Ride the Lightning

A bolt of lightning illuminated the hilltop, the veil of night briefly torn away as the power of the heavens cracked through the sky. A moment later, the clap of thunder hit, shaking the ground itself and causing the hearts of the soldiers charging to the summit to waver, but only momentarily. In the echoes of the boom, their feet sounded against the hard earth, pounding away in some sort of weak imitation of the unfathomable power above.

Atop the hill stood a single, aged man, his hands raised to the sky as he shook a staff made of pure bone pierced by copper rings, their jingling lost in the furious din around him. He looked at the oncoming men and smiled a gap-toothed grin before pointing a spotted finger at them and cackling, “Nyehahahahahaha! You chase me this far only to meet you doom, dogs of Count Killanmar!”

The men kept charging forward however, too preoccupied with their assault to even bother replying to their quarry. The old man grunted and raised the staff again, chanting vile words which did not belong in this realm. In a circle, the ground beneath his feet began to glow with a fey light that suddenly became blinding as the men were not but yards from him, their weapons seeming to hunger for blood.

Another bolt of lightning flashed through the sky, but where the last parted the veil of night, this one parted the ground itself, tossing men and earth like detritus as it obliterated part of the hill. The crack of thunder that followed less than a second later shook the men fortunate to have avoided the blast to their knees, forcing them to cover their ears with their hands in a vain attempt to keep from slipping unconscious. They wobbled, disoriented and broken, staring about with sightless eyes as the sudden burst of light and sound blinded and dazed them.

The first soldier to recover shook his head and adjusted his half-helm, a faint tingle running through his hand as the metal crackled with residual power. He grit his teeth and stood on shaky feet, bellowing out orders that he realized his men couldn’t hear. That bastard Munchlin, he’d used the very power of the elements against his men! Such wanton use of this earth shattering power was why the sorcerer was ordered by his Lord to be eliminated, a task falling to him, Sergeant Ruhn, and his men. What was left of them, however.

The dust began to settle, and more men than he’d dared hoped pulled themselves up, their armor discharging faint bits of static as their expressions turned from dazed confusion to grim determination. Ruhn nodded his head and turned back to the hill, his grip on his sword tightening as he narrowed his eyes, searching the blasted ruins for signs of his quarry. Fortunately, he was not hard to find, standing unharmed within his glowing circle of blasphemous power.

“Munchlin! You’ll answer for your crimes against this land with your very blood!” Ruhn shouted, raising his sword in the air, his men doing the same and shouting their own war cries. They were bloodied, certainly, but not beaten, not by a long shot.
“Nyehahahaha!” Came Munchlin’s voice from the high ground. “Don’t you realize it? It’s too late! You’ve already lost, NYEHAHAHAHA!”

Ruhn narrowed his eyes and made to order the charge again when something flashed nearby. He saw a nimbus of blue light burn brightly in the darkness when a whip of crackling power wrapped around one of his men, throwing them up into the air before violently slamming into back down, creating a sickening squelching sound as the man was pounded into paste.

The rest of the men looked on in fascinated horror before tracing to the source as the tentacle of electricity recoiled to its origin, a halo of blue energy beginning to crackle on the hill where the lightning bolt had stuck earlier. The soldiers stared in confusion as the light revealed the center of the crater, where the figure of a woman stood, her pale skin the source of the blue glow.

She was tall for a woman, and muscular too, but not in a way that detracted from her femininity, which was quite obviously present, considering she was naked. She placed a hand on the sensuous curve of her hip, the other gently caressing one of her modest breasts as her fingertips played with faint crackles of electricity. In fact, her entire body sent up sparks every now and then, creating a cascade of lights that popped and danced in the night, dazzling the eyes of the men present.

It was quite obvious from the start she wasn’t human though. At times, it appeared her skin would seem to ripple, fizzle, and then pop back into place, as if made of the same electricity she was discharging, and it only seemed the heighten the strangeness of her face, which was deceptively human until one looked at her eyes and mouth, both of which seemed to smoke gently with faint whispers of energy. Beneath that, however, could be seen a normal tongue and brilliant blue eyes, the same color as the lightning.

She breathed out a trail of energy, which crackled faintly in the night air before running a hand through her hair. It was long enough to reach her mid back and appeared to be the color of fresh fallen snow, however the way each strand seemed to pulse and snap with the same pent up power made the whole of her mane glow faintly as well, giving her an almost otherworldly keen. Slowly, she dropped her hands from her hair and her hip, looking over Ruhn’s men with almost casual disinterest.

Ruhn grit his teeth and snarled, “Summoning a creature of the other realm? Are you mad, man? She can’t be controlled!”

“Nyeahahaha! Shows what you know, SERGEANT!” Munchlin cackled as he did a little ditty in the glowing circle around him. He did this for a few moments before pointing a finger at Ruhn and screaming, “KILL THEM!”

The creature, whatever she was, sighed out before striding forward, the gently flowing power about her suddenly flaring to life, glowing white as she surged forward. Ruhn had a moment of hesitation before shouting, “CHARGE!” and running toward the woman, his sword held high. A second later, his men followed behind him, screaming with him.

As they reached near her, she stopped and thrust her hands out as electricity shot from her fingertips into a man behind Ruhn, his body suddenly twisting and convulsing as his skin began to smoke from the power discharged into it. Another solider strayed too close, and the power arced into him, and then another man, the trio screaming in mute agony as their bodies were charred and turned into smoking ruin. Before anyone else could react, the creature clenched her fist and a bolt of lightning struck from the sky, obliterating another man. The remaining few men closed in throughout the destruction, and they swung their swords toward her, thirsting to kill such a creature for revenge.

She caught the first sword in her hand, the blade not even phasing her as she squeezed it tight, sending a snake of energy through the blade and into the man’s hand, causing his jaws to lock up as he fried from the pure might of energy forced into him. Two other men, carrying two handed swords, swung at her and she destroyed them as well, their powerful weapons concerning her less than the sting of insects.

Ruhn knew he was alone now, knew that he was the only one left to finish the task. His was sorrow forgotten as rage blinded him, and he swung his sword toward the woman only to have it caught in her delicate hand faster than he could have imagined, her eyes boring into his. She lifted her lip and he saw his death in her smoking orbs, when a voice shouted,
” Wait, my Elemental! I want this one alive! Nyehahaha! “

The Elemental, if that’s what she was, looked to Munchlin with a neutral expression before grabbing Ruhn’s wrist and sending a jolt of electricity into him. His legs protested against the sudden pain, and he let out a small cry, his muscles betraying him as he sunk down to the ground before the Elemental. She only looked down at him with something akin to pity, which only made it worse.

“Nyehahaha! How I have longed to see you like this Ruhn! Tell me, how does it feel to see the corpses of your followers killed? The lives put in your charge ended because of your foolish attachment to a man stuck in the past? Well then, see what it has wrought you!”

Ruhn didn’t look. Instead, he merely ignored Munchlin and chose to look into the eyes of the Elemental, who merely returned his gaze impassively. Ruhn narrowed his eyes, a simmering anger within him at her cool attitude and the way she so effortlessly killed the people he loved the most. Monster… it is what they were called by some, and he could believe it after this. She must have known what he was thinking, because a momentary quirk appeared at the edge of her lips before vanishing, like the faint echoes of static popping off her electrified body.

And then, she opened her mouth and spoke in a feminine, yet commanding voice, “You are not afraid?”

Ruhn, too furious to be startled by the sudden address, merely grit his teeth and growled, “Of course I am afraid. Only a fool would not fear a creature as you, but at present I am too filled with rage and sorrow to worry much about my own self.” He shuddered before snarling, “I would kill you were it in my power, wench.”

The Elemental’s eyes widened and the corner of her lips turned up. She seemed as if she was about to speak again when the sound of footsteps came quickly and Ruhn turned in time to see a hand slap across his face, sending stars through his vision as he staggered to the side, catching himself with a hand on the ground before he wiped his lip, a thin trickle of blood on his fist. Lifting his lip slightly, he turned to his assaulter to see Munchlin standing there, his eyes hard, mouth foaming a little. “Don’t you dare ignore me you peasant! Look upon your wretched condition and despair! Nyehahaha, Bring me the satisfaction I so justly desire!”

“No.” Ruhn said coldly before looking back to the Elemental, who had gone silent. “I shall not give you that honor.”

Munchlin wringed his hands on his staff before walking back up to Ruhn and kneeling down to his captive to say a word when Ruhn threw his head back and slammed it into the nose of the old sorcerer, causing the man to throw up a great cry of alarm and fall back, pointing toward the Elemental and shouting, “Kill him!”

The Elemental looked between Ruhn and Munchlin once before saying, in a flat tone, “No.”

“Nehehe…huh?” Munchlin said, still clutching his nose, his voice even more nasally than before. “What do you mean, no? I summoned you! I am your master and you will obey me!”

She shrugged, a gesture accompanied by a crackle of small sparks. “No, I think not. You may have summoned me, but you are not so powerful as to command me.”

“Preposterous! Do as I say, or I’ll cast you back to the other realm where you belong!”

“I don’t think you shall be doing that either. I would advise you to look where you are standing.”

“Nehehehe? Look where I am standing? I am standing in the cir…” He trailed off as he look down at the bare, scorched earth beneath him before looking back to the blazing purple circle a few feet away. His eyes went very wide and he scrambled to return to his protection of his wards, but before he could go five feet, the Elemental raised a hand and a bolt of bright, white power flowed from her fingers, wreathing his aged body in coruscating energy, screams issuing forth from his mouth as he was utterly destroyed. It lasted all but a moment, and all that was left of the infamous sorcerer was his charred staff and a some bones, smoking in the evening air.

Ruhn stared at the remains of the man, his mind working dully as he tried to comprehend what exactly just transpired. Certainly he had summoned the Monster, but she had just dispatched him without even a thought. He’d known that such summoned creatures could be as dangerous to their foes as their friends, but he couldn’t have imagined things would turn out like this. Slowly, he turned his head to the Elemental to find her looking down at him again, a wide smile on her face.

Ruhn fumbled for words for a moment before asking, “Why?”

“Because he believed he could control the raging power of the heavens. His hubris was an affront to me and I would not suffer him to live.” She looked down at her hand and frowned, turning it over as it seemed to flicker and her very flesh began to waver. “Of course, he was the only thing keeping me in this world. Perhaps I was too hasty.”

“Before you die then, perhaps you would do the honor of executing me then.” Ruhn said, looking her in the eyes. “Clearly, you do not need me alive, and I have seen the bloodthirsty nature of your kind.”

“Haha!” She chuckled, sounding like a rolling thunderhead. “No, no, should I wish to have killed you, I would have done so already, for you humans are but refuse to me.”

“Then I repeat my question, why?”

She leaned down to him, her breasts swinging before him and forcing his eyes toward them. The effect made him acknowledging her every sensuous curve despite his mental protests, a thought that disturbed and shamed him greatly as she spoke in a sultry. “Oh, dear… Ruhn, was it? No, you’re too interesting to dispose of so quickly, and besides, I have need of you.”

Ruhn blinked in surprise. “Need? For what?”

“You see, I require a suffusion of energy to remain in this world. Ordinarily that fool of a sorcerer would keep me here with mana, but there are…other means to sustain myself.”

“Like what?”

“The seed of a man, for one.”

Ruhn looked utterly taken aback, all of his previous emotions crashing together with this shock and he almost fell over as he went momentarily numb. He had to fumble about for quite some time before he could force out a rough, “W…what?”
The Elemental reached out a finger to gently trace it across Ruhn’s face, her touch making his muscles go tense and a tingling sensation spread through his face. “Indeed, men’s seed has much raw life energy in it, and I judge you have quite the store to keep me here for some time. Might I kindly ask you to release it for me?”

She wanted him to… to release his seed to her? Clearly, she was beautiful, however she was a creature of the other realm, a being whose very existence was an affront to the ground she walked on! Ruhn, who had served for years in his Lord’s armed forces, had only his training to cling to as a lifeline while he desperately tried to get his thoughts back in order. Duty was the loudest, most solid thing to appear in his mind, and suddenly the faces of all his fallen comrades filled his head, which made everything clear. He could NOT allow such a creature to roam loose in these lands and threaten even more people. He rounded his gaze to the Elemental and batted her hand away, growling, “Take your hands off me, wench.”

The Elemental turned her chin up, looking down at him with a look of annoyance as her eyes glowed a deeper white. Then, she smiled viciously and raised both hands, electricity flowing between the fingertips. She giggled, a sound more akin to crackling static than true laughter as she said, “I was hoping you’d resist. It is far more fun this way.” And with that, she put her hands to either side of his face.

Ruhn was confused at first, but as the current started between his head, his eyes grew wide and he opened his mouth to scream, but all that came out was a low moaning. The disorientation was palpable as he expected pain, yet felt a low, primal pleasure. His eyes were forced opened by the flowing power, and he was unable to close them as tears formed in the corners, the sensation only increasing. He could acutely feel his smallclothes growing tight at an alarming rate, and his eyes, locked open as they were, took in only the sleek, lascivious curves of her body, amplifying the feeling.

He didn’t know what to do, his mind telling him to resist falling prey to her assault, but the way his muscles twitched as his body spasmed, he was having trouble keeping up rational thought. The idea of letting go and just falling into the flow of this soothing energy was very tempting, and he almost dropped his resistance and allowed her to do with him as she wished, but he resolved to steel himself, and through gritted teeth he hissed, “Noooooooooo!”

The Elemental’s hands twitched and the power left them, the sudden vacuum of sensation dropping Ruhn to the ground, his eyes unfocused as he panted heavily. He heard the Elemental sniff, though not disapprovingly, before she rolled him over with a foot and he was dimly aware of her tearing his belt from him as if it were paper and tossing it aside to pull his trousers down, exposing his rigid erection to the world.

She admired his manhood for a moment before reaching out and grasping it. At once, Ruhn felt the tingling sensation again, though far more direct, and his hips bucked in instinctive response before he cried out. The Elemental chuckled and said, “You did well to resist me before, but I do not have the time to play with you. A more direct method should be used, I believe.” She stared into his eyes, those electric blue orbs giving him a playful, if serious warning. “Now then, do not try me again.”
With that, she began to stroke him.

Her hands were not small or delicate, however they were unexpectedly soft, and the way the crackling power raced down his shaft to make his pubic hair stand up sent an whole new sensation through him. While not a married man, he’d been with plenty of whores while on leave, and though he could scarcely believe the touch of a woman to be that much different from any other, this was all together another thing entirely.

The Elemental’s fingertips caressed his head gently as she reached the top with every stroke, the firm pressure of her hand on his shaft maintaining a constant rhythm that synced well with the measured change in the intensity of the current she put out through her fingers. Not even his testicles were safe, as they too were fondled, the delicate flesh there almost bouncing as the teased his balls back and forth. It was enough to make him heady, and he left out a soft sound despite himself, his body reacting in need. The Elemental smiled broadly and lowered her head to his manhood, as if in anticipation for something, before she opened her mouth and enveloped him in that smoking orifice.

The first thing Ruhn felt was an intense heat, which was not unpleasant in the slightest, followed by a sensation that he could only describe as the buzzing of insects. He bucked his hips into her mouth in reply, and she merely pushed him down, sliding her mouth back before going in again, faint wisps of crackling power echoing forth from the edges of her lips. He noted in fascination the way she expertly drew herself back up and down upon him, the way her lips applied the right amount of pressure on his member, and the look of utter enthusiasm on her face, as if she was a girl sucking upon a sweet.

Despite his protests, he could not resist her expert ministrations for long and with a cry of release and sorrow, he unloaded his seed in a torrent that shot out in waves of overwhelming pleasure into the back of her throat, each pulse making her body shiver and roil with power. She drank greedily from his reserves, as if it were the finest of wines, and she squeezed upon his balls to draw out as much as possible before he gave one last twitch and sank down onto the blasted earth, panting with the exertion of being so milked.

She left her lips upon him for a moment longer before slowly retracting, making sure to take in every last drop, releasing him with a hissing pop, faint power pouring from her mouth up into the air. Ruhn just looked at her, watching as her form seemed to solidify, as if by ingesting his seed she became more attuned with this world. He felt a creeping dread come across him as she turned her hungry eyes upon him, a predatory look filling her gaze.

“Fine quality indeed. However now that I have had a taste, I am not satisfied. I must have more of you before I take my leave upon these lands!”

He gasped as she grasped his manhood again and with an almost excruciating jolt of power, he found himself standing to full attention, throbbing with lust under her touch. Ruhn was confused momentarily as she did not stroke him, but instead shifted her body forward, and straddled him. It took him only a moment longer to realize what she intended, and the mix of anticipation and dread filled him so heavily that he cried out before she slid herself onto him, impaling her snatch with his iron-hard rod.
He blacked out momentarily from the rush of feeling, something that shamed him greatly when he came back to his senses. He noticed dully his body rocking, and he had to fumble at placing the sensations to the appropriate parts of his body. Yes, the tight, warm, oddly wet sensation was linked to his cock and with that thought did he feel the rushing current of power and the pleasure that went with it. As soon as he was himself, the Elemental, her head held high as she rocked her hips up and down on his girth, gazed down into his eyes, that inhuman smile wide on her face.

“Are you enjoying this?”

“D…damn you.” It was all Ruhn could say, for he WAS enjoying this, far more than he ought to have. The past few… had to be minutes, though it felt an eternity, were so filled with pleasures he had never considered before that he almost felt a futility fighting against it. She clearly had the advantage over him, and she had already exacted what she needed. Clearly, would it not be best to just lie down and accept the joys she was gifting him before he was obliterated?

He didn’t move for a few moments as she slammed her hips down on him, his manhood being violated exactly as she wished, himself too lost in thought to react. Ruhn felt the last vestiges of strength begin to leave him as his loins twitched, another burst of his seed preparing to be ejaculated forth into her. There was nothing he could do, no way to stop her. She was going to get his semen and there was not a thing he could do, except alter the way in which she would receive it…

“Haha! Yes!” She screamed, voice booming like thunder, “I have not felt such a rush in decades! I feel the warmth of this realm in you, and with it, I shall carve a furrow into this land! Now give me your seed once more and seal my new awakening!”

Her words sent a flash of something through him, and he felt a surge of strength in his shaking arms. Yes, she was going to get his seed from him, but she was not going to make him the fool. Though it would cost him dearly, he knew, he let go of all his inhibitions. A primal lust kept under the surface burst to the fore and, he felt himself let out a bestial cry as he grabbed her thighs with his thick hands, ignoring the sudden shock of electricity as he pushed himself up, their loins still entwined.

The Elemental’s eyes went wide in surprise, and she tried to push him back down with a jolt of power, but his leverage was too great, and she couldn’t react before he forced her back to the ground without a hint of subtlety. He gave a feral grunt and forced open her legs, all other sensations beyond the one between his legs lost. His dominant position secured, he slammed his pelvis into hers, driving himself fully within her folds.

She gasped, her look of surprised turned to full shock as he took the lead, plowing into her over and over like a piston, his thrusts barely controllable as he drove to her deepest points. He barely noticed, nor cared, that she began to let out low moans, her breathing, such as it was, increasing incredibly as he mated with her. He soon felt his loins stir and he pulled back, looking into her eyes as his primal desires to unleash his load into the Elemental drove him, and he almost swore he saw a sort of pleased affection in her expression. Then the moment was gone, and he buried himself fully within her, the dam breaking and his semen rushing forth.

The pressure was far greater than it was when he released in her mouth, as he could feel every electric ripple of energy as he ejaculated. His semen crashed against her womb, coating her insides pale like her skin, and she let out a shuddering gasp with every pulse. It lasted longer than any load he’d ever given in his entire life, and when he was through, he pulled out slowly, a thin stream of his seed trickling out of her electric snatch. He staggered backward and fell, realizing with a small sense of disdain that his arms were twitching without his control. Spent, he looked to the receptacle of his lusts and frowned.

The Elemental was twitching violently, her body seeming to spasm outside of her control, skin rippling with static in ways that were disorienting to behold. He watched in fascination as her skin, which was so vibrant before, began to come apart, her hands slowly fading into nothing. She looked at her vanishing appendages, then to him. He expected her to scowl, to rail or rage at being torn from this world, yet all she did was give him a soft, rueful smile, and say, “You are more of a man than I gave you credit for. Don’t worry though, we’ll meet again, love.”

At once, the rest of her body vanished, leaving a faint echo of light where she once sat, which too dissipated into the night air. Ruhn just sat there, numbly staring at where she lay moments before, surrounded by the corpses of the men he knew and loved, with nothing to show for any of this but an empty ball sack and spasming hands.

Of course, then the rain began to fall.


It had been two years since the fateful battle on the hill, and though Ruhn had returned to report his unfortunate success, the damage suffered to his limbs when he had grabbed the Elemental for so long was too much for the chirgeuons to work with. Though he was mostly hale, he was nonetheless released to a solitary cabin in the mountains, where the quiet would do him good. He felt this was at once a reward, and a way to be rid of him at the court, though he did not mind, as he knew no man would wish to work with a sole survivor.

After the loss of so many men, he wanted nothing more than peace and quiet, and to reflect upon the actions he took with that Elemental, as well as the final words she had spoke. Through some acquaintances at this Scholastia Arcanum, he found that beings of the other realm, if dominated through force or will, could be banished back to whence they came, regardless of whatever power they may contain. They agreed this is what had happened, and despite their attempts to pry the full story from him, he left out the shameful parts of his lewd encounter. They did warn him that such threats as she left him were not to be taken lightly however, as such creatures always found way to return. Of course, nothing much came from her cryptic warning, and he lived a quiet life on the stipend he was given from his lord for his service. Things were easy, and he well liked his life in this way.

Thunderstorms still kept him up at night, however, and one evening in particular, the frequency of the flashing lightning and the booming of the thunder were particularly troubling, enough to make him recall that fateful evening. He had to hold himself gently with every crack of thunder, whispering gentle words as his arms shook violently. The storm seemed to slow for a moment and he was beginning to relax some when the whole of his world shook, as an enormous flash of light from outside blinding him and corresponding boom of thunder sounding near. He sat up in his bed, panting heavily when in the quiet proceeding the thunder the heard a curious noise.

A gentle knocking sound played from the front door to his home and he looked toward the entry-way, his expression confused. Surely, it was nothing more than the wind, yes? Who could be… The sound came again, a little louder this time. Ruhn slowly crept to the door, taking his old sword in his hands, trembling though they were, and he slowly opened the portal a crack to see who was outside. As soon as he did, however, the blade tumbled from his hands, and the door swung open the full way as he looked out in a stupor.

Standing outside in the darkness was the Elemental from that fateful evening, her form utterly the same as it was then, beautiful and dangerous, and she looked at him with a smug expression. “I said we’d meet again, did I not, love?” She looked down at something next to her and said, “Ah, but I am not alone as you see.”

Ruhn followed her gaze and his heart leapt into his throat as he beheld the sight of a child, very much like the Elemental in almost every way. She was a little girl, no more than an infant in truth, though she stood on two feet and held the hand of the Elemental, clearly her mother. The little girl looked into the Ruhn’s eyes, and he realized with a cold sensation that they were the same color as his eyes.

The Elemental smiled even wider as the child held out a hand toward him and said, in a delicate, yet charged voice, “Papa?”
Her mother looked to the child approvingly before turning to the ashen faced Ruhn and said, “We have much to discuss since you banished me after leaving such a wonderful gift inside me.” She rubbed the child’s head delicately. “Of course, she is the connection I share to you, and through her, we may survive in the world of her father, yes?”

She looked up and took a step toward Ruhn, mouth hissing with power as she said, “Now then, why don’t you ask us in out of the storm?” Ruhn hung his head in resignation, and showed the creature of elemental power into his humble home, their child following close at their side. Once again, he was left to the mercy of the storm, and this time he wasn’t certain he could, or would, resist it.

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