Sleepy Lich

>Be Anon.
>Wake up early in the morning, dark bags under your eyes.
>Just like any other morning.
>Try to get up.
>Fail. Miserably.
>Try to rationalize your problem with your sleep-addled mind.
>Are you too fat?
>Poke stomach.
>Nope, Chub at best.
>Are you an amputee?
>Move extremities.
>Nope. Everything’s intact.
>Is your back broken?
>No, since you can feel your extremities, asking this question is a waste of time.
>Look at sheets.
>There’s a bulge On your chest area. There’s a wet patch on the front of it too.
>Did you alp?
>No, you’re not a faggot. That can’t be happening.
>Pull up covers with your muscular right arm, obtained from days of ‘training’.
>Notice a pale girl sleeping on your chest, a small puddle of drool under her head.

>Well, that saves you a few minutes of questioning your sexuality. Still, be confused.
>Be a little bit more awake, remembering what is going on.
>Oh right, you’re married. To a Lich. That changes the whole situation from a confused and awkward one to a sweet and cute one.
>Well, you’re more of a lab rat to her or rather, an experiment.
>That might as well just be a synonym for ‘husband’ at this point, though.
>Look at left arm.
>Feels tingly, you should probably move it a little bit. Get the blood flowing.
>Tickle the belly of the Lich(you know you want to), try to get her to move.
>Her eyes open up groggily, look at you and close back up.
>You can hear a soft sigh as her lips change from an unemotional.
>You smirk as she tries to put up enough strength into her arms to get off of you but fails oh so quickly.
>Finally getting back some feeling in your limbs, you sit up, softly placing her heavy head into your lap, stroking her hair as you do so.
>You continue stroking her hair until you can once again hear a soft, unnecessary yet steady breath coming from her.
>That should give you enough time to get everything ready for her awakening.
>Taking her into your arms, you bring her to the laboratory(living room) and set her down on a padded chair.
>You wobble to the alchemical table, prepare the brew of rejuvenation(a cup of coffee) and wait, checking to see if she showed any signs of waking from her slumber.
>Just like a sleeping beauty, she didn’t move a muscle. As you stared at the mesmerizing sight of a small, pale chest rising up ever so slightly, her shapely bottom leaving a dent on the chair and her full, pouty lips curling up in a satisfied smile.
>Unaware of the passing of time, you are brought back to reality by the hissing of the cauldron(coffee kettle) next to you.
>You grab two flasks(cups) from the adjacent table and fill ’em up to the brim with the murky substance.
>You pour just a drop of Holst milk into hers and bring them over.
>You grab her by the chin and lift her head up, carefully putting the concoction under her lips.
>As the dark liquid fills her mouth, her hand reaches up, trying to hold yours.
>A few moments later, all of the sleepiness is gone and she is back to her old, cold self.
>Turning around, you take a sip and head towards the bedroom, ready to change and begin your day.
>Or not.
>As you turn around, you can feel a pair of arms embracing you from behind and roaming all over your chest.
>Smiling, you hear a soft, slow voice whispering in your ear.
“Stay… and warm me up… the coffee’s… not as good as… you.”
>You reach behind you and grab her by the waist, pulling her into your chest.
>With the frozen visage of your lover in front of you, you can’t help it, and steal a chaste kiss from her cold lips.
>The morning routine can wait for a little bit more.

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2 thoughts on “Sleepy Lich

  1. Short, simple, but very sweet.

    I chuckled at the bits with the “cauldron” and “flasks” and all of that.

    I’m looking forward to whatever continuation you have.

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