Sleeping on the Giant Manticore

Lightning struck outside once again, and the torrential rainfall set against a clouded night sky made sure seeing was impossible. She was very late tonight. Sometimes she came back after dark, but I was certain it had been two hours since sundown. Deciding a cave ledge wasn’t the best place to pace around, I let out a sigh and retreated back inside to the fire.

It had been almost five months since my abduction from a fishing trip and I knew my family had accepted my death. I had heard the search parties drums many times, but in hindsight I’m glad they never found me. If they had she wouldn’t have let them live anyways.

I sat down and stared into the flames as I thought about the newest turn of events in my life. When I had first came to this cave it was a rough transition. She seemed callous and self-concerned. I was raped and envenomed against my will daily. Despite our sheer difference in power, I fought and resisted for the first month. After that I began to notice small things about her, and in time I fell properly into the odd hybrid role of captive and homemaker.

I wouldn’t say that I like being here or that everything is okay but sometimes I wonder: if I was given the option would I go back?

A delicious smell wafted from the flames and I looked over to see the cooking food. I was roasting many chunks of beast on spits. It took awhile, but I’d learned how to tell when it was done just by smell alone. She might have been pleased with how things were turning out, but in the last couple of weeks she made herself absent more and more. She never explained it to me, though I guess in my position she didn’t feel it important that I know.

I was just turning over the spit to finish on the other side when I heard a wet thump near the front of the cave. I turned around and saw her there standing up tall and proud.

Her fearsome stature and the backdrop of a storm made a somewhat terrifying picture. Still she had a half-cocked grin on her face and bright wild eyes that focused on the fire and then me. She moved forward with grace one wouldn’t expect from a giant and closed the gap quickly.

I stopped and watched her for a moment before the initial impact of her presence wore off. I still hadn’t quite gotten used to the 10ft tall manticore who had claimed me.

“Looks like you’re getting the hang of the food.” She said walking past me and examining the morsels as they finished.

By the light of the fire, I could see that she had gotten soaked outside and I sighed. “You were gone for awhile.” I said trying to change the subject.

She turned around and grinned down at me. She had that unsettling and predatory look on her face that had become all too familiar.

“They’re redoubling the efforts to look for you.” She said crossing her arms as she carefully studied my reaction.

I met her gaze, though I almost had to look vertically to do so. She stood a full four and a half feet over me and I was considered an average sized man. It was her sheer size and power that had earned her the top spot in the local food chain, power that I had experienced many times first hand.

Her words gave me a glimmer of hope that immediately disappeared as I realized there would be no way to reach me if they knew where I was. The only path up by foot was likely to be fatal if even the slightest thing went wrong.

She chuckled low, “They decided that with the rains you might follow the creeks towards the valley and find your way out. They’re hoping to meet you halfway somewhere.”

I shook my head, “I’m glad to hear I’m not dead yet.”

I walked past her and examined the roast beast and decided it was done. She liked to keep me shaken up and walking on eggshells, but I learned her game long ago. Now I’d started playing along with her. Even still I found myself almost hoping I wouldn’t be rescued. Now a smirk was on my features as I felt a massive paw fall on my shoulder with a thud and a light grip.

“Oh? How surprising…” She purred out. “Have you given up trying to escape then? I would love to know that my little prey item has decided to embrace being the husband of a queen.” She said in a mocking and haughty tone.

Part of me resented the little comments she made. Another part of me was starting to like it. Some part of me enjoyed the “prey item” and “husband” remarks, while the rest of me wanted to be sitting on my porch in town and enjoying fresh melon with the spring air. I considered this a fine and healthy state to be in.

“Who knows…” Was my only response. I picked up the spits and turned around before offering one to her. The look on her face seemed mixed, but settled back into a grin as she reach down and grabbed the large one. For a moment I was nervous that I might have went too far but only time could tell for now.

She took a bite of the food and nodded approvingly before taking a seat by the fire, “This is the best yet!” She said tearing into the chunks of meat with abandon. I watched her for a minute before starting on mine. She was wild but also graceful and watching the two worlds collide sometimes was amusing.

I tried to shake the thoughts from my head but I couldn’t deny that I was happier with her around. It might have had to do with just being lonely when she was gone but part of it was also the warmer parts of her personality combined the intensely pleasurable rapings…if you could call it that anymore.

I caught myself before I continued on that dangerous path of thinking. She WANTED me to think about it that way. I took another bite of the food and decided to use my mouth instead of my brain for a bit. Her ability to mess with my head like this was frightening.

“I know you said what you were doing but why? Why stay out well past dark and get drenched?” I asked as I looked at her fur. It was lightly matted though the fire had restored some of its scarlet luster.

She looked into the fire for a second before leaning back on her arms, “That’s a secret you’re not ready to hear yet~~” She said with a teasing tone.

I sighed and turned back to my roast beast, “Still like toying with me huh?” I asked after finishing my portion. She set her skewer aside and suddenly pulled me in close to her. Most of her fur was dry and I was confronted with a warmth and strength I would just as soon forget. I gulped and tried not to think about what would come. To my surprise she didn’t go any further than that and after a moment I relaxed into her.

That was worse.

As I laid against her silently in front of the fire my mind moved back to the ground. She was fluffy and warm, and her strength invited me to relax without concern. It felt nice to be surrounded in comfort like that.

I let out a yawn, but suddenly I saw a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye I didn’t have to wait long until it moved into full view.Her tail moved in an almost rhythmic motion in front of me, opening and closing suggestively. Seeing it like that always triggered a memory of my first night in the cave, the night I was pinned to a wall by a massive paw with my feet dangling off the ground. That night, I lost the first of many battles against her.

She turned and looked at me with a sneaky grin before retracting her tail, “Don’t worry. I won’t deny you tonight.” She said rising to her full height. Looking up to her from the ground made her seem even more otherworldly.

She motioned to me with her finger. I stood a bit quicker than I expected and moved towards her. I almost didn’t feel ashamed that I knew I wanted it. Even worse was that she knew too. I was empowering her, but I didn’t care.

She smiled down and scooped me up in her arms suddenly and she carried me over towards what she called her bed. It was just a pile of various cloths she had acquired over time but it did the job.

As she walked she took off the small amount of clothing she wore and freed her massive breasts. She pulled me tight against soft flesh, and I couldn’t help but let my hands glide over them experimentally. Coming from a small village, she was definitely more woman than any I had seen before.

She let out a long and drawn out moan before setting me down, “You’re getting more confident,” She said taking a step back and placing a paw on her hip

Once again I could see all of her in the firelight and as always her massive and full-figured body stirred  something inside of me. Her tail snaked it’s way around again and I backed against the wall. “Why won’t you let me go?” I asked, as my body betrayed the lust I was feeling.

She gave me an appraising look before walking forward and leaning down to whisper in my ear, “Because I caught you fair and square. Besides you’ve been getting more and more interesting lately. You haven’t made a legitimate resistance against my advances in a few weeks.”

The truth in her words bit and it made me think about how I went from despising everything about her, to wondering where she was when she stayed out too long. Any thoughts I might have had were broken when I heard a command in her sharper tone of voice.

“Strip or I’ll make sure you have no clothes to wear.”

Honestly I was more than ready to be forced into this again, but somehow being commanded to take off my clothes made me blush red all over. “Y-you can’t…” I stammered.

“Oh really?” She asked before licking her lips.

I got the message and  began to slowly disrobe. I cursed how my body responded naturally to her, but I continued to obey until I was perfectly nude. My cock was so rigid there was no hiding my true desires.

She licked her lips for a moment and I closed my eyes, waiting to be pinned to the wall and taken.

And I waited…

And waited…

After what seemed like an eternity I opened one eye and saw her laying out on her bed and giving me an amused smile. This wasn’t how it usually went…

I felt a tingle moving up and down my spine as I stepped towards her unsure of what to expect. Until recently she had been rough and let me sleep on the ground when she was through. My curiosity was overriding my judgement regardless of any mental warning flags.

Finally I was standing right next to her and she scooted over, patting a spot on the bed.

I laid down next to her but made sure to keep what space was available between us. A large and powerful arm wrapped around me and pulled me snug up against her, and the comfort her fur offered returned.

“You’ve been growing accustomed to this life, and dare I say me.” She teased softly.

I was pretty sure my ears had turned red at this point from my nervousness.

I heard her hum lightly as the paw drifted down from my chest and finally arrived at its destination. Her soft and textured paw lightly moved across my manhood in an agonizing pattern, giving no relief and intensifying my arousal further.

I was tense for a moment, and once again nothing happened. Now I was getting flustered as my body wanted more and more for her to get to the point. Realizing how tense I was I took a breath and relaxed myself. It was at this moment I realized I’d gotten too comfortable. I let my guard down for only a split second before she struck.

Suddenly, a strong but pleasant grip found my shaft and it was entombed in warm fuzz. The sudden contact made me flinch and the very slow pumping motion made me shiver. I’d had her tail before but nothing else. The new texture sent bolts of feeling through me that I wasn’t prepared for.

I let out a moan and unconsciously snuggled deeper against her frame as she slowly worked me. It took very little time and I was already on the verge of an orgasm. Having taken close to 90 injections of her venom, I seemed to have suffered some permanent changes. My erection was always firm, I produced far more cum than I ever did before, and I was much more sensitive to her touches.

I felt myself begin to swell, and then suddenly I felt nothing but cool mountain air as my cock throbbed. I let out a long and frustrated moan as my arms were pinned so I couldn’t finish the job myself. Her newfound cruelty was almost maddening. I couldn’t rationalize what I was feeling as rape, wrong, or frightening. It sat staunchly in a gray area, leaving my mind vulnerable and helpless against her assault.

“You’ve grown so much thanks to all that venom I gave you…Now that you’re right where I want you, it’s only right to toy with you further, don’t you think?”

I was so focused on on the edge of my orgasm that I could barely think about her words. The stroking this time was slower than before and it was never enough to take me over the edge.

“Of course I have to reward you for all your good behavior too.” She said in a cruel whisper.

I opened my mouth to respond but I suddenly felt her lips against mine. She had never kissed me before and honestly I had never kissed anyone either. The sudden shock sent a wave of pleasure through my body and all tension melted away. She forced her large tongue through the kiss and invaded my mouth. It felt wrong but natural at the same time. I found myself attempting to return the affection despite how foggy my mind was growing.

After a moment her paw removed itself again and I was pulled against her tightly. The kiss continued though and I wrapped my arms around her to return the embrace. My cock pulsed angrily against the air as arousal from the passionate kiss did nothing to ease my suffering. Ultimately I enjoyed even that as my days of captivity had suddenly taken a turn for the better.

She broke the spell completely and moved away from me. I was left there breathing heavily with one arm draped over my eyes and my cock rigid and probably purple at this point.

“Move your arm. I want to see your eyes.” I heard her command softly.

My whole being became flush with embarrassment. I don’t know if my subconscious knew something I didn’t, but it took effort to move my arm and look into her eyes. I immediately noticed something different. They were wild and bright, but now held something of a softness in them that made me feel more comfortable.

I don’t know what she saw in mine but the smile grew more smug and I felt her rub her legs together as she gazed down at me. In a sudden move I was lifted up and laid on top of her form. She was well built and big enough to pass for a bed I could sleep on. My shoulders and head found rest on her breasts and two strong and fluffy arms wrapped snugly around me.

All thoughts and prior feelings aside, the skin to skin contact felt nice though it did nothing for my aching erection. Now I was sure she had some new hellish technique to break me down.

“It’s been a long day Donovan. You should rest.” she said softly.

She hadn’t said my name in almost two weeks. For some reason it hit me like a ton of bricks.

“It has been…Dyphera.” I said using her name back. I felt her stiffen for just a moment but then she relaxed.

“Just call me My Queen.” She said in a more hollow and soft version of her haughty tone.

“Alright my queen.” I said snuggling deeper into her embrace. “I just have an issue…” I said attempting to speak though I was cut off.

“Shhh. I already know and I won’t let my prey suffer that much. I’ll make sure to really lull  you to sleep.” She whispered as her tail rose into view.

It hung just an inch over me and dripped the addictive and warm fluid onto my shaft. At that, my cock seemed to stiffen impossibly despite it’s already swollen state. And put an end to my suffering.

She moved slowly toward my cock and stopped for a second when the opening kissed my head. I looked at at her tail almost willing it to take me. Instead of an eager assault I was given only a terribly slow descent. I felt each small ridge and pulsating muscle as she took her time engulfing my manhood.

I let out another moan and struggled against her grip in vain. I couldn’t escape and I felt myself on the edge again.

“My queen! Please!” I begged after the ache became too much to bear.

She simply chuckled, “It’s only been a moment…I’m sure you can writhe for me a little more.” She said increasing the pressure on my cock.

I moaned and struggled in earnest now trying to escape the pleasurable hell, but it was all useless. I exhausted all of my physical strength quickly and was left with nothing but almost incoherent begging when she suddenly increased the pace.

“Ask for it or you’ll suffer all night.” She said in a warm whisper.

“P-please allow me to cum…” I said after biting my lip so hard it might bleed.

“Good boy…”

She was apparently satisfied with that and let out a giggle before forcing a slow and powerful orgasm out of me. My body shook and I struggled to hold myself together, but in the end I saw stars and could only manage a loud cry of pleasure as the torturous orgasm coursed through me with little regard.

This time was so different from all the others. It was warm, passionate, and slow…Gods was it slow. She had never taken her time before and I could say I was now wholly addicted to it.

After a minute it had subsided and I felt like I had been floating high in the clouds somewhere before coming down. The pressure on my cock released though her tail didn’t move and left me inside a warm prison.

It took a few minutes for all of my senses to restore, and when I fully came around I was still held in her embrace.

“You’ve been growing so well…I thought you deserved a real reward tonight.” She said as I shifted and snuggled deep against her form.

I was too exhausted to reply and I felt myself quickly drifting off, thankful there didn’t seem to be a round two tonight. Just before sleep claimed me I could’ve swore I heard her say I was almost ready for “that.”

It made me curious, but as I felt her wings wrap around me snuggly and the immense warmth and softness of my new bed, any curiosities were put off as I drifted to sleep.

This is technically part 2. I wrote this first because inspiration. with enough likes and a desire from the community I will write parts one and then three. 

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  1. Lot of people like making Manticores the ‘cute’ kind of dominant. It’s a nice change to see one really pull the dominant role for once.

    I agree with others, a sort of prequel and/or sequel would be great. You could even bundle them up together as the intro being the MC sitting waiting for her again while remembering the past, and then when she returns, having a ‘chapter 3’ as well.

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