Ropes and Cheese


            There it is again.

            As late as it is, there is no mistaking the faint squeaking and rustling sound coming from the other side of your bedroom door. Your apartment is only two rooms, your bedroom and the kitchen/living area. That sound has been happening every so often since the beginning of last month, slowly increasing in frequency. However, in the past whenever you opened the door, your kitchen was exactly how you left it, save for the absence of a certain dairy product.

            That damn Mouse.

            You think she’s been coming through the window, but you aren’t sure. The lock on it has never worked, and you’ve been too lazy to get it fixed. Anyway, tonight is the night. You have your supplies all laid out at the foot of your bed; all that you have to do now is catch her. You’d made sure to buy an extra fancy kind of cheese this time, hopefully that will distract her for longer. From the sound of it, it’s working like a charm.


            You tiptoe to the door and open it as quietly as you can. Light from the refrigerator illuminates the floor; blocked only by the shadow of the small Mouse-girl crouched in front of it. Your window is open, and a gentle breeze is blowing through it.

            She hasn’t heard you.


            She is extremely engrossed in whatever she’s doing; the room is full of fervent squeaks, smacking noises and… some other noise.

            At least she’s distracted.


            You carefully sneak around to the window and slam it shut.

            It’s time.

            The Mouse hears the sudden, loud clattering of the window and jumps to her feet. She is just about three feet tall, and only wears a plain white shirt and dark colored panties. You can see her denim shorts crumpled and discarded off to the side.

            “Hello, little Mouse. Enjoying your treat?”

            “EEEEK!” Her shrill, squeaky scream pierces your ears as she vanishes. You bound after her, flailing around in the darkness.


            You feel your fingers barely graze the hem of the Mouse’s shirt as she darts past you, leaping across the table towards the door. You follow her, but you aren’t nearly as quick or agile as she is. The wind is knocked out of you as you fall flat on your stomach, right on top of the table. The legs of the rickety wooden thing buckle and shatter, sending you to the floor in a cloud of splinters.

            Oh, this is just perfect.

            You had known you needed a new table, but you are surprised your skinny, out of shape body was able to break it so easily. You see the Mouse hesitate and look back at you fleetingly, poised to open the window.

            Now is your fucking chance.

            Winded as you are, you are just able to summon the strength to push yourself and leap the remaining few feet to the window.

            Got her!

            Your hand wraps triumphantly around the Mouse’s ankle.

            “Eeeeee! Eeeeeeee!” She squeals and wriggles around in your grasp, desperately trying to shake you.


            “I don’t think so!” Weak as you are, you can easily hoist the tiny Mouse into the air by her ankle with a single hand. Her shirt flops over her face as she struggles, exposing her flat little tummy and small, perky breasts. In the faint glow from the fridge, you can see the dark, wet spot around the crotch of her panties.

            “You’re a lewd one, aren’t you?”


            “I’ve gotten real tired of not ever having cheese when I want it, you know.”


            “Oh, come on now. You’ll wake up the neighbors. A lot of them won’t be as friendly with a thief such as yourself.”

            “eee…” Her frantic squeals die out. To be honest, you have no idea what your neighbors opinions of mice are, you never felt like socializing with them. You never usually felt like socializing in general, past what you did at work or school. You just wanted to shut her up, and it looks like it worked.


            The Mouse’s struggling has stopped as well.

            “That’s better. Now, you had all the time in the world to jump out that window. Why didn’t you?” You are honestly very curious about this; you hadn’t expected to catch her so easily.

            “U-u-um… um… uh I do-don’t know!” The Mouse’s high, squeaky little voice is definitely a nice change from her screaming.

            “Don’t know, huh? I think you know why. I think you know exactly why. You have a certain ‘need’…” (here, you nod down towards her soaked panties) “…and I happen to have the way to fix it, am I right?” The Mouse stutters and stammers unintelligibly.

            “Oh come on now, I can’t understand that.” The Mouse quiets down a little bit, but doesn’t answer. You just stand there, holding her up by her ankle, waiting for her reply. Her frantic gaze keeps going from your eyes, to the window, to your eyes, to your pants, then back to the window. Eventually, she whispers something so high pitched that you can’t even hear it.

            “What’s that?”

            “Y-y-y-you’re r-right…”

            “I thought so. You really enjoyed that cheese I got you, huh?”


            “Like, really, REALLY enjoyed it?” She nods.

            “Well, I think you’re awfully cute, and I’m definitely willing to make a deal with you. I’ll let you go, and maybe I’ll even buy some extra cheese to leave out for you from time to time, but there is one thing I have to do first.” The Mouse looks up at you with curiosity dancing in her round brown eyes.


            “Stealing will not be tolerated, and I’m going to have to teach you a lesson. Now, I’m sure you know what type of lesson I’m talking about…” (you glance noticeably at her crotch again) “…and I’m pretty sure you aren’t opposed to it, either. If you are though, I won’t force it. Just know that if you come back to steal after that, I might just have to get an exterminator to come out and look at the place.” The Mouse is blushing profusely, struggling to keep her shirt down over her chest and belly with her tiny arms. Her mouth moves, but you still can’t understand what comes out.


            “Hmmm? You’re going to have to speak up.”

            “P-p-please teach me a l-l-lesson!”

            You grin. All according to plan.

            “I thought so. You’re a kinky little one, aren’t you?” She nods, almost imperceptibly.

            “Let’s get started then.” You hoist the helpless Mouse higher and put her under your arm. She is very light, even for her size. You carry her with you as you close the fridge, go into your bedroom and turn on the light. She gasps, the tiniest, squeakiest little gasp as she sees the things laid out before her at the foot of her bed.

            “Excited?” You can feel the Mouse-girl trembling, almost vibrating under your arm.


            “Don’t worry, little Mouse. I’ll be gentle.” You sit down at the end of your bed and pick up the first items in your hand.


            Several coils of long, plain brown rope.

            You move the Mouse to between your legs with her back to you and hold her firmly in place with your knees. She is still shaking, but makes no attempt to resist or escape. Instead, she cranes her little neck around to watch you, blushing heavily. You gently pull the Mouse’s tiny wrists together behind her back and wrap the first bit of rope around and between them several times. You tie it off, and repeat the process just above her elbows with the rope’s remaining length. As you pick up the second coil, you lay the docile, profusely blushing Mouse across your lap. The second, longer rope is wound around the Mouse’s ankles, tied off, wound around above her knees, tied off again, and then wound around her upper thighs. The Mouse is barely panting now, anticipation building as you skip over the third and final coil of rope and go to item number two.


            A set of two, small pink egg vibrators.

            The Mouse gasps as you carefully slide her little, dark blue panties down a bit. You hold the vibrators up high, dangling them near your face.

            “I want you to look at this, little Mouse.” Red as the setting sun, she timidly meets your gaze. You lewdly wrap your tongue around each of the vibrators, sucking them into your mouth and coating them in your spit. The partially bound Mouse squeaks softly with embarrassment. Soon, you lower the dripping vibrators from your face; a thin strand of spit still connects them to your lips, then grab the first one just above where the cord comes out of it and line it up with her nethers.


            “Look at you, little Mouse. Maybe I didn’t need that much spit.” The Mouse-girl’s panties are completely soaked through and her dripping arousal shines in the light from the ceiling. She blushes and screws her eyes shut as you part her tiny, delicate lips with your fingers. You rub the slippery vibrator up and down her precious pussy, mixing her juices with the spit coating the pink pearl in your hand. With agonizing slowness, you push the vibrator against her opening. She squeaks softly, feeling the toy slide in, millimeter by millimeter.


            Eventually, the Mouse shivers and sighs as she feels her folds fully envelop the bead. You teasingly brush your hand up against her clit as you reach for the second vibrator.

            “eeEEE!” She squeals in surprise.

            “Good girl…” Keeping your other hand firm on her shoulder, you begin to rub the second vibrator around her pussy, slowly moving lower and lower. Understanding dawns on the Mouse as she feels it press up against her anus.

            “You’ll be glad I lubed this one…” Your words only make her blush harder as you teasingly trace a circle around the Mouse’s puckered hole with the toy.

            “eeeeeEEEEK!” Her shrill voice rises as the second bead enters her anus, sliding in just as easily as the one now buried in her pussy.

            “There we go… Does that feel good, little Mouse?” She nods shakily, shivering at the thought of both of her tiny holes being filled by the erotic, pink toys.

            “Good, good.” You pull her panties back up.

            “We can’t have those falling out now, can we?”


            You take up the third rope. This part is the most difficult; it takes several minutes of calm, precise work as you loop the rope here, tie a knot in it there, and ultimately fashion a strict, tight, rope harness for your captive. The Mouse whines and squeals a little as you pull the ropes tighter and tighter. Once it’s finished, you sit back and admire your work. It truly is a beautiful sight. The rope harness squeezes the Mouse’s A-cup breasts, and her erect little nipples poke through the thin fabric of her shirt. The rope gently, yet firmly digs in to her crotch, parting her pussy lips lightly through her panties. The only sign of the vibrators is their thin pink cords that connect to the remote lying on your bed. She wiggles around a little, testing her bonds. The Mouse can barely move, the tight ropes around her arms, legs, stomach, chest and crotch hold her in place almost perfectly.

            “Almost done, little Mouse. Almost done.” You stifle a yawn as you reach for item number three.

            A red ball gag.

            The Mouse pales a bit when you hold the red, rubber ball connected to two black leather straps up to her face, but she obediently opens her small mouth for it without any protest. Even though it is rather large for the Mouse, the ball pops cleanly between her teeth.

            “That’s a good little Mouse…” You praise her as you lift her dull, brown hair off of the back of her neck and buckle the ball gag tightly behind her head. Her occasional squeaks and squeals have been reduce to the tiniest, muffled moans as she settles in and adjusts to the gag. Her large, brown eyes blink at you imploringly as she lays there, completely helpless on your lap.

            “One more thing, just give me a minute.” You get up and deposit the trussed up Mouse on your bed before going to turn the lights off.


            “Mmmm?” A curious, muffled grunt comes from the bound Mouse on the bed.

            “What? The lights have to be off if I’m going to sleep. You know that, right?” She looks extremely puzzled.

            “You’ll see.” You grin devilishly as you join her on the bed, pulling the covers back as you make yourself comfortable. After you pull the covers up over the two of you, you gently hug the tied-up Mouse to your chest.

            “Oh shit! I almost forgot! Silly me…” You release the helpless Mouse from your gentle embrace for a moment and fumble around in the dark. You finally find the remote to the vibrators and flip the single switch on the pink, plastic box.

            “MMmmmph!” The Mouse squeals through her gag as the vibrators come to life inside of her, sending scintillating pleasure throughout her tiny, rope-covered body. She shivers a bit as she feels your warm breath, millimeters from her large, round, ears.


            “You see, little Mouse, these are a special, magic type of vibrator. They have a very particular enchantment on them.”


            “Once they’re on, they can sense your arousal and adjust their speed to keep you as close to orgasm as possible.”


            “Yeah, doesn’t that sound nice? It sounds nice to me too. There is a catch though. It won’t let you cum, no matter what you do.”


            “I can’t have you cumming while I’m a sleep now, can I?”

            “Mmm! Mpheee! Mheeee!” The Mouse-girl struggles and sputters against her ball gag pleadingly.

            “I told you that you were going to be punished, right? You told me you wanted me to teach you a lesson, so here it is! Goodnight, little Mouse!” With that, you pull her in close again, wrapping around the helpless creature with your arms and legs.


            The helpless Mouse struggles a little bit, but between your grip and the tight ropes hugging her whole body, she gets nowhere. You had been waiting for this moment for far too long. You put a hand on the back of the Mouse’s head and run your fingers through her silky hair before planting a small, loving kiss on her gag. Your faces are close enough to each other that you can clearly see her extremely surprised and embarrassed blush as you withdraw from your kiss. Your hand is absently stroking the back of her head, and every so often you run the tip of your finger along the edge of her twitching, fuzzy ears. It is so much fun to tease her. The warm, petite body of the Mouse cuddled tightly against you is very calming and you find yourself quickly drifting off to sleep, despite her frequent small moans and muffled squeaks.


            The Mouse can already feel herself at the edge. The large vibrators mercilessly teasing her deep inside her pussy and anus are almost unbearable! The more she tries to struggle, the more the crotch-rope digs into her clit. She hopelessly tries to squat at it and rub herself on it, but to no avail.

            “Mmmphh! Mmmphmrr! Phmmff mmnhtmmpf mmmheee! Pphmmmf nnf mhmeem cmmmm!” Try as she might, she can’t get more than desperate, muffled moans past the large, red ball gag buckled tightly in her mouth. She is stuck there, helpless as you use her as your own little living body pillow while constant teasing and pleasure spasm throughout her small body.


            It will be several hours before she is finally relieved of this beautifully torturous predicament. The bound, helpless Mouse spends the whole night frustratingly, tantalizingly close to orgasm, Every time she feels she is close, the vibrators slow, or even stop. She cries out desperately through her ball gag and struggles against the ropes in vain, but you are far too deep in sleep to hear her. Even in your sleep, you can’t stop smiling. Dreams of how you will reward her for her patience in the morning and maybe even in times past that dance in your head. It wouldn’t be bad to have a little company after all.


— — — — —


            It’s been several months since the Mouse moved in. Since then, your life has changed pretty drastically. Your Dragon boss had caught on almost immediately to your ‘guest’s’ presence. You had made it pretty far in life without getting married, so it’s almost as if she and your other co-workers were just waiting for it to happen. Anyway, on the second week of you coming to work ‘smelling of wet and cheese’ (whatever that meant) your boss had given you a nice little raise. No matter how thoroughly you showered, your boss always takes a deep breath as you walk in, gives you the same, all-knowing look, and mutters ‘Ara ara~… It’s about time…’


            More money is always nice. You can finally move out of this tiny apartment soon. Your mind wanders back to the day you first captured the Mouse-girl and the morning that followed. You smile a bit as you recall the intense, passionate love the two of you had shared once you woke up. You’d only been semi-conscious of it at the time, but you knew that there was no going back after that.


            To be honest, you had sort of wanted things to go the way they did when you originally planned to capture her. You were tired of being lonely. There was just something about the submissive, stuttering Mouse looking at you with big, brown, watery eyes and asking ‘C-can Noel please stay with you, M-M-Mister?’ Those had been the first words out of her mouth after you removed her ball gag in the morning. How could you say no to that? It was impossible. It wasn’t like you really wanted to either. Having a waifu us a lot better than you expected, too. Submissive as she is, Noel is very honest with her feelings and desires. Although she stutters most of the time, she is straightforward and almost never afraid. You can’t get over how endearing that is to you; traits like those are fairly rare among the more submissive monstergirl types. Noel can stay.


            Your Mouse-girl also keeps dropping hints that she wants to start a family with you, but she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet. Not for lack of trying though. You know it will be time to move out in the next few months. The energetic Mouse makes your two-room apartment seem so small. It will be smaller still for your soon to be growing family. There is also the increasing number of complaints from the neighbors to think about. You had never thought you were particularly loud, but keeping Noel gagged ALL the time just isn’t feasible. Sometimes you just want to hear her squeal.


            You have been making plans for your six-month anniversary. The two of you have been together for a long time, even though it only seems like a few weeks. Things are going to happen on your anniversary. Oh yes. The men in your family have had a historic difficulty when trying to have children. However, you had finally found a reputable doctor to prescribe you something without trying to feel you up or proposition you every few minutes.


            Every day after you get home from work, the tiny Mouse jumps into your arms and cuddles up to you. She chatters on and on about a new, kinky toy she’s seen online, or new types of cheeses she wants to try, or how many daughters she wants to have and what their names will be. Today, she greets you mostly nude. She excitedly holds a black, leather armbinder in her tiny hands; it jingles a bit as she shivers and trembles with anticipation. She must have been waiting by the door for a while because her legs are already strapped together above the knees and at the ankles with thick, leather cuffs. She also wears a Mouse-sized pair of shiny, clover nipple clamps.

            God damn.

            You feel a familiar tightness in your throat. It is still the day before your six-month anniversary, but from the looks of it, Noel is ready to start early.

            “T-t-technically, I snuck into your house before m-midnight, so we HAVE to start today!” Even though you doubt that statement’s validity, you grin. Who are you to say no? Noel has made such a big effort to surprise you.


            “Let’s get you hooked up then, little Mouse!” Noel’s cheeks turn rosy as you say this. The pet name you gave her that first, fateful night only comes out on special occasions. You don’t want to let her get too used to it, or else it’ll lose its charm. Her eyes glaze over a bit and a bead of drool drips from the corner of her mouth as she remembers the intense, delicious teasing she had endured when that name originated. You gently scoop the partially bound girl into your arms and carry her to the couch. Her excited trembling reverberates through you; you can feel your own excitement growing too.


            “Okay, stand here.” As you take a seat, you set Noel down on the floor with her back towards you. You loop the top straps of the armbinder around the Mouse’s shoulders and chest in an X shape. She lets out a soft ‘eeee…’ as her nipple clamps bounce and jingle as they tug on her firm, erect nubs. You tenderly, yet firmly grip her left upper arm and hold it behind her as you hold the armbinder under it. Her little hand curls into a fist and slides into a thick, leather mitten attached to the end of the armbinder. Her right hand finds its place in the second mitten and you tighten the straps around her small wrists.


            The strict leather mittens wiggle infinitesimally as Noel tries to move her hands and uncurl her fingers.

            “Tight enough?” She nods, unable to contain her smile. You adore how happy she gets when you tie her up or restrain her. You pull the flaps of the armbinder together and zip them up, fully encasing the Mouse-girl’s arms in the smooth, black leather. You finish by tightening the second strap around her wrists, as well as the one above her elbows.

            “There we go! How does it feel?”

            “G-good, Mister!” Noel twirls to face you. She bites her lip a bit as her nipple clamps dangle and swing beneath her perky little breasts. Despite you telling her your name, she still insists on calling you ‘Mister.’ The way she says it cute, so you didn’t mind at all.

            “Good girl…” You pick her up again and set her next to you. She lets out the tiniest squeak of contentment as she snuggles against you; your arm draped across her small shoulders.


            You sit there, cuddled together with the diminutive Mouse for a long time. You lovingly stroke her cheek with the back of your index finger and tell her how sweet she is.

            “Look at you, Noel. You look so cute in your cuffs, and your clamps, and your armbinder. I bet they’re tight, hmmm?” Your soft, loving words make the bound Mouse in your arms very flustered, she can only get out a small moan or squeak in reply. Your face is mere millimeters from her round, fuzzy ear as you whisper to her; it twitches beautifully as you speak.

            “It’s almost time to take your nipple clamps of. We can’t have anything bad happen to your cute little nips, right?” Here, you delicately trace a finger along the chain connecting the two clover clamps. Noel winces a little as mixed jolts of pleasure and pain shoot through her. She closes her eyes in anticipation as you take the first clamp in your hand.

            “EEEeee!” She squeaks in pain as the blood returns to her right nipple.

            “Good girl…” you croon as your hand drifts to the other clamp.

            “mmmEEEEeee…” The second clamp comes off and you gently massage the circulation back into Noel’s tiny, sensitive nipples.


            “That wasn’t so bad, mmm? Look at how sensitive you are Noel…” You grope and caress her little boobs, kneading the soft, squishy flesh beneath your fingers and palms.

            “mmmm… mmm… M-Mister… m-my breasts…”

            “It feels good, doesn’t it? You like it when I molest your little breasts like this when you’re all tied up?” The Mouse-girl nods and lets out a cute sigh as you pinch and tug at her stiff, inflamed, and sensitive flesh. After several minutes, you finally tear yourself away from the Mouse’s adorable little breasts.

            “I have a surprise for you, Noel. Wait for me right here.” She nods and sighs contentedly as you stand up and walk across to the fridge. The plain, unmarked box is right where you left it; on the top shelf of the fridge, all the way in the back. It would have been hard for the three foot tall Mouse to see it up there. Even if she had, it would have been even more difficult for her to get it. Her little assortment of cheeses and other foods are always on the bottom shelves anyway.


            You know how Noel is around cheese. Something about it just… gets her going. Today, you have something special for her. You bring the package back over to the couch and kneel down in front of the helpless Mouse.

            “You wanna know what I got for you?” She nods. Her cheeks are a deep red and her ears droop and twitch, yet her big, brown eyes stare directly into yours as she waits for you to tell her what’s in the box. You can’t stop smiling as you set the box next to her and begin to unwrap it.


            “M-Mister!” Noel gasps in surprise as the intense aroma of a multitude of different cheeses tickles her nose.

            “You like? I wanted to get you a special meal for our anniversary.”

            “I-I-I… c-can I eat it Mister? Can I? P-please?” Her face falls a little as she realizes her predicament.

            “But I’m s-still tied up…”

            “Of course you are, Noel. You think I didn’t consider that? No, I’m going to feed it to you.” Her eyes widen in surprise.

            “M-Mister… T-t-that’s…” The Mouse-girl averts her gaze, face nearly as red as the blood in her veins.

            “Don’t be shy, little Mouse. Here. Let me get you the first piece.” You reach into the box for one of the many different cubes inside and grab one.



            One of Noel’s favorites. You take your time as you bring the cube of cheese up to your little captive.

            “Now, there are a few rules here Noel. First. Don’t bite me.” She nods.

            “Second. No complaining. You can beg all you want, but you can’t complain.” Another nod.

            “Third. Don’t touch the cheese until I say you can, or I touch you with it. That includes tasting, nibbling, licking, anything. Don’t touch the cheese.”

            “I-I won’t, Mister…” You can tell that her anticipation is already building.

            “Good girl. Here it comes.” You hold the cube up to her nose.


            “Give it a smell.” Noel takes a breath and sighs deeply as she lets it out. Her shining, beautiful brown eyes flutter a little, but come to rest right back where they were; lovingly locked with yours. You aren’t aware of this yet, but arousal has already begun to stain the couch beneath Noel’s naked crotch.

            “Open.” The Mouse opens her little mouth wide, showing her delicate pink tongue and cute, straifgt, pearly teeth. You smile and softly place the cube of cheese on her tongue.

            “Go ahead.” Noel moans a bit, savoring the delicious flavor of the cheese as she slowly chews it. She finishes fairly quickly and looks back to you, panting ever so slightly.

            “Good?” She nods and sighs softly.

            “Good. Next one.”



            You think this was the first type of cheese Noel ever stole from you. You hold the second cube up to the helpless Mouse as you did with the first and allow her to smell it. This time, she breathes its aroma in much more deeply, as if trying to taste it with her nose alone. Your right hand comes up to the back of the Mouse’s head and you stroke her hair a bit, but leave your hand there.

            “Remember the rules, Noel…” You murmur these words as you begin to slowly trace one of the corners of the cheese cube along her small, rosy lips.

            “I wonder, can you taste it yet? This delicious cheese that is just out of reach?” The Mouse’s eyes screw shut as you tease her; you can tell she longs to snatch the delicious cube from your grasp. Her mouth opens very slightly.

            “Ah ah ah! I don’t think so.” You pull the cheese away from her.

            “M-Mister… I want it…”

            “What’s that?”

            “I w-want it!” The faintest hint of a pout is mixed in with the frustrated, aroused expression on the bound Mouse’s face.

            “You’re just going to have to wait for that one I’m afraid.” You set the cube of Gouda back in the box.

            “Misterrr…” Her voice is a little sassier this time.

            “You do remember the rules, right Noel? Don’t think I’ll forget your violations. That’s two now.” She looks down, apologetic and dejected.

            “Are you going to behave now?”

            “Yes, Mister.”

            “Good girl!” You pat her head a little and smile as you procure the next cube from the box.



            From what you can tell, this is the cheese that makes Noel the horniest. Hand still gently cradling and stroking the back of your Mouse’s head, you bring the cheese cube up to her. After a moment of letting her eye it hungrily, you smile.

            “Open.” Noel opens her mouth again, much quicker than the first time. She is desperate for a taste of the delicious, teasing cheese.

            “Good girl…” You put the cheese on her tongue again and stroke her hair a bit.

            “Wait for it… wait for it…” The Mouse stares at you out of the corner of her eye. She moans as she starts to salivate, desperate to bite in to the cube of cheese deviously teasing her taste buds. You hold out for several agonizing seconds, grinning as Noel’s eyes start to water.


            “Go ahead.”

            “omm.” A cute, nomming sound comes from Noel a she greedily bites the cheese cube in half. Your smile never fades as you wait for her to finish. As she slowly savors her prize, you massage and fondle her soft, adorable mouse-ears with both of your hands. Finally, her little mouth is empty again. You can smell Noel’s musky scent on the air, you are sure her juices are beginning to soak into the couch. Her delicate, bare chest rises and falls as she breathes heavily and her eyes keep losing focus.

            You continue feeding your bound, helpless Mouse-girl as you have, finding new ways to tease her with every cube of cheese. Brie, Gruyere, Mozzarella, Gouda again, Muenster, and many others all eventually disappear down her throat. She gets hornier and hornier with every cube, her scent is extremely strong now. She wriggles around on the couch and struggles against her bonds, desperate to find some sort of way to relieve the massive amount of tension and pleasure that has built during her feeding. Eventually though, you come to the last piece of cheese.



            Noel’s all-time favorite. Instead of bringing it to her mouth with your hand, you put this, slightly larger cube of cheese between your own teeth.

            “Oohen.” Your words are slightly blocked by the cheese, but Noel obediently opens her mouth, panting and moaning with arousal. Her eyes are half-lidded and glazed over; the constant teasing has left her on the edge of consciousness. You move closer and closer to the bound Mouse until the cheese is halfway inside her mouth as well.

            “Go.” As you say this, you bite down. Half of the cheese drops into Noel’s mouth, but before she has a chance to react, you lock your lips with hers. You wrap your arms around the bound, helpless, horny creature as you kiss her; the taste of the cheese in your mouth mixes with the taste of her saliva. Wet moans and smacking noises escape from between you as your tongues passionately prod at and wrap around each other.


            The cheese disappears very fast, but the two of you keep kissing long beyond that. Noel seems a little more lucid now; she stares at you longingly as you finally pull away from your kiss. You take the time to admire the Mouse’s tiny, sweat-covered body. Her soft, pale skin shines as she adjusts herself a bit. Her black cuffs and armbinder jingle and squeak as she moves and her cute little boobs jiggle infinitesimally. With both hands, you gently, yet firmly stroke her hair, then her ears, then her cheeks, her breasts, her navel and her thighs.

            “Now, I counted eleven times you broke the rules, Noel.”

            “T-twelve, Mister.” You grin. Honest as always. You thought you’d lost count, but you hadn’t been sure. Even in her intensely teased and aroused daze, Noel had kept count for you.

            How adorable is that?

            “Twelve then. You do know what comes next?” The Mouse nods and flops over on her side, ready for what is coming. You can now plainly see the massive dark spot on the couch.

            “I won’t punish you for that.” You point to the stain.

            “We needed a new couch anyway. Besides, how could I punish you for something so erotic?”

            “Misterrrr…” Noel’s voice is filled with embarrassment, but also with pride.

            Kinky, kinky.

            “Now then.” You sit on the couch (away from the stain) and pull Noel across your lap. Her belly is across your legs; now you can clearly see her glistening arousal all over her tiny pussy and little ass. You lovingly caress her firm, round butt cheeks, squeezing each one individually. They are small enough that you can fit all of one of her butt cheeks in your hand. She sighs softly as your finger ‘accidentally’ grazes her pussy.


            You gently lift her long, ringed tail and grip it gently with your right hand.


            Without warning, you firmly spank Noel’s cute little butt.

            “EEEE!” She squeals, but remains completely still.

            SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

            Three more spanks on the Mouse’s right butt cheek. She bites her lip, desperately trying to stifle her screams.


            “EEEeeee… EEEEeee… EEEE! mmmEEEEee!” A large, rosy red mark has appeared on Noel’s butt. Her arms desperately flop up and down in the tight black armbinder as she struggles.

            “This is what happens Noel! Don’t be scared though, you’re almost there.”


            “eeeeeEEEeeeeEEEEeeeEEEEeeeeEEEEE!” Her squeals are almost constant as you deliver the last four spanks on her right side.

            “That’s twelve. Halfway there, little Mouse.” You take a little break from Noel’s spanking to pat her head and fondle her ears. Tears have begun to slowly stream from her eyes, but her expression isn’t pained. If anything, you spanking her has just made her more aroused. You repeat your firm, passionate spanking on the Mouse’s left butt cheek.


            She started to strain at her armbinder and cuffs even more and buck her hips against you a little towards the end, but she made it through. You don’t mind that though, it isn’t as fun if she doesn’t struggle a little bit. Her screams and squeaks had gotten a lot louder, but you could have sworn she smiled at least once. Now, Noel is gently cradled in your arms like a baby, still bound, but a lot calmer. You are sure the twin, red marks on her ass cheeks sting a little, so you are careful not to brush against them with your legs… too much. You stare lovingly into each other’s eyes as you sit there, cuddled together.

            “You’re so beautiful Noel. I love you.” You embrace her tightly as emotion begins to overwhelm you.

            “M-M-Mister!” The Mouse is surprised and slightly embarrassed; her round ears fold a little bit, but you can feel her long, ringed tail wiggle with happiness.


            You had only told her you loved her once before, fairly soon after she had moved in. You had meant those words very fiber of your being then, and you mean them with even more than that now.

            “I-I love you too… M-Mister…” Her voice is a little muffled, but you hear it all the same. You lose yourself as you cuddle the tiny, warm Mouse still completely bound and helpless in your lap. You can’t get enough of the feeling of your Mouse-waifu’s soft, delicate body pressed up against yours. The leather of her armbinder and cuffs are there too, but those feel just as nice. Noel does her best to snuggle up to you, but the tight leather leg cuffs, stiff, skintight armbinder and constricting bondage mittens make it difficult. Her tail still hasn’t stopped wiggling; it lovingly coils around and squeezes against your legs. It’s almost as if she’s talking with her tail, but you can’t quite understood what she’s trying to say. Whatever it is, it is extremely adorable. You are almost ready to move things to the bedroom, but not just yet. This moment is too sweet.

            Not just yet.


— — — — —


            Damn, you must have dozed off there for a bit. Noel had too, by the looks of it. She is snoozing peacefully in your lap; legs still cuffed and arms still trussed up in her leather armbinder. Noel’s mother’s mother had been a Dormouse, so you wouldn’t be surprised to have confirmation that Noel had some ‘sleepy’ traits passed down to her.

            “Hey. Noel.”

            “m-mmmm?” She slowly comes to.

            “Morning, little Mouse. Happy Anniversary.” You give her a little hug. The clock on your microwave reads 12:45 a.m.

            “H-happy Anniversary, Mister!” Noel beams at you.

            “To think, only six months ago, you were just a thief in the night who needed to be taught a lesson…”

            “And you were a lo-lonely shut in?”

            She got you there.

            “…Yeah, I guess. I guess we both learned something.” The Mouse-girl nods happily.

            “I’m sure you’re stiff after that nap. How about we get you in a different position for a bit?”

            “S-s-sounds good, Mister!”


            You can’t stop smiling as you princess-carry your little, bound waifu into the bedroom. Her tail swishes excitedly from side to side on top of your comforter; the intense arousal that had faded with your nap is quickly returning to her. You unbuckle the shoulder straps of the armbinder and unzip it. Even though her hands are still locked firmly inside the strict, leather mittens, Noel eagerly bends and stretches her arms. It doesn’t take long for you to free her tiny hands as well; Noel gratefully flexes her fingers once they are free. Her fingers have become a little wrinkled with sweat, but you bring her a warm towel to clean herself off with. You direct your attention to unbuckling her wide leg cuffs as she rubs the damp cloth up and down her small, soft arms. You can’t help but sneak longing glances at her tiny pussy; arousal has already started to shine from it. Noel shivers a bit as the faint traces of water evaporate off of her arms. Finished, you take her restraints to your closet and hang them in their respective places.


            Your ‘collection’ has grown exponentially since Noel started living with you. It’s almost like she has to try every single thing she found online. You don’t mind at all, your extra income is more than enough to support her ‘hobby’ as well as your savings. As you peruse your options, Noel cleans and stretches her pale, slender legs. You settle on a quartet of items and return to the Mouse on the bed, grinning. You never got tired of that feeling of anticipation just before tying Noel up.

            “It’s time, Noel. I bet you’re more than ready, huh?”

            “Y-yes, Mister!” The sight of the items in your arms is making her very excited. Her ears twitch to and fro and her tail whips around rather quickly. She blushes a little as you set the items on the bed and undress yourself. Soon, you join the Mouse on the bed; both of you fully nude.

            “Okay, Noel. Hold still. These might be a bit cold at first.” You hold up the first toy.


            A pair of vibrating nipple pasties.

            With your tongue between your teeth, you carefully remove the cover from the back of the first pastie and set it aside. You line the silicone pad up with the Mouse-girl’s tiny nipple; it takes a few attempts to get it centered. Your clumsiness coupled with the diminutive size of Noel’s breasts are making things difficult. Finally, the rubbery, skin-colored disc sits perfectly atop her left nipple. The Mouse winces a bit at first, but as the pastie warms up, she can barely feel its presence.

            For now.

            The second vibrating pastie takes just as much effort, but you eventually get it on. The pasties adhere perfectly to the Mouse’s skin. It is almost hard to tell that she even has nipples in the first place; the magical pasties conform to her individual shape and skin tone so well. You can definitely feel the slightly sticky silicone pads beneath your fingers as you lovingly run them over her perky boobs though.

            “mmmmmm…” Noel moans softly as you knead and grope at her little teats. You pull away before you get too into it and pick up the second item.


            A pair of tiny ankle cuffs.

            These cuffs are like the kind police officers use, but the chain that connects them is an inch or so longer than the standard ones. They are also padded with Weresheep wool and are perfect for long-term wear. You grip Noel’s thigh firmly and lovingly slide your hand down it before locking the first cuff around her right ankle. She shivers and moans as you repeat the process with her left leg.

            “Good girl, Noel. Spread for me?” The Mouse holds her legs as far apart as they can go. It isn’t very far; she can only spread them a little before where they’d line up with her shoulders.

            “Perfect. We’re getting there!”

            “Right, M-Mister!” Noel’s ears are twitching a little more often now. You reach for item number three.


            A white, Mouse-sized, institutional straitjacket.

            You haven’t used this toy yet, and Noel goes a little pale when you hold it up; her tail curls up and her ears flatten a little as well. This toy had been one of your purchases.

            “Don’t worry, Noel. It’s okay.” You hastily put the straitjacket down and embrace the slightly trembling Mouse-girl.

            “Hey…” you whisper gently in her ear, “Don’t be scared. I’m sorry if I intimidated you.” Noel shakes her head a little, but remains silent as you keep comforting her. You stroke her cute little face tenderly and delicately.

            “You don’t have to wear the straitjacket if you don’t want to. It’s probably a lot more comfortable than your armbinder though. Look, it’s lined with Weresheep wool, just like your cuffs! Don’t you want to at least feel it a little?” Noel’s diminutive hand timidly reaches out and strokes the wool inside the straitjacket. She definitely seems to want to continue, despite her nervousness and apprehension. You feel her shiver and relax a bit against your chest.


            “See? That’s not so bad. I’ll take it slow, mmm?” The Mouse nods.

            “Good girl!” You put your hands on either of her cheeks and give her a short, passionate kiss on her firm little lips. She blushes and rubs her cheek against you lovingly as you gently stroke her dull brown hair with one hand. You reach for the straitjacket with the other hand and carefully re-position yourself behind your Mouse waifu with your legs on either side of her.


            You hold the canvas jacket open in front of her, just allowing her to look at it and run her fingers through the soft woolen lining from time to time. Soon, she slowly inserts her left arm into one of the sleeves.

            “You’re doing great Noel… You’re such a good, beautiful girl…” You whisper into her fuzzy round ear. She inserts the other arm, and you wait a moment before pulling the straitjacket to her chest. The soft, fluffy wool envelops the Mouse-girls upper belly, chest and pastie-covered teats.


            She shivers a bit and finally lets out a content little sigh.

            “I knew you’d like it, little Mouse!” She nods, now unable to contain her smile. Her fear is conquered! You firmly tighten the straps of the straitjacket across Noel’s little back.

            “Can I get you to stand up for a bit? There’s a strap I need to put between your legs.” Noel jumps up happily and allows you to pull the crotch strap up against her dripping nethers. You tighten it enough to be effective and snug, but give it just enough slack so you can move it aside later.

            “EEeee…” Noel squeaks a bit as you pull the strap up between the part in her tiny butt cheeks as you tighten it.


            The two, red spank marks from earlier have faded slightly, but Noel still jumps and moans beautifully as you trace a finger across her sensitive butt. You take her little, straitjacketed arms gently in your hands and cross them in front of her. Noel sighs a bit as you pull them tight across her middle bits and buckle the sleeves behind her.

            “All done! You did so well, love.” Blushing, Noel turns to face you. She tries to wiggle and uncross her arms, but the thick, tight, restrictive straitjacket is unyielding. A trickle of arousal rolls down Noel’s leg as she squats at the crotch strap. The deliciously soft wool constricting her from the high cuff around her neck to just above her hips is making the Mouse very horny.

            “Just a little longer, little Mouse. Just a little longer…” You fondle her twitching ears and run your hands up and down the rough, canvas outside layer of the straitjacket. Finally, you pick up the final piece of Noel’s erotic outfit.


           It’s just a plain, white strip of cloth with a large, round knot in the middle of it.

            “Open.” Noel obediently opens her mouth for the gag. You slide the knot between her teeth and tie the cleave gag tightly behind her head in a double knot.

            “mmmmmph…” Noel moans deeply; being gagged is one of her favorite things ever. You pull her onto the bed with you and position the two of you like you normally would if you were going to sleep; on your sides, facing each other. The helpless, cuffed, straitjacketed and gagged Mouse looks at you with a lewd, desperately longing blush on her face. You feel your erection bounce a bit between your legs as you reach for the remote to Noel’s pasties.


            “Hhhmmmmmm…” The Mouse’s muffled, passionate moan reverberates through the room as the pasties covering her tiny nipples buzz to life inside her straitjacket. You set the remote down and slowly, deliberately wrap your arms around Noel, pulling her close. With one hand and a single thought burning in your mind, you slide the crotch strap of Noel’s straitjacket out of the way as your rock hard member slides between her thighs.

            “Here we go Noel. It’s time.” You slowly part the Mouse-girl’s pussy lips with your tip.

            “Happy anniversary, little Mouse.”

            You thrust yourself inside of her, burying yourself in her tiny, hot folds.


            “Yeah, it feels good, right Noel? You like my penis filling you deep inside like this?”


            Noel bleats and moans through the gag tied tightly in her mouth.


            You pull her closer to you, cuddling her as tightly as possible as you gently fuck her.

            “I’m filling you up, Noel. I’m filling the girl I love with my big, hot self.” Her eyes roll up into the back of her head.


            “That’s you Noel. You’re my little Mouse. You’re the little Mouse that I love.”

            “Mmmm Mhiphrrrrrr….” The bound, helpless Mouse bucks her hips against you as lewd slapping noises fill the room.


            Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

            Your pace quickens as pleasure builds.

            “I’m going to fill you with my seed Noel! My hot, sticky cum is going to shoot deep inside of you!” Your loving, devilish crooning sends the Mouse-girl into an earth-shattering orgasm. Her tight little pussy clenches around you as she moans and bucks wildly, but your pace never wavers.

            “We’re going to make babies together. Lots and lots of cute little daughters, all for my Noel!” You are barely holding on now; you are about to erupt inside the helpless, pleasure overloaded Mouse cuddled tightly to your chest.

            “Here… I… come!”


            Your body spasms forcefully as your orgasm hits. Load after load of hot, sticky sperm floods inside of your Mouse-waifu.

            “HHMMMMNNNNNN!!! MMMEEEEEEEK!!” Noel moans and squeals loudly through her cleave gag as she feels her belly bulge, filling with your cum.

            “There you go, little Mouse. There is your reward for your patience today. You’ve been such a good girl, Noel… I love you.”

            “Eeeh rrrph ruu huu Mhrrphrr!” You smile as Noel desperately tries to speak through her tight, restrictive gag.


             A great wave of fatigue washes over you; it’s takes almost your full focus keep your eyes open now. You sigh contentedly as you begin to doze, you can already feel Noel snoring peacefully in your arms. To you, Noel falling asleep while completely bound and helpless is one of the cutes things in the universe, especially if you get to cuddle her too. Somehow, you just know that the medicine you had taken has worked, and that at least one daughter will join the two of you in nine short months. A lot has to happen before then, but you are ready.

            You and Noel are more than ready.


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