Slimy Latex

            Things are getting more depressing and tedious with every passing day. You know you shouldn’t be feeling bitter; your waifu is sick, and she needs you. Sure it’s been two months since she was last out of the bathtub, but you have to keep your spirits up. For her. Even so, you can’t stop your growing restlessness. You can tell she is feeling it too. Since all Slimegirls of her species are mute, you had to learn how to read her emotions and body language rather fast. You didn’t mind though, you had never been much of a talker in the first place. In fact, since you’d been with the Slimegirl, you’d noticed that you talked even less than you used to.


            Ever since the day she got home from MGC Hospital, she’s been self-conscious and ashamed of herself. You assured her that the gooey blue trail she had left all over your carpeted floors didn’t matter to you at all. There was no consoling her though. On her first day as a resident of your house, she had made a gigantic mess for you to clean up. It had been difficult to clean, that was for sure, but you didn’t resent her for it. It wasn’t her fault in the slightest. She’d been treated for Limal Hypoviscosity Syndrome, a disease that drastically lowers a Slime’s viscosity as well as virtually destroying her control over it. You both know that she has no control over her viscosity right now, but she still blames herself.


            The Slimegirl had secluded herself in your bathtub for week after miserable week, too scared and embarrassed to come out. You don’t want to push her too much and make her worse, but your patience is slowly wearing thin. Her condition has improved so much, but she still won’t leave the tub. You’re sure that she’s aware your enthusiasm had decreased. It has been harder and harder to appear happy and hopeful as the days drag on. Even so, you still come home from work every day and immediately go into the bathroom to keep her company. It’s one of the most difficult things you’ve faced, but you are doing your best to be loving and supportive. However, you know deep down that you really have no idea what you’re doing. There is no telling how long her condition will keep holding the two of you hostage.


            Feelings have never been easy for you. Learning how to communicate with the silent Slimegirl has helped a little bit, but you still feel woefully lost sometimes. Now is definitely one of those times. One thought has stood out in your mind throughout all of this though. All you know is that you love your waifu and want to do anything you can to help her get better.


            Lately, you’ve taken to perusing the Internet for anything that may get the Slimegirl up and out of her funk. You hate seeing her so depressed, and have taken it upon yourself to get her comfortably out of the tub, even if it’s just for a small amount of time. Baby steps. You’ve searched through natural remedies, miracle drugs, even portable containers that proclaim to be the cure-all for sick Slimes. You doubt the effectiveness of all of these. Your life on the Internet has made you very suspicious of this kind of thing, and you are nearing your wits end. One night after a particularly lonely and unfulfilling masturbation session, an idea strikes you.



            You’ve always had a bit of a thing for it, and it might just work. Your waifu’s ooze won’t ruin latex. Latex is extremely easy to clean and can be molded into humanoid shapes so that the Slimegirl can have full control of her body.

            This is it.

            You’ve found it.

            The next morning, you excitedly show your waifu what you have come up with. Her expression is curious as she looks at the various models sporting brightly colored latex garments on your screen. After a bit of talking, some nods, headshakes and an embarrassed smile or two, you make a plan to get a nice latex catsuit custom made for her.


            The plain, unmarked box arrives on your doorstep a week later. You had been frantically tracking it while at work, compulsively refreshing the page every few minutes. Once you see that it’s been delivered, you rush home. Your boss knows about your waifu’s illness, and he was more than happy to let you go early. Work was almost over anyway. Now, you are excitedly unwrapping your purchase in the bathroom with the Slimegirl. The black suit is shiny, and just looking it makes a lump form in your throat. You can’t help but imagine how she would look wearing it. Lost in thought, you set the catsuit down at the side of the tub. The Slime picks herself up and slowly, carefully, flows herself into it. It is an odd phenomenon to behold.


            The black latex suit inflates like a water balloon, slowly swelling as she fills it with her fluid body. Soon, your latex-covered Slimegirl stands unsteadily in front of you. It’s been a long time since she was up and around, and despite your best efforts, the suit doesn’t quite fit her usual resting state. It’s tough to measure a Slimegirl. Her whole, petite form is covered in the sexy black latex; only her adorable blue head sticks out from the neck hole. Even though she is more clothed than she’s probably ever been, you can tell that the latex now gently squeezing every inch of her has made her feel very… exposed. You can’t help but hug her. Excitement and longing tug at your heart as you embrace your beautiful, slightly squishy waifu.


            As you hug her, you suddenly feel her struggle against you a bit.

            Something is wrong.

            Fear hits you.

            Your heart drops to your toes as your waifu falls on the ground, struggling and writhing on the tile floor. She flows out of the suit and back into the bathtub as quickly as she can. Revulsion joins fear as you watch her normally clear, pristine body bubble and froth grotesquely. Understanding dawns on you as you see her gagging and retching pitifully in the tub.

            She is allergic to Latex.

            What a fucking idiot you are.

            What’s more, Slimegirls taste things with their whole body. You can only imagine the terrible sensation she must have felt with such a volatile substance covering her all over. You quickly run some water in the tub to help her wash the foul taste off. You really fucked up this time. You should have done more research, been more careful. Now there’s no way she’ll ever come out. Hell, she might even leave you because you’re an ignorant bastard who doesn’t know shit about her or her species.


            A week later though, things have fully returned to how they were before the latex incident. Even with this setback, you are not willing to just give up and let your poor waifu get more and more depressed as she tries to recover from her disease. It’s back to the drawing board. The Slimegirl has told you that she can’t taste the latex anymore, and her body has returned to its usual, smooth state. Despite this, there is no telling when she will regain full control over her viscosity. You can’t give up though. You have to find her a solution, especially if she never fully recovers. All this week you’ve been researching alternatives to latex. Your waifu is willing to try other things, but you can tell she is still very scared. There are only a few good resources out there as latex and its alternatives are a very niche market. Eventually though, you decide on PVC. From what you’ve read and seen, PVC doesn’t smell as much, and it’s basically the same as latex.


            You know the Slimegirl is mostly trying a new catsuit for you; it isn’t hard to tell. The determined but terribly afraid look she had worn when you re-measured her for the PVC suit made your eyes well up a little. You desperately want to help her become more self-confident. Ever since the two of you met, she had always tried a bit too hard not to disappoint you. It’s not like you were ever strict or intimidating or passive-aggressive or anything like that. You were quite the opposite. Her past must have something to do with the way she acts around you, but you didn’t have nearly enough money to hire a Slime psychologist. For now, you’ll take what you can get. At least she’s facing her fears, right?


            Actually, as you’re thinking about it, you feel that using you as her motivation (however dysfunctional it may be) may be helping her more than you thought. Depression is incredibly difficult to overcome, and if she’s going to overcome it to please you, that is fine for now. You can address the other stuff when she is more mentally healthy and actually able to deal with it.


            Part of you is apprehensive. This has been a very expensive venture and it may not even work out. Your waifu’s happiness is worth a lot more to you than money though. That thought sticks in your mind as you confirm the purchase of the PVC catsuit. It comes in the same way as before. Both of you are extremely nervous as you bring the new suit into the bathroom and lay it out in front of the Slimegirl. She is a lot slower and more cautious around your purchase this time; her expression keeps switching between petrified and almost comically resolute. You try to conceal it, but her terrified bravery is incredibly endearing to you. Your waifu gingerly touches the silky PVC catsuit, almost immediately withdrawing her hand. Your teeth dig into your tongue as you anxiously wait for a reaction. She slowly reaches out and touches the suit again, withdrawing just as quickly as before. A few more moments pass, and she makes third reach for it. This time she runs her slender, blue fingers along the catsuit’s neck opening before she withdraws again. Things are looking good, but you don’t want to celebrate too soon.


            Eventually, the Slimegirl is comfortable enough to leave her hand on the suit for a whole minute. No bubbles, no disgusted reactions, nothing. It’s almost too hard to believe, but it looks like the suit is fine with her! Hand still on the PVC, your Slimegirl looks up to you with joy. She cocks her head to the left and smiles so widely that her eyes close. A full, open-mouthed anime smile. God damn, that look. That look just fucking melts you. In that instant, a brilliant idea popped into your head. You gesture for her to wait as you run into your bedroom. You know exactly where that small bottle is.


            The bottle had been part of a wedding present from the Slimegirl’s older sister. You and your waifu had only used it once before, but the sweet aroma of it had definitely made that night a very intense one. Flavored lube. You think it’s made with Alraune nectar, but you can’t read the foreign runes on the bottle. As you excitedly return to the bathroom, the Slimegirl notices the bottle in your hand. Her slightly confused expression disappears, replaced by a wide (maybe even a bit lewd) grin. She knows what you’re up to. You gently rub the lube all over the inside of the PVC catsuit, making sure it gets into each individual finger of the gloves and toe of the socks. Your waifu can barely contain herself as you finish; she hastily shoves herself into the flowery-smelling catsuit as soon as you pull away. That lube works like a fucking miracle.


            The Slime stands in front of you again. The shiny black material grips her clear blue body tightly; you long to run your hands over her full, perky breasts and her wide, squishy butt. Her nipples have grown erect in her arousal, accenting her already perfect C-cup boobs. Her toes wiggle around a bit in the suit’s toe-socks, growing accustomed to their new PVC surroundings. That familiar lump returns to your throat as you imagine lovingly suckling on each of her gloved PVC fingers and on each of her toes. Perhaps it’s that the suit’s measurements are still a little off, but you’re sure that her boobs and ass have grown a bit. Your waifu has always favored a slim, yet slightly busty and curvy form; looking at how the catsuit accentuates and emphasizes her curves is almost unbearable.

            “D- does it feel ok?” you ask. She grins again and bobs her head up and down, unable to contain her delight. She is free! She can live again! The uncontrollable feeling roused within you peaks as you pick your waifu up and hold her tightly. She is extremely light, even though she is only a few inches shorter than you.


            You can’t hide your excitement as you princess carry her to the bedroom. This is a massive step in the right direction. The Slimegirl squirms around with glee as she sees your sheets. You hadn’t told her this bit, but you also bought PVC bed sheets when you got the second suit. You were sure she would be apprehensive about using your normal sheets, so you bought these just to make sure. Your waifu gazes at you lovingly and points at the bed. You nod and carefully set her down on it. You know exactly what that look means. She sits there in her beautiful, tight PVC catsuit, ogling you as you undress. This is going to be an awesome night.


            Now naked, you join your eager Slime-waifu on your bed. She wastes no time in embracing you, planting a wet, slimy kiss on your cheek with her full, blue lips. Just being up and around has invigorated her like no other. Of course, the Alraune lube must be contributing as well. You grin as you position yourself behind your Slimegirl with your legs on either side of her. You hug her from behind, squeezing against her PVC-covered breasts with your arms. She fidgets a bit as you direct your attention to her firm, squishy chest, lovingly kneading at it. You can feel her stiff, erect nipples through her catsuit; pinching them elicits another satisfying squirm from her. The PVC under your hands feels delightfully smooth and silky, if a bit sticky. You can’t help but lose yourself for several blissful minutes as you play with the Slime’s breathtaking boobs.


            The lube inside the suit has done an amazing job at getting the Slimegirl into the mood. Her cute little tongue hangs out of her open mouth as she pants with arousal. She jumps a little as you move out from behind her and playfully push her back onto the bed. You stand on all fours, staring down at her beautiful cyan face. She can’t blush like people can, but you can tell from her expression that she would be as red as a beet. You grin and put your hand on her cheek as you bend down to kiss her. Her wonderful, indescribable taste fills your mouth as your lips lock together and your tongues dance in and out of each other’s mouths.


            Many passionate seconds of kissing later, you break from her. You can feel her slimy blue saliva all over your lips, chin, and cheeks, and you grin as you swallow what was left in your mouth. You never could get enough of your waifu’s amazing flavor. Smiling deviously, you move yourself lower. You trace little kisses along her lovely PVC-clad neck, then her chest, each nipple, her stomach, her navel, then just above her pussy. You can’t get over how amazing the cool, slick PVC feels against your lips and hands. Your hands have moved lower and are now caressing the Slimegirl’s beautiful, voluptuous butt. Slowly, lovingly, you take the small zipper at her crotch in your teeth and pull on it. It takes more effort than you had imagined, but you eventually get it down.


            Little beads of your waifu’s slime oozes out around the zipper as you take in the sight of her pussy. Her puffy, azure lips shine brightly as arousal drips slowly down between her legs. You greedily shove your head into her, lapping at her slimy, squishy lips. You have waited far too long for this moment. The Slimegirl bucks her hips into you, desperately trying to get closer to the source of her pleasure. It’s difficult, but you eventually find her clit among her gooey inner folds. You fix your lips around it, sucking on it, tasting your sweet, beautiful Slime-waifu all over your mouth. She shivers a little bit as she feels your index finger enter her. You slowly move it in and out, adding your middle finger after a few thrusts, continuing your sucking on her stiff little clit. It isn’t long before you feel her dripping walls shudder and contract as she orgasms.


            Her legs wrap around your head, encasing you in a cocoon of blue slime and black PVC. You struggle a bit in panic as your mouth and nose are filled with slime and arousal. She hurriedly releases you, a concerned and sheepish look on her face. Your face and hair are completely covered in her faint, cyan juices. Worry vanishes from the Slimegirl’s face as you smile and sit up on your knees. Her eyes are now fixed on your erect penis; you can tell that she wants it desperately.

            “I think it’s time.”

            She nods vigorously in agreement.


            You line yourself up with her, eager to satisfy. Her cool, gooey pussy envelops you and you close your eyes. If you aren’t careful, you won’t last long at all. It’s been WAY too long since the last time you were together like this. You had tried masturbating while your waifu was tub-ridden, but it wasn’t satisfying in the slightest. The crippling loneliness and despair you felt afterwards just weren’t worth it. Now… now the tension that had built for months is almost about to be released. As you slowly, carefully start thrusting, your Slimegirl’s PVC covered hands grasp at the sheets. You reach for her shoulders, slowly running your hands down her arms, reveling in the lovely feeling of her silky PVC catsuit. You interlace your fingers with hers and tenderly squeeze her adorable gloved hands.


            Sweet, beautiful pleasure washes over the two of you as you repeatedly bury yourself inside of her. Lewd squelching and squishing noises echo throughout the room as you quicken your pace and lustful momentum quickly builds within the both of you as each movement brings you closer and closer to the edge. You fall on all fours again, thrusting harder as you try to push as deep inside of your waifu as you can. Looking at her expressions make your heart flutter and your penis almost explode; her face is contorted with an expression of amazing pleasure. You can tell she’d be moaning and screaming as loud as she could, if she had a voice.


            A few more moments of frenzied ecstasy pass; you know you are close. Your arms wrap around your waifu and you pick her up off of the bed a little as you cum. Blast after blast of your jizz erupts deep inside of her as you clutch her desperately to your chest in a tight hug. She squirms and bucks her hips wildly as her PVC-clad arms wrap tightly around your back. Your orgasm sends her off as well. Her pussy clenches tightly around you, milking every last drop out of your throbbing girth.


            Utterly spent, you collapse on top your Slimegirl, and she squishes down slightly. Even though you know it doesn’t hurt her, shock hits you. This has happened a couple times before, and you had told yourself you were going to be more careful after every time. You still feel bad for it, even though you know she doesn’t mind. It’s a hard feeling to get used to, squishing one’s waifu. You roll over on your side almost instantly though, pulling the Slime up to mirror you.


            Only now do you fully realize how tired you are. This has been the most you’ve exerted yourself in awhile, and you are sure your waifu feels the same way if not more. You just lie there for what seems like forever, lost in each other’s gaze. She eventually cuddles up to you, squeezing you all over. Her shiny, PVC-covered body envelops you as she holds you like she never plans to release you. You shiver a bit as you take in the beautiful, slippery, sticky feeling of the PVC catsuit against your skin. The Slimegirl’s toned, yet barely chubby legs intertwine with yours, as she plants one long, deliciously slimy kiss on your lips. You know what that means.

            ‘Thank you. I love you.’ You pull her in as close as you can, almost unable to bear the need to be joined with her like this. Cuddling is truly one of your favorite things in the world. The two of you slowly drift off together, tightly wrapped in each other’s embrace.


            Your Slimegirl’s PVC suit as well as the PVC sheets will no doubt leave you extremely sweaty in the morning, bud you don’t really care. You fall asleep to thoughts of your beautiful Slime-waifu casually wearing her tight, PVC catsuit around the house. Your penis stirs a bit, still embedded deep inside her, however you are far too tired for another session tonight.


            As time goes on, it becomes apparent that your waifu has become completely addicted to PVC. She won’t stop wearing her sexy catsuit wherever she goes. Even though she recovered very soon after she received your ‘Spirit Energy boost’ that night, you don’t think she’s been out of her suit more than twice. You’d even had to ask for a raise at work because your Slimegirl wants to get all sorts new custom PVC outfits. Thankfully, your boss was again, very understanding. The new PVC purchases aren’t only for your waifu though, oh no. She also has to get a full PVC wardrobe for the daughter that is now only eight months away from you. You have absolutely no regrets about any of this.

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