Soc’em Moms

It was a bright, beautiful fall day. Leaves drifted gently through the chilly breeze of the mid-morning sun, creating a cascade of colors which ignited the senses. Everywhere you could see and hear the gifts of autumn. There was no place this was more true of course, than the soccer field.

“Kick the ball dear!”

“No, the other way!”

“Be careful about mud sweetums!”

Ah, truly the natural beauty of the season.

On this fine Autumn Saturday, a game of soccer, football, or futbol for the ethnically minded, was occurring on the local Smithfield green between the Smithfield Lions and the Smithfield Applecorns. They were but two of the ten Smithfield little league soccer teams, but ask anyone in the bleachers and they’d tell you that their little smoochums were the best.

A mix of ten year old boys, girls, and monster girls ran along the field, chasing a spherical object with their feet. A lanky boy from the Applecorns kicked the ball, sending it flying towards the enemy side of the field, the other team in disarray as a mass of forwards, midfielders, and defenders swarmed up into a tight pack, their feet moving in a blur as they desperately kick the ball back and forth between them like a pack of drunks kicking a hooker. But like any good hooker, the ball doesn’t stay there long, and one kick sent it tumbling back towards the Applecorn’s side!

“Aww yeah! That’s right Benjamin!” Shouted a woman of average height dressed in a blue windbreaker and black, tight-fitting pants. She was fairly attractive with her long, brown hair tied up loosely on her head, as if she didn’t really have time to get pretty before game. She was probably a beauty in her prime, but now she was in her 40’s and age was taking its toll.

“Keep it going, score!” She shouts as the boy, her Benjamin, tore forth from the pack, his shin guards splattered with fresh mud as his cleats strike the ball before him. He managed to perform a fairly impressive feat of keeping the ball and moving around a mid-fielder, who sat there, stunned by his moves. Could anyone stop his mad dash for the goal?

Yes! As he steamed ahead a lithe figure burst from the side, clipping the ball and sent it  flying from his feet! He kept running, unaware yet that his quarry had been taken, and when he realized, it was too late. He’d been besmuzzled! And that’s not even a word!

“Wooohooo! You show that boy Rebecca!” Shouted another mother, a tall, lithe succubus dressed in a form-fitting sweater of beige fleece that seemed a little too heavy for the weather, but the way it hugged her curves made one perfectly okay with this. She’s a big girl, she can make her own decisions. The ensemble was complete with a pair of pants that seemed so tight on her firm ass they might just snap at any moment. Mhm hmm hmm, now wouldn’t that be a shame.

Ah but yes, the object of her attention was a prepubescent succubus with glorious, glittering, glamorously, golden locks that swayed lazily as she ran with the ball, her tail gently swaying behind her. Everyone knew he she had a bright future in debauchery and sin, but for now, she was the queen of the green and no BOY was going to stop her as she zipped back to the Lion’s side of the field.

“Hahaha! Yes dear, show those stupid lions who’s boss!” Yelled the succubus mother as she puts her hands together and jumps on the crude bleachers in joy. The parents around her made murmurs of agreement, since they were also Applecornians, but they didn’t have the same… Spirit.

From the Lion’s side, Benjamin’s mother narrowed her eyes at the succubus. Bitch was calling her baby stupid? Okay, well, two could play at that game.

“Benjamin, you can do it! Those Applecorns are terrible, you can do it!”

The succubus mother glared at the lowly human woman who dared insult her little girl. What, just because she spit out a boy, she thinks she’s special? Well fuck her!

“Don’t listen to them Rebecca, those lions are just big pussies!”

Benjamin’s mother looked shocked, as if slapped in the face by an angry pimp. She stared at the Succubus, her eyes flaring in rage. “What did you just say?”

The Succubus, acting coy, raised an eyebrow and put a gentle finger to her lips. “Who, me? I was just remarking that they were pussy…cats.”

“Oh that is not what you said! You take it back right now!”

“Why don’t you come over here and make me?”

The human mother’s nostril’s flared and she began to take a step toward the succubus when a hand gently grabbed her sleeve. She looked back and saw the concerned face of her husband, his eyes pleading.

“Jackie, dear… Don’t let her goad you, just sit down and watch the game.”

Jackie’s expression softened as she realized that she was being foolish. Letting some monster get her goat? Hah! As if! No, no she was going to sit back and watch the game with her husband and…

“Aww, looks like the big Mama lion is also a big pussy.”

Jackie’s head whipped back to the succubus and she growled, breaking loose from her husband, and her common sense, dashing toward the other mother through the crowd and slugging her in the face.

“Take that you succu-slut!” She gloated as the monster reeled backwards, clutching at her face.

The succubus pulled a trembling hand from her mouth, finding a string of blood there, and her eyes went wide. She snarled at the lowly human and her tail whipped back and forth as her wings bristled. Oh. No. She. Didn’t.

“Raaaaa!” She screamed, jumping into a flying tackle, and sending the human crashing to the floor of the bleachers before trying to tear at her with her nails.

Jackie’s husband stood up in panic, desperate to pull her out of there when he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned about to see another man, dressed in a light denim jacket with a close cut beard standing behind him.

“Hey now, calm down, calm down, just let them go at it. No sense in getting involved.”

Jackie’s husband blinked, confused. “But they’re tearing into each other, they could really hurt themselves!”

“Nah, my Tiffany is a scrappy one, but I doubt they’ll really do much. She always seems to get into fights.” He held up a can of beer. “Want one?”

Jackie’s husband stared down at the beer, then to the fighting soccer moms, then back to the beer. He shrugged and took the can, sitting down next to the man and nodding at him, watching the fight.

Tiffany’s furious clawing did some damage, but not before Jackie managed to get an arm up in the way, catching most of it on her sleeve. She growled and pushed the succubus off her, charging forward and grabbing the woman by her sweater, tearing at it furiously.

“Oh, name’s Chuck by the way.” Said Tiffany’s husband as he cracked open his can of ambrosia. He took a long drink before making a satisfied sound.

“Oh.. Uh, hey, name’s Frank.” Replied Jackie’s husband, mentally rooting as his wife started ripping at the succubus’s clothing. He opened his own beer but doesn’t drink it yet. “You sure this is okay? I mean, isn’t there something about monsterization or something?”

“Nah, that doesn’t really happen.” Chuck took a drink of his beer before muttering, “Much.”

“Uh huh…” Frank took a swig, relishing the taste. “So… What part of town you live in?”

Tiffany grabbed Jackie in the same kind of grip she was in, her beautiful sweater beginning to tear, and she head butted the human, her horns producing a resounding crack against her target’s skull, causing Jackie to stagger backwards and turn about, holding her head. Tiffany took the opportunity to grab her from behind, pushing at the soccer mom’s chest from the front, causing the zipper on her jacket to start slipping down her as the pressure increased.

“Oh, you know, the Redburg side. It makes an easy commute to the Ironworks.”

“The Ironworks? Hell, I work there too!”

“Get out of town! What division? I’m on the manufacturing side.”

“Payroll for me.”

“Ahhh, you’re one of the bastards we harass all day eh?”

“Tell me about it, haha.”

Tiffany’s pulling had finally done its job and Jackie’s jacket slid off, giving her freedom to move, but exposing the light shirt she had underneath. She growled and swings at the monster, but her target evaded and does the same for the next two punches. Tiffany smirked and sent her tail about to wrap around Jackie’s leg, yanking hard.

Jackie cried out and fell down again, but as she does, she grabbed Tiffany’s leg and pulled, both women now crashing down into a heap, in which both topped the other as they rolled on the floor, clothing tearing as they shout, yell, and growl.

“Wife’s got a nice rack there.” Said Chuck admiring the situation.

“Thank you, I must say, yours does as well, but that’s a succubus for you.”

“Haha, yeah, she’s a firecracker alright.”

They watched the fight for a little longer in silence.

“We’re basically just waiting until they strip each other at this point, aren’t we?”

“You know it brother.”

Both men took a long pull of their beer before sighing in unison. God they loved soccer.

By this time, Jackie came out on top of the pile, her pink bra held on by one strap as she pounded Tiffany’s stupid face in with her fist. The succubus was utterly naked on top, apparently not bothering to wear a bra, and this only fueled Jackie’s rage. How dare she have such a child so old and still have such perky breasts!

Around this time, someone ended up growing a spine, or they were gay, and decided to break up the fight, grabbing Jackie off the broken Tiffany, the human mother flailing as she was pulled off. Chuck sighed and took his jacket off, covering his wife while Frank went to calm his down. They kept the two apart as they tended to them off the bleachers, but the women still yelled curses at each other while the husbands rolled their eyes.

“Come on dear, let’s calm down.” Said Chuck as he wiped his wife’s face clean. “You got her good, okay? Shhh, shhh.”

“You really showed that succubus, huh?” Soothed Frank as he tended to his wife’s wounds. “Looked like you had her at the end there.” He looked back at Chuck and winks, the other man giving a coy thumbs up. He was going to invite Frank and Jackie over for dinner next week.

Both wives grumbled and let their husbands calm them down as the other parents just ignore them, trying to enjoy, or at least tolerate the rest of the game, wondering what was on TV later. Maybe they just wanted lunch. Regardless, the spectacle as over.

Upon the field, as the soccer ball was kicked out of bounds once again, a young succubus and boy stood next to each other, watching the aftermath of the furious battle.

“Parents are stupid.” Said the boy as he kicked at the dirt.

“Tell me about it.” Replied the succubus, staring off into the bright autumn sky as a lazy breeze sent a flurry of leaves through the air, a magnificent salute to another beautiful day of soccer.

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  1. Going into this story, I had assumed it would be a milfy smut soccer game, succubus and all, and I was going to enjoy some really good action. However, to see this turn into a non-smut work, I was disappointed, but only for a split second. Never in all of my life, have I ever seen a cat fight so expertly depicted as I have seen now. My hat tips to you sir, you made me laugh my ass off.


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