Ryu Greentext CYOA

>You were forced to move to Monster Girl City One.

>Whoops, sorry, you meant you were “selected to be part of a voluntary relocation effort to enrich and diversify the population”.

>Gotta be careful, any sort of dissidence can lead to jail time, hefty fines, “reeducation with a Monster Girl City Corrections and Productivity Officer (MGCCPO)”, or any combination of the three.

>At least that’s the formal name. Most MGCCPO’s like to be called ‘Judges’.

>Once they discovered the 2000 A.D. comic series and Judge Dredd, things just took off from there.

>A regulation/law put on humans, among plenty others, is that they (the human) are not allowed to decline any advances by a monster girl if reasonable conditions are present, although certain liberties are taken if the human in question already has a waifu.

>Certain species of monster girls get really **butthurt** if their man has sex with a woman other than her.

>Another voluntary constraint taken by humans is where they’re allowed to work.

>Most of the “better” jobs are all taken by monster girls, so most of the grunt work like the hard manual labor jobs are given to either the men or the unfortunate Mamono who couldn’t get a better one due to certain circumstances like intelligence or body type.

>You were lucky enough to get a job somewhere that was relatively okay.


>That’s right, you work as a school counselor specializing in Freudian/Electra Complexes, at a prestigious monster girl high school, Winterbluff Academy. Named after the Yuki-Onna that donated a considerable sum of money for the school to be built so that disadvantaged Mamono could get an education.

>One of the only humans in the city working in psychology. Now THAT makes you proud.

>You’re also one of the only, if not the sole, beings working there who knows more than how to turn a computer on, so you got stuck with the tech support.

>It’s not too bad, most of your counseling work is done trying to sort out family problems between the student and her parents, or when a student comes crying to you that the boy she wanted to date/become her husband was already taken. Typical teenage monster girl stuff.

>Your only gripe though is when one of the faculty calls you about a problem with something, and they always insist on using an Indian accent when talking with you.

>Half the time you can hardly understand them, so it takes far longer than it should fixing whatever that went wrong.

>Almost every time the problem is that they either forgot to plug something in or hit a button they didn’t want to.

>A lot, and by a lot it’s practically every single call you take, of the monster girls that call you always try to flirt with you or have phone sex if they’re not using that goddamn accent.

>Being a professional, you always turn them down and insist on doing your job instead.

>You’ve even started working on your own shitty accent to mess with the people that call you. A few times the principal has told you to not do that, but you largely ignore her and continue perpetuating the stereotype anyways.

>Whatever, it pays well enough and some of your coworkers are relatively good looking, so it’s not all that difficult to deal with the sexual harassment or fixing a problem after half an hour when it could be done in five seconds.

>One of your unofficial duties though is acting as a sort of relationship counselor for the faculty.

>Usually they would ask you how to best please their man, you being a human male and all, and as such you MUST know everything about them.

>To be honest though, you just talk with them about what they typically do and give advice on what to do, or what not to do.

>One of your go to pointers is having her ask her husband what their fetishes are and what they most like about her, and incorporate that into the relationship. Ask questions, stroke their ego, let them choose what to do for once.

>Also humans don’t have the same endurance and have different physical barriers than monster girls.

>You constantly overhear gossip about how someone broke her husband’s pelvis during sex or how he passed out in the middle of pleasing her.

>Sometimes you shudder at the thought, but your little friend downstairs disagrees with your brain constantly.

>You just finish walking through YET ANOTHER bullshit problem with a computer that a faculty member was having (she unplugged it from the wall and was complaining that it wasn’t turning on anymore) when you get a knock on your office door, and you tell whoever it is to come in.

>You were expecting another student wanting to vent about how that total slut stole her boyfriend or that her parents just didn’t understand her, but instead someone you work with enters instead.


>She’s one of the more unusual Ryu you’ve seen since coming to the city.

>For one, her skin is a bit darker than your typical ‘sky goddess’ due to her old African roots (probably on her father’s side), the light chocolate brown shining in the otherwise drab fluorescent lighting.

>She also has more muscle definition than other Ryu, mostly focused around her arms and stomach, thanks to being a part of a dragon-subspecies.

>Her toned abs are visible when a shirt isn’t covering them, and her biceps could easily crush fruit if she flexed hard enough.

>Her bright pink and purple hair flows past her shoulders and ends just above where her human torso meets her serpentine lower half.

>She always seems to wear a sort of kimono that exposes nearly every inch of her massive, jiggling breasts, her cleavage projecting itself for everyone to see.

>Seriously, her melons are like as big as your head.

>You’ve nearly caught glimpses of her sable nipples, but have been constantly thwarted by the pseudo-hand bra that her scales create, keeping the silk fabric in place but barely supporting the heavy orbs.

>One thing that’s impossible for her to hide though is how puffy her vulva always seems to be.

>No matter how hard she seems to try, you can always see the outline of her sex, even through denim.

>The rest of her serpent body is covered in dark emerald scales, with a sort of orange-ish fringe running along the spine all the way to the tip of her tail.

>The young dragon (snake?, you’re never quite sure if they’re more closely related to dragons or lamias) slithers her way into your office before shutting the door behind her with her tail.

>Luckily, since you work at a school that educates monster girls she easily fits inside your office thanks to the rooms being overly large to accommodate any body type; whether they be twenty-foot long serpents, centaurs, arachnids, or something that hovers a foot off the ground.

>Still though, sometimes lamias have trouble finding where to put their snake half.

>Your actual work space is of normal size though. It has a desk with a phone and computer and not much else other than a shitton of papers that really should be in a filing cabinet.

>There’s also an overflowing cork board next to you on the wall with yet more papers, pinned up by a bunch of different colored tacks.

>The rest of the room is filled with different types of chairs or beanbags/cushions for people to sit in.

>She curls up on top of one of the larger cushions, wringing her large clawed hangs together as you take up a seat just across from her.

>”H-hey A-anon.”

>Something else unusual about her is the fact that she’s always nervous around people, especially you. You’ve been told by other coworkers that she suffers from lower self-esteem compared to other Mamono/Ryu, but weren’t told why.

>”What’s up?”

>”W-well I’ve been h-having some problems outside of work lately.”

>”Like something with your partner? Or is it with your parents?”

>”N-no, none of that.”

>She blushes when you asked about her partner, hiding her face behind her hair and her hands tense up even more.

>Does she even have a husband? Most monster girls accept the human tradition of wearing a ring around one of their fingers/claws, but you don’t see one on her.

>”Well, what are you having trouble with? You can ask me for help if you want. After all, it is my job.”

>”W-well, i-if you must know. M-most girls have a husband, or at least a fiance or boyfriend/partner. I-I don’t. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Men always seem to want a snake that doesn’t look strong like me. They want someone that won’t hurt them, like I could.”

>Shit, she’s worried that she won’t be able to find someone that loves her.

>Living in a city where a monster girl can pick any man they choose is easy, and they don’t have to worry about being rejected or turned down (partly because it’s against the law, but also who would deny a voluptuous woman who wants to fuck you and have you be her husband?). The ryu coiled up in front of you does worry though.

>She seems to have low self-esteem and a poor self-image, but nothing you can’t handle.


>”Well, what kind of man are you looking for? It could also help if you looked for someone who had similar interests as you, such as in a club.”

>”W-well I want someone who cares about me and sees me as a woman rather than a sort of divine being of sorts, given what my kind can do. Someone who doesn’t mind that I look different than other ryu w-would be nice.”

>So really any man who would want a ryu as a wife, then.

>”Any sort of interests that may help?”

>”W-well I’ve always wanted to try playing in one of those video game tournaments, b-but I’ve never really played one before, and I’m not good at anything either.”

>A shy, well-developed monster girl that wants to play video games. You practically have a heart attack right there and then.

>You could totally help her git gud.

>”I think there’s a club here that sometimes holds fighting game tournaments every now and then. Maybe you could try making friends there. I could even help you learn how to play the game, too.”

>At the proposition of you helping her find a suitable partner AND learn something she’s always wanted to try, she nearly crushes your ribs as she jumps up to give you a big ol’ hug.

>You faceplant into her cleavage when she does and as appealing as it may be, you’d rather be alive than die by asphyxiation via breasts.

>”How about we start tomorrow after everyone goes home? I can teach you how to get better then, and how to make friends.”

>She can barely hear you though since your face is still stuffed with tit.

>”Y-yes, th-that sounds good.”

>Well then, you have shit to do now after work.

>The next day you get ready, packing your two fightsticks, console, and game with you in addition to everything else you normally bring with you to work.

>Screw moving your television though, there’s one at work you can nick anyways.

>Throughout the day you catch glimpses of her working, and whenever you catch her eyeing you, she immediately looks in the other direction, blushing heavily as she feigns interest in something on the wall.

>Your day goes as usual though, apart from a somewhat pretty monster girl checking you out.

>As the last bell of the day rings, you get another knock on the door as you set up everything in your office in preparation of teaching the ryu how to git gud.

>You politely tell whoever it is to enter, and it’s her again.

>She’s wearing a snug turtleneck sweater this time since it was unusually chilly this morning, and throughout the day.

>The woolen fabric hugs every curve of her upper body, and it’s especially tight around the chest area.

>Normally a sweater is fairly loose on someone, but with her it’s stretched across her bosom almost to the breaking point. Upper garment sales have been through the roof compared to where you used to live.

>What you would give to be that shirt right now, though.

>Shaking your head, you stand up from plugging the last cable in before greeting the anxious monster girl.

>”H-hi A-anon.”

>”Well hello beautiful.”

>Her skin turns a DEEP shade of red when you say that.

>After all, during your schooling one of the most important things that was taught was that you need to compliment the other person.

>Apparently it helps boost their confidence.

>”Are you going to just sit there or do you want me to help you?”

>She simply nods as you sit down on the floor, picking the second most comfortable cushion that you know while she coils up next to you on the same one she used yesterday, and you start up the game

>Jesus Christ, she’s terrible

>She barely even knows how to control her character.

>Well that, and the fact that your fightstick wasn’t designed for giant, clawed hands.

>You sigh heavily, and slowly start introducing her to the basics of the game, starting with her favorite character’s playstyle.

>You often have to hold her hand to help her press the right button at times or move the stick in the right pattern for a combo, and each contact of your skin on hers makes her squirm a bit in her seat and blush slightly.

>You spend about an hour just teaching her the basic mechanics of the game before you decide to end the first of MANY training sessions, and pack everything back in in your bag.

>”Th-thanks Anon, f-for helping me.”

>”Yeah, sure, no problem. Same time tomorrow?”


>Her face reddens again as you give her a good-bye hug, and she reciprocates by ALMOST breaking your ribs again as her powerful arms wrap around your torso and her prominent chest squeezes between your two bodies.


>Thinking ahead, you stop by a specialist’s electronics shop on your way home to get something for your timid friend.

>She practically drops to the floor in amazement when you show her the custom-built fightstick made specifically for ryu you got just for her the next day.

>And nearly break another rib as you’re assaulted by a very happy monster girl.

>A few weeks pass as you continue training her in the ways of the Mahvel, slowly making progress with the monster girl.

>You swear someone hacked the P.A. system and started playing Survivor over it, but you were probably just hearing things.

>After the first two sessions, you notice that she’s becoming more and more comfortable and friendly around you, every now and then leaning against you or touching you a bit more than usual as you teach her.

>She also occasionally talks about her personal life and what she does outside of work.

>Eventually you hear about a tournament being held at the school by one of the clubs, and you break the news to the ryu.

>The day comes when you get to see if anything you taught her did anything, but as you start packing your things, she grabs you on the shoulder.

>”C-could you come with me? I-I don’t want to be alone around a bunch of people I don’t know.”

>”Sure, anything for a friend. Although you should start going out on your own a bit more so you’re more comfortable by yourself. I’m not going to be around forever you know.”

>”Y-yeah, I-I know. Can we go, I don’t want to be late.”

>Arm in arm, you walk her down to the small auditorium that’s normally used for plays and such, getting a few approving glances from some of the faculty still at the school.

>You can practically hear the shouting down the hall, and the ryu next to you tightens her grip on your forearm a bit.

>”Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, we can just go back to my office and play there, just the two of us.”

>Her eyes meet yours, and for once there’s actually some confidence in them.

>”No, I want to do this. Besides, you said that I have to leave my comfort zone if I want to learn how to be better around other people.”

>You shrug.

>Oh well, you at least warned her. At least she knows that you’re allowed to leave at any time you want, and you’ll be there with her.

>You’re assaulted by a very loud wall of noise as groups of loud black people play all kinds of fighting games, and your monster girl companion moves even closer to you.

>Fucking blackaboos.

>What is with them and fighting games.

>Of course since you’re with an attractive ryu, some people stare as well when they hear her slithering on the cement floor.

>Whatever, you help her sign up and make sure she’s ready before it actually begins.


>Her opponent goes with Dante, Vergil, and Trish.

>As the game loads, a very imposing dude with long dreadlocks sits next to you and strikes up casual conversation out of boredom.

>”Yo man, this fight you’re girlfriend is in is gonna be tight.”


>Aww jeez, everyone here thinks you’re in a relationship with her.

>”Naw man, I’m just a friend. She asked me to come along with her and watch.”

>”Whatever dawg.”

>You shake your head right as the countdown starts for the first set.

>Half the time you have no idea what’s going on the screen, and you’ve played the damn game before.

>Still, you manage to figure out most of what’s happening, and that your ryu friend won.

>Mostly because the other person she was playing against got upset.

>She’s virtually beaming when she turns around to look at you, and you give her a thumbs up and the biggest smile you can muster.

>She blushes again before turning back around to start the second round.

>For some reason, everyone in the room goes apeshit when this guy shows up.

>You have no idea who this guy is, and for some reason he’s wearing an old gray shirt with the words ‘Dr. Fist’ written on it in Sharpie. Poorly.

>According to the guy sitting next to you, ‘Dr. Fist’ won some tournament long ago and since has never been defeated.

>No matter what game he plays, he always goes with Street Fighter characters.

>This time the monster girl picks Iron Fist, Ryu, and Amaterasu.

>Great. You’ve gotten her into something she has no hope of winning, which is going to damage her already fragile self-esteem.

>She barely manages to take down ONE of his characters before he absolutely destroys her.

>The rest of the set doesn’t bode well for your serpentine friend, but luckily she’s spared some dignity as she manages to land in a few hits so that she doesn’t get perfected twice in a row.

>When ‘Dr. Fist’ lands the killing ultimate, the entire room starts chanting his ‘name’, and when the game announcer finishes his tirade, everyone except for you and the monster girl loses any sort of self-control they had.

>You can barely hear anything over the room calling out the unknown master’s name, and you stare in disbelief as he waves to the crowd and bows.

>She, on the other hand, is staring at either the floor or the screen and you can almost see her shoulders shaking as she starts to quietly sob.

>Surprisingly, ‘Dr. Fist’ stops his showboating and offers her his hand, helping her up before saying something to her, and she points to you in the crowd.

>The two walk (well one, actually) over to where you’re sitting as you eye them both.

>’Dr. Fist’ seems like a normal enough dude, if a bit overzealous at times.

>The monster girl that brought you here manages to compose her self enough in front of you, but you can still see light stains on her dusky cheeks from her tears and her eyes are slightly red as well.

>” ‘Sup dude, you her boyfriend?”

>When she hears the word ‘boyfriend’, the ryu turns more red than you thought humanly or Mamono-ly possible.

>Seriously, what is up with everyone thinking you two are in a relationship?

>”Naw man, just a friend.”

>”Eh, whatever. She was actually pretty decent at the game, and apparently she told me that a few weeks ago she only just started playing the game and that she learned from you. You’re a pretty good teacher if that’s true.”

>”Shit, thanks man. Actually yeah, she only started playing, but most of the time I was showing her how to press buttons and not LEARN the game.”


>With a nod, you part ways with ‘Dr. Fist’ and the now dejected ryu tugs at your arm, wanting to leave now that she doesn’t have a reason to stay.

>You walk back to your office again to put everything away so you can go home, but when you close the door after letting her in first, the monster girl bursts into tears.

>You drop almost everything (well almost everything, the custom arcade stick you bought for her was fucking expensive) and rush over to comfort her before she accidentally breaks something.

>You try shushing her, but violent shakes wrack her body and you opt to just hold her as tight as you can and wait out the storm instead.

>After a few minutes she manages to calm down enough and you pull apart enough to look her in the eye.

>”Th-thanks A-anon. Th-thanks for coming with me.”

>” ‘S okay. Sorry I dragged you out to something you weren’t ready for.”

>”No, it’s my own fault. I insisted on going, and I failed. I should have asked for more help.”

>You hug her again, and instead of her arms crushing your torso, they’re much more gentle and loving.

>”Th-thank you Anon.”

>You give her a warm smile before helping her packing up the last of her things, and she’s nearly out the door when she turns around.

>”H-hey Anon, d-do you remember what the guy said earlier?”

>”About what.”

>”About us. He said you were my boyfriend, but you corrected him and said that we were just friends.”

>”Yeah, what about it?”

>”W-well I-I was thinking that m-maybe, d-do you want to be m-my boyfriend?”

>If she had feet, you’re sure they would be grinding into the carpet right now.

>For once you’re speechless.

>You’ve toyed with the idea of getting a waifu, but never did you think that SHE would ask you.

>”Ye-yeah, s-sure. That sounds great.”

>She embraces you again, and again nearly kills you when her arms bind you.

>Rather than try and break free, you lean into her and rest your face in her fat chest, this time on purpose.

>”So, where are you going to take me on our first date?”

>What have you just gotten yourself into.


>Well it is almost summer and certainly hot enough out.

>”How about the water/theme park on Saturday, starting early? We could try there instead of doing the shitty cliche of dinner and a movie.”

>”That sounds great! H-here’s my number and address A-anon.”

>You wave goodbye this time instead of hugging her, but still she blushes as if you did.

>You still wonder what you got yourself into.

>The thought of the ryu in a thin, skimpy swimsuit pushes that aside though.

>The end of the week can’t come soon enough, and every time you look at her, instead of seeing her in her usual silk kimono, you imagine being able to see nearly every inch of her light ebony skin as she flaunts a too-small bikini.

>Your mind fills in the blanks on where her ‘swimsuit’ covers her, although you don’t need much help.

>She, and a few other people, nearly catch you staring at her instead of doing your job, but luckily logic brain beats sex brain and you wrench your gaze away at the last second each time.

>You’re pretty sure she’s eye-fucking you as well, but is doing a damn well better job at hiding it.

>You wake up far earlier than you want on Saturday, but aren’t terribly angry since you’re gonna get to ogle a busty monster girl wearing nothing but a swimsuit all day.

>Plus she’s sort of your girlfriendfu now.

>Screw wearing pants today, your swimsuit counts as shorts, right?

>Wearing a shirt at a water park as a dude is weird though but you put one on anyways, at least until you get there.

>You make your phone send her a quick text saying that your on your way as you get everything ready, and then head out to pick her up.

>Hopefully your car can fit an entire ryu.

>Her house, if you can call her lofty mansion a ‘house’, is about what you’d expect a flight-capable creature to live in.

>Most of it is really empty space though. It’s not like your typical seven dozen-room home that a normal mansion would be.

>Just an average number of really wide rooms with high ceilings.


>Hopefully you don’t fuck ANYTHING up, including asking her if she’s ready at her front door.

>Knock knock.

>Who’s there?


>The Who?

>Man that joke was shitty.

>”It’s me, Anon.”

>The door creaks open and a green-clawed hand grasps the edge of the door as worried eyes and bright hair herald the arrival of the rest of the monster girl.

>Damn it, she’s not wearing nothing but a bikini right now.

>Still, her short skirt and low-cut top give you a nice view of her wide hips and deep cleavage.

>Sometimes your unsure of if she knows how revealing her clothing actually is or how poorly it hides her features.

>You don’t tell her a thing though.


>”Y-yeah, just need a few things and I’ll meet you outside.”

>Popping her stuff in the trunk next to your crap, you set off to do water park stuff.

>You came prepared, and only need to strip off your shirt to get ready.

>Your ryu girlfriendfu on the other hand needs to change.

>That’s another dumb law: Human males can’t, under any circumstance, assist a Mamono in dressing at all, unless explicitly allowed by both the Mamono and facility owner or if the life of the Mamono is in immediate and mortal danger.

>Try as you might, she doesn’t need any help, so you settle for waiting for her to slither back out.

>And when she does, oh boy does your entire body, and a few other human’s, stand at full attention.

>One guy even walks into a metal pole as he stares, thoroughly pissing off his monster girl companion.

>She’s let down her neon hair, and if it weren’t for knowing ahead of time you’d think that she went topless as the bright strands fall down in front of her vast chest, covering up the thin straps of her swimsuit and skin where her nipples would be.

>The fertile spheres wobble back in forth in synch with the undulating motion of her broad hips, utterly hypnotizing you.

>Below her waist, the puffy lips of her lady bits strain against the waterproof fabric.

>Yep, she has no clue how exposed she’s making herself.

>Sex brain beats logic brain this time, and you don’t tell her that A LOT of people are rubbernecking.

>It could boost her confidence, or it could backfire horribly and she’d get incredibly self-conscious again, and cover up more ‘properly’.

>So you don’t.

>”H-how do I look?”

>”Like a million bucks if a million bucks was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. C’mon, let’s go have some fun.”


>You drag her to almost every single attraction there.

>The giant water slides.

>The lazy river (with her having a bit of trouble figuring out how to fit into the inner tube).

>The badass roller coaster.


>You even took a break to eat some ice cream made from holstaur milk.

>People were gawking at the two of you, and your neck started to hurt after giving bro nod after bro nod to the males walking past you.

>Some people even pulled sunglasses out of nowhere and put them on, biting their lower lip at the same time.

>You saved the wave pool for last though. After all, it IS the coolest thing there.

>You swim out to the deep end and she follows you, insistent on knowing what secret you were going to reveal to her and why you had to tell her here.

>Little did she know, your ‘secret’ was really an excuse to start a splash fight with her, making you both giggle like idiots.

>You plaster her hair all over her face and chest, and she has to spit some of it out, along with some stray water as well.

>”Hey Anon, I have a secret too.”

>”What is it, darling?”

>She still blushes when you flatter her like that.

>”Well I can only tell you if you grab onto my shoulders reeeeaaaaaaaaal tight.”

>What could go wrong.

>You grab onto her, and immediately she dives under the water, dragging you with her.

>Your ryu girlfriend twists every which way, and you’re barely able to hold on, let alone breath underwater.

>Somehow sensing your distress, she surfaces with a great big splash, allowing you to gulp down precious air before plummeting into the water again and again.

>Occasionally she stays up in the air for longer than you really want to, flying around and showing off.

>Eventually though the park closes and you, along with everyone else, go back home.

>You **hold hands** on the drive back, enjoying the peaceful silence between the two of you, and end up back at her place.

>”Thanks Anon, that was really fun.”

>”Y-yeah, I had a great time too. Although soaring twenty feet above a wave pool scared me a bit.”

>The ryu sitting next to you sinks into her seat a bit when she hears you say this.

>”Ah, I’m kidding. It wasn’t that bad at all. After all, humans can’t fly without using heavy vehicles, so flying without one was kind of cool.”

>”H-heh, y-yeah. It kind of is nice being able to do that. Well it was nice spending time with you, but it’s getting a bit late and I’m kind of tired.”


>Fuck it.

>You lean in and give the ryu a deep kiss, gently caressing her face and the back of her head.

>She freezes up for a scant second before sighing gently and relaxing her arms as they drape over your shoulders.

>If she was any redder you’d think she was a succubus.

>”D-do you want to come inside f-for a drink, Anon?”

>”Only if you join me.”

>Being a gentleman, you offer to carry her extra clothing and such inside for her, and set it down near the front door as you step inside.

>On the outside, her house looks imposing, but on the inside there’s hardly any rooms.

>Most of the space is used to allow her, or any previous airborne inhabitants, to live comfortably.

>You’d expect a ryu to fly around all the time, but she seems content to just move across the floor instead.

>You take a seat on the wide couch, and soon after she skids across the hardwood floor before handing you a mug of what’s probably coffee and ‘sits’ down next to you.

>You take a sip of the offered drink, and grimace at the taste.

>It’s not bad, just really cold.

>Oh well.

>You continue to slowly drink your too-cold beverage for a few minutes in silence before the monster girl next to you speaks up.

>”Th-thanks for taking me out on a date. I-I don’t really have a lot of friends apart from you.”

>”Really? I’d expect someone as fun-loving and cute as you would have more.”

>You feel like she hates it when you compliment her, considering she always fidgets when you do.

>But she’s also incredibly shy as well.

>It’s really adorable when she gets all quiet when you flatter her though.

>”Th-thank y-you.”

>You barely even heard her whisper that time.

>”I-it’s getting kind of late, d-do you want to spend the night here?”


>Sleep alone at home, or cuddle with a voluptuous dragon lady?

>Alone. Cuddles.



>”Sure. Who says our date has to end now? Do you wanna try sleeping outside in a tent instead of inside?”

>”I-I don’t know. S-sometimes wolves come out and try and attack the house. It’s going to be cold too.”

>”Well if you’re worried about wolf girls, why not just sleep inside then? We could also share a bed too if you think it’s going to be too cold. Y’know, to share body heat.”

>You’ll be damned if you’re not going get your snuggles.

>”I-if you say so, A-anon. M-my room’s this way.”

>She gingerly grabs your hand with her own giant claw and leads you through the spacious rooms before coming to a plain wooden door.

>Inside you notice that the walls are a bright pink, matching her hair well, and the clean white carpet is incredibly soft under your bare feet.

>Most of the room is dominated by the massive king size bed.

>Normally a single individual would have something like a full-size or maybe a twin, but due to their size ryus and other snake-like monster girls and some larger non-serpentine Mamono like centaurs, almost always go for the largest bed they can get.

>You let go of her hand and run up before vaulting onto the immense mattress without even bothering to change out of your old clothes.

>Your girlfriendfu on the other hand wants to sleep in proper attire, so being the gentleman that you are you cover your eyes as she changes into her (very) revealing one-piece night dress.

>Seriously, what is with her and wearing stuff that barely covers her modesty?

>She climbs into bed after you and cautiously snuggles up against you, wrapping her lower half gently around your legs.

>Feeling brave, you pull her in tightly for another kiss, this one just a tad bit rougher as you start to passionately make out with the monster girl as you cuddle again.

>This second kiss brings even more lust-filled moans from her as her fingers dig into your back, making you shiver slightly.

>One of her sizable hands subconsciously grasps yours before bringing it to rest atop one of her squishy mounds, and you take the hint and start to grope the tender flesh through the thin fabric of her nightgown.

>Satisfied with the foreplay, your serpentine lover breaks the kiss to say something that you’ve been wanting to hear all day long.

>”D-do you th-think you c-could, um, y-you know….”

>Come on, just say it.

>Say it.

>”…stick it in me p-please?”

>Somewhere in the world, René Descartes is smiling at you.


>You smile warmly at her and kiss her again before working out of your shorts and undergarment and helping her out of her barely-used nightwear.

>You guide her paws to your hardening shaft, letting her feel with her hands what kind of package you’re going to deliver.

>She blushes HARD when she begins to gently fondle your cock, before looking back up to you.

>”D-do you think it will fit? I-I’ve never done this before”

>Holy shit, she sure knows how to stroke a man’s ego and if you weren’t at full mast already, she certainly turned flesh into diamond.

>”Of course it will, my love. I’ll make sure to be EXTRA gentle though.”

>She giggles a bit before helping you navigate your manhood to her inflamed lips.

>Both of you moan out lewdly as your shaft slowly passes her folds to enter her hot sex as you both lose your virginities to each other.

>You knew that monster girls loved sex, and as such their bodies have adapted to help pleasure themselves and the person that they’re with, but you weren’t expecting the ryu laying beneath you to feel this good though.

>Her inner walls hug every part of your twitching rod, and you can barely register the subtle pumping motions of her innermost depths as her body is already beginning to milk you as best it can.

>You grasp her large hands in your tiny own as you gaze into the pearls that are her eyes and grin before you tenderly start rocking your hips back and forth.

>She is merely content with hugging you around your waist and sporadically kissing you as you rhythmically pump in and out of her.

>Both of you occasionally gasp or moan out as you make love to your ryu girlfriendfu.

>You unconsciously start to plunge her snatch harder, and your hands find themselves roaming all over her glorious hips and thick thighs before cupping her fat bottom to knead the elastic flesh.

>Well, not entirely, her scales kind of make that hard.

>Her moans start getting more and more frantic as you pound her faster when you find something strange on her ass.

>Normally, the scales on a dragon, lamia, or any of the subspecies all grow in the same direction.

>You however find a single scale that is growing in the opposite direction, and you curiously touch it with one hand.

>When you do, the monster girl under you gasps more sharply, and you look in her eyes worryingly.

>She however stares back at you suggestively.

>”Ooh, someone wants to have fun, do they?”


>You heard about this.

>Ryu have what’s called a ‘reverse scale’, a single scale out of the hundreds on them that grows in the opposite direction.

>And that you should never, EVER touch it, lest you be trapped in her embrace for far longer than you can handle.

>And you just touched it.

>The snake-like tail that’s currently loosely coiled around your legs are constricted painfully tight, utterly trapping you until she’s fully satisfied.

>You look out to the window and see a wolf girl looking through the window.

>You mouth ‘Help me’, and all she does is smile and shake her head before disappearing beneath the bottom edge.

>Scaled hands pull your gaze away from the glass and your now even hornier partner grins provocatively.

>”Well, are you ready Anon? You touched me there, and now you’re going to pay. Oh, are you going to pay.”

>All you can to is gulp nervously as she takes charge and thoroughly ravishes you well into the early hours of the morning.

>You probably lost count of how many times both of you came after the first dozen or so.

>Eventually, and thankfully, she finally passes out after vigorously fucking you and you manage to squirm out of her coils, but are stopped once again by the ryu’s powerful arms.

>Oh well.

>She’s finally tired and you can rest for once.

>Of course she stole all the pillows, so you improvise and use her enormous breasts instead, before cuddling up AGAIN.

>”Mmm, I love you Anon.” She whispers, still half-asleep.

>All you do is snuggle a bit closer to her and palm her free tit before falling asleep yourself.

>You’re awoken a few hours later by the glaring sun coming through the window, and you groan as you rub your eyes free of the last dregs of sleep and untangle yourself from the sheets.

>Odd, the ryu that you made love to last night isn’t in bed.


>Well you are pretty hungry, and you can smell bacon cooking too.

>So why bother getting up if she’s going to bring you breakfast in bed?

>Thoughts of last night, and the mental image of the naked ryu wearing nothing but an apron as she hums along making breakfast for her new boyfriend make you hard again.

>You hear the doorknob rattling, and the door swings open as the monstergirl slithers in carrying a tray loaded with eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and a generous glass of orange juice.

>Damn, she’s wearing clothing.

>”I made you breakfast. I h-hope it’s good enough.”

>Of course it’s good enough.

>It’s bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, OJ in bed served to you by a very elegant ryu.

>You assure her it’s delicious through a stuffed mouth, not wanting to stop at all as you wolf down the food.

>You down the last of the juice and start thinking of how to repay her, when a naughty thought crosses your brain.

>”Thanks for breakfast in bed. I made some for you too.”

>”Wh-what do you mean, Anon?”

>You lift the sheets off of your waist, displaying your rigid member to the open air, making her cheeks turn crimson.

>You smile before gently pulling her closer to the bed, making sure her hands land on your crotch.

>She looks up at you, unsure of if she should proceed before you simply nod your approval, letting her begin her work.

>She pumps your cock with her hands cautiously for a bit before slowly lowering her face over the tip, looking back up at you again.

>You grab the back of her head and tenderly push her mouth closer to your dick, and when her lips meet it, they effortlessly part around the head.

>Her long tongue snakes around your entire length, making you gasp out and letting go of the monster girl, but she doesn’t break pace.

>Her head bobs up and down over your crotch as her tongue twists around your manhood, massaging every inch of it as she continues to give you a good-morning blowjob.

>Sooner than you’d like though, you erupt in her waiting maw, roughly shoving her down to the base, effectively making her deepthroat you as you pump your seed directly into her stomach.

>The ryu currently face-first in your groin pulls off with a wet ‘pop’ before swallowing the last few drops and smiles widely.

>”That was delicious, Anon. Maybe next time instead of bacon and eggs I can make something ‘else’.”

>You shiver in delight at the thought of whatever ‘else’ that is.

>Washing off the sweat and grime from the past twenty four hours or so, you put on some fresh clothing before giving your girlfriendfu another long kiss and head home.

>As much as you want to stay, you have work the next day.


>The next few weeks went by in a flash.

>For some reason, your coworkers at the school stopped flirting with you over the phone or propositioning you, and some even stopped using that fucking accent entirely.

>You’d occasionally drive both you and your ryu girlfriend to work, so people probably saw you holding hands a lot.

>Or when you’d both sneak into a closet to fervently make out or copping a feel out in public.

>Sometimes doing other lewd things too.

>You still kept up your little playdates after work, teaching her how to play Mahvel, but she’s started to take interest in other types of games as well.

>Still though, Mahvel is her favorite.

>Mostly because it’s how you two first met really.

>During the vidya sessions you also learned that your monster girl girlfriend tends to prefer vegetarian-type food like salads and such.

>Except for tacos.

>EVERYONE likes tacos.

>She’s even become a bit more comfortable outside too after becoming a couple.

>You also took her on normal dates as well.

>Movies, dinner, coffee, the arcade.

>Man does she love the arcade.

>And cheesy romance movies.

>Hates coffee though. Likes tea better.

>Only real issue is that her favorite game at the arcade are the car racing ones.

>You prefer pinball and the lightgun ones.

>It’s difficult to play a racing when you don’t have feet to push the pedals with so you quickly solved that issue by having her ‘sit’ in your lap, so that you do the pedals and she steers.

>Well, it was more of so she was sitting in your lap rather than helping her play a videogame, but whatever.

>A few times your dates end at either of your houses with the two of you either kissing each other all over or full-blown sex.

>You don’t mind though, although sometimes you wake up EXTREMELY sore the next morning.

>You could barely afford it, but you managed to get a ring with a spessartite garnet.

>Orange is her favorite color after all.

>It takes you the better part of a week to plan how you’re going to propose to her, but the day comes.


>This is going to be incredibly lame, but you’re going to let her beat you at Mahvel and then propose there.

>It was a pain in the ass to mod the game to display the words ‘Will you marry me?’ at the end too.

>She’s beaten you a few times before, but most of the time you win because she asked you to not go easy on her.

>Otherwise how would she get better?

>You purposefully screw up (although make it convincing that you didn’t mean to), and when the match ends, she has a confused look on her face.

>You nudge her, and she looks away from the screen and spots the specially-made ring sitting proudly on top of the velvet inside the open box.

>She looks at the ring, then back to you, then back to the ring, then back to you again.


>”Y-yes. Yes. Oh god yes!”

>You’re tackled to the ground as your new fiance barrels into you, kissing you hard over and over and over.

>”Hey, you forgot the important part.”

>You untangle yourself from your future waifu and grab the ring so you can slip it on her large, clawed digit.

>She smiles widely, and with tears in her eyes she kisses you again, hugging you at the same time.

>”I love you so much, Anon. I mean it.”

>”I love you too.”

>The two of you share your most romantic kiss yet, and you find yourselves undressing the other person as you fall to the ground.


>She insisted on having her parents come to their daughter’s wedding, and they invited at least three dozen people with them.

>Her mother of course is a ryu herself, although there aren’t very many distinguishing physical features between the two, other than the lucrative chest and large vulva.

>She is one hell of a MILF though.

>Her father is a human (duh) like you, and it’s obvious that she got most of her physical appearance from him.

>His skin is a bit darker than your wife’s, and there is some definite muscle definition on him too.

>He nearly dislocates your shoulder as he claps a meaty hand on it and congratulates you marrying his daughter.

>Of course being her father he warns you that if you EVER upset her, he’s gonna end you right there and then.

>That is of course if the Gestapo don’t get to you first.

>Another thing your wife insisted on was having a traditional sea bishop officiate the ceremony.

>You have no idea why she wanted one, or what’s so special about a sea bishop either.

>As for what you two wear, you went for the traditional tuxedo.

>You’ve finally settled on on her having absolutely no clue as to how suggestive and obscene some of her outfits are.

>The veil itself isn’t really special, but the rest of the dress is nothing short of arousing.

>The floor length white fabric is opaque enough to hide her lower body, but as it moves up to her chest you can practically see straight through to her chocolate skin underneath.

>Your favorite part of the gown though is where it covers her enormous bosom.

>The sheer fabric is basically non-existent, and anyone who glances down can clearly see that she’s not wearing a bra, letting her swinging orbs go where they please.

>Her dark nipples are plainly visible through the cloth, and the constant rubbing of the pert buds against the dress makes them hard.

>It could also be a subconscious reaction to everyone staring at her chest.

>You certainly are.

>You really don’t pay attention to anything the priestess is saying about how ‘We are gathered here today…’ blah, blah, blah.

>You just want to kiss her at the end to make it official.

>You figure out why she wanted a sea bishop to preside over the ceremony.

>Either that or her mother picked one to be the officiating party.

>Apparently, with sea bishops the service isn’t complete unless the couple make love to each other during it.

>You’d be lying if you weren’t surprised when the priestess asked if you two were ready.

>Sure, it was a bit tough getting it up in front of three dozen people.

>But not a problem with your wife naked in front of you.

>You caress each other as you passionately kiss in front of her friends and family before pleasure overtakes you and you collapse to the floor, with her on top.

>”Come on Anon, let’s show everyone how much we love each other.”

>You grin and pull her in, spearing her on your rock-hard shaft.

>She gasps sharply before thrusting her chest right in your face and you waste no time in latching on to one of the heavy orbs.

>You buck your hips recklessly into her own, jarring your poor pelvis against her own as she screams your name out for the entire wedding to hear.

>You’re still going at it when the priestess ratifies the union, but you don’t care.

>You want to fuck your wife, and you know no one can stop you, even if they wanted to.


>Neither of you could really decide on where to go for your honeymoon, so you just decided to rent out a hotel room downtown for a few days and just spend some time together as a newlywed couple.

>Just doing whatever came to mind, and a majority of whatever you two thought of doing was the other person.

>That poor room.

>You felt like something changed with your wife when you had your first date and had first made love later that night though.

>She was becoming more open with other people and was visibly less upset and anxious when out in public as well.

>You tried asking her once while you cuddled post-coitus, but she didn’t really know either.

>Maybe it’s just because she found someone that she loved, and who loved her back.

>Someone who didn’t care that she was ‘different’ than other ryu or that her species could be considered to be a god by some people.

>Just a person who loves her for who she is.

>And that someone was you.

>You fell asleep in each other’s arms that night, dreaming of being able to control lightning like a thunderbird, and for some reason calling your new powers ‘Electric Slide’.


>You wanted to just move in your wife and save the hassle of building or finding a new house that can accommodate her, but she insisted on moving to a place that you both picked so that ‘we can start our new home together’ or something.

>You still lived with her, at least until you could afford a new place.

>It took a while with your current job (still at that school, although you’re debating whether or not to either find a practice or start your own to help younger monster girls), but you managed to get a house for the two of you.

>Well, that’s not entirely true.

>It’s more of for the three of you.

>It was about a week after you two got wed, right after you got back from your honeymoon, when she told you that you were going to be having a daughter.

>You of course were apprehensive when she asked you if she could tell you something as you both were getting ready for bed one night, and you freaked out when she told you the news.

> You asked dozens of questions like if she’s told her parents yet or if she thinks she can handle being a mother, among other things.

>Still though, you assured her that you loved her all the same no matter what happened, which of course led to her turning scarlet and you kissing her goodnight, which of course led to making love to her some more.

>With a child on the way, limiting your options on what you two can do together you opted to get all the high-octane stuff out of the way as quickly as possible before it got too dangerous for your wife and unborn child.

>Naturally, the first thing you did was ask if she wanted to go on another date, but this time have her just fly you around all day, taking in the sights.

>She warned you that it might be unnerving, and maybe even a bit dangerous, for a human to be so high up in the air for extended periods of time, but you brushed her aside.

>You want to know how it feels to fly like an eagle, to the sea.

>To fly like an eagle, letting your spirit carry you until you’re free.

>You probably should have listened to her though.

>As the two of you rose higher and higher into the sky, you started to develope a bit of acrophobia.

>Still, the adrenaline rush was nice.

>As time went on though you had to tone back the craziness of your outings and settle for simple things like dinner or a walk in the park, nothing to strenuous.


>You also periodically surprised her with some gifts, mostly new outfits but also some things like video game paraphernalia and a silk embroidery kit or a vegetarian’s cookbook.

>Mostly new outfits that accentuate her curves a lot more, though.

>Especially around her chest.

>ESPECIALLY her chest.

>You absolutely adore the way her breasts move whenever she does, or how all of her tops either show off her cleavage or just the sheer size of her bosom.

>You’ve almost created a sort of game to see how much you can get away with in making her dress up in more and more exposing garments, and she’s started to catch on to you buying her clothing that’s getting progressively more and more revealing, but every time she protests you shut her up by telling her she looks exceedingly attractive whenever she wears it.

>Of course you also had to start buying maternity outfits as well when she started growing in ALL the right places.


>Your ryu waifu told you that she was going to do something special for your birthday, but no matter how many times you begged her to tell you, she wouldn’t.

>The only thing that she told you was that you wouldn’t have to worry about anything that day.

>Other than that, you would just have to find out.

>Just like the morning after your very first date with her, way back before you two were even married, you woke up alone in bed.

>Knowing that she was going to take care of you the entire day, you waited for her to bring you breakfast in bed.

>Unlike that first time though, she showed up in nothing but her partially translucent lacy underwear, bearing your breakfast on a silver platter.

>Her entire body has grown out to accommodate the coming child.

>Her hips and thighs have flared out more, her breasts expanding obscenely with fresh milk for your daughter, her ass pushing out a little bit as well.

>One of your favorite, but unfortunately temporary, changes with her is that her stomach has become quite distended due to her carrying around a growing ryu inside her.

>You never thought yourself having a pregnancy fetish, but goddamn does she look good like that.

>Your breakfast that your wife brought you consists of bacon, eggs, pancakes with butter and syrup, fresh fruit, and a tall glass of milk.

>Your waifu climbs into bed with you after setting down the heavy tray, and you’re about to reach for the cutlery when a clawed hand swats you away.

>”Ah, ah, ah! I told you I was going to take care of you today, and that means feeding my husband breakfast.”

>You smile and kiss her before letting her feed you like a baby.

>When you first take a drink of the milk, something feels off about it.

>You can’t put your finger on it, but it tastes different than milk you normally buy at the store.

>It’s a bit sweeter than regular milk, but it also has a very faint almost earthy aftertaste mixed in with what could only be described as a cool summer breeze.

>”I think there’s something wrong with the milk, dear.”

>”What do you mean Anon?”

>”I-I don’t know, it just tastes different. Are you sure you checked the expiration date?”

>”Yes, I did. I didn’t use that milk though. This brand is special.”

>”What do you mean by ‘spec…’ “


>THAT’S what she meant by ‘special’.

>You didn’t see it at first, but there are two faint, dark spots on the front of her bra.

>She notices where you’re looking and blushes heavily.

>Smiling suggestively, you reach over and ‘accidentally’ knock over the glass, spilling the milk all over the bedspread.

>”Oops, I spilled my milk. What am I going to do now?”

>”Well I guess you’ll have to find something else to drink then.”

>Your wife grins as you reach over to strip off her tight bra to expose her dripping chest.

>You give your lover a passionate kiss while kneading her fat, lactating breasts before climbing over her to rest over her lap.

>You lower your face down to one of the milky nipples and gently kiss the hard bud, and she softly pushes your face further into her wobbly bosom, and you take that as an indication to start nursing.

>Today is going to be a good day.


>You’ve been living in the home you and your wife bought together for several months now.

>Of course since you moved you both wanted to find new jobs to make it easier to raise a child.

>You went with something similar to your old job at Winterbluff, but expanded your counseling to general relationship issues and such, like dealing with intimacy ‘issues’ between a single parent and their child.

>Those meetings are awkward, especially if it’s a single mother and her son or stepson.

>One very young Mamono even went as far as to say that you’re like a father to her.

>Your wife decided to open her own clothing store, specializing in silk garments and embroidery.

>At first it was tough for her, but she eventually found some extra help in the form of some very skilled arachne seamstresses.

>Really she just runs the day-to-day operations of the store while the arachnes do all the actual material creation.

>Of course both of you had to take extended leaves from work as the due date for your unborn child drew nearer.


>You hear your very pregnant wife shout across the entire house asking if you can help her with something.

>”Coming dear!”

>Lately, you’ve had to constantly drop whatever it is that you were doing because she needed your assistance with something.

>Sometimes it gets annoying, but to be fair she is due in only a month or so.

>As you get closer to where you think she is, you can start to make out the shower head turning on as you pass by the master bathroom.

>Looks like she wants you to help her in those ‘hard to reach’ areas again.

>Both of you damn well know that they’re not hard to reach at all, but are you really going to not shower together?

>Stepping in to the large room, you smash into a thick wall of steam as you catch a glimpse of the naked ryu’s silhouette through the hot cloud.

>You quietly shut the door behind you before stripping down, and step into the hot water behind your wife and covering her eyes, eliciting a surprised yelp from her.

>”Name five things that aren’t Jackie Chan.”

>”Uh, silk, videogames, Bruce Lee, taking a hot shower with the love of your life.”

>Damn, she’s good.

>But not good enough.

>”That’s only four.”

>”Oh, and Jackie Cha-DAMN IT!”

>You laugh hard as you spin your wife around and kiss her hard on the lips.

>No, not those lips you pervert.

>Get your mind out of the gutter.

>”So you wanted my help again, dear?”

>”Y-yeah Anon. Can you wash my back for me?”

>Of course she’s dextrous enough to use her tail to grab the soap and do it that way, but sometimes she wants you to massage her back and shoulders, so you happily oblige.

>You sit down on one of the build-in stools before pulling her down on your lap with her back facing you and ask her for the body wash.

>Her tail curls around the plastic bottle before handing it to you, and you squirt a generous amount onto her shoulders before giving the bottle back to her, and start lathering her back.

>She sighs contently as you work to remove the kinks in her shoulders and spine, until you get an idea.

>You pull her closer to you so that your torso is resting against her before reaching around to fondle her expansive chest.

>She gasps out and tries to break free, but you hold her tight while you ‘wash’ the rest of her upper body.

>Of course your own physical prowess is no match for a ryu and eventually she slips from your grasp and spins around, with a bit of trouble of course since she’s well into her pregnancy.

>”Hey, I asked you to wash my back, not my tits!”

>You shrug and smile back at her.

>”Oh, but how could I stay mad at a face like that?”

>You both grin before your monster girl waifu nearly crushes your spine again as she hugs you tightly, nearly suffocating you as she kisses you intensely.

>You manage to break away from her to gasp in precious lungfuls of steamy oxygen before her lips crash back into yours as the two of you french kissed under the water.

>Your hands move down to her lower back and fat bottom to hold her there, and her tail beings snaking its way up to lovingly constrict around your legs and torso, but leaving your crotch exposed.

>Your partner breaks the kiss again before grinning lewdly and uses the end of her serpentine body to align your stiff member with the bulgy opening of her sex.

>The room is filled with lusty groans as she lowers her heavy form all the way down to the hilt, and you again move a hand down lower past her crescent cheeks to caress the one thing you probably shouldn’t be touching.

>”Mind if we do it gently this time?”

>”Anything for you, Anon.”

>You move your arms to around her waist and begin tenderly rocking your hips.

>One of her scaled paws moves up between the two of you to cup one of her heavy orbs, tweaking the stiff nipple sitting on top as you persist in your careful love-making.

>New liquid-like sounds join the running water as it and various sexual fluids mix in together and create increasingly vulgar squishing and sucking sounds as your bodies meet and pull apart wherever they met.


>You had an idea on how hard and painful childbirth can be, but that still didn’t prepare you for your wife’s screams as she FINALLY brought your daughter into the world.

>The pregnancy lasted about the same length of time as an average human’s, maybe a bit longer, but you’d be lying if you weren’t shocked when she doubled over while helping you tend to the garden and told you that the baby was coming.

>Now THAT worried you.

>You immediately rushed her into the car and drove as fast as you dared to the hospital, not concerned in the slightest about any traffic law as you had a perfectly valid excuse for breaking them.

>After what felt like hours, a doctor came out to the waiting room to get you, and introduced you to your new daughter.

>Your wife, now a fully-fledged mother, cradled your tiny daughter in her arms, and looked up at you when she heard you enter.

>Man she looks exhausted.

>”Just look at her Anon! Isn’t she pretty?”

>You tried to be a man, but you let the tears flow anyways.

>”I don’t even know if I can describe it, and words can’t describe what I’m feeling, but she’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. You did wonderful, dear.”

>She smiles wearily and pulls you in with one hand for a light kiss.

>”Of course, my daughter’s still not as stunning as her mother though.”

>Her cheeks redden slightly before she gives you another tender kiss.

>”I love you Anon.”

>”I love you too.”


>You find yourself a few years later playing with with your daughter and wife, again.

>This time, your daughter came up with this game of using mommy’s powers to save the fishies from not having any more water.

>You make it actually interesting for yourself by improvising and making a giant storm sweep over the land, sucking everyone but the three of you into another dimension.

>When suddenly a mermaid comes out of the water to join your party on their valiant quest to save the kingdom from the evil vampire countess Dianna!

>This made your young daughter squeal with laughter as the four of you went on your grand adventure.

>The past few years have been a bit tough on you and your wife though.

>Even though the advice you got from her mother and father about raising a ryu child helped, it was still difficult.

>Bathing a serpent can be hard.

>So is getting them to stay in bed and not fly around the house when mommy and daddy are trying to rest.

>Although it was nice when she first surprised the both of you that one morning by smacking straight into your face rather than you tripping over her.

>After the novelty wore off though it got old having to constantly manhandle your energetic daughter back to bed.

>You had no idea how difficult it was to feed a baby monster girl either, but luckily your wife took care of that, at least until she had to be weaned.

>You manage to find a reputable lamia babysitter so that you can take your wife out for a romantic dinner and then a night or two on the town for her birthday.

>Of course this was the first time you two left your daughter alone in the care of another person other than her parents, so your wife constantly worried about her.

>Over the candlelit dinner you reminisced about your lives before you got married.

>Her absolute favorite thing to do still is to play Mahvel with you, and she’s actually gotten pretty damn good at it too.

>You don’t even have to let her win anymore.

>Back in the hotel room, you climb into bed and wait for your ryu lover to come out of the bathroom to join you.

>You tear up when she slithers out dressed in only a one-piece night dress.

>”You remembered.”

>The very same one she wore on your first date.

>Although now it’s a bit tighter around her breasts.

>It was five years ago to the day that you first took your then-girlfriend out on a date to the waterpark, and later that night losing your virginities to each other as you made love for the first time.

>”Of course I remembers. You didn’t think I’d forget do you?”

>All you can do is pull her up onto the soft bed and give her the biggest hug in the entire world before kissing her.

>”I love you so much.”

>”I love you so much too, Anon.”

>You lay on the bed in each other’s warm embrace before your wife breaks the peaceful silence.

>”You know what Anon? I’m thinking of growing our family again. What do you say we recreate what happened that night?”

>”Anything for you, my soon-to-be-pregnant wife.”

>She giggles, but is silence by another kiss from you as you work to undress her again, just like before.

>The End.

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