Space Adventure CYOA Epilogue


Thanks to the generous donation from your benefactor in the IGSFID, you had more than enough money to take Zöe, Jess, and Rachel out for the day. You offered to take everyone along but Alli said there was an old friend she wanted to meet, so you just gave her some money so she could get something for herself. You almost immediately regret your decision to take three separate females out for a day on the town though, because as soon as you mentioned going out to go shopping, Zöe, Jess, and Rachel’s eyes all lit up as they gave you a mischievous grin. Jess immediately grabbed both Zöe’s large, scaly paw and Rachel’s webbed hand in her own before dragging them off to the cowgirl’s room to ‘freshen up’, leaving you standing there dumbfounded. A few hours later you hear them coming back out, and you do a double-take from your position on the couch when you see the three girls.

Normally the three monstergirls dress somewhat conservatively, or as much as their body type will allow, but this is something much different. Considering both of their chests are rather sizable, Zöe and Jess are wearing a somewhat low-cut top with the holstaur displaying more than her fair share of velvety cleavage. So much in fact, if the neckline on her shirt were any lower it would almost be in line with her dusky areola. Since Rachel is more on the smaller side, her outfit top is less revealing, although it still exposes the smooth skin of her right shoulder. Jess also seemed to have played hairdresser because Zöe’s emerald locks are in a tight braid that drapes over her shoulder while Rachel’s own hair is done up in a business woman’s ponytail. As for the rest of their outfits, Zöe is wearing another skirt, although it does seem to be hugging her body just a little bit tighter than usual. Rachel meanwhile is wearing shorts that don’t go further than her mid-thigh, showing of part of the tattoo she has on her inner left leg. The sahuagin’s lower garment also hugs her butt rather well, enhancing the modest curves of her swimmer’s body. Jess meanwhile is wearing her usual khaki shorts, although her shirt is a little shorter than it usually is, displaying just enough midriff to make things interesting.

“Enjoying the view?” the holstaur teases, cocking her hips to the side slightly and pushing her large bosom out just a little bit more.

You struggle to form a coherent thought, too busy staring at all the exposed Mamono flesh as your mouth opens and closes like a fish out of water. Jess simply giggles and walks over to pull you up off the couch, bending over to give you a tantalizing view of the massive valley between her giant breasts. As the four of you leave the hotel room, Rachel brushes her tail on your leg as she passes, and you instinctively give her ass a short squeeze, making her yelp as she glares daggers at you, a heavy blush quickly spreading across her face.

The first place your three beautiful, and rather sexy you might add, monstergirl companions take you is to the nearest megamall, and naturally the first store all three of them decide to go to is the one that sells the really girly clothing. You feel your cheeks flushing with embarrassment as Rachel practically drags you through the hot pink store interior towards the swimsuit section. Jess meanwhile takes a rather anxious looking Zöe over to where all the flowery shirts are, and starts pulling dozens of shirts in all colors and sizes off the shelves for the wurm to try on. You probably spend the next two or three hours in the store, constantly being asked if this shirt looks good on Zöe or if this swimsuit compliments Rachel’s figure. A few times Jess also pretended to have trouble with a bra she wanted to try, and much to your displeasure both Zöe and Rachel said you should help her. After all, you’re the person who knows more about the cowgirl’s generous breasts than anyone, save Jess herself.

“Does this look a little small to you dearie?” the holstaur asks as you step into the changing room she’s in.

Your jaw drops slightly as her heavy breasts surge around the black frilly fabric, and she raises her arms up and spins around once to give you some more angles. Or at least that’s what she would have done if the clasp at the back didn’t break, causing Jess’ bosom to jiggle slightly as gravity takes over and she gasps slightly and lowers her arms, causing the now ruined undergarment to slip off of her completely and fall to the floor. You gaze at the holstaur’s now naked chest, secretly admiring the subtle motions of those squishy orbs as she inhales and exhales.

“It’s rude to stare you know.” Jess says, breaking you from your reverie.

She saunters over, wrapping one arm around the back of your head while her other hand guides yours to her bare chest before bringing you in for a passionate kiss. She presses herself into you slightly, and parts your lips with her bovine tongue as she keeps you from pulling away. Holding you there for several seconds, Jess starts to make out with you but just as things start to get a little heated, the cowgirl lets you go and pulls away.

“I don’t mind you staring though. After all, you did see all of me earlier.” she whispers sultrily into your ear, giving you a quick smooch before gently ushering you out of the changing room and slapping your ass just before closing the door behind you.

A few minutes later the four of you are sitting down in the food court around a large table. Your arms are already burning from being their pack mule, and you nearly drop the trays of food as you bring them back to the table. As you sit down, you can feel Zöe’s serpentine tail start curling around your ankle.

“So Rachel, what kind of traits do you look for in a man?” Jess asks as she spools a lump of noodles around her plastic fork.

“Well, I like it when he cares about everyone close to him. Making me feel loved too is nice as well.” the sahuagin responds, and you can feel Zöe’s tail uncoiling itself from your leg before you feel the fin on the end of Rachel’s tail brushing up against your other leg. You curse the man who made this table so small.

“Anything else? Like how good he is in bed?” Jess asks again, and you can feel the tuft of fur on the end of her tail joining Rachel in tickling you.

“I prefer it kind of gentle, but having him be packing down there is a big plus.” she responds, now practically stroking your thigh. “What about you Zöe?”

“Hmm?” the wurm says through a mouth full of food.

“How do you like to do it?”

“Oh, you mean like fucking.” Zöe says, making you choke on your food. “Well, the last time I had sex was when he offered to cuddle with me during a thunderstorm since I was afraid.”

“Aww, you had cuddlesex! That’s so cute!” Jess expresses, making the wurm blush. “Oooh, what was it like?”

“Well I think the thunder was less of what you like and more of what I’m afraid of.” Zöe meekly says.

“Too true. I prefer the more figurative kind of thunder than the actual sound, if you know what I mean.” Jess says, giving you a sidelong glance as her bovine tail gives your leg a short squeeze.

“Ladies.” you say. “People are staring.”

True enough, there are a couple of people looking over at your group, and you spot a succubus taking her lover’s hand before leading him off towards the bathrooms.

“And as much as I’m about to regret saying this, don’t you want to do some more shopping?” you ask.

Your three monstergirl companions voice their agreement, and Jess offers to clean up before leaving. Once again she gives you a near perfect view of the space between her tits as she leans over to pick up your empty tray. She also did the same with Rachel’s, and as the holstaur walks off to dump out the food wrappers, you spot a slight flush on the sahuagin’s cheeks as she chews on her lower lip.

You spend several more hours shopping with Zöe, Jess, and Rachel, and at one point you managed to sneak off to buy each of them an actual, real flower. Jess gave you a tight but affectionate hug when you presented her gift, and she also gave you a long kiss as well. It took a moment for Zöe to understand her gift, but when she did her yellow eyes lit up and she nearly crushed your spine when she embraced you. Rachel meanwhile just stood there, tearing up as she clutched the rose in her webbed hands. You simply smile and pick her up off the ground in a tight hug, a short squeak coming from the monstergirl as you clutch her and give her a passionate smooch before letting her back down.

Several hours later you nearly collapse onto the floor as you walk back into the hotel room, your arms screaming in pain as your feet burn from walking around all day. You simply dump all of the shopping bags by the door before Jess and Rachel help you stagger to your room. You flop onto the large bed and lay there for a few minutes, but Jess interrupts your near slumber as she sits down on the edge of the bed, and is shortly followed by Rachel sitting down next to her and Zöe standing close by.

“Today was really nice, spending time with you, Rachel, and Zöe.” Jess says. “It’s fun to simply do things together as friends rather than as a crew.”

“It was only nice because you all were with me.” you respond, making the three monstergirls blush slightly.

“I’ve been wondering though,” Rachel adds, “well, we’ve all been wondering. Who do you think is the best?”

“What do you mean?”

“Who’s you’re favorite? Which one of us do you think about screwing the most?” Jess says. While you can’t say you were expecting a question like this, you do have to think about how flirty and suggestive the three of them were today.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re all special in your own way.”

“Yes, but which one of us do you think is the most special?” Jess says. “Is it getting full body hugs from Zöe? Or being the first one to take Rachel? Or perhaps it’s how…rough your incredibly voluptuous doctor likes it, hmm?”

As Jess asks you the rather sudden question, she starts to slowly trace her hands across her curvy body before dragging a dainty finger up her middle, and slowly starts unbuttoning her shirt. Meanwhile, Zöe slithers forwards and starts wrapping up your legs in her tail, but she’s beaten to your mouth as Rachel suddenly appears on your other side and grabs you before kissing you hard. You try and pull away from the sahuagin, only to fall backwards into the incredibly soft bosom of the holstaur. Zöe starts trying to climb into your lap as Jess holds your head against her chest while Rachel continues to kiss you, and you finally manage to get the three girls off of you.

“Alright! I get it!” you yell. “I like you all equally, both as a friend and as a lover. Sex with each one of you is nothing short of amazing, and if it weren’t for biological or financial limitations I’d probably fuck you incredibly sexy ladies all day long.”

Zöe, Rachel, and Jess simply look at you before their faces all break out into wide smiles, and they all pounce you, trying to hug and kiss you all at the same time. A minute or so later the love assault stops and the three monstergirls pull away, and you spot Rachel giving you a wicked grin before she leans over to whisper something in Jess’ ear. As she does so, the holstaur’s own smile grows wider and lewder as Rachel says something in her ear.

“So you would like to fuck us sexy ladies all day, hmm? Is that one at a time or…all at once?” Jess says. Realization dawns on you as you slowly figure out what she’s implying, and exactly what Rachel was telling her.

“One at a time, but I don’t see why we can’t do it all at once right now.” you grin before working yourself out of your shirt.

Equally suggestive grins cross the three girl’s faces as they too strip, and before long all four of you are completely naked. You’re pushed onto your back by an incredibly horny cowgirl, and she crawls forward before turning around and straddling your face, nearly blocking out all sound with her deliciously thick thighs and filling your vision with nothing but pink, puffy holstaur pussy. Meanwhile, Rachel sits on your stomach and Zöe rests herself rather close to your groin, and Jess wiggles her fat ass and drooling snatch on your face.

“Come on Zöe, you can ha-ah!” You interrupt the cowgirl’s train of thought by running your tongue across her wet slit, making her gasp out and shiver in delight. She tastes almost exactly the same as before, although there is a slight sweet flavor to her juices. That doesn’t stop you though, and neither does the pressure from her meaty thighs as she gently squeezes your head in between them.

“Oo-ooh, someone’s eager, are they?” she says, grinding her cunt against you some more, and you reciprocate by lapping at it more enthusiastically. “Mmm, I think someone is, don’t you think Zöe?” you hear Jess say as a scaly female grinds her crotch against yours before your rock-hard shaft is enveloped in the wurm’s hot folds.

Your legs are slowly wrapped up in several feet of serpent tail, and you can feel Zöe start to shift her body as she starts to slowly bounce up and down on your length, making you gasp.

“Hah, someone likes that, don’t they?” the cowgirl coos. “Aww, don’t be shy Rachel, I can see how much you love my giant tits. Go on, have a taste. Or maybe you would like someth-mphf!”

The holstaur’s thoughts are cut of as Rachel lunges forward and immediately starts to make out with the busty cowgirl. Unable to see anything other than the wet vagina of a Mamono, your hands flounder blindly up Jess’ torso until they find her two heavy breasts, and you start to knead the squishy flesh in your hands while continuing to lick her eager cunt. As a finned hand grabs one of yours and guides it to its owner’s rear end, you can hear Jess gasp out breathlessly as her body is again assaulted from two different locations.

“Oh god! Yes, just like that! Ooooh keep going! Don-ah!” Jess yelps suddenly as Rachel dives forward and locks her mouth around one of the holstaur’s large, leaking nipples.

The sahuagin starts to grind against your stomach, giving your skin a fine sheen of femcum and you shift your grip from Jess’ chest to focus entirely on Rachel’s firm ass. Meanwhile, Zöe is losing herself as she rides your cock over and over again. Her tail starts to painfully constrict around your legs, and as it gets tighter, so too does the wurm’s moans. Her vaginal walls caress the entirety of your manhood as she thrusts her hips, the silky embrace of her pussy kissing you in the perfect way. You can sense Zöe’s climax approaching because the grip on your legs becomes nearly bone-breaking before she subconsciously eases off of you as her cunt shudders around your prick, making you cum with her. You buck your hips slightly in an attempt to drive yourself ever so deeper, but the wurm just keeps on bouncing on your cock. You try and reach forward to grab at the wurm’s hips, but Rachel takes you by the wrist and guides your hands back to her butt and forces you to  grope her. After riding you through her orgasm, Zöe finally lifts her body off of you and collapses in a messy pile at the foot of the bed, allowing you to regain some feeling in your legs as her tail loosens its grip on you.

Jealous that the wurm got off, Jess starts to really grind her pussy on your face, her thick thighs rhythmically clenching your head as you orally pleasure the cowgirl. Meanwhile Rachel nurses from Jess’ bountiful chest, and as your tongue brushes across the holstaur’s wet folds, you can hear a muffled gasp of pleasure from her. You continue to fondle the sahuagin’s cute butt as the other monstergirl rides your face, when Jess’ encouraging moans are cut short again when Rachel kisses her again. She pushes against the poor cowgirl, causing the two of them to slip off of your prone form. The inside of your nose stings a bit as you breath in the sex-stained scent of the room rather than Jess’ pheromones, and you raise yourself up on your elbows and look over at the two monstergirls that were just recently grinding on you.

The two are really going at it now, their breathing coming through hot and heavy through their noses as they swap spit with each other. Rachel is straddling the holstaur, her strong legs compressed against Jess’ waist, and her large breasts are pressed up against Rachel’s considerably smaller ones as the sahuagin lightly humps and grinds on the cowgirl. Grinning to yourself, you crawl over to them and get on your knees before aligning your stiff cock with Rachel’s slightly puffy entrance. Easing forward, you let the tip kiss the outer folds of the sahuagin’s pussy, causing her to suddenly gasp and giving the break Jess needed to enact the next step in her master plan.

She shifts her position below Rachel slightly, presenting the thoroughly aroused sahuagin with her leaky tit as she lovingly hugs the petite girl against her pudgy body. With nowhere to go, Rachel is forced to nurse from the holstaur some more as she’s held in place, her face shoved into the monstergirl’s wobbly bosom. Jess subconsciously throws her head back in ecstasy, nearly losing control as her senses are assaulted by electric jolts of pleasure.

“Oh god! P-please, f-fuck her already! I don’t – hah – I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up before I’m begging for your cock…” Jess gasps as Rachel subtly rubs against her clit.

Not wanting to lose the opportunity, you slowly push yourself into Rachel’s needy cunt, making her moan out around Jess’ teat, the vibrations causing the cowgirl to moan as well. All three of you gasp when your pelvis slaps against Rachel’s pelvis from behind, and she actually whimpers slightly and tries pushing you deeper into her by pressing her butt against you harder and wiggling her hips back and forth. Reaching forward, you rub at the sensitive spot behind the sahuagin’s fin-like ears, and she shudders at your touch before feeling you slowly pull out of her. Right before completely leaving her, you gently grab the base of Rachel’s tail as it starts to wrap around your torso, and you use her tail as a sort of handhold as you start to thrust your hips back and forth.

The rocking motions of the three of you start to make the bed you’re on creak and groan in protest, but it falls on deaf ears as you continue the threesome between you, Rachel, and Jess. Unable to hold back any longer, the sahuagin releases the grip she had on Jess’ bosom and starts gasping and moaning as you do her from behind, begging you to fuck her like you did with the cowgirl. Obliging her, you shift your grip from her swaying tail to her waifish hips and you go at it a little more roughly, being mindful that this is only the sahuagin’s second time. Rachel doesn’t seem to mind that you’re not actually being as rough with her as you were with Jess since she’s too busy crying out in pleasure whenever your crotch slaps wetly against her ass. The motions of you pushing yourself into Rachel cause her to accidentally rub the holstaur’s needy cunt, and she too starts to whimper and gasp as her body gets teased in the best possible way.

“P-please, fuu-uu-ah-, f-fuck me harder! Please! Do me harder!” Rachel begs, unable to form a proper sentence as you continually thrust into her snatch.

“Yes, screw her harder my love. Do her like you did me, make her unable to walk the next morning.” Jess coos rather close to the sahuagin’s ear.

The holstaur’s words must’ve had an effect on Rachel, because her breathing becomes rapidly more labored when without warning, her cunt clamps down on your pistoning manhood. The feeling of her tight pussy undulating around your cock throws your inhibitions out the window, and you grab onto Rachel’s backside and really fuck her, just like you did with Jess. The sahuagin’s breath catches in her throat right as she starts to moan again, and she simply collapses into the holstaur’s soft breasts as you overload the pleasure center in her brain. Wet claps continue to reverberate through the room as you have rather rough sex with the sahuagin, and you manage to ride her through her orgasm.

Satisfied that you got Rachel off in such a way, you slow your thrusts down considerably back to around the same level at which you were before, although you do change it up a little bit and drive your cock as deep into Rachel’s pussy as you can. She can hardly manage to do anything now but weakly moan as you hilt yourself inside her, and Jess coos gentle words of encouragement in Rachel’s ear as she helps you along by caressing the sahuagin’s supple flesh. Rachel’s moans start increasing in pitch again slightly, and Jess silences her cute little moans with a gentle yet passionate kiss. Watching the two slowly make out again drives you over the edge, and you groan out as you cum inside Rachel, weakly thrusting with each rope of jizz you shoot out. After having gentle sex, then rough sex, then gentle sex again, the feeling of your seed inside her causes Rachel to climax again, albeit rather weakly. Her lithe body shudders slightly, and you ease out of her.

“Ooh, someone’s going to be sore in the morning.” Jess giggles, gently hugging Rachel against her chest. “Come on dear, off you go. You need some rest, and besides. It’s my turn.” she says, looking over at you with a lustful glint in her eye.

Grinning back at her, you give Jess a hard kiss before helping Rachel over to where Zöe had collapsed earlier, and you gently place the sahuagin on top of the wurm’s coils. Smiling again, you chuckle to yourself when you watch the wurm slowly wrap the exhausted sahuagin up in her arms and tail when you feel a tap on your shoulder. Turning around, you meet the expectant visage of the one girl you haven’t fucked yet, and Jess reaches up and gently caresses your cheek with one of her soft hands. Gingerly guiding you closer, the cowgirl locks lips with you, knowing she doesn’t have to hold you there. The two of you rock against each other as you slowly but passionately kiss one another, your hands exploring Jess’ smooth, creamy skin as she hugs you closer to her.

As you make out with the cowgirl for several seconds, you almost don’t register her leaning back and pulling you with her. The mattress creaks again as Jess falls into the soft sheets with you on top of her, but that doesn’t stop you from fondling her substantial bosom.

“Mmm, someone’s a breast man, are they?” she teases, making you blush and stop your hands. “Aww, don’t be shy, I just love it when my giant, lovely, milk-burdened tits are played with. Go on, drink my milk. You’re going to need it.” she says, pulling you in for another short kiss before gently pushing you towards her breasts.

You stop her for a moment to return her passionate smooch before diving in to finish off what Rachel hadn’t, making Jess gasp in shock before her cry turns into a low moan. You feel her bulky thighs wrap around your waist, tenderly hugging you as close to her as possible while you continue to nurse from the holstaur. Her milk is just as sweet as it was the previous time you drank it, although it does seem just a tad thicker. You continue to drink her cream straight from the tap as she runs her hands through your hair and whispers kind words of encouragement with the occasional short gasp or moan, and you can feel her wide, motherly hips start to slowly move as she subconsciously tries to get you to penetrate her. After what seems like minutes, you once again feel the flow from her breast slow considerably and she pulls you away with a wet pop.

“All done? Don’t you worry, I still have plenty of cream in my bosom left yet. Drink it all, because you’re going to need it when you bend me over and fuck me like an animal again.” Jess huskily declares.

She kisses you hard once again before forcefully shoving your face into her other tit, a small amount of milk squirting from the stiff nipple before you can manage to get your mouth around it. Her luscious thighs ease their grip on you, and you can feel your cock stiffening once again before it slips into the holstaur’s wet folds. Both of you gasp at the sudden, accidental sensation, but Jess immediately changes pace and presses you against her breast again.

“Eager to fuck me already? Well don’t hold back then, let go while you take from me and give back.” she demands.

Wanting to please her as much as possible, you immediately start pounding the cowgirl’s slick cunt, nursing from her full breast at the same time. Extremely wet, squishy sounds sound out as you thrust in and out of Jess’ pussy, and she starts to moan voraciously as you give and take from her. She wraps her arms around your midsection and starts to buck her hips in time with yours, driving your cock as hard and deep into her as humanly possible, all the while you suck out the increasingly thickening cream from her teat. You gulp down the sugary liquid from her breast, and you can start to feel Jess’ cunt twitch and throb around your shaft as her moans become increasingly haggard as you continue to fuck her as hard as she’s letting you.

“Oh gods, it’s so big! Ah, yes! Yes! Keep fucking me! Don’t, ah, don’t stoo-oop! Fuck me more! I-I think I’m gonna cuu-ah!” she suddenly yells out, pulling you tightly against her with her arms while her thick thighs prevent you from pulling out, not that you ever wanted to.

The milk from her breast thickens considerably as her pussy spams around your cock, and you simply keep on nursing away while wildly thrusting your hips into her.

“Yes! Oooh-oooh yes! Ah, oh god, that feels so good! Fuck me harder! Cum with me! Fill me up with your seed!”

Like a dam breaking, Jess’ demands destroy any sort of willpower you had left, and you start to cum hard inside her. Thanks to the holstaur’s milk, you manage to shoot several thick ropes of cum deep inside her pussy, smearing the walls white with your seed as you saw your cock in and out of her. You cum for far longer than you normally would have, and you empty so much of your jizz into Jess’ pulsating cunt that it starts to leak out onto the sheets. It’s nearly an entire minute later before you feel yourself slowing down, although your shaft is still rock-hard and still buried up to the hilt inside the holstaur.

“Mmm, that was amazing.” Jess says as she lifts you up to give you a sloppy kiss, and your cock twitches slightly. “Oh my, do you want more? Well lucky for you stud, so do I.”

She pulls you in for another passionate smooch before gently pushing you away, shifting her curvy body out from under you before turning around and bending over on her hands and knees, giving you a front row seat to her giant ass and the massive load of semen slowly oozing out of her snatch.

“Well hon, what will it be? My pussy again, or my fat ass? Or maybe both?” she asks, wiggling her hips back and forth.

You respond by grabbing a squishy cheek in each hand and unceremoniously shoving your cock deep into her ass with a loud clap. She yelps in surprise as you forcefully penetrate her backdoor, and she wraps her tail around your waist while locking her legs behind you, preventing you from moving.

“Now, now, it’s not nice to surprise a lady like that.” Jess says. “I suppose I could forgive you though for startling me like that if you start off by fucking my ass gently.”

Leaning forward, you rest your head by her shoulder and mutter an apology, making her giggle before turning your head so she can plant a gentle kiss on your lips. Taking that as an acceptance, you start to ease out of Jess’ ass before slowly pushing yourself back in, nearly blowing your load right then and there as her butt clenches your shaft. You knead the doughy flesh of the cowgirl’s buttocks as you gently thrust in and out of her, and she starts to get into it as well as she starts moaning out in time with your pushing. After a few minutes of doing the holstaur from behind, her bovine tail uncoils itself from around your torso and tickles your chin with the tuft of fur on the end.

“Oh yes, I needed that apology, but I can’t stand this anymore.” she says. “Fuck me like a dirty animal! Pound my ass until it’s bruised and sore! You better not stop until I tell you to, you got that?” Jess commands.

You answer her by taking as much of her colossal ass in each hand as you can, and you pull out until just the tip of your cock is inside her before immediately shoving yourself all the way in, hilting yourself in her meaty bottom once again. You start to grunt as you jackhammer the cowgirl’s asshole and she responds in kind, grunting and moaning even as wet, hollow claps echo throughout the room. You shift your grip to her immaculate waist before rearing one of your hands back, and you bring it down to slap Jess’ jiggly butt, making her yelp as you smack the soft flesh.

“OH GOD YES! YES! VIOLATE MY ASS LIKE THE DIRTY COW I AM! FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER!” she yells as you continue to lovingly abuse her rear end.

You keep on fucking Jess from behind for several minutes as she begs and pleads with you to do her harder and harder. Your crotch starts to sting a bit from constantly slapping against her meaty ass, but you don’t really mind; watching her flesh jiggle about as your pelvis claps wetly against her only spurs you on further. The cowgirl can only grunt out short incoherent words as you push against her shoulders, lowering her face into the pillows as you bend over to get a better angle. You can feel a tightening in your loins as Jess’ breathing becomes more labored, and you start to work harder to bring the two of you to a second shared climax. She starts to whimper as her ass subconsciously tightens around your pistoning shaft, and you lean forward so you can hear what she’s trying to say.

“Ngh, p-please. H-harder…” she says weakly. “I-I can’t take much more of this, I-I think I’m gonna c-cum soon. I-I want you to fill me up until I’m about to burst.”

“Well my little cow, I think I can give you just that.” you say before giving her bovine ear a little nibble.

Pulling back, you change your thrusts so that they’re short and quick, yet still just as deep. Jess’ breath catches in her throat before she lets out a low moo of pleasure as she feels you emptying your reserves into her. Her pussy quivers as some of her feminine fluids drip out of it onto her legs and the sheets, and she is unable to do anything other than pant out as you rock her world with a mind-blowing orgasm. You give the tired holstaur slow, deep thrusts as you ejaculate inside her ass, and thanks to her breastmilk, you’re able to keep thrusting inside her for over a minute. At around the thirty second mark you can hear her body start to gurgle as it takes on far more semen than it ought to. The cowgirl’s pudgy midsection starts to bulge outward slightly, and by the time you’re finally finished cumming inside her ass it looks like she’s a few months pregnant.

You hug Jess around her waist from behind, and fall backwards and bringing her with you. With tired eyes, Jess cups your face in one of her soft hands and gives you a weak kiss.

“You’re the best captain a woman could ever hope for.” she says, her eyes already starting to droop.

“Well, I do have the best crew a man could ever have.” you retort, gently returning her affections with a kiss of your own. “Come on, Zöe probably wants to cuddle with me, and I think Rachel would like to use you as a pillow as well.”

The holstaur smiles weakly at you, and you awkwardly scoot over to where the wurm and sahuagin are currently sleeping, and you climb up into Zöe’s warm coils while still buried deep inside Jess’ rear end. Reaching over, you give Zöe a kiss on the forehead, and she blushes before nestling against you just a little bit more. Moving over, you also give Rachel a goodnight kiss on her lips, and she smiles to herself before hugging Jess, giving the cowgirl a rather long goodnight kiss before using her soft breasts as a warm pillow. You smile before making yourself comfortable in the hot, sticky, yet still lovely cuddle pile.

You have the best crew ever…



>[A few days later…]

>Your hips are a blur as you pound away at her perfectly shaped ass. You can feel another orgasm welling up deep within you as your cock plunges in and out of the monstergirl’s dark hole, deep, wet clapping sounds a constant as your crotch impacts her jiggling butt. You let out several animalistic grunts as you feel yourself erupting inside her, a few spurts of your cum eking out from around your shaft as you add to the already considerable amount of jizz inside her. Thanks to the barbs of manticore venom you purchased and used earlier, large portions of the bed are soaked in your cum as you roughly fuck the monstergirl under you. She’s an absolute mess, copious amounts of your pearly white fluid cover her round cheeks and upper portion of her scaly tail as she gasps and moans in delight as you fill her up some more. You don’t even bother slowing down, and you simply power through another orgasm even as she starts tearing up the mattress with her talons…

*Knock knock*

Your eyes slowly open and the rather vivid dream gradually fades from your memory as you stare at the dark ceiling. An eerie silence fills the room, and you can start to feel the blood pounding in your ears. There’s another knock at your door, and you exhale before sitting up on your elbows.

“Come in.” you call out.

With a click, the being on the other side of the door turns the knob, and the door swings inward revealing the silhouette of your sahuagin crew member, Rachel. She’s standing in the doorway, her tail swishing back and forth slightly as she clutches her dolphin plushy close to her body.

“C-can I come in?” she asks meekly.

“Can’t sleep without cuddling up with me or Jess?” you tease, and if there was any light you would’ve been able to see the blush on the sahuagin’s face.

“Wh-what? N-no! O-of course not b-baka!”

“Oh come on, I know those looks you give her when you think no one is looking.” you say, making Rachel fidget about. “But come on, I suppose I have some room.”

You swear you can see the sahuagin smile slightly as she gingerly walks into your room, and she shuts the door behind her with her tail. As she moves closer to your bed, she lets out a short squeak as you pick her up and haul her onto the fluffy mattress and you give her a tender smooch, which she eagerly returns. Shifting around, you manage to get the two of you under the covers again, and you hold the petite monstergirl to your bare chest as she giggles like a child, the soft and smooth fabric of her nightgown gently rubbing up against your skin. Her breathing slows down a bit and she stops squirming around as you reach behind her ear to scratch and rub at the sensitive flesh right by the fin.

“So what did you want to talk about Rachel?” you ask, giving her ear a short rub before rubbing her back some more.

“I dunno, I just felt like being with you is all.” she responds.

“Too afraid to ask Jess for some milk to help you fall asleep?”

“N-no! Wh-why would I need milk to be able to sleep?” the sahuagin stammers.

“I dunno. It’s probably because you’re just jealous that her breasts are so big, and you can’t get enough of them.” you smirk.

“I’m not jealous! And besides, I don’t even like them that much anyway…” Rachel pouts, trying to look away from you.

“Then why weren’t you in your room last night, and why did I hear poor Jess moaning out before she suddenly stopped when I walked past the door?” you question her, giving her ears another rub.

“It was ngh, n-nothing.” Rachel struggles to say.

You keep up your teasing, easily breaking down the barriers the sahuagin is trying to put up.

“A-alright, alright! Stop rubbing my ears like that!” she finally says. “E-ever since our date together a few days ago, I can’t help but keep on thinking about her breasts. They’re just so warm and soft!”

“And the kissing?” you ask.

“I-I don’t know. She’s just really good at it I guess. For some reason it just feels right to do it, a-and it makes me feel almost the same way when you made love to me.” Her webbed hands almost immediately move to cover her mouth as she realizes what she just said, and her face practically turns beet red in embarrassment.

“Is that it?” you chuckle. “You know you could have just asked.” you say, pulling Rachel’s hands away from her mouth and you give her an incredibly passionate kiss.

She squirms a bit before relenting, sighing into your mouth as you start to caress her body. Your hands have a mind of their own, and before long you’ve removed the sahuagin’s pajama shirt and she allows your fingers to glide across her cool skin. With a near-silent ruffle from the sheets, you gently hug her close to you and roll over so that she’s now on your back, allowing her webbed hands to explore as much of you as possible. With your eyes closed due to Rachel’s incessant need to kiss you over and over again, you go off of memory as you make out with the monstergirl, and you start to fondle every part of her.

Her tail and cute butt get to go first, and you knead the supple flesh of her bottom with one hand while the other rubs her tail, making it curl around your legs. With nearly every squeeze and pull you make on her ass, Rachel lets out a cute little moan which allows you to breathe for a few moments before she presses her lips against your own again. Moving upwards, you run your hands around her thin waist and firm stomach, occasionally making the sahuagin giggle as your fingers find a particularly sensitive spot. She’s started rocking her hips ever so slightly, and you smile inwardly at her eagerness. When your hands finally manage to find their way to her pert breasts, Rachel’s breath catches in her throat as you lightly pinch one of her nipples before a shuddering moan passes her lips. Taking a break from the lustful kissing, you give the nape of her neck a quick peck before lowering your head even further so you can take her stiff nipple in your mouth.

She lets out constant short gasps and moans as you tenderly squeeze her breast with one hand while flicking the tip of her other mound with your tongue. You keep teasing Rachel for a few minutes, occasionally moving back so you can simply hug and kiss her and just as you’re about to make another switch, she stops you.

“Can we do it now?” she whispers. “C-can you make love to me again?”

“Of course.” you simply state, leaning down to kiss her again before helping her out of the nightwear you neglected to remove earlier.

Gingerly grabbing you in her hands, she tugs at your hips and you help her by raising yourself up so you can toss aside your boxers. Freeing your hard shaft you align it with her sex before gently pushing forward, the tip of your manhood kissing her folds and the entrance to her pussy before it slips in, eliciting a short gasp from Rachel. She coos as you slowly ease yourself deeper and deeper into her before both of you sigh as your pelvis finally meets hers. The sahuagin reaches up, holding your face on either side in her smooth hands before she pulls you towards her, giving you an intense smooch before she lets go of your head to hug your torso. Not stopping your amorous kissing, you too embrace the monstergirl as you start to slowly rock your hips, allowing your cock to slide in and out of her hot confines.

There’s hardly any sound now apart from your breathing and hers, and the adorable moans she occasionally makes as you hit just the right spot as you hilt yourself inside her pussy. Rachel’s hands don’t seem to want to stay still, because they’re either rubbing your back or caressing your neck and shoulders as you make love to her. You meanwhile simply change your hold on her to make it that much more enjoyable for her, and you smile when you feel her arching her back and pressing her small breasts into your chest as your prick rubs up against a particularly sensitive location.

Pulling away from her again, you lower your head down to kiss and nibble on her neck, making her squirm in delight as you tickle her skin. Knowing exactly how sensitive her ear fins are, you give her neck dozens of short pecks before gently biting on the tip of her fin, and she gasps out in shock and nearly making you blow your load inside her as her pussy spasms around your shaft. Grinning some more, you blow on the thin membrane, making her ear involuntarily twitch.

“Ngh, s-stop that…” she gasps as you continue to thrust into her. Ignoring her plea, you keep molesting her ear, kissing it, nibbling it, and otherwise irritating the monstergirl.

You time your thrusts with each gentle bite or kiss and before long Rachel is practically putty in your hands, moaning directly into your ear.

“Ah, please, d-don’t stop…m-make love to me more. More! Ngh, I think, I think I’m g-gonna cum soon!” she gasps.

Halting your assault on the poor monstergirl, you pause your hips and kiss the sahuagin hard on the mouth, parting her lips with your tongue as you slowly resume humping her. Your tongue intertwines with hers as the two of you continue to have tender, loving sex with each other. Your breathing starts to get a little more haggard as you gradually increase the speed of your thrusts, and you can feel your balls churning as your body prepares to coat the inside of the monstergirl’s walls in your gooey essence. Your member starts to twitch as you get dangerously close to your orgasm, and Rachel pulls away from you for but a moment.

“I, ah, I’m really close…c-can you cum with me?” she pleads, and you simply kiss her as you drive yourself deep into her a few more times.

Arching her back, the monstergirl screams in ecstasy as her walls ripple along your entire length, sending you over the edge. You force yourself up to the hilt as hard as you can, trying to get your cock as deep into Rachel’s pussy as humanly possible, all the while she moans in bliss with each of your thrusts.

“Ah! Yes! Oh my god! Oh god! Ah, yes! Yes!” she shouts, and you silence her with a loving, romantic kiss as you finish cumming with her.

Coming down from both of your orgasmic highs, you simply hold each other close, not really bothering to separate fully as sexual fluids slowly leak out from Rachel’s sex. You start to roll to the side so you can get some sleep, but she just holds on to you and ends up on top of you.

“Mmm, that was great…” she whispers with her eyes closed.

“Only because it was with you.” you say, lifting her chin up to give her a tender smooch.

“Next time can we invite Jess?” she asks.

“Perhaps, but she has to agree.” you respond, and Rachel frowns slightly before you ruffle her hair. “I’m sure she’d be more than happy to join us though.” you grin, giving the sahuagin one last peck on the lips.

“Goodnight Rachel.”

“Goodnight.” she responds.

“…I love you…” you hear her mumble as she falls asleep.

You watch the monstergirl sleep for a bit before the intensity of the love-making session you just had with her catches up to you.

“I love you too Rachel…”

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