Road of Corruption

Road of Corruption


Chapter One

First Step


Throughout his entire life, Evan had been taught about the old wars, how humanity had endured countless cycles of oppression by the creatures known collectively as “Monsterkind”, and how man had repeatedly stood in the face of near extinction. He had never encountered a monster, having spent the majority of his life behind the fortified walls of Nirvana. The great city was a distant, Order-controlled territory that was relatively isolated from both human and monster civilization; its lands were seen as the ideal refuge among humans for several reasons, but mostly because of its remote standing as it provided an excellent getaway from the turmoil of war. In spite of the territory being under the direct control of the Order, the governing system was much looser in their rule than the far off capital. That, along with the lifelong promise of safety from monsters was more than appealing to those willing to undertake the extensive and laborious journey just to move there.

Many who came as refugees, merchants, or just plain settlers brought with them the tales of the outer lands. Most of these revolved around the current war, which, according to those compelled enough to research the subject, seemed to have already outlasted its preceding skirmishes by a couple thousand years… at least, that’s what Evan had been told. The young man had been born in Nirvana, and aside from undertaking two specific journeys (each of which having occurred before he had even reached ten years of age) he had no distinct memories of the outside world. With that said, he was always one to be interested in listening to the storytellers whenever he got the chance. He was especially attentive whenever the topic of monsters was brought up, however his fascination in the subject was not as his peers and colleagues would have deemed “suitable”.

Evan loved monsters. He was mesmerized by their many feats and abilities and how they were each so unique to one another. Whenever he was told of a climactic battle, he usually secretly hoped that the monster either came out on top or managed to escape with their life; it wasn’t that he was anti-human, he just found the story that much more interesting in such cases, especially when the monster managed to capture their defeated foe… which was another thing to grasp his attention. Over the years, Evan had taken notice that whenever there was told of a monster victory, there had only ever been mention of an attempt to capture the defeated. It was a small point that was at first overlooked, but when he became aware that said monsters were only ever labeled as female (if labeled at all) he became curious and delved deeper into the subject.

What he found out later had been a bit of a surprise to the young man: all the creatures were actually “mamono”, monsters with the features of human women. Such information was obviously taken with a grain of salt, of course; Evan knew better than to actually believe that there was a world of beautiful, man-abducting monster girls outside Nirvana’s walls. Nonetheless, it was a fun (and mildly arousing) thought that effectively worked his imagination. Eventually, mostly due to insistent claims of the existence of mamono he preferred to see the entire “war talk” as an actual fantasy, the conspiracy that “the Order is using the storytellers with their tales of monsters and warfare to keep people from leaving Nirvana” being much more convincing to him. The idea had its flaws, specifically the fact that all citizens of the city were free to come and go as they pleased, yet it still seemed to hold more ground than the claims of sexy monster women.

In any case, that is how Evan came to see the whole ordeal, and he lived a number of years sticking to that viewpoint… but what he never expected was not only would the reality of mamono prove its existence to him, but that it would do so on a very “personal” level. It had been on one particular day in the afternoon when he had decided to sleep in. At the time, his parents had already traveled out of Nirvana to attend a distant relative’s marriage; Evan had work at a local market and had decided to stay behind, not knowing the chaos on route for the great city. The faint cries of panic and despair were what disrupted his sleep, and more curious than worried the young man quickly pulled himself out of bed and made his way out of his bedroom in the cellar, heading for the nearest window upstairs. He was greeted with the sight of neighbors running on a single direction down the street or locking themselves inside their homes, which startled him until he was completely taken aback by what he witnessed shortly after.

It was a brief moment, almost a split second but enough for Evan. From somewhere in the sky, a bright flash and a thunderous crack occurred just before a figure dove, it’s descent swift and at an angle as it fell upon a fleeing victim: a middle-aged man. He was mercilessly slammed in his upper back by his pursuer and they both crashed to the cobblestone road, and while the poor soul was momentarily pinned to the ground Evan managed to get a good look at the creature straddling him, although the young man could hardly believe what he was seeing. A humanoid female, she was little more than half her victim’s size and could have passed for a young teenage girl, only instead of human arms she was equipped with bird’s wings that looked more like a rainbow of feathers. The bird-woman then raised her wings to the sky, and Evan could have sworn he saw wild bolts of electricity spark as she threw them down in a mighty flap which sent her abruptly airborne, the hapless man also in tow as vicious bird’s talons (in place of human feet) clutched the loop of his belt.

The young man remained a lingering moment by his window, silent and dumbstruck as he tried to stomach the fact that he just witnessed a guy become abducted by an electric, polychromatic bird girl. A hand rose to give his head a scratch but stopped halfway to its destination. “… Just, wha?” He blinked as a hundred questions began to swarm in his mind, but the commotion outside once more grabbed his attention. Impulse drove him to head outside, if for any reason but to see just what was going on out there. His pace was only half rushed due to his continued perplexity but, regardless, he quickly made it to the front door. Already in a rattled mental state, he wasn’t necessarily ready to face what awaited to greet him on the other side of the door, which he opened.

Standing leisurely and with a fist already raised in preparation for a knock, Evan was confronted with the most alluring yet intimidating individual he had met in his life. She was almost a full head taller than he (although that wasn’t saying much considering Evan himself stood a little on the short side, reaching just a bit over a hundred seventy centimeters in height) while striking a pose that complimented her outfit: full of seduction. Wearing little more than a flashy set of knee-high heels, shirtless sleeves, and an especially scanty bra with matching panties, her wardrobe took on the colors of violet and red and held a rather demonic design, which made sense considering what she evidently was. She had smooth, flawless skin that was dark blue, almost a gray and that bore a couple tattoos with runic patterns. Sprouting from behind her back Evan spied massive bat’s wings that were folded, almost hugging her curvaceous form; they, along with a large, devilish tail were the color of midnight black.

The female entity’s voluptuous bust (a pair of perky globes that was at least a G-cup in size) and her killer, child-bearing hips and thighs were true eye catchers, but it was her face in the end which demanded Evan’s attention. A pair of partially curled, demonic horns sprouted a semi-crown about her skull, and long elvish ears poked out from within a head of straight, lengthy and dark hair. Sharp and calculating eyes gazed downward at the young man, captivating him as he stared back into them; they were a deep crimson like that of molten stone, two bloody orbs surrounded by pitch black sclera. A perfect nose and tempting, soft lips covered in a clear lipgloss completed her features, only adding to her wicked, devilish charm. The duo were fixated upon one another in a shared moment of surprise, each busy in examination before the demonic woman displayed a small, pleased grin.

“Well, hello there,” she said with a casual tone; her voice was a perfect contrast to her appearance, angelic and nearly melting the young man’s heart as her words came out like a hypnotic lullaby. However, those eyes told him that she was anything but an angel, her locked gaze like that of a predator eyeing her next catch. He could only look back at her in a stunned silence, paralyzed where he stood as he was both enraptured by her beauty and frozen in sudden fear; as he watched, the inhuman being took the time to move her raised hand, opting to instead place a single finger upon her cheek in a thoughtful motion. “Hmmn~…” crimson eyes thinned, her mind evidently deep in thought as she hummed to herself, “yes, you’ll do nic-“

And that was when Evan closed the door. Hand still on the knob, he seemed to stare at nothing in particular as his brain tried to wrap itself around what it had just witnessed before he opted to shaking his head. There was no way that was all real, right? “I… must be dreaming,” he concluded as he began to turn from the door. The young man had only taken a single step when he heard a sudden crack of wood, then was stopped to a dead halt as the living room became much brighter a second later. “Excuse me, but it’s a bit rude to just shut someone out while they are speaking to you.” Evan wasn’t sure why he bothered looking over his shoulder for he already had a good idea what had happened. Perhaps he needed visual proof? Or maybe he wanted to be certain he was just hearing things, too? Sadly, his latent hopes were to be horribly dashed.

Behind his back the doorway had been destroyed, the door itself having been torn completely off its hinges; the latter was now in the fiendish woman’s grip as she suspended its full bulk casually by her side. It might as well had been made of paper in the hands of this mamono, a fact that jump-started a building terror in the young man. The intruder leered at him. “Honestly… I’m a little hurt, to be treated as such,” she said, giving him a false look of sorrow as her free, blue-skinned hand rose to her ample chest – Evan only then noticed that her fingertips grew out long, claw-like nails having a crimson tint that match her eyes, an ominous feature yet one that bore a dark allure all their own. Without even the slightest hint of effort the girl then carelessly threw the door away and into the street somewhere before starting to step inside the house; her gait was obviously lax as she was in no evident hurry, yet as she moved the sway of her hips and even the movements of her legs were dripping with sensuality.

“But~,” the woman purred as she got even closer, her sharp eyes focused and… glowing? “You’re pretty cute, so…” she continued, now within less than arm’s reach; the young man was slow to realize that he was now inside a critical danger zone, if he wasn’t already. She then gave him a lust-filled wink, “I’ll forgive you~.” He bolted at that. Evan didn’t even look to see if she was giving chase, he just powered his legs as fast as they would take him and darted through the house. In his panic he didn’t think of any specific destination… the furthest direction away from that monster was all he wanted. In no time he found himself entering the kitchen, where he saw the backdoor leading to outside. However, he had no chance for freedom as his demonic pursuer was standing just in front of it, flashing a fanged grin at the young man and blocking his escape with arms folded as though waiting for him. How she had even got ahead of him was beyond Evan, as there was no other way to get to the kitchen inside the house than from the way he had come.

While he fumbled to a stop the woman spoke once more. “It’s also rude to run away in mid-conversation,” she told him with an amused expression. “Are you trying to hurt my feelings?” She again made her leisurely approach but Evan was already running. He aimed to return to the front door of the home but was once more cut off by the shedevil, and he encountered the same result when he tried again for the back. His next option was to escape through any of the windows, but like a taunting phantom she managed to appear right there in his path, smiling, mocking. “Stop trying to play hard-to-get, handsome~,” she had said when she was able to get some words in, “you’re only delaying the inevitable… I’ll see to that~. Really, must you use all that energy in running away? There’s nowhere to go! Only you…” He turned the corner at the end of the hall, which led back into the living room. “And me.”

There was no way for the young man to stop himself from crashing into the awaiting demoness who had been standing directly on the other side of the turn. He had been sprinting, and so the force of the impact should have sent them both plummeting to the floor, but surprisingly to Evan that wasn’t to be the case. Instead, it was as though he ran into a brick wall, a soft and inviting one that had the form of a voluptuous woman; it was a face-full of cleavage that primarily put the brakes on his collision course. “Oh my~!” The mamono gasped in what the young man assumed was feigned surprise. “Running in the hallway… tsk tsk tsk~, such a naughty boy.” Still stunned by the impact, Evan was quickly brought back to his senses when two arms wrapped around him, one holding him close to his captor at just below the shoulders while the second moved down his spine; he uttered a mild yelp in a mixture of fear and embarrassment when her hand snaked lower too give his ass a teasing squeeze. “Naughty boys get punished, you know~. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

In desperation, the young man threw his hands up and shoved the mamono with everything he had, all while thrashing about the rest of himself. Miraculously, his sudden flail forced the monster woman to lose her grip, despite her inhuman strength. Evan didn’t waste a second and fled as soon as he was free, heading straight for the only place left in the house: the basement level. “Oh… he got away,” the demonic fiend sighed, although her tone was devoid of any ounce of disappointment. “So, then… The cellar, hm~?” She tapped her cheek in thought and clicked her tongue. “I wonder. Have you stopped running, my handsome? You should know that there’s no escape down there~.” And with a suppressed chuckle she began her descent, her pace ever leisure as red eyes began to illuminate…

Meanwhile, Evan was holed up in his room with a steel sword in his hands. The blade was a collectible, little more than a display prop his elder brother had given him as a birthday gift; however, it was still sharp and sturdy enough to endure a decent amount of abuse, like the time a few years back when he had put it to the test by slicing fruits out of the air that his brother had tossed for him. Back to the present, the young man had decided to take the mamono up on her request to stop running, which had all but proven pointless in the end. Seeing as he couldn’t escape, he saw fit to fight the monster as it was the only reasonable option. Surrender or giving up was out of the question, for he remembered the Order’s teachings and the tales of the storytellers. According to them, the sole reason why a monster only ever tried to capture their human enemies was so that they could feed on their life force, draining the victim until they either died or turned into one of them. Die, and they would eat your corpse… turn, and your thoughts, memories and sense of reason would be forever washed away.

While he did fancy the thought of becoming a monster, equipped with all the things he loved about them, Evan was in no way willing to sacrifice his mind for such a fate. In fact, it was the one thing in life he was willing to die in order to save, his sense of self. His mind was everything to him. It was his final refuge for when all other things in life fell apart, the one sanctuary he had that he could escape to where nothing could intrude, his self identity that nobody could directly control… and so much more; stripping himself of everything that made him… him, was not worth all the power in the world. Speaking of which, he was certain that there was a verse in the Order’s holy scriptures which quoted something like that.

His focus was thrust back into the moment as the sound of footsteps were heard beyond his bedroom door. Evan felt as though he had a giant lump in his throat while he listened in complete silence, breath held on instinct rather than choice. He stood close to the door, poised and at a ready position off to the side where it would begin to open… if the mamono was kind enough to not just simply rip off his door like the last one. Beads of sweat formed on his face as the noise came nearer, and the stink of body odor began to reach his nose; he had already sweat through his shirt at this point. His heart was racing faster than it ever had before in his life and his limbs shook with weakness from the last twenty minutes of strained use.

Just as he was wondering whether his arms or legs would give out first there was a light knock on the door. A lengthy moment passed, the silent atmosphere tense and almost unbearable for the young man as he waited for something to happen. She was right there on the other side of that door, so what was she waiting for? Was she waiting for him to answer her knock? Why? So she could continue to mess with him? He didn’t know, and was probably better off not knowing. But he couldn’t just keep standing there and prolong all this waiting, his body would probably collapse on him before she decided to make a move. Was that her plan? Force him to take action? Or wait until he was too exhausted to resist before going in to siphon his life force?

“Guess again~.” The whisper came from close behind… very close; hot breath tickled his ear as the phrase was said, and it was no surprise when Evan flipped the fuck out. With a shrill cry of surprise he spun on a dime with his weapon in tow, and by the time his gaze locked on to those amused, blood-red eyes he was already swinging in a partially downward arc. It all happened in a flash, yet even then it was all for naught as the young man’s blood froze when the demonic woman caught his sword in her hand, stopping the blade instantly in its path. “Oooo,” she cooed in a slight mocking tone; she clasped her cheek with her other hand as she held the weapon at bay, “silly boy~… This is not some toy you should be playing with. Don’t you know sharp things can be dangerous when swung around randomly?” There was no blood, no injury or even a hint of inflicted pain. “You could have hurt someone… We wouldn’t want that, would we~?”

She continued to hold the blade even as Evan’s own grip began to slip away. He was dead. There was no way to avoid this and he was going to die by this mamono… this monster. He couldn’t run, he certainly couldn’t fight… even if he were to try hiding somewhere she would definitely find him sooner or later in this small house. He couldn’t do anything to save himself no matter how desperately he wanted to live. “…Oh my. Are you crying?” The shedevil asked with concern in her voice (although Evan was certain it too was just an act). Sure enough, a trail of tears had already trailed down one of his cheeks; the young man was an emotional person to be sure, but he couldn’t recall the last time he had actually cried. It was a slight embarrassment, but he didn’t care at this moment. Not when his life, or possibly his mind was going to be lost.

It was when he recalled the thought of losing his sense of self that he became totally distraught, a horrible mixture of anger and sorrow that ultimately broke him down. Tears now flooded his eyes and cheeks, and his legs buckled from beneath him as he was sent to his knees; he sat there in mute despair with a bloodshot gaze cast to the floor, his only movements being the trauma-induced shivering about his entire body. Mild hyperventilation began set in as his breathing became slightly erratic with only the smallest of whimpers escaping his lips. Had Evan cared, he would have been shocked to have been able to voice any sounds at all in his current state. He then uttered a squeak and stared wide-eyed when he realized that the monster girl had crouched down to his level and close to his face, those hellish eyes looking as though seeing straight into his very soul.

“What’s with that look?” The mamono inquired with a tilt of her head, only to cracked a fanged smile. “Do you think I’m gonna eat you or something? Aww, you poor~ thing.” Slowly, she extended a hand forward to which Evan immediately flinched and snapped his eyes shut. This was it… the final moments. Gentle fingers brushed by his temple while long nails combed through his brown hair, and the young man shivered under her touch; he waited for those claw-like appendages to dig into his skin and rip off his face, his only thoughts revolving around the hope that his end would be quick and relatively painless. The mamono’s delicate caress moved over his ear before her fingers looped around and down the back his head. “No, I’m not going to eat you, handsome~… Well, not in the way you’re probably expecting,” She giggled as her hand continued on its path.

As soon as her nails began to trail down his neck, Evan stiffened as a sharp gasp escaped him; his neck was especially sensitive, and on reflex he jerked away and hunched his shoulders in one swift motion, going so far as to back up until he hit the wall. “Hah~? Did I find a weak point~?” The young man peeked an eye open just in time to see the mamono give him a lustful lick of her lips. “No need to be scared, handsome~. I’m going to take good care of you, so…” With as much sensuality as possible, the shedevil shifted her weight onto her hands and raised her sizable, luscious ass, then ever so slowly she crawled near. “Just relax~.” Her bat wings were spread out and reaching overhead as if they were meant to claim him while her tail played its part as it moved with her butt, swaying high in the air like a cat’s. Despite his despair, the young man couldn’t help but be enraptured… and aroused by the whole display.

In her approach, Evan was forced to retreat further against the wall as the monster woman refused to give him personal space; when she finally stopped their faces were centimeters apart, and her heated, sweet-smelling breath tickled his nose as soon as she spoke. “Do you know what I am~?” She asked with that smirk of hers. Such a question caught the young man off guard, but despite himself and the situation it put his brain to work. He was familiar with the races, probably more so than most who lived in Nirvana, however he for some reason found it difficult to recall the answer… probably due to the mental breakdown he was experiencing. Nonetheless, it eventually clicked and Evan mentally kicking himself for not remembering it sooner.

Those devilish wings and tail, belonging to a woman boasting untold beauty who was crowned with a pair of horns: a succubus. She was a member to one of the most dangerous of monsters, a species able to tempt any man they encountered into having intercourse and, through such means, steal their life force. A creature famed for a horrible deception, certain death obscured by ultimate pleasure in the form of lovemaking. So that’s what was going on. This monster was trying to seduce him, opting to kill him slowly while she sucked the life out of his body through sex. On the flip side, it looked as if his death would be painless after all… not that it made him feel any better considering he was still doomed to die.

“You certainly make a lot of faces when you’re deep in thought,” the mamono noted as she leered mischievously at him. The comment irritated the young man for some reason, although with his nerves already wracked he couldn’t do more than stare at the floor. “Oh, I don’t mind~… to me, it just makes you all the more adorable.” Great. He lost his status as handsome, only to be plummeted down in being labeled as something akin to cute… Why was he worried about things like that? She didn’t like him, and was only going to use his body until only an empty husk was left, then get rid of the leftovers. Besides, he was just a flimsy, plain stay-at-home guy with no special feats on top of the fact that the girl wasn’t even human, so the likely hood that such a beauty would fall for someone like him was… “By the way, I’m a demon.”

Evan’s thoughts were interrupted by the curious statement, and he looked at the mamono with a confused expression; he had been no stranger to the title she had given herself, although whenever he had heard it from the storytellers and Order soldiers he had assumed it was no more than another name for the monsters. He hadn’t actually considered that there might be a literal race of the same name, and the revelation put him on edge. To no great surprise the monster woman stifled a light chuckle, no doubt amused with his reaction. “You assumed I was a succubus, didn’t you~?” That was twice now, the girl somehow knowing his thoughts.

He hadn’t failed in noticing the first instance, when she had told him to “guess again” when he had been trying to anticipate her objective the time the shedevil knocked on his bedroom door, and now she had managed to flawlessly predict his guess at her identity. Could she read minds? Was that an ability that some monsters could use? He never knew of anything like that, apart from certain spells the Order would use in a prisoner’s interrogation, or so he heard… he hadn’t seen such a spell in use, or much if any magic for that matter. In any case, the imposing demon hadn’t used a single incantation that he was aware of. Then again, she was apparently a brand of monster he was unfamiliar with, so…

“I must say I’m flattered,” she told him with evident bliss, “for someone to think so highly of my looks… But no, I am much more than a simple definition of beauty. Now enough of that…” She inched even closer and Evan became tense; at this point, their noses were almost touching as she began to speak in a near whisper. “It’s time we got down to business. Tell me, handsome~, how would you like to start?” The young man was then mildly perplexed as the mamono began listing his options. “Do you just want to just jump into it? Or maybe you prefer a slow start… a bit of foreplay to get you excited? And how would someone like you want it, hmmn~? Is it your heart’s desire to simply hammer away at my pussy? Or perhaps something more lewd, like maybe a good round of sixty-nine?” She giggled excitedly as Evan’s face twisted more and more with heightened levels of embarrassment.

“Wh-what…!?” For the first time, Evan had finally managed to speak to the demon. It was a tremendous accomplishment for the young man, but he wasn’t planning to pat himself on the back about it. “Why!?” He also didn’t know what to ask or say in response to all those… suggestions. His oppressor blinked at his words. “Why?” She echoed in wonder, never losing her devilish smile. Her hand moved to stroke the young man’s hair again as she continued. “Because, handsome, if you want a taste of eternal pleasure, you’ll need to take the initiative.” He just stared at her. “Eternal… Huh?” What was she talking about? Wasn’t she about to kill him? Evan hardly knew what to think at this point, but was otherwise convinced that the demon was still messing with his head. “I can’t take it…!” He started with a cracked voice, his nerves beyond shot; he’d rather just let it happen than prolong the inevitable. “Just get it over with, already!”

He was answered with a surprised look that was slowly replaced with a malicious grin. “I’d be happy to~…” And that was when she lunged at him. Having moved faster than he managed to comprehend, Evan suddenly found his arms pinned against the wall by their wrists, the demon’s hands holding them in place as she went to work with her mouth. She kissed and nibbled hungrily upon his lips, the young man in turn beginning to cower from the unexpected assault; he tried to turn his head away as suppressed cries were muffled within the make-out session, but the demon was relentless and refused to let him escape. The strength of her arms far exceeded his own as his attempts to pull free had failed to even budge her; it dawned on him that the mamono likely allowed him to get out of her embrace from earlier, before he trapped himself in his room.

The demon pushed her body closer until she was literally right up against him, knees firmly planted underneath and past his flailing legs as their stomachs were pressed together; her generous bust was crushed against his chest in the process with hardened nipples poking him through the dual fabrics of her bra and his shirt. It forced the young man into opening his mouth in a shocked gasp, which the mamono was quick to take advantage of as her tongue abruptly shot out and began invading the inside. This had Evan shamelessly yelp like a little girl as his mouth was violated by her wet oral member, and beyond a twitch or two of his body he froze on the spot. He was completely overwhelmed by the demon’s lust-filled assault, his biggest surprise being how good it felt; it was his first kiss, and he wasn’t prepared for the pleasure that her oral aggression was now forcing upon him.

A moment passed during which the mamono shifted from sucking on his tongue to bullying it with her own, and his mind grew foggy as Evan slowly began to succumb to her dominance. His clenched fists loosened as the strength in his arms became drained while his legs eventually stopped kicking. He shuddered with pleasure as the demon moaned seductively with the French kiss, the voice in her throat adding a light vibration to the act while tasting her breath. Soon, his eyelids began to feel heavy, drooping before he closed them altogether; now that he was no longer relying on his sight, his focus was solely on his sense of touch.

The sensation of it all bewildered the young adult. Only able to breath through his nose he was forced to take in the girl’s scent, an unknown fragrance that was pleasantly intoxicating. The feel of her own panting, hot and labored as she breathed upon his face and into his mouth, excited him tremendously, and little time passed before he started to subconsciously return the kiss which elicited a pleased moan from his captor. For whatever reason, the demon finally broke the bond of their lips and pulled her face away, while a part of him grew a bit forlorn by the separation.

She seemed to watch Evan with fervor as he caught his breath, a fire in her eyes as they began to give off a crimson glow. “Mm~… you’re so~ delicious!” Her tongue drew itself across her lips between words. “I can only hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am~.” He then felt her hand caress his cheek, the thumb gently wiping away a bit of the tears still on his face. Wait, that wasn’t right, weren’t both her arms holding his wrists…? No. The young man couldn’t remember when she did it, but both his wrists were now held together by a single hand, and raised over his head; even with all his strength, he still couldn’t budge her hold on him. His mind was shortly returned to the present when she moved her free hand to close around his face, eyes between her thumb and fingers. “Now, just relax…” she instructed of him, “as I walk you down the path to depravity.”

The demon then carefully tilted his head, and Evan went tense as he was unsure what she planned to do. But before he could devise a theory he suddenly felt a hot and wet appendage slide up the base of his neck. The sensation forced a squeak out of him as a shiver shot through his body, but when he tried to dive his head back between his shoulders on reflex he found he couldn’t move. His monster captor was ruthless as she held him in place, her tongue giving him many torturously-slow licks amidst a number of pecks and mild suckles. All the while her prey elicited stressed (and especially, aroused) moans and whimpers, and Evan almost forgot he was at the mercy of a being that planned to kill him. The sudden thought of having a chunk bitten out of his neck immediately had him fighting even harder despite the amount of pain it was beginning to cause, the pulling of his face against the mamono’s grip.

Despite the odds, it seemed his survival instinct wasn’t yet ready to die. The young man’s efforts began to turn his pleasure-induced cries into pained groans until he was nearly yelling in agony. “H-huh?” The demon suddenly ceased her sensual acts to address him. “Are you alright up there?” She finally released his head, then uttered a small gasp upon seeing his face. “What… Why’d you go and do that for? You’re all bruised now!” To which Evan turned away to glare at the floor as new tears started to form in his eyes. He hated this, the way this girl acted as though she was actually worried about his wellbeing, how she pretended to like him… all of it nothing more than a temptation of false hopes that he was certain she would rip away as soon as he believed them. The young man refused to be persuaded by her antics and save himself the grueling disappointment when the truth eventually revealed itself.

As the silence between the two passed, the demon soon flashed her characteristic, amused smirk. “So that’s how it is…” Evan was then taken by surprise when she let go of his arms, letting them drop to his sides as she stood up; his eyes looked back towards the mamono, a stern gaze filled with uncertainty as he watched her walk ever so sultry towards his bed. She then faced him before sitting upon the unmade bedding, and with an outstretched hand she waved him over. “Come here, boy.” Her voice was devoid of all its original playful innocence, her new tone now authoritative and demanding. It was horribly unsettling for him, believing that it was now she intended to steal his life away; nonetheless he had no choice but to go along with it… another fear rising in the back of his mind was that if he decided to run away, now that he was free again, she’d only make it more painful for him after he got cornered somewhere else. Paranoid? Maybe he was. Shakily, he rose to his feet and took a step forward, just before he was interrupted. “But first, I want you to strip.”

He stopped moving. “…What?” It was the first time he saw the demon glare, and he nearly wet himself as he saw her eyes give an ominous glow. “I said, [b]strip[/b].” And with that, Evan began fumbling with his shirt. He wasn’t sure if was his fear or something else entirely, but he suddenly had an overpowering urge to get naked; it was less he was scared of getting on the mamono’s bad side and more he wanted to obey the command itself. He only paused when his pants fell to the floor and all that remained were his boxers. “Heh, seems like you got all excited from our little moment together~,” the demon chuckled as she pointed lazily at the tent of his underwear, “and to think, all it took was a good kiss or two~…”

“…My first.” He didn’t know why he said it, but he did. The demon in response gave him a startled glance and blinked. “Oh my~… Well, in any case,” she was quick to return her attention to his boxers, much to his dismay, “those aren’t going to come off by themselves. Hurry it up.” Evan was hesitant, but resuming with her command he gripped at the waistband; he couldn’t quite summon the will to proceed slowly, so after a mental count he thrust downward, removing it in one swift motion. With his eyes squeezed shut in his embarrassment, he could only stand there in the nude while the monster girl gave a moan of approval. “Not bad~!” She complimented on his exposed member. “Mmn~, I bet you’re all pent-up… You poor thing~.”

Evan stayed as he was, even when he began to hear a shuffling of sorts come from his bed. “Okay, Mr. Six-inches,” she began, wracking the young man with much more embarrassment by calling out his length, “now you can come over.” Before he did though, the young man peeked a glance ahead before his eyes widened in utter shock. Now leaning back and supporting herself with her hands, the mamono was now also stripped of her attire, the skimpy material previously serving as clothing piled in a small bunch at the base of the bed. Her wings were drawn forward to cover the teats of her exposed breasts with their horned knuckles, and down where her nether region dwelled between spread legs her tail was curled up from underneath, concealing her most private place from view; the serpentine limb also wrapped back behind her waist before coming back around the other side, that pointed spade of a tip resting upon her inner thigh.

Literal, inhuman perfection was the only way he could describe her voluptuous, stunning body, and his hard-on twitched in eager anticipation despite himself. “Do you like what you see~?” His demonic temptress teased as she then chuckled lightly to herself. “I might not be a succubus, but I like to think I make a good enough comparison~… And I don’t just mean by my looks, of course.” Evan gulped as she slowly began to pull one of her wings away from her chest, stopping only when the faintest glimpse of her nipple was revealed from behind its large, horn-like claw. “If you like, you could put my words to trial. Come, indulge yourself~… Take me however you would want.” Another moment dragged on though as Evan nervously stood his ground, and the mamono let out a little sigh. “Really now… Why hesitate? You have been given an offer most men could only dream of, to drown in carnality with the likes of a demon. Don’t tell me you really believe the nonsense the Order has been preaching in this city?”

That last bit stuck out. Did he believe the Order? Why wouldn’t he? They were the ones fighting for humanity’s survival after all, and in turn his own. Evan even knew a good handful of the church and brotherhood on a personal level, some being close enough to be considered family. While the Order did have its strict (and at times merciless) way of handling things, they were if anything trustworthy. As much as you could trust that they’d stab a sword into your gut without hesitation were you to be labeled an enemy, you also knew with utmost certainty that they served the people, their one and only true devotion to their goddess and the good of mankind. He recalled a specific tale from the storytellers, wherein a squad of Knights even went so far as to sacrifice themselves for the sake of a young boy, who had been abducted by a powerful race of lamia; the monster had taken the child to a demon realm, and knowing they’d die if exposed to such an atmosphere for too long the Knights still gave chase. None had ever returned.

“I’m afraid you’ve been deceived,” the demon stated, regaining Evan’s attention as she continued. Her eyes were focused and stern, yet there was a sense of sincerity in them which he noticed. “There is much that may need explaining… Oh~, where should I start?” She leaned her head back a little bit while her crimson gaze stared towards the ceiling, an index finger tapping her cheek as she thought. It wasn’t long before the mamono switched to a true sitting position, indian style as she resumed eye-contact; her wings and tail remained as they were in covering her modesty. “Firstly, we mamono are no longer the monsters that were around at the time of the last maou, or ‘demon lord’ as you humans call it.” She spoke with a raised hand having a single finger lifted, indicating the order which she planned to list her facts.

“The current maou is a succubus who just so happens to be a pacifist through and through. With her new reign, she had the monsters of the former age transformed into the mamono we are today; nowadays, instead of killing and eating humans, our kind mirrors the motives of our ruler in that we capture human men for the sake of copulation and little more. No doubt you’ve heard that we refuse to kill, only capturing our men if we can? That’s why.” She then lifted another finger. “Secondly, I’m certain you know as well as I do what the Order does not tolerate mamono sympathizers, and will gladly kill those who think fondly of them as if they were monsters themselves. That said, let me let you in on a little secret… during the times of the former maou, not every monster was subject to death; there were those from among our kind who refused to prey on humanity, favoring unification and peace. So why would the Order decide to suddenly execute just about any mamono they come across, and even humans who openly thought positively about them?

“Because they have become desperate, if anything. Due to the change in monsters, mamono who now want nothing more than to have a husband to love and raise a family with, many men have become persuaded into siding with us, many going so far as to join our ranks. The fall of Lascatie could be the greatest example of this, as it was primarily by the hands of its own heroes which brought about the capture of the great city.” The demon began to smirk as she continued the next bit, and even developed a slight arrogance in her tone. “But that’s not all. On top of that, the chief god’s greatest hero had become the maou’s husband. While I’m sure you’ve at least come across some alternative version of the story, I’m willing to bet that you never knew that there is more. The hero had become an incubus, and he with his succubus wife grew together in power before eventually challenging the chief god herself. Details aside, it was the goddess who left the ensuing battle with injury, and it has been since that time that the Order has lacked her direct guidance.”

Evan had been taking it all in with as much attention as he could gather, but the demon’s naked beauty was just too much of a distraction; it wasn’t helping that all he had to cover his own shame were his hands, awkwardly concealing his erection while he stood with a furious blush. Otherwise, he was slowly beginning to understand what she was getting at. “So… you’re expecting me to believe that the monsters are good now, and that it’s the Order who are the bad guys?” He hadn’t tried to make it sound like he was mocking the demon’s claims, but he was too doubtful to hide his feelings. Thankfully, she didn’t seem bothered by his tone. “Which brings me to my third point,” she said with another raised digit. “I have my suspicions that you’ve never even met a mamono before… I’d go so far as to assume you’ve also been holed up in this city for at least the majority of your life.” Evan felt somewhat offended by the statement, even if it was true. “What’s your point?” He asked with evident annoyance.

His demonic seductress was quick to answer. “You have been taken advantage of. A young man who has never ventured beyond this city’s walls, it would be easy to persuade you into believing just about any story concerning the outside. To you, the lands stretching beyond Nirvana are like a whole other world. It would be simple to cover up a few details of what’s really going on, especially when nobody would try to investigate such things. Do you really think anyone would willingly interact with a mamono when all they’ve been taught is that they would probably try to kill them? And in addition, risk the Order hunting them down on the chance they are sympathizers?” As much as he wouldn’t have liked to admit it, the demon made a solid argument. “One more thing,” she then added with a fourth digit, “the fact that I am willing to take the time to talk, to explain things rather than just force you to go along with whatever I want, should alone be convincing enough that we are not the monsters the Order claims that we are.”

Another point Evan had trouble dismissing. Sitting there as she patiently awaited an answer from him, in all her naked glory, the young man couldn’t see a single thing about her that betrayed any hostility; even the way he had been treated up to this point revealed that the demon hadn’t intended to harm him. He remembered how she had cut him off and eventually cornered him throughout his mad dashing through the house, never once lashing out or threatening him; even when he had swung a sword at her, she simply blocked in a way that made it so he couldn’t attack again. He also recalled when she had pinned him against the wall, specifically by his arms which she had at the time been careful not to squeeze too hard. The fact that the mamono had ripped away the front door upstairs more than proved she could have crushed his wrists without any effort.

Other than those intimidating horns, wings and tail, and those eyes of crimson surrounded by black sclera, since he had taken a moment to actually look at her, he couldn’t really bring himself to think that this girl was anything remotely evil. She certainly didn’t seem like she was a blood-thirsty monster who wanted him dead. Was she telling the truth? Had the Order been lying about the mamono, or at the very least hiding things about them? But if that was the case… “You said that you monsters don’t kill anymore,” he began to ask as a small glimmer of hope budded in his soul, “that means you’re not going to suck out my life force?” The demon gave him a grin at that as she leaned forward. “Nope. Just your spirit energy,” she said as a wary expression spread across Evan’s face.

“Oh~, it’s nothing to be concerned about. Spirit energy is just another term for mana, the essence which primarily fuels the properties of magic. Human males generate it and females gather it from the atmosphere, while mamono consume it to sustain and strengthen themselves; on the other hand, we produce demonic energy, but that’s another thing entirely… I’m not going to steal your soul if that’s what you’re asking.” She then leaned back, again entering a seductive pose while shifting her legs to let one hang off the bed. “I’ll be blunt with you. The process feels no different than an ordinary round of fucking… better~ even. You’ve at least had sex before, right?” Her question was left unanswered as Evan was quick to look down and away, the flush in his face growing even more intense. “…Oh, my maou,” the demon began as her red eyes lit up, an excited smile etched on her face, “you’re a virgin, aren’t you!?”

He now felt like he actually did want to die, and a bit of laughter resounded from the mamono. “Don’t feel bad, handsome. Just consider yourself lucky I was the first one you ran into.” Evan looked back up. “What do you mean, ‘first’?” In response to yet another question, the demon sighed while the spade of her tail began to tap her thigh in impatience. “So many questions… I am part of a faction of the maou’s army, and this city is currently under the assault of our forces. Did you not see anything relating to that going on outside?” He was reminded of the moment he witnessed that one guy getting abducted by some electric harpy. “Oh… Wait, an army? I thought you said the demon lord was a pacifist!” She gave him an impressed smirk. “So you were paying attention~! And I could have sworn your focus was entirely centered on my tits~…” the mamono teased as Evan was quick to look for something else to stare at. His sword was still on the floor by his side, he noticed.

“But to answer your question, she does have an army. But then, why wouldn’t she? With the Order wanting her and the mamono dead, there needs to be a proper defense. Fortified walls are expensive and can only get you so far, and an army isn’t just a means to wage war. However, there is an exception in the case of the faction I’m under… we, the ‘progression’ faction, set out and transform select territories into mamono realms. You probably know these as ‘demon realms’.” She guessed his look of concern and kept going. “Now before you say anything, no, a mamono realm isn’t hazardous to humans. The only ‘killing’ they do is that of one’s humanity… Over time, a human will gradually transform into either an incubus or succubus so long as they are directly exposed to the realm’s environment. It is in that way their humanity ‘dies’.” The demon then proceeded to cross her legs before adding, “I have given you enough talk. Now then, are you ready? To join me in the carnal acts and walk the path of depravity?” There was a pause as Evan just looked at her. “Path of… What?”

“For the love of maou…” the demon rolled her eyes. “Sex.” To be honest, he hadn’t expected such a blunt response and he became tense once more, still hesitant although now it was not so much out of direct fear for his life. He seemed to trust her (at least her claims), but to such an extent? “I… Th-this is all…” Evan began to stutter as he tried to reply. He fidgeted in place, hands still over his manhood. “Is there any way I could get out of this…?” There was a light giggle as the demon propped herself onto her elbow, a cheek resting into the palm of her hand as she spoke. “Oh~, handsome,” she said with a warm smile, an expression that somehow held a sense of hostility to it. “After all I’ve already done… Do you really think I’d just let you off that easily? No, I’m not exactly planning on letting you go.” Her statement sent a chill down his spine, and he swallowed hard as the demon continued to smile at him. “That’s not to say you don’t have a choice, either. You could run, but I guarantee that as soon as you step foot outside you’ll be quickly claimed by another mamono… And I know for a fact they’ll be far less interested in talk. Your first time will be maliciously taken, almost violently and without the slightest consideration for you, let alone your feelings.”

She went on and Evan watched, aroused and nervous as her tail began to slowly retreat along her shapely curves, it’s journey taking it back through the space between her thighs. “On the other hand,” she stated as the tip of that tail moved behind her back, “I am among the few mamono who acknowledge the frailty you humans possess.” It’s tip was now sliding around, along her hip. “And seeing as this would be your first time, I might even be convinced into going at your own pace… although I’m not making a promise of that.” The spade finally stopped, the silky layer of inky-black flesh coming to a halt just over the demon’s womanhood; all that he was given the pleasure of seeing was the mamono’s lack of pubic hair, in its place a runic tattoo in the shape of a heart. “That said, you have been given what is possibly the best offer one could hope for in this situation. There is no need for concern, handsome~… only action.”

Her legs spread, wider than he’d witnessed before as her hips pushed forward with the act, presenting her one hidden spot. Although still beneath her tail, he could just make out the fullness of her special place… swollen with arousal… waiting, longing for attention… his attention. She was so beautiful, despite her dark blue skin and other demonic features… no, if anything they only added to her exotic, devilish charms. Evan could barely stand it as he ogled her alien perfection, displayed before him while the demon beckoned him to take her. Why was it so hard to move? He wanted her, regardless of how little he truly believed her… there was no mistaking that. He just had to take one step, and that’s all it would take to see him through to the end. There was a feeling in his body that was like a raging inferno, a burning desire almost painful and needing to be satisfied… he was going to go crazy if he did nothing to quench that fire, but he was paralyzed, frozen in place by an unknown force restraining him from the depths of his subconscious.

“It’s alright, the first step is always the hardest,” stated the demon as though reading his thoughts again; in a motion of support she extended an arm, encouraging him to take her hand. “Come~… Let me guide you.” Evan wanted her to be right. In truth, he wanted to believe every word she told him and that she really was as genuine as she claimed to be, she and the other mamono out there; if there was anything he wanted, it was the assurance that he would get out of this alive. Either way, he knew he really had no other choice despite the demon’s claim; like she said, it was either her or another mamono, although he was convinced she wouldn’t let him get that far… not after all the time she put into getting this far with him. Speaking of which, before he went through with this there was just one, final question he had to ask. “Why me?”

The demon’s head tilted lightly, and her face adopted a more curious smile; it was as if he had asked something odd. “Why not?” And that was all she gave the young man, a question to answer another question and nothing more. He stalled as he tried to mentally answer that, but he really couldn’t reason an explanation. His eyes glanced down to her offered hand before an inward prayer was said, and it was then Evan solidified his decision when he inched a step forward. The look on the demon’s face changed to that reminiscent of a proud mother, or simply just plain smug if that fanged, almost crooked grin was anything to go by; her prize nervously reached out a hand of his own to take hers, and she silently, gleefully waited for him. However, his hand stopped just above hers for but a moment in hesitance.

It seemed there was still one last barrier of resistance playing tug of war with his will; part of his head had given up on resisting while his survival instincts screamed for him to run, yet his lust countered with the open invitation of free pussy that the demon was offering. In response, his gut told him that if he did run, and got away, there was still a chance to avoid the mamono and flee the city. That’s when his sense of reason… well, reasoned that his gut was stupid, because one: he wouldn’t be able to get away from the demon as already proven, and two: even if he did there was an entire ARMY outside who probably, no doubt by this time, already have the city captured. His faith chimed in, stating that the Order’s Knights wouldn’t go down that easily until his memory shot it down with the reminder that, as the demon claimed, the fall of Lescatie happened primarily because of its treacherous heroes. Offended by the remark, his suspicion berated his memory while denouncing the fiendish demon as a liar, which his lust reentered the argument in order to correctly identify her instead as a “sexy” demon. His consideration realized that he had been holding onto his erection with that extended hand, and that it was probably as rude as it was gross for him to touch her with it. But then his paranoia rushed in and –

“You think too much~.” Evan’s mental war was driven to an abrupt halt when the mamono took it upon herself to snatch his hand and gave it a quick tug. He had been unprepared for the sudden act and almost tripped as he was forced ahead into the waiting embrace, and generous bosom of his captor. While still covered up by her wings, the hardness of her nipples still managed to poke into him… again. “Oh~, look what I caught~!” The demon joked as she held him. She then drew her lips close to his ear, where she whispered, “right choice,” before proceeding to pull his body on top of her, upon the bed. Evan had to place his hands on either side of the monster woman to keep from falling onto her, his knees spread and framing her legs; during the moment, the demon had removed her wings to spread them out along the bed, finally giving the young man a clear eyeful of her naked bust. Her excited tits were stiff with arousal, they themselves an even darker shade of blue than the rest of their owner’s body, and were a bewildering sight for the gawking young man.

“Handsome~…” He glanced up to stared into those fierce, crimson eyes. “I present my body to you,” she told him with a flushed face. The girl was also turned on, filled with anticipation as she spoke with eyes of endearment, a heavy pant with every breath. “Will you take me?” Evan was uncertain, but the gentle, almost nervous smile on that face looked as though she was pleading, rather than asking. It made his heart pound heavily in his chest, skipping a beat as those words left the demon’s lips. He was captivated, a prisoner to that smile. “… …O-okay,” he choked in surrender. He too was breathing hard, his throat parched and his every intake of air almost suffocating to him. Nevertheless, he was compelled to make a move, a bit of hesitation as he became confused as to where he should start before his gaze returned to her gorgeous breasts. Evan gave the demon a nervous glance, and she in turn granted him a look of permission with a slight nod. He swallowed hard at what he was about to do.

The youth again eyed her perfect mammaries before he shifted his weight, most of it moving to his left arm while his right lifted off the bed. Tense and with his head flooding with stressed thought, he steadily brought his hand to the mamono’s chest; hesitation soon crept its way into his movements, but Evan mustered up the will to continue. He touched upon silken flesh, a texture once foreign now literally beneath his fingertips and he flinched upon contact. A moan of approval from the girl managed to calm his nerves as he reveled in the feeling of her breast. Much softer than expected, Evan was convinced that it was almost too soft for human tissue… although, whether it was just his inexperience with tits or the fact their owner was not actually human, he was left unsure. His whole hand eventually found itself pressed upon the supple mound, and a light gasp escaped the demon when he became confident enough to give it a light squeeze.

It wasn’t long before he was massaging at a slow, careful pace, then his surprise came when the monster girl took his hand in hers and proceeded to guide him into using more effort. His kneading grew in pace as did its strength until he was nearly mashing the girl’s breast like dough, and her free hand soon rose to give her other breast some attention. This went on for a good minute until Evan chanced a risky move and lowered his head while he manipulated the hand holding his own, locking them together before quickly repositioning them off to the side. The mamono seemed curious to his motives and allowed him to have his way, only to utter a sharp gasp when he took her hardened nipple in between his lips.

“A-auuh~!” She moaned as he began to tug lightly with his mouth. “Ooh, handsome~…! S-so greedy~!” He then took a step further and sucked, taking the teat in by its tip before starting to suckle. The act elicited even greater moans of pleasure from the girl, and her grip within their entwined fingers tightened as her other hand began to grope herself more vigorously; when Evan began to swirl his tongue around her nipple amidst his sucking, she took the other between her thumb and index and pinched, proceeding to also give it a few pulls. “Ah-aah~! Yes…! Oh, yes~!” She began to whisper, all the while staring down, in a state of complete bliss as she watched the boy suckle from her breast.

Her breath was taken when he went and bit the tip of her sensitive nipple, his grip gentle yet firm enough to not let it slip away; he tugged and twisted with his teeth, sending jolts of pleasure through the demon as she let her head fall back and ogled at the ceiling with her mouth agape, panting like an aroused animal. Still not fully satisfied, Evan opened his jaw a bit wider and took the entire teat in his mouth, sucking even harder than before; he would have taken it down his throat if he could. “Aaaooh~! S-so rough~! You’ll eat me alive~!” The mamono managed to joke amidst her electrifying pleasure, trying to laugh through lungfuls of sharp breaths. She finally stopped tending to her other breast and grabbed the back of Evan’s head; distracted by his oral activities, he hardly noticed when she gripped his hair and pushed his face deeper into her tit. “A-are you su-sure you’re not ex… Nnh~! …N-not experienced in this s-sort of thing?” She inquired of him between moans. “B-because you… Y-you’re making me-…! A-aaugh~!!”

The girl arched her body and clutched his head to her chest; she shuddered violently, convulsing a few times from underneath Evan before going limp for a moment. Quick to snap out of his lustful haze, the young man stopped his oral ministrations and lifted himself up, staring wide-eyed at the exhausted-looking demon. “Did… Did you just…?” He asked while stricken with disbelief; he was answered with a light, tired chuckle. “Heh, heh, maybe~…” She revealed, eyes closed and with her free arm resting upon her brow as she enjoyed her afterglow. “Been a while since my last round, heheh… Didn’t think I needed it that bad~…” But it wasn’t long before the young man was taken by surprise when she seemed to recover almost instantly. “Okay,” she suddenly said after a few seconds, her eyes flashing open; they were brightly illuminated with their blood-red glow, but the fire in her gaze was a different thing entirely. “I think we’ve had enough foreplay… Are you ready for the real thing, handsome~?”

Evan only managed to give her an owl-eyed stare. “Pardon?” The next thing he knew, the demon had seized him by his shoulders and had him forced to the side, he on his back with her now hovering over his barely smaller frame. His and the mamono’s roles had been reversed, the only difference being her legs spread and placed strategically between his in an effort to keep them apart while she held him securely by his upper arms, just under his shoulders. Her wings were stretched wide and reaching out in their full length overhead; it was an intimidating display, especially as the young man hadn’t before seen them even close to the size they were now… they were massive, each wing stretching almost as long as he was tall. In his slight daze he noticed her large devil’s tail swaying almost wildly in the air behind her raised ass (her most private spot now exposed but well out of his view), before his gaze was drawn to her hanging breasts above his chest; were he to have tried, the sizable mounds would have been just out of his mouth’s reach.

Eyes then stared directly up and into the two demonic embers that gazed upon him, the woman’s lengthy, dark hair falling over a single shoulder. “…Hey,” the demon started while she gave him a longing smile, “so, what is it they call you, handsome~?” The young man blinked in surprise at her question, never expecting the mamono to develop an interest in who he was. He turned his head and glanced to the side in a shy nervousness for some reason, before looking back at that beautiful, alien face. “My name…? It’s Evan,” he finally told her. “Evan Ev-” but he was interrupted when a finger was placed on his lips. “Evan…” She echoed, almost as though she cherished the name. “That will do.” Her crimson eyes fell upon him with an even deeper sense of intensity, and the boy beneath her could only shift about only so slightly under her hold; he wasn’t sure if he should feel like an embarrassed lover, or a frightened prey as she stared down on him as if in examination.

“…I have decided.” The girl stated abruptly. Her announcement left Evan wondering what she was talking about before she continued, a smirk beginning to stretch across her lips. “All of you…” He was left confused at the unfinished phrase, but then he grew alarmed upon hearing the rest. “I’m going to take everything.” Everything? What did did she mean by that? All of him? Did that mean what he thought it meant!? No, he had to calm down… She told him that she was only interested in taking his supply of mana, so what did she…? “Desira.” His mind was brought back to the moment at the word, and he instinctively held his breath when the mamono leaned close, moving in to whisper; her stomach pressed against his body while her heavy bust pushed onto his chest, her nakedness upon his exposed form exciting him greatly and forcing his still rock-hard member to twitch with arousal. Her dark, blue-skinned body was hot on him, and just so inhumanly soft…

“Desira Nahi.” It quickly came to the young man. She was telling him her own name. “Remember it well, Evan,” she instructed as her lips brushed against his ear, her voice like sweet music, “because by tonight… your lonely, pitiful life will have ended.” His heart stopped. She was going to kill him? But that’s not she had told him at all! His concern was more than evident upon his face when he glanced to her at his side, his horror building when the demon flashed him a malicious, fanged grin. “Oh, you worry too much,” she stated simply and moved a hand to cup his cheek, “just take a moment to enjoy yourself… Saver the sweet taste of pleasure and depravity, and forget all else.” And it was then she gave his ear a playful nip, and Evan flinched under the seductive act. His eyes squeezed tight together as the demon toyed with the rim, giving teasing pulls while her hand began to caress the side of his head it was already touching.

The young man grew restless beneath her weight as she then began to rub herself against him, her ample breasts in particular grinding against his flesh in slow, forward and back strides. He felt her ass bump into his standing rod on occasion, and he was sure she felt it too; his assumptions were proven when she slightly lowered herself until his member was fit between the cheeks of her voluptuous butt, her movements not stopping but taking the organ also for the ride. Evan groaned with deep arousal at experiencing his first butt-job, the slow and steady pace almost too much for him to bear. The demon resumed her pace but eventually ceased her attention on his ear, giving it a final, lewd suck while pulling her head away; her lips released him, but she surprised her captive as she then went on to give him a sultry lick up to his temple. He shuddered from the feel of her hot tongue once more upon his skin and his pace of breathing quickened as she gave more licks, each upward stroke of her oral member starting a tad lower than the one prior.

It wasn’t long before the mamono had made it to Evan’s neck, his already revealed weak spot, and he in turn began to resist her advances on reflex. He opened his mouth and began to voice a bit of protest, only to have a thumb pushed into his open maw; it didn’t hurt, just held his jaw in place to keep him from talking, yet despite the purpose it seemed like a lewd action in its own right. “Hush,” she purred while planting a kiss upon his sensitive skin, the grinding of her body never ceasing. “Just let it happen~…” The otherworldly sensations were just too much for the young man, and he soon lost himself in the pleasure; he held the wrist of the hand gently holding his face, and began to lightly taste the thumb in his mouth while small gasps escaped him. With time the demon began to speed up her ministrations and apply more pressure to her lewd body massage, and Evan began to feel a slight build-up in the depths of his nether region; he began to grunt and bucked his hips against her cheeks as the feeling escalated, almost erupting when all of a sudden his captor stopped moving and pinned his hips beneath her own, stopping him as well.

With his breathing ragged and strained as he panted heavily, Evan just stared in complete disdain for his denied moment of release as his gaze strayed down to the demon’s smiling face, still at his neck and looking up in a returned glance. She giggled at his perplexed, pained expression. “Not yet,” he was told, and the girl gave his neck one more kiss before sitting up; she sat there on his hips as red eyes scanned him, her hand still holding his jaw while the other trailed a line down his chest in adoration. “Your first should be memorable,” the mamono informed him, finally taking her thumb out of his mouth; she drew that saliva-coated digit to her face, looked it over, and then lewdly, slowly licked it clean. She afterward gazed down at the boy with a newfound fire in her eyes. “I intend to do just that.”

He watched her, waiting for whatever she would do to him next as he was too tired to resist. She took her time, a lapse of time passing with every movement as her hands made their way to his stomach, then slowly glided up to his chest. Evan felt her push onto him, shifting her weight to her front as her large and curvaceous butt rose; she seemed to purposely drag it against his sensitive crotch as she went up, teasing a bit as he failed to suppress a faint gasp. His heart rate began to steadily rise in pace, and his breathing became laborious at the realization of just what she was preparing for. Seconds felt like minutes, but soon enough the demon had reached her desired height, pausing for but a mere moment before lowering herself once more; her eyes never strayed from Evan’s face, and he in turn stared with much anticipation as her womanhood descended, before crowning the head of his erection. She stayed like that, holding her place atop his hard-on without breaking that point of contact; glancing down at him with glowing eyes, with wings spread and her hands having retreated to his stomach, she was like a divine monument in that position… a symbol of darkness and beauty intertwined.

“Knowing what might transpire should we go any further…” Her words were gentle, almost a whisper as they yet held a mysteriously serious tone, “are you willing to continue?” The young man thought it a cruel thing to be asked such a question, when the key to unlocking one of his greatest desires was already in the lock, only needing a single turn. He wanted this… wanted her. Even if he didn’t die from the act, the Order would no doubt execute him for sure, but at this point death was such a distant thing. Yet, with the last ounce of reason he had left, he had to wonder… Why all the encouragement? Why the invitations to take her, when she could easily get what she wanted without his permission? Why did this demon want him to accept her offer? Why choose her? “I would like to hear it for myself,” the mamono purred with a seductive grin, “the words of surrender… or should I tempt you some more?”

The glow in her eyes flashed with a bright, crimson aura that enraptured Evan. Suddenly, he found himself in another place, a hazy reality of sorts reminiscent of a dream… only, for reasons he couldn’t explain he felt it more akin to a fantasy, a possible scenario played out in his mind. He couldn’t see much, his sight obscured by a twisted fog of darkness and light, however he could certainly feel; it was hot, almost painfully so as his entire body was wrapped in heat. There was more, much more… although most, if not all of it was the sensation of mind-blowing pleasure. Evan was enveloped in it, the touch of warm ecstasy which seemed to wash over his skin in a journey along his body. It was an endless cycle as the sensations caressed all over him, many being physical while others were not, some unable to even be explained with mere words… all of it lewd in nature. His mind nearly broke, his senses just on the edge of overloading but miraculously holding on through it all. Yet, despite everything, it all seemed distant, as though he could only feel a fraction of it all. Seconds became minutes, minutes became hours… He never knew how long he was held in that prison of ecstasy.

But then the fog parted, and she was there. Desira, the demon who wanted to lead him down that “path of depravity”. He couldn’t make out her face, just a smile as she faced him while he was tormented in the pleasure. While he couldn’t see her eyes, it was as if he could literally feel her gaze upon him, but not necessarily from the direction she stood… it was coming from all around him. For every place he felt pleasure he also felt the demon’s presence, but then he looked at himself again. She was there, his leg squeezed between her ample breasts while her tongue slid up his thigh; she was also over his shoulder, embracing him from behind as kisses were planted upon his cheek and neck. Another version was crouched low in front with lips working vigorously at giving him fellatio, and the breasts of a fourth were rubbing into his chest as a fifth held his head in her hands and gave him deep, French kisses. Others were present, each supplying him with a different service unique to themselves and adding to the intense manifestation of pleasure, but he could only really focus on that one in the distance.

“Do you feel it, Evan?” The demon said with unmoved lips while extending a beckoning hand to him. “This could be in your future.” At which everything stopped, and his eyes snapped open with a start. He was back in his room, on the bed and with the demon still on top of him as though nothing had occurred. The young man was hyperventilating, trying to get a grip of himself and figure out what had just happened. His gaze soon locked with Desira’s, the demon giving him a knowing smile. She had somehow put him in a trance, Evan figured… some kind of spell that effected his mind; a rush of pleasure seemed to linger, however, proving that he had indeed not been actually dreaming the scenario. Just what did she do to him? And how? “Wh… What…” He stuttered after a moment. “What was that?” She then grinned at the question. “Everything that will come to pass,” the mamono answered him, “should you succumb to corruption.”

“Corruption…?” Evan blinked as he replied in evident confusion. “Depravity, immorality, decadence, wickedness, carnality…” The girl seemed to grow more excited with every used term. “There are many definitions for the act of consummation between man and mamono, and every one a different name for the same path, a single trail leading to the fall of one’s humanity. Accept my offer, and allow me to guide you down that road… you’ve already had a taste, why refuse now?” He stared deep into her blood-red gaze, his mind slowly processing what the demon was saying. So, that’s what she had meant all this time. Those words of evil and of roads, they were all expressions for the unification of man and mamono. And she wanted him to fall… for her. He hoped he was right, and that her claims were true. If the promise of a future filled with pleasure (like the kind he had just experienced) held true, then not only would that mean he wouldn’t die but also he would have a potentially good life ahead of him… right? A moment of still silence passed, until Evan finally took a shot and gave his answer. “…O-okay,” he said, shutting his eyes in defeat, “you win.”

The young then felt the touch of soft lips upon his own, and he looked to see the demon staring passionately back. This kiss was nothing like the others, gentle, and without an invasive tongue; it was devoid of any amorous intent, a gesture of pure affection. “Good boy,” Desira praised him once she pulled away and resumed her position over his still-stiff erection. “I knew I was right about you.” And with that, she descended. Evan had to fight the impulse to let out a cry of pleasure as her slit, already wet with desire, began to stretch and envelope his lower head; his body began to squirm, beyond his control as this new sensation overtook him. He gripped the bedding as he sunk even further into her folds, holding out just long enough for the demon to reach his tower’s base. The two then allowed a moment to pass by as they both became accustomed to the feeling of being one; with her every quickened heartbeat, Evan could feel the blood pump through her veins… a rhythmic pulse stimulating him which refused to allow him time to adapt to the feel of being inside his partner’s sex.

Desira seemed to have a much faster recovery period, however. Without warning she began to gyrate her hips with him still inside, and Evan muffled a strained yelp between sealed lips. It was all he could take to not climax then and there. “I’ve been waiting for this,” his demonic lover announced suddenly, her breath coming out in soft pants. “Ever since the moment I saw you, I knew you were the one~… But to then learn you’ve never even known a woman?” Her circular motions switched, the demon now rocking her hips back and forth along Evan’s length. “Aauh~! I-it was so~ hard for me… Mmn~! To not drown you in carnality right then~! Ooh~! Yes…!” The pace of her hips began to speed up at this point. “But, I had to be sure… Nnn! So good~…!”

Eventually she stopped moving and allowed Evan to catch his breath, he having a much harder time keeping up; following a good wait, she lowered herself to his chest and placed a hand to his cheek, her bosom falling atop his chest. “You have such a cute face~,” she told him with a pet. He shuddered when she moved in to plant a kiss in the crook of his neck, then trailed her lips up along his skin and to his own awaiting mouth. “I’m going to enjoy seeing it twisted with even more pleasure~! It’s a bit selfish, but don’t ask me to slow down… alright, love~?” The demon refused to remove her lips, keeping them locked with his as she began to raise her hips. He elicited a stressed groan as he felt himself slipping out from inside of her, her lower lips clenching his length as they greedily tried to keep him in. Desira dropped back down as soon as she reached his tip, sending a jolt of electrifying pleasure coursing through the young man. Her tongue moved to probe his mouth as she did so, and unable to hold back his grunts and moans in his ecstasy he tried to gasp desperately as the demon repeated the process again and again, quickly building to a set pace.

While the hand on his face slid around to the back of his head, proceeding to pull him deeper into her kiss, Evan’s arms began to move themselves; while his hazy mind focused on the wrestling match between the lovers’ two oral members, one of his hands ventured along her soft, blue flesh, slinking down her waist before reaching for a handful of her sizable ass. She moaned with delight at having her butt groped, then gasped when his other hand started to travel up her back. Was she sensitive there? Evan intended to find out, gently caressing the muscles framing her spine in smooth strokes. “Mmnh~!” Desira moaned as her fucking sped up.

His moving hand began to explore, trying to find the best place to arouse the mamono before his touch found the base of her tail; he grabbed it without hesitation and gave it a tug. “Aah, right there~…!” She gasped aloud, their kiss now truly broken. Her reaction encouraged him to pull harder, and while he was at it he gave her ass a tighter squeeze. “Ohh, fuck~ yes…!” The monster girl was now embracing his head in both her arms, pulling him into her cleavage as her pace increased even further; her tail was lashing dangerously in the air and a gust of wind began to course through the entire room, papers and other lightweight objects blown away as Desira’s giant wings started flapping in tandem with her bouncing hips.”Oooough~!”

She was bucking wildly now, and Evan was soon brought once more to his limit. His separate holds on her body clenched their hardest, and with a final grunt his member blew its top; she dropped to his base to take in his seed, and load after load was shot into her depths. Despite having never before released as much as he did just then, not a bit seemed to be wasted as her snatch hungrily milked him of everything he had. His penis twitched and convulsed through it all, the climax making the organ to become super-sensitive and causing him near uncomfortable pleasure as Desira’s inner walls clenched him tightly. She hardly gave him a moment to recover from the intensity, the mamono rudely interrupting his afterglow as she was quick to get back to fucking him.

“Oh~, that is such a lewd face~!” The demon teased as he was wracked with completely unmanageable pleasure; he had thought that the earlier round of sex was incredible, but going at it now when he was extra-sensitive? It utterly overwhelmed him, paralyzing his body as he received Desira’s relentless lovemaking. He could only hope his facial expression wasn’t as embarrassing as she made it seem. “Is this too much for you~? Do you want me to stop~?” Evan could only moan and whimper in answer… the sensation of such a feeling was just too extreme! The demon grew a malicious grin at the sight. “Even if you want me to, I don’t think I will. That cute face of yours, warped in unbearable ecstasy… I love it too much to stop now~!” Sadly, it probably was.

It wasn’t long before he was once more brought to climax, and he again painted her insides white. Only a slight amount of his love juices managed to leak out from within her slit, the demon’s womb no doubt filled now with his essence. But Desira still was not satisfied, continuing her sexual rampage like a feral beast in heat; instead of tiring, she only seemed to grow more and more excited, her eyes alight with a crimson glow amidst that fiery gaze. “Again! Again~!” She cried out as she rode on top of him. “Give me everything you can~! All of it! Don’t hold a single thing back! If you even think about quitting early, I’ll fuck your brains out!” At this point, he could hardly understand what she was saying as all his mind could focus on was all the pleasure she tormented him with. “You think this is rough~?” Desira nearly cackled at him. “To a mamono, a demon no less, this is just an appetizer~! Little more than something that would usually hold me off until the main course arrives~! A simple human probably couldn’t even comprehend the rate at which we can take it… certainly not you, a boy having only just lost his virginity. Oh~, but you need not worry… I’ll be sure to take good care of you~!”

Evan could no longer hear her. He couldn’t even think straight. All he could do was endure, and lose himself in the throes of passion that the demon forced upon him. However, there was a thought that surfaced; it was a confirmation, a unmistakable certainty that managed to break through the hazy cloud of an unclear mindset. The last thing he recalled before slipping into unconsciousness was Desira’s tears of joy and calling out his name throughout their riotous lovemaking…

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  1. Isn’t this in 3rd person, not 2nd?
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    1. I corrected the 2nd/3rd tagging error. Thanks for that, and the other feedback. I’ve been considering making a rewritten, alternative version of this story, and your comment is making the idea even more motivating. It’ll definitely be a great way to excersise the writing method you’ve described. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I really liked your stories so far, this one and Not Nearly Enough. I like how you describe the way the mamono show their love and affection for the human they like according to the characteristics shown in the encyclopedia, as well as their “lovey-dovey” side. That and you made stories about some favorite mamono of mine. I can’t wait to read more, especially about Desira!

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