Sarah Q. Buss

The wind howled in the small town’s streets, with the thick fog blurring the lamp posts that illuminated the moonlit night. A lone woman walked through aimlessly, a woman with wings and a tail that gave away her trait as succubus, dressed as revealingly as one would. Sarah Q. Buss, she called herself.

All that ran through her mind was what didn’t run through her body. Having unsuccessfully attempted to find a proper man since days ago, she wore a perpetual frown of annoyance and sorrow. The sound of each step echoing in the night served as a grim remindal of what she failed to do.

Just then, fortune smiled upon her once she passed through a house, seeing within a lit room with movement inside. The silhouette was that of a man, no doubt about it. Her expression changed in an instant from a frown to a smile from ear to ear.

She jumped and flew over the house to reach the back, then looked for a window. Once she found one, she opened it, feeling smug satisfaction at how so few people lock the back windows. Then, she stepped inside and looked for her prey. Just as she stepped into the living room, she saw him, and so did he see her, though her devious smile died down, replaced by shock instead.

“Hey…” The man said, dumbfounded.

His fashion sense seemed equal to his sense of hygiene; none whatsoever. He wore the plainest clothes imaginable; a jacket with the hood up, with the zipper missing and leaving it open, dirty overall and with light patches of dirt and filth; and simple jogging trousers that shared the same dirtiness, with a hole in one knee and the other’s fabric clearly worn out. He didn’t have shoes, instead wore socks alone.

As if it wasn’t enough, he also sported an awfully unkept beard that could’ve been better descrived as a carpet superglued to his neck, shining with grease just like his skin. From where Sarah was, she could immediately smell the nearly vomit-inducing warm stench of several days going without shower. At least he wasn’t also fat, for it would have become a far more traumatic event.

“…Hey, you’re a succubus!” He said.

Sarah’s spirit sunk. At this point, she would have wished to be viewed as an intruder.

“Uhhh…” She attempted to reply, to no avail.

“You want to have sex, right? That’s why you’re here, right?” He kept on talking at an awfully quick pace, overjoyed. Though she wouldn’t have cared for such trait other men as long as they were willing and able, she couldn’t help but wonder if he was a virgin. “Come on, let’s go to my bedroom!” He said as he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her along.


“Huh?” He asked, stopping.

“I have to… Do a little thing. Wait for me in the bedroom, alright? I-I’ll… You want a strip-tease or something like that first, r-right?”

“Uhh…Y-yeah! Okay!”

He let go and rushed to his bedroom.

Sarah couldn’t help but stare in traumatic shock, before snapping and quickly leaving from where she came from.

Then, she reached the street, and kept on walking aimlessly as she was little time ago. She brought her arm to her nose and sniffed, then jerked back upon noticing that the stench stuck, though hoped that the wind would soon erase it away.

A few blocks down the street, she found a second candidate in the same way, though only saw the lit room instead of a silhouette inside. She couldn’t help but be skeptical about the chance of a second man like the first, though starving as she was, she figured the risk had to be taken. Same as before, she flew over the house and landed on its backyard, then attempted to open the window to sneak inside.

However, just as she grabbed the window’s frame, she was greeted by a gunshot that broke the window, though missed her by chance. In fright, she screamed and dropped to the ground.

“A NUUUUUU CHEEKI BREEKI I V DAMKE” A yell came from inside.

Panicking, she took flight to escape, though another gunshot soon followed, missing again.


Instead of returning to the street of that house, she flew for what she felt like an hour, reaching the entire opposite side of the town in panic alone. Only when her wings were about to give in to exhaustion did she stop to land.

The cold worsened. She noticed she could see her own breath, but paid it no mind. She stared around her to figure out where she ended up, but soon noticed a small tiny cloud of steam escaping from one of the houses. She wouldn’t mistake it for anything else; steam from a hot shower, which completely ruled out the idea of the first candidate’s situation, and even if he was as violent as the second, he’d not reach for a gun in time. In order to not waste time, she headed directly to that house.

Once inside, she quietly walked to where she heard the shower still on. So quickly did she arrive that the man didn’t even finish. Then, she reached the bedroom which connected to the closed bathroom door. She sat on the bed, and waited.

The noises of the shower stopped. Soon after, the door opened, and from it appeared the man, though, shocking Sarah and making her tail stiffen up in excitement, he turned out to be an extremely well-built, tall, muscular man, with his towel on his waist forming a skirt. He stared at her dumbfounded. Sarah too stared silent, in awe instead, drooling, and starving.

“H-hi…” She greeted, attempting to be seductive, yet letting her own fascination affect her speech.

“How did you get in…?”

Sarah stood up and stepped up to him, then leaned against him as she ran her hand down his chest.

“It doesn’t matter, I just want to have a little fun with you… Then I’ll leave, if you want me to.”

He kept on staring with confusion, until he saw her tail, shaped like an inverse heart, and wings almost hidden behind her back.

“You’re a succubus, I guess…” He said. “Never seen one with my own eyes.”

“Ah, so it’s your first time~? Don’t worry, I’ll make it blissful…”

“I don’t think it’s going to work.”

“Oh, everyone says that nowadays… Don’t go near the succubus, don’t have sex with the succubus, don’t talk to the succubus… How about I prove you wro-“

“Honey, I’m gay.”

Sarah became petrified, shocked, traumatized, frozen in place with her hand still on his chest. Then, she stepped back, blank-eyed in disbelief, shaking her head slightly, unwilling to believe.



Such a fine man escaping her hands, the best man she had seen in years if not in her whole life, made her spirit crumble. She sniffed just as tears began running down her cheeks, before running away, never to return.

An hour had passed after she ran. Snow fell in the cold night, and every breath could be seen escaping her mouth. Sarah’s strength and willpower after three failed attempts sunk to its lowest low, depleted. She sat at an alley against the wall, sheltering herself from the snow that fell, hugging her knees and shivering, cursing her chosen attire and how much skin it left exposed to the elements.

“What are you doing out here dressed like that?” A muffled voice asked.

When she turned to see who asked, she saw a man covered in so many heavy clothes that it formed a titanic presence. The thick wool hat and scarf, tucked in and covering all it could, wouldn’t even let Sarah stare at what little of his eyes was exposed. From what she saw, he did not have a single bit of skin exposed, not even his hands. From where she sat, staring at him from below, it felt like the man’s presence alone dominated her.

“You’re going to freeze to death. I mean it.” He continued, unreacting.


“Where are you from? Where do you live? Are you lost or something?”

“I-I don’t have where to go, I was just passing through this town.”

He sighed hard enough to be heard as a grunt. Then, he took off his greatcoat and extended it to her.

“Unless you want to die where you are, you should come with me.”

“E-eh…?” Sarah asked, staring perplexed.

Impatient and seeing that she didn’t grab it, the man dropped the greatcoat on her, covering her before she removed what covered her head to stare back at him. Snapping out of her shock, she quickly took the greatcoat and put it on. The man turned and walked away, and so Sarah followed.

She followed closely behind, unsure of where he was going at all or how much of the trip was left. Soon enough, far earlier than she would have expected, they arrived to his house. He unlocked the door and let Sarah walk in first, then once inside, closed it and locked it back.

“Sit around. I’ll make something.” He said, before leaving off to the kitchen.

Sarah glanced around, and found a small tiny table with three chairs around it. Figuring that’s where he meant, she walked over and sat, still with her greatcoat on.

The warmth of the room contrasted greatly with the cold outside, even with the warmth of the other houses. Her skin had almost frozen due to the cold outside, so as soon as she stepped in she could feel the warmth as if burned her skin, though becoming a pleasant sensation in an instant. Her thoughts ran free, until she realized that this could very well be the first house she had not broken into, but invited into instead, if her memory served right.

After a minute, the man returned with two mugs that he left on the table before sitting down. He no longer had his hat nor scarf, though his apperance was by not means exceptional. His hat had left his hair messy, only with a run of his hand combing it over to a passable look, but still not a bad look by any means. The only word she could describe it with was ‘average’. Though Sarah felt warm on the outside, she still shivered, and so took the steaming mug and took a sip of the hot liquid, which turned out to be tea.

“Who are you?” He asked.


“Hm. I’m Michael. You have nowhere to sleep in, right?”


“You’ll sleep here, then. There’s a bedroom you can use other than mine. Better than dying out there.”

“Th-thanks… Is there somebody else living here?”

“No. There was, but that person’s gone. How were you going to live in this town if you didn’t even have anywhere to sleep in?”

“I figured I could have asked for lodging somewhere…”

Michael stared at her unimpressed, before rubbing her eyes. The obvious disappointment over her failing to accomplish that pierced Sarah like an arrow. But then, she came to realize something. The man in front of him had no companions, and allowed her in like a fool. She had sex nearly guaranteed.

One problem soon sprung to her mind, however. As much as she thought things over, she came to the conclusion that he had been the most helpful person she met, most likely saving her from actual death. Now, she respected Michael too much to do such things that she had done with absolutely everyone she came across. It felt like she’d be degrading him to the level of a random bystander with no redeeming qualities. As much as she tried shaking those thoughts away, she could not. Depressed over her newfound respect for him, and in defeat over her now fourth failed attempt, she began to tear up.

“…Hey, hey, come on, why are you crying now?!” Michael asked, panicking. “Did I do something bad?!”

Sarah started sobbing, slamming her head against the table and remaining there with her arms around her her.

“No. You did good.” She cried. “You did the best.”

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