Seeking Satisfaction

Shlick, shlick, shlick.

“Do you hear something?” Asked the portly man at the table, spoonful of mashed potatoes almost to his lips.

“No, I’m quite afraid I don’t.” Replied the tall man, hand on his wine glass.

Shlick, shlick, shlick.

“Dearest me, I believe I hear it as well!” Exclaimed the portly man’s wife, who was equally as portly. “It sounds as if water is leaking!”

“Hmm, I’m not certain where that could be from.” Muses the tall man again before taking a large gulp of his wine. “Honey, do you know where such a leak could be coming from?”

Shlick, shlick, … shlick

“C…certainly not, dear!” Answered the tall man’s wife, a Raiju. “Perhaps the kitchen sink is dripping?”

“Well then, maybe we should go into the kitchen and turn it off.”

The Raiju perks up, her blue furred ears wiggling, tail swishing excitedly behind her. “Why yes dear, let us go look for this leak and do something to plug it up.”

“Oh ho ho, well don’t be too long Paul, I’d love to hear more about this proposal of yours.”

“Of course Mr. Snibbard, we’ll be right back.”

Paul nodded his head respectfully before motioning to his wife to follow. She stood with glee, a tiny surge of electricity traveling up her arm before dissipating in the air with an audible “pop.” The seated couple jumped a little before looking at each other and then down to their plates, pretending not to have seen anything. It would not do to stare at the lady of the house, despite her… “electric” personality.

Paul and his wife entered the kitchen, where Paul immediately put a hand to his forehead, taking a deep breath before speaking in a slow, methodical voice.

“Camilla, sweetheart, what did I say about masturbating at the dinner table?”

“Uh, let’s see here… don’t?” Her words sounded somewhat muffled to Paul, so he removed his hand to find his wife trying to remove her simple blue dress, with limited results. A sad side effect of generating large amounts of electricity is that things… cling. As it was, she had already taken the dress up to her rather ample breasts, exposing the smooth skin of her abdomen, which was adorned with blue lightning bolt tattoos. It was hard not to notice that her underwear, which he had forced her to wear, was utterly soaked underneath.

“Camilla!” Paul nearly shouted before remembering to keep his voice down, “What do you think you’re doing?!”

She lowered the cloth enough to reveal her lovely face, electric blue eyes giving Paul a confused stare. “Is this a trick question?”

Paul sighed and hurriedly pushed her dress the rest of the way down, taking care not to get it caught on her deep blue hair, again with limited results. The electrically charged hair splayed out in various directions, one strand slapping him in the face. A faint tingle of electricity coursed through him at the contact and his trousers began to feel tight.

NO!, he screamed inside his own head. I will not let you control me boner, not tonight!

Taking the hint, Paul’s little buddy retreated back into dormancy. Paul sighed, rubbing at his face again. “Camilla, can you please go one night without touching yourself?”

She huffed indignantly while crossing her arms, her fluffy blue tail swishing behind her in an annoyed gesture. “I am quite capable of not masturbating, thank you very much.”

Paul put a finger to his lips, “Sssshhh! Keep it down. Besides, you know damn well that the only time you can keep your fingers where they belong is when we’re making love.”

Her eyes sparkled at the mention of coitus, and a wide, toothy grin spread on her face, canines glittering in the fluorescent light of the kitchen. “Right, so help me out of my dress, we’ll take care of this, and everything will be alllll better!”

“No Camilla, we are not having sex while my boss and his wife are here, we are going to have a nice, civilized dinner where I will explain my proposal so I can get that promotion.” He raised a finger to emphasize a point, “And there will be no further masturbating at the table.”

Camilla pouted, looking away from Paul. “You’re no fun.”

“Camilla, we just had sex yesterday and this morning.” He put his hands together in a pleading gesture. “Please, please for all that is sacred, just try to behave yourself for a little longer.”

She rolled her eyes before sighing. “Alright… only because I love you so much.”

Paul sighed back, taking her hands and gently kissing her on the lips, the soft tingle of her charged flesh rippling through him in a delicate wave. “Thank you.”

Camilla blushed, looking down and fidgeting. “Now you’re making it REALLY difficult not to…”


“Alright, alright! They’re probably getting concerned now anyway.” She adjusted his tie, smiling. “Go get em tiger.”

They kiss again before returning to the quaint dining room of their home. Mr. Snibbard looked up, chuckling, “Must have been quite the leak in there, but it seems to have stopped, hmm?”

“Oh yes, we managed to find and resolve the issue, haven’t we dear?” Paul answered, smiling at Camilla.

“Certainly my dear husband.” Camilla replied back, her hand twitching mildly. How long had it been since she’d touched herself? Five minutes? By all that was holy, this was pure hell.

“Well now that our little distraction is finished, why don’t you tell us all about your proposal for, oh what was it now… ah yes, the next line of children’s action figures?” Mrs. Snibbard said, taking a forkful of carrots to her mouth.

“Yes, I believe that the with the current demographics in today’s children, monster children have become a far larger share of the market and traditionally ‘human’ toys have been less popular.”

Paul took a deep breath before raising both his hands.”Picture this, Mamamo warriors.”

Mr. Snibbard put down his cutlery, settling his elbows on the table before lacing his fingers together. “Go on.”

“Imagine a world where an powerful demon had taken over, let’s call them the Demon Lord….”

Camilla began to drift off. She had heard the speech a thousand times while he prepared for this evening. She was glad for him and his aspirations of moving up in the Snibbard and Snabbard’s Toy Workshop, and she loved him so dearly that she would do anything to support him in whatever he decided to do. However much she loved him though, it didn’t make the speech any LESS boring.

As he talked about a mythical group of knights and paladins fighting against strong monster girls, her mind began to wander, and when her mind wandered, so too did her fingers. Man, she just needed to stimulate it just a little and…

She caught herself with her hand midway to her crotch, taking a deep breath to calm herself. No, no Paul wanted her to keep herself civilized, and she could do that.  She had some modicum of self control, even if she didn’t utilize it very often.

Camilla sighed and looked over at her husband, getting lost in the way he moved his arms with such animation as he struggled to convince his boss of the merits of his work. She thought of the long hours he would spend designing these toys, breathing life into them even when he should be sleeping. She sighed dreamily as she watched his strong, handsome face light up while he told his tale. He was a wonderful man, and she was so lucky to have him.

Oh fuck me, she thought then. Now I REALLY have to have masturbate!

Camilla bit her lip, sharp canines pressing deep into her delicate flesh. The more he talked, the more she needed to find some kind of release, but she had promised him that she wouldn’t masturbate at the table!

The restroom! Of course, she’d just have to make an excuse to go to the restroom, flick her bean a little…or a lot, and then come back quick as can be. See, she could have good ideas AND stick to the word, if not the intention, of her husband’s command.

She made to stand up when Mrs. Snibbard beat her to it, rising with rather sudden alacrity for one of her figure. She chuckled, “Oh don’t mind me, I’ll just need to be excused for a moment, but do continue Mr. Diggles.”

Camilla gaped in horror as the portly woman trundled away to do heavens knows what in HER restroom, the bitch. Okay, well that wasn’t fair to say, Camilla was just sexually frustrated and it made her catty. The woman was still a bitch though.

“Is something the matter Mrs. Diggles?” Mr. Snibbard asked, startling Camilla.

“Uh… oh! No, nothing is wrong, why would anything be wrong? Haha…” She tried her best to pass it off as nothing, but her husband’s stare revealed that she wasn’t fooling anyone. Damn him and his last name of Diggles! Ah, damn it, there was the cattiness again.

“As I was saying…” Continued her husband, his attention turned back to his boss, “There’s possibilities for expansion areas, I was thinking something based off of Wonderland perhaps…”

Ahhhh, damn it she really, really need some relief here! Camilla grumbled, shoveling a forkful of meatloaf into her mouth. It was quite delicious, almost orgasmic really, but even Paul’s secret family recipe couldn’t beat a real orgasm. She pulled the fork out of her mouth, noticing tiny little trails of electricity coursing between the tines while she chewed the heavenly loaf of meat. In boredom, she tried directing the current, tiny little popping noises issuing as the lines of electricity climbed up and vanished.

A rattling noise caught her attention, and she looked down at the table to see her spoon start slowly moving away from her. It was almost imperceptible, but she knew it was there, thanks to the large blue ears on top of her head which were far more sensitive than those of humans. Things like the minute rattling  and Mrs. Snibbard’s attempts to destroy her toilet were easy for her to hear. Camilla chose not to dwell on the latter for long.

A sudden realization hit the Raiju: Magnetism! Of course! All she had to do was…yes, yes that would do perfectly. She waited for an opportunity where her husband wasn’t watching her, then quickly placed the fork’s blunt end down under her dress and into her snatch. She shuddered as the cold metal slid forcefully into her wet hole. Her husband gave her an odd look out of the corner of his eye, but she smiled placidly and lifted her wine glass to him. Well, she had tried to be good for a little while at least.

He turned his eyes back to his boss once more and she hurriedly began to channel her pent up electricity through the spoon. She held the spoon close to the edge of the table and immediately she could feel the gentle vibrations of the fork reacting to the magnetized spoon. Her knees began to shudder as the relief she sought slowly washed over her. Why hadn’t she tried this before? Probably because it was a really, really, stupid idea that probably wasn’t physically possible, but it was working and she was horny, so she could do stupid.

It was very hard to act nonchalant while the silverware quivered and slid ever so slowly out of her slit, the cold metal now warmed by her moist interior, radiating with the heat she had given it. As the fork slid out too far, she quickly flipped the spoon around, and the magnetic poles reversed, causing the fork to slide back into her.

“Ah..haaha~” She moaned, letting some of her excitement slip out. She quickly checked to see if her husband had noticed, but he was still engrossed in answering questions from his boss to see that she was beginning to quiver and shake. It wasn’t thick or meaty enough to fully satisfy her, only her husband’s manhood had the raw power for that, but the warm, tingling metal was enough to take the edge off, at least temporarily. Now if only  she could just reach her climax…

“Good heavens dear, are you alright?”

Camilla snapped back into reality, looking around in a daze for the source of the voice addressing her. Oh, oh no, it was that bitch again. Mrs. Snibbard stood before her chair, apparently having returned from her adventure, with a concerned look on her face.

“You seem to be gripping that spoon quite hard, and your face is flushed! Do you have a fever?”

Camilla sat there, dumbfounded by the situation. Her brain was lagging behind, trying to push through the haze of pleasure she was just in, but it was painfully sluggish. As her husband and Mr. Snibbard turned their gazes to her, she just gave them a slack-jawed stare in response.

“Uhhhhhhhhh.” She tried to say something, anything really, but that too failed her.

“Oh dear, I’m afraid my wife’s condition has taken the better of her.”

Camilla focused on her husband, who stood up from his chair to help lift her up from her seat. What was going on? She couldn’t quite figure it out, so she quietly let him stand her up as she attempted to piece it together. Condition? Huh?

“Come along dear, let us head upstairs and get you some medicine.”

“But I feel fine!” She protested, but her husband gripped her arm and she meekly let it go. The gig was up as it stood, and she was now starting to realize the shame of her situation. What if she had ruined his chances of getting this promotion because of her inability to keep her hands to herself? A tidal wave of guilt followed this realization, and she actually did begin to feel sick.

“Pardon me again sir.” Paul said, nodding his head to his boss.

“I see, these things can’t be helped, can they?” Mr. Snibbard said, nodding his head in dismissal. “I trust you won’t be away for long.” It wasn’t a question.

Paul said nothing as he dragged Camilla behind him, to which she kept silent as well, despite the fact that her sensitive nose was assaulted by the desecration being performed to her poor restroom. They reached the stairs and began to climb when a dull thump sounded, and they both looked down to see a slick fork on the stairs, sitting in a pool of glistening liquid. The two traded a glance before Paul sighed and continued upstairs to their bedroom, closing the door firmly when they were both inside.

Camilla sat on the bed, face in her hands while her husband paced back and forth.

“Camilla, what did we talk about earlier?”

“Not masturbating at the dinner table.”

“And what were you doing?”

“Masturbating at the dinner table…”



Paul took a deep breath before throwing his hands into the air. “I don’t know what to do here. I’ve told you for weeks about this dinner, how important it is to me, and I’m this close to sealing the deal when this happens, AGAIN.”

“I’m sorry…” Camilla said, pulling her legs up to herself.

“What if this costs me the deal, hmm? Because you couldn’t keep your hands to yourself!”

“I’m sorry…” She whispers, tears in her eyes.

“Do you know why I want this promotion so badly?”

She didn’t answer, her tears flowing readily instead.

“Because I want to make enough money to support a family.”

Huh? Camilla looked up at him with a confused expression, tears streaming from her eyes still, “Wha…what?”

Paul sighed and knelt down before his wife, taking one of her hands in his, the tingling sensation that pervaded her flowing through him at the touch.

“Camilla, I love you, I love you so very much. I know I’ve ignored you some these past few weeks, but it’s been for us, for the family I want us to have together.”

Camilla’s eyes widened as she realized what he was saying. “You… you mean?”

“Yeah, I want to have kits with you so badly, but I just wanted to make sure we were secure, so we could give them everything they could ever want.”

Camilla sniffed, tears now flowing like waterfalls from her eyes, clouding her vision. “Oh… oh Paul, I’m so… I’m so sorry! I didn’t know, I didn’t….”

He put a finger on her lips, quieting her. He smiled at her before wiping away the tears from her eyes. “Hey, no need for that. Besides, I said I’d give you some medicine, and I think we bought a little time, so…”

“Huh? What are you talking abou…!”

She was cut off as he kissed her, his rough lips pressing and wet tongue pressing upon her own. She was caught off guard for only a moment before she grasped the sides of his head, holding him close to her while they kissed passionately, her electricity freely flowing from her body into his.

Paul pulled back first, crackles of electricity causing him to smack his lips, a gesture she always found rather cute on her husband, but mainly because of what always followed next. With a swift motion, he undid the zipper on his pants, and quickly freed his fully erect cock before her.

Camilla’s mouth began to water at the thought of taking this loaf of meat into her mouth, but he instead waggled a finger and shook his head in a negative.

“Sorry honey, but we have to make this quick.”

She was disappointed momentarily, but her eyes still sparkled and a wave of electricity rose over her body as she hurriedly raised her dress, revealing her utterly drenched panties. She giggled and got on all fours, raising her blue, fluffy tail up into the air, the whole thing twitching with charged power. She looked over her shoulder and waggled her backside at him, grinning like a fool as he took hold of her hip with one hand, the other guiding his member into her dripping hole.

There was no resistance, as she was quite lubricated, so he slid right in up to the hilt, causing Camilla to yelp at the sudden feeling of being filled with his manhood. Before she could fully acclimate herself, he grabbed her hips and began to thrust himself in and out, the motions stirring up her insides. Almost instinctually she fell into the familiar rhythm of his powerful thrusts, moving her hips in time as her inner walls tightened on him, sending unconscious waves of electricity into his sensitive head and shaft, turning his member into a lightning rod of pleasure. With each thrust he moaned as more of her voltage was channeled into him, driving both of them closer to climax.

He began to pick up the pace, and Camilla wished she had taken the dress fully off, to free her breasts so their swinging could drive him to further arousal while granting her further stimulation. Her mind began to grow hazy amid the pleasure, when Paul suddenly shifted the rhythm of his thrusts, jolting her system like a bolt of lightning.

“Uhhhnnn, ahhhh ahh!” She cried as he began to pump into her faster and harder than he had before, treating her to new and exciting waves of pleasure. She could barely focus anymore as each thrust caused her to moan in ecstasy, all the while a powerful feeling demanding release welling up inside her.

She felt his cock within her start to twitch violently, her charged snatch recognizing that he was about to finish, and she clamped down harder than before. With a grunt, he grabbed her hips and pushed himself fully into her, his head kissing her womb before releasing a torrent of his seed into her deepest parts. The pure force of it pushed her over the edge, her body writhing in ecstasy, and she moaned while reveling in each spurt of his hot semen into her.

When it was over, Camilla collapsed onto the bed, panting. Paul pulled his rod out, his sperm dribbling slowly down onto the bed from her vagina. Electricity sparked from her body in erratic waves as Camilla was unable, or unwilling, to control the power coursing through her in the wake of her orgasm.

“Well, did the medicine do the trick?” Paul asked, attempting to wipe himself off before sighing and just changing his pants.

“Yesh~” Camilla muttered into the bed, rubbing her face into the comforter while one hand rubbed at her recently filled hole. “I feel muuuuuch better~”

“Great, well if you clean up, we can head back to dinner, alright?”

“Okay dear, I’ll get right on that~”

He sighed, rolling his eyes before helping his Raiju wife out of her sex induced stupor.


“Well my boy, that was quite the proposal, I think you’re onto something here!”

Paul nodded his head to Mr. Snibbard as the portly man shrugged into his coat. “You’re too kind sir.”

“Rubbish, this could revolutionize the market, and if it does, you and me, we’re going places, isn’t that right dear?”

“Oh most certainly, I was quite intrigued! Why, if I was a little monster girl, I would be quite excited over this prospect!”

Camilla smiled and nodded to Mrs. Snibbard for her support. “Thank you for your kind words about my husband. He does care so very much for his work.”

“Hmm hmm hmm, and he cares for his wife too! I was on the fence at first, but I saw that you cared about your wife enough to nurse her to health, even during dinner! I could see that you cared about being a good family man, and that’s what I like to see in my management staff.”

“Thank you sir!” Paul said, beaming.

“Haha, no thank you for the wonderful evening, but I’m afraid we must be off, children and such.” Mr. Snibbard leaned in close to Paul, muttering, “Speaking of which, you going to put a bun in that oven soon?”

Paul looked over at his wife before smiling softly and nodding his head, “I hope so, I honestly do.”

Mr. Snibbard chuckled and slapped Paul’s back before shaking his hand, bowing to Camilla, and walking out with his wife into the night air. As soon as the door closed behind him, Paul exhaled deeply and slumped onto the stairs nearby, rubbing at his head.

“Well dear, I think that went well.” Camilla said, sitting beside him on the stairs and his shoulders, channeling some electricity to soothe his sore muscles.

“Looks like it! I’m just glad they didn’t seem to have heard us earlier.”

“And if they did?”

“Well, then I guess we’ll just have to see how this all plays out, shall we?” He stretches his back before looking over to the dining room. “For now though, we do the dishes.”

Camilla chuckled, picking up the wet fork which had lain forgotten on the steps. “Way ahead of you honey.”

The two stared at the fork and began to snicker before busting into full out laughter until they were both out of breath, laying together on the stairs and feeling satisfied.

For now, at least.

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