can; her arms wrapping around your torso as her legs and tail intertwine themselves with your lower body, and she tugs at you lightly. You take the hint and slowly ease out of her before tenderly thrusting back in, and she flinches again ever so slightly as she tries to get used to you being inside her. You keep the same gentle pace, easing yourself in and out of her body to allow her to adjust to the new feeling.

Before long the sahuagin starts to quietly gasp and moan when your hips meet hers, and she starts to explore your body with her hands while you do the same. Her breath catches in her throat when one of your hands finds her breast, and her moans intensify slightly as you start to play with it. Rachel tugs at you again and you subconsciously start to move your hips a little bit faster, making her head fall back onto her pillow as the newfound pleasure overloads her senses. Her moans rapidly increase in frequency over the course of several minutes, and you start to become a little rougher with her than you should so that her swiftly approaching orgasm will be one she won’t forget. As you thrust into her you feel her pussy clamp down on your shaft as she cries out in ecstasy, sending you over the edge with her. You slow down your thrusts but bury yourself up to the hilt each time as you cum with her, cute little gasps escaping her lips as she feels your member twitching inside her.

After a few seconds of sharing a climax, you start to pull out of her only to have her hold you close to her again.

“N-no. Stay like this with me.” she whispers. “I-I want this to last…”

You smile before giving her a long but tender kiss, cuddling with Rachel before you both fall asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning you find yourself still in Rachel’s bed with her still clinging to you. You gently peel yourself away from the sahuagin and collect your discarded clothing before going to the bathroom to take a long, hot shower. Slowly walking to the kitching, you dig through the cabinets for something to eat before waiting for your crew to wake up so you can discuss where to go next. Alli is the first one to join you, and she collapses into one of the plush recliners with a few pieces of toast in her hand. Zöe is next, and she starts whining that her claws are too big to get the toaster pastry out of the toaster. Thankfully Rachel comes out soon after, and helps the poor wurm retrieve her breakfast before she takes a few fruits from the bowl on the table. Jess is the last to join you, and she doesn’t have much other than a mug of tea and a bit of toast.

>What do you do now?
>[x] More jobbu.

You sigh to yourself before flicking on your datapad and start searching for another job. Almost all of the security jobs are listed as ‘Unavailable’, and you chuckle to yourself slightly and wonder why that might be. You kind of want to take another escort job of sorts, but perhaps something a little less exciting compared to your last one. There’s always taking another job moving cargo for someone, but you’ve done that already dozens of times, and it gets really monotonous and boring; there’s only so much one can do on a ship in the middle of space. Perhaps something the five of you can do together. You search some more to find a five-person job, and find one for a simple escort job planet-side on the other side of the system. According to the details in the listing the people want an escort to the facility they need to go to, and that facility is old enough to not have a dedicated hangar or landing pad, so ships have to land in a clearing a few kilometers away. They’re not worried about pirates or slavers or anything, just things that might jump out at them.
It seems simple enough, so you accept and let your crew know. You spend the rest of the day just relaxing after the previous day’s hectic events, and you pack everything up before going to bed so you’re ready to head out the next morning.

You head out after everyone is ready to go, and you take your ship back up into space and idly sit there for the hour or so flight from the planet you were just at to the outer ring of the system. As you get closer to the planet, your scanners pick up a ship idling close by. They hail you, asking if you’re the ones who accepted the job. The voice coming over coms seems rather flat and monotone, but also feminine. Alli answers their call in kind, and that we’ll see them on the surface.

Several minutes later your ship settles onto the soft sand of the desert, large rocks surrounding your ship from three sides. After a short walk you meet up with your benefactors: a lich, which explains the monotone voice from earlier, and her two human assistants. Pleasantries are exchanged before your party of now eight walks through the desert canyon. Alli and Rachel constantly scan the ridgeline for anything suspicious, while Zöe is in front clearing a path. You and Jess stay close by to the lich and her assistants, who are carrying a few crates of supplies. After about an hour of walking you finally reach the facility.

“That’s odd…” the lich says in that same, dull voice. “There should be someone here to greet us.”

“Perhaps they’re just inside busy with something.” you respond.


The lich turns back to one of her companions, and he nods before moving to open the front door. The eight of you file in, thankful to be out of the hot desert sun and inside an air-conditioned facility and the door slides closed behind you. The inside seems to be like any other medical or research facility you’ve been in: white tile floor, white walls, white ceiling, and the subtle scent of chemicals in the air. It is rather odd though, one would think that someone would be there to let you know that someone will be with you shortly, but there isn’t. You start to search around for a bit when you start to hear something, something that sounds like a human is running towards you. You look up and see a human girl running down the hallway towards you, but something seems off. Her gait doesn’t look natural, and she doesn’t seem to be running from something, but rather at something. Without thinking you whip out your revolver and pop off a few shots as Rachel does the same thing, and it falls dead before it can reach you.

You swallow heavily and look at your crew, the same look in their eyes that’s probably in yours as well. , and it falls dead before it can reach you.

You swallow heavily and look at your crew, the same look in their eyes that’s probably in yours as well. You walk over to the thing you just killed, and your suspicions are confirmed when you do a short scan: this ‘human’ has monstergirl DNA in her.

“What was that thing?” one of the humans with you asks, walking over to gawk at the fresh corpse.

“I don’t know. I’ve encountered them only once before, back on their ship before rescuing them.” you say, indicating to Jess, Zöe, Alli, and Rachel. “For some reason though, they have monstergirl DNA in their system. Why, how, or when I don’t know.”

“This just got interesting.” the lich says. “I still need to deliver these supplies, and then I want to do some research on this hybrid…thing.”

“There’s still the issue of them attacking us though.” Alli says coldly. “Looks like there’s three things we’re going to have to do: deliver the materials, help floating monotone lady here, then find out where these things are coming from, and stop whoever’s making these things.”

>[] Research lab so the lich can do her research.
>[x] Either Administration and check the logs, or find someone who’s still alive who knows where the hybrids are coming from.
>[] Drop off the supplies in the dormitories.

Everyone’s on edge now as you sit there and consider your options. Dropping off the lich’s supplies would ease the burden on her two assistants, and they would also be able to help defend everyone. Heading to Administration, or finding someone who’s still alive, could also help determine where these things are coming from. Getting the lich her research data isn’t a top priority however, although she would probably appreciate it if you helped her. You really want to deal with the current problem of human/monstergirl hybrids for good so you decide to head to Administration first, and if that fails finding someone alive who knows what’s going on. You could also probably get the codes to the entire facility there, which would mean you wouldn’t have to deal with any locked doors along the way.

Swapping out the spent batteries in your revolver for fresh ones, you and the seven people with you start follow the directions on the walls and signs hanging from the ceiling telling those in need how to get to the Administration part of the facility. The dull arrows and foreboding signs take you on multiple twists and turns as you walk deeper and deeper into the complex, and everyone flinches now and then when a low rumble or sharp creak runs through the corridor. After several minutes of walking through the sterile hallways, you finally reach the door to Administration. The door is locked, but thankfully the lich has a code to access it, and everyone files into the set of rooms after the main door is opened. To the right is the Head Administrator’s personal dorm, to the left is a storage closet, and in front of you leads to the office.

Thinking ahead, you walk over to the right, intent on searching through the Administrator’s belongs for some sort of code that you’ll probably need eventually. You find it quickly enough, and head into the office to search through the files stored in the mainframe of the facility. Entering the room, you find a rather bloodied corpse curled up in a pile on the far wall, a large dried blood slick above the body, with an equally disturbing crusty pool on the floor.

Shuddering, you move over to the desk and plug in the access code and narrow down the results of the database by entering ‘monstergirl’ into the search field but get nothing. Trying again, you enter ‘DNA’ instead and nothing comes up. You try searching for arrival and departure logs, and yet again nothing useful comes up. Sighing heavily, you rub your temples when you notice a folder sitting on the desktop. Curious, you open it and, and find several files. You decide to open the video one first, and the face of the administrator appears on the screen.

>“If you’re watching this, then this place is probably already gone.” the Administrator starts. “A day ago, some mercenaries arrived and asked for the research data on DNA splicing we had. They were sent to my office where they repeated the question to me, and I asked them why.” He sighs.
>“Naturally they said they didn’t have to tell me, and then demanded I hand over the data. Of course I didn’t, and then you can probably guessed what happened later.”
>“Luckily I managed to save a copy of that data, plus the flight logs from Arrival/Departure. While it may be unethical, and perhaps illegal in some places, I always made a habit of adding in a bit of code to track where a ship came from, and where it was going.”

You can hear a bit of banging from off-screen, and the Administrator looks to his right, and you do the same and you notice the door to the room.

>“That research data plus the flight logs are saved in the same location as this video. I don’t know what those people are planning on doing with the data, but my guess it has something to do with those things.”

The video cuts out as you hear a metallic crash, and something lunges at the Administrator from off screen, and the video goes to static before shutting off. You sit there, staring at the blank screen for a minute or two while everyone kind of looks at you.

“Well, we now know what ‘made’ these things.” Rachel spits.

“Doesn’t help us bring anyone back though.” Jess mumbles.

You nod in agreement before transferring the files from the computer to your digipad, and then wipe the computer.

>Research data on human/monstergirl hybrids acquired.
>Flight logs on who, or what, attacked the facility acquired.

>[x] Drop off the lich’s supplies in the dormitories.
>[] Go to the research lab and see if you can’t find out anything new.

Right, the next order of business is doing what you came here for: helping the lich deliver the supplies she had with her. Her two assistants almost look relieved when you say this, considering they won’t have to carry the box around anymore. You do a quick check of the facility on the computer, and unlock a few doors that are on the path to the dormitories. Filing back out of the Administrator’s office, you walk through a few more winding hallways, and you pass the time by asking the lich a few questions as she floats next to you. She apparently is one of the head researchers at the station, which explains why she was able to unlock the Administrator’s office.

According to her, they were experimenting on splicing DNA from one organism into another, starting with things like plants before moving to rats, birds, and other small creatures. Almost every time this would make the spliced individual extremely aggressive and exhibit almost feral-like instincts, however, which would explain why the ‘humans’ you’ve run across were so intent on killing you. Another thing is that while monsterization – a human female turning into a specific species of Mamono – isn’t unheard of, it’s still extremely rare. The thing with monsterization though is that while it does rewrite the individual’s genetic code in certain ways, it’s a gradual process. With the splicing, the DNA is introduced almost instantly, probably triggering a violent change in the person’s way of thinking. As for the materials she brought with her, it’s just some more science stuff so you don’t really care.

The lich doesn’t seem to be interested in answering any more questions though after a few minutes, so you keep yourself occupied by staring at Jess and Zöe as they walk with you. You can’t help but stare at the holstaur’s swaying hips as she walks in front of you, and you yank your gaze away from her deliciously round buttocks only to start looking at Zöe’s breasts as they jiggle slightly as she slithers along next to you. Does that wurm ever wear a bra?

Shaking your head, you clear your mind of dirty thoughts as you finally arrive at the dormitories, and the lich’s two assistants audibly sigh as they finally get to rid themselves of the crates they were carrying as they place them in what is apparently the lich’s room. There isn’t much else for you to do here, but you offer to help the lich retrieve some data from those hybrids anyways. Even though her voice is in a perpetual state of sounding bored or uninterested, the undead monstergirl expresses her thanks before pressing a few buttons on the device on her wrist, transferring the agreed upon amount of money for escorting her plus a little extra for the other help.

Like your walk from Administration to the dorms, the journey to R&D is dull, but you arrive there quickly enough. The lab itself is almost exactly what you thought when you heard ‘research’ lab, with a little bit of mad doctor thrown in. There’s a few large stasis tanks along a wall, and on the other walls that the door isn’t on there’s rows and columns of currently unoccupied research materials like test tubes and petri dishes. The lich requests that you bring her back the one hybrid you killed earlier so she can have a fresh sample, so you and Zöe take the long walk back to the entrance of the facility and retrieve it. The wurm seems a little worried again, jumping slightly whenever she hears a sudden noise, but you calm her down a bit by giving her a strong hug when you get to the foyer. Her unrestrained chest squishes between you, and when you pull away there’s a slight blush on her cheeks.

Several minutes of helping Zöe drag the corpse back to the research lab, the lich gets her data and she bids you farewell. Naturally you express your concerns of what if there are more of those things, and she says not to worry, since two separate scans showed the facility was empty. Plus she has her magic. Her funeral.

A few hours later you’re back in space simply idling along, processing what you’ve recently found and discovered as you sip on a drink in your cabin. The problem indeed is monstergirl DNA being spliced into humans, which causes them to become hyper aggressive. You also now have a lead on where they’re coming from, although you still don’t know why. There’s also the pattern of no one being around where the hybrid things are, as if they were either killed somewhere else or forced into whatever devious plans their assailant had. As you mull things over, you think you hear Jess, Rachel, and Zöe arguing outside your door.

“…already gone twice!” you hear Rachel shout.

“Not my fault he wanted to! Besides, why aren’t you angry at Zöe? She’s the one he was with first!”

“He kissed me first!” the wurm pouts.

“I don’t care!” Rachel yells again. “I’m going to go find out exactly what he was thinking!”

“Oh no you don’t!”

You hear a bunch of scuffling from the other side of the door before all three of them fall into your room in a tangled mess when you open the door. Their faces are flushed in embarrassment, and Jess and Rachel start stammering and mumbling about something other than what they were just arguing about.

“Can I help you ladies?” you ask with a grin.

“Y-yes.” Jess struggles to say. “We were just discussing-”

“Arguing you mean.” you state, making the cowgirl blush a little bit more.

“Ar-arguing about y-you.” she barely manages to say, looking down at the floor in shame.

“Oh? What about me?” you ask again.

“N-nothing.” Rachel says. “We were just about to go back to our rooms anyway.”

“Didn’t sound like it to me, miss ‘I’m going to find out exactly what he was thinking!’” you retort, making the sahuagin blush heavily.

>[x] Deal with the situation like a true man. You care about them all equally.
>[] Deal with the situation like a true baller. Touch the cow them all, do it now.

You sigh and pinch the bridge of your nose. If you knew it was going to come to this, you probably would have given it a little more thought before having sex with your crew.

“Ladies.” you start, making them blush a little when they hear the word ‘ladies’. “Just because I slept with one of you first, or twice in a row, doesn’t mean I care about one of you more than the others. You all bring something to this crew that the others don’t, and that makes you special.”

You pause for a bit so you can think of what to say next, and you notice a smile creeping across all three of their faces, which makes you smile in return.

“Zöe, you’ve saved my life and the lives of others countless times without realizing it. The same goes for you to Rachel. You also helped me keep myself alive when shit got bad, and I really mean it when I appreciate that.”

You pause again to catch your breath, and Zöe sniffles a bit before wiping away a tear with one of her talons. Rachel meanwhile looks at you with genuine admiration, her eyes twinkling with happiness.

“And Jess,” you start, “you seem to genuinely care about everyone, regardless of how long you’ve known them. You have that motherly disposition that makes you care about others, and that’s a really good trait to have. While you haven’t directly saved my life by defending me in combat, you worry about my health and the health of my crew so that we can continue living.”

You finish your little speech and look at all of them with an honest smile, and Rachel starts crying a bit before she stumbles over and hugs you. You return the embrace, and motion for Zöe and Jess to join in on the fun, and the holstaur and wurm move to hug you as well. Rachel gets squished a little bit as the cowgirl reaches around her and presses her large bust into the sahuagin’s back, and Zöe unintentionally crushes you all as she wraps everyone up in her tail. She holds herself like this for several seconds, and you start to rock back and forth slightly as you enjoy the warmth of your crew’s three bodies. Eventually though you ask the wurm if she could stop crushing your spine, and she stammers out an apology as her tail uncoils from around you, Rachel, and Jess. You give the sahuagin a short kiss on her forehead as she lets go, and Jess gives you a hurt look before she receives a light peck on the cheek. Naturally Zöe gets another hug, and you nearly earn a few broken ribs again as she hugs you rather tightly.

As they file out of the room one by one with dopey grins on their faces, you sit back down on your bed to ponder what you’re going to be doing next. You finally have a lead on where those fucking hybrid things are coming from, but there’s also taking on another job or two.

>[] Do some more space trucking.
>[x] Deal with the human/monstergirl hybrid problem.

Now that you finally have something to actually go on, you ought to go deal with the problem now. What if you waited until later, and then got to the coordinates that were in the message the Administrator left, but no one was there anymore? You’d be back at square one; do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollars. No doubt you’d also be hounded by whoever is sending those things after you, and who knows how long you are going to be able to keep that up before something really bad happens to you, Zöe, Alli, Jess, or Rachel. And what would Sledge, Jerry, or Ash say if you just sat around and did nothing? You sigh heavily and get back up from your bed to discuss your decision with your crew.

An hour or so later you’re in the cockpit with Alli, looking at the panel of buttons and levers used to fly the ship.

“Are you sure about this boss? We don’t have to go right now. We can wait a bit, take on a few more jobs.” the dark elf says.

“No. I want to do this now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to have a clear conscious if we don’t deal with this. Who knows how many more stations or ships will become derelict if we just sit here and do nothing?” you say.

“Yeah. You’re right. I guess I’m just worried that one or more of us won’t, uh, come back.”

You put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“We’ll be fine.”

“And if we won’t be?” she asks.

“Then I’ll bring as many of them to Hell with me as I can.” you smile, and the dark elf smiles back at you before turning in her chair to start flying to the system where you can hopefully end this bullshit and get on with being a regular space trucker again.

After an anxiety-filled few days, you finally arrive in the system where the coordinates said those people came from. In the center of the system sits a large red giant star. According to a scan from your ship’s computer, the star is about halfway through the phase, and in another few hundred million years or so it will turn into a white dwarf. Data also shows that there should be five planets in the system, but a wide scan only shows two: a gas giant in the inner ring and a small ice dwarf planet near the outer edge. Evidently as the star expanded, it consumed the three innermost planets and gave them a fiery death. Since there aren’t any objects in orbit around the gas giant, and there aren’t any free-floating stations somewhere else in the system either, by powers of deduction those hybrid creatures must be coming from a facility somewhere on that ice planet at the outer reaches of the system.

After everyone changes into their hazard suit – with Jess needing a little help in zipping the inner layer up over her chest and Zöe having significant trouble in putting on hers on account of her serpentine tail – you finish flying halfway across the system and get close enough to the planet where you can see the outside of the facility. There’s several large buildings in a cluster on one side, and on the other there’s several venting towers spewing out rapidly condensing and cooling vapor as whatever sort of engine powering the facility discharges the burned fuel. In the center of the compound there’s a large wireframe communications tower acting as a long-range scanner and antenna. Your console beeps as it detects a weapons lock from one of the anti-ship batteries on the roof of one of the buildings, although the turret hasn’t armed itself just yet. The com crackles to life shortly after, and a professional comes through the mild static.

“Unidentified space craft, this is Station 4-YY 1M40. Please provide the correct clearance code and state your business.”

You look around at your crew, and they look back at you before you move your gaze back out to look at the facility through the cockpit window.

“Unidentified space craft, this is Station 4-YY 1M40. Please provide the correct clearance code and state your business or we will be forced to take action.” the voice says again, a little more sternly this time.

“Any ideas?” Alli says to you while looking over her shoulder. You simply shrug.

“Unidentified space craft, this is a top secret facility. If you do not provide us with the correct clearance code, we will shoot you down.” you hear the voice say again, and the console lets out a shrill alarm as it notifies you the defense tower had just armed itself.

You look over to the dark elf flying your ship and give her a mischievous grin, and she smiles back before reaching forward to activate the coms.

“Station 4-YY 1M40, this is, uh, the Vengeance. Transmitting clearance code now.” Alli says before looking back to you. You nod and she turns back to press a few buttons on the console in front of her.

A few seconds later, several large, bright laser bolts erupt from the weapon ports on your ship and utterly annihilate the base’s defenses in a shower of molten metal, sparks, and various other glowing bits. A particularly wide fireball erupts from one of the towers as the beam from your ship hits and destroys the power source, and a radiant blue arc of discharging electricity jumps from where the turret used to be to the turret on the building next to it, setting it off as well. Alli sets the ship into a rapid burn, quickly descending towards the front entrance to the facility, and you nearly fall over as she lands the ship abruptly on the frozen surface, kicking up clouds of ice.

“Alright, this is it I guess.” you say, turning back to your crew as the ship’s engines power down. “You all know what to do?”

“Shoot first and ask questions later?” Rachel asks, weighing her gun in her hands.

“Only if they not the one in charge. I want some answers first.” you respond.

“And then we can turn the rest of the facility into a fireworks show?” the sahuagin asks again.

“Maybe. I wouldn’t get too carried away Rachel.” you say before heading to the ship’s airlock.

The facility’s outer airlock opens with a hiss, lukewarm air billowing in large clouds of quickly forming steam, creating minor snow flurries as the air passes over the frozen ground. As the door closes behind you after you and the four monstergirls with you pass inside, you’re plunged into amber-tinged semidarkness as your little ‘demonstration’ did slightly more than just destroy the defense turrets. You adjust your grip on Jerry’s old rifle you’re carrying as the red light pulsates around you, and the flashlight attachment makes a short click as it turns on after the inner airlock doors open.

Several crates are scattered about, conveniently placed as to offer any attackers plenty of cover. It’s a good thing they’re there to, because you’re almost immediately forced to duck for cover as a squad of guards fire at you from the other end of the hallway. Zöe, being a wurm, is too slow and large to get behind the boxes in time, so she has to hide in the airlock. Meanwhile, Jess cowers behind a crate, attempting to cover her ears through her helmet and flinching as bullets whiz past her position or ricochet off the wall near her or box she’s hiding behind. Rachel manages to make the guards duck for cover as she blind fires off a long burst from her sub machine gun, giving Zöe the chance to set up her custom rifle in time to utterly disintegrate the head of one of the guards in a shower of goopy pink mist. The thunderous echo of a twenty millimeter round going off reverberates down the hall and through the facility for a significant distance. The firefight slowly starts leaning in your favor as you and your team progressively gain the upper hand, and you eventually finish them all off.

You check to make sure Alli, Rachel, and Zöe are okay before going over to see how Jess is doing. She’s a quivering wreck, and she flinches hard when you put a hand on her shoulder, making you reflexively pull it back slightly. She looks up at you through her helmet’s visor with watery eyes, and she blinks a few times before you embrace her in a comforting hug for a few seconds.

“You okay Jess?” you ask her after pulling away. She nods slightly before swallowing.

“I-I think so.” she says over the suit microphone. “I-I just wasn’t expecting it to be like this. I mean I felt like it was going to come to this,” she gestures at the now ruined hallway, “b-but I don’t think I was ready.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll learn to deal with it.” you reassure the holstaur as you help her back up on her feet. “Now come on, we can’t stand around here all day.”

Jess nods to you before exhaling heavily, and you start to make your way deeper into the complex with no idea on where you’re going to go. Zöe has switched to her handcannon in the cramped confines of the corridors, and Jess has also drawn the laser pistol you had bought for her earlier. She’s following your lead as you sweep the barrel of your rifle back and forth, checking corners and other dark spots as you continue walking. A few minutes later, Alli points out that she’s been reading the signs as you go past them, and the five of you are somehow managing to get closer and closer to the main research lab. Now that you think about it, you do recall some of the signs mentioning something about ‘Specimen Storage’ or something similar, and if these human/monstergirl hybrid creatures are truly being made here, then the research lab would be the place to check first.

As you follow the signs pointing you towards the research lab, growling, scrabbling, and otherwise animalistic sounds start becoming more pronounced. Outside the door labeled ‘Research and Development’ is where the noises are the loudest, and you look back to your team.  They tighten the grip on their weapons, and you turn around and exhale, thumbing the button for the door. As soon as the door cracks open, the noise intensifies tenfold as you’re greeted with one of the most horrific and sickening sights you’ve ever seen.

Dozens and dozens of cages line the walls on either side of you, all of them filled with scrabbling, mewling, or shivering humans. At the far wall there’s several holding tanks filled with some kind of fluid, and through the translucent blue liquid you make out a few shapes of the figures inside of them. The one on the far left has bat-like wings, a chitinous tail, and large paws one would find on a lion or tiger: a manticore. A few tanks over there’s another occupant, this one having a large horn jutting from the middle of her forehead: a red oni. The middle tank is probably by far the largest one, and it’s holding one of the more rare Mamono species; one somebody wouldn’t wat to meet if they value the integrity of their pelvis: an ushi-oni. And in the center of this new-found horror stands a simple man dressed in a lab coat, hunched over a table furiously writing away.

“What the fuck…” Rachel mutters as she looks around the room. Zöe and Jess can barely stand the sight, and the holstaur nearly doubles over and empties the contents of her stomach onto the floor after struggling to take off her helmet.

The man in the lab coat hears your party entering the room, and he looks over his shoulder. His eyes go wide, and he spins around, a compact autopistol clutched in his shaking hand. Immediately three weapons rise up to meet him, everyone’s heart pounding waiting for someone to make a move. After what seems like minutes, the man in the lab coat finally speaks up.

“Wh-who are you?” he nervously asks.

“I was about to ask the same thing.” you respond, your weapon still pointed squarely at his torso. “What is going on here?”

“Heh, d-don’t you know? We’re trying to create the perfect creature ever to have existed.”

“But why?” Alli asks, her question laced with pure venom.

You glance over at one of the cages and watch the person – if you can even call them a person now – try and gnaw their way through the metal bars.

“All in the name of science my dear. But as you may know, there’s been some, ah, ‘setbacks’ if you will.”

“You mean every single person you inject monstergirl DNA into goes completely feral? You do realize that monsterization occurs naturally, right?” Rachel says.

“Yes, but that can take months, if not years of constant exposure.” the scientist says, shifting his aim over to the sahuagin. “With this, however, it happens within a matter of minutes, and we can give them more than just a single set of DNA. Think of the possibilities! Manticore, hellhound, and oni, all in one living being!”

“You’re insane. Completely and utterly fucking insane.” you say.

“Insane? Perhaps, but my mental state is a small price to pay if it means I create the most magnificent being ever seen!” he laughs. “You’re probably wondering how a rag-tag group of a human male, a wurm, a dark elf, a holstaur, and a sahuagin might stop this. I wish I could tell you, but even if you kill me I’ll just be replaced. You’re going to have to find the man in charge of all of this.”

“Works for me.” Alli suddenly says as she raises her pistol up and plants a single shot right between the eyes of the scientist, sending him flying backwards into the table behind him before he flops over on the other side, various scientific implements spilling onto the floor with him.

“Holy shit Alli.” Rachel gasps after a few seconds.

You stand there in shock for a moment before your legs finally manage to listen to your brain, and you walk forward to the table where the scientist was huddled over. You sift through the crumpled, blood-stained papers, finding nothing of importance. Most of it is words, numbers, and symbols you don’t understand, but what you can make out isn’t of much use to you; it’s basically what you already know, data on the structure of the human/monstergirl DNA, current behavior, that sort of thing. Off to one side though there’s a sort of console, and you turn the screen back on and flip through the options.

“What are we going to do about all of them?” Jess asks, crouching down to peer into one of the cages, recoiling back when its occupant snarls at her. “Both, I mean.” she says, referring to the humans in the cages and the comatose monstergirls in the holding tanks on the far wall.

“Come look at this.” you say, finding a menu for ‘Test Subjects’.

There’s a few options listed, but the three that stand out to you the most are ‘Open’, ‘Delete’, and ‘Exit’. You presume ‘Exit’ just refers to exiting out of the menu, and ‘Open’ seems self-explanatory. The one that worries you the most though is the ‘Delete’ option.

“What do you make of this?” you ask, motioning to the flickering console screen.

“I don’t think picking the ‘Open’ option would be a good idea in our current situation.” Alli says.

“Or any situation.” Zöe adds.

“Right. ‘Exit’ doesn’t really seem to do much, but I’m not sure what ‘Delete’ will do.”

“Well what usually happens when you ‘delete’ computer data?” Jess says.

“…shit.” Rachel mutters. “Well, what are we supposed to do? We can’t just kill them all, but then again we can’t leave them like this. They’re barely above being an animal.”

“I don’t know, Rachel. I don’t know.” you say.

The sahuagin has a good point. While they’re basically animals, they still have some sort of humanity in them, right? You can’t just leave them in these cages like this, but you’re not sure if you can give them peace without their consent, so to speak.

>[] Press ‘Delete’. This will end the lives of both the feral humans in the cages and the monstergirls in the tanks.
>[x] Press ‘Exit’. Do nothing, and leave the room to find the head of the facility.

“I think…I think for now we should leave them be. Maybe after getting some answers from whoever’s in charge we might be able to figure out what to do.” you say as you hit the ‘Exit’ button on the screen.

The menu shifts slightly as you enter the command, and it now displays menu options for accessing the research data, the menu you were just in, and a few other things. Thumbing through the options, you find a map of the facility. Administration isn’t far from where you are now, and you access the work roster by creating a link from the terminal you’re at now to the database in Administration. From there, you find the name of the man in charge, and you go back to the map and do a search on his name. The console returns a short ping centered in one of the large cargo buildings, so you decide to head there. As you leave the research lab, you give the occupants one last look for now, especially the girls in the holding tanks. Perhaps maybe they could be saved, you think to yourself as the sounds of the room are muffled once more as the door shuts behind you.

The journey to the cargo bay takes you across to the other side of the complex, and you pass by more rooms made for researching things. Thankfully you don’t find any more monstergirls or humans being held against their will, although you do run into a few faint, old stains that look suspiciously like some sort of body fluid on the wall occasionally. Nearly fifteen minutes pass before you finally arrive in what seems like a room meant for loading and unloading cargo, and on the far wall there’s a large set of double doors labeled ‘Holding’. That must be where your man is. You look to your crew and they nod, and the five of you check your weapons one last time before moving forward and kicking the doors down.

You and your crew storm in at first, but you slow to a halt as you come face to face with a giant mech…thing. It looks to be about twenty meters tall from the floor to the top of the head and taken almost directly from an oldschool Japanese anime show. The outer shell is completely over the top; there’s no reason for it to be that angular, and what’s with all the extra fins everywhere too? Heck, it even has the ‘required’ shoulder-mounted cannon. Craning your neck upwards, you spot a man working on an access panel near the hip joint of the right leg. The sparks from his welding torch pause for a moment as he turns around to look down at your group from the scissor lift he’s on.

“Well hello there.” he says, turning off the torch in his hand and flips up the welding mask on his head. “How nice of you to join me. I assume you’re here because of what I’ve been doing.”

“With that mech? Not really, although I do have to ask what you’re exactly planning on doing with it.” you respond.

“Oh, but of course. Just a little side project while my, employees, work on fixing that problem.”

“You mean all those ‘failed’ experiments with combining human and monstergirl DNA?” Alli asks.

“Yes, and I suppose you want to know the ‘why’ of it. I’m sure my assistant has no doubt already told that it’s all in the name of science or something.” the man starts, using air quotes around ‘in the name of science’. “But you’re smarter than that. After all, you’ve been hounded by people I’ve hired to silence you and take that research data you got from both the Centurion and that research base on that one planet. You’re also probably wondering why I’ve been doing such things.”

“Alright, I’ll bite. Why?” you ask.

“Because I believe humans should be the ones in charge, not some shitty ‘Galactic Council’. Gone are the days of a select few individuals making up all the rules! Now, it’s a bunch of soft alien creatures bending to the will of the people.”

“So you were going to create a bunch of crazed human/monstergirl hybrids to solve this ‘problem’?” Rachel points out.

“Precisely. Taking over the galaxy alone is hard, and when everyone is too busy trying to eat, sleep, and fuck it’s difficult to convince them to join you. So I started working on making my own ‘followers’, so to speak.”

“And abducting people and forcibly injecting them with DNA is supposed to work?” Jess adds.

“Well obviously not since that would imply none of the test subjects would be acting so…feral.” the man on the scissor lift says again. “Although I suppose you’re not here to debate the intricacies of science. Well, what’s it gonna be? Turn me in, or kill me?” he says with his arms outstretched.

>[x] Dispense your own version of justice.
>[] Call the space cops and let them dispense their version of justice.

“Before I make a decision,” you say, “I want some answers.”

“Of course you do.” the man on the scissor lift mocks. “Well go ahead, I’m all ears.”

“The girls back in the research lab. Is there any way to fix them?”

“The ones in the cages? Who knows, I never really bothered to try. We just disposed of them after they weren’t useful anymore.”

“And the ones in the tanks?” you ask.

“I suppose they should be fine, but I expect they’ll need some care after being inside for a few weeks.” he says, tossing you a small security card and you stumble slightly as you reach out to catch it. “You’ll need that to fully unlock the console.”

“Alright then. So if we save what girls we can and shut down this facility, what’s stopping you from starting up again?”

“Always with the questions…” he sighs. “This is it, the only facility. While I could build another one, that would take several more years and millions of credits, time and money I wouldn’t have if I’m going to be locked up for a while.” he says, leaning on the railing of the lift. “So what is it going to be?”

Satisfied with his answers, you level your revolver and take aim before firing off a single shot. The crack from your gun resonates throughout the chamber, and the bolt flies through the air before landing square between the man’s eyes. His head snaps back, and the force of the blow makes him stumble backwards before his body tips over the protective railing of the scissor lift, and his corpse falls to the floor. You look at the spot where the body landed, a small wisp of smoke trailing from the head as you lower your pistol. A small weight feels like it’s been lifted from your shoulders as you restore your gun back to its holster, knowing that you finally found and stopped the man responsible for Sledge’s, Jerry’s, Ash’s, and countless other people’s deaths. Perhaps you weren’t looking for revenge, just answers as to the who, what, where, when, how, and why. It’s all the same though, and there’s a corpse with a smoking hole in its head lying about thirty meters from where you’re standing.

Several minutes later you’re back in the chaos of the research lab, looking over the menu on the console again. You glance down and find a small slit on the side probably meant for security cards, and you insert the one you have in your hand. The console whirs for a moment before beeping, and a new menu pops up on the screen. Scrolling through, you find the status of the girls in the holding tanks. With a sigh of relief you read that while yes they are alive, if comatose for the time being, they’ll still need a few weeks of medical care and rest. But otherwise they’ll live. You wish you could say the same thing for the people in the cages though. You can’t really find anything in the menus on them, so you try doing a deep scan on a few of them and running the results through the computer to see if there’s anything you can do. The terminal hums for a bit before displaying the results, or rather lack thereof as the word ‘UNKNOWN’ appears in big, bold, red lettering on the screen. You exhale again and think of what you’re going to do next.

>[x] Call in the space cops for help.
>[] Either leave and never come back, or put everyone out of their misery.

Thinking for a bit, you come up with a few options. There’s saving the girls in the tanks, but not the ones in the cages, or there’s either doing absolutely nothing and leaving or ending everyone. The girls in the tanks seem well enough, but there probably isn’t anything you can do for the girls in the cages. The only problem with this is that you’re ship really doesn’t have the capability of caring for an oni, a manticore, and an ushi-oni that had been pulled from what is essentially stasis, not to mention when they’d be well enough to move on their own or having the authorities questioning you why you have three slightly ill monstergirls with you. You can’t just leave them to themselves though either, and who knows what will happen to them if you pull them from the tanks, but immediately leave afterwards in the hopes that the distress call you send out will be picked up in time.

Wrestling with your thoughts, you finally decide on calling for ‘help’, and then waiting until the authorities arrive. In the meantime, you explore the rest of the facility to see if there’s anything interesting. The first place you go to is back where that mech thing is, much to Zöe’s delight. Naturally she wants to take it with her back on the ship, but you don’t have room for a sixty foot tall mech suit on the ship, and what the hell would you use it for anyway? The wurm immediately becomes crestfallen when she hears this, but her expression quickly changes as you give her a hug and tell her that maybe that could be her next ‘project’: building her own robot thing. There isn’t anything terribly interesting in the rest of the facility, just some everyday supplies and such, but you take as much as you can anyway so you can either use them later or sell them for some extra money. After taking most of what’s left in the facility that’s useful to you, you kill the rest of the time until the authorities get here by doing some maintenance on the ship.

A few boring days later, you pick up a few blips on the long-range scanner, and eventually four ships come close enough to the ball of ice you’re sitting on for you to get a better reading on them. It seems like they decided to send what is basically a hospital in space, escorted by two small frigate ships. You’re not entirely sure what the fourth one is, until your ship’s computer tells you that it’s a part of the IGSFID, or Inter-Galactic Special Forces Investigation Division. You break out into a cold sweat when you read the text on the screen; you thought the IGSFID was just a myth, something people read about when applying for a ship license.

A few stoic looking Mamono follow you as you nervously lead them to the research lab, and after letting them in they simply walk over to the holding tanks and pull out some sort of device before pressing a few buttons on it. The fluid in the tanks drains away, and after the last drop disappears the tanks open and the three monstergirls simply flop out into the arms of the ones waiting for them. Thankfully one of them tells you that the three girls will be fine after they’ve rested for a few weeks and done a little bit of physical therapy. They didn’t say anything about the other ones in the cages when you asked, they just gave you a grim look.

Some time later you’re standing near the airlock, watching several human and monstergirl members of the IGSFID transport dozens and dozens of stuff in crates, while a senior member keeps a close eye on you and your crew. As they leave the person standing next to you hands you a credit stick and instructs you and your crew to ‘never speak of this again’ before turning on her heel to head back to her ship. You stare blankly at her as she walks up the loading ramp before it closes shut, and the four ships lift off and fly away out of sight.

A few days later, you’re relaxing in a hotel room again after getting back to civilization. Thanks to that ‘offering’ that woman gave you earlier, you were able to afford a rather nice room for you, Zöe, Alli, Jess, and Rachel. You even had money left over to eat at several fancy restaurants for a few days before the urge to have questionable noodles from a street vendor overpowered you again.

Zöe is at the kitchen table, tinkering away at the small robot she’s trying to make; Alli is sitting in the other chair watching the holo-screen; Jess is sitting by the patio door reading something on her tablet; Rachel is off somewhere in her room, probably complaining to nobody in particular while habitually cleaning her gun again; and you’re sitting in a chair, watching it all and thinking about what you might do next.


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3 thoughts on “Space Adventure CYOA

  1. A few wrong words, like “to” when it should have been “too”. Maybe a couple of places where it was edited and not reviewed… Yes, I am a bit of a nit-picker when I read stuff, as sometimes it takes a bit of time to figure out what was meant…

    1. Typically I don’t really edit a CYOA, and with this one I wrote up each story update (generally a few thousand words each), and then speed-edited it over the course of an hour or so before posting it.

      Also I can’t be bothered to go back and edit things that are longer than five or six thousand words because I’m lazy and I’m not motivated enough either.

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