Royal Date: The Follow Up Episode

The green furred Cheshire dressed in her black suit with pink heart polka-dots ‘poofed’ onto the game show set with a the extra touch of confetti. “Welcome back for our fallow up episode on the King of Glilia!” The audience gives a round of applause.

“Now before we announce the results, I would like to thank everyone that participated in the vote. Tank you, everyone. All four of you…. just like a real election.” Chuckles, ara aras, and half hearted laughter mildly erupted from the audience. “Oh I’m just kidding. Ten voted. That’s actually impressive.”

The King, who was standing beside Nyu Nyu spoke up. “Is it true, your game show will go off air after the pilot is over? The novelty has actually been quite refreshing.”

Nyu Nyu shrugged at the camera. “Oh well. That’s the way the Jubjub fucks, I’m afraid. Nebibit bought the studio and is going to rework everything. So we might as well end the show on a good point. Prince Ryuichi, King Frederick, mind telling us how you met these four lovely ladies before we announce who won the vote?”

King Frederick nodded. “Certainly. I met Katsumi not long after my mother, Lady Unryu, brought me into this world. The three main families of Zipangu know each other well so we always had opportunities to study and play together. I honestly never knew she had any feelings for me beyond that of good friends.”

Nyu Nyu looked up at him inquisitively. “If you had known, do you think you would have left Zipangu or perhaps you would have asked her to travel with you?”

Ryuichi gently shakes his head side to side. “As the first daughter, she had to stay to continue learning how to be the temple High Priestess. She could not have come with me even if I asked her to. As for staying, I may very well have.”

The Cheshire nodded. “And that’s why she feels so strongly about being with you and, as she put it in her answer for the perfect date, wants to ‘make up for lost time.’ Naughty boy, keeping a girl waiting for 19 years.” Nyu Nyu said as she playfully nudged the king with her elbow.

Nyu Nyu holds up two paw digits. “Then when you got to Glilia and united the militias against the bandit hoards, that’s when you first came in contact with our second contestant, isn’t that right?” She asked.

The King thinks for a moment before answering. “While she was a member of a mercenary group fighting against the bandits and I did lead them into battle, Erika and I did not make introductions until after I founded the kingdom and her mercenary company was officially absorbed into the Army of Glilia.”

Nyu Nyu: “She was actually in a mercenary group back then? But she would have been, what? Six?”

King Frederick: “It wasn’t uncommon for knights and their squires to go into Glilia to fight bandits. Don’t forget that Erika is of noble birth.”

Nyu Nyu: “And when did you become friends with Erika?”

King Frederick: “Our friendship started four years ago during the war with the Holy Alliance. She proved more than capable in battle, so I invited her to join the Palace Guard. Less than a year later, Erika was made Captain of the Guard and has proven to be a great confidant for both me and Margareth.”

Nyu Nyu: “From a knight’s little helper and mercenary mascot to the most trusted among the King‘s Guard, that’s quite the success story. So next you would have met contestant one, Nebibit, right? How did that start?”

King Frederick: “Indeed. Before the war, my intention was to keep Glilia at peace by remaining neutral and trading equally with everyone in the region. The nations of the Holy Alliance to the North, the nations of the Uwhal Union to the West, and of course, the Kingdom of Deshret to the South. Queen Nebibit has always been a good trading partner. There were many times where we negotiated deals while playing board games.”

Nyu Nyu: “You did succeed in keeping the kingdom a neutral trading center for almost fifteen years. Because of that, Glilia has taken on a culture of its own with all the architecture, foods, and what not from the surrounding nations. But how has Glilia given back to its trading partner to the South?”

King Frederick: “For the first time ever, items that could only be found in Deshret or the Uwhal Union were being exported to the Holy Alliance and goods from the HAK, in return were now being imported into the Union and Deshret. But for Glilia’s part, Margareth was instructing Nebibit on how to dance for some time.”

Nyu Nyu: “You have got to be shitting me! The Queen of Glilia tried to teach the Oasis Queen how to dance? How long did it take before she gave up on that endeavor?”

King Frederick: “She never did. Margareth was passionate about teaching Neb how to dance. Unyielding, truth be told. She never took no for an answer and I am certain that ruffled some tails among the Pharaoh’s Court.”

Nyu Nyu: “Both women are strong personalities for sure. Neither of them have ever been intimidated easily, not even by a certain reptilian General. But, When you first met Yrzita, what were your first impressions of her?”

King Frederick: “She knows she has great influence among all Uwhal leaders because of her family’s status as Defenders of the Union. She doesn’t suffer fools lightly and is well versed in most areas of study, not just combat. Those were rumors that I had heard about her when I was still in Zipangu. In reality, that reputation is well earned.”

Nyu Nyu: “Any idea what she thought about you when you met face to face for the first time?”

King Frederick: She didn’t address me by my regal name, Frederick, nor Ryuichi, the name given to me by my mother. Instead, she referred to me as ‘Eastern Kin.’ That is a Draconic phrase only used when addressing a Ryu and it is one of utmost respect. Take from that what you will.

Nyu Nyu: “Did she ask if you could use water magic and create rain storms like the rest of your family?”

King Frederick: “Just as I had known her reputation in advance, so too did she know of me. Yrzita was aware of what I was capable of, though she did request a demonstration.”

Nyu Nyu: “Did she get wet?”

King Frederick: “I expertly controlled the water from a chalice and extinguished half of the candles in the room. I never spilt any water on her… Oh. That is what you meant. I cannot say for certain though she was impressed.”

Nyu Nyu: So that’s a yes. Well whatever the results may be, one thing is certain. The politics and other boring shit of the region will be quite interesting from now on!”

The green Cheshire concluded the short interview with a poof of confetti as she teleported to where the contestants had been last time. In a cloud of pink smoke and confetti, they too appeared.

“And now drum roll if you please.” Nyu Nyu grabs a pink letter and begins to open in very, very slowly. “Erika, Yrzita, Nebs the Second, Katsumi. All of you were great but only one could become this stud’s new Queen…”

“GET ON WITH IT!!” A Lilim shouted while standing up among the audience.

Nyu Nyu waves off the outburst with a paw as if it were nothing more than a troublesome fly. She then opens the letter and pulls out the card with the results. “And the winner is… All!”

While a thunder of cheering and applause erupts from the audience, the contestants look perplexed for a beat; they look at each other. Then as if listening to the song of a Gandharva for the first time, all of their faces lit up with joy. Then they began jumping up and down in excitement.

Nyu Nyu teleported next to the king. “Congratulations, it’s a harem!” The Cheshire shook Frederick’s hand energetically. By the results of the vote, the wide eyed king could only shake his head side to side and grin.

The Cheshire gently directed the king to turn around with a nudge from her paw and pointed towards a wall. “Should you need any help coping with the inexorable prospect of copulating with four hungry monsters, there is team of Cupids at the ready.”

The wall opened and five angels stepped out. Everything about them was pink. Wings, berets, hair, tops and bottoms, leggings and the bows that they held, were all pink. The five angels of love had arrows drawn and were ready to fire.

The king made a gesture for them to lower their bows before turning back to the four ladies that were chattering amongst themselves about wedding preparations. “No, that is not necessary. You are right. I have mourned for so long but Margareth didn’t want me to live in the past. I love all of them and will do whatever I can to make my four loving fiancées happy… and to keep them sated.”

Gods help our gracious King

Fuck all his noble Queens

Yrzita walked over and placed a talon over the king’s lips. “Enough blathering from all of use. Tis time now for planning the greatest wedding ceremony in history!” The Kitsune, Pharaoh, and Manticore ran over and lifted Frederick up over their shoulders and proceeded to walk off with him. Yrzita fallowed suit.

Nyu Nyu waved at the cameras. “Nyaaa~ We hope you enjoyed the show. Thanks for watching and good night!”

With the Cupids gone, the live audience getting around to go and the contestants making their way to the door, Nyu Nyu was left alone on the show’s set. Well, almost. There was another.

A pale, semi-transparent woman standing at five feet and ten inches walked out to keep her widower and his fiancées in sight of the personal camera she was holding. She was dressed elegantly and her hair was in a ponytail that went down to her knees. She had a shit eating grin that mirrored the Cheshire show host… with the exception that she was drooling in an un lady-like manner.

Nyu Nyu turned towards the ghost with an eyebrow raised. “Somebody is enjoying herself.”

“Oh, my dear girl, you have no idea.” Said the ghost with the camera. “I’ve waited a long time to see that man in a bedroom with a bunch of Mamono… This will be a marriage to remember.”

Nyu Nyu gave a silent giggle. “Fucking voyeurs… How much for a DVD of the honeymoon night?”

“Not for sale… But for you Nyu Nyu, ten ducats.”


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