Service Interruption

Damn it- the clock was ticking.

If I wanted tonight to go off without a hitch, time was of the essence. I didn’t really have time to be skulking up and down the aisles of this sprawling warehouse-sized liquor store, did I?

“How can I help you, sir?” a lavender haired Satyros asked me as I gazed upon the hundreds of bottles lined up on the massive shelf before me.

“Yes- I was wondering what wine goes best with a quarter pounder with cheese.” I replied, finally taking my eyes off the staggering selection of libations available at this store.

The satyros furrowed her brow, her expression indicating that she was already sorry she had asked me anything.

“Tonight’s kind of a big night….” I continued. “I’m just looking for some red wine that will go well with some pasta.”

“Dinner for two?” the apron-clad goat woman asked.


“Now- this second individual. Is she human, or……?”

“Emphatically NOT human.” I cut her off.

“I see- well then, I may have just the thing.” she said as she pulls a little footstool out from along the wall and climbs up, reaching for the upper shelf.

“This is one of our more unique offerings.” She held out a bottle whose label featured a drawing of a satyros gazing upon acres of vines with a small, satisfied grin on her face.

“What’s so special about it?” I ask her in all seriousness.

“You see…” she leans in closer and starts speaking to me as though she’s about to share some closely held secret. “The truth of the matter is, it’s been known to get beastmen tipsy far quicker than it will most humans.”

“Is that so?”

Before I know it, I’m heading to the register- bottle in hand. It’s not like she came right out and guaranteed that it was going to be liquid Kiki panty remover, but it wouldn’t break the bank and it wouldn’t hurt to have Zella unwind at the end of the day with a little bit of wine.

Honestly, I felt a little bad about deceiving Zella as my purchase was rung up, bagged and paid for.

But still, when one needs their diligent Kikimora maid out of the house for awhile so you can work on your surprise for her, telling her to scram for a few hours just isn’t going to cut it.

So I did the next best thing and gave her some money before I sent her to the post office to get me a set of stamps before it closed. And then stop by the grocery store and get some canned soup and black licorice on her way back from the Post Office. Granted it wasn’t the most elaborate ruse, but I figured it would do the trick.

The things is, Zella is pretty sharp, so I’ve been randomly sending her out on small and seemingly pointless errands in the weeks leading up to tonight so she wouldn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary is taking place. So basically she’s been buying a lot of bottled water, postage stamps, canned soup, ginger beer and gumdrops for the last month and a half.

That raises the question of what the hell am I going to do with all this water, soup, gumdrops, ginger beer and stamps, but I figured I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

All this was leading up to tonight- the one year anniversary of when I first met Zella.

When we first met a year ago, Zella was a haggard, disheveled mess loitering outside the supermarket. The sad looking Kikimora was holding up a handwritten cardboard ‘WILL WORK FOR FOOD’ sign as she glanced furtively at all the passers-by.

Ignoring the little voice in my head that was shrieking to leave well enough alone and go about my merry way, I approached her and offered her some pocket money for helping me load groceries into my Toyota.

Before I knew it, this Kiki was done loading up the groceries and sitting in the passenger seat.

When I asked her what she thought she was doing, she introduced herself by name and reasoned that if I’d need help loading the groceries into the vehicle, then I’d need help unloading them once I got home.

I don’t know if all kikimoras are as intuitive as Zella, but before I could even ask her to leave, she correctly surmised that I had no family, girlfriend, fiancee or wife waiting for me at home, nor was I an axe murderer or some other ne’er do well who would leave her buried in a desolate, shallow grave.

Caught off guard, the next thing I know I’m taking this sad, haggard Kikimora back to my place where she immediately sets about organizing all the clutter and tidying the place up. I never asked her why she was out on the street- I figured it would be one of those things Zella would tell me about when she was good and ready.

Zella assured me she would be only be staying for a few days until she ‘could get back on her feet’ and take care of the cooking, cleaning and housework in the meantime.

Then a few days became a few weeks.

And a few weeks became a few months.

Yet I didn’t mind. Almost immediately, I noticed that I was eating better, lost some weight, was sleeping more soundly, more responsible with my money and even got a raise at work. Whether it was rational or not, these were things that I attributed to my new, uninvited live-in maid.

Meanwhile, Zella had cleaned up rather nicely and got back to a healthy weight within a few weeks of her arrival, filling out those fairly traditional maid outfits of hers quite nicely. The only thing she really asked of me was enough money for some new uniforms and cleaning supplies.

And lo and behold, in the blink of an eye it’s been a whole year since I first encountered Zella outside that supermarket. For some reason, it was hard to imagine what life was like before I had met her.

I thought this called for something special to mark the occasion. So tonight, I was going to give Zella the night off and make an intimate, candlelit dinner for the two of us. A night where she didn’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes or putting away all the ingredients.

Actually, since I’m having her run around doing pointless errands to misdirect her all afternoon, I should probably give her tomorrow off as well.

Besides the candlelit dinner and night off I had planned for her, I also had two surprises for her that I was keeping in the car for the time being to reduce the chance of Zella stumbling across them while she was doing the regular housework.

Arriving back home and opening up the door, I knew I had to do everything quickly so that everything would be ready by the time Zella got back from those errands I sent her on. If she walked in on me early in the process, she would insist on helping or taking over altogether- which would defeat the purpose of sending her out and making dinner myself to start off with.

Heading into the apartment, i grab the wine and two more items that I’ve been keeping in the car for the past few days. I planned on giving them to Zella tonight and keeping them inside would’ve increased the likelihood of her finding them prematurely.

Once back inside, I’m a dervish of activity in the kitchen as I’m pulling out pots, saucepans, measuring cups, pasta, marinara and olive oil. Firing up the stovetop, I have all four burners working away as I get to work boiling some water for the pasta, heating up some sliced chicken breast, getting the marinara to simmer and readying a can of lobster bisque.

I set the anniversary surprises for Zella down in an unassuming spot in a chair next to the counter

As I’m halfway through setting the table with a red and white checkered tablecloth, the little timer on the oven beeped- letting me know that the water I planned on using to cook the pasta had come to a boil.

On the burner next to it was a medium-sized sauce pot with some marinara simmering away. As I turned down the heat for the pasta, I added in a few spices to the marinara before stirring it with a wooden spoon. The chicken seemed to be doing all right, so I simply sprinkled a bit of garlic powder before giving the lobster bisque a cursory stir.

Cooking was a little easier than I remembered- although in tandem with so many other tasks that I usually took care of before I had met Zella, it tended to be a huge pain.

Tonight’s dinner was coming along rather nicely, if I do say so myself. The ravioli looked quite fancy, yet it was proving pretty straightforward to prepare. Next was to add a few more customized touches to the marinara- a little bit of half and half to make it appear lighter, a dash of vodka and some crushed red peppers to give it a little more oomph.

Next came the wine. Hopefully that Satyros at Wine and Vine wasn’t jerking my chain. I examined the bottle a little closer- the Satyros on the label seemed to be giving me a thumbs up.

All in all, this was shaping up to be a nice, intimate, candlelit dinner for Zella and myself. I hope she likes it.

However, once I had a few minutes to myself without sweating the dinner prep, I couldn’t help but notice that Zella had been acting rather oddly lately. As wonderful and helpful as Zella had been, there was an undeniable sexual tension mounting.

I suppose the history of this iteration of the Kikimora is littered with tales of heartbreak about a Kikimora maid who managed to find an otherwise decent and caring Master who was completely oblivious to their maid’s sexual attraction to him.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t one of these clueless Masters. At least not for the past several weeks- I had Zella’s increasingly less subtle hints to thank for that these past few weeks.

Such as the desktop being left on ‘’ after she was using it. Or her habit of walking into my bedroom wearing nothing but a dishtowel-sized towel and asking me if I had seen her uniform (which almost always turned out to be in her room).

Or perhaps the most obvious one of all. Her diary.

It’s only Thursday and she already ‘accidentally’ left it out three times this week.

Make that four, I realize as I glance into the living room.

I’m wondering if there’s been any new entries since the last time I glanced through it. And while it’s tempting to thumb through my buxom and pretty maid’s most sensual and intimate thoughts committed to pen and paper, I should probably put this back where I found it before Zella gets back.

Speak of the curvaceous, feathery devil.

Ah! Buonasera, bella signora!” I say in what has to be the cheesiest and phoniest Italian accent ever as I hear the door open and close. “Welcome to Casa di Jamie! You’re in for a treat tonight- the main course is almost ready.”

“What’s going on here, Master?” Zella asked, unable to contain her shock.

“Zella, please…..about that shitty Luigi accent- I’m begging you, don’t call the Italian-American Anti-Defamation League on me.” I halfheartedly implore her.

“Are you well, Master?” the mild mannered kikimora asks, the concern very evident in her voice.

Perhaps one of the most curious things I noticed about Zella was that even though she took it upon herself to singlehandedly tackle the workload of this household, she never seemed stressed. She set about her tasks with gusto and almost never complained. While I’ve never seen Zella stressed, there has been a number of times where she looked simply exasperated at something stupid I did or said.

This looked like it was one of those times.

“Happy Anniversary!” I shout out to the no-longer-surprised Kikimora.

“Oh, master….you remembered!” she was positively beaming now. “Would you like me to assist with the-?”

“Uh uh!” I abruptly cut her off. “You just set those groceries down, Zella! The whole point of me doing this is so you won’t have to do any work tonight.”

“But that’s what I’m here for.”

“Correction- that’s what you’re here for any other night besides tonight.” I interject.

Zella gave this some thought before she realized this was going to be an argument she wouldn’t win.

“Very well- If you insist, Master.” she curtsied demurely. “What’s on the menu tonight?”

“Tonight’s menu is a Casa di Jamie special- lobster bisque to start off with followed by ricotta and spinach ravioli drizzled in a creamy vodka and pepper infused marinara sauce served with sliced chicken breast, along with some garlic bread.”

“Sounds delightful.” Zella said as I could see her feathery tail beginning to swish back and forth as I light a pair of candles on the table.

“Your timing is pretty good- dinner is just about ready.”

“I don’t know what to say, Master….” Zella’s face was now partially concealed by some feathers and her right hand as she brought her right hand up to her lips. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say a light blush was forming on her cheeks.

“You don’t have to say anything….just enjoy.” I tell Zella as I pull out a chair for her.

“Oh my…so chivalrous of you, Master.” she titters as she takes her seat.

Before I know it, everything is ready to serve and I’m bringing our plates to the table before opening up the bottle of red wine.

“A toast!” I say as I finish pouring a glass for Zella and myself. Raising the glass, I continue “To a memorable first year together- and perhaps a few more on the horizon.”

“Ah….normally, I don’t drink Master.” the slightly flustered kiki said before raising her glass so that it bounced off of mine with a gentle *clink*. “But how could I not indulge after a toast like that?” she paused for a moment, gathering herself before offering a toast of her own. “To our health and happiness- may both be abundant on the path ahead., Master.”

“I’ll drink to that.” I said as our glasses clinked again.

There was something about this moment in time that I wanted to preserve in amber- not just the sights and sounds but this intangible warmth and comfort that washed over me when I saw Zella take a tiny sip of wine- as if to sample it- before taking a much larger sip. Although she was bewildered at the sight of me making dinner for her at first, she seemed really pleased and was looking forward to the fruits of my labor.

Zella worked so hard and was so good to me that I wanted to see her happy, too.

The first few minutes of dinner passed in relative quiet as we made quick work of the bisque and some garlic bread.

The enchanting kikimora was perhaps a third of the way in to her plate of ravioli when she spoke up once more.

“I remember after we just met, Master.” Zella said fondly. “You told me you thought Kikimoras were a conspiracy by the demon lord to get men to stop doing housework altogether, then they’d be helpless once the Kikimora’s banded together to form a union and go on strike.”

“Still waiting for that other shoe to drop….”

“Master- there’s a fine line between diligence and paranoia.” Zella said reassuringly with a little smile.

“Well- of course you’d say that.” I half-teasingly tell her.

The Kikimora cleared her throat softly before she resumed speaking. “I can’t speak for others, Master, but I’ve always viewed the household as a vessel at sea. The Master is in command and in responsible for its smooth sailing, but even in a small home such as this-“

“Or ship.” I interrupt.

“Or ship, yes……”

“Would you say….’dingy’?” I giggled like a seventh grader at the word.

The Kikimora simply furrowed her brow before continuing.

“No- I wouldn’t.” she said. “The captain may not be able to run everything by himself. Things would go much more smoothly if there were a first mate to take some of the burdens off the captain’s shoulders.”

There was that sweet, almost infuriating smile of hers again. Yet Zella did raise a valid point.

“But you see, Zella- things like navies and shipping companies usually pay their first mates.” I counter.

“You never had to pay me, Master.” Zella reassures me. “It’s enough that you took me in during a time of need. Over the last year, you give me enough money and materiel to fulfill my duties as your maid, which in turn has given me a renewed sense of purpose.”

I’m glad she feels that way. If money was any kind of an issue, she would’ve been long gone by now. Still, despite her reassurances to the contrary, it feels as though I’ve been short changing her this whole time.

“Beside….I know you, Master.” she continued. “The first few days I was here, you put on this insufferable grouch act to try and get me to leave, but I knew that wasn’t the real you and you couldn’t keep up that facade forever.”

Damn….now I think I’m blushing.

“Well then, Zella….” I tell her as I’m locked in those bewitching hazel eyes of hers. “I’m glad you decided to stay with me for whatever reason.”

“And I’m glad you took me in, Master.”

“How was it?” I ask Zella eagerly as I nod towards her now-empty plate.

“Piquant, but not too spicy. The chicken is hearty while not distracting from the overall taste and texture of the ravioli, which I would say is quite above average. What sort of cheese did you say is in the filling?”

“Th-thanks….” I say, pretty sure my jaw is hanging slack. “I…I…uh found a pretty good brand stuffed with spinach and ricotta.”

I had no idea Zella was such an ardent foodie, but I suppose it made sense given her vocation. Perhaps she was working as one of those phantom restaurant critics to supplement her nonexistent income as my housekeeper.

“I’ll have to remember to try making something like this in the near future for both of us. I must admit, it feels rather odd to have Master do the cooking, but I quite enjoyed tonight’s meal.” she smiled. “Thank you, Master.”

“Don’t forget, Zella…..I was a pretty good cook even before I met you.”

“You clearly haven’t lost your touch, Master.” the Kiki was now gently dabbing the corner of her mouth with a cloth napkin.

“Helps to stay in practice every once in awhile.” I say, trying not to sound too overconfident.

“That was wonderful, master. Would you care to adjourn while I take care of the kitchen and-“

I swiftly grab the spoon I used to ladle out the ravioli and playfully act as though I’m going to smack the back of Zella’s hand with it as she reaches for the bowl the pasta was served in.

“Don’t you dare, Zella- ‘Night off’ means a night off!” I halfheartedly scold her.

The Kikimora quickly withdraws her hand, clearly conflicted between fulfilling her duties as maid and being halfheartedly scolded by the master of the house.

“Besides….” I continue as I point to the white cuff on the left sleeve of Zella’s maid uniform. “It looks like I might need to start a load of laundry tonight.”

My sweet half avian, half canine maid glances at her sleeve- a look of genuine shock and dismay as she spies the tiniest splattering of marinara sauce on her otherwise pristine, white cuff at the end of her sleeve.

“Oh my, Master….” she said, self consciously tugging at her sleeve. “Allow me to adjourn and take care of this while you….”

“Oh no….” I tease. “I have a better idea. You really should take it off and let me clean that for you.”

“M-master?” she asked nervously.

“Strip.” I said brusquely.

“Wh-what…?” A now confused kikimora stammered. “Master, I-“

“I said ‘Strip’.”

“Master, would you rather I adjourn to somewhere private so that….”

“Go ahead. Right here is fine.”

“I-if you say so, Master.” Zella said as she nervously stood up. After a moment’s hesitation, she began unbuttoning the top of her uniform, clearly unsure of what to make of these recent developments.

“If you’re uncomfortable, I can always avert my eyes….maybe find something else to distract me….” I say to her.

“That won’t be necessary, Master. It’s just so unexpected that-” Zella stopped mid sentence when she saw what I was holding.

Her diary- the one that she ‘forgot’ to put away a couple of times this week already. I was going to discreetly put it back in her room, but she got home a little earlier than expected.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve read anything memorable. Maybe this will do the trick.”

“Master, no…” Zella almost squeaked.

I shoot her a silent glare. Very seldom do I pull rank on her, but this was looking like it could be one of those times. However, the blushing Kiki averts her eyes as she continues to fastidiously remove her clothes.

Dear Diary

I had that dream again last night. The one where I was doing some housework after trying on those nearly see through bra and panties- and I thought I’d go about my daily routine wearing those and nothing else. But then, Master came home. He was upset with me because he had just found out that I broke his favorite beer stein- the one that was a family heirloom. I begged and pleaded with him to forgive me and that I would do anything to make it up to him….

I pause and look back up at her. She’s managed to take her top off, although she’s holding it up against herself as she’s blushing furiously.

….Master had this look in his eyes like a wild animal and I was his helpless prey. It was so frightening but also exhilarating at the same time. Before I knew it, he took me over his knee and started spanking me like an unruly child. I felt so helpless and exposed, yet my heart was racing- perhaps I was imagining it, but in my dream Master seemed to be holding back after I cried out in pain. Still, a good maid would never draw the ire of her Master like what had happened in my dream, would she?

I woke up and half expected to find Master’s handprint on my derriere, so vivid was the dream. I couldn’t help but think about it all day, occasionally daydreaming and touching myself. What am I to do? I honestly wouldn’t mind if he took it upon himself to become assertive with me, but I don’t want to get him upset to provoke such behavior, since it would likely mean I have betrayed his trust and adversely affect our working relationship….

I looked up from the diary.

“Zella- you know I don’t actually have an heirloom beer stein, right?”

“I….I know, Master. I didn’t want you to think I was willing to damage your property in some misguided attempt to goad you into fulfilling one of my fantasies.”

“I gotta say- there’s some pretty hot stuff here….” I tap her diary with my index finger. She’s alternating between trying to fold her uniform and cover herself up now. For a few precious moments, words fail me as I take in the sight. “I honestly didn’t know you had it in you, Zella.”I finally manage to say.

“I….suppose I have an active imagination, Master.” she says meekly. “I thought it might help to make note of some of my more memorable dreams in a journal.”

“Mmm….maybe I’m biased, but these are pretty memorable.”

Zella has given up completely on properly folding her uniform and has instead cautiously draped it over the back of her chair. Her right arm is folded across her rather ample bosom while her left hand is attempting to cover between her legs. Belonging to a race of beastmen with mostly humanoid features famed for their lust, I find Zella’s attempts to preserve her modesty quite endearing.

However, once she lowers her arms I can see why she was trying to cover herself up. I pictured Zella as the type to wear a more conservative ensemble of bra and panties- perhaps more akin to a 1950’s housewife (although that has it’s own appeal under certain circumstances as well). That might’ve been the case most of the time, but tonight she was wearing a black thong and a lacy black bra with sheer cups that contrasted with her soft, pale skin.

Ye Gods, she looked amazing. The slim waistband of her panties softly pressing into the supple skin along her hips. The sheer fabric of her bra giving me just a tantalizing glimpse of pink from her areola. I was so used to Zella in her traditional maid outfit that I nearly forgot about how her legs began to taper off to bird-like talons somewhere between her knees and shins. Her back is now against the little pillar that forms the edge of the counter between the kitchen and dining room.

The whole scene before me prompted me to remember one of the other gifts I had gotten for Zella- although some could argue it was more for me than her. For now, both of them were kept in the same fancy little paper bag beneath the kitchen counter- the kind one can expect to find at fancy little boutique shops.

“Zella…can I get you to put your hands up above your head?” I ask her.

“Like this?” the bewildered Kiki asks as she raises her arms so that both wrists are slightly above her head. It’s quite an enticing sight.

“That’s perfect.” I say, approaching with an unassuming bag. Inside is a pair of demon realm silver reinforced shackles that cause Zella’s eyes to widen when she sees them.

Damn it- she’s so hot. And I don’t simply mean she looks good in that see thru bra and nearly nonexistent panty combo. As I get close to her, it almost feels as if the Kikimora is radiating an otherworldly heat.

“Master- what are you doing?”

“Remember the June 8th entry?” I nod towards her diary on the table


“Think of this as a variation.”

Zella gives me a quick, knowing nod and I could swear I hear an anticipatory ‘Ooh’ as I lean in closer and put the first cuff around her feather-adorned wrist.

Before I know it, I’m looping the short chain for the manacles along the other side of the pillar Zella has her back to and cautiously cuffing her other wrist, which she’s still obligingly holding up for me.

While I’m this close, I can’t help but look into Zella’s eyes. She regards me with a shy smile before looking away and absently tugging on the manacles. Both wrists are now above her head and the pillar is preventing them from bringing them down any lower than her shoulders.

“Zella?’ I can hear myself whisper hoarsely as I gently cup her chin.

“Yes, master?”

“Do you know what I am going to do next?”

“Wh-what’s that, Master?” she asks while softly squirming in anticipation.

“I’m going to clear the dishes and clean up the kitchen.” I tell her, punctuating this with a chaste little kiss on her forehead.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to do any kind of housework when there’s a lingerie-clad kikimora in handcuffs a few feet away begging for attention from you?

Yet, I persisted as I began stacking dishes at the table and bringing them out to the kitchen sink. All things considered the kitchen wasn’t too messy, but I still needed to put away some of the ingredients and sauces.

“Master!? What are you doing!?” Zella asked, unable to conceal the dismay and panic in her voice as she tugged on her restraints.

“Like I said- I’m simply clearing the table, Zella.” I say coyly. “Then I’m going to do the dishes and put them away.”

“No, please! Master….I can do that if you just let me-“

I hold my index finger up to my lips. “Shhh…Zella, I love having you around to help out, but every now and then I think you could use a night off.”

I drink in the sight of the beautiful kikimora, clad only in what has to be her most scandalous pair of bra and panties squirming helplessly with her wrists cuffed above her head.

“But Master!” Zella pleaded. “Y-you already made dinner for the both of us- you should just let me worry about tidying up afterwards..”

Making a big show of ignoring her, I carry off the rest of the dishes and glasses to the kitchen. I can hear the increasingly frustrated Kikimora grunt and moan as she continues tugging in vain on her restraints.

Turning around, I need a few seconds to calm myself as my eyes linger on Zella. Her normal maid outfit- while undeniably cute and actually rather classy- unfortunately concealed most of the voluptuous kikimora’s curves more often than I would’ve liked.

Seeing Zella like this was like viewing an eclipse during the blue moon- an opportunity to take in the sight of some heavenly bodies not normally viewed by many.

Easy…easy……keep it together. The longer you’re able to maintain your composure, the more it’s going to drive Zella wild a little voice in my head cautions me. And the more you get Zella worked up, the more willing she is to do EXACTLY what you want.

With Zella quietly protesting in the background, I looked at what else needed to be done in the kitchen. Couldn’t hurt to wipe down the counters, I suppose. I took care of that before putting some of the pots and pans I used earlier in the sink for a good soak before they were to be washed, then washed the cups and plates we used by hand before setting them on the drainer.

This is a little harder than I thought- both the actual housework and doing it with a Saturn rocket-sized hardon with Zella a few feet away from me in such a state.

“Master!? Are you certain you’re using the proper dish soap?” I can hear Zella ask apprehensively from behind me.

“I’m not sure- so I just used that bargain brand one.” I call out with my back still to her, a bit sorry I can’t see her facial expression when I said that.

“The orange one!? But that will leave spots, Master…” Zella lamented. I could hear her tugging on her cuffs.

“I’m sure it will be fine…” I say, stifling a chuckle as the hapless kikimora let out a frustrated growl.

Still, I can’t resist teasing the helpless kikimora a little more as I walk up to her.

“Come now, Zella.” I say calmly as I gently cup her chin with one hand and place the other on her hip- now bare save for the waistband of her dark, lacy panties. “If I had you do that, then it defeats the purpose of giving you the night off….”

“I can help, Master! You’ve done enough work for tonight….you prepared a nice candlelit dinner for just the two of us and now….I can take care of the cleanup if you’ll just let me go.”

“Hmmm….” I act as though I’m pondering my answer as though I’m moved by her pleas, even though my mind is already made up. “No.”

“I..I don’t understand, Master- am I being punished?” she asks.

“Well- that depends. Who’s the naughty little kiki who keeps leaving the browser window open to MastersRavishingMaids Dot net?”

Her eyes widen upon hearing that and I’m trying my best not to laugh. While trying to maintain my best poker face in the weeks leading up to our ‘anniversary’, she honestly thought I missed some of the really obvious hints she was dropping lately?

“Or her diary out in the living room where anyone can see it?” I add for emphasis.

Now- I know what you’re thinking. “What kind of Master would chain up and mercilessly tease their sweet, diligent, attentive Kikimora maid as an ‘anniversary present’?”. The thing is, some light restraints and coerced exhibitionism is pretty tame compared to some of the things on MastersRavishingMaids dot net, which Zella occasionally left open ‘by accident’ on the desktop.

“M…me….” I can hear her mumble.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear that.” I said, mockingly cupping my hand to my ear as though I was hard of hearing.

“I…I am….because I….I want master to ravish ME….” she almost pleaded.

“Mmm….but I only ravish good little Kikis, so you can see the bind that puts me in.”

Oh Jeez…..Zella looks so amazing like this. Still, I should’ve arranged for some sort of safeword ahead of time. But that would’ve ruined the surprise.

OK…for now, I just gotta keep calm and make sure Zella doesn’t hurt herself.

“I might be able to make an exception for you, Zella- but you have to promise me a couple of things…”

“Wh-what? Anything….anything master!” she almost pants.

“OK, for starters.” I say as my thumb and index finger find their way to the bridge of my nose- sometimes I don’t have to feign impatience with her. “Please stop calling me ‘Master’. I have a name, and I don’t mind if you call me by it.”

“Master?” she asks, clearly bewildered.

“What did I just say?” I sigh.

“I…I’m sorry, Master…….Jamie!” she shouted that last part as though she just remembered name that my name was actually Jamie- probably for no other reason than to see how it sounded to her.

“Better…” I shrug, feigning indifference.

“Is there anything else, master?” Zella asks nervously, biting her lower lip.

“Yes….oh Gods, Yes.” I say a little too eagerly as I start caressing the kikimora’s waist. “I also want you to take a night off for yourself once in awhile. I’ll be happy to join you if you want, but I want it to be as a man and woman, not someone supervising his maid that he sent out on some errands. I’m not gonna begrudge you if you pick up a new hobby or join a book club or something…”

“But Mast- Jamie.” she corrected herself. “What am I supposed to do if something happens while I’m gone?”

“Zella- I adore you and I’m so happy to have you living with me, but you can’t clean up every little mess and spill here.”

“That’s not true….it’s my responsibility, it’s my duty.” she insisted.

“Are you telling me that you and only you should clean up every last crumb or dribble here?” I challenge.

“Yes.” she tells me with ironclad certainty.

Well now- this is an opening I can’t pass up.

Without saying a word, I grab Zella’s the front bra and roughly pull the cups down. She lets out a sharp moan tinged with both surprise an arousal.

Free at last, free at last! Thank Maou these sweater puppies are free at last!

Oh my Goodness- the tiny label on Zella’s scandalous, sheer bra says 36DDD. Perhaps it’s just my imagination, but they seem even bigger now that I’m looking at them up close for the first time.

The Kikimora’s expression seems to be one more of frustration than shock. Her master is doing all these things with her helpless and exposed body, but always stopping shy of sealing the deal. More to the point, her poorly concealed browser history seems to indicate these are things she wants happening to her….to some extent, at least.

However, her eye’s widen when she sees that I’m holding up a little squeezable plastic jar of honey.

“Master….no! That will get everywhere and make a mess. Please…put that away.” she pleaded.

“Mmm…Not everywhere.” I say lecherously as I tilt the bottle above so that it’s at an angle just above her breasts. “Don’t worry, Zella- I promise to vigorously clean up wherever it lands.”

“Wh-what are you doing?” Zella asks in shock, even though gravity has pretty much dictated the honey from the little squeeze jar will have nowhere else to go besides her admirable breasts.

“I’m about to clean up another mess….”

“M-master Jamie….” Zella grunts in frustration as she tugs on the manacles keeping her wrists above her head. “You cad….you wouldn’t….”

Oooh….now she’s being a little defiant and insubordinate. All the more reason to prolong her teasing, I suppose.

“That’s quite the dilemma….I mean, there would this big gooey mess within reach and there’s nothing you can do to clean it up…..unless-“

“Master Jamie….please! Y-you can’t do this to me.”

This…..oh God.

This little diversion of mine requires more self-control than I thought I was capable of.

Objectively speaking, stripping and chaining up anyone and then asking them to clean up a mess is cruel and unfair- doubly so if that individual is hardwired to make her surroundings spotless. I knew this would drive Zella wild, but I underestimated the effect this whole spectacle would have on me.

Three. Two. One.

We have impact.

NNNNNGH! M….mmmmasterrrr….” Zella half moaned, half panted as the honey began to trickle down her bosom. “It’s so cool and sticky…..” she gasped, her eyes halfheartedly focusing on the manacles securing her feather-adorned wrists.

Although mostly resigned to the fact that she wasn’t going anywhere for awhile thanks to the demon silver-infused restraints, the buxom and now-topless kikimora was now doing a rather enticing little shimmy that threatened to set off a chain reaction of jiggling and send little droplets of honey scattering everywhere.

“Hmmm….guess I’ll have to do something about that.” I can hear myself say calmly as my heart is racing a mile a minute.

Without saying another word, I follow through on living the dream of pretty much every heterosexual young man throughout the course of any era in recorded history- licking honey off of a heaving pair of breasts. While Zella would never be mistaken for a Holstaur, her breasts seemed somehow larger than usual.

“Mmm…Zella- I don’t remember these being quite as big….”.

“Ah….Master….I….HNNH!!….I usually wear….a…minimizer bra….so my…HAH!….uniform will fit better….”

“Well- not tonight, clearly.”

“I….I had a feeling tonight might be different.” she exhales. “But….I was starting to think I was wrong when… sent me out this afternoon.”

“Oh no….I’ve been waiting for today for awhile…..I wanted to surprise you, Zella” I said as I leaned in and silenced whatever she had to say next with a kiss on the lips. The alluring Kiki responded with a soft little yip that trailed off into a muffled moan before I realized something.

That was my first kiss with Zella.

This felt so right….yet….I needed to do something differently. I could sense her almost animalistic want and yearning on her lips.

“Zella….I don’t say this very lightly, but I adore you.” I would use the word ‘love’, but that’s been tossed around so many times in so many works of fiction that it’s mostly lost its meaning. I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve managed to unfasten her bra as I tell her this. “But I don’t want you thinking I want you in my life just because you’ll be the one to clean up my messes.”

“But it’s what we do Mast- AH! Jamie…” she squeaked as I gently smacked her rump.

A corrective measure.

“It doesn’t have to be ALL you do, though…”

Oh shit- the honey is starting to trickle down. I was making such a big deal of teasing and ogling Zella that I almost forgot about it. The thing is, one shouldn’t forget about a sweet, sticky golden nectar that they smeared across the nearly flawless breasts of their submissive, bound and nearly nude Kikimora maid, but I somehow managed to find a way. I really didn’t want to make a big mess that I’d end up asking Zella to clean up once we were through.

I begin to lap up the golden amber sticky nectar with a renewed purpose now. It’s not lost on me that the lovely kikimora’s nipples stiffened as I go about my task, listening to her moan as she arched her back ever so slightly.

Giving her right breast a playful squeeze, I almost reluctantly pull back- reasonably certain I’ve finished my task of cleaning up the honey.

Zella’s eyes are heavy lidded as she turns her head to the side. Not one to pass up the chance, I give her a little kiss at the nape of her neck when I notice something.

I gently pull back her hair only to pause at the sight that awaits me. There, greeting me on the back of Zella’s neck is a heart-shaped birthmark. Her hair wasn’t too long, but she always wore it down and it was long enough to conceal this little heart that I’m looking at.

Surely this must be a sign.

“Here’s what I’m going to do, Zella.” I said.

She looked up at me, a hint of bewilderment accompanying the arousal in her eyes.
Suddenly her wrists were free as I swiftly uncuffed them. Now Zella looked even more surprised as she examined her wrists. I made a mental note that I’m going to have to use some sort of padding or softer restraints the next time I decide to indulge in some bondage games with her.

I notice that I didn’t clear off our glasses of wine from earlier.

“Master?” she asks, absently rubbing a wrist. “What are you doing?”

Here goes nothing. I take a gulp of red wine from the remaining glass for some liquid courage.


Fuck- I was never good with things like this.

“There’s that old saying, Zella. ‘If you love someone, set them free. If they’re still around putting up with your bullshit and making a kick-ass breakfast, then she’s a keeper’.”

Not surprisingly, Zella looks at me- bewildered. “I don’t recall that saying, Master Jamie…”

“If you’d like, Zella, I really want you to stay with me.” I blurt out.

Man that was inelegant….even by my admittedly low standards. There was a heavy pause as

Zella remained quiet and I was struggling to find the words for this situation.

“It’s been a whole year, and if you want to stay here with me, I would really appreciate that.”

“Oh master…..” Zella said shyly as she looked away from me.

Shit- I took it too far with the teasing and light bondage, didn’t I? I had a great thing going with the lovely maid, but because I was so horny and grabby with her, she’s going to-

I don’t even have the chance to finish my thought as I feel a pair of arms around my neck. Before I even know it, I’m being showered with kisses by Zella.

“Yes! Yes! *kiss* A hundred….no, a thousand times yes! Master Jamie! *kiss* You big dummy! *kiss* I never thought you would ask! *kiss*.” Zella squealed in delight.

I’m holding her hands now- they’re so incredibly soft, but I know she has above average strength despite her demure and feminine appearance.

The lovely Kikimora has stopped kissing me long enough for me to gently run my fingers through her chestnut hair.

“If you’re going to stay with me, Zella, then it looks like I’ll have every day to play with you and tease you- all kinds of fun things like that.” I begin to say, distracted by the very fresh and vivid memories of her 36DDD breasts jiggling and her sensual moaning as she tried in vain to break free from the demon realm silver shackles.

Judging from the little hitch in Zella’s breath at the mention of our brief bondage play, it wasn’t too far from her mind, either.

“But this is a special occasion, love. And as much as I had fun toying with my such a lovely and helpless little Kiki, I’d like to be able for you to have your arms around me. It feels nice being held by you.”

Oh lordy….she’s blushing. This is both adorable and arousing on a number of different levels.

“And I would like to hold you too.” Zella said meekly. “For however long you wanted. Th-that’s why I wanted to break free so badly. It was so cruel of you to deny me such a simple wish, Master Jamie.”

Still running my fingers through her hair, I can feel the edge of Zella’s floppy left ear- its the same color as her hair and blends in quite seamlessly even from this close.

“Zella…?” I can hear myself ask. My heart is racing and it feels like I’m having an out-of-body experience while part of me is on auto-pilot. “Would you care to adjourn….?” I nod my head in the direction of my bedroom.

“I never thought you’d ask, Master Jamie.” she smiled.

Before I know it, the two of us are stumbling through my bedroom door, locked in several passionate kisses while my hands are exploring Zella’s nearly naked body and the Kikimora is attempting to undress me.

“…Master Jamie…” I can hear her pant. There are insufficient words to describe how happy I am hearing her say my name when she’s in such a state of arousal.

We collapse onto the bed together with her beneath me, both wrists up near her head, her chest heaving as she takes shallow breaths. Zella’s eyes seem to convey nothing but want and desire at this moment.

Another kiss on the lips, although I break it quickly and start kissing her neck. I still can’t believe someone as beautiful and charming as Zella finds me desirable in any way- especially when I was attempting to push her away so soon after we had met.

As I’m pondering this, I feel her hands on the back of my head, gently guiding me further down her neck. Every breath she takes, the sensation of her soft, warm skin on mine, every caress by her hands is nothing short of sublime. I never thought I’d be saying this, but I’m so glad I uncuffed her.

“Y-yes….right there, Master Jamie.” she moans softly.

As my kisses trail a little ruther down her neck, I’m aware of her body pressing even harder against me. Zella is arching her back.

Is this position uncomfortable for her on account of her tail?

“A..are you all right?” I ask her. “It’s not your tail, is it?”

“I’m fine, Master Jamie…” she says. This time her hands are gone from the back of my head and working their way down to her waist. She’s starting to take off her thong when my hands slide down to join hers in their endeavor.

Her panties are now off and I’m on my feet, hastily removing my trousers, shoes, socks and briefs. Zella is laying out before me, her thighs ever so slightly spread- in the dim light of the room I can see a little landing strip leading to the promised land. I chuckle a little- when we first met, I was half convinced most kikimora had feathers down there instead of hair.

Zella is now sitting upright on the bed and eyeing my erection with an absent, hazy look in her eyes.

“M..master Jamie, may I…..?” she trailed off as her smooth hand delicately reached for my manhood.

She certainly had my blessing, but she didn’t bother waiting for my answer as her warm hand began tentatively exploring my shaft. I could see her other hand, which was now hesitantly cupping my balls.

“Poor Master Jamie…” she murmured as she gently began tracing her finger in a delicate little oval pattern on the bottom of my cock. “So…so much pent up stress and buildup in here, no? Why don’t you let me take care of it?”

“I…I would be delighted.” I said to my maid. The fact of the matter was even if I had objected, her mind was made up.

Zella began rubbing her finger a little faster, now satisfies that my erection was almost at a 45 degree angle before she began stroking me in earnest.

As she increased the tempo, I winced as a little jolt of pleasure shot up my spine. She was alternating her hand at different angles to maximize contact with her wrist feathers on my shaft, and frankly it was a stroke of genius (pardon the expression) that further stimulated my arousal.

“Just let your trustworthy maid take care of this, Master Jamie….” she said a bit more confidently, now dragging the feathers from her other wrist across my member and somehow making me even harder.

Both of my hands are on the kikimora’s shoulders now and I can hear myself calling out her name. I can’t hold out much longer.

“Oh my…” Zella marvels as she can feel me twitching in her capable hands. She knows what this means.

“Z…Zella….I’m going to-” I start to say only I’m pretty sure it came out as semi-coherent moaning. Regardless, I’m unable to say anything else before this electric wave of euphoria washes over me and I shoot my sticky white seed into Zella’s face. The release was so intense, I might’ve actually fallen over if I wasn’t gripping onto Zella’s shoulders at the time.

“Ah!” she gasps. “You really did have a lot built up, didn’t you master?” she asks as she starts licking some of the semen off the back of her hand.

“I….I guess I did.” I say meekly. However, my erection is still going strong and I know I’m by no means finished for the night.

Whatever ejaculate of mine that my beautiful maid didn’t eagerly lap up from her hands, wrists or arms, she wiped off with a handkerchief that was by the nightstand.

“You’re so eager, Master….” she coos softly.

I suppose just like I figured I’d have ample opportunity to engage in kinky bondage games with Zella, she figures that she will have no shortage of opportunities to sample my spirit energy after tonight.

But the need to give her more is overwhelming. I gently push Zella so that she’s on her back, with her legs and thighs dangling over the bed.

While getting back down on the bed much more cautiously, I slowly caress Zella’s upper thighs, parts of which are now slick with her desire.

This elicits a little moan from her before she calls out my name softly.

Another kiss. Gods her lips felt so good.

I can feel the tip of my eager member probing her entrance.

Looking down at Zella, I can see her smile slightly. She’s poised to give me the most thoughtful and beautiful gift there is.

“Zella…” I call out as I find myself kissing her neck again.

My member slowly pushes forward, with the kikimora letting out a little gasp once it’s clear she’s getting more than the tip.

Right away, there’s some resistance with her slick walls engulfing me. I push forward a little more as I hear myself calling out Zella’s name in almost a whisper.

“Zella…ah…..Zella, you’re so beautiful.”

The kikimora lets out a little gasp while arching her back.


Heh- she didn’t use ‘Master’ this time.

I’m happy.

My hands don’t know exactly what to do as I manage to thrust my entire length inside the Kikimora now- they seem to be alternating between holding her tightly and exploring her body as she looks up at me, her eyes clouded with lust.

As I started to thrust back and forth a little more forcefully now, Zella placed both hands on my shoulders and I could feel her avian lower legs against my bare back as she wrapped her legs around me.

It’s so tight, Zella’s folds are alternating between tightening their grip on me and relaxing as I’m thrusting back and forth

“Zella….I’ve wanted this for so long.” I tell her as I continue thrusting.

“J…Jamie…” Zella stammers as her eyes lolling and tongue sticking out ever so slightly.

Deeper I go as the beautiful Kikimora arches her back. The sensations I’m feeling defy description as I’m hit with what feels like intangible electric waves of ecstasy from the lovely maid as she’s positioning her body to even better accommodate me.

To think I was so intent on pushing her away when she first came in. I would never feel as warm and excited as I am in this moment had I succeeded.

I don’t know how long I had been continuously pushing deeper inside her when I felt a familiar sensation building up. I was about ready to let loose another load, but before I can even say anything to Zella, the buxom kikimora begins to shudder and quake.

“Ah! Yes….master!” she cries out as her hands are digging into the sheet while climaxing. The look on Zella’s face is so captivating that I forget myself for a moment.

“Zella…I’m almost…..” I begin, but don’t get a chance to finish that thought as I feel myself shooting another long, sticky jet of my seed into Zella.

The two of us are in each other’s arms, each of us wordlessly trying to catch our breath while wondering if the other one is going to speak first.

Although we’re more or less panting like dogs on a hot day, yet I still could not be any happier. There’s so many practical reasons to keep Zella around- she’s attentive, she’s an exemplary housekeeper, she’s punctual. But I can think of the only one that matters…..I love her.

The two of us bask in silence for several minutes, her hand reaching out and stroking my chest while mine reaches out to caress her face softly.



“I….I love you.”

In the dim room, I could see a big grin on her face.

“See now? That wasn’t so hard, was it Master Jamie?”

“No….I guess not.” I mumble shyly for some reason.

“And guess what?”


“I love you too, Master Jamie. You could say I adore you…” she leaned in to give me a little peck on the cheek.

It was the last thing I remembered before drifting off to sleep in her arms that night.

When I opened up my eyes, daylight was spilling into the room.

How long had I been out? Where was….?

I felt a weight next to me shifting and looked down to see Zella, still clad in nothing but her maid headdress.

Despite the idyllic scene I was experiencing, something was bothering me.

No- I didn’t have to get up and pee, although that undertaking wasn’t too far on the horizon.

Oh shit! I still had one more present to give Zella for our ‘anniversary’.

“Mmm….good morning, Jamie.” a sleepy kikimora says as she rolls over and looks at me.

“Oh crap! I nearly forgot that other anniversary present.” I yelp out loud to nobody in particular..

“The demon realm silver restraints? I’m well aware of those, master Jamie.” she says a bit dismissively. “Although I must admire your commitment in finding such an item for the purpose of using on your humble servant, Master.

“No….not those!” I interrupt. “How would you like a pearl necklace?”

“Oh my, Master Jamie….ready for round two, are we?” Zella asks, fanning herself.

“Well- that actually wasn’t what I meant.” I tell her as I hop up and dash out into the kitchen. It was exactly where I had left it- I didn’t have a chance to hide it before we had adjourned to the bedroom. I hold up the box as I make my way back into the bedroom.

“I had to look around, but I found out the birthstone for the month of June is Pearl, so here you are….” I hand zella the rectangular velvet box.

She opens it and her eyes widen.

“Oh Master Jamie- it’s beautiful!” She marvels as she holds up a single white pearl held in place with a golden clasp and attached to a gold chain.

“But why pearl?”

“I….I thought that even though we didn’t know it at the time, when we met last year it was a new beginning for both of us. A sort of rebirth- and to mark the anniversary of that rebirth, I thought I’d get you something that would symbolize June.”

“Thank you so much, Master!” Zella squealed with delight. She gently slips her arms around me and squeezes tightly.

Taking the necklace from her, I hold it out so I can loop it over her head. She eagerly examines the pearl and the gold mount for it as I speak up again.

“I liked your ‘First Mate’ allegory, Zella.” I tell the beautiful maid as I run my fingers through her hair. “If there’s anyone who can prevent me from following the same course as the Costa Concordia, it’s you….”

“That’s why I’m here, Master Jamie…” she purred contentedly as she leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

I broke the kiss, savoring the sight of Zella’s admirable bust rising and falling as she caught her breath.

“And if you’re going to be my ‘First Mate’, then I think it’s only appropriate I get you one of those little slutty sailor outfits. Maybe teach you a thing or two about proper knots while I’m at it.”

“M…master?” she asked. I meant to spank her for forgetting the newly-established rule, but instead my hand was simply resting on her warm, soft backside. “You….you would actually find it pleasing for me to go about my daily routine in such provocative attire?”

“Zella- the low temperatures for tomorrow are going to be in the low 80’s. If I get home and see you doing your chores in anything more than that sheer bra and panty combo, I’m going to be very disappointed with you.”

“How disappointed?” Zella asked teasingly.

“Corrective measures will almost certainly be taken.” I told her as I half spanked, half groped her right ass cheek.

“You’re a mean one, Master Jamie.” Zella pouted as she traced a finger across my chest.

What did I just tell her about this ‘Master’ stuff? Ah well- I’m pretty sure I heard my first name in there somewhere.

Rome wasn’t built in the day.

“If I’m such a big meanie,why don’t you just go ahead and leave for greener pastures?” I teasingly ask her.

“I just might….” she ponders half-seriously. “But not before you know what it feels like to be helpless and strung up like a Christmas decoration while every inch of your body is toyed with by the one you adore.” the circular patterns she’s tracing around my chest are even slower now.

“Who knows? Some of my friends might be there to watch….or even join in. After all, I know ALL your weaknesses, Master Jamie.”

I shift a little- partly in alarm, partly due to arousal.

Zella’s looking me right in the eyes now, a coy, confident smirk on that lovely face of hers. The feathers tickle a little.

“Just remember, Master Jamie…..any restraints capable of holding me in place will certainly be effective when used on you.” she adds. “I may have to use those when I’m instructing you to be more judicious with your nightly releases.”

Oh shit-she’s serious.

Oh fuck, yes! She’s serious!

“I mean….not tonight, not tomorrow….” she continues. “But someday, Master Jamie- when you’re least expecting it…”

She slowly drags her feathered writs across my nipple as her grin widens a little. I can see that her tail is wagging slightly.

I stifle a small gasp. I’m 99% certain another closely held secret of mine- the fact that I’m quite ticklish- just fell by the wayside. Either that or she knew for awhile. This cheeky little Kiki is openly plotting a sort of insurrection against me and is daring me to say anything about it. And she’s confident that I won’t because in the time she’s been living here, Zella somehow managed to divine that I had a more than passing interest in femdom and three-ways.

“I mean…” she whispers in my ear. “It isn’t very nice to toy with a kikimora like that.”

A little nibble on my earlobe from the kikimora and I’m admonishing myself for liking it so openly.

“But in the meantime….” she slips out of bed and back into her thong before demurely clasping her hands in front of her. “I shall get washed up and prepare your breakfast, Master Jamie.”

Zella turns to take her leave, her feathery tail only partially concealing a very robust backside. I’m surprised I didn’t give that tremendous ass more attention while I was so worked up last night.

“Try not to be tardy.” Zella called out. “I have so much to offer you.”

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  1. Holy crap does she have a sister? Anyway aside from a couple little errors here and there top shelf stuff! The fast food reference at the beginning made my day. But a question would be did that wine actually work on Zella and get her really drunk? Or was that Satyros just bull shitting Jamie?

  2. 10/10 and bookmarked.

    Will definitely read again.

    Great work and great read from beginning to end, it even kept going after I thought it was definitely going to end 😀

  3. Okay, while I have a strong fondness for catgirls, I always had a warm place for the Kikimora as well. One day I’ll express that, but for now I wish to express how much I loved every word of this story.

    The pacing so slow, but so rich with content, both comedy, and romance. The connection between the characters were humorous, and believable. You really set the atmosphere, and the scenery quite well. I love modern settings such as this, and it help to visualize their actions fairly well.

    You have my permanent praise for this, and future works! Keep up the good work!

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