Sheri’s Sabbath

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Sheri’s Sabbath

1. A recent picture of Sabbath Members…

Members of this Sabbath don’t use uniforms in the traditional sense. Instead of clothing, members will first undergo plushification, before having the Sabbaths symbol stitched clearly on a part of the body that tends to be visible. The most common areas are the hands, necks, or faces of members, however, some might put it in discreet areas such as their thighs or buttocks if they wish to hide their membership. They may also get other marks stitched onto them such as tally marks to denote rank or even a symbol to represent what region they’re from.


However, even with a symbol hidden, the plushified members of the Sabbath have one tell that most will claim is irremovable and will have you identified as a member right away. This is the fact that their bodies are far more patchwork than either of the other Plush Sabbath sects due to the lifestyle associated with them. Many members, male or female, tend to be a mishmash of different plush monster parts. You might see members with fluffy bodies like weresheep, sporting the tails of manticores, the ears of danuki, the legs of march hares, and the eyes of hellhounds. That’s just the body of one of the members that had their picture sent in; iff one was to meet one hundred members of this Sabbath, they would see one hundred unique bodies. This is in service to the idea of taking lovemaking through plush as far as possible.


Their buildings are like their bodies, made of plush and patchwork of a hundred different buildings and styles. They resemble what one might see in a dream or what one might imagine a child would design a building to look like. They could only be described as fantastical, but even through all that chaos, there is a very logical order making it very appealing to the eyes. People laying eyes on these structures for the first time claim they even inspire adventurous curiosity.


Sheri, much like her followers, is hard to describe in her ever-changing form. However, there are a few key things she never changes. For one, she always maintains a height of four feet, seven inches. She also keeps her hair in a single ponytail, bound with gold bands at multiple points. Her horns are always mismatched, going in opposite directions from one another, but curl more like a demon rather than a Baphomet. Finally, she always seems to have an expression of distance on her face, as if her mind is always tied up in a mix of debauched pleasure, and insidious planning.


2. The name of your Sabbath…

Sheri’s Sabbath (Common Names: Pleasure Plushies Sabbath, Magic Plush Sabbath, Chimera Plush Sabbath, Magical Pleasure Subsect of the Plush Sabbath)


3. The symbol of your Sabbath…

A plush goat with heart eyes, stitched in many places with stuffing bursting at its seams


4. The name of your representative Baphomet…

Sheri- The Everchanging Plush of Pleasure

5. Activity details…

Researching new ways to use plush and plush magic in both combat and sex. They also will use said research to assist their sister sabbaths in the conversion of occupied territories and their inhabitants to plush. Debauchery.


6. Typical races…

Given how many members specific race seems to be in constant flux due to this sabbaths propensity towards change, there’s no one specific race that this sabbath caters to. The only race that has a slightly higher join rate at about five percent is Bogeys. All members upon joining are to undergo plushification .


7. “To you…”

“Hey cutie, don’t you look like the experimental type~. I just got these wings stitched on, and would love to try wrapping them around a special someone~. If you don’t like them don’t worry, we have all the time in the world to try so many different things. So what do you say hot stuff~?”

-A typical Sabbath member trying to pick up a visitor

8. Sabbath particulars…

Unlike a standard Sabbath’s debauchery, this one focuses on the debauchery of plush and everything that can be done with it. It’s not uncommon to see members change day by day, or hour-by-hour as they get stitched and restitched over and over, especially with their loved ones. This doesn’t just extend to having new appendages stitched or changed on their bodies, but given how every one of their buildings and everything in them is plush, you will even see members be stitched to pedestals to act as statues with their lovers or into walls with pictures frames to act as living erotic art.


However, not all their time is spent in the act of lovemaking.s they are the only one of the three Plush Sabbath sects to be able to use plush and plushification magic, they are constantly researching new ways to use said magic to change the landscape and one another in new and creative ways. Members are often loaned out to the other two sects to help facilitate the plushification of new members as well as renovate and maintain plush infrastructure.


Their magic is apparent when assisting Veronica’s Sabbath on the battlefield since they are more than capable of plushifying parts of enemies while leaving them inanimate, or if they have a strong magical resistance and can resist temporary inanimacy, be stitched tightly to the now plushified ground. However such magic takes time to cast and as such, members might be left vulnerable physically if not properly guarded.


Finally, it should be noted that Sheri’s Sabbath does not require exclusive membership, and members are allowed to be in other Sabbaths as well.


9. A word from Baphomet…

“Pleasure to make your acquaintance~. You might know me as Sheri Eri Desere of the Desere lineage, but please feel free to call me Sheri! I am the head Baphomet of this little party and I sincerely enjoy it.


To me, the world always felt so empty and boring. I had everything I ever could have wanted but it all felt so hollow and meaningless. All the toys I could want and as many servants as needed to help play with them all, but it felt like busy work, just going from one moment to the next. It wasn’t until I started traveling that I chanced upon Bombacio one day, and from there my whole view of the world changed. People and a land of plush, just like the one doll that I had kept throughout my years, everchanging and fluid in their existence. It took me months of searching to find a Plushmaker willing to teach me the secrets of their magic there in that castle. It’s not that most didn’t want to- they could feel my desire to learn- but most were tied up in their own work or with their lovers. When those secrets touched my ears, I felt something for the first time. I can describe it as purpose, a purpose to spread this feeling to all. Seeing the happy faces of my followers as they make love from the ceilings and the walls and change to be the most comfortable with themselves and their partners feels right. To me, this is my purpose, and it brings me no greater joy. I only hope one day ill have a special someone to share it with~.”

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